Class Reunion Catscrap by HeidiKillerKat

Spring 1993

High school girl’s bathrooms are an interesting place. Rumors get spread, plans plotted, and fights sometimes start. It was about a week since my brawl with Carrie, the bully who was the focus of my story First Time for Everything. The scratches and bruises had faded and I was going about my life with a new vigor. Sure it wasn’t a clear win, but I walked away and she crawled. I sat in the stall with the door closed finishing my business when I heard a few girls come in whispering in hushed voices.

“Did you hear about Heidi and Carrie?” One voice asked.

“Oh yeah,” said another, “Meow catfight! I heard they got their tits out and clawed the hell out of each other. Carrie finally came back to school from being sick this week.”

“I heard Heidi barely walked away from it,” the first voice said, “Big titted bitch almost lost!”

I got a little pissed at being called a bitch, but I stayed silent, heard a few more footsteps enter the bathroom.

“Oh, hiya Carrie,” the first voice said, “Glad to see you are all better from being sick, ya know” Giggles!

“Shut up Emily!” Carrie said, “If you know what is good for you!’

“Oh please Carrie,” Emily said, “You are not the big bad bitch everyone thinks you are. Just because you got Lynn and Ahna with you, doesn’t mean you won’t get your assed kicked again.”

I have known Emily for many years, we weren’t friends but we weren’t enemies either. I had actually thought she was a goody two shoes. She was a busty brunette with teased bangs (this was the 90’s, lots of aquanet)

“I don’t need anyone watching my back, slut,” Carrie said with a hiss. “If I see that big titted whore, Heidi again, I am gonna make her sorry!”

I had enough; I flushed, zipped up and exited the stall, going to the sinks to wash my hands as a gasp came from the bathroom. I dried my hands and threw the paper towel away. Walking to the bitches in the bathroom. There was Carrie, flanked by her blonde friends, Lynn and Ahna and then there was Emily and the other voice was Jenny R (there were 3 Jenny’s in my graduating class).

I went right to Carrie, our chests inches from each other. I stared her down and looked from her to her cohorts, then to Emily and Jenny R. Jenny was tall, like Lynn, and was built like everyone in the tiled bathroom, big boobs (must have been something in the water).

“I’m sorry Carrie,” I said with a smile on my face, “I didn’t hear you clearly, did you say you were going to make me sorry. I am sorry, Carrie, sorry I didn’t beat you down more!”

Emily snorted a laugh which earned her a glare from Carrie and the blonde bitches.

I turned to face Emily and said, “Be careful who you call bitch, Emily, ya never know who is listening.”

“Whatever”, Emily replied.

The bell rang and more girls piled into the bathroom, any chance of a thrown down was wisked away. Actually nothing happened the rest of the school year involving me. Emily showed her true colors by getting into a fight with my friend Sara in the girls locker room, but it was broken up as soon as Emily had Sara pinned down, slapping her.

Fast forward to 2013, the 20 year class reunion. I was one of the unlucky ones who did not get away from this town. I had stayed, had two kids and my share of fights along the way. I only really kept in contact with my friend Angela. I hooked the front clasp of my black low cut bra, still loving that at 38, I still had great tits. Sure I could lose a few pounds but my curves were beautiful. I slipped into my black dress, smoothing out a few wrinkles as the fabric hugged my body. Yep, still got it. Angela walked in and whistled! She was dressed in a black and red number that made me jealous because she still had the best body out of any woman I knew.

“You ready to knock them dead?” She asked as I put my heels on.

“Hopefully there are not too many of the girls we knew in school or knocking things might just happen!” I said with a wink.

“Well, rumor has it, since it is the 20th, more people are going to be there,” Angela said as we walked to my car. “I know April is going to be there, so please, let’s drink a little and dance before you two go at it.”

April was the day care worker who had slapped my daughter. She and I had it out at her trailer, ripping and stripping each other naked, clawing each other’s big breasts and locking up in an all-out catball. (You can read about it in Heidi and the Day Care Worker)

“Okay” I said exasperatedly, “No catfights until we get liquored up!”

So the Class of 1993 Reunion was being held at the new hotel and conference center recently built. We were now a booming metropolis, we had a McDonalds, a Taco Bell and a Wendy’s! Angela and I parked and walked in. We got our nametags and went to the bar. Got to love an open bar. It was not like going back in time. People aged, some worse than others. Even the cliques didn’t survive the years. I watched from my seat next to Angela as Carrie, Lynn and Ahna walked in separately and didn’t seem to even acknowledge each other’s presence. I saw the three Jenny’s, watched April try to nudge her way into the old high school quarterbacks table. I didn’t even notice the brunette sliding up the bar next to me.

“So, Heidi, I have heard lots about you,” Emily said as she signaled the bartender for a drink. “Still a bitch as ever!”

