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Tales of the Marine Chick: Marine Chick For Hire – Chapter 4 by Anna the Marine Chick

Chambers Residence

I awoke on the floor of my bedroom a little after 6AM, still wrapped up in a pretzel like position with my girlfriend, Jackie. I hurt all over but especially my abdomen. I looked down and could see the stitches tore open and I was bleeding a little. I unknotted myself from the slumbering redhead and walked to the bathroom to wet a towel and place it over my wound. I fished out the card with Nurse Kiva Ward’s number and dialed.

“Hello?” Came a groggy voice on the other end of the phone.

“Good morning, sunshine,” I said, trying to act chipper. “Kiva, this is Anna Williams. I did a little too much jumping and my insides are falling out. Is there any way you can swing over and sow me back up?”

That must have woken her up, “Anna! Damn! Yes, absolutely. Let me get showered and dressed. What is your address?” I texted the address to her. “Give me an hour and I will be there. Try not to fall all the way out.”

I could almost hear her smiling. I like this chick’s personality. I threw on some silky running shorts and a black tank top but kept it just under my breasts with the wet compress still on my belly. Thankfully I was not the first one awake. Tamera had figured out the coffee maker and a pot had just finished brewing. I sat down and she brought me a cup.

“Can I borrow the truck to head to the hardware store?” Tam asked.

“Sure,” I said, “I shouldn’t need it. What do you plan on getting?”

“While I like Silencer CO for off the shelf stuff,” Tam answered, “I can machine better ones with tools from the store. I priced it out around $650 for the equipment and $250 for the parts to build ones for each of the weapons we have.”

I pointed to the cabinet above the stove. “Red and white cookbook, under party drinks.”

Tam got up, grabbed the book, and opened it. The middle of the cookbook was hollowed out.

“Wow! There must be a few thousand here,” Tamera Good said.

“Should be $10,000,” I said. “Use it as per-diem until I can get your account set up.”

Jackie walked in, dressed in a full-length red robe. I gave her a wink as she leaned down to kiss me.

“Ewww, gross!” Elin teased as she walked in after Jackie.

“Whatever bitch!” Jackie laughed. “I could hear you and Darcy last night.”

My blonde niece turned the same color as my girlfriend’s robe. “Yeah, well, Anna saw Darcy’s tits too!”

“Traitor,” I said as Elin laughed walking out of the kitchen.

Jackie swatted me on the arm, “Oh yeah, I think I owe you for going to a strip club without me. I think you and I have some things to discuss.”

“So do I pencil you in for a naked catfight later, slugger?” I asked as I stuck my tongue out.

Before Jackie could answer a voice piped in, “Maybe want to wait on the naked catfight until you heal up.” Nurse Practitioner Kiva Ward walked into the kitchen with Elin.

Now it was Jackie’s turn to redden. I smiled as I introduced Kiva to Tamera. Kiva set up shop on the kitchen table. She cleaned the wound and numbed it before she started in. “So was this tear from a catfight?” She smiled.

“Nah,” I said, “This is just how wild Jackie and I get in bed!” Tamera coughed out coffee and Jackie swatted my arms again.

“Jackie,” Kiva said smiling, “If you want me to make a lightning bolt with the stitches or something obscure, let me know.”

“Oh I will,” Jackie said giving me a mock glare.

Kiva finished the stitches and started looking over the other scars that could not be missed on my body. “Anna, you have lived four or five lifetimes.”

“Shrapnel, bullets, knives and wrought iron poker are the major ones,” I said. “I have had my right nipple reconstructed from when a woman almost bit it off. I have had my nose repaired after breaking it more times than I can count. Ribs, fingers, ankles all broken at one point or another.” Jackie sat down and looked at me, I guess I had not told her everything that had happened to me. “The one scar that keeps breaking open is the one from my first real catfight.” I looked around and it seemed like I had everyone’s attention. I pointed to left eyebrow and ran my finger over the quarter inch raised skin. “My mother, Joyce, gave this to me when I was 18 years old.” I heard a collective gasp.

“Oh, honey,” Jackie said, “I am sorry.”

“No, you have it wrong,” I said, “This was a catfight, back and forth. Punching, slapping, clawing, biting, tearing off clothing, brawling naked. It was a step up from topless hair pulling with my sister, Dawn. Between my two sisters, my mother and me, I am surprised we stayed clothed for the time I was living there.”

“That does explain a lot,” came Elin’s voice from the kitchen doorway. “Could my mom fight?”

I looked her in the eyes and smiled, “Oh hell yes she could. She and I didn’t tangle a lot but when we did, she was ruthless.” Elin gave me a smile.

“So can this be a regular thing?” Tamera asked.

“What?” I asked.

“Catfight and coffee,” Tam said, “I would be down for that.”

