Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge – Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick

Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick Story

On a beach on the coast of Spain

The sun was hot, the water was clear and blue, the sand soft, and the two busty lovers lounged, coated with oil as their skin turned bronze. The fruity alcoholic drinks sat on a round table in between them. Ewa Sonnet and Bri Nicole arrived at this private resort only 36 hours prior. A.P. had dropped them off at the small airport with a Land Rover waiting to take them to the posh resort. They were given a bungalow that was exactly to their liking. It opened up to the beach with very little foot traffic from locals and tourists. A.P. had instructed them to rest and relax before the next set of events happened, because no one knew what the future held for any of them.

AP had just returned from picking up Amber and Anna M from the US and bringing them back to Spain.

From there, they would decide, together, what was the next step. Bri and Ewa had been forwarded the pictures that Amber and Anna Mathews had taken. The feelings of vengeance were at

Bri took a long sip from the glass. The perspiration from the glass dripped onto her blue bikini clad body. “Vivian Christianson is going to regret betraying us. I swear to god if I get my hands on her or Alexandra, or Vera, or Lana, or Alison, I will kill them.”

“Bri, my love,” Ewa, who was adorned in a black bikini, said turning her head to the right to look at the blonde Bri, “they are all dangerous. They are all trained killers, well maybe not Vera, but she and I fought and she is not to be taken lightly.”

“Ewa,” Bri said turning her head to the left. Her eyes met with Ewa’s, “I am not taking it lightly. I held my own against Noya and she is a Mossad assassin.” Bri huffed out, “You don’t think I can do it, do you?”

“Honey,” Ewa said, “it is not that I don’t think you can do stuff, but your skills lie elsewhere, like with computers. You can work magic with them. Maybe you should stick to that. I would be worried you are taking on too much.”

“Christ, this is rich coming from you,” Bri exclaimed, her voice level raised, “You were a fucking model who got into a few fights with fucking models. What makes you think you can hold your own against them?”

Ewa’s eyes narrowed, “Bri, I know you are upset, but don’t mock me and what I have done.”

“Or what?” Bri said as she sat up and turned towards the brunette. “You know what, I have your ‘too much’ right here, BITCH!” And with that, Bri took the glass she was drinking out of and poured the rest of the drink and ice over Ewa’s body.

The busty brunette shrieked as the cold hit her. “You fucking CUNT!” Ewa shouted as she threw her own drink at the blonde. Ewa’s legs whipped around and she lunged off the lounge chair at her busty blonde lover.

The two bikini clad women went over the lounge chairs and onto the hot sand. The oil from their bodies made the sand stick to exposed skin like sugar cookies. Ewa initially took the top spot, but Bri reached up with both hands, filling them with long dark and hair, and pulling Ewa off to the right.

Legs locked together as the pair rolled in the sand, kicking up a cloud and covering more and more skin with the soft earth. Bri rolled on top and tried to mount the feisty Polish woman but Ewa slugged Bri hard with a right hand to Bri’s left breast, knocking the large tit out of the blue bikini top.

Bri howled in pain and went down on her back and Ewa pounced. The blonde fought back hard, grasped Ewa’s black bikini shoulder straps and kneeing her lover in between her legs, propelling Ewa over Bri’s head and onto her back in the sand. Bri turned over quickly and pounced. She came down on her girlfriend’s chest inverted. Bikini covered tits mashed together as the girl’s faces were buried in their sand covered stomachs. Ewa’s face was now covered in sand as Bri’s tummy ground down.

“MMMMMFFFFFF!!!” Ewa tried screaming out but her face was covered. She opened up her mouth and sunk her teeth into Bri’s abs.

“AAAAIIIIIEEEE CUNTTTTT!!! Bri cried out but reached forward and grasped the front of the brunette’s black bikini bottom and constricted her hand.

Ewa started convulsing and writhing as the blonde squeezed her pussy. She brought a right knee back and it impacted on the top of Bri’s skull, stunning the busty blonde, who then rolled off of her lover. Bri looked down and saw the nasty teeth impressions on her tummy and growled as she got to her knees and then her feet.

Ewa came up holding her crotch and glaring at her girlfriend. She spit out sand from her mouth and got to her feet. The two women started to circle; crouching slightly with their hands forming claws out from their sides. They rushed forward and the momentum had them crash through the screen door of the bungalow and they sprawled out on the tile floor. Hands greedily grabbed sand covered hair and then pulled and yanked with increased fury at their locks. Legs came together and muscles strained as bodies came tighter together.

All semblance of love was out the window here. They each wanted to prove something to each other. They kept one hand in hair as the other was used to punch and slap and scratch at skin. Bri undid the back tie of Ewa’s black bikini top and the brunette’s huge breasts came forth. Bri already had one tit hanging out and Ewa freed the other so the girlfriends were now topless. They rolled all over the tile floor of the main room and screamed and cursed in each other’s ears.

Neither girl could take the top position and they kept rolling until they banged into the wall at the far side of the main room. They worked their way to their knees and started slapping at heads and shoulders and backs. Ewa managed to slap Bri hard across the face and it gave the blonde a bloody lip. Bri spit blood at the brunette’s face, grabbed two handfuls of breasts and dug her nails in, squeezing.

“AAAAHHHHH YOU WHORE!!!” Ewa exclaimed and (too many ands, as she grabbed is better) grabbed both of Bri’s breasts and tugged and pulled on them.

Tears were streaming down their faces. Bri pushed Ewa back into the bedroom. The bed was still not made from when they woke up early this day. Ewa found herself in her back, on plush carpet as her blonde lover mounted her waist and wrenched at her tits. The brunette from Poland gripped Bri’s nipples and pulled them out and WHAP!!! Banged them together to a howl of pain from Bri. The blonde fell off Ewa and rolled back, clutching her tits. Now the two were slower to rise. One hand propped on the bed for balance as they continued to glare at each other. Ewa was the first to climb onto the bed and knee walk to the center. She grasped her own bikini bottom and tore it off, throwing the fabric at Bri. The blonde ripped off her own and lunged. Huge tits came together first, followed by the rest of their bodies. Legs entwined again but this time each noticed the moisture on their own thighs from the other’s wet mounds.

“You’re wet slut!!!” Bri taunted as she pumped her thigh into her lover’s wet pussy.

“Your cunt couldn’t take mine!” Ewa challenged as she humped and pumped her own thigh into Bri’s.

“BRING IT WHORE!” Bri screamed!

“CUNTFIGHT ME!” Ewa yelled back.

The two spread legs to allow their hot, horny slits to come into contact. Labia lips spread and merged as they moved hips for better angles. They started pumping in rhythm as wet sloshing noise could be heard coming from between their thighs. Grunts and moans escaped their lips. Ewa spit in Bri’s face as the blonde slapped the brunette’s left tit. They brought their faces together and started chewing on lips and tongues. Down below, clits escaped the sheaths that held them at bay to unleash strike after strike to the opponent’s sex rod. Bri and Ewa broke their kiss and pulled sharply at hair, sending their heads snapping back and faces pointed at the ceiling. Faster and faster the two fucked like they never had before, rough and so nasty. Each could feel the other’s body tense and in their own bodies the orgasm started.

“AAAAAAIIIIEEEEEE FFFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!” The two screamed together as they came.

The pair kept pumping and riding out the first orgasm to start a second and then a third, the ecstasy lasting for several minutes. They collapsed in that sitting position, resting against each other, breathing hard and feeling the other’s racing heartbeat. Ewa was the first to break the silence.

“I love you,” Ewa said, “I don’t want anything to happen to you. But I won’t try and stop you from going after any of these sluts. You can handle yourself.”

“I love you too.” Bri said, kissing her girlfriend gently on the lips, “Nothing could keep me from you.”

