Tales of the Marine Chick: Marine Chick For Hire Prologue and Chapter 1 by Anna the Marine Chick


I am not your typical white woman when it comes to fall. I did not freak out over the first leaf falling or getting in line for my Pumpkin Spice Half Calf Double Whipped Carmel Glazed Vegan Latte. I still drink my coffee black, like my soul, and wear comfortable clothing. The group split the 2.4 billion dollars twelve ways. We were told that if we chose not to work for the government, we could never been seen together again. Ewa and Bri jetted off to Europe and Asia to tour around the world as a new married couple. I get unsigned postcards from time to time from different spots around the globe.

Olivia and Amber were still dating and working with a shadowy organization, hunting down the elusive Alley. That blonde tart escaped custody in the UK and was on the run. I declined the job offer to assist.

Anna Matthews went back into hiding as the US government rescinded their offer to clear her of any international charges. She was still wanted as a former terrorist. Amal Hussan went with her. We kept in touch through secure communications that Bri set up. Anna and Amal were working with a new woman and would be sending her to me for more tutelage. Vanessa and her girls went back to Scotland, most likely still causing trouble. However, before she left, Vanessa and Anna Matthews arranged a private meeting that Amal and I got to witness. Good lord do I love when mature women catfight. And since Amal and I got a little hot and bothered by the busty naked cats, she and I stripped to tangle.

I found out that A.P. gave away his entire cut because as he described it, “I am already richer than god. What do I need more money for?” He and his gal-pal Grace, the former nun, continued to operate a legitimate business, flying the wealthy to exotic destinations.

Leslie Smith took a job offer from FBI Special Agent Dottie Dodds to work as an intelligence asset. My friend was only a few hours away in New York City.

I donated, anonymously of course, half to different charities. The rest was set up in numerous off shore accounts were our glorious taxman or taxwoman, would not be able to touch it. I made sure my nieces, Dani and Justine, now under different identities, Tessa and Elin, had good lives set up. Tessa followed her cousin, Olivia into the espionage trade and from all accounts was taking to it like a duck to water. Elin was in her first year at Cambridge College for Women, here in Massachusetts. I purchased a small three-bedroom house just outside of Cambridge. I spent a little extra money and got some assistance from the extremely smart Grace Bell, who was now teaching at MIT.

A room in my basement became my citadel. It could be secured and unable to open from the outside if I wanted. Inside, I stocked it with my favorite pistols; like the HK USP, the FN 5.7 and the classic 1911. I purchased a Sig Sauer MCX and a Honeybadger AAC. Both are more compact than a standard AR-15 and I loved the size and shot grouping I had with them. I acquired a MK25 sniper rifle. I also made sure to raid the Black Cat Ops center for a military grade HK 417 with a 20-inch barrel for a sniper modification. If ATF raided my house, I would be in prison for life. However, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. The security system is top notch because I know there are people who want their revenge on me.

I turned in the Tahoe to the government and purchased a Jeep Trailhawk. Being the resourceful woman that I am, I found the right kind of criminal element to upgrade the vehicle without Big Sister in the government finding out. I could take the SUV into battle if needed. Now it was just my black Labrador, Teddy, and me with the occasional visits from Elin and my girlfriend, Dr. Jackie Taylor. She and I split time between my home and her townhouse. I have a thing for gingers with big racks and great asses!

Retirement was going as well as I could have wanted. Nevertheless, who knew that it would only take a couple of strippers, a crime baroness, some shady cops, and student placement assistant to throw me right back into the mix. Fuck My Life!

Chapter 1

Teddy, my black lab, cocked his head as he looked at me as I zipped up my black thigh high boots.

“What, dude?” I asked, “Jackie is at a conference and gets back tomorrow. There is a new establishment I want to check out.” He huffed at me. “Fine, Mr. Poopy Pants, it is a strip club. Stop judging me!” I leaned over and kissed his blocky head. “Ok, TV is yours, no pay per view porn this time.” He barked once. “I do not believe it was Jackie. That has you written all over it.” He huffed again and went to his bed, circled a few times and laid down.

I checked my reflection in the full-length mirror. The black short skirt hugged my hips and thighs very nicely. The black colored top was a slinky number that showed off some cleavage but did not make me look like I was going to work at the strip club tonight. I left my long brown hair down, only a couple grey hairs. I blame Olivia and Teddy for those. I grabbed my keys and small clutch as I donned my black leather jacket. I look good in black. I noticed the leaves on the ground as fall was in full swing. The drive into Boston proper did not take long and before I knew it, the valet was opening my door at the entrance to the club. The young well-built man had a USMC tattoo visible on his forearm.

“Semper-FI!” I said with a wink as I exited the SUV.

“OOH RAH!” He said back with a smile, “Have a good time, Ma’am.”

I frowned at the “Ma’am” but then again I was probably old enough to be his mother. My heels clicked on the pavement as I walked to the doors; they opened to reveal some muscular bouncers.