Me too,” Kiva chimed in. “Next time, I will tell you how nurses eat their young!” The beautiful Kiva Ward winked at me. “Do me a favor and try to take it easy for a couple of days. Next time I come over, I want it to be for something other than work.”

“I will try my best,” I said, “Looks like that catfight with me will have to wait, my love.” I smiled at Jackie who rolled her eyes. My burner phone dinged with a text. I grabbed it and looked. “Well, this should be interesting.”

Upstairs office at the Kitty Kat Club

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Emily Jo said to herself as she typed out the text.

Text: Anna, I wish to meet to discuss mutual issues affecting both of us. The club we first met at is closed. I will aqueous to any security arrangement you desire. I would like to meet sooner rather than later.

Text back: I will be there in one hour. Make sure it is you and only one other with you. Any funny business and I introduce you to the woman you do not want to meet.

Text: I await your arrival.

“Fucking smart ass bitch,” Emily grumbled.

I arrived an hour after the text messages. I exited the F-250 in front of the Kitty Kat Club and walked in. The place was empty. New construction was already started in the bar area. I remembered my way up to the office. I entered without knocking and saw Emily seated at her desk with a busty blonde woman over her right shoulder. She was exactly how Sophie described. My earpiece went off with Anna Mathews’ sweet voice.

“There are four people in a hidden room near the office,” she said, “I can pick them up on thermal scans.”

I shook my head at the seated Emily Jo. “You already make me not trust you, Emily.”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked with a convincing poker face.

“I mean the four people in the room down the hall,” I said.

She nodded to Katrina who used her cell to make a call.

“The four are exiting the club,” Anna Mathews said.

“I make the mistake of constantly underestimating you,” Emily said with a frown.

“Cheer up, Em,” I said, “I have been doing shit like this before you got a training bra.” I kept smiling, she kept frowning. “So what do you want to discuss?”

“I am already going to assume that you are not going to be leaving the Boston area,” Emily said as I nodded. “I want to work out a plan where we stay out of the other’s way.”

“Emily,” I said as I sat down in a chair across the desk from her. “You built a great smoke screen where many see you as the savior of the city. However, I know what you do and whom you work with. Every gang, every crime element pays you to work in the city. Fly straight and we will be fine.”

“I like making money,” Emily said with a grin, “I am established here and you may have a hard time trying to run me out. But, I can give you something that you can use.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“I can give you the names and backgrounds of all of Gemma Wentworth’s associates,” Emily said, laying her cards on the table.

I mulled it over for a bit, “My guess is you want them gone so they don’t try and take over your enterprise, am I right?”

“That is part of it,” Emily conceded.

“Ok, Em,” I said, “But I want you to cut ties with Jennifer Slater.”

Emily’s smile turned back into a frown. “Fine.”

“I will steer clear of you as long as your business does not come into my lane,” I said, “I will make sure the current investigation is stopped. But if you cross me or mine, I will rain fire from heaven on you. I have done it before to more powerful women.”

“Consider this the last time we will meet like this,” Emily said, “The next time will not be so cordial.”

I smile as I stood and walked out. I got back to the F-250 with Anna Mathews waiting in the passenger seat.

“You know this truck suits you,” she said as I started the diesel engine.

“How so?” I asked.

“You are obviously compensating for something small,” Anna laughed as she cupped her larger tits.

I narrowed my eyes. “Bitch!”

Boston Police Department

Jennifer Slater excused herself from the squad room and walked out to take the cell phone call.

“You are out,” Emily Jo said. “I no longer can tolerate your failures.”

“What the fuck, Emily?” Jen said loudly, and then softened her voice. “I am loyal to you, always have been.”

“Then why did you try and take a cut of Anna Chambers’smoney?” Emily shouted on the other end of the line. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

“You know I have a lot of dirt on you,” Jennifer threatened.

“Cunt! You wouldn’t make it out of the building alive!” Emily screamed. “Do you think you are the only one on my payroll? Try it and find out!” The line went dead.

Jennifer Slater almost screamed. She marched into the ladies’ room to cool down. Janet Kennedy watched from a distance and followed. She entered and slowly locked the door.

Jennifer looked up from the sink and stared at her through the mirror, “What do you want Janet? I am not in the mood right now.”

“I am guessing your side job just went away,” Janet said as she crossed her arms under her breasts. Neither woman was armedas the policy was to secure their service weapons in their desks. “Being a dirty cop finally caught up with you.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jennifer asked angrily as she spun to face the redhead.

“It means I am going to turn you in for working for Emily Jo,” Janet said. “I have been building a case for months.”

“You fucking rat!” Jen swore.

“You dumb bitch!” Janet said as she stepped forward. “Why do you think we were made partners? They saw it and I was brought in to deal with it.”

