Strangers by Dotti D

Strangers by Dotti D Story

Joe as far as he can remember more like age of 10 on loved looking at and being with girls, one could say he matured rather quickly when it came to the idea of having different women and never truly settling down, maybe cause of his parents divorce early on watching his father have the time of his life, what ever the factor Joe spent his high School years in sports and the gym, molding his body into carved stone.

 As he went through school the girls swooned over him but despite the attention he wasn’t feeling the lifestyle his Dad had,  when he asked his father about it he just smiled and said , “Listen kiddo the problem is your dating girls you want to be treated right go after women” Joe nodded and soon was hitting the mature clubs filled with ex wives and cougars,  looking for a good time with younger man to forget their own failed marriages and a few were still married.

Joe despite knowing he made his body a work of art was not an arrogant ass one thing he learned from watching his dad was finesse catches a lot more fish than being an obnoxious ass, His routine was simple dress nice smell good and enter a club and smile and act as if you just there to have a drink, as silly as it sounded his dads lure was like candy for kids, the women would all turn and take notice and as he became a fixture at the club, slowly they not only noticed but they started to want a piece of his looks and body, Joe would just smile and think to himself (my dads a genius) as the simple idea started to have an effect.    As Joe was becoming not just a regular but he was spending time with many of the women there , most knew their affairs and flings weren’t long term  others didn’t want  or couldn’t enlist in a torrid long term affair, without getting caught themselves but Joe had a weakness besides the lifestyle of these women throwing things at him not just themselves, and that was like his Dad he loved busty women especially if they were fit.

Debra was a woman in her late 30’s but her body and looks made her look 25 her body was thick but so shapely a perfect hour glass and a full bust that defied gravity, mostly because her trainer at her gym targeted the muscles  to keep her chest high she knew by 50 a lift might be in the works but for now  she put girls 10 years younger to shame and took great pride  it was without implant surgery.

At 5’9” 144 38 E Deb could have been a model she had a  wild side and loved a good time, her full face and almond eyes anyone with one look would ask “how was your husband such an idiot” the thought that someone had her on his arm and strayed or didn’t give her the attention she deserved was mind boggling.  When Deb walked into the club one night Joe nearly fell backwards off the seat, his eyes devoured her from a far and he felt a shake in his body it was electric as if the perfect woman he dreamt of just walked in, and she was alone seeing she was, Joe had to find a way to get her attention without breaking his normal routine. 

He wouldn’t have to wait long for the games to begin, Deb who came to the club when her husband was away or when he was “working late” was out for fun and to play the same game her husband did as if it were a mixed up martial agreement. As she sat down Joe let his eyes trace her figure and saw himself worship her body and knew with this woman a man could not be a selfish lover no this one had to be coddled and given his full attention. What Joe didn’t know was that Deb had a thing for younger man her boy toys she called them and her hunger for sex  was almost animalistic. She defined the term cougar eating its prey, and as it happens a friend of hers happened to mention a new guy at the club that was a stud young  and polite, unless he was an obnoxious immature type Debra was going  to get her feast of this young man.

 Before Joe could make her notice Debra wearing a very sexy tight red V cut mini dress that showed her veiny ample bust and tight cleavage, it hugged her svelte waist and rounded hips and cupped her upper thighs,  her long sinewy legs looked as if they were cut from marble and smooth as silk, encased in her black thigh highs to her red ankle strap heels that made her muscled calfs spring out in each step, as she stepped to the bar and ordered a drink Joe watched as if her every move was a ballet performance.

The way her red full lips smiled her white teeth sparkled and her pointed red nails looked deadly yet manicured to perfection, it was like an actress stepped out of the silver screen, her bust had a firm yet sexy jostle as she walked.

 As the bartender placed a drink in front of Joe his eyes followed her till he lost sight of her in a huddled group he looked to bar tender “hey I didnt order another”, before he got an answer he felt a set of nails run on his shoulder he inhaled the perfect perfume and felt the warm tight  yet gentle push of a womans bust to his arm. It made him sit up and slowly he turned his head as he heard the deep soft sexy voice purr at his ear, “nmmm no i ordered it hope you don’t mind?’ for the first time Joe was silent and his lip trembled to find the right words as there stood the woman he wanted. “I’m Debra “ finally with a smile and a breath he was able to speak, “uhh  ohh of course i.i..i’m Joe” Deb smiled at his clumsiness as her amber almond eyes seem swallow him “may i?” , “oh yes of course please “ as he eased a seat out for her and showed he could be a gentleman.

As they sat sipping the drinks Debra purred like a brand new kitten as she pretended to laugh at what he said her hand would touch various areas of Joe’s physique her fingers splayed would grab a squeeze feeling his rock hard arms and it wasn’t long after Deb leaned over and whispered in his ear, “This was fun now lets get out of here and find a place we can have real fun hmm” her tongue expertly licking around his ear, Joe threw $40 bucks on the bar for a 10 dollar tab and got up with Deb.  As they hooked arms and walked out she was the only thing he could see, as he held open the door and stepped out he nearly barreled into a woman entering the bar.

 As he stopped short of running her over her hands pushed onto his broad cut chest and she smiled at what she felt as her red lips were full and as his hands grabbed her waist he looked down into her deep tight veiny cleavage his eyes stuck there a second as she purred “whoa big boy, see anything you like?”, “uhhh hmmm Sorry I wasn’t paying attention” but before they could say another word debra stepped over hooked his arm and pulled Joe from the gorgeous busty woman “Oh Sweetie  i told you you have to look away from me once in a while to watch out for others” as she claimed ownership of Joe from other woman their eyes locked as each saw the other was a Busty mature woman who knew what she wanted when she wanted it.