I looked over, Emily had gotten hotter in her middle age. Her body hugging blue dress showed a mass of cleavage.

“Please tell me the stories were all true,” she said sipping her drink, “Catfight after catfight after catfight. Seems like you have been busy.”

“Oh Emily, don’t pay attention to rumors,” I said, turning towards her in my seat, “We can’t all be prissy little sluts. Good to know things haven’t changed.”

“Haha!” Emily laughed. “I am glad to see that mouth of yours is still catty as ever. Too bad you and I never got into it. But then again the night is still young.” She turned and walked away toward a group of people.

“WOW!” Angela remarked, “This is going to be a fun night!”

The night went on. Angela and I mingled, chatted, danced with our former classmates. I exchanged icy stares with all my enemies from school, Emily now at the top of that list. The night was actually going pretty well. I had a slight buzz going and seeing old faces was a nice change of pace. Angela and I were getting ready to leave when Emily walked over to us.

“Leaving us Heidi?” She asked, “Why not stay a little longer and you and Angela can join me in my room for more drinks and…. Conversation?”

Angela’s eyebrows went up and she shrugged, “Might as well,” she said, “Who knows what can happen?” She winked at me.

We followed Emily to the elevator and went up to the top floor. She slid the card in and stood back as we entered. I stopped and looked around. Carrie, April, Lynn, Ahna and Jenny R were already in the room. Emily slid by me and walked to the center.

“I know some of you are more acquainted with each other than other but I could think of nothing better than getting together with you old cxnts again.” Emily said, kicking off her heels and removing her earrings and necklace.

I knew what was about to happen so I took off my minimal jewelry and so did Angela. In fact all the ladies slid out of shoes and removed earrings, rings and necklaces. We were all dressed in dresses, bodies were older now but none of us let ourselves go. Time seemed to stop as we all eyed each other. If by chance or design, the 8 of us paired off. Maybe we still had old grudges or wanted to get hands in hair. Angela walked slowly towards Ahna, Jenny R squared up with Lynn, April and Carrie walked closer to each other and I walked to the center of the room where Emily was.

“I have been wanting this since high school,” Emily said as she and I started to circle.

“Should have just told me, Em,” I said, “I would have gladly kicked your ass then!” I lunged the same time she did, with hands curled, aiming for hair.

I heard grunts and slaps and shouts of pain as the mass catfight started.

Blonde haired Ahna and busty brunette friend Angela slammed together on one side the room, hands swinging slaps, hands grabbing at hair and clothing. The two girls stayed upright, spinning around in a fast circle. Angela slapped Ahna hard across her face, the blonde stumbled back, grasping at the top of Angela’s dress, the dress torn exposing Angela’s black strapless bra. The brunette rushed forward at the blonde tackling her to the carpet.

Jenny and Lynn had double handfuls of hair and were kicking at each other with their long legs. They screamed obscenities at each other as they pulled each other down at the waist. Jenny sent a hard knee into Lynn’s big chest knocking her to the carpet. Jenny pounced ontop and started tearing at Lynn’s dress. Lynn reached up with eager hands and grabbed at Jenny’s dress, ripping, exposing flesh that her nails dug into. Jenny screamed in pain and fell back with Lynn rolling on top. Both had bra covered breasts exposed, slapping and raking at each other.

April and Carrie had both been tough bitches in high school and had only ever fought once in the showers after PE class. The fight had been wild and nasty, the two being pried apart by teacher, each ripping handfuls of hair from the others head. Now the two were staggering around, one hand firmly embedded in hair the other grasping a huge breast, squeezing.

Emily and I slammed together and went right down to the carpet. The dresses restricted our legs from wrapping around the others, but we kicked a shins as we pulled viciously at each other’s hair. Emily rolled on top, her large breasts pressing down on mine through the dresses and bras. I grunted and rolled to the right with a sharp tug of her hair, putting me on top, our breasts being pushed out the top of our dresses. As if by a mutual que, she and I started ripping at expensive clothing, exposing my black bra and her blue one. She grabbed my left breast and squeezed hard and pulled me over by the hair and we were side by side.

Ahna kicked Angela away, sending my staggering friend right into the back of Carrie and April. April turned and grabbed Angela’s strapless bra, dragging her by it and RRRRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP!!! Angela went flying onto the couch topless. April jumped on top of her.

Carrie backed up, rubbing her sore right breast and tripped over the prone Lynn and Jenny. I heard Lynn call her a cunt and grabbed Carrie by the hair. Carrie grabbed back and the two former friends rolled away from Jenny.

Emily had rolled us again and had gotten on top, grabbing both of my bra covered breasts when she was yanked off by Anha. The blonde pulled Emily to her feet and unleashed a hard punch under Emily’s left breast that knocked her boob out. Emily howled in pain and grabbed at Ahna.

