My Wicked Family: Part 3 by HeidiKillerKat

My mind swam as I thought about what happened during the wee hours of the morning. My grandma Veronica (Roni) pulled 3 orgasms from my body to me only getting her off one time. The first two were so quick in the fight but I was able to hold off the third until we came almost together. I could barely remember every single part of the action because my mind was in a state of euphoric bliss. Both of us slept in as we were going at it for a wild and sweaty 2 hours.

I sat in the living room with a cup of coffee on the end table, skimming over my great-grandma’s diary; the one with the wilder tales. She started it after a particularly wild catfight with a nursing student named Betty. My great grandma Mary described the fight she and Betty had in the broom closet of the hospital. Tearing open blouses, pulling up skirts, ripping off bras and panties as they gouged and scratched tits, pulled and pinched labias and catballed on the dirty floor for over an hour. I was breathing hard as I read it. I skipped a few pages to where she described her run ins with Greta Thyssen and other starlets of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

**From Great Grandma Mary’s diary**

April 23, 1957: I just got back from meeting Jane for lunch. She told me all about her little encounter with Sophia at the Romanoff’s restaurant. The party was in honor of Sophia but Jane didn’t like the Italian wench. Jane said she wore the lowest cut dress she had and was very pleased at the photos that were released. It made Sophia fume! Good! Jane also gave me the play by play of when Sophia took Jane aside later in the evening and told her to stick around after Romanoff’s closed down for the night. Jane said they went at it like wildcats.

Dresses were torn off, their big boobs mashed together as they pulled out clumps of hair. Jane said she won after a good hour of vicious catfighting. But Jane sometime embellishes her stories; I know she told all her friends that when she and I fought, she beat me but it ended in a naked scratched up draw. I may never know the other side of the story because I loathe Sophia and would rather strip her naked than converse with her. But I do have to give it to Jane for introducing me to Greta.

Jane and Greta had fought a few times and Greta had fought Marilyn on the set of a movie once. Oh I do love that this town is a getaway for starlets! Greta and I met and immediately hated each other. She was maybe an inch taller but I am bustier. Our first two meeting resulted in wild catfights that left us naked, scratched, bitten, sweaty and exhausted. But this last time she and I got together was one of the wildest time I ever had. She got a room at the seaside resort and gave me her extra key. We agreed to clip our garters to each other’s stockings and keep it a face to face brawl. Bras and panties were removed. We started by slamming breasts together.

Mine were bigger than hers but hers were very firm. It was mostly even until we escalated the battle to grabbing hair and scratching. The catfight had us tumbling about the hotel suite; bumping into walls and furniture, falling onto the bed and rolling off onto the floor. We called each other such vile names and cursed like sailors. She and I were both hot and bothered by all the action and parted each other’s thighs and ground our womanhoods together. She was so wet between her legs but so was I. It was amazing! She came the first time right before me and then the second time, she came right after I did. The sheets were wet and sticky as we rolled around the bed.

The next three orgasms we came together but we kept going because neither of us wanted it to be a draw again. I finally got her under me and moved her left leg over my hip and I ground into her as I kneeled over her sex. She viciously squeezed and clawed my big breasts as I did the same to hers but she started to tire quicker than I did. She came like a volcano and her body went into convulsions and then went limp. I unstrapped myself from her and crawled up to her face and slapped her awake. I then straddled that sweaty face and made her lick my sex until I came over her pretty lips. I got up and dressed in a long over coat and left the room. She hasn’t contacted me since. I do hope Jane and I can do something like that sometime. I have fun beating down busty blondes.

**Grandma Roni’s living room, 1993**

I finished the entry and realized two things: first, I was stroking my engorged clit. My panties were soaked and I think I might have cum while reading. Second, Grandma Roni was watching me from the other side of the living room. I don’t know how long she was there, but from the look on her face, she had been watching me finger myself. My cutoff jean shorts were around my ankles and my black tank top was tight over my big chest. The wet spot in my black panties was clearly visible. Grandma Roni was in a green tank top and white panties, I didn’t realize until just then that she wasn’t wearing short.

I set the diary down on the end table and stood up. Grandma Roni pushed off from the doorway she was leaning against and started towards me. Our pace quickened and we came together in the living room, hands went for hair as we spun around and went down to the shag carpet. Our big covered tits mashed together as we rolled back and forth. Legs locked and unlocked as our panty covered pussies were ground into thick thighs. Then she stopped and pushed away from me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, “Are you ok?”

