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Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge – Chapter 3 – Part A by Anna the Marine Chick

Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge - Chapter 3 - Part A by Anna the Marine Chick Story

In a different plane OF existence

After Olivia had sent her mother back to reality. She closed her eyes and thought of the place she wanted to be and BAM! She was there. She opened her eyes and in front of her, three naked, busty women pulling hair and rolling in a big pile. Oliva rolled her eyes as she watched her grandmother, Joyce, and her aunts, Dawn and Amie, catfighting. However, when the three noticed Olivia there, they stopped and stood. As if by some magical force, they were suddenly dressed all in white as Olivia was.

“It is time to go, child,” Joyce said, stepping close to Olivia.

“What do you mean?” Olivia asked puzzled.

“We mean,” Dawn and Amie said in unison, “you are not meant to be here yet. Your time is not yet expired.”

“But the wound, the fall?” Olivia questioned. “I have been here for days!”

“Time doesn’t exist here, darling,” Joyce said hugging her granddaughter, “your mother needs you and you need her.”

The wind picked up; slowly at first but then it felt like a hurricane was around the women. Olivia looked wide-eyed at her family and then WHOOOOOSH! She was sucked backwards into darkness.

The Irish Sea

“I GOT A PULSE!” The man said in a thick Irish accent.

“I think I stopped the bleeding but we need to get her to shore now!”

The fishing boat chugged in and the fishermen had used a SAT phone to call in a doctor. They had witnessed the firefight and the fall. Knowing about the ongoing issues with the Brits, no one called any authorities. The doctor was an older man who had patched up many an Irishman during the struggles of the 1980s. He examined the knife wound, discovering that it missed the vital organs and the bleeding had subsided. He had seen wounds like this in that past but most had been fatal.

Strange, he thought. The young woman on the examination table should be dead but she was stable, unconscious still, but stable. He checked her discarded clothing and found no identification, but the clothing was all from the US. He hurried to a small wall mounted safe and spun the dial to the combination he had memorized. The door of the safe opened to reveal a few thousand British Pounds, a Walther PPK pistol and an address book. He opened the book and shook it; out fell an old, weathered business card. It had only a number on it. In 1984, he had operated on a wounded British soldier, which could have gotten him killed by the IRA, but he was saved from death when an American came looking for the soldier, giving the doctor his card and telling him if he ever needed help to call the
number. So he did.

“Extension 547,” a female voice said on the other line, “how may I help you, Dr. O’Reardon?”

“How did you know who I was?” The doctor asked, perplexed.

“Doctor, I know who you are, where you are and can tell you the temperature outside of your little office right now,” the woman’s voice said, “otherwise, I would not be any good at my job. Now, how may I help you?”

“There is a woman who was picked up in the Irish Sea by a trawler,” the doctor said, “she has been stabbed but she is stable. She was wearing military tactical gear. There was shooting near the castle on the bluffs overlooking the town.”

“Stay where you are, keep her alive, and do not tell anyone,” The woman said in a more persistent tone. “I will be there with some people to get her in an hour. You will know it is us when we arrive.”

About an hour later, the doctor heard a knock at his door. He opened it to reveal three women. The oldest with silvery grey hair extended her hand to him.

“Dr. O’Reardon,” she said with a warm smile, “it is nice to meet you. You can call me Amanda. We will be taking the young woman from here.”

The two women behind Amanda pushed a gurney past him.

“I must object,” the doctor said, “this woman shouldn’t be moved. She has not regained consciousness yet.”

“My good doctor,” Amanda said sweetly, “one of my friends here is a combat medic and the van behind us has everything an ambulance would have in it. She is safe. I would also ask that you forget ever seeing her or us. It would be better for everyone. Please burn any bandages or anything with her blood or DNA on it. I know your history, so you understand.” Amanda handed him a thick envelope. “This should compensate you for any inconvenience.”

The two women worked quickly and efficiently to check the woman’s vital signs and transfer her from the make shift operating table to the gurney. They pushed PAST the doctor and Amanda, loading and securing her into the back of the van. The slim blonde stayed in back while the brunette with a curvaceous body got into the driver’s seat. Amanda hopped into the passenger’s seat and the van drove off.

“Is it Chambers?” Amanda asked.

“No, Colonel,” the brunette answered, “it is Olivia Trasker.”

