Meeting of the Cunts by Raj

Kelli glanced at her watch as she heard the door open slowly. The blonde slut’s cherry lips drew back in a nasty, excited sneer. The bitch was right on time. Kelli checked her hair one last time, feeling her angry cunt twitch with excitement, before grabbing her purse and leaving the bathroom to confront her rival in this long awaited showdown.

Dianne was dressed in the same manner as her blonde rival: a crisp blue business jacket over a sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline, tight dark skirt, nylons, and 4″ leather heels. The black-haired bitch was sitting with her legs languidly crossed in one of the two plush chairs Kelli had arranged in the center of the room, showing off her gorgeous legs in their dark nylons. A handbag stuffed almost to bursting sat at the foot of the chair; the blonde could see a bit of purple lace peeking out over the top. Kelli’s pulse quickened and her blue eyes locked with Dianne’s in a white-hot glare of hatred. The blonde stalked toward the chair opposite her rival, hips moving in an exaggerated sway, and seated herself, mirroring the other woman by crossing her long legs elegantly, displaying a slender nyloned thigh.

The tension grew, each woman glaring wordlessly at the other as they sat facing one another with their long legs opposed. Kelli was the first to speak, her voice dripping with venom.

“You fucking whore,” the blonde hissed. “I’ll teach you to keep that cunt of yours out of my property.”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Dianne said coldly. “I’ll do the teaching tonight, cunt. You are crawling out of this hotel room on your knees like the slut you are.”

Kelli’s breathing was becoming short and ragged. Her dark burgundy nails had tightened into shaking claws and her legs felt on fire with tension. It was all she could do not to throw herself onto the dark-haired slut sitting inches across from her, slam her thigh into the bitch’s tight stomach, hear her cry out as she tore at the slut’s dark mane of thick, soft hair…

The door to the suite opened suddenly, drawing Kelli’s glare away from Diane, and a vampish redhead entered, carefully balanced on 6″ stilettos. A mass of dark crimson curls framed a beautiful, slightly cruel face, whose heavily lipsticked lips smiled as the woman surveyed the scene before her.

“Now, girls,” the redhead said coyly, her voice a low, seductive purr, “I hope you weren’t planning on starting without me?” As she finished, the redhead unbelted her raincoat and let it drop. Underneath was only a tiny pair of satin bra and panties, barely covering the woman’s sex, and providing little support for her heavy, milk-white tits, which bounced freely as she slowly slithered her way toward her two lovers, who had by now uncrossed their legs and half-risen from their seats.

“We wouldn’t dream of it, Angie,” Dianne replied smoothly, shooting the redhead a glance containing both carnal lust and resentment, before turning her glare back on her blonde rival. The bitch straightened, rising from her chair to stand over Kelli, her big tits casting a shadow over the blonde’s pretty face.

Between the redheaded vixen’s entrance and the knowledge that soon, very soon, she would be tooth and nail with Dianne’s hot, curvy body, fighting over the right to Angie’s cunt, Kelli’s panties were uncomfortably wet. Kelli unbuttoned her jacket as she rose to stand nose to nose with Diane, breathing shallowly, her big tits lightly pressing into her rival’s sexy pair, who gave her a little shove in return. A minute passed, as the rivals stood almost motionless, glaring at one another darkly, their breasts pressed together threateningly, rising and falling with their shallow breaths, two deep valleys of hot cleavage. Meanwhile, Angie circled her two hostile lovers, long legs on display in her tiny, high-cut panties, green eyes sparkling with brazen lust.

Kelli tensed as she sensed the redheaded slut slip in behind her, but her eyes never left Dianne’s. The blonde had to fight to suppress a gasp as she felt Angie’s long black nails slide around her waist and up the hem of her tight miniskirt, dragging over the tan nylons clinging to her damp thighs.

“You are so WET,” Angie said nastily, punctuating her statement by suddenly clutching at Kelli’s panties and squeezing, causing the blonde to cry out involuntarily, her legs quivering in their nylons, the redhead’s heavy tits crushed against her back, almost causing her knees to buckle. Kelli was gratified to see upon looking up, however, her dark-haired rival looking at her sullenly, as the redhead finally withdrew her now wet talons from Kelli’s skirt, and slowly disengaged from her blonde lover. “Bitch,” Kelli murmured, as Angie laughed softly in her ear.

