Tales of the Marine Chick: Homeland War and Remembrance by Anna the Marine Chick

I sat on the edge of the bed in the hotel room in Rome, dressed in just a black bra and matching panties, hair still wet from the shower, looking over the information sent to me by Aleena Masters, my handler from the Department of Homeland Security. My target was supposed to be meeting with ISIS sympathizers at a street side café. I was to confirm the meeting, tag my target and eliminate the man and gather any intelligence from his villa. I had been tracking him for days, logging the times his security changed, when his maid arrived and left, even following his beautiful Italian wife on a few shopping excursions. The intel I did receive from Aleena was that it was confirmed he was a financier for terrorist groups around the world and was now looking to finance ISIS operations in Western Europe and eventually the United States. The secure laptop was another fun piece of equipment I received from Ms. Masters but I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her.

I took out a thumb drive from my purse and plugged it into the laptop. Bri, the busty blonde computer specialist who worked for me, had built an encryption to block any lookie loos who are trying to read emails from me to my office in LA. The file only took a few seconds to run and the beep from the machine told me the computer was now encrypted. I opened a program to get emails from my office and it was flooded with messages. The program erases all data once I read it, which helps when trying to keep Aleena in the dark. The first few messages were pretty standard; ones form Emilia, Leslie and Bri about goings on, new clients, old clients, new equipment purchased (I gave Emilia approval to purchase anything she thought we would need), any intel on Aleena and also the whereabouts of Dina. Dina disappeared from the Colorado mansion during the confusion when Homeland showed up. She somehow eluded capture and dropped off the radar. Honestly I really didn’t know if Aleena scooped her up and had her in some dark hole in the ground somewhere. From what Amal briefed me on, Dina made Harley Quinn look like a Kindergarten teacher.

I opened up an email from Angelica. She seemed to have a lot of friends in high places, because Homeland didn’t bother her at all. She was back in Texas and was dealing with some of the local women there. Her two girlfriends were planning to move in with her, I smiled as I read it. She let me know I had an open invitation to visit whenever I wanted. Her P.S. was a new tit to tit technique she wanted to show me. I felt my nipples harden thinking of going breast to breast with her again.

I was about to open the last email from Ewa when there was knock at the door to my hotel room. I closed the lap top and slipped into a robe, placing my Walther PPK (got to love Bond) in my right pocket with my hand securely around it and checked the peep hole. There was a young blonde woman with a cart that held my breakfast and coffee. I opened the door and she brought it in. She was young, maybe twenty or so, her uniform crisp but straining up top because of her large breasts.

“Will there be anything else?” She asked in Italian.

I handed her some Euros and said, “No, grazie.”

The eggs and what passed for bacon didn’t look all the enticing, so I opted for the fruit and poured a cup of coffee. It was good, not my usual Black Rifle Coffee good but passable overseas. I placed the pistol beside me and opened my laptop again.

“Anna my love,

I know you can’t do all that much talking while you are away, but Bri said this would get to you. I can still feel you next to me at night, holding me, touching me. Bri and I are getting close and I am so glad you are ok with it. Oh, she and I have more planned for you. A repeat for the last time we were all together. Tongues, tits and pussies oh my! I love you and can’t wait to see you! Hurry home please.


I smiled thinking about the night I got back from my time in Russia. I decided to play the angry part and told Ewa and Bri to strip and get on the bed. I told them I was angry that they were together without me and instructed them to fight it out. And good lord those two could fight not an all-out catfight but more moaning and groaning and licking and mmmmmm thinking about it again. I couldn’t help myself and joined in and we didn’t sleep that night. I dressed in khaki colored Capri pants and a red and green blouse I got in Spain. I tied my hair back and put on my sunglasses. These sunglasses were another fun little toy from DARPA and Homeland Security. They looked like the latest fashion but were almost like a Heads Up Display (HUD) like you see in fighter aircraft. I could lock onto a target and lightly touch the side of the glasses and it tagged the target and I could follow it through satellite tracking.

Walking through the crowds of people, I try to be just another tourist in Rome. I keep getting the feeling that I am being followed but after making stops at different shops and turning to take pictures of the buildings, I can’t see anyone I should be looking out for. I found the café and took a seat outside, my back to the entrance. I was on my second espresso when my target, Alexi Corzo arrived, and he wasn’t alone. His wife, Sophia, was with him. She was dressed in a cream colored dress that accented her dark complexion and curves. She was decades younger than him but the way she carried herself, told me she was more in charge than the intel had told me. They sat a few tables from me but I had a clear line of sight to his back. I decided to tag both tracker and got an immediate pulse in the HUD letting me know it was working.

