Tales of the Marine Chick: Marine Chick For Hire: Chapter 2 by Anna the Marine Chick

The Chamber’s Residence

I sat on my couch in the living room of the house as I skimmed over the thumb drive Jana Reznick took with her. I scanned over the files until I came to Darcy Topher. She looked so familiar, as if I had seen her in person before. I kept thinking about it and Jackie walked over to hand me some coffee, bending over, her cleavage on display in front of me.

“TITS!” I screamed out as I realized where I saw her. “This little hottie is also known as Daphne, the Wonder from Down Under! I saw her at the strip club!”

Jackie stood straight up, “When were you at the strip club?” Her tone was a little icy.

“Um, well,” I stuttered, “I was making sure it was a classy place to take you.”

“You and I will discuss this later,” Jackie said in a flat tone.

I sighed and looked back at the screen of my laptop. “Wait, Jackie, I need your help for a second. The young woman this group is planning to kidnap is a student at Cambridge. Can you access the college website to find out her dorm?”

“Fine,” Jackie said as she accepted the laptop from me and opened a new page. It took a couple of minutes for the information she was looking for to pop up. “She is living in Remington Hall, third floor, room 7B….” Jackie trailed off and looked at me through wide eyes. I knew that room!

“ELIN!” I shouted and grabbed my phone to speed dial my niece. It went right to voice mail. “Jackie, stay here. When Sophie gets here, fill her in, but she needs to stay here with you.” I ran down to the basement and punched in my access code for the special room. I grabbed my FNP-45 Tactical, a holster that clipped onto my belt, snugly fitting to my right hip and slid a double magazine holder on the belt at my left hip. I took the K-Bar knife I was issued as a recruit at Parris Island and placed it into a sheath inside my left boot and threw on an oversized flannel shirt. I hooked my arms around a black Condor Sentry ballistic plate carrier with multiple pouches. I slipped three flashbangs and the SilencerCo Osprey Suppressor into the pouches. I donned black full fingered gloves, closed the room and ran upstairs and to my Jeep. I pealed out of the driveway and gunned the engine as I drove towards the college.

At Cambridge College

Darcy Topher and Elin Williams got into the car service and headed to the strip club where Elin was going to watch Darcy dance. What they did not notice was the white paneled van following them. The driver was a tattooed blonde named Barbie Dolls. Next to her sat, Nika Carter, a tattooed brunette. Both had met in a woman’s prison in California and went into business as enforcers after being released. In the back of the van were 6 mercenaries equipped with modified AR-15’s and Glock pistols. They were hired by Gina Hardy to make it look like a robbery gone bad at the strip club.

At the dorm, I bounded up the three flights of stairs, taking 2-3 steps at a time. I jimmied the lock to 7B and found the room empty. On the table in the room were two cell phones, one being Elin’s. I grabbed them and ran back down to my Jeep. I plugged the other cell in a handheld device that could break into any electronic cell or computer that was password protected. I checked the schedule and saw the name Kitty Kat and the time 7pm. I checked my watch, 6:55pm. The tires squealed as I whipped the SUV into a turn and drove towards the club.

The white van pulled up to the club and the side door opened, two of the masked men brought suppressed pistols up and shot the two bouncers at the door. The group of men moved into the club with weapons up as the white van pulled away and moved to park in the alley behind the club.

Downtown Boston

As I rolled up to the Kitty Kat Club and parked in front of the main entrance, the front and back license plates rolled to a stolen set of plates with the flip of an internal switch. I grabbed a black balaclava and put it on. I slipped the tactical plate carrier over my flannel shirt. The ballistic plates would be able to stop a 5.56x45MM NATO round from a rifle. I pulled the FNP from the holster and attached the suppressor. I moved slowly to the entrance and checked the vitals of the two men laying on the ground. Both were dead with single holes in their foreheads. One of them was the polite former Marine I had met when I first visited the club. I slipped into the club and remained in the shadows as I peeked my head around to scan the room. The six masked men were spread out in the club. One of the men, near the stage, pulled Darcy Topher by her hair and made her kneel. Elin was on her knees a few feet away. The man pulled his pistol out and place the cylindrical suppressor against her head. I breathed out slowly, took out a flashbang, pulled the pin and rolled the device into the room. I stepped out from the shadows as I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

A loud bang and bright light came as the device went off. I brought my pistol up and put two rounds into the man’s head holding his pistol on Darcy. I shifted and put two rounds into the masked man bringing his AR-15 up next to the bar. I rushed at the closest man to me, grabbed the barrel of the rising rifle and shot him twice in the chest as I kicked the legs out from under him. I added another round to his head as I dove into a roll with rounds kicking up around me. I came up to one knee and fired two rounds at a man shooting at me from the right. One round caught him in the chest as the other slammed into his rifle causing it to jam. I pushed up from my knee and rushed him as his pistol cleared his holster. I grabbed his right wrist with my left hand, slamming my own pistol against the side of his face. I hyper extended his right arm, twisted my body and judo tossed him over my hip. I landed on top of him and put two more rounds in his chest and one to his head. I took a round to my back plate and rolled off the man I just killed. I completed my roll and turned to fire as I caught a round to my front plate, throwing me to my back. I fired two rounds from my back as another masked man’s head exploded. A large figure dropped down on me. The last masked man tried to push a fixed bladed knife into me using his body weight to bring it closer to my open neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist as I grabbed both his wrists. I tightened my strong thighs as he groaned. I threw a right elbow into his jaw as I rolled us over. I forced the knife down towards his throat as I leaned over him. I pushed the knife’s handle down as the tip impaled his throat. I popped it again as the blade sunk into the hilt and he gurgled as blood poured out. I rolled off and picked up my discarded pistol. I thumbed the magazine release and swapped in a fresh magazine as I scanned the room for any threats.

Elin looked wide-eyed at me. I pointed to her and Darcy and hooked my thumb to the front entrance. I backed out of the club as I used my left hand to push the girls out of the entrance. Once we were out in the street, I opened the back of the SUV and pushed them in.

