Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 4 by Anna the Marine Chick

So here I was staring back and forth between my cell phone and the message from Amal and my daughter, Olivia, who was helping Amber Hurt to her feet. I dialed the center and Jenna picked up.

“I need transport for three back to the center,” I said straight away, “Also, prep the team for travel to Israel, land in Tel Aviv with ground travel to Jerusalem. Me, Olivia, Alexandra, and Anna Mathews plus one. Also need an Israeli passport for one Amber Hurt. Please have Lisa work on it and we will have her over for a picture when we arrive.”

“Got it,” Jenna said, “But adding one more, the boss wants to go. She will be meeting with Mossad to secure all the necessary support.”

“Sounds good,” I replied and hung up. I turned back to Amber and Olivia who were standing in the living room, “We are going to Israel, you too.” I said pointing at Amber.

“I don’t have a passport,” Amber said, “Vera Wong took it.”

“So it was Vera, huh,” I said, “I should have guessed.” Shaking my head. Amber opened her mouth to speak but I held a hand up.

“Don’t be so hard on her,” Olivia said turning to me, “She was in the same boat I was. What Vera had us do was the only way we could get out of her grasp.”

I looked hard at Olivia. “When we get airborne,” I said eyes going back between my daughter and Amber, “We all are going to have a long discussion and I want to know all.”

My phone chirped with a woman’s voice, “We are here for pick up. A team member will meet you on the 23rd floor.”

I told Olivia to pack Amber a bag and I head to my apartment and got things ready. I grabbed the leash and took Teddy with me. I exited my apartment and was met by a beautiful blonde with an athletic body.

“Hi, I am Steph,” Steph said, “Prior Miami PD. Aubrey and I have been on a recruiting trip in Denver for a while. Also set up a satellite office there.”

“Nice to meet you Steph,” I said as I shook her hand. Olivia and Amber came out of Amber’s apartment with a couple bags and Teddy broke free of my grasp and rushed to say hi to Olivia and then surprisingly, he nuzzled and licked Amber’s hand. Damn that dog forgives quickly.

We all went down the elevator; Teddy of course, paid me no attention and hung next to Olivia and Amber. A black suburban was waiting for us with another blonde driver, this one a little bustier than Steph. Aubrey was a local Vegas girl whose family had known Vivian for a long time. The drive didn’t take too long and we pulled up to see Alexandra loading in cases into a dark van. I went into the ops center and met with Vivian who was toting a rolling suitcase.

“We are all set,” Vivian said, “We are meeting in Tel Aviv with the head of operations for Mossad, Ella Gold. I have known her for years. She has already made contact with Amal and is also trying to convince me to take on one of her operatives on. She and I will be discussing that when we get there. Who is Amber Hurt and why is she coming?”

I explained what I knew and the Vera Wong connection. Vivian listened as I clued her in on all but the amazing sex Amber and I shared. I thought about telling her but for now that one will stay with me. To her credit, Olivia didn’t pipe up when I was talking about Amber.

“Ok,” Vivian said, “You two go down to the armory. We have a new armorer and she will fit you with new equipment.”

Olivia and I walked in silence down the hall, but I stopped a few feet from the door to the compound’s armory and turned to her. “Spill it,” I said, “Your silence is deafening.”

“You didn’t tell Mrs. C and I want you to know I understand,” Olivia said meeting my eyes, “I just want you to know that I don’t want to see Amber hurt, ok? I like her and we watch each other’s backs for a while. I don’t care who she fucks and don’t care who you fuck, but just don’t hurt her.”

“Fair enough,” I replied back, “I am not out to hurt her. I know it was a ploy to get near me and the group.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Olivia said as she walked into the armory, leaving me with a puzzled look on my face.

“Good morning Ms. Trasker and Ms. Chambers,” said the girl with green and blue hair from behind the large table, “My name is Grace and I will be outfitting you both for you trip to Israel. First, here are updated ear pieces,” Grace said handing us each a small metal box, “Same range as before with direct link to the ops center through satellite uplink. Now let’s see your side arms please.”

I cleared and handed over my H&K and Olivia gave her the Glock she carried after making sure it was safe.

“Ok, Ms. Chambers,” Grace said taking the pistol and inspecting it, “I know you have a love for the German variety of firearms but I want to show you something from Belgium.” She pulled out a wood ingrained box and opened it. “This is a FN 5.7 pistol. 20 round magazine, 5.7 round ammunition. I modified the trigger and extended the barrel the addition of a suppressor. There is very little kick and this baby will punch a hole through a car door.” I pulled out the pistol to inspect it, pulled the slide back a few time, the action was smooth. I was really starting to like this pistol. “Now, Ms. Trasker,” Grace said turning slightly to Olivia, “I know you like the punch of a 45 caliber, so I modified this for you,” she said handing Olivia a case, “This is a Para Ordnance Black Ops 1911. 45 caliber with a 14 round magazine. My modifications will make it jam free. As you can see the barrel is also longer and threaded for a suppressor attachment which is all in the case. Now for your back up pieces, I have chosen the Walther PPK/S .380 caliber, 6 round magazine and two very stylish thigh holsters for when you are both in dresses or skirts.”

Grace smiled as Olivia and I looked in amazement. “Grace,” I said, “You are like Q, except you have boobs and are much better looking. What is your background?”

“Mechanical engineering and computer engineering degrees from MIT,” Grace said, “I was recruited out of school by Mrs. Christianson and have been setting up things around Vegas here. Well, ladies, if you will please excuse me, I need to get to work. Please have a good mission.”

Olivia and I walked back into the operations center and Alexandra Little saw me. She had her M4 with her and she was holding a second. “Chambers, I need you now!”

I placed the case down and grabbed the rifle as she handed it to me. “What gives?” I asked.

Vivian, Anna Mathews and Jenna were staring at the screen of the front gate. Standing there, arms out wide doing a slow turn was a tall blonde mature looking woman.

“That is Sandra Purr,” Anna Mathews said, “She is here!”

Alexandra and I moved out on foot, M4’s trained up and around, each overlapping fields of fire. Olivia was in the van ready to drive down to the main gate. We both saw her but kept our heads moving as weapons trained on the woman.

“HANDS! Let me see your hands!” I commanded as Sandra Purr complied. “On your knees now! Hands behind your head!” She did as instructed. I whispered that Olivia should come down and I heard the van’s engine as she came down fast. I opened the gate and kept my weapon on Sandra as Alexandra frisked her and handed over a small thumb drive to me. We got her in the van and went fast to the back of the compound, to our interrogation rooms.