“You won’t be able to make your case if you are in a fucking coma!” Jennifer said as she matched Janet’s strides, pushing her large tits into Janet’s equally sized pair. “You know how we deal with rats here.”

Janet’s right fist flew and slammed into Jennifer’s left cheek, sending the brunette stumbling back with her ass hitting the sink. Jennifer let out a cry and lunged, ducking and wrapping her arms around Janet’s middle, taking them both into a vacant stall. Janet was slammed onto the toilet and grabbed the brunette’s hair. The cramped space did not allow hard punches to be thrown, so both settled in a more vicious style.

The redhead and brunette gripped hair as they pushed the other into the sides of the stall. Nails scratched at scalps as large tits mashed through clothing. Jennifer raked her right hands down over Janet’s left cheek, leaving red scratch marks. The redhead screamed in pain but brought her right hand down to grab the covered left breast of the brunette. The button up green blouse was torn open, exposing Jennifer’s overflowing green lace bra.

She cursed and grabbed the collar of Janet’s white blouse and twisted her body. The buttons flew off as the women stumbled and fell out of the stall to the bathroom floor. Their legs locked together as they rolled, pulling open blouses and punching at exposed skin. Jennifer rolled on top, but Janet hit her in the mouth with a left fist, knocking her off, blood dripping from a split lip. The two women got to their feet, blouses torn open, chest heaving, fists up and ready to strike. Jennifer struck first with a right hook the knocked Janet back against the sink.

The brunette stalked after her. Janet’s booted foot came up to push Jennifer off but the woman grabbed the foot lifting the redhead up. The sink gave way, crashing to the tile floor with a steady stream of water drenching both women. Jennifer slipped and fell to her ass on the now slick floor as the redhead pounced. Fingers combed through wet hair as they rolled again. Janet brought a hand down to roughly twist Jennifer’s left breast. The brunette howled out as she brought both of her hands down to grasp the white lace bra and pull. The bra gave way as Janet tore off the Jennifer’s green bra. The big tits were brutally mauled. Nails dug in, orbs were pulled and twisted, nails scratched over brown and pink areolas. They couldn’t take the abuse and pushed away from the other.

This time they were slow to get to feet. Blood flowed from noses and lips. As Jennifer got to her feet, she grabbed her handcuffs and put her fingers through and around her knuckles. Janet got up and the brunette slammed the handcuff covered fist into the left side of the redheads face, creating a cut from her eye brow to mid cheek. The blow sent Janet crashing into the metal paper towel holder, knocking it off the wall.

“Time to end this, cunt!” Jennifer taunted as she stood over the downed Janet Kennedy.

Jennifer Slater brought the fist down but Janet used the metal towel holder to intercept it. The thunk made Jennifer cry out in pain and bend over. The redhead swung the metal box into the side of the brunette’s head, spinning her around. Jennifer was swinging at air as her brain was trying to figure out what happened. Janet stood and walked closer, sending her right boot up between the brunette’s legs. Jennifer dropped to her knees and tried to scream.

“You…. Are …. Under…. Arrest… bitch!” Janet breathed out as she grabbed Jennifer by the hair and slammed her face into the closest toilet stall. Janet took the cuffs and secured the brunette’shands behind her back. She grabbed the torn blouse and tried to put it on.

There was banging on the door to the bathroom. Janet stumbled towards the door and unlocked it. Uniformed officers came in and jaws dropped. “Book this piece of shit,” Janet said.

Over the Atlantic Ocean

Gemma Wentworth finished a tense phone call. She sighed as she set the cell phone down. “Kristen, we may need to speed certain things up. She is not happy with our progress. In fact, she mentioned wanting to see both of us.” Instinctively, Gemma touched her breasts. “I remember the last time; thinking about it still pains me.”

Kristin Carey smiled, “Though watching it was quite enjoyable.” That earned her a mock glare from the busty young woman. She glanced over at Barbie. The blonde still sported marks from her fight with Nika. “What shall we use her for?”

“Not sure yet,” Gemma said, “I will think of something.”

In the back of the private plane, Dani Williams sat in stewing silence. Her plan to get revenge on the woman who had ruined her life was in shambles. All her work, the betrayal of friends and family, all for nothing. She glared ahead at Gemma, Kristen and the hooded woman sitting in the front of the craft. All she could think about was wrapping her hands around the blonde’sneck and squeezing until the neck snapped. She was so caught up in her daydream; she did not notice Gemma and Kristen looking at her.

“Dani,” Gemma said with a smile, “You look frustrated.”

“I want what I was promised,” Dani replied.

“Dear girl,” Kristen said, “Things have happened that will not allow for what you want. For now at least.”