“Ahh,” Amanda said pausing, “The newest member. Holly, is she going to make it?”

“I think so, Ma’am,” Holly stated from the back, “as long as Samantha doesn’t get into an accident on the way back. They drive on the left side of the road here.” Holly stated with a smile.

“You mean the wrong side of the road,” Samantha corrected.

It took the trio about an hour to get to the safe house and another thirty minutes to get Olivia Trasker set up in a bed. Holly injected the IV drip with a syringe containing a small dose of adrenalin.

“She should be coming around in a moment,” Holly stated to Amanda and Samantha.

Olivia’s eyes fluttered open and she gasped and tried to sit up but three sets of strong hands held her down.

“Easy, Marine,” Amanda said, holding Olivia’s arms down, “you are alright, and you are with friends.”

“Who…” Olivia croaked out hoarsely.

“I am Colonel Amanda Fowler, United States Air Force, retired.” Amanda stated, “With me are former Sergeant Holly
Gable, Army medic and Marine Corps Sergeant Samantha Baxter. You are alive and safe.”

Olivia relaxed and Samantha brought over a glass of water with a straw to help wet her parched lips and mouth.

“Please tell me what you remember,” Amanda said sitting in a chair next to the bed.

“Everything is foggy,” Olivia said quietly, “I remember the rounds kicking up at my feet as I ran, remember fighting someone and then my side hurt, followed by a flash of light. Now I am here.”

“Ok,” Amanda said nodding at Holly and Sam to sit, “I was military intelligence before I retired and started working for, let’s just say what your Black Cat should be. Not what it is. Your boss, Vivian Christianson has been on our radar for years, ever since her husband’s death. But she is very powerful with many friends in high places and she has enough dirt on them, that they look the other way in many cases. Your tactical lead, Anna Chambers stumbled onto a secret that Vivian wanted to keep in the dark. That is why she and some of your teammates betrayed you.”

Olivia looked like she was going to vomit, the color drained from her face. “Alexandra stabbed me, threw the grenade. Is mom ok?”

“Mom?” Samantha asked.

“Anna Chambers is my mother,” Olivia stated matter-of-factly.

“Well,” Amanda said with a cocked eyebrow, “that changes things.” She turned her head. “Holly, we need a woman’s body about her height, snag dental records and change them in the national database. Make sure the skin and face are decomposed enough that sight ID will not work. They will have to use the dental records. Move.”

“Yes, Colonel,” Holly said as she got up and left the room.

“I have been monitoring this ongoing situation since Jenna, my plant in the organization, was killed,” Amanda went on, “that death tripped so many wires. We have been monitoring comms chatter, have had satellites over head when you all were operating in the field and have been quietly working behind the scenes to assist your mother. She and the rest of your team are all alive.”

Olivia breathed a sigh of relief.

“Alexandra Little just landed in Vegas with a wounded
Steph Gibby and the pilot Amber Hurt. We know that Amber is unaware of what is going on. Our other plant reported that she is extremely broken up over what is going on.”

“Who is your other plant?” Olivia asked.

“Grace Belle, your tech wiz,” Amanda said with a smile, “her schooling is true but she had been working at the Defense Intelligence Agency before she went under deep cover. Our organization also works with different para-military outfits around the globe. We have operatives in 20 countries. One, who works for the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence, is on her way to Israel because Ella Gold and Noya Gold are working with Vivian. She is there to assist in any way she can.”

“Why haven’t you reached out before?” Olivia asked

“We didn’t know what side of the line you all fell on,” Amanda stated, “you have a wanted terrorist working with you now. Anna Mathews is still being actively sought by the British government. But with the events of the other night, we know who our targets are now. You my dear, are actually going to make a quick recovery. The cold of the water slowed your heart rate and the knife missed all vital organs. You need to go to Vegas and take out Alexandra Little; if you think you can.”
Olivia narrowed her eyes, “By take out, do you mean apprehend?”

“No,” Amanda said flatly, “is that clear enough for you?”

“Yes, Colonel, it is.”

FBI Field Office, New York City, 6 days later

Leslie Smith walked into Special Agent in Charge Dottie Dodd’s office. Since coming on as a special consultant, Leslie had been able to make sure her friends in Miami had gotten away with no issues from the hotel. They had one dead terrorist and three in custody. Sarah and Shelly required medical attention, were now in secure holding cells, but were not speaking at all.