I saw movement out of the corner of my left eye and sipped at my espresso again and a middle aged man walked past my table and sat down with Alexi and Sophia. He was well built and blonde, not Middle Eastern as I assumed. They spoke in rapid Italian which I didn’t understand but there was no need, the uplink from the glasses caught it all. I did tag the man so they could track after the meeting. I almost didn’t catch the drop and pick up. The man placed a napkin underneath the saucer of his coffee cup and when he lifted it, Sophie picked it up to dab at the corners of her mouth. Very slick! She looked at her husband and nodded. He laughed and shook hands with the man and they finished their coffee and departed. I figured Alexi and his wife would leave together, but when a dark Land Rover pulled up to stop in front of them, she kissed him on the cheek and he got in. The SUV sped away. The man they met with was already down the block and I decided to follow Sophie. The HUD in my sunglasses flashed and a small message said to not follow Sophie. I took the glasses off and stuffed them into my oversized purse. I hate micro-management. I took out my guide to Rome as I followed her, trying to look like the typical American tourist. She went into shop after shop, never leaving with bags but just browsing. I got the feeling I was being watched again and turned, putting my right hand up like a visor over my eyes, scanning around and that is when I saw them. They were two pairs of men, each dressed in comfortable shirts and slacks, but they would tilt their heads slightly to speak into lapel mics. Shit!

I broke off from Sophie and walked to the through the Piazza di Spagna up the Spanish Steps to the Trinitia dei Monti church. I was able to glance back a few time and the pair of men were still behind me. I didn’t know who they were or if they had any ill intent for me. I slipped into an alley way behind the Giorgio De Chirico House Museum and picked up my pace. I tried one of the doors and found it open and I went in. The entrance was free of anyone and there was no sound coming from the surrounding rooms. Then I remembered the damn sunglasses, if they were on the same side as me, the glasses would be transmitting something to them. I opened the door to the alley and peeked out. The coast seemed clear. I walked casually from the alley to the bustling crowd and took the long walk back to my hotel. I changed patterns a few time but didn’t see my tail. I walked up to the door and inserted my key and entered…. The room was not empty.

The sun was setting and the light coming into the room cast shadows in the corners, which sat a woman but I couldn’t make her out. On the night stand by the bed, my Walther PPK was field stripped in parts and all the .38 cal ammunition was laid out as well. Crap!

“May I ask what you are doing here?” I asked the figure in the corner.

“You may ask,” she said in unaccented English, “But you may not like the answer. You were given instructions, but you decide to deviate from them.”

“My target, my rules,” I said defiantly, “If Aleena doesn’t like it, she can fuck off.”

“Check your computer,” she said not moving from the chair.

I picked up my laptop from the bed and opened it. It chimed once and the picture of Aleena came into view.

“Anna, dear sweet, sweet Anna. I thought we had an understanding. You be a good girl and do as you are told or the sins of your past come to haunt you. That is how blackmail works. We do thank you for the tag of the three individuals. Now comes to phase 2. Alexi needs to be eliminated. My associate, Sarah Randall, has some equipment for you. Make it look messy. But do not, I repeat, do not harm Sophie Corzo. We intend to offer her a deal to turn on the people she is helping to finance. Oh, and play nice with Sarah.”

The screen went dark. Sarah stood and walked over to me with a small back in her hand. Inside was a Chinese .32 cal pistol and suppressor, night vision goggles, a dart gun with tranquilizing darts, a kukri knife and a small wad of what looked like SEMTEX and blasting timers.

“The head comes off,” Sarah said, “It needs to look like fundamentalists did it.”

“Are you shitting me?!?” I asked incredulously. “You want me to take off his head.”

“I didn’t think Marines were scared of a little blood,” Sarah taunted.

I squared up on her. She was roughly my height but she had massive breasts that were barely held in place by her tight white blouse. Her long brown hair was in loose curls around her shoulders.

“I kill, I maim, I hurt those you want me to,” I said, “But this is going too far.”

“Let me put it another way,” Sarah said taking the laptop from me. She inserted a thumb drive and opened it and selected a file and hit play, handing the laptop back to me. It was an overhead shot of darkened cell. Inside pacing back and forth was Anna Matthews, she was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit. She looked over to the side and the door opened and Lucy Collett was roughly pushed into the cell with her. Then the door closed. Immediately they started arguing, pointing fingers, shoving and then they leapt at each other. The two redheads converged into a single ball of feline fury. The tops of the jump suits were torn away and their large breasts smacked together. Hair was yanked roughly as the fell to the floor. I could see the red furrows of nail marks on backs as the rolled around. The file stopped as they got to their knees about to lunge again. “Wouldn’t it be interesting if instead of fighting each other, they fought you or your friend Sabrina on a daily basis? They have to be broken up after about 10 minutes because they try to kill each other.”

“Fine,” I said taking the bag from Sarah, “But threaten anyone I am close to again and you and I are going to have words when this is over.”

“Oh my,” Sarah said in mock shock, “How I would love to toss your blonde little computer hacker in a cell with Lucy and see what Lucy does to her. There, threatened, so now you and I will have words after this is done.”

It took all of my strength not to punch the busty bitch in the face. But I held onto the bag and my tongue as she left the hotel room. I fumed for a while after she was gone, plotting my revenge on both Aleena and her minion, Sarah. I walked to a little shop across from my hotel and bought an international cell phone. I dialed the number from memory.

“Hello, Senator Johnson’s Office,” a male voice said, “Brent speaking.”

“Hi Brent,” I said, “Can you get a message to the Senator?”

“Of course Ma’am,” Brent politely said, “What is the name and message?”

“Please tell the Senator her favorite Devil Dog is calling,” I said, “I would like her to call me back at this number. She will know who I am and why I am doing this.” I read the number on the box.

Brent sounded a little confused, “Ok, Ma’am, I will pass it along.” I pressed end on the cell phone.

