Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge – Chapter 3 – Part B by Anna the Marine Chick

A Safe house just outside Boston

My dreams plagued my sleep. Before bed I learned that Charlotte Grey, Noya Gold and Alexandra Little were dead. I was a little pissed at the last one because I wanted to end the busty redhead myself. Vanessa said she would explain it all when she arrived in the morning. Anna Mathews told me that Amal was hurt in the life and death struggle with Charlotte but was stable and should be ok. She was cryptic about how they got it done but would be arriving to explain it. I opened my eyes and saw the LED display on the clock and it showed 4:55 AM. Then I realized I was not alone. I turned my head sharply and could make out the face of my recently deceased daughter, Olivia.

“Christ, I am still dreaming,” I said out loud. “Are you here to throw me any words of divine wisdom?”

“Jeez Mom, catty much?” Olivia snorted and looked into my eyes, “Penny for your thoughts. Oh and thank goodness you don’t sleep naked.”

“Jokes!” I said as I sat up, “I only sleep naked when there is another woman in bed with me.” My daughter made a retching noise and I laughed. “I am pissed that I didn’t get to kill Alexandra. I wanted to avenge you. I wanted to see the life drain from her eyes.”

“Revenge without purpose is a slippery slope, Mom,” Olivia chided.

“I know,” I looked away from her, “since this is a dream and I probably won’t remember talking with you; there is something Alley said that has really gotten to me. She said I was like her, a ruthless killer. IS she right?”

“No, she is wrong. Look at me,” Olivia said, I met her eyes. “Everyone has darkness in them, some act on it and some temper it. You are the latter, your darkness can be overwhelming but you have tempered it with the love of your family and friends.”

“When the fuck did you get so wise?” I asked with a hint of a smile. Then I smelled bacon and freshly brewed coffee. “Damn, I didn’t know you could smell food in a dream, it is so real.”

Then there was a knock at the door and Vanessa poked her head in, “Anna, breakfast is on. We have a busy day. Oh, hi again Olivia.” Then she closed the door.

“Wait…. What… the… fuck!!!” I stammered and quickly got out of bed and stood. Olivia wrapped me in a bear hug and I just held her and wept. She just held me close as all I could do was cry. She softly told me about getting rescued and meeting new allies and finally killing Alexandra.
I broke the hug and wiped my face, “At least it was you who did it.”

As we walked out into the small kitchen there were shrieks of surprise and Ewa, Bri, and Grace rushed Olivia as they hugged and cried.

Vanessa handed me a mug of coffee, “Your daughter is an amazing woman, just like her mother.”

I smiled and sipped. The door opened and Anna Mathews and Amber Hurt entered pushing a wheelchair bound Amal. Olivia and Amber locked eyes and both immediately started crying and rushed to hug each other fiercely. Anna kissed Liv on the cheek and smiled at me. Amal was beaming and Liv kneeled down to whisper in her ear. Amal nodded and touched my daughter’s cheek.

“Glad you paid attention,” Amal said in a weak voice.

The door opened again. A grey haired woman and a tall curvy brunette walked in. I went rigid and was about to reach for my pistol but Anna put her hand up. “We all need to talk.”
Colonel Amanda Fowler and Samantha Baxter briefed me on the goings on and what they had been doing behind the scenes.

“I owe you more than I can ever repay,” I said quietly to Amanda as I looked over to Olivia who was holding hands with Amber. “Whatever price it is, I will spend the rest of my life paying it.”

“Let’s bring down Vivian Christianson,” Amanda said with a twinkle in her eyes, “the right way. She needs to be held accountable and that doesn’t mean killing her.”

I nodded, looking again over to Amber and Olivia, who seemed joined at the hip. A disappointed feeling washed over me, the one where I end up alone with just my work. I shook it off and turned to the assembled group. “We have Alison Tyler bound and gagged. So far she hasn’t given up anything. Does anyone have any ideas?”

There was a low murmur as they discussed it but it was Lisa Watson, who happened to be sitting next to Rachel who raised her hand. I nodded for Lisa to speak.

“Let’s fuck it out of her,” Lisa said in a quiet voice, the room turned and just stared. “I mean, you tried everything else and what Rachel said, when she was fucking Alison, she just sort of melted, and I HAVE a kinda kinky idea.”

“Fuck it!” I said, “Let’s hear it!”

Rachel and Olivia sat Alison up and removed her restraints. “Fight us and I put a bullet in your knee,” Olivia hissed into the tall woman’s ear, “now strip.”

The tall brunette obliged them and took off all her clothes. “Now what?” She asked.

“Sit your ass on the floor,” Rachel commanded and Alison sat down. In walked in a naked Lisa Watson, her huge tits swaying as she walked. Alison’s eyes never left the busty chicks tits.

“Now, you and my friend Lisa here are going to lock up sitting,” Rachel instructed, “line up tits and cunts and you two are going to fuck it out. If you win, you go free. Savvy?”

Alison broke her gaze away from Lisa’s big boobs to stare in wonderment at Rachel. Then she nodded in agreement. Lisa got down on the floor and Alison put one leg under Lisa’s left leg and one leg over Lisa’s right.

“Now scoot together,” Olivia said, trying to suppress a smile, “Put one arm over Lisa’s and the other under. We are cuffing you two together.”

Alison and Lisa did as instructed and mashed busty bodies together with Rachel and Olivia securing handcuffs around wrists, binding the pair together in a busty ball of lust.

“You may begin,” Rachel cooed, stepping back.

Grips tightened as Lisa and Alison bucked together. Their massive breasts compressed and hard nipples speared into skin. Puffy labia parted and melded as one, bringing squeals of
delight from the two women’s lips. The pair rocked back and forth on their asses as they fuck fought. Lisa moved her mouth to Alison’s and forced her strong tongue inside to wrestle and coil with the tall brunette’s tongue. Their wet pussies sloshed and the squishy noises came from between their merged thighs. Clits unsheathed and penetrated the other’s cunt lips to fence and parry with the opposing one. Tyler cried out as her clit slapped into Lisa’s causing the busty woman to match that cry. Lisa tightened her arms causing already merged tits to compress even tighter, mushrooming the flesh to their sides. Alison’s feet slapped down over her opponent’s ass and brought their warring cunts into a hard sloshy grind.

