Meeting the Chambers by HeidiKillerKat

Summer 1993

This was the first family vacation after my graduation. This is also before I started rebelling and before I gave birth to my daughter. My parents and I loaded up the minivan and drove to the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras. We were able to rent a cottage right on the Atlantic Ocean. This was a perk my father had gotten from a sales rep as a thank you from some business he and my dad made. Mom was anxious to just get out of the city for a while and so was I. Mom was fully healed up from her naked brawl with Gloria Jean Cassidy and I was all better from my topless brawl with April. It was going to be a relaxing week. My dad wanted to do some fishing and mom and I planned on sleeping in and doing a whole lot of nothing.
We pulled up to the cottage and noticed there were only two cottages next to each other. The next places on the beach were close to a mile away. There was a family unloading their large SUV as we pulled into our designated parking space. I could see an older man and a girl who looked to be my age and a younger girl unloading, while a blonde middle aged woman was sitting on the front porch obviously supervising. As my dad got out the man came over to greet him. He was Mr. Chambers who was there with his wife Joyce and two of his three daughters, the youngest Amie and the one my age, Anna.

I could tell Joyce was kind of a cold personality because she gave a little wave and didn’t come to greet us. But Amie and Anna came over to say hi. Anna was about my height at 5’6” but I think I outweighed her. She was wearing an old frayed sweatshirt and cutoff shorts. She was pretty but gave off a tomboyish vibe. Amie on the other hand was prim and proper. After we got unpacked, Mr. Chambers invited us over for a bonfire on the beach and some s’mores. My dad and Mr. Chambers hit it off well, talking about fishing. But my mom and Joyce barely spoke. My mom had tried starting conversations with the blonde but Joyce only answered in short sentences. Amie hung with her mom but I could tell Anna was not interested in what her sister and mom were doing. Anna asked if I wanted to walk along the beach so I joined her.
She had just graduated high school like me. She seemed more like her dad than her mother.
“I am kinda jealous with your big family,” I said as we walked along the beach.
“Good lord why?!?” Anna snorted.
“Because you have sisters,” I replied, “I am an only child.”
“I wish I was an only child,” she said looking at the waves coming in, “Other than my dad and little sister, I hate my family.”
“You mom does seem like a bitch,” I said, and then I covered my mouth, “Sorry for saying that.”
“Why?!?” She said, “You are absolutely right. Her and my older sister Dawn. Those two are a match made in bitch heaven.”
I laughed at that. “So why is Dawn not here?” I asked.
“She is at a cheerleading thing at college,” Anna said, “She and I have not been getting along at all. We have had… disagreements.”
The pause made me think they had fought. But I didn’t ask about it. It seemed like a sore subject with Anna. The next few days went whirling by. My dad and Mr. Chambers went fishing every day. Anna spent more time with me and my mother than she did with Amie and her mother. Joyce would pack up Amie and take her out during the day and leave Anna at the cottage. Anna seemed fine with it. But it started to piss of my mother. Though she didn’t say anything, I could tell it got under her skin.
One night a few days before we were going to pack up and leave, both Anna’s family and mine were seated out by the bonfire. Both sets of parents drinking. My dad and Mr. Chambers decided to walk to the local bar a few miles down the road, leaving just us girls. Amie was getting tired and went to bed. Joyce was silently sipping her wine. She got up and told Anna it was time to go to bed.
“I am not tired,” Anna said, not looking up.
“I said it is time for bed,” Joyce said a little more forcefully, but slurring a little.
“Why don’t you just leave her alone,” Margaret chimed in, “You have been doing a good job of ignoring her since we have been here.”
“Why don’t you mind your own fucking business,” Joyce said.
“Why don’t you go sleep it off,” my mom said in return.
“Why don’t you go fuck off bitch!” Joyce said
My mother got up from her chair and faced off with Joyce. “Don’t go doing something you are going to regret Joyce.”
“You think you are so high and mighty don’t you bitch,” Joyce said taking a step forward, “I ought to rip your tits off and shove them up your ass.”
“I would like nothing better than to rip out that bleach blonde hair,” Margaret said, “But let’s do it when we are both completely sober. I want to enjoy kicking your ass up and down the beach.”