Footsteps sounded in the main room. “Bri? Ewa? Are you guys alright?” came the voice of Grace, A.P.’s lady friend. Then she came into the bedroom and her eyes became wide as saucers. “HOLY MARY!” She exclaimed crossing herself (she did used to be a nun after all). “What the hell happened?”

“Just a minor disagreement,” Bri said with a giggle which started Ewa laughing.

“Remind me never to get into an argument with you two,” Grace said with a smile, “or maybe sometime…” she shook her head, “Anna Mathews and Amber Hurt are here. We are going to be at A.P.’s bungalow. Why don’t you two get cleaned up and come over?”

Ewa and Bri walked hand in hand into the bungalow about 45 minutes later. Amber was sitting quietly in the corner, a drink in front of her that looked like it hadn’t been touched; Anna M was in the back on a cell phone. A.P. handed Bri and Ewa each a drink and they sat down. Grace brought in plates of food and set them on the coffee table. As she stood up, her eyes slowly scanned a room full of women who had made the conscious decision to live a danger-filled, clandestine life. Back in her previous life, if anyone had told her she would end up in a place like this, under circumstances like this, with amazing women like these, she would have recommended that they get psychiatric help. Grace Marie LeBlanc sighed deeply. And then the reality of the moment hit her.

Anna M walked back in, putting her phone down. “Ladies,” she said by way of greeting the two new arrivals, “I wish I was here on better terms. First, and this is hard to say, but Olivia’s body washed ashore in Ireland yesterday.”

Amber let out a mournful howl and Grace rushed to wrap her in a hug.

Ewa and Bri had tears running down their faces and held each other tighter. A.P. wiped his eyes, said a silent prayer and downed his drink.

Anna M looked over at Grace and Amber, “We can mourn later. We need to get to a small farm outside of Glasgow. There is a safe house where we will be meeting an old…acquaintance of mine who was able to spring Amal and Kathryn out of a secret prison.”

Amber’s eyes shot up. She had thought Amal and Kathryn were dead like Olivia and I.

“When do we leave?” Amber whispered.

Outside of Glasgow, Scotland, in the Highlands

Everyone continued to be amazed at what A.P. could provide. Not only did he come up with a private jet at the drop of a hat, but waiting for them, at a small out of the way hangar, was a new, blacked out Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin II. Amber almost fell in love at first sight with the aircraft. The group loaded up and Amber piloted them about 20 minutes of flight time into the Highlands. Anna M used the GPS to find the farm. The property wasn’t just the farm as they all thought but a huge estate with a grass helipad that was lit up for night. Amber brought them in expertly and they barely knew they touched down. The helicopter was powered down and the group were met by a busty redhead named Rachel, who ushered them all inside. That is when things got weird, fast.

I heard the helo coming in as I was in the shower. I took my time, wanting them to be seated and relaxed before they found out I wasn’t dead. Then I heard shouting. I dressed quickly and was still wet when I came into the living room to see Anna M, Amber Hurt, Bri and Ewa, all being held back from going at Alley who was just sitting there, smiling away. It was Amber who saw me first and her knees went weak and she tumbled to her shapely ass. Bri and Ewa gasped and Anna Mathews, cool as ice, just smiled at me. I went over to pull Amber to her feet and she looked at me with disbelief.

“I thought you were dead!” she said, crying, “You didn’t try to contact me. YOU FUCKING BITCH!” She punched me in the mouth and it was my turn to fall to my ass. I held my jaw as Amber walked past me and out the door to the cold night air.

I got to my feet and moved my jaw around. OUCH! “Well, that hurt. Ladies, I will explain it all in a little bit, try not to kill the blonde tart,” I said as I hooked my thumb in Alley’s direction. “I need to go smooth things out with Amber.”

I walked out the back door to the main house and saw Amber a few yards away, back turned and holding herself. I walked cautiously to her. I tried to touch her shoulders but she pulled away. “Sweetie,” I said softly, “I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t know who to trust.”

Amber whirled around at me. “You didn’t know who to trust?” She asked, her voice getting louder, “Are you fucking kidding me? You still don’t trust me? After everything?” I looked down, ashamed. “You know,” she went on, “I bet if Olivia was here, you would doubt her too.”

My eyes shot up at that, “Don’t talk about her like that.” I warned in a low voice.

“I trusted her and she trusted me,” Amber said, still angry, “Maybe I was more family to her than you were.”

I slapped Amber hard across her left cheek. Her head whipped back and held the spot where my hand landed. Then she slapped me back. We glared at each other and then hands shot up to hair. We were both dressed comfortably in sweatshirts and jeans. Heads were pulled back and forth as we started to stumble about the grass. Amber stuck out her right foot behind my left and it tripped us and went down to the grass. Over and over we rolled, wrestling and grappling for control.

“Oh,” Chloe said, looking out the back window, “they are fighting.” She was immediately crowded by Bri, Ewa, Rachel and Grace. They watched as Amber and I tossed each other around by our sweatshirts in the backyard.

Chloe sniffed the air, “Is someone making popcorn?”

A.P. walked up with a bag of freshly popped popcorn and offered to the women who were looking puzzled at him. “What?” He said between bites, “I see two beautiful women in combat and I crave popcorn. Want any?” He asked holding it out. Rachel and Chloe grabbed handfuls.

Outside, Amber and I continued to roll around the backyard. By now, our sweatshirts were grass stained and working up our tummies. I was able to roll on top and moved my legs to straddle Amber’s hips. She reached up and pushed her hands up my sweatshirt and grasped my tits and started to squeeze, and not in a nice way.

“OOOWWWW SHIT!!!” I yelled out and pulled up her sweatshirt to reveal her sexy bra and I yanked the cups down and dug my nails in.

“JEEEEZUSSSS!!!” Amber squealed out as I closed fingers over her perky tits. She bridged her hips and I fell off to the side. She rolled to her knees and so did I and we each whipped off our sweatshirts. Amber took off her bra as well.

Topless in the grass, we lunged on our knees. Bare breasts slapped together as we grabbed hair and fell back down to the grass. Legs locked up and we rolled again. Over and over we careened about the backyard until Amber ended on top. Our faces were inches apart and she kissed me hard on the mouth.

“Well,” Rachel said, “now they are going to fuck. Ok everyone, let’s give them some privacy!” “AWWW!” A.P. protested.

Our jeans started grinding together, the sound of denim rubbing could be heard along with our moans. Amber broke the kiss and roughly pushed me back to the grass. “Take your fucking jeans off,” she commanded in a low growl. I could see the anger and lust in her eyes. I quickly did as I was told and pushed the grass stained jeans over my hips and down my legs. She took hers off as well.

Amber grabbed my legs and spread them apart, maneuvering her own hips into a lock with mine. Our heated womanhoods touched and I shivered. She started rocking her hips against mine, the thrusts getting harder and faster. I felt her fingers grip my hair, pulling sharply. Then I looked up at her and saw her nostrils flaring in anger and wanton desire. She slammed her tits down on mine and after the SLAP and grunt from my mouth, I could feel them mushroom out at the side. I rested my hands on her hips and held on for dear life. Her face lowered to mine and she kissed me, hard again. Her strong tongue entered my mouth and wrestled mine as her hips continued to pump into me. The hips were like pistons with that up and down motion in rapid succession.


I started to tense and she felt it too and she slowed and now it was more deliberate thrusting and grinding. I could feel her heart racing with mine; I didn’t know she was as close as I was to coming. Then she went fast again and I couldn’t take it and neither could she.



We screamed out as our hips jerked and hot girl liquor shot out. She laid her head on my shoulder and we just lay there for a while.

“Please don’t doubt me again,” Amber said softly into my ear.