Alison broke the kiss, “You won’t last, slut,” she hissed, “I am going to fuck you into the ground.”

“Bring it, you tall cunt!” Lisa spat back and licked her tongue over Alison’s face.

Flesh started slapping harder together as the catball of lust tipped over and the two women rolled, fucking and grinding, across the floor. Alison grasped Lisa’s hair and pulled back sharply and latched her mouth on the neck of her fuck rival, sucking and biting ON skin. Lisa moaned out and felt the start of the orgasm creep through her sex. She increased speed and rolled them again. Their cunts sealed and juices swapped back and forth. Alison rolled on top and ground down onto Lisa. Over and over she mashed her juicy twat into Lisa’s as her clit ground hard against the other in their merged fuck meat. What she didn’t know was Lisa could fuck from any position.

Though she did love being a submissive, when she wanted she could switch at the drop of a hat. Lisa twisted her hips ever so slightly and bucked up, this caused her clit to catch and pin Alison’s sex rod back. The taller woman shuddered and Lisa rolled them over. Lisa decided to take it to the next level and pulled their attached cunts apart. They separated with a wet POP and then she slammed her pussy forward into a meaty slap with Alison’s. Lisa’s hips were like pistons, (NICE VISUAL) hammering the taller woman’s twat. Lisa Watson felt Alison Tyler tense and knew she had her. She picked up speed and ferocity in her fucking and Alison came like she never had before.

“OOOOOOOHHHHGGGAAAWWWWDDDD!!!!” Alison screamed out.

Lisa didn’t let up, she kept smacking her cunt over and over and over again into Alison’s cumming pussy. This brought a second and then third orgasm from the tall busty chick. She melted, she withered, she was drained of all resistance.

“Please…..” Alison whispered, “Please….no ….. more…”

“Tell us where Vivian is going,” Lisa commanded. And Alison Tyler sang like a canary.
Sabrina Nicole hacked into the host website and pulled up the secret RSVP list. I scanned it and recognized a name. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hi Anna!” Dr. Jacqueline Taylor answered right away.

“Hi Jackie, how are you doing?” I asked by way of greeting.

“Oh, Anna, I never properly thanked you for the other night with Grace!” She said with a smile, “I do owe you, YOU devious bitch!”

I laughed, “I was just glad I was there to watch. There is something else I wanted to talk with you about. What can you tell me about the Foundation for the Betterment of Women with Back Problems?”

“Oh,” Jackie said, “that is supposed to be a private organization for women with big breasts. Hence the back problem part. I have been a member for about a year. There are a few celebrities and we actually have a big event planned tomorrow. Supposed to be some surprise guest speaker. Why do you ask?”

“Can I be your plus one?” I asked.

*** Logan International Airport, Boston ***

The FBI jet carrying Special Agent Dottie Dodds and Leslie Smith landed and taxied to a hanger away from the main terminals. As the stairs came down they were met by 2 blacked out SUVs. The door to the lead SUV opened and a busty brunette stepped out.

“Good Afternoon, Agent Dodds,” she smiled sweetly, “My name is Juliette Mitchel and I will be taking over your investigation.”

Dottie immediately went into bitch mode, “The hell you will. On who’s authority?”

Juliette produced a sheet of paper and handed it over to Dottie, “On the authority of the acting Attorney General of the United States. To paraphrase, you will turn over any and all recordings, notes and associated paper work regarding Anna Chambers or Vivian Christianson. As you will read, Mrs. Christianson is a friend of the administration and you will cease and desist any investigations immediately. The prisoners Shelly Martinez and Katya Niochestski are being turned over as we speak to my unit’s custody. If you do not abide by this order, you will be stripped of all credentials and placed on administrative leave until a hearing can be scheduled.” She smiled that sweet smile again, “Do you have any questions?”

Dottie glared at the busty brunette, “I have no questions.”

“Good,” Juliette said, “Oh and by the way, we will be confiscating your aircraft. Please arrange travel back to New York.” Then she slipped back into her car and the SUVs sped off.

“Well that was unexpected,” Leslie said dryly.

Dottie’s cell phone buzzed with a text message. She took it from her pocket and read it before passing it to Leslie to read.

Text: Special Agent Dodds, you need to remain in Boston for the time being. There is an event at a Boston Harbor Hotel tomorrow that you are on the guest list for. Wear something that reveals those gorgeous curves of yours. You will understand when you get there. Oh, there will be a metal detector on premises, so you will have to use your wonderful wits about you. All will make sense and be explained tomorrow. I assure you that if all is successful, you will be fully vindicated.

“Well,” Leslie said, “what do you want to do?”

“Oh, we are staying,” Dottie said right away. “No fat titted cow is taking me off this. Damn the consequences!”

*** Boston Harbor Hotel, Downtown Boston ***

Bri and Ewa were set up in a hotel suite with Bri’s laptop working overtime. She was masking the IP addresses, letting them run all over the world as she hacked into Vivian Christianson’s private servers. Ewa stood over the sitting blonde and talked with me on the phone.

“Anna,” Ewa said, “you would not believe the crap she has on people. There are hundreds of files with pictures and videos. This is going to take some time.”

“Ask your lover if she can still wipe the accounts quickly,” I replied and heard a “Yep” from Bri in the background. “Delete as much as you can, but if anything is really interesting, save it, shit might come in handy.”

Ewa hung up and nodded to Bri to start getting rid of the files. Then they came to a video. “Is that?” Ewa exclaimed.

“Yes it is!” Bri squealed, “And her step daughter! Oh I am saving this!!! You know, for later and alone time with us,” the blonde winked and got a long kiss from the busty brunette.

