Tales of the Marine Chick: Marine Chick For Hire – Chapter 3 by Anna the Marine Chick

Jersey City, New Jersey

The young woman sat in a small room only lit by candles. She was naked and kneeling in front of a statue. She bowed her head and held her arms out to the sides.

“Bless me Santa Muerte, the young woman said, “Make my actions swift to give to you another good death.”

With her prayers to the Lady of Holy Death complete, Dahlia Deal stood and exited the small room. The 22-year-old woman had been the chief enforcer and hit woman for the head of the Corzo family in New Jersey. Dahlia was rumored to have over 50 kills to her name. Dominique Corzo had elevated the family from a small part of the Mafia on the east coast of the United States to one of the most powerful and influential. Dahlia had spent her early life going from foster home to foster home. Her life finally changed when she was placed in the home of Robert and Victoria Boccino. Robert, aka Bobby B, was a capo in the Genovese crime family. A group of men from a rival family had come one night to kill Bobby and Vicky. Dahlia killed two of the men with a hammer. Bobby was so impressed at her lack of remorse, that he started to teach her all he knew. After Bobby was assassinated, Dahlia was noticed by Dominique Corzo and offered a job. While she would never rise to any rank in the family, due to her Latin ancestry, she became both revered and feared. Dahlia and Vicky’s relationship strained. Vicky blamed her for Bobby’s death. It culminated one evening when the 45 year old Vicky and Dahlia fought for almost an hour in the Boccino home. The vicious catfight ended with the naked Dahlia, sweat soaked and bloody beating the older woman into unconsciousness. She became Dominique’s wrath, a role she excelled at.

She dressed in a baggy, black hoodie and black jeans. Shechecked the modified CMMG Mutant MK 47 rifle chamber in 7.62 and placed it into guitar case, custom built for her rifle and a few pistols. She machined the noise suppressors herself, making them quieter than their commercial counterparts. Hefting the case to her shoulder, she left the apartment and walked to the stolen car she would be taking to the wharf. The FBI had an informant who needed to be dealt with. Dominique was clear, she wanted both killed to send a message. Dahlia arrived at the building, walking up four flights of stairs, and set up in a dilapidated office. The desk was moved to the window, with the glass removed. She set up the bipod for the rifle and lay prone on the desk, making sure to keep the barrel inside the window. Dahlia had a clear line of sight to the area she witnessed one of the meetings between the informant and his handler. The distance would be close to 500 meters, well within her comfort range. She kept watch until she watched a car drive and stop near the edge of the water. She did not have to wait long for the second car to pull up.

Frankie DiMattina had been released early from Federal prison. Shortly after the release, more members of the family were arrested. The FBI handler was Cassandra Zito, an Italian American who understood the world of the Mafia.

Dahlia sighted in on Frankie first than shifted quickly to Agent Zito. She repeated this 4 times to make sure the movement and breathing were just right. She adjusted the crosshairs based on the wind and humidity outside. She breathed in once, held her breath and fired. She shifted and fired a second time. The only sounds were the slide and the ejected rounds hitting the bare floor. Both the FBI agent and rat lay on the ground, the back of their heads blown away. Dahlia got up and grabbed the two spent shells before moving the desk back into the original position. She walked to the stolen car and placed the rifle back into the case. She removed a small bag and walked to the two bodies. From the bag, she removed a sharp butcher’s knife, a hammer and two nails. Dalia opened Frankie’s mouth and cut out the tongue, nailing it to his forehead. Satisfied with her work, the young woman walked back to the car and drove off. She called a number on a burner cell phone to leave a message.

“The vermin problem is dealt with,” she said into the cell. Ending the call, Dahlia removed the SIM card and bent it in half, destroying it.

Revere, just outside of Boston

Gina Hardy sat, bound in a chair in the living room of her house. Around her stood Kristen Carey, Barbie Dollz, Nika Carter and Alley.

“It wasn’t my fault, Kristen,” Gina said trying to make her case. “I have done so much for the company. Please don’t do this.”

Kristen stroked the blonde’s face, “If it were that simple, dear Gina. Your actions both with the woman, Jana, and with poor attempt of dealing with Darcy Topher, are unforgivable. You failed to beat Jana. You failed to properly kill Darcy. We cannot have any failures. Alley, you are free to do what you want.”

Alley walked over to the seated blonde and tore the flimsy blouse open. She roughly grabbed Gina’s big breast, digging her nails in. Gina groaned in pain. Alley slapped her hard across the face.

“You have great tits,” Alley cooed, “It will be a shame to wreck them.”

Alley pulled her own shirt over her head, the large breasts bounced free as she moved closer to Gina. The two sets of tits pressed together as Alley groaned in pleasure. Her hands rose to tighten around the seated blonde’s neck.

The front door was kicked in. Five men with pistols raised came in, followed by a busty blonde, Katrina and the curvy Asian, Emily Jo walked in last.

“Well, well,” Emily said as she came to the front of the group. “Seems like we have a full house.” She looked around at the women standing and finally to the seated Gina. “You must be Gina Hardy. You killed people in the wrong club, cunt!”

Kristen’s mind started calculating strategies. “Ms. Jo, I believe there has been a great miscommunication.”

“You call it a miscommunication,” Emily said as her gaze settled on the older brunette. “By your accent, I know you are not fromaround here. What I have discovered about what this whore and her two friends have done in my city is unacceptable. They murdered four of my employees. This will be resolved, now.”

“Would monetary compensation be adequate for settling this unfortunate matter?” Kristin asked.

What surprised Emily Jo was the fact that this British woman had not come out with a number first. “5 Million per person, 20 million total for the families affected.”

Kristin knew the money would not be going to any of the families. “It will be done. I imagine you would like to be the one to distribute the funds to the grieving parties?”

“I would,” Emily answered. “I am curious as to how you set this up under my nose. I pride myself with knowing what goes on in my city. There needs to be arrangements made to operate without my oversight.”