“I won’t,” I said in return, “I promise.” We got up and she looked and laughed, pointing to my ass. I turned my head around and my entire back and ass were green from grass stains. That was some fucking!

We got cleaned up and came back into the living room area to a lot of smiling faces. All except Alley who wore a smirk on her face. Vanessa had us sit around a big table and we laid out all the information we had. Amber talked about the women that met with Vivian, Anna Mathews told me about my nieces and their abduction, Bri filled us in on the computer virus she set up in the Black Cat Operations center, and Rachel told us about inquiries made about me from the FBI and also some intelligence intercepts from the Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv to Las Vegas.

“That last one is Ella Gold and Vivian chatting I bet,” I piped up, “we need to add Ella to the beat information out of list.” I looked everyone in the eyes before I looked back at the pictures of Dani and Justine. “I need to get them, but we have a lot to do and we don’t have operating funds.”

“Soooo, about that,” Bri said, “I may have set up a syphoning virus to one or more or all of Vivian’s accounts before leaving.” She checked her phone. “We have around 10 million to play with right now.”

I looked at Bri with a smile, “How long would it take you to wipe all of her accounts, everywhere?” I asked.

“Already set that up too,” Bri said, “I can take all she has, hide it where no one can find it, in about 38 seconds.”

“Remind me never to anger you, love,” Vanessa said.

“V,” I said, turning to Vanessa, “I would like to hire you and your girls, let’s say 10 million when the job is done and Vivian Christianson is either dead or locked up. How does that sound?”

“I would have done it for half of that, but 10 does sound better,” Vanessa said as she looked at Rachel and Chloe.

“Ok,” I chuckled, “here is what I see right now; besides Miami, I need people in Israel and Vegas. I need to put eyes on some of the women Vivian is working with.”

Amal cleared her throat. “Anna Mathews and I will go to Israel. We know the area the best and I have off the grid contacts that can help with supplies and I would like a helicopter pilot if I could borrow her.”

“Ok with me,” I said looking at Amber who nodded, “just bring her back safe. V, can you, Chloe and…Alley go to Vegas? I just want to get a bead on Vivian and her movements. But do not engage, reconnaissance only.”

Vanessa nodded and looked over at Alley, who cocked an eyebrow. “What makes you think you can boss me around?” Alley asked.

“Because, bitch,” I said standing up straight, “you kidnapped the women from Dragon Con, left the note. Two other notes were left at crime scenes the FBI is investigating. So, if you don’t do as I say, I will drop your ass off and the Hoover building in Washington D. C. and you can explain why you killed three women and kidnapped 3 others. How does that sound?”

She stared at me with cold eyes, “You are not as dumb as I was led to believe,” Alley said stretching, “I won’t upset your apple cart, love, just as long as revenge is had.”

“That leaves me, Ewa, Bri, Kathryn, and Rachel to go to Miami,” I said, “we’ll need disguises for the party, maybe wait staff. Bri can you fake some credentials and make sure we are added. Rachel, how good are you with prosthetic make up.”

“I can manage to get some noses and such,” Rachel said, “need to ugly you bitches up.” That got a chorus of laughs from around the room.

“First things first,” I said looking at A.P. and Grace, “can you get me to Boston? I need to ask a favor of someone. And everyone, travel separately, different flights, rental cars, hotels, the works. Change patterns as much as you can. Don’t get caught.”

O’hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois

Leslie Smith shuffled in the slow line at the security gate for international flights. She was dressed in comfortable leggings and a loose t shirt covered by a baggy sweatshirt. She did not want to bring any attention to herself. The TSA agent held out her hand to take Leslie’s plane ticket and passport. As the passport was scanned, a silent alert was triggered at a small office adjacent to the security gate. The TSA agent handed back the passport and ticket with a smile and the Asian beauty walked forward.

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” said a TSA supervisor walking up to Leslie, “you have been chosen for a private inspection. Please follow me.”

Leslie immediately went on guard but didn’t want to make a scene at the check point. She followed the middle aged man to a small room. The door was shut and she was instructed to remove her sweat shirt and put her carryon bag on the table.

“Please have a seat,” the supervisor said with a smile, “we will be right with you.”

Leslie smiled back as she sat, moving her head around to gage exits and things to use if anything gets dicey quick. The door opened again but instead of the supervisor, a young woman in a dark pants suit entered.

“Good morning, Ms. Smith,” the woman said, “my name is Special Agent Samantha Dillenburg. I am attached to the Chicago office of the FBI. We have been looking for you.”

“Really?” Leslie said back coolly, “And what do you want with me?”

“Well, that is not for me to say,” Samantha said in return, “but I have an aircraft waiting for you to take you to the New York City Field Office. I would like it if you came voluntarily, but if you don’t, I have instructions to detain you.” At that statement, four more agents came into the room, all men, all looking imposing.

Leslie looked around and shrugged her shoulders, “I guess I am going to cooperate then.” *** FBI Field Office, New York City ***

Leslie Smith sat comfortably in the small conference room. The cup of coffee sitting on the table in front of her billowed steam from the top. The door opened and Leslie turned to look at the new woman entering the room. She was tall, red hair, dressed in a black pants suit with the top two buttons of her white blouse open to reveal a lot of cleavage.

“Hello, Ms. Smith, my name is Dottie Dodds,” Dottie said as she came over to shake Leslie’s hand. “I am sorry for any inconvenience in you coming here. You are not under arrest, but we desperately need your help in figuring some events that have taken place.”

Leslie just nodded, her gaze remained even.

“First,” Dottie said starting, “around the time you were attacked in your home, a few more events happened almost simultaneously. First was the death of Anna Chambers and Olivia Trasker in Ireland.”

Leslie sucked in breath, her face tightened and tears started to well up in her eyes. “Are you positive they are dead?”

“Yes,” Dottie said soberly, “eye witnesses had them falling from a cliff during a heavy storm. The height was more than 200 feet and they sunk, almost immediately. The body of Ms Trasker did wash up a day ago. What were they to you?”

“Anna was my friend, my boss for a time, but mostly my friend,” Leslie said, “I didn’t know Olivia that well but she was Anna’s daughter.”

“Her daughter?” Dottie asked. All Leslie could do was nod. “Anna’s two sisters were killed in an explosion around the same time as both events. Their daughters were not home, but were kidnapped yesterday. Who were Anna’s enemies?”

“Seriously?” Leslie said, “You will need a book. But her new gig was working for the government. Or at least a shadow part of it.”

“Our records indicate that an hour before all this occurred,” Dottie said as she looked into Leslie’s eyes, “a new burn notice went out on her. Do you know who she was looking for?”

“Vivian Christianson, the billionaire,” Leslie stated, her eyes narrowed again, “Who did the notice come from?”

“CIA,” Dottie said in a huff, “and before you ask, they have clammed up about the whole thing. They site national security implications. Anna Chambers isn’t even going to be allowed a military funeral, for her service.”

“That is fucking bullshit!” Leslie shouted, “She is no fucking traitor!”

“I understand that,” Dottie said putting her hands up to calm the busty Asian down, “I smell a rat. This all started for me with two murders and one kidnapping. You were a cop, a good one from what I can gather. Can you take a look at what I got and give me your honest opinion?”

“I can.” Leslie whispered, “Can you give me a few minutes though?” Dottie nodded and left the room. Leslie put her head in her hands and started to cry.


Justine and Dani were laying on separate small beds in the dark room when the door opened, bathing them in a swath of bright light. Katya Niochestski walked in, flanked by 4 women, 2 of which were extremely tall and foreboding.

“Justine, Dani, let me introduce you to Sarah Randall, Shelly Martinez, Lana Kendrick and Alison Tyler,” Katya said in a sweet voice, “I have some amazing news for you both. You are going to be going to separate rooms for the time being. You will be able to shower and dress in elegant clothing. You will have the finest meals prepared for you. I want you looking your best for the upcoming event.”