I turned off the phone and walked into the back of the assembled group of women. Jackie wasn’t kidding on the back problem part. Every woman here was gorgeous and very well endowed up top. I recognized a few actresses from TV and movies I had seen, business women of all sorts and even a few adult actresses. I sat down at a table in the back with Jackie and a busty brunette who had at least a G cup which were set on the table in front of us. An older blonde woman with a plunging neckline walked to the podium and spoke.

“Thank you all for attending and for giving so much of your free time and wallets to our cause,” she said with a smile, “now for the main event, it is my great pleasure to introduce a woman who truly needs no introduction; her numerous charity work has been so beneficial to all we do. So please join me and give a warm welcome to our guest of honor, Mrs. Vivian Christianson.” The room stood and applauded.

Vivian strode in with two women I knew very well, Vera Wong and Katya Niochestski and a busty brunette I didn’t know. Katya was supposed to be in FBI custody but it seemed that Vivian had worked her evil magic to get her released. As Vivian walked to the podium to shake hands with the blonde event coordinator, the three women sat at a table in the very front of the room.

As Vivian began her speech, Juliette’s phone buzzed. She checked it and frowned. The text was from the rogue CIA element, informing her that a computer intrusion was happening on her boss’s private server. She quickly texted a message to locate the source. Juliette shot a look to Vivian and then to Katya. Several minutes passed before the phone buzzed again. Juliette hissed and nodded at Katya to follow her out of the main room. Vivian stammers a little in the speech as two of her cohorts leave. I watched the two women exit but kept my eyes on Vivian as she spoke. All of my plans were running through my head and I didn’t know the door behind me had opened.

“I see rumors of your death have been greatly exaggerated,” FBI Special Agent Dottie Dodds whispered as she took a seat next to Jackie and I. “Tsk, Tsk, Dr. Taylor, lying to the FBI will get you in a lot of trouble.”

I closed my eyes and sighed putting a hand up as Jackie was going to make a snide remark at the FBI agent. “Look, Special Agent Dodds, there are things going on here that need to continue. If you get in the way, we are going to have a problem.”

“Anna Chambers,” Dottie said quietly, “you and Dr. Taylor need to come with me now, or there will be a scene.”

I looked over at Vivian and she was embroiled with her speech and didn’t even notice what was happening at the back of the room. I nodded at Jackie, rising and walking out with her and the FBI agent. As I opened the door, I heard the “In conclusion” part of Vivian’s speech, knowing she would be leaving soon. The door closed and we were in the hallway.

“Listen, Dottie is it,” I said as I put my hand back onto the door handle, “as much as I would love to continue this conversation, I need to get going.”

“You are not going anywhere,” Dottie said as her hand gripped my left arm, “you two are under arrest.”

I looked at the hand on my arm and then back to the FBI agent. I noted her blouse and skirt were a little on the tight side and she didn’t have a purse or sidearm, unless it was strapped to a thigh, but the metal detectors would have stopped that.

“I don’t think you are in the position to arrest anyone,” I said as I could hear applause from the main room. My cell phone buzzed with a text from Vanessa.

Text: She has exited the main room and took the elevator to the penthouse. Get moving.
I opened the door and stepped in, pulling Dottie with me. The room was still full of the women milling about talking and all of a sudden, the hand on my arm was gone. Dr. Jaqueline Taylor had pulled Special Agent Dottie Dodd’s hand from my arm and now they were face to face and breast to breast.

“Go,” Jackie said, “I got this.”

I looked at the two of them and my heart raced thinking about the throw down I was going to miss but I took off in a trot to the elevators.

“You don’t want to do this Dr. Taylor,” Dottie warned and boob bumped the good doctor.
Bumping her own boobs back, “Oh I most certainly do, Special Agent Dodds.”

“OOOOHHHH TITFIGHT!” Someone shouted and every eye in the room focused on Jackie and Dottie as the two women wrapped their arms around EACH other. Dottie’s tight blouse and Jackie’s low cut top of her dress compressed. There were shouts of encouragement and cat calls from a bevy of busty women.

Vivian walked quickly to the waiting elevator with Vera in tow. They were met by tall blonde wearing a smart looking black pants suit, the top bulging under the strain of a large pair of breasts. “Mrs. Christianson,” the blonde said in a sweet voice, “Juliette and Katya are investigating a possible intrusion on your personal computer server from right here in this hotel. I have lost communications with them and I suggest we get you to your suite and secure for now until we can get a plan to get you and Ms. Wong off the premises. “

Vivian frowned, “Whatever the CIA thinks is best, Tara.” They rode the rest of the way to the private suite in silence.

I rushed to a service elevator and met up with Olivia and Samantha Baxter. I smiled to myself as we were all Marines.

“Here you go,” Olivia said passing me a Glock 19 with a suppressor attached to it. Sam and Olivia had their own matching pistols. While I was in a form fitting black cocktail dress, the other two were dressed a lot more comfortably in jeans and long sleeve t-shirts.

“How did you get these in here?” I asked, “Security was a bitch.”

“Well, so are we.” Sam said dryly. Then she winked and cracked a smile. “Remember, apprehend, no one needs to get dead in this.”

I took her meaning and thought to myself, well I will try. Elevator music played and to my surprise, Sam started humming. Olivia and I looked over at her at the same time but Sam just smiled.

“What?” She said, “Don’t you always listen to Barry Manilow before an operation?” That got a snort from both Olivia and me.

Down in her hotel suite, Bri noticed two figures coming to the door.

“We got company, Ewa,” she said as Bri kept working on deleting files. Neither had a firearm or knife with them. Ewa scurried over to the alcove adjacent to the door and hid.

The door clicked open and Katya Niochestski and a busty brunette walked in. The brunette held a small pistol in her outstretched hand.

“Stop what you are doing blondie,” the brunette said, “there is no way out and I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in that pretty head of yours if I have to.”

“Just shoot her, Juliette,” Katya said, glaring at Bri.

“Juliette is it?” Bri asked looking up from the computer with her arms raised. “The same Juliette who is with the CIA and caught in bed with the ‘Straight’ (Bri using air quotes) daughter of a British ambassador?”