I only had to wait for a few minutes and the cell phone rang. I answered it immediately.

“No names please, Sir,” I said, “I am sorry to call you like this.”

“Not to worry dear,” Senator Johnson said, “I take it you have yourself a real mess going on.”

“I know what committees you sit on, Sir,” I said trying to choose my words carefully, “I do need your help.” I told the Senator as much as I could without naming anyone or outing the mission here in Rome. I could actually here scribbling going on in the background.

“It is a good thing you called,” he said after I was finished talking, “I have a meeting in an hour with said Secretary and a few other members of our illustrious intelligence community. I think I can get the issues you are having with this department squashed. Hang in there Devil Dog.”

I hung up with the Senator and went back to mission planning. I was pretty sure my current assignment would have to go as planned, but I was going to do it my way, not theirs. I loaded up the bag with my equipment and a change of clothing and caught a taxi to a small park near the Corzo’s villa. The traffic was dying down at this time of night. I found a quite spot and changed into all black. I tied my hair into a pony tail and pulled a black balaclava over my head. I turned on the signal jammer, jamming all cell phone signals in the area. I moved slowly to the back wall of the compound and found my first problem.

The camera slowly moved left to right, sweeping across the bushes and wall line inside the compound. I could hear the roaming guards and from my previous stakeouts, I know there were 2 rovers and 2 on back up in one of the rooms in the house. They changed shift in 5 minutes and all 4 would be outside. As the camera sweep its lens away from the area would drop into, I scrambled up and over the wall, dropping silently into the shadows behind a bush. I counted slowly to 50 in my head, allowing the camera to swing back, giving me a clear path to a different set of bushes nearer to the door. I hugged close to the wall as I moved to the second set of bushes with a clear line of sight to the door where the guards would be coming out of. And there I waited. The two guards came out of the door and lit up cigarettes. The two roving guards came up to them and spoke in rapid Italian. I quietly pulled the dart gun free and took aim. PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT I fired, only having to shift my aim slightly to get all 4. The results were instantaneous, as all four collapsed to the ground. I stood from my position and moved to the door.

I silently and slowly walked through the bottom floor of the villa; making sure to keep near any shadows cast from lights. I neared a corner and could hear a TV on in one of the rooms. The door was ajar and someone was seated in a high back chair facing the TV. I slipped in making no noise and carefully walked forward with the pistol drawn, suppressor screwed in place. I brought the weapon up as I came around the chair. Alexi Corzo was seated there, but his throat was slit from ear to ear. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? I heard the door creak and dove for the desk next to the chair. I heard heels clicking on tile as slid under the desk quietly.

“Oh poor Alexi,” Sophie said, “You tried to cheat the wrong people. This was their price; I guess it is too late to say I am sorry. Alexandra, will you finish the job for me?”

I heard more boots clicking on the tile floor. The chair with the dead body of Alexi Corzo moved as the second woman got to work. I could hear the sickening sound of knife against skin, cartilage and bone. There was a splash on the floor next to where I was hiding; blood spattering over the tile. A thump came from the desk above me; most likely Alexi’s head.

“It is finished, Sophie,” Alexandra said in an American accent, “We still need to look for the person who knocked out the guards. I don’t think this place is safe for you.”

I looked the desk and saw the two pairs of shoes come closer and then I heard a kissing and sucking sound. Moans and groans filled the room.

“MMMMM! Oh Alexandra,” Sophie said, “No need to look, I will call the authorities and telling them I discovered the body and that I saw a woman in black leaving. Those were the new instructions from the Americans. Come now, before I call them, I want to enjoy you again.” The pair of shoes walked out of the room.

So I was being set up. Fucking government! I came out from my hiding place and made sure not to step in any blood or touch anything, even with the gloves on. I slipped out the door and heard more moaning coming from an adjacent room. I peered in and Sophie in all her naked glory, lying back against the bed, legs spread with a heavily tattooed redhead in between them. From the back, I could see the redhead was curvy and could see the outlines of naked breasts, huge naked breasts. Sophie propped her head up and must have seen my shadow in the door way because she gasped and Alexandra came out from between her legs.

Fuck it! I came into the room and brought my pistol up and squeezed the trigger. SNAP! The bullet was a dud, I raked the slide back and ejected it and aimed again. SNAP! I raked the slide back and looked up to see a tall, busty she demon coming at me at full speed, her naked breasts, the size of bowling balls bouncing as she came at me. I must have looked pretty stupid still wondering why my pistol didn’t work and the look of utter shock on my face as she slammed into me. We went down in a crash to the floor of the bedroom. I wrapped my legs around her waist and tried to lock my arms around her head to bring it into my chest. Her rights and lefts slammed into my sides in rapid succession! WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP!!! I let her head go and it came up and I slammed the heel of my hand into her chin to stun her. I grabbed the back of her hair, near her scalp and twisted to the left, twisting my body as well, rolling us over with me on top. She reached up and yanked at the balaclava on my face and blinded me. Then it was yanked free!

“YOU!” Alexandra shouted, obviously knowing who I was but I still didn’t have a clue who she was.

