Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 5 by Anna the Marine Chick

About the same time things were kicking off in Mexico…..

Sandra Purr, still secured tightly to her chair in the interrogation room, finished counting in her head.

“I want to speak now,” Sandra shouted, aiming her face at the camera in the room, “I will speak now and only now, if you make me wait, you will get nothing!

Inside the operations center, Jenna was monitoring what was going on in Mexico as Vivian spoke frantically on the phone.

“Angelica,” Vivian said with haste in her voice, “Please if you can, I need you here as soon as humanly possible. I understand you are about an hour out of Vegas. Thank you very much.”

Vivian turned to the assembled group, consisting of Jenna, Alexandra, Steph, Aubrey, and Miriam, the Mossad interrogator. “Angelica Johanssen is on her way back. She will be here within the hour. Aubrey, please contact Sabrina Nichole and ask her to come to check out the thumb drive. I don’t want any surprises when we scan it.” Aubrey walked to the side wall and grabbed her cell to call.

75 miles outside of Vegas headed south, Angelica Johanssen drove to the turnaround normally reserved for law enforcement or emergency vehicles and got back onto the highway, headed north. She gunned the V8 in her corvette and the needle hit 100 miles per hour in a matter of seconds.


Vivian shook her head. “Damnit!” She looks at Alexandra and Miriam, “We have to go now. We need her to not clam up on us. Steph, please help out Jenna with whatever she needs. Alexandra, Miriam, you two are with me.” The trio left the ops center and went back down the long corridor to the interrogation rooms.

All three entered the room and Sandra just smiled at them. “It is about time,” she purred, “I thought you wouldn’t have the guts to come in.”

Back in the ops center, Aubrey finished her call and hung up, “Bri,” she started to say and then smacked Steph over the head with the butt of her pistol, knocking the blonde out, “Will not be coming!” She trained it at Jenna.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” Jenna screamed as she saw the pistol aimed at her. She only needed to stretch just a little to hit the panic button. Could she do it? Jenna lunged for the button


“Was that a gunshot?” Grace asked out loud and then ALERT claxon started. Grace shut the door to the armory and punched in a few numbers to a keypad and it secured. Only she could open it.

Jenna was slumped over the table, blood pouring from her forehead. Her left hand on the panic button. Aubrey cursed and searched for the thumb drive and inserted it into the ops center computer. The program started automatically. The power went out immediate and all communication, electronic protections, gates and doors were now open. Her phone chirped and she knew the other van was there. What she didn’t know was that the panic button alerted everyone with a phone connected to the ops center of the problem.

Bri and Ewa were sitting at the main restaurant in the Bellagio when both their phones started buzzing. They looked down at the same time and then up at each other. Ewa threw down $100 to the table and she and Bri rushed to their car.

Vivian glared at Sandra who was smiling back at her. Alexandra grabbed Viv by the arm and lead her out. “I have to get you to safety,” Alexandra said. Once outside the door to the room, she reached into a closet and produced three tactical vests with ballistic plates. She handed one to Vivian and then Miriam and then slipped the last over her frame. She was tightening the straps when she saw movement. She threw herself onto Vivian and the shotgun blast took her square in the back. Her body flew forward and her head smacked against the wall and she was out. Another blast from the shotgun and Miriam fell dead next to Vivian.

“Get up!” A woman’s voice called through Vivian’s ringing ears. She looked up to see Alison Tyler and did as she was told. Alison zip cuffed her and the other tall woman, Lana Kendrick moved down the hall with a rifle moving towards the ops center. “In here!” Alison told Vivian as she pushed her with the shotgun towards Sandra’s room.

“Glad you could make it, Alison,” Sandra said after the brunette cut her bonds, “Now Vivian Christianson, you and I have so much to talk about.”

Bri drove up the drive and noticed the gate wide open. She gunned the BMW up to the front doors and she and Ewa got out.

In the ops center, Lana pushed the dead Jenna to the floor and started to type a few commands into the computer.

“Sandra said you are to remain in place,” Lana said looking at Aubrey, “I am sorry that this will hurt later.”

