Teacher’s Pet by HeidiKillerKat

This story is a little break from the chronology of my previous stories. The setting is a year ago, I am 39 years old, divorced mother of two kids, my daughter age 17 and my son age 8.

I sit in the hallway for the elementary school, waiting with a few other parents to meet my son’s teacher, Tracy Smith. Miss Tracy, as my son calls her, has caused a little commotion recently as my son has been asking me about cleavage, boobs and tight butts. In probing more about what the hell he is talking about, it turns out Miss Tracy has been the crush of all the male students in her class and he and his friends talk at recess about her body. He said she wore tight fitting clothing and when she bent down to help him with school work, he could see down her shirt. I had contemplated calling the principal and complain, but with Parent/Teacher conferences going on soon, I decided to wait to see for myself.

“Next, please,” I hear a sweet famine voice say and I get up and walk into the classroom. Tracy is seated behind her desk with a stack of folders in front of her. Long blonde hair, maybe about 27 years old or so, no wedding ring and today she seemed to be dressed a little more conservatively. The blouse she had on was while with blue pin stripes and was not skin tight and she had it buttoned up. She stood and we were about the same height at 5’5” and I guessed her weight at maybe 130-135. Close to me is size. Her skirt was black and came down to her knees. She shook my hand, she had a firm handshake. WE talked about my son and she kept going on and on about him, he was a wonderful student, a delight in class and so on. She was very convincing. Toward the end I brought up about what my son was telling me and she looked shocked!

“Oh no, Ms. Kendrick,” she said looking astonished I would even say something like that, “I would never carry on or dress like that in front of the children. But you know kids and their imaginations.”

I let it go for the time being. She seemed nice and my son was doing well in school. The next week my son had a euphoric look on his face as I picked him up. I asked what was up and he clammed up and said it was nothing. I pried and finally coerced it out of him with the threat of taking away his video game privileges. Miss Tracy seemed to take a special interest in my son, helping him all the time in class, touching his shoulder or leg, when he looked down her top she winked at him and when he left class she gave him a big hug. OH NO! This would not fly. I looked up the directory and called the principal right away, voicing my concerns about Tracy’s actions in class. The principal said she would look into it.

It was about a week later and I found myself at the gym, just after yoga class. My friend Judy and I started taking the class a month prior right after I met her. We did not start out as friends, in fact we had a nasty little catfight in an empty bar after closing time, but that is another story. We changed into just towels and walked into the large sauna that is part of the women’s locker room. It is a ritual of ours to make little snide remarks in code about the blondes that come into the sauna, since we both have a deep hatred of blondes. Today we sat back to back, Judy facing the door and me facing the back wall. It was quite today with just she and I in the sauna. She was regaling me with a tale of her most recent fight with a busty blonde going after her boyfriend and she stopped all of a sudden.

“What is it,” I whispered over my shoulder.

“BBB, kinda hot,” Judy whispered back. BBB was our term for Big Busty Blonde. Usually it was four B’s with the last being Bitch but not today.

I turned my head and looked right into Tracy Smith’s eyes. She recognized me right away and her gaze scowled a little. She took a seat against the far wall, just wearing a towel like Judy and I.

Then she spoke…. “So are you the mother who ratted me out to the principal?” She asked with her head back and eyes closed. “I have been placed on administrative leave until an investigation is completed regarding my behavior.”

Judy elbowed me and whispered, “Tracy Smith?”

I nudged her back. Then I looked at Tracy who had her eyes bored into me.

“As a matter of fact, I was,” I said confidently. “What you were doing was unacceptable. Furthermore, that type of behavior should be left for a waitress at Hooters trying to get more tips, not for teaching.”

“I knew it was you,” she said, shaking her head, “And to think I felt sorry for that little brat….”

“What did you call my son?!?” I said a little more loudly, getting to my feet.

“I think you heard me just fine,” Tracy said getting to her feet, closing the distance between us.

“(COUGH) Em, girls,” Judy said rising from the bench to join me at my side.

“Judy, can you go outside the door and make sure young Miss Smith and I are not disturbed?” I asked, my eyes never leaving Tracy.

Judy turned and stepped out, closing the door behind her.

“Now, do you want to repeat what you said about my son?” I said more then asked.

I took note at the towel around her body. She was busty, close to where I was at.

“I said, your son is a brat and you are a fucking bitch who is just jealous of someone hotter and younger than you,” she said with a sneer on her face. And with that, her towel dropped to the sauna floor.

She was fit and busty; her breasts were set high on her chest, no sag, maybe a DD if not bigger. I was an EE now and was in good shape for an almost 40 year old. I let my towel drop to reveal my naked body to her. My breasts still look great, very little sag for my age. Both of us were covered with a sheen of sweat. She stepped into me, our tits bumping together. I bumped back. We stood there in the middle of the sauna, hands on our hips, lips pursed, breasts slapping harder and harder.

