Huntress of the UnDead: Chapters 1-6 by Dotti D

Chapter 1: The  UnDead arrive

In 1812 in a little village in just north of what is now Virginia Beach, a tavern stood, it was as one would expect rough, gritty and a mix of pirates, soldiers and thieves the likes of which would slit their own families throats for some bounty.

The barmaid was a 25 year old girl who sailed to the new world when she was just a child with her family, now on her own she poured and carried ale for the worse  the coast had to offer.

But don’t be fooled, Brianna while gorgeous was as rough as the scum she served, there was no hesitation in her to slap or punch a man twice her size if he got to fresh for her liking, and she wouldn’t think twice about rolling across the pub’s floor with another serving wench or any woman for that matter.

Brianna had chestnut hair, green eyes her figure was so sexy, 36H-26-36 her chest and bust were stout making her look fuller,her tight cleavage looked as if it could carry a pint or two itself.  The white faded linen dress top was looked pasted to her bust the front laces were always left untied since they couldn’t last holding her heavy bust a she served patrons.

The multicolored skirt was faded and a bit tattered at the hem but it did its job, Brianna often sewed the skirt to hold it together over purchasing a new one only to see it get filthy.

One night in early spring many ships were arriving from further south and from England and places afar, the docks were especially busy this particular night, many a sailor was working extra fast to get a few schillings to get tot he pub and stare at Brianna as they drank their sorrows away.

The pub was louder than usual, fights, singing, laughing to a roar, men passed out, or so drunk they barely stood let alone ability to fight or gamble, Brianna smoothly slalomed between under, over and around the packed pub, grabbing pewter goblet after goblet 4-6 at a time, then refilling them and carrying them right back.  Most of the time with the success of barely a drop spilled, though much of the froth and swill managed to wet her veiny cleavage and make a glassy wet shield on the bountiful round mass swelling to be free, her thin linen top clinging to her rounder part of her breasts as hints of aureola s now rose from the top.

Brianna was a the bar filling mugs again the pub door creaked open barely heard when it slapped shut from the winds off the coast, the music the laughter the fights all seem to stop, Brianna turned to see a gentleman in a grey suit with red piping and a top hat, his perfectly groomed hair slicked back and a go t that was trimmed to a point at the beard, his dark round coke bottle sun glasses partly down the nose as his grey eyes stared ahead like two ice cubes.

His eyes were empty and cold no life seem to be in them, behind him 2 women certainly busty enough to make Brianna inhale and roll her shoulders back, each had a frock on over dress deep blood red and gold trim, their faces as well as his were as alabaster as Briannas breasts.

Each of the women glared as if seeing through Brianna but she stared right back, if it was trouble these women wanted they just found it, but as courageous as Brianna was normally she swallowed her own saliva deeply as taking on both would surely leave her a torn mess.

The women with the man step to approach he raises his cane a wolfs head carved at the top, they stop in their tracks on a dime, Brianna breathes heavier , her magnificent bust heaves as she breathes like a bellow stoking a fire.

The man smiles at her then steps to a table where 2 drunks sit passed out, he waves to the women with him and they grab each man by his hair and throw them to the side, as they all three sit the pub explodes in laughter and the music and bawdy behavior resume.

Brianna tilts her chin up as she passes the table she says to him, “be right with you love”, she sets down the 5 pints of ale, then turns the man rises a brow to her, “ 3 goblets of your best wine please”, as he drops 3 gold pieces on the table, rough necks and thieves alike feel their mouths watering as they wink to one another.

They didn’t need to make a plan they knew once he had a few they would catch the trio in the street and either knock them out or kill them for the small satchel of gold on his hip, the women he is with glare their eyes as cold and dead, hiss and make each of the thieves a bit nervous.

Brianna inhales “right away sir”, she steps to the bar the hairs on her neck at attention as she feels a chill something isn’t right here but for gold she will serve the trio anything to get paid, she returns and sets the drinks on the table, as she goes to grab the gold coins one of the women grabs her wrist, she licks her red lips, “what do you think your doing wench ?”.

Brianna glares at the women as their heavy full busts now swell, they don’t like the other already, Brianna pulls her wrist free, “i am taking my payment cow what are you doing
Unhand me”, the woman stands and slaps Brianna, Asher head gets turned the woman goes to attack, the man stops her, Brianna turns her fingers open to claw and ready to fight, “you best control your bitch sir before she finds her self bald and her dead face carved up”.

The man smirks, “well Mrs. ahh your name?”, she glares at the other woman, “Brianna “, “ hmm how odd i knew a Briana back home, anyway my dear i was going to punish her for such a rude display but well now you did insult her and she has a right to return a gesture, i am afraid my dear unless she will forgive your rowdy display you will have no choice but to face her”.

Brianna her large bus heaving her thick nipples tenting the thin cloth hands open to fight glares at he woman who looks as willing and ready but a dare you smile as she wants to fight, Brianna is about to agree when several men step to her and glares the three customers.

“Now now there ..uhh what’s your name?”, the man looks at the 5 men, then after a sip of the red wine a small drop on his lip he wipes with his pointed pinky talon, “ gentlemen though i doubt any of you are, my name is Baron Victor Vladaor of Romania i do not see how this is any of your business but might make a proposal that you join me as we watch our server here and my maid settle matters, the pints are on me what do you say?”.

The men look at one another as a few more step over, the gritty men stare as the “leader” of them thinks, “well that is a kind offer certainly but i do have a counter offer”, the man smiles “please by all means i would love to her it”.

The men snicker around the leader, “what say we take those pints and then you hand over that purse of gold, and your servant bitch here doesn’t touch our dear Brianna and maybe, just maybe we let the three of you live another day how that lord”.

The man laughs “ah i see well i assure you all your lovely server won’t be permanently harmed just a woman’s fight to settle a verbal lashing, but sadly i can not say the same for you all, see this night has turned for the worse for you all, now before it gets to that point, why don’t we let Brianna here and my Lucy, settle their dispute like ladies and after if you insist on your offer well we can take care of that all hmm?, he loos to Brianna, my dear fetch these men their ale on me of course and then make any arrangements you must to settle this what say you fair enough?’’.

Brianna and the woman named Lucy glare ready to attack, the men step towards the table as the gentleman raises a brow, he softly says to Brianna, “i would hate to see your loyal friends harmed over something they weren’t involved in my dear”, the way and the ice cold glare tell Brianna her friends are in danger despite out numbering him, “wait men he is right it is between her and i now, you get your ale and let us settle this matter, not my first time as you all know”, the men grab ale at the bar, as Brianna moves tables and chairs and everyone but the trio stand and make room .

The men all smile they have seen Brianna take on many women from the coastal village older and younger and she has always been the victor she is as strong and savage as they come, grabbing the ale the men laugh “well his will be the easiest brawl Brianna has “.

The gentleman hears them and taps the cane onto the wood table, “i say there gentlemen what say we wager on this then/, i am nothing of not a fair gambling man”, he opens his purse pouch and as he glares at all he drops 8 gold pieces on the table, “would this cover my share of the bet?”.

The men nod and the shiny gold pieces glimmer, “that would be sufficient if we could match it, but between us all we could never pay you if and i do mean OF Brianna lost to your girl there”, he laughs in an almost empty echo, “well your all in luck tonight i am feeling generous, what say if your lovely Brianna here wins the gold is yours to divide as you see fit, but if my girl Lucy here wins, i get to drink for the remainder of the night would that suit you all?”.

The men laugh robustly, “well if you put it thats ay sir then its a bet”, Victor sits a smile, his white teeth a gleam as his brows narrow, he snaps his fingers toward his girl, without a word she removes the red frock and reveals her busty full figure in a red dress with a sheer linen top plunging into her deep pale white cleavage, everyone including Brianna inhales or gasps, comments are heard as the two women are compared, ‘well our girl is going to be matched tonight thats for sure” another shouts from back, “Na our Brianna ain’t never lost a fight to better than his girl “, the men all nod as he is right then drink as they watch.

As Lucy starts to walk from the table Victor grabs her wrist, she looks back and hisses at him, he glares in her eyes and as if he scorned her she reaches up and removes her diamond and ruby necklace certainly worth 4 times the pot of gold on the able then Victor dangles the necklace Brianna’s eyes glimmer at it.

“A token of good faith from me, Brianna if you win its yours fair enough?”, Brianna swelling her bust as a fights going to happen, “I accept your offer sir but i was planning on ripping it from when i am done like her hair”, Lucy breathes in deeply her own heavy veiny bust bellows as she is again is mocked, victor a deep stare at Brianna softy replies, “well Brianna my dear i surely hope your half as good as you claim cause that is twice now you have scorned my Lucy “, Lucy stares at Victor and like a feral cat growls, “let me at her master”.

Victor stares at Brianna  he can see her veins pulse as does the artery in her neck, he can hear her heart pump faster, he breathes deeply, her swelling bust is looked at as if it is a meal, “Brianna wait a moment ?, are you prepared to go on?”, Brianna loosens the laces at the top of her linen top, revealing more breast meat, “its between her and i now let her fight me if she wants to”.

Victor looks at Lucy as if a warning, then nods releasing her to fight, Lucy sucks in breath her eyes seem to regain color she stalks out from the table to the open wood plank floor and she and Brianna glare breathing heavier.

Lucy a smile as if she has won undoes her red dress top then pulls it lower to bare her full round veiny bust she is a match to Brianna with no doubt, as she caresses her pale white breasts in her fingers, she hisses to Brianna , “don’t be shy wench i only want to rip into you not your cheap dress fight me topless whore”.

Brianna step for step with her rival undoes her linen top, the repaired patches from previous fights where it had been ripped obvious as Brianna lowers her dress top and bares her own full heavy breasts, Victor breathes in a the full round firm size, as his own Lucy’s are every bit there match.

Brianna lifts her arms to her waist hands open fingers curled, Lucy does the same their finger nails as sharp as daggers s they come closer, each step has their breasts a slow heavy wobble as they bend forward just a bit poised to attack the other.

The pub is silent as they marvel at he two bawdy women about to become gutter alley cats, Lucy  her mouth open snarls, “come on you whore fight “, Brianna steps closer, “you fucking cow stop stalling”, Lucy screeches “BITCHHH!” Then charges her rival, the women crush together their majestic round globes CLOPPP heavily together and firmly quake between them.

Both women grunt, Lucy begins to smear and drag her tits into Brianna’s , who huffs at the heavy firm feel of her rivals to her own, “you filthy witch I’ll tear you…owwww”, as the women pump their breasts and Brianna starts to taunt Lucy swipes her talons at her rivals cheek, the nails slice the supple flesh causing furrows to lift a pinkish red.

Brianna gasps as she cups her cheek, “ you Bitch you scathed me”, Lucy a sexy swagger in front of her rival, “oh thats just a little taste you wench i will tear your fat tits off before i am don with you, cmon then”.

The pub erupts into cheers as the two females crush together and now rip and tear at hair and claw and dig at flesh from bare backs to faces and necks to breasts, the standing battle is a whirl wind as hands slash, grab, pull, push and swipe the two women intent on truly ripping the other to shreds.

Lucy and Brianna fight seesawing for an advantage but by either gets one for more than seconds before her rival turns the tables again, Brianna as she matches her rival turns and back hands her mouth cutting the lip of Lucy, the blood drips from her lips down her chin and on to her bellowing breasts and runs lower, Lucy licks the blood on her lip as it pumps.

Brianna then stabs her both hands into Lucy’s breasts and her inner nails curl into he flesh and gather meat she hears the scream of Lucy, “aiieeee you Bitch I’ll kill you”, the finger tips vanish in Lucy’s meaty breasts then as Brianna squeezes deeper blood now trickles from them, Lucy arches in pain she spits at Brianna’s face and then her own finger nails slice into briana’s meaty breasts, Brianna’s head tosses back as she is driven back and falls onto a table hat easily falls over and then lands on the floor.