“Elin, keep your head and her’s down until I say,” I said as I pulled off the balaclava. “Understand?” My niece nodded her head.

I started the SUV and pushed my right foot down on the accelerator. As we drove past the alley, a large white van t-boned my jeep at a high speed. My world turned repeatedly as the Jeep rolled completely over once. The air bags and window bags went off. I lost my pistol somewhere on the floor of the vehicle. I looked out to see two women run off in different directions. My head turned to my niece.

“Elin, get up here and take Darcy to my house,” I said as I stripped off the plate carrier. “No questions just do it.” The blonde climbed over the seat as I slipped out the driver’s side window.

I looked down the street and then the alley. The blonde haired woman who was driving the van was halfway down the block and getting further away. I looked down the alley as the brunette was running away. She was closer and seemed to be favoring her right leg. I ran after her as I heard my jeep peel away.

I am glad I kept up with the cardio as I closed in on the brunette. She seemed to know I was going to catch her and spun around, a small pistol in her right hand. I barreled into her with my left hand grasping her right wrist. The pistol went off but into a dumpster in the alley. I twisted the wrist and batted the pistol out of her hand with my right. I shoved her away and I got my first glimpse at her. I knew her face and my mind started churning as we circled slowly.

“Nika Carter!” I said aloud as my brain kicked in, “How was Central Cali Women’s Facility? Did someone make you her bitch?”

“Fuck you!” Nika cursed. “Who the fuck are you?”

I smiled at that question, “Someone who is going to beat you until you tell me who you are working for!”

“You ain’t getting shit!” Nika yelled as she came at me with a front kick.

I swiped the leg aside as I moved right, my right leg spinning low to try to take out her legs but she hopped and I missed. She turned as I was crouched down and dove on me. We wrestled and rolled with each throwing short punches at the sides of heads and our bodies. I grabbed the collar of her long sleeved black shirt and pulled as I throw a right towards her jaw. I was only able to just clip it with her yelping in pain. She pulled the oversized flannel I was wearing down on the arms, trapping them and punched me hard in the abs. I coughed out and wiggled my arms from the flannel. I wrapped her up in a tight embrace and sent us rolling. Nika ended up on top as we banged against a dumpster. I put my feet against her hips and pushed off, sending her falling back to her ass. I rose quickly as she got to her feet. I came forward and front kicked her in the chest, sending her crashing through a door to a vacant building. The room was dark and she tripped me coming in, diving onto me as I fell to the dirty floor. There wasn’t much light and we blindly grabbed at each other. Hands locked into hair as heads were pulled side to side. I grabbed her shirt again and bridged, rolling her over. The collar gave way as her shirt stretched and tore.

“Fucking bitch!” Nika cried out as she pulled on my t-shirt.

“Cunt!” I cursed as the shirts tore more.

We rolled away and I removed my shirt, now clad in just a black bra, dark jeans and boots. Nika looked at me and took off her torn shirt. Her breasts were bigger than my D cups with them snuggly placed in a peach bra. Her blue jeans were tight over her hips and ass. Her hands formed into claws and I smiled. Always my favorite way to get it on. We rushed together; chests impacted as hands grabbed two handfuls of hair. We stumbled around the barren room as clung tightly to the other. Her right foot went behind my left, tripping me and causing us to collapse to the dirty floor. We started to roll again as hands got very grabby at bras and the mounds that were contained in them. I rolled on top as she grabbed my bra-covered tits and squeezed. I howled out but gritted my teeth as my hands went to her boobs. Hands twisted the orbs right and left with nails scratching the exposed parts. My bra went under my breast as I pushed her bra over the large tits. She sent a right fist that connected with my left ear and I rolled off dazed. I instinctively kicked out with my left leg and it caught her across her abs. She folded over and coughed. I rolled to my knees and undid my bra, letting fall to the floor. Nika got to her knees and shed her bra. As she dropped it, we slammed together. Hands pulled at hair, clawed at bare skin or punched our sides and tits. She head butted my face and I saw stars as well as tasted the blood in my mouth. I sent an uppercut to her large left tit and she cried out and fell back. I tried shaking my head to lose the stars when I felt something around my neck. Nika had grabbed her discarded bra and was now throttling me with it. My fingers grabbed the garment and wiggled in to stop it from choking me. I twisted and tried to roll us, thinking back to Jiu-Jitsu classes I had taken. I rolled repeatedly, going from left to right, always moving and ended up facing her as her hands tried to tighten. I knew I had a split second to act once I let go of the bra around my neck. I dropped my hands as I felt it constrict. I latched onto her bare breasts and jabbed my long thumbnails into the dark areolas. Her eyes bugged as she screamed, dropping the bra and reaching for my wrists. I coughed as I could breathe normally and let her pull my hands free. I dropped my tits onto hers and pushed my right forearm to her throat.

“Talk or you die!” I yelled down at Nika. She struggled but the light was going out in her eyes. She mouthed something and I let up slightly.

“Gina,” she rasped. “Gina Hardy.”

I already knew the name, “Who else?”

“Gemma….British… don’t know last name,” Nika hoarsely said.

I slammed my right elbow across her jaw and she was out. I patted her pockets and took her cell phone. It was set to her thumbprint, so I grabbed her limp hand and pressed her thumb on the pad.

Before the group went their separate ways, Sabrina created an App that would hide inside another app to act as a tracing beacon. I downloaded it and placed it inside the calendar application on Nika’s phone. I wiped the cell down and placed it back into her pocket.

I grabbed my shirt and bra, walking out to the alley and put on my oversized flannel, buttoning it up. I pulled my cell out and phoned Sophie.

“I am in the area of the club,” Sophie said as a greeting, “Where are you?”

I told her where to drive to and she picked me up. I filled her in on Nika Carter and we would do some research later at my house. Elin and Darcy were asleep; adrenalin does that to you. One second you are going tits out and the next, you can barely move. I did not wake them and walked into my bedroom, stripped and jumped in the shower. I let the hot water wash the dirt, grime and blood off my body. I touched the new bruise from the 5.56 round I took to the ballistic plate. Time for new plates. I got out and called a number.

