Tales of the Marine Chick: Betrayal and Revenge Prologue and Chapter 1 by Anna the Marine Chick


Well, this sucks. I stood before the gates, before the podium, thinking there has to be something better than hell waiting for me. But maybe this was what I deserved. I have seen my friends die before me, had killed people myself. But I wasn’t a bad girl, was I? I mean not bad in the “I am going to kill everyone and take over the world” bad, right?

“So, is this hell?” I asked as I stared up at the blonde at the podium.

“This is where you are meant to be, Anna Chambers,” she said.

“That didn’t answer my question,” I said as I folded my arms across my chest, “where am I?” “Exactly where you need to be at this time,” she said looking back at me.

“Ok, so you won’t answer,” I said, adding a tapping of my right foot on the ground, “meaning, you probably aren’t all that high on the food chain to really give me an answer. Why don’t you get someone who is in charge here, can ya do that for me?”

Flames formed in her eyes. I have a way of pissing people off with my remarks, it is a gift.

“Do not provoke me, Anna Chambers,” she said, “I am the only one who decides where you go.”

“So, it isn’t quite decided yet,” I said raising my hand, “what do I need to do or prove so I don’t enter an eternity not being able to see the ones I love again?”

“You wish to take the trials?” she asked as her eyebrows raised up. “What trials?” I asked back.

“The trials are different for each person who enters here,” she said, “for some it is a trial of knowledge or wit, but for you, it will be a trial of combat. To prove yourself worthy.”

She clapped her hands once and the sound of it caused me to close my eyes. When I opened them, I was in a wrestling ring, in wrestling attire; a tight black one-piece suit with high wrestling boots. Across the ring from me, the blonde changed. She looked like this wrestler I had seen on TV, Eva, a Cuban hottie with a killer body to match her killer wrestling moves. The setting changed to a small arena, hot flood lights bearing down on me. A rowdy crowd of women cheering and booing.

“What do I call you?” I asked.

“I am called Lashael or Lash since you are fond of nicknames,” Lash said. Then she moved towards me.

The bell rang as we came together and locked up with our arms locking together. So to let everyone in on a little secret, I know crap about professional wrestling. I have trained in numerous martial art disciplines but never in the pageantry that is pro wrestling. Saying all of that, I did manage to get the blonde in a side head lock and squeezed with my arm around her head. I felt her arms around my waist. In a second my feet were firmly planted on the canvas, the next, I was hoisted into the air and falling backwards to the mat. SLAM!!! COUGH! WEEZE! Oh My Goddess, breathe Anna, I thought to myself.

I lay there, trying to catch my breath again and the bitch gets up like nothing happened and grabbed the top of my hair, hauled me up to my knees and then feet. She pushed my head down between her legs again. I felt her arms wrap around my waist and then was lifted up. My body came up and she was about to power slam me but I raked my nails across her face and heard her scream out. I tightened my thighs around her head and whipped my body back down and used the momentum to pull her off her feet in a head scissors takedown. The Eva looking demon flew ass over tea kettle and landed on her shapely ass.

I rose and charged at her but everything shimmered and I slipped… in mud! What the fuck!!! I fell on my ass and realized I was now in a white bikini, sitting in two inches of thick mud. I looked up and the demon didn’t look like Eva anymore, she now resembled the oil and mud wrestler from the 1980s and 1990s, Quisha. She lunged at my prone form, her big tits wobbling in the barely there black bikini she was wearing. Mud flew up as her body impacted with mine. I reached around and grasped her in a bear hug. We proceeded to get covered in mud from head to toe as we rolled, slipping and sliding. I was holding my own against this bitch. She knew she couldn’t trounce me like she probably thought and it was pissing her off.

Then I felt it. It was raw power. You could almost feel it in the air. She grabbed me and threw me into the air with super human power. I landed on a large waterbed, naked and no longer covered in mud. I shook my head to remove any cobwebs from the sensations, then looked up to see a voluptuous redhead walking toward me. She looked like the actress Christina Hendricks! Her massive chest was bouncing as she walked naked to the bed.

“You seem to be able to hold your own, Anna Chambers,” the redheaded demon said, “but I am here to devour your soul! So why not show you my true self.”

Then she shifted and her skin turned black with flames tickling her skin. Her eyes started glowing red. Large leathery wings sprouted from her shoulder blades and a long tail sprung up from the small of her back. Her hair erupted into fire and I could feel the heat. I couldn’t move. It was like an invisible force was holding me down. She climbed onto the bed and moved towards me and I could feel the temperature getting hotter. As she mounted my waist, my skin sizzled as hers touched it. I screamed out in pain as she lowered her fire licked body onto mine. Through my sobs, I could see my skin blistering and starting to cook. Fuck, this sucks!!! She glared at me with those haunting red eyes. Her long tail wrapped around my neck. Lasheal opened her mouth too wide, the jaw detached and she moved to devour my whole head. I closed my eyes to the sinking feeling that this was the actual end of me.

