Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 3 by Anna the Marine Chick

Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 3 by Anna the Marine Chick

Amman, Jordan

The man exited the compound and his driver opened up the rear door to the Land Rover and he got in. The driver went out the gate and turned right.

Perched in a third story room with an open window overlooking a busy intersection sat Charlotte Grey. She flipped the site up and pulled the extension on the rocket launcher, designed to take out tanks. She checked her watch and moved with the launcher to the window. She knew the car, knew the route and knew how she was getting out.

The light changed and Land Rover stopped one car back. The man in the back was reading over the news on his cell phone. He checked his email and was happy to see one from his daughter who was in the US on assignment.

Charlotte hefted the launcher on her shoulder and took aim. The rental display dinged as it locked onto its target and she depressed the trigger. WHOOSH!!!

The man in the back looked up on instinct as he saw it launch, his shouts of alarm were too late though.

BOOM!!! The Land Rover exploded in a fireball and shower of burning parts. Charlotte Grey smiled and dropped the launcher, donned a full length burka and left the room to a waiting car. She was handed a cell phone by Vera Wong and spoke into it.

“Dawood Hussan is no more,” Charlotte said into the phone, “Now let that little bitch come and we will end her as well.”

Las Vegas

I sat on the examination table as the doctor went over my results. It had been three weeks since the events of the Port of LA. I had worked to get back to fighting shape.

“Anna,” Dr. Clausin said, “I have to say this is a remarkable improvement to when I saw you a few weeks ago. There were no broken ribs, a couple cracked ones most likely but you latest X-Rays show everything is fine. All the bruising on your breasts and chest has cleared up. You have healed well.”

Dr. Clausin got up and walked towards me; her massive breasts were barely contained in that tight green blouse and smock. Her boobs bumped into my upper arm and I felt the suppleness and density of them. WOW!

“Thanks Doc!” I said as I got up and put on my t-shirt, “Clean living. Actually, I get to finally sleep at my new apartment today. Mrs. Christianson has kept me within arm’s reach for a while now.”

“Please say hi to Vivian for me,” Dr. Clausin said, “She has basically funded this clinic, so seeing her employees is always free of charge.”

“I will do that,” I said as I shook her hand and went out to the waiting area. Seated a next to coffee machine was none other than A.P.

Well, sir,” I said in greeting, “What brings you here today?”

A.P. smiled at me, “Well Ms. Chambers, I need to get my annual checkup and after two nights ago where that gorgeous redhead Alexandra and her friend Lisa came over and met Grace and the visiting lounge singer Connie, I thought I went into cardiac arrest. I came to with Alexandra giving me mouth to mouth and maybe a brush of her big globes to my lips.”

I belly laughed as Dr. Clausin came out and called his name. A.P. took one look at the doctor’s huge breasts and started to cough. “I hope this is a full service exam,” he said quietly as he got up and walked to shake her hand.

I walked out and got into my Tahoe. The black beauty had gotten a bunch of high tech upgrades. All paid for by Vivian. Teddy, my black Labrador had been living at the compound, playing with Vivian’s pitbulls. The dogs loved each other and would chase each other around and usually knock over something expensive. Teddy also took a liking to Olivia, my daughter. When they first met, he bounded to her and jumped so his front paws were on her shoulders and hugged her.

My days for the past 3 weeks had been spent in the operations center. Everything had gone dark. Vera and Hitomi were nowhere to be found in the US. Bri had helped set up an algorithm to track facial recognition from airports, train stations and ATMs across the US and was working with Jenna, to get it globally. Ewa was also there at the compound every day in discussions with Vivian and even Anna Mathews. Ewa was quicker to forgive Anna than I had been. Olivia was training, small arms, tactical driving, explosives and hand to hand combat with Amal. She and I didn’t really “talk” about us, but she was warming up to me. I drove my Tahoe through the gate and proceeded up the drive and parked next to the row of cars and SUVs. There was a corvette I didn’t recognize parked at the end. I went into the mansion and immediately to the operations center. Vivian and Anna Mathews were talking quietly as Jenna was punching in something into the computer.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Most everyone is in the gym,” Jenna said with a mischievous smile, “Learning some new… techniques.”

“Anna,” I heard Vivian say as she motioned me over, “Dawood Hussan is dead. Killed by a rocket attack two hours ago in Jordan. Amal is already on her way home.”

