Her Eyes by Dotti D

Lisa was just 12 years old when she found out her mother did more than be a house wife, on typical day in her room boredom over took her, she knew her mom was home with her but she was busy in her room.

Lisa was walking to the kitchen when she over heard her mother in her room say, “you bitch i will be there and we will see woman to woman, yes for bras and milking anything as long as we settle it”. Lisa was intrigued to say the least, but she had no idea who her mother was talking about, she heard he name Terri but in all her memories she never met nor heard the name before.

Lisa let it go not wanting to press her mother, but she did hear her mother say when and where whatever it was about to happen, it was close by close enough she could ride her bike to the spot and see what was making her mother talk that way.

Across town to far to ride to, was another young female about the same age, Devon was the same age as Lisa the two never met nor even knew of each other, the town they lived in had several schools and unless by chance these two ended up in same district they were never going to meet.

Devon was on her phone while her mother was doing chores, the ring of her mom’s cell made Devon raise a brow. It was unusual for her mother to get a call mid day unless it was her Dad, her mother hated talking on the phone.

Devon’s curiosity, got her she sat up and was pretending to look for a snack, all so she could hear what her mom was doing. she enters the kitchen her mother had her back to the doorway and never heard her daughter enter, Devon stood listening, when she heard her mom in a hiss.

“Oh you stupid cow I’ll be happy to meet and settle it and those conditions work fine for me you just be there Bitch as well”, Devon tip toed from the kitchen, she was in shock, her mother turned and started toward the door way Devon stepped in, “Whoaa mom you scared me”, What are you doing sweetie?”, Devon looked at her mom she wanted to ask who Alana was and why she just threatened her but Devon had another plan, “oh i was going to get a snack “.

Devon’s mother not wanting to show her secret, “ok not to much you have to eat diner later”, Devon grabbed the chips and went back to her room as she passed the bedroom to her mothers room, she saw her mother changing into something a bit more sexy than her sweats and a tee shirt, Devon knew from hearing her mother where she was going, she decided she was going to go see what the hell was going on.

Terri and Alana were both 45 year old Mothers and housewives, how they knew each other was as big a mystery as what they were meeting for, both daughters were going to find out somehow, Devon called a friend and asked her to cover for her by saying she was going there to swim, then Devon put on her suit and and a pair of shorts and a top.

She knocked on her Mom’s door, “What is it Devon?”, Devon opens the door her mother was standing there doing her hair, wearing black leggings, heels and a white blouse a black bra under it. Terri was 5’8” 138 pounds red head, her green eyes were a light color and full lips, a long neck line and sharp Jaw features and cheek bones, her hair was to her shoulders normally.

Terri was very fit and sexy though maybe more than her daughter ever fully realized, she also was a busty woman a full 36G-26-36 figure, her veiny cleavage was swelling in the bra she had on underneath the blouse and it made Devon’ eyes flash as they seem to swell to get free of the cups, Devon stuttered a second, “oh i didn’t know we were going out i was going to ask if i could go to my friends and swim?”.

Terri took a long deep breath and her breasts strained the bra and blouse, she smiles at Devon, “oh i was just running out quick sweetie of course you can be home at 7 for dinner ok?”, Devon smiled went to the garage and grabbed her bike and headed down the street, instead of turning left at the stop sign Devon made a sharp right through some woods and cut across a few blocks to the spot her Mother said she was going to to meet whoever was on the phone.

It was a new set of homes going up and only one was about 90% done, Devon like her mother knew the house was open since the garage doors weren’t installed yet, she hid her bike and walked in the house, the bare rough floors not yet done, but the walls were up and primed.

Devon looked all around and found no one else, she waited in what was a master bedroom that had 2 walk in closets she stood off to the side watching the road for her mothers car, as she waited she heard a noise out back, she peaked out and saw a girl on a bike hide hers at the edge of the red line then run toward the house.

Devon had no idea who she was but she didn’t want to be caught in a lie so she hid in the first closet to the left, the louder doors allowed her to see the bedroom, the girl she saw walks in a little winded the girl walks to the window and she hears her say, “Oh shit someone’s here”.

Lisa had devised a plan to ask her mom if she was allowed to go with her friends to the strip mall not far away, Alana who was in her room getting ready was wearing champagne colored leggings , red heels a red blouse and a cream colored bra, she was putting lipstick on when Lisa asked, Alana shoulders sank as she was relieved her daughter wasn’t being nosey and she said she could as well.

Lisa looked back at her mother and how sexy and beautiful she looked, at 5’8” 140 pounds and a 36G-26-36 body her sandy brown hair was longer but she was tying it up, Lisa noticed how deep and tight her mothers being cleavage was and how she was showing it off as she dressed. Lisa was excited to see what had her mother mad and ready to go meet a strange woman.

Lisa saw Terri arriving first she was scared whatever was going to happen would stop if she was seen, she quickly runs across the room closes the walk in close door tot he right , the same louver style doors allowed her to see the room. Both girls freeze as the sound of heels are heard walking to the first floor, shortly after the slam of a second car door is heard then another set of heels enter the home.

They listen in from their hiding spots as each hears her mother and the other woman’ voice, “well bitch you showed i am shocked”, “oh please cow you think i would miss a chance to put you in your place, if i thought we wouldn’t be heard i be clawing your eyes out right now”.

Both girls hear the threats and smile their mothers are here and it sounds like a. Fights brewing,  they could never imagine their mothers having a fight but it sure seemed like thats what was set to happen.