“Cover is $40,” one of the young men said. I handed over two crisp twenties and went in. The dimly lit establishment was full of patrons. There was a long bar with an attractive brown haired woman pouring drinks behind it. The stage was set against the back of a large open area filled with comfortable chairs and small round tables. The typical brass pole was in the center of the stage with an acrobatic blonde twirling around it naked. The song finished and the blonde haired woman started picking up the dollar bills, which lined the stage floor. She blew kisses at the men seated around it.

The guy doing the announcing came over the speakers, “Let’s hear it for the luscious Lucy! Don’t forget to tip those hips!” As Lucy sauntered off the stage, a fast rock track came up. “Now coming to the stage, she has traveled thousands of miles to be here for you, she makes kangaroos hop and crocodiles tremble, give it up for the girl with the wonders from down under, DAPHNE!”

A gorgeous brown haired woman with an amazing set of breasts, barely contained in a skintight leopard print bikini, came out on stage and immediately swung around seductively on the pole. Hips gyrating, breasts bouncing, sassy looks to the patrons had me with my mouth slightly open. She was gorgeous and those bountiful breasts were so real and so nice! Once the top came off, I felt my own nipples stiffen. I walked to one of the small tables and sat down to watch. Around the stage, every seat was taken. Mostly men but there were three women sitting stage side, tossing dollar bills at the voluptuous dancer.

With her set competed, Daphne walked off stage with a large handful of customer appreciation. The announcer came back on, “All right you bad boys and girls, up next is the girl who could make priests like girls again, who makes nuns tear off their robes in lesbian lust, she is the devil’s favorite Catholic school girl, give it up for Holy Zoey!”

Out strutted a beautiful blonde dressed in a tight white shirt, tied under her large breasts, and a too short plaid skirt. She flashed her pink thong covered ass as she bend over in front of the pole. I decided to grab my drink and take a recently vacated seat at the stage. Zoey started crawling on hands and knees, stopping when someone would wave money in her direction. She leaned back on her feet and ran her hands up her sides, cupping her large covered tits, and gyrated seductively. I held a twenty up and she slowly crawled my way. She untied the knot under her breasts, revealing a pink bra that pushed the cleavage up nicely. Her used her index finger beckoned me forward; with a wink, she pressed my face into the valley of cleavage. She brought her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Thanks gorgeous.”

I heard a “Come on Kyle, I want to go.” From the left of me. After exiting Zoey love pillows, I looked over at the arguing couple. The man appeared to be in his early twenties and was mesmerized with Zoey’s body. His brown haired girlfriend looked to be about the same age and was showing of her wonderful curves in a black cocktail dress. It appeared that most of the people around the stage were part of one big group, the men and woman.

Zoey unclasped her bra and those beautiful tits came forth. She smiled at Kyle as he held up some money for her to come over. She roughly grabbed his head and smacked her boobs against his face. The girlfriend was livid! One of her friends grabbed her arm as she moved closer to the stage.

“It isn’t worth it, Monica,” the blonde friend said. All the while Kyle was getting his face slapped by titties!

Monica pulled her arm free and grabbed her drink, flinging into Zoey’s face. “Get the fuck off my man, bitch!”

The blonde-haired woman on stage blinked her eyes clear as bouncers started to move in their direction. Zoey held up a hand at them and winked as they backed off. She grabbed the mug of beer in front of Kyle and tossed it in Monica’s face. The crowd roared. Monica screamed in rage and tried to get on the stage but Kyle held her back. Then something strange happened; one of the bouncers grabbed Kyle and he lost his hold on his girlfriend. Zoey grabbed Monica’s hair and pulled her onto the stage. The two women locked in a rolling fight right away; much to the delight of the crowd! Zoey tore Monica’s top down and the now topless women mashed their large tits together. They were a wild whirl of action as bodies tumbled and wrestled from one side of the stage to the other.

Kyle struggled against the bouncer and that is when it started. Kyle’s friends joined in swinging fists causing the other bouncers to enter the fray. I sat back and sipped my drink watching the catfight on the stage. Monica had the bottom of her tight dress pulled up over her ass as she matched Zoey in slaps and hair pulls. The blonde friend of Monica jumped onto the stage, grabbed Zoey by the hair, and held her as Monica got to her knees in front of the kneeling Zoey and clawed at both of the stripper’s tits. Well I am all for an evenly matched fight but ganging up does not sit well with me. I got to my feet, grabbed the long blonde hair of Monica’s friend, and pulled her off. Now free, Zoey launched herself at Monica.

I put blondie in a chokehold and whispered in her ear, “Squirm and you pass out. Calm the fuck down!” She did and I shoved her to the floor.

I turned back to see Zoey sitting on Monica’s tummy, squeezing the big tits as if she was kneading bread dough. The brown haired woman was openly crying and begging the stripper to stop. Zoey got off her and grabbed her hair, tossing her from the stage. By then the bouncers had restored order, tossing Kyle and his friends, along with Monica and her friends, out to the street.

The announcer came back on, “Well that was exciting! Let’s hear it for Zoey the catfighting school girl!” The remainder of the crowd cheered. I held up a $100 bill to Zoey.

“Great fight, sweetie,” I said as she came by.

“Thank you for the help, hot mama,” Zoey said as she held the strap of her thong open for me to slip the bill underneath.

