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Hello everyone, my name is Anna. I am a Marine, a widow, a mother, a cancer survivor, oh….and I love a good catfight. I am grew up watching wrestling on TV and always got excited when the valets like Missy Hyatt and Sunshine went at it. Once I found the internet in the late 90’s I found different catfight stories. I was hooked. When I write a catfight, I picture one of the old California Wildcats videos in my head. Hot women, lots of body on body, uber yummy!

I started in cyberland in 2008 on yahoo and on Free Catfights Forum. I have met and fought lots of wonderful women.

Being a Bond fan, writing about a woman as a secret agent, just seemed the right thing to do.

I hope you all enjoy the stories and I hope to write more.

Anna the Marine Chick

Anna the Marine Chick’s Stories

Read Order: One

The two busty, bikini clad beauties cursed as they whipped heads back and forth by each other’s hair. Nails nicked at scalps, getting each woman to yelp in pain. Ewa kicked Abigail in her right shin and Abi stumbled taking the two women careening towards the pool area. Abigail tripped over a lounge chair and it sent them sprawling to the tiled ground. The fall broke them apart and they scrambled towards each other to attack.

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Read Order: Three

I was on my back looking at her thighs as they came around my head and her right fist punched me hard in the tummy. I groaned as she squeezed my head with her wet thighs and I could see her cunt getting closer and closer to my face. I brought my own legs up and wrapped them around her head and it brought us down side by side. She yelled out and started biting the inner parts of my thighs, her nails raking at my pussy. I bit down between her legs and started chewing on her labia. My hands raked scratch marks over her shapely ass cheeks and we started a slow roll. She inserted three fingers into my pussy and started raking the inner walls and my clit.

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Read Order: Two

Bri was propelled forward, face first into the carpet and then she felt her bottoms coming off. She kicked out but not to hit Ewa, to hurry the bottoms coming off. Ewa yanked them free of Bri’s feet, pulling the boots off with it. Bri put her right hand on the bed and got to her knees and then feet whirling around to face the busty brunette. Ewa charged her and they collided and were thrown to the bed, naked flesh slapping against naked flesh. Bri secured two handfuls of thick brown hair and pulled Ewa up some so their tits mashed together.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Bri screamed at Ewa!

“I HATE YOU MORE YOU TWAT!!!” Ewa yelled back.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential Series by Anna the Marine Chick
Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential by Anna the Marine Chick

Bri sputtered out chucks of cheese and grabbed Ewa’s tank top and pulled, stretching it out and letting Ewa’s huge tits pop free. Ewa grabbed at the neck line of Bri’s t-shirt and yanked, causing it to tear open and down the front, letting Bri’s naked breasts come forth. Bri turned them so both were wedged against the nook and grabbed a glass full of orange juice and dumped it down Ewa’s naked tits.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 3 by Anna the Marine Chick

“So sugar,” the blonde said with a Texas twang, “You need to line up the nipples, tip to tip. Like this.” She lined her long, thick nipples with Alexandra’s thick nubs, “Now the goal is to press the shafts back into the other’s dense tits. In some instances, they will suck together and that, well that is an amazing experience.” That is when she noticed me and smile and Angelica Johanssen got off of Alexandra and motioned for Lisa Watson to take her place. Lisa basically jumped on top of the prone redhead.

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Ewa and Lana rolled around between workstations on the tile floor. They were a ball of fury. Ewa had enough training from women over the years that when Lana tried to punch her, she evaded and swatted back and used her nails to rake lines in Lana’s face and neck. Lana changed tactics and tore open Ewa’s blouse, exposing a white bra that was barely holding the Polish hellcat’s tits in. Ewa screamed out in protest and grasped the bottom of the long sleeve t-shirt and pulled up, trapping Lana’s arms and temporarily blinding her. Her lace cupped bra on display with two huge breasts contained.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick

Cold water splashes me in the face and I come to. I am tied to a chair and stripped down to my bra and thong. I look down and see two purple marks on my chest, right next to my left tit. A kill shot if I hadn’t been wearing the vest.

“You fucking dirty cunt!” Vera Wong sneers at me, slapping me hard across the face. I taste blood. I spit to my right side. I look around. Warehouse, Vera is here, so is her big titted sidekick Hitomi. The tall chicks are here along with Naomi who has a swollen left eye. Good Job Bri!

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Amal and Faesha pulled and tore at robes and hair. Faesha spit in Amal’s face and raked her nails down her cheek leaving nasty red welts in their wake. Amal gritted her teeth through the pain and punched the older terrorist in the right cheek and kicked her off. Faesha got to her feet and noticed the torn burka and started to remove it. She let the garment fall to her feet to reveal her naked body underneath. Amal took the hint and quickly shed her nun garb and unhooked bra and removed her panties.

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Over and over the pair rolled back and forth as they punched at faces. Legs became entangled, hair was pulled, nails clawed and raked at faces but the two seemed pretty evenly matched in a fight. Olivia ended up on top and wedged her left forearm into Alley’s throat, using her body weight to try and choke the blonde out. Alley fired her left knee up hard against Olivia’s right side and the brunette groaned and the pair rolled over with Alley on top. The jackets the two wore had the zippers torn open and their bodies came together with just thin pieces of fabric separating skin.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge Series by Anna the Marine Chick

Our wet pussies mashed together, thick puffy labia spread as we sucked together, hips gyrating and humping; with our large breasts bouncing and slapping together. Our mouths sought out the others and we invaded the other’s mouth with our tongues. Licking and chewing on each other’s tongues and lips, we fucked like there was no tomorrow in the middle of the bed.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge - Chapter 3 - Part A by Anna the Marine Chick Story

The two women gritted teeth as their large breasts were pulled and twisted into horrible shapes. But both were experienced in this type of pain and were determined to outdo the other. Anna Mathews threw her left knee up and caught Ella Gold in the side, toppling the silver haired woman over. Now side by side they scratched and clawed at the overflowing tit flesh.

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Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick Story

Sarah turned us quickly and we slammed, my back first into the wall. Her massive tits followed and I felt the air leave my lungs. My hands fell from her hair and I grabbed onto her shoulders, head butting the busty brunette in the face. I heard her nose crunch and blood started to flow from it. The head butt backed her off and I pushed off the wall and ducked my shoulder as I hit her midsection. Sarah was taken off her feet and we landed on a table with dishes on it.

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