“Oh no,” I said, “I met him once, he was a good man.”

“He was,” Vivian added, “He and I shared the same ideas on intelligence. We had been both working our governments to do more when it comes to terrorism. He will be missed. Amal assured me to let us know if she needs anything.”

I paused and looked at Anna Mathews; she knew what I was thinking and spoke up, “Vivian, I think we might want to be proactive in this. Amal may want to go after whoever did this on her own. I do believe we have the resources to assist her.” I nodded in agreement.

“True,” Vivian said, “But we had not reached an agreement with the King of Jordan to allow us to operate in his country. Dawood was working that angle for me. But with that being said,” Vivian looked at me,” Set up a plan to work out of Israel. Have Jenna secure all the necessary items you will need. We don’t execute yet, but have it ready if we do.”

I liked Vivian’s proactive views more and more.

“But you and I have a date,” Vivian said looking at Anna Mathews, “And Olivia as well.”

I perked up at the sound of my daughter’s name.

“Ewa has still be receiving requests for custom videos and entertainment,” Vivian said to me, “We decided to let her run with it and offer more of a… special service to certain people who are associated to people we are after. A certain nephew of a former prominent sheik in Iraq, who has taken over the family fortune with his Aunt, who we also believe is his lover, has made a request for something naughty. I guess that is the best way to put it.”

“Naughty?” I asked.

“Let’s just say it involves a nun and a school girl. Both have been request to be busty. And since Anna here,” Vivian motioned towards Anna Mathews, “Has already played that part. The only thing left is the school girl. Oliva volunteered. She will also be my security when we travel.”

“I think that makes sense,” I said, “Olivia is a Marine and she has shown amazing skills lately.”

The thought of my daughter and Anna Mathews in a school girl/nun scenario did make me feel uneasy, but Olivia was a big girl and could make choices for herself.

“Oh I almost forgot, here,” Vivian handed over a key card, “This is the card to your new apartment. 23rd floor overlooking the strip. Dog friendly, since I own the building. The card will give you access to the parking garage with your assigned parking place. There are only two large apartments on that floor. The other room is the gym. I figured why not make it easy for you to work out.”

I smiled as I took the card. Just then Jenna inhaled sharply. I looked over with Vivian and Anna Mathews doing the same thing and Jenna clicked off the feed to the gym.

“I am going to see Olivia and then check out the gym,” I said.

“I know you will enjoy the gym, Anna,” Vivian said with a sly smile.

I walked down the hall as Oliva was coming out of her room with rolling suitcase and garment bag, Teddy following close behind her. The mutt didn’t even notice me, traitor!

“All set?” I asked as our eyes met. It was still sort of uncomfortable between us.

“Yep,” Olivia said hoisting the garment bag up, “I got the slutty outfit as required. I will be Mrs. C’s security when not in the role play.”

“I know,” I said, more awkward silence, “Look Olivia, I have a big apartment now and well, Teddy really likes you and it might, I don’t know, bring us closer. At least get to know each other better.”

Olivia pondered what I said, “Look, Anna,” she said, “I want to learn what you do. As far as the motherly thing, I don’t know yet, ok? But I do like your dog, even if he is weird. So, let’s talk about it when I get back.”

Teddy cocked his head watching us.

“Yeah, Olivia,” I said, “That sounds good.” We shook hands and she walked down the hall towards the front with my dog in tow. Fucking traitor!

I walked into the gym and gasped. My eyes went wide at what I saw. There in the middle of the mat was Alexandra Little, topless with a busty blonde on top of her, also topless. Lisa Watson was watching the pair intently with Ewa and Bri also crowded around.

“So sugar,” the blonde said with a Texas twang, “You need to line up the nipples, tip to tip. Like this.” She lined her long, thick nipples with Alexandra’s thick nubs, “Now the goal is to press the shafts back into the other’s dense tits. In some instances, they will suck together and that, well that is an amazing experience.” That is when she noticed me and smile and Angelica Johanssen got off of Alexandra and motioned for Lisa Watson to take her place. Lisa basically jumped on top of the prone redhead.

“When the fuck did you get into town?” I said as Angel and I hugged, a long hug, she and I both love long hugs. She moved her mouth to mine and we kissed deep. Tongues met and pressed against the others in our mouths.