Then suddenly she was gone! I didn’t feel pain. I opened my eyes to a bright light and a form in white dragging the screaming demon back. The form was a woman. I could make that much out but I couldn’t see many other features. She whipped the demon by her leathery wings and threw her into the air. The woman in white leaped after the demon and they shot out of sight. I got up from the bed, noticed my clothing on the ground and I quickly dressed. Then I heard a shriek and a sound like a locomotive coming from the sky as the pair of women crashed into the ground with a clap of thunder. The ground shook. The demon was no more. There was nothing left but a smoldering crater. I walked closer and the woman in white climbed out and it was OLIVIA!

She was dressed in white with a golden glow around her. She smiled at me and walked closer. “Olivia? How? What?” I stammered.

“You have always been eloquent with words, mom,” Olivia said with a sly smile, “I am sorry I had not been here sooner, but I was getting acquainted with the new job and meeting Grandma and my Aunts.”

My shoulders dropped as I remembered what Vivian Christianson told me. “So they are dead?” I asked in a soft voice.

Olivia came to me and hugged me. I don’t know if it was the aura around her, but I felt at peace. “They are, but don’t worry,” she said, “they are at peace, well, catty as ever and constantly wanting to roll around in catfights, but at peace.”

“So,” I said, tears welling up in my eyes, “I am dead too, huh.”

“Well,” Olivia said, breaking the hug but holding me on my shoulders, “that is a bit more delicate.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Technically you are not breathing right now,” Olivia said, “I am dead, if that blast from the grenade didn’t do it along with the fall, when I got stabbed, I was done for. But you need to go back. There is unfinished business you need to take care of.”

“What if I don’t want to go?” I asked with a little anger in my voice. But Olivia looked me in the eyes.

“Mom,” she said in a soft voice, “it is not your time. You have friends and also some nieces who need you. You will go back. You will right the wrongs. You will have vengeance. And I will be there watching over you. My new job is your guardian angel.”

I laughed through my tears. “We didn’t have enough time, Olivia,” I said crying harder, “I am so sorry.”

“Mom,” Olivia said, hugging me tightly, “You gave me the greatest gift I could ever have. You gave me a good childhood. My parents raised me with love. I love you, I always have. I never hated you. I knew you had your reasons, and you knew you couldn’t give me the life you thought I deserved. Thank you for that. Now, enough crying, you pussy! You need to get back and lay waste to them all.”

She pushed me back slightly and pressed her hand against my chest, “CLEAR!!!” She shouted. There was a flash of white light and it felt like I was falling again.

“CLEAR!!!” Vanessa said as she pressed the button on the defibrillator. The electric current shot through my body and my eyes opened. I tried to sit up but strong hands held me down.

“Christ, Anna!” I heard Vanessa say, “We thought we lost you. Don’t move, I don’t know how badly you are hurt.”

I was sore but I knew I should be half broken from the fall from the cliff alone. I looked down at myself and I was dressed in my pants and boots. My tactical blouse and bra were off and there were still pads attached to my chest. I felt a rocking and looked around, realizing we were in a boat. A young woman with green hair stuck a needle into my arm.
“This will help you sleep, Ms. Chambers,” she said. “Call me Ann…..” I tried to say as I drifted off.

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Chapter 1

On a runway in Dublin, Ireland, inside the Panther

Amber paced back and forth. Comms didn’t work. Fucking nothing was working. She couldn’t talk with the teams, with the center or with the Brits who were supposed to be helping. She clutched the cell phone she received from her lover, but nothing so far. Then lights from a SUV came into view. It was the land rover the team used to get to the castle. Amber got out of the way until the SUV drove up the ramp and parked in the cargo bay. Amber looked in but saw only Alexandra driving and someone in the back seat.

“Where is everyone?” Amber asked as Alexandra got out of the driver’s side.

“Help me with Gibby!” Alexandra said loudly opening the back door to reveal Steph Gibby with multiple field dressings on her legs from the grenade shrapnel.

“Where the fuck is the rest of the team?” Amber said as she grabbed Alexandra’s shoulder and spun the big redhead around.

“THEY ARE ALL FUCKING DEAD!” Alexandra yelled getting in Amber’s face, “Now help me get her in a bed and I will brief you.”

Amber stopped breathing, her eyes welled up with tears, but she helped get Steph secured in bed and got an IV running into her arm.

“Tell me what happened,” Amber said as she faced Alexandra.

“We were betrayed by Anna Mathews, Ewa Sonnet and Sabrina Nicole,” Alexandra said in a flat voice.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Amber asked, trying not to believe it.

