Nineteenth Hole by HG Hunt

Chapter 1

The humid stifling heat of the July Sunday had made the women tired and thirsty as they finished their friendly, but intense and very competitive, golf match. Lynn had just eked out a one-stroke win over her rivals in the first of several rounds of golf the women had planned at the resort. This was one of those upscale resorts with plenty of golf courses nearby and a beautiful setting on a northern lake. There were nice beaches, restaurants, wineries, and great shops. A small city was only about 10 miles away nestled along a beautiful pristine bay of the big lake.

Jenny had coordinated the planning for her friends Lynn, Rose, and Sue to take time off from their work and husbands to stay together at the resort hotel. They had a 2-week lease on a suite with full kitchen and two bedrooms besides a spacious living area with a view of the rolling hills and the bay beyond the golf course. The big bathroom had a Jacuzzi hot tub and luxurious appointments. It was a high priced vacation, but all could afford it. They had checked in early enough to go out for 18 holes of golf on their first day there. The four women were close friends, as were their husbands. While they were all quite friendly with each other, it seemed that most of their leisure time spent together was in competitive sports or games. They all played to win and they each expected to win any competition they were in. This vacation was to be no exception. Golf was the plan but sometimes plans go awry.

These women were all beautiful. Each would be capable of turning heads in any room they entered. Jenny had short light brown hair and stood 5’6″ and weighed 136 lbs. Her 38C tits were impressive and full. She took pride in her appearance and her 34-year-old body was used to working out. She had a job but always seemed to find time on her own to keep in shape besides the tennis, swimming, and other activities she did with friends. Today she was wearing a golf skirt that stopped about five inches above the knee. It was Navy and was topped off by a pure white button top with short sleeves. Due to the heat she had the top two buttons undone.

Rose was the oldest at 37 but no one would ever have guessed her age. She looked years younger and her chiseled face was pretty with a small nose and thick luscious lips. She stood 5’6″ and weighed 135 lbs. Her large boobs swayed from side to side as she walked. Those 40D monsters were the talk of many of the men (and women) at her country club. Her tits were fronted by areolas that were the color of ripe red cherries. The edges blended smoothly into her surrounding tit-flesh. The wide area of her areola was impressive and caused every one of her former lovers to drool at the sight. When her tits puckered up in excitement she had very long nipples to go with her impressively sized tits. No doubt about it Rose was every tit-lovers dream. Her auburn hair dropped to just below her shoulders. Her ass might have been a little wider than the other three women’s but it looked stunning on her. Today she was wearing pale blue shorts and a matching top that pulled over and fit tightly against her breasts. It was a sleeveless number that offered a terrific view of her womanly assets.

Lynn was the only blonde in the group. She stood only 5’4″ and weighed 129 lbs at age 29. Her youthful figure was firm at every inch. Her hair was long and cascaded down to the middle of her back where one couldn’t help but notice the tightest ass in creation. She provided spectacular viewing when she walked away from you. It didn’t matter if she was wearing sweat pants, blue jeans, or a bikini. Everyone watched when she walked by. She probably kept it that way because she did walk a lot. She put on tight Lycra shorts and power-walked around her neighborhood every day. She usually put in about 4 miles. But her ass wasn’t her only great asset. Her proud breasts stood out firmly from her chest and measured 34C. Her nipples were thick and quite long and could often be seen poking through the blouses and shirts she wore. Those nipples sprung from the most perfect pink colored areolas. They were wider than most as well as totally smooth.

No bumps or imperfections of any kind. Even though some women may have had larger boobs, Lynn was never shy about her breasts and she flaunted them whenever she felt like it. She was probably the most assured of herself even though she wasn’t the biggest or strongest. Her golf wardrobe today had been chosen with care to make her look sexy. Why she wanted to look sexy seemed a mystery to the other women, since she wasn’t even going to be around men, but she always wanted to look her best, and that meant sexy! She had on the shortest skirt that could still be called a “golf” skirt. It was a flower print number that showed a lot of her perfectly formed thigh. Men watching her line up to putt from the next tee were getting hard-ons. They practically had an accident in their cart once when she bent over to mark her ball and revealed every inch of those creamy thighs all the way up to her pure white panties. She wore a light red top that didn’t have quite enough material to cover up her belly when she swung the club or moved her arms much. It was snug and low-cut too. Her cleavage showed whenever she bent to pick up a club or ball. She was very HOT and she knew it.

Sue rounded out this group of gorgeous women. She had jet-black hair, cropped fairly short, about the same length as Jenny’s. It framed her Indian features perfectly. Sue was 33 years old and reminded everyone of the beautiful Indian princess Pocahontas. Her boobs were perfectly round and protruded proudly from her chest in torpedo-like fashion. Their 36C size was perfectly proportioned on her 5’5″ 131 lb. frame. Sue was an accomplished skier and she spent many winter weekends schussing the slopes and keeping in shape. Her legs were quite long and she loved to show them off in shorts or in bikinis at the beach. She was probably the most wild and bold of them all. She was one who took dares that others would have considered absurd. She had acted briefly in summer stock productions and once even took a part as a bawdy wench that gave her the opportunity, on stage, to show lots of skin and act sexually suggestive in front of several hundred people. She loved to be the center of attention even though her job as an executive secretary required her to be quite demure most of the time. This contrast in her personality always kept the other ladies on their toes. They never quite knew which “Sue” they were with. Her outfit was a mid-length yellow golf skirt with a slightly darker yellow top that hugged her curvy boobs and showed just a touch of cleavage when she bent over.

Chapter 2

The golf had been the reason they chose this resort but they were delighted to have seen lots of other amenities and nearby desirable places to visit that they could take advantage of between or after rounds of golf. This foursome was very competitive as they all had handicaps in the same range. Lynn’s victory hadn’t set well with the other three that day however. Her overtly sexy, and revealing outfit wasn’t appreciated by the other three, even though they never mentioned it. They thought she could have been at least a little more tasteful. It wasn’t as though they themselves weren’t dressed to show off their assets, but just that she had gone a little too far. Being a competitive bunch, they couldn’t wait to try again to beat her the next day. Since the day had been hot, they were all anxious to get to the 19th hole for some thirst-quenching drinks. Wine was the drink of choice most of the time, but today, with the heat and thirst they all had, a cold beer sounded really good. So when Rose ordered a long neck bottle, the other three did the same. They sat on the shaded veranda around the corner from the bar and started talking and drinking. The small talk and drinks continued for about 45 minutes. They were quite a sight. The heat had made them all sweaty and their tops were soaking through, clinging provocatively to their tits. Their thin fabric bras weren’t doing much to hide their protruding nipples. The sight would have been intoxicating, but no one was around. One of the waiters was a handsome young man of college age. The women found themselves staring as he walked away from their table after serving the beers. Comments about his ‘nice butt’ were repeated more than once. After their second round of beers Jenny said, “I can’t wait to get back to the hotel and get out of these clothes.”

Rose responded, having turned a little drunk, “I can’t wait to see that either.” The other girls giggled at Rose’s apparent interest in Jenny taking off her clothes. The small talk continued and their second beers were each nearly gone. Lynn was tipping her beer back to get the last drop and as her tongue snaked out to touch the tip of the bottle, Rose said “Hey Lynn, you must be horny since you’re treating that bottle just like a big hard dick. Your husband isn’t here you know. How will you survive the next two weeks?” The remark surprised Lynn and she let the bottle slip and it entered her mouth and went in a few inches. Wow! Now it looked like she was trying to deep throat that bottle. She gagged a little and pulled the bottle out quickly. The girls all laughed, but that just made Lynn a little angry. She told them that they were all just mad because she had beaten them on the course and that ‘By God,’ she could ‘beat them at sex too.’ She thought of herself as the sexiest person alive. She was acting quite confident even though she had been embarrassed at first by the beer bottle thing. But all these women were sexually confident in their own right and this riled them to have the youngest one in the group thinking she was something special and better than them at anything, including sex.

Sue spoke up and told her that she was full of it and that she could out-fuck and out-suck Lynn any time. It was spoken partly to be funny at Lynn’s expense, but quite obviously in seriousness too. The others were quick to notice the sincerity in her voice. Things were starting to get a little tense. The combination of the hot weather, the physical exertion from the golf, and the beers were beginning to cause some strange sensations in the women. While each woman was totally confident in her sexuality, they couldn’t help but notice how sexy their female friends were as well. Jenny had even consciously noticed that she had a damp spot on her panties. Her nipples were poking just a little harder against her blouse. While none of them were lesbians (only Sue had ever even experimented, and that was long ago in college), each surely noticed other women and usually paid plenty of attention to their bodies, partly from their competitive nature and partly from their own repressed desires. Since they had often played tennis or swam together they had all seen each other’s bodies naked before. Rose was fantasizing about how Lynn and Sue might look naked and trying to out-fuck and out-suck each other. Rose was blessed with a wicked active fantasy sex-life. She often let her mind run free and right now it was racing: she could only see Lynn, Sue, Jenny, and herself. Her fantasy was full of naked writhing bodies of these women she thought of as her best friends. She was torn between the turned on feeling she had and the anger at Lynn for acting so superior.

Chapter 3
Spinning The Bottle

Lynn set her beer bottle down and it tipped over and she nonchalantly gave it a spin. It spun around and around. The women were all watching the bottle. When it slowed to a stop pointing at Sue, Rose quickly said to Lynn, “Well, I guess you have to kiss Sue now.” Lynn’s response was, “No Way. I’m not kissing her! Her kisses are like a dirty dish rag and wouldn’t be worth my time.” Her haughty remark was like fingernails on a chalkboard to Sue. She was mad.

Rose and Jenny waited to see what Sue would say. Time seemed to stand still. Sue didn’t say a thing. It was only a few seconds but it seemed like minutes to Jenny and Rose. Little did the others know that Sue’s bold nature was about to make itself very evident. After a few moments of awkward silence she decided she had enough of Lynn’s smug superiority and she slowly got up from her chair across the table from Lynn. If Lynn was going to make rude comments about her after having first blurted out that she was better at sex, then she wasn’t going to get out of it so easily. If Lynn wasn’t going to kiss her, then she would just have to kiss Lynn. She took those few steps around the table to Lynn in the sexiest possible way. The others were wondering what she would do. Were they ever surprised when Sue leaned over and put her lips right up to Lynn’s and gave her a long soft kiss. When she finally pulled away, she let her hanging tits brush ever so slowly across Lynn’s shoulder. The effect on the other women was electric. She said to Lynn in her huskiest voice. “I told you earlier that I could out-fuck and out-suck you and I can out-kiss you too. You will never be a better kisser than me. I am better than you at anything.” While it might have appeared to a bystander to be a kiss of affection, it was totally apparent to Jenny, Rose, and especially Lynn that Sue’s kiss was a kiss of anger and confrontation. Even in it’s tenderness there was an edge, a challenge. They all knew it. The words that had begun this challenge were now replaced by action.

Lynn was flabbergasted but excited underneath that tough exterior. She sure wasn’t about to let Sue have her way. She just couldn’t think quickly enough of anything to say or do to get back at Sue. It was just then that Rose’s racing mind had concocted an idea that was exciting and dangerous. She hadn’t thought of all the possibilities but she spoke up anyway. She reached out and grabbed that bottle and said, “I know, lets have a spin-the-bottle kissing contest.” Well, in normal circumstances that wouldn’t have been very likely, but since these last few moments had delivered some surprises and since the alcohol had done just enough to loosen their inhibitions significantly their responses weren’t their normal ones. The stage had already been set thanks to Sue’s kiss.

Jenny had been silent but her damp crotch and boiling blood (anger and horniness) caused her to blurt out “I’m all for that and I’ll prove that I’m really the best kisser here! Every man I’ve ever been with has told me that I’m the best kisser they’ve ever had. The best at lots of other things too.” Of course each of the others had probably been told the same thing by their lovers, so that wasn’t much of a threat to them. The challenge was now laid out and Lynn and Sue had no choice but to fall in and agree. They were the ones who had started this. Sue was feeling very good about her kiss-domination of Lynn anyway and at Lynn’s stunned reaction. Lynn’s anger forced her to accept the challenge, and anyway she had been caught off guard and now she wouldn’t be unprepared. That beer bottle was now leading them down a path that they could never have imagined just a few short minutes before.

The sight was breathtaking. Four gorgeous sexy women playing spin the bottle on the veranda of the golf course. The mix of feelings they had was quite bizarre. Since their table on the veranda was out of the way from the clubhouse and the main golf course, they weren’t too worried at first that someone might see them. Jenny still had that bottle and before she spun it she lifted it up to her lips and stuck it almost half way down her own throat. It was an obvious attempt to let the others know that she was a sexual athlete herself and that just because Lynn and Sue had started this little confrontation that she would play for keeps as well. She moved the bottle in and out a few times and gave the tip a quick lick with her long tongue before she leaned over and gave it a spin in the middle of the table. Rose had been thinking and before the bottle came to a stop she said that whoever kissed her had better be ready for some real kissing from a real woman. Those words were hardly out of her mouth when the bottle indeed stopped and pointed directly at Rose.

Wasting no time Jenny got up and put her hands under her tits and squeezed them and waved them at Rose. While this taunt was certainly taken as a challenge by Rose, it was having a clear effect on the other two as well. Both Lynn and Sue had noticed a hormone surge. Their pussies were both tingling as Jenny went to Rose and bent down to look her right in the eye. Very slowly, Jenny leaned over and opened her mouth and gently bit the lower lip of Rose. She purred and growled just like a jungle cat and continued to nibble and nip at Rose’s mouth. Finally she put her mouth full on Rose’s lips and mashed them together. Not hard enough to hurt, mind you, but hard enough for Rose to know that Jenny wanted to be in charge. She kept the pressure on and Rose, sensing that Jenny’s motive was to overpower her, pushed back. Their kiss was a kiss of power. They never opened their mouths. Jenny just wanted to show Rose who the boss was in their relationship and since she was standing up and bent over Rose her leverage advantage made her feel like she was winning. When Jenny finally pulled away, with a big smile on her face, Rose just said, “Nothing special there girl, you can never out-kiss me.”

While Jenny had been kissing Rose, both Lynn and Sue had been watching with interest and as they squirmed in their chairs their legs bumped into each other. While neither made any verbal acknowledgment, the feeling of hot smooth leg upon hot smooth leg excited them both. Sue once again took a moment of initiative and started rubbing her calf up and down across Lynn’s calf. She was trying to go 1-up even before it was her turn with the bottle. Lynn grabbed the bottle and exclaimed, “One of you is really going to know what a kiss is in about one minute. No one kisses better than I do.” She spun the bottle. She was hoping that it would stop at Sue, since it was Sue that had made the original “out-fuck, out-suck” comment. But it wasn’t to be. The bottle stopped at Jenny. Jenny had just sat down after her vigorous kiss of Rose and she was still feeling pretty good about herself when Lynn came right at her and whispered in a low voice “Get ready honey, my mouth will make yours turn to Jell-O and you’ll be begging for mercy after my sexy kiss.” And before Jenny could say or do anything Lynn was planting her lips full across Jenny’s mouth. Jenny squirmed in her chair and she tried to wiggle away to get composed a little bit, but Lynn was relentless. She opened her mouth and used her tongue like a crow bar to try to pry Jenny’s lips apart.

Her tongue was working back and forth lubricating Jenny’s lips and then jamming forward to try to penetrate into her mouth. Jenny’s lips were responding in their own sexy way. She was trying to pinch Lynn’s tongue between her lips so as not to let her go. It was a very even duel. It was Jenny’s lips versus Lynn’s tongue. Lynn had not expected it to be this tough to get her tongue into Jenny’s mouth. She was aching to get it inside Jenny’s mouth so she could dominate Jenny’s tongue with her own. Her horniness was taking control even as her mind was racing to try to find a way to control Jenny. Without even thinking about it she reached up with her right hand and found Jenny’s left tit and quickly grazed her hand across the protruding nipple. Shock waves of pleasure shot through Jenny and she lost concentration just long enough for Lynn to force her mouth open and attack Jenny’s tongue vigorously with her own. Their mouths were now having their own wrestling war. Tongue against tongue. Lip against lip. When Lynn finally managed to push Jenny’s tongue back toward her throat and keep it there for five seconds she slowly pulled away. Just before she sat down, she reached over once again and gave Jenny’s nipple one quick pinch, as if to say, “I got you girl.”

Chapter 4

While Rose and Sue were watching this battle of mouths, they found their pussies getting increasingly excited. Sue actually put her left foot over on top of Rose’s and started rubbing it back and forth. Rose could obviously feel this but she made no outward acknowledgment. She would just push back a little bit against the pressure coming from Sue’s foot. The squishing sound of the kissing competitors wasn’t the only sound to be heard. Soft moans were coming from Rose and Sue’s lips. They couldn’t help it. They weren’t totally oblivious of their surroundings however and as their little “game” was progressing, both in competitive intensity and sexual excitement they began to worry about being seen or heard by someone. When Lynn and Jenny’s kiss-fight broke off Sue spoke up and said that maybe they should take the remaining spins back to the hotel room so as not to get arrested. They giggled at the thought, since they had a moment to visualize what their behavior might have looked like if anyone had come around the corner to see them. Since it did seem a bit dangerous they quickly got up and left the course.

It was just a short walk from the clubhouse across to the hotel. When they got into the suite, Jenny and Rose moved the furniture around a little to free up some floor space. Sue and Lynn had gone to the kitchen to get them each another beer. When they all gathered around the room and had kicked off their shoes they sat down cross-legged on the floor. Sue downed her beer quickly and set it in the middle of the group. It would be her turn to start since she and Rose had yet to spin and they were taking turns in a clockwise direction. Before she spun the bottle, she looked at all of them and with a gleam in her eye she said, “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. I see all of you are getting a little bit excited. After I get through kissing you will all be so wet between your legs that you’ll be begging me for more. In fact I think that I could probably make you all cum without me even touching you. I could do a strip that would melt you right through.” With that she spun the bottle. It went around and around and finally pointed at Rose.

While Rose had been affected a little by Sue’s little speech, she was still supremely confident in her own kissing prowess. This time she wasn’t planning to just be kissed. She was going to kiss back. She prepared to take on Sue’s challenging mouth by turning to her right as Sue was pivoting her body to the left. Since they were sitting on the floor, this awkward shift had forced them to lean on one arm. With her left arm holding herself upright Sue’s right arm circled around Rose’s head and pulled it closer, closer, closer. They could now each feel each other’s breath on their faces. Their eyes were locked in intense challenge to the other. Sue stuck out her tongue and began to gently lick all around Rose’s pretty red lips. Their lips hadn’t even touched yet and Rose immediately began returning the favor. Her long tongue was making clockwise circles around Sue’s mouth while Sue’s tongue was going the opposite way around hers. When they met, it was as if electric jolts had coursed throughout their bodies. They almost fell over. Both women rearranged their legs underneath them so they could sit upright and use both hands to hold on to the other woman. Arms circled around each other and began pulling tightly together. Their mouths were now opened wide and tongues were jousting around and around, back and forth, each trying to turn the other woman on. Lynn and Jenny were watching with pure intensity. This was just about the sexiest thing they had ever watched. Their own breathing was becoming ragged and full of sighs.

This kiss-fight continued for nearly ten solid minutes. Both Rose and Sue were aware of the evenness of their tongue battle. Rose had been content to keep this a kiss contest but her horniness and her big tits being mashed up against Sue’s pair caused her to reach around and grab Sue’s ass and squeeze and pull toward her. She rubbed her tits from side to side against Sue’s wonderful breasts and this caused Sue to instinctively start rubbing back against Rose. When she realized what was happening she was upset that Rose had gone well beyond a kiss and she pulled away and accused Rose of cheating. Rose said, “nonsense, there weren’t any rules,” and since she had pulled away from Rose, she was the winner. Sue fumed at this, but both Jenny and Lynn agreed with Rose and they pronounced Rose the winner.

Chapter 5
Kisses Plus

Rose was finally about to get her turn. She had already been kissed twice and she felt like Jenny may have had the advantage in that kiss but that she had soundly beaten Sue in the just concluded kiss-fight. Whom would she get with her spin? Would it be Jenny, who she wanted revenge against? Would it be Sue, who she had just whipped in the last kiss-duel? Or would it be Lynn, that young sexpot across the floor, who really needed a lesson taught to her? She couldn’t decide whom she wanted to kiss the most. Jenny said, “What are you waiting for, Rose, spin the bottle, or are you afraid?”

Of course she wasn’t afraid, just trying to figure out if she could “will” the bottle to stop at Lynn. That was who she wanted the most. It worked. The bottle did point directly at Lynn at the end of Rose’s spin. Not only did she want to show Lynn who was boss, she was also feeling the incredible urge to ravish that perfect young body across the floor. Rose was very turned-on.

She didn’t bother standing up. She just leaned over and crawled very slowly across the floor toward Lynn. Lynn was sitting Indian style and preparing herself for the big-titted creature moving her way. She was not about to let Rose out-kiss her in any way. As Rose neared Lynn, she swayed from side to side, causing her hanging boobs to draw everyone’s attention their way. She repeated the move and slowly kept coming toward Lynn. When she lifted her body up and was standing on her knees Lynn responded by changing her position likewise. They were face to face. As Rose inched forward to get close enough to Lynn’s face the inevitable happened.

Those massive mammaries poked into Lynn’s hard pair. The air-conditioned hotel was cool and that only enhanced the effect their aroused nipples had on their shirts. They were both sticking straight out through their thin bras and tight shirts. Those nipple-weapons poked each other and jolts of pleasure shot through both their bodies. Their motivation to out-kiss the other was now doubly enhanced by sexual drive. It was now obvious that Lynn had decided she wasn’t content to be the “kissee” and let Rose’s “kisser” designation give her any advantage. This kiss-battle would be fought on equal terms and with their hearts pounding in nervous anticipation they slowly brought their mouths toward each other. Rose was staring deep into Lynn’s eyes in an incredible ravishing stare. Lynn returned the favor with her big blue eyes. As they leaned their heads slightly to their right and their tits followed suit, rubbing across their opponents pair, their mouths came together in full wet contact. They had both been licking their lips and smacking them together. Both mouths were full of wet sticky saliva and immediately upon contact they began a wide-open tongue attack on each other’s mouth. They swapped spit, jousted with their tongues over and over, each trying to turn her opponent inside out with their wetness and desire.

It was working both ways. Lynn was wishing she could just succumb to the desire she was feeling but her competitive nature wouldn’t let her. She tongue-fought Rose with incredible intensity. She tried a change of tactics. She sucked on Rose’s tongue as it shot deep into her mouth. She sucked and sucked as hard as she could, trying to pull it right out by the roots. With their mouths locked totally together the suction was incredible. Rose was feeling the pain and in retaliation for Lynn’s surprise move she began bumping her tits directly into Lynn’s. This tit-humping caught Lynn by surprise and she momentarily stopped the sucking and this allowed Rose’s tongue to gain a leverage advantage over Lynn’s and push it deep in toward her throat. They had been going at it for nearly 10 minutes when the effort to fight off Rose’s tongue attack had taken its toll on Lynn. She pulled away to catch her breath and rest. As soon as she did both Sue and Jenny practically had to be told to breathe again. They had been so enthralled with the performance that they had hardly taken any breaths themselves. Rose was quick to declare herself the kiss leader since she now had two wins and neither of the others had more than one. Lynn was let down but not defeated. Her arousal and anger were as strong as ever. She did admit to herself though that Rose was one hell of a kisser. Jenny reminded Rose that her lead wouldn’t last long since Sue and she hadn’t had three kiss-fights yet and that since they were the only two who hadn’t kissed yet that it would only be fair for them to go next. No need to spin the bottle. So it was determined. Jenny and Sue would go next.

The four women were experiencing new, strange, and lustful feelings toward each other. These sexual urges were strong and the looks on their faces gave some of that away to the others. But one thing was certain. Not one ounce of competitiveness was lost. None of them liked to lose, whether it was golf, pool, bridge, or now kissing. As Jenny and Sue had watched the escalating intensity of the kiss-battles, each having been a victor once and a loser once, their minds were scheming as fast as they could to try and assure themselves dominance in the kiss-match that was about to start. Sue, for her part, totally believed in her sexiness and that she could conquer Jenny. She had a surprise or two planned just to make sure. Jenny, however, had seen Lynn’s surprise tit-tweak cause her earlier loss and she wasn’t about to be surprised again.

She vowed to herself that there was nothing that Sue could possibly do that would cause her to lose focus on what she had to do to win. She had seen Sue up the ante before and she now knew for sure she wasn’t facing off against the “goody two shoes” Sue that she had come to know. Good friends for the last six years these two sexy women were about to face off in a primal contest that was sure to shape their relationship for years to come. The contest wasn’t supposed to be real sex, just a kiss, but the atmosphere in the room was overcharged with the smell of sweet sexy women. It was clear that the kisses had come to symbolize much more than just who could kiss best. They were like dogs attempting to determine the Alpha. And that was just what these women were now. They were bitches in heat and intent to establish dominance at the same time. Jenny and Sue were about to write their chapter.

Chapter 6
Let’s Keep Score

The intensity of that battle and the ones before had raised the bar of their competition. Before today none of them had ever competed in anything like this. Just mainstream sports and games. Now with all four of them having experienced sexual excitement and competition all rolled together they were all fantasizing in overdrive about these events. Rose spoke up. “Ladies, we’ve each just kissed each other and I don’t think any of us are quite content with the results. I have two wins, Jenny has two wins, Lynn, and Sue each have one win. I’m sure that I am the best kisser here, but if you recall Sue’s original challenge, it was that she could out-suck and out-fuck any one of us. Remember. Since no one of us won all three of our kiss-contests, I think we should get down to the nitty gritty to find out who really is the sex queen, the best woman. Kissing is nothing but foreplay. If we are going to know who is the best and sexiest woman here we had better get down to some real sexy stuff. What do you say? I don’t think our round-robin kiss-match really settled anything. I know that Jenny and I each have two wins and I think we should keep those wins and count those points towards a final score that would come from other round-robin events. Are you afraid of my challenge, or do you dare to accept?”

Lynn, Sue, and Jenny would have been totally shocked to hear Rose say those words at any other time, but after the last three hours and the new and exciting things that had transpired between them, they would have all been far too embarrassed to back down. They didn’t really know what Rose had in mind, but without even asking her to explain they all immediately agreed. Besides every one of them was absolutely in a state of heightened sexual motivation. None of them wanted to lose that feeling. None of them wanted to be thought of as less than the best lover/sexual athlete either. This vacation was shaping up to be the most unique that any of them had ever experienced.

Golf was now the farthest thing from their minds. Blame it all on that beer bottle slipping from Lynn’s hand. Fate is a funny thing.

Chapter 7
The Planning

The darkness had begun to settle outside their room. The last golfers had left the course. Lights were twinkling on in the homes visible across the course. Jenny, Lynn, Rose, and Sue had full loads of pent-up sexual energy trying to burst from their insides out. All knew that their arousal was observed by the other three women. But all were also trying mightily to maintain control of their emotions in an attempt to set the stage for winning whatever was to come next.

First a recap of what had happened so far. Even though no one had ever mentioned rules or keeping score, and even though none of them had ever heard of a sex-fight before, the events as played out that afternoon had led them all to a tacit understanding. The winner was the one who could force the other woman to submit or quit or pull away or be so lost in ecstasy that they slipped over the edge into orgasm. None had quite made it to orgasm. Jenny had a near miss at the last kiss-fight. Sue hadn’t even touched her pussy either. Sue had Jenny so turned on from just kissing and tit-play that Jenny’s orgasm had been only moments away when she was able to snatch a victory away from her. While they hadn’t started by keeping score in any way the consensus on the outcome of each kiss-duel had been agreed to as the basis for continuing their contests. Sue had stunned Lynn in the first kiss. Jenny had out-powered Rose in the second match. Lynn had achieved a victory over Jenny in the third. Rose’s surprise gave her the advantage over Sue in match number four. Rose had made it two in a row with her win over Lynn in the fifth match. The final climactic kiss-fight was Jenny’s last second stunning defeat of Sue.

So this is how they stood: Jenny – 2 points, Rose – 2 points, Lynn – 1 point, and Sue – 1 point. Even though these were the consensus results, each woman had in her own mind some sort of excuse or reason why she had lost any of those original kissing contests. Each one fully intended to prove her own superiority in any sex-fight that would follow.

While none of those kiss-fights were ever violent, each woman had tried to use her strength to gain advantage over her rival, especially as the contests progressed from the first tentative kisses. Each one had watched the ever-escalating intensity and had felt it for themselves. The thrill of physical confrontation was not being avoided by any of them. They were all relishing the idea. The two-dimensional nature of this was not lost on any of these women. They were all smart to go with their sexy looks and strong bodies. Everyone knew that they would have to master both their own sex instincts and be physically dominant if they were going to come out as Alpha bitch at the end of all this. And that is what every one of them wanted. Nothing less than Alpha would satisfy any of them. And yet the excitement of falling into a sexual frenzy with these other women was motivating them just as much. It was Rose once again who made a suggestion. “Lets take a break. Take a shower, put on some fresh clothes, go out for a nice dinner and wine, and when we come back Round Two will begin. What do you say?”

Lynn immediately spoke up and added her own suggestion, “We’ll draw cards for who goes first this time and whoever wins will be allowed to choose her first opponent. She can challenge any of the others to whatever sexy contest she can think of. If her target refuses then the challenger wins the point. If she accepts then the event goes on to a final result.”

“Fine by me.” Jenny responded instantly and Sue was right behind with her own agreement. After all, Sue had long been known to never back down from a dare. Since Lynn’s idea fell right in line with Rose’s earlier suggestion she asked quickly, “Well, what are we waiting for? I get the shower first.” And with that she jumped up and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

Chapter 8
Dinner Preparations

The competition was beginning already. The women were forced to think about all their options in dress, what to say, body language, what to eat, etc. This was a sexy physical challenge among four gorgeous women and an intriguing chess match too. The psychological battles were already being waged and Rose made her first move by jumping up and heading to the bathroom so as to be first in the shower. This left the other women to lounge around the room, relaxing and talking. They made small talk and tried to avoid direct mention of the afternoon or the upcoming events, but they were always on their minds.

Sue began to think about how she had lost and what she might be able to do to each of the other women to obtain victories. She had scored the first point way back at the golf course veranda by surprising Lynn and being brazen. She had lost to both Jenny (bite) and Rose (unexpected grabbing and tit-rubbing) and she could see that the element of surprise was really important. She began thinking about the other’s bodies. Rose had the biggest tits and probably had the longest nipples too. Those big tits were impressive enough but Sue figured if she could use her nipples to defeat Jenny (as she almost had) she thought for sure she could do the same to Rose. Her nipples were so long they were bound to be more prone to bending from attack with her own hard nipples. She knew that if she came up against Lynn she would be in for a hell of a battle. Lynn’s tits weren’t quite as large as hers but they were very firm and her ass looked to be as hard as a rock. The other thing that Sue counted in her favor was her legs. They hadn’t yet come into play in any way and she was sure that if she could use them that she could whip any of the other women in that department. When Rose exited the shower, Sue quickly went in.

