My Wicked Family: Part 2 by HeidiKillerKat

My mother, Margaret, hung up the phone and then walked toward me as I walked toward her. We stopped when our hardening nipples touched together.

“You need to learn respect, bitch,” my mother said, pushing her EE cups into mine.

“Ugh,” I grunted, “You are going to learn not to be such a cunt at home!” Pushing my tits back into my mom’s pair, the giant orbs squished together and mushroomed out the sides.

“Little whore!” My mom spat into my face!

“Jealous slut!” I spat back and my hands moved to Margaret’s hair as her hands moved to mine.

We grasped each other’s hair in the center of my mother’s bedroom. My hands combed through her shorter red hair as her hands latched onto my longer red hair. Heads were snapped back, bringing our bodies tight together. We pulled left and right, back and forth as we stumbled about the bedroom. This wasn’t the catty wrestling I had been doing with my Grandma Veronica (Roni), this was going to be a catfight. Something I know I needed and I think so did my mother. Margaret pulled my head down and I did the same to hers and we were bent over at the waist, spinning slowly around. I could feel tufts of my hair being wrenchedout and I made sure to pull harder on my mom’s hair. We were uttering curses as well as squeals of pain. My head felt like it was about to be pulled off as Margaret was a much more experienced catfighter than I was at the time. I kicked out with my right foot and caught her dead on the shin. She yelled out in pain and stumbled slightly; I surged forward and we tangled legs and went to the carpet.

Legs kicked out as we lay side by side still yanking hair roughly. We hit shins and knees as heads were pulled back and then brought forward, moving chins into chests. After a particularly hard knee to my thigh, I locked my legs around my mom’s right thigh and I felt her legs lock around mine. Margaret pushed forward and rolled on top; her big breasts pushing down from above on mine. I used the momentum and continued the roll and tried to get on top but it started us rolling back and forth, neither of us able to maintain the top position very long.  My mom rolled us again but was able to kick a leg out to stop us with her on top.

“Give up,” Margaret said, breathing hard, “You can’t beat me at this!”

“Get off you cow!” I countered and I let go with one hand and grabbed her left breast from the side and squeezed!

“OOOOOWWWWW!!!” Margaret screamed out and we rolled to our sides.

This escalation caused my mom to release my hair and plunge both of her hands into my tits. I screamed out as she gouged and squeezed. I brought my other hand down and it joined in the mutual tit grabbing. We pushed our upper bodies back some as arms locked straight; fingers greedily grabbing and squeezing flesh. Our tummies remained pressed together and our legs stayed locked on our sides. Ever since the tit slapping and initial grabbing she and I did at the end of when we fought Joyce and Anna Chambers, I had wondered how rough we would actually get in a fight. We got rough! I pinched Margaret’s nipples as she twisted my orbs. We were both crying from the pain and the sweat was starting to make our lower bodies slide together.

I smelled something acrid in the air and my mom did as well and we both looked to see my Grandma Roni leaning against the door to the master bedroom, puffing a large joint.

“Don’t stop on my account girls,” Roni said, “I found what you confiscated and decided some herbal refreshment was needed.”

My mom and I let go and pushed away from each other, rubbing sore and reddened breasts. 

“GODDAMNIT!” Margaret fumed, “How dare you smoke that in my house!!!”

“Oh, lighten up Margaret!” Roni said to her daughter as she blow a thick cloud of smoke out, “You smoked weed all the time growing up and I didn’t freak out over it.”

I turned and looked at my mom as I rose to my feet, “Fucking hypocrite!”

Margaret clenched her fists at her sides as she stood, “You know what? Fuck it!” My mom said loudly as faced her own mother. “Give Heidi that joint and get naked now, mom!”

“Gladly!” Grandma Roni said as she walked toward me and gave me the still lit joint, “Go ahead and finish it while I and your mom talk.”

I took the joint and puffed away as Roni started to strip out of her t-shirt and shorts, bra and panties. Margaret paced back and forth waiting for her mother to get naked. Roni dropped her panties and my mom and grandma came together in a slap of skin as hands found hair.

Roni and Margaret were a blur of naked body movement as we quickly spun around and dropped to the carpet. They wrestled wildly on the floor as hands pulled hair and slapped and scratched at skin. I watched in awe as my mother and grandmother careened around the carpeted bedroom like two cats in heat. It was intense and ….. whatwas the other feeling I was having… Oh. My God. I was becoming aroused watching the action! What the fuck was wrong with me!?! I couldn’t take my eyes off them as they came to a stop and wrenched the other to their knees. Now on their knees, they traded slap for slap to faces, arms and tits.

I tried to keep my thighs closed and not think about how turned on I was. The pair slammed tit to tit, reaching around their backs and reaching up to grab handfuls of hair. Their big breasts were pushing out their sides. I moaned, I couldn’t help it! It was one of the most erotic scenes I have ever witnessed.

