Passion Rivals by Eagle

Passion Pictures is a company which makes and distributes movies and videos. Although the stories they create are not rated X, they come as close as they can without breaking the law. Their movies, which contain many explicit love scenes, regardless of the type of story they are telling, draw a loyal following of fans. Whether they are making a science-fiction movie or a comedy the producers always make sure there is a high percentage of erotic material.

The production they are currently working on is a western. There are four leading parts calling for one actor and three actresses. Mike, the male lead, was a veteran of many pictures of this type with Passion Pictures as well as other production companies. Diane, who plays Mike’s half sister, was a dark-haired beauty who enjoyed roles of this type. The two other women in the movie were Michelle, a veteran of many roles with Passion Pictures, and Alicia, who was making her first movie with this particular production company. Both women were striking beauties who would help to sell a story of this type.

The plot was laid out in a way to make the story and the characters easy to understand. Mike owned a large cattle ranch which he ran along with his half sister Diane. Bordering his ranch to the south were two smaller ranches which were owned by Michelle and Alicia. These two women had an intense dislike of each other because they both wanted Mike, and they also quarreled over the water rights involving a large stream which ran between their properties.

As the story develops Mike tries unsuccessfully to get Alicia and Michelle to settle their conflict. One day he visits Michelle, and after some lighthearted conversation she decides the best way to approach Mike is to show him her appreciation for all he has tried to do, and do it in a very loving way. After a few drinks the two of them engage in a very erotic love scene. At the same time, without Mike’s knowledge, his half sister Diane visits Alicia at her ranch. While she is there she comes on to Alicia, who doesn’t resist, and thinks perhaps the way to Mike is through Diane. After a little verbal foreplay the two women go into Alicia’s bedroom and passionately make love to each other.

A little later the script calls for the characters’ situation to be reversed with the same results. Under the guise of trying to get the two women to make peace Mike calls on Alicia. Making it clear to the audience that he would like to have both women Mike seduces Alicia, and they have wild, passionate sex. And once again without Mike’s knowledge Diane, this time, visits Michelle. The results are the same. Mike is not the only one playing Alicia and Michelle against each other. Diane is doing the same thing.

The final scene of the week on Friday afternoon calls for Michelle to find Alicia across the stream, and on her property. In a nasty tone she demands to know what Alicia is doing on the wrong side of the stream. Alicia answers that she is looking for a few stray cattle she thinks might have crossed over. During the conversation both women get off their horses, and face each other. Michelle warns Alicia that she better not cross the stream again, and Alicia responds by telling Michelle that she’ll go wherever and whenever she pleases.

The two women stared at each other about ten feet apart. Michelle started to reach for her gun, and seeing that, Alicia did the same. Michelle then stopped, and told Alicia she didn’t need a gun to whip her ass. She unbuckled her gun belt, and Alicia, with a smile on her face, did the same. Then, following the script, the two got into a vicious catfight. Then, still following the script, their catfight slowly turned sensual. For a few minutes, as they were rolling around on the ground, they attacked each other sexually. This sex fight between the two beautiful women lasted for almost ten minutes before the two of them went off squealing and moaning at the same time. After a few minutes the two got to their feet, and assured each other what happened was strictly an accident, and as if to prove it, reaffirmed their mutual hate.

The scene took almost three hours to complete. When they finished, both women took a while to recover and clean up. Michelle, knowing Alicia was new in town, asked her where she had been staying. Alicia responded that she had been staying in a different motel each night hoping to find a comfortable place to sleep. Michelle apologized for not asking sooner, and invited Alicia to stay with her for the weekend. When Alicia hesitated, Michelle assured her she had plenty of room in her house. Alicia gratefully accepted. They then picked up copies of Monday’s script on their way out, and Alicia followed Michelle home in her car.

When they reached Michelle’s house they went inside, grateful they could finally relax. Since it was almost dinnertime Michelle called, and ordered some Chinese food. While they were waiting for the food Michelle showed Alicia around the house. She explained that the house had belonged to her parents who had passed away many years earlier. After the food was delivered, they ate, shared a bottle of wine, and then relaxed on the couch in the living room. For the next few hours they sat and talked, and as time went by they realized they had much in common. In a short time they became very friendly, and were very comfortable with each other. A second bottle of wine made them feel mellow, and more relaxed.

