Never on a Sunday by Dotti D

Karen was a vibrant fit healthy female with sandy blonde hair to her collar bone wavy and thick,light blue eyes , at 34y/o 5’10” and 147 lbs she was thick curvy and yet toned , her bust line was big before her children but now she was A full 36G -29-38 and her breasts were literally a work of art , round at the fullest part veiny and firm, her breasts touched and ran up her cleavage to a perfect parting at the very top which her husband referred to as the cock slide, as he could ease his right between her breasts in the opening.

Her husband needless to say worshipped her and more so her breasts and she made no mistake in showing them in pride in tight low cut tops or dresses and tiny bikini tops, and why not for her size they were defying gravity and firm as ever, not many women in their town tried to out shine Karen it was a lost cause to, and all knew it but she was still friendly despite her confidence and looks.

The only threat in fact Karen ever felt was when her husbands brother and his wife Dina, who was almost Karen’s twin in height and figure at 32 5’10” 145 lbs. a thick curvy girl as well but fit as well and a full round 36G-28-37 Dina her breasts as full and firm as Karens stood out very well against laws of gravity both girls nipples thick and high on their breasts areolas 2 “ around and bumpy, but Dinas breasts weren’t mapped in veins like Karens instead she had 2 thick veins that ran from her nipples base up through her mass into her chest, Dinas husband was also a man who loved her bust and Dina strutted it with pride as well and like Karen was never matched in a crowd and she adored it ,as it kept her mans eyes on her only.

As winter passed the 2 families hardly saw one another and the few times they did it was normally a sunday and they would all go to church then have dinner before heading home, but though all got along for the most part karen and Dina at best tolerated each other as anytime they shared space it was a constant attempt to attract others and others mans attention as they adjusted their tops to emphasis their massive busts for the other.

With the brothers being breast men and worshipping their wives it was the few times the girls knew their eyes wandered to check out another womans bust, and to say the least neither liked it but they were only sister in laws and didn’t want to be cause of bad feelings for the brothers who got along better than most , as winter passed and memorial day approached both girls knew it was time to break out the tight tiny tops and show it off again, but for what ever reason this year the families weren’t planning a full weekend get together as in past, and though they never said it neither girl shared their joy that the constant posing wasn’t going to take place this year.

But that didn’t mean they wouldn’t see each other, despite work plans for the brothers getting in the way of the usual yearly get together they did agree to at least get together the sunday before memorial day and go to church before heading home again, the news to their wives brought the typical fake smile as they both answered with “great cant wait”.

As Karen made up the extra bedroom for them, she finished making the bed and as she walked out paused a moment at the full length mirror she looked herself over and as she slipped into a daze, her fingers slowly traced the straining outline of her blouse, she smirked as her thick nipples instantly reacted and tented the bra and top with ease and soon her top 3 buttons were undone and she gave the stiff nipples a pinch that made her lips purse as she moaned, “uwwwww nmm”.

Her trance was broken suddenly as her husband came up the stairs calling for her , as he entered the spare room she was standing there having just eased her cups over her nipples again, his smiled ease her blushing and he asked , “whats going on baby?’,
She stepped back a step opened the rest of her blouse and smiled, “You want them honey?”.

He smiled and kicked the door shut behind him as he advanced to her he took her in his arms and reached around and expertly unclasped her bra, with ease her breasts pushed out and the cups slackened off them, as she let him strip off her blouse and bra she guided his head toward the stiff nipples and in a hot purr asked, “Are they the best you ever seen?’

His hands reached up and massaged both her full round mass and his tongue encircled the bumpy areolas as it teased the broad tipped nipples, causing her eyes to close and moan, “uunmmmm” as he did his deep voice seemed to vibrate through the massive breasts, “nmmm baby you have the biggest and best i ever seen” he wrapped his lips on her nipples drawing on them as she pushed her breasts at his mouth wanting it more and a bit rougher, “nmmm yess baby more “.

As the the couple got a more and more excited and into the sudden spark Karen asked the one burning question she been hiding a long time, as her husbands face was buried in her breasts, “Tell me baby nmmm yes tell me , are they better than hers hmm are they?”