“What event?” Dani asked.

“When can we go home?” Justine asked, almost sobbing.

“My dears,” Katya went on, “there is no more home for you. At this event, you two will be sold to the highest bidder. But before that, you get to put on a show for all my guests.”

“The fuck we are!” Dani said standing, but was knocked back to the bed by a back hand from Sarah.

“Shut your fucking mouth, unless you are told to speak!” Sarah growled. Dani held her cheek as she tried to make herself small on the bed.

“Thank you, Sarah.” Katya said smiling, “Before I was so rudely interrupted I was about to explain the show. Dani and Justine, sweet beautiful, busty young women that you are, will fight. Not a quick fist fight or boxing match. My clients want to see a long, drawn out slutfight where you two will strip each other naked and use your bodies in ways that cousins shouldn’t do to each other. I know this sounds perverse, but let me assure you that the winner of this confrontation between the two of you will become a personal courtesan for a rich couple from the Middle East.”

Justine raised her hand slowly.

“Ah, good, manners,” cooed Katya, “what is your question dear?”

“That doesn’t sound like much motivation to fight.” Justine said in a timid voice.

“Oh, no?” Katya replied, “Well the loser of your slutfight will become an organ donor for the sickly daughter of an aristocrat in Eastern Europe. So, sex slave or dead, those are your choices. And if you fail to put on a good show, both of you will be killed. I have had to do this before and I will not hesitate to do it again. Am I making myself crystal clear?”

Both girls nodded. Then they looked at each other. Something passed between them, an understanding that if they don’t fight with all they have, they will die.

“Dani,” Katya said stepping back, “Lana will escort you to your room. Justine, Alison will escort you to your room. Please don’t make me kill you two girls. I have grown so fond of you both.” The girls filed out of the room and Katya smiled, pulling out her cell to make a call.

“Everything is going as planned, Vivian,” Katya said into the phone, “I cannot thank you enough for bringing me these two. Your fee was so well worth it.”

Scottish Highlands

I had a towel wrapped around me as I walked down the hall to the bathroom to take a shower. My mind was on other things, like working out a plan to rescue my nieces. I opened the door and closed it behind me and came face to face with Alley. She continued to dry off her naked body from the shower she just took.

“Sorry,” I said flatly, “I will wait outside.”

“Oh I don’t mind, Anna,” Alley cooed at me, “we are all big girls and have seen naked bodies before.” She eyed me up and down, “Well some are bigger than others,” said the blonde toweling off her big breasts.

I leveled my gaze at her and she smiled. GOD I HATED THAT! “I am not going get into a stupid fight with you about who has bigger tits, Alley,” I said, my arms crossed, “Just do what you are told to do and we will be straight.”

“Straight?” Alley asked, her eyebrows cocking, “That is a funny word coming from you, since you seem to lick any pussy you get near. Well, so do I, so maybe you and I are more alike than you know.”

I breathed out, “I am nothing like you. I don’t kill for fun. I am loyal.”

“No, you are not, Anna,” Alley countered, “it showed earlier with that tart Amber. You didn’t know who to trust, there is no loyalty there. Do you think Olivia was loyal?”

“Don’t talk about her,” I growled.

“You know she and I got to tussle,” Alley said, smiling again, “Too bad she is gone now. I would have loved to have continued that…with less clothing on.”

I slapped Alley across her left cheek. The slap was immediately returned to my left cheek. My towel dropped as I lunged forward. Our bare tits slapped together and we latched onto hair and started struggling around the cramped bathroom. The bathmat slipped out from under our feet and we careened into the shower. Alley’s right hand left my hair and tried to brace the wall but it hit the shower nozzle and we were struck with a cold jet of water.

Alley pushed me back and I hit the wall of the shower, I shoved back with my body and slammed her back first into the other side. Our legs started kicking out, hitting shins and legs. We were so crammed into the shower that we couldn’t use fists the way we would have if it were an open space. I tried to knee her between the legs but she twisted slightly and my knee glanced off her thigh. The blonde arched her back, sending her large breasts smacking into the undersides of my pair. We groaned out in pain, grunted in exertion and squealed at the hair pulls. The cold water and the constant skin on skin was making my nipples hard as diamonds and I could feel hers growing rock hard as well. Our tits stayed in contact the entire time.

Alley dropped her hands from my hair and they wrapped around my throat. I coughed and wheezed and move my hands to match her move. We slowly dropped down to our knees and we were trying to choke the breath out of each other. I could see the black edges form around my vision from the lack of air; sounds grew distant and then suddenly I was pulled away and out of the shower. I kept kicking out with my feet as I was dragged across the tile floor to the doorway. I looked up and saw Rachel and Ewa pulling me back. I move my eyes to look at Alley and Chloe struggling in the shower.

“Calm down, Anna,” Ewa pleaded, “we need all the people we can use right now.”

I stopped struggling and after a few moments, the pair of women let me get to my feet.

I glared at Alley who was being helped to her feet by a new wet Chloe. “If you ever mention my daughter like that again, I will kill you.”

“Fuck you, slag!” Alley replied giving me the finger. I almost lunged again, but Ewa held onto me.

“Anna, just go back to your room.” Ewa said, “Alley is heading to the airport in an hour for her flight out.”

I went back to my room and closed the door. Amber was already on her way to Israel and I wished I could have her with me right now. I was going to be leaving in a few hours for a flight to Boston and then travel down to Miami. If I wasn’t motivated to kick ass before, I sure as fuck was now!


I entered the US under a forged Scottish passport, Deanna Williams. I dyed my hair to a crimson hue and wore black rimmed glasses. I dressed relaxed with jeans and a baggy sweatshirt and my hair pulled back in a ponytail. Before she left for Miami, Bri had found the address to Dr. Jaqueline Cara Taylor. Dr. Taylor had assisted me with some info on some murders and a kidnapping. It turned out Alley was the one who was leaving the notes at the scenes. Now I had a favor to ask of her. I parked a few blocks away from her townhouse and walked from there. Night had settled in and I made sure to stay in the shadows. The cars on the street were empty from what I could see. I just kept my head down and walked to her door.

Knock, Knock

“Who is it?” Jackie asked on the other side of the door.

“It is Anna Chambers,” I said in reply, “do you remember me?”

The door flew open and Jackie pulled me inside and shut it quickly. “I recognized your voice right away!” She exclaimed, wrapping me in a bearhug. “The news reports said you were dead…you and your daughter.” There were tears in her eyes as she pulled back a little to look at me. “It is you!” Then she embraced me again, I could feel her large chest mash into mine. It was starting to get warm again.

“I am me,” I said still holding her. “I am sorry to have worried you, but I still need to be dead for the time being. It is a long story.”

We broke the hug and she ushered me to the couch in her living room. She walked back to her kitchen to start some tea, which gave me another look at her fantastic backside. GOD!!! She had an ass on her!

She sat back down with two steaming cups of tea and I told her what had been happening. To her credit, Jackie didn’t freak out when I told her about going to a different plane of existence and seeing the demon and then my daughter as an angel.

“I have had my own share of events like that,” she said, taking a sip and then putting her cup down on the coffee table. “Now, I have a feeling that you are not just here to let me know that you are alive.”

I looked into her eyes, “You are correct, Jackie,” I said, “I need to ask a favor of you, well a couple actually. I have two nieces who I plan to rescue and need a place where no one knows them. I need them safe. I have money to set them up with new identities but my youngest niece is 18 and supposed to go to college in the fall. I would like her to go to Cambridge College. I hope you can keep an eye on her from time to time.”