“What do you mean hurrrr…?” Aubrey said as Lana slammed the butt of the rifle to the blondes head and she crumpled next to the unconscious Steph. Lana set the rifle behind her and started the prompt on the computer to download all the files to a removable drive.

Ewa and Bri came to the open door to the ops center, they peered around the opening and Ewa saw the rifle and the woman she had fought with at the LA Docks. Both could see the computer system not how it should be. The comms line on the top, blank.

“Sweetie, you have to get the computer up and running,” Ewa whispered to her lover, “We have to get the right help here fast.”

Bri nodded and the two women rushed in. Lana saw out of the corner of her eyes some movement and tried to whirl to reach her rifle when Ewa tackled her to the floor. While Lana was wearing a long sleeve black t-shirt and black cargo pants and boots, Ewa was not dressed for a fight, well in a catfight, I guess you wear what you have on. Her white blouse was short sleeved and her black skirt was just long enough that it wasn’t too scandalous. Bri stopped the download and started working the backdoor of the system to get it all started again.

Ewa and Lana rolled around between workstations on the tile floor. They were a ball of fury. Ewa had enough training from women over the years that when Lana tried to punch her, she evaded and swatted back and used her nails to rake lines in Lana’s face and neck. Lana changed tactics and tore open Ewa’s blouse, exposing a white bra that was barely holding the Polish hellcat’s tits in. Ewa screamed out in protest and grasped the bottom of the long sleeve t-shirt and pulled up, trapping Lana’s arms and temporarily blinding her. Her lace cupped bra on display with two huge breasts contained. Ewa grabbed and pulled the cups down and started to rake the mounds of flesh. Lana’s scream was muffled in the shirt and she quickly got it off and grabbed at Ewa’s big tits. The bras the two had been wearing were wrenched open, releasing 4 globes to angry fingers and nails. The scream from their lips caused Bri to look over at them. She hurried to try and get things set up so she could help her girlfriend with this bitch! Ewa rolled with Lana and her squeezing and clawing at tits. Lana couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed Ewa’s wrists to pry the talons off her breasts. As she pulled, red furrows were torn into Lana’s tits. She shoved Ewa’s arms up and slapped her big breasts into Ewa’s with a SMACK! Ewa bridged up with her hips and the pair rolled over to their sides. Ewa’s skirt was around her waist and she was able to lock her legs around Lana’s waist and squeezed. Lana screamed out in pain and balled up a fist and slammed it into Ewa’s right tit. Ewa cursed in Polish and she broke off her attack and rolled away. Lana started crawling towards the door to the ops center.

“THIS IS CHAMBERS, IS ANYONE THERE?” My voice came over the ops center.

Bri keyed the mic, “Anna, get here fast. Lots of baddies. Comms and computer systems up!”

“We are 5 minutes out,” I said over the speakers. Bri turned and grabbed the rifle, flipped the safety off and fired it at the running Lana Kendrick. The rounds hit the door just after Lana.

“Where the fuck is Kendrick???” Sandra said loudly. Then she heard gunfire coming from the ops center. She looked and saw a topless Lana running down the hall.

“THEY ARE COMING! GET OUT!” Lana screamed at Alison and Sandra. Her eyes caught movement and she looked and then BBBBUUUUUUZZZZZZZZ!

Grace heard the gunfire and heard the screaming and opened the door to the armory as Lana was coming by, she aimed the stun rifle and pulled the trigger. Shocking the busty tall woman unconscious.

Alison saw her partner fall and she and Sandra ran to the van and started driving away.

In the stolen plane above Vegas….

I was so relieved to hear Bri’s voice. Where the fuck was Jenna and what was going on? Amber had radioed the tower at the airport about the medical emergency with instructions to call Dr. Clausin. Luckily when Amber was prepping the plane for takeoff in Mexico, she loaded 4 parachutes, a few AK-47 rifles and a few pistols. We had changed from dresses to t-shirts and pants and boots we scrounged from suitcases. I cinched the straps from the chute tight around my body as Olivia, Kathryn and Noya were doing the same.

