A Secret A Passion by Dotti D

Mary was to everyone the typical housewife, she and her husband seemed happy and they raised their children, no one could think let alone know Mary had what some call a dark side, others might say a fetish whatever it might be called, to Mary it was a lustful passion she couldn’t get enough of, so much so it was a wonder how she kept it from everyone including her husband.

Mary stayed in shape but was in no way a gym rat type, she was built like a strong woman , standing 5’8” in bare feet and a sultry look from her almond shaped eyes, a perfect amber color, her round cheek bones and full lips her long neck and her full round veiny breasts, a full 36F-30-38 143 lbs.and flowing thick blonde hair, that had a sexy just wind blown wild look, at 42 years old Mary was simply put a very sexy woman.

Mary was a firecracker in the bedroom, so much so she often wore her husband down while he had a passion for her massive heavy bust , Mary had a hungrier appetite for him to worship them, often Mary would fuck her husband on top of him and growl for him to manhandle her tits as rough as she could take, he didn’t understand it but why bother she was a sexual driven woman who liked to fuck.

After a few years in their original home and kids gone, Mary wanted a change  her husband wasn’t sure why, the home was perfect and needed nothing and Mary couldn’t explain why she secretly felt the change would dull her appetite for her fetish the real reason, to her and her family and friends wouldn’t understand the secret desire she needed, so the house hunt began.

In another area of the county sitting in her bedroom wearing a sheer robe  sat a woman who oozed sexual statuesque, Susan a 40 year old copper red head was sitting having just rode her husband to point of no return, both reach full orgasm but Sue was never content with that, like Mary she liked it a little rough and demanded her husband be rough on her bountiful chest,as she sat her husband snoring, Sue started to day dream and soon was caressing her large round breasts, as she dreamt her scene in her mind her hands become increasingly rougher , pinching ,squeezing and kneading deeply, before she knew it Sue was panting and orgasmed again but still wasn’t fulfilled.

Sue stood up and showered and dressed as she woke her husband and had an almost similar chat about moving, Sue at 40 was in amazing shape a full thick curvy woman who looked more toned than thick and her curves would have made a pinup blush, at 5’9’ and 140 lbs her proud full veiny chest stood out a perfect 36F-30-40, her hair was shorter style  past her ears to her long neck her rounded eyes bright and a light green, round cheek bones and full lips.

Sues husband was less wondering why Sue wanted to look to move ,mainly cause her bedroom appetite was so wild he would do nearly anything to please her, Sue knew it and like Mary  the real estate sights were lighting up the computer, as if on cue Mary and Sue were surfing the web and contacting agents when a new listing came up, it was a new development going up in a rural area with each home getting 2 1/2 acres , and a pool it was perfect the only downfall, they weren’t being built till bought, only the model was open for viewing, after which if you wanted a home you made a deposit found a mortgage and waited.

Neither woman minded a wait as they had entire homes to pack up and things to toss, it would be ideal, both women clicked make an appointment for open house and soon were on a list with reserved times, since the developer wasn’t building additional homes till they were sold there was 1 model to view and options were listed on the fact sheet for them.

Sue and her husband arrived a little early and toured the sight then pulled into the street the single home was sitting on, Sue loved what she saw already, Julia the agent showing the scheduled open house smiled and was a bit taken back by Sues figure as she swaggered into the home and  as if she owned it already.

Sue walked about as her husband listened to the details then she grabbed her husband and they went upstairs to see more and discuss it, Mary and her husband arrived early for their time slot and as they walked in Julia a bit put off that 2 clients were here at the same time, it was the entire purpose of setting a time slot to avoid it , like Sue, Mary strut into the home and breathed in and Julia stood her eyes noticing Mary’s figure and attitude i want it, again as Julia went over things Mary toured about , her heels a snap click along the floors, meanwhile upstairs Sue heard the distinct sound and walked to the stairs edge looking down over the railing  she saw Mary , Mary feeling eyes on her looked up.

They froze a moment as each saw the other and her proud breasts swelling out, but neither gave a smile that they were here for same purpose to buy a home , it was if both found the thing they wanted most but had hidden for years, as Sue peered down Mary started to ascend the steps their eyes locked, Mary passed Sues husband as he said hi and never heard him.

