Never Know Who You’re Dealing With by Dotti D

Carol was by all standards a very sexy woman, thick wavy blonde hair that hung to her shoulders a mix of tangled look and loose curls, her blue eyes light but deep, round full cheek bones that made her sexy alluring smile swallow you, her skin was smooth as silk and her 36D breasts stood up that made other woman her age jealous for that, at 49 Carol was a sultry sexy woman standing 5’10’” 143 bs. a gym kept 36-28-38.

Carol though she knew she was sexy and a looker and was proud of her well kept figure never felt she had to over or rather under dress for anyone to notice and she was confident in that, be it jeans and a tee or a stunning gown that fit like it was painted on, Carol knew a sexy smile and a wink would land most mens attention, but Carol was not a fool either she knew women were out there that could rival her looks or used their assets to pull attention and she was not eager to face off but was never one to slip away she just knew what was worth a fight and the rest was all talk.

Carol was divorced a two years now and though the hurt of her husband leaving her still hurt she was moving on, but any time spent dating she couldn’t help but wonder if the guy she was with was secretly married or if the bitch that took her husband had moved on after ruining them.

After selling her home that she was awarded and making a very good profit , Carol sat in her car of the home, as he went through the mail, and the moving truck pulled up, she opened a letter from her ex, in it was a letter and a check from him, on the check Carol read in memo “Last payment”, in the letter she read as follows.

“ Dear Carol,
       I know your agreement was you were to be paid monthly till the children moved out, but with the profit you made on the sale of the house and the kids won’t be moving on this is the last payment, Before you go and call his cell understand the following, First off this letter is not from Joe your ex but he is aware it was sent, my names Dawn and i am his new girl friend, I am not a little 20 something that he cant keep up with but a mature woman like you, with one exception i know what a man needs, i am not taking sides here since i never met you honey, but mature women like ourselves  either can keep her man or she can’t, obviously you couldn’t.

I told Joe i preferred we did this in person but he said knowing you there would have been more excuses than action, I am on the fence about that as a mature woman i can not picture you standing by , but maybe your one of the less confident types hmm?.

At any rate, I want to put this out there as well, any thing you need to say to your Ex will go through me, if you can not tolerate that , then maybe we should have that face to face talk, my number is enclosed and our new address, I look forward to never hearing from you again, unless you are more confident than i assume either way accept your last payment and move on”  Dawn.
Carol sat in shock and a little bit of jealousy and a touch of how dare she, as her pointy nails held the paper, Carol ran things through her head, on one side she could understand this womans point , if it was her she wouldn’t want an ex wife or some woman  around either, on the other hand before her husband was seduced they were happy if not for his stupid move on a younger version of herself Joe and she might still be together.

Her lips parted as she thought of those times and little bit of doubt about the divorce rushed through her as she wondered if she was a bit more assertive ,could she have scared off the mistress and taught her a lesson about trespassing on a cats turf, she looked out the windshield as she pictured the 25 year old blonde in her mind, she was Carols height weight ad aside from a bigger bust could have been her daughter, the little whore hunted her husband and pretty much dared Carol to do a thing about it.

Her nails gripped the letter as she could picture the bitch laying under her crying as Joe would be begging forgiveness , her teeth showed a bit at the thought but faded fast as she could also picture that little bitch ripping her apart and being under her and not only losing her husband but her pride and confidence and the thought of their friends being told as Joe sat around sporting a younger model.

A large tear was in her eyes as she thought it all over and now she learns Joe gave up the little whore for a mature woman and she was so eager to know how and if it was true, was she right in thinking her and Joe would still be together , did this new woman carry out what Carol just thought of doing and took the young bitch apart?.

The movers were nearly done and Carol was awaken from her thoughts with a knock on her car window, the driver asked  if he could take the new house keys and get her moved in , Carol was happy to as it would allow her time to go have a drink and try to put things in perspective. wearing a grey skirt and black thigh highs grey heels and a white blouse her hair a sexy messy loose pin up look Carol swaggered into a bar.

She smiled at the younger bar tender and he was all smiles back as he gave her a drink, Carol sipped the wine as she looked about the bar, a few couples , a few singles and 2 regular bar huggers who were near passed out on the bar, Carol smirked when she felt eyes on her, Carol looked about and across the bar was a woman, who looked about her age and very statuesque as she sat posture perfect looking across at Carol.

The woman seemed to be taking her time taking Carols features and body in as she sat sipping her own drink, her green eyes were light and seem to pierce from her mascara eyes, her round cheek bones were obvious , with out a smile and her full lips were red and luscious, she had her hair up in a bun but towards the back and her long neck was traced by Carols eyes to her tight cleavage that was swelling as she breathed slow.

Carol stared back assessing the woman as she saw her olive green blouse  and bra under but not in a (look at me way) it was tasteful saying (look but i am a lady), Carol watched as other woman’s eyes were busy assessing her in same fashion and Carol even paused a second to realize they were both tastefully teasing in what they decided to show, there were no nods there were no idle chat across the bar just stares.

The woman looking at her was a Dark redhead  green eyes and was at least  5’9” and a 140 lbs. without knowing Carol eyes her as a 36D-29-38 but no sag in her body telling Carol she was a gym woman as well, as they sipped and just let other stare something started , it was silent it was unknowing. the building tension broke when a Man walked in and made both women look who walked in, the man saw Carol and smiled and even nodded as he  huffed ‘Wow”, she smirked but he walked around to the redhead who had a tough luck smile on her face towards Carol, what she did notice was he didn’t kiss the redhead hello just sat with her, and his eyes dashed between them both.