Lucy like a wild animal over its hurt prey hands wide and open nails red from blood snarls, “get up you cow i am not done with you”, she charges Brianna who is down still, Brianna rolls on her back fully her ankle boot heels kick up and plunge into Lucy’s stomach stopping her before she can pounce then Brianna kicks like a mule and Lucy is thrown backward onto her back.

The pub cheers their girl on as Brianna gets up  she charges Lucy who has her back to her, Brianna grabs the hair of her rival and she savagely shakes Lucy’s head like a rag doll trying to tear the head from her neck, “ you want to fight you stupid cow get up I’ll give you a fight”.

Lucy screeches her eyes wince as Brianna tries to lift her by the scalp, Brianna slides her thigh on a shoulder to keep her rival on her knees as she pulls up harder , the sound of hair ripping , popping and being torn free is feel and heard, Lucy screams for her life, ‘AIIIEEEE MY AIR YOU BITCH!”.

 Brianna then drops her left hand she cups the right breast of Lucy and digs her pointy nails in the heavy meaty globe and slowly digs in as she drags her talons up drilling grooves in the flesh.  As Lucy claws up at her rivals arms and body her hair stretched to limits , Brianna continues the path up her rivals chest then neck then face.

The 4 pink lines slowly fill and darken as blood surfaces, Lucy like a caged demon being torn to she reds screams and fights to get free, in a last ditch effort Lucy shakes her body to get loose she turns and their is the white thigh of her rival she licks her lips and sinks her teeth into the flesh nearly sinking through the vein, as Brianna screams for mercy, Lucy shakes her head like a rabid animal at dead flesh.

Brianna testers on one leg as Lucy cups the bitten limb still biting she lifts it slowly her blood streaked breasts bulge between her arms as she turns and Brianna tries to claw at her rivals face to stop the deep bite, with her hair free Lucy stands and lifts the punctured thigh and as Brianna jostles on one leg Lucy shoves her backward onto the floor.

Brianna lands on her back her hands feel how deep the bite is but as she looks up Lucy is charging her and with claws and teeth out pounces on Brianna, their heavy breasts clop hard and the cut. Breasts of Lucy causes them to smear as if coated in oil, Brianna and Lucy dig claws in others face and neck as they roll side to side across the wood floor.

Both women are ripping, clawing and biting in. A cat all as they fight now for their lives. Everyone watches in horror and intensity each seeing which female will prevail, Brianna rolls over and Lucy straddles her , as she does Brianna delivers a fist up into Lucy’s jaw the blow clacks her teeth together and knocks her head up and back, Lucy is rolled off and Brianna gets on top she uses the hair to pull. And slam Lucy’s head tot he floor 5 or more times Lucy is nearly out.

 The fight is over Brianna has won at a high cost, she eases off Lucy and turns her back her breasts has criss crosses scratch marks as they now swell between her arms as her hands are on her knees as she kneels catching her breath, as all cheer her and Victor stands smiling claps .

Suddenly Lucy rises and pounces on Brianna’s back she wraps her hand in the hair and as she sits on the small of Brianna’s back she pulls Brianna’s head way back stretching the neck wide open her free hand cups a breast and stabs its nails in deep then Lucy bares her teeth and she plunges her mouth at Brianna]s pulsing artery in her neck.

Brianna screams for mercy, “NO PLEAS I SURRENDER”, as Lucy’s teeth stab the flesh Victor grabs his girl by her hair and rips her back nearly throwing her across the pub, Lucy lands on her ass she stands ready to attack Brianna after victor helps her up, Brianna sees her rival and charges as well.

“That’s enough you two its over, Brianna you won your favor, Lucy cease now you lost and cheated her you aren’t worthy to be apologized to”, Brianna cut and bruised her breasts swelling outward glares at the rival, “come on then you fucking cow fight me”, Victor slams his cane on the table, “I said enough it is over”, Brianna pulls her dress top up tiny points of blood seep in to the material as she gives Lucy a look up and down, “I’ll see you again bitch”.

Lucy cowers from Victor and pulls her dress top up, blood easily soaks through as he sits her down then hands her the necklace back, slowly as everyone goes back to drinking and celebrating Briannas win Lucy again turns pale and her wounds start to close.

Her  mouth rolling as if something stuck in then she looks up and hisses “I am hungry master”, Victor stares as the pub customers grab his gold coins and thank him for the free drinks then as they turn away laugh broadly.

Victor curls a lip, “i think it is time we feed my loves” the women hisss as fangs grow from their teeth, they are poised to pounce, as Victor growls, “Brianna is mine ONLY MINE”, the women disapprove but obey as he raises his hand he calls out to the customer, ‘oh gentlemen one last thing”.

They all turn “what is it governor your other girl want a shot at her?” They all laugh , Victor smiles, “no not exactly just a matter of our meal”, they all look at one another confused, then Victor snaps his fingers ‘’EAT MY PETS’.

Like lightening the women fly from the seats and as they pass any one their claws now twice as long and sharp slash throats with the ease of a samurai sword, some men are pounced on and fangs plunge into necks as the women tear throats and feed on the blood.

Victor stands as Brianna watches in horror, he walks to her and he presses his fingers to the center of her forehead Brianna collapses in is arms he lifts her as if she weighs a pound then carries her unharmed through the melee.

He pauses  at the door and turns “my pets do hurry we must return home post haste”, he steps out and into a carriage black as the night with purple shades, he knocks the cane on the ceiling “home now’, As the black stallions rear and cry out the snapping crack of a whip cuts the air, Lucy and the second woman appear in the carriage like a flash.

They hiss at Brianna’s knocked out body, the cuts and scratches from Lucy being closed by his touch as Lucy hisses , ‘ I will fight and kill her master i promise”, Victor looks at Lucy, ‘ you won’t at least not till i make her one of us then and only then will you both be truly equal.

The black sky turns a light grey as the sun in a far distance starts to rise, the clip clop of racing horses galloping off the last sound.

Chapter 2: The Making of Brianna

As the sun rises on the pub and village, the pub door is closed at the bottom a trail of blood runs out onto the cobble stone road, villagers walk by and not a soul notices till after the sun is up and the warm heat attracts the flies, they mass at the door the local constable sees the blood and as he opens the pub door, he throws up.
Women passing watch and scream the horrors that they see inside.

 Bodies are torn and bloodied every man and woman’s throat bitten and shredded , every face pale as if they been dead days, the bells of. A church ring out summoning every able bodied man left to help gather the dead, but the question as to what happened is a bigger fear for all.

The carriage arrives deep in the woods , a plantation sits abandoned years before, Victor purchased the home and while he sleeps workers are restoring it to its former glory.

In the mud cellar a room was made, the perfect lair for the undead to rest during the day no one could find the room in the damp dark shadows.

Brianna was chained up in the confined space as well, her eyes open slowly , to her surprise her body wasn’t hurting a sit should have been, as she sits up her eyes focus, she looks about her figure and some how the blood and scratches are healed, her hair is still a matted mess but other wise Brianna feels fine.

As she pulls on the chains holding her she looks about scared but for a way out, she cries out a few times but the room is so far in the earth there is not even an echo. She starts to wonder if the entire night was the result of to much ale or did she hit her head when the fight started and dreamed the whole thing.

Whatever happened where ever she was now and what was to happen was her biggest concern. To her left Brianna sees a pewter tray with an entire breakfast on it, she eats it all as her eyes look about for any sign of day light or escape, unaware what time it is at all, Brianna can only sit and wait for what’s to come.

Brianna is in need out of sleep most of the day, but as the night arrives her eyes shut sitting up on her hip her hands in the air by her head in cuffs and chains, softly but with no doubt her decent into sleep is disturbed by the soft Creek of a hing as if a door.

She dismisses it then another and yet another then more, Brianna barely parts her eyes as she looks to see what the noise is, a door opens the sudden rush o fresh night air fils the dank room. Brianna sees a silhouette with no mistake it is a woman.

She cant see a face in the dark and whoever it is has a hooded frock on, the cold hands grab hers, as keys jingle then her wrists are released, she rubs them and with he force of a giant Brianna is hoisted up by the stranger , a voice that sounds like a woman 100 years old hisses, “ follow me “.

Brianna does so she steps out side and looks about the dark waters of the river flowing by reflect the moon light, behind her the mansion of the plantation looms over her, she follows the woman up the grand stairs on to the porch the door slowly pushed open .

Brianna steps in as the door is closed then latched, the old woman hands her a Skelton key, “your room is to the right dearie, hurry and wash and change Master is expecting you for dinner.
She stammers, “but i have no clean clothes how can i..”,, she turns nod the woman has vanished where and how Brianna is as confused as earlier.

She climbs the stair case then turns right the key slides in and turns with no effort, she pushes the door open and sees a master suit fit for a Queen, the drapes the thick rug and plush bedding on the bed a gift box, Brianna opens it to see a gorgeous black dress , she gasps at the fine material and lace, she smiles and quickly washes herself to clean up.

After an hour Brianna is dressed and looks like a Queen, her hair in a high bun pinned up perfectly, her face as lovely as ever, the dress a low plunging neck line shows off her veiny bust the support of the corsets cups holding her large breasts.

The bodice hugs and cinches her torso in tighter, the black ankle boot heels and dreamed thigh highs and garters are as if made for her, a bell rings as a deep voice of a man calls for the meal to be  served.

Brianna emerges from her room, she descends the stairs as the soft tunes from a grand piano plays, the rooms lit by candle operas as she follows the amazing smells of a well prepared meal.

She enters the large room a table made to seat 16 sits upon a red Persian rug with gold trim, the wood work is the finest she has ever seen, at the head of the table is Victor, he stares at her, “ my word Brianna you look amazing, please sit”, he stands and pulls a chair out for her.

Brianna looks amazing indeed and her being full breasts gently rise and fall a she feels an attraction to Victor, after she sits and he sits back down, she looks at him, “pardon my ignorance , but to i call you Lord, Baron ?”, He smiles that she has the respect to ask, “my dear i am in your country now there is no need for such formalities you are my guest, Victor is fine”.

He rings a bell the chime is so crisp, 4 servants enter and bring the main course perfectly cooked steak, Brianna is starving but she lifts her fork she looks to his plate and sees the meat is practically raw. He smiles, “does everything look satisfactory for you?”, she wipes her lips, “it does and excuse my staring , I just have never seen anyone eat a steak that raw my gosh”.

Victor smiles as he chews a piece a drop of blood from his lip gets wiped with a napkin, “well my dear Brianna in my homeland cooking your meal to much can ruin the flavor so we always eat it this way”.

They converse a while and then a glass of brandy is brought out to each, “Brianna my dear let us retire to the library hmm”, both stand and as Brianna leads Victor follows so close, his nostrils flare as her scent is inhaled and as she smiles back at him her main artery pulses in her neck he can hear her heart skip and the blood pumping, he has to swallow and control himself for now.

They enter the library he takes her arm, Brianna a smile turns and there sits Lucy, the two she cats see one another and snarl, Lucy stands ,’why is she still here?’’, Brianna cocks her hip, “what is she doing here?”. Victor steps from Brianna and sips his brandy then softly asks Brianna, “tell me Brianna when you fought Lucy here did you feel she was to strong or fast for you?”.

Brianna and Lucy glare, “the truth Victor?’, he nods ‘Please”, she scans her rival with her eyes, “I could have beaten this cow if she hadn’t jumped me from behind after i thought she was finished”, Lucy steps at Brianna, “ oh you common wench i would tear your throat out if he had not stopped me”, Brianna still unaware what this all is, “come try it Whore “.

Before she knew it like a flash Lucy was in front of her face, Brianna wide eye was stunned , Lucy grabs her by the throat and starts to lift her, her long sharp finger nails start to dig in the supple flesh. Brianna a scared look digs her nails at Lucy’s wrists, “uuhhh uggghh how is she doing this Aghhh”.

