Neighbors by Dotti D

Patty and her husband Sam lived at the end of their street for going on 5 years now, they got the first large new home in what would be a semi private development, over those years they watched roads become streets and new homes go up. Patty was a very sexy blonde with shoulder length wavy dirty blonde hair at 5’7” 137lbs. she was a looker but what really turned heads was her very busty body 38E -30-38 looked so amazing on her , though she knew it Patty never felt a need to over flaunt it her husband wanted no one but her and other men watched her every move.

Over the years they spent making the new house a home Patty was big on gardening outside and though she was busty she never went out of her way to display her assets and make other women who were moving in and living there uncomfortable, or jealous .

though there was always that 1 or 2 who still stirred the rumor pot, but those close to Patty would shut them up by telling them “if you think shes doing something go confront her” but it was always the same answer “no or shes not worth it, as it so happens not long ago 1 woman looking to move in the development did just that and was put to shame fast and decisive and a few saw it and knew not to try patty.

One thing about her though that mostly the men in the new area found out or shared among themselves, was that Patty either late at night or early in the morning did a little ritual for her husband that involved a strip tease, and what red blooded man would pass up on a free show of her massive bust and body, so they would watch from the empty lot across street pretending to walk a dog or take a stroll, Patty knew it at times but just smiled and let it go.

Her heart was her husbands her little shows were for anyone watching in a tasteful manner as long as no one tried to make a pass or think she or he was fair game it was just her in her home and peering eyes.

A few weeks later while Patty was downtown her husband Sam was doing some yard work when a car pulled up across street, 3 people got out and one was the real estate agent for the development, the other a very handsome man Patties husband had to admit to himself and then she stepped out, a gorgeous redhead with green eyes and body that wouldn’t quit, as she looked around and stepped to the empty lot he saw her lush figure in tight jeans heels and a tight tee with her red bra under and very full, as he watched he thought “are those bigger than Pats?” he shook his head no way but certainly they looked it, as he went about his yard work the redhead saw him and licked her lips as it happens her appetite for handsome men was somewhat notorious, at least to her and her husband and those that came before.

Though Patties man had no idea who she was or her past as none of of the others in the development, her own husband and her old neighborhood surely did, as he walked the hose around the other side to see if they were still there, the womans husband and real estate agent were walking the empty lot as she stood on the street waiting, slowly she turned looking for Sam, as she saw him watching, she seemed to become more alluring, as she spun on her spike heels her body seem to stretch up more and her confined round bust swelled out more , her long legs flexing as she posed herself for him then looked head on to his eyes.

Sam stood transfixed in fact aside from his wife Patty he couldnt recall a woman grabbing his attention in such a way, and his manhood in his shorts reacted like a trained dog. The redhead lifted her sunglasses and saw how well and large the reaction was and smiled as her thick nipples seem to stab through the bra and tee with no effort, as she did her little lip lick tongue smear over her lips she made her cleavage dance by flexing it and even though confined the large round globes lifted and lowered on command and it nearly dropped Sam on his knees.

But the trance was broken by the sharp beep of his Patties car pulling in the drive way as she got out smiling , she pranced to her husband and soon felt eyes on her as she gave him a hug she kissed him and said “who are they?” before he could reply Patty felt the hard stiff reaction in Sams shorts and she turned his back to the couple looking over and saw the redhead that had his attention, as she and the redhead shared a glare Patty purred to her man, “Is that cause of me or the bitch across the street hmm?” Sam didnt want a repeat of the last time a woman got his eye and said “baby saw you come home and its all you “ her eyes a light blue darkened as she growled softly , “mmhmm better be” , then she looked over his shoulder at the redhead and sidestepped from her man to show that she herself was every bit a busty woman.

The redhead made a scoff action but her eyes made full contact over patty as they glared a minute it was becoming obvious that the redheads husband eyes were busy now as well looking Patty over with a devilish smirk that made Patty flutter at his good looks she didnt notice till now, as the redhead took notice and cleared her throat Patty giggled and the tension was on.

The real estate agent headed for the car and as he held the door for the busty redhead her eyes and Patties never broke glare till she was in, as the door shut the window opened so the glare was resumed then slowly as he drove off it held as long as it could, once out of range Patty looked to Sam and smiled as she grabbed his stiff manhood in her fingers through the shorts, “We dont want a repeat of last time baby , but if that whore ends up across the street bet i wont hesitate this time either” he nods agreement and they go in the house where patty reclaims her man in bed.