When Jackie smiled at me, I almost melted. “Of course,” she said wrapping me in another hug. This chick loves to hug, I mean, I am not complaining. “I think I can arrange the paperwork for her to attend here. I will also make sure she is always in at least one class of mine per semester.”

“Thank you so much, Jackie.” I said, “God, I could kiss you right now.”

She moved in with lightning speed and I found myself on my back on the couch with a busty redhead climbing up me. Her lips moved immediately to mine. They were soft, wet and tasted like fresh strawberries. Her arms encircled me as I wrapped mine around her body. Her heavy breasts compressed down onto mine and I could feel their denseness through the clothing we were wearing. She broke our kiss and brought her head up but still kept the pressure between our bodies heavy.

“I have wanted to do this since the first time we met, Anna,” Jackie purred.

“Oh, Jackie,” I said breathlessly, “you are a crimson haired goddess. I have been dreaming about this moment.”

“MMMMMMM!” Jackie moaned, “When we are done, you will have to tell me who is better, me or Grace.” There was a mischievous look to her face.

“I don’t know,” I teased, “Grace was really good.”

“I will show you good.” Jackie said as she pressed her pelvis into mine and moved her lips back to meet my lips.

Our kiss was passionate; like two wanton teenagers making out when parents are away. Tongues invaded mouths, hands roamed up and down our clothed bodies. I twisted slightly and we rolled off the couch and onto the soft carpet of her living room. I was on top and she moved her hands under my sweatshirt. I felt her fingers up my skin until they grasped onto my breasts and started kneading them. I moaned out in our kiss. I started to lift up Jackie’s shirt and could feel the feminine muscle underneath. Damn! Not only was she blessed with an amazing rack and ass you could rest a wine glass on, but she sported a toned body as well!

I broke the kiss this time, “We need these clothes off now!” I commanded. I moved off the side of her and sat on the carpet and quickly pulled of my cumbersome clothing. I watched greedily as Jackie did the same. As soon as the last little bit of cloth was thrown to the floor we lunged at each other. SPLAT!!! Our full breasts made a heavy clopping sound as our arms wrapped around the other’s back. We teetered on our knees before collapsing back to the carpet and that started a naked tussle to see who could get on top first. Jackie was surprisingly strong and we grappled back and forth trying to keep as much skin to skin contact at all times. I was in heaven.

We rolled to a stop with Jackie on top. “You have great tits, Anna,” Jackie cooed into my ear, “I love the feel of them pressed against my tits.”

I wiggled my hips a little to part our legs and I bridged my ass up and let our womanhoods touch for the first time. I could hear and feel Jackie gasp. I continued to grind up as our flowers parts. Thick folds mashed together; already lubricated with our juices. She started to grind back from on top. We both moaned out, our chests crushed so we could feel each other’s heart beats. Jackie grasped my hands, pulled my arms above my head and pinned them to the carpet. Her mouth found mine again; long, strong tongues wrestled in our mouths as drool poured from the corners. I bucked up with my hips as she ground down. Our shaven cunts met slit to slit and melded together with each stroke. Our rhythm was perfect, causing heat and juices to drip down onto thighs. I could feel the first tingling of an orgasm and started to buck faster and Jackie also increased her speed and ferocity. We broke our kiss and she pressed cheek to cheek with me and we screamed out our first orgasm.


One orgasm turned into two, and then three as our bodies kept convulsing and writhing on the carpeted floor. When it finally subsided, our slick bodies slid back and forth as we were covered in sweat.

“Bedroom,” Jackie whispered into my ear. She groaned as she rolled off of me and got to shaky legs and held out a hand to help me to my feet. We stumbled into the small hallway and then into the bedroom. I pulled her arm and she came back into an embrace with me at the foot of the bed.

Our sweat soaked bodies slapped together and we kissed and groped our bodies. I grasped Jackie under her shapely ass and lifted up. She squealed as I picked her up and I tossed her to the bed; enjoying the bounce of her huge breasts as she landed. I pounced on top of her. There was a meaty slap of body to body as I started an aggressive grind and she fought back. She rolled us over and we wrestled naked on the king size bed. This was what I love to do. That body to body back and forth, hands gripping flesh or slapping at asses.

She groped my tit and brought them to her lips. Jackie’s mouth covered my areola and started to suck. My head arched back and I stared at the ceiling, moaning. My hands found Jackie’s magnificent tits and I groped and kneaded the fleshy mounds as I felt her moan as she alternated sucking on one breast and then the other. She bucked up with her hips and we rolled again with her on top. Her head came up from my nipples and she moved that succulent mouth to mine. When her tongue entered mine I wrapped it with my tongue and started sucking on it. Her hips smacked up against mine in rapid succession. She broke the kiss and pushed me back slightly.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Jackie said breathlessly, “I just want to go cunt to cunt with you right now.”

Hearing her say the word cunt made my pussy twitch and we maneuvered into a sitting position. We moved our legs to go one over and one under each other and inched our hot naked pussies closer and closer. Her eyes bore into mine; I could see the lust in them like a fire burning. We closed the distance and our cunts came together in a wet smoosh.

“OH SHIT!!!” I yelled out.

“MMMM FUCK ME ANNA!!!” Jackie cried out.

And fuck we did! Our hips came off the bedspread and we rocked and mashed our pussies together. I could feel her clit colliding with mine, fencing, sliding down the other, wet cunts making the bedspread soaked with our juices.


We froze in mid cunt thrust. Then the knocking came again. The door to the bedroom was open. Did we make too much noise? Then a voice came from the door.

“Dr. Taylor, this is the FBI,” a female voice said.

“Oh fuck,” I said quietly, “Jackie, I need to avoid the FBI or other authorities. Can you help me?”

“Go hide in the closet,” Jackie said as she rose and pulled a full length pink robe from a hook on the door.

Jackie walked to the door as she cinched the robe tight. Her massive breasts pushed through the fabric and her hard nipples tented it.

She looked through the peep hole. “Can you please hold up your credentials so I can see them?” Jackie asked.

FBI Assistant Agent in Charge Dottie Dodds held up the badge and ID to the peep hole. There was a click and the door opened slightly to reveal Jackie, hair mussed and her robe tight around her body.

“I am sorry to disturb you at your home, Dr. Taylor,” Dottie stated, “I was hoping we could talk. Would it be alright if I come in?”

Jackie did a quick glance behind her and saw the clothing and mine littering the floor. “Please give me a moment to straighten up.” She closed the door and rushed to pick up the clothes and quickly throw them into the bedroom. She went back to open the door and ushered Dottie inside.

“Thank you,” Dottie went on, “I will try not to take up too much of your time.” Dottie got her first look at Jackie and was amazed at the body she was hiding under the robe. The FBI agent arched her back slightly, pushing her large chest out involuntarily.

Jackie took a long look at Agent Dodds and the black pants suit she wore could not hide the voluptuous body underneath. She was Jackie’s height and it looked like the agent’s breast were as large as Jackie’s.

“What can I help you with?” Jackie asked, her arms crossed under her breasts. Though there were no words spoken, there was an air of cattiness in the room.

“Dr. Taylor, I am inquiring as to the conversation you had with Anna Chambers a few weeks ago,” Dottie stated, also feeling the tension in the air.

“I fail to see how a private conversation between two people is the FBI’s business,” Jackie came back, thinking, choke on that.

“Dr. Taylor,” Dottie said putting a hand up, “you misunderstand. I am just trying to piece together what happened to Ms. Chambers. I know she met with you and anything you can tell me may help with the investigation.”

“Again, Agent Dodds,” Jackie said, no backing down, “anything Ms. Chambers and I spoke about is none of your business. If you want to pursue this further, I will have my lawyer contact the FBI office here in Boston.”

