Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare by Anna the Marine Chick

I am drenched with sweat, rubbing the excess of it onto my leggings. I get back into the combat posture I have been in for the last 30 minutes. It has been 2 months since my brutal fight with Lucy Collett. All of my injuries have healed, at least the physical ones. My opponent across the mat from me was Leslie, the busty Asian former law enforcement officer who I hired right before I tangled with the RedVixen. Like me, she was dress in a sports bra and leggings, black for me and blue for her. We were both bare foot and crouched with our hands out to judge distance to each other. We had been practice fighting for a while but I was definitely breathing harder than she was. Honesty, my mind wasn’t right. The loss of Jennifer and injuries my body had taken left me very distant and questioning everything.

Leslie lunged and grabbed both wrists, I wasn’t ready for it. She pivoted her hip and threw me hard to the mat. I kicked my legs up to try and wrap them around her head but missed. She came down on top of me and tried for a grapevine pin, with her right forearm wedged into my windpipe. I was able to slide my neck and head from the arm and grappled underneath the busty brunette. This was almost the same result as in the previous 10 sparing matches we had today. I loop my left arm under her right arm pit and my right arm goes around her neck and I lock my fingers together. Our breasts crushed together as she face goes into my left shoulder. I plant both feet and bridge trying to turn us but can’t seem to budge her body. Our bodies get a little clingier and the temperature seems to go up about 20 degrees in the gym.

“Better Anna,” Leslie whispers in my ear.

“Not good enough,” I grunt back, still trying to roll us.

We stay in that position for a few more moments until my cell phone chirps with a text message. I slacken my hold on her neck but she doesn’t move, instead she rubs her big covered breasts across mine, licking her lips. Then she rolls off and I groan as I sit up. I go to my bag and grab a towel and big gulp of water and check my phone. It was a text from Emilia. I was able to hire Emilia right after the events of my last story. Emilia was previously employed at MI-5 and she and I had worked together over the years. She had lost her unit in Jordan and was fired, so I picked her up, their loss.

Emilia: Anna, two pieces of information of interest to you. Nothing confirmed but a possible sighting of Lucy Collett in Bali, Indonesia. Will brief you fully behind closed doors here. Also, is Ewa in trouble? There is series of texts messages my contact at NSA picked up regarding the new alliance of the Triads and Yakuza and her name came up a few times. Again, I will brief you on the full information when you finish your workout with Leslie. Oh and tell her I will own her on the mats soon.

I texted back.

Anna: I will be in the office in about an hour. And watch out for Leslie, she is a killer.

Emilia: So am I.

I grabbed my bag and wiped my face again with my towel. I motioned to Leslie that the training session was over for today.

“Emilia says to watch out for her,” I told Leslie, smiling. The two had grown pretty close in friendship and rivalry.

“That British crumpet is all talk,” Leslie smirked. But the two were pretty close on the pistol range and on the mats.

I showered and dressed. The news about Ewa was a little troubling. I hadn’t been a good girlfriend as of late. I have tried to concentrate on work too much, trying to find Lucy. And when I was home with Ewa, I was distant. We hadn’t tried having sex in over a month when before we would make love at least two times a day. As of late she had been out at “work meetings” as she called them. I didn’t know if she was fucking someone else or what she was doing, I was too focused on finding that redheaded bitch. Since most of Ewa’s business had to deal with the adult entertainment industry, I expected some late nights. She ran a now very popular adult modeling agency. Her girls were featured in magazines, the internet and videos.

It took just under an hour to get cleaned up and drive to the office building that was held my offices. I rode the elevator up to the 43 floor of the high rise in downtown Los Angeles and walked to the office door. MC Investigations and Solutions printed across the glass door. I opened it and walked in. To my surprise, a young woman with short blonde hair was seated on the couch. She was dressed in a white blouse and tan skirt. I guessed maybe 22 or 23 years old. She had on glasses which made her look a little like a sexy librarian. She stood when she saw me and held out her hand, her white blouse bulged from underneath, she was stacked.

“Good afternoon Ms. Chambers,” she said with a slight southern twang to her voice, “I am Sabrina Nichole. I am here about the IT position.”

“IT position?” I asked.

Emilia slid into the waiting room and shook hands with Sabrina.

“Yes, Anna,” Emilia said as she ushered both of us into my office, “I sent you young Sabrina’s file two days ago. I think you will enjoy it.”

Ah, I thought as my brain kicked in. Sabrina, not only a very beautiful young woman, also had a master’s degree in computer science from SMU and was recently recruited by both the CIA and NSA to work in their cyber commands. I had Sabrina sit in a chair in front of my desk and took my usual seat behind it.

“So Sabrina,” I said, “What made you want to apply for the position?”

“Please, call me Bri,” Bri said crossing her legs, “In some of my more illicit activities on the dark web, I came across your name and some of your exploits. Very fascinating reading I must say. I decided to seek you out because they sounded a whole lot more fun than sitting in a NSA think tank hacking into someone’s computer.”

I looked at Emilia’s notes and it had a list of every site Bri had ever hacked into. Some were quite impressive. No wonder the NSA and CIA had been trying to get her. It seemed from the analysis that Emilia did that the young Miss Nichole had hacked into most places not to place malware or disrupt the servers but to see if she could get in a take a look around.

“I also have this for you,” she said as she handed me the folder.

I opened it and it was a grainy black and white picture from a security camera in a hotel in a tropical location, from the dress of guests and foliage in the lobby. I drew in a breath because I was looking at two women, and one was Lucy Collett. I didn’t recognize the other, but they were the same height, similar features around their mouths and noses, a relative maybe.

“Where did you get this?” I asked in a whisper.

“I read a CIA file about you and your run in with Lucy,” Bri said matter of factly, “I used the time table of when you last saw her and factored in flights in the US and also Mexico to foreign countries. A privately owned Airbus 380 was secured in Puerto Vallarta. The reports from the ground crew reported two women, both redheaded, one sick because she needed assistance to board. They had docked the day before in a yacht which has since blown up in the harbor. The destination was Chile but they had the fuel to fly further. The Airbus 380, tail number B123FC2 never landed in Chile. So I decided to broaden the search parameters to where the plane would have to refuel. It landed in an airfield run by the Triad in Bali. The plane has since left. It is owned by Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, Yakuza. This was taken 3 weeks ago at the Hotel Intrepid in Bali. The CIA does not know who the other woman is. Since the date of the photo, they have gone dark.”

I rested the picture on my desk because if I held it, my hands would be shaking. I looked up at Bri.

“When can you start and what do you need?” I asked.

Bri handed across a small list of items. “If you get me those,” she said with a smile, “I can hack into anything on the planet.”

I buzzed Emilia to come in. I handed her the list. “Use the no limit card or get these things from friends. I want to be up and running by the end of the week.”

Emilia smiled, “I hate to say I told you so, Anna.”

It was my first big break in finding Lucy. Who was this other woman? And what was the Triad/Yakuza connection? And what the hell was Ewa’s name doing in NSA grabs from this Triad/Yakuza group? I set up Bri in Jennifer’s old office and got her started on finding out any info she can on the relationship between the Triad and Yakuza and who their contacts in the US were. I tried calling Ewa but the call went to voicemail right away. Bri came back into my office holding a laptop in her arms.

“I think I got some answers,” She said as she moved around my desk and set the laptop down, “This is Vera Wong.” She had the computer open to a picture of a beautiful young Asian woman. “She in all aspects is the legitimist face of this new group. They are passing themselves off as legitimate businesses now but if you dig deeper it is just a smoke screen. The only reason the government has not gone after them here in the US is they have provided some intelligence to take out terrorists in the Philippines.”

She was leaning over my desk and I didn’t notice that her blouse was showing off a major amount of cleavage but my girlfriend did when she walked in. I didn’t even hear the door open.

“Face first in a large set of work, are we Anna?!?” Ewa said loud enough that both Bri and I were startled.

“Sweetie,” I said seeing the look on her face, “I tried calling you but your phone went right to voicemail.”

“So who is this?” Ewa asked as she crossed her arms under her breasts, she was wearing a dark green blouse and black skirt. Her black heel was tapping the carpet.

“Ewa, this is Bri, Bri this is Ewa,” I said standing.

“Her girlfriend,” Ewa stated as Bri walked over to shake Ewa’s hand. It was starting to get a little tense in the room.

“Nice to meet you Ewa,” Bri said, “If you will excuse me, I have work to do.” Bri smiled and left the office.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Because little miss big boobs was all over you,” Ewa said, arms still crossed.

“She was not,” I said rolling my eyes, “But maybe you can help me with the work I have now.”

Ewa’s eyebrows went up. “How could I help you?”

“By telling me about Vera Wong,” I said, leaning against my desk, facing my girlfriend.

“I don’t know who that is,” Ewa said, her poker face not giving anything up.

“I know you know her, Ewa,” I said, “You have had business dealings with her. At least that is what she is saying. So spill it.”

“What I do is my own business, Anna,” Ewa said and turned on her heels and walked out of the office.

I sighed and walked out after her but she had picked up her pace to the elevators. I got to the door as it closed. I hit the button again and the second elevator door opened and I hit the lobby button. I walked out into the lobby to see Ewa exiting the lobby to the street and then she was grabbed on each arm by two men. I rushed out as quickly as I could but they pushed her into a waiting car and sped off. I did get the license plate of the vehicle and cursed because I left my phone in my office. I sprinted back to the elevator and got back to my office. On the way up I kept saying the number in my head. I rushed into the offices and recited the number for Leslie. She hopped on the nearest computer and started typing.

“The plates come back to a Prius owned by a little old lady,” Leslie said with a shake of her head, “Reported stolen from her driveway this morning.”

“Ok,” I said with a sigh, “We need to find Vera Wong. She connects it all.”

In the heart of Chinatown…..

With a hood over her head, Ewa was lead blindly and forcefully down a hallway and into a room where she was sat down in a hard metal chair. Her arms were zip tied to the back of the chair. The sound of a door closing and then silence filled the room. She heard a click, click of heels against the hard floor and her hood was taken off quickly. Ewa squinted to the bright lights of the room and sitting across from her was Vera Wong, dressed in a tight fitting red dress with a plunging neckline.

“What the fuck Vera?!?” Ewa exclaimed, “We agreed I would pay you back in two weeks.”

“Sorry, Ewa,” Vera said in unaccented English, “The time table has been moved up by …. Others interested in you.”

“Others interested in me?” Ewa asked.

“Others, like me,” said a woman’s voice in British accent.

Ewa turned to see a stunning brunette, dressed in a black business suit with a blue blouse that was unbuttoned enough to show a swell of cleavage.

“And who are you?” Ewa asked, trying to sound confident.

“My name is Stacey, Stacey Poole,” Stacey relied, “My employer wanted to have a word with you, so she sent me to bring you to her.”

“Your employer?” Ewa asked, eye brows raised, “I am sure we can come to some agreement on the matter of the loan. Who is your employer?”

“All in due time, Ms. Sonnet,” Stacey cooed and sat down next to Vera. “So you are the one who beat up Abigail? I expected something more.”

At the sound of Abigail’s name, Ewa went suddenly rigid in the chair. She had fought Abigail in the home she and Anna shared and had almost won but was knocked unconscious from behind by Lucy Collett. Then Lucy had shot and killed Jennifer when she came to see if Ewa was ok. Ewa had herself been strapped with an explosive but it was disarmed by Leslie, Anna’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD Tech.

“So your employer is Lucy Collette?” Ewa asked.

“Actually no, but you will meet her soon enough,” Stacey said. The striking brunette turned toward Vera, “What do you say for some entertainment? I only heard about Ms. Sonnet’s fighting prowess, but I would like to see her in action.”

“And who would you like her to fight?” Vera asked a little perturbed.

“Well,” Stacey said one finger to her lips, “Why not you?”

“Me?!?” Vera exclaimed, “No way! That is not going to happen!”

“No?” Stacey asked, her eye brows going up, “So you want me to report back to my employer that you were less than hospitable and would not cooperate in any way you could, as you told her? “

Vera sat very still, a look of fear crept across her face. She knew she didn’t have a choice. She needed to stay on the good side of Stacey’s employer.

“Fine,” Vera said, “I do hope you will report back that my group and I have been more than helpful with everything you have needed.”

“Absolutely,” Stacey said with a wide smile, “Oh and naked please, we still need Ewa’s clothes for our trip.”

Vera looked horrified at Stacey but she didn’t have a choice. Stacey moved her right hand to underneath her skirt, to her left thigh and pulled out a fixed bladed knife. The metal gleaming in the lights of the room. She showed it to Ewa as she got up from her chair and went behind Ewa. She cut Ewa’s zip ties and moved back. Ewa rubbed at her wrists.

“What is I object to this?” Ewa asked, but she knew the answer.

“Well,” Stacey said pretending to think about it for a second, “Then Vera will attack you, your clothes will be torn and you will be traveling naked. Also, my employer said you are to come to her alive, she didn’t say not to hurt you.” Stacey flashed the knife before Ewa’s eyes again.

Vera had begun to strip. She unzipped the zipper at her back and moved her shoulders to pull the dress forward. Her red low cut bra was in view as she pulled the top of the dress down to her waist and wiggled her hips to let the dress drop at her feet. She picked up the discarded dress and placed it in the chair she was sitting in. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, shaking her large chest as the cups came free. She hooked her thumbs in the sides of her red thong and removed it as well; placing both garments in the chair with her dress.

Ewa unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her black bra and thong came off quickly and she kicked the pile of clothing to the side. She was bustier than Vera but the two were about the same height and weight. The two women stood before each other were only heels, black for Ewa and red for Vera. They eyed each other’s bodies as Stacey took the folding chair she had been sitting in and moved it against the wall.

Vera broke the silence. “Come on Ewa,” Vera said with a sneer, “It will be like the fuck we had the other night only rougher.”

Ewa shook her head. “Bitch,” she said, “That was the price of me doing business with you. Any tenderness we shared is out the window. I am going to hurt you.”

The two women crouched and started to circle. The room was silent except for the clicking of heels and the breathing of the two. The two came together in a smack of flesh on flesh and grunts as their big breasts connected first, followed by the rest of their bodies. Hands immediately went to each other’s hair and started yanking as they turned in a slow circle. Ewa and Vera now bent over at the waist, started swiping with a free hand as the other pulled long hair. Ewa’s right hand slapped against a dangling breast and Vera cried out in pain. Vera raked her free hand down Ewa’s side causing the bustier brunette to wince and jerk her body. The pair came together in a bear hug, breasts crushing together, nails now raking red lines in each other’s backs. Their faces were imbedded in each other’s hair and the shouted expletives at the other.





Vera moved her chest back from Ewa’s only slightly and pushed forward. Their tits mashed together again, a soft clop of breast against breast. Ewa moved her tits back and sent them forward into Vera’s; the clop of tits getting louder. The two abandoned their back scratching and grasped each other’s forearms and slammed forward. They mutually grunted and moaned as their boobs went to war. Ewa had the much bigger breasts but Vera’s were very firm and were holding up as they CLOP CLOP CLOP their tits together. Ewa came forward but twisted her torso and her tits smacked sideways against Vera. Vera howled out in pain. She turned her chest and the two slapped their breasts back and forth roughly. Both cried out in anguish as they breasts came together, flesh yielding against flesh. They alternated from the side to side smacking to a full frontal assault. Hard nipples scrap back and forth and are plunged into boob flesh as the pair of brunette’s titfights. Each set of breasts were getting more and more reddened and sore as they continued to punish each other. Moisture was forming on their skin and with a push of exertion, they separated.

Both Ewa and Vera’s hands went to their breasts, rubbing the soreness and pain way, or at least trying to. Stacey still sitting gave a little clap with her hands and motioned for the two to fight again. Ewa wasted no time and lunged forward. But when Vera’s hands reached upward for Ewa’s head, Ewa ducked and slammed her left shoulder into Vera’s abs, wrapping her arms around the slender Asian and taking the two of them to the hard floor.

The pair immediately started wrestling with each other on the floor for control. Ewa was in control from the top position and fought hard to keep Vera down. Vera’s legs wrapped around Ewa’s waist, locked her ankles, and the Asian constricted her thighs together. Ewa grunted with the pain of her crushed sides, and then the grunts turned into screams. She raked her long nails across Vera’s upper thighs, leaving red welts in their wake. Ewa’s back was bent back as she tried to force the thighs apart, digging her claws into the insides of Vera’s legs. Vera tried to hold on but the pain in her legs was too much and she relented but as Ewa’s chest was open to attack, Vera sent her right fist sailing for Ewa’s left breast.