The taunts and threats go back and forth till finally it is Lisa’s mom that says “enough bull shit bitch lets go upstairs and get this over with”, Devon’s mom is heard, “oh thats fine with me”, the sharp steady click of heels on wood floors is heard and echoes moe in the empty house, till finally the bedroom door opens fully and first Alana then Terri strut in and the door is shut behind them.
They stare at one another as their nipples now tent their bras and blouses, both sets her hands on her hips as they breath fuller,  the two women glare, Lisa and Devon stare through the slates of  louver doors and see others eyes, as they stare into he room to watch.

Both cover their mouth and kind of narrow their eyes at other to keep quiet, their eyes divert back to their Mothers to see what is about to go on, but one thing they both know is their mothers aren’t here to chat.

Terri and Alana glare as faces redden, it is Alana who with disgust in her voice hisses to Terri, “i am shocked you wore a top after showing off your tits at the party last week whore, what happen your hubby get tired of you being a slut?”, Terri scoffs at her, “ your one to talk  tramp, i was waiting for the men to shove dollars in your bra but then i realized your the type does it for free”.

Their busts heave heavier as they look ready to sink their claws in to the other, the daughters sit silently listening to the argument as they ponder how their mothers knew the other, Alana snarls, “i see you leave your mouth open as much as your tops, your lucky our husbands were there honey”, Terri a side smirk, “ yeah i was i stopped him from contracting a disease from you”, ( A) “funny Bitch he seemed like he wanted mine more than yours”, Well thats what got us here isn’t it now you wanna settle it or you wanna talk?’.

Terri reaches to her blouse and pulls it from the tight pants and starts to unbutton it, Alana starts as well, the entire time both mothers glare jealous despise for the other, and totally unaware their daughters are about to watch them settle things.

Their tops ease off as their over filled bras appear, then each slowly strips the straps off then reach back and unclassified their bras, they ease them off and proudly swell their busts at the other, then the bras get tossed to the blouses.

Their large round breasts sway out and each caresses her own to massage the bra Lin’s from the firm globes, both daughters loo on in secret and silently mouth (what the fuck?), then the two mothers hands on hips but behind them circle eyes locked, their heels click and long legs step and widen stances.

Alana sways her breasts a bit, “cmon then Bitch lets get to it”, Terri does the same, “when ever your done talking bitch”, it was enough taunts these two were here to settle something and not knowing they are being watched they had no reason to stop now.

Alana rolls her back and shoulders up as does Terri they arch so their breasts stand out then with the slow step for step stalking towards each other the room only noise their heels and breathing , the solid fleshy CLOP rings out between them. Both women drive head on , their breasts collide fully and firmly, both grunt the contact then as they press tighter each starts to roll and grind her breasts into the others.

Terri looks between them then Alana they then lock eyes again as they step never losing contact, Terri hisses, “cmon bitch i am gonna make you feel my tits are better”, Alana hisses back, “uuhhh Bitch i was sure you were going to ask I felt them like everyone else has, cmon show me what you got whore”.

Their daughters watch in disbelief at what their mom is doing to settle an argument , the shock, the embarrassment and yet pride that their mom is standing up to another woman fills their being, they sit now at the door slates and watch the fight unfold, no idea how rough nasty or erotic this will get . Their lips silently mouthing (cmon mom hurt her, get her mom beat her ass).

The two mature women slowly barely stepping as one roll and rub still pressing firmly, Alana a bit of her teeth showing feels Terri give a firm straight pump head on, she lifts her chin at her, ‘Bitch”, then gives a pump back and now firmly drags across Terri’s pair, “uunnn feel my tits cow hmm cmon”.

Terri purses her lips she doesn’t want to let out she did feel it, she instead blows out through her lips a full breath, “ohhh i hope for your sake Bitch thats not your best effort or your going to be hurt before we are done “, then Terri pushes her breasts up at Alana’s there is a slight lift and jostle then she drags left then right at her rivals “, nmm uhnn thats it bitch feel my tits so much firmer and heavier fight me”.

The empty room now fills with taunts and breathing heels stepping and most of all flesh colliding hard firm and fully, enough each woman grunts through it as they make firmer contact and try to out maneuver the other.

The fight goes on for over 45 minutes, both women are sweating now and their breasts turning redder by the second, swelling as well making every contact more sensitive, they both lean forward a bit and try to plow their breasts to hurt the others, but each is at the same level and the fight has no sign of ending as the mothers are set on making the other verbally surrender and sorry for what ever got them here.

The CLOPS, CLAPS, SLAPS of breasts colliding is loud to heavy, they drive in as well as drag, grind and pump, upper chests redden now as they are both panting heavy and cursing the others ability to not give up easily. Alana presses tightly to Terri she rolls her breasts up and in, Alana then turns her shoulder into Terri and her full right breasts swells against the rounded underside of Terri’s breast then she curls a lip and shoves in and up, the move sees Terri’s breast get lifted and her underside exposed .

Terri rolls her head back, her lips drop open as she lets out a loud reaction, ‘ughh mmfffff Ohh you BITCH my tit”, Alana knows she made a her rival feel her and hurt, she widens her legs and now pressing in and up starts to pump and thrust up at the pinned breast, ‘ohhh problems bitch hmm/ cmon fight my tits you cheap cow lets get to it”.

Terri felt the move more than she anticipated she staggers her stance and Alana starts to press her advantage now, she squares to Terri and starts to bully her breasts into and around to her rivals the clops and claps and slaps of flesh coming louder and more often.

But Terri is fighting back she is hurting but not going out without a fight, “uuuhnn uhnn uhnn oh you fucking bitch cmon fight me “, her face getting red as she is being hit , dragged and pushed by this other woman, her daughter watches hand on mouth as she wants to scream (fight back mom get her) but she can’t across the room another daughter watches smiling as she sees her mom is beating the other she silently groans to herself (get her mom kick her fat ass).