A few weeks since the little incident pass and Patty starts to put it out of her mind, when one day she comes home and there in the lot is a stack of lumber to start a new home, as she walks in and gets her mail there in the stack is a letter from the development contractor telling them the lot was sold and a home was going up, the new neighbors were to be Roxanne and Frank, no idea if these are the 2 who were looking but either way Patty and Sam were going to have neighbors.

That night as they watched t.v. in their bed , they chatted about who ever it was they had to make an effort to be at the least friendly and Patty reminded her husband that last time a neighbor was around was not her fault it was a busty brunette who walked into their yard and advanced on Patties man and she was dealt with as any good wife needed, he agreed and she added “if its that redhead and she tries anything she will get the same” but as Sam agreed his eyes showed a concerned and Patty sat up, “you think shes better ? do you?”.

Sam stutters a bit he has to save an argument as he stammers out “honey i have no clue i doubt they are a match to you but she looked bigger is all”, Patty takes a breath as she knows Sam was right she looked bigger but Patty removed her top and bra and the redhead was no longer a thought.

After a long love making session and her famous breast fucking at end Sam fell asleep as Patty laid there and rethought the last time, it was a woman that lived at top of the street a brunette who was busty but not a match to Patty but she didnt care after many teasing attempts at Sam the bitch walked in their yard and was all over Sam as he sunned patty walked out and a clawing titfight was on leaving the brunette a mess , though Patty suffered 2 distinct scars on each breast it was worn like a badge of honor to her and her man, her fingers lightly traced the marks as she remembered it and thought of the redhead they saw.

The next morning Patty was woken to hammers and cement trucks and workers a buzz and as she looked from her window she slowed the construction sight down as they all looked at the busty blonde and her loose nearly open robe, but that was suddenly stopped as a female voice rang out “Lets go gentlemen nothing to see get to work” Patty was stunned when she looked down and saw the redhead step from her car and shout orders, the workers fumbled over themselves as she over filled her tight white tank top and bra and daisy dukes and as she stood long legs straight she peered up at the window and gave Patty a second glare from their first.

The glare was going to be short till Sam walked out to get in his car for work, he paused to see the redhead and huge bust holding ground and then it happened the first blow was struck, the redhead swaggered across to Sam as Patty watched and introduced herself.

‘Well Hello there we didnt get to meet last time I am Roxanne” Sam stood lost for a word as he watched her huge globes barely sway under the top and her nipples tent her smile was deadly and yet inviting, Uhh Hi sorry I am Sam moving in soon i guess” she smiled at his awkwardness and purred”yes faster than most why i am here i need their attention on work not scenery, though i think i cover most of that” the redhead teases as she knows Patty listens, Patty has enough and quickly throws on her bra and a tight tee and shorts and hurries down to the drive way.

As she walks out Sam loses attention for the redhead and she shows her anger with a dirty glare toward Patty, but to put on her show she smirks and stands straight, with her wavy shoulder length red hair up and her 5’8” 140 figure arched up her 38F-30-36 bust out yet confined Roxanne double looks Patty as her 38Es stand out in her bra and top as full and round and firm and both have thick nipples tenting with ease.

Sam is beside himself as they nearly slam together right there and slips his hand around Patties waist as he smiles,”Patty meet Roxanne, Roxanne my wife Patty honey they are moving in across the street” Patty smirks as her man holds her “that so? well hope you like living here its a private street and neighbors keep to themselves …as they should”.

Roxanne looks Patty over smiles ,”well thats a shame cause I am a very open person and i like having my neighbors close and friendly but thats something we will develop good meeting you Sam bi bi Patty was it?”

Roxanne smirks knowing she not only struck first but put Patty in her place as she acts as if she forgot her name over Sams, she turns and swaggers back to her car , as she gets in she gives both of them a look in her top at her mass as her breasts nearly explode from the bra and top then she sits and winks and waves her talons as she drives off, instantly Patty waving her own talons purrs to sam, “oh yes her and i arent going to get along at all”.

Over the next few weeks as the home building progressed Patty and Roxanne made a few points to set other off but nothing more than catty hellos and winks to husbands went on, but slowly Patty was getting the upper hand without even knowing it as her and Sams normal routine went on, the workers all were talking about her, and Roxanne’s own husband not only heard about her but saw a few times himself and was becoming a huge fan as well.