Julia not sure if these two knew one another picked up on the vibe they weren’t happy to see one another as she said out loud, “ladies do take a minute to notice the large walk ins , i can show your husbands the pool option”, she guided the husbands out with a hand full of papers, as Mary reached the top step and Sue stood they glared in silence both were secretly praying the other was just like her but both were a little worried to ask first then Mary clearing her throat purred softly “i wonder, do you like to be tested?”, Mary swallowed as she was upfront then usual.

But as she stared at this other woman she saw a slight release of a deep breath and an almost (oh thank you) look as she turned a bit to Mary, “i relish it and need it”, Mary hid a smile as she breathed as if turned on “lets have a look at the walk in shall we?”, Sue nodded slow “oh please lets”.

Without a taunt or a dare both women turned on their heels and swaggered along the wood floor down the hall to a master bedroom, they entered as if both had been here before and walked into the walk in closet, Sue closed the door as both just stared at the other and then Sue started to open her blouse as her veiny F cups came more in view Mary inhaled a soft purr ‘Unmmm exactly what I was thinking” and opened her blouse as her own F cups veiny and proud came in view, they pulled the blouses back and tucked them in back of their skirts  as if agreed on before hand, then each watched as other proudly eased her big tits from their bra cups and sat them out over their bras inhaling proudly at the display they released.

Each stared and took in other,  then Mary softly stepping about in a circle with Sue purred “i normally play for bras and milk honey”, Sue a smirk purred back , “I normally don’t play honey, but with limited time we can”, Mary felt a jealousy unlike ever before as Sue turned her simple taunt of stakes into a game taking the bitchy upper hand as they stepped slow they drew closer.

The small closet room filling with breathing and heels slowed, then Sue her eyes darting over Mary as Mary’s did the same eased at her and pressed her F cups in to Mary’s and rolled them up in hers, “uuuhhnnnnn”, Mary smirked as Sue reacted but as Sue stayed close and dragged to side Mary was pressing in and was forced to react, “uuuhhnnn ohhh” Sue smirked a bit now as they stepped slower, “oh honey we are going to need a lot more time for this one”, Mary smiling back “ohh i agree sugar, but i rather start then not at all”, Sue went step for step with Mary ‘lets start then “ and both women pressed firmly into others tits as they slowly rolled and dragged and compressed to others breasts.

Both busty women closed and fluttered their eye lids at the feel of the fight , the feel of their breasts against another’s, stepping in a circle turned to each being pushed back and forward, with more determination, ‘Uhnnn mmf ,, “ oHh UUwwwww” breathing increased then Mary stared in Sues eyes, “Ohhh I want to fight you harder till your crying to stop”, Sue was turned on by the taunt , “nmmm i want  that as well but your going to be begging my tits to stop hurting yours uwwww sss cmon fight “ ,Mary was like a drug addict at the offer she wrapped her arms around Sue roughly who instantly hugged back and without a word the two big women were pushing , shoving and hitting the others back on walls as they grunted “uughnn mmff bitch harder”, “uuughnn ohhh you bitch fight me “.

As fast as the fight progressed it was obvious it was going to stop as both women glared in others eyes neither an advantage they heard the sound of Julies voice calling to them, both ground deeper at the other for a reaction but had to release the mutual hug and pushed away, as they stared breathing heavy both so wanting to just lunge into the other again, they eased their tits in bras and pulled blouses free and re buttoned and tucked in, they both inhaled as they stared and honestly other than a red faced look no worse than before it began.

Sue called “Coming” as she opened the closet door and stepped out she looked back, “We are far from through”, Mary a solid glare “count on it”, both walked out and smiled as they stepped off the stairs and took their husbands arms as they looked at Julie , “So when can we expect construction to begin?”, Mary cleared her throat the thought of her secret was scary the thought of another so close knowing it was terrorizing, but at the same moment the answer she wanted having someone to tangle with, “Yes i want to get started right away”, Julie was elated 2 sales she handed the paper work to both couples told them to fill it out and as soon as deposits cleared , ground breaking would start.

They were given a map of the proposed layout and since neither was near the other or knew the other they picked sights for the new homes but they were on opposite ends of the development, Sue and Mary discovered it when Julie asked if they had noticed they were far apart, Mary was content with it as Sue was and the building began.

Every day since the initial meeting Sue and Mary spent it driving about the area of the new neighborhood in hopes of a second run in or seeing other and arranging something but as it became harder to find the other the two women grew more jealous ,angry ,and their desire to tit fight hungry, their husbands still no idea the secret they kept ,felt it as they were mad women in bed, but as it started the appetites weren’t being filled.