“The slight is purely coincidence,” Kristen said with the skill of a seasoned diplomat. “Had I been aware of the full scope of this endeavor, I would have sought you out personally. My group has added many in your current position before. May I suggest we work together?”

“How so?” Emily asked.

“Myself and my associate can be available for say, the next month or so,” Kristin said, “I am well versed in planning and operations of, let’s just say illicit business.”

Emily mulled it over for a moment. “I think the 20 million along with your services will be perfect. Did you have a plan for these three?” Emily asked pointing to Gina, Barbie and Nika.

“Well, my associate planned to fuck Gina to death,” Kristin said with a smile, “But I am open to ideas.”

“Why not take these three back to one of my places for some fun we can watch?” Emily asked as she returned the smile.

“I believe that would be an interesting time,” Kristin replied. “First, I must go back to the aircraft that brought us here. My benefactor will need to be informed and I will need to grab a few things.”

Emily handed over a card with a number. “When you are ready, call this number and I will have someone pick you up.”

“Thank you, Ms. Jo,” Kristin said with a nod, “May my friend, Alley, accompany you?”

“By all means,” Emily said, “And please call me Emily.”

Chambers residence

I pulled up and parked the F-250, helping Tamera Good with her duffle bag. We entered the door by the kitchen and I immediately smelled it.

“Who the hell has been rolling around in garbage?” I asked loudly.

Sophie Jackson walked out, hair wet from a shower, holding a trash bag. “Sorry, I ended up having a raccoon fight.”

“A what?” Tam asked.

“A catfight in the trash,” Sophie smiled. We all shared a laugh.

“Welcome back, Aunt Anna,” a familiar voice called from the doorway.

I turned to see my niece, Dani, standing there with a smirk on her face. The tight t-shirt she had on was straining. If you colored the red hair blonde, she would look just like her mother, Dawn.

I walked to hug her, “Good to see you. Are you the one Amanda sent?”

“Colonel Fowler finally gave me an assignment,” Dani replied, “I hate training all the time.”

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle,” I said with a smile. “Just try to absorb all you can.”

“So I have been given some information but have not had the full brief in,” Dani said. “Where did you come back from.”

“Montana,” I said as I sat down at the kitchen table. “Vivian Christianson is kept there. It is about a mile or so from the Belly River, Warton National Park on the US side.” Dani nodded.

“Good place for a quiet site,” Tam mused.

I introduced Tamera to the group. Jackie was not at the house. It was late, so I decided not to call her. It was becoming a full house and I had the women double up. Sophie and Jana stayed in one as Dani and Tam took the one right next to mine. Darcy and Elin bunked in the last room I had open.

Emily Jo’s Mansion

Alley and Emily walked into the study.

“What fun do you like to do?” Alley asked as her eyes went up and down Emily’s body.

“First, I want the two tattooed bitches to fight each other,” the busty Asian said. “The winner can stick around; the loser needs to go away permanently.”

“I like that,” Alley said smiling, “What about Gina Hardy?”

“I would like to beat the shit out of her before you end her,” Emily said as she leaned forward on the desk, her deep cleavage on display. “I am anxious to see what you will do to her.”

“I promise it won’t be too messy, I promise,” Ally replied as she moved closer to the desk. She glanced down and her eyes went wide. “How do you know this woman?”

Emily looked at the picture. “This is Anna Williams. She is planning to invest into some of my establishments.”

“No she is not,” Alley said. “This woman is Anna Chambers and has worked for the government for years. If she approached you, she plans to attack you somehow. She has people that can create any kind of background for her. You wouldn’t be able to find out who she really is.”

Emily slammed her hand down over the desk. “I will kill her.”

Alley put her hand over Emily’s, “I have a different plan. One that puts her and me together. Once and for all.” As Alley spoke, Emily started to smile.

“I can assist with that,” Emily said as her fingers closed around Alley’s. “I have the police on my payroll.”

“Perfect!” Alley exclaimed. “Now I normally would love to have fun with these bitches, but I need to save my strength for dealing with Anna Chambers.”

“I understand, I need to make a call,” Emily said, “Why don’t you lock the cunts up in one room. We will see how long it takes for them to turn on each other.”

As Alley left, Emily dialed a number on the desk phone. “Good evening, Dominique. I am calling in that favor you owe me.”

The Corzo Mansion, New Jersey

Dahlia Deal received the call to come to the mansion for a private meeting with Dominique Corzo. In truth, Dahlia had no love for Dominique, but she paid well. The young woman walked into the house and was escorted to the indoor pool. Dominique was laying out under artificial lights.

“Thank you for coming,” Dominique said, “You did a perfect job, as usual. The money has been wired to your account. I have something new for you. It will triple your current rate.”

Dahlia nodded.

“A woman of many words,” the Mafia princess remarked. “You will drive up to Boston and assist Emily Jo with anything she wants. I do not know what she has planned, but anything she asks, you will do.”

Dahlia nodded again. “Anything else?”

“Observe Ms. Jo,” Dominique replied, “If you see a weakness we can exploit, let me know.”

Dahlia nodded once more. “I will pack and leave tonight.”

Dominique waved her off.

The young woman drove back to her apartment, packing clothes and gear. She transferred the MK 47 Mutant to her small SUV. The stolen car would be picked up and burned by Ms. Cozo’sthugs. She packed a lined suit case with her Sig Sauer MPX SMG, a P226 in .22 Long Rifle variant, and a P320 chambered in 9MM. She preferred the SIG pistols because of the feel and shot grouping she would get. All the pistols and the SMG were modified to use one of her custom noise suppressors. Both the P226 and P320 had small hooks that lined up with the ejection port. Dahlia could attach as small bag to catch the rounds. So far, the police and FBI had no clue who she was. Killing the FBI agent was a rash decision, but Dominique Corzo insisted.

Last, she took the small statue of Santa Muerte and gently placed it in a custom box. She insured the candles were packed. The thought of pleasing The Lady of Holy Death sent a shiver down her spine.