We got her secured to a chair and walked out the room.

“This complicates things,” Vivian said, looking at Sandra smiling from her chair, “I need to be there in Israel. At least for the introduction and to finalize plans with Ella Gold; after that I can fly back as long as you have the support of Mossad. Jesus Christ, this couldn’t happen at a worse time!”

“Vivian,” Anna Mathews said with a calming voice, “These things are rarely planned and can happen at the drop of a hat. Sandra is here for a reason. We just need to figure out what that is.” Anna glared at the smiling face of the woman she once called an ally, the woman she tested herself physically against; now on opposite sides of the same coin.

“I will have Steph and Aubrey keep her company,” Vivian stated turning to face me, “Is Angelica still in town? Can she assist in the interrogation?”

“I think she will be happy to,” I said, “As long as she is compensated for her time.” I had my rolling suitcase and equipment case ready to go. We loaded up two SUV’s and a van and went to our awaiting aircraft. This time we weren’t flying in a smaller private jet. We had a Boeing 777-10X. As Vivian explained it was experimental and this was the first sold. Inside we stowed gear and took seats with Oliva, Amber and I, sitting towards the back to talk as Vivian, Anna and Alexandra stretched out. Since this was Vivian’s personal aircraft, every seat was styled after the lay down first class seats you find on the jumbo jets today.

Sandra Purr sat calmly in the chair; everything was going according to plan. She was surprised that no one has tried to talk with her yet.

Mexico, deep in the mountains, an out of the way large hacienda….

The blonde sat in front of the computer screen, the room was dark and the screen lit up her face and large breasts as they sat high and naked on her chest. She was finishing the last line of the email her current employer wanted her to send. She could sense someone else enter the room.

“You are not going to sneak up on me, Maria,” the blonde said, “I could smell your perfume in the hallway.”

Hands touched the blonde’s bare shoulders, caressing her neck, moving down her front until they cupped and kneaded the blonde’s large naked breasts.

“Oh Alley,” Maria said, “Are you almost done? I have made the rest of the arrangements for our little fiesta. We just need the right guests to make it that much more fun. Coke from Columbia and Bolivia, marijuana from my own fields, wine from France and Italy; just waiting on the women to partake in it all.” Maria said as she groped the blonde’s breasts. Maria de Santos was the defacto queen of the Mexican cartel. Her husband was currently in an American super max prison and she ran the organization with an iron fist.

“It is done,” Alley said hitting send, “Did you deposit the money as agreed from my last job? Well minus the two women who didn’t make it over the border of course.”

“Of course Alley my sweet,” Maria cooed in Alley’s ear, “You will see it in your account by the start of the party. Did you make sure to invite that mafia puta, Dominique? I hope she gets mouthy so I can slap the caca out of her.”

Alley moved around to face Maria, as they had done for most nights this week, Alley stripped the Latina and ravaged her body in wild tantric sex.

Flying over the Med….

“Look,” Amber said for the third time, “As I said before, Vera and that cow Hitomi made sure to let me know if I didn’t do what they wanted, Olivia and then me would be killed. First with the torture, then with the killing. I didn’t want either of us to die. Hell I almost ran when Vera told me Olivia was dead. But then you knocked on the door.”

“So that thing in your apartment,” I asked, “That was part of the plan, seduce me, get into my apartment and place the devise.”

“At first yes,” Amber said, tearing up a little, “But even before you kissed me, I didn’t want to do what I did. I loved what we did. I am so sorry.”

“I am the one who is sorry, Amber,” I said with a sigh, “You didn’t have a choice and did the only thing you could. I get it. I have been in that position and have had the ones I cared about in that position too.” I looked her in her eyes, “Now what are planning to do about it? I need to know what you can bring to the table here. How can you help us?”

Amber shrugged, “I am a pilot.”

Olivia and I shared a look. “What aircraft can you fly?” Olivia asked.

“This one going down to Cesnsa size. Also helicopters, Bell to the HH-65 Dolphin. It started as a hobby but I have a lot of hours up in them.” Amber said calmly. Shit we could use another pilot so A.P. didn’t have to fly all the time.

“Amber,” I said, “We are doing things that are dangerous. You could be put in danger. It is not for everyone.”

Amber nodded and Olivia piped up, “Amber is good in a fight. She is good with her fists and can use her body well.”

“I want to help. I want to do more than be used by that bitch Vera,” Amber said.

“Good,” Vivian said from a few seats away, “You are hired. But betray us and they won’t find your body.”

Amber both smiled and shivered at the same time.

Las Vegas…. The compound…..

“Thank you dear for letting me use the bathroom,” Sandra said as Steph secured her back to the chair, “It would have been uncomfortable for all if I wasn’t allowed.”

As Steph checked to see all was secure, Sandra looked long at Aubrey who was holding the pistol at her side. The two blondes walked out of the room and back to the ops center.

“The team is about to land in Tel Avi,” Jenna said, “Vivian should be back in the next 12 hours. We will give her another bathroom break in 4 hours.”


We landed and were met by some of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and our group and all our gear were whisked away in a three black land rovers. We drove for about 30 minutes and came up to a walled compound, being waived quickly through the guarded gate. We stopped and got out and a woman with silver hair and a body of a 30 year old playboy model was waiting to greet us. Vivian got out and hugged the woman.

“Ladies,” Vivian said as we all got out, “This is Ella Gold, Mossad, and she will be assisting us as we are here.”

“Welcome to Israel,” Ella said in greeting, “We can go in a brief with what we have found out so far.”

As we got closer to the door, Amal came out, dressed in a black t shirt and khaki cargo pants and boots. She exchanged hugs with our group, leaving me for last.

“I am so sorry Amal,” I said as I wrapped her up in a tight hug.

Amal broke the hug but held onto my arms and I moved in and kissed her gently on the lips.

She returned the kiss, “Thank you Anna. Thank you for coming. Thank you for helping me avenge him.”

We walked into the briefing room where everyone is already seated. Ella stood and spoke first, “Amal has been very helpful to Mossad over the past few days. The relationship that we have had with Jordanian Intelligence lives on. This is Noya, one of your operatives that has been assisting Amal.”

Noya stood her reddish brown hair hung loosely around her shoulders; though she is dressed conservatively, I can see the outline of her chest. Damn, what the fuck… why does everyone have bigger tits than me!!! I scream in my head.