Lynn, was a a supremely confident young woman and her thoughts also turned to what she believed were her opponents weaknesses and her own strengths. One of the things that was totally up in the air was the degree of sexual responsiveness that they all had. Lynn had seen how Jenny had nearly been forced to orgasm against her will by Sue and so she had an idea about how sensitive Jenny was. But even though she could tell that Rose and Sue had been turned on she really had no idea of their staying power. But one thing she was confident of, and that was her own impressive sexiness. She had often used it to get her way with men and women, both at work, at play, and in her personal life. She was sure that she had what it takes to bend any of them to her will. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she was confident. She hopped into the shower when Sue finished. She felt the pelting water cleanse her body and replenish her spirit. She came out with the attitude of a hungry tigress after her next meal, her next victim. This 27 year-old in the prime of her sexual life would be ready for anything the evening could offer.

When Jenny finally took her turn in the shower the others had begun the various stages of primping, combing their hair, putting on make-up and choosing their outfits for the evening. They had all brought along a complete summer wardrobe to cover any occasion that might arise. Tonight’s meal demanded that they look their very best. Not because they were going to a charity ball or the symphony, but just to make sure they weren’t out-dressed by their friends and competitors. Rose found a dress that accented her curves perfectly. It was a black dress that plunged in a gathered fashion from over both shoulders to deep below her breasts. Her impressive cleavage would be visible at all times, even without bending low. It bunched tight at the waist and bounced out and around her hips and hung elegantly to just above her knees. She chose matching black bikini panties, black garter belt, and sheer black stockings. She chose a pair of black shiny open toe high heels to finish her clothing. Her only jewelry was a necklace that dropped to just about the top of her breasts with a sparkling diamond radiating out to all who would see. The necklace was sure to draw attention to her big tits and their gorgeous cleavage even though it wouldn’t have been necessary. Her assets alone would have done the job.

Since Jenny and Rose were sharing the bedroom on one side Sue and Lynn found themselves dressing in the same bedroom at the same time. Two gorgeous women intent on competing, confident in their own sexuality found themselves in a situation full of potential for mind games and confrontation. Since there was only one mirror they had to share. Since they were dressing in front of each other and since they each wanted to act as disinterested in the other’s body as possible, they both tried to avoid being caught looking at the other. But the close quarters and the dressing they each needed to do meant that some quick stealthy looks were inevitable.

Sue had the head start on the dressing routine and she was sitting on the stool in her undergarments combing and drying her hair in the mirror when Lynn came in. Lynn saw that Sue had chosen a baby blue theme for her underwear. The stockings she chose were pale blue with white diamonds accenting the blue hose exquisitely. The stockings were held up by a blue garter belt. It hugged Sue’s waist tightly. Her panties were thong-style in blue with white diamonds to perfectly match her hose. She had just finished putting on her bra. Wow! It was strapless with a half cup that allowed her nipples to protrude just above the bra fabric. Even now they were half-erect and looked like they were aching to be sucked. That fleeting thought caused Lynn to remind herself that too much lust could be a big problem and she began her preparations by positioning herself in just such a way that she was sure Sue could see her movements reflected in the mirror.

She certainly didn’t want to overtly pay attention to Sue but she was dying to know her reaction to what she was about to do. When she reached the spot beside her bed where she was sure Sue would be able to observe her, she noticed that she could see a reflection in the turned-off television of Sue. She was sure that Sue didn’t know she could see her that way. This gave her plenty of boldness to put on a show for Sue that Sue was sure to see, and she could watch her reaction in secret to Sue. She knew that Sue wouldn’t dare to say anything because that would be admitting she was watching. Lynn was feeling her own hormones leap a level in anticipation.

She began adjusting her terrycloth robe and began tousling her hair and tossing it from side to side. That was pretty innocent and she saw no reaction from Sue. Lynn felt the power of her edge over Sue and she was intent on using it to the fullest. She didn’t know how long it might last so she got down to business putting on a show for Sue. It was easy for her to take glances at the blank TV screen and see Sue continuing to work her hair. Lynn had been told many times in the past that she had the body of a stripper and she was ready to put it to good use, even if the audience wasn’t a bar full of men. Sue would do just fine. Lynn lifted her right leg and put it on the side of the bed. The robe had fallen away to reveal its golden shine clear up to her upper thigh. She ran her hands down her thigh and calf, relishing in the feel of newly shaved smoothness. She repeated the movements three more times, each feel lasting a little longer than the one before.

She had to admit that it felt good to use her hands like that on her own body. Lynn was confident that Sue had been watching but no signal revealed itself in the reflection. Sue continued to brush her hair. Lynn swung her body around to now partially face towards Sue. She knew this would require Sue an extra effort to keep from looking up directly into the mirror since she would be given away if she did. Lynn lifted her left leg up to the bed in order to repeat the sensuous leg massage on the other leg. Her robe had not been tied shut and this movement let a flash of her downy blonde pubic hair jump into the mirror’s reflection. She proceeded to run her hands slowly up and down over her left leg as she had done with the right. Sue tried not to be conspicuous as she watched in the mirror. She knew that Lynn was putting on a show and she wasn’t surprised. She set her hair dryer down for just a moment and with both hands reached down and pretended to adjust her bra using her fingers to wiggle her tits back and forth in a fake effort to perfect the ‘fit.’

She pinched each of her nipples and rolled them around between her fingertips. Sue was thinking, “two can play this game.” While she didn’t dare to look directly into the reflection to see Lynn she had been confident that Lynn would have caught at least some of her actions. She was pretty sure of it when Lynn turned around to face the other way. Lynn was enjoying this. She had seen what Sue did and got a kick out of it. Yes it was sexy, but mostly she thought how Sue was still unaware of Lynn’s ability to see Sue even when facing away. Advantage: Lynn. Facing away from Sue and the mirror Lynn let her robe drop completely away, revealing that delicious, tight, hard ass. She raised her hands above her head and stretched high on tiptoes and let out a low but distinct sigh. She dropped her hands down and reached around behind herself and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. She squeezed and kneaded her tight ass flesh and then spread her feet about two feet apart and leaned way over towards the floor offering an uninterrupted view of her fresh clean pussy. While showering she had given her pussy a nice smooth shave. Her labia lips were as smooth and slick as they could be. She was a real blonde, as evidenced by the very light yellow pubic hair adorning the mound above her pussy. She wore bikinis often and she kept the edges very neatly trimmed, allowing her to wear thong bottoms without allowing any stray hairs to show at the edges of her bikini bottoms. She was very proud of her pussy and knew the power it had over men. And since the events of today, she was sure it would have the same effect on her older women friends.

She planned to fully utilize her youngish looks and sex equipment to dominate her friends in their upcoming contests. She brought her right hand around from her ass cheek and licked her middle finger and let it trail down her body to her pussy and then in plain view of the mirror used that slick wet finger to manipulate her pussy lips back and forth. She let her finger slide knuckle deep into the now wet folds of her pussy and rotated it around and around causing her pussy lips to open. Lynn kept using her finger to slide in and out and all around her pussy. She even spent about a minute flicking her clit. This was exciting as hell. Lynn couldn’t believe how good it made her feel to be giving Sue a little sex show. She realized that she was just about as sexually excited as she had ever been in her life. The thrill of showing off her body and at the same time knowing she was gaining psychological advantage over Sue was a potent brew. She had been watching the TV reflection to spot any responses from Sue. While Sue never spoke, she had stopped brushing her hair twice, staring directly at Lynn’s reflection. Lynn even thought she spotted a little shudder when she had first inserted her finger into her slick pussy. Lynn was certain that Sue had been affected by the sight, and she relished the power she was feeling from using her sexuality this way. She now stood back up and went to the drawer to choose the underwear she would wear. They were planning to leave in about 20 minutes.

For her part Sue had no idea that Lynn had seen her reactions in the reflection from the TV. She knew that she didn’t dare say anything overt because that would be admitting she had stared. She wasn’t planning to give her the satisfaction. Sue wasn’t unnerved by Lynn’s erotic display. She had just decided to relish the view. She didn’t care if it turned her on. She knew she couldn’t avoid looking, so she just decided to take it all in. Sue was the one among them who had a brief lesbian encounter back in her sorority days in college. Even though she never thought of herself as a lesbian she did have a pleasant memory of the fling. While her battling, competitive instincts weren’t gone she found herself thinking a lot about her sexy friends and what delicious things she might do to their bodies. She eventually finished her hair and stood up and went to the bed to get the dress she had laid out earlier. It was short, oh so short, pretty blue in a satin fabric. Even though she was 34 years old she kept plenty of sexy clothes in her closet. If there was ever a time for sexy clothes this was it. The dress slipped down over her body and she smoothed it into place. Spaghetti straps, a shallow v-shaped neckline, a slight narrowing at the waist and then it ended abruptly mere inches below her crotch. Her half-bra allowed those generous nipples to poke distinctly through the blue fabric. Those long skiers legs were her pride and joy and now she was dressed to let everyone see them displayed. In fact the shortness of the dress was so dangerously high that simple body movements would bring the tops of her baby blue stockings into view, and with that the sexy garters she wore. She was ready and went out into the living room to wait for the others.

Lynn was selecting her underwear hoping for a powerful impact upon the other three ladies. It had to be showy, that’s for sure. She chose crimson red thong panties and a strapless bra. The thong was one of those ‘barely there’ items. It rose very high up the sides and narrowed to only just enough material to cover her pubic mound and the delicious pussy underneath. Her bra also was cut quite low, allowing her nipples to poke out over the top. She chose to wear no hose at all. She had gorgeous legs and they were incredibly smooth. Satisfied with her underwear she now pulled on her dress. The long dress was a deep dark red and it was strapless but snug just above her breasts. It followed the contour of her breasts and then fell away almost to the floor hanging loosely all the way. The most stunning feature of the dress though was the extremely long slit up the left side. It rose clear to mid-hip. Only the highest thong cut bikini underwear could possibly be worn with such a dress. It would have been easy for one to see that much leg skin and think she just HAD to be naked underneath. She wasn’t of course, but that tiny thong and long slit sure did let a lot of skin show. She just knew that when she went out and crossed her legs in public she might be in danger of causing heart attacks. That was the kind of sight she wanted her companions to see. It was a fact: they would be jealous of her gorgeous ass and legs.

By the time Jenny had gone to shower Rose was just leaving the bedroom to go out and wait in the living room. Jenny sure did notice Rose’s low-cut dress and she had to admit she was impressed with how wonderful Rose looked. But she chose to just raise her haughty nose a little as they walked by each other. Jenny said nothing. When she got into the shower, all the thoughts she had been tossing and turning in her head continued. She was thrilled at the result of the afternoon’s events. She had two wins and only one loss, but she also knew that both her wins were of the ‘just-barely’ variety. Her power kiss over Rose had come early in the series of kiss-battles and maybe Rose hadn’t been taking it very seriously. She was acutely aware that her sexual arousal had almost cost her the final match against Sue as well. Only the biting surprise had enabled her to get that 2nd win. She was still turned on by all of this and deciding that she didn’t want to be over-sexed, she spent the first five minutes in the shower masturbating herself to an orgasm. She hardly ever did that sort of thing, but she thought that if she ‘used up’ a bit of her sex drive she might be better able to keep control of the situation. That was what had won her that last match against Sue, after all. Control.

That was what Jenny wanted. And she knew that she could use sex to get it if it didn’t get her first. When she finished she went to her room and got dressed. Her outfit was composed of white fishnet pantyhose over white bikini panties. Her bra was white, lacy, and deeply cut, it did cover her nipples, but just barely. The bra pushed her breasts forward and up, accentuating her already impressive cleavage. She chose a lavender dress that dropped into a deep cut between her breasts and flowed smoothly down to mid-thigh. She wore a lavender belt at her high waist, further emphasizing the expanse of her tits. Her breasts might not have been quite as large as Rose’s but the way she was stacked into that bra and dress would be sure to make one look twice. She had yet to see Lynn or Sue’s dresses.

Chapter 9

The women were finally ready to go out and a whole layer of excitement, trepidation, jealosy, and lust was being added to the sizzling mix. They had originally driven up north in two cars, Sue with Jenny, and Lynn with Rose, but tonight they would all ride with Jenny. They left the room together and as they waited for the elevator the first ‘public’ appearance of the foursome happened. Two middle-aged businessmen in suits got off and as the women jockeyed for position to try to make themselves more visible to the men and the men were leaving the elevator the stares they received were fuel on the fire. Each woman felt confident that the stares they received were directed exclusively at them. The ride down and the drive to the restaurant was full of small talk. Little polite comments about each other’s outfits were uttered to understate the actual beauty or sexiness of the other’s dress. While no overt put-downs were blurted out, each woman was just barely able to keep her emotions in check. The competitive sexual tension was thick enough you could cut it with a knife. Rose found herself wishing they could just skip dinner and cut to the chase.

She had never been this excited before and the womanly bodies seated in the car together, with the elegant perfumes they wore, were having an effect on her like none she had ever experienced. Jenny, Lynn, and Sue were equally turned on and anxiously anticipating the evening events. They arrived at the chosen restaurant after a few miles and were seated at a secluded booth in the corner. Fortuitously they were shielded from the view of other patrons. While they were hungry from the long afternoon, none of them wanted to overindulge, for fear of being lethargic after a big meal. Also none wanted to be seen by her competitor friends as being a pig. They each had a glass of wine, which once again loosened their tongues a little and the talk eventually became barbed with wicked comments about the other’s bodies or sexual abilities. Fingers found ways to ‘accidentally’ brush across the arm or hand of another woman. Deep breaths to expand their impressive rib cages became common.

Sue was feeling highly confident. She was in the prime sexual flower of her life and she knew it. Her tongue was actively licking her lips and probing sexily in and out, giving a show to the others as if to say she would devour them. The others were equally seductive, Lynn kept crossing and uncrossing her legs giving Jenny and Rose strategic views of her thighs and ass which were exposed due to the extra long slit in her dress. Rose would often pull her arms together at the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together to magnify the already extreme cleavage. Several times she turned in her seat to talk and would let her breasts rub seductively across Jenny’s left arm. Jenny didn’t back down and returned the favor, giving Rose’s right arm a good feel of her poking tits. Towards the end of the meal and after the second glass of wine they even turned towards each other simultaneously, each anticipating the other’s move. They locked eyes and swung their wonderful boobs slowly around to fill the space between them. The subtleties of the challenge were being replaced by more overt actions. With Rose and Jenny locked up in an obvious tit-to-tit confrontation, Sue and Lynn decided to challenge each other with their legs under the table. Sue’s hose-covered left leg swung a few inches to the left and encountered Lynn’s already on the way to meet it. Even though Lynn’s dress was very long, the extreme slit allowed her to reveal both legs. She had even reached under the table earlier to pull the dress up and over her right leg allowing many inches of bare thigh to be exposed. As their legs met, side-to-side, a confrontational shock raced through their bodies. While their eyes were not at all hiding stares at Rose and Jenny’s tit-press across the table, they were mentally focused on defeating the leg of the other. Lynn slid her naked calf up and over Sue’s hose-clad calf. What Sue had expected was a tense battle of muscles, with each intent on pushing the other away, had turned into a more seductive turn-on war. Lynn rotated in her seat enough to give freedom to her leg and she immediately began rubbing and rubbing her calf over Sue’s sexy left leg. She let her leg ride farther and farther up Sue’s leg until it was practically forcing up the bottom of her dress. Sue was wiggling her legs back and forth, both from her own arousal, and from her desire to push Lynn in that heated direction. The pairs broke up their sexy games when the waitress returned with the bill. It was time to leave.

Lynn got her wits about her and spoke up about something she had pondered earlier. The evening was obviously going as she had hoped. The sexual tension was high. Every woman wanted to best the others and to involve herself in heated woman-on-woman battles. “You know. I’ve been thinking about our challenge. I know that each of you want to win as badly as I do, but since I made the suggestion about making one-on-one challenges earlier I have concluded that we need to make a minor adjustment in the ‘rules’ to provide for a perfectly level playing field and to ensure complete opportunity to prove myself superior to each of you.” That last remark didn’t sit too well with the others but they continued to listen. “Originally I said that we would draw a card to see who would go first and they would get to challenge whomever they wanted. That option doesn’t guarantee that we would each be involved in identical contests. Now, I know you might be surprised to hear this from me, but I have a sense of fair play. We should make sure that whatever fights we have are spread equally among us, just like the round-robin kiss-fights this afternoon. So may I offer an amendment? We each write down on a slip of paper our own name. When we are ready to begin we’ll pull one of them out, that girl will propose her challenge that we will all be part of. That will commence a round-robin tournament. And in order to not give any advantage to going first or last, we’ll follow the same order we kissed and just roll a die to determine where in the sequence we should start. That way, all of us can choose a contest. We can each compete against all the others and we will have random selection about what order we’ll fight. Is this ok with you?”

Since they were all anxious to prove their superiority and confirm their own sex-prowess and since her suggestions made lots of sense from a fairness standpoint they all agreed. What this meant though was that they were now each facing a total of twelve sex-battles with the women they had been competing against in other venues for the past several years. While they hadn’t been thinking much about it, if they followed through with all of this there was no way they could finish in just one evening. Oh well! They had the lease for two weeks.

They paid their bills and drove back to the resort. The stares they each received from the men and women alike that they had encountered in the restaurant were remembered with sweet motivation. In their own minds they were each the ultimate sexy woman and they were using that to mentally prepare for what was ahead. They actually hurried from the parking lot back to their suite.

Chapter 10
Strip War

Another round of drinks were poured, but even though the alcohol had been a catalyst for the original sex-confrontation back on the golf course, it wouldn’t have been needed any more. They were all so competitively sexed-up that they would have gone forward anyway. As they cleared the space in the living room and turned on the lights to a low romantic level they each felt their hearts beginning to race in their chests. Their blood was pumping tingly excitement throughout their feminine bodies.

The ladies moved slowly into place. The room was quiet except for the swish of stockings and dresses gliding sexily against each other. Jenny walked over to the CD player and put on a long continuous selection of soft erotic music, music that was interrupted occasionally by hard thumping rhythms that could be heard in any strip bar. She walked back to stand directly in front of Sue and started to sway her body back and forth. Jenny spoke first, “Lets get this show on the road. I can’t wait to demolish each and every one of you. But the first order of business is to get out of these clothes. I’ll go first and you wimps can follow. I want to see exactly what I’m up against and I want you all to see what a real champions body looks like.” The girls, of course, cringed at her words but they too were ready to take this to the next level. Whatever happened in the next round would happen among naked women. Besides, what was the use in putting so much into getting dressed up if you couldn’t have some fun taking the clothes off. They saw what Jenny had planned. The stripper music and her bold actions told them all that she was about to give them a real show.

Jenny, of course, hoped that by her taking the lead that some wicked psychological advantage could be gained over her rivals. She set out to make the most of it by putting on a strip show that a pro would have envied. She walked around the room and swung her hips around, bumping each of the other girls deliberately. She kicked off her shoes and continued her sexy dance to the beat of the music. Since her dress was quite loose she would swish it around in a twirl and get it to fly up towards and around the faces of the other women. She would bend over and pull her dress up over her waist, pointing her ass directly at Lynn, Sue, and finally Rose. In one quick move she removed her belt and tossed it aside. She let her straps drop from her shoulders and let the lavender dress slink slowly to the floor. She wasted little time getting her pantyhose off. She was now down to her bra and panties.

That lasted only a moment as she reached around to unclasp her bra and turned to face them holding it in place with her arms. In a quick flash she opened her arms and let the bra fall to the floor. Jenny’s big proud tits stood out firm and high. She pulled her shoulders back to make them appear as large as possible. She cupped those hefty tits in her hands and flaunted them directly in the face of each woman. She made sure to keep about a foot away. But this was certainly close enough for each and every one of them to get a good view of her royal pair. She stepped back a bit and slowly lowered her panties. Inch by inch. She knew the show was affecting them. They didn’t hide their stares. She also knew that each one of them would try the same sort of tricks in just a few minutes. She was really enjoying herself. It was very freeing to be so totally focused on something. Sex and Power. She was feeling very sexy and she knew that at least for the moment she had power over her rivals.

The panties worked their way down. She paused, allowing just a few hairs to protrude above the seam. She worked her fingers back and forth around the edges, tantalizing the women with the slowness. She wiggled a little more and pushed those thin sexy panties down even lower. Her thick brown bush was coming into view. She ran her fingers through and through her luscious pubes. She kept the edges trimmed for bathing suit wear, but didn’t remove any of the thick, rich hair that grew even thicker down near her sweet pussy. She would let her index finger trace its way deep into that jungle of hair, disappear from sight and come out glistening with the juices of desire that were now beginning to flow. She waved that finger around in the air and stuck it in her mouth where she sucked it dry. Then in a flourish she pushed her panties all the way off and strode around the room in all her naked glory. She was quite a sight. The others were impressed but couldn’t admit it out loud. When Jenny said, “Now that you have seen me, you might as well give up. There isn’t a one of you that I can’t whip. I am the queen in this room and you all know it.”

Sue leaped up and didn’t waste a moment in letting them all know that Jenny’s performance hadn’t softened her up a bit. It had sent her sex hormones surging, but she sure wouldn’t admit it. She said, “Maybe you think you looked like a sex-pot strutting around like that, but you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll make her strip look like it came straight from a convent. Rose, Lynn, you girls better watch close. You will see how a real woman takes off her clothes.” With that she started moving her body in time to the thumping beat of the music in the background. It wasn’t playing real loud, but the beat was clearly audible. She began thrusting her hips forward, backward, side to side, gyrating them in circles and in general, doing everything possible to emphasize her pelvis. Jenny had taken a seat on the couch on one side of the room while Lynn and Rose were still sitting on the floor.

Sue strutted confidently over to the couch near Jenny and lifted her leg up and put her foot on the couch. She bent down and carefully removed her high heel, wiggled her leg provocatively in Jenny’s direction, and then repeated these moves with the other leg. Now prancing around in her sexy stockings she began to execute a steamy dress-removal. The spaghetti straps were lowered from her shoulders and she began shaking her tits side-to-side, allowing the top of her dress to begin slipping lower and lower. She expertly reached around back and undid the button holding the dress in place. She strutted to the beat of the music and stopped directly in front of Lynn. Now it was time for unspoken payback for the show Lynn had given her before dinner. Jenny and Rose were totally unaware of the sexy getting-dressed competition that Sue and Lynn had engaged in before dinner. She bent low, allowing her still partly covered tits to sway back and forth in front of Lynn’s face. She pulled the dress down, exposing her bra and nipples extending out from the top. She let the dress fall all the way to the floor. She picked it up and tossed it aside, grazing Lynn’s hair on the way by her head.

Harmless really, but certainly designed for a little intimidation. She stepped over to the side and sat down on the floor and lifted her gorgeous legs wide in a big V. Her spread was allowing all three to see the thin fabric of her blue panties and how it clung to her pussy, allowing the fullness of her labia to show right through. She used her finger to trace around the edges of those panties, lifting them slightly away from her skin and then letting them drop back in place. Her hose came off next with as much flourish as she could command. The garter was tossed aside, landing right on Jenny’s lap: another mild intimidating move. Sue strutted around some more and stopping right in front of Rose this time, removed her bra. She was intent on letting Rose know that even though Rose’s tits were a little larger, she was not the least impressed. She rolled her nipples around and around between her fingers. Pulling them out as far as she could and pulling first the right and then the left up to her mouth to give them kisses. Rose watched intently but remained as confident as ever that her tits were unmatched and better than Sue’s. Finally Sue was down to her panties. Time to show off her bush. Even though her legs were her most obvious feature, and her tits were amazing, she, in her private thoughts, was especially proud of her hairy bush. Like the others she kept the edges trimmed to allow bikini wear, but the thick, rich, dark, very dark hair was lush, like a tropical jungle.

It descended to her pussy in rolling waves of thick curls. She did keep the edges of her pussy shaved slick (for her husband’s oral benefit), but the effect of that bush on her sexiness was never in doubt. She had seen Jenny emphasize her pubic patch and, yes, it was a formidable thick forest, but Sue was determined to let them all know that her patch took a back seat to nobody’s. She grabbed her panties at both sides of her hips and in one quick powerful motion ripped them right off by pulling straight out to the sides. Wow! The surprise quickness and power made all three women jump. They were startled and impressed because it brought into focus Sue’s lush bush. She wasted no time in parading around to stand directly in front of each one. She would squat, keeping her balance like the skier she was and use both hands to play with the curls that rolled down her mound to her pinkish slit. She let her middle finger slide down her slit, separating her lips and even letting her clit show through the folds. She never stuck her finger clear in her cunt, but she was certainly soaking the finger with her horny juices. The aroma of Sue’s woman-cunt was wafting through the room and generating lots of heat. The women were sweating even though the air conditioner was on. Sue stood up, very proud of her heat-generating performance. She knew the others were affected. She didn’t feel she even had to say anything at the finale. She just stood up straight, wiggled her ass in time to the music and went and sat down next to Jenny on the couch. “Your turn,” she said to Lynn and Rose.

Both of them had definitely felt the arousal caused by Sue’s strip, as much as they had from Jenny’s, but both wanted a moment to collect their thoughts before beginning. They each hoped that the other would get up and begin, giving time to plan and provide the climactic final strip. Neither wanted to go next. Jenny, having watched and been as excited as the other two by Sue’s performance was anxious to see Lynn and Rose keep the heat going. When neither of them got started Jenny spoke up, “What the hell is the matter, you girls afraid you can’t keep up with Sue or me? Let’s see some action!”

Sue figured out the problem these two were having. She knew there was no fair way to force one of them to go first so she said, “Jenny and I want to see a dual strip. Get up and just start taking off your clothes. We’ll watch from here and you can definitely keep an eye on each other at the same time. You girls have a problem with that?”

Lynn said, “Not me.” Rose retorted immediately, “not me either.” In moments they were standing up facing each other. Their tactics would have to be changed, but the extra-competitive nature of this strip excited them both. Since Jenny and Sue were now in the role of spectators they would find plenty of motivation to try to out-strip their rival. They both started weaving around the room, keeping a close eye on the other. As they moved it appeared that there was some sort of primal dance going on between the two women. Each action of one was met by a reaction of the other. If hips swayed from one, they swayed even more from the other. Breasts were emphasized by squeezing their arms together. A mirrored response would be seen from the other. They kept this up for quite a while, just dancing and moving around sexily. Even though Sue and Jenny were the supposed audience, Lynn and Rose focused their attention solely on their strip-competitor.

Finally, Rose began to remove her clothes, she kept her dress on but began reaching over and pulling up the hem of her dress to remove her stocking hose. Her sexy actions were indeed mirrored by Lynn. When the second stocking came off Rose went over to Jenny and looped it around her neck and pulled her head in towards her big tits. She didn’t pull all the way to contact, but brought her nose right up to within two inches of her tits. Lynn wasn’t wearing stockings so she just sauntered over to Sue and twisted her torso left and right, causing her breasts to shake and shimmy inside her dress and bra. Lynn leaned over close to Sue, her nipples poking through her dress material, and brushed first one and then the other gently across Sue’s nose. Yumm!

They both stood up at the same time and retreated to the middle of the room. In a quick move to take back the strip-initiative Lynn let her long dress fall from her body to the floor. She immediately removed her bra and tossed it into the air. It landed on Rose’s head. Rose turned red as a beet, and gritted her teeth. She knew Lynn had done that on purpose. She didn’t say anything, just letting her dress top fall to the side freeing fully her immense breasts. The cherry nipples were engorged and thick. They protruded far from her wide cherry areolae. She began a breast love, self-stimulation, staring straight at Lynn the whole time. She pulled first one nipple and then the other up to her mouth and gave them long loving sucks. They seemed to grow even longer and thicker with each suck. She twirled those big nipples around and around. She squeezed her tits together with her upper arms and made them look like rockets about to blast off. While she was doing this, Lynn decided to finish her strip.

Off came her panties, off came her bra. She strutted naked over to Sue and Jenny, trying to take their attention away from Rose. Lynn now felt that she and Sue were even in their personal show off battle and she focused her attention on Jenny. She spread her legs wide. Keeping her balance she leaned way over backwards letting her proud pussy point directly at Jenny. While she didn’t have the total hair mass of Sue or Jenny, due to the extra shaving she did for her tiny thongs, she was still blessed with a thick bush. Her hair down there was curly, long and very blonde. The lovely color was a definite turn on for every man she had ever bedded. It was certainly exciting for Jenny, especially seeing it in such close-up perfection. Jenny could tell that even though Lynn’s bush was trimmed it would still be a strong opponent in any bush battles that might ensue.

So in this move Lynn accomplished what she wanted: intimidation. Lynn stood back up, bent over toward the floor, pointing her ass directly at Jenny. She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, giving Jenny a close-up view of her pretty puckered ass hole. She took one finger and began tracing little circles around that tight little opening, and after bringing it up to her mouth for a quick saliva coating, she brought it back to her ass and stuck it in just fingernail deep. She rotated it around and around, giving Jenny a clear show of her ministrations. Rose meanwhile had sauntered over to focus on Sue and she quickly rid herself of both dress and panties. Standing with hands on hips, and with her tits pointing menacingly at Sue she bent low, low, lower to let them hang straight down from her chest. She swayed her upper body back and forth letting their size impress Sue. Sue, naked herself, just watched in delicious, but un-fazed admiration.

While the size and shape and texture of Rose’s boobs and nipples was not ignored by Sue, she felt no fear. Her inner womanhood was strong and she was actually relishing the idea of going tit-to-tit with Rose. Rose got part of what she wanted with this display. She certainly got Sue to focus on her breasts, but the fear she was hoping to generate was not present. As Lynn and Rose were focusing their last moments of sexy stripping for Jenny and Sue’s benefit respectively, they hadn’t lost track of their nearby stripping rival. With a last fingering of her slick pussy, Lynn stood up straight and turned to face Rose. Rose stood up to face Lynn. They were close to each other: maybe three feet apart. The timing hadn’t happened the way she wanted and she decided the strip-off wasn’t over. Yes they were both totally naked, but her show wasn’t over. Every woman who thinks of herself as a sexual performer needs to be proud of her pussy. Rose was very, very proud of her pussy. However, she had spent so much time displaying and ‘threatening’ the others with her massive tits, she hadn’t done anything to emphasize her cunt and its womanly bush. This little strip-off wasn’t going to end without her demonstration of her pussy superiority. While she definitely wanted to demonstrate her pussy power to all three women, she now found herself facing only Lynn.

No choice but to hope that Sue and Jenny would ‘get the message’ as much as Lynn. Rose was blessed with very thick cunt-lips, around the sides of which grew very fine silky hair, the hair further up on her mound was thick. It, like the other women, was coiled in a curly mass all over her mound. It stretched from high up her lower belly down to the cleft between her legs. Top to bottom it covered easily more inches of skin than any of the other three women. Her forested thatch was a magnificent dark red color. Not orange red like some total redheads, but actually a deep dark red, nearly as dark as her auburn hair on her head. She too, like every one of the other women had a bush to be proud of. It glowed in radiance and its shiny appearance competed equally with her big tits as her most impressive feminine feature. She wanted to show Lynn what she was capable of with that wonderfully fuzzed pussy of hers. Keeping the beat to the music that still played she walked over to one of the end tables and picked up the empty bottle of beer that had been left since earlier in the afternoon.