 “No worries he was stopped dead in his tracks , weren’t you sugar” she cooed with lust as her eyes ran over him again then shot to Debra who stepped forward her bust up and arched to full height, “Well you got that part right honey and his tracks end here”,

The 2 Busty women starred each searching for a sign other would back off but their eyes just searched emptiness  and both knew if they pushed it the night would end right here on the sidewalk with both a mess, which didn’t phase either woman but neither wanted to have a showdown before getting what they wanted.  Both knew why they were at this club and it wasn’t a couples place for sure, and Deb knew to keep any womans claws out of her new found fling she would have to rock his world and maybe fight to keep him to herself.

Oddly the woman glaring back knew it as well, in fact there weren’t many weekend nights the bar tender pulled 2 she cats apart over someone. As the other woman not wanting to seem as if Deb made her back off , looked to Joe and gave her a bust a bump to his cut chest and purred as her talons shook his hand “My names Gina pleasure” then she pulled from Joe and squared to Debra and eased toward her , Debra eased her arm free of Joe’s ready to react if this woman tried anything. both of them felt the jealous anger build “Well nights a wasting guess we should move on “ Debra cold as she could “It sure is , good idea honey be a shame to have it end so soon” each knew other made a challenge and neither jumped at it telling other  this one was no stranger to confrontation, and  though either would go at other in a second to take her prize they held back fearful it might steer such an inexperienced young man off.

 While they were sure 2 woman in fight would turn any man on these women weren’t High school or college girls that threw windmill fists and closed their eyes no these were  two were cats women like them would step to other and every inch of their bodies would  become a target and weapon in a fury of savagery, to not only beat other to damage her bad enough she wouldn’t be back soon for more.  In it’s savagery it was an art form women in a fight look to ruin others long process of making herself look good in as short time as she could with no regard of her own looks being torn apart as long as she was the one to end up atop and walk away with her pride.

The jealous glare held as neither wanted to be the first to step back and it was Joe that finally put an end to the face off. “Hey Debra we should get going, uhmm Gina was it? sorry about bumping into you that way” she smiled as she eased off, Deb taking his arm again Gina purred to add fuel to fire between them, “oh don’t be hon just wish i got here earlier, you would have had more choices” her blue eyes peered back into Debras as if to say bring it her dirt blonde hair up her amazing tight fit figure in a peach mini dress as low cut as Deb’s hugged her hour glass figure her long muscled legs on matched heels flexed as she stepped and her amazing round bust swelled its 40D size.

Joe just smiled at the comment and slowly lead Debra off in his mind he knew Gina was right had she been a bit earlier it might be her on his arm as both women  were his ideal picture of what he wanted, but both  Gina and Deb knew it as well, this club was not a typical hang out, the women here came to find a man and take him as her own be it a single night of sex and attention or a long term fling or even a substitute for other wise empty part of their life.

As Debra smirked at the small win she knew her and gina’s paths just started to cross and if she didn’t make him forget running into her, it may very well be her watching them walk off next time, as Gina watched as if standing her ground a moment she knew it as well, and she walked into the bar she was center of attention but she sat down not looking at anyone ordered a drink and as she sipped it she cursed to herself “that bitch is lucky he was there” but as she thought how she would have tore into her Gina had to face a fact that other woman was not going to be easy and she may very well have been the one left torn apart. 

The uncertainty the fear the jealousy and rage had her boiling, slowly the drinks calmed her enough she found someone  and though it wasn’t what she wanted she satisfied her itch  that night, enough  she sent him on his way and laid in her bed seeing Joe in her mind and that Bitch.

 In an apartment across town Debra smiled at her ability to land a young stud and she felt she won a first score against that floozy she felt Joe picked her over other and she knew Gina felt it a little but she also knew that her and Gina would be seeing a lot of other there unless she could make him not want to find her again. Being a woman knowing what she wants and what a man wants Debra catered to every thought Joe had making him content and satisfied meant he had no cause to stray, and providing him with his idea of perfect woman figure wise sealed it, at least for a while for as both women had other in her mind so did Joe, he had to admit while he didn’t want to see them carve other up the thought was something that made him beyond excited.

He felt like a school kid again seeing 2 girls pull hair and Debra saw the sudden hidden excitement as after 3 or 4 times in a night turned to hours and 6 or more as his drive became more, Debra knew she had to play into his fantasy thoughts and nightly as she straddled him and took his very well endowed manhood in her  she would beg him to worship her breasts  and as he did she would smile down at him and tease him.

“Nmmm yes baby mine are fuller and firmer than hers you know it nmm I would have ripped that cow apart” this drove Joe wild and not having to bring it up or fear she would get turned off by his asking  she was initiating the fantasy and letting his imagination run free, but as Debra added this new spice she knew it was only a matter of time he would need a new fulfillment more would be required to keep his full attention.

 As the nights went by perfect for Debra ,Gina spent many of them hunting the club waiting for the perfect prey to wander in so she could strike, both women had plenty of enemies at the club  as jealous women wished they were built as these 2 or they had the nerve and skill to take either on, but a few admired them for their confidence and ability and a smaller few played along waiting for the day another like them came along and they ruined each other, till then they put on their friend faces and acted the part.