I realized the cherry had burned out and I didn’t have anything to light it again. I set the joint down but as I stood back up, it was like my hands were moving automatically. They first went to my breasts and I caressed and squeezed the flesh, then they slid down my tummy and finally to between my thighs. My eyes were glued on my warring family on the floor. Mom and grandma had they cheeks pressed together, mom’s left cheek to grandma’sright. Their faces in my direction; then their eyes caught me touching myself in between my legs and they both smiled.

“On…your…knees…, Heidi,” Grandma Roni grunted, “Come to us!”

I got on my knees and knee walk and their arms opened up and SPLAT!!! I slapped my naked breasts against both of theirs. The three of us were kneeling together, arms up and pulling hair as three sets of tits mashed roughly together. We all moaned. My left tit was mashing against my mom’s right as my right tit was mashing against my grandma’s left. The three generations of women fighting it out on the carpet. Sweat was dripping from our heads and faces, dripping down into the valleys created by our battling breasts. We kept this up for what seemed like an eternity, grunting and moaning, cursing and gritting our teeth. We all seemed to break off from each other at the same time. All leaning back on our knees, hands now on the carpet to keep us from falling.

I looked from Roni to Margaret, “I am sorry, mom,” I said breathing hard, “But I want to stay with Grandma for a while if that is ok?”

“It is fine with me,” Margaret said, “If your Grandma is fine with it.”

“You can stay as long as you want, kiddo,” Roni said a little breathlessly.

“Mom,” Margaret said looking at my grandma, “I think you need to let her read Great-Grandma Mary’s other diary.”

“Yes, sweetie,” Grandma Roni said, “Shall I take on the same role that your grandmother did with you?”

“I think you should,” Margaret said with a little gleam in her eyes.

I was utterly confused. “What do you mean diary and role?” I asked, “I thought I already read her diary.”

“Kiddo, I will tell you when we get back to my house,” Grandma Roni said, “No more questions for now. Get your clothes and meet me at the caddy. I took a cab over here.”

I got dressed and got more clothes for the week at my grandma’s. The last I saw of my mother was her dressed in a robe and looking for a lighter to re-light the joint. I laughed and shook my head.

The car ride was a silent one back to Roni’s house. She told me to get things put away and wash up and she would make tea. I got my clothes put into the dresser and went to the bathroom for a quick shower and dressed in a robe and came out to the kitchen as the tea pot was whistling. Grandma Roni poured two cups and set a one in front of me. I sipped. She set an old tattered diary in front of me.

“This is the “Other” diary that your mom mentioned,” Ronisaid, “This contains your Great-Grandma Mary’s thoughts after her wildest fights. Some against actresses like Greta Thyssen from Denmark. Greta was a blonde and a stand in for Marilyn Monroe before.  They fought three times; the first two were bitter catfights, but the third was an all-out body war that had them go from titfight to catfight to sexfight. The diary also contains her thoughts after each of the sexfights she had. You will recognize two names in that diary, kiddo.”

I looked up puzzled at my grandmother, “You mean like movie stars or something?” I aksed.

“No,” she said taking a long sip of tea, “They are my name and your mother’s name.”

I spit out tea, which I quickly cleaned up with the arm of my robe.

“I learned how to do it from Mary’s mother Ethel,” Grandma Roni went on, “It is just how we have done it. Your great-great-grandmother taught me and your great-grandmother taught your mom, and now your mom wants me to teach you.”

My head was spinning, there were butterflies in my tummy, my skin felt like it was on fire, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was leaking.

“This is not vanilla sex, Heidi,” Grandma Roni said looking directly into my eyes, “This is a fight where you use your body; your hands, your fingers, your tongue, your tits and your pussy to beat the other woman, to make her body submit to yours. If you want, I will teach you how to do it.”

“Yes,” I said weakly, my voice barely audible, “Please.”

“You and I will take a break until midnight tonight,” Roni said, “After midnight, we can attack each other at random, but your goal should be to try and turn me on as I will be trying to do to you; to weaken my body with your own, to even make me cum. I will also give you lessons and have you read Great Grandma Mary’s entire diary. Now,” Roni said as she rose, “Get some sleep, kiddo.”

I went to bed but I set the little alarm clock for 11:50PM. I did sleep until I heard the alarm go off. I turned and watched the clock on move to 56….. Then 57….. The 58 and 59 and then midnight. I rose out of bed naked and padded towards the door to my bed room and opened it. I turned on way in the hall and then the other, seeing no one there I headed to Grandma Roni’s bedroom. I slowly turned the knob and entered, eyes trying to make out the shape of Roni in bed, but she wasn’t. Then hands grabbed my hair and I was pulled in and thrown to the bed. Roni pounced on me in a full body press. She pinned my arms to the bed and moved her big tits back and forth across mine as I tried to bridge out. Then she mover her lips to mine and her tongue invaded my mouth as her right thigh ground in between my legs. I moaned out and melted.

And so began the first night of training at grandma’s house.

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