I shook my head, hot mama. What the hell? Was I aging that quickly? The former Marine bouncer tapped me on the shoulder. “The owner would like to buy you a drink, can you please follow me?”

I got up from my chair and followed him past the bar and up a staircase. We walked down a small hall that ended with a closed door. He knocked twice and opened it, holding it for me as I went past him. The chair in front of the tinted window overlooking the stage turned. I knew who Emily Jo was by reputation. The Asian beauty owned a dozen clubs and restaurants in the greater Boston area. She paid her taxes, gave away turkeys at Thanksgiving, presents to foster kids at Christmas, contributed to the police and firefighter funds, and was cozy with the current mayor of Boston. She also was the undisputed crime baroness of Boston. Nothing illegal happened in her city without her knowing and approving it. Those who went against her were never seen again. Even though I am no longer down too many dark alleys anymore, I like to know who lurks in the shadows.

Emily stood, dressed in a silver mini dress with matching heels, and held out her hand for me to shake, which I did. “I would like to thank you for your help tonight. Zoey is a wildcat but fighting two girls is a lot harder than fighting one.”

The mutual grips were tight and held for a bit longer than most. “It was my pleasure. Zoey is a gorgeous girl and I would not have wanted such a beauty scratched up too bad.” We released the handshake.

“I pride myself in knowing most of the interesting people in this town, but I do not know you,” Emily said as she walked past me to a small bar set against the wall. She poured two glasses of scotch. “I can tell you are not local, so that begs the questions, who are you and what is your business here?”

I had rehearsed this over the last few weeks; ever since the wonder Lisa Watson created a new identity for me. “My name is Anna Williams. I retired from a boring job in the Midwest and moved here to be close to family. I just happen to like fun places like this.”

She handed me one of the glasses and held hers up. We clinked them together and sipped the liquid. “Well, Ms. Williams, I owe you a debt for helping Zoey. Please, if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.”

I sipped my drink and smiled. “Actually there might be something you can help me with. I do not have a job but do have a considerable amount of savings. If I was to invest in say this club or another, what would be the rate of return?”

“Boring job?” Emily asked with an eyebrow raised, “You again have me at a disadvantage. I know you are not a cop and you are not a fed, because I know all of them. Even the ones who go undercover to investigate me. If you want money cleaned, I can do that. Minimum $500,000 with a 5% fee for me.”

“Sounds very reasonable,” I said, “Just let me know where to meet you with the $2 million. How long will it take to wash it clean? Minus the $100,000 you will receive.”

Her eyes widened. “It will not take long. A couple of weeks at most. I can use some of my higher earning establishments.”

“Sounds peachy,” I said as I downed the rest of my scotch. I reached into my clutch and produced a plain white card with a phone number printed on it. “Please call me at this number. We can then arrange a place and time for the drop off.”

“You have done this before, haven’t you?” Emily asked, looking me up and down. I just winked at her as I turned on my expensive heels and walked out of the office and down to the valet.

Thirty minutes later, I was plopped on my couch, unzipping my boots. Teddy sat patiently as I tugged the boots off. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. “Fine, come on then.” He did not wait for a second and jumped up to snuggle next to me. “I know you get jealous of Jackie when she and I are on the couch.” I said scratching his ears as he laid his head on my lap.

The next morning as Teddy and I were running, Emily Jo was busy on her computer. Her eyes scanned over the fake identity Bri and Lisa Watson had set up for me. Twenty-five years of tax records, pay stubs, parking tickets and a defunct fake business I worked at. She could have hired the best hackers in the world but they could not hold water to what Sabrina Nichole built. Emily picked up her cell phone and called a saved number.

“Boston Police Department, Detective Bureau,” the male voice on the other end of the line answered.

“Detective Slater please,” Emily replied into the phone.

“One moment,” the young man said back.

There was a pause for around a minute. “Detective Slater,” a woman’s voice said coming on the line.

“Good morning Detective,” Emily said, “I am calling to inform you that your dry cleaning is done and ready for pick up.” She had used the phrase to Detective Slater many times before.

Detective Jennifer Slater leaned back in the chair at her desk, “Oh right, I forgot about that. I will be there in 30 minutes. Thank you.” She hung up the phone. She opened her desk drawer to remove the Glock 22 and place it on her hip. She smoothed the white button blouse over her large breasts.

“Where are you going” Another woman’s voice asked.

“Need to take care of some personal business, Janet,” Jennifer said to her red haired partner.

Janet Kennedy looked on as she watched the brunette leave. She had been with the Boston Police Department for almost 20 years but you would not be able to tell. Janet’s fit body had both curves and feminine muscle. She was also working very secretly for the attorney general of Massachusetts, who was attempting to curb corruption in the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Jennifer Slater pulled her car up to the building and got out. The dry cleaning business was open but Jennifer went into a side door and walked down a long corridor. She opened the door and sat down across from Emily Jo.

Emily passed across an envelope full of cash. “I have a job for you.”

“What do you need done?” Jennifer asked as she took a quick glance inside the envelope and placed it in her jacket pocket.

Emily passed across a picture and sheet of paper. “This is Anna Williams. Everything I have looked at has checked out. However, something smells fishy to me. She wants to launder 2 million. Can you use your resources to find out if this is another planned operation against me?”