Carol sat a bit nervous as the redheads date eyed her as she saw it, but she thought about the letter ,she thought what if her and her ex saw each other again, what if this Dawn woman found out?, as she sat the redhead slowly stood up and with a swagger like a panther walked around and went to the ladies room, Carol let her eyes linger on the sultry woman, as her eyes were on Carol, as she went into the ladies room, the gentleman that was sitting with the red head walked over, “ Pardon me ,Sorry to bother you “, Carol looked at the man he was handsome and smelled great, Carol smiled ‘Oh HI its ok”, he smiled back, “are you alone?”, Carol nodded yes ‘Thats a shame a gorgeous woman like you” she loved the attention but knew he was with someone “Well thank you but don’t you think you should get back to your seat before she comes back out?”.

The man smiled “Oh I guess but i am my own man and when i see something i want i go for it, it was nice meeting you .I am Pete..”,  “ I am Carol”.. “Carol it was a pleasure one i hope to continue soon” , Carol smiled “Pleasure Pete but i think she will be upset ” Pete nodded with a grin and  he turned and headed back as he sat the redhead strolled out and her pace slowed as she could tell Pete was just talking to the blond, as Carols whole sad look was lifted, their eyes met again and locked this time as she returned to her seat, Carol thought “Oh she doesn’t like me here”, but as the challenge of being on her turf ran through Carol a slight smile came to her over it , that woman as every bit as sexy and gorgeous as she was and she lost his attention to her and Carol liked it, being free to act on it made it more intriguing, but as the redhead sat and glared a look back that said watch it, Carol felt a shiver in her body she knew without a word the redhead was not the type to sit by and let her plaything be taken.

Carol felt her time to herself was running out and she tipped the bartender and stood up, as she swaggered to the door the man smiled and Carol couldn’t resist a smile back as she just shared a look with the redhead as she got in her car she felt a thrill run through herself that a total stranger dared to hit on her with his woman practically right there, as she started the car and was easing from her parking space Carol saw the redheads eyes at the window, they locked to Carols as she drove out.

Carol was heading to her new house when the thoughts of her ex and the letter were nearly forgotten, the last 15 minutes of her new life had her smiling and a slight worry of the red head , Carol knew if she ventured back to that bar she was bound to see her again and next time it might be more than a stare down, part of her wanted to test the waters other part wanted to stay far away from that, no matter now she thought as she pulled in the driveway of the new house the movers were finishing up.

Carol handed them a check and was left alone she looked at the row of homes and listened to the silence a grin came over her and she walked in her home, gone were the memories , the scent of her husband, everything was now new she even had new furniture, as her nails ran over a sofa and she let it all roll over her, the ring of her cell phone stunned her , “Hello?” …”Carol its Joe, listen before you hang up i just wanted to wish you luck and say again i was sorry for what happened, still love you”.

Carol felt her eyes well up, “Well Joe thank you and its a shame it happened but my new place is great and I might have a new friend already, besides I got your girlfriends note and she won’t be happy you called me”,  there was a silence then a shocker “What letter? I have no idea what you mean”, Carol took the letter from her purse “Allow me then” , she read the letter word for word and as she said Signed Dawn she heard ex’s temper get a rise, “Are you frigging kidding me? , Carol I had no idea that was sent and I assure you that was not your last payment, I will be talking to her and hope you as well, gotta run for now”.

Carol tossed the phone on her counter and went to her room and changed she slipped on her jean shorts and a white tank top and went from heels to sneakers, she started to unpack and hang frames and making her house her home, as the sun was going down Carol was sweating she was tearing through boxes, her cell rang again, “Hello?”, …“Think your funny don’t you bitch?”, ..“Who is this?”, ..“This is Dawn Joes woman i hear you spoke to him told on me, listen up honey  my letter was clear and i mean it you lost him stay away” Dawn hung up on Carol.

Carol shook her head and figured there are ways around this, avoid Joe or simply change her number and talk to him when she wanted, but as she took a break she sat and after the letter and that call Carol again was mad at herself as she didn’t tell that crazy bitch off, Carol sat in her sofa and as she stared out at the front yard her eyes eased shut, as she sat nodding off her mind took her where she wasn’t ready to go, as she dreamt Carol saw herself walk in the bar and as she sat the redhead and another woman glare at her, Pete and Joe are there and both want her, as they walk from their women and buy her drinks she sees both walk over and start with her in her dream she claws and slaps both and ends up sitting on their faces and then takes both men.

Carol jumps up gasping wet and nipples steely hard she panics and then smiles then laughs to herself, she wipes her brow and feels the flush in her cheeks “well that was a dream” she says as she heads to grab a shower.

Carol relives the dream and soon is caressing her fine round firm breasts in shampoo and then her lush mound “Uhnmmm uwww oh god yess yesss fuck” she wails in the shower as she reaches a quick orgasm and after the shower Carol is smiling and admiring her home half put together for her by her, as night sets in Carol locks up and spends her night with a book on her bed, as she does she can’t stop picturing the redhead and why she was eyeing her in the first place before her man even arrived, and this Dawn bitch threatening her and she didn’t even call Joe.