Victor growls ,” Lucy release her”, Lucy snarls , “after i shut her up i will”, Victor in a second is next to them he grabs Lucy by the  hair then in a growl like a wolf, “release her now or you will also be among the hunted after the change now!”.

Lucy opens her fingers , Brianna drops and cups her throat, she looks up scared but still ready to defend herself, ‘what in gods name are you all, Victor i want to leave”, Lucy a sway of her hips her teeth show, “let her go Master then i will take her”.

Victor steps to Brianna grabs her arms, ‘ My dear Brianna you can not leave, i need you to much, and besides you will leave only after tonight  when i tell you to”, Brian scared “you can not hold me i have my pub my friends i.i”.

Victor with his eyes places Brianna in a trance like state, she stands motionless and a blank empty gaze, Victor steps to her and with a swipe of his finger nail makes a slice along her artery , as the blood suddenly squirts his mouth engulfs the wound, he drinks sucking the pumping vessel, more and more Brianna’s face grows pale and empty of its tone.

Suddenly as she collapses he grabs her then he slowly runs his fingers across the slice, it heals a small scar remains, she is out cold and he places her on  a sofa, he walks to a pewter tray and lifts the cover in it is a diamond and ruby necklace with several tiers  he places it around her neck.

The diamond surrounded ruby softly pulses as if a heart, Brianna slowly starts to move her lips parted a bit, Victor cuts his vein on his wrist and allows it to drip in her mouth, “drink my Brianna you are now my huntress”.

He heals his own cut then steps to the brandy glass, he smiles as Brianna starts to squirm back from the dead, she sits up and her body feels regenerated to power she never knew, her teeth stretch into fangs , and her eyes turn a light grey.

Her finger nails extend and become like daggers, her hair turns to a blood red almost black and grows to her mid back.  Victor smiles he swallows a sip, Brianna my pet arise “, she stands up , she slowly walks to her master and like a trained pet she curls against him, Lucy hating the new addition growls, “master she is not the chosen one”, Brianna hisses like a large cat, Lucy hisses back, before Victor can sense it Brianna crosses the room and her finger nails stab into Lucy’s face as her fangs sink into her throat tearing away, she shoves Lucy to the floor as she feeds at her.

Victor pulls her off Lucy, “Brianna go clean up you have much to do tonight, your new attire is in your room”, Brianna slinks away then Victor heals Lucy as she sits up ready to fight he stops her, “it is not your turn my pet she has work to do, i think we can agree now she is perfect for the task’.

Brianna minutes later thigh over thigh struts back into the library, her attire now different, more suitable for action but so much more provocative as well. She has on black fish net thigh highs with garters, ankle Victorian boot with a stiletto style heel and silver tips on ends, a red and black corset with a thong style bottom despite not the fashion at the time.

Victor licked his lips at his creation as he placed each index finger at her temples, her eyes go glassy and he gives her the reason for being resurrected, “ My Pet you are my huntress, you will track down my former pets and destroy them, you will face them in battle stripped of your ability to self heal, you will nearly be mortal as will she, till you vanquish each , upon doing so you will drain each of them till they turn to bones”.

Brianna like a statue frozen her black lips part, “yes my master”, Victor , then kisses her forehead, “now go my pet search each out and devour them bring their necklaces back to me’’.

Brianna leaves the plantation to begin her new role as his hunter of Vampires.

Chapter 3: Colette

In what is now New Orleans a tavern stands, it is as bawdy and rough as any, trappers, and Indian scouts, fur traders and seamen alike pass through some are residents to the area, the owner is a blonde woman 5’8” full red lips, and despite her pale complexion her face is like a dolls flawless. Her body unrivaled with a 36H-26-36 figure, her eyes one a crystal blue now that same grey empty look.

Her nails all pointy and her fangs hidden till needed, she wore a bodice and a skirt thigh highs and ankle heel boots as well, she often was found roaming the tavern smiling a she would choose her next unsuspecting meal after a night of drinking.

Her wenches were also her turned servants like Lucy but imprisoned by her from the bites she made to make them hers, none would dare try to break free as Colette was an older Vampire and strong, she would end their undead life with a single slice of her finger nail.

As Colette mingled about her necklace like that of Brianna’s swelled on her veiny breasts, the red center seem to pump as if it was a tiny heart, her coiled curly hair normally hung to her shoulder blades was always up but the strands of springy coils danced as she walked about her establishment.

The night outside was ominous as black clouds rolled in from the sea, flashes of distant lighting and the soft growl of thunder had most of the town hunkering in the tavern for a warm meal and drink.

Victor while back at his home had a necklace similar to the one he gave the women , with a simple wave of his hand the necklace allowed him to see what his huntress could see, the necklaces were known as the black heart necklaces, they seem to pump blood of Victor.

Yet despite all his power Victor could not kill the women he turned and they knew it, doing so would kill him from within and turn their blood he drank into silver acid.

Brianna now known as his huntress appears at the docks, her outfit is unmistakable to another of the undead, but to normal people it only brought looks as it left little to imagine. Brianna has her cloak and hood over it on, she stalks through the streets as if floating, she passes closed stores and homes as she gently sniffs the airs scent.

As the soft yellow glow of the tavern through hand blown glass window  reflects, the clear noise of many drinking can be heard as music is played and laughter abound, the night had a chill to it as rains began.

Inside among the doc workers, deck hands and traders was Colette, her slightly. Curled hair is partially up her fangs retracted but as she serves the customers her eyes scan each for which will be her meal tonight when the time is right.

The wind picks up outside and the thunder starts to clap, a man sitting at he bar as he drinks grumbles, “horrible night tonight it is, not fit for man nor beast, i pity the soul lost out there”.

Just then after a heavy clap of thunder the door to the tavern blows open, standing at is Brianna, her cloak wet and heavier now, she stares from the shadow of its hood masking her pale cold features, her cloak closed in front she stands as an older waitress waves her in, “oh my dear come in come in you’ll catch your death out there  “.

The older woman takes Brianna’s hand, and pulls her in, “oh my word dear your cold to the bone , I’ll fix you up some nice warm oats and a pint have a sit”, everyone looked but to them she was just a lost traveling woman.  Colette emerged from the kitchen and placed the hot food on a tray, she saw the wet woman sitting in a corner table she walked over trying to see her face and eyes, “here’s your meal love where we you from hmm”, in a obvious French tone.

Brianna never looking up softly growls, “i am seeking a woman, are you Colette?”, Colette eyes darting shows no fear she has no reason to, “;I am i own this establishment, who are you to ask?”.

Brianna reaches both hands to the thick hood, she pulls back and off and her pale face is revealed, she lets her eyes gaze up and lock to Colettes, “ You know why i am here, Master sent me to collect his necklace”.

As Brianna pulls the hook for her cloak, and it falls away revealing her scantily clad figure Colette hisses her fangs razor sharp, Brianna hisses back as her own fangs are revealed, Brianna in a deep voice, “do you wish these innocents meet their fate watching us or will you release them first?”.

Colette sees the red ruby pendent on Brianna’s breasts start to get redder and pulse, she places her heeled foot on a seat and hikes the hem of her dress on her thigh a pistol in the top of her hose, she eases it out as they glare at each other.

Colette aims it at the ceiling and fires the ball shot, “Everyone get out now”, slowly each man and woman stumbles from the tavern, Brianna just glaring ,’wise choice Colette you will receive the offer once, surrender his necklace to me and be set free or fight for it”.

Colette spins with the now empty pistol she tosses it on the bar and turns and smiles, as she looks at he red ruby, “I will never give it to you freely huntress”, Brianna stands and as  Victor can see he waves his hand again, the ruby flashes a red light and slowly both Brianna and Colette feel their powers drip away and they are nearly returned to human again, their extended talon like nails shrink back in, the color of their flash restored, things will again hurt as they stare Collette reaches up behind her neck, and pulls a string to loosen her dress she wiggles it away and then down and steps free from it.

Her black ankle boots heels seamed thigh highs and garters and a red corset support her heavy breasts as it does for Briana who also strips to the same attire, the lighting like speed also has been suspended each Vampire sets her necklace on the bar then they stalk each other circling , their fangs still remain who ever wins tonight will drain the other dry.

Victor can see from the red rubies that were set down he wiggles his long finger nail index finger and his voice can be heard from them, “My Huntress bring me my trophy”, Brianna through his power knew what it meant as did Colette, she hisses her fangs showing, Brianna hisses back her fangs show, then the fight begins.

Both girls walk toward the other, they stare ahead but they each ease their heavy breasts from the fashioned cups of the tight corsets, they raise their open hands and interlock fingers, then with just the crackle of the fireplace, Colette hisses to Brianna.

“Your a new huntress wench i can still smell the fear and ale in your blood i will rip your throat  and feed on your breasts  after we are done, none of his previous huntresses could best me”, Brianna tightens her fingers to Colettes. “Do not rate me based on those old hunters wench you will be dust before the nights end”.

Once their hands are locked the duel begins, Brianna stabs her breasts forward into Colette’s the flesh clops firmly together , both women gasp at he warm feel they have lost, as if they desire it the two women hold breast to breast, and now roll, rub and grind firmly.

Their heavy breasts bellow and balloon between them, but their eyes stayed locked,  the once dead empty glares now sparkle with life again and with it the feeling of ache and pain will be felt. Colette worried such a young healthy huntress was sent for she wants and needs to hurt her rival quickly to stay alive.

Colette pushes her hands and shoulders to Brianna, her big breasts sway out and low, Brianna arches a bit to avoid being pushed backward, as she does Colette drives her breasts up and under Brianna’s pair, her heavy veiny mass gets jostled and Brianna feels the effect, “UUghhh ohhh you bitch”, Colette smirks as she got to feel what hurting another was like again,
‘“Nmmmm its only just starting Bitch i am going to break you”.

Brianna arches up to ease the pain under her full heavy breasts, Colette feels the weight of her rivals breasts ease up and she glares as if seeing through Brianna she pumps her breasts up under, the flesh clopping faster as she follows Brianna’s retreat, “Master must be feeling ill to choose a whore like you to hunt me”.

Brianna teeters back then Colette grabs her arms, her talon like nails dig in the flesh, her calf snakes behind Brianna’s and she then shoves her backward, Brianna staggers then falls, her head just grazes a stone of the fireplace cutting it, the blood starts to seep out, Colette looks at it, her tongue traces her lips, nostrils flare, “nmmm i am hungry wench”.

Brianna turns to get up Colette jumps on her back and her claws seize the full breasts of Brianna clawing and kneading them, Brianna falls forward into a table, her head up her breasts being clawed and mauled. Colette opens her mouth her white fangs out she tilts her head, she is about to stab them into Brianna’s artery.

Victor watches through the red jewel, Lucy by his side hisses, “ i told you she was weak Master”, he growls for her to be silent, then watches the fight play out. Colette now drags her claws up along Brianna’s neck cutting it then takes hold of the hair and yanks Brianna’s head up and back, her throat exposed fully, Brianna panic and fear in her eyes and face, throws herself backward.

The pair stagger backward Colette poised to strike with her fangs hangs onto the back of Briana piggy back style, Brianna’s heel catches a wood plank raised a bit and she falls backward, Colette misses with her teeth and they sink into Brianna’s shoulder, as they fall back.

The scream was blood chilling, Colette arches her mouth open her head tilted back as her eyes are wide open, “AIIIEEEEEE BITCH”!!, Brianna between her thighs turns and gets to her knees, when she turns she sees the fireplace poker has gone through Colette’s chest, Brianna climbs up on her rival straddling her body, she digs her own talon like finger nails into the blonde and scratches deeply into the veiny breast meat leaving 4 deep furrow grooves in each breast, Colette kicks and cries out.  Her hands flashing to scratch back, Brianna pins each arm under her knees, then looking down over her breasts, says coldly, “My Master banishes you back to the dead”.