As Roxannes husband arrives daily and the workers do coffee with him they look at Patty in the window, she topless works her man and dresses, when she sees Roxannes man she leaves the curtains open more knowing he is watching, she makes a point to let him see as she wants the redhead to sweat it out, and as it happens she catches Roxanne watching and sees she is fuming over it, the next day Patty sees a little alteration to the home as Roxanne demands her bedroom window face Patties.

Patty sees the alteration but says nothing to Sam or to the real estate agent she goes about her way and before she knows it the house is done, moving day comes and both Sam and Patty grab a seat on the porch to watch sipping a drink, once in a while Patty will stretch to make the movers slow down more.

On one occasion as Roxanne arrives she watches from the window and the steam off her head is almost visible as Patty giggles and Sam shakes his head, but the effect only slows the finale as the truck leaves and Roxanne stands at the door way hands to hips glaring across, both women glare hate and no words are needed as both she and Patty know this wont be a long term love hate and the real show down is coming.

For the first month Roxanne forgets about the blonde and is getting the home how she wants it and her husband Frank is putting over time to pay for the new decor, and each night Roxanne greets him at the door in heels thigh highs and an apron or at least thats all Sam and Patty can see, but it becomes more apparent that Roxanne is giving Sam a show and cutting off Patty at her own game and one night she opens the door for frank in same attire but no bra under and her majestic breasts are seen from side of the apron as she hugs frank she makes sure patty and Sam see little compression as she smiles at them.

To say Patty was ready to kill was an understatement and Sam felt it, and that night before bed both women opened the curtains and had a session a top their men and as they did they watched the other with most evil glares any 2 women could share.

The next morning Patty decided to give Roxanne a taste of her own medicine and dressed like Roxy the night before, as she walked Sam out she hugged him and made sure frank and Roxanne saw her huge mass not give under the apron and as sam walked to the car Patty gave Roxanne a catty wave, or was it for frank who was watching her body.

As the men drove off Roxanne stared across at Patty who matched her at her game and Patty leaned on her door frame to glare back, living on the end of the development gave the 2 homes a lot of privacy and as such Roxanne ran her thumbnails along her apron to her breasts and traced the round large outline as she did her nipples tented it and she smirked, but it was a short one as Patty followed suite and raised a brow at the redhead, both reached the point of impasse and both wanted to settle it but neither was going to be first to show she was really jealous of other.

Roxanne calmly shouted over at Patty “We should exchange numbers in case one of us needs other for some reason”, Patty watched and spoke up “I agree it can be really lonely on this end of the development with guys working late and all can never be to careful can you”, with that Roxy leans in her foyer and grabs her cell “Lets hear it” and Patty tells her the private cell number, as soon as she does her cell rings as Roxy purrs “Now you have mine, call if you need to talk” patty smiles “you as well even if its a simple get together honey”.

The front doors close and both women watch other throughout the day, making sure to change or show others prying eyes her body, in doing so both see and know their men have the same open view, and it hits both, its not about who is just sexier or bustier now its about who is luring who in her web in front of the other.

Weeks went by the 2 women thus far have just one up other with simple little remarks or daring attire but other than that neither pressed the issue they had, till one day when Roxanne was sitting in her bedroom with her hubby and as she looked out the window that faced Patties she looked at the glass as if Patty was there as she softly said to Frank.

“Babe tell me honestly do you think shes attractive at all?” Frank was partially seated up against the headboard as she lay on his lap, “Who honey?”.

Roxy smirked a bit as it seemed Frank wasn’t thinking about the neighbor, “You know that blonde across the street” as she made it clear who she meant Patty was walking by the window and looked across and saw Frank up in bed watching, she smirked and was about to step away when she decided to play a game and she opened her robe and leaned her hands on the window frame, as she did her large full breasts swayed free and slowly and softly bumped the glass as she felt the warmth of the sun on it she smeared her breasts and once in a while pushed them to it more to make them mushroom larger.

As she gave Frank a show he was trying to stay calm, “Oh uh her well shes not ugly honey i mean come on but she isn’t you “ as he assured his wife he was watching the most erotic display he ever saw, You dont think her tits are better do you?” Frank didnt answer instantly as he watched her large tits he was in a trance as Roxy rubbed his leg he stammers, “Uhhh hers uhnnmm no i dont know how would i know” Roxy opened her eyes and saw frank had a full hard on she smiled as she ran her claws over his man hood “nmmm this for me?” but frank failed to answer or respond as she looked up at him his eyes were glued to the window.