Unsure what even happened to the day, Carol passes out and sleeps soundly, the next day she wakes stretches and smiles but it fades slowly as she ponders what to do with her day, it occurs to her once the house is put together there is nothing to do and boredom is Carols biggest fear, she hangs more stuff and as she waits for her cable man Carol gets dressed into a sexy tight skirt and a red blouse red bra and heels and as she does her hair and cable man connects her home up Carol admires herself in the mirror, as she applies her lipstick she hears him yell “all set just need a signature”.

Carol swaggers to the living room her black skirt hugs her ass and thighs as her red top is strained by her firm Ds she smiles as the cable man’s mouth drops and he blurts out “wow”, she smiles a sexy grin “Well thank you, tell me besides that bar coming in town whats there for a woman to do?” he smiled a bit and looked her over ‘Well there is the mall about 2 miles other way, there is the developments pool and gym by sales office, and there is that bar pretty much”, she smiled hmmm some shopping a drink and a workout sounds like a plan” he smiles and a little red in the face looking at Carol, finished getting ready and got in her car and headed out to the mall, she arrives and its not crowded as she struts in and she takes in the stores, Carol notices she is being looked at by men woman and nearly everyone at the same time , she smiles loving the attention as she acts as if she doesn’t notice.

She walks by a lingerie store and ventures in as she shops about she sees bras hanging but none that would fit her right, about to leave she hears a sales woman, “we have designer fitting Ma’am”, Carol looks smiles “really hmm well why not lets do it”.

The sales girl takes her in back to a changing room and then hears her say aloud  ‘Gail you have a new client”, Carol strips off her top and bra and waits as he admires her firm breasts there is a soft knock and then a woman steps in “Hi Welcome I am Gail the owner first designer bra honey?”. Carol nods as the woman takes her tape measure and starts to get Carols stats for her bust, Gail reads out the stats to her sales girl 36D firm lets go with an olga”.

Carol smiles at the measurements, then Gail smiles “give us about 3 hours be ready tonight “, the sales girl shouts back “We only have one Gail on hold no payment yet rest need to be ordered”, Carol hears this and says matter of fact way, “I have cash right now”.

Gail walks out sees the 400 dollars and says “write her up its hers”, as they go to the counter Carol drops the money on it and gets a receipt  and as she swaggers out smiling,  Carol gets to her car an heads back as she drives her fingers run across her covered bust and she can’t help but remember her dream, as she pulls in her development with hours to wait Carol puts on her bikini a Robe and drives to the pool, a few women are sunning and Carol smiles nods then sheds her robe , she swells in pride at her gym kept figure and sees a few women give a dirty look at the perfection,        whispers go among them, Carol smiles as she hears bits and pieces but she knows what its like to be cheated on and has no intentions of becoming a cougar here,  as she dries off and grabs some sun she puts on her robe and she looks back tells them all,  “My names Carol not bitch and I am recently divorced my husband cheated on me with a 20 something whore so your men are safe ladies” and she strutted away to her car.

Carol returned home and showered and changed, she was heading out to the mall to get the new bra, she walked in and was fitted Gail smiled “Hows it feel?”, Carol was smiling “Oh my gosh its amazing perfect fit your an artist Gail”, Gail was smiling “Well wasn’t all me this time honey the woman who wanted it was same size  i just made a few adjustments to cups “, Carol was loving it and thanked Gail and left, as she drove home she saw the bar and thought why not.

Carol swaggers in  and its basically the same crowd as she orders  she hears a mans voice, “Well back again  i thought this day was gonna be boring”,  Carol looks and it was Pete,  ‘Well hi again ..Pete right?” he nods “Mind if i join you?”, Carol smiles “Are you alone?”, he nods yes “Please do then”.

They both start to chat and soon a second then a third drink goes by when suddenly the  door opens and in walks the redhead, both Carol and Pete get big eyes and Carol looks ahead as if its not her doing, the redhead glares fire as he slowly struts to them her eyes tearing into Carol who just looks back, as the redhead runs her nails on Petes shoulders she is  staring at  Carol “Who is your friend Pete”? he stammers a bit “uuuhh well Carol this is Jade , Jade this is Carol shes new here”, Jade stares as Carol gives a slight smirk “nice to meet you” Jade hisses back “think so?”.

Pete looks at Carol, “Well nice talking to you “ he walks away as Jade stares she sees in Carols top the new bra she inhales, “pleasure i’ll be seeing you honey”, Carol trying to be calm “likewise” a while goes by and Pete goes to the mens room, Jade slinks over to Carol, “you like playing with another womans things dont you?”.

Carol adjusts in her seat and looks back “What makes you say that ..Honey?”, Carol not use to confrontations was putting on her best act,Jade sits staring at Carol as she does back, “What you ask? well lets see you are sitting in this bar chatting to my man , and unless i am mistaken that bra your sporting looks an awful like the one i had ordered and was going to pick up”.

Carol swallows a sip of courage,  “Well Honey..your man? likes what he sees and came to me, as far as the bra goes I had it made and bought it with cash its not my problem you couldn’t pay for it”,  Jade stares looking Carol over seeing her body is a match , “Oh your a stuck up Bitch type are you? hmmm well its ok cause I want you to know just between you and i I WILL keep my Man and I will take my bra back”.