“Fine whore!!!” Joyce said with a sneer, “I will send Amie with her father tomorrow and then you and I can fight with no interference. Make sure your chubby daughter doesn’t get involved.”
My mom lunged forward but I caught her as Joyce laughed and turned her heels in the sand and walk to her cottage.
“Sorry she is a bitch,” Anna said, “But she is not all talk. I have seen her fight and she is a dirty catfighter.”
My mom got her breathing under control and turned toward Anna, “Don’t worry dear,” my mother said, “I can get dirty too, so can Heidi.”
Anna looked at me with wide eyes. If it wasn’t so dark out, she would have seen me blush.
The next day was going to be a hot one, mid 90’s was predicted for the temperature. My mom kissed my dad goodbye for his little trip with Mr. Chambers and Amie. I put on a t-shirt and cutoff shorts and my mom got on a bikini top, her big breasts barely contained in the red top and some cutoff shorts. We walked outside and Anna was waiting in a black tank top and cutoff shorts. It had been rather cool at the beach since we got there and Anna had always worn a sweatshirt. But the tank top was tight because she was stacked up top. Not as big as me, but close.
“My mother wants to start it off in the cottage,” she said waving us in.
We walked in the screen door and the living room was now bare. All of the furniture was removed and now it was just an open space. Joyce walked in wearing a barley there blue bikini and matching thong. And by barely there I mean it just covered her nipples up top and had a small triangle down below. Anna was shaking her head. Margaret walked right up to Joyce and slapped her across the face. Joyce’s head whipped back.
“That was for insulting my daughter,” Margaret said.
“FUCKING BITCH!” Joyce screamed and lunged at my mother.
In contrast, Joyce and Margaret were two very different women. Joyce had long blonde hair and my mom had short red hair. But they had similar body types, both 5’6” and around the same size, both had big breasts.
My mom and Joyce grab double handfuls of hair and started pulling each other around. Anna and I were on opposite sides of the living room watching the two mothers go at it. Massive breasts wobbled back and forth quickly as the two mothers whipped each other by the hair. Joyce pulled up sharply and Margaret let out a yelp as she was pulled up to her full height and their breasts mashed together for the first time. My mom pulled back down on the blonde’s hair bringing an “OW” from Joyce’s lips.
Joyce released her right hand from my mom’s short red hair and unleashed a hard slap across her face. Margaret returned the slap and the two mothers traded slap for slap, hit faces, shoulders and even breasts. The two were cursing at each other like drunken sailors. Anna and I just watched silently for now but a part of me wondered if we would both be cheering for my mother. Margaret sent a right handed slap that missed Joyce’s face and landed SPLAT right onto her large right breast.

The impact made the tit warble and pop right out of the tiny blue bikini top Joyce had on. Joyce swore at my mother and instead of slap at her tits, released her other hand from my mom’s hair and latched both onto my mother’s large breasts. The red bikini top didn’t last and Joyce’s knuckles turned white as she poured all her strength into squeezing the big tits. My mother cried out in pain as her new rival squeezed. But she didn’t let that stop her and she in turn grabbed both of Joyce’s tits and returned the squeeze. The two mothers turned slowly on their feet as their fingers squeezed, gouged, pulled, pinched, kneaded, and scratched each set of breasts.
“I AM GONNA RIP THESE FUCKERS RIGHT OFF!!!” Joyce screamed in my mother’s face. Both women were on their tippy toes.
“FUCK YOU WHORE!!! YOUR TITS AREN’T SHIT!” Margaret returned in a yell.
“GET HER MOM!” I yelled out, watching the two mature women try to destroy each other’s breasts.
Anna didn’t say anything, she just watched the violence, occasionally touching her own breasts, I could see her nipples growing threw the tight tank top.
The two warring women, still upright, started trying to stomp on each other’s feet. They hopped and staggered around as bare feet slammed down on bare feet. Soon the feet started kicking at shins. Each mother would cry out in pain as foot connected with shin. Margaret stumbled and Joyce pushed forward and the busty moms fell to the cottage floor. Now it where it got wild and dirty. The hand holds on their tits were broken and hands were a whirl of movement, slapping and scratching at bare flesh.