Katya Niochestski had been dropped off at the Boston Field office of the FBI. Dottie was just getting up from her desk, an overnight suitcase next to her.

“I take it since I wasn’t given a heads up,” Leslie Smith said, “I am assuming I am not going with you.”

“No,” Dottie said looking up, “I need you here. The British Government has released the body of Olivia Trasker and I want you to ID the body if you can. I need to head back to Boston. I want to take another crack at the good doctor and talk with
Ms. Niochestski.”

“After the last time you spoke with the doctor,” Leslie smiled, “you and she might need some supervision.”

“I will not be as combative as I was last time,” Dottie stated, “but if it comes to that, I guess the thought of me and Dr. Taylor in something, well, naughty, does make me smile.”

Leslie laughed. She took the elevator down to the morgue area of the basement. She steadied herself and took three deep breaths before entering. She walked to the door labeled with Olivia’s name, opened, and pulled out the sliding backboard.

She unzipped the body bag and opened it. The body was severely decayed. It barely resembled a person, let alone a young woman. Leslie donned gloves and moved the body around. She peered at the buttocks, looking for the tattoo of two red lips, but when she found it, it rubbed off. She got her phone out and quickly dialed.

“This isn’t Olivia Trasker,” Leslie said in the phone.

“What do you mean? “Agent Dodds asked, “Who is it then?”

“It is some woman but not Olivia,” Leslie stated, “It was made to look like her, but this is 100% not her.”

“That changes things,” Dottie said, “I will hold the plane. Pack a bag and meet me at the runway.”

The Dead Sea

Amber Hurt sat in the back of the Vietnam era Huey trying to escape the rising temperature outside. The heat and the humidity had bathed her in sweat, making her red tank top translucent on her chest. She had been waiting for Amal Hussan and Anna Mathews to drive up from their reconnaissance mission. For the last few days, the women had kept a close tab on Ella Gold, the Operations director for Mossad and Vivian Christianson’s friend. What they were hoping for was for Ella to lead them to Charlotte Grey. The helicopter was fueled and ready to go and Amber waited, guzzling down a bottle of water to cool herself off. She spotted a cloud of dust and grabbed her FN SCAR 17, bringing up the telescopic sight on the target. The dust cloud was from a speeding nondescript sedan being driven by Anna Mathews with Amal in the passenger’s seat. Amber lowered her rifle and stepped out to greet them as the car stopped by the aircraft.

“Any luck?” Amber asked, handing water bottles to Anna and Amal.

“The tracker is in place on Ella Gold’s Land Rover,” Amal said between gulps, “she left her compound about an hour ago and was headed into the dessert.”

Anna Mathews was scanning over a map, “There is nothing out there…no settlements, no known tribal areas. I think this is it. I think she is meeting with Grey. I say we go.”

Amal nodded her head and then looked at Amber, “We need to all be in agreement, what do you think?”

“I say let’s do it.” Amber agreed, “At the very least we snatch Ella and make her talk. Let me spin up the old bitch,” Amber said with a smile as she hooked a thumb at the 40-year-old helicopter.

They took off and headed north. The sun was setting to the west and once the darkness hit, Amber switched off all lights and flew by night vision goggles. The Huey was equipped with a Zuni rocket pod on the right side of the airframe. After 35 minutes of flight time, lights from a small farmstead shown on the horizon.

“Strap in girls,” Amber called out over the headset, and then she dipped the helicopter to skim over the ground at 15 feet.

“I got movement,” Anna called out from the co-pilot seat.
“Three figures; let’s make the Land Rover go bye-bye!”

Amber smiled in the dark, hovered the helicopter, and pointed toward the SUV. She depressed the trigger on the control stick and four small rockets shot out. Her aim was true with the fire and forget weapons, the Land Rover exploded, and the three figures ran for cover.

Charlotte Grey ran back into the small house and grabbed two RPG’s, handing one to Noya Gold, Ella’s niece. Noya exited the house, dropped to one knee, took aim and fired.

“RPG!” Anna screamed but Amber had also witnessed the launch and juked the Huey to the left, dodging the rocket- propelled grenade by inches. Amber quickly righted the aircraft and depressed the trigger again, sending the last of the six rockets into the farmhouse. The night sky lit up and Amber had to remove her night vision goggles and did not see Charlotte take aim and fire.