Brianna arches her breasts sway up and out with her own claw marks on them, her finger nails push the blondes face up and back exposing the throat Colette scared screams “NOOO”, Brianna then stabs her finger nails into the pulsing throat and tears it open blood shoots out, then Brianna fangs out sinks them into the heaving heavy round left breast, the fangs pierce into the meaty globe.

Colette screeches “NOOO MASTER !!!”, her chest rises and falls heavy as her head is tilted back in fear, Brianna sucking at the breast meat draining the blood an milk from her rival, Colette starts to turn pale, her eyes turning black and empty, her claws slowly start to turn brittle.

Brianna rips her fangs from the heaving ample breast, the  puncture wounds show milk seeping with blood, Brianna licks her lips then sinks her fangs into the heavy veiny right breast, her head tilts and bobs as she drinks and sucks the blood and milk, Brianna finally lifts her head as blood and milk drip from her lips and fangs, she  says aloud, “MASTER your prey is finished give me my powers back so i might feed”.

Victor a small smirk waves his hand over the ruby, slowly Brianna arches her spine, her body once again loses its color her eyes a empty ice look , her being dies as she sits atop her prey, Colette looks up “NOO NOO PLEASE”, then Brianna opens her eyes black as the night she opens her fangs and lowers to the blondes throat, they stab into the pulsing artery now exposed, Colette eyes wide in fear gurgles as Brianna starts to feed on her.

Colette’s hands pull at the red hair then claw and slap as well anything to try to stop the event, her legs kick slower, her gasping pants as well falter , her mouth panting starts to stop, Brianna lifts up a roar equal to a lioness from her mouth, she looks down as Colette takes her last few breathes, then with a loom of disgust Brianna swipes her talons across the blondes face carving 4 open gashes.

Brianna rises to her feet, she steps from the body as it squirms and gulps for the last breathes, she takes her necklace and places it back on herself, then she takes Colette’s, she dangles it as Colette reaches to have it back, Brianna opens her leather satchel on her belt and drops it in then ties it closed, she lifts Colette’s head by the hair, “Die Wench”, she pulls a silver knife from her sheath, and cuts out the fangs of Colette .

Brianna will add them to her necklace before the next hunt , she slowly swaggers thigh over thigh to the door, her cloak on she looks back as the body of Colette turns lifeless then to dust and as Brianna opens the door the ashes blow away.

Chapter 4 Ariel

The day after her fight with Colette, Brianna boards a wooden ship bound for the Pirate safe haven of Kingston in Nassau, the white beaches and clear water and some of the finest spiced rum.

The land was under English rule, but all knew the pirates owned it, on the island a hill over looking the entire island sat a large home, only the finest of buccaneers attended by invite only and all that were provided security for the lone yet gorgeous Ariel.

Ariel was originally from Greece, she was turned by Victor many years prior, with her family gone and her ageless life no longer in Victor’s hands Ariel knew her Master could not devour her himself without ending his own life.

She vanished from his Romanian fortress never to return to him though at times her necklace weakly tried to summon her she became strong enough she ignored the pathetic attempts .

Ariel looked all of 30 but she was much older , she stood 5’8” 138 pounds and a 36G-26-36 her long wavy black hair to her mid back, the olive skin tint now gone to the paler version of the undead, her once electric blue eyes now that empty grey.

Ariel was wealthy her pirate associates traded her rum that she had made in the catacombs of the island, the finest rum it was at that, buccaneers like Jean Le foot, to Black beard and more delivered the rum near and far for her.

The only time Ariel had to leave her estate was to feed on sailors who became useless to ship crews or were stranded off the shore, no one that anyone would notice was ever on her menu.

As a ship entered the port the white sun burning down on the town, cargo was being off loaded, a long pine box was brought to the docks then marked claimed and put in storage, by not providing a coffin Victor kept his huntress anonymous and any curious eyes from looking in.

The busy port saw many a ship arrive this day along with the one Brianna was on, most all were pirates, the Captains all made stops at their bawdy tavern hangouts but that night all would be on the hill at the estate of Ariel to turn in the bounty they acquired  for the trade of her rum and to be paid for their efforts.

The long 20 foot dinning table was set with the finest china, with a feast fit for 3 kings, the maids and staff tended to every need, Ariel was dressed in a lavender dress from France, white thigh highs lavender garters and a black corset, her long black hair up. She also wore wrist lace gloves to avoid touching any silver during the feast or having a drink.

Ariel slowly paced about her grand room she watched as carriage after carriage arrived the pirates she invited were the roughest and most aristocratic but all were faithful to her and the business she provided meant they didn’t have to engage the English or Spanish Armadas hunting them down on open seas.

Tonight however as Brianna awoke and in seconds was able to run to the estate, she looked in from the tree line, Ariel could not see her but she sensed something was amiss, Brianna dashed back to town, she found a woman close to her size and lured the female into the dark of an alley where she quickly finished her off and took her dress.

Brianna changed well rather simply draped the dress over her huntress attire and tossed the cloak, her hair was pinned up well enough she seem to carry herself of stature, as she arrives back at the estate of Ariel she is stopped by a large hulking man she stares in his eyes and quickly draws him in a trance.

She orders the guard to show her to the mistresses study and to fetch her with news of important business regarding he fortune of rum, the guard enters the dinning room and leans to her ear as many a pirate Captain enjoys the meal and rum she provides.

Ariel stands excusing herself and orders the men to carry on and enjoy, she leaves the party and enters the study, the large solid double doors slide shut as she sees a woman sitting in front of the fire.

Slowly Ariel swaggers around the hand made sofa and sees Brianna, wearing a simple white dress piped in cobalt blue Ariel is not impressed but as she comes around further the veiny mass swelling to be free causes her to lick her lips, the necklace she would have seen as a threat is plunged in between Brianna’s heaving bust and dress line.

Ariel’s own necklace splays on her veiny swelling mass the red ruby slowly begins to brighten as Brianna sees it she knows she has found her prey. Ariel walks to the mantle and pours two glasses of what was first thought to be red wine but as she steps back to Brianna and offers one to her it is clear by the iron scent and thickness it is blood no doubt the profiteers private stash.

Brianna accepts and she sits with Ariel now they look at one another secretly sizing the other up, then Ariel after a sip asks, “i am sure i know why you are here what i do not know is your name and the why”.

Brianna knowing she will need as much strength as Ariel for this encounter sips as well, ‘I am Brianna the huntress for our Maser, Victor”, Ariel swallows but instead of attacking another undead that will get her nowhere, she extends her hand and razor sharp fingernail of her index finger traces the top of both of Brianna’s breasts then slowly pulls the chain up till the red ruby pendent pops free from between the breasts on it are 2 fangs.

Ariel snarls a bit as the prof of this woman’s intent is realized, Ariel withdraws her hand, “well i must say your master has chosen wisely this time”, Ariel eases her necklace from the dresses neckline and 4 fangs hang on her necklace, “this is what is left of the last two huntresses he sent for me”.

The women glare yet seem calm, Victor watches through the huntresses jewel, then as before he waves his hand over his and both women’s change comes over them returning them to living beings their only weapons the fangs.

As both feel the warmth of living again Ariel breaths a deep breath in, “nmmmm feels so inviting doesn’t it dear?”, Brianna inhales a swell, “i am use to it”, her and Ariel stare, then Ariel clears her throat, “well i realize.. Brianna is it?, your master expects my fangs and life be it alive or undead, but i wonder dear might i offer. A proposition for you instead?”.

Brianna listens ,”what could you offer me my master can not?” Ariel careful not to betray the huntresses trust be it brief and curios, “well what if instead of trying to fight each other we join together?, i could use a woman of our kind and you would be wealthy beyond your dreams, we both know Your Master once you swear him off can not harm you “.

Brianna swells her bust, “until he sends another huntress like me”, Ariel swallows “thats true but i could provide you with the necessary shall we say items to ward off another, plus there is one thing he will never be able to give you”.

Brianna looks at her a bit curious, “and what is that?”, Me , we would be linked forever one implement ounce of shared blood Brianna and we would be connected for eternity as lovers, as friends and partners in business, say yes and we drink each other and all the hunts and killing stop”.

Now with both nearly fully mortal the women stare into others eyes that were once alive, Ariel eases to Brianna and draws closer leaning towards her, their breasts swell against others in the dresses, their now warmed breath baths others face. Brianna parts her lips as does Ariel.

Right before a kiss Brianna pushes the raven haired beauty back, “STOP, i am not here to betray my Master i am here to bring back your necklace and take your fangs i am his huntress “.

Ariel a sly smirk as she nearly had control on the young hunter, “I understand Brianna i just needed to try as i did with the last two vile bitches that hunted me down, if we must fight then at the least it will be woman to woman”.

Ariel stands and pulls the ribbon ties of her dress from the knots the dress slips open at the top, she eases the top off and then gently with little effort eases the dress off her hips. The dress finally slips and pools at her feet, she steps from it, now in just heeled boot and white thigh high lavender garters and a corset she smiles and sits back down.

She looks to Brianna, “if you will not join me huntress then i ask you give me a fighting chance as my last request…though i will warn you it might very well be your last, please remove your dress”.

Brianna stares tensing her body for any sudden attack, but she pulls the dress top lower and down then stands to ease it off the attack never comes, she sits back down only in her heel boots and thigh highs and garters and a corset their large breasts spilling over the top of the corsets.

They sit beside each other  and their eyes scan others busty curvy figure a new hunger emerges within each, Brianna in a throaty voice, “how will you defend yourself ?”, Ariel eases closer , her stiff nipples so thick and rigid aimed at Brianna’s their stiff nipples touch and the feeling has both suck in a breath as their renewed blood flows like rapids.

Each gently flicks against the others then Ariel grazes her lips across Brianna’s “i will make you test me and i you, whoever can out last the other wins this day and sadly will forever lose the other agree?”, Brianna her tongue barley out licks Ariel’s lips, “agreed”.

Brianna to ensure the contest stays even takes Ariels necklace off her, Ariel removes Brianna’s they set them on the side table then look to each other again, Ariel arches as her nipples spear Brianna’s slowly the stiff nubs flick from the others as their aureola’s and then breasts meet, the resistance is felt as each presses firmer to the other.

Brianna breaths in as she is fuller but her rival feels every bit as firm, Ariel smirks, “nmmm firmer than you thought huntress care to taste ,? I am better than any”, Brianna gently starts to press her tits back into Ariel’s . Ariel arches at the feel, “ohh”, Brianna purrs, “you have met your match Vampire”.

Ariel smiles a sinister smile, “oh well we shall see about that hunter wench”, the two press tighter then Ariel eases a hand between Brianna’s thighs, her eyes stare into the hunter’s as she slides the edge of her nails higher. But Brianna will not be feared from her duty, she parts her thighs willingly but not before her own fingers trace up Ariel’s.

Ariel licks her lips and she feels the warm damp folds of her new rival, her inner tips gently tease the folds and slowly parts them, her nostrils inhale the scent, “oh hunter your already wet sure you won’t reconsider my offer to join me?”.

Brianna’s fingers touch Ariel’s folds and spreads them slow but steady, then as her fingers tease entering the raven Vampire her thumb massages the hood of the emerging clit as she gets engorged, “oh Vampire it seems you are so wet you need me to join you”.

The women stare as they feel their once still hearts start to race, with out another word each sinks 2 fingers in others wet pussy, both breath out the warm breath of satisfaction. Brianna feeling her rival part her thighs more now leans into Ariel and her breasts swell against them.

Ariel rolls her shoulders her hand nearly leaves Brianna’s mound a she welcomes her rival in her, “uuuhhh more hunter try me”. Brianna hungry to put an end to this mysterious Vamp. Presses tighter to Ariel, she slowly pushes Ariel back on the sofa and her free hand grips at he hair of the raven blood sucker.