Gemma beamed, “But if you want a taste of satisfaction, I can give it to you.”

“What do you mean?” Dani asked.

“You and Vivian get naked, fight right here in front of Kristen and myself,” Gemma said in a sultry voice. “It will give her a sporting chance and give me some sport to watch. It is up to you.”

“Untie her then,” Dani said as she stood and began to remove clothing.

Kristen walked forward, produced a knife and cut the zip ties securing Vivian Christianson. She pulled the hood off the blonde. Vivian pulled the gag out of her mouth.

“And if I have an objection?” She asked in a cold voice.

“Then I re-secure you and Dani beats on you some,” Kristen said, “This way you get to use your body, teeth and claws.”

Vivian glared at Gemma, who had a wide smile on her face. The blonde woman stood and unzipped the yellow jumpsuit. She was bare underneath. She looked back to Dani Williams, who had finished stripping. “Why do you want to kill me, Girl?”

The fiery redhead glared in hate, “Because you killed my mother!”

“I killed lots of mothers, or had them killed, be specific,” Vivian chided.

“Dawn Kilgore,” Dani said, “Anna Chambers’ sister!”

Vivian smiled for the first time in days, “Then by all means, child,” she said, “Come and take your revenge.”

The ceiling of the expensive jet was tall enough that neither woman had to duck as they closed in with large tits bouncing. Gemma and Kristen shared the same seat as they swiveled to see the action. Dani and Vivian slammed bodies together as hands grabbed blonde and red hair. They twisted head so violently, they bodies followed where the heads moved. Viv was forcedback onto a leather seat with Dani mounting her waist. The older blonde reached and grabbed the huge breasts of the younger woman and dug her dirty nails in. The redhead screamed so loud, the attendant from the service area walked in, but was waved away by Gemma. Dani slapped at the arms and face of the woman who killed her mother; red marks showing on Vivian’s pale skin. The older woman forced her younger opponent onto the carpeted floor of the cabin. There was not sufficient room for Dani to roll them over, so she fought from her back. She red painted nails, raked furrows over Vivian’s back, sides and to the outsides of her own large breasts. The blonde sat up as the redhead impaled her claws into the large tits with screams of torment coming from the older woman’s lips. Vivian slapped her hands down on the larger tits of Dani and gouged her nails in. Backs arched as tit flesh was crushed and twisted.

Gemma had her left hand inside Kristen’s shirt; massage the mature brunette’s large breast. Kristen’s right hands was between the younger woman’s legs, parting the thick labia with her fingers.

Dani used her nails to dig in and pull down as her head came up to latch her teeth onto the meaty part of Vivian’s right tit. The blonde howled out and started to punch at the younger woman’s head. The redhead kept right on chewing the skin, as she tasted blood. Slowly she sat herself up and pushed Vivian to her back. The older woman raked her short nails over Dani’s face, causing her to scream and lose the bite. Vivian straightened up and the pair slammed bodies together on their knees. Hands pulled at the back of long hair as faces were forced upwards. The mass of tits rolled and rubbed wildly as they jostled for position. They forced heads closer together and when they were in range, mouths opened with teeth bared to sink onto the other’s mouth. The muffled screams made Gemma buck her thighs in orgasm, watching the two women fight. She turned her head to wantonly kiss Kristen.

Blood flowed down chins and dropped to the mashed tits of Dani and Vivian. Hands released hair as each wrapped fingers around throats and started to squeeze as they bit the other.

“Alright,” Gemma said seeing the fight turn, “That is enough.”

There was a click as Vivian and Dani froze. Kristen Carey held a small pistol in her hand. “She said that was enough. Now break it up and go clean yourselves. We land in an hour. Vivian, there is fresh clothing for you.”

Dani and Vivian slowly pushed away. The other occupants of the plane could almost feel Dani’s anger. She walked back on shaky legs to clean the blood off her naked body and redress.

Chambers Residence

Elin and Darcy went back to Cambridge College with Sophie Jackson and Jana Resnick sitting in class with them. Anna Mathews, Tamera Good and I sat around the table downstairs looking over the files Emily Jo provided.

“Ok,” I said, “We know Alley and Joey Fisher.” I set those files aside. “We know Dani is now working with this group in some capacity.”

“How are you feeling about that?” Tam asked.

“I don’t plan to kill her but she needs a beating,” I said, my eyes narrowed. “Barbie Dollz, I know of her from California. She was the old lady of a member of an outlaw biker club. She had her hands in most of the illegal activities. She was looked up, met Nika Carter and the two had been inseparable until Barbie killed her recently.”

“This one,” Anna Mathews said, “Dahlia no last name. Dominque Corzo’s enforcer. We have history with her. From what I have read, her family has almost taken over New York as well as New Jersey. This might be one we ask the FBI about.”