“Everything is fine, kiddo,” Roni said, “But I don’t want to get started quite yet because we have company coming over.”

“Company???” I asked, wide eyed, “Who is it?”

“A couple of friends from yoga class,” Roni said with a sly smile on her face, “Alexa and Andrea, sisters, well twins actually. Both of them lovely brunettes, in their thirties, with big tits that match up to us. I have fought each of the separately over the past year and they are lots of fun and have agreed to come to play with us.”

I swear to god, I was salivating.

“They are just as kinky as any member of our family,” Grandma Roni went on, “My plan is to walk the three of you through grinding your pussies together, called tribbingand using your big breasts in a sexfight. Then, if we all want, have a free for all.”

“I want to learn everything,” I said, “What should I wear?”

“Just leave that on,” Roni said, looking me up and down, “I plan on everyone getting naked before we start.”

Alexa and Andrea arrived about a half an hour later. They were both extremely beautiful. They looked like a brown haired version of the Barbi Twins.  Alexa had longer hair than Andrea, dark brown down to the middle of her back while Andrea’s hair was to her shoulders. We all undressed and for a little bit, just looked over each other’s naked bodies with hungry expressions on our faces. Grandma Roni took on the role of teacher and showed first on each of us who to trib and then she would have us practice on each other. I spent time with my legs scissoredwith Alexa and then with Andrea. Our wet pussies grinding together.

Grandma Roni also showed us how to us our long erect nipples to stimulate another’s pussy. She demonstrated on Alexa. Roni lay down between Alexa’s open thighs and took her large breast and rubbed her nipple against the brunette’s clit; bringing the younger woman to a screaming orgasm. Each of us tried it on each other, it was amazing.

It was time for the free for all. I paired off with Andrea and Roni paired off with Alexa. Grandma Roni suggested it would be a catfight with the goal to make the other women orgasm. We were facing each other in grandma’s bedroom, heavy breasts swaying as we breathed. I was so anxious to lock up that I could feel my pussy leaking down my thick thighs. Roni said begin and the 4 of us came together in a SPLAT!

Andrea and I grabbed double handfuls of each other’s hair and pulled wildly as our big tits slammed together. We grunted as our hard nipples stabbed into breast flesh and squealed as we pulled at hair. She tried to trip me but I blocked it and pushed back and the brunette lost her footing and we went down with me on top. She expelled air from her lungs as our tits compressed. I tried to pry open her legs with my own but she clamped her thighs around my right thigh and pressed her naked thigh against my dripping wet pussy. I tensed for a second before I gritted my teeth and pulled sharply on her brown hair and she yelled out and we rolled again. She reached in between us and grabbed my large breasts and squeezed. I cried out in pain and swore at Andrea. I let go of her hair and clamped my fingers down onto her huge tits and the tit war was joined.

Alexa and Roni were a blur of wild fighting. They stumbled around the bedroom before Roni found herself on her back on the bed with Alexa on top. Their big tits squished together and Roni reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Alexa’s shapely ass and squeezed; her fingers kneading the flesh. The brunette moaned and reached to grab the outsides of Roni’s tits and grabbed and pushed inward.

Each woman squeezed and groped as they each moaned and grunted in exertion. Each opened their legs to the other and started to grind wet cunts together. I don’t know if Roni allowed it but Alexa stayed on top of my grandma until both started to writhe and buck as a mutual orgasm was shared. Their screams caused Andrea and Ito fight harder.

I pulled Andrea’s hands from my breasts and tried to pin her down as tried to do what Great-Grandma Mary described in her diary. I wiggled my right hip until Andrea’s left leg was above it, opening her fleshy labia to mine. I pressed into her and she moaned out loudly and couldn’thelp but grind back. I clenched my ass each time I thrust forward as a slurping, squishing sound came from between our legs. My clit and hers met and started crossing and rubbing together. Then I felt strong hands on my hair and I was pulled off.

Alexa saw I was fucking her sister and pushed off of Roni and scrambled to where Andrea and I were.

“Get off my sister!” Alexa cried out as she wrenched me off.