Brianna’s nipples lift as she rolls her thigh on to Ariel’s, her body pins her rivals to the sofa, Ariel looks up and slowly Brianna starts to pump her fingers faster, the soft wet slurping sound is heard as is the soft moan of Ariel.

But Brianna has left herself open , her rival may be welcoming the advance but yet she is a fighter, Ariel looks up a slight smile warm and welcoming has Brianna swelling in pride , “yess huntress more take my juices”, Brianna pumps a bit faster, her eyes widen suddenly, Ariel has sunk three fingers straight up into her wet pussy.

The sudden turn makes Brianna pant heavily in ,’UUhhh ohh Wench yesss”, Ariel sneers a bit then her thumb folds Brianna’s hood and starts to coax her clit from it, the two warriors now engage each other freely , and Brianna feels her body defy her as she by instinct starts to pump on the fingers riding them, “uuhhh uhhh Bitch”.

They try to hold the others glare but the arousal is becoming to much for both, their fingers are pumping as fast as they can and each is rolling her hips and torso  more, “ohh uhnnn cum hunter your mine”, Brianna riding Ariel’s fingers cups her own breast as she fingers her rival, “uhmm uhmmm ohh you Vamp bitch ohhh yesss cum and take your loss”.

Ariel looks up, “ oh hunter this is fight will be more then one orgasm i hope your Master prepared you for me”, with that said Ariel arches up her back straightens and she opens her lips and locks her mouth on the heavy veiny breast and stiff nipple of Brianna at face level.

Her fangs tease the stif nipple as she closes her lips on it and sucks as if pulling the blood making it stiff, Brianna arches and her eyes shut as she drops her mouth open , “ohhhh uuhnnn Bitch”. Ariel sucks harder and her free hand cups the breast and kneads it in a massage style as if coaxing the gland to release the stored milk.

Brianna shutters as sh feels her body defy her, she swallows deeply as she tries to use Ariel’s hair to pull her off the breast she is working, Ariel hisses as she wants to feed on it more, “release m hair wench and fight me woman to woman”, Brianna purses her lips then her fangs appear as she opens her mouth and in a howl like a wolf cries through her first forced orgasm.

Her spine curls and body shutters as she is releasing her juices, Ariel now sneers “just another tavern wench sent to die”, then Ariel grabs Brianna by the shoulders she sits up and pushes her rival to the red velour style rug, she pushes at the thighs of Brianna who squirms through the orgasm.

Ariel a smile as if the fights nearly over already eases on to the rub between her rivals thighs, she parts them fully then slides her right thigh over Brianna’s left and scissors her. Looking down as Briana seems unable to carry on Ariel parts her folds her large clit engorged aimed at Brianna’s is lowered to her rivals. Brianna pants with the excitement and hunger to orgasm.

Slowly their wet warm pussies seal at the folds smearing together their large clits flicking and as both feel the electric feel and arch , Ariel starts to grind down onto Brianna. “Ohhh yessss Bitch feel my woman hood i am going to keep making you cum till you can not fight then my Bitch i will devour you, tell me wench you like to be milked before i suck your tits dry?”.

Brianna looks up her heavy firm breasts undulate on her chest like lopping waves at shore, her breathing gets heavier as the sexual fight begins, Ariel arches her head rolls back her face a broad smile of satisfaction, “nmmm yesss cum again wench your mine tonight I’ll have your fangs as well”.

Brianna tries to deny herself the joy the contest is giving her, she sees and feels her rivals drive start to take over the duel, Brianna reaches up and fondles Ariel’s breasts, ‘nmmmm yess squeeze them cow just cum”. Brianna feels Ariel reach down and take her right leg and pull it up to her shoulder her arm encircles it and once set Ariel starts to develop a rhythm .

Both women begin to moan and welcome the act, their wet folds slurp at the juices they give out, the clits wrestling between , strands of juices and cum sway between the two, Ariel begins to pump and grind on her pinned rival, “ohh ohh yesss cum Bitch oh yessss uuughhh mmmm more cum for me”.
Brianna glares up working the breasts of Ariel suddenly arches on the rug as if stabbed from the back, she spasms like being electrocuted , her mouth open fangs out she GASPS< “Ohhh OHHH you bitch NOO i am cumming damn you Bitch”, Ariel continues to ride her rival, “nnmmmm uhhnnn yess cum and cum and cum wench your no match for Ariel and her pussy cum till you die”.

Ariel continues her rhythm pumping and grinding onto her rival, Brianna lays under her being dominated her fears are filling the scent of Ariel as she rides her faster, “yes Wench i will be your master before long it is I who will rule over you”. Ariel’s claws reach for the swaying breast of Brianna , she drags her claws over the veiny flesh then squeezes it deeply.

But her hunger for the stiff nipple crowning the rounded flesh is her down fall, from her dominate position atop Brianna she flicks her tongue like a snake then leans over and down to suck at the stiff nipple. As she does Brianna cups her rivals breast her other hand grasps a fistful of hair and her pinned leg kicks up from under Ariel, she rolls the vampires over and off her.

With no time to breath in a relief Brianna quickly scrambles to her knees, she pounces on Ariel’s prone body and in a 69 position stabs her tongue deep in her rivals wet pussy, Ariel bucks and pries at Brianna’s thighs to open but she can not make them spread, her fingers try to sink in but it is more effort then accomplishment, and now Brianna has hr tongue stirring the wet juices of Ariel .

Suddenly the raven haired vamp starts to hiss as she bucks and squirms the pleasure of what’s being done to her over powers the cat like hiss. Brianna as if feeding on her rivals throat refuses to let up and soon Ariel feels her thighs spamming, her tummy bellows for more air, her breathing now ragged, she moans in a throaty tone, “you dirty wench nooo ohhh yessss yesss eat me i am cumming bitch”.

Brianna forces the first orgasm on her rival but now the hunted turns the tables and once again is the hunter, she makes Ariel orgasm, as the raven haired woman is in her orgasm Brianna climbs her body and now she sits atop but instead of a scissor pin to grind her rival Brianna spreads the thighs of her rival and pins her own knees on the inside of Ariel’s knees and forces her rivals thighs to fully spread wide open.

A cleopatra pin as it will be known in this position Brianna presses her wet folds and engorged clit to her pinned rivals and as Ariel feels her orgasm start to ease suddenly is driven to another nearly instantly.

Her head shakes no as her mouth pleads for more her. Fingers grab her own hair as she tilts her head back on the rug and her eyes shut, her body is pumped on the rug by Brianna’s perfect grinding and smearing of her pussy to Ariel’s.

The wet juices providing the warm slick surface between their womanhood sliding effortlessly Brianna now has the dominate position for as long=g as she can hold it. The huntress feeling her bringing Ariel to a second then third forced orgasm hisses with her fangs out, then orders her prey to cum yet again .

Brianna arches her back her head aimed up at her ceiling as she with fangs out howls to the moon outside of the home, “Cummmm you Vamp Bitch cummm ohhhhhhhwwwwwww”. Ariel now starts to gasp in pleasure and fear, her head shaking side to side as Brianna undulates on her, their wet folds spread and seal there is constant contact as soaked clits grind and rub the heat between them fills the room as does the scent of their juices and sex.

Ariel is suddenly again in a spasm her hands now caress and cup her own breasts, she kneads and squeezes them as she is forced to endure yet a4th orgasm now, her breathing has passed panting she is gasping for both relief and more, her pussy needing a break her body welcoming more her mind screaming for it to stop as her mouth pleads to be given a fighting chance.

As Brianna starts to build her pinned raven beauty into a 6th straight orgasm , Ariel sits up best she can to reach for the breast and stiff nipple of Brianna , but her rival will not have it as she sinks her fangs into the wrist and draws blood from the vein.

Ariel screams in pain and pleasure the taste of the blood and the smell of the copper iron has both women hungry despite their near mortal return they are still both Vampires at heart, the scent fills their nostrils and like sharks to blood it drives a faster harder sexual drive in both.

As the sweat builds Ariel’s knees slide free from Brianna’s the off balance move makes the red head teeter, it was the break Ariel needed she kicks her spike boot into Brianna’s breast and the redhead is thrown back on the rug.

Ariel sits up but as she stands her legs are weak and give out she falls short in her charge at the redhead and lands on all 4’s, Brianna hisses a smile and scrambles up she pounces on the bare back of her rival facing her rivals rear, Brianna spreads her rivals folds then sinks 4 fingers in her soaked pussy, her other hand reaches back for the loose black hair of Ariel and she pulls her head up and back nearly bending the raven beauty in half.

Ariel as the fingers sink in and pump as they find her magical spot fights there hair pull but she arches herself more as she suddenly is thrust into a seventh orgasm, her warmed flesh color starts to fade as she has lost her juices and they still drain as she is now sore tot he touch at her woman hood , Brianna like a lioness at downed prey holds her prey still for the kill she hisses at her victim, “yessss feel it Wench do you , your finished give now before i make you orgasm more and more till your to weka to stand”.

Ariel tears running down her face as now every twitch hurts, as another orgasm is being forced she feels now there is no fight it as if she is being raped by her rival, the once moans of joy and pleasure are now weeping cries of pain, the once returned glimmer light in her eyes again goes out. Her hips buck out of nerve reaction as her juices run down both thighs and collect on the rug in a wet spot.

Sweat seems to dry as she is drained of her juices her arched body being bent back more as Brianna pulls up on her hair and wet pussy , there is no more fight there is barely a gurgle as Ariel can not take anymore, her now pasty dry mouth and lips part, “plea..please stop i can not go on I Give Huntress end it and put me to my death just please stop”.

Brianna continues till the voice of their Master rings from the ruby jewel, ‘Brianna stop playing and take your bounty of that dead witch”, Brianna lets Ariel drop, she stands over her with a smile then she opens the doors of the room she calls out to the pirates down stairs to hurry to the room, as she hears them jumping up Brianna hoists Ariel’s spent body on to a piano bench bent over it like a rag doll her ass in the open her knees spread and her hands draped over as her dad lays on the seat.

The men now drunk enter and see the mistress they worshipped at Brianna’s disposal she stares in their eyes and with a snap of her fingers orders the men to have their way with her, one by one the men now hard get a turn at the fallen used Vampire as she motionless takes each of their manhood as they wish.

Once done Brianna looks at the ruby jewel she asks for her power back to end the night, Victor a sly smirk waves his hand and slowly the bright gleam fades in her eyes, her nails again grow, her teeth sharper and longer and her blood turns cold.

Brianna turns her sore body in need of replenishment sees the men their blood boiling after having their way all laughing , Brianna stands nude as they look on hungry to take her instead like a flash Brianna smiles then dashes about the room as her claws slice throats and each pirate falls to the rug.

Brianna then crawls to each man and drinks them dry, then she turns to Ariel who has not moved so spent her fear can not get her up, Brianna stalks to her body, she pulls her off the seat by her hair onto all 4’s then straddles her bare body holding her up by the hair Brianna stabs her talons in the round breasts and milks them as she does Ariel throws her head up and back in pain her words screech out in the home , “NOOOO PLEASE MASTER NOO”.

But Brianna wants her due, she bends forward her fangs out they pierce the neck ache artery and she sucks wildly at the neck filling on the warm blood of the altered vampire, Ariel collapses to the rug and Brianna smiles at her downed prone body her heel boot kicks and rolls her on her back, Ariel is still breathing as Brianna kneels at her body then lowers head to the heaving swollen breasts she licks the nipples then stabs her fangs into the breasts and feeds till slowly Ariel seems to melt into a white then grey then slowly her skin starts to become dry and brittle.

Brianna stands and walks about the room, her finger nails pick up the necklace of Ariel, and drops it in her pouch, her own necklace is picked up and she ease it back on all the while she smiles at her prey slowly turning to dust, there is one last scream as the dry jaws of Ariel fall open Brianna reaches down with her silver knife and removes the fangs , then her bones become a pile of grey dust, Brianna grinds her boot heel on it then walks to the front door and opens it, the night winds blow in the home and blow her dust across the rug.