She walked back to the center of the room, and right in front of Lynn set the bottle down on the floor. It was standing straight up. She began a slow wiggle as she lowered her body toward the floor. Lynn, Sue, and Jenny all knew what was coming, but they were spellbound and didn’t try to stop it. Rose wiggled her way clear down to where the bottle was touching her cunt lips. Without using her hands at all, she wiggled, wiggled, wiggled, and lowered her pussy down on to the bottle. She stopped threw her head and shoulders back, thrust her tits out as far as they would go and stood part way up. Squeezing with all she could muster, the bottle came right up with her, the bottle had only penetrated as far as the narrow portion of the long-neck bottle, and yet her muscle power allowed her to keep it from slipping out. She bent back towards the floor. That bottle was now pointing directly at Lynn’s knees. She wiggled her ass and made that bottle shake and point in several directions, but it didn’t come out. She rose back up and then slowly, with total control, set that bottle back on the floor as deftly as could be. “If that didn’t impress them I don’t know what would,” thought Rose as she concluded her routine. She was done.

Chapter 11
Jenny v Lynn

As if on cue Sue and Jenny stood up. Now all four naked women were standing in a small circle, eyeing one another. Breasts rose and fell with their labored breathing. The posturing, the dinner, and the stripping were done. It was time to bring the battle. Lust was in the air. They could smell it. Each contributed her own distinct musky odor to the cool room. The mix was practically combustible. None were immune, but each was determined to use her powers to emerge victorious at the end. It was impossible to tell whose strip performance had the most impact. All kept their cool and only the crackling sexuality in the atmosphere and their breathing gave themselves away. The CD ended as if on cue. The room was silent except for the low hum of the AC.

Jenny went over to the bar and picked up the jar containing the names. She had earlier written the order of the round-robin pairings on a yellow legal pad as follows: 1) Lynn v Sue, 2) Jenny v Rose, 3) Lynn v Jenny, 4) Sue v Rose, 5) Rose v Lynn, 6) Jenny v Sue. She offered the jar to Lynn and asked her to draw out one slip of paper. On it would be written the name of the vixen that would get to choose the first battle format. The tension was incredible and they were all nervous. Lynn opened the slip of paper and showed it to all of them so they could see the name for themselves. It was Sue. Now she must make her decision without knowing where in the sequence the battles would begin but she hoped that with her choice that she would get to go first. She definitely wanted to start strong and she chose an event that she thought would give her an edge. “Titfight! Breast to breast and breast to breast. I’ve got the best breasts and I’m going to prove it tonight. We use only our breasts against the other’s breasts. Nipples go against nipples. Poke them, swing them, grind them, whatever you want, as long as you don’t use your hands on your opponent’s tits. You can use your hands for balance or to grab your opponent for leverage, but they must be kept above the waist and below the head at all times. Whichever girl either quits, submits, or has an orgasm loses. Those are the rules and that should get this contest rolling.” The rules had been stated, there didn’t seem to be any fuzziness or questioning so Jenny got a die and asked Lynn to roll it around in a cup and drop it on the table. Out rolled a 3. That meant that the cycle would begin with Lynn v Jenny. They had all been waiting with keen anticipation for this to happen.

Jenny and Lynn strode to the center of the room, turning to face each other. Sue and Rose made a quick move to find a seat. Two proud women stood like gladiators facing each other with icy daggers staring deep into the other’s eyes. Jenny’s deep brown eyes and Lynn’s green eyes were trying to stare clear through their foe. Each tried to remember everything they could about their sexy opponent’s strengths and weaknesses in leading up to this event, but now all that would lose focus as they determined to demolish each other’s tits. Lynn inched closer to Jenny and Jenny responded in kind. Jenny was slightly taller and as they inched closer together it became apparent that her breasts were just a little higher than Lynn’s. As they reached just an inch apart they stopped. Both nipples were full and tight. Both stood out proudly from their succulent flesh. Jenny’s thick puckered nipples stood erect at just over half an inch. Mighty fine. Lynn’s pair pointed back in their own glory. Hers were extended to full erection as well. Mounted on tits firm as fresh fruit they stuck out a sixteenth of an inch longer than Jenny’s. Even though their bra cup sizes were the same, even though Lynn had a slightly smaller bra (36 v 38), her tits looked just as large as Jenny’s. Jenny’s were full and round and imposing. They leaned together and it was as if lightning had flashed through both their bodies, sending sparks of pleasure deep into their bodies. The waves of pleasure went into their pussies and shot back out making them shudder. They pulled back for a moment and stood staring at their tits.

Jenny leaned down to bring her nipples directly in line with Lynn’s. She brought them forward again, this time keeping them in contact. She began lightly tracing circles with her left nipple around the areola of Lynn’s right breast. Lynn tingled with pleasure and began tracing her own circles around Jenny’s nipple. Going in the same direction they felt the burning heat of the other girl’s nipple as it rubbed gently across her tit. Jenny switched focus to her right nipple and began doing a similar dance with Lynn’s left nipple. Each girl could only focus on one at a time. Which ever one they were trying to move in a certain direction caused the other tit to follow. This slightly uncoordinated swinging tit condition caused the friction to be somewhat unpredictable. At this stage they were both savoring and trying to escalate the erotic feel of nipples dancing together. It was working. Both were enjoying this very much. As these gentle movements started increasing in vigor their tits were becoming more tightly packed. They were working their bodies closer and closer together. The sides of their breasts began to swell as the pressure built. The motion increased again. Lynn began to try to poke her nipples directly at the underside of Jenny’s nipples. She would lean down and rise up pointing them like swords at Jenny’s light pink nipples and jam her darker pink ones forcefully at them. Jenny wasted no time in retaliating in kind. She was enjoying this like nothing she had ever felt before. Jenny poked, poked, and poked some more.

The pair continued jabbing their nipple weapons at each other for at least five minutes straight. Up to now no serious damage had been done. Jenny reached around and grabbed Lynn’s waist. She lowered her body and while lifting up on Lynn poked her nipples up underneath Lynn’s breasts. Poking far into the tissue. Lynn fought back by grabbing Jenny’s waist and they continued dueling breasts and trying to use their hands to force their foe’s upper body into position to receive the blow in the best way they could. This wasn’t real effective, but they did continue to poke, press and rub their tits together. Lynn’s arousal was high, she could feel her pussy dripping juices down the inside of her upper thigh. Jenny was feeling the same. Jenny decided to change tactics. She stepped back a little to free up some room and began swinging her tits side to side, slamming into Lynn’s tits. The friction was high. The nipples of each titfighter would rake across the breast tissue of the other causing pain. Even though there was pain involved in these tit slams their bodies were smoldering toward ignition. Neither girl had ever had a breast orgasm before, but each was beginning to feel as though it just might happen. Lynn wanted to counterattack but she was feeling like Jenny had the better of this tit-swinging battle. She stepped up closer to Jenny and put her arms clear around her in a hug. Jenny tried to pull away and keep swinging her battering ram tits across Lynn’s pair. Jenny was strong but Lynn got her hands clinched together and held tight. She kept grinding against Jenny, as she did she and Jenny both became aware that their bushes were now ‘bush-to-bush.’ While Jenny kept trying to get away, Lynn kept grinding her tits heavily into Jenny’s.

Jenny’s nipples were now beginning to get sore. On top of that her thick bush was now being rubbed vigorously by Lynn’s blonde pubic hair. It didn’t hurt but it was causing her to lose focus on the issue at hand (tit?). Jenny’s ace up her sleeve (she thought) was to use her tits to slap Lynn’s tits into submission, but she had tried that already and now she couldn’t get out of Lynn’s bearhug and tit grinding attack. She tried to hug Lynn back and grind back against Lynn’s throbbing tits, but she was running out of gas. Jenny had been keeping her eyes smoldering at Lynn and Lynn hadn’t been aware of the thoughts racing through Jenny’s head, but she could sense the diminished intensity of the attack. She wasn’t sure if Jenny might have another trick up her sleeve but she was taking no chances. She ground her tits with all her might deep into Jenny’s tits causing her to squeel in pain. Lynn’s dagger nipples were really hurting the underside of Jenny’s tits. Jenny quit. She had had enough. Both fighters stepped back breathing in short shallow spurts. Lynn had won and even though she was ecstatic she didn’t leap for joy. She just said, “I knew your measly tits weren’t going to give me any trouble.”

Chapter 12
Rose v Sue

Rose had never been in a titfight before, but fantasized about what it would be like to rub another woman’s tits raw with her massive nipples. Rose and Sue waited about five minutes for Jenny and Lynn to recuperate a little and then they took center stage in front of the other two recovering fighters. Sue spoke up confidently, “Prepare your tits for a real beating, there’s no way your fat honkers can handle a pair of real tits like mine. You are going down!”

Rose spewed right back, “My ‘big honkers’ as you call them have more of everything than your puny tits. They are bigger, prettier, with bigger nipples. My gorgeous ripe red areolas are far tastier than your ugly brown areolas. I’ll turn your tits into hamburger, and it won’t take very long either!” With that she took a defiant step towards Sue. Her large boobs hung menacingly from her chest. They were high and proud, jiggling just a little bit as she stopped right in front of Sue. Their nipples lined up perfectly. Sue’s nipples were impressive in their size and in their erotic erect state quite menacing. They weren’t as long as Rose’s giants, but they were just as thick.

Rose inched closer to Sue, Sue did not back down and slid closer to Rose until their nipples were only about a hairs breadth apart. Both women looked down at the engorged nipples and heaving breasts aimed directly at each other. With nervous anticipation they touched nipple to nipple, straight on, incredibly gently. As with Jenny and Lynn before them, shudders of pleasure shot through their bodies. Up into their back, down their spine, into their pussies and legs, spreading into their arms and heads. The shuddering caused the nipples to rub against each other with incredible teasing beauty. They each kept their eyes on the dual nipple alignment. They both wanted to excite their foe and they simultaneously began slow gyrating rolls of their tits, causing repeated bumping and sliding of one nipple across the other.

Both sexy women were keeping the pressure very light, hoping to see or feel in their tit-foe some small sign of weakness, and to generate as much sex-desire in the other that maybe they would lose the competitive edge that would be needed when they started the real physical confrontation. Sue’s plan was to eventually be able to use her shorter nipples to bend Rose’s over backward in painful agony. She thought that her slightly shorter nipples would give her an advantage in a bending contest. She knew that Rose would likely try some other tactic, but she wasn’t sure what it would be. They were very evenly matched in the firmness of their tits (at least she thought). Even though this was what she thought was likely the early stages of the fight she began testing her nipples to see how they might bend Rose’s longer redder ones. She maneuvered to her left and lining up her nips to point at the right sides of Rose’s pair gave a little push. Rose didn’t even flinch or try to change tactics. This was still feeling good to her. It was still play time and theatre, not yet the main event. Her nipples maintained their forward thrusting majesty.

Sue kept applying this side-thrust over and over, increasing her pushing power gradually. As her thrusts became more powerful, Rose re-aligned her tits directly against Sue’s. The thrusts were now straight ahead ‘headlights to headlights’ pushing. As the thrusting increased in force and tempo, each woman escalating in small increments over her foe, their tits began to squish around the sides of their nipples. The nipples themselves were showing no sign of weakness. They were each letting their opponent know that it would take a lot more than a little nipple shoving to end this battle. The straight ahead thrusting continued, the intensity built, and the alignment of their nipples became impossible to control. When they each pulled back for another thrust, there was no time to gauge perfect aim, and so they began slamming tits together, nipples jabbing wherever they may. Large milk-bags bulged out to the sides or downward or upward, depending on the direction of the blows. Nipples began penetrating into tit flesh. Rose’s longer nipples, every time they poked hard into Sue’s areola, would cause a brief moment of pain in her tender sensitive tissue.

Since Sue’s nipples weren’t quite as long as Rose’s her attacks on Rose’s areolas weren’t as effective. Rose could feel the impact on her tender cherry flesh, but it was something she could definitely handle. This bumping and poking continued for quite a while and as the battle waged each could tell by the other’s defensive movements what sort of effect her own offensive actions were having. Rose could tell that Sue wasn’t letting her keep up the nipple to areola poking and Sue eventually figured out that Rose didn’t like to be poked underneath her massive tits by Sue’s own hefty nipples. This dueling had enlightened each of them but this would likely take a long time for any finality. Sue executed a move like Jenny had used earlier on Lynn. She put her hands on Rose’s waist and lifted just as she poked hard towards Rose’s tits from underneath. Then she immediately flashed her arms around Rose’s waist to hold her in this position. She began an intense battering with her now effective nipples. Sue was not at all confident that this would lead to any quick victory. Rose’s aggressive power was still evident. She was still bumping back against Sue, but without her nipples doing anything more than grazing across the top of Sue’s tits.

While not sensing any imminent danger, Rose knew she didn’t want to stay in Sue’s bearhug and in her control for very long. She tried pulling Sue’s arms away, but Sue wouldn’t budge and she just kept ramming and ramming her hard nipples into the softer underside of Rose’s boobs. Rose leaned back as hard as she could, pushing against Sue’s lower body for leverage. Sue had a tenacious grip and resolve and Rose knew she couldn’t take this a whole lot longer. Both women were perspiring heavily. Their bodies were glistening as they strained against the other. Rose redoubled her attempts to dislodge the bearhug of the groaning woman that held her in her grasp. As in the fight before them, the glistening fur covered mounds that capped their creamy thighs were pushing forcefully against each other. The thick black curls of Sue’s pussy hair were being ground up forcefully by Rose’s auburn bush. Their hair was matted down by the force of the grinding and the perspiration soaking them. The hairs began intertwining with the repeated bumping and grinding. It was almost as if they were becoming conjoined by pubic hair. This added a new dimension to the fire between them. Sue did nothing to slow down her tit attack. She felt she had Rose in a weak position and she intended to take advantage. Those nipples continued their dagger dance of pain by repeated forceful thrusts. Sue began to feel the sexual heat renewed. It was caused, of course, by Rose’s efforts to extricate herself with those pelvic thrusts of bush against bush.

Rose wiggled and squirmed, feeling as if she had no alternative, she began focusing her counter attack on that bush-to-bush battle. Maybe she could get Sue so turned on by pussy contact that she would stop her painful attack on the underside of Rose’s tits. Both women had their feet apart for power and balance and this allowed Rose the chance to put her right leg in between Sue’s legs and lift up. This was risky. She didn’t want to topple over and have Sue land on top of her. But she took the gamble and began rubbing her upper thigh across Sue’s very wet pussy. She rubbed and rubbed even as she absorbed the punishment from Sue’s nipples. They were both gasping and grunting and groaning in exertion. Guttural sounds, not words, were the only sounds besides that of the never-ending flesh-on-flesh contact. It now appeared to be a battle of attrition. Who could last longer? Would the continuing effective pussy stimulation cause Sue to lose focus, or even worse, have an orgasm? Or would Sue’s damaging nipple attack finally be more than Rose could take? The length of the battle and the exertion required were now causing the pace of their movements to decline. Neither had quite the energy that they had at the beginning. Both were experiencing the effects of the other’s tactics. Sue, in her fatigue, was beginning to wish she could just let go, get it over with, and release herself to orgasm. She knew it would probably be the most intense orgasm of her life.

The exertion and intimate contact had been deliciously appreciated, even as she continued to force pain on her opponent. Could she hold out? Rose, as turned on as she was, was nowhere near orgasm, however. She was becoming racked in pain by the repeated attacks on the same sensitive area of her breasts. She couldn’t tell how much effect her bush and pussy attacks had had on Sue, however, because the most visible signs were the signs of tiring. She knew Sue was fatigued, but she was dangerously low on energy and she knew it. She pulled forth her last ounces of strength and rubbed Sue’s pussy and bush feverishly for about a minute, hoping that the stimulation might cause her to orgasm. Then she just went limp like a dishrag and fell backward. Sue came tumbling down on top of her and there they lay. Heaving breasts still engaged. Sweat-covered bodies in complete contact. Legs intertwined due to the fall. “I’m done,” Whispered Rose.

They lay like that for several minutes. Neither capable of even rolling apart. While one had lost and the other won, both were feeling the ecstasy of complete sensual abandonment. They were totally exhausted and at the same time thrilled by the intimacy of their tit-fight. Sue didn’t get up and prance around in a victory dance, but eventually just rolled off Rose and got up slowly, raised her hand above her head and went to get a drink. A couple of minutes later Rose did the same. The women knew that back-to-back fights would occur and had agreed to 15 minute rest periods before any new match could start. They did talk a little. Not much threatening talk. Just acknowledgement of what had happened. With Lynn and now Sue winning the first two titfights, each woman had two wins (two points). This round was only one-third over. Rose would have to recover quickly to face off against Lynn next. Lynn was coming off a victory and Rose off a defeat. This would play to Lynn’s advantage most likely.

Chapter 13
Rose v Lynn

After catching her breath Rose began to regain her proud appearance. She had taken a moment to wash away the sweat and was looking replenished. Lynn, with the longer rest period was anxious to get going. Her sense of fairness (and the rules) forced her to wait for Rose to rest for the entire 15 minutes, but when those minutes were up she began striding around the living room impatiently. Rose, for her part wasn’t as bad off as you might expect. More than anything the exhaustion had defeated her, not the tit-attack Sue had mounted. Yes, her tits were sore but not horribly so. And she remembered that Lynn’s win over Jenny hadn’t come without cost. Lynn’s tits had taken quite a pounding from Jenny’s swinging udders before Lynn became dominant. This would be the match where the biggest size differential between combatants breasts existed. Lynn certainly had full C-cup dimensions, but not quite the same expansive fullness of either Jenny or Sue. And Rose had the obvious advantage here as she came swinging up to Lynn with her big D-cuppers.

Each match so far had begun with sexy, lust enhancing, nipple play. This tit-fight started out the same way. The initial shock of touching another woman’s nipples with her own was gone and so when they came together there was no flinching this time. They went directly into pushing contact. Rose noted that Lynn’s nipples were actually a little longer than Sue’s had been, and even though they weren’t as long as her own they were capable of making more and deeper contact with her areolas whenever the angle of nipple attack allowed. Sensing this, Rose began to try to line up her nipples directly with Lynn’s at each encounter. Lynn was happy to oblige.

Lynn, like Sue before her, thought that her shorter length might give an advantage on head-to-head nipple pounding. No twisting and turning here. They just leaned forward and back, taking time to line them up perfectly before ramming solidly into each other. As powerful as these thrusts were, they did not try to squish each other’s tits between their chests. This was a nipple battle only. Maybe it was from the punishment they each had received in their earlier bouts, but they seemed quite content to keep pushing their nipples directly at each other over and over again. With the sensitivity of their beautiful nipples undiminished, the arousal of sexual contact reared its head. Both women started to feel the heat growing in their loins.

Both wiggled their bodies. Both wished that this fight could be maintained as a sex contest, but both were aware that forcing orgasm from their foe was very unlikely with only breast stimulation. Rose’s nipples, being longer and maybe even firmer were beginning to make Lynn’s bend to the side on some of her best thrusts. Lynn noticed this, but instead of changing from nipple dueling she brought her hands up under her own breasts and squeezing them just enough to force more blood out to the engorged nipple, and to provide more support for her thrusts, began guiding her tits into Rose’s tits using her hands. Rose only allowed that to go on for a single nipple bump. She brought her own hands up and did likewise. Now, guided by her own hands, each nipple was being forced even harder into that of her foe. This continued until Rose dropped her hands and began to reach around Lynn. Lynn dropped her hands in response and grabbed Rose’s arms just below the elbow. In this stand off situation Rose began swinging her tits like paddles across Lynn’s tits from side to side. Lynn retaliated in identical fashion. Those hefty udders began making loud smacks as they found their targets. Their arms were flailing wildly about, Rose trying to get out of the grasp of Lynn and Lynn fighting to maintain control of Rose’s arms.

This arm fight was tiring both of their arms. When Lynn finally let go of Rose’s arms Rose didn’t even try to get her arms around Lynn. She just stood her ground and began picking up the pace with her big boobs pounding away at Lynn’s pink-nippled tits. As the big tits swung across each other the nipples of each woman would trace raking paths across the now sweat coated boobs. Often those same nipples would catch on each other as they swung past. These energy filled encounters were bound to have some impact on the jousting nipples. Each woman’s nipples, both left and right, began bending back in distortion upon impact. Bang, Bang, Bang, the nipples would collide and deflect to the side again and again. They were like two heavyweight fighters slugging it out in the late rounds. There was no let-up. Bang, bang, slap, slap. Both women were grunting and practically foaming at the mouth as they continued their toe-to-toe, tit slapping fight. The arms of each woman seemed to be too tired to try any hugs or other tactics. Their bushes weren’t in contact, so there now wasn’t much hope of any arousal distractions from their fight. They just kept going and going.

As the pace slowed over about a five-minute period of time, they knew they were up against a formidable opponent and neither had any real tricks left up their sleeve, either. The slapping waned and ground to a halt. They could each see the nipples and breasts of the other were very red and throbbing from the pain of all those impacts. They just stood there, pressing titflesh into titflesh. They moved in slow motion, trying to keep some semblance of attack up, but their motions were lacking the vigor of before. It looked like they had fought to a draw, but neither woman would say anything. The rules were that one had to submit. Rose summoned up the last reserve of energy she had, reached around Lynn and began squeezing her tits as deeply as she could into Lynn’s. It wasn’t nearly as much pressure as she might have had earlier in the bout, but with the depleted state of Lynn’s tits, and the longest nipples in the room poking hard into Lynn’s nipples, practically turning them inside out, Lynn gave up.

Another arduous tit fight had reached conclusion. This time Rose’s massive mammaries had defeated Lynn’s pin-up girl tits. This wasn’t about how close to victory you could come. It was about victory, and Rose now had her first tit-fight win. She was dog tired, but beaming as she flopped down on the couch to rest. It wasn’t easy for her to say, but she even gave a congratulatory word to Lynn, telling her that she didn’t fight “too bad, for a girl with such small tits!” Lynn just said, “Yeah, right.”

Chapter 14
Jenny v Sue

Next paired up on the battle chart were the two gladiatrixes who had fought that stupendous kiss-duel ending in Jenny’s surprising victory. Sue was still bitter about the outcome of that kiss. She thought Jenny had cheated. There was definitely animosity lingering in her mind. For her part, Jenny hadn’t really thought too much about that, but was nonetheless remembering the predicament Sue had put her in with those same tits back in their kiss-fight. They sauntered nonchalantly to the middle of the room, each acting as though she had not a care in the world. They each moved forward. Both sets of shoulders were back. Both pair of bountiful tits pointed proudly at their nemesis’ tits in front of them.

Then without warning Sue charged tit-first directly at Jenny. Jenny tried to brace herself but the impact knocked her backwards, causing her to land hard on her ass, legs spread wide, and with a totally shocked look on her face. “What the hell are you doing?” Jenny spouted. Sue spit back, “I’m titfighting. How about you? You know if you can’t stand the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen!” Jenny drawled in her super-sweet saccharin voice, “So you want to talk about the kitchen, do you?” Then she continued in a totally changed voice that sounded like a cross between a rattlesnake and a wild cat, “Well this is my kitchen! I’m the one that sets the temperature, and I’m gonna make it way too hot for you!” The words practically spit out of her mouth. She jumped up and immediately charged across the room at Sue. Sue had enough time to charge forward also and they met tits smacking head on with incredible force. The noise was like 2×4 blocks being smacked together. The bone-jarring impact this time sent Sue reeling backwards, but did not knock her off her feet. She gritted her teeth into a snarl and raced directly back at Jenny. Jenny also lunged forward and again their breasts smacked together. They backed off again, charged again, smacked tits again. These two angry hellcats were actually acting out a ritual paralleling the mating ritual of Bighorn Sheep from the Rocky Mountains. It was obvious though that the powerful impacts were not something that sensitive breasts could long endure, but they kept it up. Smashing together, backing off, doing it again.

The one thing that they started doing after about the eighth or ninth impact was not back up quite so far. Their efforts were now begun from a distance of only about four or five feet, still enough for loud smacking noises, still enough for painful cries from each woman upon impact. How long could they keep this up? How smart was this tactic? Each woman had the expectation of fighting another titfight after they settled their own score. What condition would their breasts be in if they kept this up for very long? A partial answer came when on the 12th crash Sue fell backwards, exactly like Jenny had done on the first surprise attack. Sue’s ass made a loud thump on the floor, she caught herself with her hands to keep her head from snapping back and hitting the floor, but just barely. She too found herself spread-eagled on the floor. Her womanhood was displayed for all to see. By this time she was tired enough that she didn’t jump up and counter attack like Jenny had done earlier. She rose slowly, watching Jenny intently. Jenny stood with her hands on her hips, breathing heavily, as was Sue. Eyeing each other very carefully, not an ounce of trust in their faces, they moved closer together. This time they allowed each other to come to mere inches apart.

The brutal intensity of just 2 minutes of tit smashing had left both women extremely sore in their prize frontal possessions. While the smashing battle was waged, their adrenaline high prevented them from feeling the pain, but now it was apparent to both women. Sue was beyond second-guessing herself about those tactics and Jenny was just glad that phase appeared to be over. So they now, both tired and hurt, moved toward each other with very gingerly short steps, neither willing to make the first thrust, just edging closer and closer. Zap! Their nipples touched. Even in their anger and feuding, adrenaline filled bodies, the nipples maintained their status as sexual organs. The almost spiritual feeling of joy, heightened by the adrenaline coursing through their veins, set off shudders of excitement that made both women wobbly in the knees. They didn’t fall but instead leaned into each other, nipple to nipple, compressing softened tit-flesh around the nipples of both. Arms snaked around each other’s bodies, mostly in an effort to stabilize their balance and avoid toppling over.

Each woman, not wanting to look like a lost fighter, began grinding her breasts in a circular rotation around and against the other’s equally damaged breasts. They were going in the same direction. Not hard, but hard enough to make it appear vigorous. Spectators Lynn and Rose weren’t fooled. They had been as surprised as Jenny when Sue made her vicious frontal attack and amazed at the quick energy lost by the two women. The fight was now barely three minutes old and already it was looking like they had endured 15 rounds of punishment. But Jenny and Sue continued their slow grinding tit circle. Their hands, having wrapped equally around each other’s body, lowered themselves to waist level. As the rules had been stated (Sue’s idea), hands weren’t supposed to be used below the waist of an opponent. But, surprisingly to Lynn and Rose, when the two combatants hands dropped down as far as each other’s waist, they didn’t stop. As if by mutual and simultaneous agreement their hands continued to slowly, slowly lower themselves until their hands came apart from a squeezing grip and separated from each other and landed directly on the ass cheeks of their foe. Sue’s right hand was in firm grasp of Jenny’s left ass cheek. Jenny’s right was likewise on Sue’s left ass cheek. Hmmmm. Their circular tit-grinding continued, but the women weren’t responding in pain. Their already pain-wracked tits were now receiving what amounted to nipple massages.

The pressure was mild and they would have been too tired to mount a vigorous attack anyway. Both wanted to maintain the contact. Both wanted to win. But right here, right now, what they both wanted was to recuperate from the damage they had done each other. But in doing so they were each, deep inside, reminded of the sexual nature of their body contact. As those hands had snaked down each other’s back and finally rested on sumptuous ass cheeks, the sexual energy of the other woman had discharged back and forth between them. First in that nipple encounter, and then again when those hands found such a perfect-fitting grasp on the other woman’s behind. When they pulled each other towards their own body, their dark triangles of sex fur lined up perfectly. They came together, pressed into total mixed up contact. Jenny’s thick brown curls invaded and were in turn invaded by Sue’s long ebony ringlets. A practically explosive discharge of sexual energy leaped between their groins. Inside their pussies, now just fractions of an inch apart, clits leapt to attention. Still standing up, tits grinding slowly around and around, hands pulling the opposite pussy closer and closer, those fuzzy forests beginning to rub gently against each other, the two women found themselves transported into a totally different dimension. It hardly looked like a fight anymore.

Lynn and Rose were transfixed by the sea-change in events they had just witnessed. But this wasn’t their fight. As four or five minutes passed. The energy level of both women began to return. However, neither even thought of trying to mount a violent attack on her nemesis. Both had changed gears completely. The goal was now sexual release. Their own would be highly desirable. But neither was foggy-headed. Both knew if they could force such release on the other that they would indeed be the winner. So the stand-up full-body pressing (titfight?) continued. Sue began rhythmic clinching of Jenny’s ass cheeks, first the right, then the left. Their thickly furred pubic mounds kept up their own dangerous yet delicious dance. Their pussies began to ache for orgiastic release. Jenny felt slippery juices running down both legs, inner thighs glistening with the moisture.

Sue felt her clit grow and grow and begin poking its crimson head out from between her very swollen labia. The very tops of each pussy would slide smoothly across the hairs offered up as resistance by the other woman. They had both lost total track of the fact that this was supposed to be a titfight, but since both were ‘breaking the rules’ equally, what did it matter? First to submit loses, or now, as seemed infinitely more likely, first to orgasm loses. The outcome (outcum?) was still up in the air. Jenny began thinking how delicious this felt, even as she couldn’t forget the pain and soreness in her precious tits. She knew this was a very different battle of attrition. This was a battle like none she had ever fought in her life. But it was a battle she very much wanted to fight, ….. and WIN!

She began reciprocating the ass clenching rhythm Sue had initiated. Their bodies were swaying to some unheard beat. They were in perfect unison. Their feet were spread just far enough apart to maintain balance, close enough together to keep body parts perfectly aligned. That alignment was beginning to cause moans of pleasure to seep from Sue’s mouth. Her protruding clit had somehow found a way to bump up and into Jenny’s bush, sending her closer and closer to the edge. Jenny fought hard in her mind to control her pent-up desire. Her clit was now finding itself fully engorged, reaching, reaching for Sue’s menacing clit. She couldn’t help it.

As if by some unseen hand, their pussy mounds began a more rapid, ragged pulsing, bumping grind. Without labia ever touching labia, they were now fabulously close. Jenny hoping against hope that she would soon hold a shuddering orgasmic Sue in her arms, pulled her tits apart just enough from Sue’s to re-align their opposing nipples. The erect rigid poles (having returned to rutting prominence from the flaccid state the ramming impacts had) were re-engaged in a sexual jousting match. No violent thrusts, just poking, sliding and nipple across nipple, gently, and with great effectiveness. With sex-energy flowing freely back and forth between these cats-in-heat, the battle continued. Jenny found herself spiraling towards her orgasm: one she knew would be hard and powerful, when she grabbed Sue’s ass cheeks, used every ounce of energy she possessed and lifted her just about six inches off the floor, and with a swift move pulled her up and over her own pelvis as she leaned her upper body back just enough to shove her own pelvis forward between the unsuspecting legs of Sue. She maintained her balance, and now with Sue suspended just off the floor, and Sue’s wide open pussy resting perfectly on Jenny’s bushy mound started bouncing Sue up and down. Surprised and relieved all at once, Sue started humping and grinding down against Jenny’s perfect mound with total abandon.

Her pussy was totally on fire from within and she exploded into an intense orgasm. She jerked and cried out in ecstasy. After three orgasmic bounces on Jenny’s pussy bush, the two women fell to the floor. As Sue’s orgasm subsided, Jenny rolled Sue onto her back, lifted her legs wide in the air, lowered her totally drenched cunt down onto Sue’s equally sopping gash and slipped her cunt into and around Sue’s until she matched her clit up directly with Sue’s large clit. She ground it around and around in tight circles and within 30 seconds was herself jerking and shouting out her cries of pleasure. She was in total orgasmic heaven for nearly two minutes. Sue also shuddered into an immediate second, smaller orgasm. When the orgasmic shudders subsided the two women rolled onto the floor and with ragged breaths tried to regain their wits about them. Neither had ever been involved in anything so incredibly sexy in their lives. The fact that it had all started with the most violent confrontation of any of the matches yet was quite perplexing to both of them. It was equally startling to Lynn and Rose, the spectators who sat transfixed throughout the battle. It was so hot and sexy that each found herself fingering nipples and pussies as they watched. They weren’t at all embarrassed. It was just the most natural thing to do. This whole titfight had lasted less than 15 minutes. But its intensity had made it seem much longer.