Roxanne sat up and as she did Patty arched off the glass and closed her robe enough and pretended to be opening the window for air, as Roxy glared out, Patty smiled and winked and eased away, Roxy glared back at frank, “What the Fuck hmm? you think that cow has a better set of tits then me?” as Roxanne opened her robe and her fuller tits spilled out she smiled “then these?’”, Frank despite the show couldn’t help but forget the blonde with these large real ones right in reach and as he cupped and caressed them Roxanne groaned but she could tell he wasn’t as into it as normal it was as if he was gauging her own to what he saw.

Roxanne arched and pushed her breasts to his large hands and moaned “nmmm more baby come on they are yours” but frank wasn’t himself he was being overly gentle as he had when they first met, Roxanne knew he was comparing even though he never had Patties but could Roxy be certain, with frank in another world she pulled back and closed her robe and smiled at her husband and asked him to make some coffee, as he did Patty was by the window and Roxy shot her a look and Patty just grinned.

Though she knew the gauntlet was thrown down she didnt react in over her head way she simply smiled back and told herself “its on honey” Patty waited for days after for some kind of payback but it didn’t come right away till one day as she pulled in the drive way Roxanne was standing at her door, talking to Sam wearing a very sheer blouse opened to bottom of her cleavage in her hands a red bra, before she could get of the car Roxy turned and was swaggering back to her home, Patty reached her man and asked what that was, Sam eyes in a state of wow managed to stammer “uhhh she said she needed a cup of sugar and had her bra cup for it and ..” patty turned “And what?” was large honey”.

As he admitted it Patty glared across the street to see Roxanne slowly close her door with a huge grin and a wink, Patty had enough games she went upstairs and as she got ready for bed she wore her sexiest bra for her man and spent the night making him forget the redhead if it were possible,but across the street Roxy was doing the same the 2 women without a word spoken seem to have their minds set tonight was going to lead to something bigger the next day.

The morning came and Patty was in a thin lavender robe that cupped her rear tied at the waist and top parted to show her veiny cleavage her hair was messy from the nights marathon and she sent Sam off with a little kiss, across the street Roxy was looking much the same with a grey robe worn much the same as she sent frank on his way, both men felt something was up as neither wife was at the door posing but as the guys left for work the women were upstairs in a flash watching the cars drive off.

Once sure the guys were gone Patty pulled her blinds up and stood glaring at Roxannes window she didnt wait long as Roxy appeared, though windows were shut the women didnt need to talk to communicate as Patty slowly traced her breast outline and Roxy soon followed suit, as they did Roxy nodded at Patty as if to say “lets see” Patty tilts her head a bit and opens her robe and lets it fall behind her, her large breasts sway free and stand out as her nipples are partially stiff as she sets her hands on the frame she sways them like pendulums and smirks as Roxanne eyes widen and stares.

Roxy though fuller can not deny Patty is more than she first thought, but as the blonde relishes the effect she nods to Roxy and in kind Roxanne gets her confidence back as she lets her robe drop and her fuller breasts sway out and now it is Patty that swallows at what she sees.

The 2 women pose and compare for what seemed hours but minutes in reality when Patty made a slow reach to side and showed her cell to Roxy then dialed as she sat it on the window sill on speaker Roxy hears her phone ring and opens it to speaker setting it down as they stare, “Well Morning Roxanne”, “Morning Patty what can i do for you?” both breath a bit heavier now nipples starting to stiffen more.

As their fingers ran over their full breasts and teased the nipples along more, each woman studied the other “oh i think its more what we can do for other dear, i think the time for these little games of show and no tell are over”, “Oh ? do go on you have my attention”, lightly each woman pinches her nipple shafts and pulls getting them hard as capable then Patty lightly starts to dab her tips into the glass the tiny dense tap is heard through the phone and Roxy refusing to show reaction does the same.

“Nmmm this is fun but surely theres more to you wanting to chat then this honey” as each increases her motion, “Oh there is see i already knew we weren’t going to be friends and i know we each are to point we want to jump on other so I was thinking we should have a little contest between us “, “That so and just what kind ? certainly you are not suggesting your tits against mine , are you?”

