My Wicked Family: Part 4 by HeidiKillerKat

My dreams have been very vivid with all that had been going on. I kept dreaming about my great-grandmother’s stories. I had looked up Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield and Greta Thyssen and my dreams were filled with these starlets of the 50’s and 60’s catfighting. My Great-Grandma Mary had passed away when I was 2 years old, so I really only knew her through pictures and these diaries. But I dreamed about her. She looked like my mother and grandmother but with a red beehive for a hairstyle. In some of the dreams, I was just watching her fight, but in some I was fighting her. Catfighting tooth and nail; pulling hair, grabbing big breasts, locking legs, scratching skin, and biting all over each other’s bodies. Each time awoken, I was clutching my pillow to my chest like I would have been holding onto her and I was drenched with sweat.

One morning, I walked into the kitchen to find my grandma on the phone. She put a hand up, waving me to a chair and was listening intently.

“Sounds delightful!” Grandma Veronica (Roni) exclaimed, “I will tell her and we can plan on it tonight. Bye.” She said as she hung up the phone, smiling broadly across her face.

“What gives, grandma?” I asked.

“Oh, kiddo,” she said, “Where do I start? Well, you know the neighbors behind your house? The Bennett’s?” I nodded yes. “Well your mom witnessed a catfight between the two sisters and then each sister and their mother. It was in their family room, which has the big bay windows and your mom watched the whole thing.”

The Bennett’s; mother Lana and daughters Rebecca, age21, and Elizabeth, age 18, have been our neighbors for many years. Elizabeth (Liz) and I were in the same grade. We were friendly but not good friends. We hung in different circles. Liz was really smart and like her sister, was planning on going to the university this fall. Lana was a little older than my mother and she worked as a dental hygienist for the local dentist. They were all brunettes with Lana and Rebecca (Becky) having shorter curly hair and Liz with long wavy hair. All three were busty, probably bigger than my family.

“I know Liz,” I said, “I cannot imagine her in a fight. She was the valedictorian at graduation.”

“I know what you mean,” Roni said, “Becky is in my yoga class when she is home from school and is a real sweetheart. But fighting happens with all types. Anyway, Lana and her daughters are coming over to your mom’s later and going to have a hot tub night. So you and I are going to attend as well. I guess your mom and Lana had a long talk and we all maybe scrapping by the end of the night.”

When I had spent day dreams imagining me against girls from school, Liz never entered the picture. Now, all I could think about is how I could have missed her. She was maybe an inch taller than me and had a voluptuous body like mine. And besides thinking of Liz that way, I was also thinking about her mom, Lana and sister, Becky.

Grandma and I drove over to my house later that afternoon and sat down with my mom as she filled us in on what she saw.

The night before, my mom was folding clothes in her bedroom and she heard yelling. Being the curious woman she was, she looked out the bedroom window, which faced the backyard and the back of the Bennett’s house. She could see the drapes were wide open into the Bennett’s family room and then she saw Liz and Becky, hands in each other’s hair, rolling back and forth across the rugs. Both sisters were topless and alternated hair pulling with tit squeezing. Liz was able to mount her sister’s waist and started swinging wild slaps at Becky’s face. Then Lana came into view, also topless with her hair sticking out every direction possible and grabbed Liz by the hair and hauled her off. Liz wheeled around and wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist and the pair went down to the carpet.

Then Becky joined in by jumping on top of the pair and the three of them battled it out. The next day, my mom spotted Lana hanging laundry on the clothes line and being the bold and curious woman that she is, went to talk with Lana about what she saw. At first, Lana was extremely embarrassed but as my mom talked with her about scraps she and I and she and grandma had been in, Lana relaxed and told Margaret that the fighting had become more frequent and much bolder in recent days. It had started with Liz and Becky but when Lana tried to break up her two daughters, they pulled her into the fight and it started them all going at it. After a couple of times fighting, they didn’t care that they had torn off clothing. Lana told my mother that she peaked into Becky’s room the other night to see Becky and Liz naked, all wrapped up clawing and pulling hair.

“So I asked her if she like it,” my mom told us sitting at her kitchen table, “And she said she loved it. And so did Becky and Liz. I told her to have her and her daughters come over around 8pm tonight in swimsuits and we will all hit the hot tub and see what happens.”

