Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential by Anna the Marine Chick

Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential by Anna the Marine Chick


It was 6 months since my unfortunate stint working for the rogue government agents and I was blacklisted. Aleena McMasters, before her exit from the NSA, had sent an official memo out to all intelligence organizations around the world that I was “persona non grata”. No work for me. Even with her being put in the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for releasing a couple of the world’s most dangerous female terrorists, NSA refused to walk back the memo. Authorities did get a tip of a burned out wreck of a car in Eastern Europe and dental records matched that of Miss Aleena, but who could have done something like that??? Cue the sarcastic voice! Anna Mathews remained at large but some small rumors were she was masquerading as a nun in a convent in southern part of Ireland. Lucy “Vixen” Collet met her demise at the hands of Alexandra Little, a big busty redhead who turned on the pair and started working for the US government. Rumor has it the catfight to the death between the two naked busty redheads is on the dark web. MC Investigations is no more. Ewa and Bri started dating and moved in together and Bri is the webmaster of Ewa’s Naughty Models, which is making the two of them rich. Emilia was hired by MI-6, due to her success with me and against Britain’s number one terrorist. Leslie went back to Las Vegas to consult security for high rollers and the big casinos. And here I am; office sold, all of my weapons were confiscated by ATF. I sold my house and moved to a three bedroom house in a small town in the desert. The money I still had saved away that wasn’t sized by the glorious three letter agency I will not mention, will keep me comfortable for many years. My days are spent working out, walking my dog, checking news reports of the goings on in the world, and still looking for Anna Mathews. Such is life.

Chapter 1

My black Labrador Teddy was breathing harder than I was after a quick 3 mile run. I punched in the security code into the garage and went in. The temps today were supposed to hit in the high 90’s, so an early morning run is best. After a quick shower and some coffee, I clicked my email open to find an email from just a set of numbers. I opened it and it had an address in the body of the message for a convent, not in Ireland but Iceland. Fuck…. I thought to myself, passport is still flagged. No leaving the country, legally that is. My cell rang with a blocked number. I sent it to voice mail. I continued to read through messages on my laptop. One was from Bri. She told me she missed me and the old crew. She and Ewa were doing great and I was so happy. After the events of Ewa being kidnapped, Bri and Ewa got much closer and I was too distracted with the black ops I was a part of. After I was being hunted, I knew a love life for me would only put those I loved in danger, so I broke off the romantic side with Ewa and Bri. Bri filled me in on the wild life dealing with all of Ewa’s busty models. The occasional catfight had to happen to keep the bitches in check, she said. She told me to visit LA as soon as I could so I could see them.

My phone buzzed again with a call from a blocked number and I sent it again to voicemail. Just then, a message popped up on the screen of my computer, not in an email but the words showed up across the screen.


It buzzed again and I answered.

“Who is this?” I ask forcefully into the phone.

“Finally!” Was the answer from the female voice on the other end; American, no twang of a southern accent, “You have been a pain to get a hold of Anna Chambers.”

“Again,” I said, “Who is this?”

“Vivian Christianson,” Vivian said on the other end, “Do I have your attention now?”

She did. Vivian Christianson, age 49, was the former CEO of Christianson Worldwide Conglomerate. She sold the company when her husband became the Director of National Intelligence. I had heard he passed away and his wife, Vivian, retired in Las Vegas, purchased a large hotel and was living a private life. She was worth billions.

“Sorry for my tone Mrs. Christianson,” I said apologetically, “I don’t normally get calls from important people anymore.”

“Anna, call me Vivian or Viv,” she said in reply, “You and I need to speak, in person. How soon can you get to airport in Ontario, CA? Bring an overnight bag.”

I checked my watch. “I need to get my dog over to an overnight boarding place,” I said, already searching the phone number for the boarder, “I can be there in two hours.”

“There will be a private jet waiting for you to bring you to me in Vegas,” Vivian said, “Don’t tell anyone where you are going and who you are going to see. Strictly confidential and need to know.”

“Copy all,” I said almost going back to Marine lingo.

“Good, I will see you in a few hours,” Viv said and hung up.

Shit. First things first, I contacted the boarding place and got Teddy over there. He was happy to be playing with other dogs. I paid for two days and drove my Tahoe north to Ontario, CA. I made a mental note to try and contact Leslie if I had time in Vegas. I pulled up to the gate where private planes were parked. I gave my name and was sent through the gate immediately. A young woman with dirty blonde hair and a black pants suit waved me to a parking spot and got my small rolling suitcase out of the back of my Tahoe.

“My name is Jenna,” the very attractive woman with an athletic build said, “I will be taking care of whatever you need for your trip today. Your vehicle will be safe overnight here. The flight time to Las Vegas is about 48 minutes based on the winds today.” She held out her hand and I shook it. “It is an honor to meet you. Like you I am a Marine. The 2 Shop. (Intelligence). I left active duty about a year ago and was hired by Mrs. C almost immediately. If you could, please hand over your cell phone. You will get it back when we return here or Mrs. C deems it appropriate.”

“Fair enough, Jenna”, I said as I handed over my cell phone. We boarded the private jet and took off a few minutes after that. I laid my head back and fell asleep. I awoke when I fell the plane descending and looked out the window and took in the Vegas Strip as we got closer to landing. Even though I am only six hours drive from Vegas, I haven’t come here much over the years and not since I assisted Emilia with dealing with a stalker of His Royal Highness. We touched down and taxied over to a group of hangers away from the main terminal. Two black SUVs were waiting for us as the door opened and Jenna and I walked down the steps if the private jet. My suitcase was loaded in the back of one of the SUVs as I was ushered into the back seat.

The ride was short, only 10 minutes or so. We pull to the gate of a winding driveway. As we got closer it was the largest mansion I had ever seen in person. Hell it looked like a small compound we would have had at a camp in Iraq or Afghanistan. Jenna opened the door to the SUV and I stepped out in the cool December air. Jenna ushered me inside the mansion and we walked down a long corridor to a set of oak double doors. She opened the right door and we walked into a conference room. The long table had one occupant sitting at the end of the table. The woman’s age was 49, but she looked 15 years younger than that. Her long blonde hair fell in loose curls to the middle of her back. Even from the door I could see her piercing blue eyes watch me. She was dressed in a crisp white blouse and knee length tan skirt. The swell of her breasts visible in the tightness of the blouse but she showed minimal cleavage. A tan sport coat was draped across the back of the chair she was sitting in.