So now we finally had another winner and loser. Jenny had bested Sue again. Sue at this point wasn’t even complaining about it. When she had re-gathered enough of her strength to sit up. She just said, “Fuck, that was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had!” “Me too,” said Jenny quietly. They both eventually made it up onto the couch when the intense soreness of their battered boobs began to throb back into their consciousness. Both found their tits very sensitive to the touch. Both women felt like they couldn’t go on. Lynn and Rose knew that they had probably just witnessed the turning point in their sex-matches. They could be both more violent and more sex-driven than any of the fights they had fought earlier. The ramifications of this however were not scary for either woman. The adrenaline that had been flowing, the sexual heat Sue and Jenny had ignited, had been diffused throughout the room and was shared by Lynn and Rose as well.

None knew what the future would bring in these fights, but one thing was certain, they would be very exciting. Right now there was definitely a question that needed to be answered. Was Sue in any condition to take on Lynn in the next bout? Indeed would Jenny be ready for a titfight with Rose after that? Both women’s tits were so obviously sore and hurting, that Lynn and Rose, even in their competitive mind-set, knew that it would be unfair to force them to continue right away under these circumstances. The women looked at the clock for the first time in hours, and noted that it was nearly 4:00 AM. They had been going for about twelve hours and with only time out for the drive to town for dinner. It was agreed that they would resume in the morning. Both Jenny and Sue, even in their pain, had agreed that they should get going again after a good rest.

And so it was set: A good sleep, breakfast, showers, and then the battling titfights would resume. Next up would be Sue and Lynn, to be followed by the last fight of this marathon round robin, Jenny and Rose.

Chapter 15
Monday – Jacuzzi

The women slept like babies and didn’t rouse from their beds until nearly 2 pm in the afternoon. They had slept right through their scheduled tee time at the golf course, and they didn’t even care. Tired aching bodies made it into the kitchen for coffee and into the living room where they slumped down onto chairs for sipping their coffee. When the women had all made it out and were awake they began talking. This was a highly unusual morning for them. When they came north to this Michigan resort for a relaxing week of golf, none of them had any idea that the competition would change from chasing that little white ball into the intensely physical, erotic encounters they had shared the previous afternoon and evening. Oddly, not one of them ever questioned the propriety of what they had done or the legitimacy of continuing their sexy wars. Each had a few tidbits to recall, usually their cherished moments of victory, but each also admitted just how exciting the whole atmosphere was and that it made them feel energized.

They also admitted to extreme soreness, particularly Jenny and Sue. They each had tits that had blotches of black and blue from the pounding they gave each other late the night before. Even though they had been buzzing with anger at each other last night, this morning their discussions were just the kind of matter-of-fact talk that they might have had discussing the morning news back home. Jenny, being the most psychologically in-tune of the ladies made a suggestion: “Why don’t we spend the next few hours recuperating a little more? We’ll get dressed casually and just go down to the hotel restaurant and have a light lunch. We can come back up here and put the Jacuzzi to use. We’ve been here a day and a half and haven’t even turned it on. I am pretty sure that it is big enough for all four of us to use at once. We can sit in there and soothe our bodies with the hot Jacuzzi action. Who knows we might even find some other ways to soothe our bodies too? We can open a couple of bottles of good wine and loosen our heads a little bit, and then after relaxing like that for a couple of hours we can resume the titfights right where we left off last night.” Sue and Lynn were very quick to affirm Jenny’s idea. After all they were to be the next match in the rotation. Rose wasn’t particularly beaten up, but the thought of lounging in the Jacuzzi with the other women, who she saw now in a very different light than just 2 days before, was sounding very pleasant to her, and she consented too.

So off to the casual hotel restaurant they went. They ate enough to satisfy their hunger and came back up to their 8th floor room. They opened the windows and could see that it was another beautiful day. The sun was reflecting off the bay to the west and gentle warm breezes kissed the trees all around the golf course. They kept the air conditioning on and congregated in the luxurious bathroom. Rose had turned on the water and the Jacuzzi was filling. Jenny once again took the lead and took off her clothes and was just about to step into the water when she remembered the wine and before she left to get the bottles and glasses, she told the other three, “You better all be naked and in the tub by the time I get back.” She said it with a definite sparkle in her voice.

Rose, Lynn, and Sue all quickly disrobed and stepped into the tub. While it was a large Jacuzzi it was clearly going to be pretty tight quarters for four women. Lynn reached over and dumped a large amount of bubble bath into the tub and lowered herself into the tub between Sue and Rose. The jets were turned on, sending powerful soothing streams of water against their bodies. The bubbling heat was definitely relaxing. Jenny returned with two bottles and four glasses on a tray. She set one bottle and two glasses on each side of the tub and immediately joined her sexy companions. The tight confines of the tub, the warm relaxing water, and the leftover sexual energy from their highly charged battles of the day before set them each in a playful, erotic mood. Lynn would reach for her wine glass and rub her tits across Rose’s arm every time she needed a sip of wine. Rose would return the favor while Sue and Jenny let their bruised tits join the game by performing the same ritual with each other as well.

Underneath the water sexy legs would rub against each other, not in heated pushing matches but in sensual, tingly skin against tingly skin erotic wet touches. The bubbles prevented seeing underneath the water and so a small amount of anonymity existed when one foot would trace a path across or up the smooth calf of one of the other women. The size of the tub was such that if women on opposite sides leaned way back, sliding their asses closer to the middle of the tub their knees would touch. Jenny and Lynn were the first to discover this and when their knees met, slightly askew, they dropped even lower, sliding knees up the alternating thighs of the other. In fact, when they stared at each other directly across the water, four eyes only inches from the water, they each took a deep breath and slid forward further, totally immersed. Holding their breath, their knees traced opposing paths up the sides of the other’s thighs. Jenny’s right knee kept going until it could go no further. It stopped only by bumping into Lynn’s drowned pussy.

Lynn’s right knee found Jenny’s exposed and open pussy at the same time. A gentle rubbing began. Their motions were exact mirror motions of each other. As Lynn rubbed her knee up and down the length of Jenny’s hairy pussy, Jenny’s knee was doing the same to Lynn’s shaved slit. The feeling was delicious for both of them. The other two could feel the motion since their own legs were out in the middle of the water, providing support for Lynn and Jenny’s bodies. When their air supply ran out, after a long 45 seconds, they came up for air, and slid back to their usual seat, grinning from ear to ear. Not to be outdone, Rose and Sue took another sip of wine and, following Lynn and Jenny’s lead, did their own sliding, dunking, knee to pussy dance. They weren’t going to be outdone in the sexy shenanigans department by Jenny and Lynn and so they did the identical underwater dance the other two had done. Their bodies were beginning to feel better. The aches were diminishing. The wine was loosening up their inhibitions, much like the beer had done the day before. This time however the wine wouldn’t have really been needed. It was just a nice bonus that they enjoyed.

Rose finished her glass of wine, poured half the remainder into Lynn’s glass and made a bold suggestion. Well, at least it would have been bold anytime before the last 24 hours. “Why don’t we each wash the girl next to us? I’ll wash Jenny, Jenny can wash Sue, Sue can wash Lynn, and Lynn can wash me. There is still enough wine left to spend some more time in the Jacuzzi, and besides, I feel like loosening up my fingers.” The women leaped to concur. Rose jumped quickly out of the tub to get extra cloths and shampoo and soap. Tossing one to each woman the lathering began in earnest. Beginning with the hair of the woman seated next to them, fingers massaged scalps, pulling hair smoothly in slippery movements. When all the heads were fully lathered, they turned to the soap and bodies.

Rose cupped the soap in her hand and began rubbing it all around Jenny’s back, then reaching around to soap Jenny’s still sore tits, she began a gentle rubbing motion, stopping to make sure each nipple got the clean that it deserved. Likewise as Rose was doing this to Jenny, Lynn was accomplishing much to clean the body of Rose, Jenny to Sue, and Sue to Lynn. Soap and fingers found ways to dive deeply under the water to find stomachs, hips, thighs, legs, and after all other areas were washed, pussies! Lynn’s wet bar of soap rubbed deliciously over Rose’s labia, forcing them apart, and with deft aim, slid the bar of soap half way up into Rose’s accepting cunt. Rose immediately clenched her pussy muscles and shot that bar of soap right back out into Lynn’s hand. Lynn probed Rose’s cleft with her fingers, rubbing up into her wet hair and back down all the way to Rose’s delicate puckered ass hole. With her soapy finger darting all around, and with Rose wiggling in delightful acceptance, Lynn pushed her index finger knuckle-deep into Rose’s ass. She rotated it around and around, but didn’t penetrate any further. Rose just kept wiggling and wiggling as Lynn realized she was on to one of Rose’s ‘hot-spots.’

Meanwhile, Lynn’s own pussy was getting stroked and stroked by Sue’s expert fingers. Sue’s pussy was wide open under the parting fingers Jenny shot down into Sue’s crotch. Rose nearly stopped her ministrations of Jenny when she found Lynn’s finger up her ass, so when Jenny wiggled her own ass back towards Rose she was reminded to begin again. Rose used two fingers to trace up and back again on each side of Jenny’s labia. They slid easily through the water and along Jenny’s long slit. She traced back and forth until Jenny’s labia began spreading apart, allowing Rose’s fingers to drop smoothly inside her pink pussy. Rose knew an expectant pussy was waiting, and she didn’t disappoint. She stuck both fingers as far as she could into Jenny’s now gaping hole. Jenny shuddered and squeezed those fingers as hard as she could. Rose could definitely feel the pressure Jenny’s powerful pussy used to compress her fingers. She slowly removed them and finished her washing with gentle pulls on Jenny’s nipples. Jenny had spent much time in fingering and pulling Sue’s nipples. The same nipples she had tried to destroy in her battering attacks yesterday. Jenny was definitely spending a lot of time with her hand running through Sue’s curly black pubic hairs, the same hair her brown patch had gone up against yesterday as well. She twirled hairs around her finger, pulled gently on them, traced paths down through that thick mass until she too discovered Sue’s clit poking out from between her labia lips. Slow circular motions with her index finger all over Sue’s clit could be made without even pushing apart her puffy lips.

Sue’s clitoris was quite long, with an obvious ‘head’ on it. While Jenny had never seen it close up, she had been able to take advantage of its size yesterday in obtaining that last-second orgasm from Sue in what was supposed to be a titfight. Discovering that clit now under her finger, she quickly gave it the kind of workout she only wished her husband could give her own. Deftly she trailed circles around it, pushed it from side to side, slipped her finger under it and pulled it back and up, stretching it to its fullest extent. “Damn,” she thought, “that clit is nearly an inch long. Mine isn’t even half that big!” Sue was breathing very hard. Jenny stopped. She didn’t think it would be right to take her all the way to orgasm here in the Jacuzzi, what with the titfight coming up next. Sue for her part had quit completely her washing of Lynn. She did a nice job, got some real feels of Lynn’s womanly assets, but hadn’t sought the degree of arousing actions the other three ladies had. After all, she was going to have to go up against Lynn in an honest-to-goodness titfight shortly after they left the tub. Her mind was already beginning to focus on that titfight when Jenny’s clit-work had disrupted her thinking and nearly caused her to orgasm right there in the tub.

The ‘washing’ wound to a halt. They all dropped into the water to rinse off their hair, and then exited. Each went to her room, did her hair up, just like she had been going out for the evening, and returned to the living room. Here they were again. Four naked goddesses, standing proud, erect, a wet-dream for millions of men. But too bad for those men, these ladies only had eyes for each other. They were well rested, not too sore any more, and ready for battle.

Chapter 16
Sue v Lynn

There were no words spoken now. All knew from last night what was going to happen. Jenny and Rose, the fighting match that would follow this one, found seats on the comfortable couches and waited for Lynn and Sue to begin. Lynn took a deep breath and began approaching Sue in a kind of circular closing path. Sue immediately responded in kind. Their hands were out to their sides, like claws. Watching, waiting, circling, closer and closer they came. When their chests were about a foot apart their hands came together. They clasped together, each striving for an advantage. Their arms went wide to the side and their breasts, anxious for battle, came together. Sue wasn’t remembering her sore boobs, just the motivation to prove her boobs and herself superior to Lynn. With her arms locked in a battle with Lynn’s arms, hands clenched tightly on Lynn’s hands, Sue planted her feet behind her and pushed for all her might, forcing her chest to ride upward into Lynn’s boobs which were there to meet her own. This was a moving battle. Trying to push their foe’s arms backwards and behind, feet jockeying for a position of power, their breasts kept rubbing forcefully against each other. As they planted their feet wide and behind them, and leaned in close to keep their breasts in tight contact, they each found their head to the right of the other’s head. This struggle continued for three or four minutes. The agility and mobility of each woman was tested as lunges and pushes were sometimes met with equal force in response, and sometimes not, causing both women to stumble forward or back.

With no apparent advantage to either fighter and with their arms tiring, they shook each other’s hands loose and stepped directly up to each other, putting hands on the foe’s waist. Now they began what in the earlier matches had been the opening salvo in those breast battles. They began poking nipples at each other. With the Jacuzzi action not far behind them, and the skin contact already begun here, both sets of nipples were erect and proud. Lynn’s light pink areolas formed the ideal background for her long perfectly round nips. Sue’s darker, chocolaty areolas were in stark contrast to the tender pink of Lynn’s. Her areola were just as perfectly circular as Lynn’s but not with the same outer dimensions. Both terminated in a perfect edge between creamy tan breast flesh and the areolas themselves. Lynn’s nipples were nearly three-fourths of an inch long, approximately three-sixteenths of an inch longer than Sue’s. But Sue’s were just as thick, maybe even thicker.

As these differing nipples worked back and forth against each other, both women kept a keen watch on the proceedings just below their intense faces. Each was looking for some advantage they might exploit. Lynn began trying to attack Sue’s nipples with angled attacks from the side. She was trying to bend Sue’s nipples sideways with the force and strength of her own big nipples. Sue was trying the exact same tactic in reverse. Each woman thought her own nipples were the strongest and most powerful. Each thought the other’s nipples would cave in and lose their attacking hardness. Would they be content to leave this a purely nipple duel? The twisting upper bodies and torsos, helped along with hands gripping waists continued on and on. Pokes of brown nipple on pink nipple struck home, but those long pink nipples stood their ground, never wavering, never softening, and never bending. Sometimes the aim was not so good and nipples would poke hard into the pretty areolas surrounding the sword-like nipples. Soreness was beginning to return to both fighters’ nipples, but on they went. Long pink nipples scored direct hits on creamy fudge-colored nipples, but they remained proudly resilient, never folding over. After nearly fifteen minutes of nipple attacks, they took a moments interlude from the direct poking and did a grinding, pushing, turning motion, small in size, that just kept nipples in contact with each other or just the immediate surrounding tit tissue.

The break from poking ended just as quickly as it had begun and the nipple-poking resumed. Lynn was extremely proud of her tits, and now having seen the nipples that she knew drove men wild, dishing out such incredible pokes and receiving just as many without nary a flinch, began to feel new power. With her nipples maintaining their hard erect fighting stance she decided it was time to begin generating some real power behind those thrusts. Just pushing Sue’s nipples into flaccid submission wouldn’t be enough (even if she could make it happen), she wanted to totally dominate those 38C tits that were even still attacking her nipples just as much as they had at the start. Lynn now used the move she had used successfully against Jenny in the first titfight. Jenny and Sue were just about the same size, both in body and in breast, so she had a feeling it would work.

She lifted Jenny briefly as she lowered her body to point her tits directly at the underside of Sue’s big boobs. With her nipples feeling invincible she began pushing and poking those dagger-like nips again and again into Sue’s tits. This move put the hurt on Sue, she had deep bruising on the underside of her tits, left over from the violent smashing they had endured with Jenny yesterday. She winced in pain and tried to evict Lynn’s grip from around her waist. Lynn wouldn’t budge her arms and she continued the onslaught of nipple against lower tit over and over again. Lynn’s poking was met by attempts to twist and turn away. Sue was gritting her teeth and grunting to try to extricate her tits from this predicament. Her own nipples, affected by fear were beginning to shrivel in size.

They were still big and sexy, just not as imposing as earlier. Her thick black bush was proximate to Lynn’s blonde bush and they were rubbing mounds together in the battling predicament, but this time there was very little sexual heat being generated. This was woman muscle and tit versus woman muscle and tit. Lynn knew the determination of Sue not to lose. Hell, Sue had even proposed the titfight and so far she had only one win to show for it. She knew Sue would not give up easily. So Lynn paced herself, she pushed her heavy nipples again and again into Sue’s tender tit-flesh. Sue battled and battled, even pushing back directly against the attack sometimes. But the effort and the pain were wearing her down, and with no apparent alternative, Sue relinquished the fight. “All right. All right. You win.” Lynn was ecstatic. She had won two out of three titfights, all against women who had breasts bigger than her own. She was the first one to win two titfights as well. She pulled away from Sue and strutted around the room, sticking her tits out as far as she possibly could. Her nipples had won it for her. They were impressive feminine tools for the bedroom, and now it was proven that they were dominant on the tit battlefield too.

Chapter 17
Rose v Jenny

Last up would be the other two monster-titted women. Rose’s 40Ds would go up against Jenny’s 38Cs. Since the draw had been made earlier they knew they would be up next. They didn’t do any posturing with each other during Lynn and Sue’s battle, just watched intently, trying to learn as much as they could about tactics for their own battle to follow. Five minutes went by while Lynn and Sue caught their breath and took a drink. They took the spots on the couch being vacated by Rose and Jenny.

They stared each other down, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Without taking her eyes off Rose for a second, Jenny quickly walked out into the kitchen and opened the top drawer near the sink. She reached in and withdrew a large clear bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil. Returning to the living room and staring Rose in the eyes, she proceeded to squeeze two long streams of oil over her heaving breasts. She used her other forearm to cup underneath both of her breasts to lift them and catch the excess oil. She set the bottle down and rubbed the oil into her breasts with both hands. Rose watched in disbelief as Jenny rubbed the oil all over her chest and then twisted both of her hard nipples like the knobs on a radio. A thin ribbon of excess oil flowed down Jenny’s flat stomach and saturated her thick rich brown bush.

Without hesitation, Rose then grabbed the oil bottle, and squeezed copious streams of oil all over her tits, using nearly half the bottle over her upper chest. The oil flowed over her tits and she too used her forearm to catch as much excess oil as she could. Rose massaged the oil into her now aching breasts while simultaneously bending her inch long nipples over with her index fingers. A copious amount of oil flowed like a river down between Rose’s boobs and over her stomach. It completely saturated her bush, dripping off her red pubic curls and rolling down the inside of both thighs. The feeling of the oil dripping over her pussy and down the inside of her legs was too much for Rose to stand and while still rubbing the oil into her left boob with one hand, she reached down and roughly rubbed the oil into her heavenly bush and over her labia.

Rose looked up to again find Jenny frozen like a statue with her eyes fixed on her oil soaked pussy. Snapping out of it quickly, Jenny got down on her knees and dared Rose to do the same. Rose followed suit, dripping baby oil as she got down on her knees in front of Jenny. Jenny then walked on her knees to face Rose at a distance of about six inches apart. Both women now faced each other on their knees with hands on hips, totally nude, glistening with oil, breasts thrust out.

“Ok, first one to give in loses.” Jenny proclaimed between ragged breaths.

Rose nodded and both inched forward on their knees, looking down to line up their rock hard, throbbing nipples. Instead of hammering forward with full force, the first contact again came gently in an erotic fashion. Staring down at each other’s oil soaked tits, the women moved forward ever so slowly until the tips of their nipples just touched. It was like touching two live wires together and sent a simultaneous shock wave through both of their bodies. Rose felt a chill run through her boobs and down her back to her groin, making her feel like she needed to pee. Jenny felt a similar jolt and could feel her legs go rubbery. Both girls instinctively pulled back like when you touch something hot. This must be a normal reaction since it is exactly what happened to Lynn and Jenny earlier.

Quickly regaining their composure, they locked eyes again and moved toward each other holding their breath. This time, when their nipples met, each let out a little gasp, but neither retreated and the contact was maintained. Looking down now, Rose moved her upper torso ever so slightly trying to trace little circles around Jenny’s areolas with the long hard knobs of her engorged nipples. To counter, Jenny moved her shoulder slightly back and forth, flicking her nipple knobs against Rose’s knobs like a sword. With each pass, Rose’s nips would bend Jenny’s down painfully like bent nails. Seeing her nipples bend so easily against Rose’s caused Jenny to panic momentarily and she moved in, thrusting her tits downward across Rose’s slippery soft tit flesh, slicing a dry trail through the thick layer of oil. Jenny now tried to avoid Rose’s attempts to stab her tender areolas with her long sharp nipples. Rose immediately mashed upward, scraping across Jenny’s areolas, wiggling to grind her nipples deep into the top of Jenny’s tits. Grunting now, the girls ground their breasts together roughly, up and down and back and forth and with each pass their nipples would flick across one another. With shoulders now swaying back and forth matching thrust for thrust, their breasts bulged out to the sides as they cleavage wrestled. As the pace picked up, each girl emitted little high-pitched squeals each time they met each other’s thrusts. This continued for several minutes, neither girls’ tits yielding to the others. The intensity of their rubbing steadily increased and finally, losing control, the girls suddenly screamed and threw their arms around each other in a painful bear hug and mashed their boobs together head on.

Rose’s left breast wetly pressed into Jenny’s right and squished out to the side, while her right breast struggled with Jenny’s left and pushed upward. Struggling for dominance, both girls toppled over landing face down on the carpet, tangling their long oily legs like nude oil wrestlers. Not wanting this to degenerate to a catfight, Jenny slipped free and quickly bounced back to her knees, saying, “No! This is about our tits!” And it was.

Inching forward again on their knees, their breaths were deep and labored, breasts heaving and swaying. Glancing down to assess any sign of weakness, both noticed that the brief wrestling on the floor had soaked up much of the baby oil that had coated their breasts and bellies. This time, they came together slowly and grabbed each other’s biceps, just above the elbow, and pulled their now dry breasts together. Rose took dead aim at Jenny’s hard pink nipples with her long cherry-colored daggers. Again, Jenny maneuvered to avoid Rose’s nipple attack by trying to slide her nipples down to stab at the underside of Rose’s tit flesh. But to Jenny’s horror, her dry breasts no longer slid with ease over Rose’s tits and their breasts almost clung together.

Unable to slide her nipples out of the way, Rose’s lethal weapons stabbed deeply into Jenny’s buds, bending her nipple knobs over, burying themselves in Jenny’s swollen areolas. This elicited a high-pitched gasp from Jenny as she contorted her face, futilely trying to slide her nipples away. Exploiting her obvious advantage, Rose let go of Jenny’s arms, reached around her waist, locking her hands just above Jenny’s clinched ass cheeks. With no other option available, Jenny did the same to Rose. Before squeezing, Rose backed off a little and used the insides of her biceps to squeeze the outside of her breasts together, forcing them to expand forward with nipples protruding like battering rams. Before Jenny could duplicate this move, Rose squeezed Jenny’s lower back and stabbed her long hard nipples directly into Jenny’s bulls-eye’s. This time, instead of bending Jenny’s nipples to the side, Rose’s nipples pushed them directly inward, literally backwards into her boobs. Jenny let out a loud scream as her nipples felt like they were going to detach around the edges of her areolas. Relishing in Jenny’s reaction, Rose ground her nipples in little circles deeply into Jenny’s now concave nipples as her substantial breast flesh bulged upward.

“These are the nipples your puny little nipples should have never confronted!” hissed Rose, staring into Jenny’s pain racked face.

Rose then pulled back just slightly creating a small space between their nipples and when she saw Jenny’s nipples pop out, took aim and drove her nipples into Jenny’s now soft buds again. Over and over, Rose slammed her nipples into Jenny’s, grinding in circles during full compression then pulling back and stabbing again when she saw Jenny’s nips pop out. Jenny tried to tighten her grip on Rose’s back and use her biceps to squeeze her own boobs together to meet Rose’s thrusts, but Rose’s arms were inside of Jenny’s in the bear hug, preventing her from squeezing her own boobs together.

Rose’s nipple stabbing thrusts were now having a devastating effect on Jenny as both her breasts throbbed with pain from her stinging nipples all the way down to her rib cage. After several more grinding stabs, Rose noticed that Jenny’s nipples no longer popped out when they separated. Sensing the end, Rose scraped her long nipples back and forth across Jenny’s painful areolas and now flat nipple knobs. Sobbing, Jenny’s arms fell to her side and her legs went limp. Instead of letting her fall to the floor, Rose continued to scrape Jenny’s nipples with her sharp sticks until Jenny begged for Rose to stop. When Rose let go, Jenny’s face fell across Rose’s right breast, her face scraping over Rose’s still hard nipple. Jenny fell to the floor a defeated fighter.

Chapter 18


The conclusion of Jenny and Rose’s titfight was also the conclusion of the entire round. Sue had been the woman to propose the titfights and the women found themselves immensely competitive in tit fighting. Surprisingly Sue, who had chosen this method of fighting, had won only a single fight, her victory over Rose. Not surprisingly, Rose’s big tits had given her wins over both Lynn and Jenny. Lynn, with her dagger like nipples had beaten both Jenny and Sue. Jenny’s only win was against Sue, and that match had ended with the only orgasm conclusion, having been both the most violent and full of sexual frenzy of any of the matches. These outcomes were entered onto the yellow pad and lying there on the counter for all to see were their scores. Sue = 2, Jenny = 3, Lynn = 3, and Rose = 4 points. Sue was pissed off that she had only two wins. She felt she deserved more. Every one of her fights had been long battles, with Sue holding the advantage at many times. But the end results spoke for themselves. Rose and her big boobs were in the lead, and she was crowing over her sexy prowess. Jenny and Lynn, right behind Rose had 3 wins and 3 losses, and each of them felt, much like Sue, that they were close to winning the matches they had lost. One thing was sure, the competitive instincts these women brought to their golf game, tennis matches, and other sporting events, was actually magnified by at least a factor of ten when it came to sex. No egos had been damaged in the least, even if their bodies had taken quite a beating. The next round promised to be a real dramatic series of confrontations. The only question was what would that competition be?

The women took time out for an evening meal, dressed casually and prepared right there in their suite. Conversation was pleasant, and often filled with sexual innuendo. Gently goading each other about their losses was a common theme. Not surprisingly lots of comments about their friend’s nipples (usually ugly) were repeated. Jenny gave a short little speech, “Well girls, I won’t claim to speak for all of you, but I suspect my feelings are much like each of yours. I have never been so horny in my entire life. The sexy bodies you girls have turned me on almost more than I thought I could be. At the same time as my horny feelings are jumping through my body, I also have an intense desire to beat you all. It doesn’t matter at what. I am glowing in the competition of my body against yours, all of you. I haven’t been so in love with my own body in my entire life. I feel totally like a woman, even as I desire and seek to destroy your womanly bodies. Nothing I have ever done even comes close to giving me the flushed and desirable feelings I have now. I almost forgot that I have a life outside of our togetherness we share right here. I know this must all come to an end, but I will regret it no matter the outcome of our matches. We’ve been here only a day and a half out of our two weeks. Right now I feel like keeping our sexual athletics and games going the whole time. Enough speeches.”

Rose responded in agreement, “Putting my boobs up against yours gave me both a feeling of desirability and power unlike anything else I have done. Same for kissing you sexy girls. I’m all for forgetting completely about golf and just fuck and sex-fight with each other the whole damn vacation.” Lynn responded in the affirmative, “I sure don’t know what my husband would think of all this, but I wouldn’t dream of getting out of this action now.” Sue proudly stood up and gave her own little speech. It was just as much an affirmation of their sexual Olympics as Jenny had given, with a twist. “I only have two wins according to that silly yellow sheet over there, but I agree with each of you, I feel TOTALLY like a winner when I pit my boobs against yours or my tongue against yours, and I can’t wait to get more down and dirty with all three of you. Just so you know, I fully intend to win any of the sexy contests you girls dare to come up with, since I had my turn already, but I would like to expand the sexy nature of our vacation beyond the bounds of pure physical competition. In order to let our bodies heal a little from the intensity of the first two days, why don’t we make tomorrow a ‘lazy day’ in the fighting sense, but still make it one we’ll use to escalate the sexy competition among us and see where it goes. I propose that we go to the beach over at the big lake, find an area that is just a little bit secluded, but with people near by and begin a series of dares. We’ll take turns giving each other sexual dares, and being in a public place, I am sure there are definitely some things you girls could imagine daring me to do. I know I’ve got some ideas for daring you as well. What do you say? Shall we turn up the heat?” The other three spoke up simultaneously with an excited, “YES!”

That second evening they lounged around, watching TV, went downstairs to eat and retired to bed. The anticipation of Tuesday’s beach trip was strong in their minds. Many sleepless moments had them debating the kind of dares that they could propose. After waking and breakfast they began about 11:00 to prepare for the trip to the beach. The weather outside remained hot, with bright sun and gentle breezes. Each had brought with them two or three suits and they now began to dress in the skimpiest suits they brought. And what suits they were!

Lynn led off with a lime green thong bikini, cut deeply into her pubic area, just daring the hair she hadn’t trimmed to curl out from underneath. Her thin top was pulled tightly across her tits, barely covering her nipples and even allowing some of her gorgeous pink areolas to show if she didn’t adjust the top perfectly. Rose chose a one-piece white suit that covered a little more of her hips than a thong might, but it rose narrowly from her hips across her tits with only narrow strips running up the middle of each breast, allowing lots of breast to bulge out to each side. The material was quite sheer, all the way down. No extra pads helped hide her pussy. Her cunt lips bulged against the material creating a definite visible cleft parting the thin material. It terminated in a string tie behind her neck. Jenny chose a brilliant red bikini, with small lightning bolts of gold, jabbing throughout. Like Lynn’s, it barely covered her nipples which jutted convincingly through the thin bra fabric. The bikini bottom rode high up on her hips without quite baring enough of her ass to be called a thong. Sue wore a yellow bikini much the same style as Jenny’s. Her nipples made their presence known through the thin bra fabric as well. Her bottom might have been cut a little skimpier around her crotch but none of her pubic hair was in imminent danger of ‘showing.’ That is, unless the material got wet. She had chosen a fabric that would turn opaque, nearly transparent, when wet. It looked pretty normal when dry, but her bulging pussy lips and thick pubic hair would become very visible if she got it wet. They packed a picnic lunch, threw on t-shirts, shorts, sandals, and took a beach robe along and they went off to the beach.

The ride was a giggly one. In about a dozen miles they came to a beach that stretched miles and miles north and south. The width varied from a hundred feet to as much as 300 feet and were bordered by a series of sand dunes of modest height, never more than 40 feet tall. Sea grass grew on much of the dunes. When they arrived and walked from the parking area they were greeted by the sight of dozens of people setting up blankets, swimming, reading, and all the other relaxing beach activities one might expect. The number of people diminished the farther north they walked, eventually to the point that groups were scattered a couple of hundred feet apart. They found a likely spot, near a gentle pair of swells in the dunes. They lay down their blankets, arranged their stuff, and began to take off their shirts and shorts. The view was spectacular. Each woman, mature beyond teenage, but with the kind of hard tight body that most teenage girls would envy, looked and acted like sex-hungry panthers. They lay in the sun and absorbed some rays.