I was giddy with excitement as I changed into a purple one piece suit. Grandma Roni put on a black and white striped one piece and mom had on a black bikini. We grabbed towels and headed out to the hot tub in the back yard. The tub was not on the deck of the house but on the grass behind it. It didn’t take long for the gate between the two houses to open and the Bennett’s came into our yard and over to the hot tub. I don’t know if it was planned but all three suits looked a few sizes too small on them. They all wore one-pieces but with different colors. Light blue for the mom, Lana, black for Becky, and maroon for Liz. My jaw must have been slightly ajar because Liz blushed as she looked at me. We all exchanged pleasantries and all got into the hot tub. Grandma Roni facing Becky, Margaret facing Lana and me facing Liz.

My mom broke the silence. “So Liz,” she said turning slightly to face the 18 year old, “Did you like fighting your sister and mom?”

Liz turned 3 different shade of red but her mom, Lana, just nodded to her.

“I did like it,” Liz said sheepishly, “I don’t know what came over me but as we fought, I just wanted more and more.”

“I know what you mean,” I said looking at Liz.

“Liz and Becky,” Margaret went on, “I have already talked with your mom about this, but Heidi and her grandma have fought as well as me fighting both of them. It is something I think is natural.”

Becky licked her lips and looked from me to Margaret and finally to Roni. “Jeez, Roni,” Becky said, “If I would have known….”

“Then maybe the yoga classes would have been more fun,” Roni finished the busty brunettes sentence. “I have long since discovered that when you have multiple women of the same mindset about fighting, it can be extremely fun.”

“So that brings us to here,” Lana said, looking back between her daughters at either shoulder of her, “After talking with Margaret for a while, I think all six of us should go at it and see what happens. But if you don’t want to, please speak up now.”

There was silence.

“We will all start in the tub here,” Margaret said, picking up from where Lana left off, “It is going to be crowded but will be fun. I expect for us to take it to the back yard, which is why I watered the lawn a little while ago. It is going to get muddy.”

“Oh,” Lana said raising a finger, “It is every woman for herself; it is not family against family. We will all fight each other.”  

I smiled at that knowing I wanting some time with both my grandma and mom and from the looks Liz was giving, she wanted at Lana and her sister as well.  

“Then begin,” Margaret said and pushed her breasts into Lana’s, reaching up for hair as Lana returned the move.

The movement of Becky and Roni lunging as well as my mom and Liz’s mom going for hair was caught out of the corner of my eye. Liz and I looked each other up and down and then came forward, smacking our cover tits together in a grunt. She and I reared back and slammed together again and again and then we reached up for hair. The water churned around us as the six of us fought in the hot tub.

Becky and Roni whipped theirs head back and forth by the hair. Strained swimsuit tops pressed roughly together with Becky’s larger pair starting to overwhelm Roni’s EE cups. Grunts and curses left their lips as the two women tried to push the other around in the hot tub. Roni pulled sharply to the left and she and Becky pressed up against the wall of the tub with Roni grinding into the younger brunette. Becky let go of the older woman’s hair and reached down underwater to grasp two handfuls of Roni’s shapely ass. Roni shot up some and Becky’s face was wedged into the cleavage.

Lana and Margaret were twisting their chests, letting huge breast smack left and right bringing gasps of pain and grunts from the warring moms. Already, Margaret’s bikini top was showing more and more skin as nipples were exposed. She could feel the hard nubs brush against the fabric of Lana’s black swimsuit. Margaret pushed back, separating the two moms and pulled the bikini top completely off.

“Bare your tits, if you dare whore!” Margaret cursed and quick as flash, Lana pulled the straps of her black suit down, reveling huge tits with dark areolas and rock hard nipples.

“Bring it, slut!” Lana cried out as she lunged forward, her massive tits slamming into Margaret’s pair. The move causing Margaret’s back to slam against the walk of the tub and start to get pushed over the back of it. She wrapped her arms around Lana and pulled the brunette neighbor out of the out and onto the grass below.

Liz and I were on our feet with the water coming up to our waists as we yanked our heads back and forth.  God I loved this! Liz looked so amazing in her swimsuit and now that I got to tangle with her, I was in heaven. I slapped my hips forward and hit hers causing the water to splash around us. I wrapped my right leg with her left and dug the heel of my foot into the back of her knee; her legs gave out and she sat down on the bench with me straddling her waist. I pulled her face into my suit covered breasts but she was ready. Her hands had wrapped around the shoulder straps of my suit and her mouth opened and she sunk her chompers into my meaty left tit.

I howled in pain and started slapping the sides of her head. She let go and pushed me back and my breasts fell out of my swimsuit. I rubbed my tender tit and she got up and out of the tub, always keeping her eyes on me. She got a few feet into the brass of the backyard and stripped off her suit, revealing a very sexy, wet nude body. I climbed out after her and pulled my suit completely off and rushed at her as she did at me. Our naked bodies met in a splat of wet skin on skin and we tangled legs and went down to the grass.