Dottie put her hands on her hips, “I am going to find out what you two talked about.” She took an involuntary step towards Jackie.

“No, you will not,” Jackie said as she took a step towards the FBI agent. They stopped as their large breasts pressed together through their clothing. “I would like you to leave my home now.” Jackie said pushing her tits into Dottie’s.

Dottie pushed back. For just a moment, neither woman could say for certain if a catfight would break out. But Dottie relented and stepped back. She removed a business card from her pocket and set it on the coffee table, “When you are more agreeable, this is my card. Please give me a call.” Dottie walked to the door and left.

I stepped out of the bedroom doorway, still naked. “DAMN! That was hot!” I said.

Jackie turned quickly and blushed, “You heard that?”

“Heard and peeked to see you and her go tit to tit,” I said, my hands moving and cupping my breasts.

“Anna, I don’t know what came over me,” Jackie said, “there was a point where I wanted to throw myself at her and tear off her clothes.” Jackie moved to me and undid her robe letting it fall down. We embraced and kissed.

I broke the kiss, “MMMMM! Please tell me more about this catfight with the busty FBI agent.”

Jackie took my drift and proceeded to tell me what she and Agent Dodds would have done to each other. I licked down her body, sucking on her nipples as she regaled me with what the catfight would have been like. As I sucked and kneaded her fantastic breasts, Jackie went on about how she and the busty FBI agent would have lunged together, torn off clothing, grabbed and pulled on huge breasts as their bodies would battle in the living room. We fucked until the wee hours of the morning.

“Do you have to go?” Jackie asked as I dressed.

“I do,” I said, “I need to get my nieces and bring them back here.” I picked up Dottie’s card. “I’ll take this. Don’t worry about the feds, they won’t bother you again. Oh and by the way, the jury is still out on who is better in the sack, you or Grace. I think I might have to double check to see which one of you makes me the hottest!” Jackie laughed and smacked me on the ass. We kissed again before I left. I had a flight to Miami to catch.


The top floor of the Hotel Impressa was reserved for the lavish party. Bri, Rachel and I were dressed in the tight white blouses and tight black skirts of wait staff. Bri and I had our faces augmented with fake noses to disguise our true appearances. Ewa and Kathryn waited one floor below us and were ready to create enough of a disturbance so the party would be broken up. Bri and I walked around the assembled room with trays of champagne and Rachel walked after us with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. I could see Alison Tyler and Lana Kendrick as I walked. I noticed Katya and a raven haired woman, most likely her bodyguard, mingling with guests.

“Excuse me,” a woman’s voice called for me, “I would like a glass of champagne.”

I know that voice and turned to come face to face with Sarah Randall. “Here you go Ma’am.” I said sweetly in a southern accent.

“Thank you,” Sarah said, “have we met before?”

“I think I would remember meeting you, sugah,” I said pouring it on thick.

Sarah smiled and turned around as Katya came close to her. I was still within ear shot.

“Sarah my dear,” Katya said, “is Vivian coming this evening?”

“No, she sends her regrets for not attending,” Sarah said, “she did ask that the main event is recorded. I know she loves watching women fight.”

“Well, we should not disappoint her,” Katya said, then turned and whispered something to her bodyguard that I couldn’t hear.

Katya cleared her voice, “Attention everyone. If you will please have a seat, the main part of tonight will commence. Now these two are already spoken for, so no bids for them. It will be purely entertainment.” The small crowd applauded. “Bring out the combatants.”

The crowd had gathered around a small carpeted area. From either side of the little stage, Dani and Justine emerged. Dani, with her long red hair flowing in waves to the middle of her back, was dressed in a body hugging red, floor length gown. The top was strapless and her massive chest was daring to pop out. She looked like a shorter version of Jessica Rabbit. Justine walked out in a white floor length gown, styled in a similar way as her cousin’s dress. The fabric hugged her curves like a second skin. Her long blond hair was straight and hung to the middle of her back. I had not seen my nieces in a few years and I was amazed at how they blossomed.

Katya walked up between them, “You both know what is on the line, so, make it enjoyable for all those watching.” Katya winked at the crowd as she walked down next to her bodyguard.

Dani didn’t waste a second and lashed out with her right hand and slapped Justine across the face. Justine held her cheek and her eyes welled up with tears. She knew this was going to be do or die so she launched herself at her red headed cousin. It was a blur of red and white as the two busty girls rolled back and forth in ferocious fury.

I kept tabs on the position of Bri and Rachel. Bri was inching her way closer to Lana on one side of the room as Rachel was moving in between guests near Alison. I knew Sarah was about 10 feet to my right and Katya and her bodyguard were directly in front of me.

Ewa and Kathryn dropped down from the roof to the large windows outside the penthouse suite. Kathryn used a glass cutter to make a circular hole in the glass; she and Ewa clambered inside. A few hours prior to the event, Kathryn had texted FBI agent Dottie Dodds, telling her to get her ass to Miami. Kathryn grabbed her cell phone and sent Dottie another text; telling her the hotel and floor she needed to come to. Ewa moved a chair under the fire sprinkler and stood on it, producing a small light and putting an open flame to the metal. The lights went out and water started raining out from the sprinklers on that floor.

Justine and Dani continued to roll back and forth, both girls breasts had come forth from their strapless dresses. Dani got on top and started slapping Justine across the face. Justine countered by grabbing her cousin’s oversized breasts and squeezing. There was a groan from the crowd and some cheers. I could hear shouts of encouragement to both girls in 5 different languages. Dani started shredding the rest of her blonde cousin’s white dress and Justine released Dani’s tits to join in the clothes ripping. That was when the lights went out and the sprinklers turned on.

Screams of confusion and panic filled the room and people started making their way to the exit. Shelly grabbed her boss and they headed to the penthouse suite. I turned to face Sarah and pulled off my fake nose and undid the bun at the top of my head.

“YOU!” Sarah exclaimed and she and I rushed together.

Lana and Alison both looked on in shock as Sarah and I charged each other. They didn’t see the two women stalking them. Bri hit Lana in her side with a tackle and Alison got yanked off her feet from behind by the busty Rachel.

The dresses were torn away, leaving Dani and Justine in red and white garter and stockings sets respectively. The water coming from the sprinklers and the screaming crowd should have stopped the pair but they continued to go at it like nothing else was going on in the world. Dani wrenched Justine’s head back by the hair and mounted her. Dani, being a few years older, had been in numerous catfights with other girls and even her own mother. She knew how to handle herself. Justine was fighting on instinct alone. She had never been in a real fight and now was locked up naked, except for garter and stockings with her busty cousin.

The redhead reached down and grasped Justine’s tits and the blonde grabbed back. They tilted to the side and fell over, hands greedily squeezing and contorting the large fleshy mounds into unnatural shapes. Legs kicked out at legs as their soaked skin slapped together. Justine released Dani’s tits and brought her arms up and then down, crashing them over her cousin’s forearms, breaking Dani’s holds on the blonde’s breasts. Justine surged and wrapped the red head up in a bear hug with her legs locking with her rivals. The two rolled to their fleshy butts and then scooted so more of their flesh could war in this cousinly catball.

Shelly and Katya went through the door the suite and were shocked to see two women waiting for them. Kathryn front kicked Shelly, knocking the woman with black hair into the wall as Katya and Ewa clashed and fell to the soaked carpet. Shelly came off the wall quickly and tackled Kathryn around her waist and the two went down beside the brawling Ewa and Katya.

Sarah, in her maroon cocktail dress, and me, in the white blouse and skirt, slammed together as the sprinklers poured water down, soaking us. Hands immediately grabbed onto wet locks as we spun around, bumping into tables and chairs. You could cut the mutual hatred with a knife. Ever since Sarah threatened Bri when we were both in Italy, I have wanted a piece of her. Our short fight in Mexico had her almost break my back but this time would be different.