“Yeah,” came a gruff man’s voice in the Northeastern accent.

“Bill, it’s Anna Chambers,” I said in way of greeting.

“What are you calling me so late for, Marine Chick,” Bill grumbled.

“I need a discreet tow of my ride,” I said, sighing. I did love that Jeep. “I need something comparable.”

“All I have is an F-250,” Bill replied, “Blacked out, bullet resistant glass, hidden weapons compartment in front for small ones and a bigger one in the back seat. 150 and it is yours. Drop off and tow of your old ride thrown in free. I will have the DMV hacked and updated in the morning.”

“Sounds good, Bill,” I said as pulled open my laptop and wired $150,000 to his account. “You should see it in a second or so.”

I heard him punch a few keys on his computer, “Green is there. My boys will be by in 20 minutes or so.”

“Semper Fi, Bill,” I said as he grunted.

William “Bill” Walker served in Desert Storm as Marine Corps tank mechanic. He did his time and was discharged, moving back to the Boston area. He got into the seedy world of the Irish gangs; working his way from hang around to made man in 5 years. He killed over 50 people that his boss, Dermot Mulroney, wanted. When his boss was convicted of racketeering, Bill left the life and opened his own chop shop. I met him through Grace Bell, who would work on some of the higher end electronics for him.

True to his word, 20 minutes later and my Jeep was in a covered trailer. The Ford F-250 was bigger than I wanted but she was powerful. It would take some getting used to. I went back in to catch some sleep.

I awoke at 5am to let Teddy out and fed him. I started the coffee maker and set my laptop up on the kitchen table. Not sure if you know but there are over 200,000 Gemma’s who are British. I sighed, as I couldn’t think of another parameter to narrow it down. I poured my second cup and the brain finally started to fire. If Gemma was in charge, she had to be powerful. Probably had a good deal of money. The information Jana had provided had their group making millions off the women they trafficked. I put in the estimated worth and four names popped up. Three were either models or actors. The one left was the daughter of a member of Britch Parliament, Gemma Wentworth.

Yorkshire, England

At the South Yorkshire estate, a naked and sweaty Kristin Carey rolled off an equally naked and sweat soaked Gemma.

“Fine,” Gemma relented, “I will meet with the two. You beat me fairly.”

Kristin helped Gemma to her feet. “We can control Joey Fisher. Alley, on the other hand, is someone you want to let loose and let her wreak havoc. I still recommend she travel to the US and personally deal with Gina Hardy.”

Gemma started to dress, “I will meet them. I think you are correct about Gina. She is a loose end that needs to be taken care of in the nastiest of ways. But I do want you there to make sure things are truly taken care of.”

**** Downtown Boston ****

The sign in front of the Kitty Kat Club read Closed for Repairs. Inside, Emily Jo walked around the broken glass, empty shell casing, blood and brain matter as her goons loaded the last body into a body bag. There were ten bags, side by side. Six were the shooters who came in. They had been photographed and finger printed so Emily could be able to find out who sent them. The other four were Lucy, one of her blonde dancers, Cassie, a single mom who worked behind the bar and her two bouncers, Rick and Bobby.

“The feed is ready, Miss Jo,” one of the men said.

Emily took her phone out and pressed the link. She watched the video feed of the six men coming in. Rick and Bobby being shot. Cassie was shot as she tried to reached for the silent alarm. Lucy was shot on the stage. Emily kept watching as one of her dancers, Daphne was pulled by her hair to her knees. Then there was a blinding flash and a masked woman came in and John Wick’d the place. She watch as the woman escorted Daphne and a busty blonde out.

“Let me know when you find out who they are,” Emily turned to the man. “Also, find out who she is.” Emily pointed to still image of the masked woman.

The Chambers Residence

Back at my house, the two young women finally woke and walked into the kitchen. I sat them both down.

“Elin,” I said as I fixed my blonde niece with a hard stare. “You will never go anywhere without your cell phone. Do you understand me?”

“I am sorry, Aunt Anna,” Elin said as she lowered her head.

“Darcy,” I said as my gazed shifted to the young brunette, “I am going to send you back to your dorm with Sophie. I need you to grab clothing and any paperwork and computers that you have. Please do as she says.” Darcy nodded.

I walked outside and dialed Amanda.

“Well, Anna,” I heard her say over the phone, “Two calls in two days. This must be important.”

“Cut the shit,” I said as I was in no mood for sarcasm, “I have a feeling that you knew my case here would overlapping into what you are doing. We can either help each other or I can do what I do best and you will have to explain the carnage.”

“Fine, Anna,” Amanda sighed, “What do you need?”

“I need an asset I know with access to what you know,” I said immediately, “Second; I want to talk with our mutual friend living in the dark.”

“I agree to both,” Amanda said right away. She seemed to know what I would ask for before I asked. “The asset will be at your home tomorrow. In the meantime, I need you to find your way to Logan. Park in long-term parking. My associate will be by to pick you up for the flight to where our friend is staying. Pack an overnight bag.”

I hung up with Amanda and plugged a thumb drive into my computer. The auto script started and soon my laptop was secure. I typed out a short email to Anna Mathews. She had more knowledge on the Brits than anyone I knew.

Cambridge College

At the dorms, Sophie and Darcy walked up the flights of stairs to make it to the dorm room. Darcy inserted her key and the pair of women walked in. Inside the room sat two women; one was a middle-aged brunette with a short bob haircut, dressed in a black and grey business suit. The other woman was a stunning redhead in a white blouse and black pants, the gold badge placed on her hip along with a Glock.

“Good morning, Darcy,” the brunette said as she stood, “My name is Dr. Malory Carmichael, I am the Dean here at Cambridge. This is Detective Janet Kennedy. We have some questions for you. May I ask who your friend is?”

Sophie stepped forward to place herself in front of Darcy. “I am Sophie Jackson. You can consider me her legal counsel. Darcy is not going to answer any questions today.”