Michelle suddenly realized that they had brought home copies of Monday’s script which in reality was not a script, but an outline of the day’s filming. Both women were curious so they each grabbed a copy, and started to read. The first thing they noticed was that Mike’s character learned that Diane’s character was, in fact, not his half sister. They discovered she was adopted as a baby so they had no blood relationship. This leads to Diane saying she knew that the feelings she had for Mike were not the feelings a sister has for a brother. This leads to an embrace which neither wants to end. In a few moments they both give in to their desires, and a tender love scene ensues.

The next thing they read is that their characters meet, and another sexual confrontation takes place. From the outset there is no pretense of a catfight. It is entirely sexual. However, the outcome is not on the script outline they are reading. No winner is shown which leaves both women wondering. Michelle says, “I wonder why they don’t have the winner listed?”

Alicia thought for a second, and replied, “Maybe there is no winner?” She hesitated some more, and continued, “I think they should let us just do it without a script, and see who wins.”

Michelle looked at her and said, “Oh, if they did that I suppose you think you’d win?”

Alicia took another sip of wine, and replied, “I think I’d win for two reasons. First, I’m very sexual, and secondly I saw how you reacted during our sex fight this afternoon.”

Michelle looked at her for a moment then responded, “Lover, that was under hot lights, and part of a movie script. That wasn’t the real me.”

A few moments of silence passed, while both women sipped more wine. They stared at each other, and finally Michelle said, “Would you like to test your theory?”

Alicia smiled and said, “Nothing would please me more.”

The two women sat looking at each other for a time. Then Michelle put her glass down, got up, and walked over to her stereo system. She put in a CD, looked at Alicia and said, “I hope you enjoy this. It’s called “Music to Make Love By.” She held out her arms, continuing, “Come over here and dance with me. We can think of it as foreplay.”

Alicia took a final sip of wine, looked up at Michelle and smiled. The slow, sensual music appealed to her. She stood up, and moved toward Michelle. The women kicked off their shoes, and came together in the middle of the room. Perhaps they both had a little too much wine, but neither one seemed to care. Both women knew they had moved past the point of no return. Michelle and Alicia were both very competitive women, and neither was about to back down now.

As the two women moved closer to one another it was easy to see why each thought she could win. They were beautiful, and sexy. Even without stockings their legs were beautiful. They both wore short, tight, dark colored skirts, and a light-colored blouse. There seemed to be little to choose from physically as they were both about the same height, and weight. The only difference seemed to be the color of their hair, as Michelle had long, chestnut-colored hair which came down to her shoulders, while Alicia had long black hair which fell slightly below her shoulders.

The two women came together, and slid their arms firmly around each other. As they pressed together it became apparent to each that neither was wearing a bra. As they slowly moved their feet they started to grind their bodies together. Alicia tried to take it one step further by moving her thigh between Michelle’s legs. It became apparent that neither woman was going to be able to get as intimate as she wanted. Michelle said, “These skirts may be sexy and tight, but I don’t think they are very functional.”

They were now dancing cheek to cheek when Michelle spoke softly into Alicia’s ear, “We can go into my bedroom, strip, and go at it. The one who goes off first loses.”

Alicia thought for a few seconds, and replied, “I don’t think it takes much skill to get a woman off who is already turned on and very aroused. I think it takes much more skill to make a woman come a second or even a third time. I think it should be the best two out of three.”

Michelle quickly agreed and said, “Okay, since this is a friendly rivalry. But I propose the loser has to suck the winner’s pussy.”

Alicia got an evil grin on her face, and replied, “What if I want to do that anyhow, win or lose?”

Michelle quickly replied, “Honey, there is a big difference between ‘want to’ and ‘have to’. Have to involves a little humiliation.”

