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My Wicked Family: Part 1 by HeidiKillerKat

It had been two weeks since the events of Meeting the Chambers and life in my house was getting frostier by the minute. My mom, Margaret and I were not getting along at all and it seemed like the smallest thing started an argument. So far nothing escalated to a physical confrontation but mom and I were getting close. I do admit I was starting my rebelling against my mother’s rules in the house and it all came to a head one night.

I was sitting in the living room watching TV and my mom came storming into the room.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???” She yelled, startling me. She was holding a small baggie of marijuana that I had been hiding in my room.

“WHY ARE YOU GOING THROUGH MY ROOM???” I shot back standing, my face beat red from a little embarrassment.

“This is my house, Heidi,” Margaret said waving the bag around, “And I will not have you become a druggie under my roof!”

“It is just some weed,” I said back, hands on my hips, “Nothing to get your panties in a wad over.”

“That does it!” My mom shouted, “YOU ARE OUT OF HERE MISSY!!!” My dad was standing in the door waywatching the exchange. He had a disappointed look on his face. “You can stay with your grandma for a while. You don’t pay rent here; you don’t pay car insurance, so everything you have is really mine. Your car is mine so you can wait on the front porch with a suitcase until she gets here!”

I opened my mouth to argue but my dad stepped in a held his hand up and then just pointed upstairs to my room. I stomped up there, threw a few arms full of clothing into a ratty old suitcase and went don’t stairs making sure to bang the suitcase on the stair as loud as I could. I slammed the front door and could hear my mom curse and begin to walk towards the door until my dad intercepted her. I waited there in brooding silence until my Grandma Roni drove up in an old Cadillac. She popped the trunk and hooked her thumb at me to load the suitcase in. I did and then got inside the big car.

“Well you certainly did now, huh?” Grandma Roni asked, “I swear you are just like she was at your age.”

We sat in silence, mainly because I was still pissed off at what was happening. We drove to the other side of town where she still lived in the house my mom grew up in. My grandfather had passed away a few years ago, so it was just my Grandma by herself, with the occasional visit from my family. She waited at the front door for me as I got my suitcase from the trunk and instructed me to use the guest room. She said she would make us some tea and we could talk. I didn’t want to talk, not really but, like my mother, Grandma Roni had a commanding presence and you didn’t say no to her.

I came out to the small kitchen with my Grandma pouring hot water into two mugs. I chose the sleepy time tea and started dipping the bag in the water. Then it hit me…. My grandma had said I was just like her. My brain went back to right after I watched my mom fight Joanna Cassidy and what she said about her mother, Grandma Roni, introducing her to catfights.

“Did you and mom ever fight?” I asked, sipping tea.

“Of course, kiddo,” Roni said sitting back in her chair, “We argued a lot while she was growing up. It is what teens and their mothers do.”

“I don’t mean arguing,” I said, my voice getting a little softer, “I meant, did you and her ever….”

“Catfight?” Grandma Roni asked a little more matter of factly than I expected.

“Yes,” I replied, my voice husky.

Then for the first time, I saw my grandmother as not just my grandma, but as a woman. She was the same height as my mom and I, around 5’6” and looked like she still was in good shape. She had the “Family Tits”, because I could see the strain on her blouse. Her hair was short, like my mom’s was; auburn with silver streaks in it. Until just then, I didn’t realize my grandma was still hot.

“Yes, Heidi,” Grandma Roni said setting her cup down and making sure her eyes and mine were locked, “Your mother and I fought many times, from when she was about your age, up until you were 5 or 6. It was sometimes a weekly thing for us. I know you have had a couple of fights and just to give you an eye opener, your mom and I fought more like your most recent one.”

Well my eyes opened wide and I almost spit out the tea I was drinking. “You mean you and her,” I stammered, “Clothes gone… like, naked?”

“Oh, all the time, Heidi!” Grandma Roni said as she smiled. “Your mom told me about the last one on the beach house and then you and her in the shower. But I have a feeling, if your father didn’t come home when he did, you and she would have done more than some rough hugging in the shower.”

I put my elbows on the table and rested my chin on them. “Please tell me more, Grandma,” I said in a dream like state.

Grandma Roni laughed. “Well kiddo, since you have a dirty mind like all the women in our family have, I will tell you a few wild ones from your mom and I. First I want to tell you that the dirtier side of woman fighting can be traced back for generations in our family. I learned and fought against my mother, your great grandmother, who also fought your mom too.”