The women fighting in such a unique way their girls were never aware existed can only will their mother to be the better woman. As Terri is being walked back and about he room Alana is like a champion fighter finally ready to put her rival down , she uses more strength and faster constant contact as she drives into Terri, “cmon Bitch give your tits are no match give Bitch”.

Terri is starting to grow weak her shoulders droop forward as Alana steps into her more and heavily drags side to side, “Fucking Bitch i am gonna make you cry no hurt your pathetic tits”, Terri can only gasp and pant , her breasts red and being abused she leans to Alana they collide full upper bodies tight their breasts ballooning between them, each has her mouth at others ear, ‘Give you bitch i have you say it”, Terri grunts, “fuck you cow i am not done yet fight and shut up”.

Alana nearly has Terri in a corner of the room she starts to get excited if she can get her their in the corner she knows she can beat her, “cmon bitch i am gonna hurt you bad’, Terri can feel the walls closing around her as she feels her breasts being dragged side to side she starts to panic, “Nooo you BITH ohh get the fuck off my tits BITCH!”.

The two mothers get tighter the clops more defined and are hurting both but Terri more her face wincing as Alana leans in, both daughters are on their feet watching, both ready to jump out and cheer their mother on then a loud SMACK and then several SLAPPING sounds fill the room, Alana tosses her head back her mouth drops open, ‘awwww OH YOU BITCH OWWWW FUCK MY TITS “.

He daughters are confused they can’t see around Alana’s back what is going on, Terri now face red turned to the side is grinding , her body is thrusting and squirming back into Alana, slowly Alana is suddenly back stepping and Terri is keeping the steady contact, ‘what’s wrong Bitch hmm? Cmon you ere gonna hurt my tits hmm problems bitch hmm fight me”.

The steady slaps and claps of flesh louder and steady, Alana is shaking her head no her face red and her mouth dropped open in disbelief and pain, Terri is not waiting to walk her rival across the room she grabs her rival by the hips and wrists her and then exchanges places Alana looking a the door is being battered and walked to the corner, her back hits the walls and she seems to get sucked into he corner.

“Ohh you bitch get off my tits let me go i am gonna beat your tits cow uuhhh uhh uhh ohhh Bitch my tits”., Terri widens her stance and now is dipping low thrusting up and then drags a slow firm X into Alana’s breasts with her own, looser now Alana’s breast get shifted side to side and as Terri lifts they are being pushed up and the undersides ground into as her tits get jostled roughly up and down.

Her head drops back in the corner her eyes well up her face now losing color , she pushes at Terri “get off me bitch my tits ohhh owww oww uumff ummff ummff you BITCH. DAMN IT!!!”, Terri grinds, drags, lifts, pumps any way every way she can use her tits she is beating Alana harder than the entire fight has been, “give you cheap whore i am gonna hurt you so badly give ‘’.

The threat made but even the daughters can hear a level of plea in the demand to give, Alana tries to fight back then Terri dips low and snaps up to attention her breasts crush the undersides of Alana’s , “feel my now Bitch hmm wanna keep going Bitch hmm cmon I wanna fight you”.

Alana is hurt bad tears run from her eyes as she yells out, “Owwwww BITCH MY TITS STOP PLEASE I GIVE OHH YOU BITCH!!!”, Terri grinds up and in longer, “I wanna fight you Whore cmon”.

Alana has lost but she is being hurt deeper and more the words of Terri to fight ring true she wants a fight as much but can she, Alana suddenly grabs terri by the hair in both hands, terri does the same and the two wild Kat’s start to rip and shake the other by her scalp snarling nod savagely ripping hair out.

“Fucking cut cmon fight you Bitch’, Terri snarling as Alana spits, “awww Bitch cmon cunt fight for real “, but Alana is feeling her Brest pain as every say and bounce is like a punch to her breasts, Terri and she stagger from the corner tearing out her s they reach center room they both snarl and start o swing open slaps at other face and head , “cunt”, bitch, whore “ are spit at each other as they rip away staggering about head pulled every way Alana suddenly storms into Terri they crush together then fall, the fights in full gear now as hey roll back and forth across the floor in a cat ball clawing slapping and punching at scalps, faces and backs.

Like two snakes let loose on each other they wrap thighs up arms around each other rolling screams, grunts and cries ring out , slowly Alana delivers a slap to Terri that pauses her advantage on top.  Alana squirms and churns under her and starts to push up to get free, “You Bitch i am gonna claw you to shreds” she growls but it was to little to late, Terri pounces on her back and snakes an arm under her neck, her other hand digs in to Alana’s scalp and snaps her head back by the bangs of her hair.

 Alan red face tears running screeches out at the ceiling “awww BITCH MY HaIR YOUR CHKING ME BITCH “, Terri a smiling snarl, “cmon cunt claw me up Bitch lets go “, Terri releases the choke hold and as Alana reaches up and back she grabs her wrist and twists he arm then pushes it up Alana’s bare back,a s she sits up on her rival, Alana cries out again, “Ohhh MY ARM YOUR BREAKING MY ARM STOP I GIVE I GIVE”.

Terri reaches over holding the arm bar with her knee in place and now slaps her hand on Alana’s breast she squeezes , kneads and gropes the full heavy breast, then as Alana begs her to stop she releases her hair and grabs the other breast doing the same, “Cmon cunt all your milk give it up Bitch”.

Alana is bent up and back as Terri rides up on her bare back her breasts stand out red and proud as she mauls her rivals, ‘nmmm lets see you show these tits off now you whore”, Alana face redder and openly weeping , “PLEASE STOP MY TITS OH YOU BITCH LET GO I GIVE”.

