Girl vs. Girl by Anonymous

My very first experience with two women was something quite unexpected and slightly different from what most lucky stiffs may have cum across.

The setting was Dianna’s apartment , my main lady at the time. While I was trying in vain to program Di’s new VCR, she was slipping her 130 pound, five-eight frame into a green knit mini dress, in preparation for the evening festivities at the local night club off Rowrie Street. The scent of liberally applied Chanel pulled my attention away from the electronic tube in front of me to the more firm and pink variety currently breezing into the living room.

Dianna was a pretty sassy lady, one of the nicest gals this average Joe had ever been out with. She was pure female nitro. A bright feisty Kitten, whose outgoing personality matched her intimidating beauty. The green knit mini she had poured herself into left little to the imagination, and even less as Di sat squarely on my lap while crossing her legs like two grapevines over the arm of her leather love seat. She playfully pushed her lightly freckled nose against mine.

“Hey Baby, check my breath.” Di’s long nailed fingers locked behind my neck while her soft tongue traced hot wet circles on the inside of my mouth. “Taste all right?”

I nodded an A-O-K, as Di slid off my lap and headed back to her bedroom to finish up. Her flaming red hair glided to and fro along her bare shoulders, in rhythm with a pair of pear shaped butt cheeks which slid across one another, just above the hem of her green dress. My Wicked Willy gave her a ten , as a pair of lightly muscled legs attached to green ankle strap-on heels, danced her back to the bedroom.

I was about to head in the direction that my first mate was pointing to, for another breath check, when Di’s door bell rang. “Babe, see who’s at the door please? It’s probably the Landlord for this month’s rent. I’m late because of that bitch Jessie taking off without paying her half for this month.”

When I opened the door , I didn’t see a little old lady. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to see a very sexy high-heeled Jessie in Di’s Red Knit Dress, staring down at the tent peg in my tweed pants.

“Hey sailor, is that a banana in your pants, or….” Jess cut short as I smelled very familiar fresh mint breath fanning across my left ear lobe.

“You fucking bitch, get in here with my dress.” Di’s red nails flashed past my left shoulder and dug into Jessie’s right breast while in the same instant Jess retaliated with a right upper cut to Di’s left breast, causing both the door and my six foot frame to go flying off to the right. While I was now flat on my ass Di grabbed Jess by both arms and hauled her into the center of the living room.

Di shook Jessie violently, while calling her every name under the sun for having walked off with out any notice, and with one of her favorite dresses no less. With her brown hair streaking her face, Jesse managed to break Dianna’s grip and shove Di against the wall temporarily stunning her enough so Jess could begin her side of the story while rubbing her right boob. My fiery redhead wasn’t in the mood for any explanation however, and cut the Brunette’s sob story short with a courtly “Fuck you, you’re a lying cunt”, as she shoved Jess back to the center of the living room.

The two women then staggered about the living room as they took turns shoving each other and telling the other what an outstanding bitch she was. They then made their way back to the center of the living room and began to mouth to each other how the other gal was going to totally destroy the other in the upcoming feline battle. Well, as both women were of equal size and weight and avid S&M fans, they were not likely to back down from the ensuing Catfight. What was a fine gentleman like myself supposed to do? Stop them?____NOT!!!

A soundless vacuum filled the room as both 34 year olds began to stare each other down, nose to nose. Dianne’s’ cheeks were just about the same color as her hair, and Jess’s weren’t far from matching. From my previous experience, I knew that as soon as those cheeks matched her hair color, an open left hook was soon to slide across Jesse’s face. Dianna slipped her fingers under the hem of the Red Dress and began pulling upwards.

“Take it off now Bitch!”

“No way, cunt!” as Jess moved her hands off her hips to grab Di’s wrists, the colors matched between hair and cheeks, and a hard palm slammed across Jessie’s face. “SMACK”

Jessie’s long brown hair shot our from her skull and she recoiled from the blow. With her hair strewn about her face, Jess shot a hard green gaze into Di’s pale blue eyes.