Kelli closed her eyes, feeling the catfight lust rising in her to an almost unbearable level, hearing Angie’s heels walking away from her. When she opened her eyes, the redheaded slut had her long, naked legs draped around Diane’s dark nylons, the heel of her shoe running up and down the brunette’s supple leg, working between the two rivals’ closely positioned bodies, while her dark nails cradled the bitch’s hot tits, slowly massaging the brunette’s breast meat, and fondling her rapidly engorging nipples through the fabric of her painfully stretched blouse. Kelli’s eyes narrowed as right in front of her eyes, Dianne’s nipples grew larger, and longer, extending into dark, erotic points, exerting a small, but maddening pressure against the blonde’s breasts. It was Dianne’s turn to sneer, now, her lips curling into a nasty smile, Angie whispering obscenities into her ear. As if answering a challenge, Kelli slowly slid her skirt up her thighs, shimmying her sexy hips until the fabric was bunched up around her waist, black lace panties peeking out from underneath the hem, clearly visible, clearly wet. Angie’s green eyes sparkled as they stared at the blonde’s exposed panties from over Dianne’s right shoulder. Presently, the redhead’s nails crept to the side of Dianne’s skirt, dragging it up the brunette’s thighs, revealing a purple pair of lace panties, also very wet, and straining to contain the brunette’s throbbing sex.

Kelli was on fire, standing there in this leggy showdown with this brunette whore, their big tits pressed together, feeling Dianne’s breath on her lips, the bitch’s own glossy lips sneering at her. The two stayed in that position for what seemed like minutes to Kelli, Angie’s half-naked form hovering at the corner of her eye, the bitch, that big redheaded bitch. Kelli loved to fight other women, and she had wanted this fight for a long time, wanted to claw up this brunette whore, and show Angie she was the better cunt. But the redhead would pay, too, for presuming to manipulate her into this showdown with this whore, god how she would pay…

The room darkened suddenly, and the two rivals stiffened, breasts suddenly thrust together in a fleshy, charged meeting, as Angie, having silently made her way to the window, snapped the blinds shut. The redhead’s feline eyes were wide and luminous in the half-darkness, sparkling with a lust for flesh, violence, and sex, as she huskily commanded, “NOW.”


With a low, throaty growl that was half war cry, half tortured groan, Kelli met her brunette rival’s big, sexy body with her own, teeth clenching as her proud breasts smashed together with Dianne’s in a hot, brutal grind. Her right hand slipped behind the brunette, clawing at the bitch’s stockinged thighs, streamers of nylon catching on her dark red nails, while her left hand buried itself in her rival’s black tresses. The blonde felt her own head being pulled back, as Dianne pulled on her silky hair savagely, and she had to catch herself with her right heel, bracing it against the carpet to prevent the brunette from overwhelming her. In the process, Kelli’s right hand slipped from her rival’s thigh, which was already slightly slippery, wet with sweat and excitement. She clutched at the brunette’s crotch, trying to latch onto something, anything, and suddenly found herself holding the dark-haired whore’s pantied cunt in her hand, as she cupped it from below. The lace felt hot and damp in her hand.

“You… fucking blonde…cuntlicker,” Dianne managed to hiss, feeling Kelli’s hand on her cunt. The brunette’s legs constricted, thighs tightening around the blonde’s clutching hand. The blonde’s face was tilted all the way toward the ceiling, now, her bare throat exposed and parallel to her rival’s, who had her teeth clenched from Kelli’s hair pulling. Her hand trapped between Dianne’s hot thighs, Kelli started squeezing the brunette’s cunt through her panties, nails digging into the back of the purple lace hugging the other woman’s ass cheeks, which now tightened, conditioned muscle resisting the blonde’s assault. It was a strangely exciting sensation, squeezing the brunette’s clenched, quivering muscles with her hand, feeling the heat of her rival’s cunt hot against her palm, almost trembling. Kelli’s thumb was poised over the brunette’s slit, and now she began to press Dianne’s panties into her cunt, the lace rubbing up against her rival’s slick inner folds, causing her to groan through her pain. The blonde forced a smile as she continued squeezing and manipulating the other woman’s cunt through her underwear, her scalp and neck muscles screaming with pain from the brunette’s two-handed grip on her straw-colored hair.