“We believe Charlotte Grey is still in country, actually we have a good idea where she is likely hold up at,” Noya said as a map came on the screen. The map was of Jerusalem. The Christian Quarter. “She was last spotted here and also in the Muslim Quarter dressed in full burka with 2 Asian women, Vera Wong and Hitomi Tanaka, but also two Hezbollah operatives, sisters Faesha and Dishia. Both are in their late 30’s and in the past been spotters for rocket attacks. But more recently they have been assisting Ms. Grey with logistics. Wong and Tanaka departed last night and we lost track of them. We assess they are no longer in country.” That last little bit of info caused Vivian to straight up glare at Ella.

Ella cleared her throat and spoke, “We also assess that Ms. Grey has been in a direct line of communication with Sandra Purr. As you know,” looking over at Anna Mathews, “The last time Sandra Purr was in Israel was with Ms. Mathews here in 2001.”

“She isn’t talking with her now,” Vivian said, “We have Sandra Purr in custody.”

“As of when?” Ella shot over at Vivian.

Vivian smiled and looked at her watch, “As of 12 hours ago. She has yet to be debriefed.”

“You could have fucking led with that Viv,” Ella said snarkily.

“You could have told me about Vera and Hitomi before I got on my fucking plane, El,” Vivian shot right back. The room was growing tense.

“Why don’t we break for 15 minutes so Mrs. Christianson and I can have a discussion,” Ella said but her eyes never left Vivian’s eyes, “Noya, you stay.”

“Anna, you too,” Vivian said the women slowly got up from the conference table.

As soon as the door closed, Vivian and Ella got to their feet, “Whatever happens, do nothing unless we are killing each other,” said my blonde boss. I glanced over at Noya who just shrugged at me.

I turned back to the two mature women and jeez they were fast, as blouses were laid over the backs of chairs, skirts were around waist and they had kicked off their shoes. The two women walked around to the front of the conference table and SMACK! They came together and started grappling right there. I guess I have this to look forward to as I get older! Noya and I were in awe of these two mature women; one thing you should take great care in doing, is to mess with a mature cat, they can be very, very dangerous. Hands went to hair but the two didn’t yank their heads around; they used the holds to keep them in place. Both had on white bras which were now plastered together as the two women grappled on their feet. Vivian began to overpower Ella and pushed the older woman onto the conference table, getting on top of her. Their skirts had ridden up a little.

“Just like when we discussed your helping us,” Vivian grunted from on top of Ella.

“And my answer remains the same, bitch!” Ella said, “You have to show you are worthy to get it!” With that, Ella bridged and the two rolled momentarily to their sides and then over again with Ella on top.

Viv and Ella grasped hands and arms went out to their sides, with their large bra covered breasts pressed tightly together. Their legs snaked together like two pythons locked in combat. They rolled to their sides with arms over the other’s heads, bucking their boobs together, more and more of their breasts threatening to push out the top.

“Compromise,” Ella said with a grunt, “We get a crack at Sandra before you turn her over to the Americans. I will send an interrogator with you back to Vegas.”

“Good with me,” Vivian said breathing hard, “Noya is still your addition to the team?”

“Yes,” Ella replied straining her voice, “Can you break off your boobs from mine now? Mine are popping out!”

Vivian slacked and she and Ella rolled apart on the conference table. They both got to their feet on opposite sides and put on blouses after readjusting boobs in bras. I gave Vivian a wink.

“Nice job boss,” I said, “If you want, we can give you a few tips if you want.”

“Anna, dear,” Vivian said with a smile, “I was locked in naked catfights before you had a training bra.”

My eyes went a little wide as the women filed back in. A young man in fatigues walked in a whispered in Ella’s ear.

“We have positive ID on Ms. Grey at a house just outside Jerusalem,” Ella said, “I have people monitoring her movements there.”

“I would like to get our own eyes on,” I said and turned to Anna Mathews, “Anna, did you happen to bring your more conservative religious attire?”

She knew exactly what I was thinking. “Yes I do, Anna. I would also like to take Amal with me. I have another set just her size.” Amal smiled and nodded.

“Two teams,” I said looking over a map of the area, “Alexandra and Olivia with one team and me and Noya with the other. Body armor and rifles for the assault elements, bomb removal if needed. Director Gold, do you have a couple of long rifles to provide over watch? Place them here and here.” I said pointing to two buildings with direct line of site to the house.

“I do,” Ella said, “They will be on station before you get there. There will be a van to take whoever we get away quietly.”

We adjourned and went out to load up. Noya walked to where I was checking magazines for my M4. She had a bullpup style rifle with the magazine well behind the trigger. A suppressor was attached to the end of the rifle. She was decked out like the rest of us. Black clothing from head to toe, tactical vests with plates to protect us from returning fire and an open balaclava that was around her neck. She had the look in her eyes like this was not her first rodeo. In fact, she had just finished a stint as one of Mossad’s direct assets in Europe. I nodded at her and her at me. We loaded in the blacked out vans and headed off.

Anna Mathews and Amal were walking down the busy street, both dressed as Catholic nuns.

“Amal,” Anna said quietly so just she and Amal could hear, “Please accept my condolences at the death of your father. Dawood had tried to intervene on my behalf with the Russians, but my arrest by FSB and incarceration were never confirmed by Russia. That garnered a great deal of respect from me, that one on the opposite side would try to assist me.”

“My father,” Amal said, choosing her words, “Dealt with many more complex situations than I ever did. I was more of a knight on the chess board, but he was always 5 moves ahead of everyone else. I have a question for you, if you will be honest with me?”

“Of course my dear,” Anna said.

“I am going to leave Jordanian Intelligence,” Amal said, “I am going to tender my resignation after my father’s funeral. I do want to continue what we do though. I plan to ask Vivian to hire me on full time, not just as a representative of my country. Do you think this is a wise choice?”

Anna thought about it for a moment and stopped walking. She took Amal’s hands in hers and looked deeply into her eyes, “Amal, Hope is what you name means, you know that. You are our hope for the future. Vivian would be out of her mind not to accept you on those terms. And if you need someone to… argue aggressively, maybe scantily clad arguing, I will be in your corner.”

Amal smiled back as they resumed walking, glancing from time to time around the neighborhood and at the house.

The sun was setting as we waited in the vans, Anna and Amal didn’t report anything unusual. About 10 minutes after the sun disappeared over the horizon, I got a buzz in my ear piece.

“Long Rifle 2 reporting, one figure, no make that 3 figures top floor near the window. Unable to confirm ID. No clear shot”

“Long Rifle 1, they appear to be setting something up but unable to verify what it is. No clear shot here.”