Alicia nodded her agreement, and the two of them kept trying to pull each other closer. As if to signal each other an agreement with the terms of the competition the two of them brought their lips together in their first kiss. It was a long, tender open-mouth kiss, which after a few moments became very demanding and passionate with their tongues doing a little dance together. When they finally broke apart Michelle teased Alicia by saying, “That was nice, but is that the best you can do?”

Alicia just smiled and said, “Honey, I’m just getting warmed up. Let’s go inside.”

Michelle took Alicia by the hand, and walked to her bedroom. When they got there Alicia parodied a nursery rhyme, “Grandma, what a big bed you have.” Michelle, keeping in the moment replied, “The better to fuck you with my dear.”

The two walked to the foot of the very large bed, turned and faced each other. As if on the same wavelength they each started to unbutton the other’s blouse. When finished they each shrugged it off. Each stared at the other’s breasts which were full and had large erect nipples. They continued undressing each other, and undid the snaps on their sexy skirts. With a little wiggling the skirts slipped down to the floor. All that was left were their panties which only took a moment.

They stood there for a long moment looking at each other. Both women realized they were in for a long night of sensual competition. This may be friendly, but both women were determined to win. Without unlocking their gaze from each other’s eyes the two of them got up on the bed on their knees a few feet apart. Each of them was waiting for the other to make the first move.

Finally, Alicia cupped her own breasts as if she was offering them to Michelle. Michelle took the challenge, cupped her own breasts, and moved into Alicia. Both women moaned as their breasts came together. Both women were moving their breasts from side to side, rubbing them back and forth, taking turns bending each other’s nipples. Then they moved back ever so slightly so that just their nipples were involved in their own little duel. After a few minutes of this the women moved much closer so their breasts were mashed together. They cupped each other’s breasts, and began to squeeze, jiggle, and pull. This went on for a few minutes, and then they wrapped their arms around each other in a mutual bear hug. At the same time each moved her right thigh up against the other woman’s pussy.

They started undulating their bodies, and grinding into each other. For a moment both women forgot what type of competition they were involved in, and they were so competitive they reached up with their hands, grabbed each other’s hair, and started pulling. It was a very erotic scene with both women pulling hair at the same time they were fucking each other. In a few moments they let go of each other’s hair, and stared deeply into one another’s eyes. They began to passionately kiss each other deeply.

Alicia realized that she was losing the first round because she felt herself getting ready to come. She knew if they kept kissing, and thrusting into each other that she would lose it. So in a moment of desperation she moved her hands around in front of Michelle, and pushed her away. As Michelle’s eyes widened in surprise Alicia reached down with one hand, and started to stroke Michelle’s pussy. She inserted two fingers, and started stroking back and forth. Michelle quickly responded by doing the same thing to Alicia. But she was a little late. Alicia had a head start, and Michelle couldn’t catch up. Alicia took her free hand, and grabbed Michelle by the hair, pulling her closer so she could kiss her. Now the two women were stroking each other’s very wet pussy while tongue-kissing. They were now so close to each other they couldn’t move their fingers.

It made no difference. They were so aroused that they were humping each other’s hand. Alicia could feel Michelle start to lose it. With a cry of “Oh damn!” Michelle started to go off. Her body began to tremble, and she clutched Alicia as close and she could. Her loud moaning and shaking excited Alicia just enough to make her go over the edge too. Her orgasm was just as intense as Michelle’s. For a few moments the room was filled with sounds of gasping and moaning.

Both women clutched each other until the sensations passed, and then fell over to one side. After a few minutes Alicia said, “I think I just won round one?”

Michelle looked at her, smiled, and replied, “Barely, but I’ll give that one to you.”

They lay side-by-side for a few minutes, not saying anything to each other. Just as Alicia was rolling over to lie on her back Michelle tried to take advantage of this by quickly moving on top of her. Alicia, however, was expecting Michelle to do something so it was not as big a surprise as Michelle had hoped. With Michelle on top the two women entwined their legs, and as they rolled back and forth each woman tried to gain the top position. First Michelle would be on top, and control Alicia for a few moments. Then as they rolled back and forth Alicia would be on top. Whoever was on top would try to dominate the other sexually. This went on for several minutes.