Jennifer’s head was swimming. As she listened to Emily, an idea of squeezing this new woman for a cut of the money came to her mind. She looked back at Emily, “Consider it done. I will let you know what I come up with.” Jennifer rose and nodded at the still sitting Emily and left. Once back inside her car, she fired up her secure department laptop and typed the information she had into the computer. Anna Williams had no warrants or prior arrests in the state. Her driver’s license valid as of two weeks ago. Her prior license was from Illinois. Detective Jennifer Slater picked up her cell phone.

“Detective Janet Kennedy,” Janet answered.

“Janet, its Jennifer,” Jen said, “I am taking a sick day. The personal business is going to take longer than I thought. I will catch up with you tomorrow.”

“Ok, Jen,” Janet replied as she hung up with her partner. She logged the time down and would check it against the tracker she had on Jennifer’s car later.

It was perfect flannel weather as I exited my house and locked the door. I pressed a button my smart phone and it beeped. The house was more secure than Fort Knox. I decided to head to Jackie’s to surprise her. My blue and red flannel shirt was tight and unbuttoned at the top to show off my boobs, she loved that. Blue jeans and knee high black boots finished off my ensemble. I got into my Jeep and headed out for the 15-minute drive to her townhouse. I knew immediately that I had a tail. The Ford Crown Victoria was two cars behind me and I sure as shit would not be taking whoever it was to Jackie’s house. It screamed Feds or cops.

I turned towards some abandon buildings but kept my speed normal. The sedan sped up and I saw blue and red lights coming from the vehicle. So it was the PoPo! I pulled into a vacant parking lot near one of the dilapidated buildings. I pulled out my cell and put it on audio record, placing it back into my front pocket. The driver exited and it was a woman. A strong looking woman at that. I saw the glint of the gold badge on her hip along with the holstered pistol. I hit the control to lower my window.

“Good morning,” I said sweetly as I turned my head to look at the woman, “How can I help you today officer, I mean detective?”

“Can I see your license, ma’am?” The woman asked and I produced the driver’s license and handed it to her. “Anna Williams, please turn off the ignition and step out of the vehicle.”

I did as instructed. She was only an inch taller than I was. Her dark blonde hair hung loose around her shoulders.

“May I ask what this is about?” I asked as I cocked my head to the right.

“You do know it is illegal to launder money in the state of Massachusetts,” she stated. Her jacket was pulled back slightly on her right hip to show me the pistol.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” I replied. I kept my poker face on.

“Oh I think you do,” she said, “In fact, I know you do. Bad things can happen to someone new in town who does things without the proper protocol. So I think you need to be shown that.” Her right hand removed the pistol and she held it firmly against my side. “Move into that building.” She commanded.

I did not offer any resistance as I turned and walked to the entrance. We went inside and were met by two homeless men who were squatting in the vacant building. A couple of dirty mattresses and blankets lay on the floor.

“BOSTON PD! GET THE FUCK OUT!” She yelled and the two men ran off out the front. She kicked the door closed as I turned around. “Now, my name is Jennifer Slater and I will be taking a percentage of the 2 million. This will allow you protection from any bad things from happening to you.”

“So this is a shakedown organized by Emily?” I asked with my hands on my hips.

“Not exactly,” Jennifer stated, “More like I get my cut first to make sure everything runs smooth. And we will be keeping this between us girls. What Emily does not know will not hurt her.”

“Look, Detective Slater,” I said putting my hands up in front of me, “I do not want any trouble but my deal was with someone who is not you. If you want to take that up with her, go right ahead.”

Her pistol came up, aiming at my head. I was getting tired of this so I snatched the Glock out of her hand, thumbed the magazine release and worked the slide to eject the chambered round. I tossed the gun away.

“You just assaulted a police officer,” she said with anger in her eyes. “You are a dead bitch!”

“And I have you recorded trying to shake me down,” I said as pointed to the outline of the cell phone in my front pocket. “And before you try to take it, which you will not be successful at, the recording automatically backs up to a cloud server every 5 seconds.”

“Who the fuck are you!” Jennifer swore as her hands balled up into fists.

“Someone who is not intimidated by the likes of you,” I replied, “Go home and forget you met me or it could get painful.”

She quickly reached behind her back, flipped out a collapsible baton, and took a swipe at my head. I ducked and pushed forward, driving my shoulder against her mid-section. I hooked my right foot around her left and tripped her, taking both of us down to the dirty mattress. I tried to grapevine her legs as I reached for her hands. We fought over control of the baton and started rolling. I twisted her wrist and she lost her hold on the baton, which fell away, clanging on the cement. I looked back and caught a left fist to my right eye. Jennifer rolled on top of me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down as I threw my right elbow that clipped her across the jaw.

We rolled again and I tried to punch her face but she blocked it and slammed her right fist into my side. I coughed and we rolled yet another time. I brought up both hands to cover my face as her fists rained down. She paused for a second and I bridged, sending her sprawling to the side. I did a backwards roll to my knees and stood as she got up. We came forward with fists raised. I feigned to my right and looped in a left fist that she evaded. Her left fist came out of nowhere and smacked into head. I backed up; touched the spot and my hand came away with blood on it.