I spoke out through the communications, “Anna, Amal, can you get closer to the house? Remain a safe distance but I need to find out what they are doing.”

“Copy,” Amal replied as she and Anna, still dressed like Catholic nuns walked closer to the house. Anna caught sight of a barrel being extended from the top floor window.

“I have what appears to be a barrel from the window,” Anna Mathews said, but that didn’t make sense because someone as skilled as Charlotte would have a sniper rifle inside a building and not protruding for people to see. Then the clatter of a machine gun going off broke the stillness of the night air.

People ran and screamed as the gunfire tore into a small market across from the house. People lay dead and wounded as the rounds kicked up dirt and cement as they hit. Anna and Amal rushed to the bottom floor of the house. Amal kicked the door in and Anna entered with a small pistol raised. Amal came in and swept to the left as Anna went right to clear the room. Pistols training up, the pair went to the stairs up. Glancing quickly, neither noticed any movement just the consistent rounds being fired from the machine gun. At each landing they swept around but didn’t see any movement. The gunfire stopped as they reached the top floor. Anna motioned her head to Amal to go right and the swept into the room. Sitting there next to a control box was a figure wearing a head to toe burka with hands placed on the control. The machine gun was on a mounted tripod and was being controlled by the box remotely.

Amal didn’t call out and put two rounds into the figures back; the body slumped over the box. Amal started to move forward but Anna’s eyes saw the wires from around the figures left foot.

“AMAL!!!” Anna screamed as she grabbed the younger woman and pulled them both out of the room and as the hit the stairs…. BOOOM!!!

Amal and Anna were slammed to the wall by the percussion and rolled down the stairs as dust and dirt covered them. Both of them had lost their pistols and just lay there with ears ringing and vision blurry. Amal caught movement out of the corner of her eye and two figures came into view, both dressed in burkas but holding long machete style blades in their hands. The one closest screamed out in a high pitched woman’s voice, “ALLAH AKBAR!” And swung the blade down aimed at Amal’s head. At the last second, Amal moved and it clanged off the cement. Amal kicked the woman in the belly and looked over as Anna Mathews was grappling with the other figure for the machete. Amal shook her head to clear the cobwebs and lunged at the woman who attacked her. She pulled head covering down and it was Faesha which meant Anna was battling it out with Dishia. If this was out in the open, the site of two women dressed as nuns fighting two women in burkas might have started another holy war. Amal tackled Faesha into a vacant room and the tow started grappling for control. Amal’s habit had been lost in the explosion and her hair was whipping about and Faesha grabbed two handfuls and yanked.

Anna could tell she was fighting a woman, either Charlotte or one of the two other women she was briefed about. Anna punched hard, aiming at the woman’s left breast; it connected with a howl from the woman and Anna tore away the face covering to reveal the snarling face of Dishia. What Anna also realized was the tit she punched was big, very big and firm. The machete was dropped and Anna tackled the terrorist to the dirty floor. Dishia countered and slugged Anna in the belly with a right fist and then rolled the redhead over and started pulling at the nun robes. Anna grabbed a handful of the burka and punched Dishia in the jaw with a left hand, knocking the woman back but tearing open Anna’s robe. She was holding a piece of Dishia’s burka in her hand. Dishia backed off and pulled the burka off revealing her naked body with large full breasts high on her chest and a flat tummy. Anna smiled as she loved a good naked tangle. She pulled the nuns’ garments down her body and unhooked her bra, letting her massive tits out and slid the red thong off her hips to her ankles and kicked them free. They charged at the same time and came together in a SPLAT of flesh on flesh, hands going for hair.

Amal and Faesha pulled and tore at robes and hair. Faesha spit in Amal’s face and raked her nails down her cheek leaving nasty red welts in their wake. Amal gritted her teeth through the pain and punched the older terrorist in the right cheek and kicked her off. Faesha got to her feet and noticed the torn burka and started to remove it. She let the garment fall to her feet to reveal her naked body underneath. Amal took the hint and quickly shed her nun garb and unhooked bra and removed her panties.

“I helped kill your father, little whore!” Faesha said in Arabic to Amal.

Amal’s eyes went wide and she screamed as she rushed the woman, tackling her and taking them into the hallway and down the stairs. Over and over the pair of naked women tumbled down; all the while pulling hair and punching. When they stopped at the lower level, Faesha was on top and she grabbed both of Amal’s tits, digging her nails in and squeezing. Amal screamed out in pain and swung punch after punch at the older woman’s face. Faesha was knocked off and Amal got on top and started to rain down punch after punch at the terrorist’s face and tits. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Amal stopped punching because her fists hurt and all Faesha could do was moan in anguish. Amal moved her knee between the woman’s legs and fired up 3 hard knees to Faesha’s pussy. She heard screaming coming from up the stairs.

“I only need one of you alive,” Amal said and as Faesha raised her head to curse at her, Amal punched her in the nose, breaking it and sending the woman to dreamland. Amal got up and slowly walked up the stairs on shaking legs.

Anna and Dishia rolled back and forth in the dirt and debris, naked voluptuous bodies getting covered in dirt and dust. Hands were yanking at hair and scratching skin; their big breasts smacking together as they grappled. Anna got on top of the brunette and grabbed two handfuls of the large tits and crushed them in her fingers, nails causing spots of blood to form. Dishia was screaming and tried to pull the older woman’s hands free but Anna held on tightly. The terrorist’s arms flaled at her sides and her left hand found a rock and she grabbed and hit Anna in the shoulder with it, knocking the redhead off of her. Dishia, still holding the rock got onto the prone woman and raised it up over her head for the killing blow. The rock was knocked from her hands and then her neck was wrapped up by arms from behind.

“For my father,” Amal whispered in her ear.

Anna screamed out, “NO AMAL!”


Amal broke Dishia’s neck and let the dead terrorist slump back to the floor.

“Amal,” Anna chided, “We needed information.”

“Her sister is unconscious downstairs,” Amal said, her eyes just staring at the dead woman.

Anna got up and grabbed her robe and gingerly put it on as Amal got hers and dressed. Anna held Amal’s chin and looked at the scratch marks down her left cheek.

“You did well, my dear,” Anna said, “You did well.”

Half of my team went to conduct triage on the wounded as Noya and myself and a few Mossad agents went to secure Faesha and get her out of the area. I survived the scene, what a fucking mess. Some the remnants of the body that was blown up were taken for DNA testing. I got my team and we headed back to the Mossad black site where Vivian and Ella waited for us.