Red furrows and scratch marks could be visibly seen in their skin. Joyce’s left hand snagged my mom’s cutoff shorts and she pulled, the material stretched and the front button popped loose, causing my mom’s shorts to sag and slide down her hips. Margaret was not to be the only one losing clothing though. She grabbed at the back of Joyce’s blue thong and yanked up sharply. The fabric was not meant for this abuse and it tore, coming away in my mom’s left hand. Joyce screamed in frustration and ducked her head to my mom’s tits and bit down on Margaret’s left breast. My mom howled in pain and clopped Joyce in her right ear, breaking the bite and the two women rolled away from each other.
Margaret slid the short the rest of the way off and was as naked as Joyce. They got to their knees and started throwing punches. Neither woman tried any defense, they just swung with lefts and rights, some hitting shoulders, tits, and faces; most of the blows missed. Their arms started to tire and they clinched together on their knees.
The massive breasts slam into each other and mushroom out at the sides as their arms wrap around the other and tighten. They are forehead to forehead, teeth barred, sneering hate are the other. Joyce spits in my mother’s face and Margaret returns the spit back. Hands rake lines of red on sweaty backs as the two moms sway back and forth on their knees. Margaret tips them over and they fall back the carpet on their sides. Legs lock together and the two roll back and forth. Hands move up to their heads again and grasp handfuls of hair. They roll over to me and I jump back onto the couch as they hit it hard. The pair roll back toward Anna and she looks for a place to jump or scoot out of the way but she doesn’t have any. She tries to jump up as they get to her feet but her right foot snags on the back of the rolling moms and she goes right down on top of them.
“FUCK!” I hear her cry out as she is not tangled with the Joyce and Margaret.
She tries to get herself loose by placing her hand on Joyce’s side and pushing herself up but it slips on the sweat skin and Anna ends up grabbing my mom in her right breast. My mom on instinct grabs Anna by the hair and pulls. Anna cries out and tries to pull herself free but Joyce, seeing Anna and Margaret doing this, attacks my mom with more vigor. Looking back on it, the whole thing was an accident but I was 18 and my blood was hot from watching the fight, so I rush over and grab two handfuls of Anna’s hair and yank her up.
“GET OFF MY MOM YOU BITCH!” I scream out at Anna as I pull her away from the two moms.
“BITCH!!!” Anna yells as she punches me dead in the tummy.
I feel hands in my hair as I am bent over from the punch and I fall right on top of Anna and we start our own catfight. My legs get tangled up with Anna’s as our two mothers continue to roll back and forth. Anna and I bang heads once and then twice as we pull each other’s hair with vigor. I didn’t plan on this fight, but I saw my mom in a little trouble and I had to intervene. Anna probably didn’t intend to be fighting either, not from the way her mom treated her, but here we were. I was still on top of Anna, pulling her hair as she pulled mine. I felt one of her hands quit pulling which gave me a bit of reprieve but then my chest erupted in pain as she grabbed my left breast and twisted and we rolled over with her on top.
“AAAWWWW!!!” I screamed out as her hand squeezed my big breast through my tee shirt.
Even through the shirt and bra I could feel her short nails dig in. It hurt! I swung a wild slap at her face, the first missed but the second one landed home on her left cheek and I could see spit fly out to the side. I rolled us so we were on our sides and the shirts and tank tops we had on became our focal point. Clothing was stretched to the complete limits of the fabric. Our legs were still tangled up but we pulled backward from our upper bodies, hands pulling at clothes. I swear I could hear the seams pop through our grunting and RIIIIIPPPPP my shirt was torn from the neck line down and her tank was ripped open. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her big breasts came into full view.