Logan International Airport

Kristen Carey exited the aircraft with a travel bag as a Dassault 7X taxied to a stop one hangar over. The ramp came down as two women descended the stairs. The one in the lead had Middle Eastern looks to her. The long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Kristen caught her breath, as she knew the second woman walking down. The long red hair and big breasts could not be mistaken. Kristin walked back into the aircraft and used the secure sat phone to make a call.

“Yes, Kristin,” Gemma’s voice came over the phone.

“We have another complication,” Kristin said.

“More than the 20 million along with you and Alley away for a month?” Gemma asked in a heated tone.

“Much worse,” Kristin replied. “Anna Mathews is here in Boston. She knows Alley. And she knows me.”

“How the fuck does she know you?” Gemma shouted into the phone.

“In my previous life, I tracked her to Amsterdam. I pursued her through the city with us tangling in a hotel room. It lasted over 2 hours. She is an exceptional fighter, very dirty and very vicious.”

“I feel like more of my attention needs to be paid to this endeavor,” Gemma Wentworth said. “Joey Fisher and I will be traveling tonight.”

“Gemma,” Kristin said. “I caution against coming here. It puts you in the midst of this, which means you are exposed.”

“No, Kristin,” Gemma said, “Remember who you work for. I have made my own discoveries and contacts in the group who continues to hunt Vivian Christianson’s former associates. I have my own plant in that organization. I do not care who is there. I do not care if this Emily Jo runs Boston. She will cow to me or I deal with her quickly.”

“I will have someone to pick you and Ms. Fisher up when you land,” Kristin Carey said.

“Good,” Gemma said as the line went dead.

Chambers Residence

Jana Reznick and Sophie Jackson laid in bed, back to back. They both agreed to use the queen size bed so no one would have to sleep on the floor. Jana shimmied a little and her thong covered ass brushed against Sophie’s cheeks. The busty woman brushed back. The kiss of skin on skin electrified both woman. The two started rubbing and pushing the asses together. Under the bedsheets, the pair started to heat up and sweat a little. A few hours earlier, Sophie had talked about her catfight with Katrina in detail. Jana could barely keep herself calm as she had flashes of her own fight with Gina. Jana felt extremely horny and daring.

“I wager my fight with Gina was hotter than yours,” Jana whispered.

“Oh you think so,” Sophie replied as she pushed her fleshy ass back into the woman from Poland. “You think you are a catfighter?”

“MMMMMM,” Jana groaned, “We shouldn’t try to mark each other, maybe something sluttier.”

“Oh God!” Sophie whispered. “Let’s get naked and slut it out, bitch!”

“Fine with me, whore,” Jana said with a smile as she pulled her hot ass away from Sophie. She remained on her side as she shed her t-shirt and thong. She turned over to see the busty brunettetoss her clothing to the floor.

The two women turned towards the other. Their nipples scraped together as they pushed forward. Each groaned out as arms lifted and hands combed into thick hair.

“Come on, bitch,” Sophie growled quietly, “Let’s slutfight.”

They pulled hair harder as each tried to mount the other. Legs locked together as more of their skin rubbed. Moans and groans left lips as they pumped breasts and ground bodies side by side. Sophie wanted to see what the European woman could do. Jana rolled on top, keeping the large breasts touching as they compressed more with hard nipples spearing into the mass of flesh. As quick as Jana got on top, Sophie countered, rolling them back over. She used her thighs to spread open the Polish woman’s legs. Thrusting her hips down, the busty brunette was reward with silky touch of wet labia meeting. Jane pushed her hips up eliciting a groan of pleasure from Sophie’s lips. The polish beauty grasped the curvy ass of the woman on top her and kneaded the flesh. The flesh petals opened with both women crying out in ecstasy. With each squish of cunt on cunt, they groaned out in unison. Sophie pushed her hands on Jana’s tits,with the European beauty reaching up to roughly knead the brunettes big tits. Hips rocked in rhythm as the heated pussies threatened to explode.

“Cum for me you gorgeous slut!” Sophie said seductively.

“OH GOD!” Jana screamed out as her pussy erupted!

Sophie felt the rush of girl cum into her cunt and it sent her over the edge!

“YES! YES! YES!” Sophie cried out as she spurted her love juice back into Jana.

The pair continued to grind and rub as the orgasm abated. Sophie and Jana lay side by side exchanging little kisses over lips.

“Can we do this every night?” Jana asked.

“Next time we should start when we are not all hot and bothered over catfights!” Sophie laughed. “It will last longer.

Morning came quickly and I stepped out to take my normal jog with Teddy. He was not entirely happy with the house full of women, but after a few ear scratches he was demanding, he fell in line. I rounded the corner and could see a small blue sedan parked next to my house. I watched as a wily brunette and a busty redhead got out. I was about to wave when four Boston Police squad cars rolled up with emergency lights on.

“HOME!” I commanded Teddy, who took off in a sprint down the block. I stopped running and put my hands up. My eyes looked to Anna Mathews and Amal Hussain, the mature redhead walked quickly with Amal to the house.



I was preparing to ask which one they wanted me to do when I was slammed down from behind as my arms were wrenched behind my back.

“Payback is a bitch,” Detective Jennifer Slater whispered into my ear as I was roughly cuffed.

I glared up at her as I was hauled to my feet. I noticed all the officers were wearing body cameras, but no one read me my rights. Interesting. I was shoved into the back of a Crown Victoria and driven out of the neighborhood. I was transportedto the Suffolk County Correctional Facility and place in a small room with a table and two chairs on opposite sides. A few moments later, Jennifer Slater walked in.

“Let me get down to it,” she said, “Where is the money?”

“What money?” I asked, my eyes even with hers.

“The two million you were planning to launder through Emily Jo’s establishments!” Slater said in a raised voice.