“Faesha claims it was Charlotte Grey upstairs controlling the machine gun,” Ella said, “She is quite adamant about that. Even through the enhanced techniques, she claims the same thing. It would have been nice to get the same from her sister but no matter. It looks like a win for us.”

“So we head back to talk with Sandra,” I said,

“No,” Vivian said and I looked at her puzzled, “I got back with Alexandra to Vegas and you, Olivia, Noya and Amber are going to Mexico.” She then handed me the printout of the email that was mass sent to agencies and the underworld alike. “This meeting is one we cannot pass up. This gets us in front of the baddest of the bad but there on a sort of truce. Read.”

“To all receiving this,
You are cordially invited to my hacienda on Friday for meeting of the minds. We will be able to discuss business propositions, the correct lanes to stay in and mutual agreed terms. I have secured the permission from my government and none of you will be harassed by them. I call a truce between factions so we will be allowed to talk inside of fight. We can fight for fun later. You will be allowed one bodyguard, but the guard must be female and unarmed as you will be as well. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience. I hope to see you all here at the end of the week.

With love,
Maria de Santos”

“THE Maria de Santos?” I asked, “The queen of the drug cartels?”

“The same,” Vivian said, “I received this personally and you will be going. Ella received an email as well and Noya will be her representative. I figure Olivia can be your body guard for the event. Mossad opted not to send someone with for Noya.”

“I don’t think she will need one,” Ella said, “Besides, she will have you two there as well. I party clothes are all ready for you to pick out. Mossad will be transporting you to Mexico.” With that, Ella left to talk with Noya.

I grasped Vivian’s arm and led her out of earshot from others, “Do not, I repeat, do not engage in any talks with Sandra Purr without Angelica there.” I warned, “This shit is falling into place way to easy.”

Vivian smiled, “Anna, I have Alexandra with me, and I will not interrogate her without the proper people there.” We hugged and Alexandra and Vivian headed out in a black land rover to the waiting aircraft. Anna Mathews waived to us as we left. She was going to be staying with Amal for the funeral of her father.

Israel provided an Airbus 310 for us to travel in. My plan was to bring all of us including Amber to the event but have her snoop around the grounds. Mossad provided maps of the area and blueprints of the hacienda which we scoured over for hours. There was a runway there but not big enough for a jet aircraft and some satellite shots showed a two prop plane on the runway.


We touched down and changed. I chose a dark green cocktail dress with spaghetti straps and it was form fitting. The dress ended just above the knee. I wore a strapless green bra and matching thong, along with garter belt and black stockings and three inch dark green open toed heels. Olivia chose a black sleeveless dress that hugged her curves, her bra straps were hidden by the one inch shoulder straps of the dress. She opted not to wear stockings and her 3 inch closed toe black heels made her calves pop out. Noya wore a red cocktail dress like mine but the bottom rested mid-thigh. She slipped in thigh high stockings and her red garter straps could be seen if she sat down. Amber looked a little dejected not being able to play dress up.

“Amber,” I said as I sat down next to her, “You have the important job of finding out all you can of the grounds and what they have there. If we need a quick exit, you are it.”

“I get it,” she said, “Anna, when can you and I talk? Like seriously talk?”

I sighed, “I don’t know Amber, and I wish I could tell you.”

WE drove in silence to a bend in the road before the gate, letting Amber out with Night Vision Goggles, an earpiece communication and my Walther PPK. We continued to the gate where we showed our invitations and were allowed to proceed. By the look of the cars and SUVs here, the party was already started.

Maria de Santos survived the assembled women milling about talking with one another; this is what she wanted, also hoping to expand her drug trade more globally with partners in many countries and governments looking the other way. There were representatives from the French and British governments, one from the east coast mafia of the United States, members of the Yakuza and Triad, and even one from Iran. She spotted Dominique Corzo seated on one of the large couches by herself but with a tall blonde standing guard nearby. Her own body guard, Kathryn Vargas trailing behind her closely.

“Dominique,” Maria said as she sat down with a glass of wine, “I am so glad you made it. I was so saddened to hear that your father was convicted on those outrageous charges.” The last remark was mostly a job at the daughter of the head of the mafia on the east coast.

“Oh Maria,” Dominique said with snark in her voice, “I guess my father and your husband will be getting to know each other than in prison. Tell me; has the US government seizure of all that money and all those drugs bit into you like I have heard?”

“Oh I will be biting back soon enough,” Maria said and the two women stared at each other.

Kathryn watched the exchange with some amusement. This was not her typical gig, but she needed the money and when the request for her services came in email and phone call, she couldn’t pass it up. Life after the Marine Corps was not as easy as she had hoped. She bounced around from a few jobs in bars and nightclubs until one fight as a bouncer got her noticed by an actress who requested her for her protection detail. Kathryn stayed in a great shape but her body wasn’t ripped out with outrageous muscle, it remained feminine with gorgeous curves that made her current outfit of white blouse and black dress pants and 3 inch heels, hug her body like a second skin. Her last assignment before leaving the Corps was as a drill instructor at Parris Island, South Carolina. She scanned around the room, lots of dresses, and lots of cleavage. Her eyes fell onto the tall blonde standing next to Dominique Corzo, obviously her body guard. The woman looked imposing, like a hard body would be underneath. She was dressed in a black pants suit with black shirt.

I walked in with Olivia and Noya. After a wand search, the doors to the main hall were open to us. It was a who’s who of underworld bad chicks and even some good girls. Two in particular caught my eye. Noya went to grab a glass of wine and look around, so I gave Olivia the head motion to follow me and I walked over.

“So MI6 sends their newest agent to Mexico,” I said as the lovely brunette with short hair turned around with a smile, “What are you called now Double O E?” I ask as I glance at her cleavage in the low cut blue dress.

“That is Double O EE, Chambers,” Emilia Kent said grabbing me in a warm embrace, “How are you, love?”

Leslie Smith smiled as she came in for a hug next, “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well the British crumpet needed some muscle, so here I am,” Leslie said, “And who is this?” Motioning to Olivia who was just watching the exchange.

“This is Olivia Trasker,” I said, “She is …. Um…”

“Her daughter,” Olivia said, shaking hands with both Leslie and Emilia as they jaws dropped.

“Long story,” Olivia added seeing the look of astonishment on their faces.

“So the Brits aren’t trying to capitalize on this?” I asked quietly to Emilia.