“Well you have been busy, haven’t you,” Juliette sneered. “No matter, I am getting the master files after this is done.”

“Really?” Bri taunted, “Because Vivian made like 10 copies of it.”

“Shut your mouth!” Juliette said, her voice rising. “Give me a good reason not to shoot you right now.”

“Well,” Bri paused, “it would really piss off my girlfriend.”

A look of confusion washed over Katya and Juliette as Ewa came barreling out from her hiding spot and slammed into the brunette with the pistol. The gun went off once but was knocked from Juliette’s grip and slid under the sofa. Katya grabbed two handfuls of Ewa’s hair and yanked the busty woman from Poland back off Juliette. But as the brunette rose, she was tackled by the blonde Bri. The sounds of struggling females and clothing being torn could be heard as two separate fights were taking place.

Katya and Ewa each had two hands buried in thick dark locks as they tumbled back and forth across the floor. This was the third time in last few weeks these two had tangled. Each time before, it ended before a true victor could emerge. Guttural screams came from the deep recesses of the two women’s chests as heads were whipped back and forth as their large, covered breasts crashed together. Hands left hair and latched onto the necklines of dresses and the sound of the tearing fabric was muted by the grunts of the two busty wildcats. Neither Ewa or Katya bothered to wear a bra and two sets of huge bare breasts came forth. The brunette from the Ukraine gouged her nails down into Ewa’s big tits, stabbing the thumb nails into the dark areolae. Ewa bellowed in agony and grabbed Katya’s large girls, trying to crush the flesh, letting skin ooze between fingers.

Bri and Juliette each had one hand in the other’s hair and one pulling at their tight blouses as they rolled back and forth across the floor. Unlike their counterparts, each had their large breasts encased in sexy bras that were quickly exposed. Bri’s pink bra and Juliette’s blue clashed and each felt the fullness of the others dense tits. Blouses were torn completely open as they rolled violently with hands now going to work on skirts. Bri stopped the rolling and kicked away from her brunette rival. She got to her feet and shed the last bits of torn clothing, leaving on the pink bra and matching thong. Juliette was equally speedy in removing what the blonde had torn, now clad in a barely there blue bra and thong. The pair circled and let out shrieks like battle cries as they crashed together and slammed onto the couch.

Splotches of blood covered both Ewa’s and Katya’s big chests as they slowly fought for position. By mutual consent they let go of the other’s boobs and got to work stripping each other. In the two previous meetings, the pair had only gotten each other topless, this time though, they were hell bent on making it a nude catfight. The dresses were torn the rest of the way off and then thongs soon joined the pile of torn clothes. They got to their knees and clashed in a violent bear hug with large breasts mashing and pancaking out the sides as nails raked down backs. They tipped over and immediately locked thighs together and the slow, scratching and biting catball commenced.

Juliette found herself on top of the busty blonde and grabbed the front of Bri’s pink bra and pushed the cups up over the huge breasts. Bri locked her fingers in the waistline of the brunette’s blue thong and pulled sharply up, causing Juliette to hiss in frustration. Neither the bra nor thong could take the abuse and the garments tore. This caused both women to switch where hands went to render the other completely naked. Now that all clothing was torn away, Bri grasped Juliette by the hair and pulled to the side, sending the beauties off the couch and back down to the carpet. The naked bodies mashed and ground together as hands pulled mightily at hair. Bri’s right thigh made contact in between the brunette’s legs and she felt how wet the other woman was.

“Turned on, slut?” Bri angrily hissed into Juliette’s face. Then she felt the brunette’s thigh answer her own move.

“No more than you are, bitch!” Juliette spit up into the blonde’s face.

Katya balled up a right fist and sent into Ewa’s abs. There was a rush of air expelled and the two broke apart. Both brunettes were slow to rise on shaky legs but once they locked eyes, they charged. The smack of naked bodies was like a gunshot in the hotel room as they went through the bedroom door and collapsed onto the bed. Legs relocked and hands grabbed double handfuls of mammoth breasts and they dug nails in. Side by side, tears streaming down faces as the two women were poised to destroy the other’s tits. Katya was the first to relent and she grabbed Ewa’s hands, pulling them from her wounded tits and mashed her boobs into Ewa’s hurt pair. Each woman cried out and hands went outstretched above the other’s heads and they slowly rolled over the bed.

Juliette was on top of Bri and was trying to bend the other girl in half but Bri locked her thighs around the brunette’s head and shifted bringing them down side by side but inverted. Juliette locked her own thighs around Bri’s head and the pair found themselves with a face full of wet, shaved pussy. Teeth clamped down over wet folds and the pair of busty brawlers screamed into the bites. They rolled wildly back and forth, gnawing and pulling labia with teeth. Fingers gripped firm ass cheeks and started raking wildly as they chewed on pussies. Juliette jammed her left index finger into Bri’s rosebud, causing the blonde to buck but she didn’t break off the munching on the other’s cunt lips. Bri pushed her right thumb roughly in between Juliette ass cheeks and forced it into her ass. Each girl bucked and writhed and finally pushed apart, rolling several feet away and weakly getting to hands and knees. They locked eyes and started crawling towards each other, then they lunged.

Ewa and Katya rolled from the headboard of the bed to the end and BAM! They fell off and broke apart. Each girl was crying and groaning as they willed themselves first to their knees and then to their feet. Katya’s back was to the open door way and Ewa lunged, tackling the busty girl from the Ukraine, taking them back into the living room. Legs once again locked together, this time around their hips in a sitting catball. Breasts mashed flat, causing each to moan in pain. Sweat slicked tummies ground as wet folds of womanhood roughly slotted together. Hands pulled sharply on thick dark hair and they opened mouths to bite down on the other’s jaws.

Next to them in a tangled heap, Juliette and Bri mashed bodies and tried to wrestle on top. Their large tits were jammed so tightly together, flesh oozed out the sides. Hands pulled on hair and raked at sweaty naked skin. Bri was able to get on top; she raised her chest up and sent it crashing down in a wet SLAP onto Juliette’s huge tits. The breasts rippled under the impact and the brunette let out a wail of agony. Bri rose up and did it a second time. Juliette’s legs parted as she tried to bridge and Bri sent a right knee, hard in between the CIA agent’s thighs. There was a meaty TWACK as knee met pussy and Juliette’s eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out.