Roni and Becky now had the whole hot tub to themselves and Becky yanked up on the back of my grandma’s suit, causing it to ride up into her ass and pulled Roni off, dragging her underwater. The two submerged and rolled around underwater as hands pulled at suits. The pair got themselves topless and massive tits mashed as they fought underwater. Both came up, sputtering for air and pushed apart. They traded slap for slap across faces and tits. One particularly hard one from Roni caused Becky’s arms to fly over the back of the tub and her hand felt hair. She latched on and pulled. Lana’s face came into view and the angry mother pulled her oldest daughter out of the tub and on top of her.

Lana and Becky were a whirl of catballing blur as they rolled around the grass locked up. Hands pulled at the bottoms of suits and it left the mother and daughter naked. Hands yanked their shorter, thick, curly hair as their massive tits stayed in contact the whole time.

My mother and grandmother looked over to where Liz and I were fighting and quickly got naked themselves. Margaret rushed and grabbed Liz by her hair and hauled her off of me and Liz whipped around and wrapped her arms around my mother’s waist and they went down to the wet grass. My grandma and I locked eyes and I stood. I could feel the squishy grass and mud in between my toes. Roni charged and so did I! We came together in a spat and spun around one time and went down with a splash to wet grass and mud. Hands secured tight holds in our hair and nude bodies were pressed together. We rolled back and forth in the churned up grass with it and mud starting to cover our backs. I freed my right hand from Roni’s hair and started to slap at exposed skin when she rolled on top. I heard the connections of my palm to her back, side and ass and the yelps from her lips as my hand connected. I rolled on top and grandma let go of my hair and gouged at my breasts. I screamed out and immediately grasped her hands to try and pry them off; but she held them in an iron grip. I brought my hands down to her warbling breasts and latched on; with her screams matching mine in ferocity.

Lana and Becky were fighting on the other side of the hot tub and didn’t see the rest of us going at it. They were in their own little world. On their knees, mother and daughter grasped elbows and slammed together, tit to tit in a vicious battle. The huge breasts would smack together and push out the sides, hard nipples imbedding into dense flesh. Lana changed tactics and moved her chest from side to side, sending her tits careening into her daughter’s pair. Becky cried out in pain as her mom’s left tit slammed into the outside of her own left tit. Becky twisted her chest as well and every time tits would meet, the family members howled out in pain. Unable to take the pain, they grasped each other in a bear hug and fell over, locking legs and starting to roll.

Liz and Margaret slammed naked bodies together as they fought on the grass. Liz had a size advantage on my mom but mom used her dirty tactics to even it. Margaret moved her right hand down to between Liz’s legs as grasped a handful of bush and pull. Liz’s body went rigid and she bit down on my mom’s shoulder and screamed into the bite. The younger woman’s hands scratched down to my mom’s breasts and started kneading them like they were fresh bread dough. Margaret yelled out as her tits took on grotesque and un-natural shapes.

There was a rumble of thunder and then the rain started. Soft at first but it picked up until it was a down pour. Butnone of us cared. All six of us seemed to push apart around the same time and stare across the wrecked back yard. Becky and Roni moved first and slammed togetherand went down to the soaked earth. I thought Liz was going to come for me but as she stepped to her right, Lana matched her move; leaving me staring at Margaret. Liz and Lana let out battle cries as they smacked bodies together and went down to the mud. Mud and bits of grass were thrown up as they rolled violently around.

My mom and I walked slowly but as we got within arms distance, hands sought out faces. Hard slaps and cries of pain joined the cacophony of sounds. Hands settled in hair and we wrenched each other’s heads back and forth. Margaret tripped me and I went down to my back pulling my mother with me. Her heavy tits slapped into mine as my hands reached around and slapped down on her shapely ass. I dug my nails in and heard my mom screech out a cry of pain. My fingers greedily kneaded the flesh of her ass roughly as our big girl fought up top. Our legs, water logged from the down pour of rain, slid tightly together bringing pussies grinding against thighs. I moaned out loudly as my mom ground down on me from the top position. I pressed my wet thigh back in between her legs as I pulled my hands on her ass. She moaned out loudly and bit her lip.

Next to us, Roni and Becky rolled back and forth in the rain and mud in a classic catball; with one leg over and one leg under the hips of the other and their big breasts, tummies and pussies pressed together. The rolled to a sitting position with their asses sinking an inch into the mud; heads were snapped back by strong hair pulls, leaving my grandma and Becky, my busty neighbor, chin to chin, faces upturned to let the rain fall down over pain ridden faces. Becky pushed her tits into Roni’s as Roni pumped her cunt into her younger rivals.