Alexandra paced back and forth, “The castle was empty, no one there. The Brits got orders to leave and someone cut communications. Back in the US, someone tried to kill Vivian and someone released Lana Kendrick and Ashley Tyler. Vivian found out Anna Mathews and Ewa made a pact to sell women to some Ukrainian bitch. They tried to silence us all. The IRA showed up and Hitomi Tanaka killed Anna and Olivia. I saw it with my own eyes. They were blown over the cliff; the bodies went under.”

“I can’t believe it!” Amber said, crying.

“Believe it,” Alexandra said putting a hand on Amber’s shoulder. “I am sorry, Amber. We have to get going. Please prep the aircraft and get us home.”

Amber walked up to the cockpit and started running the preflight checks. She sat in the pilot’s seat and sobbed. Her lover and friend were dead, along with Amal and Kathryn.

Several hours later, the aircraft landed and taxied into the large hanger that normally housed the Panther. Steph Gibby was whisked away to Dr. Clausen’s private clinic for the group, leaving Alexandra and Amber to take the elevator down to Black Cat’s operations center. They walked in to an irate Vivian Christianson slamming her fist down on the desk. All of the big screens were black.

“Fucking Bri!!!” Vivian fumed, “That little bitch messed everything up when she left.”

Vivian turned to acknowledged the two women who joined her in the ops center. “Tough mission, ladies,” Vivian said, “Amber, you are dismissed. You will be called when to come in and give your mission report. It will be sometime this week. Until then, please take some time off.”

Amber nodded and walked out but paused just outside the door to listen to Vivian and Alexandra.

“A group of our new friends will be joining us at my house later,” Vivian said, “get cleaned up and we will set some new plans in motion.”

Amber left quickly and raced back to her apartment. She changed clothes, grabbed the keys to her car and headed back out the door. She drove towards Vivian’s mansion and parked near a group of cars on the street.

Amber watched the street for about 30 minutes and then a row of SUVs started up the road toward the mansion. Before she left the Black Cat operations center, Amber grabbed one of the high tech binoculars with the capability of looking through tinted glass. It was plugged into a laptop that could image the picture taken immediately. She looked through the binos and started clicking. She didn’t stop until the last car had gone through the gate to Vivian Christianson’s property. She looked back to her laptop and gasped aloud.

In the pictures were not only Vivian and Alexandra, but also Vera Wong, Charlotte Grey, Alyson Tyler and Lana Kendrick. These were the women they had been after and now they are meeting with Vivian? What the hell was going on? Amber smelled a rat but couldn’t just barge in and confront everyone. But one woman who survived Ireland was at the private clinic Vivian paid for. Amber turned the ignition over and drove to the clinic.

Inside the compound, the assembled women sat at the large conference table. On the big screen in front of them was the busty blonde Alley on a vid link from the UK.“I am glad we could all finally get together,” Vivian Christianson said to the group, “the majority of the thorns in our sides have been dealt with. Anna Mathews, Ewa Sonnet, Sabrina Nicole, and the pilot A.P. and his busty tart are still at large. Leslie Smith is also a loose end, but good news, Anna Chambers and her daughter are dead. Amal Hussain and Kathryn Vargas are locked away by our British friend.” Vivian turned to the screen where Alley’s face was present. “Alley, sweet Alley,” she said, “I am sorry but the price of doing business with MI-6 is that they require another high profile arrest. We,” waving her hands over the women seated, “have taken a vote and you are it.”

As if on cue, the door behind where Alley was sitting in the UK blew open and men in black with submachine guns raised, rushed in.

“YOU FUCKING CUNT!” Alley screamed as she was roughly taken down to the floor of the small apartment she was transmitting from. She kicked and screamed while the link stayed live. Then another face came into view. It was the face of Joey Fisher.

“I do hope this satisfies your needs, Agent Fisher,” Vivian said.

“It does, but I still want Anna Mathews,” she said into the video feed, “dead or alive, but preferably alive, so I can kill her myself.” Joey turned as the video feed went off.

“I hope this doesn’t ruffle too many feathers here,” Vivian said looking the women in the eyes, focusing on Charlotte Grey and Vera Wong mostly.

“It is the price of doing business,” Charlotte said turning to Vera. Vera simply nodded her head.

“Oh, Vera, sweetie,” Vivian said, “you may want to stay clear of here for the next few days. Sakura Sena is eager to get her claws into you. You don’t have many friends in the Yakuza anymore.”

Vera looked visibly shaken but again nodded her head.
“Now back to business,” Vivian Christianson said with a smile.