Katya and Ewa could taste the other’s blood as they chewed on faces and lips. The busty woman from Poland brought her hands out of Katya’s hair and latched onto the sides of the bulging tits and she dug all ten nails in and pushed up. Katya broke off the bite and screamed. Ewa took advantage and send her forehead into Katya’s face. An audible crunch was heard and blood erupted from Katya’s nose and mouth. She looked wide eyed for a spilt second and collapsed. Ewa looked to her right and saw her girlfriend, naked and scratched up climbing off of Juliette’s unconscious form. Ewa smile a bloody grin at Bri.

“Bri,” Ewa said.

“Ewa,” Bri said at the same time.

Together, “Will you marry me?” They started crying as they hugged their naked and bruised bodies together. “Yes!” They whispered in the other’s ear at the same time. Then Bri’s cell dinged with a text.

Down in the main room where the conference was being held; the women gathered around FBI Special Agent Dottie Dodds and Dr. Jacqueline Taylor as they latched arms around the others back and compressed their large breasts together. It was like a spark near dry tinder as all of a sudden there were other shrieks and screams as multiple women started fighting. Two actresses, one, a busty redhead from a TV drama and a buxom brunette from a TV comedy noticed they were both in red dresses with plunging necklines. Hands ripped down the fronts of the dresses and huge tits spilled forth and they slammed together. Business women and corporate executives were busy pulling hand and tearing open blouses all around them. Two huge breasted porn stars hiked up skirts, sat down facing each other and starting a nasty trib as they squeezed boobs.

Connie, the blonde event coordinator ran down from the podium to try and break up some of the fights but her blonde over worked and large busted assistant Tanya, grabbed her arm and spun her around. The slap that connected with Connie’s face sent her hurdling towards Dottie and Jackie. BAM!!! The three women fell to the carpeted floor in a heap with Tanya pouncing on top. Dresses and blouses and skirts were pulled as the pile of women collided with other fighting beauties. Hair was pulled, boobs exposed and grabbed, skirts and dresses torn from bodies. By the time Dottie and Jackie got clear of the pile, they had both been reduced to shredding clothing. Jackie’s dress was barely hanging onto her shapely hips and ass with her black bra pulled down around her sculpted abs.

Dottie’s blouse was hanging off her left arm with her bra completely torn away and her skirt bunched up around her waist. The two women locked eyes and moved away from the multiple brawling bitches. Jackie looked around at the half naked and some completely naked women going at it and then back at Dottie. She reached behind and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She hooked her fingers into the sides of her dress and shimmied it down along with her black thong. Now naked save for the black, silk thigh high stockings she had on, Dottie watched and licked her lips. She tossed the torn blouse to the floor and reached behind her back to unzip the skirt and let it and her white thong fall to the carpet. She matched Jackie’s posture in thigh high white silk stockings. And like two rams, the college professor and FBI agent charged.

“UUUUUGGGHHH!!!!” They groaned out as huge breasts came together first and arms once again wrapped around the other in a violent embrace. Heels gave way and they tumbled to the floor. They locked thighs, feeling the silk stockings rub against skin as they wrestled wildly for position. Dottie being a trained FBI agent was used to fighting but it wasn’t everyday she found herself in an almost naked tangle with a beauty like Jackie. The good doctor though had gained a great amount of experience in this sort of encounter, not just from naked times with former nuns or the randy college student, but from women of all sorts of backgrounds. It honed her skills to make the woman she was taking on submit sexually to her. Plus, she really didn’t like Dottie at all, so the rougher it got the more Jackie was turned on.

The two women reached for thick red hair at the same time. But not to tear it out, rather to try and control the other. Their stocking clad feet shuffled around as the pair of busty women careened through the sea of topless and naked ladies all fighting around them. They pressed up against the wall to the ball room with Dottie pressing into Jackie.

“You can’t win, Jackie!” Dottie hissed out, “I am too much woman for you!”

“That’s DR. TAYLOR TO YOU!” Jackie yelled as she thrust her hips forward and was rewarded with a meaty clash of skin meeting skin.

The move had the desired effect and Dottie stumbled back and tripped over a pair of rolling legs and fell backwards, pulling the good doctor with her. They hit the carpeted floor but didn’t break up. Hands re-gripped hair and they started a wild tussle back and forth, wrestling with near naked bodies for the top position. Both Jackie and Dottie felt the backs of legs and rear ends hit them as they rolled. Jackie was able to get on top and she thrust her wondrous breasts into the FBI agents pair.

“You have great tits, Dottie,” Jackie breathed out, “but mine are better.”

“UGGHHHH!” Dottie groaned, “We will see about that, bitch!” She released Jackie’s red locks and reached in between them and roughly grabbed both of the doctor’s mounds. Dottie started kneading the flesh and it caused Jackie to groaned out in both
pleasure and discomfort.

“YOU CUNT!” Jackie cursed down at Dottie. Her own hands left hair and she grabbed the large tits of her redheaded rival and started squeezing.

Dottie rolled Jackie off and onto their sides as hands were being greedy and fingers pulled on long, thick nipples. Each woman moaned and groaned as the thick nubs were pulled and pinched between fingers and thumbs. Legs started working in earnest as they continued to grapple. Jackie was well versed in yoga and easily maneuvered them into a sitting leg lock, opening the flowers to the other. Hands let go of tits as the pair sat back, now with their wet, fuck meat only inches apart.

“What are you doing?!?” Dottie demanded.

“Oh!” Jackie said with a smile, “Catball time!” And with that she thrust forward and again reached for Dottie’s red hair.

Large breasts compressed as the folds of womanhood opened and mated together in a sea of their sticky secretions. Dottie reached up and grabbed Jackie’s hair back and pulled. They yelled out as they thrust deeply into the other. Jackie could feel her clit swell in size and move to find its rival. The sex horn pushed through the FBI agents wet folds and speared the growing clit inside. Dottie moaned out as Jackie started to twist her chest left and right to let their big tits slap back and forth.