Carol swallows but feeling so confident smirks “That so? well I would like to know how you plan on doing either “, Jade unsure what kind of woman shes dealing with keeps up her tough girl front, “ Oh I would LOVE to show you just how, not sure your woman enough though “, Carol clears her throat refusing to be bullied about, “Oh don’t be a prude now with so much at stake do tell”, Jade looks around and Pete is still not back she leans close to Carol who arches up at her, “Well there are two ways , 1 i am going to the lades room and wait for you to join me and we are gonna go tit to tit for that bra, the second thing If i see you look at Pete again I am gonna claw your eyes out Bitch”.

Carol swallows slowly its all on her if she refuses Jade will tear her up if she goes in she may get the same but not wanting to be afraid Carol smirks, “you wanna fight my tits with those tits of yours? be my pleasure”, Jade smiles ‘You got 5 minutes to meet me in there or it will be a real fight.” As she stands she leans her face near Carols and hisses “Honey”, then wiggles her hips into ladies room.

Carol watches as they stare then as Jade vanishes from view Carol finishes her drink for some courage, as she stands Pete wanders around “Your not leaving are you?”, Carol a hand on her hip other on his chest “No nO just a little girl talk in the ladies room then I’ will be back” he smiles not seeing Jade he whispers ‘You got this” and goes to sit down, Carol looks at the bath room door then swaggers slow for it her hand pushes it open and standing at the mirror vanity is the redhead touching up lipstick and smirking.

“Well isnt this a day of firsts i was sure you were running to your car”, Carol checks and sees they are alone then stands near Jade looking at herself , “i see no reason to do that “ Jade slowly closes her purse and turns and stares at Carol , Carol does the same their nipples start to tent as they glare, “you need a reason? lets get these off and step in the large stall and i will show and give you two firm reasons” Carol seeing theres no way out and sure this won’t be as bad as a  catfight smirks, “love to but i hope for your sake what i have to offer aren’t to much for a big mouth like you”.

Jade not use to being called out at her own game slowly starts to undo her blouse as does Carol then she slowly removes her bra and sets it on the vanity and makes Carol see her firm round veiny 36Ds stand out nipples pointy but stiff a proud smirk as she displays her tits, but Carol while seeing she was wrong about Jade being saggy pulls her top off then as she models the bra removes it and her 36Ds sway out a bit firmer and thicker nipples, her lips smile as she proves her firmness, then as Jade stares Carol eases forward and her bare shoulder grazes Jades as her lips near Jades cheek “you got 1 minute” and swaggers to the last stall, Jade turns ready to pounce and slowly follows as they both step in the handicap stall they have room to circle about as they do taking other in Jade purrs.

“ Well you talk a good game but honey this is no game now” their heels a slow stiff click, Carol circles with her “Oh i wasn’t thinking of playing, Petes more my style than you” Jade slowly raises her hands to her hair and Carol not wanting to seem out of sorts does the same , “Jade arches ‘This is for bras, as for Pete we will continue another time”, Carol inhales her hands go on her head “Your not taking my bra either’, Jade shimmies slow ‘We will see about that”.

Slowly they step long legs flex as heels click and hose hiss as thighs cross, their arms up hands on hair  as torsos arch and busts swell, finally as Jade falls for Carols confident act she eases to her and ever so slowly her right breast wall meets Carols and as they breath their sides rub and then Jade presses and drags across, both women stiffen at the feel and pressure of others breast as she drag across, Carol manages to swallow a gasp at the feel as Jade gives  soft moan, “ohhhh nmm” Carol lets her eyes dart from their breasts to Jade, who though reacted never lost her look of confidence and anger, then as Jade dragged she pressed in again and dragged back other way, ‘Uhnnn mmm you seem ..shy”, Jade taunted and Carol felt a rush through her as if she was found out, Jade smirked and as they circle, she stepped in her nipples thinner pointer than Carols flicked with Carols both women moaned through it slowly , ‘Uhnnn mmm “ ..Ohhh uwww”, Carol watches as their texture rubbery like nipples meet and tangle then give, only to snap out to attention once free of others , she licks her lips as she feels Jade poke poke and ease back, feeling empowered Carol pokes her nipples and flicks them around Jades, Jade rolls her shoulders and seems to pull back, Carol sees it , feels it and stays at her , ‘Uhnn uhnn Mm” Jade “Ohhhh, uhnnn wait uhhnn” Carol smirks “nmmmm Feeling it are ya?”.

But Jade was feeling her out and Carol was feeling over confident as they stood rubbing and poking nipples Jade was really determining Carols strength, flicking as they both breath a bit heavier Carol smiled as she pressed her nipples up at Jades and lifted them a bit , “uuwww nmmm those little nipples aren’t made to fight a set like these”, Jade watched and even a slight pull in her lips said Carol was right, till Jade stared at her and she hissed “oh aren’t they?” and Jade lined tip to tip and thrust in at Carol a slight yip came from Carol “”Uhhnnn uww” Jade smirked and stabbed in again “Heyy aiiee”  Jade stepped at Carol , “Whats wrong ?”.

Carol watched her nipples be stabbed, Jade swiped at hers and like they were cut slowly Carol eased back and around the stall, “uunn unn mmm feel them do ya?” Jade taunted as Carol was looking on with wonderment then Jade stabbed her tips at Carols bases and dimpled them Carol arched as if stabbed “uuuugghnnnn ohhhh you bitch” Jade closed her eyes then opened them slow ‘Ohh yess nmm now your gonna feel it”, and Jade without looking stared in Carols eyes as she started to invert Carols nipples “OOhh Ahh nmmfmfff noo”, slowly Carol rolled her shoulders and stepped away from the wall Jade was working her towards then stepped back breaking Jades control, Jade huffed angry ‘You scared Bitch” , as Carol watched her nipples straighten back out, You whore thought you wanted a titfight”.