“Please understand that Darcy is not under arrest,” Janet said, “But we have some questions about the disenrollment Ms. Carmichael received and any information on the Kitty Kat Club. You do work there, correct?”

Sophie shook her head, “Detective, really? What did I just say? She just came to get a few things and will be leaving with me.”

“Sorry Miss Jackson, I am for real,” Janet said, “I do not plan on detaining Miss Topher, but she may have information that I need. If you wish to do this at the precinct, I can arrange that. Your call.”

Sophie stared hard at the Detective, “Your choice, Darcy.”

“What do you want to know?” Darcy asked. The young woman was smart enough to keep the details vague in not talk about the ones who rescued her.

“Have you been back to the club since?” Janet asked.

“No,” Darcy replied. “Everything happened so fast, I was lucky to get out the back door before anything really happened.”

“Miss Topher,” Dean Carmichael piped in, “Why did you disenroll?”

“I did not,” Darcy said, “Someone did it without my knowledge”

Both Janet and Malory traded a look.

“Since she does not have more information for you,” Sophie said, “Can she gather some of her things?”

Janet passed Darcy a card, “If you think of anything else, please let me know.”

The two women left with Malory Carmichael pulling out her cell phone, “Rachel, please contact Dr. Taylor and set a meeting for 2PM in my office with her.”

Logan International Airport

I hefted my backpack over my shoulder and walked to the private jet hangers. Colonel Amanda Fowler waited for me in front of a non-descript Lear jet.

“Well, Anna,” Amanda said as we boarded. “You look like you are keeping fit.”

“Not working for others does help,” I said with a half-smile. “Can you tell me where we are going?”

“Montana,” Amanda replied, “Vivian Christianson is residing in a secret black site we have set up. Not like the ones during the war. We aren’t using enhanced interrogation techniques.”

“Too bad,” I mused as the aircraft took off. I went over my findings, comparing notes with the Intel wizard.

“So you are thinking this Gemma Wentworth is somehow involved?” Amanda asked.

“It is a hunch,” I replied, “I just need to play it out.”

“Be sure to have those ducks of yours in a row,” Amanda warned, “Her mother is a senior member of parliament. In other words, Gemma is protected.”

“Even the protected ones slip up,” I said, “When she does, I pounce.”

“I could provide you more resources, Anna,” she said looking into my eyes.

“The answer is still no,” I said back. “I am not getting back into any government service; it never ends well for me. I do not mind partnering up though.”

“If this meeting pans out,” Amanda said, “I will put more resources to it.”

We landed and were met by the usual blacked out SUVs to take us to a remote farm. The farm looked like a normal farm with livestock milling about in the fields. We drove into a barn. Once the doors were closed, the van started to descend into the ground. We went down for about five minutes and stopped in large open bay. The area looked like the old Black Cat Operations Center. Amanda and I got out, making our way to a set of doors with no windows.

“She is inside and cuffed to a table,” Amanda stated. “You can talk with her as long as you want.”

I nodded and opened the door.

“Well, well,” came Vivian Christianson’s voice, “I do hope my eyes are not playing tricks on me. Anna Chambers, it is good to see you again.”

“I wish I could say the same, Vivian,” I said as I sat across from her at the table. “I would have preferred you spend the rest of your life in general population in a prison. I wanted to see how long you would last.”

She smiled at that. “I take it since you are here, you need my help,” she laughed. “It is funny how things work out.”

I got right down to it. “I need to know about the organization you ran, who were the players who weren’t caught, who would gain the most when you were sent here?”

“Oh my dear,” Vivian said as she leaned back and stretched, the curves of big breasts pressed against the front of her orange jumpsuit. “Fowler did not tell you did she?”

“Tell me what?” I asked.

“That she and her minions have not been able to get shit out of me,” Vivian smiled, “Even when I gave them all a fighting chance. Not Amanda, not Samantha, not Amber and not your daughter Olivia.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, Vivian?” I asked tersely.

“I offered if any of them could beat me in a naked catfight, I will would spill all the beans,” Vivian answered as her hands ran over her big tits. “I offer the same to you.”

I stood and walked to the door. I knocked and it opened. Amanda Fowler was waiting for me.

“Forget to tell me anything, Amanda?” I was not in the mood for bullshit.

“She hasn’t broken,” Amanda said. “There is a padded room where the fights have taken place. I guess you need to tell me what you want to do.”

“Set up the room,” I said.

Cambridge College

Dr. Jacqueline Taylor walked into the Deans office.

“Please have a seat, Dr. Taylor,” Malory Carmichael said, motioning her to a chair. Malory immediately began to visually inspect the fantastic body in front of her. The heavy breasts and rounded ass of Jackie were played down in conservative dress she wore, but those curves could not be hidden. “I have to say Dr. Taylor, your work here has been top notch.”

“Please call me Jackie,” she said with a smile.

“Please call me Malory,” Dean Carmichael replied back. “I want to discuss a couple of students of yours.”

“I have many students here,” Jackie said, “I know many of them but not all. You understand life as a college professor.”

“Oh I do,” Malory said with a smile. “Before moving to the administrative side of college life, I was a history professor in New York State. Sometimes I recognized more faces than names. We will try with the names first here though.” Malory pulled up two folders, “Miss Darcy Topher and Miss Elin Williams. What can you tell me about them?”

Jackie could not keep the poker face as her eyes widened slightly at the names. “Both are good students.”

“I also see you helped arrange for Elin to attend school here,” Malory went on. “That was right after the fiasco at the Boston Harbor Hotel. I was there.”

Jackie gasped.

“As you can see,” Malory said as she removed the jacket she was wearing, her large breasts straining against the crisp white blouse, “I am also a member of the Foundation for the Betterment of Women with Back Problems.”

“How long were you there that day?” Jackie asked as she felt her cheeks flush.

“I was there long enough to see you and the other busty redhead go at it,” Malory stated, “And since almost everyone around started rolling around, I ended up on the floor with Ellen White, a blonde business executive. And like you, she and I ended up naked.”