She broke the kiss, saliva strands stretched from our mouths, “MMMMM MMMM Anna Chambers,” Angelica said, “I still taste soooo sweet. My girlfriend Jane got a call from Vivian last week about securing my services as a contractor for certain things I am good at. The money was good so I drove up yesterday. She put me up in the presidential suite at her hotel. All the bells and whistles to come with it too. She gave me the pitch this morning but I turned her down for the full time work. But I can help part time. I also got to meet Olivia, Christ Anna, you never told me!”

“I never told anyone,” I said suddenly ashamed, “But now I don’t care who knows, she is an amazing woman and I am proud of what she has become. I only wish I could have told her parents that they did an amazing job raising her.”

“They know sugar, they know,” Angelica said putting an arm around me, “I am supposed to be meeting some people for drinks and a show tonight, Connie Wilson, who used to perform near where I first went to college is doing a limited engagement here. Do you want me to score you a ticket?”

“No,” I said, “I need to actually move in to my new apartment. Well I guess everything is actually moved in but I need to bring Teddy over there. And I want to see it for myself.”

“Sounds good darlin’,” she said as she turned back toward Lisa and Alexandra titfucking each other, “Oh that Alexandra has great tits! I will be in town for a few days, we will catch up.”

I smiled as Teddy made his way to my side and whined a little. “I know,” I said scratching his ears, “She will be alright.”

I loaded Teddy and his leash into the Tahoe and drove down to my new place. I scanned my card and got access to the underground parking garage and made my way to my parking spot, well three spots actually. I clip the lead on him and we got out and went to the elevator when I saw a brunette woman running for the elevator and I held it open. She was in black running shorts and a red sports bra with a grey zip up sweatshirt covering her upper body.

“God thank you,” she said a little out of breath, she was carrying some groceries, “23 please.”

“Me too,” I said, “I guess we are neighbors, I am Anna, Anna Chambers.” Holding out my hand for her to shake.

She shifted the groceries to her other and hand a returned the firm handshake, “Nice to meet you, Anna. My name is Amber Hurt.”

“Hurt?” I asked.

“Yep,” Amber said, “No relation to William, but that would have been nice.” She laughed and so did I. “So when you get settled, give me a knock and we can share some wine.”

Teddy barked a yes for me. “The wine is for me, Teddy,” I said to my dog as Amber giggled, “That would be great Amber. I would really like that.” I knew I would, this chick was hot. Her abs caught my eye, cut into a strong but feminine six pack. Her legs were long and tone. She had a few inches on me, but her body was a masterpiece. Thank the creator for her.

We parted ways as we got off the elevator, she went left and I went right, but we both looked back and shared a glance as we went to our respective front doors and smiled at each other. Swooning!

As I opened the door to my place, Teddy rushed past me and explored a lot faster than I did. There was a note on the fridge.

Anna – I think you will find this place to your liking. You have a wonderful view of the strip. You can control the tint of the windows if it is too bright or you want privacy. Also, all the glass is bullet resistant. In the walk in closet in your bedroom is a concealed room for all weapons you want. There is also a direct connection to the operations center and it can double as a panic room. Though I doubt you will need that.

I set up the pin and finger print identification in the concealed room and played with my tinted windows. The place was great. Hardwood floors and tile, rich wood coloring and dark furniture and those were just to my liking. I hate white, probably because I seem to bleed a lot.

On the same floor, Amber Hurt put down her groceries and pulled the burner phone from a taped spot underneath her sink. She hit redial and it buzzed a few times before a woman answered.

“Moshi Moshi,” Hitomi Tanaka answered from half way around the world.

“I need to speak to Vera,” Amber said into the phone.

“No,” Hitomi said in a thick Japanese accent, “You talk to me. Vera is busy now.” Hitomi covered the mouthpiece and screamed at the busty blonde that was kneeling in front of her, “Omanko Kudasai!!!” Which was Japanese for “I want your pussy”.

“Fine, whatever,” Amber said, “Anna Chambers moved in next to me. I need to know how to proceed.”

“Kill her!” Hitomi said into the phone and then there was a shuffling.

“Don’t fucking kill her,” Vera Wong, “Do you still have the tracer? You better fucking still have it. Get into her apartment and place it near anything like a computer. You don’t need to plug it in. Do this and you are free and clear. Fuck this up and I will personally end you.”

“Can I speak to Olivia?” Amber asked, “I have tried to text her but she hasn’t answered.”