Jade took breath in as did Carol and she squared to the blond ‘Ohhh I do” Carol squared her shoulders and the quiet room echos a fleshy CLOP as both women thrust tit to tit  and grunt “UUghnmmff “ their heels step and click a bit more louder and faster as they step about the stall ring , ‘Cmon Bitch” ..‘Bring it Whore”.

The two women slowly rolled , dragged and pushed tit to tit neither gains a quick advantage as they make use of the entire area , rears bump off walls and tiles as they push and grind tits, Carol turns her head right then left as Jade looks up and presses and pushes in , ‘UUghnn mmfff stay still and fight Bitch” Jade huffs, as Carol takes a breath in she pumps 1, 2, 3 times and halts Jades progress as she feels the pause Carol gives a quick shove left then right rolling up and over Jades side walls ,Jade grunts , ‘Uughhnnn mmmfff ohh” Carol hearing it Steps at her aggressive manner , ‘ Whats wrong Bitch hmm you said fight , saggy tits can’t handle a firm pair hmm?”.

Slowly Jade doesn’t know it but shes losing ground as Carol not aware gains, but Carol feels her tits smear and pull Jades on her chest and as Jade rolls her shoulders Carol thrusts her tits into them and lifts and starts a slow but firm X into Jades tits, unaware the effect it has,  Jade cringes then gasps out loud “Uuhnnn uwww UUGMMFFFF BITCH!!!”, Carol huffs a hot breath on her rivals face “Uhnnn mmm uhnn yesss feel me Bitch hmm whats wrong tits to weak?”.

Suddenly Jade is watching her tits being pulled pushed and smeared all over her chest , Ughh UGMMFff ohhh mmfff”, Carol starts to walk her to the wall of the stall, as she does Carol huffs at her face ‘Feel  it Cmon” , Jade sweating now drops her hands and pushes at Carols shoulders, ‘“get off Bitch ughmmfff’” Carol slaps her hands away ‘Use your tits Bitch or give”, the two women duel harder closer, Carol still working a x pattern at Jades tits has them red and swelling, Jade knows she is in trouble and not wanting to lose stares at Carol and spits at her, Carol shocked steps back and Jade grabs her hair , Carol returns the grab and they yank hair as tits swat and sway, ‘Oww fucking little bitch my hair”, Jade snarling “Fight you cxnt cmon”.

The slow personal duel gets heated and hair is ripped from scalps as both women teeter on heels and thrust tit to tit growling throaty tones,  “ill fucking bald you “..”ill squash your tits”, in a unplanned move Carol gets pulled down a bit and her tits go under Jades,  feeling it Carol yanks down on Jades hair and thrusts up against her lifting her tits and impales them on her own, Jades eyes go wide as she coughs out “Aghhh uuughmmffff BITCH MY TITS!!”, Carol sneers her teeth white lips open,  “Ohhhh feeling it Bitch?”, Jade winces and tries to step from her rival but Carol stays with her and grinds Jades undersides, desperate Jade releases the hair hold and grabs for Carols tits.

Carol not a versed fighter knew enough that hands on wasn’t the way this was settled she spun Jade by her hair and shoved her to the wall hard enough the breath was forced from her as she gasped out,  Carol was like a machine rowing her tits up under Jades and her hands grabbed Jades and as fingers interlocked bent her fingers back  and slowly Jade went to the her knees, Carol smiled as she had Jade down and letting her hand hold go straddled Jades back and with one hand in hair other groping and pulling tit meat had Jade pleading.

Carol looked down at her rival and with a nasty twist and yank on her tits shoved Jade down and walked about hands to hips Carol smiled as she taunted “want more?” Jade cupped her tits shaking her head no, Carol swaggered to the vanity and fixed her hair and as Jade stood by the stall door, Carol put on her designer bra and top as she was about to walk out she hooked Jades bra on her finger dangled it and taunted back “ohhh this was made by Gail as well nmmm 2 for 1 thanks Bitch”, Carol swaggers out and Pete turns and his eyes get huge as Carol smiling won, she sat down with Pete and shortly after they watched Jade walk out her sore tits jostling as she stormed out Carols lips sipped a straw as she arched her firmer pair out nipples hard and tenting .

A look was shared and Jade went to her seat and ordered a drink forehead glistening she down the first then sipped the second as she glared across at Carol, Carol a smile a mile wide she bested Jade sat proper and licked her lips  as she stared back with Petes hand on her back, Pete leaned to Carol whispering , “I take it you faired well but watch your back now she won’t let that go easily”, Carol kept her front as she smiled and whispered back to Pete, “Maybe but keep in mind if i beat her that fast in there i might be a handful as well” Pete grinned and winked as Carol was on top of the world.

Jade was ready to leave and she slowly sauntered around Carols eyes stayed on her and Jade knew her swaying sore tits were the reason as Carol had a grin on and Jades bra partly out of her purse, Pete watched and Jade stepped over to them as she ran her nails on his back she stared at Carol, “Can we help you?”Carol purred , Jade just glared and then hissed “Don’t be silly enough to think a titfight makes you the top bitch here thats reserved for you and I out back” , Carol smiled “Well maybe Jade but i doubt your in any shape to have your tits clawed off why dont you move along” Jade knew Carol was right she was sore and Carol had talons has well, as Jade kissed Pete she glared at Carol “next time we see each other I will be looking to take my bra”, Carol held it to her blouse “It will be right here”.