I got to my knees looking around, seeing the girls in different forms of undress and combat when Jenny and I locked eyes. We crawled towards each other and when we were in arms reach we reared up and latched onto each other’s hair, our bra covered tits slamming together.

My topless best friend and one of my worst enemies fell off the couch, each woman did the best she could to strip the other. They separated and Angela and April kicked the remnants of their dresses clear of each other. April removed her torn red bra. April and Angela both had on sexy red panties. They lunged together, their big breasts slamming together, hands going for each other’s hair. April was a couple inches shorter than Angela, so Angela used her height to pull April’s hair back, bending her back slightly. She forced the shorter girl back onto the couch, Angela straddling her hips. April grabbed the outsides of Angela’s tits and pushed them inward, digging her nails in. Angela screamed bloody murder as her tits were being ravaged. Then she was pulled off April by the hair, pulling the shorter girl with her, right on top of Emily and Ahna.

Emily and Ahna had rendered themselves topless, Emily with her dress around her waist and Ahna in just a black thong. They had been rolling back and forth across the carpet when Anha reached up with her hand to swipe a slap at Em, and caught Angela’s hair by accident, pulling her and April right on top of them. Boobs were grabbed and hair was pulled as the 4 girls, torn into one another on the floor.

Jenny and I did our best to strip each other. It seemed to be a race to get the other stripped first. Of course we swiped at breasts with claws, grabbing our big girls and pulled at nipples. Our dressed were torn off and we locked our legs and rolled around on the carpet. We rolled and stop with me on top. Jenny grabbed my tits as I grabbed hers, we stretched the flesh into grotesque shapes as tears filled our eyes. Then I felt my hair being pulled from the front and looked to see Lynn with two handfuls of my hair as Carrie was mauling her tits. I let go of Jenny’s breasts and grabbed Lynn’s hair pulling her to me.

Carrie and Jenny rolled to meet each other in a reverse bear hug, where their breasts were pressed together as their faces where mashed into each other’s bellies. Carrie reached up to Jenny’s panties and pulled, Jenny felt the fabric go up the crack of her ass and also wedge into her kitty. She grabbed at Carrie’s thong and after a few good tugs, they ripped the lacey undies from each other.

Lynn had gotten on top of me and grabbed at my big tits. Her fingers kneaded and my flesh almost oozed in her grip. I was screaming in pain and grabbing and clawing at her wrists. She was mounted on my tummy and I raised a knee to her back and sent her flying off of me. I turned over as quick as I could and grabbed the back of her thong and pulled it down around her knees, limiting the movement of her legs. I grabbed her around the thighs and sunk my teeth into her left butt cheek. She yelled out in pain!

Emily was on her feet with Angela’s hair in her hands. She yanked up my friend and unleashed a back hand the sent Angela crumbling to the floor. Angela was slow to get up but she saw Emily turn toward where I was biting Lynn’s ass. Emily grabbed my hair but Angela rushed forward and jumped on the pile. Emily was knocked into the back of Lynn and the tall blonde turned her attention to Em and grabbed her hair and pulled her down.

My breasts got a quick reprieve and I looked up to see a wild haired, wide eyed Angela helping me to my feet.

“Shall we?” she said breathlessly, motioning to the rolling, clawing women on the floor. Then she grabbed the back of Jenny’s hair, pulling her from Carrie.

I saw April and she saw me, WE rushed at each other and it was like it was so many years ago in the trailer, our bodies met with a crashing slap and we yanked each other down to the floor.

Carrie was slow to get up but when she did, she noticed Anha without a catfight partner. She and Ahna walked slowly towards each other and started throwing slaps and punches at naked flesh. The two wildcats went at with gusto! The sounds of hands hitting skin were mixed in the grunts and yelps of pain that filled the room. Anha surged forward and she and Carrie went down the carpet. They rolled wildly back and forth, nails raking skin, grabbing large breasts and pulling hair. Carrie was able to finally get on top of the busty blonde and she grabbed Ahna by the hair and slammed a right fist into the blonde’s left cheek. Ahna’s slammed back into the carpet and she was out. Carrie still had her mounted with a tuff of blonde hair in her fist. She shook it clear and rose on unsteady legs.

Jenny and Angela were on their feet, slamming each other into the walls of the hotel suite. Angela was pinned against the wall, with Jenny and her each having a breast in one hand and hair in the other. They pressed together, grunting, trying to put muscle the other woman. Angela released her grips on Jenny and grabbed her under the butt, lifting her slightly and propelling them down to the floor hard. The wind was knocked out of Jenny and Angela got on top and slammed Jenny’s head into the carpet until Jenny’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.