Ewa’s eyes bulged first and then her scream echoed in the room. Stacey was clapping at the violence in front of her. Ewa seemed to sag a little and Vera used it to roll the two of them over with Vera straddling the bustier woman’s waist. She grabbed both of Ewa’s tits and squeezed like she was crushing beer cans in her fingers. Ewa screamed again, bringing a squeal of delight from Stacey’s lips. But Ewa was not out of the fight yet. Through her tear filled eyes, she spied the Asian’s large tits and she reached for them. Now Vera’s screams echoed with Ewa’s as her beautiful breasts were ravaged by Ewa. The pair spent the next few moments squeezing, pulling, and scratching the large tits. A few nights before, the pair was squeezing each other’s tits but soft, spirited sex. Now they were hell bent on hurting each other. Ewa pulled Vera off to the side and then raked her right hand down Vera’s face. The nails were like hot knives, leaving red marks behind. Ewa worked her way back on top, this time straddling Vera’s left thigh. She grabbed Vera’s hands, yanking them from her wounded breasts. Vera tried to arm wrestle with Ewa but Ewa had more leverage being on top. Ewa pushed Vera’s arm above Vera’s head and their tits smashed together.

“Just give up Vera you treacherous bitch!” Ewa whispered in Vera’s ear, “Or I am going to kill you!”

“I have no choice Ewa,” Vera said grunting, “You kill me or they do for giving up!”

Ewa sunk her teeth into Vera’s chin! Vera screamed out in horrendous pain again! Vera tried to turn her head away but Ewa held on like a pit-bull! All the while their sweat covered tits moved back and forth and both Ewa and Vera could feel the wetness in-between each other’s thighs. Vera rubbed the upper part of her thigh against Ewa’s pussy, eliciting a moan from the busty woman’s throat. Ewa let go the bite and cursed. She was getting turned on fighting like this. She started grinding her own thigh in-between Vera’s legs. Their thighs, slippery with sweat and each other’s juices, ground back and forth as more and more moans came from their throats. Vera brought her mouth up to Ewa’s and locked lips with her, the tongues now fighting for control. Ewa scooted ever so slightly with her hips and their thick, puffy labias came into contact. Vera’s hips bucked as the two started humping each other. Ewa lost hold on Vera’s hand and the Asian wrapped her Ewa’s back and scratched with her nails. Ewa cried out into Vera’s mouth and slammed her hips down hard. The two separated their pussies and brought them back together in quick, rough succession.


Vera grabbed onto Ewa’s hair and yanked back at the same time trying to get into a sitting position, breaking their kiss. Ewa moved her legs around Vera’s sitting form and the pair locked legs behind each other’s backsides. Their tits always seemed to stay in contact. Ewa put her left hand behind her back to brace in against the hard floor, raising her hips slightly and sending them SMACK SMACK SMACK into Vera’s. Her right hand wrapped around the front of Vera’s throat. Vera put one hand behind her, smacking back at Ewa’s wet pussy and she grabbed Ewa in the throat. The fucked and tried to choke each other out. Their upper thigh muscles were burning with this effort. Ewa couldn’t tell if she had the Asian on the ropes, but her vision started to get black around the edges. At the same time, the orgasm building in her was threatening to gush out.

Ewa and Vera through back their heads and screamed in throaty, hoarse cries as their hips started bucking and convulsing in rapid succession. They came together, reaching for each other, hugging the other, their tits again smashing flat. Both bodies seem to slump against the other but Ewa pushed forward slightly and the toppled over.

Stacey got up from her seat and slammed her hand against the door three times. Two more women entered, one was Abigail, who Ewa had tangled with a few months ago, and the other was a tall and athletic blonde. Both of the new women were dressed in black blouses and black pants.

“Separate the two of them,” Stacey ordered, “And clean up Ms Sonnet and have ready to travel in an hour. Clean up Ms Wong as well. Brooke?”

The blonde turned her head and answered in an American accent, “The intel on Chamber’s movement is in the file. Her employee’s bios are also there, excluding the blonde woman there this morning. I received a call from Lucy a few minutes ago. She reports they will be traveling to our US location today and to have Sonnet meet them there. Ms. Wong’s people will provide transport. You, I, Heidi, and Abigail are to intercept and eliminate Chambers and her people.”

Stacey thought on that for a few moments, “Good. Have a plan in place for where, when and how by the time Sonnet is off. I want Abigail to tail that Brit bitch Emilia, Heidi on the former cop Leslie and you and I will find Chambers and the new hire. Contact Lisa Watson for the necessities. She has cars, id’s and weapons waiting for purchase.”

“Yes, Stacey,” Brooke said and she and Abigail got back to the task of getting Ewa ready for her trip.

Across town….

Leslie came into my office which had turned into the central hub for information. Bri was sitting on the floor with her laptop in front of her, files lying about the carpet in front of her. I was going over the footage of the abduction of Ewa.

“Emilia is sitting on a well-known location of Vera Wong,” Leslie said, face turned down in a frown, “So reports nothing yet. Her contacts in British intelligence have not turned up anything. Also, Amal from Jordan contacted us to see if we need any assistance. I told her I would get back to her.”

I looked up and sighed. Amal was the daughter of the head of Jordanian Intelligence. Emilia and I had witnessed a brutal fight she had with an IRA terrorist. “Tell her anything she can get us would be great. We need to find Vera first, and then figure out where Lucy and this other woman went. If they are still here in town, they need to find a clean way of leaving. Check private runways, boat terminals, anything.“

“We are doing that Anna,” Leslie said, “We will find her.”

I met Leslie’s gaze, my eyes starting to get watery. Bri cleared her throat. I looked over at the young blonde.

“Anyone know a Lisa Watson?” Bri asked.

Leslie smiled, remembering her naked fight with the busty woman. “I do remember her. She does ID’s and passports. Why do you ask?”

“It might be something small,” Bri said, “But I have a few dozen shipments of the specialized paper used to make the fake ID’s and passports. Plus this from the dark web about small arms and explosives. Looks here like she is branching out to more than just ID’s.”

“Ok,” I said, “Put her in the “Player” category. Damn it! I need more people here. Leslie, ask Amal if she would like a tour of the States? After that, head to your old friend Lisa’s place and see what you can find.”

Leslie smiled, “Will do Anna.” She pulled out her cell phone and hit a few buttons. As she walked out I could hear her talking with Amal.

Bri was looking at me with a concerned look in her eyes. “Spill it Bri,” I said.

“Look, Anna,” she started, “I don’t really know how to say it gently so I will just be blunt. How well do you know Ewa?”

“Ewa?!?” I asked, a little heated, “She has been my girlfriend for almost two years now. We have been through hell and back together. I know her. She isn’t behind her own kidnapping.”

Bri stood with her laptop, “Ewa has been borrowing money from different people, mostly to pay off the pervious loan. The people are getting shadier and shadier. I hacked into Vera Wong’s private server and found a file with Ewa’s name. Ewa borrowed $75,000 from Vera. There is a video of the exchange and other stuff that happened after. Bottom line, Ewa said the loan was to modernize her business and branch out into other areas of the world. What Vera requested was the loan paid plus 25% due in about two weeks. And the other stuff, well….” Bri trailed off.

“What other stuff?” I asked or rather said forcefully.

Bri set the laptop down. It showed an overhead view of Ewa and Vera sitting. Vera said in the video that she could have it immediately to Ewa if she and Ewa fucked right there. I could see the pained look on Ewa’s face, her hesitation, than she stood and began removing clothing. Vera stood as well and began removing her clothes. I shut the laptop.

“I am sorry Anna,” Bri said.

“She had her reasons,” I said out loud, “She needed it and this was the only way.” I was saying it to reassure myself.

I sat there in silence for a while, I could tell Bri was uncomfortable. The silence was broken when my desk phone started ringing. I checked the ID and it was Emilia. I hit the speaker button.

“Em,” I said into the speaker, “Have anything yet?”

“On the Vera front, no,” she said, “But we have another problem. I have a tail.”

“What a sec,” I hit the hold button and conferenced Emilia’s call with a new one to Leslie, “Emilia, I have Leslie patched in a well. Leslie, Em has a tail.”

“So do I,” Leslie said, “Started as soon as I left the parking garage.”

“Shit!” I said. “Ok, try to lose them and require and trail them.” I heard two “Will do” from Emilia and Leslie.

“Anna dear,” Emilia said, “If they have us, most likely there is someone or a few someone’s near you. Be careful.”

I pulled the desk drawer open and checked my pistol to see that a round was in the chamber and the safety was off.

“Let me know when you know,” I said and killed the speaker. I also removed a small cylinder from the desk and checked the pin.

Somewhere else…..

The air was thin as Ewa came too from her nap. She was no longer tied up but was in a small room on a small bed. She looked outside and there was snow on the ground and a mountain in the background. She tried her window but it was locked from the outside. She heard the door open behind her and she turned quickly.

“Ah, we’re awake,” Lucy said, holding a pistol at her waist. It was pointed downward but it could move quickly, “We have been waiting for you to wake. Just in time for tea. If you please.” Lucy motioned with the pistol for Ewa to come with her. Ewa went out the door and Lucy gave her a slight nudge with the barrel of the pistol in her back. She emerged from the hallway where her room was into a wide open area. The ceiling was vaulted, all warm colored wood with a stone fireplace. A roaring fire was going in the fireplace. Lucy motioned for Ewa to sit down in chair next to a small table with a teapot and china cups on it. Then Ewa noticed the other woman in the room, already seated, starting to pour tea.

“Welcome Ewa,” said the woman in a British accent, “Please join us.”

Ewa sat and got her first look at the woman. She was older but Ewa could not tell the age. She had fire red hair licked with silver. She wore a simple red blouse, unbuttoned a few buttons to show off the swell of massive breasts. Her black shirt was short with her stocking covered legs crossed.

“My name is Deanna Louise Matthews,” she said looking Ewa directly in the eyes. “Lucy is my half-sister, you may call me Anna, like your lover’s name. Also, you are going to help me get my revenge.”

Bri and I worked well into the night. I fell asleep at my desk while she crashed on a vacant couch. It was about 5am when my internal clock woke me up. I needed to freshen up; tip toeing past the sleeping blonde, I went to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face and looked in the mirror. The bags under my eyes were there, no mistaking it. I wanted to punch the image looking back at me. I had been so distant, so caught up in my work that I neglected the woman I love. Now she was missing and I didn’t have a clue where in the world she was. I don’t know how long I was in there staring at myself when there was a knock at the door.

“Anna,” Bri asked, “Are you alright?”

I’m fine,” I replied. I needed to clear my head and for me the best way was to workout.

I opened the door and Bri was standing there, her hair messy from sleep.

“Do you want to go to the gym with me?” I asked, “I need to get my thoughts and self centered.”

“Sure,” Bri said with a smile, “Maybe working up a sweat will get my synapses firing.”

I grabbed some workout clothes from the closet in my office and threw them into a bag. Bri was already carrying a back bag slung over one shoulder as we walked to the elevator.

“The gym is not too far from here,” I said, “I have guest membership on it so you will have no issues there.”

We drove in silence to the gym. It was dead for being almost dawn. I had expected a few more people there as I scanned my card and went with Bri to the locker room to change. I did an abbreviated workout routine and still the gym was almost barren of people. A couple of women walked in, a slim but athletic, tall blonde in a sports bra and running shorts and a very busty brunette, dressed the same. My own sports bra was soaked in sweat as I finished a quick 2 mile on the treadmill. I let Bri know I was going to head into the sauna. She said she was going to work on some yoga routines and grabbed a yoga mat and went into the adjoining studio. I went back into the locker room and changed into a big towel and went into the heat of the sauna for a good sweat. I seated myself against the back wall facing the door and laid my head back and closed my eyes. I heard the door open and the tall blonde walked in wearing a towel. She smiled and sat down on the bench next to the door and checked her watch.

Bri was lying on the mat arms under her pushing her body up, stretching. She heard the door open and glanced to see the busty brunette entering with her own yoga mat. Bri’s danger sense went off and she kept the brunette in her peripheral vision.

Across town…..

Emilia had given her tail the slip earlier in the evening but had lost the car in the dense LA traffic. She kept searching for the car but after a few hours had given up. It was close to 5am in the morning and she decided she needed sleep, so she drove to her high rise apartment. She drove around the block a few times to check to see if she was being followed in a different car but all seemed normal. She parked in assigned spot in the underground parking garage and rode the elevator up to her 50th floor apartment. Maybe it was lack of sleep that made her not check her surroundings, but as she inserted her key into the lock, Emilia felt the muzzle of a pistol pressed into her back.

“Don’t make a sound and open the door slowly,” said a female American accent, “And don’t make any sudden moves. We wouldn’t want to wake the neighbors with a gunshot.”

Emilia did as she was told and opened the door and was pushed in. As she entered, she flipped the light on to illuminate the dark apartments. It opened to a living room and kitchen with a small hallway to a bedroom. Emilia had her keys in her right hand and tossed them purposely at the little dish on a counter and missed, causing the keys to clatter loudly to the tile floor. In a swift movement, she turned sharply to her left, left hand already going behind her to grasp at the intruder’s gun hand. Her right hand moved up to palm strike the intruder in the jaw to stun her. The two women struggled in the foyer. Emilia got her first good look at the woman, Abigail, the same one who traveled with Lucy Collett to Jordan and who attacked Ewa a few months ago. The gun didn’t go off but was knocked out of Abigail’s hand and fell to the floor. Abigail pushed forward, sending both women tumbling into the living room and kitchen area.

Leslie was still getting used to driving in LA for the last few months. Giving her tale the slip proved much harder. She thought she had finally done it around 3am. She had made it back to her apartment without incident and had gotten a few hours of sleep when her phone buzzed with a text.

Amal: I will be landing at 0615 from Dulles, United Airlines. I have a diplomatic passport so immigration was not an issue. Where do I need to take a cab to?

Leslie texted back: Don’t worry about a cab. I will meet you outside the UA baggage area. Look for a big black Audi with a sexy Asian behind the wheel.

Amal: LOL… I will be looking for that!

Leslie got up and took a quick shower before dressing in a tight t-shirt and jeans. She slipped her pistol into the small of her back and slipped on a ¾ length jacket to hide the bulge in her back. She worked her way through traffic and got to the pickup spot at LAX just as Amal exited the main baggage area. Amal was dressed in a tight long sleeve black shirt that showed off her generous curves and pair of khaki pants. She had one rolling suitcase and waved as Leslie approached. With the suitcase secured in the trunk, Amal took the passenger’s seat as Leslie got back into traffic.

“Is there any movement from when we talked last?” Amal asked.

“Nothing yet,” Leslie said grim faced, “I haven’t checked in with Anna or Emilia yet though. I was planning on heading to Chinatown to look for an old friend.” As Leslie said old friend, her right brow arched.

“By old friend do you mean someone who needs to open up to us?” Amal asked with a small smile.

“Amal,” Leslie said, “I think I like you already. Have you found anything out from your end?”

“Actually yes,” Amal said, “During a recent interrogation of member of Hamas we intercepted, we discovered some background of Lucy Collett. Her bio from the British Army is fictitious. It was made to get her in to learn about the Army and military weaknesses. She kept the Collett name but her mother, Emma, was previously married to Sir Clayton Matthews. They had one daughter, Deanna, about 20 years or so before Lucy was born. Deanna or Anna as she has gone by disappeared from all records after 1990. The description of her appearance shows up in terrorist hot spots all over the world. She, like her sister Lucy, has an immense distain for the British government. Apparently after Sir Matthews died, her mother was swindled out of the family money by a member of parliament. He disappeared shortly after Anna Matthews did. His body was positively identified in 2003. The bones showed mutilation and single bullet hone to his skull. Rumor had Anna in a secret prison in Russia but the Russian government denied that any such prison existed.”

Leslie whistled. “Well that is something we need to brief Anna, our Anna on.”

Leslie tried Anna’s cell which rang but went to voice mail. Same for the office and Emilia’s phone.

“Well that is odd,” Leslie said frowning, “Might as well head to Chinatown for our visit. Here is the briefing sheet of Lisa Watson.” She handed Amal a folder.

Amal read it and looked up, “So this counterfeiter has decided to branch out. I guess she will probably be not as forthcoming with information.”

“Last time,” Leslie said with a smile, “It took almost an hour of naked aggression to coax it out of her.”

Amal smiled at Leslie. “I agree with you Leslie, I like you already.”

In the mountains…..