Teri works the breasts as if she will spray milk they get redder and swollen and sore,finally happy she has hurt Alana Terri rolls her on her back and straddles her, she glares down at her, “your lucky i wore leggings whore or you would be eating my pussy,but i can adopt”, she scoots higher on Alana then smiling she pins her wrists to the floor, then lower her tits on Alana’s face.

Alana yells out , ‘No Please. Stop Ohh uuhhh you Bitch”, Terri smothers Alana’s face smearing her sweaty large breast on her face, she looks down, “nmmm worship them Bitch or ill keep going cmon open that big mouth”.

Alana tilts her head back her lips open and Terri sinks her left breasts nipple in , ‘nmmmm that a girl suck them BITCH NOW!”, Alana crying. Starts to suckle on the thick nipples nod Terri slowly sways switching left to right and back, “uuhnn nmmm more suck them Bitch”.

As Alana sucks them now more willingly Terri eases her thighs apart to scissor Alana’s she starts o grind her mound o Alana’s, “uummmm ohh yess cmon thats it whore you like to FUCK lets fuck”.

With their legging thin but on Terri sits up on Alana looking down she starts to grind and undulate between her thighs , their pussies wet from the coin are now soaking through as Terri glares down at her rival, each lookin gin others eyes she rides Alana , ‘uuhnn mmm yess yess ohh you are a good whore uhhh uhh yess make me cum “. Terri reaches down and grabs Alana’s hands she brings them up to her tits and arches into them, “yess yess yess squeeze my tits whore Cmon’.

Alana reaches up willingly as she starts to pump her hips up, ‘oohh uhh uhh yess yess oh you Bitch i am gonna cum please s top i give ple…oh shit yess yess yess i ..i.. ohhh i am cumming STOP PLEASE “.

Terri smiles ‘nmmm yess snow Bitch let me hear it whose the better woman hmm?’, Alana kneading her rivals breasts, “you are I give i give”, Terri slides higher up on Alana she pulls her waist band lower stretching it to expose her red bush she grabs Alana by the hair , “Eat me cunt or i will beat you more”, Lana crying extends her tongue as Terri smiles and works her own breasts, “nmmm ohh yess yesss i am gonna cum your good whore ohh ohh yess yess yess cumming Bitch “ .

 Terri smears her juices on Alana’s face then she stands up pulls her leggings waist band back in place then grabs  Alana’s bra and puts it on, she steps around Alana “well imagine that i fill it bitch think its mine now”. Terri eases her blouse on then holding Alana’s top drops it on her face she smiles “i ever see you even look my husbands way I’ll scratch your pathetic tits and eyes out got it?’, Alana nods as she lays there, Terri struts out.

Crying the daughters watch one smiling ear to ear the other wiping tears watching her mother lay there, finally Alana stands a wreck, she eases on her blouse as her breasts hurt to touch the material, she cradles them as she stammers out.

Once in her car and the door shuts Devon almost jumps from the closet she runs down and out to her bike, she pedals forgetting there was another girl in the house, she gets home with minutes to spare takes a quick shower to have wet hair and then sits in her room, seconds later Terri walks in she has a sexy satisfies strut , “Devon honey you home?”.

Devon walks out and smiles at her mother then hugs her, Terri hides a wince as her breasts get pressed into, “you ok sweetie?”, she looks at her mom with pride, “I am great how are you have a good afternoon?’, Terri gives her a (WhAts that about look nod a smirk ) “well since you ask I am over the moon wonderful, i am taking a shower  can you get the hamburgers out of the freezer”.

Devon is so proud her smile won’t fade as her Dad asks in she nearly jumps to tell him but can’t reveal what she saw, all through their meal she waiting for Terri to tell her dad she took care of the whore, it never comes but later Devon knows her mother told her cause her mother and father have the longest session they had in months, Devon like her Mother slept the best sleep they had in a long time.

Across town the end of the day plays out much differently, Alana walks in her bra gone her breasts swollen and red and sore sway loosely in her thin top, her face red and eyes as red from tears , her make up smeared to make a bad clown make up look good, Lisa sees her mother and shakes her head, you ok what’s up?, Alana wipes her face nothing you believe it i fell going to my car so silly, i need a shower.

Alana in shame walks by Lisa who shakes her head at moms lie then grabs ice and leave sit on her mothers bed, her father walks in shortly after, ‘hey mom fell apparently she was crying “, he rushes in the bedroom hugs her ashes whimpers at her pressure, “what the hell happened hon you look like a truck hit you”, she cries in his chest as she tells him she was in a fight nod lost, when he hears with who he turns his head ashamed he was partly the cause.

Chapter 2: What Goes Around Comes Around

Lisas mother never fully got over that day she lost to another woman, the reasons the fight started was her Mother did i fact flirt with a married man, when Lisa went off to college and her dad knew the truth they later divorced, Lisa stayed with a friend till she graduated.

Devon was on a high and was telling anyone that wanted to listen how one day years ago her mother was in a fight and won, she often let out the part of the breast fight just added in her own spin but she was beyond proud. She and her mother were glued at the hip after the fight and after Devon finished school her mother,  Made sure she had an apartment.

Her dad was upset about his wife flirting but when he learned it was a reaction to the other woman’s advances he forgot it and they stayed together no got closer, Terri just would retell the story in bed now and again to keep things shallow we say intense.

With their mothers now in their early 50’s and the incident long behind them especially Alana wishing she could forget it totally the daughters move on as well, most of the time s work after school became a priority the past slipped a bit more everyday.

A year or two later with careers and boyfriends both daughters were enjoying their time to play on weekends, parties and such weren’t a priority but they worked hard to have fun. having never known who the other was in the closet that day, neither was looking or thought where to start, though from time to time in lost thought the other girls eyes popped in their head.