I looked down at my exposed bra and I could see three distinct nail marks on the top of my breast and that made me see red! I grabbed at her bare breasts, getting my fingers around them and squeezing, my teeth gritted. I saw her face contort in pain and her mouth open up in a silent howl. Anna tried pulling at my wrists to pull my hands away but I held tight. She moved her hands to my bra, pulling and twisting my over the shoulder-boulder holder and my tits were pushed up and free as my bra was pulled underneath my breasts. She latched onto mine and we had ourselves a vicious titfight! She twisted left then right with her hands, I twisted outward then inward, we both squeezed and kneaded them horrifically. Anna and I got our legs untangled and we started kicking at each other’s legs. Both of us landed a few hits to shins and knees before we let go of the other’s breasts and rolled away.
My mom and Anna’s mom had not let up from when I pulled Anna away. Joyce and Margaret traded the top spots on each other for a few moments and then were rolled off. They were fighting with the exuberance of younger girls but with the brutal maturity of experienced catfighters. My mom and Joyce rolled to the opposite wall and were wedged there with Margaret on top. My mom grabbed double handfuls of tit and gouged at them. Joyce screamed out a curse and grabbed my mom’s beautiful breasts. My mom looked up and saw me and Anna roll away from each other, she punched Joyce hard in the belly and Joyce’s holds on her tits slackened and Margaret got off Anna’s mom and made a b-line for Anna.
Anna had her back turned to the warring moms and didn’t see Margaret get up and close on her. Anna took off her torn tank top and was getting ready to pounce on me when Margaret grabbed the back of Anna’s hair and pulled her back. Anna whirled around and latched onto my mom’s hair and the their big breasts smacked together as they went right down to the carpet. I was rising as I took off my torn shirt and bra and ran the short distance towards them. I was tackled a second later by the nude Joyce and we collapsed ontop of Anna and my mother. 4 sets of hands grabbed and clawed and slapped at everything, faces, boobs, arms; we fought in a big pile. I felt a strong hand on my right tit, groping my nipples and twisting it. I clawed at the hand and heard a yelp but couldn’t figure out which one cried out in pain. I opened my eyes and traced the hand back to…. My mother!!!!
“MOM LET GO!” I cried out but she didn’t let go.
I had my hair pulled by Joyce one way and my mother grabbing my boob, pulling the other way. I slapped my mom hard in the breast and happened to catch a set of red furrows that Joyce had given her. It was then she let go and opened her eyes and glared at me for a second before returning her concentration to Anna.