“I wish I could have seen that,” Jackie said amused.

“Me too,” Malory replied. “But getting back to the task at hand. The police are now investigation a case that Miss Topher is involved with. As, Miss Williams is her roommate; I would like to have Miss Williams talk with the police.”

“I am sorry,” Jackie said as the smile she had faded from her face, “I will not do that.”

“No, you will,” Malory said very quickly, “Your position here may depend on it.”

“Actually,” Jackie said as she narrowed her eyes, “My position here is quite secure. You are the Dean of Students, not the chancellor. I will not be threatened or forced to do anything. Threats only come from those who lack the resolve to back up the words.”

Malory Carmichael pressed a button on her desk phone, “Rachel, please take the rest of the day off and lock the outside office doors behind you. Dr. Taylor and I will be deep in discussions for a while.” Malory stood and started to unbutton the crisp white blouse. “I suggest we save something to exit the building in, don’t you agree?”

Jackie stood and nodded, “I do agree, Dr. Carmichael.” Jackie unzipped the back of her dress and pealed it away from her body, sliding it down her hips. She kicked off the black heels and stood there barefoot in a black bra, straining from the massive breasts and a black thong.

Malory place her blouse and the now folded skirt on her chair as she moved out from behind the desk in a white bra and matching thong. “Hmm, black vs white. How symbolic.”

The redhead and brunette walked to the other with the bras touching.

“Ground rules?” Jackie asked.

“Let us try not to permanently injure each other. Also, keep the marks down to what can be covered.”

Jackie slapped Malory hard across her left cheek. The busty Dean of Students glared and she reached for the professor’s red hair.

Black Site

I looked at the monitor where a naked Vivian Christianson paced back and forth in the padded room. I started to remove clothing. Amanda Fowler had ushered out the men there, with her and one other female present.

“Do not break it up,” I said as I finished stripping. “I won’t kill her as I need the information she has.”

“Fine,” Amanda said resigned, “But if you go unconscious, I will step in.”

I nodded and moved to the door, opened it, stepped inside and secured it. Vivian and I stared for only a second before we rushed forward. Naked bodies smacked together as we each reached for hair. Our heads were pulled this way and that while big breasts mashed and rolled. I pushed her back against the padded wall, leaning in with my big tits pushing hers out to the side. She groaned out but kneed my thigh and rolled us against the wall. Her larger boobs forced mine up and I yelped in pain. I hooked my left leg over her right and pushed off from the wall with my ass. We tumbled to the padded floor. Legs locked from ankle to thigh as we pulled hair with one hand while slapping and scratching with the other. We rolled with Vivian on top and I latched my free hand onto her a large tit. I dug my nails in as she screamed out. She grabbed my hair with both of her hands, slamming my head to the padded floor. While the padding helped, it still stunned me. I let go of her tit, balled up my fist and hit her hard in the side. She groaned and rolled off. I turned and pounced on her. We started rolling from one side of the padded room to the other. Blonde and brown hair started to litter the floor. I felt her feet move to my hips with her pushing me off. I got quickly to my knees as she did the same. Again, we slammed naked bodies together as we pulled hair. She tried to bite my face but I held her back by the hair. I slid my left leg over her right hip as she did the same. Now locked in a sitting catball, we brought more of our bodies together. Her fuzzy blonde bush touched my shaved sex. She shoved her wet pussy against mine as we both moaned out.

“Fucking slut!” I said through gritted teeth.

“Whore! I am going to fuck you as I kill you!” Vivian screamed out.

There was no fucking way this bitch was going to do that. I tightened my legs around her hips and pulled her dripping snatch into mine. The petals of our labia spread and locked together. I pulled my hands from her hair and stabbed my nails into her large tits. She grabbed back as we leaned, stretching the tits as our hips ground. I felt my clit swell as Vivian’s matched mine. The two sex rods met and slashed back and forth. We pulled breasts as we fucked with the tits taking on horrible shapes. Vivian gasped as our fuck holes sucked together. I went bug eyed as I arched my back. We writhed and bucked as each of us threw back heads to scream out. The hot gooey cum sprayed between our joined cunts as we let go of tits and embraced. The mass of boobs flattened and pushed out our sides. We kept rocking, tipped over, and started a new roll in this ball of hate. I sunk my teeth into her chin and tasted her blood. Vivian screamed as she clawed at my back. We unlocked legs and rolled apart. Both of us were covered in sweat as we slowly got to our feet. Fists were raised as we slowly circled. I darted in, hit her in the mouth with a right jab, and followed it up with a left to her side. She countered with a straight left fist to my cheek and kicked out with her foot, landing the blow to my side. We battered the other with fists and kicked, blood tricked out of noses and lips. Vivian swung a looping right at my head but I ducked and slammed my shoulder into her abs. We went down again and reengaged in our catfight. Claws found big tits as we grunted through the pain. She was on top and used her body weight to press over my tits. I pulled her large globes out and shook them as she bellowed. I reached for the undersides of her tits and pushed them towards her chin. She let go of my tits and tried to pull my hands from hers. I rolled on top, grabbed her hands and dropped my heavy breasts down onto her hers with a CLOP!

“Fucking cunt!” I growled as I dropped them down again.

“Fuck….you….” She weakly cried out.

I dropped them again and my own tits felt like they were going to burst. Vivian went limp and I just laid on top of her, tit to tit. The door opened and Amanda Fowler helped me up.

“Get her dressed and back into the interrogation room,” she said to the other woman.

A little while later, a bruised Vivian Christianson was seated back in the interrogation room. I walked in and sat opposite her.

“Well,” she said resigned to the fact I beat her, “Ask away.”

“Who were all of your British contacts?” I asked.

“You already know of Claire, who your friend Amal killed,” Vivian said, “I made a deal with Joey Fisher and handed her another Brit baddie, Alley. Joey truly wanted Anna Mathews though. Alley served her purposed to me, so I betrayed her. She was trained by an MI-6 agent from the time she was 18. The woman, Diana Price, taught Alley all she knew. When Alley outgrew the training, they had one last fight. Alley told me it lasted for over an hour with the blonde strangling Diana as she fucked her.”

