Tales of the Marine Chick: Code Name RedVixen by Anna the Marine Chick

I leaned back against the hot wood paneled walls of the sauna with a towel wrapped around me and towel underneath me. Today I am using the heat to work out the kinks in my sore muscles. Not just from my workout but from the night before, where Ewa and I rolled, grinded, tribbed, kissed, sucked, pulled, pinched, groped and grabbed each other in a marathon Kama Sutra like bed session that had me passed out half hanging of our bed. Ewa was still sprawled face first at the end of the bed when I woke at my normal time to work out. I didn’t want to work out but just as I have for years now, I willed myself up and to my new Tahoe for the short drive to the gym. A little cardio, back and bicep workout later and I was relaxing in the 140 degree heat of the sauna. I was daydreaming a little about my girlfriend’s large breasts brushing lightly against mine, my eyes closed and I bit my lip. Then the door to the sauna opened and a gorgeous woman came in dressed like me, in only a towel. She was Asian and really fucking hot! Her large breasts pushed against the towel just aching to come forth. We exchanged pleasantries but remained silent just basking in the heat. After a little while, I had my fill of the sauna and needed to really start my day at work. I showered and changed into a khaki Capri pants and red blouse that was cut in a little at the waist. It made my breasts look bigger. I had recently cut my hair shorter into a curly bob and it was good for drying quickly. I locked my locker and turned to see the Asian woman again, this time she was toweling herself off. Good lord she had a great body. But I was a taken woman, but as a Gunny Sergeant once told me when I asked him why he was staring at some hot women when he was happily married…

“Chambers,” he said in his gruff voice, “You can look at the magazine, admire the magazine for its beauty but if you have someone you truly care about don’t ever…. Ever lick the magazine.”

I got to my office building at a little before 8am. I had only one appointment today. It was an interview for a former SWAT officer in Las Vegas, who was also one of their lead Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians. Jennifer had set it up. I stole Jennifer away from the FBI a couple of years ago. She can do anything with computer, smart phone. She has contacts all over law enforcement to help track or get information on anyone I need. But I also need help in the field. Since my adventure in the adult entertainment industry, business has been booming. I really need the help and have a former law enforcement officer, who is a woman helping me, was perfect in my book.

Jennifer was sitting at her desk; three large screens of different news sites were keeping her interest. I glanced at the tickler at the bottom and it read “Zara Tindall was still missing after horse ride in rural England”

I knew that name sounded familiar but I could put my finger on it. I grabbed a cup of coffee and settled in my office to look at the current work load. I had hiring offers from security checks at an Oscar winning actress’s house; marked that one in blue for quick. It would only take a few days to check it out and make recommendations. Another was a note from Senator MacDonald’s wife, expressing her thanks for the body guard I recommended. A few more were from affluent and well respected women from all over with issues ranging from fraud discovery to stalking cases to overseas security. There seemed to be a big demand for my services. GAWD, I need more help here.

Jennifer buzzed my phone, “Your 10 o’clock is here.”

“Send her in please,” I stated as I picked up her file. Jennifer had removed her picture from it because she wanted me to try and focus on the accomplishments instead of looks. I was a little pissed that Jennifer thought I was so shallow that I only had to hire hot looking ladies… which I don’t have that problem by the way. I heard the door open and looked up to see….. The young Asian woman from the sauna and gym. When she saw me, there was instant recognition. She was dressed in a dark blue pants suit and three inch heels.

“Well, Leslie Smith,” I said standing and holding out my hand, “It is a pleasure to meet you, again.”

“Thank you Ms. Chambers,” she said returning my firm handshake.

“Please call me Anna,” I insisted. I motioned to a pair of chairs and she sat in one and I in another.

Leslie Smith was just shy of 30 years old. She joined the Las Vegas Police Department right after college and became the first woman to qualify in both SWAT and EOD. She had also worked protection details and plain clothes assignment. She had been injured in the line of duty once. She was defusing a bomb located at the McLaren airport when it was set off remotely. She had been wearing her protective suit but it gave her a serious concussion and numerous broken bones.

“So why did you leave Vegas?” I asked. “Why did you seek Jennifer out?”

“Well after the explosion I was on restricted duty,” Leslie said, “I couldn’t stand to be behind a desk all day long. And I learned because of certain protocols for concussions, I would not be allowed to be on SWAT. I knew Jennifer from a Law Enforcement Conference and she had given me her card and said when I wanted to have more fun and make more money to give her a call. So here I am.” She said holding out her hands.

“How are you physically? With the concussion and healing part. Any lasting affects?” I asked.

“None,” Leslie stated, “I have been checked out by brain injury specialists from Fort Hood down in Texas. No lingering effects. No permanent damage. Hell, since I found out I had an interview here; I have been working to get into great shape.”

“Ok Leslie,” I said standing, “When can you start?”

“Seriously???” She said standing, “I am hired?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling, “I made that decision yesterday.”

Jennifer was getting Leslie all set up with work cell and work computer. Jennifer had the vacant office on our floor fixed up. I made a couple of calls to the Sheriff’s department about concealed weapons permits. California is really funny about CCW’s but if you have an in like I do, getting them is a breeze.

My office phone rang, the call id said “RESTRICTED”. I answered it, “Anna Chambers”

“Anna, its Emilia,” said the female voice with a British accent. She sounded more tense than I had ever heard her.

“Emilia,” I said, “It is the middle of the night in London, what is going on?”

“I seriously need your help,” said my friend from MI5, “Have you seen the news on your tele?”

“Yes, someone is missing in England?” I asked, “High profile?”

“Her Majesty’s granddaughter, formerly Zara Philips,” Emilia said sighing in frustration into the phone. “We believe we know who did it and the person, well, she has ties to you, Anna.”

“Emilia, I am confused,” I said, “The only ties I have are through her cousin, the Prince.”

“No, Anna, not a him, a her, does the name Lucy Collett ring any bells?” Emilia stated through the phone. My skin turned to ice.

“I will be on the next flight out,” I said into the phone before hanging up and buzzing Jennifer.

Scottish Highlands Fall of 2009…..

I had just gotten back to Camp Lejeune a few months ago after providing security for a senator’s wife on her trip to Poland. The Marine Corps had a new set of communications gear they wanted tested in the field and since it was a joint venture between the US and UK, a group of us would be going over to test it in different environments. I got the short straw with Scotland. Everyone wanted Panama. I like England so I volunteered. So our crew was 2 males and 2 females. Our Officer in Charge was Captain Granger, a Comms guy not an Infantry officer, First Sergeant Irvin, myself and Lance Corporal Collins. Irvin and I were the females. I didn’t know Capt Granger but I know First Sergeant Irvin well. She was a by the book Marine who had done a stint as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island.

We were sent to a base north of Glasgow, Scotland and met with our British Army counterparts. All were male except one. Lance Corporal Lucy Collett stood out not just because she was the only female in the British contingent, but she was drop dead gorgeous. She was about my height but she was curvy. Her large breasts strained against her camouflage uniform blouse. Her fire red hair was tight into a neat bun and under her cover (think of it as a cap). But her personality matched her hair color, fiery. She was young too, almost 20 years old.

The plan was to go out in pairs overnight to test the ranges and receive and transmit ability of the new radios. LCPL Collins was paired with a British Sergeant and I was paired with Lucy. We would be about 5 miles to start with and then expand the range in the rolling hills to 10 miles. We loaded up our gear and were dropped off near one of the lochs in the area. I carried the two person tent while Lucy carried the comms gear and radio. We did our first check at 1630 GMT as the sun was setting. It went well. But then the weather started to change. A steady sheet of rain blanketed us as we hiked to high ground for a better line of sight for the radios. Our last check was supposed to be at 2200; but we kept hearing static come from the new radios and I learned quickly these pieces of shit where not really that water proof. FML!

We found a clearing surrounded by a group of trees. The rain was pouring now. I did have an international cell phone, really basic and I called First Sergeant Irvin to give our situational report. First Sergeant let me know the roads were washed out and the helicopters had been grounded. We were to stay put until morning and they would work to get us out tomorrow. I was so pissed because I did not want to be stuck in the pouring rain on a hill side in Scotland. I would rather be in a pub in Glasgow trying to drink my cares away.

“We need to put this together,” I said motioning towards the tent I laid down on the wet ground.

“You put it together,” was Lucy’s reply, “I am working on the radio.”