Her husband stopped his eyes wide as if a secret was unleashed as he lifted his head from her heaving breasts his eyes met his wifes, he searched for any reason she would ask, before he could find one she pushed him onto the newly made bed and undid his jeans and straddled him easing him into herself as she started to gyrate up and down riding his hard cock, looking down over her huge tits she glared , her hands guided his to her round globes as she pressed them in his hard hands he squeezed deeply, she arched as she felt him knead deep.

As she pushed him in deeper and pulled her arms in causing her immense breasts to tighten and swell up more she again started, “nmmm harder baby tell me are they better than her hmm yes grab them “ intent to avoid the question her husband concentrated on working her breasts as rough as he could and still make it arousing for her as it was to him, but the rougher he did the harder she rode him and begged for more.

“ Yess yesss more tell me damn it are mine the better?”, as he felt himself about to explode she pulled off of him and he nearly screamed ‘What the fuck” but as he sat up on end of the bed Karen got to her knees and with her arms pressing her mass tighter together she looked up with her eyes like a doe and slowly eased his throbbing manhood between her huge breasts, as she did he felt the tight resistance and finally the slip into the opening and she slowly began to drag her breasts up and down as they engulfed his hard cock.

Licking her lips as he was ready to explode she teased him to point of madness as she demanded an answer, “tell me are they better?”. he leaned back aching from the powerful erection and grunted , “of course baby you have the best oh shit “ she smiled and with one last slow lift he exploded on her wondrous globes.

As he did she smeared his still hard cock over her tits and moaned , “nmmm you be sure to tell that cow that when they get here baby” and she stood up and left her bra off and went off to shower.

Her husband sat on the bed gasping for air as his manhood still stood out rock hard and sweat ran down his face, he always had a feeling Karen was jealous of his brothers wife but never thought she knew or even thought he was attracted to her and big breasts, as he went to get up not even feeling it his pants pushed the bra under the bed a bit and he he walked out.

As Karen was dressing again she heard her husband on the phone , “Really? well great the rooms ready ok ok, ohhh well you know of course i still do yep ok see you then”, as he hung up and turned Karen stood a hand on her hip her breasts threatening the bra she was in “who was that?”, “oh duh that was my brother they will be here by Saturday till monday after all” her husbands smile was putting her in a bad mood faster than he thought humanly possible.

Meanwhile in the car Dina was smirking as she hung up and her husband asked “Was it cool with them?” she looked out the window “Of course they were down right excited, arent you?”, and as she put the question out there she watched his dull look brighten as he said “Oh yeah of course”, it wasnt the answer itself but more the way he answered had her squirm in her seat and made her reach over to his groin as the kids napped
while her other hand opened her top.

As he drove trying to concentrate on the road he smiled “Hey come on i am trying to drive” she purred “find a motel now”, Not a fan of a motel but with a few more hours to go the thought of a torrid session then a good sleep was more important than looking for a 5 star hotel, so he swerved to the next exit and with in 20 mins they checked in.

As Dinas husband got the kids into bed in the next room she was in the her room getting ready as her husband came in she stood in a thong and one of his business shirts and nothing else her massive bust exposed to the areolas which barely hid just inside the shirt as her thick hard nipples tenting held it in place.

His eyes wide and the smile at her body was what she wanted as she pinned her man to the door and guided his hands in side the shirt as he deeply massaged her big breasts she moaned harder and bit his lip, soon he was squeezing pulling and kneading roughly, all the while she moaned, “Tell me mine are better baby” unlike Karens husbands delay in answering Dinas hubby panted out instantly, ‘ohhh baby you know they are “ their night went on much like other couples and next day had the couple pulling in to town and then up the driveway.

The brothers hugged on the driveway and the kids ran around laughing and Dina and Karen stared and gave other a fake smile and a wave, after 5 days traveling they needed to relax and get some wash done, Dina dropped her things in the spare room and pulled out the wash she needed done ,as her husband carried in the rest and dumped it in the wash room.

After starting a load Dina and her hubby joined Karen and hers out on the deck for a well deserved drink, as they sat stretching out watching the kids romp the tension of the road eased away, the brothers joked and laughed as Dina and Karen gave quick short chats while studying the other up and down entire time.

Time went by and as Dina went to refresh her drink , her husband ran into bring a load of wash to the bedroom, as he did Karen took Dinas wash from the washing machine and tossed it in the dryer as she did, in her hand was Dinas red bra.

