Tales of the Marine Chick: Catfight Confidential: Chapter 6 by Anna the Marine Chick

I crossed my legs, left over right, in the small wooden chair.

“I am telling you, this new group is something I only dreamed about, we only dreamed about. Vivian Christianson has put her contacts, all over the world, and her billions to work to do shit we never would have done at MC Investigations.

“And the team! What a group! You already know most of them. Sabrina Nichole, our little blond Bri, is the hacker extraordinaire and will be running operations while her pretty little fingers find anything about anyone we want. She and Ewa are stronger than ever, and Ewa is onboard as a private contractor. She is loving the duel life where she gets to play someone in the seedy underworld. You never got to meet Alexandra Little. What a woman!”

I clutched my breasts by impulse.

“I am so glad she is on our side. She is smart, tough and is tactically proficient at almost everything we do. We also hired on Kathryn Vargas, another Marine and former Drill Instructor and bodyguard. I don’t know too much about her but she helped out a lot in Mexico and after. She was one of Olivia’s DIs at Parris Island. Oh, Olivia! I am so proud of her! I am kicking myself every day for not trying to find her. She is perfect and I could not be more proud of her.

“Amal left Jordanian Intel and was hired on full time by Vivian. She has been working a lot with Anna Mathews. They are thick as thieves. So let me tell you this.

“I went up to Vivian’s mansion before coming out here to see you, and I see Amal standing with her head to a closed door. So I walked up and asked her what she was doing. She told me Anna Mathews and Vivian were working out the final details of Amal’s contract. Then I heard a slap and then a grunt and curses and things getting bumped around. So of course I put my ear to the door. There was some tearing of clothing and more smacks and curses. So then there wasn’t any smacks for a little bit but then I heard a moan, so being the curious girls we were, Amal and I quietly opened the door to see Vivian and Anna, naked and grinding their bodies together. Well, Vivian saw us and told us in a curse to get out and that she and Anna were almost done with the finite details. We closed the door and laughed. They both came out of the room wearing bathrobes and still breathing hard. Vivian handed Amal the keys to a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat. It seemed pretty fitting for Amal.

“I forgot to tell you about Noya, who you met in Mexico. She is actually the niece of Ella Gold from Mossad which means Ella will be informed about the shit we do. But it is expected. She is good in a fight. I know you love Bond and our “Q” is a tattooed green haired hottie with a couple of degrees and is a master with weapons and tech, Grace Belle is awesome. Another one you didn’t get to meet was Steph Gibby. She used to be a cop with Miami PD and rocks a bikini. She did my work for me when we found out we had a rat in our group. I didn’t get to see the fight, but the doctor we have helping us, Dr. Clausin, told me all about it.

“Steph ran into this busty blonde, Aubrey’s room and pounced on her. They only had on the medical smocks which were quickly ripped off. Steph tore out the I.V. in Aubrey’s arm and then they went to the floor. Dr. Clausin said she was calling for both to stop but she didn’t dare get involved. But I think she is a female fight fan.”

I laughed and readjusted my butt on the chair and switched the crossing legs before I went on.

“So Steph got Aubrey back onto the hospital bed and started fuck-fighting her. And Aubrey couldn’t take it. She came 3 times that Dr. Clausin told me she came 3 times. But Steph said it was 4.

“A. P. is also helping us by being our pilot in his new Dassault Falcon 8X. I haven’t flown in it yet, but he is picking me up with an old friend in a couple of days.

“The last woman I want to tell you about is Amber Hurt.”

I stared at my friend and smiled.

“She is amazing. I really was thinking I would become an old spinster and not find someone who cared about me as much as I cared about them. But it just happened. You would love her. She is a fucking amazing pilot and a bit of a scrapper.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Leslie is doing fine and sends her love. She really wanted to be here but is still recouping from Mexico. She is fully repaired up top and once the swelling goes down back to her normal hot self. She did ask if the bag could be changed to Kevlar but we haven’t found that technology yet.”

I leaned forward towards my friend.

“Well, that is what has been happening with me and I will be doing this from time to time when I visit here and see you in your new home. I am going to miss you Emilia.” I said, putting my hand forward and resting it on the Union Jack draped casket.

“You will always be my friend.”

There was a knock at the door to the small room and it opened to reveal MI6 agent Joey Fisher in a black pants suit.

“It is almost time.” She said as I stood and straightened my black dress.

I took a black coat from the back of the wooden chair set up for me in the room of the church and put it on. I stood next to Joey as 8 men dressed in their military dress uniforms came in to wheel the casket to the entrance of the church. Joey and I walked to the front of the casket, on opposite sides and lifted with the military contingent. We walked down the middle of the aisle with our friend being carried on our shoulders. I really couldn’t tell you what was said. I was sort of zoned out by the whole thing. It was the second funeral I had attended in the last week. Emilia Kent, MI5 and MI6 agent was laid to rest with full military honors at her parents’ home in Kent.

I stayed to myself at the reception, briefly talking with a few who I knew by face or reputation. I had asked her mother if I could visit from time to time and she agreed to let me. His Royal Highness had pulled me aside to offer his condolences as he knew that I had known Emilia for a long time. I was touched that he remembered me.

I got back to my hotel room and undressed and stood in the shower with the water pouring over me. Flashes of Mexico came into my mind…the blonde struggling with Emilia…the bang from the pistol…the look of shock in the blonde’s eyes. Who was she? How did Emilia know her? I needed to find out.

West of El Paso, Texas on the border with Mexico

The black SUV pulled up next to the US Border Patrol truck and FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Dorothy Dodds, or as her friends called her Dotti, stepped out. She put on sunglasses and walked to where the assembled group of Border Patrol and FBI agents loomed around.