“Bitch!” Jess lunged at Di wrapping her arms up and under Di’s in order to tangle her nails in the red roots at the back of Di’s head, while at the same instant Dianna began tearing out clumps of Jessie’s brown hair with one hand while tearing at the red knit with the other. As I watched them stagger about locked in their tight vicious embrace, my horn began to burn as it inflated the limits of my tweed pants. I was going to enjoy this evening more than I had anticipated.

Di and Jesse were now face to face, 38-c’s jammed together, with thighs and nyloned legs intertwined like fleshy snakes making love. As their locked torsos twirled about on four heels, they looked like very bad lambada dancers, trying it without the music. As my best friend continued to sputter and burn, –I opened my flap and gave em’ some air. My cherry red, was now enjoying the view with me from my vantage point on the rug near the living room entrance.

Their embrace became tighter as they twirled about, one arm was locked behind the other’s back, while another was whipped tightly behind the head of the other. Nails and pearly whites chewed and tore at supple skin and fine cloth. Their sexy, long legs were, by far, the most active elements of this terminal struggle. Each was constantly trying to hook the other’s legs and fall on top of her opponent, but neither was succeeding until,,,,”KEERRAASSHHH….” 260 pounds of womanhood locked together in a good ole’ fashion catfight, hit the floor and got down and dirty.

Now the action really started to mount they moved as one, rotating their combined fleshy mass over and over the carpeted floor. The speed at which they moved reminded me of a movie on fast forward. Side to side rolling one second then tail over end the next. They were like one of those toy cars I had when I was a kid, it would zip along until it hit a wall or chair then go spinning off in the opposite direction. A sexy pinball game! The Beige carpet that was vacuumed just a few hours earlier, was now littered with bits on cloth, nylon, hair and specks of blood.

As they rolled about and away from me I noticed their heads had become a tangled mess of hair and bits of cloth. It looked like a giant tumble weed attached to a sexy entwined girly ball. The sound of spitting squealing and gnashing of teeth could be heard from the tumble weed amidst the rolling swishing thumping sounds their war ball made as it traveled about the living room. The arms of the war ball were alternately wrapped about the necks and backs of the opponents squeezing and controlling the other as much as possible, until they seemed to melt into one ecstatic fleshy lump.

After about thirty minutes their rolling stopped and they began to tear away at the backs of each other’s dress. Each woman gasped as she tore and scratched the others back, while the opposite hand remained buried in the others tangled hair. They continued rolling slowly now, getting closer to me, their legs were tangled from their soft warm thighs to their ankles and their dresses were hiked up to their waists, exposing high top gartered stockings that were covered in long sexy runs, from the top of their heels to the lower part of their butt lobes.

As with the rest of their bodies their tight little butts were covered in sweat and the occasional scratch mark. The legs were definitely the most erotic thing I had ever seen or heard. What was left of their nylons made a sweet swishing noise as they rubbed together in their snaky entanglement.

Di was starting to control Jess now, she stopped the rolling momentum and pressed her body down on Jesse’s. Jess then squeezed her scratched thigh into Di’s crotch to try to start the rolling motion again, but Di squeezed back and stayed on top of Jesse.

“Cunt, you’re staying right there until I get my dress off you!” Jess then on cue heaved upwards, grabbed the back of Di’s dress and shredded it in two, exposing her braless tanned back and a pink g-string with matching garter. Di then spat in Jesse’s face, clamped her teeth into her shoulder and rolled Jess on top of her tearing the back of Jesse’s dress and, in the process, exposing her tanned back and the top off her flesh colored g-string and garter belt.

Jess untangled her right hand and pulled what was left of the two dresses from between them. While sitting on her back, Di untangled her right leg slightly, and moved her leg lock up until her thigh pressed into Jesse’s flesh colored cloth. She rubbed and bumped her lush thigh into the warm moist mound. Jess quivered then squealed, “You fucking dyke!” and she rammed her creamy thigh into Di making her squirm and shake.