Gina had a handful of such “friends “ and when not taking her choice of men she would sit and drink and chat about their lives but as of late Gina was a bit less chatty as she seem to watch the door and club like a lioness hungry for a kill, one of these girls picking up on it happened to notice the night her and Debra bumped into other outside, “So Gina honey who was that stud you ran into a while back ever make him yours?’ a frozen dagger Ginas eyes looked over and the other girls saw the hate  and swallowed  wondering if they crossed a line, Gina slowly inhaled wanting to save face and smirked  a bit, “oh him yes he was something  that cow he was with thought she was something too, but she didn’t try any thing when i stood in her face. They all giggled as each of them has seen Gina get into a tiff or two and even a full on in back that left other woman a torn  tattered form of herself who never came back again.

But as they enjoyed the drinks and comment a woman walking by that knew of Gina but by no means a friend smiled and interrupted the chatter, “Sorry excuse me but are you talking about Joe and Debra?” Gina looked up and hissed softly, “is that her name what of it?”, the woman smiled “ Oh nothing just that i over heard you say she didn’t try anything just thought you might like to know  be glad she didn’t Debra is not one to have mercy and i have seen her drag bitches out of here by the hair after ruining them”.

The women all looked at each other as they hear Debras name and Gina sees the looks as she says to the woman giving her a warning ,”Is that so? well if you talk to her  be sure to mention I am around” the woman smirks as if to say careful what you wish for.

Gina’s mind going back to that night and remembers how that other woman wasn’t at all intimidated and though she wants to deny she couldn’t stop thinking how if it progressed it would have been violent and tough, something she rarely felt faced against another. Across town in Joe’s apartment Debra sat looking out over the city in direction of the down town club area and had to admit the same had things escalated she knew the other woman was no easy mark. That night Debra struggled with more than the what if she had to tell Joe that rest of the week she needed to be home as her husband was going to be back, with his typical smile he assured her he would be around and when time was right she would call or see her at the club.

It was as if Joe said “i am going to find another” the mention of the club where she knew that other woman was waiting made her stiffen and she pressed to her boy toy and without wanting to sound desperate or over bearing said in a sexy voice, “nmm wait for me baby no other woman there will make you happy as i can or these “ as she pushed his hand up into her heavy firm breasts, Joe nearly dropped on his knees as he worked her firm mass and is mouth devoured her thick hard nipples she tilted her head back smiling as if she won again. Debra went home and welcomed her husband in same manner but her mind raced with pictures of Joe at the club and that whore waiting for him.

Not knowing was driving her insane and if there was a way she could leave a sign of her presence with out getting into a cat fight and her husband finding out, then it hit her, the next day she got up early and ran out leaving a note “running errands” for her hubby meanwhile she was in front of Joe’s apartment as she watched him leave for work she got out of her car and using the key he gave her snuck in his apartment and left her thong and and a brush with her hair in it and spilled some perfume on the pillow cases. She sneered thinking to herself he might bring some woman home but she will know there’s another.

Content to at the least warn another and at the highest chase her off Debra left still a slight worry but less than she had. That Friday night and Debra went to a couples place with her husband, as she sat sipping wine her mind was else where and the other wife picked up on it as they went to talk in other room leaving the men to talk, “Hey whats going on Deb you ok?” Deb inhales and whispers to her friend, “you gotta promise you won’t let it out” “of course”…She makes sure the men are in their chat and says, “look we both know our husbands aren’t saints on these trips and well i found my own entertainment” her friend smiles.. ”who hasn’t honey”.

Debra smirks , “there’s more he is in his 20’s and built like a stone statue and big “, “well sounds like you hit the lottery Deb whats the problem”..Deb goes on to tell her about the night hey met and the other woman, she tells her what she did and her friend smiles, “listen Debra if this other woman saw you and knows or hears about how you are in a fight she won’t be after him if she does i am sure the set up at his place will remind her to back off”..the 2 women giggle about it, but she can se Debra is still concerned, “listen if he is worth the effort and she is still an issue ask her to meet you and handle it with those boobs god if that doesn’t do it “ they laugh as Deb keeps the secret other woman is as busty.

As weekend passes and not even a text from Joe Debra is pacing the floors as Monday comes debra drives to his apartment as he leaves she sneaks in again looking about seeing nothing till she goes to his bedroom there on the pillow a thong the distinct smell of perfume not hers and a post it note on pillow case. As her nails lift the note she reads..”I see our friend here isn’t alone, but seems we both don’t share well if you are still around after seeing i am go where we met him friday night”..her hand shakes a bit more in anger than fear as she says to herself “ok you wanna play lets play”.

As her husband kissed her goodbye Wednesday, Debra couldn’t get to Friday fast enough. She tapped her talons on her cell wondering why Joe made no attempt to call did she lose him already was this other bitch that good. As if someone ran up behind her and scared her the cell rings, “finally “ she thinks as she answers it, “Hello?” a woman’s voice answers “Hi Debra its Jan”…Jan was the woman who warned Gina of Debra and after the conversation she came across Joe at bar with Gina. Debra’s mouth open at what she hears but its what Jan says next that gets to her, “listen Girl i know you aren’t afraid and your a street cat when pushed but this bitch is looking for it and from what i hear shes as bad” Debra sensing she was thanks he friend and hangs up.

Knowing if she goes to the club her and that bitch will be at other Debra decides to try it another way she leavesa note , “i see we arent going to leave willingly Joe will be away Saturday how about a chat here alone i will be here at noon dressed for a talk” not wanting to have a full on fight Debra takes her bra off and leaves it in bathroom as she hangs it she sees other womans bra and places hers atop a slight sneer. That Friday night Gina takes Joe back to his apartment as they enter Ginas smile fades as she smells the perfume and she walks into the bedroom she sees the light on and looks in there on counter the 2 bras and the note as she reads it her face contorts to anger. Joe walks in behind her as she hides the note he cups her big breasts looking over her shoulder he moans, “hey what are you moving in leaving 2 bras here?”.