“Jealous old cow!” Tracy said.

“Stupid little bitch!” I countered.

She reached for my hair and I, seeing the movement, reached for hers. Then the door pounded…..


Tracy and I separated and picked up our towels and wrapped them around each other.

The door opened and no less than 5 older ladies came in. Looks like the water aerobics class let out.

I turned and walked out, Tracy not far behind me. I joined Judy who had a lustful expression on her face.

“Sorry hon,” she said, “I was watching and just when it was about to get good the old biddies should up.”

Judy and I walked to our lockers. Tracy walked over and handed me a piece of paper.

“If you want to continue what we started in the sauna,” She said, “This is my address. I am going straight home.”

I took the challenge as it was cast. “I will be right behind you.” I said, eye to eye with the blonde.

I quickly threw on one of my sports bras, a white t-shirt and running shorts. I took my sandals out of my locker and put them on.

“Damn,” Judy said, “I wish I could come and watch. You know how I love a good catfight.” She said with a wink of her eye.

“I will tell you all about it tonight after I kick this bitch’s ass.” I said confidently.

“Be careful doll,” Judy warned, “She looks like a hellcat.”

“I will,” giving Judy a hug and hustling to my car.

The address was in a part of town where new housing had gone up. I tried not to speed too much, but I wanted this cxnt’s skin under my nails. I pulled up the house as Tracy was walking in, she saw me and left the front door open. It was a small ranch style house. I could see a high fence in the back. The neighborhood was a little noisy with big trucks moving dirt and building supplies down the street.

I walked in and she was there in the middle of the living room. Black sports bra, tight fitting lycra shorts and had kicked off her shoes. I kicked off my sandals and we set to it. No words, just snarls as we collided in the center of the living room, both going for hair. We spun around on the carpet, yanking our heads back, our covered breasts colliding, legs brushing together, spinning in a tight circle. Judy was right, she was a hellcat, her nails nicked at my scalp, pulling out a few strands of hair. I stifled a curse and yanked harder at her blonde hair, light colored strands coming out with my fingers. I stepped on her right foot and she yelled out in pain and stumbled, still holding my hair and we went down to the floor. Legs wrapped around the others as we rolled to and fro across the plush carpet. We were so close that I could smell the sweat on her skin and hair. She started pulling at my t-shirt, the neckline stretched out. I grabbed her left breast through her sports bra and she squealed in pain and pushed away from me.

My shirt was in shambles so I quickly took it off and threw it aside. I got to my knees and so did she and we came back together, bra covered tits mashed flat and we grabbed at hair and raked nails down each other’s backs. Both of us were crying out in pain and cursing like sailors at each other. Tracy grabbed my sports bra from behind and I could feel the fabric roll up to my shoulders. I leaned my head down and bit her right shoulder, latching my fingers at the front of her bra. My tits popped out from underneath my bra which was now resting above my EE’s. Her big breasts were pushed up as I had pulled her bra down slightly. She grabbed both of my bare breasts and dug her nails in! I howled in pain! I bit her shoulder hard and heard her scream out! I punched her hard in the stomach and she couched and her fingers released their death grip on my boobs. She pushed me away again and we both ended up on our butts. She took off her sports bra and threw it at my face. I took off mine and whipped her across the tits with it. Then we started kicking with our bare feet.

We aimed at shins, knees, thighs as we kicked out. Sometime we would contact but most of the time we would miss. She reached forward and tried to slap me but missed and I swung a right fist at her which connected with her left tit. She yelled out in pain, cradling her boob. She got to her feet and tried to run. I followed quickly behind her. I caught up to her as she entered her kitchen/dining room and I wrapped my arms around her waist, taking both of us into chair, knocking them over and onto the dining room table. I was on her back with her breasts pressed down on the wooden table. I grabbed her head by her long blonde hair and was going to smash her face down onto the table when she elbowed me hard in my right breasts. I rolled off her back and she turned sideways towards me and grabbed both of my breasts in that death grip of hers. I cried out, tears running down my face. I started clawing and scratching her wrists but she held on tight. I reached out blindly and found her big boobs and started raking my nails down them, grabbing nipples and twisting! The screams she let out could have woken the dead. She may have been younger but I have been in a lot of dirty catfights, and I know how to hurt a bitch.