Vivian Christianson stood as Jenna and I entered. She walked toward me and extended her hand.

“Anna,” she said with a warm smile, “It is so nice to finally meet you. I have been an admirer of your exploits for many years. You seem to get yourself in all kinds of trouble but always find a way to get out of it.”

She had a strong handshake. “Mrs. Christianson…Vivian,” I corrected, “Thank you for the invitation. But I am curious as to how I can help you. I am on the outs with most agencies and organizations these days. I can advise some security recommendations but that is about it.”

“Anna,” she said motioning me over to an empty chair and sitting down in front of me, “Let me be frank. My views on intelligence are that it requires intense analyzation and surgical execution to be done correctly. You, my dear, are a hammer in an operating room. You tend to cause more damage than is intended. But, in light of recent events, a hammer is exactly what is needed now.” Her eyes bore into me as she went on. “With the recent debacle at Homeland and the release of certain persons, the intelligence world is in a state of chaos and world powers are struggling to keep up. I have had several meetings with world leaders and we have come to a consensus.” She crossed her legs, right over left and places her folded hands over her knees. “I have created an organization, blacker than black. We officially don’t exist. We will find, track and eliminate targets we deem as hostile to the world. No government oversite. I have unlimited funds for any operations we need. I want you as part of this team. Your slate will be wiped clean.”

My eyes must have betrayed me because Vivian smiled, “Anna, I need you as my hammer. This is your wheel house. These targets I spoke of are female. We have seen an uptick in women entering either actively participating in or leading terrorist or organizations that threaten our world. You would work out of Las Vegas. You can have any salary you want, give me a list of weapons and equipment and they are yours, and anyone you deem necessary to this team, I will work to add.”

“Vivian,” I said, “This sounds a little too good to be true. Maybe it is the Marine in me but when something this good lands at my feet, there is a catch or something I will not like at all. But my world is a little chaotic these days and wouldn’t pass this up. I am in.”

Vivian smiled broadly, “Good, let’s get started. We are waiting on other members of the team to be driven here, but we can fill them in as they arrive. Jenna, lights please.”

The lights dimmed and a massive computer screen came into view as the wall at the end of the room opened up. A picture of a buxom brunette appeared on the screen; she was holding an AK-47 and barking orders to someone.

“This is Charlotte Grey,” Jenna said, “Age 43, British born but raised in the Palestine. Her parents were killed during shelling from US ships in the early 1980’s and she was raised by a radicalized Aunt with ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. Ms. Grey married one Salam Al-Bagdadi in 2002. He was killed by Marines in Iraq in 2005 in Ramadi. She has a deep hatred for the US and the allied forces. She is trained in seduction and has branched out to assassinations and kidnappings. With Lucy Collett and her sister now out of the picture, Ms. Grey has moved to fill the gap.”

The slide changed to an Asian woman who I knew quite well. “This is Vera Wong. I believe you are already familiar with her.” I nodded as Jenna went on, “The so called legit face of the Triad and Yakuza Consortium. Ms. Wong has her fingers in a lot of pies. Blackmail, extortion, gun running, drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, just to name a few. In the last two months, she has been more hands on, including ordering the deaths of three rivals and their families in the organization. The rumor is she may have participated in one of the murders herself.” The screen shifted to a black and white photo of the bodies of a man, woman and what appeared to be another young woman, dead, covered in marks and blood. “This is what is left of Sushiri Kozo, his wife Haruo, and their 19 year old daughter Kensi. Sushiri had his throat cut but Haruo and Kensi appear to have been tortured. The previous agreement between Homeland Security and this organization has been terminated.” I had remembered that Homeland and the combined Triad/Yakuza group had worked out a deal because Homeland received tips on terrorists in the Philippines.

“Vera likes to use her right hand woman,” Jenna said as a new picture came into view, “This is Hitomi Tanaka.” This Japanese woman had the biggest set of breasts I had ever seen on an Asian woman. I coughed. “I know, right?” Jenna said, “Ms. Tanaka prefers to get hands on in both torture and assassinations.”

“Next up,” Jenna said as the screen came up with two tall women, “Lana Kendrick and Alison Tyler. Hand to hand combat experts, trained by…”

“Sandra Purr,” a British voice said from the doorway, “Nasty bitch that Sandra.”

I knew that voice, I swiveled around in the chair and at the doorway was Anna Mathews, dressed in a nun’s habit and robe, though the robe was tight. It was like someone else took over my body and I rose and rushed at the redhead. Another woman stepped in between us, Alexandra Little. The voluptuous redhead who I tangled with twice in Italy, who switched sides and came to work with my allies and, as rumor had it, fought and killed Lucy Collett in a naked catfight to the death. “Get the fuck out of my way!” I said in a low voice, “This bitch is going to die!” I felt strong hands grasp my shoulders. They were Vivian’s.

“Anna,” Vivian said sternly, “Stand down. Anna Mathews is working with us, that means she is protected by me and mine, just like you. The sins of the past are just that, in the past.” I struggled a little. “I mean it Devil Dog, Stand The Fuck Down!”

I stopped struggling. I had in the past, had to make alliances with former enemies, but Anna Mathews had kidnapped my then girlfriend, Ewa and had tried to kill me and my friends. This wasn’t going to be easily forgiven.

“My loyalty is here and with this organization,” Anna Mathews said, removing her habit and shaking loose her long red hair streaked with grey. “After Aleena Masters broke Lucy and me out, I was done with the life I was leading. Needless to say they were not happy and Aleena sent Lucy to end me. She didn’t as you can see but I went into hiding and when I was discovered by Vivian and Alexandra, I made a deal and gave up the location where Lucy was. I knew what was going to happen to her, but she made her choice.”

I made a mental note to find out from Alexandra what happened between her and Lucy.

“Ok,” Vivian said with some steel in her voice, “Let’s continue the briefing, shall we?”

We all sat down but I did shoot some glares towards Anna Mathews.

“Ms. Tyler and Ms. Kendrick have been more active in recent months. They were responsible for the attempted kidnapping of British model Lucy Pinder here in Las Vegas, but Ms. Pinder’s security detail thwarted it,” Jenna said.