“Sweets,” I said as I smiled, “Why don’t you take these cuffs off and open the door. You haven’t charged me with anything, since you and Emily want the money for yourself. Otherwise, go fuck yourself!”

Her fist came across the table quick and it hurt, a lot!

“I think a few days in lockup will do you right,” Jennifer said as she rubbed her knuckles. “We already let out a rumor that you were a cop and undercover. I hope you don’t get shanked before we meet again.”

I glared at her as county corrections officers came in a roughly took me to go through an abbreviated processing. I was not finger printed and my name was entered as Jane Smith. I had my clothes removed and given a grey jumpsuit. Two correctional deputies led me to the common room and roughly pushed me in. Every eye in the room fell on me. I kept my head up and eyes hard as I strolled to a table and sat down. I was waiting for the alpha bitch to smell new meat and come up to me. It took about 45 seconds.

“Hey new bitch,” came a voice with that distinct New England accent. “Hey, cunt! I am talking to you!” A hand came down on my left shoulder. The common room went silent.

I turned on the bench and came face to tits with a woman who easily weighed close to 200lbs. the mass of breasts were sagging in the jumpsuit. I looked up at dirty red hair shaping a round face covered in scars. “I was wondering who was going to be first.”

“First for what?” She asked.

I reached between her legs to grab her fat pussy and squeeze hard. As she bent over in pain, I slammed my forehead into the bridge of her nose. I heard the crunch as blood started to flow. The lights went out in her eyes as she staggered back and fell to her ass.

“Leave me alone and you stay on your feet,” I said loudly enough that all in the common room could hear me. “Test me and end up like her.” I used my eyes to look at the group in front of me, hands clenched and ready to take on whoever came at me. No one came.

Chambers Residence

“Sir,” Elin said over the phone, “My aunt, Anna Williams was arrested today. I want to know where she is at.” She listened for a bit. “What do you mean there is no record of her?” Elin hung up and turned the assembled group.

“This means someone high up wants to keep this quiet,” Anna Mathews said. As she said that, Dr. Jackie Taylor walked in quickly followed by a conservatively dress woman with blonde hair in a neat bun.

“This is Hailey McKenzie,” Jackie said by way of greeting. “I have retained her services to find and represent Anna.”

“Have any of you had interactions with law enforcement in the last few days?” Hailey asked.

“I have,” Darcy said as she handed Janet Kennedy’s business card to the lawyer.

“Thank you,” Hailey said as she accepted the card. “I need a detailed background on Anna. Everything you tell me is coveredunder attorney client privilege. Who has known Anna the longest?”

“I suppose that is me,” Amal spoke up. “Anna Williams or Chambers and I have known and worked together for 5 years.” Amal went into the meeting and joint operations in Jordan, in Los Angeles, Colorado, and working for Vivian Christianson.

“Is there someone in the Federal Government I can contact?” Hailey asked.

“You may want to try this number,” Anna Mathews said as she handed over Amanda Fowler’s number.

“There is also this,” Jackie piped in she handed over FBI Special Agent in Charge Dorothy Dodd’s card. “She is a bitch but you can trust her to do the right thing.”

“I assume that Anna has many powerful enemies,” Hailey said, “I will start local before contacting the feds. If you will excuse me.” She dialed the Boston Police department.

“Hello, Detective Kennedy,” she said into her cell phone. “My name is Hailey McKenzie; I am looking for my client, Anna Williams.”


I shared a cell with a mousy 19 year old who had been caughtwith her boyfriend’s stash of heroin. Late at night the door to my cell opened and the same two corrections officers who brought me in, had me get up and turn to secure cuffs on me. They led me to the open bay showers.

“Strip and shower,” the larger of the two women said as she undid my cuffs.

I stripped down and got under the lukewarm showers. I kept my eyes always moving as the two guards walked back to a shadowy area of the bathroom. I felt a chill come over me and when I saw who walked in, naked as the day she was born, I froze.

“Hello, Anna,” Alley said.

Boston Police Department, Detectives Robbery Homicide Division

Janet Kennedy hung up with the lawyer and started to piece things together. She looked through her notes from her visit to Cambridge College. Darcy Topher’s roommate was Eilin Williams. She thumbed through Elin’s file. Emergency contact was Anna Williams.

“How far does this rabbit hole go down?” Janet asked aloud. She punched in a few keys on her computer to bring up today’s intake at the county lockup. Her query for Anna Williams turned up nothing. She searched for females detained today. 10 hits with one jumping out at her; Jane Smith. She clicked on the name. No picture, no finger prints.

She called Hailey McKenzie back. “Ms. McKenzie, meet me at Suffolk County Detention Center.”

Janet hung up and grabbed her service weapon, rushing out of the office and down to her car.

Suffolk County Detention Center, Shower

Alley came closer as she and I began to circle. I moved my head quickly and did not see anyone else in the shower area. As the busty blonde got close to shower heads, she turned them on.

“Looks like we have more room in a shower than last time,” Alley said with a smile. “I am going to enjoy killing you. I will take great pleasure in it.”

I took a boxing stance as Alley matched me, “I am going to beat you to death. For Emilia, for Olivia and for me!”

She waved me forward with her right hand. “After you, I am going to kill all of your family and friends, starting with your daughter.”

I growled as I stepped within range and jabbed out with my left, which Alley avoided. My right foot came up and pushed her back as it connected with her abs. She kicked off the shower wall and her right fist found my cheek as I staggered back. She advanced and I thudded a right fist to her side and she groaned out, backing away. I tried not give her space and came at her. The left and right combo caught her flush on the mouth with my left but missed with my right. Her uppercut to my left tit made my howl out. I backed up with my body touching the steel shower cylinder. As she came at me, I ducked her looping left fist and grabbed the back of her neck as she grabbed mine. In a kickboxing clench, we each started to throw knees up towards sides, bouncing tits and our faces. I grunted as her right knee slammed into my side as she cried out when my left knee impacted against her firm right breast. She bounced up on her feet as her right knee slammed into my face. Everything started to spin as I drunkenly stumbled backwards. Alley released me with my back it the shower wall. Blood was seeping from my nose and I wiped it with the back of my hand.