Kelli’s legs started to buckle from the dark-haired bitch’s hair pulling. All of a sudden, she found herself stumbling backward on her heels, almost twisting her ankle, as Dianne shoved her with her tits, big globes pushing Kelli back, driving her back, stumbling, falling, until the back of her knees hit the chair she had been sitting in, and she collapsed onto the cushion with a muffled thud.

Dianne’s long legs, in their now tattered nylons, moved to straddle the blonde, her ass planting itself on top of Kelli’s lap, trapping the blonde’s legs against the cushion. The brunette’s smile was terrible to see, her makeup smeared with sweat now, as she released her right hand from her rival’s hair and slapped Kelli’s face three times in succession, each time pulling the blonde’s face back with her hair. As Kelli’s face whipped back and forth, she caught a brief glimpse of Angie, the voluptuous, bitchy redhead now sitting on her haunches about ten feet away from the catfighting rivals, feet underneath her, eyes intent on the action, lips glistening. Enraged by the brunette’s slapping and the enigmatic smile on the redhead’s lips, Kelli suddenly twisted her body toward Angie’s direction, at the same time violently tugging on Dianne’s hair, tipping the chair over, and sending both women sprawling onto the ground.

A furious melee ensued, now, with both women digging into each other with their painted nails, ripping off each other’s confining jackets and tearing off sweat-covered blouses, freeing their large, formidable breasts to press together unconstrained. Hands slapped at sweaty backs and clawed at suddenly bare stomachs, ripping the remaining fabric clinging to the women’s torsos off, torn blouses laying ruined on the floor, ignored. Kelli suddenly grunted as she felt Dianne’s fist bury itself in her side, and she angrily retaliated, slamming her right fist into the brunette’s left side. Abdomen muscles clenched, preparing for punishment, as for the next few minutes, the women traded short, furious stomach blows, unable to generate much power due to their position, lying as they were tangled together on the ground, but still enough to cause both blonde and brunette to curse her rival in guttural tones, breath escaping in short, forced gasps from between painfully clenched teeth. After a while, the pace of the stomach punishment slowed, both women unable to continue the torturous contest, until hands lay still, clutching at stomachs, feeling the muscles underneath burning with the absorbed punishment. For a moment, the rivals lay wrapped together, recovering, hatred burning in their eyes. Kelli could feel Dianne’s naked chest against her own, breasts slowly rising and falling with her breaths, she could sense the brunette’s cunt, waiting underneath her dark skirt. The blonde felt her body responding to the brunette’s, as Dianne’s thigh slowly, almost imperceptibly dragged across hers. Obligingly, Kelli raised her own leg, sliding it over Dianne’s, as her cunt began to throb. She melted against the brunette, conforming her body to her rival’s, stomach pressed in tight against Dianne’s, as strong arms encircled her, slowly constricting. The rivals began to grind together slowly, now, body against body, flesh against flesh. The movement turned faster, rougher, the women’s hands moving toward each other’s hair, and what began as a slow, sensual grind suddenly was a mortal struggle. Kelli breathed heavily with effort, fighting to control her small gasps of pleasure and sensation, as she pitted her body against Dianne’s.

As the rivals writhed together on the ground, their nipples rubbed violently against one another, sending waves of sensation coursing through their bodies, causing their breasts to shake against one another, intensifying the hellish grind. The blonde grunted as she jerked on her rival’s black hair, fighting to control the brunette’s big body. By this time, sweat was rolling off of Kelli’s forehead, dripping down her cheeks carrying makeup and mascara with it, alighting on her breasts.

The blonde groaned with stimulation as her long legs grappled against Dianne’s gorgeous pair, nylon slipping against nylon, both women’s right thigh lodged between the other’s legs, hot against damp, wet underwear, quivering with the emotions of the fight.