“I see your friend Jade has a temper my gosh”, Pete smiles, “yeah shes a firecracker that one but be careful Jade can be a little wild , so i gotta ask, wanna get out of here?”,
Carol looks Pete over and he is a good looking guy and she smiles’You know what lets “, they walk out and as they pull away Carol follows Pete and they end up at a little cafe, they sit outside and music plays as they sip brandy and talk, Carol feels a romantic night she hasn’t had in a while and before she knows it her and Pete are in a hotel and have a great night together.

 For a few weeks Carol and Pete meet and leave the bar avoiding Jade , in between Carol has been taking calls from Joe her ex and though they were careful well at least Joe was , Dawn had a suspicion something was going on, on a Friday Carol knowing Pete was out of town told Joe to meet her at the bar she frequented if he wanted to talk, Carol was thinking of a way that might get rid of Jade and Dawn in one swoop, she knew if Jade had a chance she would try to take a man from Carol and she knew her ex was the type to go for a floozy, if Dawn was jealous enough and followed it could all come together for her right here.

Carol strolls in the bar and takes her seat as she sips her drink like clock work Jade is across the bar and stares as Carol winks at her and keeps her confident act up, within a few minutes Joe walks in Carol sees him and can not deny her ex is a handsome man, he walks to Carol gives her a kiss to the cheek and Jade perks up watching, licking her lips, Joe stands talking to Carol when she sees Jade walking around and smiles as her plan is starting, Jade walks behind Joe and runs her nails up his back her cleavage on display Joe stares into it and all over Jade ‘Carol whose your …friend?” to play it off Carol takes Jades hand and eases it off Joe and says ‘This is a special friend Jade if you will excuse us” , Jade smiles to Joe “When you get bored here honey I’ll be over there waiting” her and Carol glare then Jade goes back, Carol now stands up and excuses herself to go to ladies room, as she is in there a woman strolls in and stands by the door glaring at Carol who looks at her, “Can  i get by or whats the deal honey?”, the woman has jet black hair and stands 5’8” 148 lbs a 38D-30-40 figure not as fit as Carol, glares “So I caught you” Carol looks at her ‘At what using the bathroom?”.

The woman smirks “No NO with your Ex, I am Dawn” Carol takes a breath in “Oh I see well I hate to disappoint you but Joe wanted to meet here to talk but I am pretty sure you got the wrong cat as far as hooking up with him goes Dawn”, Dawn adjusts on her heels ‘How so you met him here”  Carol nods “yes i did he wanted to explain your letter but right about now he is not waiting on me”, As Carol nods towards the bar from the dark hallway Dawn turns and Joe is around the bar and Jade is all over him.

Dawn inhales and growls “Who the fuck is she?”, Carol leans to Dawn “Her names Jade shes the self proclaimed cat here and she and i already had a tiff over a man i met here named Pete if your jealousy radar is on its cause of her honey not me”, Dawn watches as Carol goes back to her seat and Dawn sees she was sitting alone she slowly walks out and Carol sips her drink as Jade is swaying her hips all over Joe, Carol sits up to watch the show about to start.

 Dawn gets to Jade and Joe and she pushes Jade away and sits on Joes thigh as she stares at Jade , Jade yells ‘What the Fuck bitch?”, Dawn stands up her finger pointed at Jade “Keep your claws off my man Bitch thats what”, Jade steps closer “Get your finger out of my face and get off him Bitch or else” Dawn pokes Jades chest “Watch it Bitch” Jade throws her drink in Dawns face and instantly the two women grab hair and are tearing away.

Carol smiles as she watches the 2 jealous bitches do what they do best let their jealousy control their emotions, both women were ripping scalps and slapping and before anyone knew it Jade had thrown Dawn against the bar hard hurting her back and as Dawn was bent back, Jade ripped her dress open and clawed her face a scream went out and Dawn clawed at Jades face as they did both went to floor and Jade was on top and sank her nails in Dawns tits,as she curls nails in Dawn returns the favor and both tear others tits as they fight , but Jade slowly takes each of Dawns hands and puts a knee on them to pin her.

Dawn looks up bucking, her tits wobbling as Jade looks down and slaps her face with her claws open and then punches Dawn, finally Dawn growls ‘Stop Stop” and Jade is pulled off her as she is Jade lets a kick fly and hits Dawn in the breast making her cup it and curl under, finally Joe helps Dawn up and escorts her out, Carol sits sipping her drink as she smirks as Jade her top torn and bra ruined swallows a drink and leaves.

Carol wakes the next day and stretches with a huge smile, she looks out her window and thinks ‘ how she outsmarted the two bitches and didn’t have to get down and dirty, and she inhales as she sees the extra bra she took from Jade, she tries it on and though it fits her own breasts are a little snug in it, but she smiles proudly.

Before she can change her cell rings and its Pete, “Hi Pete Whats up?”, Pete questions Carol about the fight last night Carol looks herself in the mirror her fingers trace her cups as she thinks he wants to know about her titfight, “oh it was a womans thing Pete, but she learned a lesson”, Pete interrupts her “Wait What? i heard Jade tore that woman up”, Carol clears her throat “oh yes she did , sorry was not thinking, why what about it ?”.

