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Chapter 5: The Kendricks and the Cassidys by Heidikillerkat

My twenties were fun! Sure I had responsibilities, like being a mother and having a job, but I still found time to have fun. My old high school friend, Angela was in town so I arranged for my mom and dad to watch my daughter and she and I went for a night on the town. Now my home town was not a bustling metropolis but we had a good amount of bars that fit any type. We dressed for the summer weather, tight black top and jean shorts for Angela and a red tank top and jean skirt for me. We decided to hit one of the new country and western style hot spots, The Bucking Bronco. It had opened a few months earlier and this was my first time going there. The big draw was the mechanical bull which drunken patrons got to ride and get thrown off.

The bar was busy, lots of men and women of all ages drinking, dancing and having fun as country music blared in the speakers. We got our drinks, bottle of beer for Angela and a rum and coke for me and walked down by the bull. What stopped me short was the sight I saw. It was two girls on the bull, facing each other. There seemed to be two set of foot strap and two places to hold on to. It made the one girl straddle the others legs, breasts pressed together as the bull made slow movements, causing the girls to bang their tits together. A blonde with her back to me was bucking it out with a red head and it didn’t take long for the redhead to fall off, the blonde raising her hands in victory. The MC came on for the announcement.

“And another win for Bobbi!!!” The MC shouted in the mic. “Come girls, who is going to knock her off, Boob Bucking at the Bucking Bronco!”

She turned and I recognized her, Bobbi Sue Cassidy! Blonde, busty and the last time I saw her she was taking her mother, Gloria Jean, to their car after my mom, Margaret, had laid a beating on her. She was in a low cut white shirt and short shorts. Her black bra could be seen through the wet top. She bounced up and down on the bull, causing her tits to bounce for everyone’s cheering. Then our eyes met. There was instant recognition and I could see the hate in her eyes. She pointed at me and yelled I want her next! Everyone turned and looked at me and started cheering. At first I shook my head no, took a sip of my drink and laughed. But the crowd started cheering louder.

Bobbi Sue saw my apprehension and started mocking me.

“This bitch knows her little tits couldn’t match these,” cupping her breasts, shaking them again for the crowd. This put them in a frenzy! “Take those pathetic things home to your mommy!”

That did for me. I handed my drink to Angela who had a big grin on her face! Get her, she whispered in my ear. I climbed into the padded area and had the big strapping young men help me into position. I straddled her legs with mine, facing her, my feet went into the stirrups at the back of the bull as hers were in the front. Our breasts were maybe in inch apart.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time bitch”, she said to me out of earshot from the others.

“Sorry to disappoint you, cow”, I replied, “All you ever had to do was contact me and you and I could have had it out!”

The MC called for us to grab the straps, mine behind Bobbi Sue and hers behind me. This brought our tits into contact for the first time. Hers were huge. I was an E cup then and hers were easily an EE. Even with our tops and bras on, I could feel her rock hard nipples. The crowd was going wild as our breasts mashed together. Then the ride started.

It was slow and jerky at first, we bumped breasts, grunted, slid them across each other. Then it got faster. The friction cause me to get a little excited, I clenched my legs with hers, holding on tight. She reared back and came forward as the bull came down! Breasts collided with a thud! I arched my back, beating my tits back into hers. Her head was next to my ear.

“I am going to fuck you up!” She whispered loudly.

“Bring those saggy tits on then!” I said back into her ear.

We arched and bucked faster not in rhythm with the bull. Bobbi Sue started to lose her grip on the rope behind me. I sensed a victory for me coming! Then she wrapped her arms around me, crushing our tits together. The movement and momentum caused me to lose my grip and grasped her in a bear hug. The crowd cheered loudly and then the world went sideways! We landed on the padded ground and Bobbi Sue immediately reached up and latched onto my hair and started pulling. I yelled out and grasped hers in retaliation. We started a quick roll around as the MC and some of the bouncers tried to separate us. As we were pulled apart we started slapping at each other, calling each other all sorts of names. I was pissed because I thought I was winning. Once we were pulled apart and separated, Angela came over. I was still craning my neck to see if I could find her but Bobbi Sue disappeared in the crowd. The people at the bar were cheering, the MC was commenting on the catfight and said maybe they should get a mud pit!!!

I downed my rum and coke. I was sweating from the heat, the crowded bar and the titfight I just had. Angela was an angel and got me a water which I drank down quick. I was still pissed and she could tell.

“God Heidi,” Angela said as we sat down I near the bar, “That was so hot.” She had that smile from ear to ear.

“Good lord, girl,” I said back laughing, “You are a pervert!!!”