“Oh Anna, dear sweet Anna,” Emilia said as she leaned in, “The tart Maria might have paid off the Mexican government and the local and regional cops, but I have 50 Special Air Service (SAS) chaps in the woods with Mexican Special Forces waiting for my signal.”

I smiled at her, “You devious bitch.”

“You know it,” Emilia said as the French government rep came over to talk with her.

For some reason just then, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I looked around. I walked more into the main room looking for the danger I sensed. I didn’t see it, but then I smelled it. It was the same perfume as I smelled in a hotel room in Rome a little over 6 months ago.

“Hello, Anna Chambers,” a voice came from behind me and I turned to be face to face and almost tits to tits with Sarah Randall. The last I heard Sarah had gone to ground as she and Aleena were hunted by the NSA and others.

“Sarah,” I said, “You don’t know how happy I am to see you. You know, one of Aleena’s last words was your name. She kept calling it as the life drained out of her.”

“She was a lesser woman it seems,’’ Sarah said, her bosom basically jumping from her low cut black gown, “But you haven’t messed with me yet, I am not that easy.”

“The night is young,” I said and she smiled and walked past me, right into conversation with Vera Wong and Hitomi Tanaka. I started towards them when Olivia caught my arm.

“Not yet,” she said quietly, “Let’s see how the night plays out.”

And what happened was how I love nights to play out. It started between a member of the Columbian Cartel and a woman representing the Bolivian Coca trade. Drinks were thrown and slaps were heard and then the pair was rolling around the main room. That started it between members of the so called elite underworld. I could hear and see fights breaking out all over.

Alley was in the back of the house making sure the guards were paying attention to what was around them but heard a scream from inside the main room. Alley was wearing a low cut violet gown with a slit starting from mid-calf and going up to her upper thigh. She had hoped to find one of these ladies for some private fun, so she decided not to wear panties and the top of the gown was so tight and her breasts so firm, that no bra was in the ensemble either.

Maria saw the fights starting and being a woman who liked to not only fuck women but occasionally get into fights; she turned toward the mafia princess and slapped her across the face. The blonde body guard, Brooke, moved to the pair but her arm was caught from behind and she was spun around.

“They are big girls,” Katheryn said, “Why not let them finish it between them?”

Brooke yanked her arm free, “The last woman who grabbed me like that ended up with a dislocated shoulder, is that what you want?” Fists forming at her sides.

“Anytime you think you can take me,” Kathryn said squaring up with the blonde, “Fucking jump!” And the blonde jumped.

I scanned around the room and saw Sarah Randall, Vera Wong and Hitomi Tanaka walk away from the multiple fights going on and go down a hallway. I nodded to my daughter and she and I followed. I was looking for Noya and she was already topless on her knees with a busty woman from Iran, the smack of their big tits clopping were mixed with squeals and slaps from around us. I looked behind me and Leslie and Emilia were with us. I rounded a corner and saw a door close at the end of the hall. As we walked down a blonde in a violet dress passed us and we locked eyes for a second but we didn’t stop as she passed, but then Emilia stopped.

“I know her from somewhere,” Emilia said, “I can’t place it but it is no good.”

We all got to the door and I set my ear against it. I could hear voices and gave a soft knock, backing up from the door. As soon as I heard “Who is it?” I kicked the door as hard as I could with a front kick. The door swung open and we piled in. Hitomi was on her ass, holding her head. Sarah and Vera glared at us.

“Well, well, well,” I said, “All the women I intend to end all in the same room.”

Hitomi got up and went to where Vera and Sarah were standing. All of a sudden there was a commotion behind us and I, Olivia and Leslie turned to see the blonde with the violet dress grab Emilia by the hair and drag her out into the hallway. It was the distraction the other women needed and they pounced. Sarah slammed into me and we hit the wall hard. Olivia was tackled to the carpet by Vera. Hitomi though, just stared at Leslie and pealed down the top of her dress revealing her massive tits, cupping them challengingly. Leslie slipped the top of her dress down and her E cup breasts bounced free. The two Asian women cam together in a bear hug.

Dominique and Maria had torn the tops off their already low cut gowns and were yanking hair as they big tits slammed together. Maria was not as busty up top and Dominique forced her down on the couch. Maria grabbed the back of the mafia princesses dressed and pulled. Now ripping could be heard as Dominique’s dress gave way leaving her in a black thong and garter belt. The pair rolled off the couch and onto the carpet where Maria’s gown was yanked down. Now with legs free the slammed together, legs locking for a scratching, biting catball.

Their body guards waded in with fists first but Kathryn like a close up fight. Ducking a wild swing from the blonde, Kathryn lunged forward and too the blonde off her feet and slammed her down to a table full of drinks. Brooke groaned as the wind was knocked out of her and this busty brunette that did it was now mounting her. She reached up and grabbed the two jutting breasts over the white blouse. Kathryn swore loudly and was almost thrown from her perch by the strong blonde. She ripped open Brooke’s blouse and grabbed the blonde’s smaller breasts and started squeezing too. Both women went to their sides and arms locked out straight as they squeezed and groped. Brooke tried to send a knee into Kathryn’s crotch but the former Marine blocked it with her legs and sent one back towards Brooke that landed home. Brooke’s eyes went wide and then Kathryn remounted Brooke and slammed two quick elbows down on her face, knocking her out.

Emilia was dragged to the hallway and spun around to see the blonde she sort of recognized earlier. She grabbed the blonde’s hair and slammed them against the wall in the hallway. Back and forth they pushed and slammed each other. Then it clicked with Emilia!

“ALLEY!” Emilia said loudly as the blonde smiled at her.

“Glad you remembered,” Alley said with a British accent, “I thought you didn’t remember me.” She then pivoted, pulling Emilia by her hair and hip tossed her to the carpet and came down on top.

Emilia’s breasts bounced free and she grabbed at Alley’s top and pulled. The ripping dress tore down the front and Alley’s frim, large orbs came out. But Alley was hell bent on stripping the woman and she pulled and tore at Emilia’s gown as Emilia slapped at her face and chest. The gown was torn open and slid off revealing beige panties that Alley torn down as well. Alley backed off and stood, unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor, showing Emilia that she was also naked. Then as Em was rising, Alley pounced on her.