Jenny broke the silence, “Ok, I feel daring. How do we go about this? Have you decided the ‘dare’ routine, Sue?” “Yes,” she replied, “I’m going to dare you right now.” She paused and then continued, “I dare you to take your top off, walk slowly over to the water, wade in, spend at least 3 minutes standing in waist deep water, splashing yourself, and then walk slowly back to our blanket. Oh, yeah. Nobody is allowed to make a dare they wouldn’t take for themselves. Got it?” Lynn and Rose giggled, for they knew that within reasonable vision distance of their blanket were at least 25 people who could see what they were doing. Only an older couple in their sixties was less than a hundred feet away, but there didn’t seem to be any children real close. That was part of the reason they lay down their blanket here. Jenny said, “So you want me to be the guinea pig that takes the first dare? Well, so be it!” With that she stood up, reached around behind her back and undid the knot, repeating behind her neck. Those proud puppies leapt from under her top as she tossed it onto the blanket right next to Sue. She used her index and middle finger to roll her nipples around, pulling on them to make them stand out firm and long. Then without delay she strolled towards the surf. By the time she had taken only four or five steps the older couple began staring. Soon after about half of the people on the beach could be seen turning their heads to keep a close eye on Jenny as her naked tits led the way over to the water. She walked slowly, looking straight ahead. Lynn, Sue, and Rose stared right along with everyone else and talked and giggled about Jenny going topless. As she walked she made sure to swing her butt in sexy wiggles. As she neared the water’s edge a boy, about 15 years old, who had been running his dog slowed to a walk to keep an eye on Jenny. The dog jerked on the leash, but the boy wouldn’t let him run. He just stared as Jenny entered the water and continued out about 100 feet to waist deep. The water was cold compared to the air temperature, giving her goose bumps. When she dropped her body (not her head) into the water and popped back up, her nipples had sprung into even sharper pointy focus. The cold made them as long as they could possibly be. She splashed around out there all alone, drawing eyes from as far as 300 feet away. No one bothered her but about 15 people got quite a show. Little did they know this was only the warm-up act. When Jenny returned and dried off, the others congratulated her and told her that since she had gone first, that she could now give the next dare.

Jenny casually put her top back on, and then spoke, “I make a double dare. I dare you, Sue, and Rose to give these people a show. Now that I have them paying attention to us because of my little topless stroll, I am sure they will be watching closely what we are doing over here. Why don’t the two of you give a little titfight reenactment. Get on your knees, take your tops off and spend at least five minutes rubbing titties together. Not for fighting, but just for fun. I dare you!” Both women had been sitting up, sipping a soft drink. They looked at each other, generating big grins on their faces. Rose downed her soda, tossed it aside, and immediately stood up and facing the direction with the most people nearby, reached behind her neck and untied the string holding the top of her one-piece up. Shaking a little from side to side, she let it fall so that she was covered by only a small patch of white suit. It was snug enough that it didn’t appear to be in any danger of falling off. She strode around the blanket one time, pointing her mammoth tits to every direction of the compass. She stood and watched as Sue performed a similar sequence. Sue’s top required untying two knots. She accomplished that in quick order and she too shook her tits as she pulled the tiny yellow fabric away from her nearly as mammoth tits. It was hard to look at that skimpy bikini top and believe that it could have covered those astounding tits as well as it did. She too walked the circumference of the blanket, drawing whatever stares hadn’t already been drawn that way by Rose’s top removal. With Lynn and Jenny sitting at the back of the blanket, and the paired off ladies kneeling in a position to allow as much viewing by the ‘spectators’ as possible, they inched together. Battle wasn’t on their minds now, just putting on a titillating show. And that is what they did. Nipples met, nipples jousted, tits rubbed back and forth, up and down. The tender and gentle motions were being watched by a growing number of nearby sunbathers. Many tried to avoid obviousness, but others outright stared. A couple of people could be spotted with binoculars. They weren’t watching the ships go by either. Rose and Suze were experts at boob manipulation by now, and they could each feel the effects upon their sex-center. Both began to squirm a little in their kneeling position. Both could tell their pussies had begun to generate extra heat and lubrication. Jenny looked at her watch and told them the time was up and offered congratulations on the show. Sue and Rose returned their tops to cover their breasts and sat back down. Rose gave the next dare.

“Jenny, this dare isn’t directly for you, but you had better listen closely. Lynn, I dare you to get that bottle of suntan lotion and rub that bottle all over Jenny. Now, you heard me. I said ALL over Jenny. I mean do her back, shoulders, legs, roll her over, do her tummy, her legs, and then removing her top do her breasts, and then be sure to get that bikini bottom off so you can protect that patch with plenty of suntan lotion. Get my drift? And then, Jenny, you’re a wuss if you don’t reciprocate and do Lynn just as deliciously as she does you.” Mind you now, this wasn’t a nude beach. There was danger in their actions. But so far, no one had done any more than stare at their antics. No one had wandered over to tell them to cool it. Fortunately the only families with children were quite far down the beach. Possibly they could have seen with keen eyes or binoculars. The fact that their boldness hadn’t brought the police just yet allowed them to be even bolder. Lynn reached for the bottle as Jenny rolled onto her stomach. She relaxed her head on her hands and parted her legs just a little bit. She was definitely anticipating a pleasurable sunscreen application. Lynn kneeled beside Jenny and squirted a big dollop into her right hand. Much dribbled off onto Jenny’s back. Lynn immediately began a rubbing circular massage motion, spreading the lotion thickly across her back, when she reached the string that kept Jenny’s red top in place she quickly undid the knot and dropped the strings off to the side.

Rose and Sue sat watching when Lynn had an idea. Why should only Jenny be receiving the lotion treatment. She suggested that Rose and Sue get in gear and use the other bottle. “We might as well be putting on a double feature, hadn’t we?” Rose and Sue looked at each other, the look of ‘why not’ in their faces. Sue rolled over and Rose immediately followed the lead of Lynn. She used plenty of lotion, untying Sue’s yellow string top and admiring the glistening body beneath her hands. She used her hands expertly to caress Rose’s shoulders, arms, even reaching up and tickling her arm-pits for a moment. Rose just giggled at that.

Lynn continued her slow pace on Jenny, having completely covered everything above her bikini bottoms, when she began to slide her fingers gently under the edges of Jenny’s red-gold bikini, slippery fingers running along the seams and pulling the fabric away from her tanned skin to expose the small amount of still-white skin. The fabric was now pulled into the crack of her ass just like a thong. Lynn poured more lotion directly on each cheek of Jenny’s lovely ass and rubbed it in thoroughly. She continued down her legs covering them with lots of glistening oil. She returned to Jenny’s shoulders and began a downward spiraling massage. Her hands were having a great time and it was very clear that Jenny was enjoying every moment as well. Occasional small moans could be heard as Jenny was totally relaxed and concentrating on the feelings Lynn’s expert hands were providing. As her hands worked ‘southward’ she forced her hands under the sides of Jenny’s bottom fabric and slowly began to inch them downwards. Jenny did the best she could to cooperate by lifting her hips off the blanket. This allowed Lynn to slowly work them all the way off.

Now here was Jenny, naked as the day she was born, lying in the sun with Lynn’s fabulous hands working her over. She continued on her stomach while Lynn grabbed her ass cheeks and rubbed the lotion thoroughly all over them, even parting her crack to make sure Jenny’s cute little brown hole was all lubed up. Lynn for her part seemed to linger there a little extra long time. It seemed she was quite excited to get so intimate with Jenny. Lynn was getting so horny and motivated, she let her oily hands run up under her own top to get at her aching nipples. In an act of boldness, she undid her top, tossed it aside, and massaged her breasts another time. Then with deft control, she bent down pulled Jenny’s ass cheek aside and jabbed her left nipple directly at Jenny’s oiled up ass hole. Jenny, eyes closed had no idea that was coming. She was startled to decipher what was going on, right out here on the beach. But she wasn’t really caring. She let Lynn poke and rub her left nipple all around her pretty ass. After a moment of harder poking, Jenny relaxed her anal muscles, and Lynn’s vigorously stiff nipple actually penetrated right inside Jenny’s hole. She then clenched her muscles, pinching tightly around Lynn’s nipple. “Wow!” thought Lynn. That was incredible. Jenny repeated her pinching until Lynn couldn’t take anymore and she pulled it out.

Meanwhile Rose had been enjoying Sue’s deft hands. She vigorously rubbed the suntan oil into Rose’s skin and quickly she had Rose roll over so she could begin caressing the curvey front of her body. Wasting no time, Sue pulled Rose’s one-piece down away from her awesome boobs and then, curling her fingers under the fabric, pulled it down away from Rose’s hips and completely off. The sun shone brightly on Rose’s skin. Squeezing out lots more oil she began to cover Rose’s body in oil. Rubbing all over and, of course, spending extensive time massaging those magnificent breasts. She twirled both of Rose’s nipples between her thumb and fingers, causing low groans to leak from Rose’s lips. She followed the contours of Rose’s body down to her thatch of auburn curly pubic hair. She let her fingers glide through that thick thatch from side to side, pulling her fingers up to pull the long hairs out to full length extension. She was surprised to see that some of those hairs were at least three inches long. She let out a low whistle of exclamation, marveling at the lushness of Rose’s womanly bush. Over and over she doused that bush with oil, rubbing it in deeply. She made side excursions down Rose’s legs to make sure her entire skin surface was coated. Rose had no idea what Lynn had been doing to Jenny, as she lay there with eyes closed, enjoying the intimate feeling Sue’s expert hands were providing her. Sue, however, was watching Lynn work on Jenny’s body, using her actions as motivation for her own probing endeavors. Sue went down near Rose’s feet and sat down with Rose’s right foot right up against the thin crotch of her bikini bottoms. Her own foot was now pointing at and beginning to invade Rose’s hairy snatch much as her hands had been doing moments before. Pointing her big toe straight out, she traced lines from top to bottom of Rose’s exposed pussy. Up and down, sliding her toe over Rose’s slippery slit she began to wedge apart those pretty lips until she could insert her toe right inside. Wiggling it around caused Rose to lurch directly into orgasm. The surprise and total kinkiness had shot Rose right over the edge of control. She humped back against that invading toe, spasms shooting through her body. She didn’t dare shout but she did let repeated moans escape.

After Lynn extracted her excited nipple from Jenny’s anal opening she gave her a quick slap on the butt and said, “Roll over, we have to make sure you don’t get any sunburn on your front now, don’t we?” Jenny’s ear-to-ear grin couldn’t be disguised as she rolled over and let Lynn’s wondrous hands go to work. Roving quickly over her stomach, arms, legs and began slippery massaging of Jenny’s unfettered tits. She made repeated kneading motions on both tits simultaneously, catching Jenny’s protruding nipples between her fingers and forcing them tightly between them. She pulled, twisted gently, and pinched those nipples until they were standing out so far they practically rivaled Lynn’s own nipples in length. She continued massaging those proud boobs with her right hand but she used her left to squirt more oil on Jenny’s lower torso, and then with her left hand began rubbing it in deeply. First avoiding her pubic patch, but after making excursions down her legs to cover them completely, she returned and began an energetic exploration of Jenny’s wondrously thick brown curly thatch. Lynn marveled at how the thickness and texture of her hair increased as she worked her fingers down to that cleft between her legs. She used her fingernails to lightly scratch Jenny’s mound through her hair. She let that hand wander down the inside of both legs and work its way back up until gently finding the hairy edge of Jenny’s pussy. She would trace long slow paths alongside one labia and back down the other, creating a sort of slow-motion oval routine. Jenny’s labia lips grew plump and parted. Lynn pulled the left lip to one side and was surprised to see it lay flat, glistening pink inner flesh open to the breeze. She traced around to the right labia and deftly pulled that lip off to the side, where it too lay flat, exposing more inner pink flesh. Jenny’s glistening juices, augmented by the sunscreen oil, were pooling on the blanket directly beneath her parted pussy lips. Lynn could hardly contain her own excitement level. She hadn’t even noticed the teenage boy lying flat on top of the nearby sand dune, peering sneakily through the dune grass. He had been swimming farther up the coast, when upon noticing what was happening, decided to sneak up behind the dunes and find a closer vantage point. He never dreamed how successful he would be. Other than him, the rest of the sunbathers who were nearby tried to avoid looking at them, preferring to just go about their business, except for occasional glances. Lynn, having parted Jenny’s lips so beautifully, decided it was her turn, so, at practically the peak of sexual excitement for Jenny she told Jenny to sit up and begin doing her. Jenny had been wishing that Lynn would go even further. Her pleasure center was ebbing closer and closer to orgasm when Lynn quit. Jenny reluctantly sat up, took a long look around the beach, and noted that they were still pretty much being ignored by the other sunbathers, with one exception. She could just see the head of that boy peeking over the dune. She didn’t say anything, but her mind was racing with possibilities for dares. Meanwhile, Lynn had lain down and Jenny began removing Lynn’s bikini. She didn’t start applying the oil until she had deftly removed both Lynn’s top and bottom pieces.

Anxious to maintain the sexual heat her groin was emanating Jenny quickly began covering Lynn’s body with oil: Arms, neck, back, legs, and ass. Jenny was actually quite rough in kneading Lynn’s totally gorgeous behind. Having Lynn invade her own ass as she did had turned on Jenny so much that she was committed to seeking an invasion of Lynn’s orifice too. In fact, she began using the bottle of oil, with its tapered top to wipe lines across Lynn’s back. She could see the distinct lines left by the tracing. With the young boy peering over the dune from only about 40 feet away, Jenny tried something. She used the top to trace the following letters across Lynn’s back: ICU. She wondered if the boy would see it. She glanced up just as she finished and she stared right at him. He nodded his head. Now she had a little secret. She knew that everything they were doing was for an audience. She knew that he knew that she knew.

Lynn, Rose, and Sue were oblivious to the boy. They had their eyes closed or were looking the wrong way. Jenny now refocused her attention on Lynn. Using that bottle she continued to trace gentle paths along Lynn’s body. Down her legs and back up the inside of each thigh, lingering long at the intersection of her legs with her body. She lightly probed around underneath as Lynn had actually raised her pelvis off the blanket, sticking her ass out towards the sky above the lake. Jenny used her left hand and parted Lynn’s ass cheeks even further and then, after opening the little oil-dispensing nipple on the cap of the bottle, traced it directly to Lynn’s anal hole. Without delay she stuck the nipple-cap into Lynn’s ass. Wiggling it from side to side, applying gentle pressure all around she continued to excite Lynn with her creative invasion. Jenny was as excited as she could be. Lynn had a very sensitive ass-hole and her pussy began dripping dewy liquid in an almost continuous drip down to the blanket beneath. Pulling the little nipple from the bottle of oil out of her ass she closed the cap, slid the bottle down beneath her ass and used the bottle to find her juicy cunt. With a quick but well-aimed push she shoved that bottle nearly six inches deep into Lynn’s accepting pussy. While Lynn hadn’t actually been prepared for such a quick deep invasion, the penetration had come without pain, due to her totally slippery cunt, and Jenny’s excellent aim. She immediately groaned a loud groan and began humping the bottle as Jenny began the instinctive in-out motion. They quickly hit a productive rhythm. Jenny poking the bottle in as Lynn pushed back against the bottle. There was no holding back now. Jenny was focused on delivering Lynn over the edge and Lynn was already beginning to lose control. Her humping intensified as Jenny pushed that bottle ever farther in to Lynn’s cunt. The slippery bottle was hard for Jenny to hold in the rapid pistoning that she was delivering. It would slip out of her hand and practically disappear. Only an inch protruded and Jenny could barely grip with enough force to pull it back out. She gripped harder and shoved in intense speed and Lynn literally exploded in orgiastic joy. She let out a real scream, carried by the wind away from most beach-goers but definitely heard by the teenage voyeur. Lynn could hardly believe she had let herself go, especially right there at the beach, with people in view. But she didn’t even care. Her jerky spasms subsided and she rolled over to allow Jenny to ‘finish’ applying the lotion to the front of her body.

While all this was transpiring between Jenny and Lynn, Rose and Sue had been active. Sue had replaced Rose on the blanket after Rose came down from her intense orgasm, courtesy of the toe-fuck. Rose, like Jenny, busily grabbed a second bottle of tanning oil and began covering Sue’s body with the slippery liquid. It mixed with Sue’s sweat and wafted a coconut-musky smell up into Rose’s nostrils. She inhaled deeply and actively massaged Sue’s feminine form. For approximately 45 minutes there had been no talking among the girls, except for the brief, ‘roll over’ command. All the rest of their communication had been body language. They were all VERY FLUENT in that language. Her hands guided themselves along the sides and back of Sue’s body. They traced long squeezing paths down both legs. Almost simultaneous with Jenny discarding Lynn’s bikini, Rose removed the top of Sue’s bikini but left the bottom in place. After totally covering Sue’s backside she guided Sue in a lazy roll-over allowing the fourth pair of large breasts to spring into view. More eyes than she knew were watching. She had long been aware of the roving eyes of people sitting on blankets up and down the beach, but she was clueless about Bobby, the boy peeking over the dune and through the dune grass mere yards above and behind her.

Rose felt like devouring the luscious woman lying before her, and so she began. Squirting plenty of oil on the front of Sue’s body, noticing it soak into that super thin fabric of her bottom piece, yet remaining. She gently carved big loops of massaging motion around Sue’s upper body, narrowing her loops until they were following the pleasant large outline of Sue’s areolas. Both hands were active, seeking to stimulate those chocolate tipped breasts. The stimulation was working. If Sue hadn’t been hot enough before, she was surely getting worked up now. Rose’s heel had done quite a bit of grinding against her womanhood through her bikini during her toe-fuck. Sue’s anxious moaning could be heard combined with Lynn’s from just a few feet away. The double whammy sound of two foxy women moaning through the shore breeze was exciting to all five people.

Yes, Bobby could here and he was intently watching, wishing he could just grab his dick and masturbate. He didn’t want to give himself away and so he just kept low, watching and listening. He had become even more excited when he had seen Jenny trace out those letters on Lynn’s back: ICU. “Wow,” he thought, “That totally sexy woman knows I am watching her do those nasty things to her friends, and she appears to want me to watch.” So he just kept quiet and unmoving, hoping to not miss any parts of this sexy drama.

When Rose had finished her expert manipulation and sunscreen application of Sue’s breasts, she focused her attention on that thin fabric trying to cover Sue’s cunt and bush. With a big squirt of oil, Rose totally saturated the yellow fabric. It turned immediately transparent. She could see perfectly the outline of Sue’s thick fur and down further the puffy lips of her vaginal opening. Using both hands, Rose massaged Sue right through her bikini panties. She continued to rub that puffy set of lips until she noticed the same thing that Jenny had noticed earlier in the Jacuzzi. Sue’s clit was pushing out between her labia and indeed, was forming a little ‘tent’ in the practically non-existent fabric of her bikini bottom. This excited Rose and she began rolling her fingers back and forth sideways across the sheer fabric, causing Sue’s clit to roll from side to side.

Sue squealed briefly, letting everyone know that she certainly liked what Rose was doing. This was now the exact moment that Jenny had found Lynn’s pussy with that appropriately shaped bottle. Rose sensing what was going on with Lynn and Jenny, she could see them after all, began rapid rolling pressure all around Sue’s clitoris. As Sue began moaning, rolling her hips from side to side, and squeezing the fabric of her panties in between her thick labia lips, Rose knew that if she could work it right she might get Sue to explode at the same time as it appeared Lynn would. Whamo! Sue exploded right then, not waiting for Rose to ‘guide’ her orgasm into timed perfection with Lynn’s. The clit stimulation had shot her right through the roof, cumming in sheets of pleasure. As her pleasure burst subsided, Rose lay down beside her, running her hand along Sue’s body ever so gently, and said. “I think I am in a dream. I think I’ll lay down now and catch some rays.”

When, moments later Jenny succeeded in ‘bottling’ Lynn to an orgasm, she sat there on her knees thinking about what she had just done. She was excited as hell from all the sex she had either witnessed or been involved in. There was just one thing though. All three others had orgasms. She was sitting their high and dry, so to speak. But she had an idea.

The boy! He was still there! Without being obvious she took a good look at him. He was pretty handsome. In fact he looked pretty delicious to her. He wouldn’t take his eyes off her. It was her he was looking at she was sure. Well, maybe he took peaks at the others occasionally. An idea began forming in her head. She was almost totally sure that she was the only one of the three who was aware of his presence. A plan began to take shape. She began talking in her slow sexy voice to the others as they lay there, soaking up the sun. “You girls are really pretty sexy, you know. I can hardly believe you and I took all those dares so far. I am so excited I think I could fuck the first man or boy I see. Mmmmmm, you girls look so damn good, I could practically eat you right here. I bet you girls are still horny too. I saw all your cumming and I bet you could even go for even more. I wonder what you would do if a studly young boy was here right now. I think Lynn would probably rip his pants right off and start sucking his cock. Wouldn’t you Lynn?” Pause. “Wouldn’t you Lynn?” Lynn spoke without lifting her head, “I would, yes, I would. I’d lick his balls and tongue his dick until he couldn’t take anymore. What would you do with a hot young stud right now, Sue?”

Their little sexcapade had now turned into a mini verbal fantasy. Jenny had started it off. Sue piped up, “Well, not to diminish anything you girls accomplished already, but if I had a sexy teenage boy, you know what I would do? I would lay him down, run my tits all over his body. Letting him suck on my big hot nipples. I would oil my tits and give him a titty fuck he’d never forget. Rose, your turn.” “I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming. Please don’t wake me up. I’ve just been dreaming that a gorgeous hunk of a college boy was kneeling right here beside me. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen. His balls hung way down as though they were begging me to suck on them. I saw a little drop of jizz on the tip of his dick and I licked it off, running my tongue around and around the tip of his big dick. Then, with me lying on my back, he kneeled just above my head, tilted my head way back and poked his thick cock inside my mouth. Slowly, gently, he pushed it in. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth. He tilted my head even farther back and said in such a sweet gentle voice ‘just swallow it’ that that is just what I did. As I swallowed he pushed again and there I was, nine inches of big dick totally in my mouth and throat. I could feel his ball sack up against my lips. His masculine hair was pushing hard against my lips and he rocked his hips forward and back, forward and back. I love the feel of his hard manhood filling me up. Then without warning, he shoots his come clear down my throat. I swallow every bit of what must be gallons of cum. Please, don’t wake me up. I love my dream.”

Chapter 19


While Rose had been reliving her dream for her friends, Jenny had taken a bold step. She looked directly at Bobby. She didn’t know his name of course, and with a wave of her hand, motioned him to come over to their blanket. She held up her index finger to her mouth in a silent ‘shhhhh.’ She didn’t know if he would. Maybe he was way too shy and would be scared off. But she thought it was worth a try. He looked puzzled. He stood up on his knees and gave Jenny a quizzical look. She understood. She motioned him again and this time he dropped down behind the dune and came around from the side, walking quietly like a cat. When he got within a few feet of their blanket he began to hear the girls sexy talk. He was there for nearly all of Rose’s little speech. He was flabbergasted to hear what they were saying. Meanwhile Jenny could now get a better look at Bobby. He was a very fit young man, only a teenager for sure, but in real good shape. He looked like he might be a swimmer or soccer player. Not overly muscled like some football players, but definitely healthy. She could also tell he was using every ounce of bravery he had to come out there. Oh, one more thing, he had on a typical long swim-suit, blue, but with a difference not usually seen in the Sears catalog. There was quite a tent-like bulge in the front of those trunks. Jenny had all she could do to look at his face as he tiptoed stealthily up behind their blanket. She kept wanting to stare at that raging hard-on. When Rose finished talking Jenny chimed in again, “Oh, you girls really are dreaming aren’t you. You wouldn’t REALLY do those things to a gorgeous teenage hunk if he were here right now, would you?” Rose’s vivid dream was still fresh in her mind and she immediately retorted, “You bet I would, I’d do all of that and more if there REALLY was such a boy.” Lynn and Sue spoke up before Rose was even finished and said much the same thing, “I’d turn him inside out with my sex,” said Lynn. “I’d suck him so good that they’d have to come up with a new word for it,” said Sue. Jenny just smiled a great big smile. Here they were. Three totally naked women (except for Sue’s transparent bikini bottom) talking about what they would do to a healthy teenage boy while one was standing right there. Jenny spoke up, “Well, since I’m the one who hasn’t had an orgasm yet, I think I should be the one to fuck the boy. I dare you girls to work him over real good with your tongues and tits as a warm up for me. I dare myself to fuck him right here on this very beach after you girls practice your blow job technique. What do you say?” “God, Jenny, you make this talk so damn exciting it almost seems real.” Said Lynn. Jenny: “Well it IS real! And I have just given you all a dare that you can’t back out of, especially after you have admitted your fantasies for him to hear.” Looks of surprise appeared on all their faces. The ladies began sitting up, opening their eyes and looking around. WOW! There he was! Maybe not the same face but definitely a sex fantasy brought to life. He looked young, probably high school age. Perfect they thought. Lynn made the first move. That gorgeous blonde hair swung from side to side as the glistening naked form walked on her knees over to the edge of the blanket. She motioned Bobby nearer. With a scared look in his eyes, he did as she commanded. Stopping just six inches from her face he said his first and only word, “Please!”

Never a woman to disdain good manners she reached up and untied the knot holding his shorts in place. The hard-on pointing directly at her face made sliding them down comfortably a bit of a task. It took her nearly 20 seconds to get his shorts down over his raging purple hard-on. Glorious! She thought. While it may not have had the gigantic dimensions Rose had fantasized about, it was definitely a manly organ. It pointed out away from his hairy groin at a sharp upward angle. Thick veins bulged out the underside as they led up to a gorgeous circumcised head. It was only slightly larger than the shaft, but it was perfectly shaped and it was throbbing up and down in the breeze. Lynn was not one to get this close to a perfect cock and leave it unattended. She remembered what she had said in her sleepy, dreamy fantasy earlier, and even though Bobby hadn’t arrived close enough to hear her words, he got exactly what Lynn had said he would. She bent over, lowered her head while reaching up with her left hand, grabbing his dick firmly in her hand, and found his left testacle with her tongue. He immediately groaned a big deep groan. The deep guttural sound surprised the women, having come from such a young boy, but sounding exactly like that of a much older man. She sucked that left ball into her mouth, twirling her tongue all around. She switched over to the other side and repeated the move. She felt really powerful, knowing she had right here a boy who was probably having the first sex of his life, and she was giving it to him, on a public beach no less. The eroticism of it all was overpowering. After finishing the sucking of his balls she worked her mouth the short distance to the underside of the base of his dick. Opening her mouth wide she slid it slowly up towards the top of his dick, approximately 7 inches away. She kept her tongue slobbering saliva all along the length, leaving a trail of wetness. When she reached the tip she rolled her head over upright and ran that gorgeous mouth back down to the base on the top-side of his cock. She had skipped over the very tip of his dick, leaving it alone. The second trip back out she used her tongue to follow the contours of the leftover foreskin around and around the tip of his cock. Then with a quick pull of his cock to his left, slid her lips around the head of that lovely cock and slid down and down until she couldn’t go any further. She only gobbled up about four inches, but Bobby sure wasn’t complaining. With her left hand she reached around his hips, grabbed his right ass cheek and pulled him even closer to her, nearly causing her to gag. She readjusted and began a slow rhythmic sucking. Down and up she went. Using her hand to pull him closer on each down stroke she could hear his “Ooooh, Ooooh” repeated with every thrust. He wasn’t taking much of a dominant role, just allowing her to lead the way. After all why would he? He was getting everything he could have dreamed of just by standing there. About a minute into her Porn-Pro blowjob, she leaned back and said to the others, “He tastes real good. Who is next?’

Sue had provided herself with the dare when she fantasized out loud for the other women. Now she felt obligated to make it come true. Not that she was against it, just that had she known Bobby was real, she might have expanded on her fantasy. “Well,” she said, “why don’t you lay down right here and let me have a crack at you, if you know what I mean?” Bobby obliged. They had two very big blankets, so there was plenty of room. Sue rolled out of the way sitting up in the process. Bobby lay where Sue had been before, actually laying right on top of the wet spot left behind from Sue’s leaking pussy. Sue now had begun to get turned on all over again. She was wishing it was she, not Jenny, who would get to fuck this boy. But true to her fantasy, she began using her tits as toys to stimulate dear Bobby. His erect pole could probably have been seen for a quarter mile down the beach except that Sue’s body on the south side and Jenny’s on the north blocked the direct view of his cock from those two directions. Sue pinched her own nipples to emphasize their plump fullness to him, and then leaned over to align her left tit with his mouth. He immediately, but tentatively obliged her with his tongue. It darted out for a quick lick and then retreated. She leaned down even further, offering her acceptance, in body language that it was ok for him to do more. He did. And How! He stuck out his tongue, rolled it around and around her big left chocolate areola and nipple, sucking that nipple into his mouth and sucking on it so hard that it began to hurt Sue. She was loving it, even through the little pain. She wiggled a little, he understood, and she now offered up her right nipple to his hungry mouth. Instantly he devoured that one too. Sucking, sucking, sucking. His cock was doing a rhythmic dance, bouncing up and down, threatening to break right off (or so the women thought) it was flopping so much. The other three now were watching intently what was going on. Their own hands would fall between their legs and give probing acknowledgement to the horny excitement they felt. When her right nipple began to hurt from his powerful sucking she wiggled again and pulled it out. She leaned over, and with the expertise of an exotic dancer, slapped his face back and forth with her tits. Left, right, left, right. She pummeled his never shaven face for nearly a minute while reaching over for the suntan lotion lying nearby. She had this boy in his own heaven and she knew it. But she wasn’t done yet. She squirted ounces of the lotion on her tits and rubbed it all in, particularly in her cleavage. She growled the growl of a big tigress and crawled stealthily on hands and knees over to a spot between his legs, which he had obligingly spread wide in a big V. No spoken words. Just animal heat and lust were speaking. She leaned way over and pulled his rigid cock up between her spectacular shiny tits. Up and down she began her motion. Groan upon groan escaped from his mouth. He even started to hump upward into the delicious friction of her compressed tits. Sue used her hands to squeeze them in towards each other, creating a perfect tight tunnel for his engorged cock. She, among all the people on the blanket, was not totally naked. Her tiny, see-through, bikini bottom was still trying to cover her now drenched pussy. The fabric was riding up inside her lips and Lynn and Jenny watched both her and Bobby as they did their lust dance. When Sue was dreaming about the titty-fuck it was really pleasant. But now she had to admit that even her fantasy didn’t come close to the real thing. Like Lynn before her she was completely turned on by the circumstances. Public beach, hot young stud, horny women all around, and she was giving him the royal titty-fuck of all time.