“So no one else?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“None that were attached to what I did,” Vivian stated, “There was a Member of Parliament who I had a quiet understanding with, Julia Wentworth. She and the First Lady as well as the President’s daughter had a three-way relationship which led to Melania and Ivanka in a naked catfight. I used the information to blackmail her as well as the other women.”

“You are a piece of work, Vivian,” I said as I stood.

“You do know if I get out of here, you are the first one I am visiting,” Vivian glowered at me. “But when that happens, only one of us will be left alive.”

“I look forward to it,” I said as I left the room.

Amanda Fowler and I traded a look in the passageway.

“It looks like we are working together after all,” Amanda said with a smile.

I sighed and shook my head. “I am not going to be clearing things with you. You can either provide me with an asset who is briefed in or you don’t. But if you cross me, Amanda, things will go bad for you.”

“No need for that, Anna,” she said holding up her hand. “One asset will be at your house in the morning. She is briefed in and will be checking in with me, however, she is yours to do with, as you want. I just want results.”

“You will get them,” I said as I walked down the hall back towards the SUV.

Cambridge College Dean’s Office

Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, clad in a black bra and matching thong, stumbled around the office of Dr. Malory Carmichael, the Dean of Students, clad in a white bra and thong. Each had hands in hair as the bra covered mounds slammed together.

“Come on Dr. Taylor,” Malory said through gritted teeth, “Show me what a slut you are!”

“Bitch!” Jackie cursed as she thrust her hips forward as thong covered cunts slapped together, “If you want to slut it out, Malory, I am game!”

The Dean of Students tripped the professor and the pair went down to the carpeted floor. As Jackie rolled on top, Malory dropped her hands from the red hair and started to undo the bra clasps.

“I want to see those tits of yours again,” Malory cried out, undoing the bra as they rolled over.

Jackie grasped the back clasp of the white bra and quickly had it undone. “You will see them up close and personal!”

They rolled apart and got to knees as bras fell away from their bodies. The two women knee walked towards the other and compressed their large tits as each moaned out. Arms wrapped around backs as the mass of flesh mushroomed out. Hands slowly started to move south as they pumped big breasts together. Jackie moaned as she felt Malory’s hands grip her thong. She slipped her own fingers into the white cloth on the Dean’s ass. They kneaded flesh as the thongs worked down over hips. Malory changed the course as she swatted Jackie’s firm ass cheeks. The college professor squealed in pain and pulled the white thong back up and into a wedgie. Malory cried out and grabbed her rival’s plump posterior with her nails.

“Oh you cunt!” Jackie exclaimed as she arched up. The white thong tore in her grip and she felt her own black thong get torn.

The two women tipped over and began to roll wildly as hands slapped or pulled hair. This was turning into more of a catfight, which was something Jackie had done only a few times. Malory on the other hand was a woman who had been in many. Some involving students or faculty or even the wife of a colleague. Malory rolled them over with her on top. She filled her hands with the large breasts in front of her and squeezed as Jackie cried out.

“No one is going to stop us,” Malory taunted from her dominant position.

Jackie gritted her teeth and reached for the swinging globes of the brunette. Malory screamed out as the redhead squeezed and twisted. Jackie pulled to the side and they rolled with Malory on her back. Hands came off tits as the large mounds impacted and hands sought hair. The rolling had them go from the middle of the office to the desk and then back to the leather couch. Malory gave Jackie a nasty nipple pinch as they rolled away from the other again. Moving to hands and knees first the pair of women stood with Jackie lunging and taking both to the leather couch. Malory pushed her left hand on the redhead’s chin as their thighs interlocked. The wetness between their legs could not be hidden. Malory thrust up as Jackie ground down. The thick labia parted with squishy noises coming from between their thighs. The short haired brunette let go of the chin and slapped Jackie hard across the face. The redhead fell off to the floor with Malory coming down on her body but inverted.

Thighs wrapped around heads as they each came face to face with the other’s dripping twat. Jackie mashed her face into the love box as her strong tongue invaded her rival. Malory moaned and lapped back. They started a slow roll locked in the 69 as fingers and tongues came into play. Each was getting closer to heightened peak of pleasure. Jackie found the erect clit and started to suck on it as Malory impaled three fingers into the redhead’s pussy. Neither woman could take it and they screamed into the other’s cunt as they came. The splash of fluid hit faces and lips with each licking and sucking the juices up. Thighs unlocked around heads and they rolled off the other and to backs. Chests heaved with labored breathing.

“Nasty bitch,” Jackie breathed out as she got to hands and knees.

“Fuck you, slut,” Malory said between breaths. “Bring that weak cunt over here.” She sat on her fleshy ass and spread her legs open.

Jackie did not need a second invitation. She opened her legs as the two scooted together. Asses were lifted off the carpet as wet fuck meat met. The slammed the hot slits together repeatedly. Each woman groaned out as cunt met cunt. Asses fell back to the carpet as they ground together. The hard sex horns mashed in a sticky secretion of womanly juices. Jackie reached from the brunette to bring her up in a sitting position. Breasts slammed together in a wet slap.

“Your weak tits and cunt can’t match mine, whore,” Malory taunted.

“I am going to flatten your fat tits and grind your clit to nothing,” Jackie growled back.

Legs curled around hips as they tipped over in their slutball and rolled; tits and pussies mashed and grinding. Sweat made bodies slippery as tumbled back and forth. The redhead pushed her lips to Malory’s as the tongues met in a wrestling match in their mouths. They grunted and groaned as tongues wrapped together, lips sucked, big tits with hard nipples stabbed, and cunts fought in different battles. Jackie cried out in the kiss as the brunette’s right hands grasped her left breast. Jackie pulled her own hand around, tweaked, and pulled on a stiff nipple. Malory started to tense and Jackie took advantage.

“Come on, Malory,” Jackie said as she mounted the Dean. “Come for me!”