Amber banked the helicopter hard but the grenade exploded and took off the tail rotor. The Huey started to spin as the sound of alarms filled the cockpit.

“Going down,” Amber said in a calm voice, “brace for impact!”


The aircraft hit hard on its skids, bounced up once and tipped over with the main blades sheering off and stopping in the sand.

“Well, fuck,” Amber groaned, “that sucked. Anna, Amal, are you all right?” She popped the clasp on her restraints and turned toward Anna Mathews.

“I will live, but I think I broke some ribs,” Amal said in a pained voice from the back of the Huey.

Anna raised her head; there was a cut on her forehead that was streaming blood. “Please, let us never do that again,” she said. “Everyone out and arm up.”

All three women crawled out of the wreckage, taking cover behind a small berm. The burning house provided a backdrop so Anna, Amal and Amber could see the other women without them being spotted.

Ella, Noya and Charlotte took off in different directions.

Amal immediately jumped to her feet, “She is mine!” And, with that she took off after Charlotte Grey.

“Damnit Amal!” Anna cursed as she turned to Amber, “Can you handle Noya?”

“Fuck yeah!” Amber said with steel in voice.

“Good that leaves Ella Gold for me,” Anna said, putting a hand on Amber’s shoulder, “No quarter, no mercy!”

The women took off in different directions.

Charlotte Grey had only a pistol and knife with her and was firing the pistol at the form chasing her through the moonlit desert. She did not know who was behind her, who was chasing her. The slide on the pistol locked back, empty. She stopped running to catch her breath. Do or die she thought. Whirling around to face the unknown enemy, she pulled the long knife from its scabbard.

Amal slowed to a walk as she saw Grey stop running and turn, “My name is Amal Hussan, you killed my father, prepare to die!” Amal removed the serrated blade that was a gift from her father; she twined it in her hands.

“Run off little girl, you have no…” Charlotte started to say.

“My name is Amal Hussan, you killed my father, prepare to die!” Amal again said more loudly.

“Stop saying that!” Grey returned.

Amal smiled at the other woman’s frustration. They circled each other, knives making quick slashes at the other. Amal caught Grey in the upper arm with a slice causing a hiss of pain from the terrorist. Grey lunged with a strike but was met with a slash to her knife hand, she dropped the knife into the sand, and Amal kicked her in the ass, sending the older woman sprawling. Amal stepped forward but Charlotte threw sand into her face, blinding her and rushed the younger woman, tackling her to the sand as Amal’s knife flew from her grip. Hands gripped hair and yanked heads up for fists to connect with cheeks and noses.

Grey raked her long nails down Amal’s cheek, causing the younger woman to scream. Charlotte’s breasts were grabbed through her thin top as Amal gouged her nails in, with the older woman’s screams now mixing with Amal’s. They tumbled around the sand, neither getting the advantage. Amal was able to throw her legs up and around Charlotte’s head and start to squeeze, but the terrorist turned her head slightly and bit down through the cargo pants causing Amal to release it. Grey grabbed Amal’s shirt, yanking her up and using the back to throw the young woman back to the ground. Charlotte stood over Amal, but the crafty woman fired a punch up between Grey’s legs, dropping her to her knees.

“My name,” Amal said, “is Amal Hussan. You killed my father, prepare to die!” With that, Amal head-butted Charlotte back to the sand but slumped back herself. She saw a glint of steel in the moonlight.

Charlotte landed on something hard and it was her knife. She reached behind herself, grabbed it, and came forward in a blur of movement. The knife cut into Amal’s left side and the young woman moaned out in pain.

“Yesssss,” Charlotte Grey hissed, “I did kill your father, and now I will be killing you.” She tried to remove the knife from Amal’s side but the young woman grasped Charlotte’s wrist and would not let go.

“My name is Amal Hussan!” Amal yelled out and shoved the serrated knife into the middle of Charlotte Greys’ chest.

There was a look of confusion on her face but then the life drained away. Amal fell back and held her side. She had done her job, the bitch was dead, and she closed her eyes and prayed, readying herself for the afterlife.

Amber was a runner and easily caught up to the shorter Noya Gold. Amber leapt and tackled the Mossad agent to the sand. The two rolled over, clawing and punching at faces and necks. It was a dust cloud of action. Amber reached up to claw at Noya’s eyes causing the shorter woman to throw her head back. Noya slammed a knee up between Amber’s legs and she balled up. Noya mounted the downed woman, grasping her throat
and started to choke.