That is what he thought too. It was his first titty-fuck and his first sexual experience of any kind, besides solo action. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. Sue continued to slide her big juicy tits up and down his dick, occasionally sticking out her tongue to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his dick. It seemed completely normal to her for the semen to start leaking out, but it should have been a warning too. He was ready. He was very ready. And Rose and especially Jenny hadn’t had their ‘crack at him’ yet. Too late. He shot a load of cum out from between her tits, squirting it clear out beyond his head and the first big jets landing in the sand behind him. He groaned loudly and kept shooting the sticky cum from his cock-head, coating his stomach, chest, and Sue’s tits besides. Jenny said, “Shit, what are you doing girl? I still wanted to fuck him!” Rose chimed in, “yeah, what about me. I haven’t even touched him yet either?” Sue was apologetic, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know he would come like that. But you know what, with all that cum he shot out, he must have quite a production facility inside. I’ll bet he can do the same thing all over again, can’t you sweetie?” Bobby just nodded meekly. In fact he knew from the only sex he had ever had, masturbating, that he could come at least 4 times in an afternoon. He had never imagined just how wonderful sex could be, but now he knew, except for one thing. He still hadn’t really fucked a girl. The thought of sexy Jenny waiting there practically begging the others to let her fuck him was keeping him very turned on. In fact, as the last shots of cum were being squeezed out of his jerking dick by Sue’s tight squishing breasts, he was beginning already to think about what was to come (cum) next.

Jenny responded to Sue by saying, “I hope you’re right. I have no intention of leaving this beach before I fuck this boy. I just hope no one turns us in for having so much fun.” Rose spoke towards Sue, “Ok. You have had your fun with him. A little too much fun it appears, but you know what? My dream wasn’t really a dream. I think I have a gift. I can see the future. What I was talking about in my daydream is about to come true. Just one thing though. Out of deference to Jenny, I will be sure to let this boy have at you before he cums again. Move out of the way, Sue, its my turn.” Now Bobby had arrived near their blanket in time to hear Rose give her little dream speech. So he had an idea what was coming. Terrific, he thought. Now the one with the biggest tits is coming right over here to me with a look of lust in her eyes. I’m the luckiest boy on earth. By now he had figured out their names from the talking they had done amongst themselves, but so far the only word he had spoken was please.

As Sue and Rose were trading places, no attempts at all were made to clean up the gobs of semen smeared across his belly or on Sue’s tits. Rose showed no concern at all, in fact, kneeling right where Sue had been when she milked his cock with her tits, leaned over and started running her tongue around his pubic area. His cock had shrunk to about half-size, but was still pointing upward. She put her left hand around it, giving it a gentle squeeze, and while continuing to hold it ran her tongue up from his pubic hair along his lower stomach until she reached the first glob of cum. It was still sticky and warm. She lapped at it with her tongue. The others practically froze in anticipation. Bobby watched from above. Rose licked it up, having twirled it around and around until it stuck together in a little ball, and then with one quick deft move, slid her tongue underneath it and pulled it up into her mouth. At the sight of this, his cock jumped practically an inch in her hand. She noticed and gave it another little squeeze. She looked him straight in the eye: This beautiful auburn haired 37year-old woman and the boy less than half her age. He looked back, pleadingly. She stuck that tongue out, making sure he could see the cum still balanced on the tip. She lowered herself to where her tits were now in the same position that Sue’s had been earlier. She slowly slid up his body. Stopping every time her mouth neared a splat of semen. She repeated the maneuver used before, slurping up each new pile of semen until she had practically a mouthful. When she finished collecting his specimens she slid up even farther, to the point that their bodies were now lined up, from head to toe. He found his cock being pressed down towards his stomach by her thick reddish cunt hair. This caused his cock to leap another inch (well it couldn’t really leap because she was in the way). Looking him dead in the eye she stuck out her tongue. He did the same. She lowered her mouth and gave him a sopping wet kiss. They swirled their tongues around and around against each other. They swapped his cum back and forth in their mouths. He, having never even considered this possibility, was now doing her bidding and loving every moment. When Rose pulled back they had nearly equal amounts of jism in their mouths. She very obviously gave a big swallow and the boys semen rocketed down to her stomach. He followed her lead and did the same. She spoke, “boy, get up on your knees. I’m going to lie right down here and you are going to fuck my mouth.” When he had kneeled, she found one of the pillows and lay it down just in front of him. She lay on her back, shoulders on the pillow, allowing her head to roll back, exactly like she had mentioned in her dream. Bobby’s dick had already begun to spring back towards life. Rose’s outrageous sexy behavior had seen to that. Now here she was, upside down, looking up at this cock sprouting from the boy’s muscular body. She had never done anything remotely this kinky before, but that was true for all her friends too. Without any further talking, she reached up and pulled his dick down towards her lips. She used a little body language scooting to get him to move closer, allowing her better access to his manhood (boyhood?). She opened her mouth and slid it in just as deep as his lovely purple head. She sucked on it. She licked it around and around. She put her lips on it and bit it with her lips. She could feel the power returning to his dick. It was getting harder and harder and longer too. Maybe even longer, if that were possible, than when Lynn had sucked him the first time. Just like Sue had said, she thought. She kept this up for a couple of minutes, and then, arching her back, pulling his cock from her mouth just long enough to say two words, “gentle, please” she lowered her head to the perfect angle, guided his cock head deeply into her mouth and then, when feeling its head touch her throat she swallowed. As she swallowed she pulled on his butt to push all seven inches clear into her throat and mouth. Exactly like the dream she thought (except for him being only seven inches instead of nine). Dreamy. She had a bit of a gagging feeling, but the power she felt by having him so deeply in her was worth it. She loved cock. She loved his cock. She loved the feeling of his balls slapping against her lips as they were stretched to their full limit in allowing his deep penetration. She didn’t let him pump her hard, but she did rock her body back and forth sending jolts of pleasure through Bobby’s body. Since it was still less than ten minutes since Sue forced him to come with her tits, he wasn’t ready to cum again. Rose slid away, letting his gorgeous cock slide slowly from her lips. When he was out, she rolled over, looked at Jenny with the biggest grin Jenny had ever seen on Rose, and said, “he’s all yours.”

Jenny contemplated the young man/boy kneeling there before her. She just gazed lustfully at him, trying to take it all in, the sight, his smell, her friends devouring him. She wanted him right now more than she had ever wanted a man before. Her tongue was licking her lips as she stared down at his engorged cock. She cooed as she reached down, gently wrapping her fingers around his stiff bouncing cock. It seemed that with every heartbeat his cock jerked upward, as though it had a life of its own.

Jenny was feeling horny as hell and very much in control. She had manipulated the boy down from his hiding place, she had manipulated the other three women into this situation and now she was going to reap the rewards. He was hers now! Still holding his cock and leaning over towards him she kissed him full on the lips. He was tentative in responding to her aggressive kiss at first, but after a few moments he was fully engaged with her mouth, lip-to-lip and tongue-to-tongue. They jousted tongues, she sucked his tongue deeply into her mouth and he returned the favor. “Quick learner,” she thought. She felt like she was floating above and watching herself, like in a dream. She pulled away and told him to lie down, which he did right away. His rock hard cock was once again pointing to the sky like a rocket ready for blastoff. She knelt between his legs and proceeded to lower her head, smacking her lips as she watched his face. Once again he looked at her with questioning anticipation and then in one quick move she slid her mouth wetly down his cock as far as it would go. She squeezed her lips together and slowly drew them back up towards the tip. There she used her tongue to run swirl patterns over the exposed head of his dick. After another minute of repeated up and down, expert blow job technique she looked up at Bobby and asked a question, “Have you ever eaten a girl’s pussy?” He shook his head no.

“Would you like to eat my pussy?” He just nodded his head affirmative. “Well, young man, you are going to get your wish.” She turned her body around, swung her right leg over his head and lowered her steaming wet fur-covered cunt directly to his mouth. At first he didn’t do anything, but when she lowered her pungent sex even further, she could feel his tongue make a tentative exploration into her snatch. She wiggled her ass to confirm for him the correctness of what he was doing and he responded with more vigorous darting motions. Mostly he stuck his tongue in and out of her fuck-hole, as though his tongue was a mini-cock. It felt really good to Jenny, but she wanted her whole pussy to get a tonguing from this horny boy so she wiggled her pussy lower to cover his nose with her hole. She hoped he would be smart enough to breathe out of his mouth, because she didn’t really want to smother him. He gulped in a big breath and then started running his tongue around her clit. “Ah, yes, he found it,” she thought. Grateful that his tongue had now zeroed in on her clit she quickly jerked and wiggled her approval. He kept up his tonguing, pressing hard on her engorged clit and pushing it from side to side with the pressure.

Once he had begun to focus on her clit, she lifted her ass up just a little bit to allow him more freedom of movement with his head. Now she began to return the favor: sixty-nine on the public beach. Her mouth went down for the second time over his seven-inch dick. She didn’t deep throat the whole thing like Rose had, but she sucked it down as far in her mouth as she could, nearly four inches, and sucked it hard and long with varying speed. Sometimes she slowed down and sucked deeply. Other times she would piston up and down as fast as she could. All the time Bobby was learning quickly about cunt-licking. It was working very well. Jenny could feel her groin surging with pleasure. She began quick forward and back grinding motions with her cunt. Pressing down on his face, forcing his nose far up her snatch, rocking from side to side, she was letting him know how much she liked what he was doing. She rose up for a moment and then plopped her juicy twat right back down with perfect aim. His tongue met her clit and then he used his lips to suck it into his mouth and roll it around. Her groaning and the increased pace of her grinding sent news of her impending orgasm to everyone. Wham! The earth moved. It was as if an earthquake had erupted deep inside and shot jets of pleasure to all parts of her body. She shook and lost control. She had to quit sucking his cock because she couldn’t concentrate. Her orgasm continued for a full minute as she continued to ride Bobby’s face.

When the jolts of lightning faded away she raised her ass from his face and turned to look at him. He still had that tentative smile, but this time it was glistening with copious amounts of her cunt juice. “Did you like that?” she asked. Once again, without saying a word, he just nodded. Joy of Joy. Jenny looked down and turned her attention back to that wonderful cock. “Maybe,” she was thinking, “Sue squeezing that first load of cum from his loins with her impressive titty-fuck was a good omen for me. He is still hard and shows no signs of losing it. Thanks Sue.”

She didn’t bother to survey the beach. Her mind was exclusively right here on this blanket. The ‘outside world’ didn’t matter. Lynn, Sue, and Rose had sat quietly watching with fascination as Jenny finished off her orgasm by fucking Bobby’s face. They were as turned on now as before, but they just watched Jenny. She repositioned her body, swinging her left leg across Bobby’s torso. She was now astride his lower tummy and she began rubbing her cunt up and down. She leaned forward and Bobby could feel the thick womanly forest of pubic hair scratching his belly. She continued for about a minute, staring directly into his eyes. Finally realizing his position and losing just a bit of the tentativeness of earlier, he stared directly back at her. Both sets of eyes burned right through to the soul of the other with their desire. Jenny had just had an orgasm, but she wasn’t done.

Not with such a hunk of meat still at full mast right behind her ass. Without removing her smoldering eyes from his, she reached back and grabbed his cock. Raising her body she inched backward until she could guide the tip of his cock up to her gaping hole. She rubbed the tip of his cock all around her lips and then spent several moments rubbing her clit with his cock-head. Bobby’s stare burned with passionate heat right in to Jenny. Wiggling her ass into perfect alignment she slid down his cock all the way. Bobby let out a loud gasp of pleasure and shut his eyes to concentrate on the incredible feeling. It was a feeling he had never felt before. He was a virgin. Here he was, his manly sized cock impaling one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and to top it off, three more gorgeous sex-hungry women surrounded him. He was in heaven.

Jenny relished the moment. Here she was, a happily married woman fucking a totally hot young stud, surrounded by her friends and she was in total control. After a few quick up and down motions, trying to get him to match her thrusts with his, she succeeded. They got a little rhythm going and she could feel his cock ride deeply up inside her, even to the point of it ramming home against her cervix. His cock was a little longer than average, and she was smoldering at the thought of him cumming deep inside her. But even in her lust, she kept up her creative thinking. Here were three gorgeous women, and they were just watching. Here was the boy, hands free, mouth free just lying there, enjoying the fucking Jenny provided. Jenny spoke, “Girls, why are you letting this boy just lie there unattended. I think between his two hands and his mouth that three more pussies could see some action. Stud here, I think, wouldn’t mind a bit getting the rest of his body in gear. Lynn, get over there and sit on his face. Rose and Sue, swing your bodies around to face the other way so he can reach your cunts. Roll onto your stomach and raise your ass off the ground and that will give him a ‘straight shot’ to your cunts. Come on now, do it!”

With their lust on continued high alert, and with such a practical suggestion from Jenny, they quickly moved to comply. Lynn hopped up over Bobby’s head, facing Jenny and lowered her steaming blonde snatch directly onto his nose. Wasting no time she immediately began vigorous humping. He barely had to move his tongue. He just stuck it out and she did all the work. Rocking back and forth. Grinding down deeply. Shaking from side to side. His tongue just kept finding pleasure spots all over her pussy. Rose and Sue were also quick to rearrange themselves and to find Bobby’s hands, now in use for the first time, exploring their womanhood.

Bobby had just gone to pussy heaven. Jenny’s wonderful slippery cunt was riding up and down on his pole. Lynn was forcefully fucking his face with her blonde cunt. He was exploring the depths of two other pussies with his hands. His friends would never believe him if he told them. It was hard for Bobby to focus his attention. There were just too many pussies. Luckily for him, both Jenny and Lynn were doing the fucking and so he just tried to work on Sue and Rose’s pussies with equal vigor. He first would stick one finger deep inside, guided up their slippery slews by instinct. He would withdraw and run his fingers all around their wet hairy snatches. He marveled at their hairy bushes and ran his fingers through and through before returning to poke some more deeply into their holes. He wiggled his index fingers around causing them to shudder and wiggle back against his hand. He realized they each could absorb more, so he used his first two fingers and inserted them deeply, clear up to his knuckles.

With amazing coordination, the five began coordinating their grunts, their groans, their movements. The rookie boy and the four experienced women were coasting along , merging their motions, and their souls almost as a single unit. Lynn and Jenny took their facing positions as opportunity and leaned in to each other and shared wet sloppy kisses. Their hands found each other’s nipples and pulled, squeezed, twisted, and otherwise excited each other. Jenny certainly had a head start on her orgasm compared to the other three, but they quickly caught up. They turned in to one giant throbbing, probing, licking, grinding, fucking, quivering mass of flesh. Jenny loved the feeling. She was in ecstasy and she had drawn four other people in with her. Bobby’s motions became more and more in tune with the women.

It was as if they were being perfectly groomed for their impending orgasms. Lynn felt her cunt twitch in anticipation and she moaned out loud. Sue felt Bobby squeeze her thick labia and after discovering the size of her clit and gave it a real intensive rubbing motion, causing an involuntary shudder. Rose loved it when Bobby removed two fingers and probed back inside deeply, this time with three fingers. She was feeling very full and loving it. Jenny had started grinding her cunt down as hard as she could onto Bobby’s groin. She could feel her clit rubbing through his pubic hair, sending sparks radiating from her body. Bobby could feel the pressure welling up in his balls, the wonderful new wet slippery cunt grinding down on his rigid pole, courtesy of Jenny, was carrying him quickly to the edge. Jenny became more vocal. She cried out, she grunted, groaned, purred, growled, and led the others into their own heightened state of pleasure. While most orgasms are involuntary, Jenny let out a howl and slammed into an even more powerful orgasm than she had had earlier. This caused all the others to follow suit. Lynn, Rose, and Sue each screamed out their immense pleasure.

Bobby couldn’t scream, due to Lynn’s cunt smashing into his face, but his orgasm shot through his body like a race car. He pumped as hard as he could up against Jenny’s equally aggressive humping down onto his cock. He began shooting cum deeply into her womb. He came and came and came. Jenny continued grinding and cumming for nearly two minutes, as did the other three women. Sue and Rose had powerful orgasms of their own. It ended slowly. Their bodies limp from pleasure and exertion, they slowly extricated themselves from each other’s bodies. Lynn gave Jenny a sweet kiss before swinging her perfect blonde bush off of Bobby’s face. Lynn and Rose fell flat to the blanket as Bobby’s fingers let go. Jenny remained seated like a queen on her throne as Bobby continued to make slow gentle pushes into her, even as his cock began to slowly wilt away its erection. She relished the feeling of sexual power she had just used. Maybe the others hadn’t been thinking about it, but she felt like she had controlled and manipulated the others to her will. That feeling was exciting as hell. Almost as exciting as the orgasm she had so recently finished. As she sat there feeling his cock shrivel inside her, she had the wits to look around. In both directions up the beach, she could see people looking their way. “Must have put on quite a show for them,” she thought.

The afternoon was getting late, the sun was dropping towards the lake, and it was time to go. “Girls, I think we have just lived our most daring sexual moments of our lives. We have probably given young stud here the best sex he’ll ever have. I hope he doesn’t expect sex like this from his girlfriends or he’ll be in for a real rude awakening. Why don’t we each give him a kiss of thanks and send him on his way and we can put our suits back on, take a quick swim, and head back. Ok?”

Bobby wished the afternoon could have lasted forever, but alas, it was over. Each woman pulled her suit back on, as did he. They each gave him a nice full kiss and said goodbye. He walked back down the beach and they just watched him walk. They took that quick swim, ate a little from their snacks, packed up and went back to the hotel. The ride back they chatted over and over about their escapades. They talked about the ‘dares’ that they had taken. They talked about how lucky they were they hadn’t been arrested. After all, the beach was public and there were people watching.

No children were watching, thankfully, but they still felt lucky that no one called the cops, what with the ease of cell phones. Lynn asked Jenny how she knew about the boy and how she knew they would go along with her mock-pretending story about what they might do to a boy IF they had one. Jenny just told them what happened and that she took a chance and it worked out just as she had hoped. She even thanked Sue for making him cum with her titty-fuck, because it left him harder longer when she finally got around to fucking him. She told them how glorious he felt inside her. She admitted it had been the best fuck of her life. Similar sentiments came from Lynn, Sue, and Rose too. When the girls asked Rose how she learned to deep throat she told them that she had never done it before and that they got to watch her do it the first time. They were impressed. None of them had ever taken cock seven inches deep in their mouths. It was evening by the time they got back to the hotel. They showered, went down to the restaurant dinner and returned up to their room. They felt rejuvenated and sexy after their good time in the afternoon.

Chapter 20

Round 3-1

Sue had called for the tit-fight and now it was time for one of the others to propose the challenge they would engage in. The name pulled out of the hat this time was Lynn. Lynn had put her competitive spirit on hold for the afternoon but it was back in full force tonight. She assuredly wanted to show these women that she was the best one of them at sex and so she chose a challenge she thought she stood a good chance of picking up all three points. She was sure she could bring every other woman to orgasm with her mouth better than they could her. She had always felt a lot of control when it came to cumming and she expected that would be to her advantage. She spoke up, “I don’t think any of you can compete with me in the event I propose, I am confident of winning three more points. I propose that we fight to see who can stimulate to orgasm the other woman, using only our mouths for stimulation. We can wrestle, we can throw each other around, we can be a little bit rough, no punching, scratching, biting, etc, but when we attack each other’s sex organs we must use only our mouth and tongue. First lady to orgasm loses. Agree?” Since they each had just witnessed several climaxes apiece, and since they were each quite proud of their own prowess with their mouth, and since they didn’t really have a choice anyway, they agreed to the rules. Next would be the roll of the dice to see which pair would begin the third round robin event. They rolled the die and number four showed on the top face. This meant the order of fights would be as follows: 1) Sue v Rose, 2) Rose v Lynn, 3) Suz v Jenny, 4) Suz v Lynn, 5) Jenny v Rose, and finally 6) Lynn v Jenny. The women couldn’t wait to get started. They made sure the room was opened up so that any wrestling wouldn’t likely result in injury. They tossed extra pillows around the room and moved the furniture as much out of the way as possible. They were ready to go.

Sue and Rose went to the center of the room, still dressed in casual clothes from dinner. They kicked their shoes off. Obviously, if either were going to have an orgasm they would need to get out of those clothes. Lynn spoke from the sidelines, “Why don’t you begin by taking each other’s clothes off?” “Good idea.” Said Rose. She sauntered up to Sue, put her arms around her and proceeded to give her a big kiss. This kiss was not a reenactment of their competitive kiss two days before. This kiss was designed to generate as much sexual excitement in her partner as possible. Mashing their mouths together they began unbuttoning each other’s top. Sue finished first and pulled the shirt back as Rose allowed her the privilege of pulling it off and tossing it aside. Rose got Sue’s shirt unbuttoned and opened in the front and immediately dropped her head from Sue’s mouth to her chest. Sue still had her bra on, but with plenty of her breast exposed, Rose began kissing all over the exposed cleavage. She kept Sue’s top around her arms and then without removing the shirt, reached around behind her, under the top to begin unclasping her bra. Her expert fingers accomplished the job in a few seconds and Sue’s bra slid away from her tits. Sue was allowing Rose pretty much full access to her and when Rose began kissing Sue’s nipples, she just pushed them forward into Rose’s mouth. Sue meanwhile had successfully reached around Rose and undid the four clasps of Rose’s 38D bra. She tossed it aside. Sue, being sexually excited was looking forward to a fair fight. She was actually looking forward to sharing beaver munches with Rose. Rose was not thinking about ‘fair play.’ With Sue’s bra and shirt still around her top, Rose, lips still sucking Sue’s left nipple pushed her right leg around behind Sue’s left leg and she leaned forward pushing and tripping Sue. She fell backward, her fall absorbed by a couple of strategically placed pillows. Rose was on top and she immediately tried to roll Sue over. Sue, still stunned by the quick fall, couldn’t stop her. With both her arms at her sides and her shirt still on, Rose tried to pull Sue’s hands behind her back and with a quick move bind them up by wrapping the loose bra around her wrists. Sue struggled against the agile Rose, but could only delay Rose’s successful knot. Sue’s shirt was still around her upper arms, and her wrists were bound up tightly by her own bra. Rose sat up and watched Sue struggle and try to break free of the binding garment, but no apparent slippage occurred. Sue was shouting filthy things at Rose, telling her she was a dirty cunt and that she would get her back for what she had done. Rose was unmoved and proceeded to turn Sue over on her back and using her arms to hold one of Sue’s legs and another arm around her neck, thus preventing Sue from using any leg leverage to roll back over, began sucking on Sue’s nipples again. Sue continued her verbal sniping at Rose but it didn’t slow down Rose. She sucked on the left tit for about 5 minutes and then switched over to the right. Her sucking began to affect Sue. She still struggled to try to break the bonds but she also watched as her nipples grew to full erection under Rose’s sucking and tonguing. After five minutes of sucking Rose began to undo the top of Sue’s pants and pull them down. This set Sue off. She twisted, squirmed, kicked, rolled, and shouted, “You fucking bitch, you will regret you ever tried such a dirty trick. I’ll get out of this and turn you inside out, you cunt.” With much effort Rose was able to get Sue’s pants off and soon followed by removing her panties as well. Desperate to avoid being dominated, Sue pulled as hard as she could on her bra-restraint. The tight knot from before had become looser and with one final pull, she extricated her arms from their bondage. Just as Rose pulled Sue’s panties off she saw Sue’s arms break free. She leapt up to lay on top of her to try to keep her in some semblance of submission, but even with her shirt not completely off, Sue was able to get her hands around Rose’s waist and roll her over. She jumped up and quickly removed her shirt to become totally naked. Rose was on her feet in a flash to confront her. Rose still had on her pants and panties. Sue screamed at Rose, “I’m going to make you regret you ever laid your hands on me, girl. Now that I am untied, I’ll bet you’re not woman enough to even things up and fight me naked. If you were a REAL woman and weren’t afraid of a fair fight, you’d take those clothes off right now. I dare you!” Rose responded confidently, “Have it your way, bitch. I’ll make you cum any way you please. My mouth has already turned your nipples into excited little daggers. There is no way you can compete with me. I’ll have you begging me to quit before this is over.” With that, she undid her belt and slid her pants down to the floor and tossed them aside. Next, in a sexy undulating, make-a-stripper-proud move, she slid her panties down to the floor and kicked them up at Sue, barely missing her head. She stood there erect, breasts pointing straight forward, their mass seeming to defy gravity by showing no sag at all. “You know you want my body, but you can’t have it! I’ll be the one forcing you to lose all control. Now get ready to meet the better woman.”

Sue was still fuming angry at the dirty trick Rose had tried. She took a single step straight towards her in defiance and spoke up one more time, “There is no way a cunt like you could ever defeat me in a fair woman to woman sexfight. I am the one you want, and I am the one you are going to get, just not in the way you dream of. I’ll be all over you. My mouth and tongue will have you inside out and if you don’t get over here right now and kiss me, then we will all know what a pussy you are. I said get over here and kiss me, bitch!”

“You better be prepared Sue. You just might get what you asked for.” She took the next big step and the two women were now toe-to-toe and tit-to-tit. Their spoken words had definitely fueled the flames of anger between them, but neither lost track of their objective. Outright sexual domination was the goal. They each just had to figure out how to arrive at a point where they could use their mouths to perform the coup-de-grace. They leaped into each other’s arms and mashed their mouths together in a heated kiss. They plastered their bodies together, each sensing that the more stimulation they could generate in the other would give them the best chance of victory. Legs wrestled against each other for positional advantage. Pubic bones and hair mashed together, seeking to mutually excite. Breasts were compressed to distorted remnants of their shape just moments before. Their mouths, yes their mouths were busy trying to generate as much opposing passion as they could. Each was fully aware that their actions brought risk to themselves. Rose could feel the change in her loins as she pushed against Sue and as Sue’s tongue invaded her mouth, running circles around her own tongue. Sue felt her head begin to lighten as if she was swooning over a big rock star at a concert in her younger days. Her pussy was seeking to push against Rose’s almost as much of its own accord as for its owner’s motives. Sue now used her powerful skiers legs to push against Rose in an attempt to throw her off balance, hoping to gain a dominant position on the floor. \

Still locked in an embrace, the women landed on the floor, Sue on top of Rose. They landed quite hard, knocking the wind out of Rose. Sue was unaware at first of the damage done and she continued to grind her full body against Rose’s, still mashing her mouth against Rose’s. When in a few seconds she realized Rose wasn’t actively kissing back she decided to go for some beaver munching. She quickly slid down Rose’s body, and with Rose trying to regain her breath, she parted Rose’s legs and quickly positioned her mouth directly on Rose’s hairy cunt. She began kissing and licking that cunt with wild abandon, trying to generate as much sexual desire as possible before Rose got her wind back. Rose tried to resist with her legs in a squeezing motion against the sides of Sue’s body, but she didn’t have the strength without her breath. Gasping for air, Rose knew she would have to act quickly to recover from her current deficit position. She was feeling the effects of Sue’s knowledgeable tonguing. Sue ran her tongue up and down both sides of Rose’s pink labia. She followed the contours of her pussy around and around in a big oval loop.

When she reached the top she would bite on the thick auburn hairs at the very top of her pussy cleft and pull them upward. She pulled hard, causing Rose much pain. Sue was hoping a combination of pleasure and pain would keep Rose from retaliating. She assumed Rose would mount a counter attack of some sort whenever she got her breath back, but she wasted no time trying to take advantage of the current state of affairs. After her hair pulling with the teeth she darted back down to stick her tongue as far up Rose’s cunt hole as she could. She had the labia parted widely with her fingers (hope that wasn’t breaking any rules) and literally fucked Rose with repeated and forceful motion of her tongue. All this happened in about 90 seconds before Rose regained enough of her breath to mount a challenge to Sue’s cunnilingus advantage. All the while she was recuperating, all she could think about was regaining her breath. She wasn’t able to plan any retaliatory strategy. So even after her breath returned she didn’t execute any counter attacks. The one good thing was it felt really good to have Sue’s mouth buried deep in her pussy. It was definitely an exquisite feeling. She just lay there for nearly another minute more while Sue continued her oral attack unabated. Rose knew some body rearrangement would be necessary if she were to catch up and make a cum from behind victory.

With Sue’s mouth and face buried so deeply in her snatch, Rose knew she had to come up for breaths occasionally, and when she did, Rose would be ready. Sue meanwhile could tell her oral ministrations were having an effect, since the liquid she was licking up was becoming more significant. What had started as a pretty dry pussy was now flowing quite liberally. Even though she had that single sorority fling with a cute little coed about 15 years before, this was the first time in all that time she had actually eaten another woman’s pussy. She admitted to herself she liked it. If it weren’t for this competitive thing she might even wish to eat pussy just for fun. She wasn’t thinking about what Rose might try. She was just enjoying the present advantage when, as she raised her face to catch a breath, Rose brought her legs up straight to the sky and squeezed her upper thighs hard around Sue’s head. It hurt like hell, and Rose quickly locked her legs at the ankles to try to keep the pressure on. Sue tried to pry those strong thighs from around her head.

The pain was intense, but she couldn’t budge those legs. The problem for Rose was that even though she had Sue’s mouth a short distance away from her pussy, she was nowhere near to returning the favor. She knew she would have to have some sort of follow-up move if she wanted to get back on the offensive. Her breath had totally returned and she was feeling strong, but she couldn’t keep squeezing Sue’s head indefinitely. She started rocking her legs from side to side to try to get some momentum, and then with a quick push swung over 180 degrees. To keep her head from twisting off, Sue followed suit to find herself face first on the floor with her head cocked sideways and Rose’s powerful legs still wrapped around her head in a tight noose. From this position Rose saw a chance. It meant letting her head go and making a quick move. She let go and quickly tried to reverse her body as Sue herself recovered. She leaped towards Sue’s ass and tried to swing her legs around and away from Sue’s arms, but she was just a little too slow. She got a good grip on one of Sue’s legs, around her thigh, but Sue had managed to grab Rose’s right leg before it got out of her reach. The women scrambled around on the floor, each trying to gain a better hold of the other’s leg. Sue had managed to get her arms locked around Rose’s upper thigh just as Rose’s were around hers. They found themselves in a stalemate of sorts, each spending quite a bit of energy trying to push for some sort of advantage.

Rose quit trying to scoot along the floor seeking advantage and did a quick roll to get on top of Sue. In doing so she had to spread her legs very wide for leverage, but she managed to get on top of Sue. Quickly she let go of the one leg she held and wrapped her arms all the way around Sue’s hips. Sue now had better use of her legs and quickly tried to roll over again. In doing that move her grip came off of Rose’s right leg and Rose quickly used it to lift off the floor as Sue rolled over underneath her. When Sue rolled as far as her back Rose quickly dropped down on top of her. Here they were. After all that wrestling and maneuvering they found themselves in perfect 69 position. Rose was on top and instantly planted her mouth on Sue’s pussy. Sue was only an instant behind, finding herself pointing the other direction but still able to delve deeply into Rose’s cunt with her probing tongue. There was no tactical advantage for either woman now. They had both gone through different things to get to this stage, but now it appeared that defensive moves were over and whichever woman could mount the best oral offensive would win. The tonguing and licking they shared were fast and furious at first for both women. As the minutes ticked by they slowed their pace down for two reasons. First, their tongues were tired, and second, they each wanted to concentrate on the physical responses to their actions to try to better gauge which exact technique might rip her opponent into orgasm.

“You’ll never make me cum if that’s the best you can do,” Sue managed to say between deep insertions of her tongue inside Rose’s slimy slew. “Fuck you, you’ve never had a licking so good, and your tongue acts like it just learned what a real woman tastes like. You can’t get enough of my beautiful pussy, but it won’t do you any good because you are gonna eat your words.”