I was mad because I was so close to cumming. I slapped her across her tits and she howled and slapped me across the face and then grabbed me in a tight bear hug and we went down to the floor in a thrashing, hissing catfight.

Andrea was crawling over to where her sister and I were rolling around, intent on pouncing on me to help her sister when Roni grabbed her hair and pulled her up. Andrea did something that Roni was not expecting and shoved her own face in between my grandma’s thighs. The younger woman’s tongue lapping my grandma’s sweet, pungent juices. Roni fell back and Andrea twisted her body and brought the two of them into a 69. Thighs clamped down over each other’s heads as their tongues entered the other’s pussy.

Free for all was such a good term to use because Alexa and I were bent on hurting each other first. Hands slapped, fingers squeezed, hair was pulled. I brought my right hand down between our thighs and inserted two fingers roughly into her. She cursed and did the same to me. On our knees, we rested heads on the others shoulder as our big tits slapped together while we fingered each other. We finger fucked each other’s lubricated cunt, moaning and crying tears of ecstasy. I could feel my orgasm and felt her body tense as we came together on our knees. Fingers continued to pump and finger each other as the orgasm caused us to slump back. I pulled my hand from between her legs and slapped Alexa across her face with her own pussy juices. She screamed and did the same to me and we came together in a bear hug and fell to the carpet.

Roni and Andrea ate each other’s pussies in a loud, slurping and moaning manner. Their fingers spread the other’s ass cheeks and they started inserting fingers into the other’s assholes. Roni made the brunette cum first but my grandma joined the younger woman soon after as they screamed in the other’s pussy as girl cum erupted into mouths and over lips. Both of them wanted more and continued to lick and suck on fleshy labia lips and hard clits; orgasm after orgasm washed over the pair as the started to roll slowly. But their mutual wanton need was interrupted as Alexa and I rolled into them breaking all four of us apart.

Andrea and Alexa were the first to get to their knees and pointed fingers into the other sister’s face, accusing the other of messing up the fucking. The finger pointing gave way to shoves, then slaps and then the naked twins slammed together biting and licking each other’s faces as they fell to the carpet.

I stood on shaky knees as my grandma did as well, holding herself up by an arm propped on the mattress of the bed. Roni glared at me and then I at her and I rushed and tackled her to the bed. I don’t know if it was because we were so horny and wanted to finish with the twin we were just fucking but this was now the wildest grandma and I had fought. Hands slapped at bare skin so hard that we left hand prints. Our tits were squeezed so roughly that breast flesh oozed from between fingers. Our mouths barred teeth and latched onto lips, tasting each other’s blood. It was in that moment that I started slamming my hips over and over and over again onto Roni’s. My piston like thrusts opened her thighs further and further and then she moaned out in the bite and I felt her cum.

I turned my face and watched the twins in a sitting catball. Tribbing the other as they chewed on lips and mashed their large tits together. I could see when they tensed, saw and heard the inhalation of breath and when bodies bucked and writhed. All the while watching them, I ground on top of Roni. The twins collapsed and fell with their backs on the carpet. Their cunts still glued together, little thrusts and grinds as hips involuntarily fought.

We cleaned up and Alex and Andrea left but not before telling Roni that they would love to do this again. I leaned my head against the tile wall as the water from the shower poured over me. I loved today. I loved everything about it. Especially when Grandma Roni and I fought harder.

I was sitting watching TV when Roni came into the living room wearing just a robe. I was only dressed in a robe too.

“Kiddo,” she said, leaning up against the wall, “There is not much else I can teach you. You did a really good job today. But remember practice makes perfect. We can keep sparring and you need to keep reading Mary’s diary.”

“Grandma?” I asked, looking up at her. “Can we fight rougher? Like in our catfights? Like how you fight mom and how Great Grandma Mary fought with women?”

“Yes we can, kiddo,” Roni said with a smile, “Just make sure we are not trying to scar each other. And make sure you read about when your great grandma and I fought after your mom was born. I will tell you, that was one of the craziest catfights I ever had. Mud, sweat, breast milk, tears all wrapped into one. We started outside in a rainstorm in the middle of the night and fought for almost 3 hours. Sometimes we would just pass out in each other’s arms and when we woke, we continued to fight. Your mom and I had something similar but it didn’t last as long. ”

“Good lord, Grandma!” I exclaimed. I grabbed the diary and started skimming through to find the story.

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