“Amber, take us up to ten thousand and we will jump,” I called out to our pilot. She gave me the thumbs up as I slung a rifle over my shoulder. The other ladies did the same. I came to where Leslie was laying on a makeshift cot and touched her head, it was feverously hot. “Leslie, you are going to be ok. You will be on the ground in no time. Don’t you fucking quit on me.”

“Don’t…be…a….pussy….Anna,” Leslie breathed out.

“Amber as soon as we are out, you get this plane down,” I called out not looking at the cockpit.

“Nine thousand!” Amber called from the cockpit, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1….GO GO GO!!!”

I pushed the door at the back of the plane open and the cabin depressurized. My ears popped and I went out the door, arching my back and letting the slip stream catch me. I looked down as I fell and got a lay of where I was from the lights on the strip. I could see Vivian’s mansion and turned my body and pulled my arms and legs in to rocket towards the mansion. I pulled the chute and I came up. I glanced up in the moon lit sky and saw, one, two…..fuck where is the third chute and then I saw it. Fuck! I cursed and started the descent down. I saw sparks flying from the front gate and saw a van slip through the closing gate and speed away. I changed direction with my chute and went after it. The problem was that the other three coming in with me, didn’t see my course change. I grasped both directional straps with my left hand and brought the rifle up and depressed the trigger. I missed wide left but I walked the rounds into the van. The van picked up speed and started to drive erratically. I would miss and then hit a few times. I was getting closer to the ground when my AK locked back empty. Then I heard the sweet sound of Detroit muscle as Angelica’s corvette hit the van from the side at 50 miles per hour. The van flipped to its side and slide across pavement shooting up sparks. I landed about 100 yards from the van and slipped quickly out of my harness and sprinted. I saw two figures trying to grab a third when they saw me and ran. I ran to the back of the van and found Vivian, she wasn’t moving. I checked her pulse and thank the goddess she had one. Angelica came up limping.

“Stay with her,” I commanded and took off running in the direction of the women. I didn’t listen to anything else as I sprinted.

Sandra could not run as fast as Alison and found herself about 20 yards behind the taller woman. She yelled for Alison to come back which she did but didn’t see me coming and I ran and drop kicked Alison Tyler in the chest with both boots. I rolled to my knees and was tackled to the ground by Sandra Purr. The taller blonde took us both to the pavement and grabbed two handfuls of hair and prepared to slam my head back, so I punched her hard in the left breast. She howled out and we rolled. We clenched up and careened around the empty lot like a couple of angry cats. She was a master at pulling hair and my head felt like it was going to be wrenched off. I then remembered that she had trained and fought with Anna Mathews, so I reached up and filled both of my hands with her heavy breasts and squeezed. This was going to be a catfight. She screamed in pain but didn’t let up the hair pulling. And this fucking bitch was strong. She worked up to her knees and then feet, dragging me with her and then she tossed me over her hip by the hair and landed with a thud onto the cement. Alison had gotten up and was moving towards us as Sandra looked back at her and smiled. Then a blur of red and Alison was tackled to the pavement by Alexandra! Sandra was distracted enough that she didn’t see me rise. She looked at me; both of our shirts were torn at the neck line showing off unchecked cleavage. Sandra removed her shirt and so did I. We circled like a pair of cats ready to tangle. She had at least 6 inches in height on me. We rushed at each other but at the last second I ducked my head and hit her in the stomach with my right shoulder and we went back down to the pavement.

Alison was stunned that the redhead she thought she killed was rolling around with her. The shotgun blast hit Alexandra in the ballistic plate in her back. Other than some bruising she was ok. The two tall amazons wrestled on the pavement for control. Alexandra got on top and swung a left elbow that just missed Alison’s jaw. Alison fired a hard left fist that caught the redhead in the right ear and they rolled again; a fury of fists and elbows. Alison slammed the heel of her right hand into Alexandra’s back and the redhead howled in pain and seized up. They had rolled near and curb and Alison moved Alexandra’s face over the curb and stood up, raising her boot to curb stomp her. But the redhead slammer the bottom of her left boot right between Alison’s legs, lifting the tall brunette 4 inches into the air! Alison Tyler landed with a gurgling scream. She got to her knees breathing hard and was met with a right fist to the jaw from Alexandra. More footsteps could be heard and the red head held up her hand. Alison punched her right back in the face and Alexandra spit out blood. She hit Alison in the left tit and the tall brunette howled and started to crumple. Alexandra grabbed her by the hair at the top of her head and pulled her up and slammed a right fist that broke Alison’s jaw and left Alexandra just holding a clump of brown hair as the tall brunette slammed into the cement.