Amber clawed viciously at the other woman’s arms but Noya would not let go. In a last ditch effort, Amber balled up her right fist and slammed it into the underside of Noya’s left breast. It worked, the hold on her neck was lost and the Mossad agent fell to the side holding her wounded tit. Amber rolled to her hands and knees and pounced on the back of Noya Gold. She grabbed the back of her head by the hair and pushed her face into the sand. Noya squirmed and bucked but Amber locked her thighs around Noya’s waist and used her body weight to push down on the head. Noya’s movements were slower, weaker and Amber did not let up. The bitch had tried to kill Ewa, had turned on them all.

“Fucking traitor!” Amber screamed into the night and held Noya’s head down until she stopped moving all together.

When the farmhouse exploded, pieces of burning debris feel onto Ella Gold’s back. She screamed and shed her jacket and shirt to escape being burned. She took off in a different direction from her niece and Charlotte Grey. Anna Mathews took off after her. The mature women were in fantastic shape for their ages, but it did not take long for Ella to tire and slow. She stopped and put her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Anna stopped a few feet from her, resting to catch her own.

“I guess it is just you and me then,” Ella Gold said between breaths. “Fitting, don’t you think? You the terrorist and me the one who ends them.”

“Ah, but Ella, you have become what you once fought against, haven’t you?” Anna said as the two began to circle. Anna pulled off her own shirt matching the silver haired woman in bras and cargo pants and boots. “You took up with Vivian and have let greed instead of justice be your motivator. You have a chance now to right your wrongs, it doesn’t have to come to this,” the redhead pleaded.

“You sanctimonious cow!” Ella sneered, “You dare lecture me! Vivian has a new world order planned and dinosaurs like you will be hunted down and eradicated!”

Their heavy breasts bounced in the barely there bras as they circled. “I gave you the chance, Ella,” Anna Mathews said through gritted teeth, “I guess there are no more words needed to be said.” Then she rushed at Ella Gold.

This was not going to be a slugging fistfight or a martial arts style battle; this was to be a mature woman’s bitch fight. Both women had trained in multiple fight styles; Anna had learned when she was a prisoner of the Russian government, to fight tooth and nail to survive. Ella had worked her way up the ladder at Mossad and had to, at times, claw it out with up and comers to keep her position stable. Each groaned as their bodies collided and they went down to the coarse sand right away.

The dust kicked up as they wrestled for position while pulling hair and scratching skin. The moon and burning fire illuminated the desert as the mature women fought. Their large bra covered tits mashed together, threatening to push the tits from the bras. Ella rolled on top and grabbed two handfuls of red hair and slammed Anna’s head back into the sand, bringing a grunt of pain from the British woman’s lips. Anna’s hands snaked around the Mossad officer’s back and unclasped the bra and Ella’s tits spilled forth. She cursed and grabbed the front of Anna’s bra and pulled back, stretching the garment until POP! It broke, and now both mature women were topless.

“Devious slut!” Ella screamed out as she grabbed hold of the redhead’s huge breasts and clawed.

“AAAAHHHHH You fucking slag!” Anna yelled back and reached up to fill her own hands with Ella’s large tits and gouge and pull on them.

The two women gritted teeth as their large breasts were pulled and twisted into horrible shapes. But both were experienced in this type of pain and were determined to outdo the other. Anna Mathews threw her left knee up and caught Ella Gold in the side, toppling the silver haired woman over. Now side by side they scratched and clawed at the overflowing tit flesh.

Amber had raced off in the direction of Amal and Charlotte. She came upon the two prone figures in the sand. She checked Amal’s pulse and it was there but not as strong as she would have liked.

“ANNA!” Amber screamed out into the desert night, “I NEED YOU! AMAL IS HURT REALLY BAD!”

Both Ella and Anna heard this, “Looks like you are going to lose another!” Ella sneered at her rival.

Anna hissed in rage, grasped Ella’s long nipples in her hands and crushed them.

“AAAAAIIIEEEEE!” The mature silver haired woman screamed out.

Anna rolled her over and mounted her. The red head locked her thighs at Ella’s sides and held on as the Mossad officer bucked.