I slammed down my clothed body onto hers. Her large breasts mashed against my abdomen as I pressed my right forearm into her throat to choke her out. Then I was yanked off from behind as Sophie grabbed my ponytail and yanked me off her lover. She was standing, dragging me by my hair across the tile floor. I twisted around and punched her between her legs! She let go of my hair and both of her hands dropped to her pussy as she fell to her knees. I twisted more with my body and round housed kicked her across the side of her right face and she slammed into the wall, head first, and slumped to the floor. I got up to hear a scream of rage and turned as Alexandra barreled into me again and we slammed into the wall next to the prone Sophie.

Alexandra had at least 4 inches in height and about 30lbs in weight on me and she was she-hulk strong. She had me pinned and was lifting me off the floor; I could feel my upper body being crushed as my feet left the floor by a few inches. I punched her hard across the left side of her face and her head snapped to the right, then she swung her head back with a bloody toothy smile on her face. OH SHIT! She grabbed my shirt with both hands and threw me, yes, threw me across the room. I landed halfway on the bed and quickly turned as she rushed again. I pulled my left leg back and kicked up as she closed.

The boot connected with her right breast and I saw a look of pain on her face. It stopped her dead in her tracks. I knew I couldn’t let up. Holding the bed for leverage I kicked my right boot up between her legs, my steel toed boot slamming into her kitty. Her eyes bulged and she dropped to her knees. Her hands grabbed at me, but I leaned over to the night stand where stood a flower filled vase and I slammed it over her head. She collapsed to the floor unconscious. I fell back to the bed to catch my breath. I stumbled over to where my balaclava was and put it on. I went to check on Sophie and saw her head was in an awkward position, I checked the pulse and there was none. Double shit! Her neck was broken when she hit the wall. I picked up the pistol and the bullets I ejected and left the house the same way I came in.

I didn’t know who to trust. I got back to my hotel and filed stripped the pistol and all parts were there, it should have worked. I checked the bullets and discovered the primers were fake. They looked real from a quick glance but it wouldn’t ignite the powder to propel the bullet out of the shell. So, Sarah and most likely Aleena set me up. And if they tipped Sophie and Alexandra I was coming, well then I would most likely be wanted by the Italian authorities very shortly. I booted up the laptop and input my encryption and shot off an email to Bri and Emilia to tell them I was going dark. I shut down the computer, took the thumb drive out and stripped off all my clothes. I did I quick check for any trackers and found one in my pants and one in my tacvest. I moved the bed and unscrewed the vent and pulled out my “go” bag.

I had a Canadian passport, Deanna Williams, about $75,000 in Euros and dollars, a spring loaded folding knife, a change of clothes, zip up sweatshirt, leggings and a long-sleeved t shirt and comfortable running shoes. I changed and shouldered my bag. I left everything else including my Walter behind. I made it down to the lobby and slipped the hood over my head and got out the hotel as the flashing lights from police cars showed up. I walked down an alley and stayed in the darkness, watching the scene unfold. I saw a black car show up and Sarah got out. She conversed with an Italian cop and then slammed her fist down on the top of the car in frustration. I heard the cop ask here where they could get a hold of her and she said a street name. Maybe it was a house she had secured. I made a mental note to get a map and new phone in the morning. I walked away, not running but walking quickly until I was deep in the city. I found a small park with a few homeless people and found a quiet place to close my eyes.

I didn’t sleep well; my mind was racing through different scenarios of how I could be caught and what I would do if I was hunting me. I found a small coffee shop next to a small store where I got some caffeine in me and bought a new cell phone with cash. I tried to think of who would be the last person they would have a trace on; then it clicked and I dialed a number from memory.

On the third ring she answered, “Hello, may I help you.”

“Dawn, its Anna Chambers,” I say into the phone.

“What the fuck do you want?” Dawn asked tersely. “The last time we saw each other, we were both heading to the fucking hospital after our fight.”

Years ago after leaving the Marine Corps, I traveled around before going to Texas and learning from Angelica, I found myself in a seedy bar in Vancouver, BC, wearing a sports bra and shorts, taped up fists, staring across this make shift cage at Dawn. She had served in the Canadian Army and was a good fighter. We never crossed paths but met at this bar and well, each were getting paid $500 for the fight and an extra $500 to the winner. No rules, just fighting. She and I went at it like hellcats. I ended up with two broken ribs, a fractured jaw, cuts and scratches; we were both naked, bruises on my tits and a sore pussy from clawing. It was an all-out brawl and she was in the same shape I was in. Before we fought we traded numbers because there was a mutual attraction between us. She was in great shape with firm tits and hard abs. Neither of us could continue to fight so we split the $500 extra. I left soon after, just texting her that I had to leave and I ignored her texts back to me.

“Dawn,” I said, exhaling and swallowing my pride, “I need your help. I need someone who would be the last person who I would call for help.”

“Jeez Anna,” Dawn said with a snort of laughter, “If you are calling me, you must be in a rough spot.”

“Do you have the ability to get me out of a country in Europe?” I asked.

“Of course I do,” Dawn said, “Since the last time we saw each other I have been rather successful in business. I have a few contacts in our line of work that may be able to assist you. But it will come at a price. Nothing is for free in our business.”

She left it hanging in the air, “What do you want in return?”

“You and I will have a similar meeting like the first time we met,” Dawn said and I could almost hear the smile on her face, “But with less broken bones this time.”