Sandra and I were locked in a topless catball on the pavement. We rolled one way and then the other, hands would yank heads and slap and claw. We were tit to tit, with our breasts mushrooming out at the side. Legs intertwined as little pebbles and pieces of cement were embedded in our naked backs. We got to a sitting position and latched our hands into the other breasts and squeezed. Our heads flew back in screams of anguish. I groped and pulled on her large tits and she did the same to mine. Her left hand shot to my face to push my head back and I bit her hand. She twisted my left nipple until I thought it was torn clean off as I slammed a fist that flattened her right breast. I punched again and her hold on my tit slackened. I rolled away from her and onto my back. I had fought three women tonight, almost had my back broken, lost a friend, parachuted out of a plane, ran hard, fought harder… I was done. The adrenalin was waning and I just lay there as Olivia and Noya roughly secured Sandra Purr in zip cuffs.

What happened over the next few hours was a blur. We got back to the mansion and “women in black” took Sandra, Lana, and Alison into custody. Lana and Alison were loaded into one van and Sandra to another. She would be heading to Israel per the agreement Vivian had with Ella Gold. Jenna’s body was loaded into a van for transit to the coroner and Steph and Aubrey were taken to Dr. Clausin’s clinic. The clinic would be shut down for now. Leslie made it to surgery and was going to be ok. Though she was going to be on the sidelines for a while. Vivian had a serious concussion, broken ribs and was supposed to be confined to a wheelchair for a week. The mansion was overrun with folks from every three letter agency. Our secret facility was not so secret anymore.

We all recuperated, trying to piece together what happened. I stayed away from the mansion until I drove up through the gate a few days later to pick up Vivian to take her to Jenna’s funeral.

Jenna received full military honors. Her parents were flown in from the east coast and were given the folded flag from the Marine Corps general. After it was done, I loaded Vivian up in my Tahoe and was preparing to drive her back to her home, when she handed me an address.

“We are close by,” Vivian said, “Let’s go here.”

I was a little puzzled as we pulled up to a two story house on a street that backed up to the Nellis Air Force Base fence line. She opened the door and I said to wait but she didn’t.

“God damn it, Anna,” Vivian cursed, “I am not a fucking cripple.” She walked to the door which had an electronic key pad. She punched in a set of number and then a voice came over the small speaker.

“Who is it?” The electronic voice called.

“Vivian Christianson,” Vivian stated in an even voice. The door clicked open and we went in.

The inside looked like a normal house. We neared the stairs and she depressed a button on the wall. A door under the stairs swung open and there was another door a few feet inside the wall which slid open automatically. It was an elevator. We got in and she punched the lower of two buttons. The door closed and we went down, fast. We stopped and it opened to a corridor and a set of double doors at the end of it. A young man in a crisp Air Force set of fatigues nodded at us. He was also armed with a M9 Berretta and an M4 at the ready. The doors opened as we got closer and it was a situation room that rivaled the Pentagon.

“This is our new base of operations,” Vivian said as my mouth was open in amazement. “We are 200 feet below Nellis with a passage to a secure hangar for our new aircraft.” She pointed to a screen which showed a black C-147. “She has state of the art communications, holding cells, armory, sleeping quarters and can hold two full size SUVs or 3 cars in the cargo bay. It is a mobile command station that can stay up for 12 hours in the air and she has clearance to land at any major airport in the US with priority movement, meaning she gets in before other aircraft.”

“When did you do all this?” I asked.