Anna Mathews chimed in, “Both women use their advantages in fighting. Their legs are especially dangerous. In a previous meeting, I witnessed Alison Tyler crush another woman’s breasts with those legs. It popped the augmented breasts and flattened them.” I visibly shuddered.

“They are also most of the accompanied by Nyomi Banks,” Jenna said and a new picture of a beautiful woman with coco colored skin and wild curly hair came into view, “Born in South Africa, she is a devout fundamentalist and has been credited with the killings of 2 US soldiers.”

“What is most alarming is they all seem to be connected,” Jenna said, “Since Ms. Mathews left that life and with Lucy Collett’s demise, this group of women have been orchestrating chaos.”

“I believe it is all tied to Sandra Purr,” Anna Mathews said, “I know Sandra, trained with her, fought against her. She is the most ruthless woman I know. More than me; which is saying a lot.”

“With the exception of Vera Wong,” Jenna went on, “All others have gone underground. Not a peep since the Lucy Pinder incident.”

“Anna,” Vivian said turning to me, “I would like you to interview the security detail for Ms. Pinder. I also have this for you. I believe you will be pleased.” She picked up a wooden box from under the table and slid it towards me.

I opened it and in the first partition was a US Marshal’s badge and I. D., identifying me as a Marshal. Along with that was 5 different passports; US, Canada, UK, French, and Israeli. I opened the second tier of the box and smiled; inside looking back at me was an H&K VPSK 9 millimeter pistol with suppressor attachment. I raked the slide back a few times to check it and was very happy.

“I am glad you approve,” Vivian said, “Ladies, our work starts now. We will find them and end them.”

I was shown to a room to put my overnight bag in. Arrangements were being made for my household good to be packed and delivered here to Vegas. I was handed the deed to a high rise apartment off the Strip. I would be moving in at the end of the week. My house in the desert would be put on the market. I was given the keys to a blacked out 2018 Jaguar F-PACE SUV and also a new cell phone. All of the contacts and stored items from my old phone were in this upgraded model. Jenna told me the SUV was a loaner until my Tahoe received some electronic, engine and armament upgrades. I dressed in a black pants suit that was waiting in my room. It fit perfect. I clipped the new pistol and holster to my right side and put on the jacket. I had the US Marshal’s badge on a chain around my neck. Jenna explained that in all government systems, local, state and federal, Anna Chambers was a sworn US Marshal on special assignment to an un-named terrorism task force.

I exited my room as Anna Mathews was pulling a rolling suitcase into her room. We were across from each other. I stopped and so did she.

“You may have turned the page in your book, bitch,” I said with malice in my voice, “But I know who you are and your true colors. You are going to slip up and go back to your old ways. When that happens, I will end you.”

She smiled at me, GOD that pissed me off. “Anna, my dear,” she said in that sweet British accent, “I look forward to working with you and teaching you how to defeat the likes of the women we are going after. Because you have no fucking idea the world I came from and the things I had to do to stay alive. If you ever want to discuss certain things in private, come find me.” With that she walked into her room and shut the door.

I drove the SUV to the Bellagio and left the vehicle with the valet and went into the front. I was escorted by security to one of the penthouses and was shown in. A two man security detail met me at the door and brought me into the living room where I saw Lucy Pinder and ….. Leslie Smith talking. Leslie looked up and her eyes went wide. Her eyes darted from my face to the badge and gun and back up. I could see the question marks on her face. But she didn’t say a word. Lucy Pinder noticed me and stood.

“Ms. Pinder,” I said, “I am Deputy Marshal Anna Chambers, terrorism task force, if it is alright I would like to ask you and your security team some questions about the incident.”

For the next 30 minutes I asked my questions of Lucy, 4 different members of the security detail and finally it was Leslie’s turn. As soon as the door closed.

“What the fuck Anna?” Leslie asked quietly.

“New gig, all legit,” I said with a smile, “Now give me the scoop of what happened through your eyes.”

Leslie paused and then started, “About 6PM, we were exiting the SUVs with Lucy. I had my team exit first and create a corridor so we could easily pass through. There was a black van behind us talking with the valet. I didn’t get the plates. As she and I exited, firecrackers went off and everyone turned. Everyone except for two very tall women. I knew something was wrong because they were looking at Lucy and not where the sound was coming from. So I pushed her head down and rushed her and the team inside. Put her into the security station and had the guys post up outside. Vegas PD was quick to arrive with everything that has happened recently. When we finally got her out, the women and van were gone. Security footage had the two women enter the van and it drove off quick. It was a planned snatch and grab. It was shit you and I would do. So who are they? I know you know who they are.”

“Leslie,” I said with a little sadness in my eyes, “I can’t tell you yet. This new group I am with is serious about keeping shit confidential and need to know. But I can tell we are working on it.”

“I heard about you and Ewa and Bri,” Leslie said, “Sorry Anna.” She pulled out a card from her pocket and gave it to me. “This is my home address. Lucy is getting on a plane this afternoon with a specialized team curtesy of the British government. Be here at 6PM tonight, we can catch up.”

I took the card and we got up from our chairs and hugged. A long hug. She whispered in my ear. “Nothing holding me down here. No man or woman.”

I broke the hug and she escorted me out. I drove back to the compound. I parked the SUV and walked inside and smack dab into Alexandra! The big redhead and I eyed each other and I held out my hand which she took and shook.

“I know the last time we saw each other was not exactly the best of circumstances,” I said, “But I am glad we are seeing things from the same side.”

“So am I, Anna,” Alexandra said, rubbing her chest, “That fucking boot of yours cracked two ribs.”

“Those bowling balls you call tits hammered the shit out of me,” I said laughing.

We each laughed and I gave her the skinny about what I learned from Leslie.

“Is everything on the up and up with her?” Alexandra asked.

“She is a straight shooter and wouldn’t lie to me,” I said, “I know her. By the way, what happened between you and Lucy? I fought both of you and I fucking need to know.”