Looking out the window she saw Dina sit and she took the bra and quickly stripped in the washroom till topless and eased on Dinas bra as she smiled assure it would be to tight her smirk faded fast as it was a perfect fit, she cursed the fact and quickly removed the bra but before she could get hers back on she heard Dinas husband approaching.

Not wanting to be caught comparing her cups to Dinas Karen dropped her bra and buttoned her blouse just enough and as she did 2 buttons were unaligned, but her nervousness turned to a ploy as he stepped in the wash room Karen smiled as her huge breasts gave a firm slow sway in her tight blouse and his eyes widened at the effect, as Karen smiled acting as if nothing was wrong she simply purred “be a dear and grab other basket i got this one and she headed to the spare bedroom.

Karen once out of view hurried up to bedroom and undid her blouse and grabbed the red bra again and as she had her back to the door heard him walk in, with her back at him she smiled , “Sorry my bra came undone one minute “ but she took her time as he saw the rounded globes from her backside swelling out.

As she looked over her shoulder seeing his stare of amazement she purred “Wanna feel them? I bet they are biggest and best you ever had”, he was like a school kid peeping in the girls locker room and without knowing it he stepped forward and his hands cupped the huge breasts from behind, as he lifted them he moaned , “oh my god” she smiled and forced him to squeeze deeply and hard as he could.
As she leaned back his hands groped and kneaded and squeezed hard as he was use to with Dina, as he did Karen moaned “mmmmmmm yesss these are best you ever had arent they?”.

Before he could answer the sound of the back door closing broke them up and Karen grabbed her top and buttoned up as she stopped at her cleavage Dina stepped around the corner and Karen acted as if she was folding wash and chatting.

Dina glared hate at her as she asked, “Having fun?”, but her husband simply pulled off a quick smile “Hey babe last of its done Karen was helping me fold” and he gave her a kiss as he went back out to drink again, as she stood glaring at Karen, Dina sneered.

“I dont know what game you just pulled honey but if i find out you were playing in my sand box I’ll claw your tits off”, Karen turned tossing a top on the bed and as she faced Dina smiled , “If you think I am afraid your welcome to try anytime”, Dina about to lunge was stopped by her husbands call “Cmon D “.

Dina lip curled huffed “Saved again lucky you” as karen bumped her stepping out hissed, “Soon honey one day soon” , Karen stepped out into her bedroom and quickly needed to get Dinas bra off to avoid making a scene outside, as she did her back to the door dina was in her room and saw the strap of a bra partly under the bed as she picked it up she knew it wasn’t one of hers.

She gripped the peach bra in her hands and stormed towards Karens bedroom as she saw the door opened a bit she watched as Karen stand at her mirror to the side,her back at dina and stripped off the red bra , as karen did she looked in the mirror and smiled at her huge breasts and ran her fingers over them as if he was still working them, as Dina watched she couldnt believe how full firm and round Karen really was, and as she eased away she took the peach bra and in her own room stripped to try it on.

As she did the bra slipped on with ease and fit like a glove and Dina looked in her mirror and spit nails that it did, she was so lost in the moment she never heard Karens hubby come up the steps and peek in his reaction was no less that of his brothers, Dina spotted him in the mirror and seeing his reaction smirked and purred softly, “oh hi like what you see dont you its ok come feel them you know you want to”.

Double checking behind him he eases in and snuggles up behind Dina his hands caress and lift ,”uwwww my god your big and full and heavy” Dina smiles purrs , “nmmm get rough honey they are strong too not like hers”, with that Dina grabs his hands and makes him get rough and rougher all the time she moans, “uwww ssss yes see how much better they are”, karens husband lost in how firm and full Dina feels and how much she takes forgets himself and as Dina hears a door shut she quickly eases him off and smiles “ another time perhaps” and ushers him out as she smiles and wears the peach bra Karen gets a glimpse in and is in awe as well.

The remainder of the night went as slow as any point in time, the brothers sat drinking and talking as if northing took place as karen and Dina sat glaring jealous full hate but with church the next day the women didnt dare have this out tonight.

As night went on the men decided to hit the bed and both girls followed as they did Karen hissed to Dina, “Think your cute dont you”? , Dina sneered “whats wrong hate losing at your own game”.