“Oh,” Vera said, “Well Olivia is no longer with us. She was unfortunately killed by Ms. Chambers and her crew.” Vera was smiling as she knew the lie would get to Amber.

Amber choked up a little. Though she and Olivia had never been intimate the similar life experiences and shared love of working out made them fast friends and after the bar brawl that put them in this situation, they were closer than ever.

“Ok,” Amber said, holding back tears, “It will get it done.” Amber hit end.

There was a knock on her door and she wiped her eyes and replaced the phone back under the sink. She answered and Anna Chambers was there.

I changed into fleece pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt and took Teddy to do his business after I fed him. When we got back to the apartment, he curled up on his big dog bed in the living room and started snoring. So I grabbed a bottle from a stocked wine rack. Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to bring over to my neighbor’s apartment. I made sure to grab my cell phone as well.

“Please come in,” Amber said, she was still dressed in the sports bra and shorts but this time, no sweatshirt and her body was banging! “God, let me change. Please open the bottle and let it breathe for a bit as I get out of these clothes.”

I would love to help, I thought in my head as she went back to her bedroom. I looked in the kitchen for the cork screw and pushed the door under the sink shut as it was slightly ajar. Finding the cork screw, I went to work on the bottle and found to large glasses. As Amber came out from her bedroom dressed in a black tank top and black and red pajama pants. I poured and gave her one glass as I poured some in mine.

“To new friends,” Amber said, clinking glasses with mine and we both drank.

“Come and we can sit down on the couch.” I grabbed the bottle so we wouldn’t have to get up to refill glasses.

We talked about life. She was from the west coast and loved surfing and working out. She told me the gym was great here but sometimes she liked to go and run on the streets. She told me she worked as in web sales from her apartment. Made good money and could afford this place. I told her about me being a Marine and she mentioned she once had a friend who was a Marine. She seemed a bit sad by this so I didn’t press her on it. We found lots of things in common and agreed to run together some time. We touched knees and brushed hands as we spoke, the wine making me feel very warm. Very warm. She leaned over me to set her glass down on the end table and I kissed her. And she didn’t pull away.

“MMMMM!” Amber moaned in the kiss, “I was wondering who was going to make the first move, Anna.”

“Really?” I asked lightly kissing her lips.

“Yes,” Amber said, “I wanted to kiss you when we first met in the elevator. There is something about you that I just can place, but I want you now.” Her voice was a little throatier, huskier with passion and want in it.

I set my glass down next to hers and we stated making out like teenagers late night on the couch. We kissed and nibbled at lips, licked down to the napes of necks and collar bones. Our hands rubbed at our sides and went up our shirts and both of us were not wearing bras. We cupped and caressed each other’s breasts as moans of pleasure came out from our lips. Her breasts were perfect, firm, round with pert nipples that reacted to my touching. We came up to our knees and backing away slightly to pull our shirts over our heads. When I got to see her breasts naked, I was right, they were perfect. Her eyes were glued to mine and she licked her lips. We came together more forcefully as hands roamed over backs and started to pull our pajama pants over our round ass cheeks. Our tongues lapped at our necks as our breasts pushed and merged together, hard nipples embedding themselves in firm flesh.

“Bedroom,” Amber demanded and she got up quickly and grasped my hand and pulled me as she almost ran with me to her bedroom. She stopped in front of her bed and she turned back to me and pealed down her pajama pants and then I did mine.

I don’t know what over took me but as we came together in front of her bed, I wanted nothing but to ravage her body with my own. She cupped both of my breasts as I kneaded her firm ass cheeks; our mouths glued together, tongues wrestling for position. I grasped her under her ass and locked my fingers and lifted her up and tossed her onto the bed. She gave a squeal of delight and lay back arching her back like a cat purring and spread open her legs. I started crawling slowly between her legs. I started licking her thighs, giving playful bites, sucking the firm flesh and all the while she cooed and moaned. Making my way to her now wet folds of womanhood, I gave her one long lick from the bottom of the fleshy labia to the top. She shivered and I could feel it. Her opening parted like Moses at the Red Sea and I dove in. My tongue lapped and licked, her clit started growing in excitement. I tongued it, sucked it, nipped at it as she moaned out louder and louder. My fingers were fast working my own pussy, rubbing fast as I licked and sucked on hers. I moved my face and looked up and she was staring at me and with a crooked finger, she beckoned me to come to her. I crawled up her body, my heavy breasts brushing against thighs, her waist, her abs and then finally meeting her own tits. Her legs were still spread open and I pressed my aching pussy to hers, they melded together. I felt the same jolt of electricity as she did. She shook her head at me and for a second I thought it was over. Then we a show of strength, she rolled us over with her on top.