“I thought you were dead, bitch,” Sarah grunted as we stumbled around, “I am going to make sure you stay dead!”

“I am going to finally finish you, cunt!” I growled back.

Sarah turned us quickly and we slammed, my back first into the wall. Her massive tits followed and I felt the air leave my lungs. My hands fell from her hair and I grabbed onto her shoulders, head butting the busty brunette in the face. I heard her nose crunch and blood started to flow from it. The head butt backed her off and I pushed off the wall and ducked my shoulder as I hit her midsection. Sarah was taken off her feet and we landed on a table with dishes on it.

The busty bitch ripped open my blouse, exposing my black bra and her hands started pulling on it. This kept me from rising up to punch at her. I grabbed a handful of food and pushed it into her face. She sputtered and grabbed an empty champagne glass and smashed it against my head. I tumbled off the table and onto the floor, dazed. I touched my head and saw blood as I got to my feet. Sarah rolled off the table and I grasped her dress at the cleavage area and whipped her into the wall. The dress tore and I saw her huge tits wobble as her body hit the wall. I advanced on her but she kicked out with a heeled foot and caught me in the bare belly. I howled out as I fell back onto my ass.

Sarah pounced on me and we locked up in a violent embrace on the floor. Legs locked up as we rolled, finger nails clawing at our backs. Her nails caught the back of my bra and it unhooked and now our bare breasts mashed together. Sarah rolled on top and wrenched my head from side to side by my wet hair. I reached up and placed my palm over her mouth, trying to smother her. I dug my nails into her face to hold on as she tried to pull her head free. I felt her teeth sink into my hand and I screamed out. I balled up my left fist and slammed it home into the underside of the brunette’s right boob. She yowled in agony and fell off. We were slower to get to our feet this time. My skirt zipper was broken and I pulled the wet garment off, leaving me in just a black thong. Sarah wiggled out of her torn dress and deposited it on the wet carpet, leaving her in a blue thong. I wiped the wet hair from my face and charged.

There was a wet THUD of body meeting body and we careened into the wall. I think Sarah was anticipating it because she didn’t try to dodge, just let me slam into her. As her back hit the wall, she reached down with her left arm and got it between my legs. Her right grasped my neck and she lifted. Sarah was strong, like really strong and I went up easily and before I could do anything she came down with her right knee out and slammed me down, side first against it. It felt like my insides exploded. She dropped me the rest of the way to the floor and stood up.

“I …. Am…. Going…. To …. Break… you… in… two….” She breathed out heavily and kicked me in my wounded side.

I cried out in pain and tried to cover up my side with my arm as she kicked me over and over again. On about the forth kick, I grasped her ankle and twisted, eliciting a sharp cry of pain from the busty brunette. I sent a right foot to her belly and she folded over. My next kick connected with her face again; blood flew from her nose and lips as she flew backwards to the carpet. I slowly crawled over to her and mounted her waist. Her eyes were glassy. I used my left hand to grab her hair and pull her head up and then WHACK!!! I slammed a right fist into her face.

“That…is…for…threatening…my…friends…” I said through labored breaths. I hit her again with a right fist. “That…is…for…betraying…me….in…Italy…” I slammed another right fist into her face. “That…is…for…my….nieces…” She was moaning now, choking sobs came from her throat.

I grabbed her hair with both hands and lifted her head higher. “And….this….this…is…for… me…” I thrust my forehead down into her beaten face. I sat back on her hips trying to catch my breath but it was hard because every single breath hurt. I knew at the very least that my ribs were cracked. I looked back at Sarah, her face a bloody mess, I smiled.

Lana folded to the side as the pink haired Bri hit her with a side tackle. The taller woman rolled and tossed Bri over to the side. She stood up and tore the hem of the bottom of her dress to give her long legs movement. Bri watched her and hiked up her own skirt and charged. Lana was expecting it and pivoted at the last second, reaching out and grabbing pink hair and pulled.

The pink wig stayed in her hand as Bri brushed past her. Lana whipped out a long leg that connected with Bri’s shoulder, throwing the now blonde into a table. Dishes and silverware crashed to the carpet. Lana brought her leg straight up and sent it down aiming at the prone blonde. But Bri rolled off the table at the last second and Lana’s long limb missed her. Bri kicked out with her own foot and swept the one leg holding Lana up and the busty bad girl fell back.

The blonde Bri launched herself at Lana and they locked up in a life and death struggle on the wet carpet. Bri was a wildcat, showing no quarter would be given as she traded fists, claws and bites with the busty Lana. Bri tried to get on top but Lana got those long legs out and then around Bri’s head. Lana constricted her leg muscles in an attempt to crush the busty blonde’s head. Bri had never felt that type of pain before as her head was in a vice like grip. She clawed at Lana’s thighs but the woman who had previously tangled with Ewa twice before, held on. Bri dropped her hands to push up and they brushed a champagne glass; she broken it on the carpet and stabbed Lana in the thigh with the broken stem.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Lana screamed out and released Bri’s head and sat up.

Bri pulled the stem from the other woman’s thigh and saw Lana sit up. She thrust the bloody stem forward and it impaled itself into Lana’s left eye. Lana stopped making noises and sat there for a few seconds before her now lifeless body fell back to the carpet.

Rachel smiled as she yanked the back of Alison’s hair, sending the tall woman onto her ass. She didn’t see the long right leg swing back and Alison’s heeled right foot slammed into Rachel’s head, throwing her back. The redhead rolled to her knees and stood up, kicking off her heels.

“You are going to die, you little bitch,” Alison growled as she started getting up.

“Who are you calling little….., oh fuck,” Rachel started to say and then watched as Alison stood to her full height. She was 5’11” barefoot and with the heels she was wearing, now stood easily 6’3”. Rachel was 5’7” and was now eye level with Alison’s breasts.

Alison advanced forward and Rachel backed up, looking for a way to attack the taller woman. She felt her right heel hit the wall and pushed off with that foot and threw a straight right punch into Alison’s left breast. The tall brunette howled in pain and Rachel pounced on her. Alison twisted her body, lifting the redhead off her feet and slamming her down to the carpet. This is where Rachel had hoped it would go to because on the floor, Alison would not have her height advantage.

The former British secret agent grabbed two handfuls of brown hair and yanked to the right, causing the women to roll over. Their legs locked up and Rachel’s skirt and Alison’s dress started to ride up thighs to give them more leg movement. Alison reached in between the pair and pulled at Rachel’s wet blouse. Wet hair whipped around as the pair struggled on the carpet. The tall brunette closed her powerful thighs around the redhead’s leg and squeezed.

Rachel cried out in pain and they rolled again with Alison on top. She released Alison’s hair and raked her nails down bare shoulders to the brunette’s back and down to her ass, clawing and scratching to try and get Alison to ease up on the leg squeezing. The tall woman’s dress was yanked up over her hips and Rachel dug all ten nails into the firm ass cheeks. Alison squealed in pain but instead of trying to rid her ass of the claws, she reached and pulled down Rachel’s exposed bra and dug her nails into the large tits there.

“AAAHHHHHH Mother Fucker!!!” Rachel screamed out! She raked once more with her nails and raised her hands to try and pry Alison’s claws from her tits; but the big bitch was strong too. When this didn’t work, out of desperation she yanked Alison’s hair straight back and away, giving her enough room to pummel the brunette’s face with several quick sharp slaps, getting her attention, distracting her and forcing her to, just for a second, ease her grasp on Rachel’s tits…but the busty redhead also felt a split second change in Alison’s body. She used this split second to untangle and roll away from the much larger woman. But as she tried to get up, she felt a strong tug on her skirt. FUCK! Big and strong, indeed, but quick should have been on her resume too.