“It’s dead Lance Corporal,” I said as I removed my flak jacket. My whole body was soaked and it was starting to get cold. “I need your help with this.”

Then she turned and smiled at me, “Sorry love, I am busy here.”

I wanted to call her a bitch but I kept my emotions in check. I put the tent together in record time for one person. I got the water proof bags out for my blouse, boots, pants and weapon. My helmet and flak would go in another. I unrolled my sleeping bag and laid it on the left side of the tent. There was just enough room for her sleeping bag. I found a rock formation with a shelf and sat under it and ate one of the Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) that I brought. I looked down at my watch and read 2230. I figured the day couldn’t get any worse. I took off my boots, pants, socks (as they were soaked), blouse and placed them into the waterproof bag next to the one holding my gear. I was in just my olive drab t-shirt and black panties. I crawled into my sleeping system and zipped up. Lucy came in a short time later and like me was careful not to get her stuff soaked. She undressed like I did and placed her gear and clothes into waterproof bags. I swear to god that her tan t-shirt was painted on it was so tight and her breasts were huge.

My imagining her naked was broken when she said, “Count you have brought a proper tent? Fucking Americans.” She said under her breathe.

“What did you say?” I asked propping myself on one elbow looking at her start to climb in her sleeping bag.

Maybe it was the rain or the cold or she not wanting to be here either but she didn’t hold back, “I said you should have brought a bigger fucking tent!” She said loudly, when she said “fucking” there was a bit of a cockney accent to it. “Every bloody exercise we do with you stupid marines, everything is fucked up! ‘We have to do it now’ they said,” in a mocking high pitched accent. “I could be fucking home warm in my own fucking bed instead of out here with the likes of you.”

I started laughing, it started out as giggling but it turned into laughter.

Her sleeping bag was still open and she had on white panties with her t-shirt. “What the bloody hell are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing at you, ya prissy bitch!” I shook my head. “If you don’t like the hard life go do something easy and probably something you are good at, like lying on your back for money!”

The tent was high enough that we could kneel in there and we would be comfortable, and that is what she did. She climbed out of her sleeping bag and got to her knees, hands clenched in fists at her sides.

“Did you call me a bitch and a prostitute? You fucking cunt!” She said angrily.

I zipped my own sleeping bag and crawled out and got to my knees. Inches apart from her. “And you just called me a cunt, so this is gonna happen!” and with that I slapped her hard across her left cheek.

The whole area seemed to grow silent after my hand connected to pale flesh. She was holding her cheek, eyes glaring at me, and then in a red blur she came at me!

We wrapped our arms around each other and started wrestling in the tent. The whole thing was shaking. We fell down to the floor of the tent and started grappling with our legs. It was more like I had trained in fighting in the Marine Corps, not a catfight, not yet anyway. We traded top positions, arms still locked around each other, legs trapped together. I was able to get on top and try and flatten her out. I put a front choke on her to try to make her gas out but then she bit me… and yanked my hair. Oh, this bitch wants a catfight?!?

The hair pull took me off her and it just got dirty quick! I grabbed her bun and worked the bobby pins out so her red locks came down. She got mine undone and tried to stab me in the face with my bobby pin. I moved me head slightly and she missed so I bit her right wrist. She yelped out in pain. Btu she was still on top, and those big tits were firmly crushing down on mine. She was curvy but it was layered on top of muscle. She was strong! I grabbed two handfuls of red hair and she grabbed tow handfuls of mine and we stretched our heads back by the hair, shaking, cursing, yelling out in pain as our legs locked and unlocked.

The zipper at the door to the tent was not down the whole way when this started and our feet kicking out started it moving up and up. Soon our feet and ankles were getting pelted with cold rain drops. But we didn’t let up. I pulled away but as I did, I grabbed the neck of her tan t-shirt and pulled. The fabric stretched and started to rip at the neck. She screamed in frustration and grabbed my shirt from my hips, her nails nipping at my skin as she tried to pull my shirt up. She yanked it up over my arms and head and I was temporarily blinded. So I gave her shirt one last hard tug and released it, falling back. I quickly removed my t-shirt and tossed it back against the side of the tent. She was in the process of removing her torn one. She was clad in a barely there white bra, her breasts were bulging out at the top. I still had on a plain black bra, nothing fancy and panties. I lunged at her catching her by surprise and we landed with me on top halfway out of the tent, rain pouring on my back and hair.

Her hands re-gripped my hair and pulled back. Our bra covered breasts were pressed into the others. I slammed her head back into the ground but it was more like mud. Her dark red wet hair was now muddy, as were my fingers and I had trouble keeping a grip. Her hands grabbed my under my armpits and she pulled me up further and her teeth latched onto my right breast! DAMN THAT HURT!!! Even through the bra it hurt like hell. I remember screaming loudly and grabbing some mud and pushing it into her eyes and face. She let got sputtering out mud and I slid past her now sitting in the mud and I rubbed my tit. I turned to see her pounce and she and I started to roll back and forth in the mud.

The rain helped because we didn’t get covered in thick mud, it sort of washed it off of us. She got on top for a moment and started slapping at my face. I slugged her in the left side and she grunted in pain. I used that to roll her over and she went right for my bra! Her fingers dug into the wet, dirty bra, pulling it, trying to tear it off. Playtex makes a good bra but this one was an older model I had used for years and the back clasps gave way and RIIIIIIIPPPPP and it was off and my big breasts bounced free.

“YOU BITCH!!!” I cried out as I grabbed at her bra and worked it down under her breasts.

“FUCKING SLAG!!!” She screamed back at me and grabbed my tits again!

I didn’t know what a slag was but it couldn’t have been good! This started some of the more brutal parts of this fight. Here we were, rain pouring down on us as we slithered around in the muck. We grabbed, groped, pulled, twisted, clawed and scratched each other’s big breasts. Both of us screamed out in pain echoing through the hillside. I rolled off her and we were side by side still raking down nails, twisting nipples, kneading the breasts like play dough. I don’t know why but we let go at the same time and slammed our hurt breasts together. DAMN THAT FUCKING HURTS!!!!

I tried to roll her over, my arms around her and hers around me. I fell her hands at the waistline of my panties and she grabbed on and started tugging up. OH THIS BITCH!!! I reached down and grabbed her and wedged each other’s panties into our ass cracks. I bit her shoulder and smacked her head into mine. I tore each other’s underwear away and we were left wet, naked and dirty, writhing in the mud and muck. We fought our way to our knees and grabbed handfuls of dirty hair and breasts. Teetering, we fell backward into the tent again. The filth covering our bodies covering the sleeping bags. I pulled her up by her hair and we were kneeling again. She punched me hard in the belly. I slammed a left fist into her right breast. We each howled in pain. She grabbed my head and I grabbed hers and we brought them together…..

I remember waking up and there was sun and voice…. Oh shit voices!!!! I picked my head up and it was First Sergeant Irvin looking at me.

“Don’t say a word Devil Dog,” She said, “Put what is left of your goddamn uniform on and get your ass moving!!!”

I did as I was told. I was honestly embarrassed. I had dried blood on my head from conking it with the red head. She was getting read the riot act too. I got lots of stares as I got out of the truck and walked to the command post. SHIT!!! The commanding officer of my battalion was here. He told me to stand up straight. He bitched and bawled me out for what seemed to be an eternity. He told me my conduct was unbecoming of a Marine, that I was done in this Corps, that the general had heard about and wanted my head on a platter and on and on and on. I was to fly back to the states that night to begin my process out of the Marine Corps. 9 years I had been in the Marine Corps, but I guess this day would be the first in the rest of my life. And they thought it was some kind of rough sex she and I had, that would libidos could be tamed or something. His words not mine.

I found the smoke pit and bummed one off a Brit and took some long drags. First Sergeant Irvin came over.

“I know what happened,” she said lighting up her own cigarette, “And if I was in your shoes I would have done the same. But it is like everything that is in the grey or even the black in this life. Can you get away with it? You got caught. So you are out. But, Anna, you have to rest of your life waiting for you. Don’t’ fuck it up!” That was the best line of advice I ever got.

