Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick

Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick

I didn’t sleep as we flew to California. Amal and Alexandra were catching combat naps but all I could think about were the words Anna Mathews through at me. I failed Olivia, I failed her in life, but I was not going to fail her now.

The sun was setting in LA when Ewa got another call from an unknown number.

“Port of LA, midnight, bring all the proper documentation for your company,” Vera said over the connection, “There is a Chinese ship at pier 156. And remember Ewa, no cops.” Then she hit end.

Ewa texted the information to Anna as Bri was getting the files and folders for the exchange. “Are you sure about this?” Bri asked.

“I am not going to let this business hurt someone, my love,” Ewa said cupping Bri’s face and kissing her softly on the lips, “As long as I have you, I am happy. Plus, we are already rich, that money was transferred offshore thirty minutes ago. The fucking cunt Vera can’t touch it.”

We landed in Burbank and my phone beeped with Ewa’s text. I read it and turned to Amal, “Sweetie,” I said, “I need to get you there now. The meet is set for midnight but I need you high up with a clear line of site. Steal a car and get over there as fast as you can.”

Amal nodded and as soon as the jet stopped its taxi, Amal had the main door open and stairs descending. She had her bag with rifle and equipment over one shoulder and started running for the short term parking lot. I saw the SUV waiting for Alexandra and I and we grabbed gear and started making our way there. A.P. met us by the SUV and he got his first real look at Alexandra and her massive tits. His mouth fell open.

“My …goodness,” he stammered, “Darling, you are gorgeous.”

“A.P., quit drooling,” I said smiling, “It this all works out, maybe Alexandra here can be one of those fuckfight girls for ya!” I teased.

Alexandra shot me a glare and then looked at A.P. and shrugged, “If she has a big rack, why not! If not A.P. can watch me and Lisa go at it!”

A.P. put his fingers up to his neck checking his pulse, “Time for new heart medication.”

I pealed out and first went to Ewa’s house and picked up Ewa and Bri. The hugs and kisses of hello would have to wait for another time. We were all business. I went over what I wanted Ewa to do. Bri would drive; Alexandra and I would be lying in the back of the SUV, ready to go. Ewa would make the exchange. If things went smooth, nothing would happen. If things went south, then Amal would level the playing field from her sniper position and Alexandra and I would be the assault element. Ewa had made the decision that her business wasn’t worth someone’s life and I respected her. But if I had the chance to take out Vera, I would do it.

It was almost midnight when we got in position. The windows in the SUV were heavily tinted and you couldn’t see into the back. I told Ewa and Bri if shooting starts get in the suburban and take off. The windows of the SUV were bullet resistant and the armament could only be stopped by a tank. Amal had launched the drone at 11:30 PM. It had a 4 hour flight time so we were good. I did a communications check with Jenna and Amal.

“Sphinx in position. 4 black land rovers in front of the Lotus Flower. It is a bulk cargo carrier. Chinese register.” Amal stated in my ear piece.

“Center here, it comes back to a Triad run business. Possible human trafficking and illegal narcotics trafficking.” Jenna stated, “Oh and MarineChick, the boss is pissed. But she didn’t try to shut us down. She and Red are on their way back now.”

“MarineChick copies. SheHulk is with me.” I smiled and then Alexandra punched me in the thigh. OUCH!

“SHEHULK? That is the best you can do?” Alexandra protested. We could hear both Amal and Jenna laughing. Alexandra just shook her head and smiled. “Fucking bitches.”

“Copy that, fucking bitches,” Jenna replied.

“Exiting the vehicles,” Amal whispered out.

“Count 7 men all armed with SMGs (Submachineguns),” Jenna called out as she looked at the drone feed on the big monitor in the operations center at the compound, “I have a positive ID on Vera Wong and Hitomi. God damn those are fucking huge tits.”

“Ok Bri,” I said to the front seat, “Slowly and stop about a 100 yards from them. Sphinx, keep them covered.”

“Copy,” Amal replied from her position 400 meters from the vehicles, high up on top of an industrial crane.

Bri drove then parked and Ewa got out and walked around the side of the SUV. She left her door open. The wind picked up and her hair blew around a little.

“Glad to see you made it,” Vera shouted, “Do you have what I want? “

Ewa held up a briefcase, “It’s all here, Vera. Where is Olivia?”

Vera turned her head and said something to one of her henchmen and he pulled a scared looking Olivia from the back of one of the land rovers. “She is right here, we meet halfway. I don’t want to kill you, Ewa. Hell, as a show of good faith, I will walk her out to you and retrieve my new company.”