“Honestly, Jenna and I were working on this before you came aboard,” Vivian said, “You and I are the only ones who know about it besides the Air Force, but I have an agreement with the base general through other contacts. You decide who knows. We have a rat. This was an inside job.”

“I need to check out Steph and Aubrey,” I said, “The rest of the group will find out soon. Until then, we are all on a much needed break.” Vivian nodded at this.

“Welcome to Black Cat,” she said and I smiled.

Across the world…. The Desert of Western Iraq….

The land rover stopped near the tents. A sand storm was brewing and kicking up sand as the party exited. Three figures with one hooded walked to the first of two tents. The hooded guest was roughly pushed sitting into a chair and secured there. Farrah’s hood was pulled off her head and she was face to face with a red headed woman. The same woman who knocked her out in LA before taking her and her niece, Wafaa back to Vegas. The bruising she received at the hands of Anna Chambers had lightened up some.

“Farrah,” Anna Mathews said, “Please let me introduce you to the daughter of Dawood Hussin, the man you helped murder.”

Amal came into view and Farrah’s face became one of sheer terror. Amal’s eyes were blank as she pulled a six inch serrated knife.

Anna continued to talk, “I have been told you know what exactly Amal would do to you and your womanhood by the lovely Anna Chambers.”

Farrah shuddered and tried to speak but she started sobbing. Amal moved the knife closer to the woman’s thighs, then closer in between her legs. Farrah tensed and closed her eyes. Then….. nothing.

Farrah opened her eyes and Amal was putting the knife back in its scabbard. She nodded at Anna Mathews, who walked into the adjoining tent.

“I decided that revenge is one dish I no longer love to eat,” Amal said in Arabic, “But they do want revenge. Revenge for Saben, revenge for Amri.” The tent was filled with over twenty women ranging in age from 20 to 70. The showed their hands to Farrah; each had their nails filed to sharp talons. Anna and Amal nodded to the women and walked out of the tent. They had only walked a few steps when they heard almost a bottle cry from 20 voices and then the screams of Farrah filled the air but were soon drowned out by the sand storm.

“Let’s go home,” Amal said to Anna, who smiled sweetly at her and they walked arm in arm to the waiting SUV.


A naked Maria de Santos was thrown into the mirror in the bathroom shattering it. She stumbled back with small cuts on her face and chest.

“Why…why are you doing this?” She cried out as she was grabbed again by the hair and thrown into the bedroom.

“Well for starters,” Alley said watching the other woman punch Maria hard in the belly before throwing her onto the bed, “You never paid me for my last job and I received a more lucrative offer. But you know about me and I can’t have that.”

“Do what you came to do, Ally,” said a soft British voice from the woman who had just beaten Maria.

Alley stripped off her clothing and crawled onto the bed with the trembling Maria. “Come now, Maria,” Alley cooed, “It will like old times.” Alley pushed Maria’s legs apart and brushed her heavy breasts brushing the thighs of the Latina. Alley worked into a position where her pussy mashed with Maria’s and started to grind in. Maria moaned through her cries as Alley expertly changed to woman’s mood of terrified to one of wanton passion. Alley smiled as she tribbed Maria into a frenzy. Then Alley moved her hands; her left to Marie’s right breast and she squeezed the large mound, kneading it in her hand and her right hand to Maria’s throat. Maria was used to this and it got her off. She loved when her airway was restricted, it made her orgasms that much harder. Ally ground harder and faster, her hands squeezing breast and neck in equal passion. Maria felt herself let go but Alley kept going, she kept fucking Maria. Alley’s clit had ground against Maria’s and pushed it back inside Maria’s folds. The sex rods fencing and Maria’s was losing. The hold on her neck tightened and Maria started seeing black round the outside of her vision. She tried to bring her hands up, but the other woman with them grabbed Maria’s wrists and held them down. Alley could feel it started as Maria passed out, but she kept squeezing, harder and harder; kept fucking Maria harder and faster until….