Brianna steps out the hulking guard fo the front door grabs her arm, Brianna turns a smile and then her fangs emerge and she sinks them into his throat she feeds but a few seconds but it is enough the man drops to his knees then to the steps and rolls down blood shooting from his artery as Brianna steps over him she breaths in the dead chill of the night.

She slowly vanishes into the fog of the night back tot he docks and she prepares her box to be shipped to the next destination, then eases into it and he eyes close as the pink burn of the sun rises, Brianna takes a long breath in as the screams and bells of the chapel ring out at the horror discovered at the estate of Ariel the rum queen and the sea captains.

Chapter 5: Min lee

Despite the massacre found the ships carrying guns freight still had to ship out, the ports again become busy though not without fear and crucifixes adorn by all, the simple pine box now marked for the orient gets loaded, the deep dark hull will provide more then enough secrecy for Brianna to wake undiscovered.

The sail unfurl and catch the winds of the gulf coast as the ship speeds out to sea bound for Asia , the crew all welcome the escape from the cursed island, as talk of what took place is forbidden on the journey by all aboard.

The night comes and the while the sails are only partially full of wind the ship seesaw across the black waves, most of the crew are asleep one deck above the slow creaks and swell of wood rock the ship gently, a single bell clangs as the ship rocks along the undulating sea.

The few crew awake steer and secure the ship for the night voyage, below the top and second decks a slow creak is barely heard, the cover the nailed box easily pushed open, the pale hand of Brianna pushes the top aside and she sits up.

A long yawn and stretch brings her undead form to life as she eases to her feet and walks the lower deck filled with barrels of rum, food, and other crates of trade and sales to be made, Brianna slowly stalks about as quiet as her heel boots can be, she drags her talon like finger nails over crates she passes making small furrows in the wood of them.

She reaches the side of the ship and looks out at the small window at the full moon, her fangs a bright white shine off the moons light as she yawns and her desire to feed has been satisfied the night before on Ariel and the entire company of Pirate guests. She will not feed tonight
 But he ruby and diamond necklace slowly pulses like a heart beat.

Slowly she and softly as she can Brianna climbs the steps of each deck to the top one, so as not to be seen her cloak on she dashes lie lighting up a mast to the crows nest and she lets the night wind take her flowing red hair, the fresh sea air fills her nostrils, but there is no smile as she can not feel the emotion of the experience any longer.

She stays up there most of the night her only disturbance comes just 2 hours before dawn, a drunken crew member climbs the mast to keep watch, he is stunned to see the gorgeous Brianna half dressed before him.

He goes to call out below when her fingers stab into his throat, she tilts his head and drinks from him, then before finishing him lets him yell out a scream, as all loom up they see his body lean over the edge of the perch and hit the main cross mast and then fall into the sea.
As the bell rings signaling a man over board, Brianna like the wind vanishes back below deck, just as sailors awake to the alarm, they rush up as the sails are drawn up to slow the ship, all look over board for the body of the crew member , but as they can not see any remains of him the captain appears, “get my sails back to full speed and head on, he was drunk and fell there is no mystery here , first mate keep our current heading all you swabs get back to work now”.

The men shake their heads they want to recover their shipmate but they can not argue the man was always drunk and more than likely did loose balance and fell to his death. The orange sun rises and the ship starts to regain speed as the winds of a pending storm follow the ship blowing her faster along the bellowing waves.

A months time passes and finally the ship slows as the port of Japan is ahead, the new crew mate in the crows nest calls down, “land ho”, the Captain a cigar in his lips looks with a telescope, “first mate take us into port have the cargo ready to unload “, he salutes the captain “aye aye sir”.

The orders get repeated and one by one cargo nets lift the cargo from the hull, the second load contains Brianna in her crate, the markings indicate a rush and the box is delivered to a home Victor has just out of the port area, a tall door man accepts the delivery and drags the box into the back bedroom and shuts the door.

The day goes by then as night approaches the box rattles , Brianna’s hand shoves the cover off again, she stretches and slowly stands the ruby necklace pulses, she holds the diamond encircled ruby up a shadowy image of Victor is seen, as his voice is heard, “Brianna my huntress you must vanquish your prey tonight or she will be gone by tomorrow make haste and hunt her down”, Brianna purrs, “as you wish master”.

On her necklace now are 4 fangs she opens the doors of her room and grabs her cloak off a hook, she swirls it around her and hooks it, pulls the hood up and heads on her way towards the mountains.

The night moon rises as Brianna dressed in her corset thigh highs and heeled boots walks into a mountain pass, her veiny pale breasts bellowing from the top, she pauses to sniff the night air then her almost black eyes search the landscape.

She is silent but she knows the scent of the undead , he target is near, perhaps even watching her, but with no heart beat herself the target of the huntress can not trace her prey.  Brianna walks on she emerges from the tight valley and sees a small log home ahead, there is no fire to warm nor brightly lit rooms, it must be her domain Brianna thinks as she heads to the doorway.

Brianna sniffs about the door her eyes search the landscape her target is not home but as the wind shifts her nostrils flare, she sneers a bit and calls out, “step out Vampire it is time “.

A figure appears from the dark night and white snow making a grey landscape, her brown  leather corset lined on the thigh and bust a silver fox fur, her heeled boots plow through the powdery snow, her thighs cross over the other as she approaches the huntress.

They both stand on the porch Min Lee, a Japanese pirates wench was turned 100 yeas ago, her strength is high but both women know it will mean nothing once the duel begins, Min inhales her own pale veiny breasts swell as her anticipation heightens, “well huntress you are a tough one to track, i only hope for your sake you are as skilled at a duel”.

Brianna parts her cloak just enough her necklace catches the full moon, min Lee sees the fangs and swallows “i am sure Vampire I will be more than a match for the kind your use to shall we get inside and begin”, Min opens the cabin door and steps in , “We have time”.

Both step in the door shuts, Min lights more candles and lanterns, as she does Brianna strips the cloak off and is dressed in her black and red corset thigh highs and heeled boots, they look at each other, Min while a bit shorter than Brianna at 5’6” is not one to take lightly she sports a 36E-26-36 hour glass frame but her physical stature is more firm and fit looking.

Her jet black hair,  pin straight hangs to her mid back as she’s looks at her rival she pulls the long tresses in to a tight pony tail high on her head, her red dragon nails pointed to a dagger like look.

The dull almost yellowish glow barely illuminates the dark cabin, as they stare at each other, the red jewel starts to pulse and brighten, the voice comes through as both listen they already know what must come.  Victors voice comes through “ my huntress take my prize and your reward if she will not yield”, Brianna tilts her head up, “well vampire wench do you yield to master?”.

Min Lee breaths in her eyes locked on Brianna, “i know you need to ask but be serious Huntress i will never yield “, Brianna reaches up behind her neck and removes her necklace, she sets it aside,  then before the change can take place Brianna undoes her corset laces and eases down the tight panel piece, her full firm breasts sway free her nipples stiff, she purrs to Min Lee, “come Vampire wench, your only chance to live is defeat me in woman to woman duel”.

Min Lee removes her necklace setting it aside, both free of to be altered now stand hands on hips, Victor back at his home fans his hand over his jewel, suddenly both women feel their hearts jolt back to life, the color of their flesh again comes to color, their nails pull back in to normal length, their fangs remain but they know their Master will not let either die till the matter is settled.

Victors voice again comes across, “Ladies settle the matter may the winner take what is hers”, Min Lee eases her hands to the back of her neck, Brianna puts her hair up and then places her hands behind her head.

The cabin silent as their heels slowly step their busty bodies in motion circling closer, Min in a arrogant way, “well huntress lets get started i fully plan to feed on you”, Brianna a stone cold glare, “oh rest assure Vamp wench it is i that will feed on your corpse tonight”.

Brianna stops she expands her frame, “Fight me Wench”, Min Lee a serious glare steps to her , “fight i will and return you to the dead for good huntress”, the two breath in then a fleshy CLOP is heard as they crush their breasts into each other, Brianna’s round full globe like breasts collide with Min’s more bullet shape breasts every bit as full and veiny.

They feel the others power then in silence they start to drag and smear and press tighter in to the other, barely a grunt comes from them, the contact is constant , both drive, push, drag, grind and bump, it was a non verbal agreement to the start f a titfight both will end up feeling well before it is over.

After 15 minutes of pure contact, neither woman has gained any footing to start to sway the duels end, but as the duel continues slowly it is Brianna beginning to feel her rivals breast, it wasn’t the fullness or weight, but the bullet  cone shape of the Asian’s breast that were starting to wear on Brianna’s rounder pair.

Min lee a look of concentration starts to press her breasts more into her rivals, Brianna knowing her own strength and weight begins to get a confused look to her face, her lips dry  out a little as she is forced to arch her back then loses a step then another.

The fleshy clops and claps as Min drives at her rival now become firmer and denser, the only noise is now disturbed by Brianna’s reaction a single grunt as the tan breasts seem to dimple in to her round pair and forces a slight side shift. Min starts to get aggressive as she grunts in determination, “cmon Huntress whore fight”, Brianna tries setting her heels again but each attempt is relinquished as another head on drive punishes her breasts, “ohh uuhhh you wench bitch “.

With every cringe from Brianna, Min drove at her with more ferocity, “come huntress don’t give in yet i want to make you hurt before i take your life”, Brianna was striking back and both set of breasts were reddening but for sure the more coned shape breasts with her aureola’s molded to the shape were prodding deeper in to Brianna’s fleshy globes, the Clops rang out but now a deeper Thwacking sound was echoing between them.

Brianna shakes her head back and up, Min not only jabs her breasts head on again but this time Min holds the contact then starts a heavy firm rolling motion, the action has Brianna’s breasts being used like one kneads dough on a table.

Min a hot heavy breath on her rivals face as her fangs show she snaps them at Brianna’s face, “your mine huntress, I’ll have your fangs Bitch”. Brianna stutter steps backward her mouth open but its only hot gasping breath, “you bitch get off me”, but the reaction makes Min press firmer, her shoulders start to alternate pumping her tits into Brianna’s.

The clop of flesh heavier and more constant, Min fully straightens her body as she directs her breasts to work on Brianna’s, Min pants at her rival, “MFFFF MMMFFFF MMFFF feel my tits huntress your being hurt and loosened only a matter of ti…Agghhh BITCH OHHH!!”.

Brianna her hands on the stone wall behind her shoves a thigh between Min’s and then in Min’s attempt to start a heavy rhythm dipped lower and thrusted up , her beefy round globes jabbed the undersides of Min’s breasts and nearly folded them back on themselves.

min gets stepped back but Brianna knows not to give her a second chance she grabs Min by the waist and holds her as she drags side to side up into the undersides, then as Min tries to push away, Brianna slides her hands up and under min’s arms, her hands hook on to min’s shoulders stopping her upper body motion.

Brianna widens her thighs and goes at Min now, “cmon bitch feel my tits now don’t give i want to drain you “, Min her hips like a snake looks up at the ceiling, her eyes nearly shut as her breasts lose the bullet shape and now are stretched up and back, Brianna looks between them then starts a rolling pin like motion up and down the trapped breasts.

The flesh becomes bright red and min’s angled eyes begin to release tears, her lips part in a purse of pain then she yells out, “ I am older and stronger you Bitch ohh owww oww my tits , Master return my powers so i may stop her”, but Brianna the huntress won’t stop and with he necklaces off Victor is powerless to stop Brianna .

The now sickening clop , clap and slap of flesh is louder and louder as are Min’s cries of pain. A pain she has not felt in 100 years, her saliva drips from her fangs as her mouth hangs open, Brianna backs her to the hearth of a fire place and she steps between Min’s muscled thighs , she reaffirms her breasts position under Min’s then stares in her rivals eyes as she drags so firmly and with jealous hate her tits not only lift but push Min’s as high as the flesh will go stretching the breasts till the skin is pulling. min shakes her head no but she can not go on, her dry lips now blubber to find the words i surrender, Brianna is driving harder faster each upward thrust grinds the undersides, Min rolls her eyes back then her head drops on Brianna’s shoulder.