Joyce and I rolled out of the pack and cussing at each other as we pulled hair and slapped with open hands. Her hands were working blindingly fast and before I knew it, my shorts were around my ankles and her hands were pulling my panties. I grabbed her big breasts and pushed them roughly up towards her face as I dug my nails in. She screamed out in pain and rage and yanked one last time at my underware but that was enough and the clothing came loose in her hands. I was on top with my left hand in Joyce’s blonde hair and my right squeezing her left tit.
Anna was on top of my mom, slamming her tits down on Margaret’s. Margaret threw a strong punch into Anna’s right side and Anna rolled off couching. Anna was crawling away but Margaret grabbed the back of Anna’s shorts and tried to pull her back. The shorts came undone and slide off the young beauty. Anna was not wearing panties and now all 4 of us were nude. Margaret was on her knees pulling Anna back by her legs when Anna kicked out hard catching my mother in chest and knocking back into Joyce and I. My mom and I collided heads and I was knocked off of Anna’s mom.
Margaret turned her head to see Joyce’s breasts and turned and sunk her teeth in the right one and started chewing. Joyce howled out a scream and turned her head and bit down on my mom’s right tit. Joyce’s feet stuck out towards me and my mom’s were towards Anna. Both mature cats couldn’t take a whole lot of the biting and they wrapped their arms around each other and buried faces into each other’s bellies and mashed their bare breasts together. It was a sight to behold. Each woman’s sweaty faces were mashed against sweaty bellies as they started a slow roll back and forth.
I got to my feet and Anna got to hers. We stared at each other for a second and rushed together with a slap of skin as our bodies collided and we went right back down to the carpet. We buried hands in each other’s hair and yanked. Our big breasts smacked together and we slashed our hard nipples across the sweaty flesh. Anna was strong but so was I and we were stalemated for a bit not really moving back and forth just pulling hair and grunting as our tits slapped together. Anna seemed to find a 2nd wind before me and she forced me onto my back, holding my head in place by my hair as her slightly smaller breasts mashed up against my bigger ones. I had her hair and was pulling back trying to stretch her neck but she held that top position.
Margaret and Joyce took turns on who was on her back and who was pressing down but when Margaret got Joyce on her back, she could feel Joyce’s panting against her belly and slid her body so her tits were pressed down against Joyce’s face. Joyce tried to bite but she was out of breath and her grip slackened and arms finally went to the carpet. Margaret rolled off and sat there for a second catching her breath and she saw Anna on top of me. She got to her feet and went over to us and grabbed Anna by the back of the hair and pulled her from me. I was pissed because I thought I could wear Anna down. Margaret pulled Anna roughly up to her knees and pushed her back, so Anna landed only a foot or two from Joyce.
Joyce was getting to her knees having taken her little break when Anna was dumped next to her.
“GET UP YOU LITTLE BITCH AND TAKE HER!” Joyce said with a panting snarl.
“FUCK YOU JOYCE!” Anna said and slapped her mother right across the face.
Joyce’s eyes went wide and she and Anna reached for each other’s hair. The two worked their way to their knees and were whipping each other’s heads back and forth. Joyce pushed forward and the naked mother and daughter started slapping and scratching each other. Anna grabbed one of her mom’s big tits and scratched and squeezed. Joyce was livid and retaliated, grabbing both of Anna’s breasts. The pair rolled to their sides, pulling and twisting each other’s tits.
Margaret held a hand out for me and said, “Looks like I bailed you out again.”
I smacked my mom’s hand away and got to my feet, “I didn’t need your fucking help!”
My mom glared at me, “Don’t you speak to me like that!”
“Or what mom, you’re going to grab my tit again!” I yelled back returning her glare with one of my own.
“Yeah well I didn’t slap your tits like you did mine,” my mom said and she swatted my left breast.
My mouth went open in shock!!! I swatted her left breast!
“Don’t go starting something you aren’t going to finish Heidi!” She said smacking my left tit again.
“FUCK IT!” I said and my mother and I grabbed each other’s tits and started squeezing.
Anna and Joyce and broken away from each other and gotten to their feet, circling each other.
“I should have kicked your ass a long time ago!” Joyce said as she and her daughter stalked each other.
“You could have tried but you wouldn’t have like the outcome!” Anna said and she and her mom lunged for each other.
They slammed into the wall and then into the door to the cottage. Anna braced herself against the door frame and kicked out and kicked Joyce hard in the belly. Joyce collapsed on the carpet holding her stomach.  Margaret and I were still on our feet, forcing the other’s back in the wall and then we hit the screen door and it opened and we went sprawling onto the sand breaking apart. Anna threw our clothes out the door.
“I am going to finish up with Joyce! Don’t fucking try and come back in!” She said as she slammed the door and I heard the lock click.
Margaret and I still were glaring at each other but we just gathered up each other’s clothes and went into our cottage. I could her mutual screams of rage and smacks of flesh and bodies slamming into walls as I followed my mom inside. I didn’t speak to her and roughly brushed passed her and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was sweaty and my hair was sticking out at all angles. I got in and washed the sweat and sand off and leaned my head against tiled wall of the shower, the water falling over my head. I felt a cold breeze and saw my mom, still naked glaring at me. I turned to face her and she took a step into the shower and closed the shower door behind her.