The brunette started bucking as her cunt erupted again. Jackie pressed her body down and rode the woman to another orgasm. Malory weakly slapped at Jackie’s back but she couldn’t push the redhead off.

“I give, you win,” Malory wheezed out.

Jackie pulled her chest up and slammed her large rack down. CLOP! “Never bring up either of their names again. If you do, there will be much more of this.”

The redhead rolled off and laid on her back for a few minutes. She slowly rose and began to dress. Jackie glared down at the prone woman. The fight was much harder than her last one with the FBI Special Agent, Dottie Dodds.

As Jackie made it to the door of the office, “We have not completed this between us, Dr. Taylor.”

She spun and looked at Malory who was now sitting. “Let me know when you want round two.” Jackie walked from the office to her car.

Riverside Shopping Mall, Boston

Katrina Vaughan watched as the red sedan parked and Darcy Topher and a big boobed brunette got out. Katrina picked up her cell phone and punched in a number.

“Ms. Jo,” Katrina said, “I have been following Topher from the college. She and another woman have stopped at the shopping mall.”

“Is it the blonde from the video feed?” Emily Jo asked.

“No,” Katrina answered, “She is a brunette and a lot bustier.”

“Bring Darcy to me,” Emily growled.

Katrina pressed end and got out of the car. She was 25 years old. The daughter of a disgraced Boston PD officer, she learned to be tough from weekly fights with her mother. She had already done a stint in state prison for assault and battery from a catfight where she put the other woman in the hospital. When she got out, Emily Jo snatched her up as a local enforcer. Katrina was 5’4”, 145lbs of curves and sex appeal. Her large breasts pushed the tight t-shirt she wore. She slipped the small pistol into the small of her back and pulled the shirt over it. She followed the two women from a distance.

Sophie Jackson led Darcy Topher into the mall. She knew someone was following her but did not want to be obvious. The pair of women walked into Victoria’s Secret.

“Darcy,” Sophie whispered to the busty teen, “Do not react but we have someone following us. Just act like you are buying lingerie.”

“Nothing here fits me,” Darcy said pointing to her boobs.

“Me either,” Sophie smiled as she gave her chest a quick shake.

They milled around as Sophie finally got a good look at the woman following them. The woman had dirty blonde hair. Sophie led Darcy towards the back by the store. The door to the service corridor was open. They rushed down the hall as they heard the door open and looked to see the woman running towards them.

Sophie pushed Darcy towards a loading dock, “Run to the car and get out of here. Head back to Anna’s house.”

“What about you?” Darcy asked worry on her face.

“I will be fine, now go!” Sophie said as she pushed the young woman towards an exit. As the door closed behind Darcy, Sophie thought out loud, “Well I picked the wrong day not to carry. Looks like it is going to be a bitch fight.” She looked down at her large t-shirt covered breasts. “Ok, girls, time to go to work.”

Katrina pulled the compact Glock from the small of her back as she neared the edge of the wall the pair of women disappeared from. As her pistol cleared the wall, her wrist was grabbed, twisted and the Glock was knocked out of her hand, sailing into a pile of discarded cardboard boxes.

“Ow you bitch!” Katrina exclaimed as she was face to face with a very busty brunette.

“Now who are you and who are you working for?” Sophie asked the woman.

“My name is Katrina and you don’t want to mess with me or my boss,” Katrina stated as she and Sophie started to circle.

“Oh sweets,” Sophie smiled. “My name is Sophie, please remember to tell your boss about who not to fuck with.”

“Fuck you!” Karina yelled as she came forward with fists raised.

The pair of busty brawlers traded fists and kicks with all being evaded or countered. Sophie sent a quick right jab at Katrina’s face but the woman blocked it with her left and sent her own right hand back to Sophie’s left side, which the busty brunette blocked with her elbow. They continued to block and counter everything they threw at the other.

“Fucking slut!” Katrina growled as she backed off, “This is getting us nowhere.”

Sophie curled her hands into claws, “We can always do this!” She smiled wickedly at Katrina.

“Fine by me, whore!” Katrina said as her own claws came forth.

The two busty women crashed together in the hallway, hands grabbing fistfuls of hair. Bodies were slammed into cement walls on both sides. Neither woman could keep her breasts from banging against the other woman’s pair. Both had on tight t-shirts and jeans with black boots for Sophie and hi-tops for Katrina. Sophie was slammed back first into the white wall as Katrina mashed her large breasts into the brunette’s larger pair. Both women groaned as the mass of bra covered tits compressed. Sophie’s nails nicked Kat’s scalp as she pushed the younger woman back against the wall on the opposite side of the hallway. The brunette grabbed the shirt collar of the blonde woman and whipped her down the hall. Katrina fell on her ass and slid a little, her shirt was torn down the front, showing off a straining purple bra.

“I loved that shirt, bitch!” Katrina swore as she stood up, removing her shirt.

“I think I will keep mine in one piece, cunt!” Sophie said back as she lifted the t-shirt up and off her body. The black bra could barely contain her large breasts.

The two rushed together like two rams, slamming tit to tit with arms wrapping around the other in a violent embrace. They tilted to the said and went down to the tile floor. Legs wrapped up and they tussled from one side of the hall to the other. Fingers worked on the back clasps of the bras with each feeling more and more skin from her rival. Katrina got her right foot planted against Sophie’s tummy and pushed. The busty brunette hit the railing above the cardboard boxes and trash dumpster. She let her bra fall off as she straightened up. Katrina shed her bra and rushed at Sophie who dodged at the last minute helped the woman tumble into the garbage dumpster.

“Looks like you are in your element!” Sophie laughed from 5 feet above Katrina.

“I am going to find Darcy, you fat titted cow!” Katrina growled as she tried to stand in the dumpster.