“Fine by me, Dawn,” I said, “I will throw in a hard fuck if you can locate a person for me.”

“Done!” She said loudly. I filled her in what I needed and within a few minutes she had the info I needed. We said our goodbyes and she gave me the location of the jet coming for me tomorrow.

I located the street and house where Sarah was staying. I found a good observation place in the building across the street. There was a vacant office on the third floor and I began my surveillance. I watched for about 3 hours with nothing to show for it but then I saw the front door open. Out walked Sarah with a rolling suitcase and Alexandra. Two cars roared up the entrance to the walkway of the house. Sarah paused next to the first car and handed Alexandra a manila envelope. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but the body language told me Sarah was pissed. I watched as the busty brunette got into the first car and it sped away, followed by the chase car.

Alexandra spun on her heels and walked back up the entrance and into the house. I continued watching for about an hour, noting numerous people leaving the residence with equipment but no one going in. This must have been their base of operations. I waited until nightfall and left the building and slowly walked around to the side of the house. I saw the wires to the alarm on the window I was peering through and I cut them. I listened for any type of audible alarm or movement but nothing happened. I pried the window opened and dropped silently inside. The house was quiet, so maybe the big titted redhead had left. I searched the downstairs until I found the manila envelope. I opened and almost gasped. Inside were pictures of Ewa, Bri and Emilia, a plane ticket to LA and a list of restaurants and places all three women frequented. It was a hit on my friends. I heard a shower or bath turn on upstairs. I was pissed and no way was this bitch going to take out my friends. I crept up the stairs, trying to minimize any sound I would make and saw light and the sound of running water coming from the room down the hall. I crept closer and closer.

“Come on in Anna,” Alexandra called from inside the room, “Don’t worry, I am not going to shoot you as you come in.”

I took a quick glance in the room and pulled my head back quickly. Alexandra was seated on a large bed, wearing only a black camisole and sheer black panties. I opened the door and walked in.

“I should shoot you right here and now,” she said, “For killing Sophie, but I got something much more fun in store. I am going to take my time with you, whore!”

I looked her up and down as she slowly rose from the bed. I could see the bruise, roughly shaped like a boot heel on her chest. “Last time didn’t work out so well for you, bitch,” I said with a smile looking around the bedroom, “I have fought bigger and tougher than you and am still here.”

“That is right,” Alexandra said, “You fancy yourself a catfighter. So am I. I won’t pound you into paste until after I have decimated you.” Her huge breasts wobbled as she walked towards me. I unzipped my sweatshirt and set it aside, leaving me with the long sleeve t-shirt, black leggings and running shoes on. I heard a splash and looked past Alexandra to see water over flowing from the tub. It quickly covered all the tile in the bathroom and started soaking the carpeting of the bedroom.

Alexandra continued to advance so I rushed at her. My running shoes giving me an edge with traction and an overall acceleration; ducking my head to avoid her arms, I hit her with my right shoulder and circled my arms around her waist. I expected the momentum to take us off our feet but all she did was move back a few steps. Her arms came down on my back hard and the wind was almost knocked out of me. I pushed forward, my shoes digging into the carpet, moving her back another foot. Another club from her arms and I was down to my knees. I dropped my arms around the backs of her knees and dug my nails into the flesh, her scream was instant and she fell backwards onto her shapely ass. I launched myself onto her but was thrown off right away and Alexandra tried to get on top. I wrapped my legs around her waist as she tried to pounce on me. I grabbed two handfuls of hair and wrenched her head to the left and the right. I feel her fingers grip my hair and my head is lurched back and forth.

My back arched and I tried to keep my hips off the carpet but her weight was pressing down on me. If I stayed like this I would be gassed out really quickly. I twisted my hips and she came down beside me. She kept her left hand tugging at my hair but her right moved to my shirt and started pulling. I let go of Alexandra’s red hair and grabbed her two huge breasts; my nails digging into the camisole and skin that showed above it. Her face contorted in pain and I wiggled my fingers inside her black camisole top. While my boobs are a solid D cup, hers were easily a GG if not an HH.

My nails weren’t super long but long enough to leave red gouges in the flesh of her boobs. Her hands didn’t bother to try and wrench mine away, but kept pulling at my shirt to get to my skin. Her nails slashed across my abs and it felt like I was cut with a hot knife. I dug my nails in deeper into her breasts as I screamed. Her own cries of anguish joined mine. Her left fist came out of nowhere and smacked me in the mouth. I tasted blood immediately and was knocked back. Her camisole ripped down the front, exposing her massive tits. I rolled to my hands and knees and got up shaking the cobwebs out of my head. Alexandra got up and tossed the torn top away.

“Come on Anna,” she said rubbing her breasts, “You know we are going to end up with nothing on anyway.” She peeled down her sheer panties, tossing them by her top.

I wiped off my shirt and kicked out of my shoes. My leggings and sports bra joined my new pile of clothes at my feet. I looked down to see deep scratches on my abs. Her tits still had my nail marks on them along with the imprint of my boot. I charged and so did she. SPLAT!!! We came together in a ball of violence in the center of the bedroom and fell to the carpeted floors. Hands punched and slapped as we rolled back and forth. My nails slashed at her back as she pulled hard on my hair. She came out on top but I kneed her in the right side, sending us rolling again.