Office of Dr. Clausen, Las Vegas

Amber parked her car and moved with the shadows to the front door of the doctor’s office. She knew Steph Gibby was here, recuperating and Amber Hurt wanted answers. She pulled a small black pouch from her back pocket and pulled out a lock picking set, something she picked up from watching Olivia. It only took her a couple of minutes before the lock clicked open and she entered quietly. Amber paused and listened for any sound. She knew she may have to deal with a nurse or two but she needed Steph to spill the beans and nothing and no one was going to stop her. The hall was silent as Amber checked vacant room after vacant room, until (she) saw a chart placed in a holder next to one door. It was Steph Gibby’s chart. Amber slowly opened the door and went inside, closing it behind her.

Steph was sleeping on a bed with an I.V. in her arm and bandages over her exposed legs. Amber crept over to her and placed her hand over Steph’s mouth and jammed her index finger into one of the bandages. Steph’s eyes opened wide and she tried to scream but Amber’s hand stopped that.

“Don’t you fucking scream,” Amber said with malice in her eyes, “or I will carve you up like a thanksgiving turkey.” Steph glanced down to see Amber’s fingers hovering over wounds. She nodded her head weakly. “So, tell me what happened, and don’t fucking lie to me, or it will hurt.”

Amber removed her hand from Steph’s mouth. “We were betrayed,” Steph said and then Amber re-covered Steph’s mouth and plunged a finger into a new wound. The blonde in the hospital bed writhed in agony.

“I told you not to lie to me, CUNT!” Amber said as she glared at the blonde, “The truth, or I make it hurt more.”

Steph’s eyes were pleading with Amber as the athletic woman removed her hand once again, from Steph’s mouth. “Vivian paid us. Alexandra is the one who killed Chambers and Trasker, it wasn’t me.”

Amber went ballistic! She wrapped both hands over Steph’s throat and started to choke her. The blonde tried weakly to pry the hands from her neck. Then the door opened and Dr. Clausen rushed in and grabbed Amber by the back of the hair and wrenched her off. Amber wheeled around and tackled the busty doctor out the door to the room and the pair went down on the cold tile floor of the hallway.

Hands flew at faces, hair was yanked out in clumps, fingers tore at tops. The doctor had huge tits. Amber freed the girls, grabbed at the enormous boobs and squeezed. Dr. Clausen was not a catfighter, not like Amber was. She tried fighting back but it proved useless. Amber grasped both of the nipples, pulled them sharply up and then banged the huge breasts together in a CLOP and a scream from the doctor. Amber balled up her fists and used the huge tits like they were speed bags. Amber heard a commotion down the hall, got off the doctor and rushed for the door she came in by. She didn’t stop until she was in her car, pealing out of the parking lot and into traffic.

The tears didn’t come until another hour of driving east. She pulled over and started weeping.

Somewhere in Great Britain

The sound of loud thumping woke me up. Well, a thump, then a groan, then a smack and then a squeal. I looked around and saw that I was lying in a bed in a darkened room. It was daytime as the sunlight was peaking in. There was an IV in my right arm. I sat up and felt surprisingly well. Someone had dressed me in a tank top and running shorts. When my feet hit the floor, my legs were a little shaky, but I still had the strength not to fall. After I removed the IV from my arm, I held a bandage over the hole to stop any bleeding. The thumps, groans, smacks and squeals continued, so I decided to investigate. The noises got louder as I walked down the long hallway, then rounded a corner to see two women, one with dark maroon hair and one with green hair, both naked and locked up and a strenuous fight. Vanessa noticed me out of the corner of her eye and motioned to me to come sit by her.

Vanessa explained to me that Rachel, maroon hair and Chloe, green hair, do this a few times a week. Training is what Vanessa called it. I watched intently as Chloe bridged and rolled the pair of them to their sides. Both of these girls were busty and I really couldn’t tell who was taller as they locked up side by side on the mat. Hands found hair and they pulled sharply, causing their big tits to crush harder into the others.

Vanessa turned toward me, “They can get a little wild but it is all in good training.” She had a sly smile on her face.

“Where did you find these two?” I asked, watching the action intently.

“Rachel, the red head,” Vanessa pointed out, “she and I crossed paths about a year ago. She is former British Army intel. She actually completed the Special Air Service selection coarse ahead of 60% of the men. She is tough as nails and is my in with MI-6. She is a junior analyst there. She also dirties her hands at field work. She was in the boat that pulled you out of the water.” The pair rolled again with Chloe on top, her hands moved to Rachel’s breasts and grabbed. The red head squealed and grabbed Chloe’s breasts back.

“Now Chloe there was a special case,” Vanessa said, “She was the daughter of a wealthy businessman and his wife in the US. She was back packing here in Scotland two years ago for her birthday and an open contract was put out on her life. Something to do with her father’s nefarious dealing with a Saudi. I went out in search but what I found was Chloe there being tortured by a rival in the business. Do you remember Claudia Liberte?”