Ewa started walk and so did Vera and Olivia, Vera pushing her along. Olivia had her hand secured behind her back and a gag in her mouth. They walked to the half way point between them and stopped. Ewa handed over the briefcase to Vera.

“They are signed and witnessed,” Ewa said, it is all legal.

“Good,” Vera said as she scanned them over and then slipped her hand into her bra and produced a knife. She cut Olivia’s bonds and pushed her forward.

Olivia removed her gag and coughed, “I am so sorry.”

“Sweetie,” Ewa said, “You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Yes I do,” Olivia said as a new set of headlights shined on them.

“MarineChick, new van, 3 getting out. Positive IDs on Lana Kendrick, Alison Tyler and Naomi Banks!” Jenna shouted in my ear piece as I pushed the back door to the SUV open and Alexandra and I jumped out.

“EWA RUN!!!! “I screamed as I saw one of the henchmen bring his SMG up and then the back of his head exploded as Amal took him down.

Amal shifted to the second guy, breath, hold squeeze… he went down. Then she shifted, a third guy dropped.

Ewa grabbed Olivia’s arm and started to run but Oliva broke free, “I am so sorry,” she yelled out over the gunfire and took off running towards the van.

Alexandra and I lit up the rest of the Triad henchmen like it was Christmas. Vera had made it back to Hitomi and the two piled into a land rover and took off. Not before I blew out the back window with a series of rounds from my AR-15. I advanced and immediately took fire from the van. I ducked behind a container. I could see Olivia running towards the van, what the fuck was she doing? I thought.

“This is Sphinx. Henchmen down, I do not have a shot at the van, repeat no shot at the van. Moving!” Amal called out.

I heard the SUV peel away with Bri and Ewa in it as instructed. But then it made a loop and accelerated. Bullets from the van careened off the SUV and rumbled toward the van and 50 miles per hours. Slamming into the van and crumpling the front end. I saw four figures jump away at the last second. God damnit Bri!!! I screamed in my head.

The airbags deployed as they were meant to but both Bri and Ewa were a little shaken up. Ewa shook her head clear of cobwebs and saw a tall, busty woman get up and look around for her weapon, Ewa got the door open and rushed at her, tackling the tall woman to the cement. Bri’s door didn’t work as she watched Ewa get out, so the blonde crawled over the center console and out the passenger door. She saw another woman, black hair, chocolate colored skin make her way on shaky legs toward the rolling Ewa and her cohort. But Bri blindsided her with a tackle and they went down.

I saw Olivia moving away and I ran towards her. I grabbed her by the arms and pushed her up against a container. I patted her down to check for wounds. She squirmed. “Are you ok?!? Are you hit?!?” I asked loudly.

“Who the fuck are you?!?” She yelled at me.

I didn’t have a good way to say what I was going to say, “Olivia,” I said still holding her arms, looking into her eyes, “I am your mother.” She looked at me with confusion and then what I thought was recognition and I release her arms. Then she punched me in the mouth with her right fist. I dropped to my knee as I saw stars and kneed me in the face, dropping me onto my back. Olivia takes off running away from the battle.

I shake my head and see Alexandra and Alison Tyler trading punches, kicks and blocks. Alison used her long left leg and round housed kicked Alexandra in the chest, knocking the big redhead off her feet. Alison went to grab Alexandra but jumped back as big red swung an arch with her karambit knife. Alexandra gets to her feet but Alison takes off running. Alexandra sees me on my back and comes over to me.

I point in the direction of where Olivia took off running, “Olivia went that way, I need you to get her. Secure her, promise me!”

“I promise Chambers,” Alexandra says as she pulls me to my feet. She takes off running in the same direction Olivia took off in.

I got up and moved around the car to see Bri and Naomi Banks rolling around throwing punches. Bri gets on top and hammers the black woman with punch after punch. Ewa and Lana are up on their feet, clenched together yanking on long hair. Lana uses her longer legs and height advantage to trip Ewa and mount her. She aims a punch down and I twist my hips and send a side kick right across Lana’s big rack. She folds in half. Amal comes running as Bri stands holding her right hand. Naomi, unconscious, lays on the cement.

“Get them the fuck out of here!” I yell to Amal who roughly grabs Ewa and Bri by an arm each and rushes them over to the car she stole. Then WHAM WHAM!!! My chest feels like I hit with a baseball bat, twice. I crumpled to the cement. The wind knocked out of me. I didn’t hear the shots. Didn’t see where they came from. I feel strong hands grab me and roughly pull me up and into a vehicle.

“Who the fucccc….”I start to say but then something slams into my head and I black out.