I was now drenched in a hot sperm sweat. I looked in awe about the battle field before me, littered with bits of nylon, red and green knit and red and brown hair. This was peter pounding entertainment at it’s best. As they began to roll again, they licked and chewed on each others lips and tongues.

Their tongues began a little rolling cat fight of their own, as their lusty rotation continued they continued to work their thighs and crotches together, all the while scratching turned to caressing and biting became licking and sucking. They rubbed and bumped into one another, with little red and brown hairs tangling and tearing at one another. They looked and sounded incredibly erotic, a sexy lusty lump of passion, anger and ecstasy rolled into one, hissing spitting….after rolling about for another 30 minutes or so of this combo love – fight, Jess rolled on top of Di and hissed, “OK Pussy you want a real cunt to cunt work out, then let’s go for it!”

In one efficient move Jess snapped the sides of their g-strings, then tossed the mush scented cloth in my direction. All that remained on them was the remnants of their tattered nylons, garter belts and high heels.

Looking deep into each other, lips parted into a sensuous snarl, teeth clenched together and as tongues embraced in a hot wet mass of ecstasy, their labia love lips slowly began to slide against one another. While now tightly clenched together the women rocked themselves into a sitting position, with one leg under the thigh and butt of the other, while the opposite leg was wrapped tightly about the waist of the other woman. Tongues rotated about one another, while clit met clit. They rotated slightly then pressed into the soft vulva of the other. Hardened breast nipples slid together, rotated, then found soft flesh to penetrate.

From behind the veil of Jesse’s dark hair I could see Di’s eye wink out at me, “We haven’t forgotten about Jason have we Jess?” Almost on cue the women clasped each other tightly, rolled towards me then back into the kitchen. Once there, Di pointed to the top right cupboard. All the time Jesse continued to make cat like noises, as the women continued to rub their pussies together.

“Get the oil Jason and spread it on the floor and over us”…then get the preserves!!!

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I stripped off my clothes grabbed the Cooking oil and did my duty–Ya it was tough,,,,,like hell. Incredible as it seemed this was even more erotic than the carpet catfight. I had the butt-end view of this silky erotic spectacle. The tiled oily floor shone under the oily coating their ecstasy ride was providing. They began to resemble a wet ball of spaghetti and hair,………. as I continued to view this eroticism through sweat covered eyebrows.

“JAS….the PEACH PRESERVES!!!” I had done this with her before, but never seen her do it with a woman! I smeared some our favorite jam, “peach preserves”, gently between their two burrowing pussies. They rubbed slowly, letting the peach preserves mix with their love-juices. It looked wild, her sex rubbing into Di’s, their hard gooey clits rubbing together. This is the sort of connection that I had to become part of!

The room filled with the scent of their sex, with just a hint of peach!!! Di then mounted Jess with both her legs wrapped up and behind Jess’s back, while Jess spread her legs under Di’s sticky embrace. She then pointed down to the pair of jam covered pussy lips munching on one another. “Stick your one and only between us Jas!”

I immediately mounted both of the greasy she cats. Ohh what a feeling, as Jesse’s soft love muscle caressed the lower side of my shaft, Di’s oil soaked puss caressed the top, while the tip of my circumcised head was tickled by their clits. A warm electrical sensation worked its way from the tip of my penis to the base of my glands, then back again, over and over, until I was nearly ready, but then Di the little puss would pinch me off, causing me to hold off for another 5 minutes or so,,,,,then finally, both girls started to shake uncontrollably.

“Ok BABY, let’s blow!” chirped Di. The two women then pressed their slippery love lips harder onto my oily rod…then came what felt like the first cum shot ever………”SSPPPPuuuffff!” They were completely spattered from the tips of their little noses to their navels.

P.S. The girls kissed and made up after.”

The End

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