Carol listens as she strips and dons her pink bikini and heel sandals, ‘Pete shes your girl friend of sorts from what I saw she came on to my Ex and his new girl walked in thinking it was me she confronted her and the gloves were off, you need to control her Pete, if shes not yours then end it before some woman you hit on tears her apart”.

Pete agrees Carol is right but till he finds someone as sexy he hangs on to her, Carol teases him, “you want sexy? drive on over and meet me at my pool i’l show you sexy” and hangs up smiling she throws on a pool robe and heads to the pool never thinking Pete will act on it since he is torn about Jade and leaving her.

Carol lays on a lounger sunning her hair up loose and her pink bikini snug she sits smiling to herself, a few women from her development sit and are split about how they feel about her after her announcement about a divorce and not wanting their men, and not being around enough to grab their attention others think she is an all talk hot to trot, either way no one pays her much attention.

Carol tans her body when a shadow breaks the bright rays, she opens her eyes to a figure standing over her ,she shields her eyes and looks to the ground and sees a pair of spike heels, as she scans up Carol sits up more and standing before her is Jade her red hair up tight wearing a peach bikini her arms crossed at her tummy, before Carol can ask what shes doing here Pete comes around the corner , ‘Carol hi”.

Carol sits up her thighs straddle the lounger “Pete what the hell is going on and why is she here?”, instantly the other women perk up and watch, “I tried to stop her Carol…”, Jade interrupts “I am here to get my bra back bitch” a few ohhs are heard as Carol now stands up and stares, “Well thats all fine and well but i live here and its not happening besides as you can see i am not wearing it , its a little snug on me”.

Petes eyes get wide as Jade stands mouth open “you little whore”, Carol thinking since shes home someone will step in but no one answers the call, “Whats wrong Jade bar kick you out or did Pete?”, the two women glare as Carol seems nervous Pete walks closer “Jade heres not the place” she pulls her arm free “why not just her and i now”.

Carol waves her hand at Jade and starts to walk by her Jade turns and grabs her wrist and twists it up behind Carols back, “Heyyy awwwww Bitch let go!”, Jade applies pressure as she leans to Carols back and growls, “You have a choice Bitch right here or by your house but we are fighting  got it?”, Carol almost in tears nods yes as Jade tugs up on the arm Carol yells , “fine ok ok my house out front”, her arm released Jade smiles “you got 5 minutes or i start here”.

Carol wipes her eyes and grabs her things as she walks from pool area to her car, Pete and Jade follow as Pete tells Jade he is done with her she just glares, before Carol gets to her house the cell phones went crazy and women she never met are walking by her street, Carol parks and gets out of her car as Jade screeches up and gets out, both walk to Carols front yard.

Jade stops and glares at Carol who looks about for help as Pete tries to deter Jade she tells Carol to go get the bra, reluctantly Carol swaggers in and returns with Jades bra and throws it her Jade drops it, “Theres your bra just go” Jade shifts on her heels “oh not so fast bitch i wanna earn it”, then Jade reaches back and in front of the women watching undoes her bikini top and drops it her 36Ds sway out,  Carol stares “you wanna titfight right here ?”, Jade snarls “what shy bitch ? take it off and fight my tits or ill do it for you”.

Carol looks around women watch with a smirk as Pete walks away, finally Carol undoes her top and drops it her more firm 36Ds sway out as they face other Jade walks towards her, Carol circles, “cmon bitch fight my tits”, .. Carol stares “watch it honey you might get more than you know”, “ohh blondie is breaking her shell “ then Jade shoves Carol and bumps her tits to Carols “what are you gonna do hmm bitch you gonna scratch me?”.

the women watching are  a buzz as Pete is nervous, then Carol bumps Jade back their tits clop and roll as they step around nipples spear and bend as they roll their tits face to face their heels stab the grass, their legs flex as ass cheeks jostle as thong bottoms cinch in, bare backs roll muscles as both women grind their round tar drop tits into others and try to squish other, slowly sweat starts and Carol huffs “”uunnn mmmm uuww whats wrong Jade hmm feeling me again?”, Jade staggers and is trying harder as she looks away her tits are being pushed easily on her chest, “uuuhnn mmfff Bitch “.

Carol smirks and starts to back Jade up as her bare back rubs against a tree Jade arches and her tits are soon red as Carol drags roughly side to side and up and down “uuhnnn mmm mmmm yesss thats it take it feel my tits”, Jade rolls her shoulders arches and shakes her head no , as Carol presses in tighter , ‘“ uumff umff cmon cmon bitch say it give now”, women watching start to urge Carol “flatten her Carol”, she smiles as she sways neighbors her side, Jade gasps a pant as the pressure on her tits build and desperate now wraps a calf around Carols and shoves her back the move causes Carol to stagger back and fall on her back in the grass.

 A few gasps are heard and a few women yell “get her” to Jade, it doesn’t take a second time for her to pounce on Carol and  as they grab hands struggling end up tit to tit on top of each other rolling in the grass, Carol grunts and huffs its an unfair move but Jade stops her complaining  hissing “we never said how “, slowly they wrap thighs and hands and roll their tits bulge against others between them , as Carol rolls over with Jade she decides to use Jades rules of none and grabs her hair at the back and pulls as Jade gets on top again, “owwww Bitch my hair!”, Carol snarls “we never said how Bitch “ and tugs harder Jades forced to look up as Carol rolls on top and starts to grind her tits down into Jades.