Her bodies only movement is caused by Brianna’s relentless constant attack, she huffs at min’s ear, “fight me vampire wench fight me”, bu Min has tears dripping, “STOP stop i can’t go on you win “.

Brianna sneers her fangs slide from her mouth, she releases Min’s body , it falls to her knees, Brianna mounts her bare back and her talons slap and knead the swollen breasts, then as min takes it and cries at the pain, Brianna using the jet black silky hair throws Min on her back to the floor.

She stands over Min a smile of evil, she lowers down and pins min’s hands under knees, her own breasts red and swollen stand out a slight jostle as she pushes Min’s breasts to her chin , then opens her mouth wide , her fangs white as lighting flash, min sees them , “NOOOOO” she cries out, then a scream “AIIEEEEEEEEE STOP HUNTRESS PLEASE SPARE ME”!!!, Brianna’s fangs puncture the left then right breast and suck the blood and milk, draining her rival.

Min cries openly, once Brianna has drained the breasts, she stands and uses a kerosene lamp to start a fire in the fire place, as Min rolls on her side Brianna pushes her knee in he spine, pulls her head back nearly breaking min’s neck , then her right hand reaches over with her silver blade, Brianna stabs Min’s mouth and remove her fangs.

Min holds her mouth as blood drips from it, Brianna stands again and places her necklace back on, she says to it so Victor can hear, “Master return my powers i have hunted down your Bitch”, Brianna starts to return to her undead state.

Her wounds heal instantly, her breasts become firm her eyes turn as her heart stops, her strength 10x what it was just minutes ago, she swaggers over,  Min looking at her she grabs the black hair and an ankle lifts Min an shoves her in the fire, a scream that would turn the dead’s blood cold is heard.

Then a flash of flame from the fireplace as Min’s decaying form is burnt to ash, Brianna dresses again and grabs her frock, she then adds the fangs to her necklace, and takes Min’s necklace in  her pouch, she walks out into the cold night,  a snow gently falls, Min’s body burning brightens the cabin then as Brianna gets further away items start to catch fire and the before long the cabin is engulfed and burns to the ground.

Brianna returns to her pine box before day break and eases in closing the lid, she knows she will be on the hunt by morning.

Chapter 6: Shoon Ti

As the day begins Brianna is asleep in her coffin, safe from any as her hired hand keeps her safe. News of the tragic fire reaches the docks as fur hunters return from the hills, all suspect the lone occupant that took the house over is the guilty party. They organize a lynching party and gather a few villagers to storm the home.

But during the early hours as the dark skies turn a dull grey Brianna’s slave rose and had loaded the coffin on to a black carriage. The jet black horses gently flopped off moving the undead corps.  The villagers set fires to the home out of superstition then reasoning, as the carriage emerged from the woods edge a top a mountain peak, the driver looks back to see the plume of smoke, his yellowed teeth and gritty smile emerges knowing he did his Mistress well.

By night fall of that day he stops in a forest sitting by a fire he boils some bone broth, the owls and crickets sing their soft melody. That is till the soft creak of rusty hinges ring out, slowly the long pointed nails and fingers appear then the lid falls open, slowly Brianna rises, her eyes look about in concern of where she is.

Her slave sits up but before he can utter a word, Brianna like a wind has him by the throat. In a hiss, “where are we and why have you moved me?”.

The slave in a feared voice, “my Mistress uggghh please it was not safe there , the villagers burned your resting place to the ground..p.p..please UUGHh”. Brianna releases him as the smell of smoke is inhaled from the thin air, she releases him and rewards him with fresh meat from the carriage.

As he places the meat on the fire and it sizzles, Brianna sniffs the air. “What is it Mistress? Are you in danger?”, Brianna inhales “no my pet, you stay here i must feed”, the slave cooks the tender meat and cuts through it as he starts to fill his belly, suddenly like a gust of wind Brianna vanishes off to hunt.

Slowly a carriage seesaw along a wooded path, the slow steady walk of the horses is almost hypnotic, the driver where’s a period style hat and coat, in the carriage a man and his wife and a older gentleman. The plush brown interior is finest material.

The passengers barely awake are jostled in its cabin, the driver as well barely awake lets the horses pull along at the slow pace, the night quiet , the driver after a minute can feel something is amiss , the soft song of the crickets ends as does the owl’s voice.

The driver slowly eases his hand in his coat and eases out a black powder pistol, his thumb cocks it slowly, his beady eyes search ahead and side to side as the only light is the yellow glow from lanterns on the carriage.

The entire scene seems to come to a stop, his pistol aimed ahead as he swallows slowly, but before he can even hear or see a thing Brianna is behind him on top of the carriage , she grabs him by his collar yanking him backward his throat exposed she sinks her fangs in his throat and feeds.

The only noise now some gurgling as blood pulses out and into her mouth, his body spamming as she feeds, finally as she finishes the lifeless body is thrown off the slow carriage, the occupants still sway to the slow undulating road, Brianna swoops from the top and climbs in her lips rip with blood as she takes the couple first and straddles between them then again each body a gasp , gurgling spamming then nothing.

Blood splatters the interior, finally she urns to the last man as his eyes open she pounces her fangs pierce the flesh and he also gurgles and spasms till nothing, Brianna her fangs dripping has a smile of satisfaction, her tongue licking he dripping lips, then she swoops from the blood drenched carriage the horses scream and bolt through the woods.

Brianna catches up to her carriage, with a wet hiss, “drive on get me to our next destination”, the slave a bit shaky “ye..yess Ma’am “, Brianna enters her carriage the snap of the reins are heard as the horses rear then move on.

By day break she returns to her box the carriage marches on as it reaches the border of Mongolia, the dark mountains and baron open flats are empty looking, till finally as the sun starts to set on that day again, the carriage breaks the peak of a large hill, below the orange glow of camp fires below.

Before he can react the carriage is halted by some of the galloping horde of the latest Khan, as they inspect the carriage the sun sets and Brianna rises, the men not fearful of anything jump back, their steel blades shimmer in the moons rising light.

Brianna stands hands on hips, and in Mongolian tongue tells the guards to bring her to the camp, a simple smirk and fang exposure has the guards shaking and escort the carriage onward into the valley.

The tents and fires have the most ruthless of warriors, a wooden cage holds the women of the last villages they sacked , in fear they cower as Brianna now on foot walks by them, in the night the reddish glow is like ice empty and cold.

She approaches the Kahn’s lavish large tent, her fingers slowly wiggle at their eyes and they willingly open the tent flap,as she enters the Kahn is laying back on a fur bedding and silk pillows, a robe and a series of daggers within reach.

He waves the guards off they leave and the Khan stares at the gorgeous female, “well round eyes you have taken a risk entering my camp and tent, i hope your business here is worth the risk”.

Brianna inhales as she glares back, “Shoon Ti, bring her forward my only business is with her, i do not wish to harm your warriors”, the Kahn as he dates stares, Brianna ads, “you are a great warrior Khan to not fear my presence but as. Such you should understand my request”, the Kahn stretches out his eyes strip her then he claps loudly.

A guard appears, in the native Mongolian the Kahn orders he fetch Shoon Ti and bring her to him, Brianna stands still waiting, the guard returns with the Mongolian woman her attire is little at best, her jet black hair long , her finger nails pointy and dirty, she bows at the Kahn , “you summoned me ?”.

The Kahn crosses his legs and sits up, “Shoon Ti , he growls, my uninvited guess here has asked for you”, she can not see the woman’s face but as her eyes scan the perfect figure just hidden under the frock the glimmer of the ruby necklace sparkles. Her eyes widen and she steps back a step the Kahn growls for her to stand still, in a snake like hiss , she exclaims.

“Oh mighty khan you don’t understand she is not here to retrieve me but kill me”, the Kahn looks to Brianna , “is this true woman?”, Brianna tilts her head up her talon like claws flip her hood back and off, the Kahn now seeing her gorgeous face sits up a bit straighter.

Brianna her necklace riding the steady breath of her round breasts purrs ina low tone, “might Kahn my business is between her and i, release hr to me and i will never darken your tent again, refuse and i will be forced to devour the entire camp”.

The Kahn stands anger in his eyes, “fowl woman you dare threaten the Kahn and his warriors?”, he goes to slap her face but Brianna catches his wrist and slowly turns it downward, “Kahn please sit and allow me to tend to my business with her”.

He grunts as her power subdues him, she releases him he rubs his wrist, “i will release her on one condition witch, you tend to this business the Mongolian way tonight in the circle of death a warriors way, do you agree?”, before Brianna can reply a silver tipped spear is at her back.

She hisses at the trickery, “one flinch woman and that silver blade will run through you”, with no choice Brianna agrees she reaches to Shoon Ti her talons cut the fur loin top and reveals the same necklace. Shoon Ti reveals her fangs and hisses now , her secret revealed, the Kahn claps and a second guard appears behind Shoon Ti with a silver spear, both vampires just glare as they are now caught.

The Kahn orders the guards to take both of the women to the sandy fire lit fight circle, a tent on each side , Brianna enters one as Shoon Ti the other, they are ordered to prepare for battle.
Brianna removes her necklace she summons her master through it, “My Master i have found your next betrayer strip us our powers so i may deal with her “.

Their is a slow ache in her body as slowly the color returns to her face, her talons return to normal length, her heart suddenly starts beating again, Brianna inhales a full fresh breath, across the sandy pit there is a sudden red glow in Shoon’s tent her aching groan heard then the red glow subsides and Shoon like Brianna is once again mortal.

The Kahn and his warriors gather about the pit. The perimeter lined with large boulders, and fires on stakes with the skulls of enemies from battle. The Khan has his harem of women at his legs and feet as he claps for the duel to begin.

Brianna is summoned first, she emerges from the tent wearing just a fur loin cloth on her hips, her large fresh breasts a slow stiff sway, her pink nipples spiked to attention, as she ties her hair back and up, Shoon i emerging from her tent, wearing only the same style loin cloth her brown breasts a stiffer jostle, her brown nipples as stiff.

She sees Brianna and curls her lip but her fangs are retracted, the Kahn yells out, “you will fight till one of you can not, BEGIN”.

The two women circle to the thump of stretched animal skin drums, the drums cease and the women must now fight, Brianna straightens her body, her proud bust swelling outward, Shoon then does the same stance, they walk toward the other, till the chilled desert night is awoken by the firm CLOP of bare breasts making contact.

Both women probe and pump, drag and smear their breasts to the others, the round masses swell, bulge, recoil and reshape as they drive them together, moans turn to grunts as the fight starts to get more intense.

Brianna is rolling her shoulders she is ready to dive in and up and hurt her rival when Shoon moves faster, she plows her breasts hard head on into Brianna’s the redhead rolls her head back, it was an opening shon wanted.  Shoon breathes in dips as she comes in and then thrusts up, the SMACK resonates, Brianna GASPS, “UUGHHH Ohhhhh”!.

The women slaves smirk at the expertise fight their fellow slave unleashes on this traveler , Brianna is staggered backward, her bare back slapping on a boulder as she gulps for a breath.

Her breasts rattled and sore,  her hands at her hips but on the boulder , her tummy bellowing as her breasts rise and fall heavy, Shoon charges after her rival and slaps head on into her, their fleshy breasts collide and crush together hard, then Shoon starts to drag and lift and push her rivals breasts about her chest, “uuhnn uhnn mmfff mffff mmff fight me huntress bitch , i will devour you tonight as i did huntresses before you bitch”.

Brianna winces at the head collision,her breasts take the full brunt, the dragging and pulling that follows forces Brianna to turn her head as if it would show less of her facial discomfort, Shoon is like a mongol warrior, she feels an ache as well but she ignores it as the hunger to beat her rival over whelks the consequences.