Ewa woke groggily with what felt like a hangover. There was something in her tea. The night before was just flashes. Almost felt like dreams. The flashes of her naked with both Anna and Lucy. Sex and bodies pressed together, her own orgasm, the picture in her mind of Lucy and Anna kissing. Ewa shook her head to get the cobwebs cleared. She got out of bed naked, her body a little sore with small scratch marks on her breast and buttocks. She opened the closet and there was only the most minimal of lingerie. The room was warm enough that she wouldn’t freeze unless she walked outside in the snow. She chose a black bra and matching black thong and slipped on a see-thru short robe and tried the door knob. It was open. She walked out into the hallway and slowly crept down to the living room. It seemed deserted. Ewa looked around for a phone or computer or something but she couldn’t find anything. She neared the front door to the bright outside and heard a voice behind her. Ewa spun around to come face to face with a petite young woman with multicolored hair dressed in a winter parka and jeans holding a long serrated knife.

“Hi I’m Dina,” Dina said in a cheery voice while she twirled the knife in her hand, “I am supposed to watch you and make sure you don’t do anything stupid. I am not supposed to kill ya, but Miss Anna didn’t say anything about not hurting you a little. Do you like knives, Ewa?”

Ewa looked nervously at the girl with the knife. “No, Dina, I don’t like knives. I do really want to go home. Why am I here?”

“Oh silly,” Dina said with a giggle, “I am just paid to watch you and make sure if anyone else comes here I fuck them up.”

Dina closed the distance between the two of them with Ewa backing against a wall. Dina licked her lips as she lightly touched the blade against the swell of Ewa’s breasts. Ewa shivered at the touch of the serrated steel. Dina’s eyes seemed to be somewhere else as she was getting immense pleasure making Ewa feel scared.

“Come and play with me, pleeeease,” Dina said in a higher pitched voice, “The last girl who I played with didn’t last too long. She did give me this though.” With her free hand, Dina unzipped the parka and pulled her shirt up to show a few jagged marks near her breasts, a few old scars and more recent bite marks. “She was funnnnnnn! But like all the others, she didn’t stay pretty.” Dina pressed the knife against Ewa’s tits with a little more pressure, not breaking skin but it was starting to hurt. “If you and I play, you won’t be pretty anymore, I promise.”

“Uh em!” came a voice from behind Dina’s back, “Dina, you know what I said.”

“Yes Miss Anna,” Dina said with a look of disappointment on her face, “Sorry, she just looked so pretty!”

“Yes dear she is,” Anna said, “And I want her to stay that way…. For now. Why don’t you go and check the perimeter. Thank you love.”

Dina slipped the knife back into the scabbard at her waist and zipped up her parka again. She opened the front door and a waft of cold air came in. She blew Ewa a kiss and was gone with the door closing.

Ewa relaxed only slightly as she eyed Anna Matthews. The redhead was dressed in a full length terry cloth robe.

“Would you care for some tea my dear?” Anna asked sweetly.

“No thanks,” was Ewa’s reply.

“Oh dear,” Anna said with a smile, “I promise the tea is not laced with anything. Lucy and I just wanted to feel you out. And I must say, the feeling was good.”

Ewa shivered again, but not from the cold, from knowing she was not in control last night and god knows what all happened.

“What do you want from me?” Ewa demanded.

“So feisty,” Anna said, sipping her tea, “You, young Ewa, are going to assist ridding me and my sister of a throne in our side. You see your precious Anna Chambers through a wrench into our family plans back when she got my darling Lucy sacked from the Army. She delayed our progress by years and years. Instead of the British Army teaching her, I had to send her various freedom fighters around the world. In doing so, I was caught by the Russian FSB and thrown into a hell hole for 7 years. Do you know what it is like in prison? I would think not. But I had to fight every day for my life and for my status there. And when I escaped and discovered my Lucy was in the fight of her life with your precious Anna Chambers, I came to my sister’s aid. And even now, my girls are hunting Anna and her friends. Hopefully soon, I will receive a call that the bitch and friends are no more.”

A rage was boiling in Ewa, she was preparing to lunge across the table at the older woman, but two strong hands clamped down on her shoulders. Ewa whipped her head around and found Lucy holding her in place.

“Anna,” Lucy cooed, “Can I have some more fun with Ewa here, maybe you can join in too?”

“By all means, Lucy,” Anna said with a smile on her face, “I will watch for now but would love to join in.”

Back in LA…. At the gym…..

I heard the beep from the blondes watch and opened my eyes again to see her rise and turn towards me.

“I was waiting to see who they would send,” I said, still seated and relaxed, “Since Lucy is British, what are you Norwegian? “

“Not quite,” the blonde said in an American accent, “I am Brooke, born and raised here in southern California. This just pays the bills.”

I evaluated my surroundings; both of us in towels, sauna, heat, sweat, I am already tired, she might know where Ewa is so I could kill her but I think I was going to hurt her a little. I slid off the bench and got down to the floor. Shit, the blonde had at least three inches on me.

“I am going to enjoy ending you,” Brooke said as her hands formed fists.

I decided to take a page from Leslie’s book and try and distract her. I looked past her to the door and small window and smiled, like I was smiling at someone. Brooke turned her head to look and I charged. I hit her like a freight train and slammed her into the sauna door hard. I started punching her in the sides thinking this was going to be a straight up fist fight, but the bitch grabbed my wet hair and yanked back. I cried out in pain but she moved my face back enough that she swung a short jab at my face. I turned my head and took the shot on the top of my skull and it hurt. She cried out in pain and started shaking her right hand. My left forearm was pressed against her throat as I pushed into her and continued to fire off jabs at her abs, which were rock hard. She dug both hands into my wet hair and I felt her nails nick at my scalp. Brooke pushed off the door with her ass and we tumbled back onto a bench. I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of her hair and turned us and we went sprawling to the hard floor. Brooke was able to get a foot between us and kicked off, sending me flying back. I hit the door hard and was dazed. My towel hit the floor. Brooke got up, leaving her own towel on the wood deck. We rushed at each other, slamming into each other, careening off the walls and door, our naked bodies’ slick with sweat. Brooke pivoted with her hips and tried to toss me over onto the bench, but I locked my right leg with her left and she lost her footing and her back hit the hot rocks of the sauna. I heard her scream like a banshee as the flesh on her back was burned. I tried to keep her there but we rolled off onto the floor and broke apart. Brooke got up in visible pain and made for the door, as she pulled it open I tackled her from behind taking us from the sauna and onto the tile floor in the locker room. We slid across the floor and dropped into the whirlpool. SPLASH!!!

My head broke the surface and I opened my eyes to see Brooke come at me. Her firm breasts smacked into my larger ones as her momentum slammed me back first against the side of the whirlpool. I grunted in pain as some of the air was knocked out of me. She grabbed my hair again and drug me down under the water. My hands were flailing trying to scratch at her face and arms but her arms were locked straight holding me down. I opened my eyes to see her legs braced apart so I reached with my right hand and clawed at her pussy. I could hear the scream even under water but it was muffled. Her hands let go of my head and I popped above the surface again. I went at her like a woman possessed slamming her back first into the side of the whirlpool, both of my hands clawing and squeezing her breasts.

Bri heard a scream and her head whipped around. The brunette hadn’t turned her head.

“So how is Lucy these days?” Bri asked standing up.

“Well since the cats out of the bag,” Stacey Poole said, “I guess we should get down to business.”

Bri and Stacey came together in a fail of arms and legs. Feet slipped in the small yoga mats and the two went down. Bri had her hands firmly embedded in Stacey’s brown locks and Stacey was yanking at Bri’s short hair. Legs locked together and they rolled back and forth. Stacey thought she was going to have it easy but every time she tried to mount the younger blonde, Bri fought her off. The two busty women struggled and wrestled for control. Bri stopped the rolling by putting her leg out like a kick stand with Stacey on top. Bri balled up her right fist and slammed into the side of Stacey’s sports bra covered breast. The brunette howled in pain and roll over with Bri now on top. Bri kept sending short punches to Stacey’s side and tits. The wily Brit reached up and grasped Bri’s sports bra, digging her fingers into the protruding flesh. Bri arched her back in pain, grabbing both of the brunette’s hands screaming as her big breasts were being crushed. Even with Bri digging her nails into Stacey’s wrists, the brunette continued to squeeze. Bri brought her own hands down onto Stacey’s sports bra but yanked the garment up and two large breasts wobbled free. The shorter haired blonde grabbed two handfuls of the big tits and dug her nails in. Stacey screamed out again but was able to drag Bri over to her side. Now side by side, Stacey pulled up on Bri’s sports bra, releasing Bri’s big tits and re-grabbed. Breasts were squeezed, clawed, groped and pulled like dough. Tears were welling up in both women’s eyes as they tried to destroy each other. It was Stacey who caved first; balling up her fist and sending it to Bri’s face. The blow took Bri in the mouth, stunning her and the two women rolled away from each other.

I was still pressing up against Brooke as we pushed and pulled at each other’s tits. She got her legs under her and started standing. It brought us out of the water but I was able to force her up and onto the tile floor. I locked my legs around her right thigh to keep the longer limbs from wrapping around my waist. She let go of my breasts and with one hand she grabbed my long wet hair and with her right she slugged me in the side. FUCK THAT HURT! The shot made me let go of her tits but I still remained on top. She punched me again before I could get my elbow down to block it and I rolled off coughing. We slowly got to our feet. She backed away a little, more into the shower area. I followed her cautiously. She raised her fists, whipping her hair back; I followed her example and raised my own. We closed in on each other and sent a few probing punches, both of us blocking or evading the fists. The floor was slippery in the shower and I lost my footing for a second, which was all the time she needed to come at me. We locked up like two MMA fighters with our arms locked up and she threw knees at my sides with her longer legs. I did my best to twist my body or drop an elbow to block but she hit me hard in my right tit with her left knee. OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFF!!! I thought she flattened my tit and pain shot through my whole chest. I grabbed her wet hair and throw punch that smacked against her temple. She grunted out in pain but was able to press me against the shower wall. Her hands moved under my chin, forcing my head up and to the left. I gritted my teeth and tried to punch her again but she moved her head in and it just grazed the back of her neck. I felt her hard nipples impaling my breasts. In a different scenario being pressed up by a hot blonde would be fun, but now right now. She slammed her right knee into my side and I crumpled. My knees gave out and I sagged. She let me drop to my knees, grabbing my hair, bringing our eyes locked together.

“I thought there was going to be a tougher fight,” Brooke breathed out, “I guess the Marine Chick will be no more!”

I hate it when bitches taunt! Years ago right before I was processed out of the Marine Corps, I got into a bit of trouble at a local bar. I was in a bad place after Scotland (in the story Code Name:RedVixen) and I let my anger get fueled by alcohol and got into a donnybrook with Bridal shower party at the bar. Needless to say I was detained and because of the things that happened in Scotland, the base general had order NCIS to investigate. I was questioned by tall, voluptuous blonde Lieutenant Junior Grade on loan to NCIS from Naval Security Forces. Even with her southern accent and sweet personality, I was a complete bitch to her. After trying to coax out information from me, she turned back to the two way mirror and shook her head and made the cut sign with her hand. She got up and moved the table to the side of the room and un-did my handcuffs. She took off the badge she had on her belt and set it with her cuffs on the table. I was confused so when she told me to stand I did out of reflex. She took the chair I was sitting in and her own and moved them by the table.

“Ever heard of bulkhead counseling Staff Sergeant Chambers?” she asked.

“I have,” I said with a sneer on my face, “But no way am I hitting an officer today.”

“Right now I am just another woman who is going to teach you some respect and manners,” she replied motioning to the mirror and camera, “The camera is off and the one watching will stay quite since I have done this before.”

She was dressed in a white blouse that was straining under her massive breasts and black skirt so tight that it looked almost painted on. In her heels she towered over me but she kicked them off and now she only had a few inches on me.

“Your funeral,” I taunted.

The fight didn’t last that long. There wasn’t any punching or kicking but mostly the close quarters grappling and wrestling with clothes ripping and boob grabbing. Towards the end, she and I were both topless, her skirt around her waist and mine torn off. I was on top of her thinking I was going to end it.

“Like I said bitch,” I said breathlessly, “Your funeraaaaaaaaaaaaa”

She lifted her panty cover pussy and smacked it against mine, twisting us and rolling me over with her on top. She grabbed my wrists and moved my arms over my head. Her nipples were the longest and hardest I have ever felt and they ground into my tits. My breasts yielded, hell I yielded as her body and mine writhed together. She looked into my eyes, raising her eye brows.

“I’m done!” I squeaked out.

Then she did something I did not expect, she kissed me full on the mouth, her long tongue invading my mouth and wrapping around my tongue. When she broke the kiss and moved her face away, there was a line of spittle from her mouth to mine.

“MMMMM that was hot sugar,” she said as she rolled off my and went to gather her clothes, “But one piece of advice. Never taunt when the fight is still on going, leaves you open for attack or distraction.”

I sat up and got my clothes on the best I could and stood and held my hands out to be cuffed again. But she shook her head.

“Sweetie,” she said in the sweet southern drawl, “I read the file from Scotland; you got the raw end of it. But that is the way things, so you need to roll with the punches. You are going to be released with no charges filed. You have a good record and seem to be really bright, so find your next goal and work to achieve it. Here is my card. If you need anything, let me know.” She winked at me. It read Angelica Johansson, Lieutenant Junior Grade, NCIS. After Angelica had gotten out of the Navy and went into business for herself as a private investigator, I went to visit her in Texas, to learn the tools of the trade. After many months of on the job training, both on the streets and in the bedroom (she has the longest nipples of anyone I have ever known, and the learning was rather fun), I left to open up my own place in LA. I keep in touch with her if some our cases are close. She has recommended my name to a few women who have come out to LA for personal protection and setting up security. I owe her a lot! But back to the present….

I sent a right handed upper cut in between Brooke’s legs. Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened to a silent scream and fell to her knees in front of me. Both of her hands went to hold her pussy, so I punched her again across the jaw, the lights went out in her eyes and they rolled back as she fell back to the shower floor, smacking her head on the tile. I started breathing again. SHIT BRI! I got us as fast as I could and grabbed a towel on the way out of the locker room. I ran out into the gym to find the manager tied up and the doors chained. I heard a grunt from the yoga room and went in as fast as I could. What I saw really surprised me!

Brooke and Stacey rolled away from each and rose. They removed their sports bras which were wedged above their tits. They came at each other with fists raised. Stacey threw a side kick but Bri caught it and tripped her, sending them back down to the floor. The brunette groaned as Bri smacked her tits down on Stacey’s oversized pair. Hard nipples ground into the women’s breasts as Stacey tried to bridge out and send them rolling across the floor. Bra raked her nails down Stacey’s back until they caught on her shorts, pulling them down slightly, exposing a curved ass.

“WHORE!” Yelled Stacey!

“CUNT!” Replied Bri, rolling them back over.

Stacey now torn at Bri’s leggings trying to remove them from the feisty blonde. The pair broke off trying to do damage to each other to strip each other bare. No their knees, they clashed together again. Each grabbing a handful of hair and a handful of tit. They screamed together, heads yanked back, tits scratched and pulled. I catch Bri’s eyes and start to move towards them but she shakes her head. Then she abandons the mutual tit grabbing and moves both hands into thick brown hair. She first pushes out moving Stacey’s head back and then pulls back as she slams her own head forward. Bri headbutted Stacey in her nose. Blood erupted from the brunette’s face and she howled and crumpled to the floor. Bri straddled Stacey and grabbed her by the hair and started slapping her face back and forth.

“WHERE….IS….LUCY….COLLETT!!!” She yells out as she slaps Stacey.

“PLEASE STOP!!! I DON’T KNOW!!!” The brunette cried out.

Bri dropped Stacey’s head and scooted her butt back a little and started punching Stacey in her big tits.


“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!!” Stacey cried out again.

Bri stops punching and turns to me. “Want me to fuck her up some more?”

“No, I think you have done enough,” I say walking over and helping Bri to her feet, “I need to call a friend in the FBI and see if I can get them to hold these two quietly.”

At Emilia’s apartment…..

Abigail landed on top of Emilia but the Brit punched the other woman in the side. Abigail groaned out but grabbed Emilia by the hair and started slamming her head into the tile floor. Em slugged her hard in the left tit and the busty brunette rolled off of Emilia. She turned on her stomach and started crawling for the coffee table and the hidden compartment with a hide away pistol. Abi dropped on Em’s back and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back. Em grabs the brunette’s wrist and she digs her nails in. Abigail scream out but starts to shake Emilia’s head back and forth. Em is in a lot of pain but she is able to get her knees under her and then feet bridging up, sending Abi flying forward and into the oak coffee table. Abi’s tits hit the table first, knocking the wind out of the woman. Emilia rises to her knees and shakes her head back and forth to alleviate some of the pain. As Abi turned back to her foe, Emilia charged on her knees, slamming into the intruder and slamming her back against the coffee table. Their large covered breasts collided, Emilia’s hands going for Abigail’s throat. Abi tried to pry the hands away but Em was trained by some of the best British intelligence have to offer. Abi moved her hands quickly and slapped them down onto Emilia’s ears at the same time.