My back touched wet carpet and I saw we had come close to the open bathroom with steam billowing out. The heat of skin on skin and from the hot water caused sweat to form on all parts of our bodies. My hair was becoming matted to my forehead and back. Her red hair was stuck to her face and back. The carpet was squishy as our bodies rolled across it. I balled up my right fist and slammed it into her left breast. The impact made her skin ripple and her eyes bulge. I was able to mount her waist and I started punching, lefts and rights into her breasts as she tried to cover up.

Alexandra braced her feet and arched her back, bucking me forward and I flew face first onto tile as I slide over the water on the bathroom floor. I grabbed the side of the tub to get myself up and as I turned, I was tackled by the big busted redhead into the large tub. We both went under the hot water but she was on top and her hand found my shoulder and she tried to hold me there under the water. My feet were kicking as I clawed at her arms to break her loose but she held fast. My right foot caught the drain plug and I knocked it loose but as deep as this tub was, I would be dead if I waited for the water to drain out. My hands found her thighs and I opened my eyes under water to see what my situation was. I reached for her pussy with my left hand and dug my nails in as I inserted two fingers into her. I could her scream from under the water. Her hands came off my shoulders as she grabbed my left hand to pry me out of her. I was able to get my head above the rapidly descending water and sucked in some much needed air.

I wiggled my legs free of her and braced them against her stomach and pushed hard. Two things happened; I slide and smacked my head against the front of the tub and she slammed back first against the back. The water was maybe a foot deep and I pulled myself up as she did, grimacing with pain, holding her back. I was fighting a bigger and stronger woman and I needed to attack when she was hurt. She started to climb out of the tub and I launched myself at her. My tits mashed against her back as I rode her down onto the tile floor and we slid out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. I tried to get my arms around her neck but she tucked her chin in and got to her hands and knees and crawled into the bedroom with me on her back. She ducked her head and shoulder down and I slide off her back and onto the wet carpet again.

I was on my back looked at her thighs as they came around my head and her right fist punched me hard in the tummy. I groaned as she squeezed my head with her wet thighs and I could see her cunt getting closer and closer to my face. I brought my own legs up and wrapped them around her head and it brought us down side by side. She yelled out and started biting the inner parts of my thighs, her nails raking at my pussy. I bit down between her legs and started chewing on her labia. My hands raked scratch marks over her shapely ass cheeks and we started a slow roll. She inserted three fingers into my pussy and started raking the inner walls and my clit.

I screamed into her cunt and tried to bite down harder. My nails clawed in between her cheeks and dug a nail into her rosebud. She stopped fingering me and screamed like a banshee!!! Her fists hit my sides so hard I almost vomited. I released the bite and we rolled away from each other. She was slowly started to get to her feet, her hand rubbing her injured pussy. She got up using the bed to prop her up. I got up slowly as well and lunged but she was waiting for me. We slapped together tit to tit and her arms came around me and I felt my feet lifted off the ground. She spun me quickly and slammed me down onto the bed with her on top.

“I am going to smother and fuck you to death!!!” Alexandra screamed from on top.

She raised her body up and slammed it down on mine. I felt the wind leave my lungs. Her legs were prying mine apart and I felt her wet skin grind into mine. Her slit squished against mine and her massive breasts were crushing mine flat. Normally I would be in heaven in this position if it were Ewa or Bri above me, but Alexandra wanted to end me so I needed to turn the tables. Her left hand went in-between us and found my open legs.

This time instead of clawing, she inserted two fingers and started fucking me with a quick but steady rhythm. I moaned out loud, not able to help myself. Her right hand grabbed the top of my head, by the hair, and pulled my face into her cleavage. Everything went dark and muffled but I turned my face ever so slightly and bit into the inner side of her right tit. I heard her scream again. Her left hand stopped fingering me and she braced that hand on the bed as she pulled back with her right hand in my hair. I couldn’t hold the bite but as her chest came up, I reached with both hands and grasped those big tits and raked, clawed and groped, bringing more and more screams out of her mouth. She fell off to the side and I rolled us more until we fell off the bed with a THUD!

I think I must have blacked out for a moment because when I came to, I was on my back as few feet away from her. She was laying there on the carpet face down but her hands started moving to push her up. I slowly got to my hands and knees and even though every single muscle hurt, I got to my feet on wobbly legs. I kept thinking of the file I found with my friends in it. The anger giving me a little more strength than I had a few moments ago. She was upright on her knees; our eyes met and she smiled at me.

“We…. are…. Going… to get…. Your ….friends…” She said gasping for air.

“Not you,” I said in a low voice

I twisted my hips and threw as much leverage into my hips and legs as I could as I gave her a spinning side kick across her breasts. My shin and lower leg slammed into the massive tits, smashing them against her chest and slamming her body against the bed. She fell front first back to the carpet, out cold. The strength that I had a moment ago was gone, and I stumbled and then fell to the carpet. I slowly crawled to my clothes and put them on. When I finished getting dressed, I debated on snapping her neck or slitting her throat but my prepaid cell buzzed. It was a text message that read “OUTSIDE”

I stumbled to the window and looked out to see a large black car and back door open with Dawn getting out. What the fuck!!! How did she track a prepaid cell and how did she get here so quick. I used the side of the wall to keep me upright and almost fell down the stairs as I tried to get out of the house. I walked out the front door to a smiling face. Dawn helped me in the car and instructed the driver to head out.