“I do owe Dottie a phone call,” I said, “She is going to be pissed about Emily Jo, but she can get over it. If she has a problem, she can visit Jackie Taylor.” I smiled.

“Did you get to witness it?” Anna Mathews asked.

“No,” I said with a disappointed look on my face. “But Jackie told me every dirty detail.” I winked. “Ok, last one, Kristen Carey, former MI-6, now working directly for Gemma Wentworth.”

Anna Mathews sat back in her chair as she went visibly pale.

“Are you alright?” Tamera asked.

“Just a specter from my past,” Anna said. Both Tam and I looked at the redhead. “In 1994, I came across some very embarrassing information and a VHS tape of a confrontationbetween the Princess of Wales and her husband’s mistress. Needless to say the royal family wanted to keep this out of the public eye.”

“What do you mean by confrontation?” Tamera asked.

“A 45 minute naked catfight between Diana and Camilla,” Anna Mathews said, “Very nasty, something that would have shamed the royals for years. They sent Kristen Carey after me. It was in Amsterdam where she caught up with me. She is the most brutal, toughest woman I have ever gone up against. Three hours, no exaggeration, 3 hours. She and I looked as if we were starring in a 1970’s American slasher film. Naked, bleeding from numerous claw and teeth marks. We were barely able to move at the end and were found lying side by side wrapped like two snakes. It was the Russian’s who found us. They left her and took me.”

“If she remains like you are now,” I said quietly, “She is very dangerous. By the way, where is Amal?”

“She is following the busty Joey Fisher,” Anna answered. “I think dealing with the ones who were left here is going to pay dividends for us in the long run.”

“Mind if I join you?” Tamera asked.

“Why of course, my dear,” Anna Mathews answered sweetly. “I am anxious to see you work.”

I shook my head and grabbed my cell phone. I punched in a New York prefix and number.

“SSIC Dodds, how can I help you?” Dottie Dodds answered the phone.

“Dottie, this is Anna Chambers,” I said into the phone.

“Good to hear from you,” Dottie said, “How goes the investigation?”

“The investigation is paused,” I said, “There are things that have happened that require this to be placed on the back burner.”

“The hell it is!” Dottie answered me in a raised voice. “Emily Jo has people deep in the FBI field office and the US Attorney’s office in Boston. That will not do. If you will not do it, then I will.”

“Dottie, cool your tits,” I snapped back, “This goes high above you, sweets. Leave it alone for now. Not forever but for now.”

“Stop with that bullshit, Chambers,” Dottie returned. “Amanda Fowler is in the hospital and on the outs since she lost Vivian Christianson. You are no longer protected by her, so fuck off! And stay out of my way, Anna, or you won’t like the outcome.”

“Fine, Dottie,” I said, “Just remember I warned you.”

“Noted,” she replied and the line went dead.

Tam and Anna were looking at me.

“It about as well as expected,” I shrugged. “We should plan for more Feds in the area soon.”

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

The private jet landed and taxied to the out of the way hanger. Six black Land Rovers waited for the disembarking passengers. The back passenger’s window on the third vehicle lowered and a finger pointed at Gemma and Kristen, motioning them over. The two women walked closer.

“Get in here, now,” came a commanding voice. Gemma and Kristen entered quietly and sat opposite the woman. She was in her late 50’s but still could turn heads. Cosmetic surgery and an active lifestyle kept her looking fifteen years younger than her age. The blazer she had been wearing was draped over the seat next to her. Her legs were cross with the hem of the black skirt coming below her knees. The white blouse of tight and swelled at her bust line. Her hair, a mix of blonde and grey was piled on top of her head in a tight bun. Her piercing blue eyes stared hard at the two women in front of her. “May I ask why you thought it was relevant for you to travel to the US, get photographed with a known gangster, and have the US government make inquiries of you? Before you answer, the only thing that is redeeming is that you have that cunt, Vivian with you. If I did not have the control and power that I have, Home Office would be talking to you instead of me. Kristen, your job is to guide Gemma. Take a firmer role or I will find someone who will. The two individuals at the home are to work with you. Use them as you see fit. Here are their files. Now, get out of my sight.”

“Yes, mother,” Gemma said with her head down. She and Kristen got out of the Land Rover, which drove off with two vehicles in formation. “That old bitch,” Gemma muttered.

“That old bitch is out of your reach, Gemma,” Kristen chided.She opened the two files and smiled.

“Who are they?” Gemma asked as she looked over Kristen’s shoulder. “Oh my!” Gemma gasped as she saw the photos.

Downtown Boston

Joey Fisher stopped her rental car at the stop light as people started to move across the crosswalk. A homeless man in bulky and dirty clothes walked up to the car and started to clean the windshield.