“Talk to me.” Dotti stated to the young agent who was kneeling over the bodies.

The young man stood and turned to his boss, “Two women, age between 18-24 years old, both discovered naked. From the state of decomposition, the doctor estimates they have been here for a week. Cause of death is undetermined now and they were posed in an embrace but we will work the scene. There is this though.” He said as he handed over a sheet of paper inside a protective plastic bag. “This was found this next to the women.”

Dotti looked at it the sheet of paper, it read, “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”

“What does it mean?” Dotti ask.

A tall Border Patrol agent spoke up, “Abandon all hope, ye who enters here. It is from Dante’s Divine Comedy.”

Dotti didn’t know if she should be shocked or impressed.

“Analyze for finger prints and any DNA you can get off it. So a coyote left these women for dead.”

Then Dotti’s cell phone started going off. She answered and just listened. She ended the call and turned to her driver. “We need to go to the airport in El Paso, I have a helicopter waiting for me.”

“Boss, where are you going?” The young agent asked.

“The body of one Maria de Santos was discovered at her hacienda,” Dotti said, “The Mexican Federal Police have requested the FBI assist. I will bring back tacos.”

Dotti turned and walked to the waiting SUV.

Mexican Countryside at the hacienda of Maria de Santos

Dotti arrived at the hacienda about 2 hours later. She noticed the bullet holes that covered the house, making it look like a war zone. She was led upstairs to the master bedroom. The Mexican cops had done a good job not to mess up the scene until investigators could get there. Dotti crouched near the body. Maria de Santos’s eyes were still open, her naked body splayed out over the large bed. She can (could) see the distinct finger marks on the neck and from the petechial (petechia) in the eyeballs she deduced that Maria was strangled to death. She brought her flashlight, shined it over the body and legs and noticed something.

“Can you make it darker in here?” Dotti asked in Spanish.

The room dimmed and Dotti brought out a different light; this one Ultra Violet (UV). She turned it on and there it was, all over the sheets and between Maria’s thighs, lots and lots of fluid.

“We need to get this tested for DNA. If you want, we can send it back to FBI labs in Quantico. Anything we learn will be shared.” Dotti said in fluent Spanish.

A Federal Police Officer handed Dotti a piece of paper inside a clear plastic bag. On the sheet of white paper was written:

“Set off to th’world, nor in broad rumour lies,
But lives and spreads aloft by those pure eyes
And perfect witness of all-judging Jove;
As she pronounces lastly on each deed,
Of so much fame in Heav’n expect thy meed”

Dotti laid the paper down and pulled out her cell phone and snapped a picture of it. It was another poem. This one about death.

She boarded the helicopter about 1 hour later and was headed back to Texas. And, true to her word, she had tacos.

Las Vegas, Black Cat Operations Center

Bri Nichole finished inputting the new code into the application. This was the first major test for her as the IT lead for Black Cat. Her code name was Cipher and she was one of the best hackers on the planet. She hit run and immediately the 10 foot display on the wall lit up with pictures from ATMs, traffic cameras, and security feeds from all around the world. If Vera Wong or any of her lackeys popped their faces up, Bri would find them.

A news scroll caught her eye and she opened it. It was a report of three famous Cosplay girls going missing from a Dragon Con event in New York City. The report said the authorities thought they had been kidnapped. Bri clicked on the briefing of the abduction of the three women.

“It appears that Jessica Nigri, Yaya Han and Riki LeCotey were abducted from their hotel room sometime within the last 24 hours. We urge all those who know anything about this to come forward. A tip line is up for any information regarding this.” The spokeswoman for the NYPD said.

Olivia walked in and stood quietly watching the report. “Are they famous?” She asked Bri.

“Only to us nerds and those into Cosplay,” Bri said, “Might be nothing, but all three getting kidnapped at the same time is too weird. I think something is up. I am going to quietly monitor this to see if any red flags go up.”

Bri turned to look at Olivia and sucked in a breath. Olivia was wearing a black sports bra and black running shorts but all over her exposed skin were red slash marks that were starting to fade.

“What the hell happened to you?”

“Amal and her knife training,” Olivia said as she stretched and winced, “It is a rubber knife but Amal makes it hurt of you mess up. And as you can see, I messed up a lot. I look the worst out of the 5 of us training. Honestly Bri, I could curl up and go to sleep right now, I am beat!”

Ewa walked in, sneaking up behind Bri who was still facing Olivia and wrapped her up from behind, kissing Bri hard on the nape of her neck.

“Hi Olivia,” Ewa said as she broke the kiss to her girlfriend, “have you heard from your mother at all?”

“Not since yesterday,” Olivia said, “she sounded kind of sad from the funeral, but was going to visit a few friends in London before coming back. A.P. is supposed to pick her up in his new jet.”

“Well, that unfortunately needs to change,” said the voice of Vivian Christianson as she strode into the ops center, “I will call Anna and let her know that I will make other arrangements.” She turned to face Ewa, “Ms. Sonnet, are you ready for your little trip?”

“I am Vivian,” Ewa said, “Is Noya Gold still coming with me? “

“Yes,” Vivian said, “she is finishing up getting ready. This is just supposed to be a meet and greet, a way for you to feel out if this Katya Niochestski is going to be an issue.”

“Who is Katya Niochestski?” Olivia asked.

Bri brought up a picture of a busty brunette from a modeling picture.