He smiles a giggle and Gina nudges his tummy but as he takes the bras he sees one of them looks a bit fuller than other he looks to Gina , “why are they different?”.. Gina not wanting to say Debras bustier or admit it grabs them and says “every makers are different way they cut them” and walks out furious he noticed. Gina spent the night making Joe forget the difference as she used her breasts to devour him, as the sun came up on Saturday Gina awoke to see him dressed and ready to leave.

“Hey babe i gotta get going but sleep in I’ll be back by Monday”. She smiled and turned over as he left as the door shut she got up and showered and dressed for the noon meeting.

As she dressed she took Debra’s bra tried it on she was relieved to see it was swimming on her but was loose in cups as she removed it she put on her blouse with out a bra at all and waited. What seemed like forever finally ended as she heard the key in the door her eyes looked at the clock it was 10 minutes after and suddenly there stood Debra the 2 glared as she closed the door . “Your late” Debra sneered “wanted to be sure he wasnt running late” she walks in the tension high as Gina snarls, “so you didnt want to meet at the club afraid?”..debra breathes in and calms herself, “not at all I felt if we met there and Joe was there he wouldnt want to or let us fight like we can so i figure here at least we both will hold back see if we cant come to an arrangement” .

Gina seeing Debra has no bra on and lets deb see same on her swallows as she knows her rival is right, “Well then whats the arrangement?”, as the 2 women sit ready to sink claws in other debra takes in a breath, “well i see we are leaving little momentous for other won’t be long he will catch on” Gina nods as they stare and then debra reaches to her blouse as her nails start to undo it , her tight cleavage coming in view as she does Gina mimics the move exposing her own as their glares tell other whats next, “i thought it best we use this place and use our endowments to maybe not settle it all but at least give other space from him for now?’.

Gina breaths in already knowing debs a bit fuller “on one condition” Debra waits for it , “loser today not only backs off but worships others breasts when pinned” Debra swallows deep as the thought of losing is bad to her but to kiss her breasts she rather be clawed but being the one wanting it she agrees. Debras lips part slow , “where?”..Gina swallows His extra bedroom nothing in there” Debra nods stands up and walks away Gina does the same following. their heels click on the floors as they enter the room carpeted and empty Debra moves to far side and turns as Gina shuts the door and takes other corner they glare and Debra finished undoing her blouse exposing her full 38Es and stiff nipples as she drops the blouse her bust sways out nipples hard areolas swelled and she smirks “no hands till its over”.. Gina sees her rival topless and removes her top dropping it as her Full firm 40Ds sway out nipples stiff areolas swelled and gives a sexy shimmy..”agreed shall we?”

Nothing is said as each woman studies others full veiny mass standing firm for her age and each admits inwardly other is not going to be an easy match up, as if on agreed cue both women make a step out and circle feeling out the space as they stare, slowly the 2 women get closer and closer the room is deafening quiet except the breathing and tap of heels to floor the slow firm sway of each of their breasts like a slow pendulum as they are about to meet they shift a bit and their bare arms and shoulders meet as they pass other. Debra softly purrs “Ready ?”..Gina inhales “Are you?’

With a slow inhale and hardly a nod the two women circle and pull off other slowly turn to face to face as they stare they use peripheral sight to line up nearly perfect as they glare then Debra  eases in and  without a word lines her nipples to ginas and presses to her  and slowly rubs then a slow but sharp flick the move makes a light sound similar to a match strike but as Gina breaths in from the move it is Debra who lets out a small reaction, “uuhnnn”. Not from the feel or move but at the fact the move caused no sway in her rivals bust  she looks up as Gina stares then eases in and presses her nipples to Debra’s and rubs then flicks aside  as well.

Gina breaths in a groan, “uuuhnnn” as Debra licks her lips  they step circling a heel at a time as debra taunts, “stiff arent they cmon”..Gina stares back, “not as much as mine,, lets go”.
 like 2 jungle cats they cautiously draw to other then Gina shifting her shoulders a bit ever slightly slides the outer round side of her left breast along outer outside of Debra’s, they feel others mass and flawless round veiny surface and as Gina slides her flesh on Debra’s they stare then Gina smirks a bit as she drags hers across front of Debra’s bust.

Debra unsure what was coming feels the weight and firmness and breathes in “ohhhh” as Gina taunts “Hope you have more than that big girl” the tease has Debra breathing heavy as Gina acts unphased by her rivals bust  as she finishes crossing Debra’s bust she arches up a bit and does the same move aside Debra’s right breast with her own then drags across again , “uuuhhnnnn cmon” she huffs as Debra inhales, “uuwww” but as Gina drags across Debra waits till they are front to front head on and presses in fully  to Gina’s bust.

The reaction is perfect as Gina parts her lips “ohhhhh” and Debra smirks “oh come now tell me you can take more than that”..Gina steps around with her foe as they breath slow but heavier and hisses, “i’ll show you more” and with a dense firm push meets Debra’s bust head on and as the 2 press their massive busts swell and balloon together neither a give or drop to others “uwwwww fight bitch” Gina huffs as Debra sneers a lip, “careful what you wish for whore” and suddenly the 2 women nearly stop circling as they stand bust to bust and let their full breasts wrestle. slowly as they stand their breathing thickens as they use shoulders , torsos and hips to direct their breasts against others, neither looking between them  just empty glares as they duel.