We sat down on the couch in one of the living rooms. “After I made contact with the CIA, I was met in Italy by Vivian. She offered me a job on the spot. She got word of Anna Mathews breaking from Aleena and Lucy and we went to intercept her. We caught up with her outside Glasgow and whisked her to a safe house. Honestly it didn’t take torture or really any pressure at all. Anna Mathews was done with that life. She saw it consume her sister and couldn’t break Lucy from it. And when Lucy tried to have her killed she knew her sister was a lost cause and needed to be put down. She told Vivian where she would be. I was sent to the French countryside. What I didn’t know was there was a security system monitoring her so it was all recorded and it showed up on the dark web about a week later. It was brutal. Started with lots of fists and kicks, devolved to ripping clothes and biting and clawing. We were both pretty bloody and clawed up. Both naked kneeling in broken glass from a window she threw my head through. We were punching tits, faces, stomachs and pussies. Traded shot for shot. I thought she had me when she punched me in the throat. I went down to my back and she climbed on top and went for my throat. She had my arm under her butt, trapping it, but I forced a claw up into her cunt and ass. She fell off. We both slowly got to our feet and charged. Blood and sweat flew as our bodies collided. We tumbled thru that broken window and out into the lawn of the cottage. I was on top but she wasn’t trying to get me off. I picked myself up and her eyes were open but no life in them. Turned out as we went through the window a shade of glass stabbed her in between the shoulder blades and when we landed, it pushed through to her heart. Vivian showed up with Jenna and another woman I didn’t know and cleaned me up. Then we heard about Aleena’s body being found in Germany. Good work by the way.” She said with a smile.

I returned the smile, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I looked Alexandra over another time because I still was not used to her wearing clothing. The two time she and I fought she was either naked or in the minimalist of lingerie. I instinctively grasped my boobs again. “Doll, my chest still aches when I think about what we did to each other,” I said with a wolfish grin.

Alexandra actually rubbed her pussy over her leggings, “Shit, Chambers,” she said smiling right back at me, “I didn’t think I would enjoy sex again after you clawed and bit me!” She patted her pussy again, “But she works just fine. I had to test her out with the woman who made all our documents. She is coming in with another associate later tonight.”

I knew who it was but didn’t say the name. Lisa Watson was the best when it came to creating the best forgeries that no government the world over could crack. I checked my watch and it was getting close to 6 PM.

“I got to run to an important appointment,” I said getting up, “See you soon Little.”

“Later Chambers!” Alexandra Little said.

I got into the loaner SUV and plugged in Leslie’s address. It was a short drive and I parked in the driveway next to her Audi. I got out and the door to her two story house opened and there she was, still dressed in the dark blue pants suit minus the coat. I was still in my black pants suit but I removed my blazer and left it in the car. I still had my HK on my hip as I walked in. Leslie closed the door and held out her hand. I handed over my pistol and handed it over and she opened up the front closet and hit a few buttons on a safe and it popped open and she placed it inside.

“Don’t worry,” Leslie said, “I have weapons stashed throughout the house!”

We just stood there in an awkward silence and then I kissed her…. And she kissed back. We were like to wanton teenagers devouring our mouths as hands roamed over dressed bodies. She pushed me up against the wall and fumbled with her hands over the belt to my pants. She whipped it off and roughly grabbed my ass. I squealed in our kisses and gropes. I was trying to undo the buttons on the blouse when she broke the kiss.

“Fucking rip it open already!” Leslie commanded, so I oblige her and buttons careen off the walls and tile floor.

Her black and white lace bra barely contains her breasts and my hands move to grope them. Leslie yanked my pants down and sunk her fingers onto my black thong clad ass bringing me closer to her. I yanked the cups of her bra down and let those big tits bounce free. I broke our kiss and shoved my face into her cleavage. My tongue licking the globes, leaving saliva trails from the sides to her pert nipple, which I latched onto and started to suck as Leslie moaned. We stumbled into her living room, my pants now at my ankles and I awkwardly kicked them away. My mouth swapped between Leslie’s stiff nipples; sucking, licking and nipping. Her fingers magically kneaded and groped my firm ass, slipping the black thong over my hips and pulling them down past my knees. I kicked them off as well. She pulled my blouse up so her hands can go underneath and grope at my bra covered tits. I pushed her back and she smacked into the wall next to the hallway. My fucking blouse was so cumbersome that I backed off and pulled it over my head and onto the floor. My hands started to work on her belt and unclasped her pants and yanked them down roughly. We are animalistic in our groping and kissing. As her pants hit the floor I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. I smiled as I pushed back into her and smacked my hips forward. Naked thighs hitting the other with a loud SMACK! Her hands were still grabbing at my breasts and she worked her hands underneath my cups. Her fingers expertly tweaking and squeezing my nipples. We spun once along the wall and then again and again, getting closer to an open door. My back was to the wall and she unclasped my bra letting it fall down, now both of us are naked except for our black heels. Hands roamed over our firm bodies, fingernails tracing ripples of feminine muscles. We kissed roughly again, our tongues sliding, fighting for space as saliva dripped from our lips and onto our mushrooming tits. She broke the kiss.

“Into the bedroom, slut!” Leslie hoarsely cried out and shoved me into the room.

I stumbled back until my legs hit the bed but I stayed upright. Then with a blur of movement, Leslie tackled me to the bed. We tossed each other around, naked bodies wrestled for position. We used arms to push and pull, our tits, tummies and thighs ground together. I ended up on top, my hands groped her big tits as I lowered my face to them and started to suck and lick. Leslie moaned out in bliss, her fingers traced over my shoulder blades as she brought her right thigh up between my legs.

“FUCKING BITE MY TIT!!!” Leslie screamed out, her thigh ground into my wet pussy, “BITE IT HARD YOU DIRTY BITCH!”

So I obliged her. I sunk my teeth into the meaty part of her left breast, hard but not trying to tear off flesh. She howled out and ground her thigh in even harder. Her nails gouged into my shoulder blades. I yelled out and it broke the bite, but Leslie grabbed my hair and shoved my face back into her tits. We rolled over and she grabbed my thigh as she positioned her wet pussy to mine. She slammed them together and groaned out as I did. She leaned back as our wet labias smeared together, our juices mixing together. I moaned out and arched my back, pushing my hungry cunt into Leslie’s. Our pussies sucked together. Leslie’s and my kegal muscles contracted as pussies ground together. Our clits fenced, meeting head on and sliding past the other. Leslie slammed her tits down hard onto mine bringing a yelp of pleasure and pain from my lips. I tried to force her up but was held back and that started an impromptu wresling match on the bed. Our pussies came apart in a POP! Both of us Alpha females and each of us wanting to control it. Hands slap big tits and thighs, we pull hair, we kiss each other so hard our teeth bang together. OUCH! Somehow in the mess of it all, we end up with our legs wrapped around each other’s heads, close to our wet cunts. We nibble, lick, bite and suck on thighs and our labias. Each of us putting our mouths over erect clits as we suck and dart our tongues in and out. JEEEZUS! I am going to explode!