“Katya Niochestski, age 31, former model in eastern Europe and especially in her native country of the Ukraine. Though she has been out of the active modeling scene for many years, 7 modeling agencies associated with her have popped up in the last 18 months. The lure to young to the fashion industry is a big one over there because of the poverty rate. But these women do not make it into said industry. They end up over in the Middle East or in other countries as sex workers or drug mules. A few who got away told the same story of an invitation only event were the models were pitted against each other in sexfights with both winner and loser going to the highest bidder. Ewa, through her new persona as up and coming in the human trafficking business, has been asked to a meeting in Miami with Katya to see if Ewa can become a US supplier of women to this trade.”

Bri brought up another picture of a mass grave of dead women.

“This is something we found on the dark web after an event turned into more of a fight club style. 14 girls ages 18-20 were found in a shallow grave in Romania.”

“If Katya is involved in this,” Vivian said, her eyes locked onto the picture of the Ukrainian woman, “then she needs to be stopped. Ewa, Noya will be a sample girl and if need be your muscle for the meeting. Are there any questions?”

“Ewa,” Bri said, “your background and Noya’s are all set up. She can dig as far as she wants online and it will show the progression into devious behavior on your part, which I masterfully created. But please baby, be safe.”

Ewa leaned close for a long kiss with Bri, “I promise. I will be back before you know it.”

Ewa and Noya departed from the room. Bri turned back to the monitor and an alert popped up. Olivia watched as Bri clicked it to open a headline:

“Yaya Han and Riki LeCotey found alive, Jessica Nigri still missing.”

Something about this caught Vivian’s eye.

“Bri, hack into the FBI database and find out all you can about this.”

“Got it boss,” Bri said and sat back down and started typing away.

FBI New York Field Office, New York City

“Please Ms. Han,” the FBI agent said in a soothing voice, “go on.”

“I don’t know how long I was knocked out. One minute I was asleep in my bed in the hotel and the next I woke up in a dark basement somewhere. Riki and Jessica were there with me. We were all naked and cold. Then this blonde with pink highlights opened the door to the room and sat down in a folding chair. She had a gun with her.”

“Can you describe her?” Asked the woman seated at the back of the room.

“I don’t know, a little taller than all of us, big boobs. She was only wearing a robe. She had a British accent for sure. She told us we were going to have a sexfight, the three of us, and the winner got to go free and the losers would be shot.”

Yaya started crying.

“We had to do it. So we started but the blonde kept telling us to fight harder and soon me and Riki and Jessica were rolling around, pulling hair, grabbing each other’s boobs, trying to hump each other. Then we heard the door open and close and then the blonde jumped in. We tried to gang up on her but she was too strong and too skilled at fighting. Riki and I didn’t last because we had multiple orgasms during the fight. We lay there watching as Jessica and her rolled around fighting. I thought Jessica was going to win but the blond pinned her down and started fucking her so hard that Jessica screamed out when she came and passed out. Then the blonde put a rag over my face and I blacked out. I came to with Riki and I tied together naked and then we were found. I thought I was going to die.”

“The note that was left with you and Ms. LeCotey,” the woman in back spoke up, “did the woman who did this say anything to you about it?”

“Nothing.” Yaya said, still crying. “I didn’t know there was a note until we saw the FBI agents grab it.”

Dotti Dodds got up from her chair at the back of the room and walked out the door. She held a copy of the note left at the scene:

“Sooth’d by the sound, the queen grew vain,
Fought her battles o’er again,
And thrice she routed all her foes,
And thrice she slew the slain”

Dotti had learned the note found next to the body of Maria de Santos was a part of a poem from Milton about the Grim Reaper, but instead of “He pronounces” it was changed to “She pronounces”. This case was getting odder by the second. No finger prints, no DNA were left on the notes and the DNA of vaginal secretions at the scenes came back to a female but nothing in any database identifying her.


I was in the middle of a dream with Amber and I ravaging each other in a large bed when my phone went off. I groaned as I rolled over and checked the time. 4:37AM. I sighed and answered.

“Good evening, Vivian,” I said groggily into the speaker, “you are up late.”

“Good morning Anna,” Vivian said and I could tell she was smiling, “did I interrupt a naked dream of yours?”

“Those are fighting words, Viv,” I said, unable to suppress a smile of my own, “What’s up?”

“Slight change of plans,” Vivian said, “you are booked first class from Heathrow to Logan International this morning at 10AM. Can you open your laptop and we can do the briefing there instead of over the phone?”

I got up and made sure to put on something to cover my naked body before I opened the laptop and booted it up. In an instant there was Vivian and Bri looking at me from the computer.

“Good,” Vivian said, “go ahead Bri.”

“I have uploaded a few documents and a video recording of two interviews conducted by the FBI today in New York City. The FBI may have pieced something together that will be to our interests. First was a note left at the bodies of two young women who were left naked and dead just over the border in Juarez, Mexico. The FBI believes there was some sort of altercation between the women and who ever left them, a sexual altercation.” Bri said. “Also, a note was found next to the dead body of Maria de Santos at her hacienda in Mexico. She also appeared to orgasm just before death by strangulation. A third note was left next to two cosplay performers who were kidnapped for two days and then left tied in a body to body embrace. They are both alive and the video interviews are from them.”

I looked over the three notes and they appeared to be poetry of some sort.

I piped up, “Ladies, as you know, I do not have a college degree. Obviously these are from some sort of poem or story, can you elaborate?”

Bri smiled, “I forgot, the school of hard knocks. The first is from The Divine Comedy by Dante, the second is part of a poem by Milton about the Grim Reaper and the third, well, we don’t know. You will be meeting with the head of English studies at Cambridge College in Boston. Dr. Jaqueline Taylor is the most knowledgeable person in the US on poetry. The meeting is set up for Saturday at 1PM in her office on campus. You are booked at the Hilton downtown Boston and a care package of your cover as a US Marshall, weapons, and some warm clothing will be waiting for you there. I was going to fuck with you and rent you a Prius but decided on a Jeep Grand Cherokee instead.” Bri suppressed a giggle.