I nodded. Claudia Liberte was a French hitwoman who specialized in killing women. She was good, too good as she was almost addicted to the feeling of ending another’s life.

Vanessa went on, “When I caught up with them, Chloe was tied up and Claudia was putting out her cigarettes on Chloe’s skin. I am not a fan of torture. If you have a job than do it, but leave that shit alone. Claudia and I fought. Christ, we fought. Tore off clothing, scarred breasts and buttocks, pulled out clumps of hair; all with young Chloe watching. I knocked that French whore out and came over to Chloe. Oh, Anna, I couldn’t do it. And I also received word that her parents were murdered back in the US and she was a loose end. So, I took her under my wing and as my apprentice. She is a quick study and is a hell cat in a fight.”

“You can pick them, V,” I said.

“Oh, and sorry about that,” Vanessa said, pointing to a black and blue mark on my left breast.

“That was you?” I asked with eyebrows raised, “Good shot for an old lady!”

“Mature lady, Anna,” Vanessa said, smiling again, “Calling me old will get you and me rolling around.”

“How did you know I was going to be there?” I asked.

Vanessa told me about her conversation with Anna Mathews but she had not told Anna that I was alive.

“Don’t tell anyone,” I said, “as far as it is concerned, Anna Chambers is dead. Did you find another body when you found me?”

“Rachel watched the two of you fall from the cliff,” Vanessa said, “but when she got over with the boat, only you were floating there. Was she someone close to you?”

My head dipped slightly, “She was my daughter.”

“Oh, Anna,” I heard Vanessa say, “I am so sorry.”

I told her about how I found her and the training she was doing and finally about the betrayal from members of my team. “I don’t know what happened to Amal and Kathryn.”

“That I can fill you in on,” said an out of breath Rachel, toweling herself off. “Your two friends have been sent to a secret prison, much like your Gitmo, except this one is specifically for women. Nasty place that is. But, not impossible to get into for a daring rescue. I take it you want them out?”

“Most definitely!” I said. I also got my first real look at a separated Rachel and Chloe, good lord they were sexy! Sweat glistened off their bodies as they started to towel off. I think Vanessa saw my gapping mouth.

“You know, Anna,” Vanessa said quietly in my ear, “our last encounter was short lived. We only fought for about 5 minutes or so. If you want to test the waters, so to speak, you and I can train.”

I took her meaning, “Why don’t you visit me in my room later,” I said with a wink of my eye.

The last time Vanessa and I met was in Prague, many years ago. I was protecting a European socialite and Vanessa was hired to kidnap her. I got wind of the attempt and laid a trap. V and I threw punches and kicks and a few scratch attempts, but the local cops were already called and I didn’t try to stop her escape. And now she is helping me.

“This time we can leave the punching for the youth,” Vanessa whispered and licked my ear with her tongue, “I want us to go at it like horny mature cats.”

I think I moaned too loud because Chloe turned her head sharply and raised her eyebrows.

“I will see you tonight, V!” I said and walked out in the direction of Rachel. I was admiring her tight ass as she moved down the hall. “Rachel, can I ask you a few questions?”

Rachel stopped and wrapped the towel around her body. “Sure thing, Ms. Chambers,” she said, “ask away.”

“First, please call me Anna,” I said, “when you pulled me out, did you see the other woman with me?”

“I watched you and her fall off the cliff,” Rachel said, her eyes meeting mine, “but by the time I got the boat over there, it was only you floating. I checked, but with the storm and the waves, I had zero visibility and couldn’t see anyone else. I am sorry.”

“It’s alright,” I said, “I am glad you tried.” I turned and walked back to my room.

New York City, FBI Field Office

Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Dorothy Dodds, or Dottie as she is known, was sitting at her desk combing over the three poems left at the scenes of two murders and one kidnapping. There was a knock at her door and Special Agent Liz Knight walked in.
“I hope you have good news for me, Liz” Dottie said as she raised her head from reading the files.

“It’s not bad news,” Liz said, “we had a few things cross our desk in the last 48 hours that are, well, weird.”

“Weird how?” Dottie asked, intrigued.

“First was this,” Liz said handing over a sheet of paper, “we got word from a source at MI-5 that Anna Chambers and Olivia Trasker were killed in Ireland two nights ago. The body of Olivia Trasker washed ashore about 6 hours ago. The ID was made through dental records with the Marine Corps.”

“Anna Chambers?” Dottie asked, “Same Anna Chambers who was burned by NSA last year?”

“We believe so,” Liz went on, “now gets to the weird part. Also two nights ago in Las Vegas, there was a break in at the residence of one Leslie Smith. Local cops were called to the place, signs of a struggle, broken glass, bedroom a mess, but no Ms. Smith. And then the locals found this in the back yard.” The special agent handed over another piece of paper.

