Alicia vs Chelsea – Sexfight by Anon E. Moose

As she was bopping around on the crowded dance floor, she felt somebody bump into her ass. Turning to look she saw the ass of this blonde shaking wildly behind her. Enough to attract her attention. Alicia couldn’t help but repeatedly turn to keep her eyes on the blonde, taking in the short, black silk dress she was wearing that hugged her upper body tightly before flowing smoothly over her hips. After several looks she caught the blonde glancing back to give her a bitchy look. The two locked eyes and it only took a fraction of a second for Alicia to recognize that bitchy glare. There was no doubt in her mind that this was Chelsea dancing behind her. She and Chelsea once fought years ago.

Alicia could not believe the coincidence of running into this bitch. Revengeful feelings rushed over her, although she managed to stay calm. She wondered if the blonde recognized her? Another quick bump into her ass answered that question. As Alicia dances she backed into the blonde and gave her a quick bump and grind, ass to ass. She felt the smooth material of their dresses cling and the firm flesh of Chelsea’s ass press into her own. As the music blared loudly the two exchanged several more ass to ass collisions.

When the song ended, Alicia turned to see the blonde giving her the eye as she walked from the dance floor. Once Alicia took her seat back at her small table, she looked across the room to find she had a perfect view of Chelsea, who was also sitting alone at her table. She had her legs crossed, swinging her foot back and forth rapidly, while glaring over in Alicia’s direction. Alicia mimicked her posture and the two locked eyes.

With several men approaching both women with invitations to dance, the two just brushed them off, never taking their eyes off each other. Like some kind of show down the two sat like this through several songs. It wasn’t until the band started to play this hot new song that Chelsea got to her feet and began walking towards Alicia from across the room. Once she arrived she gave Alicia a malicious look.

“How about a dance, bitch? Or are you even up for the challenge?” Chelsea leaned over to shout the words into Alicia ear.

“I think you’ll be sorry this time slut!!!” Alicia shouted back over the loud music.

“We’ll see!!” Said the blonde with confidence.

Alicia got up and followed the blonde through the crowd to the center of a very packed dance floor. Facing one another, the two started to dance. Immediately they locked glaring eyes as each one tried to out move the other while they shook their thing. The serious look on their faces proved these two had it out for one another.

While Alicia danced, she took a hold of her short dress and gave the blonde a quick flash of the lace tops of her stockings while thrusting her pelvis out in challenge.

Then the blonde repeated this action, but also stepped forward giving Alicia a challenging frontal body press. Alicia pressed back and the two rhythmically rubbed the front of their bodies together to the beat of the music. The two didn’t attract too much attention at this point. It wasn’t until their nylon clad legs got caught in a tangle that caught the attention of several people looking on. For a brief moment their nylon stockings rubbed together in a dance-battle of their own. This was when Alicia leaned into Chelsea’s ear.

“How about we settle this back at my place? That is, if you’re not too afraid?” Suggested Alicia.

“Don’t make me laugh! Just show me the way bitch!!!” Yelled Chelsea.

The two women turned and walked off the dance floor, heading right out the door of the night club and into the parking lot.

“You can take your car and follow me. Make sure you keep up and don’t get lost.” Said Alicia.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be right on your ass!” Remarked Chelsea

Once behind the wheel of their cars, they sped off quickly to Alicia’s apartment. Arriving in record time, Alicia climbed out of her car to see Chelsea pull in behind her. The two met on the stairway. Unlocking the door, Alicia allowed Chelsea to enter first, then turned to close and lock the door behind her. Making their way into the front room, the two turned and faced each other.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this!” Said Alicia.

“So what makes you think you even stand a chance now?” Asked Chelsea angrily as she stepped towards Alicia.

“I’m not the same little Cheerleader that you remember.” Remarked Alicia, also stepping forward in threat. Their breasts heaved with each breath as they stood just inches apart.

“If I remember correctly, I was also a little Cheerleader at the time I kicked your ass?” Commented Chelsea.

“It won’t be that way this time. I won’t be surprised by anything you do, bitch!” Alicia moved forward until their tits made contact.

“You sound pretty sure of that. I think you’re about to experience a fight like you’ve never experienced before.” Chelsea said. The two women stood with their tits lightly touching, glaring deep into each others eyes. Their nipples grew rock hard as the silky smooth material of their dresses rubbed lightly together. This little stare down continued for a few minutes, hands on hips, eyes locked. Slowly they started to press into one another, body to body. Harder and harder they pushed together trying to force the other back. Hands flew into hair as they held each other, snarling face to snarling face.