The two busty vampires grunt, and pant slowly Shoon maybe over excited or just so determined to make this huntress suffer, leans further onto Brianna as she arches back over the boulder.

Her attempt to ease the pressure exposes her undersides, and Shoon seizes the moment. She throws her arms around Brianna, hugs into her , her thighs widen to straddle the standing thighs of Brianna.

Their tummies clap together as breasts seem to have a mind of their own as to where they bulge, swell rise or lower, both vicious women grunt louder, as the instant flesh contact starts its own rhythm.

The warriors all watch some smile and joke others lick their lips as if so hungry at the duel they will feed on the two fighters. Then as Shoo presses her advantage she leans on Brianna more slowly with out being aware Shoon has Brianna nearly bent over the large Boulder .

Their sinewy bodies seem to melt together as one, a kick of dirt and sand shoots up from Brianna’s feet as she kicks them up, her thighs spread Shoon’s more and jolt into her crotch, the momentum causes them to teeter, then Brianna slaps her hands on Shoon’s ass cheeks and lifts.

Before Shoon knew what was happening , Brianna managed to carry her rival up on her and then flip herself and Shoon over the rock.

The two women heels over head land with a thud on the gavel dirt outside the man made natural ring, Shoon lands hard flat on her bare back a solid thud echoes, her mouth drops open as the. Landing with Brianna on top now reminds her she can feel pain again.

Her head shakes no, as Brianna now frees her arms from the weak hug and she stabs her finger nails deep in the black hair of Shoon, Brianna starts to shake and slap her head on the rocky ground all the time her breasts are now slapping and dragging and crushing side to side on and into Shoon’s as they pool up on her chest.

The warriors go to drag the women back int he fight area but the Kahn stops them, with a deep throated order of “NO LET THEM FIGHT”, Shoons gasps out hoping it would be stopped as Brianna snarls and fights harder.

Her long muscled thighs bend up at the knees as she lifts her crotch to climb higher on her rivals body, then content where she sits on her Brianna thrusts her ass down on her rivals stomach hard, as she does her hands pull hard up on the scalp and bend Shoon in half. Shoon screeches her breasts quake an loosely flop and jostle, her hands shoot up to claw at Brianna’s face.

Brianna tilts her head to avoid the claws her breasts roll up onto Shoons, as they feel the equal bulge of others breasts both women decide to settle this another way.

Shoon stabs her claws into Brianna’s breasts and as she gouges up breast meat, Brianna arches up in pain, but her own hands gouge into Shoon’s breasts, both wince and grunt in pain but suddenly as she was on top Brianna is again pushed off and now both women roll across the gravel dirt and are clawing at others breasts with pure hate.

Hair is torn by the roots, flesh is being carved and breasts are being treated like large pieces of taffy as their fingers pull, twist, and grope deeply, gasps and pants of pain and anger fill the silent night air.

Shoon manages to kick a knee up and into Briana’s side, it had enough force her mouth falls open as she coughs out a gasp, Shoon squirms and scrambles and manages to get on Brianna’s back and digs her nails into the bountiful breast meat of Brianna.
 The relentless raking , scoring, and pure gouging leaves red furrows and trenched cut grooves in Brianna’s breasts, her face a picture of agony as she props her torso up by her elbows while reaching back to get a hold of Shoon.

The fight lingers on Brianna is suffering the worse of it, she grabs Brianna by the head and starts to turn her head as if she will slowly break her rivals neck, Brianna arches and stretches turning her torso under the brown body atop her own, as Shoon pitches toward the angle Brianna shifts her mouth opens wide .

Somehow despite Their master restoring them to human form Shoon has her fangs, poised to sink them into Brianna when suddenly Brianna fires an elbow back and up, the hard bone slams in to Shoons chin and knocks her head up and back.

Shoon seems to sit up on her knees her hands release Brianna and she slowly drops off to the side, Brianna turns as she positions herself on top again this time however her hands pin Shoons, they glare into others cold eyes, breathing so heavy their breasts seem to heave.

Shoon in a week horse voice , “why are we doing this don’t become his toy huntress”, Brianna pauses glaring down at her hated rival, “if i do not he will kill me and then you”.

Shoon huffs in a whisper, “come to me we will be stronger together “, the two hell cats stare tummies bellow as breasts heavy , sweat glistens from the fires lightening their tone figures in just loin cloth for thongs Shoon squirms her wrist from Brianna’s grip.

Brianna kept her hand open and claws ready, as the two look deeper into others eyes, Shoon eases her free hand lower then slowly lifts the front of her loin cloth baring her full labia, she silently nods up at Brianna who lifts her own and tucks it in the string bares her own, softly Shoon traces the thick fur comes her talons through it then starts to gently massage the thick warm moist folds.

Brianna tries her best to hold the glare but her lips part a she feels the effects and soon her own fingers are pinching and massaging her enemies thick folds, neither says a word s each gets more daring and not long each eases a finger in the others wet warm pussy,slowly pumping in and out of her bitter rival.

Brianna feels her lip quiver then she eases off her knees into a seated position , Shoon allowed to sit up does so as the wet fingering goes on, then Brianna in a near whisper, “ bring yours to mine then we finish this”, Shoon opens her thighs and scoots in front of Brianna, each slides a thigh on top of her rivals and they inch their pulsing wet warm open folds towards the others.

Shoon grazes her folds across Brianna’s both women felt he lust excitement and sudden desire to fuck before a finish to a fight, Shoon scrapes her talons up Brianna’s thigh as they draw closer , “Come huntress if i win i face sit you and you let me go”, Brianna nods then asks, “and if i win?’.

Shoon rolls her folds in her fingers a she sits up thighs open, “you won’t but if you do i am yours huntress”, no other taunts were needed the warriors around them watch in arousal as the slave women do, both fighters arch and press their wet pussies together a slow, gently roll of the hips smears the wet meaty labia together, then as both feel the others engorged clit flick and the distinct wet slurp of the labia sealing to her rivals, the duel begins .

Both women start a slow rolling pressing grind, the thick night air and the glow of the flames add to the heated exchange now beginning, soft almost muffled huffs are starting to build in each woman as they enjoy the thrill of sexual arousal as humans again no matter how short the time will be.

Something is up with Shoon that Brianna has yet encountered, despite both being human again there is a strength in her rival she has never felt, as the two women grind deeper and faster their breathing becoming panting, Brianna uses her thigh to try and roll up on her rival, as she sits up Shoon almost welcomes the attempt, she spreads her thighs wider  while propped up on her elbows she pants as if in heat.

Brianna slides up on her and pins her womanhood on to her rivals, then starts to ride and grind down on her, Shoon tilts her head back then in a mouth watering hiss looks in to Brianna’s eyes , “Try to out Fuck me Huntress you are powerless against me”, Brianna is slowly undulating her hands caress her round breasts, she glares down at her pined rival who spreads wider and now starts to pump upward.

Brianna soon cannot deny it, her own thighs ease wider her left hand reaches down and massages the breasts of Shoon, her sweaty hair flings back when suddenly Shoon grabs the waist of Brianna and forces her down on top of her their pussies pump and Brianna now cries up at the sky in the burning feel of an orgasm coming on, her hands seem to not have a place to grab, Shoon is bridging the small of her back , her woman hood and clit engorged is stabbing Brianna .

Brianna arches , she can feel the engorged clit of her rival and slowly starts to ride it, her hands cup  her own breasts as her finger tips pinch and stretch her stiff nipples. Slowly without realizing it Brianna creates a rhythm for herself that helps her rival, the motion gets faster as Shoon pulls down on the hips while thrusting her hips up.

Brianna suddenly feels a quiver, then a quake vibrate her entire body, her panting becomes a gasp, and before she knows it, her orgasm is churning deep inside her, her eyes sag as she can’t stop the lust from taking over, her hands deeply squeeze and massage her heavy breasts her head shakes no but her lips pant “YES”.

Shoon has her as Brianna loses control and her first orgasm causes her entire body to shutter, Shoon kicks her free leg up and throws Brianna off from top position, Brianna can barely put up a fight as she feels her orgasm consume her body. Shoon rolls up then gets behind Brianna, she grabs the Huntress by her hair and forces her up onto all 4’s.

Brianna head up and hair stretched back still pants the end of the orgasm, when she feels Shoon press to her rear, Shoon as the moon clears the mountains and the lazy dark clouds over head float by shines its light down on the two cats from hell.

Shoon’s hair is growing longer, her claws darken and extend her fangs become longer as does her nose, there is a metamorphosis coming over her, as she presses tight to Brianna her head arches up and back, her bust swells in air and Shoon erupts into a screaming howl that freezes the blood of the most seasoned warriors watching.

Brianna gasps then purses her lips as she feels the now longer thicker clit plunge into her like a small yet thick cock, Shoon’s claws rake her rivals bare back as a second howl erupts. Brianna now knows she is fighting not just a vampire but a hybrid of a Vampire /werewolf, whose powers are stronger than a Vampires and their master Victor has no control over.

Brianna’s eyes flash as she looks back over her shoulder and she’s the rival Vamp become hairy and stronger, she shouts to the necklace in her tent, “Master Help!”, slowly as a second orgasm is on line of breaking her the warm feeling of it building turns cold, Brianna arches up on her knees and turns her torso as far as capable her right hand now with the pointy talons slashes at Shoon, they land ripping her cheek wide open.

The wound allows Brianna to break free but as she stands and turns she sees the wounds spurt blood then slowly start to close, she has to end Shoon before she fully turns, as Shoon is on her knees awaiting her change to finish, Brianna charges at her, she drop kicks Shoon in her face, the power knocks her head straight back.

Shoon falls on her back as Brianna scrambles up and gets behind her, but Shoon’s change is nearly complete, she coils up her spine and slowly rises back up on her knees, her arms and Hans=Ds spread as she inhales to release a howl, Brianna feeling her own fangs return to full length and her heart stop grabs Shoon by the back of her hair and rips down , tilting the beasts head back exposing her throat.

Brianna draws her right hand back her fingers crooked into a claw, and swings, they hit their mark slashing the throat , blood squirts from the beasts neck a screaming whine shakes the warriors watching, then as Shoon. falls onto her bare back, Brianna pounces on top of her and pins the nearly formed paws to the first her mouth opens as the blood almost black so dark pumps.

Brianna drops her face down and her fangs plunge into the flesh remaining , sucking as she bites in, Shoon shaking her head eyes wide growling as blood spews from her open mouth, legs kicking then slow, Brianna sinks her teeth deeper feeding as Victor screams ‘NOO”.

Slowly Shoon’s body barely quivers, Brianna lifts her face drenched in blood glares down at her rival, Shoon in a gurgle “Finish  it Huntress , do it”, Brianna shifts lower then drops her face into the breasts of Shoon her fangs pierce each as she draws blood and the milk from them, Shoon arches on the ground, her gurgling cries call out, her body stiffens then stops.

Brianna slowly stands as the wounds Shoon caused close and heal, she glares down at the body of Shoon, and slowly a second change comes, this time in reverse, Shoon returns the busty female figure then as the night wind gently blows over the dirt flor of the flat lands Shoons body starts to turn to dust.

Brianna walks to her tent and retrieves the necklace and the kit she carries she pries out the fangs of Shoon, then using the thinning hair pulls the body onto the large camp fire and drapes it over the red logs burning , the scent of flesh and hair burning causes all to cover their noses, the flames flash and then a last shriek is heard as the body turns to ashes.

Brianna inhales in pride but she glares at the warriors , she dons her outfit again and then swirls the frock around her and ties it, she then steps through the boulders and walks to the Kahn, her dagger like index nail presses under his chin and threatens to slice his throat, Brianna in a low hiss, “I am leaving here now do not follow or hunt me Kahn or you will have no army”, she licks his cheek then as if a flash of lighting turns and is gone.

To Be Continued?

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