Their husbands were dealing directly with the builder and thats when the break came for the two women, it seems that the final agreement on a pool or not in yards wasn’t signed and one day Julie appeared at Mary’s door, when she answered it, Mary licked her lips as they sat a moment she signed the papers for a pool and poured Julie a glass of wine as they chatted a bit Julie asked Mary the perfect lead in question, ‘“Mary do you know if Sue will be home I have the same papers for her to sign”?, Mary spun on her heels.

“Sue?” her head tilted a bit ‘“yes Sue the woman you were with at the house ?, I thought you may have spoke at the open house”, Mary smiles, “Of course Sue, sorry been crazy packing things and all I forgot, and I think I packed her number and address ..” Julie opens her schedule and smiles “I have it here “ and reads it off aloud , Mary smiles “yes that was it , but sorry no idea if she is around”.

Julie grabs her things as she does Mary looks at the planner and writes down Sue’s information then sees Julie out, waving “Give Sue my best” as she thinks (I sure will), then goes in the house, as she seals her things in her home office and sits back Mary turns on her computer and searches Sues screen name, she looks in FaceBook and low and behold there she is, once she had her full name Mary looked at Sues page, it was nothing to right home about so Mary sent a friend request anyway.

With the request sent Mary turned to finish packing the bin of bras she earned, when she heard a ding on her facebook, she turned and saw the message “your request was accepted”, Mary felt a shiver , not only did she have a line to Sue but she was on, Mary opened the page and as she saw the face of the woman she was tangling with a private message came over, “Well there you are been looking for you, would you prefer we use my other page?’, Mary wasn’t sure what she meant then it hit her Sue had a second face book page devoted to her secret ,as Mary accepted and looked over it, it was a whose who of women Sue had challenged or beat and pics of before and after , one thing Mary learned Sue was for real as she was all about meeting for a match and winner taking her rewards.

Mary scrolled the pictures of Sue more often then not straddling her rivals smothering them a few even a bra wrapped around their neck pleading in tears as Sue smiled, Mary didn’t feel fear in fact her body seem to swell at the world Sue made and her mind was reeling at making a secret page as well and challenging a few of Sues former rivals, for the first time ever Mary saw a way to quench her thirst.

As Mary scanned through Sue messaged her “i look forward to adding your picture here as i hold your bra and drained tits honey”, Mary felt a shiver seeing Sue could and would and yet a jealous desire to be one of the few straddling Sue, as she typed back , “nmmm well not as much as i look forward to having my pic as your pleading mounted here and my soon new secret page”.

Sue sitting at her computer smirked but also knew Mary would fight her till she was able to post a winning shot on her board, the thought of the fight and seeing the pictures and chatting about it had both women breathing heavy and Sue finally asked in message , “are you busy now?”, Mary looked at the post she couldn’t go fight as packing needed to be done it had to be planned so what could she want , curious won over her as she responds “not that busy why?”.

Sue swallows unsure if Mary is as active and heated about this as she is sends , “i was wondering if you want to cam chat right now and  get a better look at each others tits and discuss a few details i want to meet and fight you”, Mary feels a rush of joy , worry , doubt and jealousy as she smiles she types , “hmm why not we are going to tit fight eventually set it up”, Sue breathes out and opens a face time room and sends an invite, Mary hears the ring on her p.c. and accepts and in seconds there is Sue sitting in her blouse as is Mary.

Sue smiles as Mary does and at the simple sight of each other they feel the nervous jealous desire to get at other ignite as Sue purrs, “you have no idea what i am going through here Dear on one hand i was ecstatic you challenged me on other i was not sure you knew what a tit fight even was now all i want to do is fight you more than i ever have another”, Mary eases a breath out as she can relate “well i sort of get it , i was worried you had run off after i made the challenge but when you were so ready it was driving me mad we couldn’t finish it , now i want at you till one of us wont come back for more”.

They stare as they see other breath as if fingering herself but aren’t the simple thought of fighting another busty woman has them turned on and ready, Mary then types “so we both want it, now what?”, Sue breathes out as the questions out there now, “Now we can discuss the when , where , rules and stakes, and as we do we can really take the time to show each other our best ”, Mary raises a brow as Sue smirks and undoes her blouse and sheds it off in her peach bra over filling it Mary Smiles “ohh i see , love to” and sheds her blouse wearing a powder blue bra thats over filled.