I screamed into Leslie’s pussy as I start to cum. I writhe and it starts Leslie off and she squirts girl cum into my mouth and over my lips. Our mutual orgasm lasts for minutes! Fuck! I haven’t got off like that in such a long time! We are drenched with sweat. We detach from each other and lay on our backs, breathing heavily, we roll together on our sides and share a kiss, a caress.

“GAWD Anna!” Leslie said breathlessly, “Why the fuck didn’t we do this sooner?!?”

“MMMMM Leslie,” I replied, “You had a thing for Emilia and I was with Ewa. Timing didn’t work. But I am so glad it worked now!”

“Can you stay the night?” Leslie asked as she planted soft kisses on my lips.

“I wish I could,” I said, “I need to get back to where I am staying. But not for a little while.”

A little while turned into 2 more hours of animalistic sex. Leslie was dressed in a silk robe as she punching in the combo to get my pistol from her safe. We kissed in the doorway and she watched me drive off. GOD DAMN I needed that! She was an alley cat in bed. I had a couple of bite marks that were fading and some faint scratches, but all in a night’s pleasure. I pulled up to the compound and parked. Walking in, the place seemed quiet. I entered the front door and saw Vivian, dressed in workout gear. But her clothing seems disheveled and her hair was mussed, like she had been wrestling around with someone. I looked past her to see red head and a smaller figure, Anna Mathews. I raised an eyebrow. In her left hand, Vivian held a manila folder with a paper clip closing it.

“Anna,” Vivian said, straightening her blonde hair, “Are there any skeletons in your closet, anything that could hurt you, hurt us?”

“Most of my skeletons are in the open,” I said with a shrug, “Everything else has been scrubbed from every database. Either I scrubbed it or had a computer specialist do it.”

“Not everything,” Vivian said matter a factly, “Does the date April 15, 1996 mean anything?”

I froze! NO NO NO my brain was screaming!

July 4th 1995 North Carolina

I was three sheets to the wind. I hadn’t turned 21 yet but had a fake ID. Some other Marines and I hit the bars and the beach, cold beer, warm whiskey and sun. For some reason this couple caught my eye. She was blonde, tall, nice rack, which I was attracted to and her mate was this Latin Adonis. Dark, curly hair, dark eyes and a hell of a body. Honesty I was way more into blondie but he was part of the package. I ended up back at their hotel room. They were in for the holiday and then going back to Miami. This was my first threesome with a man. We all had fun, he was in me as I licked blondie’s pussy, I sat on her face as he fucked her. On and on it went. I woke up after a marathon sex match and it was 3AM, I quietly made it out of there. I never got their real names. Well a month later and I was late. Real late. So I went to medical and they did “the” test. I was pregnant. FUCK! And I was Catholic. A bad Catholic, but still. I didn’t dare tell my family. I was on egg shells with them already. So I had her, had my daughter in private. I knew I could never giver this perfect baby the life she deserved, not as a single Marine, who didn’t even know the name of her father. So I gave her up for adoption. What I did do though is wipe any trace of me being pregnant and having a baby girl from my medical records, from the hospital records and from the Marine Corps. I never told anyone, not family, not Ewa and now it was coming back. Who was she? Did she have a good life? Did she know she was adopted? Every single day I thought about her, what she looked like, what she had become, did she hate me. I had once been able to track her down with snap of my fingers, but I didn’t. It was one of the hardest choices I ever had to make.

Vegas 2017

“It does,” I said, my vision cloudy with tears, “I had a baby girl and gave her up for adoption. But I erased every trace of her from records at the hospital, with my own service record. How was she found?”

“Actually,” Vivian said with tender look in her eyes, “Anna Mathews knew about her. Kept that information from Aleena Masters and her own sister. She didn’t go after your daughter. She could have but didn’t. That means something Anna.”

She handed me the folder and walked off. I opened it, Olivia Tasker. She was beautiful, she was perfect. She had the Latin looks of her father; dark, long, curly hair and darker skin. But it was her eyes that caught me; I was staring at my eyes looking back at me. I read the report.

Olivia Tasker, born April 15, 1996, adopted by Richard and Emily Tasker of Wilmington, NC. She had a good childhood, lots of friends, did well in school. Richard was a computer designer and Emily was a homemaker. Olivia had 2 younger brothers. She enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18. Then a news clipping fell out. A car accident killed Richard and Emily Tasker and the 2 brothers as they were driving to see Olivia, who was then stationed at Cherry Point, NC. Olivia was given an honorable discharge and moved to the west coast. FUCK! She was in LA when I was. Whereabouts, currently unknown.

I walked briskly down the hall to the room I was staying in. I went in and set the file down, looking at it as I changed out of clothing and I took a shower. Even as I got out and dried off, I kept looking at it. I slipped into a full length terry cloth robe and opened my door and quickly crossed to the room across and knocked.

Anna Mathews answered the door where a shorter robe than mine. Her hair was damp from her recent shower.

“Why?” I asked.

“Why what?” Anna asked back.

“Why didn’t you go after her if you knew about her?” I asked more forcefully as I stared into her eyes.

“Come in and sit down please, Anna,” Anna Mathews said with that sweet British accent. I came in and sat in a chair as she sat on the edge of her bed facing me. “Actually, young sweet Olivia was my first choice to kidnap. But she had just lost her family, the only family she knew. So, I don’t know if it was pity or what, but I couldn’t bring myself to let Lucy know about her and we decided to go after Ewa instead. But let’s be honest Anna, me kidnapping Olivia, would that have goaded you into our confrontation? You didn’t know her, you didn’t care. You abandoned her, erased her from your life, made sure no one knew you deepest darkest secret.”

I felt a fire well up in me. She was pushing my buttons, I could tell. She smirked and all I wanted to do was rip her face from her skull.

She went on, “You failed her as a mother. Mothers are supposed to protect their daughters. My mother didn’t protect me either. She left me with a father who resented me and disappeared. I had to be a mother to Lucy the best that I could. I ended up tracking down Emma; she was selling her body for money in the slums of Glasgow. When I finally got to confront her, she blamed me for the breakup of her marriage to my father, we fought, she died.”