Back to the present……

I opened the file Emilia had sent me on my computer. The decryption and download took only a few moments. File name was REDVIXEN, which was her moniker these days. The photos they had were a couple years older. She was ousted from the Army shortly after our encounter. She got training from the IRA, Basque Separatists, and Hamas. Not just as a “freedom fighter” but also with mercenary organizations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Her specialty was kidnapping women. She had some suspected kills to her name in Jordan and Libya. But she fell off the radar 6 months ago. Then her MO shows up at the kidnapping of a royal. She uses other women as contractors but no pictures or real names just aliases; Abigail, Jessica, Magritte.

I kissed Ewa as she dropped me off at LAX. “Don’t worry my love, I will be safe!” I said, “I am going to help them look for her and the Brits do their thing. I will be back before you know it.”

“Promise me,” she said looking really serious, “That you won’t chase after her yourself. You will let others do it?”

“I promise Ewa,” I lied, kissing her again on the mouth. I exited the Tahoe and grabbed my bags and went to the ticket counter.

Over the Atlantic…..

I tried to sleep on the flight as much as I could. But I was running things through my brain as I read over the file on Lucy. She had a history of exacting revenge on family members of those that wronged her. Her mean streak ran as red as her hair.

The aircraft touched down at Heathrow and I was met at the exit way by a few men in dark suits. I was ushered into a small room where I saw Emilia. We hugged, I felt her large firm breasts press against mine.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice, Anna,” she said opening a laptop and punching in her password.

“Please tell you have something on her,” I said sitting down next to Emilia.

“We may have a break in this!” She said with a little cheer in her voice pointing to the grainy picture on the screen, “We got this from Ammon, Jordan. Four women got off a flight with Irish passports. We believe we have a match to Zara.” I looked at the woman craning her head, clearly a blonde. “And this is the last shot we have of them.” I looked into the eye of Lucy. She was smiling up at the camera, clearly knowing it was there and that she would be identified.

“She is smiling at us, at you,” I said, zooming in on her companions. One of the women was clearly a brunette with enormous breasts and also another red head, smaller than Lucy but looked just a formidable.

“The other red head is has been tentatively identified as Suzy Porter. Ex-IRA with a hatred of the royal family; think Tom Clancy Patriot Games,” Emilia stated, “These are two hours old but we do know they had a few cars waiting for them and they were headed towards the Dead Sea, probably Petra. Hamas actually has a small contingent in Jordan. I have arranged for you, me and a group of ten SAS to travel there and meet with Jordanian intelligence.”

“When do we leave?” I asked, but already knew the answer.


I missed my H&K pistol but got a compact Glock 9mm that fit in small of my back. I had changed into khaki cargo pants and boots. I wore a long sleeve dark blue moisture wicking button up shirt over my white t-shirt. Emilia was dressed similar to me, but the blouse was a dark green. We landed at a small Jordanian Air Force base about half way from Amman to Petra and were met by hard looking men. The head of the Jordanian Intelligence Service or JIS was waiting in a Land Rover that whisked Emilia and I away with the SAS following in other Land Rovers.

“This is completely off the books, Emilia,” said Dawood Hussan, “My government will disavow any action taken on our soil. But we dislike terrorists and Hamas doing unspeakable things here as well, so you have me. You also have free rain for the next 12 hours. Petra has been closed. I have an asset in place there. She reported the women arrived with a group of 15 Hamas fighters no more than an hour ago.”

“She?” I asked.

“My daughter, Amal,” he said with a smile on his face, “Please do take care with her, as good as she is, I don’t want anything happening to her.”

“You have my word, Director Hussan,” Emilia said, “Our plan is to be in and out quickly. We want all alive.”

We sat in silence for the next hour or so. The internal clock in my head was telling me that Lucy and her crew had about two hours to set up and plan an ambush or something worse. Hussan’s men would only be back up if things went south. The sun was setting as we arrived at the ancient city of Petra. Hussan told us that drones had been up and most movement was near the old bank (think the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when they are riding on horseback through the path and come up on the building built into the side of the rock). The SAS dressed all in black nomex suits, body armor and bullpup rifles (magazine well behind the trigger guard). Emilia and I would be in the second wave. Ear pieces and throat mikes in place and I checked to see I had a round chambered in my pistol. We went out.

It was eerily quiet, to quiet if you asked me. But we pressed on. I heard static in my ear piece and looked at Emilia, I keyed my throat mike.

“Can you hear me?” I asked through the mike. Emilia shook her head. She tried the other members of the team and even Hussan. Nothing. Great, just fucking great. A wealth of technology at our fingers and we are going in deaf and dumb. That is when the automatic fire started. I heard the crack of an AK-47 and the return fire from the bullpups. More and more as we neared the spot where Team one had been. I saw blood and wounded soldiers trying to take cover. It had been an ambush. They knew exactly where we were supposed to be. I ducked behind a rock to check the pulse of the nearest man in black. He was gone. I grabbed his rifle as more rounds kicked up dirt at my feet. I peered out quickly looking for muzzle flashes and when I saw one, I returned fire. That opened me up to more rounds coming my way, but it left Emilia to get some of her men out of harm’s way and into shelter behind rocks. I heard a scream from where Emilia was and saw her face down with a man pointing an AK at her. That is when I felt the barrel of a rifle pressed to the back of my neck.

“GET UP!” The first man said to Emilia and me in Arabic, “MOVE!”

I had my pistol taken from behind my back and Emilia, I and 4 of her team were lead into the open courtyard in front of the bank. I was shoved ahead to where 12 men with AK’s milled about and they were joined by three women dragging another with them. I recognized Zara but the women had head and face coverings on. One removed hers and I looked into the eyes of Lucy Collett.

“Well, well, well,” She said with a smile on her face, “Fancy seeing you after all these years. I have a file open on you in the slightest chance someone would want to end you. How is Ewa these days?”

I bristled at the sound of my girlfriend’s name. The other red head, Suzy, removed her face covering as well and barked an order I missed to the men. They moved to each of the SAS soldiers and executed them.

Lucy crouched down next to me, “You know love,” she said, “This makes it personal. So a part of me loves that I have to change plans and do something completely different. I wish I could stay and watch the fun we have planned for you, but time is on my side, not yours.”

She moved back to confer with her two cohorts and they talked quietly, finally coming to some sort of agreement. Lucy and her brunette friend left with about half of the Hamas fighters leaving me and Emilia on our knees tied up, Zara tied up about 15 feet from us, and Suzy and 6 men with AK’s standing around us. I heard the sound of car engines and then the sound faded away.

“So, who is up for a little sport??” Suzy asked sitting on a rock, she hands on her knees as she leaned in the direction of Emilia and I, “I know these men are. You know what they love even more that beautiful women, they love to see beautiful women fight!”

“Your bleeding crazy if you think we are going to fight,” Emilia spat out.

“Oh no?!?” Suzy said walking over to Zara, taking the blonde by the hair and yanking her head back roughly. She slide a long knife from behind her back and pressed it to Zara’s cheek. “You are here to save her, right?!? You bloody twats are going to fight it out, make it look really nasty or I start cutting pretty little Zara here and those men will be slitting your throats and probably fucking your dying corpses, they can be animals. So it is up to you.”

I looked over at Emilia, “We don’t have much of a choice. We have to hope that our friends are coming soon.”

“Fine,” Emilia said to the red headed Irish lass, “She and I fight, and you don’t hurt the girl. You word on it.”

“My word,” Suzy said with a snort of laughter, “Fine you British pig, I won’t hurt the bloody royal if that is what you want, but this fight better be real. Oh and it will be naked!” A hoot came from the men. FUCK this is going to suck.

Two men pointed their AK’s at Emilia and I as we were cut free and we stood. We started to undress, stripping off the remaining clothing. The cool night air caused goose bumps on my skin.

“And we want to see a catfight!” Suzy exclaimed as she removed her jacket and I saw her figure for the first time. She was wearing a dark brown t-shirt that hugged her curves, she was stacked up top.

As Emilia and I finished stripping naked I said, “Sorry about this Em, this is going to hurt.”

“I am sorry too Anna,” she said as she nodded and we started to circle.

“FIGHT!” Screamed the red head as she was clearly excited from this; we lunged!

Emilia and I met with a slap of skin, hands going to each other’s hair, boobs smacking together. Emilia is at least an E cup and I am a healthy D. We hit the sand right away, tumbling over, rolling back and forth, kicking up a lot of dirt in the process. Now on most occasions, rolling around with a busty, hot girl like Emilia would be a huge turn on for me, but this was a fight not only for our lives but that of Zara too. The men around us lowered their rifles and watched with hungry looks in their eyes. Some even grabbed hardening cocks as they watch me and busty Brit fight. And she could fight, like a hell cat. But she was holding back a little. I knew it. I roughly grabbed her left breast and squeezed, she yelled out in pain.