“How did you find me?” I asked.

“I was here on the same job as you,” Dawn said, “Well sort of.” She paused gathering her words. “If you didn’t get killed by Sophie and Alexandra and somehow got out alive, I was supposed to finish the job. I didn’t know it was you until you walked out of Sophie’s house. When I saw you, I decided I had better things to do than earn this blood money. It was an anonymous contract, be at a specific place, kill the single individual as they leave. I was wired half up front. They were paying a million for your head. Who did you piss off?”

“My own government,” I said with my eyes still closed. “Do you have a way to get to send a secure call?”

“Of course,” Dawn said, I could hear her grinning, “What do you take me for a Neanderthal?”

I finally got some good news. During my little shindig with Alexandra, Senator Johnson had a quite conversation with the head of Homeland Security. The international arrest warrant for me was pulled and a few new ones were put in place for 3 rogue operatives from Homeland Security; Aleena Masters, Sarah Randall and Alexandra Little. Geez her last name is Little…. She is not little. But there is also some bad news. Anna Matthews and her sister, Lucy Collett, were released due to a glitch in the prison computer systems and have since vanished.

We arrive at a deserted airstrip and a lone private jet sits waiting for us to board. Dawn points to a seat and I sit down and she pours me a drink and hands me a few pills.

“These will help with the pain,” Dawn says strapping in herself as the jet starts to taxi.

I don’t remember much of the flight but I am jolted awake as we touch down.

“Where are we?” I ask groggily.

“Outside Dallas, Texas,” Dawn says unstrapping, “Just stay here, I have some business to attend to and then we will head to LA. You can go freshen up in the back and there are some clothes for you to wear.”

As she leaves, I get up and go to splash water on my face and change clothes. I changed into a new set of underwear and settled on a black t-shirt and khaki capri pants. I tied my hair back into a pony tail and looked out the window towards an open hanger and I froze. I could see Dawn talking with Sarah Randall. Damnit!!! I start scavenging through a few bags and find money and my knife. I look back out and Dawn and Sarah are walking towards the aircraft. I hurry into the back and find an escape hatch in the floor. I open it and drop down into a small hold and make my way to the back wheels. I crawl out as the two of them walk up the stairs. I move off behind the aircraft and sprint to a farther off hanger and sneak in. I peer out and see Sarah and Dawn rush down the stairs but they don’t see me. I did what I could to escape and evade and ended up at the passenger terminal of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I hailed a taxi and had the man drive into the outskirts of Dallas. I saw lit sign for a bar and had him drop me off there. I walked in and the place, The Crow’s Nest, was pretty much deserted. A few patrons watching TV and a lone barman wiping down the mahogany bar; I walked up and place a $50 on the bar and asked for a Miller Lite and if I could use the bar phone. He eyed me a little but handed me the phone and a beer and I gave him the fifty and told him to keep the change.

I got a voicemail prompt. “Angel, its Anna. This is the number I remembered as your burner phone. I hope you still have it. I am at a place called the Crow’s Nest. Not sure who I can trust right now and who is listening to regular conversations. If you get this, I will be here for another 2 hours. That would make it 2PM if you can get here to help. Thank you.” I hung up. Down the bar from me was a blonde woman in her late thirties, wearing blue jeans and a Grateful Dead t-shirt. Her phone buzzed and she took the call.

I could over hear her talking with probably her husband and she asked, “You’re looking for a woman? Escaped metal patient? Have fun with that my dear! Send me a picture and I will be on the lookout. But not going to find her here, it is dead today.” She hung up and her phone beeped with a text. I needed to use the ladies room, so I got up from the bar and walked to the door and in. I finished my business and was washing my hands when the Kelli, the blonde in the bar walked in and locked the door to the ladies room from the inside. I dried my hands off and turned to face the blonde who was blocking the door.

“I don’t know who you are but you need to get out of my way,” I say with some steel in my voice.

“Well, my name is Kelli and you need to come with me,” Kelli says pushing off from the door some, “I will call the police once you come quietly with me right now.”

“You have no fucking clue what is going on, Kelli,” I say moving away from the sink area, “There is an elaborate frame job going on. Anything you have been told is not true.”

“Yeah right!” Kelli says with a laugh, “I have never heard that one before.” Sarcasm dripping from her words.

“Listen lady,” I say walked forward, “Either get out of my way or I will move you.”

“Big words,” Kelli replies, “I am going to enjoy seeing you try.”

I move to her and grab both of her shoulders and push her to my right and reach for the door; two hands grab the back of my hair and yank me back. FFFFUUUCCCCKKK!!! I am taken off balance but stay on my feet. Her arm wraps around my neck and she has me in a choke hold. I twist and turn but she holds on. I bend forward and she hops onto my back, still trying to sink a good choke in. I propel myself backward and slam against the mirror above the sink area cracking it. Her arm loosens around my neck and I turn. Her right hand swats me across the face as I turn into her and I grab two handfuls of blonde hair and pull her off. We tumble to the dirty bathroom floor. Our legs tangle up as our hands yank and pull on each other’s hair. We roll to my left and then hit the door and roll back to my right and hit the bathroom stall. I push up on her chin as she rolls on top, pushing her head back as I pull her hair from behind. It opens a little space between us and I let go of her hair and slap her hard across the face. She rolls off and I roll away and get to my feet. Kelli gets to hers, rubbing her cheek.