“You bitch!” I cried out as she smiled.

She came at me fast with her right hand swinging high, but I ducked and slammed my left shoulder into her tits. I grabbed her shirt and tried to head butt her. Her head moved back as she grabbed the collars of my flannel shirt. We spun each other around and went back down to the dirty mattress. Her right hand grabbed my face as she pulled my hair. I turned my head and bit down on her hand as she screamed in pain. Well, her hair pull and my bite changed the course of the fight. Jennifer’s blouse and my flannel were torn open, exposing her white bra and my red. I struck first, grabbing her oversized breasts and squeezing hard.

The dirty cop yelled out and then grabbed my tits in retaliation. Over we rolled as bras became strained and torn away. I rolled back on top and twisted her big tits inward. She let go of my breasts, sent a right, and then left combo to my face. I saw stars and fell away. I shook my head to get my senses clear and looked back as Jennifer found the baton and held it up it swing it down. But her hand was grabbed and then an arm snaked around her neck, tightening as she fell back with someone. I shook my head again as I did not comprehend what was happening. I saw Jennifer’s eyes roll in the back of her head as she went limp. A dark haired woman pushed over and rose to her feet, and then she held out a hand to me.

“Hello, Anna Chambers,” the woman said. “I am Sophie Jackson. Anna Matthews sent me.”

I took the hand as she helped me to my feet. Holy fuck this chick was stacked. Her tits were massive, like she would be in busty titfight videos massive. And I was not complaining.

“Remind me to thank that red headed goddess,” I said. “Well Sophie, meet the dirty cop who was trying to shake me down.” I looked down at myself. “Fuck, I look like shit.” I tied the flannel under my tits to cover up. I grabbed Jennifer’s handcuffs and keys from her back pocket as Sophie retrieved the Glock and baton. I handcuffed the cop’s wrist behind her back and slapped her awake. “Earth to Jennifer, ah good, you are awake. So, the gun and baton will be in your car. It will take you a few minutes to crawl over to get the cuff keys,” I said as I threw the keys to other side of the room. “I will be leaving and if I see you again, I send the recording to Emily and let her deal with you. Have a wonderful day.”

Sophie and I walked out. “Sophie, I have somewhere to be, even though I look like shit. Can you be at my house tomorrow morning at 8 AM?”

Sophie smiled, “No problem, I scoped out the address earlier and followed the cop. You fight pretty well for an older woman.” Then she winked.

My eyes narrowed. She was laughing as she got into her car and drove off. I got into the SUV and headed to Jackie’s home. If I was lucky, I would beat her there and I could clean up. Turns out, I was not lucky. Well, fuck!

My key went into the lock of her front door and it opened. My gorgeous red headed girlfriend, Dr. Jacqueline Kara Taylor looked me up and down.

“Did you get attacked by a pack of wild dogs, Anna?” She asked with her left eyebrow raised. She held the door open as I walked past her and inside.

“I had a disagreement with local law enforcement,” I said as I went to the kitchen to clean my cut.

“Are you working again?” Jackie asked as she followed me. She took the small towel from my hand and pointed to a chair for me to sit. I sat. The small First Aid kit came out and she moved to clean the small cut on my right eyebrow.

“Not exactly,” I replied. “I am seeing how far I can take the money laundering thing. There are some outside parties who want to know how deep Ms. Jo’s empire goes. See if she can be an ally or an enemy.” I winced as she dabbed the cut with peroxide.

“I barely touched you, pussy,” Jackie laughed, “And thank goodness you are working again. Anna, I could not tell you before but you really need to get off your ass and do something.”

I looked up at her, “Was I really that bad?”

“Well, no, but I could tell you were bouncing off the walls,” Jackie said as she cupped my face. “You are a woman of action, which I love by the way, and you need to be doing something.” She leaned in a kissed me gently on the lips. She always tasted so sweet.

“Mmmmmm,” I groaned, “Please tell me next time if you see me like that. I will sign up for mud wrestling or something like that.”

“Mmmmmm,” Jackie groaned out as well, “Did you say mud wrestling?”

Across the city, at a high-rise office building, Jana Reznick sat in her small office and looked over the recent foreign student applications. She managed the paperwork of young women overseas who wanted to study in the US, particularly Boston. The voluptuous brunette leaned back perplexed. Some of the applications she had approved earlier in the week were missing from her files. There was a knock on her door and her boss, Gina Hardy, stepped in.

“Good morning, Jana,” Gina said sweetly, her blue blouse strained against her large chest. “There is an issue with one of the students who is studying here in Boston.” Gina looked at the file she was holding, “One, Darcy Topher, from Sydney, Australia. She is a freshman at Cambridge College. Can I have her paper work?”

“What is the issue?” Jana asked.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with,” Gina said, the smile now gone, “The file, please.”

Jana turned in her chair to open her filing cabinet; she retrieved the file and handed it over. “Gina, there were some applications I approved the other day but they are no longer viewable in the system. Is there something wrong with them?”

Gina took the file, “Again, Jana, there is nothing you need to concern yourself with. Everything is fine. Have a good day.” With that, Gina walked out, shutting the door behind her.