“But you failed Lucy,” I said in a nasty retort, “You sick fucking sister couldn’t get her diseased mind like you did. Is that why she tried to have you killed? Was she to chicken to do it herself?”

I saw madness in Anna Mathew’s eyes and she slapped me across the left side of my face.

I held my cheek but smiled at her, “I guess we are pretty much the same when it comes to failing, aren’t we, you old whore!” And I slapped her back. We leaped at each other.

I was rising and so was she and as we came together, we spun and ended up on her bed. I latching onto two handfuls of wet, red hair and yanked. My hair pull was answered back in kind. Our robe covered bodies wrestled around that bed like it was our own ring. I know it was only passion and anger that drove us, since I was still exhausted from marathon like sex and she most likely tussled with Vivian. We rolled off the bed and onto the carpet with a thud. My robe was coming undone and she pulled the shoulder of my robe as I rolled away, leaving it in her hands. She stood as I did and dropped her own robe, leaving us both naked and breathing more heavily than we were used to. We slammed together in the middle of her room, our big tits smacking together as arms wrapped and we tried to throw and toss the other around. She shifted her hips and I ended up ass of end, flying onto her bed as she came down with me. I grabbed her large right breast and squeezed, my nails and fingers digging in and she howled. She grabbed both of my tits and kneaded the flesh like it was bread dough. I screamed in pain and rage! I heard the door to the room open and a “What the fuck!” And then Anna was no longer on top of me and I was being pulled of the bed to the floor on my back by strong hands.

Vivian had tackled Anna Mathews and the two mature women were wrestling on the bed, well Viv was just trying to calm her down but they locked up tightly. I looked up and it was a mass of curly black hair, dark eyes that looked mischievous, Amal’s eyes.

“Come down, Anna,” Amal said with a cocked eyebrow, “Don’t fight me or I will choke you out.” She said it so matter-of-factly that I believed her. I stopped struggling. I looked up to see Viv straddling Anna’s waist, holding the redhead’s hands down to the bed. Jeez, Vivian had an ass you could rest a wine glass on.

“That is enough, you two,” Vivian said angrily as she got off Anna, “We are on the same fucking side! I don’t give a good god damn if you two hate each other, because you two are going to work together or so help me, you will see my bad side!”

I felt embarrassed, like being chided by my mother. I got up with the help of Amal and dressed in my robe. “It was my fault, Vivian,” I said, “I goaded her into it.”

Anna Mathews fixed her hair as she shouldered her robe, “I could have been more civil as well. I am sorry Vivian.”

Vivian glared back and forth between us. Amal spoke up, “I think that is the best apologies you are going to get from them. I think we should all return to our rooms for the rest of the evening.”

As we walked out, I ushered Amal into my room and she filled me on the last few months. After Aleena had released Anna Mathews and Lucy Collett from prison, Vivian had come to Jordan and spoke with her father who agreed that Amal would work with Vivian’s organization. She had been on the trail of Aleena when they got word of Anna Mathews leaving her former cohorts. She had arrived in France to help clean up and take care of Alexandra Little before heading to Lebanon to track down Charlotte Grey. Amal had arrived in Vegas about an hour prior to the catfight with Anna Mathews. She had escorted Lisa Watson to Vegas from LA. She and Lisa had shared a moment, well it was a fuckfight really and had let Lisa go with a warning that Ms. Watson had heeded. I filled her in on Olivia and Amal hugged me tightly.

“That is a hard thing to hear, Anna,” Amal said breaking the hug but looking me straight in the eye, “We will find her as well and she will be protected.”

I nodded as my vision got cloudy. Amal hugged me again and left. I laid down in my bed and for the first time in years, I wept. I hadn’t cried this had even when Jennifer was killed, when my relationship was over with Ewa, when my life in the Marine Corps was done; I rocked back and forth holding myself and cried. I saw a shadow darken the small space where the bottom of the door leading to the hallway was and I quieted. Nothing happened, no knock, no voice calling out.

On the other side of the door, Anna Mathews stood, one had pressed to the door. Tears running down her face. She heard the sobbing but didn’t try to disturb her former enemy. She stood there with her hand pressed to the door, wishing she could say or do something that would cause her rival no more pain.

Los Angeles the next morning…..

Bri awoke from her slumber and rolled over, Ewa was not in bed. She checked the time and realized she slept in. But this was Saturday, there were no plans for today. She heard laughter coming from the living room. Bri got up and pulled on a baggy t-shirt and very short running shorts. She walked out to the kitchen which opened up to the living room. Coffee was already brewed and she grabbed a cup. She smiled at Ewa who waved at her. Seated with Ewa was the new girl, but Bri couldn’t remember her name.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Ewa said with a sly smile, she was dressed in a tight tank top and leggings, “Olivia and I were going over the rough cut of her video.”

Olivia Tasker was wearing a black form fitting v-neck t-shirt that showed a swell of cleavage. She had on simple black leggings and sandals. She had been hired the week prior and this was her first custom video for a client. It was a catfight video. She and Ewa were watching the video of Olivia and a busty blonde named Cherie roll back and forth pulling off bras.

“You two did a wonderful job with this, Olivia,” Ewa said, “The choreography was on point.”

“Thank you, Ewa,” Olivia replied, “It was easy to do. Much more fun than a bar brawl.”

Ewa’s eyebrow perked up, “Had many of those?”

“I have had a few,” Olivia said with shy smile, “It was kind of frowned upon with the Marines.”

“That’s right!” Ewa exclaimed, “You served with the Marines. We know a Marine, don’t we Bri?” Shooting Bri as smile, Bri returned it.

“Well,” Olivia said standing, “Thank you for breakfast Ewa, my Uber is here.”

Ewa walked her out. When she came back into the kitchen, Bri was dipping some French toast into syrup and eating.

“I don’t know what it is about her,” Ewa said, “But she seems so familiar. Do you see it too?”

“She has big tits!” Bri said with a mouthful of French toast.

“Envy green isn’t a good color on you, Bri,” Ewa chided, “I think with the right push, Olivia could do a lot.”

Bri glared at her lover. Over the last week, Ewa had been talking this new girl up and even though she was hot, Bri didn’t like all the attention being thrown her way.