She first straddled my right leg and lifted my left leg up. She moved her hips from side to side and I felt how wet she was on my smooth thigh. She put her hot cunt and my overheated one together and started rocking. Now it was my turn to moan out. I reached out and cupped her breasts, kneading the flesh, tweaking the nipples, rolling the nubs between my thumb and forefinger. She increased the pressure and speed, I felt our clits meet and I swear to god I almost came right there. This chick was amazing! She ground harder and faster as squishy noises mixed with our moans. Our mixed juices dripped down to the bed sheets soaking them. She grunted and started to smack her pussy to mine. THWACK THWACK THWACK! Each time our clits slapped together. I could feel our bodies tense at almost the same time. I reached grabbed her hips and pulled as she pushed harder into me. We started bucking and writhing together, no real rhythm to it. Just grunting and grinding and fucking! We threw back our heads and screamed out in unison!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!” We screamed together. She kept the smacking going for a few minutes as our orgasms subsided and the grinding was getting slower, our breathing heavier. She laid down on top of me and kissed me passionately.

“Are you always this good?” Amber asked between soft kisses, smiling at me.

“I was going to ask you the same question,” I said looking into her smoldering eyes. Then my fucking phone started ringing.

“Do you have to answer it?” She asked.

“I do, I am so sorry,” I said as I got up on shaky legs and went to the kitchen where I had left in on the counter. It was the operations center calling. “What’s up?” I said a little breathlessly.

“Sorry, Anna,” Jenna said on the line, “Did I interrupt a work out?”

“Yeah,” I said dryly, “A good one. What is going on?”

“We need you back here pronto,” Jenna said, “Mrs. C and company are coming back with two hostile packages. They will be here within the hour.”

“No shit,” I said, “Be there in there before they get back. Do me a favor and call Angelica Johanssen, she is the best interrogator I know.”

“Will do Anna,” Jenna said before hanging up.

Amber came out of the bedroom with the bed sheet around her.

“I am so sorry but something came up at work that needs my attention,” I said as I moved to her and gave her a kiss on the lips, “I hate to ask this of you since we both met. But can you take Teddy out to relieve himself in a few hours?”

Amber smiled, “Oh I love dogs and Teddy seemed like a gentleman; so no problem. Do you have spare key card?”

I do, running into the bedroom, still smelling hers and my scents mingling in the air. I slipped on my pj pants and took out one of the two cards I had, handing it to her. “Thank you so much Amber. You don’t know how much I appreciate this.”

“Well,” Amber said with a cocked eyebrow, “You can show me later.” She opened the bedsheet around her and flashed me.

I ran down the hallway to my apartment and tore off now sex smelling clothing before hopping in the shower. Six different jets of hot water hit me; god the good life is good. I showered and dressed in bra and thong, black leggings and a pull over sweatshirt. I kissed Teddy and headed out the door. I punched the elevator and it came and I went down to the parking garage.

Amber heard Anna Chambers leave and went into her bedroom and dressed in shorts and a tank top. She found the small cylindrical devise and palmed it and grabbed her key and Anna’s key. She remembered that the devise had to be within 5 feet and active for at least 3 hours. She went out of her apartment and went into Anna’s, Teddy greeting her at the door. She took him out to do his business and brought him back. She roamed around Anna’s apartment looking for anything like a computer or phone. She found nothing, but as she turned the lights off in the bedroom, she saw a faint glow coming from the closet. She walked in and moved a row of blouses aside and there was a door there. There were boots nearby lined up against the wall. Amber pushed the button to activate the devise and placed it in Anna’s boot. She returned the blouses to the normal look in the closet and walked out. She went to pet Teddy but he backed away and started a low growl. Amber backed out slowly to the hallway and closed the door, but she had left Anna’s spare key in the apartment and now couldn’t get back in to remove the devise.

I raced through traffic to get to the compound and rushed into the operations center. Jenna was seated there pouring over data on a computer screen. Angelica Johanssen was there with her boots propped up on a desk with her head back and eyes closed.

“Did they get here yet?” I asked Jenna, sitting down beside her.