Lana and her daughter, Liz, thrashed wildly in the torn earth that was once a nice back yard. Legs locked and unlocked, breasts pressed so tightly together, each thought they would burst. Hair was wrenched from side to side as mother and daughter battled back and forth. Lana rolled on top but Liz reached in between them and grabbed two overflowing handfuls of her mom’s tits. Lana howled out in pain! She retaliated by latching onto Liz’s equally large pair and squeezed. Liz worked her legs up and got her feet planted on Lana’s hips and pushed off. The first thing that did was stretch their boobs out into cone like shapes because neither woman let go right away, but when they did, Lana was pushed back and her back slammed against her oldest daughter and Roni in their catball. Roni let go of Becky and grabbed Lana to keep the neighbor woman on her back. Roni then slammed her breasts down on her. But they were inverted, with Roni and Lana both mashing faces into the others belly as their meaty tits mashed together; arms locked around their backs and the pair started to roll. Becky saw her sister still on her back and crawled over toward herand pounced on Liz.  

Mom and I rolled back and forth until I was able to get on top and she opened her legs more to me. I opened mine and pressed my pussy into hers and started a very hard grind. She bucked up into me as I slapped down into her. Our tits bobbled on our chests, banging together, hard nipples slicing lines in the mud and grass that adorned them. I grasped Margaret’s hands and pressed them down to the grass and used my hips slamming forward to bring the moans and cries from her lips. Kneeling over her left leg with her right coming up over my hipbone, I tribbed my mom until she started to quiver and then shake and then she came!!! Her nails dug into the backs of my hands and she cried out and started bucking her body. Even in the orgasm she was still fighting and with a strong buck of her hips, we rolled over in the mud with her on top. We wiggled hips a little to let our clits fence and we groaned in unison. We let go of hands and immediately grabbed our big tits. The mass of breast flesh was crushed in our fingers like pastry dough. I arched my hips and my clit met head on with my mother’s and she screamed out in ecstasy. I tried to take full advantage of it and pulled my mom by her tits to the side and mounted her. This time I grabbed her left leg and placed it on my right shoulder and started tribbing her again. She couldn’t help but cum over and over and over again but I was able to hold out. Margaret finally passed out and dropped her leg and fell to my back.  

Lana and Roni rolled back and forth in the inverted bear hug. Mud and grass stained their naked skin. Neither woman seemed to be able to stay on the top for very long. Roni was starting to wear down quicker than Lana was and Lana finally secured the top position and slid her chest back; her huge breasts smothering my grandma’s face. Roni squirmed desperately for a few moments and then went limp. Lana rolled off laid there for a few minutes, catching her breath. She propped herself up and look to see her two daughters in a muddy catball and slowly got up and moved toward them and jumped in to make the catball a catpile.

The three Bennet women rolled slowly in a muddy ball around the backyard. Fingers could not hang onto muddy hair or get firm grips on wet tits. Liz decided to change tactics to something Margaret did to her. So she reached down with both hands and grabbed her mother and sister in a cunt grab, inserting a couple of fingers of each hand into them. Lana and Becky went livid and each tried to pry Liz’s hand from their pussies. They reached and bent down at the same time and THUNK! Lana and Becky banged their heads together, stunning them and causing them to rock back on their knees. Liz let go of the crotch claw and kicked out with her feet, catching her mother and sister in their chests at the same time. The two went down and just lay there.

Liz got to her hands and knees about the same time I did. We stared at each other from across the yard. We were soaked, muddy and covered in blades of grass. Our hair was matted to our heads and it gave us a sinister look as we glared at each other in the rain. I knew I didn’t have much in my tank and I wasn’t sure how much Liz had. I walked towards each other, not stopping until our naked bodies slapped together and we grabbed onto wet hair and fell to the mud. It was an agonizing slow roll as neither of us had the strength to stay on without sliding off. We just wanted our bodies in constant contact. Our cheeks pressed together as we were breathing heavily into each other’s ear. Soon we couldn’t even roll on top of each other and just lay on our sides making the littlest of movement with our tits or pussies because we were both gassed out. As if by mutual agreement, Liz and I pushed apart. We just lay there on our backs with the rain pouring down on us.

“After we rest,” I said quietly, “You and I need to finish this alone.”

“Give me a couple days,” Liz said.

The rest of the ladies in the backyard started stirring and we didn’t speak as we moved slowly and painfully to help the others to their feet. I passed out completely on the floor of my mom’s bedroom as soon as my shower was done. I woke up with my grandma and mother lying next to me all asleep.

To Be Continued….

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