Dottie scanned over it and her eyes shot up.

“Red drips from my chin where I have been eating.

Not all the blood, nowhere near all, is wiped off my mouth.

Clots of red mess my hair
And the tiger, the buffalo, know how.
I was a killer.

Yes, I am a killer.
I come from killing.
I go to more.

I drive red joy ahead of me from killing.
Red gluts and red hungers run in the smears and juices
of my inside bones:

The child cries for a suck mother and I cry for war.”

“Are you serious?” Dottie exclaimed, “Another poem?”

“Yes, but this one wasn’t left in the residence, it was found outside. Could be a possible kidnapping?” Liz mused.

“Tell me about Leslie Smith,” Dottie prodded.

“So, I am glad you asked,” Liz Knight said smiling, “Leslie Smith was a former SWAT and EOD police officer with Las Vegas PD, then she went to work for Anna Chambers.”

Dottie whistled. “This is getting more and more intriguing by the second. Is that all?”

“Nope,” Liz said, “also two nights ago, around the same time the Vegas and Ireland incidents happened, a house exploded in central Virginia. Two confirmed deceased, one Dawn Kilgore and one Amie Sheffield. Both of whom were, get this, sisters to Anna Chambers.”

“Are you shitting me?” Dottie said loudly.

“I talked with the local PD and they haven’t asked for our help but I can put on the pressure if you want,” Liz said, “oh, and I almost forgot; Dani Kilgore and Justine Sheffield were not in the area when the explosion happened. They are currently with local PD.”

Dottie stood quickly, “Liz, get one of ours down there and secure both of them now. I want them under our protective custody until further notice. I want a task force formed. I want to know the whereabouts of Leslie Smith and I want the movements of Anna Chambers for the last month. Turn over every rock, look inside every crevice.”

“Got it, boss,” Liz said, “what do you want to call the task force?” “Task Force Marine Chick,” Dottie said, “it was her moniker.”

Upstate New York

Ring ring

“Hello,” the woman said answering.

“Hi, Kelli Williams?” the voice on the other end, also a woman asked.

“Yes,” Kelli said, “may I ask how you got this number?”

“You could ask, but I am not going to give away my secrets,” the woman said, “I have a job for you. Quick, minimal effort and 6 figures if completed in a timely manner.”

“Keep talking,” Kelli said.

“How fast can you get to Williamsburg, Virginia?” The woman asked.

Williamsburg, Virginia

The two girls sat in back of the police station. Both were disheveled and had reddened eyes from hours of crying. Dani, the older of the two with flaming red hair sat with her head in her hands, while her cousin, Justine, who was blonde was curled up, whimpering. They had found out hours ago that their mothers were killed in a gas explosion at a house. The shock of it all was setting in; especially since they had been told the FBI wanted to speak with them.

“Can you please stop fucking crying?” Dani cursed at Justine.

“Fuck you, Dani,” Justine replied softly, “I can cry if I want.”

“God, you are such a baby,” Dani said under her breath.

A uniformed police officer and a woman dressed in plain clothes walked into the back conference room.

“Ladies,” the woman said in greeting, “I am Special Agent Monica Walker. I am going to be taking you to a safe place. If you could gather your things and follow me, that would be great.”

“Where are we going?” Dani asked right away, “Why do we need a safe place?”

“Look, girls,” Monica said, “we have to figure out what all happened and the best thing right now is to come with me.”

Both followed Monica to a black SUV and loaded in the back. Each girl was still dressed in what they slept in the night prior. Tank tops and leggings with sweatshirts covering their upper bodies. They drove for a few hours until it was starting to get dark out. Monica pulled into a rest area, so all could go to the bathroom and freshen up.

Monica got out and stretched. She undid the bun of dark hair and let it fall to the middle of her back, laid her suit coat on the driver’s seat, and unbuttoned the sleeves of her white dress shirt. She had on a pair of black slacks and low heeled black boots.

“You girls sit tight,” Monica said, “I am going to make sure the ladies room is clear.”

She walked off to the ladies’ room and opened it up. Inside she noticed a single woman, blonde, youthful appearance, wearing a baggy sweatshirt and comfortable green leggings. The blonde turned her head and smiled as she dried her hands and started walking toward the door. Monica moved past the blonde who spun around and grasped the pistol secured to Monica’s waist. Monica grabbed the blonde’s wrist as the pistol left the holster and hand wrestled for control of it.