Roxanne smirks feeling she made Patty feel inadequate but Patty no slouch or stranger to such a contest simply inhales as she presses her tits to the glass and rubs, “Thats what i am proposing honey that is if you aren’t afraid to” , Roxy feels her smirk fade as Patty comes right back at her, and cups her mass and lifts and drops them showing how firm they are Patty follows suit as they glare.

“Is that a yes?’, Roxanne inhales “It is but there is one condition”, “and that is?”, “Loser gets her breasts milked and worships winners agree?”, Patty hesitates a moment “But i am not lactating are you?”, Roxy grins “No but that doesnt mean winner can’t work losers in same manner yes or no? i hope you arent one of these women who only fights for a bra honey if you are its gonna be a long day for you”.

Patty lifts and drops her own breasts and shows she is as firm the thick Clop resonates through the phones as they glare then Patty answers, “Your on when and where?’, slowly Roxy arches and holds the window frame and heavily and slowly sways her big breasts “nmmm anytime and anyplace as long as we arent interrupted”

Patty gave it some thought she didnt want this bitches scent in her home and was sure Roxy felt the same as she waited for a answer she saw Patty mimic her sway as they glared then the sound of trucks in distance meant a new home and Patty grinned “how about the new home going up?” Roxy stared she knew the 2 would never be seen or found “Fine When?”, “How about tomorrow we can send the boys golfing and have the day they dont work on Saturday so no one will be there”, “your on hows 11 am sound?”Patty sneered, “be there”.

As if they weren’t planning to meet the 2 women as if on cue stepped back and clicked off the cells and sat on the beds and stared at themselves in the mirror, Patty reflecting on her one time engagement since moving here and how a simple titfight got nasty fast but she had to and now she was facing another rival, would it get as bad would she be able to give the fuller woman a fight, as she pondered all she had to, Roxanne sat same manner and thought to herself about her last it was her previous home and the woman was her equal fully and after a long draining duel Roxy was atop her and forcing her to worship her breasts but she was so sore and close to losing was it worth risking again.

That night the women acted as if nothing went on or was going to and they each suggested that tomorrow with no plans the guys should go golfing, before the words left their lips Sam called frank and the day was planned, each woman sat smiling that the plan was going as they needed, and as the guys hung up and got to bed early the women gave each other a last looks before turning out the lights, As they lay there looking at the ceiling and the gentle snore (best way i could put the annoying noise boys lol) of the husbands sung out they caressed their big breasts till sleep took over.

The sun broke through the sheer curtains and before the women knew it the men were heading out, each turned over as she got more sleep for the coming midday meet, at 10 a.m both rose and showered and prepared exactly how was unplanned then Roxanne smiled as she slipped on heels and thigh highs and a thong a mini skirt and one of her husbands dress shirts tied up under big breasts, she texted Patty what the attire should be and Patty smirked as she muttered “Bitch” and texted “Agree”, Patty picked out a peach and black version as Roxy wore a red and white and as if they had never met both women stepped outside and got in their cars and drove down the road to the next block and there stood a new home , not yet done but windows and doors all in and not a sole in sight, Patty parked first and stepped out she walked to the driveway and opened the garage door (it was the common entrance for builders ) as Roxanne pulled up she watched Patty enter then stepped out and followed.

Patty reached the open living room and stood to one side as she heard the distinct click of heels along the wood floors getting closer till Roxy appeared in front of her and stood across, instantly their nipples react and tent the thin business shirts as they glare, Roxy slowly runs her nails over the knot and Patty reacts likewise as she softly purrs ‘So we agree just tit to tit loser worked and worships winner right?” as she pulls at the knot, Roxy breaths in “thats right ready to get started?” as she pulls her tops knot and her huge breasts swell out and sway to a stop her areolas smooth and thick nipples stiff, standing out 1/2” as she drops the top behind her she presses her tits together and releases with a grin of confidence.

Patty sees Roxannes fully up close for the first time and is a little worried as she sees the redhead is a fuller bust, but as she reveals her own they sway out and stop her areolas puffed from the cap and thinner nipples steely out 3/4”, she shimmies them slow and sexy at Roxy showing her firmness then takes a breath ‘Ready when you are”.

After a second as if on cue both step out and circle slow their heels click sharp on the new wood floor and the breathing echo in unison the silence nearly as deafening as the loud echo as they draw near, Roxy purrs “your in over your head honey “ , Patty smirks “I heard that before but hear i still am”.