Now as they stare the soft curious smiles fade as the more lusting ambitious ones form, both seem to squirm a little and lick their lips they keep this life such a secret they can’t risk discouraging the other and losing the chance to fight her, Mary stares “So what now surely we aren’t cam chatting to say what we can in text”, Sue takes a breath “no i wanna compare and discuss the fight so we are same page shall i start?”, Mary nods “sure”.

Sue arches up and reaches back unclasps her bra and eases it off slowly her big round veiny tits sway out free and defy gravity as she smiles her fingers rub them wiping the bra lines from the flawless round surface, “nmmmm yess there they are honey the girls to beat”, Mary feels her thong dampen and then mimics Sues move easing her bra away and massages the bra lines from hers, “uuuhnnn mmm yesss no honey these are the ones to beat”.

Sue smiles but it fades at Mary’s claim, slowly both women massage and caress their big tits for other as Sue starts the chat, “uuhnmmmm well looks like we are on the same page,  lets discuss rules first hmm?, i prefer my fights no hands but trust me dear you touch my tits i’ll scratch yours” as her hands lift and caress them her hard nipples seem to get stiffer she smirks, Mary caressing hers slow smiles “oh i agree totally, and i will return the claws if you go after mine” as she says it Mary tilts her head a bit and has a wicked grin Sue sees and she smiles “I get the feeling you are eager to try more than just fight my tits honey, am i right?”.

Mary cups her big tits and squeezes them then spills her thoughts, “oh well if you must know Honey i do , i wanna fight you tit to tit i wanna tit box you, i wanna rip your hair out and i look forward to getting in a hands on titfight with you”,  she licks her lips as Sue lifts hers “ohh you have no idea how glad i am to hear that i have a few requests as well”, Mary squirms “i am listening”,  Sue nearly gasps as the door to more has been opened , “Well honey i agree to all that as long as your woman enough to  face me pussy to pussy , and a slap fight, and who knows maybe before we are through i claw your fat tits off bitch”.

Mary feels her heart race and eyes flutter as she stares back “nmmm you bitch you wanna catfight me i am ready for you, i will scratch your tits and eyes out”, Sue huffs heavy as they roughly handle their tits “you Bitch,” ..”fucking whore” both are gasping as they threaten and taunt, slowly as they glare and taunt both women start to feel juices running, Mary finally pants out, “uuhhnn we need to plan time send me your number and we can text anytime both are free we meet and fight”, Sue pants “Fine ummm send it bitch”, and they disconnect , unknown to other both women finger themselves to orgasm then Mary hands shaking messages her cell and gets Sues right back.

Mary sits gasping her huge tits out as she lifts and sucks her nipples her mind pictures the closet duel with Sue and her chance to feel another woman in a mutual fight as she brings herself to a second orgasm she hears her man walking in and rapes him  for hours to ease the itch, back at Sues its a replay of Mary’s home as she rides her man to ecstasy.

Oblivious as to the wild desire each woman has their men don’t care as long as it is enjoyable, and thinking cause of the move they welcome the extra attention, a week goes by with each woman texting other at odd times and neither was ready when other was and chances were missed, both women grew more and more frustrated and started to think other was avoiding the it, till one day the stars aligned and as Sue sat up in bed in her frilly nightie her phone went off and she saw it was Mary, it read…”Hi want you to know i am free all day he has a meeting out of town  i can meet you any where if you want to fight my tits”, Sue feels a rush in her body as she calls to her hubby “Honey?, are you going to be late tonight?”.

She hears a sigh “yeah babe i am going to the bar after work with the guys why?”, “no reason grab yourself din i will grab a salad later “ then she texts back, “So glad i am free as well all day , give me 20 minutes and ill text you where ” , Mary is like a wild kid on xmas as she jumps from bed and starts to look for attire to wear, laying out a few things she waits as her husband leaves Mary paces for the text.

By 10 a.m Mary starts to think Sue is all talk then her phone vibrates her fingers shake as she reads it , “ there is a motel near the new homes goes by the hour , has a bar , meet at the bar in hour wear a dress and your best bra see you there”, Mary breathes out as she simply replies “I’ll be there bring yours as well”.