“AAAAAAHHHH FUCK YOU TWAT!!!!” Emilia screamed out, losing her grip of Abi’s throat, hands going to her ears.

Abi started crawling for the entrance to the hallway to search for her pistol. As she got into the kitchen, her head turned to the left and she spotted it near the door. She scrambled to grab and got to her feet, coming back around the corner to see Emilia pointing her own pistol at her. They fired at the same time.


In Chinatown….

Leslie and Amal arrived mid-morning to what looked like an abandoned warehouse deep inside Chinatown. It was a different location from the last place Lisa Watson worked out of when she and Leslie tangled last. They parked about a block away and got out of the car. Leslie checked her pistol to see that a round was chambered and replaced it into the small of her back. Amal rummaged through her suitcase and came out with a wicked looked carbon fiber serrated fixed blade knife and slid it under the sleeve of her long sleeve t-shirt. As they neared the building, Leslie stopped them and pulled out an old looking flip cell phone and punched in a few number.

“This is a signal blocker, “ she said showing it to Amal, “Enough radius to block and electronic signals. Like the ones from the wireless cameras all over this building.” Pointing to a small black camera near the roof. “Now we pick the lock and see what we can find.”

They entered quietly and undisturbed, moving slowly from car to car in the warehouse. Amal silently pointed to a row of offices. As the two women neared the offices, they could her moaning coming from the far right office.

“MMMMMM (kissing sounds) I lost her after midnight (kissing sounds) need a new tracker,” said one voice that Leslie didn’t recognize.

“MMMMMM Baby, take anything you want (kissing sounds),” Lisa Watson replied.

Leslie snuck a peak through the cloudy office window. She turned back to Amal and moved her face near her ear.

“Two women, both naked,” Leslie whispered, “Want to join them?” She moved her face back and smiled as Amal nodded. They stood and moved to the door opening it to the surprise of the two naked women on the desk. Lisa was pinned down with a busty brunette, their oversized breasts mashed together.

“What the fuck?!?” Lisa exclaimed and then recognized Leslie, “YOU!”

Leslie pulled out her Glock from behind her back and trained it on the two naked women. “Oh don’t move on my account ladies. We just need some information and we will let you get back to fucking each other. Ewa Sonnet was kidnapped yesterday and we want to know who did it and where she is.”

Both Leslie and Amal noticed the look of alarm that Lisa shot the brunette who was playing it all cool. The brunette slid off the busty dirty blonde woman and stood. 5’5” and curvy; her large breasts bounced a little as she stood hands on her hips.

“No one is telling you shit, Smith,” the brunette sneered.

“Shut up Heidi!” Lisa countered.

“Heidi?” Leslie said, “Heidi Kendrick. You are almost on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. I am actually impressed your boss sent you just for me.”

“Not just for your bitch!” Heidi said with a smile, “For all your crew. Except her.” Her head motioned towards Amal.

“Can you shut the fuck up Heidi!” Lisa exclaimed as she rose from the desk. She was easily the tallest and bustiest of the 4 of them.

“Fuck you Lisa!” Heidi said turning to the woman she was just on top of, “I am not scared of this Asian whore holding the pistol. Death doesn’t scare me.”

Leslie turned the pistol over in her hand looking at it. She handed it to Amal. Then Leslie started unbuttoning her blouse. Lisa gasped as she remembered the last time Leslie did that. Heidi just looked blankly at her.

“What are you doing?!?” Heidi asked.

“Since I can’t intimidate you, I might as well beat the information out of you,” Leslie said unclasping her bra, “And since you are already naked, it is easier for me to get undressed than you to get dressed. Give you a fighting chance.”

“You’re fucking dead bitch!” Heidi said as she cracked her knuckles and started shaking out her arms. Her tits wobbled in place as she did so.

Leslie dropped her thong down on the pile of clothes and stalked towards Heidi. Amal gestured to Lisa with the pistol to move back away from the two women about to tangle. Leslie and Heidi crashed together into the middle of the office. Heidi’s large breasts clashed with Leslie’s slightly smaller breasts. Heidi was thicker than Leslie who was more toned. Leslie pivoted her hips, hands locked in Heidi’s brown locks, and she hip tossed the bigger woman down to the tile floor. Heidi landed with a thud and a groan with the wily Asian now on top.

Lisa was watching the two busty women tangles with a heat swelling through her body. Her breathe quickened as she was getting overly excited at what she was watching. Amal was getting turned on as well. Having watched Anna and Emilia fight naked before (In REDVIXEN) she didn’t mind being a voyeur. As Leslie and Heidi traded slaps to bare skin, Lisa eyed Amal from the side, thinking the smaller woman was too involved watching as well. Lisa lunged for the pistol but Amal caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and jerked the gun back, Lisa grabbed at air and stumbled past, Amal adding a foot out to trip the big busty blonde as she roared past. Lisa sprawled out on the floor and quickly turned over to her back. Amal ejected the magazine, extracted the round from the chamber and set the pistol down. She removed her knife from under her sleeve.

“If you will allow me just a moment Ms. Watson,” Amal said with her slight British accent, “You and I can have our own little chat.” Amal quickly pulled the shirt over her head; she had never undressed so quickly but was anxious for a fight. Lisa had catlust in her eyes. She saw fights, whether it were catfight, titfights or sexfights as an aphrodisiac. Her hands squeezed her large tits together, fingers tweaking her own nipples hard; she moaned a little at the beautiful naked body standing above her. Amal didn’t say a word as she dropped her naked body on top of Lisa’s.

Heidi twisted her body and rolled Leslie over, grabbing at the Asian’s throat. Leslie moved her head back and smacked a right hand, palm open, down on Heidi’s large left tit. Heidi howled in pain but fought through it enough to jab a Leslie’s face. Leslie caught a left fist to her cheek and a right fist to her left breast. She was momentarily stunned and fell back with Heidi pouncing on her. Heidi grabbed both of Leslie’s wrists, stretching them out of the prone woman’s head and slammed her tits down on to Leslie’s boobs with a sickening thwack! She pulled her chest up and slammed it down again and again.


Leslie had the wind knocked out of her. She yelled out in pain as the bigger girl’s tits were smashing against hers. Heidi dropped one more time but this time held the position and started grinding the reddened, sore flesh together. Heidi moved her legs out to straddle the Asian’s waist but Leslie caught her with a right knee to the pussy. Heidi’s eyes bulged as she screamed out and fell off. Leslie sat up rubbing her sore tits. As she turned and got to her knees, Heidi was rising to her knees. The two she-cats reached out with claws bared and grabbed each other’s breasts. Nails digging in, twisting, pinching, squeezing the round flesh. Leslie through her head back in a scream that was joined by Heidi.

Amal’s body slapped down onto Lisa’s and the big blonde wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and turned them over. Her hands gripped the back of Amal’s dark hair and she yanked. Amal felt her body rolling and head yanked back, she grasped Lisa’s dirty blonde hair and reciprocated, snapping Lisa’s head back. The pair rolled over twice to the right and then back to the left. Legs locked around thighs and Amal could feel the wetness between Lisa’s legs, not knowing if it was the sex, watching the fight or being in a fight that was turning her on. If she could have asked Lisa the question, the answer would have been YES! Lisa stopped their rolling by moving her knee out staying on top of the smaller woman, Lisa’s breasts mashed with Amal’s, the two pairs moving back and forth between the mounds and valleys. Amal smacked her right hand against Lisa’s ass cheek and dug her claws in, Lisa let out a yelp of pain and moan. Amal got an idea from the moaning and now grinding body on top of her. Amal twisted her body and turned the pair but she moved her face to Lisa’s neck and opened her mouth. But instead of biting, she started sucking on Lisa’s neck, moving both hands to Lisa’s massive tits, roughly squeezing and pulling on them. Lisa groaned in pleasure! She grabbed back at Amal, grasping her breasts and squeezing and pulling, tried to fight against this new attack. Amal re-positioned her hips and started grinding into Lisa who responded by grinding back.

Leslie and Heidi had deathgrips on the other’s tits; nipples were pinched and scratched, firm flesh was pulled and pushed. Leslie rammed her head forward with a headbutt, missing Heidi’s nose but catching her in the mouth. The mutual tit attack was broken as the two women sagged on their knees. Leslie was seeing stars from the headbutt and Heidi took advantage. She spit blood and saliva in Leslie’s face and slugged Leslie in her left tit. The breast rippled from the impact and Leslie’s yowled in pain. She dropped onto her back holding her injured breast. Heidi was smiling as she kneeled over Leslie’s head, letting the Asian looked back into her crazy eyes.

“Looks like you aren’t going to get your answer cunt!” Heidi taunted from above, “In a moment you are going to deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed out as Leslie’s head came up and sunk her teeth into Heidi’s left tit. Leslie reached back above her, where Heidi sat and stuck three clawed fingers in Heidi’s naked pussy. Heidi tried to move away but Leslie held her with teeth and nails. Heidi dropped her own face onto Leslie’s tits and bit down on Leslie’ right breasts, her own hands raking furrows into Leslie’s abs. Leslie caught a nail in the belly button and her bite faltered. Heidi let go of her own bite and slammed a fist into Leslie’s clawed abs. Leslie curled up into a ball.

Amal and Lisa had maneuvered to sitting on their butts facing each other, cunts grinding away in a rough trib. It went from grinding to slamming the pussies together, to sliding up and down, hard clits fencing, a wet puddle forming under them. They grasped each other’s leg to pull their womanhood’s together in a slapping cadence.


Lisa could feel herself go over the edge and started screaming as the orgasm over took her.


“Cum for me your dirty slut!” Amal said as she continued to pound her pussy against the big blondes.

Lisa was writhing and bucking on the tile floor, finally finishing after a few minutes, lying back and breathing very hard. Amal caught some movement out of her right eye and saw Heidi crawling toward a bag near the desk. Leslie was rising but too slow. Amal still locked cunt to cunt with Lisa arched her body back, arms outreached and grasped her clothing. Heidi grabbed the pistol from her bag and dropped the bag, still on her knees in front of the desk and started to turn. TWAWMP!!!! Then she screamed as she looked down to see the arm that held the pistol pinned to the desk by Amal’s knife. The pistol clattered to the ground. Leslie came from behind Heidi and slammed her right fist across her cheek, knocking her out. Heidi slumped down with her arm still pinned to the front side of the desk. Leslie looked back to see Amal continuing to grind against Lisa, speaking softly to her.

At MC Investigations and Solutions…..

Amal and Bri touched up the cuts and scrapes on Leslie’s breast and abs. Leslie was lying on her back on the couch, an ice pack on her right hand. I entered helping Emilia to the empty chair. Emilia’s arm in a sling.

“It was a through and through,” Emilia said waving me away, “Bloody hurts like a bitch though. Too bad I am such a good shot. I left my shot between Abigail’s eyes. I wish I could have made her talk.”

“None of them talked,” I said, sitting on the edge of her desk, applying ointment to my neck. Amal had filled me in on Anna Matthews, Lucy’s half-sister and instigator of all of this, “Anna was smart to not tell them Ewa’s destination.”

“The FBI has Brooke, Stacey and Heidi secured at a black site in Riverside County,” Bri stated finishing up on Leslie.

“Why did you let Lisa Watson go?” I asked more tersely than I had intended. I got a sheepish look from Leslie but Amal answered.

“We let her go as bait and information,” Amal said, turning to face me. “If she is contacted again by either Vera or Lucy or Anna, we find out what they need or where they might be.”

“What makes you think she won’t betray you?” I asked, arms crossed under my breasts.

“Because I softly and quietly described what serrated steel can do to a vagina,” Amal said so calmly it made me shutter.

We all sat there in silence until my cell phone rang. It was a Dallas prefix. I answered.

“Anna? I understand you are looking for someone in particular. I think I might be able to help you.”

“Oh Angelica, if you were here I would kiss you right now,” I said into my cell phone.

“Honey, if I was there, there would be more than kissing going on!” Angelica Johanssen replied.

A rage was boiling in Ewa, she was preparing to lunge across the table at the older woman, but two strong hands clamped down on her shoulders. Ewa whipped her head around and found Lucy holding her in place.

“Anna,” Lucy cooed, “Can I have some more fun with Ewa here, maybe you can join in too?”

“By all means, Lucy,” Anna said with a smile on her face, “I will watch for now but would love to join in.”

“Oh Ewa,” Lucy purred, “This robe won’t do at all.” Sliding the see-thru material off Ewa’s shoulders; though she was still clad in the black bra and thong. Lucy backed away, removing her own robe, showing off her gorgeous curves in a red bra and thong. Ewa got up and turned around as Lucy backed away, motioning the brunette forward with a crook of her finger. The sparsely furnished room was covered in soft animal skinned rugs and the fire, raging in the fire place, kept the room very warm even against the cold outside. Anna stood and walked over with her tea to a cushioned chair and sat down, but not before opening her robe to reveal she was naked underneath.

“So what am I supposed to do now?” Ewa asked tersely.

“Ewa dear,” Anna said from her chair, “If you can beat Lucy in a catfight, you win your freedom.”

Ewa’s head whipped from the older redhead in the chair to the younger redhead stretching on the rugs. Lucy nodded in agreement with her sister; beckoning Ewa forward with her hands. Lucy crouched and Ewa sprang forward. Both women’s hands went high to hair as their bra covered busts slammed together before the rest of their bodies did, issuing a grunt from each woman’s lips. Heads were yanked back and forth, side to side, feet staggering on the rugs. Lucy kicked Ewa in the shins with her bare foot but Ewa stayed upright only uttering a yelp of pain. Ewa twisted her body to her right, dragging the redhead around by her hair, causing Lucy to cry out in pain. Ewa reversed her momentum, moving her left ankle behind Lucy’s, tripping her, taking the busty redhead down with a grunt, Ewa sprawling out on top of her.

“FUCKING BITCH!” Ewa yelled out as she tried to mount the struggling woman.

Lucy bridged her back and hips sending Ewa off but the brunette still held onto the fiery hair. Lucy’s fingers slipped from the dark locks and pulled at the black bra straps on Ewa’s shoulders. Ewa barely noticed as she and Lucy wrestled for control on the soft floor. Lucy trapped Ewa’s right leg between her thighs and tried to roll the pair. Ewa’s bra straps slipped down her arms and the left cup was pulled down exposed her large breast and hard nipple. Lucy latched onto the exposed breast with her right hand to the new torment of Ewa. But Ewa wanted to even the playing field; removing her hands from the red hair, she reached underneath the set of massive tits, pushing Lucy’s cups up, grasping both breasts and digging her claws in. Lucy screamed out in pain! Ewa rolled them back over as Lucy finished exposing Ewa’s right tit and clawing at it. Ewa was able to get her leg free and she mounted the redhead as the two of them torn at each other’s tits. The massive mounds were pulled into grotesque shapes, ugly welts formed were nails bit into them and nipples were twisted and tweaked. The torture brought tears to the eyes of both women as they struggled. Lucy sent a right knee that connected with Ewa’s tailbone, sending the brunette forward slightly but it also caused them to lose a tight hold on their tits. Ewa slapped her bust down into Lucy’s face, which surprised her. Ewa moved her chest back and forth, tit slapping the redhead with her heavy breasts.

Anna watched the action from her comfortable chair, her hands roamed over her massive breasts and down to her bare sex, now wet. She inserted two fingers to stimulate her womanly juices. Finger fucking herself with one hand, the other hands pulled on her nipples and move the big breasts to her mouth, so she could suck on the nubs.

Lucy raked her nails down Ewa’s sides, Ewa screamed like she was touched by fire! Lucy started pulling on the black thong, twisting the fabric, pulling it to its full elasticity and letting it snap back. Ewa’s back arched and Lucy took the advantage and rolled them over so she was on top. The fingers from her right hands were entwined with Ewa’s thong as she tried to work it down to the brunette’s thighs. Ewa bucked and re-grabbed long red hair, yanking it to the left and right; the two of them rolling over again with Ewa obtaining the top position. The thong Ewa was wearing was not designed for the pulling Lucy was giving it, which was that way by design. It torn away from Ewa and she cursed, clawing her nails down Lucy’s abs, reaching for the redhead’s red thong. Lucy screamed out in pain as the nails slashed at her tummy. She balled up a fist and slugged Ewa in the side, causing the busty brunette to cough, grunt and roll of Lucy. Lucy rolled the opposite way and got to her knees. She inspected the red furrows on her breasts and stomach, she removed her torn bra and slipped out of her thong, smiling over at her sister, who was knuckles deep inside herself. Ewa got up to hands and knees and then straightened, she looked at Lucy stripping and joined in since her bra was around her naval and thong was hanging off her right thigh. The two naked women eyed each other and knee-walked to slam, tit to tit, hands grasping the other’s fingers in a test of strength. Lucy had size on the brunette but Ewa was strong for her small size and her breasts could be described as cannonballs when moving quickly at an opponent. Hands went above their heads, eyes moved down to see the massive breasts merge and mash together. Lucy and Ewa turned their chests and swung their big tits so they would smack into her rivals. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in the high ceilinged room, mixing with grunts and cries of pain. Back and forth, the now reddened breasts slammed side to side into the others. They moved their chests away from each other and pushed them back in.