Karen nearly pounced but controlled herself that night both bedrooms were like a free night at the chicken ranch as the women rode their men as if it was last time each would gasping to have their breasts compared and be better.

The next morning both girls were in a less than happy mood and were taking their time dressing in fact both had their heels and skirts on but were strutting about in bras only they were the others womans bra, as the husbands inquire the girls just gave a deadly glare then said “it looks tight doesnt it?’ DOESNT it?” both brothers babbled a Yes .

Church was at 9 a.m. and neither woman was in a hurry it was as if both wanted to be late as the brothers pleaded to hurry Dina yelled “its not my fault shes in the bathroom painting on makeup” before anyone said a word karen yelled out “you can join me honey I wont bite ..hard”.

it was all the invite Dina needed as she swagger into the bathroom wearing a skirt heels and a bra the peach bra that was karens, as karen stood in heels skirt and a red bra Dinas, they stared and saw the bras and the heat grew, Karen hissed softly, “You have my bra how did you get it Bitch?”, Dina sneered in a low hiss , “funny i might ask you the same bitch of course i will after you explain how it was under my bed after you were with my husband”.

As they glared and each without a word knew time had come , neither gave a decent answer as both had guilt in their eyes and finally Karen yelled to her husband “Sweetheart Why dont you all go ahead we can meet you there or we can go to a later mass”, as she looked in Dinas eyes and mouthed “you and me right here for bras”.

As Dina heard the offer she reemphasizes Karens thought out loud “Hey Hon thats a good idea drive ahead we can get there after” as they stared nipples tenting bras they hear nothing then finally an answer, “fine ok see you both in a bit”.

Both stand in the bathroom almost motionless when they hear the front door shut the car start and pull off, Dina opens the bathroom door and checks out the window as Karen goes downstairs and finally shouts “All clear just us come on down”,

Dina comes down as they glare dina softly asks, “where we doing it?”, Karen sucks in a breath , “how about the den i have it cleared for brunch later but i can get by you and still have time”. Dina yawns “you better hope cause i am gonna wipe the floor with your saggy tits”.

Still in bras and skirts both women walk through the home into the den as Karen stands to right Dina passes and goes to left, as they stand staring at other Karen reaches up and eases each bra strap off her shoulders and then reaches back to unclasp her bra, slowly 1 clasp at a time the bra slackens more, till she eases her arms and hands from it then pulls the cups from her mass.

They sway out a slow heavy sway and stop and swell out she smirks as Dina watches, tossing the bra aside she sets her hands to her hips and nods to Dina to strip her bra, Dina follows suit and soon pulls the cups from her mass as they sway out slower and firmer stop, she tosses her bra and with hands on hips both women study others bust.

Finally Karen slowly stepped forward and came to a pause mid way as Dina started out to meet her and paused then circled with her sister in law as their shoulders just touched as they did both locked eyes and breathed a bit heavier, after 2 full circles Dina eased back a half a step and with her left breast lightly swiped into the flush side of Karens Right the slow soft contact barely made a noise as each stared then Dina pulled through till her breasts dragged across Karens, nipples flicked as she continued the designed path.

Feeling her mass ride across karens as they glared, she knew exactly what point her breasts were to Karens as she felt the dip of karens cleavage then the rise of her other breast till she had her own on other side of Karens big mass and, she lightly rubbed her right side to Karens left, all the time eye to eye, as Karen felt the drag she inhaled a bit and then sure that Dinas first move was over, Karen eased back a bit and lined her left breast to Dinas left, Dina seeing what she planned to do stood arched at her rival and stared as if ready to take it.

But Karen was methodical in the move, as she let the tip of her thick nipple touch Dinas then directed it around along her nipple shaft till she poked the tip into Dinas areola, feeling the bumped field Karen pressed a bit at the nipple base and tried to shift Dinas stiff nipple, as she did Dina inhaled a bit and barely pressed in cutting the action short and forcing Karen to move on, She curled her lip back a bit then with her left breast she pressed to Dinas left and soon rolled and dragged and smeared hers to Dinas.

They looked in others eyes but knew it was to soon to see any reaction as the motion was now joined by Dina and both women slowly matched left on left, licking lips at the erotic feel they poured the concentration to get by the erotic feel and to make others breast move to her own action.