With no worry of time or fear of being stopped they use their best to out maneuver other, thick stiff nipples bend slightly as they drag over rounded flesh and heavy flesh meet mold to others and seem to engulf others before pushing back to shape. Sweat forms on foreheads as they smear flesh, neither wanting to lose contact as they need to face other full on.  And so they did as they dragged smeared and pressed breasts tight to others , slowly as they went on each woman faltered a step and gained as they relished the small advantage they worried at losing it again  more and more they pressed harder, tighter wanting to pull and drive through others mass  heels start to scrape floor as they move again as one. slowly the room starts to become louder .

Fleshy sounds start to ring out between them as they curse other, “ughnn mmfff bitch”..uwww ohh you cow”… they circle like a designed dance  as their breasts meet rougher and more firmly, re blotches emerge as they huff and gasp.

Gina starts to roll her shoulders and go after her fuller foe as they both  breath heavier, “uughhh you bitch  ill ruin you” her back like a serpent climbing along a wall snakers her bust up into debras  and despite not wanting to admit the feel debras  body and lips let her down as she gasps out, “ohhh uugmmfff bitch” and loses 2 steps of ground. Gina a bit taken by her ability  smiles as she thrusts to Debra , “going somewhere Bitch?”..and a solid fleshy CLOP rings out as both grunt. Debra is stunned as Gina starts to take advantage and her tits start to push and drag and shove Debra’s .

Thrown off her game a bit Debra catches her footing and her hands shove at Gina’s hips to slow the advance , but as she senses Debra’s frustration she adds to her onslaught , “cmon you bitch i said fight me!”.. suddenly  Debra is back peddling and pushing to ward off Gina who seems to swell in anger and domination  and as she grows tired of the attempt to ease the fight she grabs Debras shoulders, and tries to hug her body up.

As they collide tighter Gina holds her rivals shoulders to limit her motion as she plunges her own breasts firm and often up into Debra’s the effects are heard as the room echoes fleshy collisions “ clop clap slap thwack “ among the grunts of each hit “Ummfff umff ughhh cmon” Gina huffs as Debra pants heavily “No oughhnn bitch ohhhh “..the 2 step around  as Gina goes to pin her rival to a wall Debra arches and side steps to avoid the drastic pin. Get off me bitch “ she pants heavy as Gina sneers an evil grin , “what’s wrong honey hmm your big tits can’t fight?”.

 As Debra is forced back her body and mind feeling a desperation grabs Gina’s arms in return and as she pumps head on toward her Debra pulls with all she has and spins Gina using her momentum, Gina’s eyes go big and wide as she comes at Debra and suddenly her rivals not there as she staggers forward her face and breasts SLAP into the coming wall hard, SMACK “oowwwwughnnn” before she can turn Debra steps in behind her and shoves into  Gina’s back planting her pinned breasts to the wall hard the jolt shakes Gina’s body, “Aghhhh you BITCH!!”.

Debra steps back catching her breath as she waits for Gina to turn smiling a evil grin hisses, “Turn around you Bitch and fight my tits”, Gina turns and as her breasts peel from the wall they sway out and she feels their own weight  pull, not wanting to but forced to Gina caresses the undersides in front  that are now bright red from hitting the wall, “You want a fight Bitch my tits are right here”.

The 2 women glare and as Gina steps side ways to circle Debra lunges head on and her arms slip under Gina’s and her hands hook on to her shoulders and pull on them as Gina feels the hug and shoulder hold her lips part in attempt to protest but as she starts to Debra thrusts her breasts head on and in an instant is grinding swaying and smearing Gina’s all over her chest. “Let go you >>OWwwwughhnnnn noooo get oofff me uughhmmffff mmfff “ Debra is a like a boxer in a clinch stabbing jabs but its her breasts that are delivering the blows as her body is the drive behind them. Once again the room is echoing solid fleshy slaps clops and collisions as Gina’s snarled lips purse in pain and her eyes wince. Debra like a professional boxer head low and smiles lie a evil queen works her foe with her breasts  her shoulders thrust and jab , “Cmon Bitch whats the problem hmm tits cant fight?”.

Gina now shaking her head no at the turn of the fight  feels the red burn and heat in her breasts  she pushes at Debra’s face and chin and shoulders in a desperate panic now. Both women are sweating and gasping panting  both need other to stop but neither will till one gives, “Cmon you stupid bitch Give!”. Debra yells as Gina winces and feels a tear drip from her eye , she grabs Debra’s hair and yanks to pull her back her neck stretched head back looking up Debra screams< “you fucking Bitch fight with your tits”! But feeling Gina won’t let go Debra grabs her hair back and as she yanks forward then back hits Gina’s head on wall. A sickening thud and a moan “Awww Ugghhh”.

 The fight slows and heavy drag and smearing continues as Debra steps into Gina , Gina snakes her lag behind Debra’s knee as she kicks to bend the leg and throw her foe off Debra snarls up at her face, “Cmon you can do better than that bitch fight me” Gina pauses as they share a stare and both women nod as if they agree.

Debra shoves off Gina and steps back Gina swallows a heavy breath as she arches off the wall the 2 women step to open area as they glare seeing damage they made and feeling what has been done, Debra hands up in her own hair nods for Gina to do the same slowly she mimics the posture they step in and a slow swaying begins by both.