On and on they fought with tits only. Lucy was becoming overwhelmed at the ferocity of Ewa. But Ewa was fighting for her life here and found new pools of inner strength to surge forward. Anna cooed from her chair in her first orgasm of the afternoon. She sucked the liquid from her fingers and stood, leaving the terry cloth robe in the chair, her back arching like a cat.

Ewa and Lucy threw their arms around each other in a crushing bear hug. Breasts mushroomed out at the sides, now slick with sweat from the heat of the room and constant skin contact. Ewa tried to bite Lucy’s nose and as the redhead moved her face away, Ewa surged taking them back down to the soft rungs. They rolled back and forth, legs clenching and unclenching, hands locked tightly behind the other’s backs. When Lucy rolled on top, the big redhead was yanked back by her shoulders, breaking her and Ewa apart. Lucy was sent sprawling a few feet away as Anna, her sister dropped onto the prone brunette. Lucy was angry that Anna had interrupted them, but one thing she had learned was you never cross Anna Matthews, EVER!


Ewa expelled the air from her lungs as Anna dropped on top of her. The massive breasts making a meaty slap together, tummies and hips colliding only a fraction of a second later. Ewa’s arms wrapped around the older redhead, hands grasping the red/grey locks from behind and pulling back. Anna grunted in pain as her head was whipped back, her own claws digging into the dark hair of Ewa, nails nicking the scalp. Anna started grinding her large breasts into Ewa’s already sore one. Ewa’s chest was on fire! Ewa now knew the deal was off, the only way she was getting out of this was if she somehow stunned both women and made a brake for it and find a car or something. The cold and snow didn’t register in her mind because all she thought about was escaping. Ewa let go of Anna’s hair with her right hand and jabbed three fingers just below Anna’s left armpit. Anna screamed out and Ewa rolled them over. Anna brought her left arm down to protect her side from Ewa. Ewa sat up on Anna’s waist and grabbed both of Anna’s big tits, digging her nails in, the massive amount of flesh folded around Ewa’s fingers as she groped. Anna screamed out and tried to pry Ewa’s claws from her. But then Ewa was tackled by a busty red blur. Lucy, seeing her older sister in trouble decided to act. Ewa was stunned as Lucy punched her in the mouth first, knocking her head back to the carpeted rug and then punching her in the left breast. Ewa moaned in agony. Anna sat up and surveyed the damage to her breasts, scratch marks and red splotches.

“Sit on her tits!!!” Anna commended Lucy.

Lucy maneuvered her ass to sit down on Ewa’s large bust; Ewa’s arms were trapped at her side. Anna kneeled by Ewa’s legs, spreading them apart and moving in closer to her sister. Anna came up to the highest height she could get on her knees and leaned toward Lucy. The two redheaded sisters came together breast to breast, rubbing the huge tits back and forth lightly. Lucy extended her tongue which met Anna’s. Ewa was trapped with Lucy’s ass sitting on her breasts, rubbing back and forth as she was kissing her sister. Lucy spasmed a little from the titillating contact and her butt moved back an inch. Ewa craned her neck and opened her mouth and bit down on the fleshy part of Lucy’s right ass cheek. Lucy screamed out and was thrust forward, knocking heads with Anna and the two redheads fell off Ewa. Anna was the first to get to her knees but Ewa kicked her in the chest with a right foot. Anna slumped down on top of Lucy’s back. Ewa sprang to her feet as quickly as she could. She had to get out! She turned toward the door and made a break for it. The door opened to frigid air and bright light as the sun reflected off the snow. Ewa made out a dark car or SUV only a hundred yards away and ran towards it. As she cleared the porch, she was hit by a heavy stream of cold water and the shook made her stumble in and fall into the piled snow. She tried to rise but the water kept on coming, her body was so cold.

“IT GETS INSIDE THE HOUSE OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN!” Came a high pitched taunt, Ewa looked up to see Dina standing a few feet away holding the hose.

The two redheaded sisters came out of the house a few seconds later. Lucy and Dina grabbed Ewa by the hair and arms and dragged her back inside. They threw her down in front of the fireplace.

“My oh my Ewa,” Anna said putting on her robe, still nursing sore breasts, “You are every bit the hellcat I have heard. Too bad I had planned for the worst in this with young Dina waiting for you. Now you get warmed up dear, I wouldn’t want you catching your death of cold.”

Ewa shivered but still glared the three women staring back at her. “I have to survive” Ewa thought in her head, “My Anna will come for me”.

Deep in the Heart of Texas (3 Days ago)……

Angelica Johansen, dressed in a thin white blouse, unbuttoned enough to show off her swell of cleavage and a tight black skirt that showed the curve of her hips and shapely ass, sat at her desk with her hands folded on her desk as she listened to her new client, Connie Winters, describe the details of her ordeal. Connie wore dark sunglasses, even inside the office, a brown turtleneck that showed off the curves of her chest and a khaki skirt.

“It stated out innocent enough,” Connie began, “My husband and I wanted to try something new and I brought up the idea of bringing in a woman to a threesome. He was open to the idea but only wanted to make sure it was the perfect woman. We tried online and dive bars but no one seemed to be what we both wanted. We were sitting down to dinner at the Oceanaire and we got a round of drinks sent to us. The waiter pointed out the woman at the bar. She was gorgeous with long brown hair, large breasts that about jumped out of her cocktail dress and long toned legs. She ended up joining us for dinner. She said had a British accent and said her name was Lisa. She was traveling across the States after leaving her job in London. She said she was in consulting there. She was so engaging, so easy to talk with that both my husband and I were mesmerized by her. As the wine kept coming, the talk got bolder. We told her about what we wanted to do, adding another woman to the mix. At first she was shy about it but warmed up and agreed to come home with us and join us for the evening.”

Connie seemed to shiver once and winced as she rubbed her left breast. “My husband drove the car while I was in the back with Lisa. It started with touching of each other’s legs, kissing a little, we both made sure my husband was watching us in the rear view mirror. We played with each other’s breasts. Sort of priming the pump. When we got home we immediately went to the bedroom and had my husband sit in the lazyboy chair while Lisa and I undressed each other. She was gushing about my breasts once they were bared, but then she said hers were better. I thought it was all part of the play, I thought we were mock arguing, and Lisa asked my husband if he wanted to see us titfight, which he did.”

Connie rubbed her breasts again, wincing as her hands touched the covered mounds. “But it started getting rougher, we were slapping them together, lining up our nipples and stabbing each other. We moved them from side to side slapping and also hugged tightly to each other. My husband could see I was not liking it and moved to us to break it up and Lisa went crazy! She did some sort of martial arts thing and kicked him in the chest and then when he was getting up she karate chopped him in the neck, knocking him out. Well I lost it and came at her. I had never been in a catfight but I guess that is what we had. But she was in control the whole time. Then she hit me and it all went black. I woke up tied up on my bed and she had my husband tied up in a chair. She told him she wanted him to open the safe and show her where my good jewelry was. At first he refused but then she got on top of my waist and started punching and scratching my breasts.”

Connie, tears in her eyes, lifted up the bottom of the turtleneck and showed Angelica a pair of bruised and scratched up breasts. Angelica winced just seeing it.

“What happened next Connie?” Angelica asked as she passed some Kleenexes across the desk.

“Bruce opened the safe and she stole around $15,000 in cash, some of my clothes and about $10,000 in jewelry,” Connie said, dabbing her eyes.

“Why didn’t you go to the police?” Angelica asked, already knowing the answer.

“If anyone in our circle found out,” Connie said, fear in her eyes, “We would be the laughing stock of the city.”

“Actually,” Angelica said, “You would be surprised about the number of women I know who would have gladly joined you for some fun.”

“Can you help me?” Connie pleaded.

“I will make some inquiries,” Angelica said, “I will keep everything quiet. Nothing is going to get out that you and your husband don’t want to. I promise.”

Connie stood, a flash of relief on her face, “Thank you so much, Angelica.”

Angelica got onto the nationwide police database she still had access to and type in some search parameters to see if she could find anything, it was a long shot but you have to start somewhere. Angelica had just kicked off her shoes and put her feet up when her computer dinged. She sat up and looked at the screen. There were 3 reports that almost matched what Connie had told her. One in New York City, one in Miami and the last in New Orleans. All rich couples, all descriptions of the same “Lisa”. All assaults to the females breasts. There was even a picture of the “Lisa” from a camera in the Miami club she picked up the couple at. It was grainy but half her face was clear and her deep cleavage was evident. It was the British angle that caused her mind to do a summersault. She took out her phone and started scrolling numbers. She hit dial.

“MC Investigations and Solutions,” answered a proper British voice, “Emilia Kent speaking.”

“Hi Emilia,” Angelica said into the phone, “Don’t know if you remember me, Angelica Johansen, we met at the convention a few years back in Dallas. You were working in London then.”

Angelica heard a slight inhalation of breath. “Why yes,” Emilia said, “How could I forget you? Anna Chambers introduced us. It was right after the incident with His Royal Highness in Las Vegas.”

“Well now I see you are working with Anna,” Angelica said happily, “Good to know I taught her how to spot talent.”

“And that is not all you taught her!” Emilia replied. “What can I help you with?”

Angelica briefed Emilia about “Lisa” and emailed the picture.

“AH, Lisa Summer,” Emilia said, “Nasty one this one is. She was trained by MI-6 and was their seduction weapon. She can charm the knickers off anyone. Especially women. And from what I hear, her calling card is to destroy the women sexually paying a lot of attention on the breasts. Bottom line, one hell of a tit and sexfighter and very dangerous.”

“Well so am I,” Angelica said thinking about where Lisa might go next. “Just as a heads up, it seems she might be heading west, so keep eyes open. How is Anna doing these days?”

“Honestly,” Emilia said softly into the phone, “I am worried about her. She is obsessed with finding Lucy Collett. I do not know if it is out of a sense of revenge or justice. I am a little worried about her. She has been very distant at work, just going through the motions on the outside, but I can tell there is a fire brewing in her.”

“Maybe I need to take a little vacation to come to California,” replied Angelica, “Anna needs her friends near her.”

“Good, then maybe you can tell me about the time in the interrogation room, in detail,” Emilia giggled on the other end.

“Every naked detail!” laughed Angelica. “Thanks again Emilia, hope to see you soon.”

Angelica started thinking about where Lisa would be able to pawn the jewelry quickly and a few places came to mind. She locked the office and went down to hop into her Corvette and drive to ask some questions. The first two places were a bust, but the last place Talanos Pawn looked promising. The place was empty save for the young woman behind the counter.

The 18 year old daughter of the owners, Rita Talanos was working feverously to try and close things up for the day. She didn’t notice Angelica as the blonde walked in. Rita was tapping on the key board of the stores computer and involuntarily adjusted her tube top. Her large breasts wobbled a little, which made Angelica smile. As if she could feel someone staring at her, Rita looked up from her computer and noticed the tall, busty blonde.

“I am sorry,” Rita said apologetically, “I am going to be locking up soon, small emergency.”

“Oh don’t worry hun,” Angelica replied, “This will only take a moment.” She took out the picture of Lisa Summer from a folder and set it down in front of Rita. “Has this woman been in here trying to pawn jewelry?”

Rita’s eyes betrayed her that much Angelica could tell that much as she gaged the girl’s reaction.

“No,” Rita said a little too quickly, “Never seen her before.”

“Maybe you want to rethink your answer sweetie,” Angelica said, arms now folded under her breasts making them surge forth even more, “One phone call and the police show up, your parents store gets shut down and you get hauled in for questioning because the jewelry is stolen.”

“She never said that!!!” Rita exclaimed on the verge of tears, “She said she inherited it. I was closing down to deliver the $5000 to her hotel room.”

“Really?” Angelica asked, “Why don’t you write down the hotel and room number and we can forget she ever came here.”

Rita went to the back looking dejected. She returned and came around the counter with an address to a seedy motel that Angelica had dealt with before. Besides the multi-colored tube top, Rita was also wearing a short jean skit and platform heels. She stood a few inches shorter than Angelica, but she was dressed to kill.

Angelica took the piece of paper from Rita. “Out of curiocity,” Angelica said, her eyes meeting Rita’s, “Why are you dressed like this to drop off the money?”

Rita blushed a little, “I don’t like boys” Rita said in a whisper, “I like girls, well women, women with large breasts.”

“Like these,” Angleica said opening her blouse to show off the barely there bra and immense cleavage.

“Oh my God!” Rita said as her mouth hung open, “Yours are bigger than hers!” Rita took a step forward.

Angelica took her right hand and unclasped the front hook of her bra and with her left, she pulled down Rita’s tube top. Rita’s youthful breasts popped forth; angelica stepped forward and pressed her breasts into Rita’s.

“OH FUCK!!!” Rita cried out, “You nipples are so long!”

“MMMMM Yes!” Angelica moaned. She rolled her tits with Rita, holding onto the younger girls biceps. “Anytime you want to find a woman to go tit to tit with let me know. Lisa would have hurt you and these beautiful tits.”

Angelica extended her tongue to Rita who stuck her own tongue out until they touched sending a shiver through both bodies.

“MMMMMM,” Angleica moaned again stepping back, a line of spittle still hung between them. She re-clasped her large breasts in her bra and buttoned her blouse up. “Here is my card. I do hope you call.” She spun on her heels and walked out, leaving the Latina staggering, still topless in the middle of the store.

Angelica drove to the motel. It was the site of a few previous stakeouts for her, gathering photos and information about cheating couples. She checked the paper in her hand and started looking at room numbers. The maid service cart was one room away from the one Rita had written down. Angelica got out of the corvette and stood, grabbing her jacket to put on over her blouse. She opened the glove compartment and retrieved her Glock and slipped it into the small of her back, bringing the back of the jacket over it to conceal the pistol. As she walked closer, she noticed the maid was someone she knew. Lupita had once asked Angelica to get her daughter out of a bad crowd and Angelica, though some aggressive negotiations had left the leader of the gang of girls, sobbing naked on the floor.

“Oh my sweet Angel,” Lupita said with a wide smile and accented English, “What are you doing here? Is Carmela ok?”

“Oh I am sure she is fine, Lupita,” Angelica said, “But I need a favor. Can I borrow your master key for just a moment?”

Lupita thought about it for a moment. “I know I am not supposed to do so, but you have given my daughter back to me. I will take my break now I think.” As she walked away, the master key was dangling on the cart.

Angelica took the key and knocked softly on the door, “Housekeeping,” she said, listening for a response. There was none. Her right hand reached behind her back to grip the butt of the pistol. She inserted the key and turned. The motel room was empty except for a laptop computer open with screen on.

Lisa Summer checked her new Rolex watch as she walked back from the diner. Almost time for Rita to show up with her money. She could have tried harder for more, but she needed a quick exit from Dallas and continue her heading west. The email she had received from an old nemesis this morning had intrigued her. When she worked for British Intelligence, she hunted Anna Matthews. Now that she was on the other side of the fence, the job offer made her pause. She wanted to get to California fast and even though the thought of making $100,000 for a few days’ work for the redheaded woman was tempting, she decided that any trouble Anna Matthews was in, she needed to steer clear of. She had crossed the street with her motel in sight when she noticed a very tall, very busty, very hot blonde go into her room. She cursed to herself. The jewels were still in there. So was her laptop. She fished out the keys to her non-descript car and went to it. Turning the engine on, backing out of the parking lot and heading toward the interstate.

Angelica found the jewelry right away, it wasn’t hidden, just in a bag on top of the dresser. She rummaged through Lisa’s clothing, expensive clothes most like purchased from stolen money. She sat down on the bed facing the open laptop. She opened the bowser and clicked history. The link for an email address popped up and she moved the curser and clicked it. It opened a blacked out window with an automatic prompt that started running an encryption. Jumbled letters started forming sentences and then it finished and the email appeared:

Dearest Lisa,

For many years we have been on opposite sides of a grueling conflict. I was delighted to hear that you had left your former position with the British Government and have branched out on your own. I am need of a confident, deadly and ruthless woman such as yourself. I assume you up to date on the latest goings on in our little world and you will know of my sister’s conflict with the American, Anna Chambers. I will pay $100,000 to any wired account you wish for your services. I need to know as soon as humanly possible. I will send a private jet to where ever you are and bring you to me outside Boulder, Colorado. Any equipment or weapons you prefer will be furnished at no charge. You would be tasked with protection of myself and Lucy as well as our guest. She is a close, close friend of Anna Chambers.