Stumbling around they tripped and fell to the floor separating. Quickly jumping to their feet they charged at one another, slamming their bodies hard together, wrapping their arms around each other in a tight death squeeze.

“Is this how you want to fight me bitch? Body against body?” Chelsea’s lips were so close to Alicia’s that she practically spit the words into her mouth.

“What’s the matter, are you surprised?” Hot breath moistened their red lipstick covered lips.

“If you think your body can match mine then lets see it!” Yelled out Chelsea and she took the back of Alicia’s dress and ripped it open, breaking the zipper apart.

“You Bitch!!” Shouted Alicia, and she retaliated by breaking Chelsea’s zipper apart. The two stepped out of their dresses, quickly freeing themselves from the garments. Now both stood in black lace bra’s, panties, garter belts, stockings and heels.

Examining each other’s body thoroughly before stepping together tit to tit, brushing their lacy bras back and forth across one another in comparison, both knew this was just a little sexfight foreplay.

“So, let me feel what you’ve got bitch!” Chelsea said, as she started to press her body firmly against Alicia’s.

“Believe me, slut, you’re going to feel it! I’m going to leave an imprint of my body across the front of yours!” Alicia came back pressing against Chelsea. The hot, firm bodies pressed together, thigh to thigh, belly to belly, breast to breast. Each one taking in the feel of her rival’s body as they pushed harder and harder together. Two perfectly matched bodies that have spent hundreds of hours working out were now being forced to compete against one another.

Arms wrapped around each other tight in an attempt to crush their opponent, each could feel the other’s rock hard nipples drilling directly into their own. Black nylon stockings rubbed roughly together as their legs wrestled for position, finally locking together in a tight entwining pretzel. When their pubic bones met in a hard press through their wet lace panties, the squeezing and crushing increased.

“You think you’re woman enough to bare yourself against me in a garterbelt catfight bitch?” Challenged Chelsea in their tight embrace.

“You’ll be sorry when you feel my nakedness against you, bitch!” Their lips were so close that they lightly rubbed together with their words. Untangling their bodies, Alicia led the blonde into her bedroom where the two removed
their bras and panties.

Facing one another they unfastened the front straps of their garter belt from the top of their own stockings. The two came together once again, hooking the straps of her rival’s garter belt to the tops of their own stockings. They tightened the straps so tight that it locked them together, thigh against thigh. Their nipples met head on. After several minutes unsuccessfully trying to bend the others nipples back, the two smashed breasts in a fit of anger.

Once again arms and legs wrapped around each other with great force. Soft pubic hair mingled before a hard forceful collision of pubic bone against pubic bone. Thrusting up and into each other their swollen vagina’s merged. Shifting…, maneuvering…, to a position that allowed their cunts to suck together in a wide-open vaginal kiss!

They moved in subtle motions back and forth, circle left and circle right. for the first time their female juices mixed as both began to moisten and flow heavily! The insides of their powerful womanly thighs grew slick and shiny. Clit bumped against clit as both women continued to pump their growing moisture into each other’s holes! The sucking sound turned into a slurping sound as throbbing wet cunt mashed and squirmed against throbbing wet cunt! At this moment Alicia hated Chelsea more then she had ever hated another woman! Yet, she was so attracted to this slut bitch that she wished she could stay connected forever!

Chelsea was totally engrossed in the same confusing feelings. She concentrated on the battle taking place between their legs. She was so wet she could feel the liquid ooze across her tight asshole! Looking down she could see her pussy lips, once pink and delicate, now angry red and ready-to-burst swollen! Alicia’s pussy lips looked the same and, by now, their liquid had started to thicken and now their pussy lips were clinging and pulling. Both women used their vaginal muscles to clamp and squeeze each other’s sticky cunts!

“You dirty bitch!” said Alicia, mashing her swollen pussy into Chelsea.

“Fuck you! Fucking whore!” Answered Chelsea as she, too, pressed harder.

“Slut!” Spat Alicia. She lifted her ass off the bed, balanced on hands and heels, she gritted her teeth and slammed her wet snatch into Chelsea as hard as she could! The pain was so delicious!

“Cunt!” Cried Chelsea as she tried to bear the pain just inflicted!

“Its time I showed you what a real woman can do!” Threatened Alicia, as she reached over to open the top drawer of her dresser. The drawer was full of sexy lingerie and laying right on top was her 16 inch double-headed dildo.