Like 2 pendulums both sets sway in a rhythm  Like tuned clocks as they draw to other neither braces as they hold a glare and the room erupts in a fleshy exchange solid and slow their breasts collide , jostling and quaking and shaking as they reform to collide again. the 2 women step and hold their place as they use breasts to box others  faces grimace and wince with each blow. “No owww you Bitch , “Ughhnn cmon whore more” they taunt both tear up and sweat exhausted and bitter Gina starts to drive at her foe “Ill ruin you” Debra seeming to lose ground when suddenly she dips low her rivals breast miss and pass over and before she can sway back debra shoots up from under and a dense SMACK rings out, both women cry out and suddenly Gina is staggering back knees buckling, as she straightens up Debra lunges in and the 2 bodies collide head on again and gina hits the wall again this time facing her foe, her head shaking her tears dripping Gina pants ”Nooo you Bitch no” Debra snarls her lips “Oh come now bitch its fight” and as she steps into Gina to end the fight Gina arches off the wall. In a flash Debra gasps as she feels Gina’s breasts plunge between hers and Gina’s hands wrap around her low on her ribs and squeeze tight Debra’s head flies back as her mouth drops open to scream but nothing comes out as her breath is taken away by the hug.

Like a football player Gina lifts and in anger and fear drives her body forward till Debra’s bare back SLAPS on other wall her head snaps back hitting it as hard dazed she sinks in her rivals grasp and her breasts get pushed apart by Gina’s and now inside her foes cleavage Gina like a wild woman shoves pumps and thrusts at will battering the fuller tits on her foes chest, “Cmon bitch fight me ughh ughhh give you fucking cow” Debra hugging Gina to ease it can not speak her head drops to Gina’s shoulder and tears run down as her shoulders drop and Gina in a rhythm works her foe like a machine never feeling the lack of fight in her foe. As Gina pummels Debra’s tits with her own she cries at the rage and pain barely standing herself pleading her head the fight ends   suddenly about to fall  she hears a plea, “Stop Please Please my tits Stop I give”..

 Gina unsure it even happened smears her breasts into Debra’s hearing a whimper she taunts to be certain its over, “Cmon fight or  do you give “ not hearing a answer she pumps again “Say it Bitch “ her own face winces as they rub cheeks  and she gets her confirmation . “Ok Ok IGIVE PLEASE”, About to fall Gina pulls away from Debra and watches her fall onto hands and knees as she looks down at Debra cradling her tits in 1 arm tears dripping on floor she cups her own and steps to her rivals side using her heel into the ribs shoves Debra onto her side on floor  with ease she drops and is prone on her back Gina swaggers over releases her red breasts and straddles Debra then lowers on to her tummy, she grabs her wrists and pins then to the floor then with a evil smile taunts “now worship mine” and with a firm plop drops her battered breasts on to Debra’s face and rolls them over  till she feels the weak lick of her tongue then her soft lips sucking  and moans “ uwww sss ohhh nmmm yess, You are gonna backoff Bitch right?”..all gina gets is a nod then she smears off her beaten foe and stands as she leaves the room looks back,”Be out before i finish showering or ill make it worse”.

As she enters the shower she cries  hurt and sore she hears Debra walking out crying as well, the warm water soothing hurts as it hits her bust, but as Gina cradles her bust and sits in the shower she knows that a woman like Debra like herself wont go quietly.

A few weeks have past since the initial meeting and debra has lived up to her end by not seeking Joe out at his apartment but nothing was said about having him over or meeting him else where and Gina knew Debra was around but as long  as she didnt come to the apartment her and Debra were strangers again that crossed paths, Joe unaware of the entire incident felt something was up and as both women did their best to make him forget the other when alone with him it had the opposite effect, it made him compare how alike they actually were and feel the tension.

As time passed Joe became busy again and the date nights with Gina slowed as with Debra and both women felt he was choosing other, they decided it was time to take charge again, Gina was becoming a familiar face at the club and to a choice few that would listen managed to proudly say “Don’t be looking for that cow Debra to be around much” , What Gina didn’t know was Debra was already frequenting the club on off nights hoping to catch Joe alone.
 It was a friday night that brought things to a head soon enough, both women made their taunts to others in order to carry to the ears of the other woman and they knew another little get together was on horizon and while Gina was on a high beating a fuller busty woman she knew it was by sheer will it went her way another 5 mins. and Debra may have been one pinning her and Debra knew it as well.
 With her husband gone and knowing Joe was due back Debra poured her body into a gorgeous and sexy and very revealing  lycra style electric blue mini dress that hugged her like it was painted on her pointy nails ran over her body in it as she smiled at how she made it work so well a v cut style her veiny full breasts could not be hidden and her bra did its best to contain them. Her matching heels  were deadly and sexy looking  her dark blue thighhighs emphasized her steely legs, as she applied her dark lipstick and nails polish and her dirty blonde hair up Debra smiled at how she knew no man could resist,and she headed out the door to find her boy toy again.

 Across town gina was doing the same routine only into a hunter green mini dress dark thighhighs  matched heels and as low cut as her full own breasts showed they needed to be restrained by her matched bra, her brown hair a more mess style look Gina inhaled at her body and smiled as she left to find her man.
At the club it was a typical busy night and the music was just loud enough people could chat as they enjoyed a drink, Gina strolled in and smiled as her hazel eyes panned the club but she was slightly disappointed to not see Joe waiting at the bar.
 She swaggered around her eyes now scanning  for sign of Debra as she took her seat and waited for her boy toy, slowly she sipped a drink as she ignored advances from other young men.  Each time the club door swung open Gina would sit a little higher in hopes it was him, but a feather could have pushed her off her perch as the door swung open and in walked Debra looking as fit and confident as ever.