It would be wonderful to see you face to face.

Wonderfully yours,

Anna Matthews

Angelica whistled, well this is interesting. But who is the close friend of Anna she was talking about? She closed the laptop and grabbed the jewelry and opened the door as Lupita was walking back. She smiled at the woman and handed back the key. When Angelica got back to her office, she dialed Emilia’s cell first. It rang and she went to voice mail. The office number for Anna Chambers went to voice mail as well. Angelica checked her watch; she was almost late for a dinner date with Jane and Wendy. She set a reminder to call later, since her attention was going to be taken up by her two girlfriends.

Hours later, showered and still a little worn out from a marathon fuck session between the three women, Angelica checked her phone and saw a text from Anna Chambers:

Anna: Sorry I missed your call. Ewa is missing and I have been tits deep in finding her. Call me when you can and I will fill you in.

Her cell phone was almost dead. She noticed Wendy’s cell next to hers. She hit the numbers from memory. Anna Chambers answered a few seconds later.

In Los Angeles……

“Anna? I understand you are looking for someone in particular. I think I might be able to help you.”

“Oh Angelica, if you were here I would kiss you right now,” I said into my cell phone.

“Honey, if I was there, there would be more than kissing going on!” Angelica Johansen replied.

I put the phone on speaker for the room to hear and Angelica Johansen filled me in on what she got off the laptop. Emilia piped in about Lisa Summers and the danger she posed but that would have to be tabled for now. Angel told me she would call back from her cell once she plugged it in to recharge. She called back a few moments later, but I could her some murmuring in the background and a few moans. Bri hacked into the NSA’s tracking programs and set a few parameters. It only took a few minutes for a few hits to pop up. A private jet had been met by two black SUVs a day ago and pictures popped up of Ewa being escorted from the jet to the waiting vehicles. The men were Asian. I could her a sucking sound coming from the cell phone speaker, than a moan.

“Angel, are you getting your tits sucked?” I asked.

“I can multi-task Anna!” Angel said a little breathy.

For the first time in a long time I started laughing, which started everyone in the room laughing. I looked at the women gathered in the room. Leslie was mobile but still hurt, Emilia was down with a gunshot wound to her arm. That left me, Amal and Sabrina. Though I had seen Bri fight, I didn’t know if she would be good for an assault team. Amal and I were trained…. But so was another woman listening on the phone, well actually she was getting her nipples sucked on by her girlfriends.

“Angel?” I asked.

“Yes, Anna,” she replied, “I am here.”

“If I got you a ride,” I said, “Could you meet me here and then go to Colorado with us?”

Angel seemed to know what I was talking about. “Get the plane here, get the location of the place and we will go from there. Next time we talk it will be in LA.”

“Thank you Angelica,” I said, relief in my voice, “I owe you one.”

“Darling,” she said in that sweet Texas accent, “I stop counting how many you owe me a long time ago.”

I hit end on the cell to cut off the conversation. I turned to the women who were looking at me. I looked over to Emilia.

“I need you to get in touch with A.P.,” I said, “I need a jet to pick up Angel in Dallas and bring her here and a flight from here to Boulder for four passengers and equipment. Me, Angel, Amal and Sabrina.”

“Fuck that I am going too!” Leslie yelled out, sitting up, her face a mask of both pain and determination.

“Leslie,” I said, “I need you here. Em is still hurt and you need to be her back up and watch out for her.” I looked over to Emilia and she and I traded a glance. I have known Em long enough that what I said wasn’t a dig on her but my wanting to watch out for both of them.

Leslie looked dejected but understood. She had feelings for Emilia and when she found out she was shot, Leslie was really concerned. “Fine, Anna,” Leslie said, “But I am here if you need me.”

“I know, thank you,” I said, I turned toward Amal, “Would you like to take a drive with me to meet someone?”

“By all means, Anna,” she said, “That is another reason why I am here, to meet interesting people.”

I went to my wall safe and punched in the code. The small door kicked open and I removed two metal containers and two boxes of 9mm ammunition. Inside the boxes were 2 HK USP 9mm with extra-long threaded barrels and two matching suppressors. Amal and I loaded up 4 magazines of 12 rounds each. Bri gave me the address via text and I hit the map app to get directions there. Amal and I got into my new Tahoe and started for the out of the way house.

Vera awoke with a start. She had been dreaming of Ewa ravaging her breasts. She reached down and cupped her big tits, still sore and scratched from her battle with the Polish beauty. She got up and bumped into the side table near the bed. This was not her normal room. Anna Matthews had suggested she find a safe house to lay low while everything else was sorted out. Vera went to the small bathroom and turned the light on, casting shadows behind her. She splashed cold water on her face and leaned forward to rest her head on the mirror. How did it come to this??? She had needed Anna Matthews to secure her takeover of the organization but the price was becoming too high. Now instead of money laundering, gambling, and escort services, she was involved with international terrorists. The light turned off and she moved her head back, standing up straight. She felt a cold circular piece of metal pressing into the back of her head.

“Scream and the last thing you see will be your brains all over the mirror,” a woman’s voice came from behind her. The light clicked back on. Vera looked the reflection in the mirror and Anna Chambers face came into view. She was holding a suppressed pistol against her head.

“There are a lot of people here who would be very displeased if anything happened to me Chambers,” Vera said, trying to put strength into her voice.

“Oh those people?” I asked mockingly, “Those people are already dead; all 15 of your hired lackeys.”

Vera closed her eyes. This couldn’t be happening. How did they find her? “What do you want?” Vera asked.

“I want the location of Anna Matthews in Colorado,” I said, “I want the layout, surveillance system and number of people she has there. Answer those questions and I let you live. Simple as that.”

“I don’t …” Vera started to say and PFFFT CRASH!!!!

She didn’t hear the pistol go off really, just the shattering of the mirror in front of her.

I grabbed the back of her hair and place my pistol by her right ear. “If you lie to me, or try to bluff your way out of the question, I put a bullet in your right knee, then your left, then your right elbow followed by your left. Then I might just gut shot you and let you bleed out right her on the floor of this shitty room.”

“The place is called Bear Pit,” Vera said with a shakey voice, “It is owned by Regent Willow Inc. All the land and blueprints of the home are on the laptop over there.” She motioned with her head to the the table by the bed. Amal was already moving over there. “The password is…”

“I don’t need your fucking password,” I said, “We found you, we can break your shitty encryption.”

I lead Vera to a chair and placed her in it and flipped on the rest of the lights to the room. Amal studied Vera from across the room. She was dressed head to foot in black with her long, curly black hair pulled back and tied behind her head. I leveled my pistol at Vera again. “If you tell her one word, give her one inclination we are coming and there is not a hole on the planet where you can hide.”

Vera nodded but remained silent for a moment. “If she survives what you are going to do, I am a dead woman, so kill her or put her away somewhere she won’t be able to get out from.”

“Count yourself lucky today,” I said, “If your line of work crosses me or mine again, I will end you. And the debt Ewa has with you is paid. Got it?!?”

Vera nodded her head. I came forward really fast and punched her across the left side of her face and she slumped in her chair.

“You should put a bullet into her head,” Amal said checking the safety on her pistol.

“I am feeling generous today,” I replied, “Let’s get this laptop back to Bri.

Amal and I got back just after 3am to the office. Leslie was sleeping quietly on the couch, her left arm was draped over Emilia’s left shoulder and Em was holding hands with her. Bri was curled up in a chair sleeping. Emilia saw me and was opening her mouth and I shook my head.

“It can wait for a couple of hours,” I whispered. I silently went to my desk and sat in my chair and kicked my feet up. Amal had found and chair and like all operators the world over, all she had to do is bow her head and she was out.

I woke up just after 5:30am. I guess I had drooled a little and wiped my mouth. I could smell fresh coffee being brewed and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes to see Bri walk in with a large pot of coffee and started pouring for everyone who seemed to be awake already.

“How long did you let me sleep?” I asked.

“You were only asleep a half an hour more than we were,” Emilia said. She was next to Leslie on the couch, Leslie pouring a little cream and sugar into Em’s coffee for her. “A.P. called back and said to be at Burbank Airport at 10:30. He has Land Rover waiting in Boulder for you. He said everything is billable upon completion. He didn’t seem all that surprised with what I asked for.”

“A.P. will deliver on whatever he promises,” I said taking a sip of coffee, “I met him on a flight to Cairo a few years back. He is a masterful storyteller and had me on the edge of my seat with some of his tales. His hobby is being person who can get you just about anything you desire, and it is all billable upon completion. Best move $100,000 into the operating fund account.”

Bri was taking a long drink from her mug as she passed me a few sheet of paper. “The overhead shots of Bear Pit with elevation points, roads in and out, and also the blueprints of the house.”

I started marking points on the overhead shots and drew a few lines for ingress and egress points. I made note of the security system and Leslie passed over the jammer.

“Get this within 50 yards of the house and it should cover it.” Leslie said.

“Thank you,” I said, “I know you are pissed but I really need you hear. It is not some ploy to keep you out of it. Even at 75%, you are better than most. But Emilia is a dumb Brit twat that needs your protection.”

Leslie snorted coffee laughing as Emilia gave me the middle finger. I turned to Bri.

“Have you ever shot a gun before?” I asked.

“Only a few times but nothing recently,” she said honestly.

“You are going be going in when things are most chaotic and get Ewa out,” I said, “She is in one of three rooms and you are going to have to be quick about it.”

Bri nodded her head.

“Amal,” I went on, “I think you and I are going to be the main assault with Angelica covering with a long rifle. She keeps bragging on how good of a shot she is, so I am going to let her go at it. We need to make a stop at my storage area for a few things before we fly.”

I said my goodbyes with Emilia and Leslie and Amal, Bri and I piled into my Tahoe for the quick drive to the out of the way storage facility. I drove the SUV up to the entrance to my storage locker and opened the back. I keyed in my code and the main door opened. I walked into the darkened room and flipped the light on to a bare small space. I walked to the back and punched in another code and did my palm print scan and there was a hiss and then the hidden door opened. Amal whistled when she saw my arsenal. Pistols, sub-machine guns, and rifles hung from the walls. In the middle of the room was the higher tech equipment. I opened a black duffle bag placing night vision, ammo, knives, rappelling gear and cold weather clothing. Amal grabbed the FNH SCAR 7.62 rifle with thermal scope and placed it in a metal traveling case. I was happy with the silenced pistol I had, Bri chose a Glock 19 and a thigh holster for it. Amal picked a small sub-machine gun with suppressor and a few throwing knives. All packed up we drove to the Burbank Airport. The gate guard waved us through as we approached. Looks like A.P. can really deliver. The jet was coming to a stop in front of a large hanger. The ramp descended and a beautiful blonde woman walked down.

“Anna!” Angel said embracing me in a fierce hug, I was swallowed up by her big breasts.

“Christ Angel!!!” Smiling up at her, “Your tits are huge, what are you feeding them?”

“Blondes, redheads and brunettes of course!” Angel said with a smile.

I introduced everyone and noticed the pilot who flew in had his bag and was walking away. Then a black SUV drove up and A.P. stepped out. Angel had to do a double take.

“I know you!” Angel exclaimed, “You were the judge at the contest!”

“Yes I was!” A.P. said with a sly smile, “And what a lovely contest it was! I had to start new heart medication after but it was all worth it.” He winked. “Anna, I thought I would fly you in. I haven’t been to Boulder in a long time and there are a couple of friends I wanted to call on.”

“And by friends, do you mean two rather busty women?” I asked, left eye brow raised.

“I always thought you were one of the brightest Marines I have ever met,” A.P. said as he hoisted his bag up the stairs.

We unloaded the SUV and got everything into the jet. As we took off, one of A.P.’s girls, a very hot looking brunette drove my SUV into the hanger and the door started to close. We sent the next few hours checking weapons, Angel was happy with my choice for her and went over the overhead shots and my plan. We agreed to insert and observed after midnight and then if all was good, hit the house after 2am.

We touched down just after 6pm in Boulder and were met on the tarmac by a black Land Rover that fit all our gear and us in comfortably. A.P. had arranged a safe house in Boulder and we drove there to sleep for a few hours.


We left the house with gear packed. We drove past Bear Pit a few miles until the road went off to another property. We followed that road for a mile and pulled off. We set up with ear pieces and communications gear; we all dressed in the thermal underwear I brought, though it was tighter on Angel and Bri up top; we dressed in the same white with darkened stripes that Special Forces uses in nighttime snowy environments; loaded up weapons and started our hike out. Angel went up the hill side to the position she picked on the map with the highest elevation but best line of sight to the entire compound. Amal, Bri and I walked silently through the woods, making sure everyplace we stepped wouldn’t break a fallen branch and checked constantly for booby-traps. I heard a TSK TSK in my ear from Angel hitting her transmit switch twice. I paused and motioned for Amal and Bri to get down. I heard the snowmobile and then saw the light from the headlight. The beam fell over us but passed on.

“Goddess here….Five men all armed with rifles,” Angel said into my ear piece, “One male on the snowmobile makes six visible. Pick them up just fine on thermal and IR(infrared) and also on the NVGs (night vision goggles). Must have a fire going in the main house because I just pick up the one big heat signature. Will advise if changes, Goddess out.”

We crawled to the crest of a small hill and set up our observation post. We all watched different parts of the compound to gage what if anything would change with the guards. The guys looked miserable, they were shivering and stomping around, some were smoking. Then a high pitched voice called out. I couldn’t make out what she said but the guards tensed up. It was a woman in a white parka and multicolored hair. She smacked one of the men in the mouth with her hand. The man checked his face and saw blood there. The woman licked her fingers of the man’s blood.

“Goddess” I transmitted into the throat microphone.

“Goddess here,” Angel called back.

“If no change we go in 10 mikes, acknowledge,” I said.

“10 mikes, Goddess out,” Angel replied back.

The plan was Angel would drop all the guards she could and we race down the hill and Amal and I would cause a lot of noise and confusion out front and Bri would sneak in the back. The jammer would make them blind from inside. And the charges of C4 I set up in the tree line would go off. It would be like the 4th of July hit this house.

I checked my watch…. 1 minute to go….. 30 seconds…. 10…. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I keyed my mic, “Execute.”

The guard furthest from the others dropped silently.

Angelica Johansen checked her watch when she heard me say 10 minutes. She started to do exercises to control her breathing. She shifted her sights from one guard to the next then to the next and so on to get the movement correct for when the execute would be given. Her internal clock told her it was about a minute away, she checked and started counting down the seconds. She slowly breathed in and slowly exhaled and set her sights on the guard furthest from the rest, her optical sight cross hairs centered on the bridge of his nose. She exhales and holds her breath….


There is a puff and the only sound is the slide on the rifle working throwing out the spent shell and a pink cloud erupts out the back of the guards head. Angel shifts and sights on the second guard. She breathes in and out, holding her breathe, he goes down like a marionette with their strings cut. Guard three goes down the same way.

“Three down, Anna,” Angel says into her mic, “Blow it.”

I depress the button on the remote and the tree line above the house on the ridge goes up in a loud explosion and brilliant ball of fire and light. Amal and I get up from our prone position and race down the hill. I have my pistol out and start firing at the nearest guard. Three rounds hit him and he goes down. Amal opened up with full auto on her submachine gun and it hits the guard on the snowmobile, he falls off and the snowmobile runs into a tree with a loud crash. The guards are starting to react now and Amal and get behind some large trees as snow is kicked up at our feet. But my guardian Angel comes to our rescue. As two guards advance toward us, firing their rifles at us as the moved forward, they alternated firing while one reloaded. The one in the back dropped to the snow, a hole in the left side of his head, this partner turned to see and the back of his head exploded.

“Thank you Goddess,” I breathed heavily into the throat mic.

“You are most welcome Marine Chick,” Angel reported back, “All guards down. Ready for phase two.”

Amal and I were unscrewing the suppressers off our weapons. We started shooting at the windows which didn’t shatter, damn! We hit the house with so many rounds. The noise alone would make someone inside think they are being attacked by a battalion of Marines.

“Cypher, you’re up!” I key into the mic.