“You are getting old and slow, Anna,” Alley taunted. “I thought this would take longer.” She slowly moved towards me.

I was breathing hard as my hands dropped further down. She could sense the change and smiled. Her fist came fast towards my head but I moved faster. She cried out as her right fist missed my head and slammed into the tile wall. I punched her hard in the belly and followed it up with a knee lift to her breasts. Alley fell to her ass on shower floor and I pounced.

My body slammed into hers as I mounted the prone blonde, with my thighs on either side of her tummy. I tightened to hold my grip and started raining punches down to her tits. When she tried to cover up her large breasts, I threw shots to her face. My punches created a cut on the side of her left eye and split her lip. She wiggled and struggled underneath my ass. Her hands moved from protecting her body to digging her nails on my ass, stabbing into the taunt flesh that I screamed and shot off her body. I quickly whirled as the blonde came down on top. Our large tits wetly slapped together as her hands wrapped around my throat. I grabbed at the wrists as Alley pushed down with her body weight. Knowing that I only had a few moments before I went out, I double punched her breasts. Her eyes went wide and then she screamed as I sunk my claws in. Her hands left my neck as they tried to pull my hands free. I bucked and we rolled over as my hands fell away. Bodies locked up tightly as hands pushed and clawed at faces. Each of us bit at fingers, eliciting screams and yelps of pain from our lips. Wet hair whipped around as we tumbled on the slick tile floor. I noticed something sliding on the tile next to us, looked over briefly and saw what looked like a plastic tooth brush with a razor blade attached to the tip. We reached for it at the same time. Hands wrestled as we continued to grapple naked in the downpour of the shower water. Alley got her fingers around it as she rolled on top. I hauled off and hit her in the right side of her face. Blood and spit flew as she rolled off. I got to my feet as quickly as I could, jumping back to narrowly avoid being slashed with the shiv. I was unlucky at her back slash. My abdomen burned white hot as I staggered back. I looked down to see if my guts were pouring out but it looked like a shallow cut, 3 inches, across my abs. I put the shower cylinder between us as I kept moving opposite to what she was moving.

“TIME IS UP! PEOPLE ARE COMING!” One of the female guards shouted as she stepped out from the shadows.

Alley screamed in rage, her eyes bore into me. “We will continue this another time, Anna!” She retreated the way she came into the shower followed by the two guards.

I slumped to my knees as I put pressure on the cut with my right hand with my left holding me upright, braced against the shower cylinder. Four guards and two women in plainclothes rushed in.

“What the fuck?” Exclaimed the redhead. She had a gold badge hanging from a chain around her neck. “Get her cleaned up and dressed. Heads are going to fucking roll.”

Twenty minutes later, I was escorted to the waiting room of the jail. The redhead, a blonde woman in a business suit and my girlfriend, Dr. Jacqueline Kara Taylor were waiting for me.

Jackie rushed to my side. “Oh my god!” Her head twisted to face the guards. “How could you allow this to happen?”

The redhead stepped forward, “Dr. Taylor, I promise I will get to the bottom of this.”

“You had better,” the blonde said, “If not, your department and this facility will find themselves in the most expensive lawsuit in state history.”

“We are going to the hospital,” Jackie said. I tried to protest but she looked hard at me and I just nodded my head.

“Come along, detective,” I said, “Maybe I can fill in some of the gaps.”

Chambers Residence

Anna Mathews, Amal Hussain, and Sophie Jackson listened to Jana brief them on the things she discovered working for the student placement firm downstairs in the safe room/armory. They crowded around the laptop with a copy of the information, Jana provided. Upstairs, Elin sat with Darcy as they watched TV. Tamera Good was out of house meeting with a few friends from JSOC for new toys. Dani Williams’ cell phone buzzed with a text.

Text from unknown number: Are you able to deal with AM?

Text Dani: No. With too many and unable to get alone.

Text from unknown number: Plan to deal with another way. Do you have location of VC and info promised?

Text Dani: Yes, will trade for time with VC.

Text from unknown number: Leave now for Logan. Gate entry 4. We have group going to VC.

Text Dani: Leaving now.

Dani put the thumbdrive she confiscated from the armory and placed it into the backpack she had packed with clothing. She removed a small device that looked like an Amazon Echo, placing it on the floor next to the door leading downstairs. The device, a Chinese design, would erase any active electronic device in a 1000-foot radius. She depressed the start button and walked out the back door. Elin saw her cousin through the front room window, walking to her rental car, entering and driving away. Then Teddy started barking from the kitchen. Elin ran into the room and saw the dog was barking at something circular on the floor. The lights in the house dimmed and all the electronic devices started sparking. The device started to beep faster as she scooped it up, ran to the door and heaved it into the backyard. The device exploded sending shrapnel into the back of the house. The women downstairs quickly ran up. Elin was shakenbut otherwise unharmed. She told them what she saw. They all checked their cell phones, which were fried. All except Anna Mathews, who had a habit of turning her phone completely off unless using it. She saw a text from Jackie.

Mass General Hospital

Nurse Practitioner Kiva Ward noticed the police presence around the exam room she was walking towards. She nodded at the officers who recognized her as the staple of the Emergency room.

“Good evening, Ms. Williams,” Kiva said, “Let’s take a look at your cut.” She closed the door behind her. “Hello, Janet.” The detective smile and nodded.

I laid back as the very attractive nurse removed the bandage, cleaning the three-inch cut across my abs.

“What caused this?” Kiva asked.

“Razor blade, it is called the high Brazilian,” I said making a joke, “I like to be smooth down there.”

The nurse practitioner didn’t laugh but did pour cold saline solution over the wound making me jump a little.

“Ok, ok,” I said, “I got into a naked shower fight in jail and she cut me with a shiv.”