“Not for long honey” Roxy purrs as she steps to Patty and drags up against her body her tits lift and partially part the blondes mass, “nmmm feel that bitch?’..Patty her lips drop open as she feels the dense pressure of her rivals tits as they lift and drag up she breathes in at the warm weight, ‘Feel what hmm nothing you have is worrying me”,Roxy drags left then right smiling slowly “nmm we will see about that honey”.

Patty be it stunned or maybe thinking her rival is to much or maybe stunned the redhead came on strong, but for a few moments she seems frozen as Roxanne worked her tits with ease, “nmm uwwnmmm uhnn cmon you even gonna put up a fight honey”?
Patty eased back a bit then inhaled as she came right back into Roxy and dragged down the redheads tits with her own making her feel the weight as she got under Roxy she dragged back up and lifted and nearly parted her tits making the redhead breath in and gasp,

“Uwwww Ughnnnn mmmffff ohhh you bitch”, Patty smirks as she Stepped back into the fight “Whats wrong honey arent you ready for a fight?” as Roxy was stunned not only at the full weight and firmness but Patties ability to come right back against a larger bust, and so it began the teasing part over the women were now in a fight with their prize assets, gentle but firm pumping and contact made dense clop noises as each bump and drag and smear brought a huff or gasp slowly they stood and went step for step around as they pressed their tits against others, they would bring their breasts to others slow and once contact was made presss rough and tight to her rivals and drag grind and smear making each other gasp, pant and react.

Seconds to minutes as the 2 refused to let up, “Uhnn mmff cmon bitch you want a fight my tits are here” Roxy huffed as she did Patty grabbed her rivals elbows and pulled Roxy at her as she pumped her tits head on the solid CLOP rang out as roxy couldn’t hide her reaction, “hey uughmmfff Bitch”, Patty felt a surge at the reaction and started to push and grind her tits harder to Roxannes “Oh I wanna fight Bitch still waiting for you to do it, Uhnnn mmfff cmon Feel me dont you bitch?”.

The slow match up was increasing as the women stayed close to the other, the slow smearing of their round full breasts turned into heavy dense slow collisions as the actions of smearing with sweat glistening breasts caused slick surface, allowing each womans breasts to slickly sway and swat across her rivals, the heavy breathing became a rhythm of grunts over groans, nipples dragged now were pushed and bent .

Their heels now start to sound like a dance going on as their once sturdy stances were being shifted to keep their rival in front of them, Patty gripped Roxannes elbows tighter and would pull her in between these swaying motions issuing a 3rd hit to the rhythm she wanted to start, Roxy was feeling the big bust on her own and sweat broke out more as she tried to twist her hands and arms to either grab Patties or get free, “Where you going bitch hmm” Patty teased, Roxies eyes wide at Patty thinking she was taking her so easily swayed fast with her shoulders backing it up and feeling the tight grip on her elbows used it to pull Patty into her and a solid SLAP echos out.

For the first time since they began Patty feels her eyes widen and mouth open as she can’t hide the reaction from the redheads heavy mass hitting and shoving her own aside the motion caused Patties left to shove into her right and the slight twist of her breast was enough that as Roxanne pumped head on she pinned the mass in a unnatural way and made Patty react with a obvious Gasp, “UUUGHHHHH OHHHH BITCH!”.

It was Roxannes turn to grin as she stayed after Patty and pumped again then again and soon Patty was easing back and Roxy was grabbing her arms to keep her close with an evil smirk taunting, “Nmmm now who is feeling who bitch hmm?, Like that plenty more coming, step in and fight “, But Patty was in a slight shock and to add to it not only was she feeling her rival but the feeling she had was more than she bargained for Roxies larger cups were heavier and maybe fuller and when they swayed free and made full contact it was like a full palm crushing into her breasts to add to the discomfort becoming pain, her own heavy breast collided with the other and she was feeling as if she was being hit from every angle.

As she lost ground not even realizing it her eyes wider now, Patties mouth dropped open as Roxanne sneered her lips back and grabbed Patties elbows and yanked her in as she was forced to stagger forward and Roxy jammed her tits head on to Patties, pinned them back into a balloon shape and rolled her body and tits into the blondes.