It was coming on fall one year and both girls went home to see the old tow and homes, Devon drove through the old neighborhood she smiled at her house she grew up in then as she was heading to her mom and dads new place she drove down the street and by the hose the fight took place in .

She stopped a moment and the entire day ran through her head again, she giggled a bit remembering what her mother did to that other woman the shamefulness she must have suffered, was that other girl her daughter? A kid hiding out?, she never knew but as she smile and eased away she had a arousal she hadn’t had before as she relived her moms triumph.

Devon went to her parents place they had coffee and laughed but Terri saw something was on her daughters mind, when her Dad went inside Terri asks  what was up, Devon wasn’t sure if she should tell, but her mom pressed her, she finally gives in.

 “Mom a few years back do you remember when i asked to go swimming ?, you had to run out mid day for something ?”, Terri breaths in deep, “I remember that day but not so much that part why/‘ a sly smirk as she stares at Devon, “well truth is i heard you curse out someone on the phone and where you were meeting her i kind of got there before you and hid and well, i saw the entire fight, i mean all of it”.

Terri looks down then at her daughter, “and ?’, Terri smirks, “OMG Mom i was so proud of you, the way you ere getting hurt then turned it around, i wanted to run out and hug you “, her mother smiles, “so you aren’t ashamed or mad ?”.

Devon breathes in deep as she is taking after her mother, “are you kidding , i mean at first it was so sexual and arousing looking but once you two got to it wow, she was tough but you kicked her ass and left her a broken mess”.

Terri hugs her daughter they laugh it off as her mother explains the story as to why they fought, then Devon says something Terri wasn’t ready for, “hey by the way i can’t be sure but did that other woman have a daughter?’, Terri thinks, “you know i am not sure why?’.

Devon raises a brow, “well there was someone else that day in the other closet nd she saw he entire fight as well, but i was so excited i ran out before either of them left, whoever it was never said a word after”.

Terri breathes in deeply, “well you have no idea how long i wanted to tell you i had a fight and won, i am just glad you saw it when i won” they hug and laugh and go in the house, Devon lastly asks her, “ if you saw her again would there be a fight?’, Terri looks at her, “that honey will be her call, but if she wants one she will get one”.

 Lisa had wanted to tell her mother what she saw that day as well, but she was embarrassed for her mother at the loss, and to say she saw her treated like a whore she couldn’t hurt her mom after the beating.

But Alana like any mother sensed her daughter had a bigger secret so when they got together for lunch one day it all came out. “Mom i hate to bring it up, but i gotta ask you”, Alana tells her she can ask anything. Well a few years ago when i went out one day you were dressed up kind of and in middle of the day ran out, well i have to confess my biggest secret”.

Alana breathes in “let me guess you heard about that incident i had?’, Lisa shakes her head no slowly, “then what honey?’, Lisa looks away then at her mom, “i was there hiding in the closet i saw the whole fight i mean all of it”, Alana breaths in, “i see well, you sure waited long enough to spill that”. They both smirk and Alana tells her what took place,’Listen honey, i hope you never have to fight but i you do its a simple thing, you either win or you lose, that day i was winning but that bitch got the better of me, its no shame really i lost,but yes the things after well when two women are set on settle things, you have to accept the worse if you lose, i fought her face to face and gave as good as i got, just wasn’t my day”.

 Lisa asks her, “you ever want to fight her again get back at her”?, Alana looks away then back, “of course no one likes to lose but you know what her and i did things to get us there we met we fought , if i saw her again who knows what would happen, i can promise you this we wouldn’t laugh about it, why so interested?’.

Lisa reveals the last part, “well. Crazy thing, while i hid and watched, there was another girl across the room hiding i have no idea who she was but I’ll never forget her eyes , she ran as soon as the other woman walked out’’, Alana eyes wide, “OMG i did see her run out i thought i was seeing things after that fight, holy shit any idea who she was?’,Lisa shakes her head no, “top it off no one at school that year said a word about it.

Alana breaths out, “well at least i had that after a fight like that”, Lisa hugs her mom, “i am sorry you lost but i am not ashamed you were beating her pretty good till she turned it around”.

Alana pats her shoulder , “well thank you just a shame your father didn’t enjoy the story more than not letting go of the why”. Lisa and Alana healed some of the anger they had but it was better than not at all. No one was sure who the other was in the opposite closet that day since nothing got around town or friends since, Alana and Terri’s fight stayed a secret.

As Halloween came a party announcement went out of face book, it was in the old neighborhood just west of where each family lived , but having a few friends on social media the girls saw it and well why not. Without knowing it both hit interested, emails went out it was a costume party, both girls were need of a weekend to cut loose.

Before we go on let me tell you what sexy women these girls grew up to be, Devon was a red head like her mom just fuller wilder longer hair, she was 5’9” 140 pounds and 38G-26-36 the curves on her were the definition of hour glass figure.

Lisa was her twin body wise but grew to be 5’10” and a 144, her Sandy blandishments hair was pin straight and to her shoulders. Both young women found costumes, Lisa was going as Vampirella a very sexy revealing outfit in red with little costume and knee high boots, the only difference was she wore a red eye mask .

Devon decided on Elvira while it was a dress it left little to imagine as well , she also went with an eye mask over full blown make up, the party begins and the venue s full, everyone is chatting ,laughing just a general good time, both girls are there but with no DEA who the other ever was they just mill about having a few drinks.

The motel near by was reserved for guess that planned to party hard or were driving that night, Devon planned to stay, Lisa wasn’t sure yet but her girl friend had a room so she wasn’t worried.   Things went along an both girls were enjoying the party, as it was getting late, Devon was slowly making her way to head to her room, as she brushed by he small crowd at the keg, her eyes drifted, she had to stop when her double look caught the girl dressed as Vampirell, her heavy breasts veiny and tight despite the stretched out suit, the girl wearing it looked then before she looked away her lips part, not cause she saw the bust or revealing Elvira costume but they both froze.