Cold water splashes me in the face and I come to. I am tied to a chair and stripped down to my bra and thong. I look down and see two purple marks on my chest, right next to my left tit. A kill shot if I hadn’t been wearing the vest.

“You fucking dirty cunt!” Vera Wong sneers at me, slapping me hard across the face. I taste blood. I spit to my right side. I look around. Warehouse, Vera is here, so is her big titted sidekick Hitomi. The tall chicks are here along with Naomi who has a swollen left eye. Good Job Bri!

“Go fuck yourself Vera, you gutter slut!” I sneer at her, “Untie me and try to hit me again!”

Hitomi hauled off and punched me on the right side of my face. She shook her hand and winced in pain. I spit out more blood and a molar.

“Fuck you, ya big titted cow!” I taunt Hitomi, blood pouring out of my mouth.

Hitomi goes back to hit me again, but her arm is caught by Alison Tyler. “Let me have some fun. Sandra said to make it hurt before we end it. Lana, be a dear and take her out of the chair and sit her up on her ass.”

I was hauled out of my chair and thrown to the floor. Lana Kendrick yanked me up by my sweaty hair. She kicked me in the tits and I slammed back to the floor, the air out of me. She flipped me off and pulled me up again. Alison Tyler had taken off her jeans and she flexed her long strong legs.

“I am going to crush your tits and break your ribs. You are going to bleed internally and it will be very painful. In the end you are going to be begging for a bullet to the head.” Alison taunted.

She locked her legs around my chest and began to tighten. I grimaced and gritted my teeth and tried to move, she increased the pressure. OH GOD! I though my tits were going to pop. I could feel my upper chest constricting, crushing. FUCK! This is going to be a shitty way to die.



I heard the flashbangs and then automatic weapons fire. Alison released me as Lana grabbed her and the bitches all rushed out, but Naomi was on the far side of the room and she was tackled by someone dressed in black and with a balaclava on covering the face. The two rolled over and I knew the one in black was a woman. The two rolled around the warehouse floor, Naomi punched the woman in black in the tits and she cried out. The woman in black slammed a fist of her own into Naomi’s left tit and the black woman howled and tried to get away. But then Naomi was flipped onto her chest and she tried to crawl away but the woman in black grabbed her legs and pulled her back. She mounted Naomi’s back and grabbed her hair and pulled back bowing Naomi’s back. Naomi was frantic and reached under a desk next to them she came out with a pistol that was hidden away. CRACK! It wasn’t the gun going off, it was Naomi’s neck snapping and the woman in black let Naomi’s dead body fall back to the concrete.

The woman in black came over and produced a switchblade knife and thumbed it open with a SNAP. She cut my bonds and I slumped forward still wheezing in breath. She pulled off her balaclava and Anna Mathews face came into view.

“It’s all right, Anna,” she said in a soft voice, “We got you, and you are safe.”

“Olivia,” I croaked out.

“She is safe as well,” Anna Mathews said, “She is not hurt. Anna, it will take time but she will come around. You did well. You are a good mother.” She stared at me with those green eyes.

Other strong hands lifted me out and I was rushed to the hospital. I don’t know which one. I passed out at some point. I awoke as the plane I was on was getting ready to take off. Vivian came into view and gave me some water with a straw in it.

“You gave me quite a scare,” Vivian said, “And I am still mad as hell that you got most of the women I hired to back you and threaten to quit if I did anything to you. You are who I need here Anna. They need a tactical leader and you are it. Oh and that pilot of yours, very handsome but he seems to be a breast man, kept ogling mine.”

I laughed, it hurt, a lot. “Olivia,” I asked with a whisper.

“I am right here,” Olivia said as she sat down next to me as I was laying on the makeshift bed with IV fluids running into my body. “I had a long talk with Ms. Mathews and Mrs. Christianson. I know why you did it; I might have done the same thing. It is going to take time, ok. I am not calling you mom right now. But I am here as a Marine, that is all I can give you for now.”

“I’ll take it,” I said opening my hand, Olivia laughed once but gently grasped my hand to hold it with hers.

“Pussy,” she said with a sly smile.

I laughed again, it hurt again, a lot.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…..

“So Naomi Banks is dead,” the blonde woman said with her back to the assembled group, “That is one of mine that I put at your feet Wong.”

“I still have an asset in place in Vegas,” Vera Wong said, “We can still find out the inner workings of this group to stop it.”

“Pray to your gods Vera,” the blonde woman said as she turned, Sandra Purr looked over the assembled group, “When Charlotte Grey arrives we go to the next step. I want them all to be begging me to stop as the world tips to chaos.”

To Be Continued in Chapter 3

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