“Don’t hold back,” I whispered through gritted teeth, “They will know or at least she will.”

My tit grab was answered back from Emilia and I knew she got the hint. We were side by side, legs locked together and we were grabbing breasts with one hand and puling at hair with the other. Emilia rolled on top of me, grabbing my hair with both hands and slamming my head into the ground, stunning me. Then she slammed her big meaty breasts down on mine over and over again. I cried out as the air left my lungs, but if these fuckers wanted a show then we had to give them one. I raked my nails down Em’s side to her naked hips, her body tensing with the motion. I reached in between her legs and cupped her pussy, not clawing but I gave it enough pressure that she knew what I was doing and went with it.

“AAHHHHHH YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!” Emilia cried out as she fell off holding herself between the legs, I was impressed at her acting, Oscar worthy!

I pounced on her and we smacked our big tits together and re-grabbed hair and tossed each other about. Emilia and I worked our way to our knees and grabbed each other’s arms and started smacking our breasts together in a titfight. The crowd of horny terrorists howled in excitement. I twisted my tits so they would slap into Em’s from the sides. Emilia was doing the same. It fucking hurt but we had to do it. I pulled back as she did and we slammed forward with an audible CLOP! Then again, CLOP! CLOP! CLOP! My teeth were gritted and eyes were closed, when I opened them I noticed dark shapes moving from behind. Emilia must have noticed it to because she wrapped me up in a bearhug, our tits mushrooming out at the sides. That is when the automatic weapons fire started. We hit the ground, still holding each other.

Suzy caught the movement a split second before it started and had her knife out, moving toward Zara, but a woman dressed in black blocked her path. With a quick movement, the knife was kicked out of Suzy’s hand, flying 20 feet away. The rest of the Hamas terrorists were dead or dying as Hussan’s men moved in. The woman yelled something in a Arabic that I only caught briefly, like, “Leave her be, she is mine!” It was Hussan’s daughter Amal.

Amal looked to be unarmed and Suzy whipped her hands behind her back and came out with a pistol that just as quick, Amal took from her and tossed behind her.

“Alright you fucking twat! You want a fight you got it!” Suzy screamed as she rushed forward.

Amal could have ducked or evaded or even kicked her but she opened her arms and wrapped them around Suzy as the red head barreled into her. They went down with Amal on her back but she used the movement to kick up and send Suzy ass over tea kettle. Suzy landed on her back with an OOOOFFF. And Amal scrambled to meet the raising red head. They came together, hands clawing and yanking at hair, bodies tumbling over and over. Hands reached in and grabbed at breasts and torn at shirts. Amal had large breasts on her as well and Suzy grabbed at them, twisting and turning them as Amal cried out in pain.

Emilia and I got dressed as quickly as we could and rush to Zara. She was scared but alive. The men in black wrapped her up in a blanket and formed a six person security barrier around her, rifles pointed in every direction as they escorted her out.

Suzy shirt was torn and her breasts were exposed under her bra as she rolled on top of Amal. Amal’s large tits were up over her bra and the two engaged in a wicked tit fight. Breasts were clawed and pulled, nipples twisted and the two women screamed in unison. Amal rolled on top and Suzy slammed her in the face with a right cross, stunned the brunette. Suzy saw a glint of steel and she lunged for her discarded pistol, picking it up and pointing it at Amal. I froze in horror but a saw a whirl of something and….

Suzy looked down to see her knife embedded between her breasts, Amal had flung it expertly and the former IRA terrorist could only stare down. The gun tumbled from her grip and she fell to her back, dead.

Amal got up and placed her breasts back into her bra and walked over to the dead girl and kicked the gun further away. She knelt by her and said something in Arabic, almost like a prayer and then removed the knife from between Suzy’s big tits, blood splashing over the red head’s exposed skin and shirt. Amal whipped the knife on Suzy’s pants.

She noticed Emilia and me just staring in awe of her.

“Come,” she said standing and motioning for us to go to the Land Rovers that had just arrived, “I think we need tea.”

Amal filled us in on what she was doing, first finding the frequency jammer, disabling it and then contacting her father’s men. She waited for the right time and admitted she like watching Emilia and I rolled around naked, so she could have been faster. She smiled, blushing a little. We headed for a safe house near the Air Force base. Director Hussan was waiting for us. He had a grim look on her face.

Emilia,” he said in a low voice, “I am sorry but all of your men are dead. When I informed London about it, they did not seem pleased to hear the news. I was instructed to put you and your two companions on a direct flight to Hereford for your debriefing. You have my condolences and prayers for the souls of your men.”

Em looked deflated. Losing people on a mission is tough, and she would have to take responsibility. It can break people.

Amal took me aside and gave me a card with a few numbers on it. “Please, if you are ever in need of help, or whatever, call me and I will be there.” I thanked her for the card, the help and the show with Suzy. She blushed again.

The flight seemed to take an eternity. I had called Ewa to tell her I was ok, of course I did not give her any details, just that we were working the case. When we landed at the home of the SAS, we were all separated. I was grilled for maybe an hour before they nodded in agreement and I was ushered into a small room with a couch and coffee. I got a cup and sat down as Emilia walked in. Her head was down and she sat down on the couch, her head in her hands.

“I am sacked, Anna,” Emilia said, “MI5 is disavowing me, rescinding all security clearances. I am done in the intelligence world. But I know why, I lost those men. They are dead on my watch.” She stared crying.

I went to her sat down and put my arm around her. “Em, you are never alone in this world,” I said, my right cheek on the top of her head as I held her, “Why don’t you come visit me, when you are ready, and we will see if you like the States?”

I could feel Emilia nod.

I grabbed the first flight I could back, a little sore, still not knowing where this bitch would be. I slept most of the flight. The file I had on the way over was now back in the hands of British intelligence. No freebies from them anymore. I woke from the bump of wheels touching down and I turned on my phone. My phone showed a text from Ewa.

“My love, I am having Jess, my photographer come over with the new girl, Abigail for a bikini shoot by the pool. Should be a fun time. Hope all is good with you. I miss you. I love you Anna.

Shit, Abigail… new girl… SHIT!!!! I called Ewa and her phone went right to voicemail. I called Jennifer.

“Hey boss, what’s shakin…” I cut her off

“Jenn get to my house now, call Leslie for back up,” I said as I ran for security, “I have a bad feeling someone is going after the ones I love. Be careful!”

“Will do,” was what I heard on the other end of the phone, I also heard the familiar rack of the slide of a pistol.

About the time my plane was landing….

“…. So as you can see, the bedroom opens up to the pool area,” Ewa said to her new brunette model, Abigail, “I am just wondering when Jess will get here. We don’t want to lose this great natural light.” Ewa was dressed for the Southern California weather in a gold bikini and sandals and Abigail was dressed in a barely there black bikini.

Ewa was in the process of dial Jess on her phone when Abigail snatched it from Ewa’s hands and switched it off and tossed it into the pool.

“What the fuck are you doing?!?!?” Ewa exclaimed angrily.

“Jess won’t be joining us,” Abigail said calmly, “And neither will your precious Anna.”

Ewa looked shocked and scared all at the same time, “What… how do you know Anna?”

“When we left her, she was about to be killed in Jordan,” Abigail said smiling a sickenly sweet smile.

“I WILL KILL YOU!!!” Ewa screamed as she lunged, claws out at the busty brunette!

“That’s the idea!” Abigail replied quickly, hands up sliding past Ewa’s hands going for think hair.

The two busty, bikini clad beauties cursed as they whipped heads back and forth by each other’s hair. Nails nicked at scalps, getting each woman to yelp in pain. Ewa kicked Abigail in her right shin and Abi stumbled taking the two women careening towards the pool area. Abigail tripped over a lounge chair and it sent them sprawling to the tiled ground. The fall broke them apart and they scrambled towards each other to attack. Nails slashed, fists slammed home to breasts, bodies and faces. The two slugged it out like prize fighters. Ewa sent a left fist to the underside of Abigail’s right tit, knocking from the bikini top. Abi howled in pain. She retaliated with a punch to the side of Ewa’s left breast, jarring her and she fell back to her bum. Abi was on her in a second. Abigail grabbed Ewa’s hair and was going to slam her head against the tile when she screamed in agony! Ewa’s fingers had found Abigail’s swinging breasts and latched on, nails digging in. Abigail grabbed at Ewa’s hands, but Ewa had a death grip on those huge breasts! Abigail leaned back but Ewa just went with her. She twisted to her right and let go of Abi’s big tits as Abigail splashed into the pool!