Anna released the left tit, joined her hands around the right breast, and constricted her hands as if she was crushing a beer can. Ella went wild with pain. She latched on to Anna’s wrists and dug her nails in to pry the hands off her wounded breast. As her head came up, Anna released the breasts and brought her right elbow down, throwing all of her body weight behind it. There was an audible crunch and Ella went out cold.
The red head rolled off and weakly got to her hands and knees.

“WHERE ARE YOU!?!” She yelled out and heard Amber respond. Stumbling over to the sound, Anna found Amber, holding Amal’s head in her lap as she kept pressure on the knife wound.

Anna dropped down to the side of the two women and caressed Amal’s face, “Fight my dear, don’t give up.”

Amber’s tears fell off her cheeks onto Amal’s face. She knew that they were stranded out in the middle of nowhere and without rescue, Amal would die. The night had gone eerily silent with only Amal’s labored breathing and the far sound of crackling fire from the burning farmhouse as noise. Then Amber’s ears picked up another noise. It was the unmistakable Whomp Whomp Whomp of a helicopter. Even if it was Mossad and they were to be arrested, Amal might live. Suddenly the spot where the three sat was lit up with a spot light. The helicopter hovered and then landed 50 yards from them. Anna covered Amal’s face to protect it from the blowing sand. Amber looked up to see two people come towards them.

The first undid a face covering to reveal a beautiful woman of Middle Eastern descent.

“Salam, Anna Mathews,” the woman shouted by way of greeting, “we are here to assist you in any way you require. My name is Sumaira, please let us get Ms. Hussan safely to the helicopter.”

The helicopter was a blacked out HH-60 but looked sleeker with sharp lines as opposed to the rounder lines Amber had always seen in this type of aircraft. Two other women, one Chinese and the other African, had brought Ella Gold, secured her wrists and put a bag over her head. Once they were all loaded into the helo, and the doors were shut, Anna turned to Sumaira.

“Who in the bloody hell are you?” Anna asked tersely.

“Ms. Mathews,” Sumaira said smiling, “please, take this headset and you may speak with the Colonel,” handing over a headset, which Anna put over her ears.

“Anna Mathews, my name is Colonel Amanda Fowler,” said the voice of over the headset, “let me fill you in on what is going on.”

Las Vegas

The white van was parked overlooking the residential street as darkness settled in. Earlier that day, Vanessa and Chloe had broken in the house they were surveilling and planted listening devices while the owner and her lover were out. Now, Alley and Chloe were watching the feed from the small cameras and listening to arguing going on between the two women inside the house.

“Why can’t you tell me what is going on?” Lisa Watson protested to Alexandra Little.

“Because, Vivian only wants those she can truly trust,” Alex shot back.

“What the fuck have I been doing then?” Lisa asked exasperated, “I make all of your fucking documents, illegally I might add, and I am now someone who can’t be trusted?”

“Stop being a fucking drama queen, Lisa,” Alex said, rolling her eyes. She checked her watch, which Lisa noticed.

“That is the third time you have checked your watch,” Lisa observed, “what are you waiting for?”

“Oh you will see,” Lisa added with a smile.

A dark blue Audi drove past the sitting van and proceeded to the driveway. Chloe grabbed a set of binoculars and peered at
the brown-haired woman exiting the car.

“Holy tits!” Chloe said and Alley grabbed the binoculars from Chloe’s hands with a protest from the green haired girl.

“My, my,” Alley cooed, “now those are big tits.”

The brown-haired woman walked to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell. Alex answered and escorted her inside. Chloe and Alley looked back to the video monitors of the cameras in the house.

“Who the fuck is this?” Lisa protested as she put her hands on her hips. She glared at the brunette as Alex walked arm in arm with the new women to the middle of the living room.

“Lisa, this is Emma,” Alex said as she licked the left cheek of the brunette, “she is here for some fun. Lisa, you bore me and Emma excites me, so you get the picture.”

“You whore!” Lisa exclaimed and swung a left hand at Alex’s cheek. The slap landed and then Alex and Emma tackled Lisa to the floor. The three busty women wrestled around for a few moments with Alex and Emma overwhelming the huge titted Lisa and pinning her to the carpet.

“In the closet are some toys,” Alex said as she straddled Lisa’s waist, “let’s have some fun with her.”