The blonde yanked sharply at the long dark hair and Monica was pulled off her feet and the pair went down to the dirt floor. The pistol was lost in the struggle and slid to the far side of the bathroom, under the last stall. Monica tried to turn but the blonde’s legs wrapped around her waist from behind and started to squeeze as an arm was snaked around the brunette’s neck. It didn’t take long for Monica to black out without much of a fight. She was taken by surprise by this blonde and didn’t have a chance. Kelli Williams held the choke until she knew the FBI agent was out and then released her. Kelli got to her feet and retrieved the pistol from the last stall, checked her appearance in the mirror and went out the door.

Dani and Justine were not paying attention as the back door was pulled open and a blonde with a gun told them to get out. Dani and Justine complied and were pushed towards a white van. Kelli instructed Dani to secure a zip tie around Justine’s wrists from behind and then pushed the young blonde into the back of the van where she fell over to her side. Kelli secured Dani and pushed her next to her cousin in the back of the van.

“Now, both of you will keep your mouths shut,” Kelli commanded, “or so help me, I will beat the shit out of you and then gag you. Nod if you understand.”

Both girls nodded. Kelli got into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the rest stop, heading south towards the planned rendezvous with a third party attached to this contract. In a few hours, Kelli Williams would be richer by several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Late night at the safe house in Great Britain

There was a soft knock at my door and it opened to reveal Vanessa, dressed in only a robe. She entered and closed the door. The curtains to my room were open and swaths of moonlight kept her visible. I was still laying under the covers of my bed and I pulled them off to show Vanessa that I was not wearing any clothing. She let the robe slip off her shoulders to show off a gorgeous set of mature, feminine curves. I got up out of bed and we didn’t talk, we didn’t wait for a bell to sound, we just lunged at each other.

The slap of our bodies coming together reverberated through the small bedroom. Hands immediately secured holds in hair and we stumbled about on our feet, trying to make sure as much of our bodies were in contact with the other struggling body. Gawd! It felt so good to feel another’s skin pressed to mine. The fights I had with that demon still could not compare to matching up against another woman. Vanessa slammed me back first into the wall with a THUD and an OOOOFFF from my lips. Her large breasts pressed so hard into mine that the side swell of our compressed tits mushroomed out the sides.

I pulled V’s head back and sunk my lips to the nape of her neck, eliciting a moan from her. I slapped out with my hips and they collided with hers, pushing us out from the wall and I twisted to spin us to the carpet. Hands left hair and sought out our big tits to grab and grope. Legs locked together and we lined up toes to tits on the floor. We slowly rolled back and forth, never getting on top for very long. The heat from our bodies in constant contact brought a sheen of sweat to skin. We didn’t hear the door slightly open as Rachel and Chloe peered in to watch. They were smart and turned off the hallway light so V and I weren’t alerted to new voyeurs.

Vanessa released my breasts, re-grabbed my hair and pulled back, dropping her mouth to my neck for licks and nibbles. I moaned out as if by reflex, I lifted my hips and my pussy slapped into hers. V’s throat uttered a guttural moan and I could practically feel through our entwined bodies. We pulled each other up to our knees and then feet and threw each other together to the bed. Upon landing, we instantly locked legs around each other’s asses for a sexual catball.

Our wet pussies mashed together, thick puffy labia spread as we sucked together, hips gyrating and humping; with our large breasts bouncing and slapping together. Our mouths sought out the others and we invaded the other’s mouth with our tongues. Licking and chewing on each other’s tongues and lips, we fucked like there was no tomorrow in the middle of the bed. I could feel the waves of euphoria over take me around the same time that V started bucking and we came together in a scream of ecstasy.

It was about that time that Vanessa looked past my shoulder to see her two apprentices in the door way.

“Come on in, sluts,” Vanessa purred, “the more the merrier!”

It didn’t take the two of them long to strip and come to us. Rachel dove at Vanessa and Chloe grasped my hair and pulled me back. Vanessa’s pussy detached from mine with a POP and I was pulled back to the carpet with a busty green haired girl clawing at my big breasts. I figured what was good for her should be good for me, so my hands filled with her large tits and I squeezed. This was more of a fight then anything sexual, although it seemed, like with Vanessa, Chloe wanted as much skin to skin as she could with me. The rest of the night was swapping back and forth, catty naked wrestling, more sex with Vanessa, smacking tits with Rachel and a 4 way catpile with all of us on the bed.

Women’s prison, unknown location

For the past couple of days, Amal and Kathryn had been placed in isolation, apart from each other and anyone else. Now, each were dressed in an orange jumpsuit and walking next to tall Amazonian like female guards. The corridor was long, lined with the thick metal doors of cells.

“Enjoy your stay,” said the lead guard in a British accent.

They were roughly pushed into cells across from each other. There was a small grated opening to see out of but that was all. They were fed through a small opening at the very bottom of the door. Trays of crappy food would be pushed in twice a day.