Kiva looked at me, then at the three other women in the exam area, “You are serious aren’t you?”

“I never lie about a naked shower fight in jail,” I said with a wink. As the lovely woman cleaned the wound and applied the numbing agent to my abs, I turned to Janet Kennedy. Since I don’t have time to wait, oh lovely Nurse Practitioner Ward, just forget everything you are about to hear,” I said with another wink. Jackie rolled her eyes. “Jennifer Slater works for Emily Jo. She tried to shake me down last week and somehow found out a little about my past.”

Janet nodded, “We have had Slater under surveillance for a while. So far, linking anything to Emily Jo will be tough. We need more. How much of this past should I be aware of?”

“You can contact Special Agent Dottie Dodds out of New York,” I said, “She will verify I am who I am and that I have been working with her office to get dirt on Ms. Jo.”

“Why isn’t this investigation run through the Boston field office?” Janet asked but already knew the answer.

“Who can you really trust?” I asked back. Janet nodded.

A uniformed police officer knocked then poked his head in. “Detective Kennedy, a Miss Williams is here to see her aunt.”

I nodded and Janet waved to let her in. Elin came in with red eyes from tears.

“What happened?” I asked, my expression turning serious.

“Dani left, took the thumb drive, erased all other copies and set off a small bomb,” Elin said as I could see everyone’s eyes grow wide. “Tam saw her driving away fast and followed her to the airport. She took a few picture of Dani and a group of people boarding a private jet. She handed me Tamera’s phone. One picture was of Dani and a group of men boarding, the second was Alley and an older brunette walking up the stairs, the third was former MI-6 agent Joey Fisher and Gemma Wentworth shaking hands with Emily Jo.

“Nurse Ward,” I asked, “How fast can you finish?”

“I am actually done with the stitches,” she said, “But I need to bandage this and you need to rest.”

“What if I need to do other things?” I asked looking her in the eyes. “Things like running and jumping and such.”

There was something in her eyes that knew what I was talking about. “Give me a moment,” Kiva said as she walked out of the exam room. She came back a few moments later with a bottle. “The stitches will tear, you will bleed a little, but take two of these before and you will have full movement.” She handed me the bottle and a card. “This is my number, because if you make it back here, you are going to need to get looked at.”

“Call me Anna,” I said as I held out my hand.

“Kiva,” she replied shaking my hand. “Now, if there are no more interruptions, I need to bandage this the best I can.”

As the group left, Kiva Ward, NP, wondered what she was getting herself into. A naked shower fight, crooked cops, a wealthiest woman in Boston mixed up in bad things, a bomb?Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My, she thought to herself. Little did she know her life would be changing soon.

Over Ohio

“Thank you for this information, Dani,” Gemma said. “As promised, you will have fifteen minutes alone with Vivian Christianson. I have no use for her other than to silence her. You hate her so much that you would betray your organization and family. I am impressed by your dedication.”

“She killed my mother and my aunt did nothing,” Dani said in a flat tone.

“And your aunt is Anna Chambers?” Kristen asked as she and Alley sat near to Dani and Gemma.

“Yes, the famous Marine Chick,” Dani said rolling her eyes. “I tolerated that cunt and her cunt daughter so I could get what I could to find Vivian.”

“Oh I do love betrayal,” Alley cooed. “Dani, I think you and I will be friends.”

Chambers Residence

I hugged Jackie tightly. “Sweetie, I have a favor to ask. Can you stay here with Elin, Darcy and Jana? Grace will be by in an hour to fix the security system and patch it so this never happens again.”

Jackie kissed me deeply. “Will she be able to fix the cable? Maybe free adult pay per views?”

“God I love you, Jackie!” I said, then realized it was the first time I said it out in the open in front of people.

“I love you too,” Jackie said, “Now go do what you need to do.”

I walked down to the armory as Anna, Amal, Sophie and Tam were loading up bags, rifles and pistols into large Pelican cases.

“I called and left a message for Amanda but it went to voicemail,” I said. “I think they are going after Vivian Christianson. I made the mistake of telling Dani exactly where she is. If Amanda is in the bunker, I can’t get through. Fucking technology. I left a message for Olivia to get back to me.” I looked over the group. “Anna, are you good for this?” The woman was in her mid-fifties.

“I appreciate the concern,” Anna Mathews said with no hint of annoyance to the question, “But as Amal and Sophie will attest to, I can still roll in the mud.” The two women both nodded.

“Ok, Tam,” I said turning towards the black woman, “What toys did you bring us?”

“I was able to acquire one AR-10 chambered in 458 SOCOM, two Mk 18 Mod 1 Close Quarters Battle rifles from DEVGRU, a case of new Aim point Comp M2 that can be fitted for night vision, two UCIW (Ultra Compact Individual Weapon) that Special Air Service use, and two M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles; one fitted for Assault and one fitted in the M38 Designated Marksman Rifle (DRM) style,” Tam said. “Oh and commercial suppressors for all.”

“What did you give them in return?” I asked.

“A date with one,” Tam winked. “These all were either built at Crane or in the company factories and do not have serial numbers on them. Therefore, in all respects, these rifles don’texist. I also told them I would translate a few boxes of intel they got from down range.

“How are we getting there?” Sophie asked.

“Why Air A.P.,” I said with a smile. “It is the only way to fly!”

Near Helena, Montana

Grace walked into cabin from the cockpit and up to me, “We land in fifteen minutes. There is a C-130 fueled and waiting for you. Parachutes have been packed and are good to go. The report from the ground is the other group headed out by SUVs and trucks.”

“And by parachuting in,” I said, “We will not be that far behind them. Thank you sweetie!”

“You know A.P. and I will help you with anything,” Grace returned the smile.

The jet landed and taxied next to the C-130. Air Force personnelaided us with our gear. An Air Force Captain walked down the ramp to greet us.