Emma went to the closet and came back with handcuffs, a huge rubber dildo and some nipple clamps. They tore down Lisa’s shirt and attached the clamps to the long, stiff nipples of the woman on the floor. Alex pulled Lisa to a sitting position and cuffed her hands behind her back. Lisa started to kick out her feet at Emma and Alexandra grabbed her hard by the throat.

“Stop it now or I choke you out and then we have fun with your unconscious body!” Alex warned.

Lisa stopped struggling. Emma roughly tore off Lisa’s panties.

“I am so glad Vera recommended me to you,” Emma purred at Alex.

At the sound of Vera’s name, Alley stiffened in the van. She had a good idea where Vera was and her drive for revenge drove her at this moment. Chloe did not notice Alley behind her until the blonde snaked her arm around Chloe’s throat and started choking her. Chloe instinctively pushed her body back, sending both to the floor of the van. The van rocked as the two struggled inside. Alley tightened her choke as Chloe thrashed around, reaching under the small seat and producing a pistol. Alley caught the pistol and locked her legs around the green haired girl’s waist from behind. Vanessa had left early to pick up food and it was just the two of them in the van. Chloe started going limp and then the door to the van opened.

“What the hell!” Vanessa gasped but she was staring down the barrel of the pistol Alley held.

“Now I would hate to make more of an enemy of you or Anna Chambers,” Alley purred, “so I will not kill you or the girl.” She got out, instructed Vanessa to get inside, and slammed the older woman over the head with the butt of the pistol. “I hope I don’t regret this.” Alley grabbed the keys for V’s car and drove off.

What none of them noticed was the figure in black creeping up to the back door of Alexandra Little’s house.

Lisa Watson’s legs were spread open and a now naked Alex was grinding her pussy in with an equally naked, Emma, riding her face as she and Alex ground breasts and kissed feverishly. Then the house plunged into darkness. Alexandra rolled back away from Lisa’s legs and scampered to the hideaway safe under the coffee table. As she rose with her small pistol, the table erupted into shattered glass and wood splinters. The busty redhead fired blindly, rushed for the couch, and dove behind it. The intruder kept firing at the couch, turning the back into flying fluff and fabric.

On the floor, Emma rolled off Lisa’s face as the busty forger slide her arms down and let her cuffed hands slip under her ass and now in front of her. Even in the dark, she saw the glint of the cuff keys now on the carpet and grabbed them. After undoing the handcuffs, she locked eyes with the naked busty Emma and lunged at her.

Alexandra Little ejected the magazine and found out she had 3 rounds left with no back up magazine. “I am out!” She lied, waiting for a response.

“Show yourself then!” Came the female voice from the hallway.

Alexandra got up with her left hand in the air and as soon as she saw the figure in black emerge from the hallway, her right hand came up quickly and she fired three times, each hitting the woman in the chest and sending her falling to the carpet. Alex heard screaming and looked over to see Lisa and Emma rolling back and forth, hands in the other’s hair. The red head
ignored them, walked to the downed woman, and met a shift kick to her face.

The woman groaned and rolled over and got to her hands and knees. Alex’s hands went to her face and could feel blood stream from her nose and lips. The woman in black swung her gun hand around but Alex caught it and twisted it, the pistol falling and sliding away. Now the two women laid into the other with fists and elbows.

Alex sent a right fist to the woman’s head and was rewarded with a smack and then a grunt of pain. The red head caught an uppercut to her left breast that knocked her back onto her ass. The woman in black stepped back and got to her feet. She started removing her tactical vest with ballistic plates that stopped the three bullets from killing her. She looked down, as Alex was slow to get to her feet. Olivia Trasker pulled off the balaclava and removed her shirt. Alex’s eyes went wide!

“You…you…it can’t be!” She stammered.

Olivia unzipped the boots and kicked them and her tactical pants off. She undid the clasp of her bra and pulled off her panties.

“Oh I am very much alive, cunt!” Olivia said menacingly at the rising Alexandra, “Only one of us is leaving this house alive!” She and the busty redhead charged.

There was a splat of skin meeting skin as the pair slammed together and went down with hands yanking on long hair. Tits crushed against tits as legs locked and tightened. Olivia craned her head to sink her teeth into Alex’s mouth. The redhead screamed out and pulled hard on the younger woman’s black hair to pry her off.