Bri got up from her prone location and started around the house to the back room. She placed the signal jammer by a tree near the house. She sprinted to the back and took out small wire cutters and started snipping the electronic wire on the nearest window. She took a small handheld devise from her pack and took the cut wire and spliced it into the devise. She ran the program and the window clicked a few seconds later. She peered in and didn’t see anyone so she slowly lifted the window up with her fingers. She clambered into the house, making sure to remain in the shadows of the room. She took off her white striped parka and pants, now dressed in the warm all black thermal underwear, which was very tight across her large chest. Still no movement, she held her Glock in two hands, shaking a little from nervous energy and adrenalin. She could hear the bullets striking the front of the house and cursing from the living room down the hallway. She started slowly opening the doors in the hallway to find Ewa. No one on the room across from where she came in. No one in the room just down from that. She turned the knob on the second door on her left and looked up to see Lucy, dressed in a red bra and thong, pointing a pistol at her head.

“Goodbye blondie!” Lucy said and Bri closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable.


Ewa had snuck up behind Lucy and smashed a decorative lamp over Lucy’s head. The redhead came down, unconscious, on top of the crouching blonde. Bri got herself out from underneath the busty Lucy and pulled her the rest of the way into the hall. She moved into the room with Ewa and closed the door and then slid the dresser against it to barricade them inside. Bri was working on getting her heavy breathing under control, her brow was leaking sweat. She brushed her face and head with the sleeve of her shirt and looked back at Ewa, naked except for the barely there robe, who was glaring at her.

“Anna said to stay put until she or one of the others came for us,” Bri said.

“I am sure she did,” Ewa said softly, “Are you fucking her?”

“Wait, what???” Bri countered, “Fucking who?”

“Fucking Anna,” Ewa said, “I saw the way you looked at her, wanted her.”

“You are delusional, Ewa,” Bri shot back turning to face the brunette, “She is my boss, plain and simple.”

“You are the one who is delusional, cunt!” Ewa exclaimed, “I can practically smell it on you. You want to take her away from me.”

Bri was starting to get heated and being called a cunt didn’t help the situation. “Slow down Big Tits,” Bri said, “I am not the one who fucked a loan shark for money.” It came out almost automatic for Bri but she regretted it the moment it left her lips. “Look,” she said, “That was out of li…..AHHHHH!” Ewa lunged at Bri from a few feet away.

Anna Matthews took cover behind the wall partition that separated the living room from the kitchen. Why was this happening? And how had they found her? The only other person who knew where they were… Vera! “That little bitch betrayed us!” Anna said out loud, “I will make sure her death is a slow and painful one!” She heard a crash from the hallway and peaked around to see Lucy lying there not moving. She ran to her sister and checked her pulse. Still strong, still breathing. Anna tried to rouse her but Lucy was out cold. She took Lucy’s pistol and check to see how many bullets she had. Only six, DAMNIT! She thought. The bullets kept hammering against the walls outside and windows but the windows were new, recently installed bullet proof ones. She crawled back down the hall to the living room.

Outside I changed magazines in my pistol and sent the locked slide back and started firing again. This time at the same spot on the window nearest the main door; the glass spider webbed but held in place. FUCK! I didn’t catch the movement to my left until it was too late. I whipped my head around to see the woman who was yelling at the guards earlier point an AK-47 rifle at me. I dropped to my knees thinking I had failed. EWA! I AM SO SORRY! That was the thought going through my mind and then the rifle shattered near the middle of the barrel and the woman screamed as the rifle was thrown from her hands.

“Sorry I was late,” Angel said in my earpiece, “But you were in the way of the shot.”

The girl with the multi-colored hair sat up holding her left hand, blood dripping into the snow, staining it pink. “OW! That really hurt!” She said as she licked the blood from her fingers. She unzipped her jacket and produced a 4 inch fixed blade serrated knife.

I looked down to see that I still had my pistol in my right hand. I was a little confused because she was brandishing a knife and I had a gun. Isn’t there a saying that goes with this??? Amal put her hand on my shoulder.

“I got this,” Amal said, “You blow the door.” She handed me she small bag and shrugged out of her parka. From her back she produced her own knife, this one a smooth blade of 4 inches. She locked eyes with the girl. “Shall we?”

“Oh this is going to be so much fun!” The girl shouted. “I am Dina, can I get your name before I carve you up and gut you?!?”

“Hello Dina,” Amal said in response, “Please call me Amal.”

“You aren’t from around here,” Dina said with a smile, her left hand smeared the blood from her hand to her face and mouth, then in a twangy southern voice, “We don’t take kindly to strangers ‘round these parts!” She giggled.

Dina and Amal started to circle, the closed in step by step. Each woman darted in with a quick slashes hitting only air. Dina faked a move to Amal’s left and darted to her right with a slash with her knife and she was rewarded with a cry of pain. Amal backed away and touched her left hand to her side. There was a gash in her thermal top and blood was visible in her hand. Dina came at her again, but Amal side stepped the lunge and nicked Dina in her left shoulder. Dina cried out, holding her shoulder.

Dina started stomping back and forth, cursing to herself, talking to herself. Then she rushed Amal again. This time they came together, knives flashed, free hands blocked; each woman was forced back a few steps but came back forward. Dina got a shallow cut in her right arm and Amal got one on her left thigh. Dina charged with the blade above her head pointed down to stab but Amal caught it with her left hand. Amal’s blade hand was caught by Dina’s free hand.

“FUCKING DIE ALREADY!” Dina screamed! She slammed her head forward to Amal’s.


Amal started falling back, the hold on her knife slipped and it went wide into a snowbank, but as she fell back she sent her right foot in-between Dina’s legs. Dina’s eyes went wide and her mouth open as she dropped to her knees; her blade sailing off in to the snow 5 feet from her. Amal shook the stars out of her vision and rushed and tackled Dina to the snow.

I opened the pack Amal gave me and pulled the strip of grey puddy and fixed it to the door frame. I plunged the detonator in and unspooled the cord and put my back flat against the wall, turning my face away.

Instinctively I yelled, “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” And pressed the button. BOOM!!!

I luckily had covered one ear with my shoulder and the other with my hand. I looked back and the door was gone. There was smoke and dust and snow blowing around. I brought my pistol to the ready and did a quick peek into the room. Two bullets ricocheted off the frame where my head was. I ducked back quickly, dropping to my ass. I put my pistol in the space where the door had been and let off two round of my own. Two more shots hit the frame and a couple inches to my left, kicking up wood splinters. I fired two more shots and was answered by two more. Then it was silent. I peeked in the door again and spotted movement and fired in that direction. The crazy thing was there was no return fire. Then I heard a British woman’s voice.

“I have no more bullets Chambers,” Anna Matthews called out from near the kitchen.

“Come out where I can see you!” I called out from behind the door frame.

Anna walked out, dropped the pistol, she was wearing only the most minimal of camisoles, all black and grey lace, her massive breasts almost pooping out. She kicked off her heels and stood bare foot in the center of the living room. I stepped out from behind the door frame, gun up, trained on her face. She looked like her sister, but older and more my height. The file had said she would have been in her 50’s but she looked 30, 31 tops. Her red hair was streaked with grey and it hung loose around her shoulders. She didn’t put her hands up, just stood there, 15 feet from me, hands on her hips, haughty look in her eyes.

“You finally see me now, Chambers,” Anna said with distain in her voice, “I imagine you are very full of yourself now. You caught me. ME! A woman who the British Government has been after for a decade.”

“I was never in this to catch you,” I said, “I was doing this only to get Ewa back.”

“Ah yes, Ewa,” Anna said her eyes going dreamy for a bit, “You know I got to taste her. Lucy and I both did. And she was soooo sweet. Her nectar was yummy! You have been very lucky to have her, but then again you haven’t had her recently. She has been with the Asian bitch and then she was with Lucy and me.” Her hands roamed over her sides, to her breasts; squeezing the bra covered mounds as she moaned.

“You sick fuck!” I yelled out, “I should kill you now!”

“Oh Anna Chambers,” Anna Matthews said, “You should kill me, shoot me right between the eyes, get it over quick because you wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me in a fight!”

She was challenging me… goading me… I should end this here and now. Put two in her skull, find Lucy and do the same to her. Get Ewa, leave, burn the house down with the corpses of these two redheaded nightmares in it.


I hit the magazine release on my pistol and dropped the magazine into my left hand, tossing it behind me into a snow bank. I worked the slide back, ejecting the round in the chamber and threw that away too. I hit the side latch with my thumb and slide the upper of the pistol forward, tossing both pieces of the pistol behind me. I unzipped my parka and removed it and the white striped snow pants. Now clad in only the tight black thermal underwear. I started for her and her at me. No more words! We didn’t lunge, just walked right into each other, grabbing long hair!

Ewa took Bri to the floor. At firs the blonde just tried to wrestle Ewa off her but the more she did the harder Ewa scratched and clawed at the busty Bri. The two women rolled in a tight ball, pulling each other’s hair. Bri managed to roll Ewa onto her back.

“STOP THIS!” Bri cried out as Ewa yanked her head back, “OOOWWW FUCK EWA! I AM TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!”

“FUCK YOU SLUT!!!” Ewa screamed. “Anna’s pussy is mine!!!” Her hands went up the younger girl’s thermal top and grabbed bare breasts, jabbing her nails in, bringing a scream of pain from Bri’s lips.

Bri’s back arched as she tried to get Ewa’s hands of her tits but Ewa’s hands were locked in them. Bri was able to sit back on her knees but that helped Ewa to a sitting position and she wrapped her bare legs around Bri’s sides; locking her ankles and squeezing.

“AAAAHHHHHH!” Bri howled in pain. Well this bitch wants a catfight, Bri thought, might as well give her one! With her shirt already above her breasts, Bri yanked it up over head and free, then she slapped both hands down on Ewa’s tits and started squeezing and scratching. Now Ewa’s voice joined Bri’s as she screamed out in pain. Ewa tightened her legs around Bri’s midsection, Bri felt like her insides were being crushed together. Bri took her claws from Ewa’s tits and started scratching the brunette’s thighs. Ewa’s thighs were on fire and she pulled her nails free from the blonde’s big tits and grabbed Bri’s wrists to pull them free. The two were stalemated, hand wrestling for control. Bri pulled back, raising Ewa off the carpeted floor and then slammed her back down. The collision broke Ewa’s waist scissors and Bri fell back, holding her sides. Ewa was stunned for only a moment but when she came to, she saw Bri turned away from her holding her sides. Ewa shrugged off the little robe she had on and pushed Bri forward with one and while the other grabbed the waist band of the thermal underwear and pulled them over Bri’s curvy ass.

Bri was propelled forward, face first into the carpet and then she felt her bottoms coming off. She kicked out but not to hit Ewa, to hurry the bottoms coming off. Ewa yanked them free of Bri’s feet, pulling the boots off with it. Bri put her right hand on the bed and got to her knees and then feet whirling around to face the busty brunette. Ewa charged her and they collided and were thrown to the bed, naked flesh slapping against naked flesh. Bri secured two handfuls of thick brown hair and pulled Ewa up some so their tits mashed together.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Bri screamed at Ewa!

“I HATE YOU MORE YOU TWAT!!!” Ewa yelled back.

Bri had already been sweating before the fight started and now with Ewa dripping sweat, the two slithered around on the single bed, legs wrapping and locking with the others, breasts mashed tightly and mushrooming out at the sides. Ewa and Bri used that bed as their own personal fight ring, never rolling too far that they fell off but always in constant motion. Rolling to their sides, then to Ewa’s back, back to their sides and then to Bri’s back. Bodies rubbing, skin slick with sweat, hands pulling hair to make necks strain. Ewa brought her mouth down and bit at Bri’s upper lip as Bri opened her mouth to bite at Ewa’s lower. Each could taste the blood trickling into their mouths as the groaned in pain. Ewa dropped her right hand and jobbed her nails into the outside of Bri’s left breast. Bri howled in pain!!! She brought her left hand down to grab at Ewa’s fingers to pull them free but chose to grab Ewa’s right breasts instead. Locked side by side, their wrists bumping together as the bit and clawed at each other. Ewa slithered her thigh in between Bri’s bare legs and thrust it into Bri’s pussy. Bri moaned and took her left hand from Ewa’s tit, balled it up and slugged Ewa in the right side of her body. OOOOOFFFFFF!!! The two broke apart and rolled off the bed, Ewa to the left side and Bri to the right.

Ewa staggered to her feet rubbing her side as Bri came to hers, rubbing her pussy. Bri’s lips pealed back and a sneer, her teeth pink from the bitten lip. Ewa spit across the small bed at Bri and climbed on as did the blonde and they clashed on their knees, tits slamming against tits as fingers combed through sweaty hair.

The crazed knife fighters fell into the white snow drifts and started rolling, turning the white power pink. Dina shoved a handful of snow into Amal’s face forcing her back and off of Dina. Dina discarded her heavy winter coat, showing off a tight white shirt, stained pink, blood dripped from an open wound on her arm. Dina watched as Amal stood and removed her parka, then Dina grasped the bottom of her white shirt and pulled it over her head, her bare, perky breasts bounced free. She tossed the shirt aside and motioned for Amal to do the same. Amal obliged and her black thermal shit was tossed onto her parka and her bra joined the clothing a moment later. Now the topless women started circling, both bleeding from cut they had given each other in the knife fight. Amal and Dina rushed to clash and again slammed together and dropped into the snow. They each squealed as bare skin and snow met. Dina slashed her long nails down Amal’s face, bringing a scream of pain from the brunette’s lips. The red streaks ran from Amal’s temple to chin on the right side of her face.

“I am going to crave you up, bitch!” Dina threatened.

“See who craves up who, little slut!” Amal counter, taking her left hand and raking down Dina’s neck to her right breast. Dina howled in agony.

Amal brought her head forward and sunk her teeth into Dina’s already wounded tit. Dina pushed hard on Amal’s head trying to pry her mouth from her breast. Dina rained down slaps and punches to the back of Amal’s head, finally breaking the bite, blood dripping from Amal’s mouth and Dina’s tit. Dina raised her left fist to punch down at Amal but the brunette kneed Dina in the back and the multi-color haired girl went face first into another snow drift. Amal rolled over with a groan and crawled towards Dina, jumping on her back and pressing her face into the snow. The muffled scream was heard through the drift as white snow was turned pink and then red from the blood loss. Dina flayed in the snow trying to dislodge Amal; she placed her hands on either side of her body and pushed up through pure will power and bucked off Amal. Dina’s wet hair was matted to her face as she lunged at Amal and the topless women slammed together on their knees. Tits slapped back and forth as Dina tore out a chuck of Amal’s black hair. Amal yelped in pain and wrapped her hands around Dina’s throat. Dina, now wide eyed, clawed at Amal’s hands as they gripped tighter and tighter, the edges of Dina’s sight going black. Dina grabbed both of Amal’s bouncing breasts, ripping them back and forth with her nails as Amal screamed and let go of the choke. Amal gripped her wounded tit and sat back as Dina coughed out and struggled for breath. Dina saw something glint in the light from the open house and saw one of the knives. She grabbed for it and whirled but was met with the heel of Amal’s right boot. The boot caught Dina square in the jaw and the lights went out, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed. Amal rolled over groaning, blood dripping from her face, chest, arms and legs. She found her thermal shirt and pressed it to her leg which seemed to be the deepest cut. She fumbled with the parka and found the ear piece and throat mic.

“This is Sphinx,” Dina whispered to the mic, “Need assistance.”

“Goddess here Sphinx,” Angelica sounded in the ear piece, “Coming to you, hold on.” The sound becoming distant as Amal passed out.

Back in the house, Anna Matthews and I were stalemated, pressing our bodies together, grasping hair and glaring into each other’s faces. Her bra covered breasts were pressed tightly to my thermal shirt covered breasts; they were mashed so tightly together that I could feel the bullet like hard nipples through the fabric. We didn’t twirl around, just try and shove the other back with our bodies. Even with the cold air rushing through the open doorway, I was sweating from my brow and it dripped down my face and neck. I twisted a little and the change in movement caused her to over compensate and we started to move, well I was moving her to the wall. One step then two steps, three, four and her back hit the wall. I braced both legs behind me and leaned into her. Anna’s breasts were much larger than mine but through the covered clothing, they weren’t overwhelming mine.

“I thought you were some bad ass bitch, Anna,” I taunted as she started to perspire, “All I see is an old washed up cunt!”

“Cunt am I?!?” Anna grunted, “You will not leave this house alive.”