Sarah hit me like a freight train, her massive tits swelled up against mine through our dresses. Her right forearm was pressed against my throat and she punched with her left hand at my abs. I grabbed her hair at the top of her head and yanked and dipped my mouth down to sink my teeth into her forearm. She screamed as I sunk my chompers in. I pushed off the wall and tackled her to the floor and started to punch at her face. She did a good job blocking them and at one punch she grabbed my right arm and bridged with her hips and we rolled. Her body outweighed me by like 15-20lbs which was probably all tits. I clopped her ears and she cursed and head butted me in the face. I could taste blood but at least she didn’t knock any more teeth out. She slammed a forearm into my tits and I thought they exploded. She ground her arm, using her body weight on top. I reach in between us and freed her big rake and started squeezing the big tits like they were empty beer cans. She screamed and rolled off.

There was no punching, no kicking, no semblance of technical fighting with Vera and Olivia; they tore at each other like cats. Nails slashed at faces and chests, their dresses were quickly torn down to reveal large breasts that were almost immediately attacked. For Vera, this was a culmination of Hitomi’s training over the last 6 months and for Olivia, this was revenge for what Vera made her do and the people that Vera made her hurt. Working their way to their knees, the brunettes smacked together tit to tit and grabbed handfuls of hair.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Olivia screamed.


Vera toppled the two of them over and the rolled wildly in a tangle of arms, legs and tits. The careened about the room until they collided with Sarah’s rising body and she fell on top. Olivia grabbing the busty brunette by the hair as Vera glared at me and started to rise.

Leslie and Hitomi ground their huge tits together. It was difficult to lock hands behind the others back, so they gouged nails into shoulder blades; blood from small cuts dripping down their backs. Leslie surged forward and they hit a door in the room, which opened and fell inside, finally breaking apart. They stared at each other as they rubbed the tenderness from their breasts, glaring, teeth bared in primal fury. Leslie struck first and grabbed two handfuls of Hitomi’ s tits and squeezed; flesh oozing through her fingers. In truth, Leslie could have had four hands and there would still be boob flesh to grab. Hitomi latched her nails into Leslie’s pair and gouged and twisted. Leslie had her breasts augmented years ago and with continuous fights she had over the years, the breasts held up just fine. But Hitomi was a master at hands on and hands off titfights and Leslie knew she was in the fight of her life. Leslie pulled the massive tits of Hitomi out by the nipples and shook them causing the Japanese beauty to cry out in pain. Leslie slapped them together with a THWACK!!! Hitomi lost her footing and went down releasing Leslie’s battered tits. Leslie pounced but was met with a stiletto heeled kick to her left breast. Leslie screamed like she had been shot as pain coursed through her topless body. She crumpled to the floor next to Hitomi and the bustier woman mounted Leslie and pried her hands away from the wounded breast. Hitomi slammed her huge tits down onto Leslie’s over and over and over again.

Dominique and Maria rolled about the carpet with scratch mark adorning their backs and breast. Each had lost her panties in the struggle and Maria mounted the American; believing her pussy could out last the mafia princess. She slammed her wet snatch down onto Dominique’s dripping pussy with a squishy slap. Each moaned out but at each thrust of hips, Dominique matched Maria pussy smack for pussy smack. The American grabbed Maria’s ass cheeks, digging her nails in and ground her womanhood up into Maria’s. Erect clits came forth from hoods and like heat seeking missiles, they sought out their rivals. The clits met head on and Maria’s was pushed back and ground by Dominique’s. Maria’s eyes went wide as the mafia princess rolled the cartel queen onto her back and fucked her like it was going out of style. Dominique’s bigger tits ground into Maria’s slightly smaller ones as she fucked the Latina to an earthshattering orgasm!

“NNNNNOOOOOO PPPUUUTTTTAAA!” Maria screamed as she came.

“FUCK YOU CUNT!!!” Dominique yelled back. She grabbed Maria by her hair and slammed her right fist into the woman’s face, knocking her out. She got to her hands and knees as she was handed what was left of her dress by Kathryn, “Kill this bitch!” Dominique ordered.

“Ah, no,” Kathryn shot back, “I am here for your protection and I did that.” Motioning with her right hand to the unconscious Brooke, “I am not here to kill just because you want it done.”

Dominique slapped Kathryn hard across her left cheek, “I said DO IT!” Dominique swung another slap but her wrist was caught by Kathryn and she was quickly spun around and slammed to the couch, face first.

“Sweets,” Kathryn said into Dominique’s left ear, “Consider this my resignation; go find your own way home. And if you fuck with me again,” reaching around and grabbing the mafia princesses’ left breast, giving it a pinch, “I will leave you in a pile of sweat, cum and blood.” She released her and straightened her blouse. Then the sound of automatic weapons fire sounded from the grounds.

Alley was toying with Emilia as the rolled around naked on the hallway floor. She knew the brunette was wet and turned on by the slick feeling she felt on her thighs and with the moans from Emilia’s lips. Alley slammed her cunt over and over into Em’s, making the MI6 agent cry out in pain and pleasure. Emilia reached up to grab Alley’s big tits but the blonde intercepted the hands and pushed them out to slam her big rack down into Em’s. SMACK! Alley ground her tits back and forth over the brunettes globes. Alley loved going pussy to pussy and Emilia was not ready for this type of attack. She was getting more and more aroused by the blonde and was close to cumming. Emilia wrenched her right hand free and balled up a fist and slammed it into Alley’s neck.

“FFUUCCKKK!” Alley exclaimed and rolled off holding her neck.

Em tried to sit up but Alley sent her long left leg across the big tits of the British spy. SPLAT! Emilia groaned and curled up into a ball. Alley got slowly to her feet and listened to commotion in the other room. She reached under a small table at the end of the hallway and produced a small pistol.

Outside the British SAS and Mexican Special Forces started their assault on the hacienda, engaging the cartel guards from all sides. Amber was near the airstrip and she noticed a man and woman moving fuel hoses away from the two engine airplane. The man noticed her first and brought up an AK-47 to bear at Amber, so Amber aimed and fired three times. BANG BANG BANG! All three rounds hit the man square in the chest and he crumpled to the ground. The woman screamed at Amber in Spanish and charged, tackling Amber to the ground. The gun was lost and the two women punched and scratched as the churned up dirt around them. What they didn’t see were three people adorned in black from head to toe with bullpup rifles held at the ready. Two of them went to break it up but they were stopped by the third. Amber was able to get the back of the cartel woman and wrapped her left arm around her neck and her legs around her waist and she squeezed. The woman thrashed around for a few seconds and gurgled and went limp. Amber released her and when she noticed the three watching her, she held her hands up.

“Who are you?” Came the questions but it was a woman’s voice. “Who are you with?”