As Karen slid and dragged and smeared and rolled her heavy breast on Dinas she returned the same moves back and the 2 watched as their heavy round globe first ran over aside and under her foes then back atop, as they did their right breasts stood out firm and lonely waiting to be involved in the duel. As the slow start went on Karen saw a little frustration in Dinas face at the slow test, “Nmmm whats wrong honey hmm cant take a little one on one?”.

Dina let her eyes look between them as she needed to see the results of this match up but as she saw both were equal the taunt brought her eyes up to Karens again as she scoffed, “ohh not at all i prefer you find out the hard way mine are better” as she finishes saying it she gives a stab head on with her left to Karens, not fully feeling it as much as the surprise her lips blow out a breath “uuww” as she felt it then gives one back to Dina who has same response the equal match up has both madden, as Dina takes the move and slowly switches to right v right as Karen was planning to but wasnt ready to and Dina now tests her as their nipples rub and dab and drag they both breath a bit fuller.

As Dina rubs and rolls her breast to Karens she inhales a bit then looking at her rivals eyes shoves her right head on to Dinas, the head on compression bulges both of their breasts and each gives a short reaction “Uhnn, Uhmmff”.

Dina slowly smears closer to Karen and now drags her breasts across again as she feels the dip of her cleavage Dina pauses there and starts to try to push and shimmy in between her foes breasts, Karen not sure what Dinas intent is watches and swells her breasts at Dina as if to say “try it” but she didnt need to say it as Dina starts to try to part and separate and work her inside, as she does a few motions nearly get Karens breast to part and as she gets them to, a little Dina shoves hers at the opening and then bulges hers and drags up and down short quick motion to try to get Karens mass moving.

Slowly the swell and ballooning from both has them start to strain and Dina softly huffs “uuhnnn you feel loose honey sure you wanna fight my tits?” Karen now sees an feels what Dinas attempt is pulls her upper arms in a little to tighten her mass again and as Dina comes up between she drags down firmly and pulls Dinas mass , the result has Dinas cleavage sway and allows Karen in between and she stabs left then right pushing her foes breasts. Dina fully unready lips open huffs, “Ohh uumfff” and Karen smirks “i think i can handle it honey”.

The taunt and move causes Dina to ease back as their breasts settle out again then Dina presses head on to Karen and pushes and rolls with her shoulders up and around and again, “uuuhhh uunmmmmm cmon then Bitch fight my tits”, Karen pumps head on and drags up and down, as the duel finally is underway “uuuhhhhh uhhh mmfff right here bitch lets go”.

Slow but none the less firm and determined the 2 women start to press tighter and drag and roll and sway and smear harder, as they do the only other change to the room is their grunting as they match up,”uuhhh uhh ummff cmon uuwww fight”, “uuhhnn uhnn mmff bitch ready when you are” among the taunts flesh meeting and the 2 circle around forgetting time they start to get more into the duel.

At the 30minute mark both have tried every way to get other to give a little but with sweat ruining their hair and breasts glistening the 2 women are panting for air, but neither has a sign of slowing or stopping as they meet again the smearing starts it off and they circle as they do as each is lifted and dropped and pulled and slides with other it is Karen that grabs at Dinas waist and as she grabs on she widens stance and stutter steps at her as if she will fall if she lets go, Dina now huffing for cool air tries to shove her off and only staggers as well and ends up slapping hold of Karens waist and other hand on her shoulder, “cmon bitch fight” she gasps. her head tilts back as she feels Karen come in to her their bodies bump as they turn and dance around the room soon the smearing turns to swaying and rougher drags and then Dina steps in and using her shoulders sways her breasts hard and fast and 2 heavy SLAPS ring out as her breasts smack Karens at sides.

Her head tilts to the side at the heavy feel of Dinas breasts and dina loves the reaction as she slides her hands up and under Karens arms her hands hook onto her shoulders and she grips stopping Karen from using them and she pulls her arms in swelling her big breasts and starts to pump hard into Karens breasts.

As dina pumps and controls the movement of Karen , Karen reacts as her head drops and she backs up”uuughhnn mmff mff bitch”. Dina feeling she is breaking her busty rival sneers and taunts as she pushes in to Karen, “cmon honey head up i wanna see you cry my tits are better say it “ .