Almost as if they had mutually discussed this both women seemed to sense they would accept remaining side-by-side. Michelle licked Alicia’s lips with her tongue, and Alicia responded by taking Michelle’s tongue and sucking on it with her mouth. She was moving her head back and forth just as if she were jerking off Michelle’s tongue with her mouth. For a few minutes the two of them concentrated on nothing except their passionate kissing. With their legs entwined both of them started thrusting into each other, going bush to bush. They were so entwined with their legs all wrapped up together and their breasts mashed into each other that the thrusting slowly became wild humping. Each woman wrapped her arms around the other one’s back, and grabbed each other’s ass with both hands pulling even closer.

Each woman felt as if she was going to explode in a wild orgasm of hot lust, and wild passion. They were both moaning and crying out in pleasure. It was a matter of who was going off first. Alicia, who was trying hard to hold back, knew she was losing. She thought the best she could do was to get Michelle off at the same time. It was a good idea, but didn’t quite work. With a loud squeal Alicia’s body started to tremble, and she came as intensely and she ever had in her life. Michelle, realizing she had won, stopped trying to hold herself back, and with unintelligible sounds went over the edge. The two women were trembling and shaking from the sensations, and clutched each other tightly.

They lay there in each other’s arms for almost ten minutes. Speaking very softly Michelle told Alicia the score was now tied. Words like “bitch, whore, slut, cunt and pussy” were whispered back and forth between the two, but neither really meant it. Almost an hour had gone by in their competition with no resolution, but each of them was sure she would be the ultimate winner.

Michelle finally sat up, and turned around to face Alicia as she came to a sitting position. The two of them were sitting side-by-side, but facing opposite directions. Michelle said, “No matter who wins we’re both going to remember this for a long time.”

Alicia replied, “I know. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this with anyone — man or woman.”

With that both women leaned to the right, put their arms around each other, and started to kiss. Their tongues jabbed at each other, and both women were heating up again knowing this was going to settle it. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, and then Alicia pulled her head away, and dropped her face to one of Michelle’s breasts. Michelle did the same thing, and soon the women were sucking and licking each other’s breast. They both moaned when each took a nipple between her teeth, and pulled on it.

They looked at each other, and instinctively knew what was going to happen next. They pushed away from each other, slid back a little, and moved in front of each other. Each one of them put her right leg over the other’s left, and moved together in the perfect scissors position. This was the first time during their competition that their pussies came in full and direct contact with each other. As it happened both women moaned, and threw their heads back. They leaned back on both arms to gain some leverage, and their very wet pussies began to move against each other. After a few minutes the two of them developed a perfect rhythm which became faster and faster. They started to taunt each other, each one saying she would win. Michelle, feeling as though she were in control said, “Come for me, lover.”

Alicia answered, “I’ll come for you baby just as soon as you come for me.”

Michelle pushed off with her hands, and came to an erect position. She beckoned to Alicia to do the same. She did, and the two put their arms around each other. While their pussies were sliding against each other the two women started to kiss. They became more and more aroused, and neither of them could stop the sensations building up in their bodies. They stopped kissing each other, and leaned back just a little so they could both watch the look in one another’s eyes. Each knew she was going off, and there was nothing either could do to stop it. With loud screams each woman exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. Both women began to shake, and their bodies trembled in ecstasy. They held onto each other until most of the feelings passed, and then both of them lay back.

Much time passed before either of them moved, and then Alicia got up, and lay down gently on top of Michelle. She said, “I think that was a tie, and it was fantastic!”

Michelle wrapped both of her legs around Alicia’s waist, and used them to gently pull Alicia closer to her. She nodded her head in agreement and said, “It was the best tie of my life. Do you know what that means? It means we both won, and that’s great. But you know what’s even better? It means we both lost. Do you know what that means?”

Alicia smiled and replied, “You bet I do. We both have to pay the penalty.”

Both women laughed, and shared a gentle kiss. For you the story is over. For them it is just beginning.

The End

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