Vivian spoke up, “Once you are finished in Boston, I need you to head down to meet up with Olivia and Kathryn in New York City. They are in the air now and will be conducting their own investigation. Let’s just hope this is nothing and we can chalk this up to a training exercise.”

“Sounds good,” I said, “I will review the information and if I have any questions, I will hit you up before I take off. Got to get moving.”

I poured over the interviews four more times. The blonde’s description, the Maria de Santo angle. Maria was also known to ferry people across the border. The problem was I couldn’t ask her any questions now. I kept going back to the image of that blonde standing over Emilia. Was she the same woman? What the fuck did the notes mean? Jeez this is a shitty plot line for a campy movie about spies.

After taking my seat in first class, I booted up my laptop and googled Dr. Jaqueline Cara Taylor. Her picture on the Cambridge College site was a head shot and she was a beautiful woman with auburn hair. She had previously been the professor of English Studies at Westlake Christian College for Women. She was a child prodigy with a genius level I.Q. I knew that Angelica Johanssen had been a student there and that Grace Marie (A.P.’s lady friend), when she was a nun, had been a college administrator. I wondered to myself if the three ever crossed paths there. Her last name, Taylor, had been bouncing through my brain, because I remember something about a Taylor that Grace knew, but I couldn’t lock down the information in my head.

Boston, fucking cold Boston

Even though I grew up for part of my life in the Midwest, I am not used to driving in snow. If that blonde little trollop would have gotten me a Prius, she and I would be rolling on the floor when I returned to Vegas. I landed on Friday and checked into my room and got my care package and much warmer clothing. I woke up around 9AM, Saturday morning, and went to the hotel gym to run and lift something heavy to get the blood flowing. I ate a quick breakfast and changed into a black and white lace bra and matching thong; over that I put on a long sleeve black v-neck shirt that clung tightly to my skin, I slid on a pair of blue jeans and knee high black boots. I clipped the holster with my FN 5.7 to my right hip and clipped the two extra magazines to my left hip. My Marshals badge hung on a chain around my neck and I put on a black parka with fur around the hood. I zipped up, grabbed the laptop bag, donned gloves and went out to the carpark. I drove for about 45 minutes and pulled up to the building that Bri told me to be at. I checked the time and had about 5 minutes to spare. I walked up to the main doors and entered. I checked the directory for Dr. Taylor’s office and walked to it. At 12:59PM I knocked on her door. The woman that answered did not look like her head shot from the school’s website. She looked so much hotter! Dr. Jaqueline Taylor was dressed in Cambridge College sweatshirt and tight jeans. Her hair was up in a loose bun, but some curls hung down over her face. And when I said tight jeans, it was like they were painted on.

“Good afternoon,” Dr. Taylor said as she opened the door wider, “I understand you have a few questions about some poems. I am sorry if you will excuse me, but the request came from the Chancellor originally. But it was all very vague to say the least.”

“Dr. Taylor,” I said in way of greeting, “I am sorry for all the cloak and dagger stuff. Let me introduce myself,” I pulled out my US Marshal’s I.D. and handed it to her, “My name is Anna Chambers, I am a Deputy Marshal and assigned to a terrorism task force. But please, call me Anna.”

“It is nice to meet you, Anna,” Jackie said handing back the I.D., “Please call me Jackie. Would you like some hot tea or coffee?”

“Coffee would be great, thank you,” I said as she moved to let me into her office and shut the door.

“Please have a seat,” Jackie said as she moved to a small alcove and poured two cups of coffee. I got the first look at the backside of this gorgeous woman. Oh my goddess! She had even a better ass than Vivian. My face flushed a little and I gulped. She turned and I composed myself quickly as she asked, “Would you like cream or sugar?”

“No thank you, Jackie,” I said, “Black is just fine.” Like my soul, I didn’t add.

She came back with the cups of coffee and set one mug down in front of me as I set up my laptop. We sat together on the small couch in her office with my laptop resting on the dark wood grained coffee table. I brought up the pictures of the 3 notes left at the 3 different sites, turning the laptop towards the extremely hot professor. She poured over the three notes, looking them over 3 or 4 times.

“This is a little odd with the second and third notes,” she said sitting back and taking a sip of coffee, “The writer of the notes changed both from a male point of view to a female point of view.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Here,” she said moving closer to me and touching the screen, “In the one from Dante, whoever wrote this changed “He pronounces” to She pronounces”. The same for the third poem; the writer changed it from male to female.”

“We knew that about the one from Dante,” I said, “But we could not find a reference to the third note. Who was the author?”

“This is from a group of poems from Ebenezer Mack,” Jackie said, as she sat back against the couch, “It is an excerpt from a poem entitled Cat-fight.”

My ears perked up as did my nipples, fuck, calm down girls!

“I took some forensic writing courses,” Jackie went on, “I believe the author of these three notes is the same person, and is a woman.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because,” Jackie paused, “The three notes; the first, the warning; the second, talking about death; and the third the discussion about her three slain adversaries. And when she changed the male context to female, she is asserting herself as the alpha woman, the warning not to mess with her because this will happen. Does the number 3 have any significance?”

“It does,” I said and then turned on the couch to face the very beautiful Jackie Taylor, “Jackie, what I am about to tell you needs to stay with you. This is an ongoing investigation. Can I have your word that you will not disclose this with anyone else?”

“Well color me intrigued,” Jackie said with a smile, “You have my word, Anna.”