I was like a kid at Christmas.

“So back when your mom was 18 before you were born…..”


Margaret had been in her first catfight which she won against a brunette named Casey who went to her high school. She had stayed out late one Sunday and missed her curfew since she was still going to high school. Roni waited in the recliner in the darkened living room as lights from a car pulling into the driveway beamed through the windows. Margaret tipped toed to the door and inserted her key and opened it quietly and went in. She closed and locked it with almost no sound and resumed her tip toeing when the lights clicked on.

“Shit, Mom!” Margaret said almost jumping out of her skin, “You startled me.”

“You are late,” Roni said to her daughter, “Late by over two hours. Don’t make any plans for the next few weeks because you are grounded.”

“Grounded???” Margaret said defiantly, “I am 18!”

“And you are still a student and still living under my roof,” Roni said as she got up. Margaret noticed the left side of her mother’s face was red.

“What happened to your face?” The younger woman asked.

“Your grandmother and I had a disagreement as to what punishment was needed for you,” Roni said, touching the side of her face. “My argument won out.” As if by que, Grandma Mary walked out of the kitchen in her sleeping gown.

“You two just need to go at it and get it out of your systems,” Grandma Mary said.

“Mom,” Roni said, “Butt out, please.”

“Roni,” Mary went on, “You need to teach her some respect.”

“What the fuck, Grandma?!?” Margaret said loudly. “Fuck this!” Margaret turned and walked towards the stairs to her room.

Roni grasped her daughter by the arm, “We are not done yet, Margaret.”

“Let go of me!” Margaret said as she spun around to face her mother.

Roni slapped her daughter across the face. The younger woman held her left cheek and returned the slap to her mother. That is all it had took; mother and daughter reached and grabbed two handfuls of auburn hair and yanked mightily. Heads were snapped left and right, back and forth as the pair stumbled around the sparse living room. Grandma Mary pulled up a chair and took a drink from her Hot Totty and watched her daughter and granddaughter fight.

Margaret was wearing a Black Sabbath t shirt and cut off shorts while her mother had on a simple beige night gown. Feet got entangled and the pair went down to the shag carpet. Legs locked and they started rolling back and forth, hands still embedded in each other’s hair. As they grappled on the carpet, hands started to bunch in not only hair but also Margaret’s t-shirt and her mom’s night gown.

Roni got her feet in between the two women and pushed off, sending Margaret flying a few feet away on her ass. But as she was pushed off of her mother, Margaret had a hold of the front of her mom’s night gown and it tore open, releasing Roni’s EE cup breasts for her daughter and own mother to see. Roni stood up and shrugged out of the gown and let it fall to the carpet, now clad in just a skimpy pair of beige panties. Margaret took a moment to stare at her mother and, as if my instinct, her own clothing began to litter the floor. Now mother and daughter stared at each other from across the living room, clad in small panties; beige for Roni and white for Margaret. They rushed together.

Breasts bounced wildly until the mother and daughter came together in a smack of flesh on flesh. Both women groaned as their large tits flattened together. Arms wrapped around their frames and started slapping backs and scratching skin. Feet kicked out at shins and the two women found themselves quickly back to the carpet for a rolling, hissing catfight. Roni raked her nails down Margaret’s back and latched onto her daughter’s white panties and yanked up with the undies tearing, causing the younger woman to squeal. Margaret, not to be out done, grasped her mother’s beige underwear and pulled until she could feel it give way, leaving both mother and daughter naked. At this point, Grandma Mary could take no more and peeled off her night gown and panties and jumped on top of the warring pair.

Back to 1993

My jaw was open as my grandma described in great detail the naked brawl between her and my mother and then great-grandma. I think my eyes must have been glassy because Grandma Roni was smiling.

“Jeez Grandma,” I said, “That was amazing to hear.”

“Oh, yes,” Roni replied, “You mom, great-grandma and I would fight like that until we found out your mom was pregnant with you. But we started again soon after you were born for a while. It helped clear the air and we were able to get out our frustrations at each other.” I did notice my grandmother had unbuttoned two of the buttons of her blouse and was fanning it.

“Wow,” I said, “To bad you don’t fight anymore; you, meand mom would have been wild.”

My grandmother cocked her head, “Who says I don’t fight anymore? Why do you think I have a rule to call before coming over? Kiddo, I still fight once a week against women from yoga class.”