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!” Alley screamed as she came, her breasts bouncing up and down as she slammed her cunt against Maria’s over and over and over again. The hold on Maria’s neck never slackening. As she finished she finally let go of the cartel queen’s throat. The other woman released Maria’s wrist and checked her pulse. She smiled, and then she moved her mouth to kiss Alley on the lips.

They kissed for almost a minute, tongues lapping and wrestling with the other and then the brunette broke the kiss and looked at the naked blonde, “I was a pleasure to see you work, Ally,” Charlotte Grey said, “She is gone.”

“Oh my sweet, sweet Charlotte,” Alley said softly, “I am so glad you did not blow up in Israel.” Alley put a piece of paper on the side table next to the bed. She looked down at Maria, who’s eyes were still open with a look somewhere between ecstasy and terror on it.

In Vegas, Dr. Clausin’s clinic…..

“So that is the last thing you remember?” I asked for the 5th time to the blonde in the bed beside her.

“I swear to god, Anna,” Steph said, “I was standing over Jenna and BAM, I woke up here.”

“Ok,” I said, pulling out a sheet of paper and handing it to her, “I know, I just wanted you to say it.”

Steph looked at me as I continued speaking, “She didn’t wipe her prints, she didn’t cover her tracks in calling Bri. She is our mole.”

Steph pulled the IV from her arm and got up out of bed, “I am going to fuck that bitch up. Then I am going to fuck her until she confesses all.” Steph walked passed me and down the hall to Aubrey’s room, the smock she was wearing was open at the back and she was naked and she had a nice ass!

I pulled my cell out and dialed a number as I walked out to a scream, “A.P.,” I said, “Hey big guy, I can hear smacking in the background, so I know what you are doing. I have been meaning to ask you, this Grace you know, so she rides a Harley right. Can you ask her if she ever floated underneath a star filled Georgia night?”

“Hey Grace,” I heard A.P. ask, “Did you ever, what was that again, Anna, floating, star filled Georgia night something?”

I heard a shriek in the background and some rustling for the phone, “OH MY GOD! ANNA???” Grace squealed into the phone.

Back at my apartment, Olivia and Amber were watching TV when I came back in. Olivia looked at me. “It was Aubrey, she was the mole.” I said, “New digs starting soon, I will read you two in when I can. I need a shower to wash the stink of rat off me.” I went to my room and stripped and got under the sink separate shower heads and soaked.

Olivia looked at Amber, “I fucking see your mind racing Amber. Just go already.”

“You don’t think she hates me?” Amber asked, sheepishly.

“No,” Olivia said immediately, “She does not hate you. Like you said, you two shared something. She needs you and you need her. You know, you need each other. So go already.” Then Olivia phone went off.

“Hey Angelica,” Olivia said, “Hell yes I want a ride in your new corvette!” Amber heard more talking on the phone, “Are you serious, the collector edition? It is good to save the boss. So the thing with not wearing a bra, I really hope it goes the way I am hoping for! I will be down in a sec!” Olivia quickly stood and took of her shirt and quickly took off her bra before putting her tight v neck t-shirt back on. “Now go fuck my mother while I get to go and probably fuck a busty Texas blonde!”

Amber laughed as Olivia left and she walked into the bedroom, took off her clothes and walked to the shower and opened the door.

“It is about time,” I said pulling her to me as the water drenched her. Our bodies melted together under the hot water and we kissed. She pressed me up against the shower wall and ground into me, lifting my leg up so she could press her pussy to mine. I pushed her back against the opposite side and we our hands roamed all over our bodies. My right hand came between her legs and I caressed the folds of her labia. She did the same to me and we started with one finger and then two and finally three as we pressed breast to breast in the shower, finger fucking each other to a knee shaking orgasm. Then she surprised me and Amber grabbed me under my ass and lifted me up out of the shower and walked back to the bedroom as we kissed. She threw me onto the bed and then pounced. Our wet skin slapped together as we squealed in delight and wrestled for position. It was the start to an entire night of sex. We tribbed, 69, fingered, rubbed hard nipples against clit, tried to make our own positions for the Kama Sutra. I am so glad I have tomorrow off.

To Be Continued in Chapter 6

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