Rachel’s quick solution, pop the button and let the skirt fall where it might. She pulled away and got to her feet, standing in an opened blouse, a bra that was halfway off and a minuscule thong that was just barely able to cover her goods. Alison leapt to her feet. She was about to charge the redhead when she noticed something…Rachel stood facing her…two fingers stroking her seriously moist pussy.

The big brunette peeled off what was left of her dress and it fell to the floor…her hand responsively went to her crotch and stroked her thong. A fleeting, nasty grin crossed her face.

“So, is that how you want this to go?” she scoffed, despite the growing sensations in her cunt. “I am going to fuck you and then kill you!” And she tore the thin fabric off from over her pussy.

Rachel ripped her thong off and the two women charged. Bodies slapped together and immediately went to the wet carpet. Hands pulled hair and clawed at backs as their bodies battled. Tits crushed against tits and cunts worked to devour the others. Each yelped as claws found their home in naked flesh and moaned as their erect clits stabbed into the others moist pussy. Each woman was able to hold the top position for a few moments to grind and thrash but were quickly rolled so the other could mount and hump. Rachel found herself on the bottom and was fighting hard to unseat the tall brunette but Alison was relentless. She pounded her cunt into the redheads over and over and over again. Rachel was on the verge of orgasm when a half-naked Bri jumped onto Alison’s back and grabbed the big bitch in a choke hold.

I was wobbly on my feet when I saw Bri struggling on top of Alison and I rushed over. I past the dead Lana Kendrick as I made it to the three battling women.

“Don’t kill her! We need information,” I shouted at Bri, but her face was a mask of rage. Alison’s face was turning purple as Bri was trying to strangle her to death. So I did the only thing I could. I tackled Bri off the tall brunette and the blonde and I wrestled on the wet floor. I was still naked and Bri was dressed in torn clothing. All I was trying to do was hold her down but Bri fought back hard. Over and over we rolled, pulling hair and fighting for position. Bri punched me hard in my already wounded side and I cried out. That caused her to open her eyes and for the first time in our struggle, she realized it was me.

“GOD ANNA! I am so sorry!” Bri said through tears.

“We need her for information,” was all I could say through gritted teeth. I hurt so much more now that the adrenalin was wearing off. Bri rolled off of me and we looked over to see Rachel riding Alison’s cunt like it was a rodeo horse and the busty brunette was crying out in orgasmic bliss underneath the redhead.

In the penthouse main suite, two sets of fights were going on. Ewa and Katya had already torn open tops to reveal two sets of large breasts which they attacked with claws. Heads were bent back as they groped and squeezed the huge tits into unnatural shapes.

Next to them, Kathryn and Shelly were clawing at faces as fists pummeled the other’s sides. Shelly rolled on top but Kathryn grabbed the two mounds protruding from the raven haired body guard’s top. Shelly screamed out as the former Marine closed her fingers into fists with clothing and titflesh being compressed. Shelly tried to bridge backwards but that only brought Kathryn sitting up, still squeezing her tits. The body guard’s hands roamed back to under her skirt and Shelly produced a small knife. Kathryn let go of the large mounds and grabbed the hands bringing down the knife. Shelly was starting to use her body weight to slowly bring the knife closer to Kathryn’s throat.

Ewa opened her eyes and could see that Shelly was trying to stab Kathryn. She looked back at Katya and spit into her face. Katya’s eyes closed and for just a second, her mauling stopped. Ewa used this to bring her forehead forward crashing into Katya’s face. The woman from the Ukraine cried out and fell back. Ewa rolled toward Kathryn and Shelly and swung her leg out, catching the body guard full in the face with her right shin. There was an audible crunch and Shelly fell back. Kathryn got on top and made sure she was out with a right forearm to the face for good measure. She looked over and Ewa was securing zip ties around Katya’s wrists. There was blood pouring from the Ukrainian’s nose.

Still locked together in the center of the little stage, Dani and Justine were grinding in a sitting catball. Flesh was red and angry, hair was slicked back from the water, breasts were mashed so tightly they ballooned out at the sides.

I moved over to them and tried to pry them apart. It took me, Bri and Rachel to finally separate the warring cousins. They were both sobbing and they didn’t realize it was me. Then Justine opened her eyes and they locked with mine.

“AUNT ANNA? But you’re dead!” Justine exclaimed. AS soon as she had uttered my name, Dani’s head swung to see me.

“I am here, sweetie,” I said, first hugging her and then hugging Dani. “We have to get out of here. Rachel, Bri, try and get them dressed.”

I got up and moved to the main suite as the doors opened and Kathryn and Ewa were pulling a disheveled Katya between them.

“Let’s get them moving ladies,” I said trying to dress, “our ride is waiting by the service elevator.”

We got Katya and Alison moving down the hall as the first of the FBI tactical team made its entrance to the suite. A figure with a balaclava saw the movement and looked at me, but the figure didn’t raise the rifle. Leslie Smith pulled the face covering off and smiled at me and head nodded that I needed to move. I heard her yell ALL CLEAR HERE as the doors to the service elevator closed.

Twenty minutes later, the van carrying all of us pulled up to the private jet waiting on the tarmac. We got Katya and Alison out first and secured them inside the plane. They were both bound and gagged with hoods over their heads. I got Justine and Dani in next and had them sit near the front with the rest of the girls and finally Grace, who was the driver, all in and the plane started to taxi down to the end of the runway. Once we were airborne, I pulled Dani and Justine in close and we hugged and cried more. Dani had changed since the last time I saw her and she wasn’t the evil minion her mother, my sister, had taught her to be. I told them we were going to Boston and that I had things set up for them.

“You two will be safe from now on,” I said holding them both, “I promise. But as far as anyone is concerned, Dani and Justine are no more.” I handed them new Driver’s Licenses and fresh passports. Dani was now Tessa Krueger and Justine was Elin Smith.

Dr. Jackie Taylor had helped me get a spacious apartment for my two nieces all set up, though Elin would be living on campus at Cambridge College of Women for the semester. It had been a few days since Miami and I was pretty certain my ribs weren’t broken but at the very least, cracked and bruised.

I lay on the king size bed in the presidential suite of the Alastair Hotel in downtown Boston waiting for the good doctor to come pay me a house call. I smiled because I was a devious bitch and the look on her face would be priceless. The door clicked open and the ravishing redhead strode in. She was dressed in only a full length trench coat and when she saw me, the coat dropped to the floor. I smiled and moaned and then winced.

“Oh Anna,” Jackie said, “you are hurt bad. Are you sure you are up to this?” Jackie sat, facing me at the end of the bed.

“Jackie,” I said, my eyes gazing into hers, “I could not thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Tonight, like I said on the phone, is my thank you for all this. That, and my own pleasure in this reunion.” Jackie looked at me puzzled. Then the door to the bathroom opened.

“My dear, sweet Dr. Taylor,” Grace cooed, walking naked from the bathroom to the middle of the room, “I hear that you think you are better in bed then I am, I am here to prove you very much mistaken.” The smile of Grace’s face was amazing. And the look on Jackie’s was priceless. Her mouth had dropped open, I could see her nipples tighten and her breathing became ragged.

Jackie turned back to me, “You bitch!” She said with a smile and rose to meet the former nun, her former lover. “Why Grace Marie, how the years have been kind to you, are you still a sanctimonious jezebel, who is lacking of skills in the bedroom?”

“Oh, Jackie,” Grace said with half snarky and half challenge, “We will be finding out, right now.”

As the two women came together in a joyous slap of skin on skin, I thought to myself that this is the life.

To Be Continued in Chapter 3 – Part A! Click Here to Read It!

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