Ewa scrambled up and ran towards the bedroom and the pistol I had stashed under the bed in a quick release safe. Ewa flew on the bed, her hand groping for the release and it sprang open, fingers almost closed around the grip when a wet body landed hard on Ewa’s back! Abigail had rushed out of the pool and jumped on Ewa! Abi had lost her top and her big tits swayed freely as she pulled Ewa back by the hair, bending Ewa’s neck and back. Ewa struggled to get free but Abigail was sitting on her butt and pulling back hard on her hair. Ewa twisted slightly and threw her right elbow back and it collided with Abigail’s right tit. Ewa felt instant relief as Abi fell back off of her. Ewa scrambled up and forgot all about the gun and just wanted to hurt the other woman. Ewa pounced with claws extended and landed boob on boob with Abigail. Her hand went to Abi’s face and started raking them down with a vengeance. Abigail screamed out and fought back, clawing at Ewa’s bouncing breasts. Ewa grabbed Abi by her tits and the kneaded and dug their nail sin so hard, droplets of blood came out. Mostly from Abigail’s breasts. Abigail let go of Ewa’s tits and grabbed her wrists, again try to pry them from her wounded tits. Ewa raised her right hand, formed it into a fist and was about to slam it down on the hurt brunette when WAM!!!! She was hit in the back of the head and then blackness……

Ewa was starting to come to, realizing that she was tied to a chair and had something strapped to her chest. She stared up at the red head who was punching in a few numbers into the device. Ewa started to struggle when her hair was pulled back sharply and the muzzle of a hand gun was pressed against her head.

“Now don’t move please love,” Lucy said standing up, “You wouldn’t want this to go off now would you.”

Abigail release Ewa’s hair and Ewa looked down to see small grey bricks with wires and a led display blinking.

“Now please listen to me, Ewa,” Lucy went on, “You tell your Anna, oh yes she is alive, that she needs to leave well enough alone or KABOOM!”

“EWA!” Cried a voice from the front of the house and then feet were running. Jennifer came into the bedroom with her gun in both hands at the ready. She saw Ewa tied and gagged and went to her. She got down on her knees to see Ewa wide eyed and trying to scream through her gag. Then the gun barrel pressed to the back of Jennifer’s head.

“Get up please,” Lucy said as Jennifer stood, “Now walk forward. That’s far enough. Goodbye Jennifer.” Lucy said calmly as she pulled the trigger.

Ewa screamed at the sound of the gunshot and body slumping the floor out of view.

Lucy came back into view as tears streamed down Ewa’s face, “Now remember what I said, Ewa? I changed my mind, when Anna gets here we will be a few houses away and then KABOOM!” In her fingers was a small cylindrical devise with blinking red buttons on it.

At LAX……

I was able to slide by the TSA by an LA County Sheriff deputy who knew me. I ran out to the arrival area and realized I did not have a ride. SHIT! I ran out to where the taxis were and knew it would a miracle if I made to my house in the next hour. But waiting at the curb was a black Audi and a busty Asian woman waiting in the driver’s seat.

“Get in Anna,” Leslie said, “Jen called me and said you needed a ride.”

I hopped in and hoped that we would be there in time. Leslie accelerated like an Indy 500 driver weaving in and out of traffic. She kept her eye on the road and right foot on the gas and reached over to the glove compartment and opened. There were two Glock pistols and a few magazines of 9mm ammunition. I laughed and loaded. We got to my house and saw Jennifer’s car in the driveway. I had the door open before Leslie could stop the car. I got out but Leslie said to wait a sec. She came out holding what looked like an ancient cell phone. She hit a few numbers and nodded. We moved to the front door and moved in. She and I cleared the house to the back bedroom. She went in high to the right and I went low to the left, always keeping fields of fire overlapped. We saw Ewa in the chair, an obvious bomb strapped to her chest. Leslie and I satisfied the room was clear, went to her. Leslie looking over the device and I took the duct tape gag from her mouth.

“GET OUT ANNA!!!” Ewa screamed, “That woman is going to set it off!!!”

Then Leslie shook her head, “No she won’t,” she said calmly, more calmly than I would have liked, “That device I turned on is a signal blocker. She could be right next to it and it wouldn’t work. Some kids a UNLV came up with the design. Works in the same frequency as the cell towers. Blankets the area in static. Now, which one is the green wire, I can’t tell, I’m color blind.”

Ewa and I looked at her and said in unison, “YOU’RE WHAT?!?!?”

“Kidding,” Leslie said smiling but never taking her eyes off the bomb, her wire cutters in her right hand, “EOD humor!”

She cut the wire and the lights on the bomb turned off.

Down the street in a non-descriptive rental car, Lucy was franticly pressing the button but nothing was happening. Angry she tossed the cylinder out the window and drove off.

“Ok,” Leslie said, “Let’s get this thing off of you.”

I looked around the bedroom and saw blood by the open door to the pool area, a lot of blood, it was smeared to the tile leading to …. Oh GOD!!!! NO!!!!! Jennifer’s body was still floating in the pool, the water pink around her. I dropped to my knees and screamed!!!

LAPD and FBI had my house cordoned off with yellow tape as I watched silently as Leslie talked with the bomb experts and Ewa answer questions from the FBI. I looked up as a gurney carrying the body of my friend out my front door. I put my head down in my hands. This was my fault; they are in danger because of me. She was here in the US because I meddled in her affairs. But now she has made it personal. She killed not only my employee but my friend. She tried to kill Ewa. Come at me all you want but when you try and hurt the ones I love, there is a hard price you will pay. I was a drone talking with the police and the feds. I knew the mission in Jordan was off the books and therefore didn’t exist. Once we were cleared to leave, I rode in the ambulance carrying Ewa to the hospital; they wanted to keep her overnight to see if the bump on her head was something to be concerned with. I sat in room with her as doctors talked with her, I really count tell you what they were saying. When they left, Ewa motioned me to her bedside.

She was a little loopy from some pain meds they gave her, “Anna,” she said, her eyes boring into mine, “Go do what you do, but don’t do it with revenge in your heart or you will never come back the same.”

I kissed her hard on the lips as she fell asleep. Leslie was waiting for me in the waiting room.

“I got the Tahoe from the garage you sent it to,” Leslie said, “Carlos said all modifications were made and the engine is tweaked. What was he talking about?”

I lead her outside walking in a brisk pace towards the SUV. “Only a 50 cal or high could penetrate the new armor plating and there is a compartment in the back for all my toys. And now she is faster than any truck her size on the road.”

We drove to a small storage rental area in Studio City. I scanned my card, got access and drove to a rental garage out of view from just about everyone. It was going on 10pm. I unlocked the lock and slide the door up. In front of me was a wall and door with an electronic keypad and hand print device. I scanned my hand and pressed the right combo of keys and the door clicked and I pushed it open, turned on the light and Leslie’s eyes went wide! Inside was a small arsenal. Enough pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, and explosives to take over a small country.

“Grab what you need, ammo is under the table,” I said, moving some stored files around. I grabbed a little black book with names and phone numbers in it. I loaded up my own duffle with a black SCAR 7.62 rifle with telescopic lens, a compact H7K 45 cal pistol with small of the back holster. I took a black Ka-Bar knife from the wall, checked for sharpness and placed it in the duffle. I threw in boxes of ammo to match what I had. Leslie had taken a few grenades, some C4, detonators, her own rifle and 1911 pistol from the wall and loaded up.

“Where do we look first?” She asked as we loaded it into the SUV.

I pulled out the little black book and paged through to find the name and address I needed, “We are going to Little Tokyo.”

In downtown LA…..

Lucy Collett and Abigail Ratchford drove around the block of a non-descript building in downtown LA a few times to make sure they were not followed. Once they were satisfied, they parked and Lucy got out.