Undulating her body and tits on Jades she can feel she is breaking Jades breasts down as Jade cries “uughnnn mmfff ohhh you cow!”,  Carol slowly unravels her thighs from Jades and straddles her as she drags and slaps her tits across the redheads prone to the grass, Jades head pinned grabs Carols hair but as she pulls Carol pumps her tits down hard onto Jades making her grunt,  Carol glares “say it Bitch cmon” Jade grows weaker every thrust her tits look flat to her chest , “uughh ughh ok ok stop i give “.

Carol smiles sits up on Jade and slaps her tits with her hands then stands up swaggers to Jades bikini top takes it then her bra and hangs them on her shoulder as she yells to Pete “get your trash off my lawn”, Carol turns and heads for her home as Pete helps Jades stand, breathing heavy grass blades on her back and tits Jade is red faced as she has no top, finally she yells “i’l get you Bitch your no cat we aren’t done”.

Carol stops her head looks up and shakes no then slowly spins on her heels as she stares at Jade she drops all three tops at her feet and swaggers back to the front, Jade stares and pulls free of Pete and swaggers to the street, as Carol steps off the curb both women topless stare “you want a fight bitch?”, Jade inhales “i wanted at you first day you came to the bar”, Carol stares “well here i am bitch all you had to do was ask” both breath heavy as women make a ring around them and then as if agreed on they step into other and both sinks her nails into others face and they gouge and pull at others face with nails.

Women gasp as Carol and Jade sink claws in and rake slowly stepping about in a tight turning circle, tits sway as nipples spar “uughnnn ohhh you bitch”, “ohh owww cxnt fight me”, is heard as they stare through open fingers covering faces both women dig and pull skin as they step around heels click and clatter scuffing the street, women watch a few gasp others urge the fighters on.

Jade starts to slap and pulls at Carols hair, slowly she is taking the fight Carol saw in the bar tearing and taking control as she bends Carol to the right and down Jade scratches her nails off Carols face and digs her nails in her full left breast and twists as she claws to the nipple tearing the ample skin.

Carol cries out ‘Awwwww Bitch my tit” Jade snarls  “Fucking whore I’ll rip it off”, Carol pulls back and soon Jade is after her they crash into the wall of women watching and through them and hit the street, the two of them roll and flash claws at one another swiping slapping and ripping in pure hate,  knees are scraped and their backs and shoulders, as Jade starts to get on top, Carol gasps ‘Not this time you BITCH!!!” , and she kicks her heels up into Jades tummy, as she grabs her hair and pulls Jades down and with both legs kicks up and over and Jade is tossed over Carols head, and lands flat on her bare back with a solid SMACK to the pavement.

Jade arches as she lands her back,  hurt as she slowly rolls to her side and hip, Carol has gotten up and pounces on her ribs and waist, Carols proud breasts are separated around Jades arm as her tummy is against her ribs and her thighs straddle Jades waist and hip, her left hand snaps Jades head back with a savage yank and her right hand delivers several quick blows to Jades face then she snarls “Gonna tear my tits off cxnt hmm” then digs her nails in Jades left breast and claws across to Jades right and tears furrows in her breasts across her areola and nipples .

Jade screams ‘AWWWWW NOOO STOP!!!” as Carol smiles an evil grin ‘Fucking Bitch i say when its over “, Jade tries to cover her tits and as she does Carol sinks both sets of fingers in her face from behind and rakes clawing her deep, Jade shakes her head to get away and finally falls face first to the street and covers her head face and tits.

Carol using her red hair as a whip yanks and whips Jades head like a rag doll “Cmon Get UP YOU FUCKING BITCH” !!, but Jade is screaming and crying to stop, finally as the women watch Pete runs over and pulls Carol off her and pushes her far enough back Jade is left alone, Carol growls “Let me fucking go I am not done with that cxnt yet!”, Jade cries laying in the street blood trickles from her face , lips and tits covered in red furrows criss crossing her Jade cries out ‘Enough  Enough” and gets up wobbling and staggers to her car,she gets in locking the doors and wipes her face as she pulls out fast.

Carol still being restrained by Pete tries to get around him yelling ‘Get back HeRE AND FIGHT YOU BITCH!!”, sucking in air her own breasts and face a few criss cross furrows and hair wild matted mess Carol sucks in a breath as she looks at her neighborhood cats ‘Any of you judgmental Bitches wanna fill in for her?”, the women all smirk and swagger off and instantly Carols the talk of the development, Pete walks her in the house and grabs the clothing on the grass as Carol gets in the shower she washes off the fight and emerges again wearing a robe and her hair wild wet as she towel dries it shaking it.

Pete sitting hands shaking as she walks in “You Ok?’ , Carol smiles ,’I told that Bitch be careful who you mess with never know what another woman will do, but she knows now”, Pete though shaken at the violence he saw is turned on and Carol sits by him and rubs his crotch “nmmm proud of me baby?”, Pete gasps  “Your a friggin hell cat”.

A few days later Carol mostly healed mark wise decides to venture to the bar and see whats going on, wearing a red mini dress black thigh highs red heels her hair the typical pinned up wild look, Carols swaggers in she sits in her normal seat and as she sits Jade is no where to be seen, Carol grins and soon Pete strolls in with a blonde on his arm, Carol shoots him a glare as he smiles and the blonde with him glares at Carol and blows a kiss at her, Carol inhales as she sips her drink , “ Oh honey you don’t wanna test me “ she thinks then Carol stands up and swaggers out and heads back home to enjoy her pool.

The End

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