This left Jana with more questions than answers. She went back to her computer and opened the available drive icons. She saw her scrolled through the share drive and came to Gina’s private files. The drive was password protected. Jana sat back and thought. A few weeks ago she had an issue with her computer and the local IT manager came into her office and used his admin password. Her eyes closed as she remembered back and typed in the admin password. The files opened. Her eyes canned through the folders. She saw one that read X-Applications and opened it. Inside were 40 or so profile folders of young women whose applications she had approved. She clicked on a folder with a name she recognized.

She scrolled the mouse over to the PDF titled Completed and clicked it. The picture of the young woman from Russia popped up but what made her eyes go wide was the stamp across it labeled, Destination Dubai for $65,000. She repeated that and every one had the same stamp on it with different locations. She remembered a few schools she had placed some of the girls. After a few minutes on the phone, Jana discovered all the girls had dropped out and mysteriously disappeared. She took out a thumbdrive and placed it in the computer. She downloaded the files to it. She logged out of the admin account. She placed the thumbdrive into her purse and stepped out of her office. She heard voices coming from Gina’s office and stepped over to listen.

“Ok,” Gina said, “This is Darcy Topher. She is living at Remington Hall, third floor, room 7B. Make it happen by the end of the week. I will set up the necessary stuff to get her room cleared out and the disenrollment from the school. Any questions?”

Jana heard two women’s voices say no. She hurried back towards her office as Gina’s door opened. Jana took a good look a tattooed blonde and tattooed brunette walking out. Each of the women were gorgeous but also looked like you would not want to mess with them. Jana made up her mind. She was going to try to ask Gina more questions to try to get more information and then go to the authorities.

At Remington Hall, in room 7B on the third floor. Elin Williams sat in awe as she listened to her roommate, Darcy Topher, confess about stripping.

“Elin, luv,” Darcy said, “The exchange program does not pay us much so I am just having a little fun and using what I have to get a little money.”

“What does it feel like to be on the stage like that?” Elin asked as she sat cross-legged on the floor.

“Fuck!” Darcy exclaimed and then quieted down, “It is a rush. It was scary at first but so much fun.”

Elin thought back to the time she was on a stage but instead of dancing, she was locked in a naked catfight with her cousin before she was supposed to be sold off to someone overseas. She made up her mind. “Darcy, what I am going to tell you cannot leave this room, ok?” Darcy nodded and listened intently for the next ten minutes as Elin described being kidnapped and forced to fight her cousin, Tessa. At the end, Darcy had a glazed over look in her eyes.

“That is the craziest story I ever heard,” Darcy said softly. Then she locked eyes with Elin, “Would you like to come and watch me one night?”

Elin relied is a hushed tone, “Yes.”

It happened slowly as the two roommates moved faces closer to the other, lips met softly at first as it got more intense. Hands started to roam over their young bodies as they moaned. Then there was a knock at the door.

“Hey you two!” Another freshman called, “There is a house party, do you want to go?”

Elin and Darcy looked into each other’s eyes and nodded. “We can do this later when we get back,” Elin said.

Back at Jackie’s townhouse, Jackie looked over her handiwork on my face.

“You should really get some stitches,” she said, touching my cheek.

“I would have said glue it,” I replied.

“GLUE? What are you, a Neanderthal?” She asked in a mocking tone.

I got up from the chair and wrapped her in a hug, “UGH ME WANT WOMAN TO FUCK!” I said in my best cavewoman voice.

She laughed as we went down the hall to the bedroom. “Just do not club me over the head and drag me to bed by my hair.”

I laughed and then kissed her fiercely. The kissing had us soon pulling off clothing to get down to what we really wanted. Naked fun!

Our full naked embrace had our bodies intertwine and rub together softly. Hands slid down back to cup and knead our firm backsides. Our large breasts compressed against the others. Today, Jackie wanted to be the aggressor and I was perfectly fine with that. She shoved me to the bed and grasped both of my legs to spread. Her lips softly kissed my thighs as she moved closer and closer to the treasure she wanted. She dove into my pussy with her tongue with the grace of a gold medal diver into water. Minimal splash to start. My hands gripped her red hair as my back arched. Goddess this fell so good! My sex parted like Moses through the Red Sea and she was leading me to the Promised Land. Her tongue, lips and teeth worked my cookie and it had me writhing on the bed. I screamed as I came and my girlfriend kept her face buried in to lap up everything. I had my eyes closed as she moved up. I opened them to stare into her eyes, full of wanton desire.

I wrapped my arms around her to bring her body down onto mine. Jackie wiggled her hips to make sure our flowers met is a sloshy greeting. We moaned out loudly into our ears. Slow, deliberate grinds had both of us on cloud nine. This was not the wildness of a lusty fuck, this was two women, who loved each other wanting to feel everything her lover could give her. Legs caressed as our clits pushed forth to meet and slide against the other clit. We hungrily latched lips onto our necks, moving kisses and licks up until our mouths met. The kissing was lustful as small droplets of saliva dripped from our joined mouths. This was the start to next 3 hours for Jackie and me. What a woman!