“No thank you,” Joey said as she lowered the window two inches.

The man continued and depressed a button on the squidgy, scanning the VIN of the rental car. Joey tossed a five-dollar bill out the window as the light turned green. She drove off as the homeless man picked up the money and smiled. He shambled off down a back alley and came to a car. Amal Hussain took off the dirty clothes and grabbed a wet towel to wash the dirt from her face. She checked the laptop in the car to see the program tracking the rental car now. She grabbed her cell and dialed.

“Do you see it?” Amal asked.

“Thank you my dear,” Anna Mathews said, “Come back to the house. The young Miss Good and I will have a chat with Joey Fisher.”

Joey Fisher took the elevator up to the top of the building. The empty high rise was leased by a shell company with living spaces on the top floor. As the British woman entered the room, she could smell the candles. A moment later, Dahlia Deal walked out of her room, hair wet in a tight black long sleeve shirt and black leggings that extenuated the Latina’s round ass.

“What have you been doing?” Joey asked.

“None of your business,” Dahlia glared at the busty Brit.

Joey smiled as she removed her heavy jacket and stretched. Her breasts pushed against the green t-shirt. She removed her jeans in front of the young woman, smirking as she showed Dahlia her thong covered ass. “I like to relax comfortably. If you have a problem, you can fuck off.”

Dahlia felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She rushed to the laptop computer that monitored the cameras placed all over the building. They were all down, showing only static fuzz.

“You dumb cunt!” Dahlia yelled at Joey, “You led them here!”


The door to the living area was blown in with two flashbangs thrown in.



Dahlia’s vision was blurry and her ears were ringing as she tried to make it to her room and her weapons. She was roughly pushed; face first, against a wall.

Joey Fisher stumbled as she got to her feet. Her vision cleared and Anna Mathews was standing in front of her, wearing a mint green long sleeve button up shirt and jeans, pistol aimed at her head.

“Hello Joey,” Anna said sweetly, “I understand you have been searching for me. Here I am.”

“Fucking terrorist!” Joey spat, “If you didn’t have that pistol, I would beat you to death.”

“I am curious,” Anna went on, “Other than me being wanted by the Crown, why the hatred towards me? I cannot for the life of me recall if we ever met.”

“Cardiff, Wales, 1990,” Joey growled. “You left me an orphan after you killed my mother.”

“Oh dear girl,” Anna said almost sad, “You do know that I also worked freelance for the Crown. Your mother was working with the PIRA smuggling weapons to Libya through the docks in Cardiff.”

“LIAR!” Joey screamed as her hands formed fists at her sides. “You might as well get it over with, you old bitch! Because if you don’t I will tear you to shreds!”

“Ok, Joey,” Anna Mathews said as she thumbed the magazine release and ejected the chambered round, through them and the pistol behind her, “Let’s tear it up!” The two women rushed together.

“What the fuck?” Tamera muttered as her attention was on the other two woman.

Dahlia moved swiftly to the right and threw her right elbow to Tam’s jaw. The black woman avoided most of the blow but it stunned her nonetheless. The Latina grabbed the pistol as the two women fought over it. Shots rang out as the pistol went off into the ceiling as they stumbled. Tamera tripped on the carpet and brought Dahlia down with her, the pistol skidded away and under the sofa. Tam snaked her arm around the back of the Latina’s neck and tried to roll them, then she screamed out as Dahlia’s teeth bit her shoulder. The two women grabbed double handfuls of hair, yanking and tugging the locks.

Anna Mathews and Joey Fisher slammed together and went down to the couch. The younger woman immediately latched onto the long sleeve shirt Anna was wearing. Buttons flew in all directions as the garment was tore open. The older redhead pulled Joey’s shirt up as large tits came into view. The two women spent the next few moments violently removing shirts and bras, ending in Anna wearing her blue jeans and Joey in her green thong. On their knees, they mashed large tits as hands raked over scalps to lock into thick hair. They tipped over and fell to the floor. Legs came into play as the long limbs kicked at the other’s legs. Joey rolled on top and reached to grab Anna’s huge breasts. The redhead gritted her teeth, as she was a mistress when it came to vicious catfights. Her claws found Joey’sbouncing set as they pulled and groped the globes of flesh. Joey cried out but pressed her body weight down.

On the other side of the room, Tamera and Dahlia tumbled back and forth pulling hair. The Latina’s legging clad legs snaked around the black girl’s dark tactical pants. Their bodies crushed as each felt how toned the other woman was. Shirts started to work up flat tummies as they rolled. Dahlia released the dark hair and slugged Tamera in the side of the body. The black woman coughed as the Latina climbed on top. As the young woman was about to punch down, Tamera wiggled her hands up the black shirt and latch onto the firm bare breasts.