“Glad you are putting up a fight, bitch!” Kelli says, “I haven’t had a good catfight in a couple weeks.”

I rush her and duck my head at the least second and my shoulder slams into her tummy and we slam into the door of the stall and stumble in. The door actually closed and we brawl in the confined space. I am slammed against the side of the stall and she presses into me. I push her back and she hits the stall wall. She hits my left cheek with a right fist and it stuns me enough that she shoves me back into the stall. I try to punch but it is such close quarters that she catches it on her arm and all I can do is grab her hair again. I do manage to slug her in her right tit which causes her to moan in pain. I feel nails hit the back of my neck and I feel my t-shirt being pulled from behind, tearing the collar. I grab her jeans and twist, her left leg hitting the toilet and she goes down sitting on the toilet seat. I grab two handfuls of hair and push her back.

Her hands come up under my shirt and she grabs my bra covered breasts. OOOOWWWWW!!! I grab her t-shirt by the front collar and pull up. I can hear the fabric tear exposing a white bra underneath. She is able to get her right foot in-between us and pushes put, sending me flying back two feet and hitting the stall door hard. It doesn’t bust wide open but my t-shirt tore down the front. She gets up quick and we slam together in a bearhug, now with the added body weight of both of us, the door gives way and we tumble to the dirty ground again. Kelli’s shirt is in shambles and I reach in between us and grab her pert left breast and squeeze. She screams out in pain. I now hear banging on the bathroom door but they can’t get in. We roll to the left and right, our legs still stuck in the stall. Fighting in confined spaces can be really frustrating. We work our way to our knees, all the while pulling hair and slapping and scratching at skin. Kelli punches me hard in the stomach and I double over as we get to our feet. She drags me by the hair over to the sink, turning the water on and sticking my face under it.

“You need to cool off bitch!!!” She yells out, both of her hands pressing down on the back of my head.

My hands are scrambling to push up and try to shut off the water. I am able to grab the faucet and I can feel it give a little. I push and pull harder and it comes loose in my hands, spraying water every direction. I feel the pressure on the back of my head slacken as water sprays Kelli in the face. I turn around quickly, wet hair whipping through the air and lunge at her. We slam together and go down to the now dirty and wet floor. I feel her hands at the back of my bra as I get on top of the blonde. Water is raining down on us as we writhe on the floor. She unhooks my bra and my breast bounce free; moving her hands quickly, she latches onto them and squeezes. I have worked my way to sitting on her hips and my hands grab at her wrists to try and pull them free. FUCK THIS!!!! I think and grab at her white bra, pulling the cups up and grabbing her bare breasts. We squeeze, grope, scratch, claw and knead our tits as the door is kicked open revealing a Dallas police officer and…. Angelica Johansen!

Angelica pulls me off and the officer grabs Kelli and gets her to her feet. Turns out the police officer was Kelli’s husband and also know Angelica. The bar is closed down as we all sit in at the bar, me and Kelli drying off and cleaning up and Angelica pouring a few shots.

“You got yourself into a right mess this time, Anna,” Angelica says, taking the shot of whiskey and pouring another.

“I am sorry if I hurt you,” Kelli says, her husband’s arms around her. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”

“No sweat it Kelli,” I say in response, “If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same thing.”

As it turned out the report given to the Dallas Police department about the escaped mental patient was false and now no one was looking for me. Angelica told me that everyone in LA was safe and sound. She did mention a chilly conversation with Bri, when Angel couldn’t provide more details.

“Now I need to track down Aleena Masters and this crew of cunts she has working for her,” I say, downing my shot. I feel the burn of the liquid down my throat, heating my skin up.

“Already on that my dear,” Angelica said, “Turns out some of my friends are very good with the internet and also have connections into the seedy underworld. So I expect something soon. Oh and by the way, Dawn is back on Canadian soil. I know her and talked with her. I told her if she crosses the border again, she deals with me.”

“Oh when this is done,” I say taking another shot, “I am going to be paying her a visit.”

Meanwhile in the Alps, in a remote cabin in the mountains…..

“Make yourselves at home please,” Aleena Masters says to the group of women gathered in the living room, “We have plenty of food and drink, the cold and snow make this a hard place to get to. There is enough room that each of you can have your own room or share if you want some fun.”

Lucy Collett, seated in front of the large fireplace, spoke first, “When do we get to kill Anna Chambers?”

“In good time,” Aleena said assuringly, “She will come to us.”

Anna Mathews just looked on at the licking flames of the fire. This was the second time she thought her life was going to be spent in a cage. She didn’t want that anymore. Before they arrived with Aleena, she had asked her sister if Lucy would leave with her, to stop this vendetta. Lucy was angry and told Anna that if she left, she would be her enemy. So Anna stayed with her sister and Aleena for now

Aleena was concerned because no one knew were Alexandra Little was. She was picked up unconscious for the estate in Italy, but after she had woken up, she disappeared from the safe house. Now she had to contend with a wavering Anna Mathews as well as her toughest enforcer gone.

The End

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