Back in the high-rise office building, Jana stood and smoothed her white blouse over her large breasts. She made sure her skirt was not bunched up and then walked down the hall to Gina’s office. She knocked and entered, closing the door behind her. Gina was sitting in the chair behind her desk, looking at the computer. She rose and walked around the front of her desk and leaned against it.

“I see you have been very busy, Jana,” Gina said with her arms crossed under her own set of large breasts.

“What do you mean, Gina?” Jana asked trying to sound innocent.

“You do know that even when you login under another password, I could still see what computer was logged in,” Gina said, “You saw something you were not meant to see.”

Jana was caught and she knew it. “Gina, I am confused about what I saw. And when I called the schools, the girls had all dropped out.”

“YOU CALLED THE SCHOOLS?” Gina shouted. She came forward and grabbed Jana’s arms. “Who did you tell about this?”

“No one!” Jana yelled back, “Take your hands off me!” She wrenched from of Gina’s grip. The two women were almost touching breasts. “But now I will be contacting the authorities.” Jana turned to the door but her head was yanked back by the hair.

“Oh no you will not!” Gina growled, pulling Jana back.

“You bitch!” Jana cursed as she turned quickly and latched her hands into Gina’s blonde locks.

The two busty women stumbled around the office pulling hair. Heads were twisted back and forth, as bodies banged together. Gina pushed Jana against the wall, mashing her large tits into the equally large pair of Jana’s.

“You cunt!” Gina swore as she mashed against the struggling Jana. “Because of you, we have to move everything!”

Jana tugged on the blonde hair of her boss and they rolled against the wall with Jana making their full chests bulge. “You are going to jail, bitch!”

Gina sent her right knee in between Jana’s thighs but the tight skirt stopped it. It did, however, cause the brown haired woman to move back slightly and Gina tackled her to the small conference table. Bodies crushed as they jostled on the wooden surface for position. Legs locked as stockings rubbed, skirts bunched up over the round, firm asses. Gina tried to mount Jana’s waist but a right handed slap sent her off the side of the table. Jana rolled and tried to run for the door, but the blonde caught her by the blouse and pulled her back. The blouse was not made for a tug of war and it tore, spinning Jana to face her nemesis in a bulging bra.

“YOU BITCH!” Jana exclaimed and grabbed Gina’s fashionable blouse, ripping it open to expose the blonde-haired woman’s huge bra-encased tits.

The pair slammed together again, making every attempt to tear off whatever clothing the other had left. Large breasts swung free and mashed painfully together as Jana pushed Gina over the blonde woman’s desk. Papers, the computer and the phone where tossed aside as the struggled. Gina reached and filled her hands with Jana’s tits, nails digging in to gouge.

“AAAAHHHH!” Jana cried out, trying to wrench the hands from her chest. She slapped her hands over Gina’s jiggling jugs and dug her own nails in.

“AAAAIIIIEEEE!” Gina screamed in pain.

The women fought on their sides as breasts were groped and twisted into unnatural shapes. They pushed away from each other and tumbled off the desk. Gina found a discarded letter opener and held it up. She crawled towards Jana who saw the weapon poised to stab her. She tried to scramble away and her hands touched the phone receiver. She grabbed it and swung as the letter opener came down.


The phone base slammed into Gina’s face, knocking her out. The letter opener made a small cut on Jana’s arm. She grabbed Gina’s discarded blouse and wrapped it over her arm. She quickly dressed best she could and ran back to her office. She debated calling the police from there but she did not know if the two hard looking women would be back and furthermore, she did not know whom to trust. She took the thumb drive, gathered her purse, and rushed for the elevator to the parking structure. Once down in the structure she ran for her car and tried to insert the key into the lock, but her hands were shaking. Then suddenly the driver side window exploded. Jana fell back and turned to see a topless Gina aiming a pistol with something long on the end. She was firing at Jana but there was much noise.

Sophie Jackson had been parked in the same structure by coincidence. She set up a new bank account for herself while she was working in Boston. She walked to her car and heard glass hitting the pavement and a scream from above her. She got in and drove quickly up the ramp. Her eyes went wide as she saw a blonde, topless shooting a silenced pistol at a car. She honked her horn, startling the blonde, who ducked behind a row of cars. Sophie drove up and spotted the disheveled brown haired woman cowering next to a bullet-riddled car. Sophie leaned over and opened the passenger door.

“Get in!” Sophie yelled, as there were thumps against her side of the car.

The blonde shot at the new car and the woman inside it. Jana jumped in and slammed the door shut. Sophie accelerated. She whipped a tight U-turn and hit the accelerator. Tires squealed as the car sped past Gina screaming in frustration.

“Please take me to the police!” Jana said with a shaky voice.

“Sweets, the cops in this town are crooked as a windy mountain road,” Sophie answered back. “Why don’t you tell me what is going on and maybe I can help.”

Back in Jackie’s townhouse, my phone beeped with a text and I pulled my face out from between the redhead’s creamy thighs.

“Now what!” I said licking my lips, “Do not move from that position.” Jackie laughed as I moved off the bed to look at the text.