Hard nipples dragged across the dense tit flesh as they pumped hard into the other busty bitch. Ass cheeks were clenched as they fucked hard and faster. Sweat started to fly off skin as now wet tits slapped back and forth. They were both screaming in rage and erotic bliss as the lusty slutball continued. Jackie pulled Dottie’s hair forward so their faces lined up and she pushed her lips in. The pair of ruby red lips met and Dr. Jaqueline Taylor slithered her long, strong tongue into Special Agent Dorothy Dodds mouth. The tongues met and instantly hated the other as a strong wrestling match began. But this was all to Jackie’s advantage as she corkscrewed her tongue around Dottie’s and sucked. Her clit and warring tits were also overwhelming the FBI agent and Dottie began to wither. Her legs came unlocked behind Jackie’s great ass and the good doctor rode her down to her back. Jackie continued her onslaught of carnal carnage as she felt Dottie tense.

Dottie’s eyes opened wide and she screamed! “OOOOHHH GGGGGAAWWWDD IIIIMMM CCCUUUMMMIINNGGG!!!”

Jackie felt the hot gooey sex juices gush into her grinding cunt but she didn’t cum back. She held off. As the orgasm started to subside, and Dottie’s arms fell back, Jackie slid her body up the prone woman’s form. She sat on her breasts and bounced once.

“Now,” Jackie said, breathing hard, “I told Anna I got this and I do! And you are going to use that wonderful tongue of yours for something other than making snide remarks at me!” She slid up further and placed her dripping pussy over Dottie’s face. To her credit, the FBI agent didn’t try to fight back, her hands reached around to grip Jackie’s plump posterior and her tongue started lapping and sucking like a lesbian cheerleader at pom pom camp.

The service elevator door opened one floor down from the penthouse. Samantha and Olivia went out first to the stairwell leading up as I pulled my cell phone out. I texted Bri.

Text: Wipe her accounts.

I walked to the stairwell, hearing smacks and grunts. Walking up the stairs, two women dressed in black pants suits lay unconscious on the landing. Sam gave me the all clear sign as we swept into the hallway with pistols up. The three of us marched to the penthouse doors and took position on either side of the double doors leading in. I texted Bri again.

Text: Open the penthouse door please.

I put my hand on the lever and the green light came on. We opened and pushed in, pistols up, catching the three occupants by surprise. The blonde security realized that reaching for her weapon would do no good, so she raised both hands. Vera and Vivian both looked like they had seen a ghost, well two of them actually.

Vivian’s mouth frowned as her eyes narrowed at us, “I did not believe Katya when she described you, Anna. I was certain she was mistaken. And I see your daughter survived as well. What a quaint little reunion.”

“It’s over, Vivian,” I said with my Glock still aiming at the bridge of her nose.

“Oh dear, sweet, Anna,” Vivian said with a laugh, “you could not stop me if you tried.”

I laughed with her, and then tossed my cell phone to her. “Why don’t you bring up your accounts? All of them. In addition, the four separate servers with all of your files and recordings are gone. You fucked with the wrong Marine.”

Vivian looked at the information on the phone, “You are lying! There is no way you could do all this.”

“Oh, that gorgeous blonde Sabrina,” I replied with a toothy grin, “give her a computer and watch her work, I say.”

Vivian Christianson violently threw the phone down. “Fuck you, Anna!”

“You wish, you dried up cunt!” Olivia piped in. She turned her head looking around, “I do not see Alexandra Little. I wonder why that is?” Then she smiled.

The smashed phone on the floor dinged with a text. Then Olivia’s phone dinged. She glanced at it, swung around and dropped to knee as the penthouse doors were blown open.


Two flash bangs went off and everyone was disoriented by the concussion. My vision was blurry as two figures came in the room, Alley and Sakrua. The confusion allowed for things to happen really quickly. The blonde CIA agent, Tara tried to get her pistol put but was tackled by Samantha. Vera ran but Alley grabbed her by the back of the hair as Sakura pressed a small pistol to her head. Olivia jumped on the back of the Japanese assassin and they went down. Vera wheeled around and her claws aimed for Alley’s face. Vivian had made a break for the penthouse bedroom and I ran after her. She tried to close the door but I kicked it, making the door slam into her forehead. The mature blonde-haired woman fell back on her ass. Her large breasts bobbled in her low cut silver dress. I no longer had my Glock, which was just fine with me.

“Get up, you old cow,” I said as I kicked off my black heels. “I was told not to kill you, but she never said anything about hurting you.”

Vivian got slowly to her feet, removing her silver heels. “I see you are still working for someone else’s agenda. You will never be good enough to be your own boss. And you will never be woman enough to take me down.”

I hiked the bottom of my dress a little, smiled and then rushed at Vivian Christianson.

The brown haired Samantha tackled Tara to the plush carpet as years of hand-to-hand combat training came into play. Fists flashed at sides and heads as the two women careened back and forth on the floor. A powerful knee slammed up between Sam’s legs causing her to howl and roll away. Tara jumped on her back, gripping the thick brown hair, and yanked back. Sam reached for the hands in her hair, digging her nails in to try and wrench them off. Tara pulled her knees up tight against Sam’s sides. The brown haired Marine pushed her hands down to the floor and pushed up with her hands and knees, leaning forward and dumping Tara off. Sam pounced with the two women now fighting towards the balcony. The two pulled the other to their knees and then feet, still slugging it out. Tara’s right fist slammed into Samantha’s taut belly, sending the brown haired woman to the railing of the balcony. As Tara charged, Sam lifted her left foot, slamming the blonde in her belly. With Tara now bent over, Sam gripped her hair and slammed her face first into the metal railing of the balcony. Tara stood back up swinging drunkenly. The Marine pivoted and sent a roundhouse kick to the blonde’s head, throwing her through the balcony door. Tara was sprawled out unconscious on the carpet.