“Maybe we can get drunk and you can find out what a pervert I can be!” She said with a twinkle in her eye, then she arched her back to show off her big breasts. I almost moved my head to kiss her when we were interrupted by the bartender.

“Are you Heidi?” She asked, I nodded and she passed me a folded bar napkin. “This was left for you.”

I opened it and it read. “We are not done by a long shot cunt! If you want to finish this, then meet me at your lake house. I still know where it is.”

I showed it to Angela. “Looks like our perverted fun will have to wait.” I said.

“Are you going to meet her?” Angela asked a little concerned.

“Of course I am,” I said, “This bitch isn’t going to scare me.”

We got back to my apartment and changed cars. I told Angela to get a hold of my mom and let her know what happened. We parted with a good and she told me good luck. I drove out to the lake house still dressed in the same outfit I had on earlier. I followed the windy road and stopped in front of the house. I didn’t see another car or anything, so I got out and opened the front door and turned on the lights. I stepped back out to the small porch and saw lights on the road in the distance. Then the house phone started ringing and I went to get it.

“Heidi, are you ok?” My mother, Margaret asked.

“I am fine mom, looks like she is here.” I said as I looked out the window. Bobbi Sue got out of the driver’s side and then her mother, Gloria Jean, got out of the passenger’s side. “Well, shit. Gloria is here Mom.”

“I am on my way!” I heard my mom say on the other end and then a click.

I hung up and stepped back on to the porch. The two blondes were staring back at me from the dirt drive way.

“Well I should’ve known you wouldn’t face me alone,” I taunted from the porch, “Need your mother to help you Bobbi???”

She took a step forward but her mom grabbed her arm.

“My daughter doesn’t need me here to kick your ass,” Gloria Jean said, holding her daughter back. “I am just here to make sure it is a fair fight!”

Yeah right I thought. “Well, bitch,” I said spreading my arms out, “How do you want to do this?”

Bobbi Sue pulled away from her mom, “Why not just like old times, whore!” She said, pulling off her shirt. “Just like our mothers!”

She wiggled out of her shorts and started to remove her bra and panties. I quickly took off my top and skirt, bra and panties then threw them in a pile as I backed into the house. The two Cassidy women followed me in. I stopped in the living room, the same place Gloria Jean and Margaret had it out in and Bobbi and I crouched and started to circle.

Bobbi and I lunged for each other and SPLAT!!! Our bodies slammed together as hands reached for each other’s hair and started yanking. We were turning each other around in a fast circle, pulling left and right, back and forth, and feet scampering on the soft carpet. Our big tits would brush together, slap sideways, hard nipples scrapping flesh as we turned and turned. We pulled our hair back from behind the others back and our breasts slammed violently together. I kneed her in her right thigh and I heard a yelp leave her lips. She let go with her left hand and SMACK!!! Her hand found my neck. Damn that hurt. I cried out in pain. We let go of hair and started throwing slaps and punches at shoulders, necks, backs and heads. I lost my footing after a nasty slap across the face and I fell back onto the couch, Bobbi leapt on top of me! The close in fighting and the humidity was causing both of us to sweat! Our bodies were slick and grabbing anything but hair was hard to hang on to. She pushed me down onto my back and kneed me hard in the belly. Her right hand grabbed my hair at the top of my head and her left grabbed my right tit and squeezed!!! AAAAAAHHHH I screamed out! I could hear Gloria Jean cheering her daughter on, telling her to RIP IT OFF!!! I punched Bobbi hard in her belly and her knee slipped and she came down on top of me, I grabbed her left tit and gouged my nails in. She cried out in pain as I turned my hand from side to side, twisting her large breast! I arched my back and we tipped sideways, off the couch and onto the floor.

We didn’t break apart but laid on our sides, the other hands joining in, each grabbing each other’s tits, twisting, clawing, squeezing and pulling on dense flesh! Our legs locked together. My eyes were full of tears, but I never let go. I turn the big tits to the right then left, Bobbi sobbed out! I rolled slowly on top. She let go of my breasts and reached for my chin, pushing up, bending my neck back painfully. Then my hair was being pulled from behind. Gloria Jean had decided that I was getting the better of her daughter and decided to jump in. My hair was being pulled violently back as she wrenched me from her daughter. I reached blindly behind me and pulled her in close, Gloria’s huge breasts slammed into the back of my head. Bobbi Sue took advantage of this and re-grabbed my big breasts again, her hands squeezing them like play dough. I was screaming in pain! My left hand whipped around and got lucky by smacking Bobbi across the face, her hands leaving my tits. I turned my head and bit down on the blouse covered breasts of Gloria, gaining a squeal and hard hair pull from her. My eyes were closed as slap after slap rained down on the left side of my head. Then she was no longer there!!! I opened them to see then hear Gloria Jean and my mother, Margaret, hands in each other’s hair, stumbling around the room.