Mary gets dressed wearing a champagne colored stretchy style mini dress a low v cut that stretches tight over her huge tits and her tan lace bra in view as her round veiny f cups swell from bra and dress , nude thigh highs tan heels her hair up loose, Mary looks in the mirror smiles at her body and heads out as she purrs to herself “here we go “.

Miles away Sue is changing as well , she pours her body in a spandex green mini dress a black bra and nude thigh highs  green heels and hair up loose but strands frame her face as she admired how her f cups swell from bra and dress she smiles “its time” and heads out, both women drive slow and try to put the event out of their mind as they only can see others full tits on cam in their minds, their nipples stiffen as they think of it, new to the area where they will meet both take their time as they find the motel/bar.

Sue arrives first and there are 2 cars in the lot, she checks her makeup then exits her car, swaggers slow to the bar and walks in, her eyes adjust as she sees a bar tender and a couple  and a drunk half out on the bar, Sue orders a drink and takes a seat at the bar,her mind wanders (will she show) 10 minutes later Mary pulls in the lot seeing 3 cars she inhales as she checks her makeup and adjusts her f’s in her bra and steps out, her heels click across the lot as she opens the door her eyes adjust to the same sights Sue saw then she sees Sue look back and their eyes simply scan other.

Mary walks over not a word is said as she orders her drink and sits, then after each takes a sip Sue looking ahead purrs, “Wasn’t sure you were coming”, Mary sips “ wasn’t sure where it was but either  way i was going to be here”, both look ahead as the bars only other noise is the couple giggling  and the drunk talking in spurts to himself.

Mary sips more, ‘Shall we discuss the particulars or we ready?” , Sue licks her lips “Well as i said if i win today I want that bra, your milk, and make you smother under my big girls”, Mary her nipples react tenting her dress and bra inhales ‘Ohh we covered that and i agree fully, no  i meant the deed its self”, Sue tilts her head as she was sure it was just a titfight, ‘“ explain”, Mary her glass by her mouth ‘We allowing hair pulling?, hugging?,or is this strictly smear and mash tits?.

Sue now feeling her nipples stiffen and tent out swallows and with her glass by lips, “Well truth be told I allow pretty much anything honey but after our first meeting and chat on cam don’t you want to see just whose tits are better?”, Mary looks to Sue as their eyes meet, ‘I came here for that yes but these meetings can become intense when its not easy to devour one another, and well I hate to be accused of cheating if i hold you close by hair to let mine ruin yours”.

Sue looks back, ‘I agree and see your point, how about we agree just breasts unless this ..matter goes past an hour hmm?”, Mary stone faced but screaming inside takes a breath, “Well we can try it that way but if thats the case I have one stipulation as well” ..”Ohh? name it” ..”I want this to be a standing submission only no easy pin to floor , agree?’, Sue swallows ‘Agreed shall we go?”, Mary nods and they both leave a 10 and swagger next door to the motel and split the room for 4 hours, having the key Sue turns and purrs “lets go”, they swagger out and down the line of doors, to the last room, they enter and the rooms oppressive humid heat spills out as both inhale.

They walk in and there is no a/c as they shut and lock up the two women walk in and pull the table and chairs out and make room and push the bed to the side, leaving them as much room as a small walk in closet, once they agree its enough they step to middle and stare.

The stretchy dresses strained to seemingly limits as their bra covered round breasts swell out  the low v cut designs parted a bit more then intended as nipples and areolas tent  and show their form, Sue reaches up and caresses around hers slow and then her hands go up as she purrs “these are so much heavier and firmer then yours, go ahead see for yourself” a challenge Mary has done before she stares at Sue and caresses over the dress front and feels how firm she is in the dress and bra and taunts, “hmmm i guess anyone can feel firm in her secure cover”, Sue narrows her eyes at the insult “your not restricted, honey feel free” her chin tilts up as a confident dare, Mary  eases her fingers in the v cut and slowly parts the dress v more till a slight rip is heard  as Sue’s lips part “bitch”, then Mary stretches it off her shoulders and exposes the bra cups she tugs each cup  pulling them out and eases both of Sues Breasts free of the confining cups , as they sit out proudly over the cups nipples stiff thick areolas bumpy and swelled, Sue smirks Mary looks at them and with a jealous dislike cups them with her palms  and weighs them, though she felt Sues to her own in their first tangle neither woman took the time to truly feel what she was up against.