“Amber… Amber Hurt,” Amber stammered out scared, “I am with Vivian Christianson’s organization!”

The woman motioned for the men to lower their weapons. She kneeled down to Amber and spoke, “Amber Hurt, you are free to go. I recommend taking the plane out. Could be useful. How many of your group are in the party?”

“Three,” Amber said as the adrenalin was wearing off and her breathing was getting heavier.

“We should have them out straight away,” the woman said, “Oh and Amber, we were never here.”

She and the other two in black left. Amber got to her feet and started to prep the plane for takeoff. She grabbed the Walther from the ground and slung the dead man’s AK over her shoulder.

Vera and I came together and grabbed each other’s shoulders.

“You fucked with the wrong Marine, Wong!” I snarled in her ear as a batted the side of my head to hers, “I warned you what would happen!” I sent a right knee to a dangling breasts. THWAP!

“Fuck you CUNT!” Vera said through gritted teeth and answered my knee strike with one of her own. SMACK!

We traded mini head butts and knees to the body until my legs hit something and I went down, pulling Vera with me. Her large tits smacked against mine and our legs locked up and she grabbed my hair and pulled roughly from side to side. I grabbed the outsides of her tits and dug my nails in, pushing them together. Her scream about blew my eardrums. She let go of my hair and grabbed my throat and started to choke me. I rolled on top and tried to pry her hands from around my neck. Finally I got them free but as I was going to slam an elbow down on her pretty little face, a body slammed into me.

Olivia changed her fighting style when she went at Sarah. After the initial rolling around, they got to their knees and started trading punches and elbows. Sarah sent a nasty right elbow that landed on Olivia’s left breasts and my daughter howled out in pain. But Olivia struck back immediately with a palm strike to the throat of the busty Sarah Randall. Sarah rolled back coughing. She grabbed Sarah by the hair and hauled her up to her feet and punched Sarah hard in the belly, causing Sarah to hunch over. Olivia followed up with foot to Sarah’s ass and she came bounding toward Vera and me on the floor, knocking me off and onto my back.

“Shit, Mom, Sorry,” Olivia said but then she froze as she felt the cold of the muzzle of a pistol in the middle of her back.

I got to my feet to see the blonde from earlier, now naked and with a gun aimed at my daughter. She smacked the pistol over Olivia’s head and my daughter went down moaning to the floor. Gun be dammed and I rushed the blonde, who front kicked me with her long right leg, which propelled me back into Sarah’s arms. Sarah Randall grabbed one handful of my hair and wrapped the other around my left thigh and picked me up and slammed me down side first onto her knee. If it had been my back, she might have broken it. I coughed and almost blacked out as my head was wrenched back by the hair with Sarah sitting on my ass. My body was being pulled the wrong way. I screamed out. Sarah released me and I dropped to the floor. Just then Emilia darted in and grabbed the blonde’s gun hand and they started to struggle. Naked bodies fought desperately for the pistol. BANG! Everything stopped. I looked up as Olivia did as well. Emilia and the blonde were face to face, the pistol in between them, then Emilia fell to the carpet. The blonde looked in shock at the blood on her hands and chest.

“NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!” I screamed.

“Get Hitomi and you two come with me,” the blonde said in a British accent, “I am getting you out of here. There are tunnels.”

“What about Chambers?” Sarah exclaimed.

“She and her friends live, for now,” the blonde said, “Come with me now or stay behind for the men in black. Your choice.”

Hitomi walked in, bare from the chest up. Her tits sported nail marks and hand prints. Sarah kicked me in the side which caused me to groan. And then Vera knelt down to my ear.

“She called you mom,” Vera said in a whisper, “Isn’t it funny how I fucked your girlfriend and then fucked your daughter too?”

All I could do was glare hate at her as they left. I crawled over to Emilia who was breathing ragged and shallow.

“Fuck, Em,” I said choking back tears; Olivia joined me as I cradled her head.

“Sorry….Anna,” Emilia said, blood started to seep from her mouth, “It was great….to meet … your…daught….” And my friend died in my arms.

I heard movement behind me and turned to see a woman dressed in a white blouse and black dress pants come in the room.

“Drill Sergeant???” I heard my daughter ask.

“Trasker, right?” the woman said, “Call me Kathryn now. Can you get up?” Olivia got up but I stayed on the floor. “Ms. Chambers, I know who you are. Sergeant Major Irvin said you were the smartest dumb Marine she ever met.”

I looked up at Kathryn and nodded. “My friend, in there.” I pointed to the room where Leslie and Hitomi fought. Kathryn got up and went quickly to the room. She came back out with Leslie, barely conscious. Her left breast didn’t look right, misshaped.

“The sack ruptured in her breast,” Kathryn said, “If we don’t get her to a hospital soon she isn’t going to make it.”

“How soon?” I asked.

“Three, maybe four hours tops,” Kathryn said, “But if we wait she will get poisoned and die.”

Noya came in with a woman dressed head to toe in black. As soon as she saw Emilia she sank to her knees.

“Oh god Em!” the woman said, “Anna Chambers right, Joey Fisher, MI6. I have her now. She will be taken care of love, I promise.”

I shook my head at first and still held her. But Noya piped up. “Anna, there is trouble in Vegas. I lost communications with them half way through the fighting.”

“There is a plane prepped at the runway,” Joey said, taking Emilia’s head from my lap, “You girl is quite the scrapper. I will clear it for you to fly back to the states.”

We shambled out of the hacienda with scores of people in zip cuffs or in body bags. The SAS lent us a truck to ride up to the airstrip and we loaded in as fast as we could.

Amber was starting the engines from the cockpit. She turned her head as she saw me, “Vegas is down, this is what popped up on your cell.” She handed it to me.


That was flashing on my phone. “Get us airborne now! How fast can you make it back to Las Vegas?”

“Two hours, forty minutes roughly,” Amber said, “Faster if we have a clear shot and I don’t have to go through air lanes.”

“Don’t worry about that,” I said, “We are cleared.”

As the aircraft took off, Alley, Sarah, Hitomi, Vera and also Dominique came out of the tunnel to awaiting cars.

“These will take you to a secure airstrip and then back to the United States,” Alley said.

Dominique spoke up, “All of you are welcome in New Jersey. My family has friends that will get us to my home securely. I think all of us can work together to get what we all want.”

Vera nodded in agreement.

“I am staying to take care of a loose end,” Alley said as they all started piling in cars.

To Be Continued in Chapter 5

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