Sakura Sena spun around with Olivia on her back, pulling hair. The two slammed into the hair-pulling duo of Alley and Vera, sending all four women to the carpet. The women clawed and scratched in one big ball of hate. Heads were yanked left and right as hands also reached in to grab covered breasts. Vera’s large tits were exposed and Sakura dug ten nails in. The two Asian women rolled away from the pair as Alley and Olivia got to knees and lunged.

“Remember last time, little girl,” the blonde brit said to the raven haired beauty, “You could not beat me last time, you will not this time!”

“Fuck off!” Olivia swore as she pushed forward, taking both back to the carpet.

Vera exposed Sakura’s big breasts and they mashed the large orbs together. The Japanese assassin was able to roll Vera over onto her back. She grasped Vera’s throat and started to choke her. As she thrashed underneath Sakura, Vera began to realize the end was near. She stopped struggling, waiting for the other woman to end her. Samantha slammed the butt of her Glock over Sakura Sena’s head. She slumped off, allowing Vera to breathe again. Sam turned her gaze on Alley and Olivia. As the blonde haired woman rolled on top of Olivia, Samantha pressed the barrel of the Glock to the back of Alley’s head.

“I think that is enough,” Sam said as Alley froze. “Liv, can you secure our guests?” Olivia zip tied the four women. She retrieved her own Glock and walked with Sam to the door of the bedroom. The door was locked and Sam was poised to kick it in but Liv stopped her.

“Mom won’t kill her,” Olivia said, “but let her get some payback.”

“We’ll give them 15 minutes,” Samantha Baxter said with Olivia nodding in agreement.

Inside the bedroom, Vivian and I slammed together on our feet. Cleavage revealing dresses ground together as we drowned out the swishing with our growls and hisses. Vivian was older, pushing 50 years old, but she had strength, but most importantly, she had experience in a fight like this. One in dresses, one where the two women utterly hate the other. However, I too have a lot of experience when fights devolve to primal clashes between females. I struck the first blow and tore down the neckline of her already cleavage revealing dress. Her larger breasts came forth and I did not hesitate to sink my claws into the pale flesh.

“OOOWWW YOU BITCH!” Viviane screamed. She answered my dirty move by punching me in the mouth. I could taste the coppery tinge of the blood seeping in my mouth. I brought my head back to spit at her; however, the mature blonde-haired woman unleashed her left fist, which buried into my right breast.

“AAAHHH MUTHA FUCKA!” I howled and backed off. I bounded up and tried to give her a superman punch, or really it should be called superwoman punch, but she came forward quickly, shoulder thudding into my belly, grabbed the sides of my dress, and with the added leverage, Vivian slammed me, back first, onto the glass and steel coffee table in the room.

Glass shattered, the move knocked the wind out of me and I knew I was hurt. Vivian loomed over me. She reached for my hair, dragging me up. A right fist slammed into my cheek and I spun once and fell face first to bed. The blonde grabbed my dress from behind and started to pull it off. Once my legs were free, I launched my left leg back and up between her legs. I felt the impact and heard her groan out. I turned over, only clad in a black thong. Vivian was holding her pussy as she stumbled to the other side of the room. I debated grabbing a glass shard and ending it, but I shook my head and rushed her. The tackle sent us both against the wall with a thud and we fell to the carpet. I grabbed her hair, holding her head up and I punched her hard in the mouth. Blood flew out as I pulled her head back to do it again. Her right hand snaked up over my left breast and she gouged her claws in. I fell back but Vivian came with me. I reached and filled my hands with her tits again as we started a slow roll.

It just got nasty from there. The roll took us from the wall to the bed and back again. The nails dug into our dense breasts as each of us tried to fight through the pain. The overall exertion was causing beads of sweat to form on skin, making the tits harder to hold onto. As hands slipped, nails raked over backs and sides as both she and I screamed out in pain. This was a battle of attrition and neither of us wanted to lose. I felt her nails slash down my right side and latch onto my black thong. The sharp tug caused me to arch my back, mashing our big tits together. As we rolled again, I grabbed the back of her silver thong and pulled. Both garments gave way, leaving Vivian and I naked. Legs coiled over the other like angry serpents.

The muscles tightening to make each of us moan and cry out. She spit down into my face as I raked my nails down the bridge of her nose. We separated and slowly got to our feet. Sweat was pouring off us as we charged again; the momentum carried us to the large bed. Once we hit the sheets, a new vigor came over us both and it was a mad scramble to try to mount the other. Her left fist thudded into my mouth, making blood and spit fly out. I sent a right cross that caught her above her left eye with blood trickling from a new cut there. We rolled from the headboard to the foot of the bed and then off. We did not break up and continued to roll and punch. Our legs untangled as she rolled on top and started to slam her larger tits into mine. On the third smash, she started to grind left and right. I thought my breasts were going to burst.

Vivian’s heavy breasts pressed into mine as I tried to vain to bridge out. “I do not care…. What….happens… to ….me… but….I …. Am….going…to…kill… you,” she breathed out.

I wrapped my legs around her waist, locked my ankles and tightened. “Fuck! Off!” I cursed up at her.

Her hands went to my thighs to scratch them, but I held on. She reared back to punch me but I caught her fist and squeezed my thighs more. She fell off to my left and I rolled us with me squeezing from on top of her. Her hands just weakly slapped my arms but I held them out to the side as I slapped my breasts down onto hers.

She screamed again but it was hoarse now. More of a rasp. I unlocked my ankles, easing off on the pressure but as Vivian looked up, I slammed my forehead down onto her nose. I heard and felt the crunch and knew I broke it. She stopped moving. I rolled off, breathing hard, excessively hard but I was alive and so was she. The doors came open with Samantha and Olivia coming in.

“Mom,” Olivia said as she slid down next to me, “are you alright?”

“I am too old for this shit,” I huffed. I looked over to Samantha who was securing Vivian. “See, still alive. I can do alive too. I am versatile.”

“Mom,” Olivia cocked her eyebrow, “you have the shittiest jokes. Now, are you hurt or are you injured?” She smiled.