TEXT: Need to meet sooner than tomorrow morning. Shit just popped off! I am on my way over to your girlfriend’s place now. Need a medical kit if you have it.

“What the fuck!” I said as I sat back on the bed, “Looks like we need to pick this up later. We have company coming over.”

A few minutes later, I ushered Sophie and the frightened Jana in the front door. We got the wound cleaned and dressed. Jana started to recite the story she told Sophie in the car ride over to the house. The money this group was receiving for the young girls made me think of the human trafficking that Vivian Christianson was doing. I made a call.

“Hello Anna,” the voice of retired Air Force Colonel Amanda Fowler, “Ready to accept my job offer?”

“Not a chance in hell, Amanda,” I replied, “Something here came up that mimics something our favorite blonde was into.” I gave her the cliff notes of what Jana had told us.

“I do not have the resources to fully investigate this,” Amanda said as I sighed loudly, “You might want to try the feds. I hear that Special Agent Dodds is still a little miffed she lost to your girlfriend. There might be some help I can muster up. I can send you an operative to assist. Sumaria, Pakistani ISI, current cover is a fashion model in London. I can have her on a plane to Boston by the end of the week. Will that work for you?”

“Yes, it will,” I said, “Thank you, Amanda. You can put this on my bill of what I owe you.”

“If it comes out that we are investigating similar lines, then we will call it even,” Amanda relied back. “Take care, Anna.”

I turned back to the seated Jana, “For the time being, we need to keep you safe. You can stay with me. My house is secure.” I did catch a subtle twitch from Jackie when I said Jana could stay with me. “Sophie, if you want to crash there, you are more than welcome.” I noticed Jackie’s shoulders relax slightly. Both Jana and Sophie nodded in agreement.

Across the city in the high-rise office building, Gina stood over the speakerphone in her office, flanked by the two tattooed women. “We are sanitizing the offices. There will be no trace of us in a few hours. I recommend we cut all ties with perspective clients and eliminate all loose ends.”

The woman’s voice that came over the speakerphone was loud, angry and had a British accent, “LOOSE ENDS? You mean like the one you fucking left, Gina! You dumb twat! We were making lots of money off this and now it is ruined. Find this Jana and kill her. Kill anyone she has talked with. This cannot come back to me at all. Picking this up from the stupid American billionaire was easy enough since Vivian Christianson fell off the face of the earth. If you continue to fuck this up, Gina, I will come to Boston and end you myself. Barbie and Nika, find an alternative means of making money. In addition, eliminate the college student you were supposed to kidnap. I do hope I am making myself very clear to all of you.”

“Yes, Gemma,” Gina said for the three of them. “It will get done.” The line hung up and Gina turned to face the two tattooed women. “There is a woman in town that has assisted in sending some of the girls we provide to clients in Asia. Her name is Sonam. She runs a legitimate modeling agency but on the side, she has ferried certain girls overseas for us. She might be someone who we can leverage for long term monetary gain.”

“I still cannot believe that big titted bitch, Jana, beat you,” Barbie, the tattooed busty blonde said.

Gina turned and glared, “She did not beat me! She got lucky.”

Nika laughed, “If you can’t handle your bitches, then next time leave the catfighting to Barbie or me.”

“Fuck you, Nika,” Gina cursed, glaring at both women as they laughed.

In a posh castle estate in South Yorkshire, Gemma Wentworth killed the call to the United States and sat back in the high leather backed chair behind an enormous desk. She pushed her bob cut blonde hair out of her face and smoothed the black blouse over her large breasts. The door opened and her assistant and confidant, Kristen Carey, walked in. Kristen had spent time working in for the intelligence apparatus of the United Kingdom, making her advice and counsel, second to none. Pushing 50 years old, she had the body of a woman half her age. She viewed Gemma as a surrogate daughter to her. Her dark auburn hair was styled neatly, the length coming to the back of her neck. Her white blouse and dark skirt were somewhat conservative but did not fully hide her curves.

“Have you though more about the alliance opportunity I mentioned?” Kristen asked. She took a seat in one of the two chairs in front of the desk.

“So you want me to get into bed with a wanted fugitive and disgraced MI6 agent?” Gemma asked, narrowing her eyes. “What is the upside?”

Kristen crossed her legs, left over right in the chair, “The upside is both of these women knew Vivian Christianson’s organization. They may be helpful in developing a better business model than some phony college placement firm. Come on now, Gemma, I warned you about this and about Gina in particular. She got sloppy.”

“Fine, you were correct in your initial assessment,” Gemma breathed out. “The risk if we get caught harboring these two though?”

“The risk is mitigated by your mother and her position in parliament,” Kristen added. “You can claim they lied and mislead you. This will all be agreed upon first. I trained Joey Fisher, got her the placement at MI6, she owes me. I also know Alley Katz. I know who trained her. She is a ruthless killer and we need that, especially if you want to fill the void left by that bitch Christianson.”

“Fine, fine,” Gemma said, “I will fight you for it. If I win, you send them packing. If you win, we will work with them.” Gemma smiled as she removed her diamond earrings.

“Like you said, fine,” Kristen said as she stood. The two women removed jewelry and clothing, moving out to an open area in just bras and thongs; then they charged.

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