With that exchange they both resumed their vigorous pussy eating contest. Rose by now had discovered Sue’s big clit and began sucking it into her mouth and running her tongue all around it. She pushed against it from the front, from both sides, from the top and then sucked it back in some more. Sue lowered her face a little and stuck her nose straight into Rose’s snatch. She loved the pungent odor and was beginning to feel more excited by the moment. Slow waves of pleasure were radiating out from her clit. “God, I love what she is doing to me!” Sue thought. She began to wiggle her ass, the first sign of losing control. Rose instantly noticed but found herself uncontrollably beginning to hump back against Sue’s invasive nose. Rose loved having her clitty sucked and so far Sue had given it only passing attention. Rose hoped Sue wouldn’t switch gears and begin munching on her clit. Rose continued her slobbering attack on Sue’s very wet cunt. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and tried to inhale the entire pussy into her mouth. She was aware that she was very close to orgasm and she tried desperately to stimulate the grinding pussy underneath her into an orgasm of its own.

They were climbing the mountain of pleasure together, Sue fucking Rose’s hole with her nose and Rose trying to inhale Sue’s beautiful pussy. They were each now moaning, pushing back against the invader, grinding deeply as their instinctive nature was begging each of them for release. Sue pulled her nose out of Rose’s vagina and clamped down on her clit with her teeth. A soft gentle clamp, but one that came as a compete surprise to Rose, sending another rolling wave of pleasure through her clit. Then when Sue sucked that engorged clit into her mouth and tongued it as vigorously as she could Rose lifted off. It was like a Space Shuttle launch. Sparks and flames and fire exploded out away from her clit, reaching every corner of her body. She knew Sue was close behind and she tried to will the orgasm out of her as she herself was exploding into ecstasy. Sue maintained her will for about a minute before she rolled Rose off saying, “That’s what you get cunt. No way are you a better woman than me. I’ll out-tongue you any day, but you know what? I’m not done here.” With that she rolled the recovering Rose over on her back, climbed up onto her face and began riding her face with wild abandon. “Eat me. Eat me. Eat me.” Rose, still lost in her sexual abandon, complied. It only took a couple of minutes, but with Rose munching on Sue’s cunt with almost as much enthusiasm as she had before, Sue recoiled in her own powerful orgasm. She ground her cunt down so hard onto Rose’s face that Rose almost passed out from lack of oxygen, but as Sue’s orgasm subsided she got up and strutted around the room with the proud march of an army in victory. She was thrilled to have beaten Rose, especially since Rose had chosen to use less than fair tactics at the beginning of the fight. She turned and spoke to Lynn, who was next up in her match against the victim lying on the floor, “better watch out for this bitch. She fights dirty. But it didn’t matter to me. I showed her who the best oral woman is. ITS ME!”

Chapter 21
Round 3-2

Waiting an hour provided Rose time to recover and freshen up for her match that was set to follow with Lynn. Winning Sue freshened herself too and continued acting like she was the queen of the world for overcoming her dismal start to whip Rose in the first oral sexfight. Lynn had seen all that happened and she thought that Rose had cheated and that she probably would do so again if given the chance. Lynn was supremely confident that she would be able to out-duel Rose with her own tongue, after seeing Sue draw a powerful orgasm from Rose with her mouth. When it was time to begin and Sue and Jenny had taken their respective seats, Lynn walked out to the middle of the room, and with a naked Rose watching, took her clothes off and tossed them aside. Here it was: blonde vs redhead, C-cup vs D-cup, 37 vs 27. Two proud women stood eyeing each other. Rose didn’t seem the least affected by her failing to win against Sue, and she strode confidently to within four feet of Lynn. Then the battle of words began. Lynn spoke first, “Alright sleazy one, are you ready to go down for the second time? I’m about to split you wide open and give you the fastest mouth fucking you have ever had. I’ll have you crying and begging me to stop before Sue over there has even cooled off.”

Rose arched her shoulders back to force her already large tits forward towards Lynn and then retorted, “Not a chance, young hussy bitch. You don’t stand a chance against a real woman like me. I can already see you aching to get to my body, but messing with me will be your worst nightmare.”

With that they began circling each other in cat-like crouches. Breasts swayed from side to side as they feinted one way and then the other. Legs kept moving from side to side as they narrowed the distance between them. Both pairs of arms leaped forward and grabbed the other by the elbows. They began jerking and pushing, trying to throw the other woman off balance. Lynn quickly let go of Rose’s elbows, dropped low and dove at Rose’s legs. Rose let go of Lynn’s arms and tried to leap backward with both feet, but her left leg was too far forward and Lynn grabbed it with both hands and lifted. (Her brother use to be a high school wrestler, and she had watched that move many times at his meets.) Rose lost her balance and fell backwards. Lynn was on top of her like a cat. She leaped directly on top of Rose, wrapping her legs around Rose’s upper legs and grabbing Rose’s arms in a very swift move. Rose bucked and kicked and arched her back trying to unseat Lynn, but Lynn maintained control. Lynn found her naked body pressing down as hard as she could on Rose.

Her crotch was right on top of Rose’s thickly furred mound and her breasts were trying to make pancakes of Rose’s D-cup tits. No luck there. Rose’s tits and nipples were objecting to Lynn’s invasion and were poking back, sparking the same wonderful feelings they had shared in their earlier titfight. Lynn began to kiss Rose full on the lips. Rose tried to keep her mouth closed to the invading tongue, but after a minute she tired of the effort and allowed Lynn access to the inside of her mouth. Lynn worked hard to establish tongue dominance, pushing and grinding against Rose’s tongue, usually within the confines of Rose’s mouth. She knew that orgasmic control would likely go to the one who had established dominance. In this position she was definitely dominant. If it had been a wrestling match, Rose would have been pinned minutes ago, lying flat on her back and Lynn riding on top of her.

What Lynn hadn’t counted on was the position of her pussy. To wrap her legs around Rose she had to open up her legs to ‘put the squeeze on’ Rose’s hips and legs. This caused her cunt to open up considerably. Lips splayed out to the side. Wet juice leaking out and dripping down into the thick fur of Rose’s equally lubricated cunt. Lynn’s clit was distinctly free of the protection of her parted labia. The struggle to maintain the upper position wasn’t as intense as in the first seconds of her take-down, but it still continued as Rose tried to roll away or bounce Lynn from her perch. That bouncing motion was setting off Lynn’s clit in joyous pleasure. Rose’s lush patch was literally fucking Lynn’s cunt. Lynn new she had control, for now, but she also knew the stirrings would grow stronger and stronger unless she changed position. In fact Rose was quite aware of the vulnerability of Lynn’s pussy and she reached around with her arms to pull Lynn’s ass hard into her every time she lurched upward, thereby increasing the friction and force on Lynn’s clit. Even though Lynn was on top and winning the kiss fight, Rose felt she had an advantage with the position of her bush grinding into Lynn’s clit.

Lynn abruptly ended her kiss attack and swung her right leg out from under Rose and splayed it wide for support, grabbed Rose’s right shoulder and tried to swing her over on to her stomach. Rose resisted and with the intense effort they stalemated in mid-move. The intense muscle effort could not be maintained and Lynn lurched across Rose’s body cross-wise and grabbed her right leg with her left arm and pulled it up while simultaneously trying to wrap her right arm around Rose’s head.

The move required her to push back with her right leg and Rose managed to hook it with her left arm and pull towards her. They were both in very awkward positions. No real control existed for either woman. Lynn couldn’t keep her right arm around Rose’s head as Rose pushed hard with her leg to pull Lynn’s left arm down and away. Lynn was forced to decide which she wanted to keep hold of and she chose the leg. Rose took this opportunity to roll over on to her stomach and even managed to work up to a position on her hands and knees, one arm wrapped around Lynn’s right leg, and her own right leg in the grip of Lynn, who was facing the opposite way. Once again, stalemate. Rose tried to move quickly to her right to try to grab Lynn’s other leg, but Lynn was quick and moved clockwise just as fast to avoid it. Both women felt the futility of their current position and almost by some unspoken agreement they let go of each other’s leg and slid their bodies backwards until, still on hands and knees they faced each other again. Both rose to stand on knees facing each other and inched forward.

This time they let their tits come together first, and like before began a nipple duel. Both knew this could only last so long, but it was a pleasant interlude from the exertions of their wrestling. For nearly five minutes they jousted nipples against each other, this time though they were far more intent on sexual stimulation than in their titfight. Since both had long nipples, they often would slide their nipples alongside the others. Full length nipple friction excited both women. They eventually began a rhythmic motion that kept their nipples riding side by side touching in both forward and backward directions. Nipple fucking is what it looked like. Rose’s inch-long cherry red nips doing the nasty dance with Lynn’s 3/4″ dark pink nipples. The electricity between them was growing and again, without a word being spoken they stopped, each lay on their left side, aligning their heads even with the others’ breasts.

Mouths went to work. Rose began running her tongue around Lynn’s pointy right nipple while Lynn did the same to her. Rose pulled that precious tit-topper into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. She sucked it deep. She opened her mouth wide and tried to inhale as much of Lynn’s tit as she could. She managed to get quite a bit of it inside. She held it there as long as she could and then she began the mouth magic on Lynn’s other breast. Lynn was equally busy licking, sucking, and teasing Rose’s long nipples. Lynn was actually surprised at how much she liked this. Titty sucking was lots of fun, especially when her own titties were getting royal treatment. Lynn began realizing the horniness she felt and as she began to think about her own pleasure, Rose made a deep moan, indicating to Lynn that she too, was affected. Sensing the need to get Rose moving towards an orgasm, Lynn quickly rolled Rose onto her back and crawled over her to seek Rose’s cunt for her tongue. Rose would not oblige by opening her legs and with a quick move of her own she rolled Lynn onto her back and swung away and around behind Lynn.

Rose dropped into place with her face buried in Lynn’s blonde pubic hair and her arms wrapped tightly around Lynn’s hips. Lynn’s legs were closed but Rose began licking and poking with her tongue into that soft blonde patch, diving as deeply into the cleft as Lynn’s tightly closed legs would allow. Lynn tried rolling over, but Rose’s tight grip allowed her to roll right with her and keep poking her tongue down into that fragrant patch. She could taste the juices of Lynn’s cunt that were seeping out onto her lips. Forcing her face and mouth as deeply as she could she reached in with her tongue far enough to feel the slick shaved lips. Forcing down, forcing down, she kept up the pressure of her face and tongue, licking at the uppermost region of Lynn’s pretty pink slit. By continuing the pressure and the tonguing action Lynn began to give way. Her upper legs relaxed a little, allowing more direct access to her pussy from Rose’s tongue. Rose dove right in. At each further relaxation of Lynn’s leg, Rose dove deeper. After a minute of this, and sensing that Lynn wasn’t going to squash her head, Rose took her hands from around Lynn’s hips and used them to pry her legs even farther apart. Now she had total access to Lynn’s parted pussy lips.

With wild abandon she began sucking every part of Lynn’s pussy into her mouth. First she drew in deeply the left labia, then the right, then her clit. She pulled the flaps inside her mouth, stretched them out and did it again. Rose was having a great time now, so much so in fact that she could feel her womanly need rising again in her crotch. Being on top she felt she was in control and she knew Lynn was wantonly accepting the tonguing she was getting, so Rose thought she could afford to get a little for herself and she threw her right leg up over Lynn’s head and lowered her highly aromatic pussy down towards Lynn’s face. Lynn, in her condition, relished the chance to do a little tonguing of her own. She too set about with wild abandon to give Rose the best ‘eating’ of her life. The sex rivalry was in full swing now! Just as in the first match, Rose was 69ing for all she was worth trying to prove she was the better oral lover. She had a head start, but Lynn was catching up. Rose could feel her loins tensing. She would slide her cunt up and down over Lynn’s pretty face. She would nestle her thick furry lips around Lynn’s nose and push back hard to try to get her nose deep into her cleft. Of course, Lynn too was rocking away at Rose. Lynn knew she had some staying power left.

Even though she was horny as could be, she thought her orgasm was at least five minutes away and so she started to do some gentle teasing of Rose’s clit. She licked around its circumference several times. Then she used the tip of her tongue to push it back as though trying to push it inside Rose. She licked it in up and down motions. She could tell by Rose’s moans that she was pushing her towards orgasm as well. She bit gently on Rose’s clit with her teeth. She pulled it out in a stretching and then re-attacked it with her tongue. Having noticed Rosemary’s fucking her nose, Lynn thought that a double action would probably put Rose over the edge. She lined up her nose with Rose’s very wet pussy and her tongue with her fully engorged clit and proceeded to use both. Burying her nose as deeply into Rose’s pussy as she could and swirling her tongue as vigorously around her clit as possible she was aiming for a home run. Rose was busy down in Lynn’s juicy cunt too. As Rose felt the pace of her impending orgasm begin to quicken, she decided to pull out her last trick. As both women were grinding against the other’s faces, both racing the other,

Rose in her last ounce of willpower, pulled slightly away from Lynn and lowered her head even further towards the floor and in one quick stroke stuck her tongue inside Lynn’s ass hole. Lynn, thinking she had at least a couple of more minutes before she would lose control was completely surprised. Her anus was exceptionally erogenous and Rose had found it! Wham! She instantly felt a quickening of her orgasmic pace. She tried to reach up farther with her head and tongue-fuck Rose, but her orgasm was overtaking her. She let out a cry of anguish and pleasure, “Oh yes! Oh yes! Lick my ass! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She shivered and shook for 45 seconds in the throes of her orgasm, and just as she came down she felt Rose’s cunt slam back down on her face.

Rose now went after her own orgasm with a vengeance. She literally fucked Lynn’s face for the next two minutes. She rubbed every which way, smearing her love juices all over Lynn’s face and hair. Lynn cooperated fully, enjoying it even. Rose grunted right through her orgasm, “Unghhh, ungghhh, uhhh, oooh, uummm.” Not exactly Shakespeare, but very true to her feelings. She slowed her face-fucking after about a minute and then slowly sat up and slid her pussy downward across Lynn’s face and chest, spending a long moment rubbing her soaked pussy across Lynn’s thick pointy nipples. She wiggled down onto each one and then fell off to lay on the floor. Both women’s faces were totally shiny with the juices of the other. They lay there spent. Lynn got up first, looking at the other girls and said , “I almost had her you know. I’ll get her next time.”

Rose stood up to and in a mild retort said, “Next time. Same result. I’ve now beaten you three times in a row. And for the lot of you, better take notice, I’ve got five points now and I’m in the lead. There’s no stopping me now. I’m the sexiest woman here and I’m going to keep on proving it.”

Chapter 22
Round 3-3 Sue v Jenny

Next up were the two spectators from last match: Jenny and Sue. Jenny had been watching in her casual clothes since she hadn’t been involved yet in either ‘skirmish.’ After a brief rest and cleanup by Lynn and Rose, Jenny began her verbal bashing of Sue, “You may think you’re hot shit after beating Rose, but believe me, you’ve never felt what a mouth can really do until you’ve felt my hot lips. You won’t be able to handle the tongue fucking I’m about to give you. Just to prove I’m better than you with my tongue I propose that we dispense with the wrestling and get right to the real action. I’ll put my mouth over yours anytime when it comes to eating pussy. What do you say, cunt?”

“Challenge accepted but you have no idea, Jenny. I’ll have you coming in such a fast and furious frenzy that you’ll think you’ve been hit by a freight train. My body is better than yours. My mouth is better than yours. My tongue is better than yours. AND, you are MINE!”

“Tough talk for such a pussy,” retorted Jenny. She speedily got her clothes off and stood in a stare-down with Sue. Lynn and Rose found their places off to the side and settled in to watch. “Side by side we’ll start. Each of us on our own left side.”

Sue, “Fine by me, but I’ll end up on top of you, bitch!” With that they started towards each other, standing straight and tall. Once again the physical similarities of the two women were evident. Both were 5’6″ while Jenny was three pounds heavier. Both were 38C cups with nipples almost exactly the same size. Jenny’s were very light in color, while Sue’s were a much darker brown. They strode up to each other, lining up their nipples once again as if to begin anew their horrible titfight, but this time they silently slithered down onto the floor, and in an unprecedented show of cooperation, pressed their bodies against the other in reverse. Each raised her right leg to allow access to her womanhood. With their left legs out straight and their right cocked up each woman moved her face closer to the other’s pussy. At first only breathing found its way to either crotch, but then Sue spoke up, “I’m looking at what is supposed to be a woman’s pussy, but it sure doesn’t look like much to me. I think its like a little girls pussy.” Without missing a beat Jenny put her two cents worth in, “My pussy can handle itself. Don’t you worry about that, Its this black forested cunt in front of me that is about to find out what a real woman can do, courtesy of me!”

With that they eased their mouths directly into the bushy snatches of the other. Jenny’s pretty face nuzzled its way into Sue’s thick fur and rotated around and around. She used her teeth to grab and pull on Sue’s dark cunt hair. She literally chewed her way down that thick forest to find Sue’s pussy lips already parting slightly. Also already, due to its size, her clit was protruding from between those lips. Jenny knew she would have to utilize the size of that clit productively if she wanted to beat Sue. Of course Jenny knew her own clit was highly sensitive and she hoped Sue hadn’t noticed exactly how that boy had been able to get Jenny’s rocks off so quickly. She was adjusting her position to accommodate Sue, swiveling her hips a little forward so Sue could have complete freedom to use her mouth wherever down there she wished. Sue responded with an accommodating swivel of her own.

Sue began by licking with just the tip of her tongue. She began at the very top of Jenny’s cleft and circumnavigated her labia, down the left and up the right. She followed this elliptical labia licking pattern for fifteen loops, soaking Jenny’s labia with her saliva. The short brown hairs growing along the side of her lips were all matted down. Sue then used her lips to squeeze on the left side of Jenny’s labia, collecting some of those hairs into her mouth. She pulled up and away gently, the lip parting from its mate ever so slightly. Then she used those lips in symmetric fashion on Jenny’s right labia. Pulling with her lips on those short hairs parted Jenny’s labia even more. She had a perfect view of Jenny’s pussy. It was shiny pink, the inner labia visible as they merged upward into Jenny’s lovely bright pink clitoris. Sue knew the size of her own clit and in comparison, Jenny’s was definitely smaller, but it was pronounced and ready for action.

It looked real sweet. But for now, Sue avoided the clit of her rival. She moved her mouth away from the clit, grazing her tongue along her right labia. She breathed in deeply the heady aroma of Jenny’s cunt. It was musky for sure, but sweet, with a touch of fruity smell. She then began gentle tonguing of the tight puckered skin between Jenny’s pussy and her anus. Sue was trying to gauge the reaction of Jenny through body language. Surely their bodies were in total intimate contact and she was sure she could pick up on the ‘vibes’ from Jenny regarding her technique. It was small, but Sue thought she felt a shudder from Jenny when her tongue found that little patch of skin between ass hole and pussy. There were a few little straggly hairs growing there and once again she took them into her mouth with her lips and pulled gently, then a little harder, hoping to garner a response from Jenny. Sure enough, she thought she felt another shudder. She stored that in the back of her head and resumed her tonguing of Jenny’s labia. Jenny’s juices had begun flowing a little more prodigiously. Sue took that as a good sign, since she hadn’t even used her tongue deeply or on Jenny’s clitoris yet.

Meanwhile Jenny, thinking much the same as Sue, had begun her own tongue exploration of Sue’s dark pussy. She rolled her tongue around and just away from Sue’s clit as it poked through her labia. She avoided a direct frontal assault on the menacingly long clitoris. Then she too began parting Sue’s labia lips ever so gently. She didn’t use the hairs growing so ‘up close and personal’ to those lovely lips, but used her tongue to plow them aside, much like a plow out on a farm would furrow new ground. Starting at the top she would insert the tip of her tongue about half an inch and then run it down the side, pressing outward as she went. Three or four times down each labia and she had Sue’s lips splayed outward invitingly. If she had had a cock right now she knew Sue would be aching for it, so she used the next best thing. She dove in with her tongue. She stretched it out to its full length, almost painfully, to stick it deep into Sue’s waiting hole. She swirled it around inside, relishing in the juicy smooth texture and the intricate folds of Sue’s inner walls.

While it certainly wasn’t in the same ball park size-wise as a man’s dick, Sue was definitely feeling like she was getting fucked. Maybe better than cock. Jenny darted her tongue in and out, in and out, in and out, slightly changing directions each time. First she probed towards the top, then each side, then the bottom. She didn’t want any single part of Sue’s pussy anatomy to go un-probed. Except for total depth she succeeded. She kept up this probe-fucking for a few minutes. The texture, the smell, the slipperiness, the taste were all pushing Jenny’s lust higher and higher. Never a bi-sexual she now found ecstasy in the intimacy in Sue’s pussy. As much as she loved it she also knew that Sue was intent on beating her and she didn’t at all feel like losing this munch match to her. She just hoped the control she had shown over Sue in their kiss-fight and tit-fight would continue here.

While Sue had discovered, through Jenny’s shudders, some intimate knowledge of her response, Sue was aware that Jenny was making considerable progress within her own cunt. Wanting whatever advantage she might obtain, Sue chose now to try to roll their bodies together so that she could be in the top, superior position. It worked. Catching Jenny unaware, Sue now found herself with more freedom of movement. Loving the feeling Jenny provided between her own legs, Sue now upped the ante with her own pussy eating technique. Spreading her tongue out wide and long she made long laps up the middle of Jenny’s slit, pressing flesh out to both sides, and inserting deeply into her crevice and then upon reaching the little crown at the top, Jenny’s clit, pressing it smoothly and gently. She repeated this long slow maneuver many times. Each time she gathered more of Jenny’s juices on her tongue and in her own lust, swallowed as much as she could. She noticed Jenny’s hips wiggling as she used her tongue this way.

Jenny pulled her tongue out of the depths of Sue’s pussy and rested her mouth for just a few quick moments. Then she let loose with a full load of saliva that had been building in her mouth and spit all over Sue’s already juicy cunt. Being underneath, much of it dripped back down onto her face, but she did it again, hoping that the nastiness would excite Sue even more. While Sue didn’t let out any moans or shudders, she had all she could do to hide her unexpected pleasure. Sue was getting into this kinky stuff. Now for the first time, Jenny slowly ran her tongue up to and around Sue’s clit, which now was even more pronounced. It was firm and fleshy, protruding from its sheath in proud decoration at the apex of Sue’s precious pussy. Jenny now took the measure of that large clit for the first time with her tongue. She pushed it to the left, then the right, back and forth she explored the firmness and resilience of this little mountain of womanly excitement.

Instantly Sue pushed back with her hips against Jenny’s tongue. Jenny continued to test and tease. Sue’s clitoris felt like a big pencils eraser mounted on shock absorbers. It would get rolled to the left and spring right back up. When she pushed it to the right it would spring back up. When she pulled it down with her lips towards the vagina it would slowly return to form, erect and proud. Jenny was amazed and in love with that perfect majestic clit. The fleshy extensions of Sue’s clit melted smoothly into her inner lips to form a perfect little axe-head shape. Parted at the bottom invitingly for probing and rising to a marvelous apex above. Jenny now focused intently on making love to that clit in the best way she could. She tried to imagine that her clit was like that one and that it too was getting licked magnificently by a wondrous mouth and tongue. “Wait,” she thought, “I am getting licked like that. Its real. Sue is doing me so good I could just come. Woops, can’t let that happen. Got to do something.”

With both women eating their opponent’s cunt with lust and enthusiasm, both feeling the early signs of orgasm. Jenny, still with her wits though, quickly reversed position with Sue. She rolled their locked bodies 180 degrees to place herself on top. She continued her tongue assault on the big clit under her mouth. Risking much she also began wiggling her hips vigorously, rubbing her pussy all over Sue’s face. Jenny knew she couldn’t last a lot longer but with Sue now just trying to match Jenny’s hip movements with matching tongue movement, Jenny was controlling the sensations in her pussy. Jenny was also in control of Sue’s pussy, specifically her clit. Increasing the tempo of her tonguing and enjoying the lively response of Sue’s clit she abruptly quit tonguing and sucked it hard into her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked and Sue cringed in anguish and exploded into orgasm at the same time. Jenny’s hands pulling upward on Sue’s ass put so much pressure on her clit being absorbed into Jenny’s mouth that she totally lost control.

Juice squirted out of her pussy onto Jenny’s forehead. Jenny just kept sucking and sucking until Sue began whimpering for her to quit. Even then Jenny didn’t leave her alone, she buried her face in Sue’s thick rich bush and bit on her hair and pulled up hard even as she continued her grinding assault with her pussy backwards onto Sue’s face. “Lick girl, lick!” Jenny swooned as Sue stuck out her tongue in partial compliance. That was enough. Jenny pushed back onto that tongue and found her own shuddering climax. It was as if a flood of orgiastic fluids had replaced the blood in her veins. Her whole body tingled as she, once again whipped Sue in a sex-duel. She had won! Sue had been moments from victory in all three of her matches with Jenny, but was yet to win.

Chapter 23
Round 3-3 Sue v Jenny

Next up were the two spectators from last match: Jenny and Sue. Jenny had been watching in her casual clothes since she hadn’t been involved yet in either ‘skirmish.’ After a brief rest and cleanup by Lynn and Rose, Jenny began her verbal bashing of Sue, “You may think you’re hot shit after beating Rose, but believe me, you’ve never felt what a mouth can really do until you’ve felt my hot lips. You won’t be able to handle the tongue fucking I’m about to give you. Just to prove I’m better than you with my tongue I propose that we dispense with the wrestling and get right to the real action. I’ll put my mouth over yours anytime when it comes to eating pussy. What do you say, cunt?”

“Challenge accepted but you have no idea, Jenny. I’ll have you coming in such a fast and furious frenzy that you’ll think you’ve been hit by a freight train. My body is better than yours. My mouth is better than yours. My tongue is better than yours. AND, you are MINE!”

“Tough talk for such a pussy,” retorted Jenny. She speedily got her clothes off and stood in a stare-down with Sue. Lynn and Rose found their places off to the side and settled in to watch. “Side by side we’ll start. Each of us on our own left side.”

Sue, “Fine by me, but I’ll end up on top of you, bitch!” With that they started towards each other, standing straight and tall. Once again the physical similarities of the two women were evident. Both were 5’6″ while Jenny was three pounds heavier. Both were 38C cups with nipples almost exactly the same size. Jenny’s were very light in color, while Sue’s were a much darker brown. They strode up to each other, lining up their nipples once again as if to begin anew their horrible titfight, but this time they silently slithered down onto the floor, and in an unprecedented show of cooperation, pressed their bodies against the other in reverse. Each raised her right leg to allow access to her womanhood. With their left legs out straight and their right cocked up each woman moved her face closer to the other’s pussy. At first only breathing found its way to either crotch, but then Sue spoke up, “I’m looking at what is supposed to be a woman’s pussy, but it sure doesn’t look like much to me. I think its like a little girls pussy.” Without missing a beat Jenny put her two cents worth in, “My pussy can handle itself. Don’t you worry about that, Its this black forested cunt in front of me that is about to find out what a real woman can do, courtesy of me!”

With that they eased their mouths directly into the bushy snatches of the other. Jenny’s pretty face nuzzled its way into Sue’s thick fur and rotated around and around. She used her teeth to grab and pull on Sue’s dark cunt hair. She literally chewed her way down that thick forest to find Sue’s pussy lips already parting slightly. Also already, due to its size, her clit was protruding from between those lips. Jenny knew she would have to utilize the size of that clit productively if she wanted to beat Sue. Of course Jenny knew her own clit was highly sensitive and she hoped Sue hadn’t noticed exactly how that boy had been able to get Jenny’s rocks off so quickly. She was adjusting her position to accommodate Sue, swiveling her hips a little forward so Sue could have complete freedom to use her mouth wherever down there she wished. Sue responded with an accommodating swivel of her own.

Sue began by licking with just the tip of her tongue. She began at the very top of Jenny’s cleft and circumnavigated her labia, down the left and up the right. She followed this elliptical labia licking pattern for fifteen loops, soaking Jenny’s labia with her saliva. The short brown hairs growing along the side of her lips were all matted down. Sue then used her lips to squeeze on the left side of Jenny’s labia, collecting some of those hairs into her mouth. She pulled up and away gently, the lip parting from its mate ever so slightly. Then she used those lips in symmetric fashion on Jenny’s right labia. Pulling with her lips on those short hairs parted Jenny’s labia even more. She had a perfect view of Jenny’s pussy. It was shiny pink, the inner labia visible as they merged upward into Jenny’s lovely bright pink clitoris. Sue knew the size of her own clit and in comparison, Jenny’s was definitely smaller, but it was pronounced and ready for action. It looked real sweet. But for now, Sue avoided the clit of her rival. She moved her mouth away from the clit, grazing her tongue along her right labia. She breathed in deeply the heady aroma of Jenny’s cunt. It was musky for sure, but sweet, with a touch of fruity smell. She then began gentle tonguing of the tight puckered skin between Jenny’s pussy and her anus. Sue was trying to gauge the reaction of Jenny through body language. Surely their bodies were in total intimate contact and she was sure she could pick up on the ‘vibes’ from Jenny regarding her technique. It was small, but Sue thought she felt a shudder from Jenny when her tongue found that little patch of skin between ass hole and pussy. There were a few little straggly hairs growing there and once again she took them into her mouth with her lips and pulled gently, then a little harder, hoping to garner a response from Jenny. Sure enough, she thought she felt another shudder. She stored that in the back of her head and resumed her tonguing of Jenny’s labia. Jenny’s juices had begun flowing a little more prodigiously. Sue took that as a good sign, since she hadn’t even used her tongue deeply or on Jenny’s clitoris yet.

Meanwhile Jenny, thinking much the same as Sue, had begun her own tongue exploration of Sue’s dark pussy. She rolled her tongue around and just away from Sue’s clit as it poked through her labia. She avoided a direct frontal assault on the menacingly long clitoris. Then she too began parting Sue’s labia lips ever so gently. She didn’t use the hairs growing so ‘up close and personal’ to those lovely lips, but used her tongue to plow them aside, much like a plow out on a farm would furrow new ground. Starting at the top she would insert the tip of her tongue about half an inch and then run it down the side, pressing outward as she went. Three or four times down each labia and she had Sue’s lips splayed outward invitingly. If she had had a cock right now she knew Sue would be aching for it, so she used the next best thing. She dove in with her tongue. She stretched it out to its full length, almost painfully, to stick it deep into Sue’s waiting hole. She swirled it around inside, relishing in the juicy smooth texture and the intricate folds of Sue’s inner walls. While it certainly wasn’t in the same ball park size-wise as a man’s dick, Sue was definitely feeling like she was getting fucked. Maybe better than cock. Jenny darted her tongue in and out, in and out, in and out, slightly changing directions each time. First she probed towards the top, then each side, then the bottom. She didn’t want any single part of Sue’s pussy anatomy to go un-probed. Except for total depth she succeeded. She kept up this probe-fucking for a few minutes. The texture, the smell, the slipperiness, the taste were all pushing Jenny’s lust higher and higher. Never a bi-sexual she now found ecstasy in the intimacy in Sue’s pussy. As much as she loved it she also knew that Sue was intent on beating her and she didn’t at all feel like losing this munch match to her. She just hoped the control she had shown over Sue in their kiss-fight and tit-fight would continue here.

While Sue had discovered, through Jenny’s shudders, some intimate knowledge of her response, Sue was aware that Jenny was making considerable progress within her own cunt. Wanting whatever advantage she might obtain, Sue chose now to try to roll their bodies together so that she could be in the top, superior position. It worked. Catching Jenny unaware, Sue now found herself with more freedom of movement. Loving the feeling Jenny provided between her own legs, Sue now upped the ante with her own pussy eating technique. Spreading her tongue out wide and long she made long laps up the middle of Jenny’s slit, pressing flesh out to both sides, and inserting deeply into her crevice and then upon reaching the little crown at the top, Jenny’s clit, pressing it smoothly and gently. She repeated this long slow maneuver many times. Each time she gathered more of Jenny’s juices on her tongue and in her own lust, swallowed as much as she could. She noticed Jenny’s hips wiggling as she used her tongue this way.