The bite came free but Alex’s lips were torn and freely flowing blood. She spat up into Liv’s eyes, blinding the young woman and the red head rolled on top. Alex reared up and sent her huge tits barreling down onto Liv’s large pair in the THUD of dense flesh meeting. Olivia groaned out because not 5 minutes earlier, she had been shot in the protective vest and her chest sported 3 bruises there. Alex brought her chest up again but this time Liv reached and filled her fingers with the redhead’s large tits; pushing them together with her nails. Alex screamed out and they rolled to their sides and then again with Liv on top.

Lisa and Emma were a whirl of busty catfighting FURY on the carpet a few feet away. First Lisa was on top, then Emma and then Lisa. Thighs locked in tight as huge tits mashed and mushroomed out the sides. Hands tore out clumps of hair as they screamed out in rage and pain. Emma reached out and tried to gouge at Lisa’s eyes causing the bustier woman to roll away. Emma got to her hands and knees and saw her lover in trouble as the dark haired woman was crushing the redhead’s tits. Emma got to her feet and ran into the kitchen, coming back with a filet knife but as she entered the living room again, Lisa tripped her and the knife flew from her hands.

Alex saw the knife fly and land a few feet from her. She balled up a fist and slammed into the stitched up side of Olivia. The younger woman howled in pain and fell off the bigger woman. Alex rolled in the direction of the knife, grabbed it, and got to her feet. Liv rose and could see Alex was armed so she got into a defensive stance; remembering the knife training she got from Amal. Alex swiped at Liv, who dodged away without being hit. The redhead came forward with a thrust from her right hand;Olivia blocked it with both hands, stepped in, twisted the right wrist of Alex, took the knife out of her hand and moved past Alex. As she did, Olivia stabbed the redhead in the right side, then twice in the bare back. Alexandra Little dropped to her knees.

“Please! Please Olivia…” Alex wheezed as she coughed out blood, “Don’t…please don’t kill me…”

Olivia was standing behind the woman who was on her knees, “FUCK YOU CUNT!” She screamed and plunged the knife down into the top of Alexandra Little’s skull. The blade sunk down 3 inches. The redhead fell forward onto the carpet.
Olivia turned around to see Lisa punch Emma across the jaw, breaking it and sending the busty brunette to dream land. Olivia started dressing and walked over to Lisa.

“Are you ok?” Liv asked.

“I thought you were dead,” Lisa said, her eyes wide with shock. “I am so glad you aren’t.”

Vanessa and Chloe came in with pistols in their hands. “What the fuck?” Chloe exclaimed.

Olivia eyed the armed women, “Are you with Vivian?” She asked.

“No, love,” Vanessa said relaxing, “we are working with your mother.” Her face breaking out into a wide smile.

Somewhere over the US

Vivian Christianson fumed. She had no choice but to leave Las Vegas without her trusted muscle, Alexandra Little. The redhead did not show up to the tarmac and the waiting plane. Onboard with Vivian sat a thoroughly cowed Vera Wong; still maintaining a low profile so the Yakuza assassin,
Sakura Sena would not find her.

The very curvy, very busty woman who sat across from Vivian and Vera crossed her legs, “I still believe this trip is ill advised. You are putting yourself in considerable danger by making such a public appearance.”

“Is that the CIA’s position, Juliette?” Vivian asked as she sipped champagne.

“No, Vivian, you know it is not,” Juliette said, cocking an eye brow, she brushed her long brown hair over her shoulder, “I have assisted and those close to me know what is really going on, but if you flaunt your supposed power before actually obtaining it, the government will not allow you to proceed.”

“Bullshit!” Vivian snorted, “I have files and files of damning dirt on every person in real power in Washington. Hell, if our fearless leader knew what I did with his wife and his oldest daughter at the same time, his hard-on would drain the rest of his blood from his small brain.”

Juliette smiled, “You will have to tell me sometime how you got the step mother and step daughter to fight naked in front of you.”

Vivian matched her smile, “It didn’t take much, and they hate each other. In addition, they did not know it was being filmed. Imagine if that got out on the evening news? Besides, the Foundation for the Betterment of Women with Back Problems is a cash cow; pun very much intended. Those big titted cunts have forked over millions to fund what I do. They just want me to speak for 30 minutes and I will rake in even more.”

To Be Concluded in Part B! (Coming Soon!)

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