“AAAAAAHHHH CUNT!” Dahlia screamed out! She found herself pushed to the side and reached for the black woman’s shirt to pull on.

“FUCKING BITCH!” Tamera swore as her shirt was yanked up more, exposing her black bra.

The two women pushed away from the other and shed the shirts with Tamera adding her bra to the pile of clothing. While Tam had a healthy D cup, capped with chocolate colored nipples, Dahlia’s breast were only slightly smaller and set high with dark areaolas and bullet like nipples. Eyes narrowed as they came together on their knees.

Anna and Joey were yelling in pain as they alternated squeezing, pulling, twisting and banging the big tits together. The redhead used the brunettes like cymbals as she slapped them together. Joey fell to the side as Anna tried to roll on top. The younger Brit grabbed the blue jeans and pulled on the waistline, popping the front button as she tried to get her hand into the older woman’s knickers. The older woman balled up her right fist and slammed it into Joey’s mouth, splitting the brunette’s lip, sending her rolling away. Anna rolled to her feet and quickly pulled the jeans down her shapely hips.

“Since you want to really tear it up,” Anna said as she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her black thong, pulling them down her thighs, “Let’s go all out!”

Joey grabbed her green thong and tore it from her hips. She stood and came forward as the two naked woman slammed together on their feet, hands going for hair as big breasts crushed.

Dahlia’s soul was on fire! She had not felt this intense and alive since she and her foster mother had tangled naked. The young Latina imagined Santa Muerte watching her fight topless with this black woman. She wanted more. Both women raked nails down their backs as hands fell on full, rounded posteriors. Each woman had the type of ass that her ancestry gave her. Tamera felt the young woman pulling on the tactical pants as she bunched the waistband of the leggings and dragged them down. They happen to glance over at the two busty women now battling naked. Dahlia used her hands to push on Tamera’s shoulders as they separated. Each looked back and forth from Anna and Joey then back to themselves. They began to quickly pull off pants. It was as if something or someone was guiding them to do it. Rationality fell out the window as they stripped naked and got to feet. Tamera struck first, rushing forward and ducking to tackle Dahlia back to the carpet.

Shouts, grunts, squeals and cries of pain echoed in the large room. Anna and Joey each had a handful of hair and one of large tit as they stumbled throughout the room. The redhead twisted her nails over the brunettes left nipple causing the younger woman to scream. Joey tried to back away and her feet ran into the rolling Tamera and Dahlia. They collapsed on the rolling women turning the catball into a catpile. Joey Fisher launched herself onto the back of Tamera Good as Anna Mathews tackled Dahlia Deal back to the carpet.

Anna was now fighting a woman 30 years younger than she was. Bodies twisted like vines as hands pulled hard at red and brown hair. They tumbled over repeatedly. Dahlia reached in between them to grasp the huge tits. She could not stretch her fingers out enough to cover the entire breast. Fingers constricted as flesh folded over. Anna screamed out and dug her nails into the younger woman’s cheeks. Dahlia shook her face clear and refocused her attack on the long nipples. The redhead was in agony but fought back in earnest. The round firm tits of the younger woman were mauled as nails gouged and twisted skin. Each woman had tears streaming down faces as they fell side by side. The strong calves and smooth thighs rubbed harshly. Dahlia released the right tit and punched Anna in the belly. Air expelled out of the older woman’s lungs as the two rolled apart. Slowly, the pair got to their feet, claws out and starting to circle. With a shriek of rage they rushed together, the momentum taking them onto the couch and over the back.

Tamera felt Joey’s large breasts against her shoulder blades as the brunette squeezed the black woman’s tits from behind. The former sailor pushed herself up to hands and knees and tilted forward as the Brit was thrown off in front of Tam. She came down on Joey inverted with her face mashing into the Brit’s midsection as their tits slammed and flattened out. They locked arms around backs as teeth scraped abs with the tits staying compressed. They rolled with Tam taking the top spot as she ground her firmer breasts into Joey’s larger pair. The brunettemoved the arms around the black woman’s waist to the bomb booty and dug her nails in.

“AAAAAIIIEEEE!” Tamera screamed out, her face a mask of pain. The blurry vision began to clear and she looked at what was in front of her. The black woman brought her fist up and slammed it down, in a hammer style, to the bald pussy of the British woman.

Joey Fisher’s body went rigid and then began to thrash wildly, pushing Tam off her. The British woman started to crawl but her ankle was grabbed by a strong hand.

“Not so fast, bitch!” Tamera growled as she tried to pull the woman back towards her.