The next day, Amal and Kathryn looked out of the opening in their cell doors and noticed a blonde, the same blonde from New Jersey, Ally something. Ally, also in an orange jumpsuit was pushed by the guards into a cell a few down on the same side as Amal.

As this was going on, Rachel, under the guise of her MI-6 role, brought in me and Chloe, zip tied and with hoods on our heads. I could sort of hear Rachel conversing with the guards and we were roughly taken by the arms down a long hall. We were already dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Rachel smiled at the guards and went to the main control room. She laughed and joked with the two women on duty before pulling out a gas mask and dropping a smoke grenade in the space. The gas caused almost instant sleep and dissipated quickly. She got onto the intercom that sounded down the hall and said, “Now!”

I broke the zip tie and whipped an elbow at the guard behind me. I was rewarded with a crunch of my elbow hitting her nose. I tore off the hood and turned to kick the guard in between her legs and then I followed up with a knee to her face. Chloe had the guard next to her in a choke hold and the guard faded fast. I looked back up to the control room and motioned Rachel to open the doors. Rachel looked at the control board. Only three of the cells were occupied. She opened all three.

I moved down the hall as Amal and Kathryn came out of their cells. I was getting ready to turn around and surprise my teammates when I glanced into the last cell open. Inside was a blonde woman rising to her feet. We locked eyes. There was instant recognition. She was the one who killed Emilia, she was the one who bested my daughter Olivia, and now here she was looking back at me. I rushed into the cell.

I dove and tackled Ally back to the cement floor. I wanted nothing more than to hurt this bitch! I wasn’t planning on ending it quick, even though we were in the middle of a jail break, so that meant catfight! I reached for long blonde hair as her legs wrapped around my waist and her ankles locked behind me. I tried to slam her head to the floor but she hugged herself to me, so I pivoted and slammed us against the stone wall. I heard an exhalation of air and her legs were no longer locked. I reached in between us and grabbed the front of her jumpsuit, turned and tried to throw her to the opposite wall.

The jumpsuit tore open to reveal her large breasts. She hit the wall and bounded off really fast and came at me. She ducked her shoulder and hit me in the gut and we went down on the small cot in her cell. She reared back to try and punch me but I ducked the punch and wrapped my arms around her midsection and we rolled off onto the concrete again. Her hands tore open my jumpsuit and expert hands greedily groped and squeezed my big tits. I screamed out and grabbed onto hers and we worked our way to our knees, grabbing and wrenching tits back and forth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the doorway to the cell was being crowded by figures.

“Don’t you fucking stop us!!!” I screamed out. “This CUNT is the first of Vivian’s lackeys I am going to end!”

Ally went rigid. She released my tit and grabbed my wrists and pried them from her own breasts. We started hand wrestling, our globes slammed and smacked together.

“Wait!” Ally yelled out, “Vivian put me here! I have no love for her! I can help you get her!”

That is when we were pulled apart kicking and spitting at each other. It took Amal and Kathryn to hold me down as Chloe stood over Ally with a nightstick in her hand. Ally got up on her own.

“I can help you get her,” Ally said again, “and after that we can kill each other.” She started to zip up her jumpsuit.

I stopped struggling. “Fine,” I huffed out, “but betray me and I will rip you apart, piece by piece.”

“You can try,” Ally said with a malice in her voice.

Rachel came in to the cell a moment later. “We need to leave, NOW! And it looks like my time with MI-6 has come to an end.”

We exited the prison to a waiting car and freedom for my friends and enemy.

Outside Charleston, South Carolina

Kelli pulled the van alongside a different van on a dirt road. She opened the back door and pulled the two cousins out. The other van opened and Katya Niochestski exited and walked around to the back. She was followed by three male bodyguards.

“Here is your delivery,” Kelli Williams said, pushing Dani and Justine to the waiting men.

“Beautiful, busty young women,” Katya exclaimed, “they will make me so much money.”

“You are selling them?” Kelli asked.

“Of course,” Katya said matter of factly, “that is my business. First I have them put on a show for my richer clients, then the bidding starts.”

“As long as I get paid,” Kelli mused.

“Vivian Christianson always pays,” Katya stated.

200 yards away, Anna Mathews lay prone in the tall grass snapping pictures with a telephoto lens. She had gotten to Miami and started following Katya as soon as she found the Ukrainian. The two women being forced into the new van looked familiar. Now it was time to get to Spain. She had discretely messaged A.P. who was sending a private jet to pick her and Amber Hurt up in Atlanta. When Amber had made contact with Anna Mathews, she told the redhead about what she learned from Steph Gibby and who she saw going to Vivian’s estate. Anna knew that getting out of the country would be the best bet and she would try to make contact with Vanessa, to see if her former rival would work together with her.

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