“Just landed,” Jenna said, “Alexandra went to pick them up. Here is what we found.” She pointed to some texts and numbers. “I built a program into a special cell phone with Bri’s help. If you put it next to the phone for 10 seconds, it downloads all the data from the other phone. I gave one to Olivia and when the data came it, I set off a tone and the aunt and nephew were snatched up.”

“What was the data?” I asked as I read over some of the texts in Arabic.

“The aunt has been funding Charlotte Grey and provided the equipment for the assassination of Dawood Hussin,” Jenna said, “I only wish Amal was here so I could let her know.”

“Write it up and send it to her secure cell,” I said, “Maybe it will help her track down Grey.”

I looked up as the cameras sweeping the grounds picked up a black SUV speeding up the drive and headed to the back of the mansion. They had arrived. I watched as Olivia and Alexandra pulled out two hooded and secured figures from the SUV and pushed them into the waiting rooms out back. Anna Mathews and Vivian walked out just behind them with a duffle bag. I walked down to meet them. I got to the secure rooms we were going to use for interrogation just as Olivia and Alexandra walked out into the hallway, closing doors. Olivia had a long sweatshirt over her school girl outfit and Anna Mathews had on a sweatshirt over her nun’s robes. They were torn.

“So can I get the skinny of what happened?” I asked.

Anna nodded to Olivia to start, “Well,” Olivia said pausing, “We arrived at the suite in Beverly Hills and were escorted up by the security detail, very amateur. We were let in and greeted by the young Hasim and his Aunt Farrah. But Hasim was not all he said he was. He was a she, and her real name is Wafaa. Wafaa had her breasts taped back against her chest and a fake cock in her pants. They wanted the nun school girl thing because they hated Christians. And they wanted us to fight, catfight actually. So Anna and I did. We pulled hair, tore tops, grabbed at tits, made it all look real.”

“She is an exceptional actor this Olivia is,” Anna Mathews chimed in smiling. I cocked in eyebrow.

Olivia went on, “It was actually fun, I was on top of Anna and looked over and Aunt Farrah was riding Hasim/Wafaa’s “cock”,” Olivia used air quotes, “Then the dig from the cell letting me know extraction was needed and I got off Anna, coldcocked Auntie as Anna choked out Wafaa and then I took care of the security detail.”

“All by yourself?” I asked.

“Yep,” Olivia said smiling, “Just showed the door guy my tits and I was looking at them when I took his weapon and shot him with it. The other guys just came rushing in, no tactical response. It was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

I was smiling ear to ear and so proud of her. She saw me smiling and blushed.

“We patted down the lovely Hasim and discovered he was a she,” Anna added, “Vivian was at the service elevator with the van and luckily some other clothing for the quick drive to the airport. Oh and they both speak fluent English, don’t let them fool you.”

“Wafaa has a huge rack on her,” Olivia added, “I don’t know how the fuck she was able to keep them tied down.”

“Ok,” I said, “Angelica, would you like to chat with Wafaa and I will have a talk with Farrah, since it has been almost 10 years since I saw her last.” Everyone froze when I said that. “I saw some of the text data between her and Grey. She mentioned killing both her aunt Saben and the other wife of her late husband, Amri. I met all of them during a meeting with the Abu Issa tribe in 2008. Olivia, get changed quick and you can be in there with me.” She nodded and hurried down the hall.

Alexandra and Angelica walked into the room with Wafaa, still hooded, dressed in a full length robe and secured to a chair in the middle of the room. All lighting was pointed to the center where she was positioned. Angelica nodded and Alexandra whipped off the hood and stepped back.

“Wafaa,” Angel said, all business in her voice, “You are in a lot of trouble, trouble that will most likely get you thrown into the deepest, darkest hole this world has for bitches like you.”

Wafaa started speaking in rapid Arabic and Angel slapped her across the face.

“I know you speak english,” Angel said menacingly, “If you do that again, my friend here will make it painful for you.” Alexandra, all 5’10” curvy muscled body with huge tits came into Wafaa’s field of view and cracked her knuckles. “Now we can make this easy or hard. Tell us all about your dealings with Charlotte Grey.”

“I do not know of who you speak,” Wafaa said defiantly, but her eyes betrayed her, her eyes swapped back from Angelica’s massive cleavage to Alexandra’s big tits. “My Aunt’s affairs are just that, her own.”

“I don’t believe you,” Angel said, “You are lying to me.”