We both stood in silence, staring menacingly at each other until it was like a bell sounded. We closed the foot distance, hands reached up for hair and our big E cup breasts slammed together. Secretly I had always wondered what it would be like to fight my mother. I had seen her fight now a couple of times. Our head were bent backwards pushing our tits even tighter together. The water making them slippery and they slide into the valleys between our big breasts and rolled out, sliding and slapping back and forth. I pressed my mom against the tiled wall and then she roughly slammed me back against the opposite side.

Our knees gave out and we slide down to the floor of the shower but it didn’t stop our fight. We were on our butts with our legs tangled together, one hand pulling the other slapping at skin and giving each other the occasional tit squeeze. We came up to our knees and went tit to tit in a bearhug with our breasts mushrooming out and our tummies pressed tightly together. My mother’s right cheek was pressed against my left cheek as we groaned and grunted. We both heard the door to the cottage open and we knew it was my father. We pushed away from each other. My mom called out and said she would be out in a moment and to go to the bedroom.
“I think you and I have to get things ironed out with each other,” Margaret said as she got to get feet and held out a hand for me. I didn’t take it and got up on my own.
“Count on it mom,” I said defiantly.
Later that night, I stayed in my room of the cottage as I heard car door open and close and a car drive away. I figured the Chambers left. But then there was a tap tap tap on my window and I opened the curtains to find Anna looking at me. I silently went out the front door and over between the two cottages.
“I am too tired to fight Anna,” I said and noticed the car in driveway of her cottage was one I had not seen before, “Didn’t your family leave?”
“Dad rented the car for me because “Shecxnt” didn’t want me in the same car with her,” Anna said, “And I don’t want to fight either. I didn’t want to fight you in the first place. I wasn’t trying to hurt your mom at all. I was excited watching her kick my mom’s ass.” She said with a smile.
“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said in a husky voice, good thing it was dark because I was blushing a little bit.
“You liked it as much as I did, didn’t you?” Anna said with a smile on her face.
I couldn’t keep it in any longer, “Oh my God it was so hot!!!” I exclaimed. And then I told Anna about the shower fight with my mom in great detail.
“Heidi, are you as turned on as I am right now?” Anna asked.
I nodded, taking off my sweat shirt showing off my bare chest to her. Anna took off hers and we came together, faces finding each other, tongues invading each other’s mouths as our bare, brused and scratched breasts rubbed against each other. Anna and I broke apart only to run into Anna’s cottage since no one else was there. She led me to her bedroom and slide out of her shorts and I did mine. She laid me down in the bed and opened my legs and she starts to lick and suck at my upper thighs. I knew I was wet already. Then her tongue plunged into me. I gripped the sheets and arched my back and moaned in pleasure. She eagerly lapped and sucked, teasing my clit and finger fucking me into a wild orgasm. And that was just the start, over the next few hours we tribbed, fingered, licked, sucked each other into multiple orgasms. We passed out in each other’s arms and slept there until sunrise. We promised to keep in touch and tell each other about any wild fights we might have. I snuck back into my cottage and cleaned up in the bathroom. I went back to my room and fell to sleep again. I woke a few hours later and came out to the kitchen to see my dad sitting at the table and my mom was on the porch talking to someone. I looked out the window and saw it was Anna. She handed something to my mom and shook her hand and walked to her rental car and drove off. My mom came back to the door and waved for me to come outside with her. I got to the porch and she said she was sorry and I did too and she held her hand up. In her hand was a clump of blond hair and a piece of a tooth.
“Anna apologized for her accidental involvement and gave me these as a trophy,” My mom was smiling.
My clueless father could not understand why my mother and I were laughing on the porch.

The End

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