Chelsea’s eyes grew wide, but not from surprise. “I suppose you think you can out fuck me with that thing?” Said Chelsea daringly.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” Alicia said as she picked up the large, imposing object and turned away, positioning herself on hands and knees, like doggie-style.

“Then lets connect you bitch!!” Chelsea moved into doggie-style position and was already reaching behind herself, holding her hand between her legs waiting to receive one end of the dildo. SWlowly they backed into each other being careful to position their gaping and waiting cunt holes less tha an inch from the other.

Alicia brought the dildo in between their legs and handed one end of the object to Chelsea. Both gripped the end and bent the flexible object up, inserting it slowly into their own pussy. It slid easily into their dripping wet holes!

With most of the dildo buried in their cunts the two quickly resumed their assault on each other’s pussy! Alicia decided to toy a little bit with Chelsea. She clamped her vagina muscles tightly around the dong and gave a quick tug, pulling an inch or so of the long dildo out of Chelsea’s pussy. Then, using the same muscles she clamped down hard and smashed and flattened her ass into Chelsea’s ass, forcing the dildo deeper into Chelsea’s dark, damp hole!

Caught by surprise, Chelsea blinked and gasped, the pain causing her face to flush and the sweat to drip from her forehead! As she let out a painful moan she heard Alicia laugh in triumph at her devastating maneuver! She tried to regroup and clamped down hard with her cunt muscles and leaned forward, the dildo slipping from Alicia’s tight grip. The two looked back over their shoulders and locked eyes. Each gave the other a competitive glare and then the look of concentration came across their faces.

Both women tightened their grips to the fullest and engaged in a tug of war with the dildo. This test of strength lasted longer than they expected. both women nearly equal in vaginal strength. The constant flexing of their love muscles was beginning to have an effect. The first rumblings of orgasm started to fire deep within their tensing loins! It wasn’t until the two women became so aroused that both stopped tugging and began thrusting backward burying the dildo deep into their pussies! Their cunts sealed together as each tried desperately to control the dildo and her enemy.

The two cursed and yelled at each other, telling one another how much they hated the other, their pussylips mashed together as they spat the words into the mattress. The two women remained tightly sealed, their pussylips entwined, black nylon stockinged legs spread wide open, only the smallest glimpse of the dildo could be seen peaking out from between their struggling vaginas! They shook their hips and wiggled their asses from side to side, each pelvis shuddering from the pain and the pleasure. The dildo twisted and burrowed even deeper as their two cunts remained locked together. They took turns forcing the weapon in and out of each other’s tightly fused cunts!

On and on the sexfight continued. An hour must have passed with several mutual orgasms, yet neither woman was willing to release her rival and each desperately gripped the dildo in her tight vaginal clutches. Both were rapidly becoming weak in the knees. Both women wanted to end it. They fell over sideways and quickly repositioned. Alicia was victorious when she managed to gain the top position. Both cunts still gripped the dildo tightly, still linked together as both pelvises continued to spasm. They opened their mouths and sealed together as they rammed their tongues down each other’s throats.

Alicia started to feel Chelsea’s grip slipping. The dildo was beginning to slide freely within her pussy. Alicia increased her effort and it didn’t take long for Chelsea to give in. Now knowing of her victory, Alicia pulled her spit coated mouth from Chelsea’s and looked down at her. Weak from their fuckfight battle, Alicia pulled her body from the blonde. After taking a few minutes to unfasten her garter straps, she lifted herself off the cum-coated dildo. Chelsea lay there silent, the dildo still in her pussy.

Alicia reached down with two fingers and pulled the dildo out of Chelsea. “I’m not finished with you, bitch, until I deeply penetrate your cunt with my sex!” Alicia trembled as she turned the dildo around and inserted the half that had just been in her cunt into Chelsea’s cunt. The blonde moaned and gasped as it slid freely into her. With a two finger hold on the dildo Alicia looked down at Chelsea’s cum coated end of the dildo. She decided the only way to fully drive the dildo deep into her rival’s cunt was to mount the other end. Her cunt quickly swallowed Chelsea’s sticky end. She collapsed fully on top of Chelsea. Once again, she fucked the blonde hard, forcing the greater part of the dildo deep into Chelsea’s innards! Chelsea stopped resisting and lay there immobile. After several more orgasms of her own, Alicia finally passed out on top of her!

The End

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