I turned back the laptop and pulled up the pictures I had from the 3 scenes. The first one showing the two young women in an embrace, their decomposed naked bodies on display. I heard Jackie inhale sharply. The second of the lifeless body of Maria de Santos, naked in her bed. And then the third of the tied forms of Yaya Han and Riki LeCotey, still alive but naked and tied in an embrace.

“First, I am sorry if the images have upset you at all, Jackie,” I said as I put my right hand on her left knee, “We believe that these women were all involved in a sort of sexual confrontation.”

“You mean like a sexfight?” Jackie asked almost immediately.

“You know about sexfights?” I asked.

“Well,” Jackie said with almost a sly smile to her face, “I may be a professor, but I am also a woman. I taught at all women’s college and to be completely honest, I have had my own share of sexual confrontations over the years.”

Jackie’s smile grew wider as she obviously saw the look of confusion on my face, “Jeez, Doc,” I said, “I would love to compare notes with you on that subject.”

Jackie and I seemed to get closer, her sweatshirt seemed tighter, eyes locking together as we closed the distance between our faces….. Then my phone chirped.

“Fuck!” I said out loud. I grabbed the phone from my pocket and read the text.

“Pickup in 10 minutes. Leave the jeep. The team already picked up your bags from the hotel – Bri”

“Rain check, Doc” I said as I closed the laptop and drank the last of my coffee, “By the way, do you remember a student by the name of Angelica Johanssen? From when you taught at Westlake?”

“Tall, extremely busty blonde from Texas,” Jackie said, “How could someone truly forget her?”

“What about a former nun named Grace?” I asked, “She would have been an administrator there.”

“GRACE???” Jackie exclaimed, “You know Grace???”

Then it clicked, “You called her when she was in a bar fight didn’t you?”

“I cannot believe that you remember?!?” Jackie said loudly, “That was you who answered her phone?”

“That was me,” I said with my own smile as I stood, “I was supposed to see Grace yesterday but got diverted.”

What happened next took me completely and utterly off guard. Dr. Jaqueline Taylor crossed the distance between us in a blur of movement and crushed against me, her mouth to mine. Her hidden but large and dense breasts crushed to mine as her tongue invaded my mouth. Strong arms wrapped around me with her hands reaching down to cup my ass. I returned the kiss with passion, my knees almost becoming weak. We broke the kissing and groping after a few minutes.

“Please give that to Grace when you see her, Anna,” Jackie said composing herself, “And whenever you want to compare notes, I am always available to you.”

I left Dr. Taylor’s office a little light headed. Good gravy, what a woman! I stepped outside and heard a rumble and then I saw the blacked out Dodge Challenger Hellcat roll up and stop in front of me. I opened the passenger side door and stepped in. Amal had a very pleased look on her face.

“So you love your new car so much that you brought it on a mission, huh?” I asked looking at Amal.

“Of course,” Amal shrugged, “You all are so concerned with the snow but when you have all the tactical driving that I have, any surface is a race track for me.”

“Show off!” I mused, “So where are we off to?”

“New Jersey,” Amal said as she started driving towards Logan International, “Olivia and Kathryn Vargas are running down a possible lead on the kidnapping. We are going to load up in the Panther and head out.”

“The Panther?” I asked.

“Our unofficial name for the C-147,” Amal said changing lanes, “Amber is flying with Steph as co-pilot. We will take off once everything is secured. It is honestly a really smooth ride. And with all the computers and communications gear; it is like a mini ops center.”

Amal got access to the runway and drove her Hellcat to the waiting aircraft. It was a sight to behold. The ramp at the back was lowered and Amal drove up the ramp slowly. She stopped and got out and started securing hooking up chains that hooked to rings attached to the frame of her car.

“Your Tahoe is getting the rings welded on the frame this week,” she said as she finished, “You will be able to take your Black Beauty on missions with you if you want.”

We walked through a pair of doors and I was impressed. Amber Hurt and Steph Gibby were there going over maps. Amber was showing her the correct air lanes to use to get to the Trenton Airport. Amber looked up and smiled at me. We hadn’t seen each other in a few days and that look of passion and longing in her eyes melted me.

“Ok,” Amber said standing upright, “Now that we have our sexy package we came to pick up, we can jet out.” She winked at me and when she turned to walk up to the flight deck, she swayed her gorgeous ass in my direction. What a tease!

Once we were in the air, I was amazed! Amal was right, this aircraft was smooth. We barely heard any of the engines because of the noise dampening material inside the Panther.

New Jersey, home of Dominique Corzo

Vera barged into Alley’s spacious bedroom and angrily sneered at the blonde who was sitting at her computer. Alley wore a sheer silk robe that covered her naked form while Vera was dressed in a black blouse and matching thigh high skirt.

“I know what you did!” Vera exclaimed, “You have risked what we are building so you could fuck some hot blonde and her friends???”

“Vera,” Alley said coolly further angering the Asian woman, “What I do is my business. And for you to come at me with such a hypocritical statement like this is somewhat appalling.”

“What the fuck do you mean?” Vera asked with a chill to her voice.

“I mean,” Alley said standing and walking towards Vera, “You take it up on yourself to make alliances with the remnants of the Irish Republican Army behind my back and Dominique’s. That is what the fuck I mean.”

Vera was caught and her face showed it. She had been working behind the scenes to secure men and weapons for what she hoped as a quick takeover of this loosely banded organization. Since the debacle in Mexico, Vera Wong and Hitomi Tanaka were ousted from the Yakuza/Triad group, with the Yakuza also breaking ties from their Chinese rivals and the two organizations were again at war.

“I did that so we, you, me and Dominique could secure more power,” Vera said trying to cover her misdoings.