Now allowed to Mary lifted and felt how heavy Sues were and as she showed no reaction her mind took over (oh my these are heavy), she stared at Sue no emotion then squeezed in and caressed the mass roundness as her mind again purred (uww firm and round my is she bigger than i first thought?), Sue smirked as she purred “nmmmmmm afraid to admit they are more than you thought honey?”, Mary gave her breasts a semi rough push off her hands a dense CLOP is heard as they bounce, then  Mary puts her hands on her hair, ‘Lets not rush to judgements till you feel your competition ..Honey”.

Sue stared a moment as she reached out and pressed at the full bra cups and eased Mary’s veiny breasts free as they held a glare Sue lifted and cupped them, though she hid it her mind raced.(uwww these are heavy) her hands squeezed in and caressed and she couldn’t insult herself with a taunt toward Mary , both knew without a word they were facing a much fuller heavier pair, as Mary smirked , Sue let her breasts drop from her hands a meaty clop was heard.

Mary and Sue stared they were free to play out their secret life and desire , free to do this special meeting once or for the entire day, as slow and erotic or rough and hard as they chose, no one was going to stop it or ask what happened, it was everything they wanted another woman as close to equal as any could be who wanted to just pit herself against the other and relish her victory, and satisfy her desire.

Sue purred , “Are we satisfied enough to get started now?”, Mary a slight shift of her hips “i am if you are”, and without a word both women stepped apart and slowly stripped the spandex dresses off and then the bras and stood in her heels thigh highs garters and thong as they did each took a moment to scan others body and see they were fit and stunning in any thing they wore or didn’t wear, the moment arrived as they glared each went through emotions of fear, doubt, jealousy, hate, lust thirst desire and eagerness to be atop other at the end.

Mary her hands at her hips swaggered a step out and Sue matched her they circled around once feeling the space around them, then it was time no more wondering or wishing or searching they wanted it and here it was, Mary stepped closer and instead of starting with a nipple joust she aimed her mass into Sues and pushed in as they met the round mass of both bulged and swelled as Mary pressssssed in and rolled her f cups against Sue’s, neither wanted to admit the feeling but neither denied it as they both let out a hot groan ,”uuuhhnnnn mmmm more” Sue huffed as Mary rolled “uuuhnnn ohhh yess fight me”.

The duel began and as each woman stepped in time with other they almost never let their big breasts ease from others, slowly Sue rolled and pressed back as heels balanced steps in a circle and about, Mary started off more aggressive as she went at Sue and was making her feel the weight of her tits as she would press and pull  and then drag up against Sue’s mass and then drop her heavy tits on Sues and drag down working Sues bust and making her work against herself, but Sue was not new to a titfight as she let Mary start her move Sue ended it as fast as it began by smearing side to side then lifting up and dragging down Mary’s.

The slow motion contact increased steady with spurts of jolting motion then slowed to barely shifting and started again as each wanted to win but never stop, “cmon uuhnn mmfff more bitch you promised me a fight”, Sue panted as she pumped head on to Mary who despite the jealousy felt the move and reacted, “uuuwwww ill give you a ..uuggnnnn mmfff mff bitch”, Sue smirked “nmm feeling my tits honey? will it  be a fight after all”.

Mary angry at herself more than Sue inhaled and started a slow steady counter as she pumped left , right , left , right into Sue aiming power behind each breast as it collided into Sue who reacted, “uuuhhnn uhnn ummfff mmff ohhh you Bitch”, Mary sneered “you were saying Bitch?”.

The dragging and pushing went on and both women were starting to sweat , but as exhaustion was setting on them it seem to drive them more as Mary stepped into Sue she staggered her back a step, thinking she hurt her or at least made her feel something deep, Mary went after Sue her big f cups smeared and dragged and pulled and prodded into Sues  firmer and rougher each breath.

Sue was taken by surprise as she staggered back and she broke her own rule regarding hands as she pushed at Mary’s hips to halt her , feeling it Mary grew angry , ‘You cheating whore” and delivered a long drag up under Sues heavy round tits that lopped them up and Mary lunged into her foe and pumped with hate ‘ummf Umfff cmon Bitch” Sue was stunned and her mouth fell open her tits were being pounded from under and her heels were retreating when she felt a deep stab in her undersides, the pain made her mouth open but no cry as her eyes went wide and before either woman knew it Sue dropped to her knees and hip on the rug.