She head-butted me. Even with me holding her hair tightly. I didn’t see it coming and paid the price. One second I was watching sweat drop off her face and the next my face hurt and I was seeing stars. I stumbled back and then onto my ass. I reached up and gingerly touched my face and pulled my hand back to see blood. Anna didn’t waste any time and tackled me to the floor. Long nails were poised for my face but I jerked my head back and forth. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and grabbed red hair. The momentum of her tackle slid us a few feet across the hardwood floor until we met the soft rugs. I twisted my body to roll us but it only worked half way. I held onto her tightly, still bobbing and weaving my head to avoid scratches and continued head-butts. I craned my head up to her right shoulder, opened my mouth and bit down. She screamed and trashed, grabbing two handfuls of my hair to try and pry me away. I finally roll on top of her as she struggles and screams. I hook both thighs around her waist and sit up. Anna is quick though and reaches up to grab both of my breasts and squeeze. I lean further back to try and get her hands off, but even through the thermal top, her claws sink in. I grab her red bra and pull, leaning back further until I have my back on the floor and she is sitting up. The bra strains in my grasp and is pulled out a few inches from her large chest, spilling her breasts out from under the bra. I release it and it snaps back to a sharp yelp from the redhead’s lips. Her fingers grasp my shirt and she now leans back and I am pulled up, like a violent teeter-totter. The neckline of my shirt starts to tear; I hear the ripping fabric and feel cold wind on my exposed skin. That is when I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.

Lucy shook her head to clear the cobwebs and she slowly got to her hands and knees. She heard violent screams and slams from the room, but when she tried the door, it wouldn’t budge. Then her ears picked up grunts and curses from the living room and she got to her feet. She came around the corner and saw her sister and her hated rival fighting on the floor. She moved quickly to them and the wooden wall behind her erupted with shards of wooden splinters. She looked up and saw a tall blonde woman holding a long rifle pointed at her.

“Why don’t you let these two finish what they started?” Angelica said looking the tall redhead up and down. The two were about the same height and Lucy’s massive breasts were heaving with adrenaline. “And why don’t you and I see if we can’t get into some trouble?”

“Fine with me cunt!” Lucy snarled, “Lose the gun and I will destroy you!”

Angelica safed the rifle and set it down outside the doorway. She unzipped and removed her parka and thermal shirt. She kicked off her shoes and removed the white snow pants and thermal bottoms. Her massive breasts were barely contained in the bra she was wearing. The matching black thong hugged her curvy hips like a second skin. She reached behind her back and undid the clasps and shook her big tits free.

Lucy gasped as Angelica revealed long, erect nipples. Not to be outdone, Lucy unhooked her own bra and shrugged out of it. Her red panties sagged a little but she paid them no heed and moved out to an open area of the large living room. Angelica walked to meet her. Angelica held her hands above her head and Lucy matched her movements. They grasped hands and the two largest pair of tits I have ever felt (yes, felt both) slammed together.

Ewa and Bri, hands in each other’s hair twisted their chests back and forth, slapping their big boobs into the others. Each grunted as her breasts slapped against her rivals. The sound of the flesh hitting flesh made them want to fight harder and faster. Tits were a blur as they flew and collided with the opposite’s pair. Arms moved to link around the other’s back and sweaty tits were crushed together. Bri groaned as Ewa nicked her nails on the blonde’s back. Bri raked her own nails down Ewa’s back to the curvature of the brunette’s ass; gouging her nails in, Bri smiled as she her Ewa scream and felt her body tense up. Ewa twisted her body, which caught Bri off-guard and the pair fell to the bed with Ewa on top. Ewa’s and Bri’s legs wrapped together as more and more of their bodies linked and ground together. Ewa’s thigh slipped in between Bri’s legs and she felt how wet the blonde was; as wet as she was herself. Bri’s thigh pressed into Ewa’s wet womanhood and Ewa groaned out loud. She pressed her own thigh into Bri’s pussy and the blonde moaned out from under the busty brunette. Bri, with her hands still on Ewa’s ass, pulled the brunette to her, bringing her own hips up as she pulled Ewa’s down.

“You dirty slut!!!” Ewa cried out, “You would never out fuck me!”

“Feel the cunt that Anna wants!” Bri taunted as the pair of women humped each other.

That comment sent Ewa over the edge; she twisted her upper body up and slammed her tits down on Bri’s, flesh rippling from the impact. Then Ewa rolled off the blonde, sitting up. Bri got her legs out from under Ewa and sat up. The two didn’t say a word as they put one leg over the other’s and one under the other’s, lining up bare pussies dripping with arousal. They lifted hips off the bed and slammed the cunts together.


Wet pussies slapped together as each woman threw her head back and screamed out. The grunted and groaned as they fucked violently on the shaking bed. Hands were placed behind them, lifting their hips up and slamming them continuously forward. Breasts bounced on their chests from the impacts, sweat flew off of faces and hair as heads whipped around as they groaned and moaned. The muscles in their arms were straining as were the ones in their legs. As if by mutual agreement, butts sat down on the beds and Bri and Ewa reached for the other. Arms wrapped around the other’s back, large tits compressed, mouths came together and tongues started wrestling in the other’s mouth. Cunts continued to grind and rub; erect clits, engorged with blood sought the others. Ewa pushed her tongue in further trying to gag the blonde, but Bri answered back, pushing her own tongue against Ewa’s hard nipples scrapped across sweat slicked breasts; when the nipples touched, each woman felt a jolt of electricity course through their bodies. It made them grind and hump faster and harder, the initial twitches of orgasms starting at their toes and moving through them like a rushing river. Ewa felt Bri’s back tense, jerking hips now in an un-rhythmic cadence. It was all Ewa needed to send her over the edge as well. When the first gush came from Bri’s pussy, Ewa started screaming as her orgasm over took her.


They grasped hair and pulled back, breaking their kissing and screamed was they came! The grinding and body slapping brought on orgasm after orgasm.




Ewa and Bri finally finished after minutes of cumming, holding each other, heads rested on the other’s shoulders.

“I hate you Ewa,” Bri whispered.

“I hate you Bri,” Ewa answered back

“I love you,” the two said together.

Anna and I broke apart and watched as Lucy and Angelica took off tops and walked towards an open spot and started bashing breasts. Anna got to her knees and removed her bra, her massive tits bounced slightly as she started to stand. I got up as quickly as I could, taking off my own shirt and bra, wiping my still bleeding nose on the shirt. A yelp from Lucy’s lips caused Anna to look over at the titfight and I lunged; my right shoulder hitting her in the abdomen, hands wrapping around her waist, taking us both to the soft rugs. OOOOOFFFFF I heard as the air left her lungs briefly. Her legs tried to wrap around my waist but I was able to get my right leg tangled with hers. But trying to balance being on top, she slammed a knee into my cunt. I groaned and she rolled us over and slid her breasts up to mine. Her hands grasped my hair and lifted my head up slightly and smacked it back down to the soft rugs. Thank the lord for those rugs, because they softened the blow. I locked my thighs around her left leg and raked my nails down her back. She arched, bringing her head up and uttering curses and screams as my nails tore red lines into her pale skin. The arching of her back brought her breasts close to my face, so all I had to do was open my mouth and bite down!

“AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!” Anna screamed out in a voice that would shake windows.

My hands grasped her red thong and I yanked on it as she started slapping and punching at my head. She clopped me with cupped hands on each of my ears and it felt like my head exploded. I release the bite and she rolled off to the right side of me, cupping her wounded breasts. I looked over and my teeth marks were visible and so was a trickle of blood where it broke skin. I was rising and she came at my like a demon. I felt the nails in my cheeks and then it felt like talons of fire touched me as she gouged in. He little leap to me caused us to roll a little back and forth as I re-grabbed her thong and pulled on it. As we rolled to her back and I slammed my forehead into her mouth, breaking her grip on my face. She spit blood at me and gouged her nails into my back and raked down. My back screamed in pain and my voice matched it. Her nails slide down to the small of my back and then under my thermal underwear and to my ass. She clawed at the cheeks, raking back and forth as I writhed in agony on top of her. We rolled back and I felt the hands leave my ass and not get trapped as she got on top. Her thong tore in my hands, well on side of it did. I balled up my right fist and hit her in the side. She grunted out in pain and rolled off of me.

Angelica and Lucy banged their breasts together. The slaps were loud clops of skin meeting skin. Both grunted as boobs took the abuse they were dealing out. Lucy had thought she was a skilled fighter but everything she threw at Angelica was not working. With hands high above their heads, Lucy and Angelica rammed head on.


They came together once more and stayed pressed tit to tit; Angelica’s long, thick nipples pressed into Lucy’s. The two sets of nipples were excreting juices and it caused them to suck together. Each woman feeling it and shuddering in delight. Angel pushed and it caused Lucy to back up until Lucy’s back hit the wall. The pair were pumping their tits together, the flesh mushrooming out at the sides. Angelica brought their hands out to the sides and leaned in more to the busty redhead. Lucy had never felt a set of breasts like the blondes. Angelica started ramming her hips into Lucy’s bringing groans from the redhead’s lips. Lucy didn’t know how to feel, part of her was in ecstasy from the tit-fucking and part of her in pain. Her knees began to buckle and Angelica rode her down to the wood floor. Their tits stayed glued together even as they came down with Lucy on her back and Angelica on top. The blonde continued pumping both tits and pussies together; Lucy bit her lip and even through her pain she felt it coming.


She bucked and writhed under Angelica how only smiled and continued fucking and fighting the redhead. Lucy started to whimper as the busty blonde didn’t let up in the least. Angelica felt Lucy’s arms stop fighting and she watched Lucy’s eyes roll back into her head. Angelica sat up and there was a POP when their nipples came apart. She slapped Lucy in the face.

“Wake up bitch!” Angelica said, “You aren’t done yet.” Angelica sat back and removed her thong letting it drop to the floor. She crawled back up and sat on Lucy’s big tits. “Now I am going to fuck your face and you are going use your tongue like a good girl. If I feel teeth, you won’t be waking up, ever again.”

Lucy sheepishly nodded and Angelica grabbed two handfuls of red hair and slammed Lucy’s face into her pussy.

My thermal underwear was already sliding down so I took it all the way off. Now naked save for my wool socks, I face Anna Matthews. She had taken the thong the rest of the way off and we snarled at each other and started swinging with fists on our knees. We were still in the fight enough that we aimed well and our fists connected with our bodies and faces. She hit me with a left hook to my teeth that it knocked a back molar loose and I spit it out on the rug. I slammed a fist under her right breast and felt crunch with her ribs causing her duck down in pain, but her right fist slammed into my left eye and stars erupted in my vision. I was knocked to my back and I almost didn’t want to get up. I brought my head up enough to see her crawling towards me and when she reared up to pounce, I kicked her with my socked up foot right where the teeth marks were on her tit. She howled and fell back. I rolled over to look up and see Angelica with Lucy’s face between her legs. DAMN! I got to my hands and knees and crawled over to Anna but like a cobra she struck! My face went to my breasts and her teeth latched onto my dangling right tit.


I howled out in pain. Her right hand grabbed my left breast and started to squeeze. I was cross ways on her left side and I slammed my face down in her massive cleavage and bit down on her right tit. She screamed through her bite because I could feel it in my bones. I gripped the right tit with both hands, forming it into a cone shape and gnawed on her right nipple. I could taste her blood in my mouth; well it was mixed with my own blood. She stopped biting and clawing and I thought I won but her left hand stabbed her nails into my pussy and I about shot off of her! I stopped bit biting to try and scream but it came out in a hoarse cry. I tried to pull away but her hand was locked in. I lifted my right arm and slammed an elbow to her face! Her hand stopped clawing. I looked down to see blood gushing from her mouth and nose. I was angry! I was pissed! All my rage from the last few days building up. I moved to straddle Anna’s waist and I put both hands around her throat and started squeezing. Her eyes budged as she realized what was happening. First her hands started to slap and punch at me, and then they grasped my wrists, digging nails in to try and pry me from the choke. Her hands started moving slower and weaker and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, but I didn’t stop. I wanted her dead. But two strong arms wrapped around me and a pair of big tits mashed into my back. Angelica easily pulled me from killing the redhead and pulled me off. I tried struggling but she just held me. I was so tired and the adrenalin was waning from me. My eyes shut and darkness overtook me.

I woke up to find myself dressed and surrounded my men in dark combat fatigues and heard a woman barking orders to them. I looked around and cleared my eyes and saw Ewa and Bri huddled under a blanket, Amal dressed in her black thermal underwear being treated by a medic and Angelica back in her white parka and snow pants talking with a tall brunette women with a tactical vest that read Homeland Security on it. They noticed I was awake and the woman came over and sat down in a chair next to where I was laying.

“Ms. Chambers,” she said, “I am Aleena Masters, Homeland Security. First I want to thank you for helping apprehend two wanted terrorists.” I looked over to see Lucy in cuffs and Anna on a gurney being led out and flanked by other Homeland Security members. “But that brings us to a problem here. Instead of contacting us directly, you decided to take automatic weapons and explosives over state lines. Very illegal and you are in a lot of trouble. I could take you and your friends here and lock up so tight, you never see the light of day again.”

“It was all me,” I said weakly, “I hid the weapons and explosives from them.”

“Anna,” Angelica started to say but I held up a hand to stall her.

“Very noble of you,” Aleena said, “I have counted 13 different felony charges that we could levy against you in court. But again we are Homeland Security, we don’t need a court. Just throw you into that hole.”

“I am sensing there is a but coming,” I said glaring at Aleena.

“But,” she said with an icy smile and a glare back, “You have a certain skill set that has come to our attention. As well as relationships with people all over the world. You will be doing a few small jobs for us and then your slate will be wiped clean.”

“And if I say no,” I said, “There is that hole.”

“I see you get my drift,” Aleena said standing, “You get yourself cleaned up; get healthy and we will be in touch.”

A.P. had set up an emergency surgeon to take care of Amal’s facial wounds and marks from her fight with Dina. I got a touch up to my right tit, since Anna had bitten off a piece of my nipple. I also got a new molar from a dentist. All billable as A.P. says. Angelica headed back to Texas but said she would be up to see me in a month or two. Ewa took care of me while I recovered. We made up, were whole again and I decided to take some time off of work and just relax and recover. Amal called me about a week after the storming of the mountain mansion.

“Hey, this is a Virginia number you are calling me from,” I said looking at the phone.

“Yes it is,” Amal said, “You are talking to the new cultural adviser to the Jordanian ambassador. It really means I am the intelligence representative here in the US. Now I am close should you ever have need of me.”

I went back to work about a month after the events that had me up against Anna Matthews. Emilia met me at the door to the office with a cup of coffee and a stack full of folders. She and Leslie had moved in together over the last month and were sparring on a regular basis both on the mats and in bed.

“Oh,” Emilia said, “You already have a guest in your office.”

I walked in to see Aleena Masters, dressed in a black suit and white blouse, seated in one of my comfortable chairs in front of my desk. I moved around the desk and set the folders down before sitting.

“I must say Anna,” Aleena went on, “You look so much better than the last time I saw you covered in blood and sweat.”

“My friends call me Anna,” I said coldly back to her, “You can call me Ms. Chambers.”

“I will call you anything I want,” Aleena said leaning forward so I could see the outlines of heavy breasts pushing against her top. “Time for you to pay your debt to us.” She slid a manila folder across the desk.

I took the folder from her but continued to stare at her. “One day, you and I are going to have a disagreement and we will need to settle.”

“Yes we will, Anna,” she said making sure to enunciate Anna, “But until that day arrives, I am your contact and handler. Here is my number, call me when the job is complete.” She got up and left the office.

I opened the folder.



The wind and cold bit at my face. Well most of it was covered in a white balaclava mask as I stared through the sight of my SV-98 Russian sniper rifle. I was in the Ural Mountains staring at a cabin about a 1,500 Yards away from me. My target was supposed to be there but they hadn’t come out for the last 6 hours. It was getting darker but I had the rifle trained on back cabin door where the fire wood was. Then my hip started buzzing. I reached in and saw my phone was on, the special one I got from DARPA that can get a good signal anywhere in the world. It was a FaceTime from Ewa. I accepted it.

“Anna,” Ewa said into the screen, it was just on her face. “I don’t want you to say anything or get mad but I have a surprise for you.” I was puzzled. She set the phone down but the camera was facing the bed. All of a sudden Bri was in the frame, naked!!! I swallowed hard. She laid down on the bed and giggled and then Ewa came into the frame and Ewa climbed on top of Bri, her thighs around Bri’s head and Bri’s thighs around her and then they started. I could hear moaning and groaning as they two started their 69 fight, rolling back and forth with their faces in each other’s pussies. DAMNIT!!!! It was getting hard to concentrate and I looked back through my scope at the cabin. Then I heard slapping and glanced to see the two of them on their knees engaged in a spirited titfight. FUCK!!! I was breathing harder and getting warmer. I looked through my scope to see the back of the door to the cabin open. I saw the figure emerge and grab some fire wood. As a cry of bitch sounded from the phone, I breathed slowly, already adjusted for the wind and temperature, the crosshairs up and to the left of the target. I breathed out and slowly pulled the trigger.

Bri and Ewa stopped what they were doing and looked at the camera in the phone after hearing the gunshot. Then my face came into their screen.

“You two fucking bitches are going to get it!”

They laughed and hugged each other.

The end

The End

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