Their eye mass were in place and that was what made them glare, each simply stood staring and as they both made a few expressions with their eyes it was like each was slapped from no where. The girl they were staring at was without a doubt the same set of eyes looking at them right here and now.

It was clear to each they had to know, but if they were wrong having aloud chat would be as embarrassing as the fight their moms had years before, Devon tilts her head to a corny booth in he rear where one of the rooms support columns stood, she eases past others with each step making her heart pump harder. Lisa was feeling it as well, when she sees Devons nod she nods back and excuses herself as she saunters by others trailing Devons path.

Devon reaches the booth its just out sight enough no one will openly see the pair, slowly Lisa steps in view the two of them stare now closer.  Than they ever been, after a minute Devon clears her throat, “i don’t know you but i know those eyes, it was the day my mother beat another woman in a empty home , are you her or not?”.

Lisa breathes in a fuller breath her curiosity answered , “yeah it is me, an you were there when my mother had a fight”, Devon a slight smirk,’well it was my mother who won and rightfully so, to bad your mother never wanted to meet her again, i would loved to have seen that rematch”.

Lisa clenching her hands, ‘’ yeh it is to bad, i would have loved to see my mother meet yours again i am very sure the ending would have been much much different”, they spar verbally but their eyes steal glances of the others busty figure.

Devon licks her black lipstick lips, “well had known we finally find each other i would have told my mother to attend just catch up with yours one last time”, Lisa steps closer, “listen bitch you wanna see our mothers fight this out again its a matter of a call, but lets face it shall we you didn’t want me near you o see if they would fight again, or is that all you hope for?”.

Devon cocks her hip slowly as each sees the others nipples tent now, “well your right about that one call and my mother would be ready, but no i could careless if they got it on again or not, we both been carrying this little secret far to long, not about their fight but the one we wish we had in place or am i way off?”.

Lisa felt a shutter in her spine she tilts her chin up a bit, “oh hone i can wait to see if our mothers do or not its not my top issue it wasn’t me fighting that day, but yeah i would have made certain it was me straddling you if given the chance, not then but after high school for sure”.

Devon looks about she sees a few people look their way,”well we either sit and talk or wait another few years me personally i would love if we discussed a few things tonight, how about it?’’, Lisa sees the faces aimed at them, then looks to Devon, “take a seat then, lets talk….for now”.

Both girls sit and it wasn’t what they expected in fact neither really could think of a thing to say that wasn’t already plain as day, one of their mothers lost and one won it all, the particulars of how the winner won are irrelevant, it was a fight that could have and should have been much much worse and a lot more damage to each of those women, the girls knew as well and they just stared.

It was Devon who broke their silence, “i will say i often thought of this day when i would meet he girl in other closet, would we be friends was she just a lost kid in the wrong place, but now knowing you were part of it as i was i am not sure where this goes”. Lisa breathes in, “i know what your saying, but for me it was a bit more personal i am sure if you saw your mom lose , well she was losing for a bit, you just wanted to jump out and help her, but not knowing who else saw that fight , i felt a rage and jealousy yet concern for that little girl running out that day’.

Devon smirks, “well that little girl is all grown up honey and has filled out very well, as you can see, guess i take after my momma”, Lisa breathes in, “hmmm maybe in some areas but i am no little girl either and well clearly i have exceeded both our mothers as well, bu unlike my momma i wouldn’t give so easily IF i was even getting it that bad”.

The girls stare they know full well where its going, Devon lips her black lips again, “well we can sit all night and have the what if’s the should and could and never will know’s but the facts and history are what they are, mine won in a fair fight, the better woman as your mother pleaded and stated”.

Lisa tightens a fist, “well i have to say , you seem to be looking for a little trouble yourself, you really think your as good as your mother?’’, Devon breathes in, “i do , why do you not think your as good as yours?’, Lisa smirks “oh honey i am much better, and that means if my. Mom was giving yours a fight just imagine the fight i could put up”.

Devon stares, “why imagine it? One look at us and even if our mothers never met you and i? Here tonight? Lets just say it may not have been our mothers level, but we would have never left here without at least something  happening”.

Lisa sips a bit more then looks up at Devon, “is that an offer or a challenge?”, Devon breaths in, “take it anyway you like but lets stop the bull shit hmm/ we know what we wanna do lets find a place get this over with and one of us can tell her mom the other can go cry in her soup with her”.

Lisa eases to the table between them, “are you saying i am going to lose like my mother against ,…you?’’. Devon leans to it as well, “no i have no idea what the outcome will be, i am just saying after its over the chips fall where they may and well one will be smiling the other crying, so if you still want to do this let’s find a spot “.

Lisa licks her blood red lips, “i have a room but its my friends so i don’t think we can ask her to host us”, Devon her black talons ease a key card from her bust, she scrapes it on the table, “i am not sharing a room that is if your done being a little girl”.
 Lisa her veiny bust swelling against the table “i am glad your good with your mouth bitch cause after your gonna need it to eat my pussy “, Devon presses her bust more, “you mean the way my mother made yours eat her out ?”.

Lisa enough of the taunting trash talk stands up, “your room right now lets finish this”, Devon stands they are center meters apart, “right this way Bitch”. The walk to the elevator is quick, both girls are silent as they bottle the jealous hate, the doors open and Devon steps in she turns “well not having second thoughts are you?’’, Lisa steps in and bumps hr=er shoulder to Devon’s, “just picturing riding your over made up face”.