Once she landed her knees curled laying on her hip and thigh one arm propping her body other cradled her big tits, Sues voice found a sound ,‘UUUghnnn oHHH you Bitch!”, Mary on fire with passion and desire to win in her rage grabbed Sue’s hair and yanked wildly  tugging upwards ,”Get Up you cxnt fight “!, Sue screamed ‘OWWWW HEYYY MY HAIR OOWWWW!!!!!”, with no room Mary’s momentum carried her into a wall and she stopped her attack and with disdain threw Sues head from the hair hold and retreated back to her side of the room, her big veiny tits heaving for air as she had red and bruised patches on her tits.

Mary inhaled and was trying to catch her breath as she paced side to side glaring at her downed rival as she did her hands caressed her huge tits “Nmmmm yess get up and fight we aren’t done till you give standing up Bitch”, Sue was gasping ,huffing for breath her tits as red and bruised in patches were heaving for air but underneath were bright red and swollen and obviously  sore, Sue pushed her hair back from the yank, she wanted war for it but she knew she broke the rules by pushing at Mary it was just a reaction to the heated struggle.

Sue slowly rolled to her knees and stood up as she straightened up her tits dropped and swayed and bumped and Sue winced a bit, she stood up and glared at Mary, both of them had a desire burning deeper than a titfight but they needed to find this fight out when suddenly as if agreed on, both women jolted from their spot and stabbed nails in others hair and started to yank , pull , tug and whip others head wildly as they could, snarling , spitting as their huge tits sealed together their faces tilted back in pain and hate , yanked each other around the room.

They went from shocked gasp of the pain to growling as they hissed and spit in others face as they swore to bald each other, the entire time they pulled and hit every wall in the room their tits either were grinding or swaying and battering between them, as they fought Mary was looking the favorite as she had Sue teary eyed when suddenly Sue twisted up a double fistfull and with a vicious yank ripped Mary’s head back making  her not only look up but nearly bent her back, her a scream filed the room “AWWWWWWWW!!!” and Sue managed to twist from front of Mary to her back and shaking her head like a rag doll threw Mary to the rug.

Mary landed with a thud and her hands grabbed her hair as Sue was heaving over her thighs spread fingers filled with hair strands, “Cmon Bitch get up fight my tits”, Mary pushed her matted hair back as she growled “no more games you bitch  tit to tit “ Sue backed up “bring it Bitch” she shoved Mary’s head free .

Mary slowly rose and fixed her matted torn locks as they stared at other both sweating , red faced and red breasts  they tried to calm themselves, then Mary shimmies her tits at Sue “We gonna finish it or not?”, Sue shimmies back but a little sting in her underside she preys Mary didn’t notice as she purrs ‘lets get to it” they step right towards one another and their big bountiful round mass collide and bulge and mushroom as nipples stab and bend areolas and skin and bend they become engulfed in mass , both women flex chests and drive and bore their tits into others as they grunt and smear and drag never losing contact.

Sue seems the aggressor as they continue and has Mary backing up as they keep tit to tit, “cmon Bitch hold still fight like a woman”, “uhnn uHnn fucking cxnt “, but as Sue rolled , smeared and ground into Mary her breathing and sneaky smile started to break pattern as every deep push and grind made her skip a pant and ease a direct shove ,

Mary feels it and rolls her shoulders as she smiles , “Ohhhh your hurt Bitch nmmmm now we will get to it” and she shimmies her tits as she drives up under Sue’s areoals and stabs in and rolls in a lifting motion making Sue’s glands over lap up and her breasts sling back on themselves, her under sides exposed as Mary smiles a sweating wide eye evil grin, ‘Uwwwww yesss now your gonna feel a real set of tits Bitch”, Sues eyes widen in fear as she tries to slow Mary and hugs her upper body , Mary smiles at her face , ‘Ohhh yesss play right into it you Whore cmon” and she hugs Sues back lower and pulls her in, the move bends Sues lower back and arches her tits up and its all Mary could ask as she pumped firm like double punching upper cuts into the exposed undersides.

Sue looked as if she was being stabbed in the belly as her head jerked back  mouth open eyes watering and her torso arched to full height in Mary’s arms, ‘AAGHHH,,UUGHHNN,,OOWWW,,UUMFF UMFFF PLE…BITCH OWWW!!!”, was Sue’s taunt as she was being beaten in a tight hug and tit to tit,  Mary caught her perfectly and was abusing the mistake, as her body rigid and strong pumped with calculated effort and made the least amount of pain to her own tits, the only draw back for Mary was not knowing Sue would suffer before just giving up making Mary hurt and bruise her own tits as she tried to make her rival scream her defeat.