“Vera,” Alley said as she closed even closer to Vera, “You did it so you could take over. I know Sasha Porter; her sister was killed in Jordan over a year ago when the late Lucy Collett secured her sister’s services. Who do you think Sasha contacted when you came to her with your silly proposal? Now, get out of here before I do something I may regret later.”

“You aren’t going to do anything, you limey cunt!” Vera said and slapped Alley across her left cheek.

“If that is how you want to play it,” Alley said as she returned to slap to Vera’s face, “Then so be it!” She lunged at Vera.

The two women came together in a hissing and snarling tangle in the center of the bedroom. Their hands yanked and pulled on the other’s flowing locks. Legs tangled and the pair went down to the carpet and began a rolling war with hair being pulled, faces and shoulders slapped and clothing torn at. Alley got on top and tore open Vera’s blouse to reveal a black bra that barely contained Vera’s ample chest. Vera cursed and slapped Alley’s left cheek and the pair rolled over again. Alley’s robe was becoming undone during the ferocity of the struggle. Vera quickly realized that Alley was naked underneath so as the top parted some, Vera reached in between them and latched her hands onto Alley’s naked large breasts.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!” Alley screamed out as her tits were clawed. She retaliated by violently pulling Vera’s low cut bra down, exposing the Asian’s woman’s large tits, sinking her own nails in.

“OOOOOWWWW FUCKING SLUT!” Vera yelled out as she and Alley engaged in a brutal tit grabbing fight.

The pair rolled over and over from the bed to the desk, squeezing and clawing at bare tits, screaming and hissing in faces. Alley was able to get her feet in between them and she pushed off against Vera’s hips, sending the busty Asian a few feet away and onto her shapely ass. Alley got up and shed her robe, leaving her naked. Vera rose quickly and started to pull off her tore blouse, unhooked her bra, unzipped her black skirt and pull the skirt and her panties off her hips and to the floor. Their bodies were very similar; large, firm breasts with flat tummies and shapely hips and backsides. Alley walked back to the large king size bed and got onto it, knee walking to the center of the bed and beckoning Vera to join her.

“Come on Vera,” Alley cooed, “You know you have wanted to do this for a while.”

Vera screamed in rage as she charged the bed and lunged. The impact of the two busty women took them back down to the soft bed and the fight increased in its violence. Naked bodies slapped together as they wrestled back and forth. Tits mashed angrily together, hips bucked, legs locked and unlocked, thigh ground in between legs, as the two continued to slap and pull hair with gusto. First Alley would get on top as she smacked her large tits into Vera’s pair, then Vera and she would roll until Vera would take to top position to grind their tits and slam hips roughly together. Over and over the pair did this as they worked their bodies, dripping with sweat, into an aroused frenzy.

Alley loved this type of start because it worked her up to where she wanted nothing more than to fuck the living daylights out of the other woman. Vera, in her training with Hitomi, had found this type of action so arousing, setting her and her busty bodyguard into nights of slapping, pulling, grinding fuck fights.

Vera pressed her right thigh into Alley’s wet cunt. “Oh fuck, bitch!” Vera cried out, “You are so fucking wet!”

Alley ground against her, “Slut!” Alley yelled back, “Your pussy is dripping from all this!”

Vera slapped Alley hard across the right side of the blondes face, knocking Alley back to the bed. Vera lifted Alley’s right leg over her shoulder and slammed her wet cunt into the blondes with a harsh sound of squishing flesh. Vera used her right hand to brace herself on the bed and leaned back to drive the warring pussies into a rough cunt to cunt grind. Thick folds of labia smeared together as more and more of their flesh mated. Vera and Alley were both moaning as they ground their slits in rough contact. Erect clits grew and met, first meeting head on and then sliding down the other’s bringing loud moans from their owner’s lips. Vera kept up the pressure and speed as she humped the blonde’s twat, hoping to bring her to an orgasmic ending. Alley was almost in heaven from this. She had longed to go cunt to cunt against not only Vera but Dominique as well. Alley had her eyes closed as her left foot brushed against Vera’s right hand bracing the Asian up. Alley kicked it and Vera fell back to the bed.

“AAHHH BITCH!” Vera cried out.

Alley quickly mounted her brunette rival and slammed her dripping pussy into Vera’s; yanking Vera’s left leg up over her hip. She grabbed a handful of Vera’s right breast with her left hand, kneading the large mound roughly. Her right hand grasped Vera’s throat and started to squeeze. Alley increased the pressure of the grind, adding her body weight into the fucking she was going to the Asian. Alley used her Kegel muscles to clinch Vera’s pussy bringing a squeal of delight from the Asian woman’s lips. Vera felt her body tense up with the impending orgasm and she started to buck under the powerful blonde. Alley felt it and as soon as she felt the first squirt of Vera’s girl cum enter her own cunt, Alley started cumming as well.

“AAAAAHHHHHH CCCCCUUUUMMMMIIINNGGGGG!!!” The women screamed together as wave after wave of bliss over took them.

Alley let go of the choke, not wanting to kill her business partner and fell back to the bed. Both were lying on their backs, hips still jerking and grinding their cum drenched twats together.

“Oh Vera!” Alley exclaimed, “We have to do more of this.”

“Fuck!” Was all Vera could muster in her heavy breathing.

Alley untangled herself from Vera and sat up. “I will be getting rid of sweet Jessica in time for us to head to Ireland today. It is today that you planned to fly to meet Sasha and Hitomi, who is already there, correct?”

Vera looked in amazement as she sat up, trying to get her breathing under control, “How the fuck do you know all of this?!?”

“I have my ways,” Alley said as she stood on shaky legs. “Do be a dear and wait for me. The deal will only happen if I am present.”