“Fuck you American Pig!” Wafaa shouted and spit at Angelica. The busty blonde wiped the spit from her face.

“Alexandra, stand her up,” Angel ordered, “I think this bitch needs to learn her place.”

Alexandra roughly stood Wafaa to her feet and kicked the chair aside. Angel pulled down Wafaa’s robe, further trapping her arms. But it did release a big set of F cup breasts that Wafaa had been hiding. They were round and firm and dense with large erect nipples pointing out at Angel. Angel stepped back and unbuttoned her blouse, removing it as she reach behind her and unclasped her bra, shaking her H cup breasts forth. Wafaa took in a breath of shock and struggled in Alexandra’s grasp. She had never seen breasts this big before and the blonde’s nipples were almost twice as long as her own and they were thick.

“Now Alexandra,” Angel went back into teaching mode, “I am going to show you how to use the techniques from earlier today and use them in an interrogation. First we are going to line up our nipples, like this.” Angel put hers and Wafaa’s thick nipples tip to tip. “Now reach around Wafaa here and hold her breasts in place. Yes, Just like that!” Alexandra had her biceps tight around Wafaa’s arms as she cupped the young woman’s breasts in each hand. “Now I am going to push forward and invert little bitches nipples into her areolas. It is going to be painful for her especially with you push her into me. Ready, GO!” The pair of busty interrogators pushed from opposite sides of Wafaa, crushing her breasts with Angels, Angel’s nipples going completely into Wafaa’s breast, inverting her nipples back into her young body. Wafaa cried out at the new sensation that was both painful but so erotic. She didn’t know what was coming over her. Their combined areolas could not be seen any more because the mass of breast flesh covered them. Angel started to pump her breasts into Wafaa’s and that is all it took. The young woman cried out in orgasmic pleasure and crumpled in Alexandra’s grasp.

Alexandra looked shocked. “She came!?!”

“Yes, she did,” Angel said with a smile, “Let’s sit her back down.” That is all it took, Wafaa sung like a bird as she gave dates, times, locations, activities of meeting between Charlotte Grey and most recently two Asian women, one with massive tits. Everything was video recorded and put the bag back over Wafaa’s head and exited the room.

“Well fucking done Ma’am!” I said as Olivia came back after a shower and change of clothing, “Vivian, is there a black site we can send these two women to?”

“I may know someone who can assist us?” Vivian said dialing a number in her cell phone.

“You and me,” I said to Olivia, “Just watch, listen, and don’t freak out if things get weird.”

She looked puzzled as we opened the door to the next room and went in. I nodded to Olivia and she pulled off the hood and Farrah squinted in the bright lights.

I spoke to her in Arabic first, “As-Salaam-Alaikum.”

She answered back, “Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.”

I switched back to English and showed her my face, “It has been a long time Farrah. You have been a rather busy woman. I want you to know I considered you Aunt Saben to be a friend.”

“She was a cow!” Farrah said with anger in her voice, “She and that mumis (Arabic for Whore) Amri were going to take all when Talib was killed. So after I slit Amri’s throat and drowned her son, I took my time with Saben. I wanted it to be painful, to hurt her, she fought back, gave my breasts a few scars, but she died by my hands. And if I were free, so would you!” She had a crazy look in her eyes.

“The only reason you are not dead right now,” I said as I got close to her face, “Is that I am saving you for the daughter of Dawood Hussin. Since you had a hand in his death.”

“I know not of what you speak,” Farrah said defiantly.

“Wafaa has already given us all we need, you fucking bitch,” I said with fire in my eyes, “When I deliver you to his daughter, I am going to enjoy watching what she does to you. She has a love of knives.” I held my hand up like I had an invisible knife in it and then let her eyes follow it down until my hand was between her legs and I twisted my invisible knife as I pretended to push it into her pussy. She shuddered.

“Fuck you, cunt!” Farrah said as she spit into my eyes.

I wiped my eyes clear and stood to my full height. “Cut her loose,” I calmly told Olivia.

“Wait, What?” Olivia said.

“Fucking do it,” I said backing off and moving my neck from side to side, “I remember how you and Amri fought all those years ago.”

Olivia produced a folding knife and cut Farrah’s zip ties.

“So do I,” Farrah said standing, “I still fight like that. And I will fight you like that.” Then she rushed at me.