“We lost comms with the site 10 minutes ago,” he said, “We will take off and it is only a 15 minute flight to the jump point. Nearest Quick Reaction Force (QRF) is out of Lewis-McCord in Washington. 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment will send a contingent out. Expect to have them on station 15 minutes after you parachute in.”

“Let’s not waste time, Sir,” I said as motioned for my team to grab seats for takeoff.

Once in the air, Tamera, Anna Mathews, Sophie, Amal and I got dressed in black Nomax flightsuits. We each threw on ballisticplate carriers that would stop a 7.62 round. We secured pistols into holsters that strapped over thighs. I chose a FN 5.7 modified for less recoil. The 5.7 round could punch through a car door. I took one of the MK 18 CQB rifles and loaded up 6 extra magazines of 30 rounds into pouches on my plate carrier. The other women got similarly dressed. Lastly, we fitted the blacked out parachutes over our bodies and readied for the green light. Since we were jumping at 25,000 feet for a High Altitude Low Opening jump or HALO, we would be using oxygen masks and GPS to guide us in. We would free fall from 25,000 feet and open at around 3,000 feet.

The back ramp lowered as the 5 of us walked to where the jumpmaster was standing. The light turned from a blinking red to a solid green and he waved us to go. There was a cold shock as the slipstream caught me. I checked the GPS on my left wrist and orientated my body in the direction I was to go. I looked around and could make out the four shapes of my team around me. I watched the altitude tick down. At 3,000 feet, I pulled the cord and my chute popped open. The rapid decent stopped and now I coasted the rest of the way in controlled. I could see the farmhouse as I pulled on the control cords and my feet touched down softly. I pulled the chute down and secured it. My team made it with no issues. I pulled the oxygen mask off and refitted the FAST helmet equipped with L3Harris/EO Tech GPNVG-18 night optics. Each eye would have a wider view than the normal NVG mount. We crouched and moved quickly to the farm. The barn door opened and we dropped to the grass. Amal sighted in with her DMR.

“One male dragging a body out,” Amal said quietly. The earpieces we wore would pick up the quietest of words spoken when we depressed the chest device. “He is staying outside, lighting a cigarette. What a fucking amateur.”

I keyed my mic, “Is this a good place for overwatch?”

“Yes,” Amal said, “I have good views and can cover both sides of the barn.”

I rose and led the rest towards the opposite side of the barn from the guard. I motioned for the others to remain in place and crawled towards the back of the man as he was facing the field. “Now,” I whispered.

The guard’s head exploded and he fell. I had positioned myself on my knees with my hands up and caught him, lowering to the dirt with no sound. I put the NVGs up as there was sufficient light coming from the barn. We stacked and each squeezed shoulders to let us know we were good to go. I went in first and had my rifle up with Anna M, Sophie and Tam right behind.

Two men with rifles were startled by our entrance. Anna M and Sophie quickly silenced them. We made it to the lift but it was fully down. I saw the console for it and put two rounds into it to disable the lift. We took the stairway. On the way, we encountered five more men and ended them. Based off the pictures Tamera took of the men boarding the aircraft, there were two more plus the women. Slowly we crept into the main bay. Emergency lights blinked and smoke filled the large open room. We made our way down the hallway, bodies of service men and women lay dead. As I neared a room to my left, I could hear voices. I peeked my head in quickly to see two men conversing. I wanted to get at least one alive. I motioned to Tam to toss in a flashbang. I indicated to the team that men needed to be disabled. I nodded to Tam and she pulled the pin and rolled to device in. BANG! I rushed in with the team behind me. Both men were disorientated and I swept the legs of the man on the left. He tumbled and I jumped on his back and wrapped my right arm around his neck, pulling my right wrist back with my left hand. He struggled for a moment and went limp. I let him go and zip tied him. Tam and Sophie had rendered the other man unconscious. We secured him as well. I made my way back out the corridor and my team followed behind me. We made it to the holding cells and I rushed in to clear the space. I was expecting to find Vivian Christianson in the room, but I only found Amanda Fowler. She was slumped over and bleeding from the head. I checked her pulse and found one but it was weak.

“Anna,” Amal said, “The Rangers are here.”

“Good,” I replied. “Tell them the way down is clear and I need a medic here now.”

“Got it,” Amal said.

The farmhouse and black site were secure with no sign of any of the women who came here along with Vivian Christianson.

Flying back over the Midwest

“This is not what I agreed to,” Dani Williams protested.

“I have changed the deal,” Gemma Wentworth replied, “Pray I do not change it further.”

“You will still get your chance with Vivian,” Kristin Carey said to Dani, “But this time she will also have a fighting chance and we will wait until we return to the UK.”

Dani sat fuming only a few feet from the woman in a gag and hood over her head. All she wanted to do was end the bitch who killed her mother in an explosion and abducted Dani and her cousin.

Vivian Christianson sat, unable to speak due to the gag. She did not recognize any of the voices, but this group had broken her out of a secret black site. She overheard the “Fighting Chance” line and knew she would continue to have to scratch and claw to survive.

Chambers Residence

We had gotten back to my house around 3AM. Anna Mathews and Amal were staying at a secure safe house. We unloaded the gear and placed it back into the basement armory. I was dead tired. I walked into my bedroom and hopped in the shower as quietly as I could. I could hear Jackie’s breathing from the bed. I let the warm water wash over me as I leaned my head against the wall. I felt naked breasts against my back. I moaned a little as Jackie joined me. I turned and kissed my girlfriend fiercely. We broke the kiss and I looked Jackie over. I noticed the scratches and bruises.

“What the hell happened to you?” I asked.

“Oh this is nothing,” Jackie smiled. “I met the Dean of Students who wanted to force me to have the police interview Elin.”

“Well since she hasn’t been interviewed,” I mused, “I assume you came out on top.”

“Well,” Jackie said with a smile, “We came on the top and bottom, and then I made her cum again.”

“I do love that you are a dirty slut,” I said as I pressed into her with our heavy breasts compressing.