Vera cursed under her breath as she rose and gathered her clothing, departing the room.

Alley dressed in a long sleeve black t-shirt and jeans, still not bothering to wear underwear. “Oh sweet Jessica,” she said to herself out loud, “I am going to miss the time we shared together and do regret that you must meet your end.”

Just outside the gate to Dominique Corzo’s house

“Do you think this will pan out?” Olivia Trasker asked. The earpiece she wore allowed her simultaneous communication with the center, the Panther and with the women in the SUV parked next to her.

“I am playing a hunch,” Kathryn Vargas said from the SUV next to Olivia’s non-descript sedan, “Dominique Corzo and Maria de Santos fought at the party in Mexico and now Maria is dead. I figured why not track down the last bitch she fought.”

“It is as good as any leads we have had over the last 24 hours,” came Bri’s voice in the earpieces.

“Gate opening,” Olivia said brining the new binoculars to her eyes. This pair had a direct link to the center and could match images to the data base the center had access to. “One black SUV turning right, capturing pictures.” Olivia depressed a button and the picture she took would allow Bri to see into the SUV’s blacked out back windows. “White van turning left, one driver blonde and….” She trailed off.

“Confirm that Vera Wong is in the back of the SUV,” Bri said as her computer broke down the picture.

“Follow the SUV,” I called out over Olivia’s and Kathryn’s earpieces from the mini ops center onboard the Panther. “Find out where she is going and apprehend.”

“Following,” Kathryn confirmed as she turned to follow the SUV.

“The blonde,” Olivia said, “She was the same blonde from Mexico, the one who killed Emilia!” Olivia turned to follow the van.

“Break off, Olivia,” I commanded, “Vera is more important.” I was torn because as much as I wanted to find this blonde, I didn’t know anything about her, I did know about Vera though.

“No,” Olivia said, “I am going to take this bitch out!”

“GODDAMN IT! Olivia!” I yelled into the microphone on the plane, “Break off and back up Kathryn that is an order!”

Olivia took the earpiece out of the right ear, switched it off and threw it onto the passenger seat.

“FUCK!” I screamed hearing the static, “Kathryn, did Grace give you the trackers?”

“Affirmative,” Kathryn confirmed, “But I am driving and this is a shoulder fired gun.”

The tracker gun was a new invention from Grace Belle, the weapons and tech expert at the center. It looked like a shotgun but fired a projectile that would adhere to any surface allowing the user to track any vehicle using a specialized satellite uplink.

“Improvise, adapt, overcome!” I said flatly into the microphone.

“Yeah I got it!” Kathryn replied. She reached behind her in the back seat of the SUV and felt around for the case. She got the tracker out of the case and pulled the gun into the front seat. She opened the driver’s side window all the way down and placed the front site of the gun on the driver’s side mirror. She drifted slightly to the right in her lane and pulled back on the trigger. PFFFFT! The projectile shot out from the end of the barrel and it stuck to the bottom left of the SUV she was trailing. The tracker started to transmit immediately.

“I have a good track!” Bri called out and the sensor showed up as a red blip on the electronic map she had up on her large screen display.

“Break off and back track to Olivia,” I said coldly into the mic from the aircraft, “We should be down in the next half an hour and I will kick her ass myself.”

Olivia followed the white van at a distance. At first it stayed on the main road but then it turned right and started to hit back roads and Olivia had to close distance to make sure she kept the van in visual range.

Alley had noticed the blue car following her and had confirmed it when she made her third turn down back roads. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed a number.

“I have a tail,” she said into the phone, “Please pick me up near the farm with the red and blue silos.”

She switched it off and set it on the seat. Alley glanced into the back of the van to see a scared looking Jessica Nigri, chained and crying, naked and shivering from the cold. Alley grabbed the pistol from the spot it say next to her phone and waited.

Olivia could see a farm in the distance, red and blue silos reaching up to the sky. It was now or never. She put her foot down on the accelerator and closed the distance to the van. As she was about to maneuver to hit the left side of the back bumper of the van, the van’s driver stuck her hand out and started firing a pistol at Olivia. Bullets careened off the hood of the car and also struck the windshield. Olivia ducked her head and slammed the accelerator to the floor board and the car hit the back bumper of the van. The impact caused both vehicles to slide across pavement with the van going into the ditch and slamming into the dirt and snow with Olivia’s car to slide sideways and slam passenger side first into a telephone poll and come to an immediate and violent stop. CRASH!!!

Olivia shook the cobwebs from her head and looked around. The airbags had deployed and there was smoke billowing from the engine of the blue car. The driver’s side door was hard to get open but Olivia used her legs to push the door open enough that she could get out. She pulled out her 1911 and checked that the safety was off and a round was chambered. She brought the weapon up and trained it on the van as she walked towards it. She reached the van and saw there wasn’t anyone in the driver’s side. She went around to the back and wrenched open the back door to find the missing Jessica Nigri, naked and chained up but otherwise she seemed ok. Olivia spotted movement out of the corner of her eye and looked to see the blonde wading through knee high snow and towards a red barn. Olivia took and aim and fired two rounds. Both missed but were answered back in kind from the blonde. Olivia ducked back behind the van for cover as the rounds hit. She knew she couldn’t endanger Jessica anymore and took off after the blonde.

Alley checked her pistol and found the slide locked back empty with the other magazine of bullets still in the van. She got to the barn and made it inside and received a text to her phone that the pickup was 5 minutes out. Alley peeked her head around the door to see the brunette coming towards the open barn door. Alley crouched in the shadows to wait for her.