Their heels clambered thighs bumped and rubbed thongs jolted as tits punched tight blows and dragged, after 5 minutes Sue was crying but so was Mary amid the sweat on their faces, Sues head dropped in to Mary’s neck as Mary rested hers in Sues, now neither woman could see the pain of a move or drag in others face to improve on it but they did have the feel of others body as Sue barely huffed ‘UUghnn Let go Bitch fight”, Mary panted “Give you bitch damn it Give already”.

Finally as it seemed the 2 hour fight would not be settled ,  Mary started to stagger with her rival in her arms,  Sues shoulders dropped and her arms went into a limp sway and weak pry at Mary’s arms, Mary felt  it all she smiled a relief smile on Sues neck and then lifting her head so her lips were at Sues ear she hissed ‘You Give Bitch hmm?”, Sue nodded  and Mary dragged up and pumped firmly into the undersides ‘Say IT BItch!”..Mary hurt Sue 3 more times then it was to much as the scream came out, ‘OWWWW PLEASE STOP I GIVE I GIVE YOUR TITS WIN STOP!”.

Mary was smiling and crying her lips wet and glistening with sweat and tears as she pulled away their flesh stuck and peeled apart, Sue fell to her knees as Mary sucked in air looking down, Sues eyes lifted in hate and sorrow as she saw Mary glare down over her round tits and hard nipples, “we aren’t done yet Bitch i want my reward”, Sue felt her eyes sag down as she dropped her head she nodded and felt Mary use her hair to get her to all 4s, she felt the smooth hiss of hosiery along her sides as Mary straddled her then the warm red heat of her tits on her bare back,  her head went up as Mary’s face was aside hers and then the cold acrylic feel of nails on her red sore sensitive tits.

“No please Don’t you fucking cxnt” but Mary won as she hissed “Shut your moth Cow and give it up” then Mary’s grip tightened on her tits and kneaded , squeezed and roughly deeply groped the huge laden glands as Sue squirmed “uuhnnnn ..oohhhh ,,uumfff owwww bitch please uughhhh owww it hurts you bitch”.

Mary was smiling and evilly kneaded her rivals tits as rough as their man ever had “Shut your mouth Bitch and take it like a woman” then a tug on the stiff nipples and 2 drops of milk formed then a deep pulling squeeze and Sues milk sprayed free and was being tugged from her tits with hate, “uuughnnn ohhhh my milk you Bitch i’ll kill you”, Mary ground her wet thong and warm tits on Sues back as her hands roughly tortured Sues tits “nmmmm you will ? sounds like you want a rematch Bitch hmm you wanna fight my tits later today hmm say it cxnt”.

Sues head lifted “AWWWWW NOOOOO” then she dropped to her side on the floor crying , Mary smiling with joy and relief rolls Sue on her back pins her hands to the floor and like pendulums over her face sways her tits as she glares at Sue, “nmmmmmm almost Done Bitch” the room fills with flesh slapping flesh as Mary hits Sues face with her tits then slowly rolls them on her face “uuuhnmmmm yessssohhh yesss bitch whose tits are better now hmm say it”.

Sues face turns red as she shakes her head side to side sweating she can’t breath her hands tapping and pulling to get free ,finally Mary eases her tits up, she sits up ‘Well Bitch?”, Sue a hand over her face gasping and panting “Stop Stop Please Stop Yours are Bitch “, Mary smiles and scoots up and face sits Sue, her hand in her hair as she pulls Sues face in her wet mound ‘Do IT cxnt!” and Sues tongue stretches out and pleases Mary till she orgasms on her face and smears her make up as she looks down.

Mary gets up smiling and struts to her bra and puts it in her purse then as Sue lays crying and panting puts on her bra and makes Sue watch “NMMM little tight but i like it then she gets dressed her dress a tear and loose but otherwise perfect as Mary fixes her hair and wipes off sweat turns to Sue and places a heel on her tit, ‘You have my number  I’ll be seeing you around the new neighborhood bitch, unless we cross paths before then’, and scrapes it off Sues breast before leaving Mary takes out her phone and snaps a picture of Sue down and her heel on her breast for hr new page she purrs at Sue, “My first new picture for my page, check it out if your up to it “ Mary struts out.

The End

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