Roxanne arched up tight against Patty and used her body to work the blonde, slowly she pulled in and almost wrapped Patties arms around her self as she lifted on her toes and rolled up and across and down, all the time her tits were welded to the blondes and had them pinned to her chest, the motion and action were like a woman with a rolling pin flattening dough as Patty could only roll shoulders back and lose ground, she could feel the chill of the wall near her warm back as she started to panic Roxanne slowly drew her face to Patties “Nmmm uwww yess feel me now you bitch dont you? nmmmm your tits are getting wrecked give now”.

As Roxy was taking the fight she was also directing Patty to back peddle and though Patty squirmed and strained to free her arms and make space between their tits, she was feeling and starting to realize that maybe giving up would pay off as Roxanne seemed to hardly work to control things, but as Roxy asked her to give again Patty sensed it was not a mercy plea but that maybe the redhead was feeling the fight as much.

Patty swallowed and took in a deep breath as sweat started to cover their bodies, causing their tits to smear easy yet making skin contact sticky and pulling, as Patty looked between them she watched both masses wrestle and smear then she shoved Roxanne at the shoulders, “ughh Bitch cant take it?” but Patty had another idea as she broke the grip on her elbows she slid her hands under the redheads arms and hugged in her hands reach up and hook onto Roxannes shoulders and pulled down.

Patty grins at her as she weighs down Roxanne and stops her shoulder use, the redheads eyes widen as Patty now jambs her tits up into Roxies causing a shriek gasp..”AAaghhhh Bitch!” at the sound of the effect Patty presses and sways and drags every which way, and her full tits start to not only fight back but hurt the redheads, “whats wrong hmm bitch feel something hmm cmon fight”, suddenly Roxannes eyes widen her lips purse and her heels are back peddling as Patty turns the tide and her tits start to control the redheads.

The tide shifts and its a replay of last 15 minutes but Patty taking the fight now as Roxanne is walked backwards and being hurt more, the grunts fill the room “uughnn mmff uummff uww uugg you Bitch!” is all Roxy can muster as she watches and feels the blonde take the fight back as she feels Patty working her the deep ache begins and slowly the redheads h face starts to contort to the deep ache building to pain.

As Patty sneers at her ability she to secretly feels it, though she takes control she is working her heavy full mass against a fuller pair and after being worked she now has double the effort to fight, “ughhnn ughnnn cmon Bitch fight” but inward Patty wants a simple end to the duel or at the least a long break as sweat starts to form heavier on her and Roxanne sees it she bucks hard to Patty and the flesh meeting is loud as it erupts in the empty home, “SLAP” but as Roxy lets out a cry Patty nearly stumbles back as she cries ‘Aghhh BITCH!”.

The moment is like a lost rip in time as Patty feels her heels stagger back and Roxanne arches up and comes at her seeing the redhead intentions Patty can only wait for the clash that will surely hurt her deep, but in a last ditch thought as Roxanne and her fuller breasts slaps head on into Patties the blonde wraps her arms around the redheads and pulls herself up into the Roxannes path and allows her tits to thrust up in to the redheads undersides, as they clash the scene is like a stop motion camera as both women come together Patty arching up meeting her attacker legs straighten and widen as her arms hug and her large tits vanish under a fuller pair then suddenly reappear and control.

While Roxanne arches up and arms go out then push on the blondes shoulders to get away as her fuller tits jostle then suddenly swell up and balloon from underneath as her head tosses back and her jaw falls open in a scream of pain, ‘NOOOO OOWWWW UGHNNNN MY TITS!!” Patty is both a bit stunned and yet venomous at the reaction as she grinds and starts to pump up tight into undersides using her knees to bend and thrust her back up, her hug has Roxannes ribs unable to take a deep breath.

The redheads eyes are wide in pain and shock and her heels teeter about the floor as they cant make full contact and step, as she hears Patty demand she give Roxanne grimaces a ‘Fuck you Bitch” this sets Patty off and she hugs and lifts and slamms Roxanne against the wall of the new home and grinds her tits up under and into the redheads causing overlap of flesh and pulling the big mass all over her chest.

Roxanne again lets out a reaction “AWWW AGHHHH OWWWW “ her head on the wall her eyes turn glassy as she looks up, wincing in pain her hands that shoved at Patties shoulders start to slip off and get weaker her knees start to buckle, as Patty demands “give you Bitch or Ill really hurt your tits” Roxy silently shakes her head no and Patty is all but ready to drop when she sets her heavy tits under the redheads and lifts up, against her body and pulls the big tits up stretching the undersides up and punishing the undersides and glands swelling through skin.