She and I rocked back and forth on the table, fingers causing out big girls into grotesque shapes. I opened my eyes to see Tracy crying, scratch marks adorning her chest as I knew they would be on mine. Then the table started to tip and we went head first down to the linoleum floor, wedged in between the tipped over table and the wall. I kicked her hard and she let go of my tits and slide back on her butt. This time both of us were slow to rise. I was covered in scratches and welts that I knew would be bruises. But so was she! I slowly backed out the kitchen area and she followed. She and I raised our fists and started swinging ounce our feet touched carpet again. If we would have started with fists in the beginning, then we would have really hurt each other. But we had been going at it for a while now and our arms didn’t have the same juice in them. We clinched and hit the wall. She rolled us so she was pressing me against the white wall. She grabbed my head and slammed it against the drywall so hard it left a dent and I saw stars. I don’t know if it was reflex or not but as she slammed me, I kneed her hard between her legs. I groaned, she groaned, I stayed upright on shaky knees as she was bent over at the waist. Her hand held the door handle to her left and it turned. I did not want to get her away so I grabbed her by the hair and we tumbled into her bedroom.

The room was small but she had a big bed. I got to my feet and grabbed her hair to pull her up. She was crying out in pain as I pulled out more blonde hair. I dragged her on her hands and knees over to the bed. As I pulled her up, she punched me hard, right between my legs. I swear, I have never felt like throwing up during a fight but I almost retched right there. I toppled face first onto the bed. Tracy threw my legs up and rolled me onto my back. I tried to raise myself up but she punched me hard right across my left cheek. Everything went into slow motion. I could tell she was talking but my ears were ringing and I didn’t make out the words. I could tell she took off my shorts and then I felt pressure from above me. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and she was straddling my chest. She had removed her shorts and her bare trimmed pussy was inches from my face.

“Now you old fuck,” She said through hard breaths, “You are going to eat my pussy until I cum in your face!”

No fucking way I was thinking! But her strong hands grabbed my hair as she scooted up and pressed my face against her slit. She gyrated her hips, pulling my hair hard, my mouth and nose rubbing against her cxnt. My arms were trapped, when I bucked, it caused her to slam her hips against my face. I had no choice… she pulled my face away slightly to reposition and then she slammed my face back against her now wet pussy, So I bit down! She shot up and off of me like someone hit her with a Taser! She went face down on the bed and I rolled toward her. I wrapped my legs around her head and started to squeeze. She pushed her knee out and before I knew it we had each other’s legs wrapped around our head in a 69. She decided to return the favor I had just given to her and started biting my inner thighs, her fingers worked their way roughly inside of me. Well two can play at that game. And there we were, two sweat, scratched, bruised up women, raking nails at cxnts, biting thighs, moaning as fingers entered the other. We could only take so much and we broke apart. I was breathing hard, so was she. I rolled to her and clawing my way up her body, slammed myself down on her. Her hands weakly grasped my hair as our tits mashed and mushroomed out at the sides. Our legs were locked together again and all we could do was grind our bodies together. Legs and knees maneuvered us into a sitting position, one leg over the others, one leg under the others, hands locked in wet matted hair, breasts pressed flat as hard nipples stabbed into bruised scratched flesh. I bit her cheek and she screamed, our bodies rocked together in this perverse catball! She pulled my hair to stop the bite, then we lined up our faces and started biting lips and our teeth banged painfully together. I could taste blood in my mouth, our tears and sweat mixed together. We teetered on the edge of the bed and fell hard to the carpeted floor, breaking apart.

I lay there for what seemed like an eternity. I rolled onto my stomach and was an inch from her right breast. I slowly moved and bit down on the breast, right above her nipple. My right hand grabbed her pussy and clawed at her. She was screaming but it came out as a horse wail.

“Stop…..please stop….no more….”, she said before she passed out. I looked up in time to see her eyes roll back into her head. She was still breathing as I pushed my body away from hers. I had almost nothing left in the tank. If it would have gone on any longer I would have given up. I spent about 5 minutes waiting from my breathing to get under control and my heart to stop racing. I picked myself up slowly and gathered my shorts in the bedroom and my sports bra and shirt from the living room. I looked around at the house, it was in shambles, table and chairs knocked over, lamps and magazines lay about the carpet. I weakly walked to my car and got on my cell. My first call was to my daughter, I asked her to watch my son tonight and I would get her the concert tickets she wanted. Then I called Judy and told her I was on my way over for some Aloe Vera, icepacks and lots of wine!


The next week my son told my Miss Tracy was really sick and would not be returning for a while. I could see he was disappointed because the substitute was a 55 year old woman. I told him it would be alright but inside I had a big smile on my face. Tracy Smith did return but her clothing choices and demeanor were much changed. No more flirting and showing off for the boys. Now it was more of a conservative dress. I saw her as I picked up my son on the last day of school. She glared at me and something in the back of my mind said I would be seeing her and her nails again.

The End

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