As if someone pointed the 2 out to other their eyes instantly met and not a word needed to be said as Debra scanned the club for Joe then swaggered her body to the bar and sat and waited as she sipped her drink. The two women sat each eye other and each had a catty smirk towards other as if to say from Ginas point (i beat you at your own game) and Debra as if to say( you got lucky and know it) one thing was certain to both neither was going to back off so easily.
Both sat neither willing to be the one to start anything yet neither willing to let the night go without a brief chat, one thing that went on as they waited  was the constant glares as the only diversion of eyes  was the squeal of the door as some one entered, but as time passed their lover still had not shown, or did he? in the back of the club where the lighting was the dimmest were booths and in the last one sat a stunning 39 year old redhead  named Lynda sipping her drink she was in a conversation with none other than Joe himself.
But Joe was so inthralled by this woman he never noticed the other 2 enter and sit waiting on him, and Lynda who had no idea about the other 2 either could not help but notice how they sat glaring and her instincts told her trouble was brewing, in a way it made her smirk as she pretended to listen Joe she thought who was the bigger cat between them. Not knowing if she was going to se them in action or not Lynda didn’t care she was going to take this stud  some place and make him a man in her own right, but before leaving Joe excused himself to use the rest room.

As she watched him stand and start toward the mens room, Lynda saw him freeze in his tracks she turned a bit and saw both Gina and Debra perk up, a grin formed on her lips as her green eyes tore into each woman now she knew why they were here and she debated getting up to show each it was her that took him away, but before she could decide Joe was approached by Debra and as he started to chat Gina swaggered over and the 3 of them stood, she could see a combination of fear and worry on his face and she saw the jealous bitter hate in the 2 women as she stood up to rescue the young man things found their own path.

Lynda stepped with in a foot of the 3 and was privy to the chat getting louder, as Gina hissed to Debra “you stupid Bitch  wasn’t last chat enough for you or do you need to get torn up?”, debra swelling in her pride stared coldly back “you got lucky cow but i won’t let it happen a second time Bitch”, the 2 cats turned from Joe to stare at other ready to pounce he tried to dissolve the situation but with club known for occasional spats and the other cats knowing each of them no one was eager to stop it, feeling concern for him Lynda passed by his back took his arm and tugged and whispered to him “Let them work it out Dear its going to happen either way” as Joe looked distraught at the escalating event , neither woman noticed Lynda and they stood ready to face other, the bar tender already out from behind the bar stepped between the 2 hell cats and calmly told each to take a seat or take it else where.

He knew these incidents could get savage and was not willing to lose his license over it, as Joe eased back the 2 rivals glared and Lynda assured Joe it was no longer about him.

Debra with a cold sneer at Gina hissed “I wanted to end this first night we saw him” Gina inhaled “Oh i was willing to honey and still am”. the gauntlet had been thrown as they stood there all eyes on them Debra took a breath “good but not here i hate to be interrupted “ Gina smirked “any where you like” , “Meet me out in the lot in 10 minutes then” and she turned and swaggered off passing Joe as if he wasn’t there and out to the street Gina grabbing her purse did the same as Lynda held his arm she smiled and with a tone of concern whispered “we should go watch make sure  they are both ok after” Joe looked at her and nodded. As Gina sternly walked out of the club Lynda and Joe slowly strolled out staying far enough back as they watched the 2 women head to the back of the parking lot.

As their heels clicked on the black top  the lights of the street and lot got dimmer and with no cars near by Debra turned and stood hands to her hips and clutching her purse, Gina walking toward her stopped with in 3 feet of her and crossed her arms clutching her purse they glared in silence, as Lynda and Joe trailed  a few other women interested in seeing the out come straggled toward the area as well, and  formed  around to se what if anything was about to happen.

Gina broke the silence “are we going to stand here or get it over with?” Debra just stared back then simply dropped her purse behind her and in a breath gave Gina her answer “i am ready if you are”, Gina a slight shiver in her body tossed her purse behind her and the 2 women started towards other. As Joe and Lynda looked on quietly  Lynda’s lips grinned and her teeth showed as she waited others looking on gave their encouragement “Get her Gina show her  your the Bitch “Cmon Debra put her in her place”  the 2 cats walked right at other as if they were going to walk through each other and the night exploded into a fury of open hands slapping at others face.

As their heads tilted up and back each woman swung and connected  instantly turning cheeks red “Cmon Bitch” “Lets go Whore” was all they heard when as the 2 women closed in more the sound of material ripping was heard as Gina clawed at Debra’s Chest and tore down , Debra grabbed Gina’s dress front and rippped wide exposing others bra, no attempt to cover was made as Gina reached out and snagged Debra’s hair by her ear and pulled Debra grabbed Gina’s hair at the top and yanked back both women snarled at the pain as they stepped around Gina hissing “Cmon you Bitch”, as Debra yanked hair her open free hand stabbed her nails in Gina’s face and sank in “You wanna fight lets really fight” and the first scream was emitted as Gina’s cheek was torn 4 furrows deep filled red and as Debra finished the scratch she clawed down her rivals chest to her left breast and pulled and tugged till a bra strap snapped and flung free exposing Gina’s full breast. 

Not to go lightly Gina ripped Debra by the hair to side tilting her upper body  with it and drove a knee up into Debra’s belly, the move landed hard as Debra coughed out her reaction “uugghhh mmfff “ and suddenly staggered and fell on her left knee  as she did 2 women watching shouted “Get her Gina you got her” as Gina listened she stepped in stance widened and hung Debra by her hair   and shook her head like a ragdoll, “You fucking bitch i’ll bald you”! Debra’s claws raked and stabbed her attackers wrists as she felt a scared desperation Gina was like a machine and her knee landed a second blow to Debra’s Bra encased breasts the knee blow crushed the full mass and bounced them like a toy kicked then in a well timed second part of move her spike heel stabbed Debra’s thigh and cut in as it tore her thigh high stocking and flesh. Debra was wide eye and panting as she was flung by her hair to side nearly put on ground it looked as if the fight was going to be quick.