Gloria and Margaret were still on their feet as they careened out of control, years of hatred unleashing on each other. Margaret slammed her against the front door and it opened, propelling both of them onto the porch and then falling on the grass outside. Hands made quick work of tops and bras, both of the mature women rendering each other topless. They fought like women half their age with no defense, only constant attack.

Bobbi and I got to our feet and she slugged me hard in the side, I bent over as she rushed out the front door. I came to my senses and followed. I got to the door just as she tackled the two mothers and they all went down in a pile of arms, legs and tits! I bounded out the door and off the porch, leaping and joining the frenzy on the grass! Hair was pulled, breasts were squeezed and scratched, the mature women’s clothing was torn away in the wild catpile! I ended up rolling away from the pile, hands deep in blonde hair, tits pressed together with Gloria Jean, as my mother and Bobbi Sue were on each their knees, slapping at faces and breasts. I tore off Gloria’s panties leaving us both naked and locked up in a catball. Tits and cunts angrily grinding as hands pulled hair and scratched backs. She was built like her daughter, her big tits were dense and firm for her age. We rolled and rolled, each fighting to get on top. She bit my bottom lip, I cried out and bit at her mouth.

Margaret and Bobbi Sue fought down to the grass, grabbing tits, kneeing each other between the legs. Bobbi slammed my mother’s head into the ground stunning her. She mounted Margaret and grabbed both tits and started twisting. My mother howled in agony!!! But Margaret knows how to fight dirty! She reached between Bobbi Sue’s legs and started clawing at her pussy!!! Now it was Bobbi who was screaming. Margaret rolled her over and was now on top. One hand squeezing Bobbi’s tit, the other, three fingers deep in the blonde!!!

Gloria must have sensed her daughter’s dismay and jabbed her nails into my ribcage. She rolled apart from me and tackled Margaret off of her daughter. The two naked mothers were spitting and slashing with nails, hands grabbed tits, teeth bit at faces. I started crawling towards Bobbi Sue, who was crawling toward me. We reared up and latched onto our wounded tits as we started biting our faces with gnawing teeth. We were on our knees, pulling and biting when our rolling mothers slammed into us. I was blindly grabbing and I heard curses and grunts of pain. I took as knee to the cunt and almost threw up. I threw my arms around Gloria’s neck and started to squeeze. Bobbi pulled me off and I turned and we went right down to the grass again. Tit to tit, hands pulling hair. This time the movement was slow. Both of us were too worn out to fight like we had been. I was able to get on top of the blonde and I slammed my chest down on hers. She grunted in pain, so did I. I thought I knocked the wind out of me. I did it again, and then a third time. She sobbed out for me to stop. I rolled off to see what was happening to our mothers.

Gloria and Margaret had been locked on their knees, hands squeezing tits, fingers clawing cunts, teeth biting faces! Gloria forced Margaret down to her back and looked like she was going to throttle her, hands grasping my mother’s throat. I lunged and took Gloria to ground. We pulled hair, scratched at our sides, I kneed her between the legs and she hoarsely screamed. I kneed her again, again, and again. She threw up and then just went limp.

The four of us laid there for what seemed like hours. But then soft hands picked me up and helped me inside the lake house. I watched as Angela helped my mother into the bed beside me. She took out a cool wet cloth and cleaned us up. I drifted off into sleep, but before I did, Angela kissed me deeply on the mouth.

I woke to find myself alone, I smelled coffee and eggs being cooked. I got to my feet, my whole body was sore. I put on the robe that was laying on the bed and walked to the kitchen. My mother was sitting at the counter as Angela poured her a cup of coffee.

“Hiya Slugger”, Angela said with a wink, “Want some grub?”

I said yes and took as seat next to my mom. She and I hugged and held each other for a while. Angela told us she took Gloria Jean and Bobbi Sue back to the frontage road and walked back to take care of mom and me. She got a call from a friend who saw Gloria and Bobbi come back to their house in the morning. After breakfast my mom got into her car and went back home. I helped Angela clean up.

“I saw the last few minutes of the fight”, she said washing a plate, “It was the most brutal, most erotic thing I have ever seen.”

I got in the shower a little while later, washing grass from my hair and leftover dirt from my skin, then I heard the shower door open, then was Angela, naked stepping in, her hands gently touching my hips as she pressed her body into mine, our lips meeting, tongues twirling as hot water poured over us. We didn’t leave for another three hours!

The End

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  1. melissa says:

    Yikes, That story was so HOT. I love the tit fight aspect and also the Mothers were involved. Fabulous story


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