Losing ground fast and feeling as if her full breasts are being hung on as Dina stabs and lifts and jams hers in, Karen arches her back inhaling and as she bucks up her heavy breasts, SMACKS the undersides of Dinas and catches her off guard as she feels her knees buckle and suddenly shoved back, as Karen thrusts into her, ‘UUghhhnnn oohhhh”.

Dina is shoved back her steps stagger as she tries to not fall, as she does Karen lunges and pumps her breasts into Dinas preventing her from planting her feet and regain steady stance, “uhnn Uhnn cmon bitch problems already?”, though a taunt Dinas eyes told the story as hearing karen say that she felt as if her sweating and exhausting breath was all in her own head and Karen was still fresh to go on.

But Karen was huffing and sweating as much and each point of contact had her gasping for any relief, their breasts red and swelling as the duel went on, when Karen got Dina near the wall of the den she arched up into her and dragged and ground her meaty flesh against her rivals the pulling of their mass and skin was like a indian arm burn, and both women panted ands gasped their disapproval, “uughnnnn bitch “ Ohhh ughhh give”.

As Karen increased her attack she set her feet wide and grabbed Dinas shoulders pinning them on the wall and slowly but firmly with well aim swipes and pumps into Dinas heavy tits side to side, As she did the directed motion, Dina glared and her lips pursed as she could both feel the motion of Karens drag and how their round mass contorted against the others but Dina was feeling her own be molded more as Karen pushed in and pulled across as Karen freely experimented her style on Dina.

Dina seem to fall into a trance almost as her head looked up a bit, her face stopped contorting as her look was that of someone not feeling anything, her eyes seem to get glassy and Karen seeing this increased her pressure and motion and was getting frustrated, as to how this girl wasn’t wincing or starting to give.

As Karen slowed her attack but kept the pressure and firmness of it up she, tilted her face to stare right into Dinas and she even added pressing head on into her rivals tits to try and flatten her against her own chest, softly and with all the confidence she can muster Karen stares at her sister in laws face lips nearly touching and hotly whispers “uwww mmmm your done aren’t you Bitch hmm say it I’ll stop if you dont ill work them till you cant wear a bra”.

As she taunts her heavy full breasts smear ,drag ,press and roll her foes around but slowly Dinas eyes refocus and she looks to Karens and they stare as Karen smirks thinking she is about to hear what she wants, but instead its her eyes that go wide and haze over as Dina slowly slides her hands to Karens ribs and fingers close gripping on and her legs reposition planting her heels and her butt presses to the wall as her shoulders roll, as she does her breasts lift and start to disrupt Karens motion side to side as she pushes her own in between the path.

As she does Karen slowly becomes a bit bewildered and looks down between them her lips hang open as she wants to scream HOW, but before her lips utter a sound Dina pushes off the wall and as she walks into Karen stepping her back a bit yet pulling her in starts a hard counter attack that begins a new phase of the duel.

Slowly as Dina takes the fight back to Karen the room that fell silent starts to erupt in fleshy clops and quick grunts of shock ,”uhnn ohh ummfff bitch noo” as dina slowly starts to sneer her lips pull back into a evil grin, as her sensual voice hotly purrs “Ohhh whats wrong honey hmm thought i was done?”

Karens lips flubber and try to answer or even ask how or why but as she searches for something the fleshy clops become heavier and firmer and the feel of the fight denser as Dina widens her stance and hands pulling her rival at her, attacking breasts smiles as if enjoying the pain and the burning heat the friction causes as both sets of breasts tint red and pink.

The room echoes grunts, “Ughhnn uhnn ummf bitch ohh let go” , as Dina hisses “Cmon put em up fight back cow”, their heels stagger step as Dina directs the dance and Karen starts to wince in pain, seeing Dina is coming on stronger Karen tries a last ditch move to stop her attacker, she rolls her shoulders and twists them in a snapping motion her breasts swing left and cause a solid collision in to Dinas flush open left side rings out , the resinating sound causes both to grunt from the feel UUGMMFFF” in concert but as Karen slowed Dina she needed to hurt her more and as she swung back to hit again she was given a blow that she thought could never happen and had her screech out.