Again my jaw dropped. “I am sorry, Grandma Roni,” I said sort of sheepishly, “I didn’t know.”

“It’s ok, kiddo,” she said gathering the mugs and washing them before setting them in the sink, “It is late, why don’t you head to bed and we will talk more tomorrow.”

I went to the guest room but couldn’t sleep. Even though a cool breeze was blowing through the open bedroom window, I was soaked in sweat. I just had on a black tank top and black panties and lay on top of the sheets thinking about my mother and grandmother fighting. Imagining the two of them going at it. Picturing my great-grandmother, who I only knew through pictures, fighting them both in naked brawls. I heard a creak and the door to my bedroom opened and it was Grandma Roni, standing there. The moon light coming in through the open window was the only light but I could see her clearly. She reached behind her and I heard a zipper and then the night gown dropped to her feet. I sat up in bed and pulled the bottom of my t shirt over my head. My grandmother hooked her thumbs on the sides of her panties and pushed them down over her hips. I scooted my butt up and pulled my black panties over my hips and tossed them to the floor and stood as my grandmother walked more into the room. We didn’t speak; we didn’t need to. And then, in the center of the guest room, we came together. Our huge naked breasts smacked together roughly as we reached up for hair. I was amazed at how firm her breasts still were and as our bodies ground more; I could feel her strength and knew she kept that body in shape. We did not stay on our feet very long and quickly tumbled to the soft carpet in a naked mass of flesh. That was my first night at grandma’s house!

We did that almost every day. It wasn’t an all-out catfight; it was more catty naked wrestling around. We did pull hair for control and slapped at skin and grabbed each other tits, but didn’t try to rip them off. We would fight all over the house. One time in the kitchen as I was helping her bake a cake and our naked breasts were covered in flour and cake batter. One time in the standup shower with water pouring down on us as we slammed our EE cups together. She would come into the guest bedroom or I would come into her bedroom and we would just go at it. When we weren’t fighting, I got to learn a lot about my mother’s and grandmother’s side of the family. Roni would tell of the torpedo bras that she and my great-grandmother Mary would tear off each other. She told me about fights she had right after giving birth to my mother, with another woman who had recently given birth, and they squeezed tits until milk came out and covered them like a sheen of oil. I read through my great-grandmother’s diary; it was filled with raunchy tales of catfights she had in the 40’s and 50’s. I learned that when my ancestors came over from Scotland and moved west in the 1800’s, the women fought with each other, other settlers, native American women, and saloon girls. It was my own History of Catfighting 101.

I spent a week at grandma’s house and didn’t bother even talking to Margaret. I needed some more clothes and threw on an old tank top and cut off shorts and borrowed grandma’s caddy and drove over to my house midday to pick some more up. I used the key to get in the front door and my mom came out of the kitchen thinking it was my father.

“Oh,” she said, looking up and down, “Have you come back to say you are sorry?”

“Uh, no,” I said, “I need to get more clothes. I actually like it at grandmas. I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck all the time. And I have gotten to learn a lot.”

“Just what have you learned???” My mother asked, hands on her hips. She was dressed in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts.

“Oh,” I started, “You know, the family history, coming over from Scotland, the naked fights you and grandma and great-grandma Mary had, that sort of thing.”

Her face got beet red. “She told you those. I am not surprised, I told her about my fights and even your two fights so far.”

“Well,” I said looking my mother in the eyes, “I have had more than two fights now.”

My mom stood there in silence for a moment. Then she took her shirt off, leaving her topless and walked up the stairs. When she got to the top, she turned and looked at me. “Are you coming?”

As she walked to her bedroom, I practically raced up the stairs while pulling off my tank top. I followed the clothing lying on the carpet to her room and discarded my shorts and panties. When I pushed open the door, my mother was standing in the middle of the bedroom, naked. She moved to the phone on the bed and dialed.

“Mom,” she said into the receiver, “Heidi is going to be here for a while. We are going to talk. Yes, the front door is open. Bye.” She hung up the phone and then walked toward me as I walked toward her. We stopped when our hardening nipples touched together.

“You need to learn respect, bitch,” my mother said, pushing her EE cups into mine.

“Ugh,” I grunted, “You are going to learn not to be such a cunt at home!” Pushing my tits back into my mom’s pair, the giant orbs squished together and mushroomed out the sides.

“Little whore!” My mom spat into my face!

“Jealous slut!” I spat back and my hands moved to Margaret’s hair as her hands moved to mine.

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