“Ok,” I said as she charged and I pivoted at the last moment and used her momentum to hip toss her over onto the cold, hard cement, “But I won’t, I am going to beat the shit out of you.” I said this rather calmly.

She was moaning as the wind was knocked out of her. I mounted her and started raining down punch after punch to her tits, to her face. I broke her nose with a straight left hand, cracked her jaw with a looping right. I tore down her top to reveal bare tits, I punched them, grabbed and squeezed them, twisted them. She brought her left hand up to weakly push me away; I grabbed her hand and dislocated her pinky finger. She was sobbing as blood poured from her mouth. I hit her again, again, again, she went limp, again, again, Olivia grabbed me and tried to pull me off, I threw her off of me, again, Olivia wrapped her left arm around my throat from behind, her legs wrapped around my waist from behind. She had me in a rear naked choke.

“Stop fighting or you pass out,” Olivia said, “Last warning.”

I stopped fighting. Vivian came in with four men in black suits and sunglasses, at night, so cliché. They put her on a gurney and wheeled her out. I saw Wafaa being led out in zip ties and the hood still over her head.

Jenna came running into the room as Olivia eyed me and I was wiping blood from my hands.

“Anna,” Jenna said, “We just had an intrusion into our network. Nothing was found. But I don’t have the best knowledge of these things.”

“Ok, “I said standing, “Find Bri and have her look. Where did it originate from?”

“You apartment.”

I was cursing as I drove with Olivia to the building. I went up the elevator with her and we went into my room, we both had our pistols in our hands as I opened the door but was greeted by my black Labrador. We walked in as he whined and I saw the key card I gave Amber on the table. I went to the concealed room and it was locked and no one touched it. I kicked the shoes on the floor in frustration and something rolled out of a thigh high boot. I was about to pick it up when Olivia put a hand on my shoulder and produce a rubber glove and baggie to put it into for evidence. We brought a bug scanner and went through every nook and cranny of the apartment.

“It is clean,” Olivia said, “Except for this.” Holding up the baggie.

“Let’s go visit my neighbor,” I said, screwing the suppressor on the barrel of my pistol. Olivia did the same.

We walked down the hall and I whispered to her to go flat against the wall. She did as I knocked.

“Hey neighbor,” I called out with my pistol behind my back and in my most sultry of voices, “I wanted to come back and thank you personally. Come it’s me, Anna. Amber let me in so we can have some fun like before.”

Olivia’s face screwed up, she whispered, “Amber??? Fun??? Like before???”

I could hear the lock being turned and I front kicked the door as hard as I could. It banged into Amber and sent her sprawling to the tile of the entrance.

“Hi Sweetie,” I said pointing my pistol with suppressor attached to it at her, “So nice to see you again.”

Amber was visibly frightened. But when she looked past me her eyes went wide. “I thought you were dead!!!” She exclaimed!

“Oh fuck Amber!” Olivia said closing the door.

Now it was my turn for a screwed up face, “You two??? Dead??? What the fuck???” Then my phone buzzed with a text and I opened the message to read it.

“Put you gun down, Mom,” Olivia said, “This is going to be a long night.”

“MOM?!?!” Amber cried out, “OH FUCK!”

In Jerusalem

The café was bustling with patrons; it was always hard to get a table here. But Charlotte Grey and Vera Wong were seated drinking tea basking in the warmth of the afternoon. Then a woman sat down.

“Hello Vera, nice to see you again,” the woman said, “And you Charlotte, since this is our first time meeting, I will introduce myself, my name is Amal Hussan. Dawood Hussan was my father.” Amal looked from Vera to Charlotte. They were surprised to see her. They had been planning at snipe her at her father’s state funeral later this month.

“I am surprised that Jordanian Intelligence or Mossad isn’t here right now taking us down,” Charlotte Grey said in a proper British accent.

“Who says they are not?” Amal asked, her eyes boring into Charlotte’s.

“Because,” Charlotte said, “This would happen.” She held up a small cylinder in her hand and depressed the trigger as Amal stood.

The car across the street exploded and Amal was knocked off her feet from the percussion blast. When she came to, Charlotte and Vera were gone. She pulled her phone out from her pocket and texted because her ears were ringing and she wouldn’t be able to hear a phone call.

Test message:
Jerusalem. Will have Mossad and Israeli government and military looking for them. This is their base of operations. I need you, please.

To Be Continued in Chapter 4

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