Dina seeing what Karens motion and attack was going to be steady through the intial slap and absorbed the blow ,and waited for Karen to swing her immense tits back the other way, as she did Dina struck in a well timed aimed move, she squeezed Karens ribs in her nails causing her body to arch up a bit and pulling in made her breasts lift a bit from their path, as they swung back the open round flush area of Karens left breast was wide open and tight to her right breast, Dina stabbed her tits head on into that wide open spot the crushing effect molded Karens left breast around Dinas tits and the impact folded her left breast in and caused it to shift under her right as the impact course carried through Dina her breasts and entire upper body stabbed into the left breast and as Karens right continued its path with her shoulders forcing the motion her left collapsing under her right as her right flopped up over the left, Dina hugged her sister in law in tight and squeezed as she did the trapped breast was twisted and over lapped and her right underside was stretched up and impaled by her left and Dinas breasts.

The effect was everything Dina designed it to be and everything Karen never expected, the pain was so intense that Karen could only lift to her toes as Dina hugged and slowly but with all she had, ground both her tits into the trapped breast and the motion combined with the pressure stretched the mass and pulled it and prodded it and pumped into the hidden gland under the flesh the muscle in her chest was being stretched and sprained and every attempt to get free added to Dinas attack.

Dina was like a machine now and nothing was able to stop her as she smiled the most catty devious grin at Karen her full red lips barred her white teeth as she groaned a taunt , “uwww nmmmm problems honey hmm? ill stop if you give and admit my tits are better bitch if not ill make it so you never where a bra” it was a taunt but as Karen strained and tried to squirm free she saw her rivals eyes and the purest of hate told her if she fought on she would suffer.

“Ughnnnn Ohh you cxnt Stop let me go BITCH!!” but Dina at every word hugged , pumped and ground harder,Karens trapped breast was flat at the center pinned between Dinas breasts and her own right and her torso, the hug was more to keep the hold and cause Karen more agony as she fought to get free, as Dina walked Karen around unable to plant her heels to make a stand Karen, was panting and gasping in total pain, her lips pursed as she felt tears well up in her eyes “ ughnn Dina it HURTS OWWW MY TITS” But Dina was like a woman out of her mind ,as she tortured Karen and broke her down the thought of this bitch in her bra , the thought of her with her man the thought of her making him compare hers to her own was infuriating and something she was going to be sure Karen would never try again.

“uughhh yesss feel me Bitch hmm feel my tits they are ruining yours Cmon say it and give or else”, Karen was lead around in Dinas deadly embrace her back bumped off walls which just drove the pinned breast to more pain, slowly 2 huge drops of tears rose from her eyes and dropped on to her cheek bones her gaze stared up unable to look her rival in the face and as Dina yanked her torso in and plunged her breasts harder to the trapped gland Karen felt her shoulders drop, she had nothing left her knees were weak and shaking buckling ,her thighs felt limp as her lower body went numb.

Dina sneering her glee hissed menacingly “WELL YOU GIVE HMM>>>SAY IT BITCH”

Dina smirked and as if a switch was shut off gave karen a last pump and opened her arms and stepped back,with a smile she watched Karen fall on her knees as if shot and cup her battered breasts but loosely as caressing added to her pain, weeping as she looked at her proud breasts now red ,pink and bruising surfacing swollen to point the slightest motion was a deep ache, as she looked up she saw Dina hands on her hips her equally red swollen breasts standing out ready.

With no care for the time on the clock, which the women forgot about meeting the rest at church and finally got this fight settled, and as Dina picked up both bras she dangled them on her nails and smiled at Karen as she stepped to her fallen sister in law, who looked up with eyes filled with hate jealousy and pain, “What is it you won leave me alone”, but Dina dropped the bras at her heels and grabbed Karen by her hair and eased her up on knees higher and got behind her, “AHHHH Owww what the fuck bitch?”..Dina with all the confidence hissed “Get on all 4s you Bitch unless your tits want more” slowly Karen eased over and onto hands and knees winced as her heavy bruised breasts dropped and swayed under her , Dina straddling her back laid her red breasts on Karens bare back and with a sharp motion her palms slapped Karens big breasts in her palms ,cupping them and as Karen whimpered Dina deeply and roughly kneaded her rivals breast from chest to nipples groping pulling tugging pushing as her fingers dug and squeezed with hate.