“Ewa,” Bri said, swallowing some coffee, “I am not jealous, but these chicks come and go. Olivia is just like all the rest. They try to rub up against your big tits and you enjoy it. Remember,” Bri said as she cupped her F cup breasts through her t-shirt, “These tits are here waiting for you at home. And any chick who tries to get in between us, I have to let her know her place.”

“Oh like Kelly,” Ewa said a little heat in her voice, “All she did was flirt and the next thing I knew, you and her were wrapped up in a catfight, tearing off each other’s clothes!”

“You flirted back remember,” Bri said getting up from her stool at the kitchen breakfast nook and moving toward her girlfriend, “You love the attention, Ewa! So don’t play it off like you don’t!” Bri said poking her right index finger into Ewa’s chest.

“You are such a jealous slut,” Ewa said knocking Bri’s finger away and butting her bust against Bri’s.

Bri bumped back, “Fuck you Ewa!” And Bri swatted Ewa’s face with her right hand.

“Fucking Bitch!” Ewa cried out as she slapped Bri right back.

The two lovers slammed together in the kitchen grabbing handfuls of hair. Bri grasped the long dark hair of Ewa and Ewa locked onto the shorter blonde of Bri. Ewa pushed Bri back against the nook with the food there and Bri dropped a hand from Ewa’s hair and grabbed some syrup covered French toast and pushed it into Ewa’s face and hair.

“You look hungry Whore!!!” Bri shouted as she ground the toast in.

Ewa grabbed a handful of cottage cheese and smeared it in Bri’s smiling face, “Eat this slut!!!”

Bri sputtered out chucks of cheese and grabbed Ewa’s tank top and pulled, stretching it out and letting Ewa’s huge tits pop free. Ewa grabbed at the neck line of Bri’s t-shirt and yanked, causing it to tear open and down the front, letting Bri’s naked breasts come forth. Bri turned them so both were wedged against the nook and grabbed a glass full of orange juice and dumped it down Ewa’s naked tits.

“You need some Vitamin C Cunt!!!” Bri yelled in Ewa’s face.

Ewa picked up the carafe of milk and dumped it over Bri’s head, drenching her hair, face and tits. “You look a little calcium deficient Suka!”

Bri blinked the milk from her eyes and spit into Ewa’s face as she surged forward and the two went over the back of the couch in the living room. Hands regripped hair as the fought from the couch to the floor, Ewa filled her hands with Bri’s big tits and squeezed. Bri screamed out and grasped the leggings Ewa was wearing and pulled.

“These are my favorite leggings you cunt!!!” Ewa protested. But the leggings started to tear; and she wasn’t wearing any panties.

The leggings tore and were hanging tattered off Ewa’s shapely ass. She slapped Bri across her tits and moved her hands down to pull the blonde’s shorts off over her hips. The two women separated and got to their feet. Bri naked and still covered in the remnants of breakfast on her. Ewa took of her ruined leggings, her hair sticking in all directions from the syrup. Bri crouched and brought her hands up and beckoned Ewa to come get her. Ewa charged and the two busty lovers slammed together and started rolling against the wall of the hallway on their feet. They weren’t trying to kill each other, but the slaps and breast grabs hurt and they meant them to hurt. Ewa had Bri pinned against the wall, behind them was the door to their bedroom.

“GET OFF ME YOU COW!” Bri shouted at Ewa.


Bri slapped her hips forward and they slammed into Ewa’s naked hips and the two stumbled into the bedroom and fell onto their king size bed. Legs locked together as they rolled back and forth, pulling hair, spanking each other’s firm ass cheeks. Ewa got on top and glared down into Bri and started grinding her big tits into her lover’s big pair. Bri bucker her hips and smacked them against Ewa’s. Ewa moaned and Bri immediately covered Ewa’s lips with her own; snaking her tongue inside to wrestle with Ewa’s tongue. Ewa moaned with Bri now as they locked tongues, sucked and fought with them. Ewa spread her legs and Bri rolled time over and started rubbing her wet pussy into Ewa’s juicy cunt. The folds of their wet labias parted and melded together and the rhythm of it all increased in pressure and speed. Faster and faster the two fucked in the bed. Bri’s hard clit punched into Ewa’s wet folds, seeking the sexrod of her lover. Ewa’s clit met Bri’s head on and ground together as Bri and Ewa threw back their heads in a gasp of pleasure. Harder and fasted they fucked, Bri’s hands in Ewa’s hair as Ewa grabbed Bri’s ass and pulled her into her. The squishing noises of wet pussy meeting wet pussy mixed with the moans and cries from the two women. Ewa started wrestling with Bri and the pair rolled as the fucked. Then they got into a sitting positions and lock legs over and under and grasped each other around the backs, bringing big tits and sopping cunts into grinding hot contact. I pressed lips together and tongue wrestled as their massive breasts pressed and rolled. Their cunts continued to squish together, their mixed womanly juices, soaking the bed sheets underneath them. Faster and harder, tits and pussies slapping together as heads were pulled back by hair pulls. Ewa and Bri ground their hot slits together, clits again meeting head on as they felt the overheated orgasm building from the tips of their pressed nipples through meaty tits, down their flat bellies and finally….

“CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMINGGGGG!” The shouted in unison as massive amounts of girl cum was squirted into each other’s pussies. The kept grinding, kept fucking, faster and faster as they came again. “FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!” Tits slapped back and forth as the two lovers made their bodies become like one. As their shared orgasms subsided, they just held each other in their fuckfight ball, lips leaving soft kisses on each other’s necks.

“I am going to have to get jealous more often,” Bri said, breathing heavily.

Ewa laughed a belly laugh which both felt and it stared Bri laughing too. The fell asleep in each other’s arms, still sticky with food, sweat and their lovely juices.

Ewa awoke with her phone ringing from the living room. At first she just let it ring and it stopped. But then it started up again and she untangled herself from Bri and got up and walked naked to the living room and answered it.

“Hello?” Ewa asked.

“It is about time you Polish Bitch!” The woman’s voice said on the other line.

“Vera Wong,” Ewa said, “What the fuck do you want? I told you before; I am not selling, not for any price and certainly not to you.”

“Oh,” Vera said into the other line, “I think I can persuade you. Check you text messages.”

A text of a picture showed up and Ewa gasped. It was a picture of Olivia, tied up in a chair, blood streaming from her nose and lips. She was bound and gagged.