About to peel off the redhead and face going head on again suddenly Roxannes head drops to Patties shoulder and her own shoulders droop and slacken and in an instant Patty looks up with a smile of relief as Roxy weakly cries ‘Please ughnn Stop Ughnn Please I give” , Patty snarls at her ear “Say my tits are better and you wont flaunt anymore ..SAY IT!”.

A moment of silence as Roxanne nods yes then feeling another grind shouts out in tears “OK OK PLEASE STOP YOUR TITS ARE BETTER AND I WONT SHOW OFF PLEASE I GIVE “, Patty slams into Roxanne a last time and shoves away and Roxanne falls to a heap on the wood floor crying as she cups her red and wounded breasts, Patty steps back hands to hips her red swollen tits heave as she breathes , looking down over them at the redhead waiting if she wants more, but as she sees the fights over she smilesevil grin.

She steps to the redhead then grabs her hair “AWWW Noo I Said i Give”, but Patty hisses “I know now you get what you deserve” , and she gets Roxanne on all 4’s and straddles her bare back, reaching under to the heavy red swaying breasts her palms Smack the flesh, as Roxanne softly pleads, “Dont please not my tits” but Patty lays her own breasts on her back and smiles as she whispers, “your mine” and her hands with curled fingers knead, squeeze, twist and work the redheads big tits as if milking them but rougher and determined to cause pain.

It wasn’t long the walls of the new home filled with cries as Patty worked her hands in deep pulling and mauling the redheads breasts at will, when Roxanne was so beaten and hurt she couldn’t stay up on all 4’s Patty rolled her on her back and straddled the redhead still looking down over her full tits she sneered, “Nmmm one last thing and you can go Bitch” and PAtty lowered her tits on the redheads face, and Roxanne slowly caressed and sucked and kissed the large mass , her tongue traced the scars and pulled the nipples in her lips, as Patty smiled and moaned, “nmmm yess ohhh now you know your place Bitch” as Roxanne weaklt nodded under her Patty dug her nails in each of the redheads tits and clawed deep tearing distinct furrows in them and leaving what would be scars across tops, “Now you will have to tell anyone seeing your tits how you got these”.

Patty sat up wiped her sweat and caught her breath as Roxanne laid under her hurt and crying content in the whimpering silence of the home Patty was startled by a calm and lust voice, “NMMM My my your one to be careful of I see” as Patty looked up eyes wide there in the room adjoining the room the 2 women fought stood a woman with brown hair and long legs and a fit body her hair up in a bun and her blouse partially undone showing cleavage, she was a little set back Patty made made no point to cover up at the scare of someone seeing what took place but then she smiled softly as Patty rose to her heels and set hands to hips “What are you doing here and who the HELL are you?”!.

The brunette stared at patty then her large red breasts and Patty inhaled to emphasis them as she moved around the prone body of Roxanne and stepped toward the brunette wanting an answer, the brunette let her fingers toy with her blouse then she opened it revealing no bra on her 38E breasts as they stood out, Patty swallowed a gasp as she kept her calm and again said “Well Who are you and why are you here?”.

After allowing Patty to take her in the brunette softly answered ‘My name is Doris , this is my house and i was going to ask why you are here but i see why, so my next question is When?” Patty breathing slowed as she watched the brunette “When what?” Doris smirks “Ok I see you like games so I will play along, When are you and I going to go at it tit to tit honey “ Patty stunned at the open reaction pauses , “Oh? well listens honey this tramp on the floor made a play for my hubby and challenged me i dont normally just do these fights” , Doris slowly steps to Patty letting her blouse fall behind.

As the 2 women stand nipples nearly touching Patty breathes in, “Not exactly fair now honey just got done with her and your fresh” Doris runs her talons over Patties tits feeling them and soon Patty does the same back, “nmmm I agree but my home is nearly done so here it is I will fight you before its done i win you leave area i lose i wont move in” before Patty can answer Doris scrapes her tits with nails then walks awy puts her top on and smiles as she leaves looks back, “You have 1 week to decide then I will find you”.

As Doris leaves Patty caresses her breasts puts on her top and drives home as she showers then as she sits wondering what this Doris wants she sees Roxanne walking in her home as she watches her enter her room the blinds slam shut and curtains pulled and she smiles and purrs to herself, “Nmmm ok Doris you and I will become neighbors”.

The End

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