The doors shut as they glare the small bounce of the elevator starting gives their busts a slight jiggle, their eyes never leave the others inside a minute they stop the doors part. Devon steps out, “last chance bitch, you go home a loser like your mother and not be hurt or…”,  Lisa again plows a shoulder to Devon’s ,’‘are you going to blab that big mouth all night?, i prefer you save your jaw muscles to pleasure me Bitch”.

They turn and swagger to the room, Devon swipes her card key, the door opens and both step in then as the door shuts the “ Do Not Disturb lock is turned, Lisa moves into the room as Devon turns and slowly enters, she places her cell on a desk on a stand and opens her camera and chooses video.  Lisa asks, “what are you doing ?”, Devon turns, “we got to see their fight first hand i figure this the next best thing to them watching us”.

Both of them move a few loose things in the room to the bathroom door then re enter the main part of the room the bed the only thing in the way, each steps around as they try to hide the nervousness , Devon stares at Lisa, each removes her mask. Devon  pulls the straps of the black widow style dress off, she eases it down and steps free, standing in fishnet thighighs and a thong and heels only.

Lisa sees her busty rivals fit figure and undoes the top button the straps that extend from her butt up and over the shoulders o her crotch slip off her shoulders then she pushes the snug bottom portion off a red thong under and high heeled knee high boots are her only attire.

Devon stares “we gonna use the same rules and style as they did?”, Lisa stares back, “i think we both need to for us and them”, they both start towards the other, Devon winks at her rival, ‘Maybe if you put up a fight I’ll out fuck you as well”, Lisa circles with her drawing closer, “how about some action and a lot less talking i am here to fight not talk”.

They come closer their full firm being breasts stand out almost no jostle as they are young and skin tighter than their mothers when they fought, the phone aimed at them recording it was time as Lisa said and it was going to be a fight till it was over.

They close in tighter their stiff nipples brush, though each felt the electric feeling, they ignore it as instantly that simple touch was the spark they wanted. they jam their large firm tits together, the full firm being mass CLOPS head on then each girl rolls and drags her tits at the others.

There was no set pattern, no taking their time, they needed this to happen, both feel the arousal of the others breasts to her own, they try to bury the erotic feel as they push, and drag and pump with growing jealousy they shove together, their breasts mushroom, bulge, swell, and reshape to the round heavy look, each sway has a heavy wobble till they collie to the rivals, as much as they hate the other they can’t hide the moans of the feeling.

Devon as she squirms her body and gyrates her torso her eyes slits at the pleasure and competitive feel, “unnn mmm more cmon bitch “, Lisa is also aroused as she bites her lower lip, “ohhh unnnn uhnn mmm more harder you bitch lets do it”.

As the constant dragging, pushing, pumping begins to weigh on their chests the arousal fades and now it becomes all competition, and each of their self pride in their breasts needs to be the better. The fact their proud mothers will see this they swell even more in confidence, though a strain of fear shutters them as they know one of them will be the loser tonight it scares them enough to he hunger to fight grows.

The flesh CLOPPING, CLAPPING, as they grunt and groan, Devon goes for a quick attack over matching move for move, she thrusts straight to Lisa, their breasts collide hard, Lisa arches as she feels the move. But it is Devon that feels the effect, “UUggg oh you BITCH”, Lisa swells as she stood her ground and her breasts refuse the move , the flashy slap filled the room, “Bitch are your tits gonna fight mine or not”.

The cocky taunt cut deep, but Devon knew her rival was right , she had to not only make her rival feel her she had to hurt her or she wasn’t going to win. Devon again as she smears up across Lisa’s breasts then pumps firmly their breasts jostle from the contact then Devon presses to Lisa and using shoulders, pumps in and up, then again then as Lisa with draws to avoid constant contact. Devon steps in between her thighs, she twists her torso and matches her right breast to Lisa’s then rolls in with hers and then pumps roughly, before Lisa can react, Devon pulls her breasts across Lisas and does the same match up her left to Lisas, then drills her breasts in and does lifting roll o flesh.

Lisa lips parting feels it, she hates she did, her left leg pulls back, Devon shimmies and her firm breasts slap her rivals side to side, “mff mff mff bitch fight “. Lisa gets a bit taken back she tries to stand her ground again, but this time Devon made it a point to make her feel the move, Lisa grunts as she is forced back, “uuughh mff mff mff oh you BITCH”.

Once Devon feel she makes Lisa retreat she smiles a devilish grin, “ stand and fight bitch cmon”, she relives the minute she watched her mother about to be pinned to a corner turn the tables she pictures it like it was yesterday, and when Lisa tries to side step and exchange positions, Devon quickly step with her and with all the look of a seasoned fighter unloads on her rival.

 “ You cheap Bitch fight me”, then she like her mother grabs the hips of Lisa Dan starts to stab and shove and drag her tits on , across, and head on, the clops and grunts are loud now as Lisa as new or his as he rival, GASPS, “AHHH AHHHAOHHH BITCH SHIT!!!!”.

Devon is continues o go at Lisa now looking to control the fight and dominate, “ what’s wrong bitch hmm uuhnn uhnn just like your mother no power and a dead beat fighter”, Lisa spits at her rivals tits, “you loud mouth cow”, Devon laughs then gets shut up fast.

Lisa not sure of a counter move feels Devon’s breast slide up on hers, she too relives that day she watched her mom fight and how her mother nearly broke Terri when she got her undersides, acting on a prayer and instinct, as Devon rubs her breasts back on top, Lisa tightens her frame and dips then SMACK!!, thrusts from under and up into Devons.

The move hits deep and hard, Devon’s breasts get jostled up and quake, her head flies back, her knees seem to cut out from under her, “Awww aghhhh my tits”, Devon drops to her knees and cups her breasts, Lisa thighs wide steps to attack, “Get UpBitch , get up and fight “.