April and I fought our way up to our knees, yanking hair, pulling at our tits, she ripped off my black panties and started clawing at my cunt. I fell back with April on top. I thought I was done for when suddenly she was not there. Angela, seeing me in trouble had rushed to help. She grabbed April by the top of the hair and dragged her off of me. April turned and tackled Angela to the floor and the naked women rolled away.

Emily and Lynn rolled to the couch and stopped when they hit it. Lynn was on top and started raining down slap after slap, punch after punch on Emily. At first all Emily did was try and cover up. To protect her face from the onslaught. Then Em reached up and grabbed Lynn’s hanging tits, gripping a nipple in each set of claws, Emily pulled them out and slammed the breasts together. Lynn howled in pain and tried pull Emily’s grip from her hurt boobs. Emily rode her down, mounting her, twisting the tits into wild shapes, raking the sensitive skin, gouging the large boobs with her nails. Lynn cried out her surrender as tears gushed down her face. Emily slowly got up, still pulling on Lynn’s breasts and then she kicked the tall blonde in the belly.

I was going to rush at Emily when I was yanked off my feet from behind. Carrie had snuck up behind me and pulled me down. She fought her way onto my belly and was trying to slam my head into the carpet. I reached up, grabbing two handfuls of tits, pulling her forward. She inched her body up and I bit at her inner left thigh. She screamed at me and started raking my face with her nails. I let go of the bite and pushed her ass off of me. We scooted our bodies together, legs locked, tits pressed tightly together and hands in each other’s hair.

Angela and April were on their knees, both sets of tits being mauled by the other woman. Sweat and tears were streaming down their faces. Nails dug in, bellies pressed together as their heads were back in a scream of pain. Emily tackled the two of them to the floor. Angela ended up on the bottom and caught an elbow to the jaw and she was out. April and Emily rolled back towards the open master bedroom.

I dragged Carrie up to her feet, slapping her hard across the face. I got a harsh slap in return, sweat and spittle flying off of me. She pushed me and we went flying into the backs of April and Emily and all went down in a heap of naked bodies.

The four of us scratched and clawed, yanked and pulled, grabbed and bit. I was blindly grabbing breasts. I had fingers enter my pussy, I raked one of the girls asses. It was brutal. Emily and April were able to extract themselves and they got to their feet and hit the bed.

Carrie and I took turns on top. Each time on top, either she or I would claw at each other’s breasts, knee each other in the pussy. Pull hard at each other hair. I got up to my knees and so did she, we slammed together, our tits crushing together, hard nipples scraping flesh. I head butted her in the nose, stunning her. She was wobbly on her knees to I grabbed her hair and unleashed a hard right cross, she went down in a heap. I sat back on my heels and tried to catch my breath.

April and Emily had rolled off the other side of the bed and had slammed back down with Emily landing ontop of April. The force of it knocked the wind out of April’s chest and Emily kneed her between the legs 4 times, until April passed out from the pain.

I got to my feet just as Emily had gotten to hers. We were on opposite sides of the king size bed. She sneered at me and put a knee on the bed. I got my own knee on the bed and we lunged at each other. Hands grabbing hair again, tits mashing together, knees hitting thighs. Emily was able to force us to the mattress and we clawed at each other on our sides. Emily and I locked our legs together and we rolled slowly in our little ring. Our naked skin rubbed together, sweat causing us to be slippery to hold on to. Somehow she and I got our legs crossed around the others back and we clinched, rocking back and forth in a tight catball. Emily and I had our head on each other’s shoulders, whimpering, swaying, breasts and pussies grinding. I scratched at her back and she at mine. I arched my hips, grinding my wet cunt against hers. She ground back, we moaned and grunted as the catfight turned into a fuckfight.

We released each other’s back and leaned back letting our wet hungry pussies slap together. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! Each time our cries echoed in the bedroom. We slammed our cunts together again, the orgasm building in me. I could see Emily flush and then her hips started to gyrate more, harder.

I cried aloud as we both came! It was one of the most intense feelings of my entire life. I slowly pried my legs from hers and crawled to her. She reached for me as I climbed on top. My tits slammed down as she arched her back up at me. The breath left both of us and I just lay there on top of her. Our movements were so tiny and slow. It was just two exhausted naked females just grinding each other. I managed to get my hands pressed to the bed and pushed myself up and then slapped down on her. Once, twice, three times! She stopped moving and I just laid there. It must have been a few minutes but I weakly rolled off of her. I got wobbly legs under me and saw a suitcase. I was completely naked and I needed something for Angela and me. I took a long tee shirt and short from the suitcase and the robe from the shower and went to get my friend.

Angela was coming to and I hooked her underneath her arms and got her up. She dressed in the robe and snitched it up tight. She and I rode the elevator down and I peered out when it hit the bottom and when the coast was clear, we walked as fast as your weary bodies would let us to the service entrance. We got into my car and went back to my house where we spent the rest of the weekend taking care of each other, in more ways than one!

The End

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