When suddenly Debra threw herself on her back and as she did kicked up her own heels into Gina’s torso and with her nails in her wrists pulled Gina up and over a solid Smack on the ground was heard as Debra was free she rolled to her hip and got up, Gina sat up a bit dazed but was quickly brought to reality as Debra landed a kick into her back, the blow was so perfect Gina’s head shot up and fell back as she arched in agony before she could recoup Debra stabbed her talons in her rivals thick hair and yanked up and dragged Gina on the ground to her  then reached down and started to claw and punch at her face. Gina was stunned and suddenly as it started was at Debra’s mercy, her only move was to cover her face as her lip was sliced open by Debra’s ring, Lynda holding Joe’s arm assured him to leave them alone as other women watching urged each fighter on.

“Cmon you Fucking Bitch Fight!” Debra screamed as Gina covered yelled ”Let me up you Cow!” but there were no rules this time and Debra seeing her foes face covered tugged the tension on her hair and stabbed her nails in Gina’s bouncing breast and scratched as she pulled the fleshy mass, at the feel of the sharp pain Gina was like a fish pulled from water flopping kicking and twisting on the ground, finally as Debra pulled back Gina caught her thigh in her own nails and gouged the fear of how close she came to her womanhood Debra released Gina and staggered back, scrambling to her feet Gina opened her claws and rushed Debra who arched up and met her rival in same manner and in an instant the 2 women were like jungle cats slapping and clawing at others face and hair like wild animals spitting cursing and screams as they spun around knees thrusting at thighs, Gina managed to stab her nails up under Debra’s throat and claw carving 4 furrows in as Debra shrieked dropped her head into her rivals head and bit down on her cheek.

The bite was like cold splash of water to Debra as her eyes went wide and mouth opened in a cry “OWwwwww cunt!” but Gina tasting blood was like a hungry cat and using her leg behind Debra’s knee pushed her foe back and in a heap they went to the ground Debra on her back taking the brunt as Gina landed atop, reached up taking hair and clawing her face  as Gina grabbed hair and scratched away at hers. Debra feeling she was going to be at Gina’s mercy bucked and grabbed her rivals hair and shook wildly and pulled and eventually rolled Gina over but in the heat of battle Debra never realized how easily Gina rolled over, as Debra got atop Gina wrapped her thighs around Debra and squeezed her hands stabbed her claws in her bare back and her head tilted up into Debra’s bust and bit down again.

The night was disturbed with a high scream as Debra raised up on her hands  both clawing in Gina’s face  her heavy breasts hung and Gina’s teeth latched in deep, tears ran from her eyes as her mind raced in fear, “Awwwwwww God Bitch my tits!” but Gina just closed her eyes to the claws and bit, in a last ditch Debra formed a fist and swung from the right hard landing solid to Gina’s jaw, the clunk was like a shot as Gina’s mouth sprang open and Debra pulled up onto her knees and cups her wounded breast as Gina spits blood from her mouth rears her right leg up and back and delivers a high heel kick into Debra’s breast, her head snaps back and her body flails back on to the ground.

 In pain from the kick Debra rolls  up and onto her hip as Gina gets up on her knees behind her  as she grabs at her rival Debra swings an elbow back and it lands solid into Gina’s cheek bone the hit snaps her head to side and Debra turns getting to her knees and the 2 cats smash their breasts as they grab other by her hair and fall on the ground and start to roll in a ball of hate and ripping, their faces red and mouths open teeth flashing as breasts mushroom between bodies they roll over and over  hair ripped from roots spitting in others ear..”Ill kill you Bitch, ohh i will carve you up Whore!” Gasping panting huffing breaths among cries and screams. As Joe steps to stop it Lynda pulls him back, “No No honey they need to finish it” as she stops she smiles , and Debra and Gina roll over again and Suddenly with Debra atop Gina tilts her head back on the rough ground screaming her hands claw and slap at Debra’s head as her face is in Gina’s breast  shaking like a mad dog at the flesh.

Debras hands stab into Gina’s face and clawwww as she bites  “AWWWWWWW NOOOO PLEASEEEE GODDD!!”…scared and hurt Gina swings wilder but Debra refuses to ease off as her nails cut in Gina’s features, her  rear lifts and moves up and drops hard on Gina’s Tummy as she spits free her bite then straddles her rival lifting her head by hair slams it on the hard ground over and over  “Cmon you cunt Fight me!”..but in he rage Debra doesn’t feel how limp she whips her rivals head about, till 2 women rush her and pull her from the hurt woman, “DEBRA ENOUGH STOP!” she is pulled up she kicks gina in the side and watches her roll to her side in tears.

“AWWWWW AWWW PLEASE ENOUGH!”..Debra stands her breast bruised and cut face same and hair matted mess pulls her dress strap up and ties it to cover up as he stares at the hurt rival hisses, “I see you here again Bitch i won’t stop got it?”. Gina just nods her head  laying there, as Debra turns to leave she stops in anger as she sees Joe  stunned look and Lynda on his arm as she purrs  in a venom hiss, “Well Debra fancy seeing you here honey”, Debra glares hate as Lynda pulls Joe by the arm and purrs to him “if that was me i would have fought for you honey” her green eyes glare back at Debra  with a evil smile as Debra walks to her car.

The End.

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