“Now if you go to the cops, she dies,” Vera said, “I want it all and now you are going to give it to me. I want you company signed over to me by midnight tonight. Remember no fucking cops. Any funny business and this sweet looking girl gets more one on one time with me and Hatomi. I will be in touch, whore!” The line clicked off.

Bri came out and looked at the phone and covered her mouth. “What do you want to do?” Bri asked.

“We have to get a hold of someone, and I mean like right now!” Ewa said and Bri knew what she was talking about.

Vera untied Olivia and handed her a towel to wipe the fake blood from her face.

“Oh you did good sweetie,” Vera cooed as her full breasts pushed against her tight top as she whipped off the red corn syrup on Olivia’s face and licked it.

“I don’t like this,” Olivia protested, “She was nothing but nice to me and you had me betray her.”

“That was my price you little bitch,” Vera said going from sweet to savage in a split second, “You and your friend, Amber. You come into my club, you get into a brawl with my girls, hurting them, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention the loss of income from my girls. You and that skinny cunt owe me. But when this is done you will be square with me. But little Amber needs to give me a little intel on what is going on in Vegas. I am supposed to watch this rich bitch but I have too much to do here, so Amber is living at the high rise the old blonde whore owns. She better find something or so help me, that skinny cunt will pay.”

Olivia was pissed, she was only a few feet from Vera and she thought she could easily take her. As she was getting ready to pounce….

“Oh good,” Vera said looking past her, “You are finally here.”

Olivia turned around to see 4 women enter the room; Hatomi, Vera’s big titted enforcer and 3 new women she didn’t know. Two were tall, almost 6’0” if not taller and a dark skinned woman with a mass of cleavage.

The taller one, Alison turned to Vera, “The bait is set, let’s see if they bite.”

Back in Vegas….

I was grabbing some freshly made coffee and some fresh fruit and sat down with Jenna, Alexandra and Amal. My cell phone buzzed and it was from Ewa.

“Hi Ewa,” I said, “What’s shaking?”

The women at the table were having an animated conversation.

“Wait, what,” I waved my hands at the women at the table and they silenced and looked at me. “Hold on kidnapped… Vera Wong… what was her name… WHAT IS HER LAST NAME EWA!?!” My eyes were wide open and knew what the answer was. “I will call you in a couple of hours when we are there.”

I hung up and turned to Jenna, “Where is Vivian?”

“She and Anna Mathews took the jet to DC early this morning,” Jenna said, “They are not due back until tomorrow morning. They are still in the air now.”

“Can I get ahold of her?” I asked.

“Not securely,” Jenna said, “Why?”

“I need a private flight to Vegas, vehicles when I get there and access to the armory here,” I said looking straight into Jenna’s eyes.

“I need authorization from Vivian for all that,” Jenna said.

I took a step towards her, “Jenna,” I said quietly, “You are a Marine and I respect you, but if you don’t get me what I need, right fucking now, there won’t be much left of you. Do you get me Devil Dog?!?”

“I can get you the guns and cars in LA, but we don’t have another working aircraft,” Jenna said, “And Vivian is not going to like you going rogue.”

“What is up Chambers?” Alexandra Little asked.

“Vera Wong has my daughter,” I said looking her in the eye, I turned my face towards Jenna, “Vivian can fire me when I get back. I need to make a call.”

I moved back away from the women and scrolled through my contacts and dialed.

“Yep,” I heard a man say. There were other voices in the background.

“A.P. It’s Anna Chambers,” I said, now I could her smacks and moaning on the other line, “I need to jet from Vegas to LA in one hour. I double your fee. Can you make that happen?”

Again there were louder moans coming from the other end, “Christ Anna,” A.P. growled into the phone, “I thought you had something difficult for me to handle. Dang Grace, get her!!!”

“A.P., are you watching two women fight right now?” I asked.

“Fuckfight would be the correct term Chambers!” A.P. said back into the phone, “One hour southside hangers, black jet.” And then he hung up.

I turned back toward the women and Amal and Alexandra were standing. Amal hooked her thumb at Alexandra, “The she hulk and I are with you.” Alexandra shot Amal a glare.

“Vivian can fire us all,” Alexandra said, “We are helping you get your kid back. And I am not the fucking she hulk you skinny bitch!”

Jenna led us down a long corridor and to a sealed metal door and punched in some numbers. It opened to a huge room with every kind of pistol, rifle, submachine gun, knife, and explosives you could think of. We entered and started grabbing. I chose an H&K USP 45 with suppressor and a thigh holster to hold it. I took a shortened AR-15 off the wall and grabbed 6 thirty round magazines. Jenna placed a tactical vest with ballistic plates in it in front of me, Alexandra and Amal. Alexandra got herself a black 1911 45 caliber pistol, a fully automatic M-4, and a wicked looking karambit knife. Amal chose a Kalekalip 7.62 caliber sniper rifle and a long serrated knife which she slipped into a scabbard on her tactical vest. Jenna opened a case and handed us each an ear piece.

“These are two way,” Jenna said, “You don’t need a throat mic or to press anything. I will be able hear everything and so will you, a 500 meter range. Grab as much ammo as you can. Anna, I am sorry for what I said, Mrs. C can fire me too. I got a black suburban waiting for you at the Burbank airport. I will contact Vivian when she lands to giver the skinny. If she tells me to stand down, I will hang up on her.” Jenna smiled and I hugged her. She broke the hug and grabbed a metal suitcase. “I almost forgot, launch this,” she said as she opened the case and it was a drone, “And I can give you the birds eye view and let you know what is happening. I will be monitoring from our operations center here.”

“Thank you Jenna,” I grabbed the gear I had and the girls and I went out to the garage and loaded it up into the Jaguar SUV. We drove quickly to the airport and the south side where a smooth looking black private jet was waiting with A.P. waiting. I got out and started unloading gear.

“You were here?” I asked.

“I fucking live here Chambers,” he said in his gruff voice, “Oh and Grace will park your suv in long term parking.”

“Grace huh,” I said with a raised eyebrow, “Was she participating in the fuckfight?”

“Oh she is a good kid,” A.P. said with a wide smile, “You will love her. Massive ti…”

“I get it,” I interrupted, “Can you make it to Burbank fast?”

“Do busty women like to titfight?” And with that A.P. went up the stairs and I heard engines warming up.

We got aboard as the plane started to taxi and took off headed west.

Amal piped up from a seat behind me, “Did you say fuckfight?”

To Be Continued in Chapter 2

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