“Meet me at the cliffs at 2AM as planned,” Lucy said as Abigail slid into the driver’s seat, “Keep a low profile love, and get those cuts taken care of.” She said point to Abigail’s torn chest.

“Don’t be late,” Abigail said putting the car in drive, “Sophie will not want to be waiting long.”

Lucy didn’t look at the car as it drove off, she buzzed the intercom and looked at the security camera and waved. The door buzzed open and Lucy went inside. The bottom floor of the building was almost like a warehouse, cars were lined up, Ford’s and Chevy’s of various makes and models. At the back end of the warehouse were a group of offices. Lucy opened the door to the one which was lighted.

Lisa Watson had her back to the office door, her medium length brown hair loose on her head, her hands were working on a new ID she was fabricating. She turned her head and smiled as the red head sauntered in and sat down.

“Ah, Lucy,” Lisa said turning from her work, “Everything is done.” Lisa smoothed her tight red blouse. Her high heels clicked as she walked across the cement floor to a filing cabinet, extracting a manila envelope. She purposely bent over slightly, showing the red head her perfectly formed ass, encased in a black tight skirt. Lisa laid the envelope on the table and leaned over slightly; her large breasts bouncing, showing off a wealth of cleavage. “Now, is there anything, and I mean anything that I can do for or to you Lucy?”

Lucy was smiling at the show being presented to her. Her cheeks were a little flushed, body getting warmer at the voluptuous beauty in front of her.

“Payment has been made to your offshore account, sweet Lisa,” Lucy said, fingers tracing over the envelope and then Lisa’s hand, “Now that we have a little time to kill, why don’t you and I get better acquainted?”

Lucy grasped Lisa’s hand and pulled her from around the desk. She pulled it with enough strength that it caused the two busty women to collide. Moans came from the women’s lips as their bodies pressed tightly. Lucy and Lisa mashed lips in a passionate kiss, tongues entering the other’s mouth, swirling around as hands roamed, exploring each other’s bodies. Lucy pushed Lisa against the wall of the office, pulling up Lisa’s short skirt, yanking her left leg up so her thigh was over Lucy’s right hip. Lisa moaned as they continued to devour each other’s mouths. Lisa had her hands at the bottom of Lucy’s tight t shirt and was lifting it up as Lucy was roughly unbuttoning Lisa’s blouse. They only paused they heavy petting so Lucy could lose her shirt and Lisa was able to shrug out of her blouse. Now only clad up top in lace cut bras with breast pushing out. They came back together in another passionate kiss; Lucy roughly grabbing the bra covered breasts of Lisa as Lisa moaned again. Lisa was humping her hips against Lucy who returned the gyrating. Lisa unclasped Lucy’s bra, letting the red heads massive breasts to come forth. Lucy backed off again letting the lacy garments to slide off her arms and to the floor. Lisa quickly unclasped the front hook of her bra and breasts that rivaled Lucy’s is size bounced out. Lisa grasped Lucy’s right breast, bringing the mound up and to her lips. She took the nipple and areola into her mouth and started sucking and darting her tongue at the erect nipple. Now it was Lucy’s time to moan, her back arched and she purred as there was an audible POP as Lisa’s lips came free from her tit. Lucy grabbed Lisa from under her ass and hefted her up with surprising strength, moving around and putting Lisa roughly on the desk. The desk was cool against Lisa’s ass as Lucy spread open Lisa’s legs and tore the brunette’s panties off. Lucy got to her knees and moved Lisa’s legs over her shoulders, Lisa’s thighs on either side of Lucy’s head. Lucy drove her face into Lisa’s wet pussy, lapping the sweet juice as Lisa laid back on the desk in pure ecstasy. Lisa grasped her own large breasts, moving her face down to tongue and suck on her hard nipples. Lucy sucked on the labia, letting it POP out causing spasms from Lisa’s body. Lisa lapped and sucked, tonguing the clit, inserting two fingers, than three, finger fucking the hot brunette as she licked and lapped at the wet sex organ. Lisa arched her hips, pressing her hot kitty into Lucy’s face. She was so close to orgasm so quickly. Lisa had been fantasizing about Lucy ever since she took the job makes the new ID’s and passports.

“MMMMMM GGGGAWWWWDDDD,” cried Lisa as Lucy continued to assault her pussy with tongue, lips and teeth. “GOOOONNNNAAAA CCCCUUUUMMMMM!!!!”

Then Lucy’s phone chirped and Lucy stopped what she was doing between Lisa’s legs. She got up, whipping the juices from her mouth and chin and went to the phone. Lisa was dumbfounded. She was so close and opened her mouth to speak but Lucy held up her hand to wait.

“Yes?” Lucy said breathlessly into the phone, “Good Sophie. Yes, everything is arranged, I was just… working on my bill. I will see you at 2AM at the cliffs. There is a spot there for the helicopter to land. See you then love.”

Lucy pressed the button to end the call and moved to pick up her shirt and bra, putting them back on.

“Sorry Lisa love,” Lucy said with a smile, “But my ride is going to be waiting and I need to get a few things before I depart.”

Lisa propped herself up on her elbows; eyes still glazed over with lust. “Can we see each other soon?”

“’Fraid no dear,” Lucy said with a slight frown, “I need to be gone from this place before it gets too hot. But if your work is a sweet as your pussy, we will be in business again. Now, I need that car you promised. Clean title and plates, please.”

“Keys are on the hanger, first ones, the black Ford Taurus,” Lisa said with a sigh, “My work is that good and we will be seeing each other again.”

As Lisa was trying to get dressed on shaky legs, Lucy fired up the car and drove out of the warehouse. Lisa finished getting dressed and locked up and got into her own BMW to drive to her apartment, two blocks away.

In Little Tokyo…..

Leslie and I split up, Leslie driving to an apartment in the city to track down someone who was a wiz at forged documents. I found myself in a comfortable arm chair, in a dark bedroom, still dressed in all black, pistol in my lap. The occupant in the bed stirred, sensing someone was in the bedroom with her. Her hand fumbled on the nightstand, reaching into the drawer but not finding what she wanted. She clicked on the light.

“It’s not there Ami,” I said from the chair, her eyes squinted, getting used to the light in the room, “And for fuck’s sake, don’t ever go with these piece of shit .25 cal knock offs of Markorvs. The Chinese make a shitty gun.” I held the small pistol in my left hand.

“What the fuck do you want Chambers?” Was the reply from the daughter of the head of the Yakuza in the US. “You have a lot of fucking nerve coming in here.”

“Ami,” I said, “Your security both electronic and the men suck. You should have hired me to do your recommendations, would have made it harder to get in here. Not impossible but harder.”

“Is this about your girlfriend, the fat titted polish slut,” Ami said sitting up, letting the sheet fall down exposing her bare breasts to me, “I told that other chick that works for you, that if I see Ewa in one of my clubs again, I am going to personally throw her out on her ass!”

“What did she do?” I asked curiously.

“She got mad when I hit on one of her girls,” Ami said indignantly, “Threw a drink in my face. I should have slapped her right there but whatever her name is got in-between us. She got lucky.”

“Well the “Other Chick” is dead,” I said with a flat tone to my voice, “Killed for protecting Ewa, so take care to watch your tone from this point to the end of our conversation.”

“I didn’t order it!” Ami told me with a slight amount of fear on her face; she looked in my lap and saw my right hand holding my 45. “Christ Anna, you don’t think I would do that. For fuck sake I have helped you before!”

“Lucy Collett,” I said, “Where is she?”

I could tell by the way Ami’s face changed that she knew the name.

“She is not being protected by anyone I know,” Ami said holding her hands up, “I swear on my brother’s grave.” I had met Ami a year ago when her brother, the heir to the Yakuza was gunned down at a resort in Mexico. I had done a little digging and found out which drug lord had ordered the hit and sometime later, the drug lord and his family all went missing, vanished from the face of the earth.

“Then who would she go to?” I asked leaning forward, elbows on my knees, my right hand with gun dangling down.

“If she wants to get out of the country she needs papers, passports, IDs and such,” Ami said, “Best one in LA is Lisa Watson.”

“Good,” I said leaning back again, “I have someone checking her out right now. Just needed some confirmation.”

“So,” Ami said, “You are not going to hurt me for threating your girlfriend?”

“Ewa is a big girl and can fight her own battles,” I said rising from the chair, “You and her one on one, now that would be a sight to behold.” I left the naked beauty in bed, her heart still pounding heavily. I walked over the legs of the unconscious guards outside her bedroom door and down the hall.