Anna and Dahlia did not break up when they hit the carpet. Legs snaked tighter as bodies grappled wildly. With each roll, with each tug of hair or slap of naked flesh, Dahlia was becoming more and more alive! The feel of hard nipples crossing with hers, sent a chill so deep into her soul, she knew that Santa Muerte was blessing her. Anna Mathews rolled them over and slowly tried to slide up to try and smother the young woman with her big tits. The Latina let go of hair and regrabbed the overabundance of pale breasts. The redhead screamed and grabbed Dahlia’s tits to return the mauling. As the tits were ravaged, the Latina bucked and writhed, coming very close to an orgasm from the fight. Her head cleared and she knew she must get away.

Dahlia stabbed her thumbnails into Anna’s nipples. The shock from the pain caused the redhead to stiffen for a moment as the young woman rolled off. She struggled to her feet and stumbled to the laptop, punching in a command and running to her room. She locked the door and threw on a tank top and shorts. Dahlia carefully put the statue of Santa Muerte into the protective case and set it down next to the case of weapons. If every place she lived in or stayed at, Dahlia Deal had an escape plan. For here, she kicked open a bottom panel of the wall and pushed her gear then herself through. In the vacant room was a fire escape slide that went down four stories. She slid down and ran the rest of the way to the hidden garage with her SUV. She drove out the garage and down the block to an empty lot with clear line of sight to the entrance of the building. She jumped into the back seat and removed the MK 47 Mutant from the case. The back passengers side window came down and she aimed at the door to the building.

Tamera turned Joey over to her back and pounced. There was a loud smack as the dark flesh met tan flesh. The Brit groaned and tried to fight back but Tam had her in a bad way. They large breasts mashed flat as Joey’s head was slammed against the floor stunning her. The black woman punched her hard across the face, knocking her out. Tam looked up to see Anna holding a hand out for her.

“What happened to the other girl?” Tamera asked.

“She got away but we have Joey and the laptop,” but as Anna said that, the laptop exploded. “Damnit.”

They dressed in torn clothing and got Joey covered. The had the injured woman between them as they rode the elevator to the ground floor. As they exited the building, Anna and Tam felt something wet hit their faces as the British woman they were dragging along became dead weight. Eyes locked over the spray of blood each had on their faces. Anna and Tamera dropped Joey and hit the ground, low crawling to the F-250. The back passenger side tire went flat, then the front.

“I can’t hear anything,” Tam said as she glanced to the lifeless body of Joey Fisher. “She is good. If she wanted us dead, I think we would be.”

“I wholeheartedly agree, my dear,” Anna said as she sat on the ground next to Tam and the truck. “Your boss is not going to be happy about the tires. Whoever this woman is, she is lethal.”

Chambers Residence

Tamera and Anna filled me in on what happened. Bill Walker’s boys helped getting the truck back up and running. The woman Anna and Tam fought was long gone. The body of Joey Fisher was taken away to be disposed of. The two women talked as they cleaned little scraps and scratches.

“There was something during that was weird,” Tamera said as she leaned back in the kitchen chair. “I wanted to tear off my own clothes to get at her naked body.”

“I felt something similar while fighting her,” Anna piped in. “I did not want it to end.”

I looked back and forth between the two, “Oh I need to meet this girl!”

Yorkshire, UK, Wentworth Estate

The three Land Rovers pulled to the entrance to the main house. Gemma and Kristen went in first, followed by Dani Williams and Barbie leading a bound Vivian Christianson. Two very tall, very busty women met them as they entered. Kristen instructed Barbie and Dani to lock Vivian in a room in the basement, then usher the two new women into Gemma’s private study.

Kristen had them sit as she read from their files, “Rose Collins, born April 3, 1990. Raised in Derry, Northern Ireland. Arrested for malicious maiming and sentenced to 5 years at Bronzefield.” Her eyes lingered on the heavily tattooed brunette. Kristen turned to the equally tattooed redhead, “Abbie McClintock, born November 22, 1994. Raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Arrested for inciting violence against members of the Crown. Sentenced to 10 years at Bronzefield. Tell me what is not in these files.”

Abbie turned and smiled first at Rose and then at Gemma and Kristin, “I met this filly when she and I were on opposite sides,” Abbie said in a heavy Scottish brogue. “Our groups constantly clashed and the cuuunt of a matron thought she and I should settle it once and for all. It took four foooking fights, in the buff, clawing and biting for us to agree to work together.”

“I taught her how to properly eat twat,” Rose chimed in. “I don’t like guns. I like using my hands, feet, teeth and nails.”

“I would rather meet a cuunt using me own hands,” Abbie added.

“You two loves will do splendidly,” Gemma beamed. “If fact, I know of a tattooed blonde yank who needs some special attention. Do with her as you please.”

“I foooking hate yanks,” Abbie growled.

“You will both have the opportunity to fight many yanks very soon I think,” Gemma said.

To Be Continued in Chapter 5. Coming Soon!

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