“Fuck…fuck,” was all Kelli could manage, as she struggled against her dark-haired rival. Tangled up with the sexy blonde, legs locked up tight, rubbing her thigh into Kelli, all Dianne could do was echo her rival’s sentiments, groaning curses at the blonde over and over. The rivals groaned and panted together, grinding, fumbling toward orgasm, nails digging into tight asses, pulling the other woman in closer, thighs working in and out, smooth muscle stimulating pantied cunts wet from friction and the intensity of the struggle. Kelli’s red lips slid against Dianne’s, then just as quickly slid off, the rivals pressed cheek-to-cheek, panting as their breath came faster and faster, hot in each other’s ears.

Kelli closed her eyes, to block out the sight of the brunette’s pretty, makeup-streaked face, erotic and desirable even in its current state, or perhaps because of it. The blonde had been in several fights like the one she was engaged in right now, which she had all eventually won, but Dianne was by the far the strongest, sexiest woman Kelli had struggled with. Try as she might, the blonde could not control the other woman. Minute after minute passed, the women grunting as their legs continued to work each other’s cunts, tits banging together in muted collisions, grinding together sadistically, pain and pleasure now linked, as it always was in these struggles.

Somehow, from half-closed lids and in the semi-darkness of the room, Kelli noticed Angie begin to move, crawling feline-like toward the two entwined rivals on all fours, heavy, half-naked breasts hanging inches above the carpet, swaying slightly, full, lush behind jutted into the air. The redhead’s face was tilted slightly upward, green eyes alight with a wicked gleam, as if she could scent the odor of womanly combat. Perhaps she could, thought Kelli, her own nostrils full of the smell of perfume and sweat, faintly aware of the smell of Dianne’s cunt, and the juices clinging to each woman’s thighs, dripping from the seam of her nylons.

“Come…” Kelli moaned, jiggling Dianne’s ass with her hands, moving the brunette’s hot, angry cunt against her thigh faster, generating more friction, more groans from her rival. “Come, you cuntlicking, cocksucking whore…”

“You come,” Dianne gasped. “You come, you blonde piece of cunt trash…”

“Never,” Kelli moaned, even as her body belied her words. “Never,” she gasped, legs gripping her rival’s more solidly now, as she felt herself sliding over the edge. This was hot, lying tangled around her rival in leggy struggle, cunts inches apart, breasts impossibly close, groaning, panting, humping. She could smell Angie now, the redhead was close by, but she couldn’t look, her eyes were squeezed tight. Oh god, if her panties weren’t clamped around her cunt, if the dark-haired bitch’s panties weren’t protecting her slutty, cum-covered cunt, she would fuck Dianne so hard, beat on that bitch’s snatch until she came screaming…

Kelli groaned as she came, cunt twitching spasmodically, a small, almost controlled explosion of excitement, burgundy nails clenching against Dianne’s ass. The blonde’s throaty groan, the slight quivering of her body, and the rapid, uncontrolled jerking of her legs against Dianne’s crotch suddenly also sent the brunette over the edge, moaning as she came in her panties. The women clutched at each other, dragging out one another’s orgasms, legs kicking in pleasure, eyes closed in intense pleasure, as they simultaneously panted out their hatred and lust for one another.

It was over all too soon, the rivals slowly disengaging from each other, legs unlocking. They both turned over on their backs, lying with their long legs outstretched, hands placed protectively over their now completely soaked panties.

Kelli was exhausted, physically spent, her muscles worn out from tangling with Dianne’s big, powerful body. But she knew it wasn’t over yet. There would have to be a winner. One woman would have to be dominated by her rival. The blonde’s nails clutched at her cunt and squeezed lightly, feeling it throb gently underneath her drenched panties, still angry, still not quite sated. Kelli gave a little start, her long legs jerking slightly, as she suddenly felt Angie’s hand over hers, moving it off of her crotch, the redhead’s cool, white hand replacing it.

The redhead had her right hand placed over Kelli’s cunt, now, her left hand pressed flat against Dianne’s. The rivals struggled to lift their heads, glaring across their legs at one another with hatred, their cunts starting to warm to life again, encouraged by the attentions of the beautiful redhead. Angie’s green eyes burned in the dimness of the room.

No, the fight was not over, yet. There would have to be a meeting of the cunts.

The End

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