Leslie didn’t have to wait long in Lisa’s apartment. Lisa came in without a care in the world. Still floating from her almost orgasm at the fingers and tongue of the hot red head. She locked the door and stripped off her shirt and skirt leaving the garments on the floor as she walked toward her bedroom. Her bra was left at the doorway. She hopped up on the bed and started fingering herself to the thought of Lucy and was almost to orgasm again when Leslie turned on the lamp and Lisa screamed and pulled the sheet to her chin. She reached for the phone and felt nothing. Leslie set it down next to her.

“Lisa Watson is it?” Leslie asked, already knowing the answer, “I have a few questions for you about some of your clientele.”

Lisa’s courage came back into her voice. “You know the drill, whoever you are,” Lisa said glaring at Leslie, “I never ever reveal clients.”

“Never ever??” Leslies said in a mocking voice, “Then we will have to do this the hard way.”

Leslie started peeling off her clothes. Shirt first, then boots, pants and finally she took off her bra and thong.

“What the fuck are you doing??” Lisa asked as she stared at the now naked busty Asian women at the foot of her king size bed.

“Well,” Leslie said, hands on her hips, fingers drumming, “Since you won’t answer me, I get to beat it out of you. And since you are already naked, I figured I would give you a fair chance.” Leslies reached down and grabbed the satin sheet and yanked it down, exposing Lisa’s voluptuous body. Leslie was at least 4 inches shorter and weighed a good 20lbs less; Lisa could tell immediately that she had the height and weight advantage.

Lisa got to her knees, “Come try whore!”

She didn’t have to ask Leslie twice. My Asian compatriot leaped and the two busty women met in the center of the huge bed in a slap of flesh.

On a few occasions in her duties as a law enforcement officer in Las Vegas, Leslie had decided that fighting a woman one on one, nothing to hold them back, in a rip roaring catfight, was the best way to both get the answers she needed and earn respect from the other woman. She loved the feel of another woman’s body under her or on top of her in a violent embrace. No wonder I like Leslie so much!!!

The two women yanked at hair and slapped at each other still on their knees on the bed. Lisa kept thinking her size would overcome the busty Asian. Leslie was both surprised and excited by the wild fight Lisa was putting up. Lisa twisted and brought Leslie down to her back, Lisa coming down on top. Leslie pulled back on Lisa’s hair, getting the larger girl to yelp in pain. Lisa grabbed two handfuls of Leslie’s large breasts and squeezed causing Leslie to cry out. The Asian moved her right hand to Lisa’s left tit, pushing it up and sunk her teeth into the brunette’s breast. Lisa screamed out so loud, Leslie’s ears were ringing. Lisa frantically brought her hands to Leslie’s hair and tried to pull the smaller woman’s teeth from her tit. Lisa rolled off but Leslie held on and they kept rolling until they rolled off the bed onto the carpet. The fall jarred them loose of each other. Lisa got to her knees and swung a slap at the rising Leslie. Leslie ducked it and pushed forward, her head striking Lisa between her breasts and the two went down to the carpet with Leslie on top. She sat her ass down on Lisa’s tummy and grabbed both of Lisa’s breasts, one in each hand and started squeezing. Lisa cried out and reached up to Leslie’s dangling breasts, grabbing each one and started twisting. Both women were crying out and cursing each other as they wrecked each other’s tits. Leslie broke the hold and batted Lisa’s hands away and slammed her big girls down right into Lisa’ large pair. Lisa’s arms wrapped around the Asian and pulled her in close, rolling them to their sides. Leslie’s legs wrapped around Lisa’s waist and she locked her ankles and started to tighten. Lisa’s sides were being crushed by the smaller girl’s powerful legs. Lisa release the bearhug and tried to push away but Leslie held on tight. Lisa slapped and scratched at Leslie’s thighs to try and break the hold. Leslie’s slackened her legs and let Lisa roll out. Lisa was holding her belly and Leslie got to her feet and pulled Lisa up by her hair, throwing her back on to the bed.

Leslie started rummaging through Lisa’s dresser drawers and pulled out some silk stockings and went to the moaning women on the bed. Once Lisa was tied to the four corners of her bed, arms and legs spread out, Leslie mounted her tummy again, grasping Lisa’s face with her right and putting her own face inches from the busty brunette.

“I am out of time, Lisa,” Leslie said with a smile on her face, “Normally I would let this last for a while, let you think you are winning and then I take you, but my friend is dead and your clients killed her, so you need to start talking.”

“FUCK YOU SLANT EYED SLUT!” Lisa yelled out and spit in Leslie’s face, “I ain’t telling you shit!!!

“Too bad for you cunt!!!!” Leslie said releasing Lisa’s face and then took a thong she had pulled out with stockings and shoved it in Lisa’s mouth. Leslie cocked her right hand back, made a fist and slammed in down on Lisa’s left tit. The impact caused all the skin to ripple. Lisa’s eye went wide as she muffled a howl of pain. Leslie alternated the left breast punching with right breast punching. Each time the skin warbled and rippled. Lisa was sobbing now. Her eyes glassy with tears as they ran down the sides of her face. But she was still defiant. So Leslie moved back, sliding back between Lisa’s legs and sent her right knee hard into Lisa’s pussy! THAWCK!!!

Lisa’s body arched and writhed in the restraints. Leslie looked at her, poised to send another knee shot in, but Lisa shook her head franticly. Leslie moved back to the tummy sitting position.

“Now when I remove this, if you scream, I will fuck you up even worse,” Leslie said as she pulled the thong from Lisa’s mouth, “Now talk!”

In my Tahoe leaving Little Tokyo…..

“I got the car, VIN and plate number,” Leslie said through the speakers of my car, “She, Abigail and another woman named Sophie are meeting at the cliffs off the 101 in Ventura at 2 AM.”

I looked down at the clock on the display, 1:25AM, “So how did you leave Miss Watson?” I asked.

“She will be a little tied up for a while,” Leslie said, “Want me to meet you there?”

“Please do,” I said, calculating time and distance in my head, “We are going to be cutting it kinda close.”

“On my way,” was her reply.

Near Santa Barbra….

The Ford Lucy was driving pulled down a winding road to a clearing overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Abigail was finishing matching off the landing zone with yellow chem-lights. After she was done she got into the Ford with Lucy and the red head handed over the envelope with the passports and ID’s to the busty brunette.

“Everything is here,” Lucy said, looking down at her watch, “Almost time now.”

I called in a favor with a hacker who gave me the GPS coordinates of the Ford Lucy was driving. I hit the winding road and killed my lights, the moon was out and I had enough to see, sort of. I heard the distant sound of a helicopter and hit the accelerator. I hit the clearing as saw two cars, the Ford and a Dodge Charger. I could make out two shapes in the Ford. I gunned the engine and hit the Ford at 45 miles per hour!

I must have blacked out for a moment because when I came to, my front end was crumpled, smoke and steam billowing from what was left of the engine. My air bag had deployed and my neck and chest hurt like hell. I felt around for my pistol and found it on the passenger’s floor board. I tried my driver’s side door but it wouldn’t open. Luckily for me, the window was open and I crawled then fell out of my ruined SUV. The back end of the Ford looked like an accordion. I had my gun in hand as I went to the driver’s side door of the Ford and found… it empty. Abigail was slumped in the passenger’s seat, bleeding from a cut on her head but still breathing. Where the fuck was Lucy?!? Then something like a sledgehammer hit me between my shoulder blades and I hit the car, tits first than head. I heard the gunshot a millisecond later. FUCK THAT HURT!!! I thought slumping down, but the bullet proof vest stopped it from being a killing shot. My eyesight was blurred and full of stars but I rolled over and tried to focus. I saw a shape near my car and lifted my pistol and started shooting. Bullets pinged off my SUV and kicked up dirt as the shape retreated to behind my Tahoe. I got myself up and around to the front of the Ford.


“COMING FROM THE CUNT THAT OLNY SHOOTS PEOPLE IN THE BACK?!?” I called back. I ejected the magazine from my gun and checked. One round in the chamber and 3 left in the magazine. Two shots rang out and hit the Ford. I ducked down and returned fire with one round. 3 left in total for me. Two more bullets hit the Ford by the driver’s side front. I returned fire with another round. Two left. Then silence.