Sophie leapt from the edge and tackled Katrina back into the garbage. Hands regrabbed hair as they naked tits slammed and jostled for space. They rolled over repeatedly as coffee grounds and banana peels covered topless bodies. Kat got on top and grabbed two handfuls of breasts, squeezing and twisting. Sophie screamed out in pain and slapped the blonde in the face. The brunette reached and grabbed Katrina’s big orbs and squeezed. Each woman had flesh oozing from in between spread fingers. Kat was pulled to the side as they continued to maul tits. They grabbed nipples, pulled their large breasts out into cone shapes, and shook the globes. Sophie added slapping Kat’s tits together. The blonde howled and rolled away. She got to hands and knees, crawling to the opening.

Katrina stood but her something behind her. She turned as Sophie tackled her out of the dumpster and down into the discarded cardboard boxes. They locked up again tightly as boxes were crushed underneath them. The tits mushroomed out at their sides as hands dug back into dirty hair. Katrina rolled on top but the busty brunette slugged her in the right side. She coughed and rolled off. The two were slow to get to their feet but Katrina found the pistol she had lost. She grabbed it however, Sophie was right there to grab the blonde’s hands. The pistol was held high as they struggled on their feet.

Big tits slapped back and forth as the pair drunkenly swayed back and forth. Kat head butted the busty brunette as she fell back. The blonde tried to aim the pistol but it was slippery from the mess of the garbage. Sophie threw her right foot in between Katrina’s legs. The pistol dropped as the busty blonde fell to her knees, holding her pussy. Sophie grabbed the pistol and slammed if over Katrina’s head, knocking her out. Dirty, bruised and scratched, Sophie crawled out of the boxes and retrieved her t-shirt. She stumbled down to the exit and opened the door. She was surprised to see her car with Darcy behind the wheel.

“I thought I told you to go back to Anna’s,” she said as she got in the passenger side.

“I was not going to leave you,” Darcy said as she put the car in gear and headed away from the mall.

Logan International Airport

The private jet landed and I got my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. My Ford F-250 was a little walk away in a parking structure. As I got closer to the truck, I noticed a beautiful black woman standing next to it. She wore a dark colored baggy sweatshirt and black jeans with tan combat boots; a backpack and duffle bag were at her feet. I shifted my backpack from my right shoulder to my left shoulder and slipped my right hand around the SIG Sauer 365 9mm that was tucked into my jeans at the small of my back.

I stopped with a clear line of sight to the woman. “Can I help you?”

“Anna Chambers?” She asked as she faced me.

“Who is asking?” I asked back, fingers tightening around the pistol grip.

“A friend,” she said, “Ewa and Bri recommended I not try and surprise you. But I wanted to see what would happen.”

I sighed and relaxed a little, “Honey, I almost shot you. I still might if you are lying to me. How do you know Bri and Ewa?”

“First, my name is Tamera Good,” Tamera said as she handed over a cell phone. She looked to be around the same height and weight as I was. “Just press play.”

I kept my right hand on the pistol grip as I took the cell with my left and thumbed play.

On the screen were two pairs of big bikini clad tits! Oh, and Ewa and Bri of course.

“Anna,” Bri said as Ewa was putting tanning lotion on her back, “This is Tamera. She is a friend and can almost do what I used to do for you. Ewa and I have complete trust in her. She has already proven that to us and of course, I did a deep dive into her. She is the real deal. Love you and will hopefully see you soon!” Both Ewa and Bri blew me kisses.

I handed the cell back to her, “Ok, tell me how you met these two.”

“I went to Phuket after I was discharged from the Navy,” Tamera said as I she leaned against the truck. “These two had a little tiff with a group of German women vacationing there. It ended up in a bar fight and I helped Ewa and Bri. After we got out of there, they asked about me, I told them what I did, and that I was going to be looking for work. They told me about you and what you do. They thought we could help each other.”

“So who are you, Tamera?” I asked more curious now.

Tamera (Tam) Good was 28 years old and until a month ago was a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) meaning she was good with languages. Moreover, by good with I mean out-fucking-standing at them. She could read, write, and speak Arabic, Pashtun, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, as if she was a native to that country. She could speak Chinese and Thai as well. For the last 6 years, Tamera was detailed to JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command, and worked with both Delta and DevGru (SEAL Team 6). She went on missions, interrogated terrorists and helped gather intelligence. She was a wiz on any computer as well.

“I hacked into the DMV to find Anna Williams,” Tamera said as we loaded her bags into the back of the crew cab. “I then hacked into the traffic cams to track your truck, very nice by the way, to here. Then I just waited.”

I started the truck. “Good thing my trip was quick. You are actually going to be my first hire. An old friend of mine still pays Sophie Jackson. She is helping out and learning from me. We are getting a government asset tomorrow to assist with the case I am, or we are on. I will give you the cliff notes.” I talked as I drove, filling in Tamera on everything that happened from meeting Emily Jo to my naked catfight with Vivian Christianson.

Tam started laughing, “Now I know the real reason Ewa and Bri said I should work with you!”

I looked a little perplexed, “Why?”

“Because the little bar fight, was really naked catfight with me, Ewa and Bri taking on a few busty German women!” She could not stop laughing. She pulled off her baggy sweatshirt and she was as big up top as I was.

“Oh we are going to get along just fine,” I said, “Someday I will fill you in on fighting Bri and Ewa.” I winked. That started Tam laughing again.

Back at the airport, a private jet landed as a black SUV pulled up to the door and stairs. Kristen Carey walked down followed by Alley, her long blond hair blowing with the wind.

“I hate this country,” Alley said.

“If we are lucky, we will be done and far away soon,” Kristen said as she got into the black SUV.

“Not too soon,” Alley smiled, “Gina Hardy and I have a fatal fuck to get into.”

Home of Emily Jo

“Ms. Jo,” Katrina Vaughn said as she peaked into her study, “We id’d the men in the club and found out who hired them. They were all Special Forces operators and contractors. The woman who hired them is Gina Hardy. I have her address for you.”

“Glad you cleaned up, Katrina,” Emily said as she set her whiskey down. “Get a group together for a little visit to Ms. Hardy. Glad you made up for the fuck up from earlier.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Kat said with her head down, “It won’t happen again.”

“Good,” Emily said as she stood. “Arm them up and let’s go to deal with this cunt!”

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