Olivia came closer to the open door to the red barn with her pistol up, her head scanned from left to right as she was trained. Deep down she knew it was wrong to do this on her own but she couldn’t let this blonde get away. She had seen her mother’s eyes and the horror that filled them when Emilia was killed. The blonde was going to account for that.

As the brunette’s pistol came into view, Alley swung the pitch fork down over the woman’s wrists; knocking the pistol out of them with a cry of pain from her opponents lips. Alley brought the pitchfork up and tried to stab Olivia but the brunette dodged to the left and grabbed the pitchfork and pulled Alley with it as she pulled. The two women collided in a fury of fists, elbows and kicks. The pitchfork was dropped and Alley surged forward to tackle Olivia to the dirt and hay filled barn floor. Over and over the pair rolled back and forth as they punched at faces. Legs became entangled, hair was pulled, nails clawed and raked at faces but the two seemed pretty evenly matched in a fight. Olivia ended up on top and wedged her left forearm into Alley’s throat, using her body weight to try and choke the blonde out. Alley fired her left knee up hard against Olivia’s right side and the brunette groaned and the pair rolled over with Alley on top. The jackets the two wore had the zippers torn open and their bodies came together with just thin pieces of fabric separating skin. Alley was amazed as the firmness of the other woman’s breasts as they pressed into hers. Olivia swung a right fist up but in missed and Alley got her legs over Olivia’s hips to mount her. Grabbing two handfuls of brown hair, Alley slammed the younger woman’s head back hard into the cement of the barn floor. Olivia was dazed but tried to buck her hips on instinct as she reached between them and latched onto Alley’s big breasts over the blonde’s t-shirt.

“AAAAHHHHHH TWAT!!!” Alley cursed out and punched Olivia hard in the mouth, bloodying the brunettes lips.

Olivia’s head was ringing. Her vision was blurry but she wasn’t out of the fight yet. She squeezed again with her hands and pushed the blonde back enough that Olivia was able to get her left leg out from under the blonde and lash it over Alley’s right hip. This move brought their jean clad pussies into contact. Even from the protective coverings they both had, this pressure of cunt on cunt was noticeable. Alley used it and ground hard as she grabbed two handfuls of Olivia’s large tits and squeezed them. The t-shirt and bra Olivia wore were no help and the brunette screamed.

“AAAWWWWWW FUCKIN WHORE!!!” Olivia cursed up at Alley.

Alley started ramming her jean clad pussy into the jean clad pussy of Olivia, increasing both speed and pressure as she smacked them together. The sound of a helicopter could be heard in the distance. Alley’s ears picked up the sound and she glanced down at her foe.

“Sorry, love,” Alley breathed out through gritted teeth, “My ride is here!” Alley released Olivia’s breasts and dropped her body down, aiming her right elbow for Olivia’s jaw.


Olivia let go of the blonde’s tits and her legs slackened around Alley. The elbow had dazed her enough that Alley was able to get up and run for the entrance to the barn. Olivia rolled over and tried to rise but she was getting up too slow. She saw her pistol on the ground just inside the barn and snatched it up before exiting. Dirt and snow blew around as the helicopter took off with a blonde woman waving at her. She took aim but the helicopter left quickly. Olivia trudged through the snow back to the van in the ditch and got there just as Kathryn’s SUV sped up.

I was waiting for the SUV as it rolled up the ramp and parked next to Amal’s Challenger. Kathryn got out and walked up to me.

“The car is wiped down,” she said in a report, “We waited until the local boys showed up. We were able to use the US Marshal’s routine as just in the right place at the right time. Told them we would be into the station later to give a report. We are not going to be giving a report are we?”

“Nope,” I said still looking at Olivia as she slowly exited the passenger’s side of the SUV. “Secure the vehicle and get comfy. We are headed across the Atlantic tonight.”

“The tracker worked?” Kathryn asked.

“Yep,” I said, “The audio caught a few names. Alley and Sasha Porter were two that came up. I am guessing Alley was our blonde and Sasha Porter is a fundamentalist in Ireland looking to restart the war with England. I met her sister once, real piece of work. Amal killed her sister, Suzy, in Jordan. Good job today.” I walked to my daughter as Kathryn got the SUV secured in the cargo bay, but did keep an ear out to hear what was going to be said.

Olivia’s hair was covering her face. I brushed the hair back with my right hand and brought her face up to meet mine. The left side of her jaw was starting to swell a little. I could tell it wasn’t broken but she would have a nice time eating for the next few days. “Get some ice on that,” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“I am fine,” Olivia said.

“No,” I said with a little more chill in my voice, “You will fucking ice it down and you will keep your mouth shut. You fucked up today. You were given an order and you disobeyed it. You jeopardized your life and Kathryn’s with your recklessness.” She opened her mouth but I cut her off. “I don’t give a good goddamn if that was the blonde from Mexico. Because if you would have listened instead of going off halfcocked, we might have gotten both Vera and this blonde Alley. Because they got on the same fucking plane. If you pull anything close to this again, I am going to kick your fucking ass and you will be off this team!”

I could see it in her eyes now, the realization of her mistake, “I am sorry. I fucked up.”

“Now,” I said softening a little bit, “Get ice on your face. Type up a report and get some sleep. It is going to get busy.”

I watched her walk off and couldn’t help but think she was just like me. Fuck!

Over the Atlantic

“So Anna Chambers has a daughter?” Alley asked as she was icing her breasts down as Vera told her about Olivia Trasker, “Very interesting, Vera. I hope she and I can meet again.”

“I think the best way to get to mommy is to get to Olivia first,” Vera said.

“I wholeheartedly agree Vera,” Alley said lying back and closing her eyes, “I think sweet Olivia and I need to have some one on one time.”

To Be Continued in Chapter 7! Coming Soon….

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