That phrase, “Are you hurt or are you injured” was something that Drill Instructors would burn into us in boot camp. Hurt meant you were whining about it, being a pussy; that meant no mercy from them. If you said you were injured, they would get you medical attention.
I looked up at Liv, “Neither. Get me up and help me dress.”

As Liv zipped me up, the FBI swarmed in. Dottie Dodds was mysteriously wearing a long, cinched up trench coat. I laughed a little thinking about what I thought the fight between Dottie and Jackie looked like. Everything after that was a blur. People came in and out to question us. We were threatened with arrest a few times until our silver haired savior arrived. Amanda Fowler seemed to say all the right things to Dottie, who allowed the good Colonel to escort us out of the area. The hotel bar was closed with everyone ushered out except for us. Ice packs covered faces, drinks were sipped or slammed, dresses, or what remained of them, had seen better days.

“Anna,” Amanda Fowler said as she slid next to me at the bar. “I would like to thank you for a job well done.” I nodded. “I also have a business proposition for you.”

I held up a hand, “Colonel, thank you for not letting us be arrested, but do me a favor, can you fuck off for like a month or so? I really do not have it in me to work right now.”

The retired Air Force Colonel laughed a guttural belly laugh, “I do believe that’s the first time anyone ever told me to Fuck Off.”

I smiled, “If I ever do work for you, and that is a big if by the way, you will hear it a lot more.”

Amber Hurt appeared on the other end of the bar, “Can I buy a girl a drink?” She asked.

“Jameson,” I said. She poured and brought it over to me. She opened her mouth to speak but I held my hand up. I was getting good at that. “Amber, my daughter loves you and I think you love her. Seeing the both of you happy is all I want out of life now.”

Tears welled up in Amber’s eyes, “But what about you?”

The left side of my mouth curled up in a half smile, “Me? I will be fine. It just means I get to slay more pussy without a ball and chain to hold me down. I will be fine.” I lied. But I can lie well.
“I will always love what we had, Anna,” Amber said. She kissed my lips softly then walked to the seated Olivia.

I watched her move away out of the corner of my eye, “Me too.” I said softly.


“MOM!” Olivia called from the living room downstairs, “Hurry the fuck up!”

“Shut up, Olivia,” I said from the vanity in the bathroom, “or I will come down there and make you!”

A chorus of laughter rose from downstairs. Bitches thought I was tripping?

Arms encircled me from behind as a heavy chest compressed into my back, “You look so beautiful.” The woman said. Her red hair fell in loose curls over her shoulders. The red dress she wore could have never looked better.

“I am finished with my makeup,” I said, looking at her through the mirror, “I have never given anyone away in a wedding before. Is it bad luck if you fucked both brides?” That got a snort of laughter.

“Well, Anna Chambers,” the red headed beauty said, “I hope I can make an honest woman out of you.”

I turned around to face Dr. Jaqueline Taylor, “Well doc, if honest woman means we have been fucking the everlasting shit out of each other for the last few months, then call me born again!”
Jackie zipped up the back of my pale blue dress.

The church was packed. From the back, I started counting how many women on both sides of the aisle I had slept with. What the fuck Anna? I heard the organist change her song to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I turned and held my arms out for the two brides. Both wore white and looked amazing. We slowly walked down the aisle to the front of the church as Rev A.P. stood there looking all-proud of himself. Have to love the online courses. I kissed both of them on the cheek, taking their hands and placing them together with the other. I stepped back and sat down.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today….” A. P. went on.

Then came, “Do you Ewa take Sabrina to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Sabrina, do you take Ewa to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Then by the laws of the state of Massachusetts, I now pronounce you wife and wife. Ladies, have at it!”
We all cheered as Ewa and Bri kissed.

At the reception, Amanda Fowler pulled my elbow to get me into a quiet corner. “Vivian Christianson will not be standing trial. She will be sent to a black site for the remainder of her natural life due to national security concerns. Vera Wong cut a deal and will be released next week. I believe the short time incarcerated changed her.”

“How so?” I asked, sipping champagne.

“Somehow Sakura Sena was placed into her cell and the guards left,” Amanda said, “when they returned fifteen minutes later, Vera was naked, on top of a naked, unconscious and bloody Sakura.”

“You also said there was bad news,” I said.

“The Brits have canned Joey Fisher but before she left, Alley magically escaped custody,” she said before drinking the rest of her glass. “Your daughter has been tasked, along with Samantha and Amber, to track them down in Europe. They will be leaving tomorrow. Are you sure, you do not want to join them? This is right in your wheelhouse.”

“I am officially retired, Colonel,” I said, sipping some more. “Liv is a good fit for your group. You will have them in no time.”

“Well,” She said taking a new glass of champagne, “here is to retirement.” The glasses clinked.

I poured Olivia a shot of whiskey. “Do you have the locations of the emergency stashes memorized?”

“Yes, mom,” Liv said, downing the shot and setting it back down on the mahogany bar. “I am good. You do not need to worry too much. I have Sam and Amber. We will watch each other’s backs.”

“I know,” I said, “It is just me worrying for the first time is all. I need to get used to it. Teddy will miss you.”

“Well,” Liv said smiling, “tell Teddy that I love him and that I worry about him too. If he doesn’t find something to do with all his spare time, he will go nuts.” We both knew we were not talking about my black lab.

“If you need me,” I said, hugging her. “I will call,” she finished.

“Alright, all the single ladies to the center of the dance floor for the tossing of the bouquet!” The MC’s voice came over the sound system.

“No fucking way!” Liv and I said together.

On the dance floor, twenty or so cleavage baring drunk women came together.

“Oh this is going to be good,” I said as I pulled out my phone and switched it to camera mode.

“Alright, Ewa and Bri, turn around and one, two , three, THROW IT!” It was like slow motion as the bouquet arced and then started to fall, then it started. And the video footage of twenty hot women, ripping off dresses and catfighting all over the dance floor has gotten close to 2 million views. I fucking love the internet.

To Be Continued?

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