“Even though it is late,” Jackie said, “Why don’t we dry off and go get dirty again?”

“Mmmmm god I love you!” I said.

FYI, we didn’t really get dry or make it to the bed.

Emily Jo’s Mansion

Gemma and Alley walked into the study were Emily Jo was seated at her desk.

“Good evening,” Gemma said as she sat down. “Alley is here to take care of our mutual issue.”

“Ah yes,” Emily said a little nervous, “There has been a complication.”

Gemma cocked her head, “What complication?”

“Well the three women were placed in the same room,” Emily answered. “Nika and Barbie ganged up on Gina and killed her. Then they turned on each other and Barbie is the only one who survived.”

“So what you telling me is that you took it upon yourself to kill two of my employees?” Gemma asked. “Nika alone was worth all four of your fucking strip club workers.”

“Watch your fucking mouth,” Emily growled. “You do not want to make an enemy of me.”

“Sod off, you dumb twat,” Gemma replied as she leaned forward. “You may run Boston for the moment, but I can end that like this!” She said as she snapped her fingers.

“Come and try you fucking cunt!” Emily yelled as she stood.

“Alley, why don’t you excuse us,” Gemma said as she stood and started to remove jewelry and took off her coat. The blue dress hugged her curves. The large firm breasts pushed out from the scooping neckline.

Emily took out her earrings and pulled off the rings on her hands. She stood in a silver dress that clung to her like a second skin. She ran her hands over her large breasts and down to her curvy hips.

Alley walked out of the study and shut the door. The scream of rage from both echoed through the hallway as well.

The two woman reached across the desk, latching onto hair. Emily’s dark tresses were down to her mid back as Gemma’s blonde was cut into a sexy pixie cut. Each pulled back as they lifted the other off her feet, and then the other would do the same. Strands of hair were pulled out and littered the desk. Emily leaned back, pulling the short haired woman over the desk, she launched herself as the two tangled arms and legs on the desk. Nails scratched at scalps, dragging down over pretty cheeks with each screaming in pain. The bottoms of the dresses rose over hips as legs tangled. Heels were kicked off as the two rolled back and forth. Emily rolled on top with Gemma placing her stockinged feet on the Asian woman’s hips, pushing off. Emily held onto the neckline of the blue dress, tearing it wide open as she fell off the desk. Gemma rolled off the desk and shed the remnants of her once expensive dress. The blue bra, matching thong and blue thigh high stockings her only armor.

“Get back over here, cunt!” Gemma growled as she stalked forward.

Emily rushed at the blonde, who sidestepped at the last moment, grabbing the Asian woman’s silver dress from the back. The dress tore away as Emily tumbled to the carpeted floor in a silver bra, thong and garter belt stocking set on. As the busty Asian turned to rise, Gemma pounced on her. Fingers grabbed back at hair, over filled bras as the pair locked legs, and rolled across the floor. Mouths opened and teeth snapped when faces came close. Gemma’s right tit was exposed as Emily had her bra pushed over her large breasts. Hands moved from hair to grab the large orbs and dig claws in. Each screamed out in pain as tits were pulled and twisted. The lay side by side with the breasts taking on horrible shapes. Emily forced her thigh in between Gemma’s legs and slammed it into the thong-covered pussy. The blond Brit moaned as the Asian rolled on top. Gemma dropped her hands to the silver thong and yanked it up into Emily’s cunt like a saw. The Asian woman fell off and rolled away, holding her pussy. The two women rose to their knees and slammed naked breasts as hands clawed down back to shapely asses. The rock hard nipples speared into the taut flesh as nails scraped lines in skin. Emily and Gemma lost their thongs, leaving stocking clad legs wrapping together. They tightened bodies with the wet flower petals touching.

“I am not going to fuck you, cunt!” Emily cursed.

“I wouldn’t fuck you ever, twat!” Gemma taunted back.

They tipped over and rolled in a clawing catball. Sweat dripped into the angry red scratches causing both to wince in pain. The slick skin slide as they tumbled repeatedly on the carpet. Emily rolled them to a stop as she ground her large breasts into Gemma’s. The blonde cried out with her hands clawing at the Asian’s naked ass cheeks. Neither heard the door to the study open and close. Emily’s hair was yanked from behind as she was pulled off the Brit. Alley’s right arms snaked around her neck.

“I do apologize,” Alley cooed in Emily’s right ear. “But Gemma here pays the bills. Stop struggling because I would hate to hurt this luscious body of yours.”

Emily stopped struggling as Alley held her tightly. Gemma got to her knees facing the Asian woman.

“I have had enough of you, cunt!” Gemma cursed as she roughly kneaded Emily’s large breasts. “I will not be paying you the 20 million and my girls will be coming home with me. If you persist, I will end you in the most violent of ways.” She let go of the tits and looked up to Alley, “Tie her up and gag her. We will be leaving in a few hours. Make sure Barbie is ready to travel.”

Alley did as instructed, with Emily’s muffled curses being heardas Alley closed the door.

Dahlia Deal walked up to Gemma and Alley, pistol out in her hand.

“Are you the woman from New Jersey?” Alley asked as she eyed the new woman.

Dahlia nodded.

“1 million US dollars for you to work for me,” Gemma said, “Exclusively.”

Dahlia Deal smiled, “It would mean I betray New Jersey.”

“2 Million then,” Gemma said, “We can assist with New Jersey.”

“I need to stay here to finish things, Gemma,” Alley said. “This one could assist.”

Gemma nodded. “Help Alley here deal with the roaches that plague my plans, then join me. I will leave Joey Fisher as well since she wants Anna Mathews. Be quick about it, we have much to discuss.” She walked off still naked and sweaty from the catfight with Emily.

“First, you and Joey are going to find Anna Mathews and Amal Hussain,” Alley said to Dahlia. “Then we kill Anna Chambers.”

The Latina smiled and licked her lips. She said a silent prayer to Santa Muerte in thanks for this most bountiful of changes.

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