Karen tried to not scream but her pain was to much as she had to emit deep groaning agony and moans, “Ughnnn Noo Please Dina owww ughhh my tits stop I said yours were better” but Dina just smiled and her lips near Karens ear hissed softly “I know and now your going to know to never think yours are equal to mine again Bitch”.

The agony went on a bit longer and finally Dina shoved her rival on the floor and turned her on her back as she stared down at her foe her now softened breasts red and bruised more, Dina pinned her hands down to floor and slowly from Karens torso dragged her breasts up and into Karens and over several times then smiled and hissed “Good night bitch” and dropped her heavy breasts on Karens face.

Slowly Dina dragged ,rubbed and pressed her breasts on Karens face and the kicking and head shaking slowed till Dina could see Karens forehead redden from the smothering move.

As Dina added her finale she heard footsteps enter the room and there stood her husband and Karens man both with their mouths wide open and eyes wider as Dina looked up she smiled at both men and then slowly eased up and straddled over Karen who let out a gasp sucking in air, as Karen looked up Dina flexed her breasts and then grabbed both bras and stood up as she placed her heel on Karens breasts she smiled at the men and gave them a shimmy of her proud breasts, her husbands look turned into a grin and smile as Karens man stood in both concern and shock and desire as he watched Dinas breast ,and though equal to Karens he had to admit they were like wrecking balls in their firmness.

Dina tilted her head up in pride and stepped over to the brothers she turned her back at them leaning against them and smiling placed their hands under her breasts and moaned , “UHnmmm uww work them boys feel the champs”. Despite his concern for his wife, feeling the red hot weighted firm mass was something Karens hubby couldn’t refuse and he lifted and squeezed and rolled it as Dina commanded, “uunmm harder you wimp these are tougher than hers”, as if not in control of his hand Karens man grabbed , squeezed and rolled the big breast in his hand as his brother did the same to her other one. through her pain Dina moaned “NMM YESSSS ‘

Later that day as Karen took a hot bath soaking her wounded breasts and pride, Dina entertained the men in the spare bedroom, and after supper as the men cleared the table Dina sat smiling across at Karen and purred, “nmmmm guess you know we are leaving tonight I just wanted to make sure you and I said goodbye” As Dina parted her blouse and showed Karen she had Karens bra on and her own in her purse, Karens eyes narrowed as she muttered “Bitch” as they got from the table the guys carried out the bags as they all stood outside and said their good byes and in front of both families Dina walked to Karen and stepped in to her and hug and squeezed, the move made Karen wince and cry “Ohh oww” Dina smirked as she hissed and rubbed to her breasts to Karens and at Karens ear hissed , “Ohh sorry honey does that hurt your tits, nmmm cant wait till we visit this summer honey” and pulled away she kissed Karens man goodbye and they got in the car and drove off.

As Karen stood glaring, her man hugged her from behind and asked “You ok? she shook her head no as tears welled up and then said something her man never thought he would hear, “I need you to promise me something” , Anything baby what is it?” , “Promise me from now till summer when they come back you will help me make my tits as firm and hard as hers”, Karens man carefully hugged her from back and whispered,
“Ok Baby anything you need”.

Meanwhile in the car as they hit the open highway Dina opened her blouse showing her man Karens bra and she gently rubbed her bruised breasts as she looked at him she smiled and purred, “nmmm I told you not to match hers to mine baby, now for the rest of the season your gonna get rough with my girls , i have a feeling this summer your sister in law and I are just getting started”, her man reached over and eased his hand in her bra cup and roughly squeezed the injured mass “Anything you need baby” as Dina arched to his hand and moaned “Nmmmm More”.

The End

Thank you for reading! For more of Dotti D’s Stories: Click Here!

2 thoughts on “Never on a Sunday by Dotti D

  1. Rick says:

    Please do a sequel to this fantastic story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michael Pompili says:

    Just finished this story and it is awesome. Thanks for writing such a good story in a very descriptive manner.

    I would love a sequel also. With another tit battle, and then a cat fight or sex fight between Dina and Karen with the husbands watching. Winner gets the losing husband along with her husband to please her as losing wife has to watch.

    Please keep this storyline going.


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