Devon is slow to stand she is confused, hurt and a bit scared her rival put her down after her assault, but Lisa letting her instincts drive her, pushes Devon’s shoulders, shoving her rival back on the rug Lisa pounces atop of her and pins her hands to the rug, she looks down at Devon faces close “i am gonna hurt you bitch”, then Lisa drops her tits on Devons 1,2,3 times Devon coughs out “ugh ughh ohh’, then Lisa sways her tits like twin wrecking balls over Devon’s then starts to pummel her rivals breasts side to side , ‘mmfmmmf mmmf mff  cmon feel my tits bitch yess yess oh my tits are besting yours up you little girl”.

Devon squirms and bucks under Lisa her breasts being battered, dragged and pumped back in her chest, the added weight of her rivals body making her feel like her proud firm breasts are being flattened, she knows now she is in trouble , “get off my tits you bitch “.

Lisa a crazed look of hunger and revenge glares down as she growls at he rival, “you look like your pathetic mother did when my mother was winning but this time your gonna be the loser”.
Devon spit up at her rival the two girls snarl, Devon gets a hand free and pulls up and back on Lisas hair, Lisa eyes wide in the burning pain and shock gasps, Devon bucks and bridges her body knocking Lisa off to the side.

Lisa yelps in frustration as she loses her superior position on top of her rival a flash of her mother doing the same comes to mind. Devon capitalizes on the slow reaction she shoves Lisa over and pounces on top, she pulls her arms under to the pinned rivals sides and starts to drive and bounce her breasts down into Lisa’s, the heavy thigh CLOP, CLAP, and slaps fill the room as Lisa mouth open pants and gasps as the weight is centered on her breasts, Devon huffing, “cmon bitch how do you like it hmm? you look like your mother before she quit cow” .

Devon then does something no one ever thought she would do or any one would, she grinds her breasts on Lisas and hisses in her face, “have any fight left bitch hmm?, my tits want more”, she lifts up and then stands, pushes her hair back, “get up lets tit fight”.

Lisa sits up looking guy at Devon her breasts as red but look firm and full and still jostle as her arms are up on her hair they swell out in challenging look, Lisa stands up she pushes her hair back Devon sees the red blotches and flesh but her rivals breasts stand out as well.
Devons eyes scan them then look into Lisas eyes, “well we are a hell of a match up think our mothers would be proud thus far”, Lisa lookin the rival over, “i am certain but only ones will the proudest”.

With nothing to be said they crush together again, their time each grabs others waist as they drag, rub, roll and grind their breasts as hard form and with determination as they can. Both are panting and gasping heavy, eyes roll and shut at the pain in their breasts the weighted pull and constant contact.

Devon now goes at Lisa with renewed vigor, she is making contact at every angle, Lisa looks confused and is being hurt, her shoulders pull up and in and much like her mother did, Lisa is being driven backward where Devon demands.

Devon is not taunting she isn’t teasing she simply is fighting her best fight, finally as Lisa feels the wall at her back, she tries to side step to avoid the pin her mother suffered, but Devon knew what she had to do, she hugs to Lisa and her strength shoves Lisa back in front and to the wall.

The slap of sweaty flesh on the wall rings out ,Lisa coughs hitting the wall hard, Devon widens her stance and inhales then unleashes her best on Lisa, she batters, drags, pumps and grinds away at Lisa’s bust with her own.

Lisa feels it all the contact is non stop and the ache deep in her bust is throbbing so bad the slightest contact is like a fist punching her heavy gland, tears start to fall from her eyes she turns pale. It clear like her mother history has repeated its self, her lips a whitish color from dehydration stammer for the words, Devon sneers, “fight, fight”, over and over again in her face as she sweats and seems to swell in pride.

then the end comes it was much worse then her mother ended her fight, SMACKKKKK!! Rings out Devon rolls her head back, Lisa straightens looking at her rival, their breasts a heavy wobble as they stand then Devon steps back her mouth open, Lisa looks at her glassy eyed, then as she tries to step to Devon to fight her knees buckle and she drops on to all 4’s .

Devon heavy panting breathes looks down, “Get up bitch fight me”, Lisa shakes her head no, ‘NO NO I AM DONE YOU WIN ITS OVER”!!”. Devon turns to her phon erecording the entire event, she muscle victory poses to it and smiles,”hey mom i finished that bitches daughter off like you did her whore mother “.

Devon mounts her rivals back and slaps her hands on the hanging red swollen breasts, Lisa whimpers, “Owww NOO PLEASE” Devon pulls hard on her rivals breasts, “shut up bitch and take it like a woman”, Devon mauls, squeezes and kneads the softer breasts twisting pulling yanking till they are cherry red and Lisa is weeping openly, “Stop PLEASE MY TITS PLEASE!”.

Devon rolls her on her back straddles her face and pulls her thong aside, “DO IT cunt LLIKE YOUR MOTHER BUT BETTER”, Lisa nods her tongue extends eyes filled in tears she can barely see, as the warm wet folds spread on her mouth, she plunges her tongue in and Devon undulates on her rivals face, “nmmmm , nmmmm oh yesss yesss fuck your better than your mother i am gonna cum fast oh shit yesss yesss yessscummming bitch ohhhhh”.

Devon smears her juices and then stands and gets dressed she takes Lisa’s costume and walks to the camera, “Mom i beat her weak tits and ass, hope your as proud as i feel, to Lisa’s mother your daughter put up a better fight than i saw you give my mother loser…again”.

She adds her mothers name to send with a message forward to Lisa’s mother if you want’, Devon washes her face brushes her hair back to some shape then struts out, her costume in tacked make a little messed but her smile as wide as her mothers once was.

The End

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