I heard a curse from behind my SUV. “Well love I am out,” Lucy called out, my ears were still ringing from the gunfire, “I don’t suppose you want to finish this like ladies?”

“Why not!” I called out, “why don’t you come out where I can see you better?”

Lucy moved clear of the back of my Tahoe and showed me her pistol, slide locked back and empty. She tossed it away and did a slow circle to show me she wasn’t carrying anything else. She was limping a little and had a nasty cut above her right eye.

I cleared the car, my right hand behind my back and as she threw the gun, I aimed mine at her. I kept walking forward and she stood there, disappointment on her face but she kept her hands up.

“Bitch,” Lucy growled, “You could never take me anyway.”

“You killed my friend you fucking whore!!!” I cried out, tears trailing down my cheeks.

“Yes I did Anna,” Lucy said lowering her hands to her sides, “I shot her in the back of the head, dragged her dead body out and threw it in your pool.”

The pistol was shaking slightly in my hand as I extended it towards her. I was ten feet from her. She had a smirk on her face like the one I saw in the video footage from the airport in Jordan. I lifted my pistol above my head and fired my last two rounds into the air. I threw the gun and changed!

The gunshots had caused her to flinch and I took the surprise advantage. My left shoulder slammed into her waist and I wrapped my arms around her waist and took her to the ground. Lucy rolled expertly with the tackle. We ended up with her on top of me. I threw a wild left and right combo at her face which she batted aside and came with her right elbow at my face but I moved my head to the left and she it ground instead. I wrapped my right arm around her neck, upper arm at her throat with my forearm and wrist at the back of her head pulling her to me. My legs were tangled with hers as we struggled there on the dirt. I started punching her in her right side with my left fist. I couldn’t get much distance to make it count but I just kept hitting her. She grunted and grabbed at my left wrist. We rolled a few feet away from the SUV, wrestling, punching, and clawing with our hands. I ended up on top and she slammed her fist down on my back, right were the bullet had caught my vest. I howled in pain, my body locking up for a second. She pushed me off of her and punched me in the mouth, blood and spit flew from my face as I went from hands and knees to back. I threw my left foot out and caught her with a boot to the upper left arm and she cried out in pain and rolled away from me. I got up to hands and knees again and then slowly to my feet. She was slow to get up as well. I came at her with fists, she did a good job blocking a few but I landed a right fist to her mouth, but she hammered me in the ribs with left hand, I bent over and she hit me in the spot on my back again! I lost balance and went down to one knee, my right hand bracing my fall. I stumbled back spitting out blood from her mouth. I was rising and she came at me. I twisted my body to the left and she went hit me on the side with her body and then I pivoted and hip tossed her to the ground with me on top. The wind was knocked out of both of us. I rolled off her and tried to catch my breath. She was quicker to rise and grabbed my hair and dragged me back to the side of the SUV, slamming my back into the door and I slumped down to my ass, legs splayed out in front of me. She grabbed my head by my hair.

“Pity,” she said breathlessly through blood stained teeth, “I thought you would have put up more of a fight.”

“Fuck you!” I wheezed out as she slammed the back of head against the door of my Tahoe, denting it. I saw stars again!

She pulled my head back again but I got my hands moving to her shirt and bra, bunching up the fabric and pulled her as hard as I could, she stumbled and slammed face first to the door, giving it another dent. She slumped down beside me. I leaned against the door and I felt why it hurt so much when she hit my back, the fucking bullet was still there. I got my knees and pulled off my shirt and un-velcroed the vest and tossed it aside. Almost instant relief. I looked over at Lucy and she was starting to get to her feet. I swung a punch with as much as I could muster, it hit her in the left side of her neck and her knees buckled and I went down with her. I pushed up with my hands to try and mount her. I could hear the helicopter getting closer. The WHOOP WHOOOP WHOOOP of the rotors. I looked over at her and she rubbed dirt in my eyes and pushed me away from her. The winds picked up as the helicopter came into view. Lucy was stumbling forward waving for it to land but the SUV vs Car accident had fouled the landing zone. The pilot hovered the helo about ten feet from the ground and started getting lower. Half of the helo was out over the cliff. Lucy was reaching for the rung of the landing bar when I hit her with a blindsided tackle! I heard the rev of an engine and then gunfire again, Leslie had arrived and started shooting with her rifle. The helo started spewing sparks and smoke and veered off and away.

The tackle almost took it all out of me. I lay there a foot away from Lucy. I rose slowly to my knees and looked back at Leslie and she was walking towards us rifle at the ready. I put a hand up and she stopped. I turned back and Lucy was getting up to her knees. I punched her with my left fist in the mouth again. She sat back on her feet and moaned in pain, she spit blood in my face and slugged me in my left tit. I howled and grabbed my wounded breast. I hit her again with my right hand this time in the left cheek, blood and spittle flew from her lips. My arms were like rubber now; I didn’t know how many shots I had left. Lucy back handed me with her left hand in the mouth. I almost toppled over but kept myself on my knees. We came together in a snarl, hands reaching for throats and faces, our bodies slamming together. I bit her left index and middle finger; she chomped down on my right shoulder. I reached in between us and squeezed her big tits, getting a howl of pain from her lips. I tried to imagine them as beer cans and tried to crush them in my fingers! I slammed her head forward catching me in the jaw and I fell back letting go of her melons. I rolled to my stomach and onto my hands and feet and to my knees and then gingerly to my feet. I swayed and stumbled. Lucy was rising too. I put my fists up and so did she.

“I should have put … a bullet… in your… pretty …. Girlfriend too….” She said, smiling with those pink teeth again. Then she swung with her right hand.

I put up my left to block it and was surprised that I did. She swung a left at me and I put of my right forearm to intercept it. Then I kicked her as I hard as I could in her chest with a front kick, my boot slamming in-between her big tits. She stumbled back and into air as she fell off the cliff and into the crashing Pacific below.

Leslie came to me as I could see the faint red and blue light of law enforcement coming down the windy road towards us. Leslie just held me as I passed out.

I woke up in the hospital a day later. Bruised spine, 2 broken ribs, one knocked out tooth, cuts, scratches, split lip…. So all in a day’s work. Ewa was there when I woke up, so was Leslie. She filled me in on what happened after I passed out. Ewa held my hand and sat on the bed with me. Abigail was no were to be found, most likely she awoke and got out of there before authorities arrived. The helicopter was found abandoned about 4 miles away in a field; wiped clean of any and all handprints except for Lucy’s on the railing. And no body was found yet. Coast Guard had been searching for 12 hours, but nothing yet. Leslie said she could have been taken out to sea but I had a feeling Lucy Collett would be hunting me in the future. All the “Three Letter” agencies were involved now. They were hesitant to label it as a terrorist act. Over the next day, I was interviewed by 5 different government and law enforcement agencies. I told them the whole story. MI5 did confirm with their counterparts in the US about the mission to Jordan and the rescue of Her Majesty’s granddaughter and any talk of prosecution of me would be met with protest and political pressure.

Ewa finished zipping up my black dress as I stood in front of the mirror in our bedroom. My eyes would glance to the door to the pool area from time to time. She kissed me on the nape of my neck and held me from behind. We just stood there in silence. All the tears where pretty much gone. The limo picked us up and we sat in silence holding hands driving to Forrest Lawn Cemetery. Jennifer didn’t have much family so the service was very private and I stood there with Ewa, Leslie, and my new employee, Emilia. I choked up when they started lowering her casket. I took the white carnation and walked to the edge and threw the flower on top of the casket. I put my fingers to my lips and blew a kiss goodbye to my friend.


Lucy Collett woke to find she was restrained and on a yacht somewhere in the ocean. She tried to sit up but her restraints kept her on her back, she tried to call out but her lips and mouth were so dry. The door opened and the lights came on. She closed her eyes to the sudden bright lights.

“Who is there?” She croaked out hoarsely.

“Rest now my sweet Lucy,” a soft female British voice came from beside her, “You need your strength my dear.”

Lucy’s eye finally adjusted to the light and the woman had red hair and her bikini barely contained her large set of tits.

“Brianna???” Lucy said, “I thought you were still in prison.”

“No my sweet sister,” Brianna said stroking her sisters forehead, “When I heard you were in trouble, nothing could have kept me away. No we have to get you better so we can deal with these Americans.”

THE END….. or not???

The End

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