Jenny pulled her tongue out of the depths of Sue’s pussy and rested her mouth for just a few quick moments. Then she let loose with a full load of saliva that had been building in her mouth and spit all over Sue’s already juicy cunt. Being underneath, much of it dripped back down onto her face, but she did it again, hoping that the nastiness would excite Sue even more. While Sue didn’t let out any moans or shudders, she had all she could do to hide her unexpected pleasure. Sue was getting into this kinky stuff. Now for the first time, Jenny slowly ran her tongue up to and around Sue’s clit, which now was even more pronounced. It was firm and fleshy, protruding from its sheath in proud decoration at the apex of Sue’s precious pussy. Jenny now took the measure of that large clit for the first time with her tongue. She pushed it to the left, then the right, back and forth she explored the firmness and resilience of this little mountain of womanly excitement. Instantly Sue pushed back with her hips against Jenny’s tongue. Jenny continued to test and tease. Sue’s clitoris felt like a big pencils eraser mounted on shock absorbers. It would get rolled to the left and spring right back up. When she pushed it to the right it would spring back up. When she pulled it down with her lips towards the vagina it would slowly return to form, erect and proud. Jenny was amazed and in love with that perfect majestic clit. The fleshy extensions of Sue’s clit melted smoothly into her inner lips to form a perfect little axe-head shape. Parted at the bottom invitingly for probing and rising to a marvelous apex above. Jenny now focused intently on making love to that clit in the best way she could. She tried to imagine that her clit was like that one and that it too was getting licked magnificently by a wondrous mouth and tongue. “Wait,” she thought, “I am getting licked like that. Its real. Sue is doing me so good I could just come. Woops, can’t let that happen. Got to do something.”

With both women eating their opponent’s cunt with lust and enthusiasm, both feeling the early signs of orgasm. Jenny, still with her wits though, quickly reversed position with Sue. She rolled their locked bodies 180 degrees to place herself on top. She continued her tongue assault on the big clit under her mouth. Risking much she also began wiggling her hips vigorously, rubbing her pussy all over Sue’s face. Jenny knew she couldn’t last a lot longer but with Sue now just trying to match Jenny’s hip movements with matching tongue movement, Jenny was controlling the sensations in her pussy. Jenny was also in control of Sue’s pussy, specifically her clit. Increasing the tempo of her tonguing and enjoying the lively response of Sue’s clit she abruptly quit tonguing and sucked it hard into her mouth and sucked and sucked and sucked and Sue cringed in anguish and exploded into orgasm at the same time. Jenny’s hands pulling upward on Sue’s ass put so much pressure on her clit being absorbed into Jenny’s mouth that she totally lost control. Juice squirted out of her pussy onto Jenny’s forehead. Jenny just kept sucking and sucking until Sue began whimpering for her to quit. Even then Jenny didn’t leave her alone, she buried her face in Sue’s thick rich bush and bit on her hair and pulled up hard even as she continued her grinding assault with her pussy backwards onto Sue’s face. “Lick girl, lick!” Jenny swooned as Sue stuck out her tongue in partial compliance. That was enough. Jenny pushed back onto that tongue and found her own shuddering climax. It was as if a flood of orgiastic fluids had replaced the blood in her veins. Her whole body tingled as she, once again whipped Sue in a sex-duel. She had won! Sue had been moments from victory in all three of her matches with Jenny, but was yet to win.

Chapter 24
Tuesday Sue v Lynn

Halfway through round 3 now, the girls realized how late it had become. For the second night in a row they had been ‘engaged’ well past midnight. It was decided to sleep, eat a good breakfast, shower and resume tomorrow with the fourth oral sexfight: Sue v Lynn.

Small talk (not much) and a quick nightcap sent them to bed very tired. All slept soundly and awoke refreshed and with more healing from Sunday’s titfights. Their breasts weren’t as bruised. They didn’t ache. They did take a mutual Jacuzzi for further relaxation and recuperation, but without the extracurricular activities of Monday. They were all trying to focus on their upcoming matches. All had seemed to lose interest in the psychological warfare of earlier. Not that they didn’t make comments to each other, but just that it wasn’t so focused as before.

Breakfast was prepared and eaten in near silence. Each had worn just a flimsy nightie, showing plenty of their lovely bodies off to the others. No pretense of ‘covering up’ was made. If a tit or pussy was flashed it was accepted. After cleanup they adjourned again to the living room. Hovering in the air was the leftover odor of woman-sex. The rich, thick perfumes of four horny bodies all mixed together to remind them of why they were here. As all four stood briefly in the middle of the room they disrobed quickly. Eyes darted back and forth among the women. Jenny and Rose stepped aside and left naked Lynn and naked Sue facing each other, deciding on what tactics they might use and what feelings they would share before another winner would emerge.

Rose had been thinking that maybe she made a tactical mistake in accepting Jenny’s ‘lets get right into the cunt-munching’ challenge in her last match. Maybe she needed to be more defensive to protect her large and sensitive clit from being mouthed too early. She wasn’t about to make the same challenge to Lynn. Lynn for her part had not counted on her anus being tongued to force her so precipitously over the edge. So in their minds both women knew they had areas to protect if they could from their adversaries’ attack.

Lynn began moving closer at an angle towards Sue. Sensing the aggressive motion, Sue responded in kind. Counter-clockwise they went until arms lashed out to try to grip opponents’ arms. Several grab attempts were made unsuccessfully. Then, quick as a panther, Lynn leaped in close, grabbing Sue’s right arm, and setting her hip up against Sue’s tried a judo throw. It wasn’t pretty but she did get Sue to fall to the ground. Instead of diving after her she let her jump right back up. Again they circled. Again Lynn leaped in close and threw Sue to the floor. Again she let her up. Lynn felt her athleticism might be able to wear down Sue. So far, so good. Sue meanwhile was steaming inside. She had no intention of letting Lynn succeed again. Lynn, confidence brimming, tried the exact move again. But this time Sue was ready. She jumped sideways, slapping Lynn’s arm out of the way and leaning around Lynn reached her right arm through Lynn’s legs from the back and locked it onto her left arm that had shot down there in front. Then lifting with all her might, she lifted Lynn and threw her to the ground, landing in a tangle of arms and legs. They wrestled viciously for several minutes.

Heads were put in locks, legs squeezed around stomachs and legs and even heads. Arms fought for dominance. Sweat poured off the women. The advantage shifted back and forth many times, but no woman could find the position to begin her sexual attack orally. Occasional nipples got sucked or bitten, but even though the intense physical contact was full of sexual overtones, they both were intent on obtaining a strategic position or advantage that would allow them to have full access to the other’s sex organs. After one quick rolling maneuver they ended up apart and both jumped up to their feet, breathing heavily. Both women were tired, but Lynn felt she was the stronger. Sue, thought that if she could just get Lynn underneath her, that her slight weight advantage would take its toll on Lynn.

Lynn leaped in close and put a bear hug on Sue, both arms underneath Sue’s arms. Sue countered with a hug of her own, but she had the outside path and did not have nearly as much leverage as Lynn. With their sweaty bodies plastered together, tits squashed, furry mounds pressing together, Lynn tried to lower her grip. It wasn’t easy with Sue squeezing her tight. But she managed to lower her grip a few inches. Now with both women staring into the other’s face, both turning redder from lack of breath, Lynn did a throw-roll landing directly on top of Sue. The wind was knocked out of her and Lynn immediately contorted her body to put a leg lock around Sue’s right shoulder. With Sue breathless, Lynn managed to pull Sue’s left arm around partly behind her head and lock it into place between her legs.

Now she used her arms to prop open Sue’s legs and she began her pussy attack. Sue could only squirm, having not yet regained her breath. Before Sue’s breath returned she found her pussy in liquid heaven. Lynn showed similar focus on Sue’s clit as Jenny had before her. Lynn was far more aggressive than Jenny, due to the intense aftereffects of the wrestling. Her tongue went wild, licking, probing, swirling around. Her lips pinched and pulled labia, hair, and especially that impressive clit. It reminded Lynn of the pretty flowers her grandmother had grown years before. As intensely as she was trying to win this battle she couldn’t help but be turned on even more by the pungent pussy in her face. Meanwhile Sue had regained her breath but was in a dire predicament. She was able to remove her left arm from the leg hold and she used it to try to grab Lynn by the hair and pull her head away from her pussy. In retaliation Lynn bit hard onto Sue’s thick hair of her mound, causing Sue’s head jerking to transfer right back down into her own body. Sue wanted to win badly, but she wasn’t about to suffer all that pain down in her groin and so she quit pulling Lynn’s hair. Lynn returned voraciously to her task.

“Cunt licking, ummm good,” thought Lynn. Sue in her weakened and helpless state began to respond. As she felt her clit, once again, being twirled around inside the mouth of her opponent, she jackknifed her legs outward, as if begging Lynn to go deeper. Lynn obliged, plunging her nose as deeply into Sue’s vagina as it would go, and then sucking that gorgeous big clit into her mouth over and over. Sue pushed back with her pussy. She wiggled it side to side, her vagina muscles started to twitch and squeeze, sending Lynn into her own feelings of lust. Throwing caution to the wind, Lynn removed her constricting hold on Sue with her legs and quickly swung her pussy up over Sue’s face. Sue wasn’t reciprocating though. Even with her pleasure center sliding down the slippery slope towards orgasm, she had no intention of helping Lynn reach her own.

This irritated Lynn but she kept up her aggressive mouthing of Sue’s eager pussy. Again, like Jenny had done, Lynn profited from Sue’s prominent and sensitive clit to send her over the edge. Sue hated losing but loved orgasms. She received another dandy from Lynn. It was like jumping over a cliff and floating ecstatically down to earth which seemed miles away. Slowly she approached earth, her senses returning from their heavenly fall. And there it was. Lynn’s cunt was pushing all over her face, trying to get an orgasm of her own. “Nothing doing,” thought Sue. “This time I’m not helping the bitch to her own cum.” Lynn was pissed that Sue’s tongue wasn’t put to good use in her pussy, but since she hadn’t reached the impending climax yet she just rolled off. She was the victor, but she wasn’t very happy, since she didn’t have an orgasm like she wanted. Her horniness and lust hung over her like a shroud. Sue had lost again, this time more convincingly than to Jenny. She couldn’t think of anything she liked losing better than at orgasms though. Losing isn’t half bad when you get powerful orgasms.

Chapter 25
Jenny v Rose

Jenny, realizing that she had two battles in a row was definitely hoping to win both, but knowing that both Rose and Lynn already had victories in oral fights, was hoping to save energy for her second fight with Lynn. She thought that Rose’s pride could be used against her so she challenged her similarly to what she had challenged Sue earlier, “You saw me whip Sue with my mouth, and I saw you eke out your win over Lynn, but I bet you aren’t up to the same challenge I gave Sue. Are you? She was brave and put up a good fight but she just couldn’t handle my sexy body and mouth. I don’t think you can either. If you’re brave enough, put it all on the line with your pussy against my mouth and my pussy against your mouth. Are you woman enough?”

Rose herself wasn’t anxious for a violent physical battle after two hard fought matches and she definitely was proud and Jenny’s bravado irked her. “So you think you can handle my sex? No way that you are a match for me. My tits beat you and my mouth will beat you too. No way it could be any different. You are going down, if for no other reason than your insane trashy challenge. I accept your challenge. Put your girl cunt right in my face and see what it feels like to have your insides churning like a mixer. I’ll teach you to be so damn cocky!” With that Rose surprised Jenny by plopping down on the floor on her back and opened her legs wide, pointing at her beautiful auburn embellished snatch and said to Jenny, “Right this way to heaven on earth.”

While Jenny had expected Rose to accept she wasn’t quite prepared for Rose’s verbal bravado comeback. Oh, well. She got what she wanted. So down she went, on the way mentioning quietly, “You are going to LOVE my pussy. I think you might even come just from the taste.” And with that she plopped her pussy directly onto Rose’s face as she dove into the inviting cleft beneath her. Sixty-nine it was. Jenny was on top, Rose on the bottom. Away they went. No time like the present for fun and war, Jenny thought. Sue and Lynn watched as these two got directly into the sex without any preliminary effort. Their breathing was now returning to normal after their physical match just ended.

Rose was hoping that her wide open, literally, acceptance of Jenny’s challenge would somehow unnerve her and give her a psychological advantage. Obviously she knew it wouldn’t give her any tactical advantage in the she-heat battle they were now beginning. In fact, hoping for even more psychological advantage, Rose began a little bit of acting. Spreading her legs as wide and far apart as she could, she made it very evident that she was letting Jenny have total access to her womanhood. She even started moaning within one minute. Little wiggles followed. Yes, it sure did feel good what Jenny was doing to her, but if she could focus on ‘faking it’ she thought her mind would be preoccupied and not degenerate into the carnal lust as quickly as if she had been trying to fight it.

Jenny for her part surely noticed Rose’s quick and pronounced actions. She didn’t know quite what to make of them. She was pretty sure that her tonguing hadn’t really generated such intense physiological responses that soon, but she wasn’t going to play Freud and overanalyze it, she just went about her ‘business’ and continued eating Rose’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. And what a pussy it was. It had thick lips, thick hair, slippery labia, a cute clitoris with just enough size to be suckable, feathering gently into her inner folds. Her cunt offered Jenny a multitude of avenues for mouth attack. She used them all, seemingly in random fashion. Spending a minute or two on a single labia, then using her chin to rub circles across Rose’s now slippery clit. She poked her nose deeply into the deepest crevice and shook it back and forth. She lowered her head far down and gave Rose’s tiny puckered anus a few circular licks with her tongue.

Back up to the top she came, gliding her very wet tongue along the boundary of her pussy, and then darted quickly and in jab-like fashion her tongue at Rose’s freely offered clit. Jenny knew that Sue had somehow generated a powerful climax in Rose the night before and since Jenny had beaten Sue, she thought she had an edge in the control department. What she hadn’t counted on was the acting that Rose kept up. She responded to Jenny’s mouth in over-exaggerated fashion, continuing to moan loudly at every little thing Jenny did. She would wiggle and hump against Jenny’s mouth. Two things were working in Rose’s favor here: 1) she really was concentrating on her acting and so the expected instinctive sexual responses were actually muted, the opposite of what Jenny was hearing, and 2) Jenny was receiving body language and noise from Rose that was always just like what could normally be expected in the last moments before orgasm. Consequently, Jenny knew that she would probably have a rough time gauging Rose’s actual progression. By now it was clear to Jenny that all of Rose’s exaggerated responses were not legitimate.

Compounding Jenny’s problem was the obvious. Through all of this, Rose was doing an exceptional job of her own on Jenny’s pussy. Her arms free, she was giving Jenny a very loving, almost professional massage on her back. Now, anyone who has had a professional massage knows how good it feels. Jenny had had her share of such massages in the past and she was discovering that Rose really had the knack, with a BIG difference. None of the professional masseurs Jenny had used were EVER doing the lovely things to her pussy that Rose was doing right along with her massage.

This had been part of Rose’s plan. She had heard Jenny expound the virtues of a good massage during some of their conversations in the past year, and by lying on the floor with her arms free she was able to reach much of Jenny’s back and ass and legs. She only hoped that she could focus on three things all at once. It wasn’t easy. Massage, pussy eating, acting. Could she keep it all up? As her hands roamed expertly over Jenny’s body her mouth was on a mission of exploration of its own. Loving the musky, fruity odor, just as Sue had noticed when her mouth was in the same position, Rose lapped up the juices, licked the lips, pulled on fine little curly hair with her teeth, nosed her way around inside Jenny’s now gaping hole, raised her head up high, with effort, and tongued Jenny’s lovely pink anus in direct response to Jenny’s invasion of her own hole. Each woman now found themselves in a kind of pussy eating tit-for-tat. Whatever one would do, the other would do either harder or longer.

When Rose sucked Jenny’s clit deeply into her mouth, Rose felt her own clit being devoured by Jenny’s lips. When Jenny wiggled her nose in a drill-like fashion into the depths of Rose’s vagina, Jenny discovered a nose invading deeply into her own. Slowly their feelings of power and control over the other were being replace by pure animal lust. Not in an instant, but gradually. Rose caught herself forgetting to act! Shame on me she thought. Just as I’m getting turned on I stopped moaning. Jenny noticed too, and with a not too subtle sense of timing began moaning very loudly, punctuated by deep grunts. While Rose heard this she too knew that it was just a little acting coming back at her from the woman above her. Rose brought her hands down from their expert back rubbing and grabbed forcefully each of Jenny’s ass cheeks. Kneading them and using the leverage to pull Jenny’s pussy closer, Rose began her stretch assault on Jenny’s clit. Tonguing, lip pulling, sucking and gentle biting were used in a never ending random fashion. Jenny’s moans now began to have a ring of truth to them. Her responsive wiggles became just a little more jerky. But it was no different for Rose. In fact the acting lesson was over. Every moan, every pelvic thrust, every wiggle, every vaginal spasm was real. Jenny knew that like the Indy 500 the real racing was in the last five laps and that’s where they were. Jenny prided herself on her sexual endurance but she also felt like a sprinter and she began a stretch run of powerful proportions.

Her tongue was diving madly into every nook and cranny of Rose’s pussy, sending shivers of delight into Rose’s body. Rose could tell that she was close to coming and she felt very strongly that Jenny was near the edge as well. Her hands gripped tightly on Jenny’s ass and pulled with all her might down into her mouth, hoping the contact surge would shoot Jenny off. Jenny kept wiggling, kept moaning, kept licking in Rose’s cunt when Jenny reached her right hand slowly up underneath her body and, raising her abdomen just enough, against the pressure from Rose’s grip, to slide her hand onto Rose’s right tit. She grabbed that large, totally engorged nipple in between her thumb and forefinger and pulled, gently at first, then twirling it around and around, and pulling on it even harder as her clit licking on Rose’s proud pleasure center intensified in a last gasp surge of speed, sent Rose spasm after spasm after spasm. Ripples of sinful pleasure shot through Rose, bouncing off every corner of her body and ricocheting back again. The ripples continued for a minute and a half, with Rose breaking free of Jenny’s cunt long enough to cry out, “Fuck! Fuck! Oh Yes! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh, God! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”

With that last ‘fuck’ Jenny forced her pussy back onto Rose’s quivering lips and ground away with wild abandon. Rose didn’t even have to use her tongue. Jenny had been only seconds away herself and the power of Rose’s orgasm now leaped into the other woman and Jenny responded even more to the throes of her womanly orgasm. She shook her body from head to toe. She kept grinding her cunt hard down onto Rose’s face. She even kept eating Rose’s cunt in wild forbidden lust. Knowing she had won allowed her to hold nothing back and she constricted her vagina muscles on a phantom cock, in a total involuntary instinctive response. She reached back with her other hand and pulled now on both nipples that topped Rose’s massive tits. Then she sat up and using her fingers pulled and twisted her own nipples as she finished her pelvis grinding into Rose. Both women had succeeded in sex. Both had been given powerful orgasms by the other. Rose had come moments sooner and so Jenny had won but both felt like winners. Jenny turned around and lay full on top of the shallow breathing Rose and gave her a big kiss on the lips. “Ummmm. Ummmm. That was goooood!” said Jenny. Then she kissed her again and rolled off. Technically Jenny had ‘cheated’ by using her hands on Rose’s nipples, but no one even noticed, not even Rose. And so it was done. Jenny over Rose in oral fight number 5.

Chapter 26
Round 3-6 Jenny v Lynn

Lynn had mostly recovered from the physical effort she expended in her win over Sue, but she was still irritated that Jenny now had two fights without any real physical exertion. Obviously Jenny had two good wins, but both had happened without any defensive maneuvering or wrestling. Lynn, even in her tiredness, felt that Jenny would be vulnerable to a real physical fight. After all, Lynn had pretty much dominated Sue, a larger woman than herself, but much the same size as Jenny. This round was now down to one final battle. Lynn versus Jenny. Lynn had one win and one loss in this round already while Jenny had managed two wins. One thing against Lynn would be that Jenny had a powerful orgasm just within minutes of when their match would begin, while Lynn hadn’t even managed one in her last match against Sue. Lynn’s physiological sensitivity might well be higher than Jenny’s. This point was not lost on Lynn, and for that reason she had no intention of jumping into a total offensive battle of 69. She felt her chance to win depended on finding a strategic advantage, blocking Jenny’s access to her pussy, while finding a way to attack Jenny’s. This would be her goal. Exactly like Sue, she thought.

Jenny for her part, after recovering from her orgasm and cleaning up a bit in the bathroom had begun to think about those very same issues. In fact she knew that Lynn would be very unlikely to accept a proposition like the one she had given the other two, with success. But she did however, think that Lynn would be expecting such a challenge. Jenny’s strategy had therefore developed even as she was still breathing heavily from her tongue win over Rose. She would attack first and hard, hoping to take Lynn by surprise. It worked. Lynn had sauntered into the center of the room awaiting Jenny’s return from the bathroom cleanup and was preparing her verbal put-downs for Jenny when Jenny, arriving at a distance of five feet at a walk, never stopped and leaped at Lynn. She grabbed Lynn’s hair and pulled hard, and in a swift move put Lynn in a strong headlock. She twisted for all she was worth as Lynn grabbed Jenny’s arms and tried to pry them away from her head. She had no success there, and as the women wobbled naked around the room, Lynn reached up and grabbed for Jenny’s hair. Her hair was not very long, however, and Lynn couldn’t get a good grip and it kept pulling through her fingers. Jenny kept squeezing Lynn’s head as Lynn cried out in pain.

The pain was intense but after a couple of minutes Lynn knew it wasn’t going to stop unless she herself could put a stop to it. With her right hand she grabbed Jenny’s thick pussy fur and yanked, hard. Jenny yelped in pain of her own but continued her headlock. Lynn grabbed again and pulled again and again. Thick brown pussy fur came out in handfuls leaving Jenny with much less forest than before. With her left hand Lynn reached around Jenny’s waist and tried to throw her down, but Jenny had good balance and her feet were in position to prevent the fall. So around the room they went. Jenny twisting Lynn’s head and Lynn pulling on Jenny’s furry snatch for all she was worth. They careened around the room like this for about three minutes, even causing Rose and Sue to have to lift their feet up off the floor to avoid being run over. As they staggered away from Sue’s position in the chair, Jenny’s leg banged into the couch and at that moment Lynn pushed backwards and the two of them landed on the empty couch.

As Jenny’s elbow hit the arm of the couch it forced her to lose her grip on Lynn’s head. In an instant Lynn grabbed for Jenny’s hair, and now with more freedom of movement, was able to get a good grip. She began pulling and yanking for all she was worth. Jenny returned the favor. Now in a sitting position on the couch the two wildcats were pulling each other’s hair for all they were worth. Tufts of hair came out of scalps and landed on the floor and the hair-pulling battle resumed. Sensing together that this stage of the battle wasn’t gaining any tactical advantage, they each grabbed one wrist of the other to keep it from pulling more hair. Now in a bit of a stalemate they both stepped up to the floor and renewed their jousting for position while standing and jerking each other around. Both women were tiring very quickly from their exertion. Jenny knew her headlock had taken a toll on Lynn, but she was very much in pain wherever she had hair, both on her head and her precious pussy mound. She couldn’t look or see it but she knew that Lynn had removed much of her prized bush. It made her angry.

She spread her legs apart for leverage and leaned hard in towards Lynn, each with one arm grappling with her opponents arm. As she leaned as far as she could, Jenny let go with her left arm and dropped low to grab Lynn behind the knee. It was just such a move that she had seen Lynn use earlier against Sue. This time the tables were turned and it was Lynn who was taken down. Landing hard on her ass and banging her back against the couch, Jenny was able to use her strength to toss the briefly dazed Lynn sideways up against the couch. Lynn couldn’t roll out of the way because of the couch and Jenny still had her leg. Lynn tried kicking out but she couldn’t get any leverage and Jenny was now pushing her up against the couch with all her might. Lynn grabbed for Jenny’s hair again and pulled hard but Lynn’s strength had diminished from the fall to the floor and the pain in her back. Jenny screamed at the pain but kept on putting the pressure on Lynn. Jenny now pulled on Lynn’s leg and grabbing her shoulder with her other arm pulled her out away from the couch just enough for Jenny to swing her leg over and straddle Lynn’s stomach. Using her arms she kept Lynn’s arms away from her and she started bouncing up and down hard on Lynn’s stomach. Lynn tightened her stomach muscles for the first few bounces, but as Jenny kept it up over and over again, Lynn couldn’t keep her stomach tight in preparation for the blows from Jenny’s bouncing ass. She went “ooof,” with each new bounce.

Little groans escaped from her mouth and Jenny could feel the strength seeping out of Lynn. For another two minutes Jenny continued to bounce on Lynn’s stomach until Lynn’s stomach muscles had turned to mush and she was losing her breath. Jenny meanwhile was recovering a bit of her own wind and she now thought it was time for a sex offensive. Bringing her legs back and wide she slid down Lynn’s body. She kept her hands gripping Lynn’s barely active wrists. When she slid low enough she began tonguing Lynn’s pert and pretty pink nipples. Lynn wasn’t yet recovered from the beating her tummy had taken and she wasn’t really enjoying this, but instinct is instinct, and after four or five minutes of genuine tit-sucking from Jenny Lynn began to feel arousal. The nipples had hardened into full erection, puckering the areolas tightly. Lynn’s breathing had been very ragged before, but even as the effects of her loss of wind wore away, her breathing didn’t change.

Jenny, knowing of Lynn’s competitiveness, wasn’t counting on acquiescence, and so after giving Lynn’s tits a good licking decided to show some domination. Sexual domination. She slid her body upwards until her knees were on either side of Lynn’s head and her calves were holding down Lynn’s shoulders. Then, inching up further, she said to Lynn in a saccharin-sweet voice, “Here’s my pussy that you want. What do you think you can do with it girl? Think you can make me cum? Huh? Well here’s your chance. Eat it. Eat it real good.”

Lynn in her weakness complied. Lynn shot her tongue out with whatever energy she could muster and used it to probe in Jenny’s sweaty slit. It tasted very salty from the sweat that had poured off her body. Jenny pushed down against Lynn’s mouth and enjoyed the domination. When she felt that the first signs of arousal were coursing through her body she swapped ends. Believe it or not, she felt that with her domination of Lynn that she was in such control that she could extricate herself anytime she wanted. She was remembering the powerful orgasm she had taken from Rose in victory less than an hour before, and she wanted another one just like it. Presuming she could bring the diminished capacity Lynn to orgasm at her own speed, then she would be able to duplicate her own orgasm. So down she went. Jenny went for the gusto in Lynn’s pussy. Lynn realizing her predicament, and not yet having the wind or the strength to fight back, continued her own pussy licking exercise. This time it had more determination and vigor than when Jenny had sat on her face.

Jenny relished the power she felt and she now began focusing that power into her mouth. She licked the full length of Lynn’s shaved slit over and over. The juices began to flow. The lips began to part. The clit poked up, shining in wetness. The blonde pussy hair was matted down with sweat, but Jenny even took time to grope through that forest with her tongue. She licked way off to one side of Lynn’s pussy, tickling her. Lynn quit her own licking long enough to say, ‘stop.’ But Jenny just did it some more. Lynn tried to pull her pussy back but to no avail. Jenny decided that was enough teasing and she began once again to dive face first into Lynn’s wonderful cunt. Sex and power, Jenny loved them both. Right now at least she was getting both too. Her own pussy was getting expert, if not rabidly energetic attention from Lynn, and she knew she was bringing Lynn right along towards an orgasm. Like a locomotive in the desert, it just kept rolling along, building up steam, mile after mile (minute after minute?). Lynn tried to twist away a few times, but with half-hearted effort. Jenny began twitching her own pussy in response to Lynn’s tongue finding its mark on Jenny’s clit. She could feel her clit being swirled around inside Lynn’s pretty lips and she knew that her juice was leaking all over Lynn’s face. So now she stoked the fires inside that locomotive and began a higher intensity barrage of tongue activity all over Lynn’s clit.

As Lynn started her short staccato humping motions, Jenny delivered the coup de grace (in her mind at least). With her own orgasm approaching (slowly) she knew that Lynn wouldn’t be able to stand her next move. Pulling her right index finger up to her mouth and giving it a coating of her saliva/pussy juice mixture she followed up with an accurate insertion into Lynn’s ass. Even when she probed knuckle deep, Lynn bounced harder than ever before.

When Jenny wiggled it in as far as the second knuckle, licking clit all the while, Lynn exploded into orgasm. She quit eating Jenny and yelled for her to “stick it in my ass. Yes! Stick it in my ass! Do it! Do it!” Jenny was more than happy to oblige as she continued to lick the nectar from Lynn’s 27 year-old pussy. She had done it! Jenny had won. In fact she had swept the competition in the event that had been proposed by Sue. Wins over all three women and her first win over Lynn in any of the fights made Jenny extremely joyous. But she wasn’t done yet. Just like with Rose she thought. She proceeded to fuck Lynn’s face with her wet pussy. It took a couple of minutes, but sure as gravity keeps on pulling, her orgasm kept right on coming and shot through her body. The pleasure was intensified by the knowledge that she had taken the lead in their sexfighting round robin.

Rolling off of Lynn, Jenny lay on the floor with a gigantic grin. Sue and Rose had watched it all and were now stirring and talking. “Well ladies,” Rose spoke up, “it looks like we’ve finished round three. Tomorrow seems like the right time to begin round four. Why don’t we go out to eat again this evening. Maybe see a movie or do some shopping. Come back and relax. Maybe even play a round of golf tomorrow. What a strange thought that is. Then tomorrow afternoon we will all be ready for another go at each other.” Sue spoke up next, “with the way those two look lying on the floor I think they will need at least a day to recover. Your idea sounds good to me. I’m heading for the shower now.”

And so with that the plan for Wednesday was in place. Rose went over to the paper on the counter and wrote in the results of the last round and tallied up the points. They were: Jenny = 6, Rose = 5, Lynn = 4, and Sue = 3. There were 12 fights to come and no one was taking anything for granted. Lynn and Sue hadn’t tallied as many wins, but their contests were very competitive and both felt they were the equal of Jenny and Rose sexually. They had two more rounds to prove it. What would they be? Jenny and Rose were yet to pick an event. With the lead she held, would Jenny be able to devise a contest that would play to her advantage. Similarly could Rose invent a sex-contest that was to her advantage. So far, both Lynn and Sue had managed only one win out of three contests in the events they chose. What would the next two rounds bring?

Chapter 27
Round 4-1

Wednesday morning arrived and after breakfast they each decided to spend the morning in different ways. Jenny wanted to go to the mall for shopping. Rose went to a museum. Lynn found an art gallery that she liked. Sue also went shopping but because her choice of stores was different than Jenny’s she took a cab. Jenny was the only one to drive. The others each took cabs. As Jenny did a little exploring in her car she happened to notice a small adult novelty and bookstore. She drove right by it before she had an idea. After some shopping at the department store that had been her destination originally she took a side trip back to that little shop. She had never visited such a store before, but with the impending festivities back at the hotel she thought “what could it hurt?” and she went in. Browsing that little shop was a real eye-opener for Jenny.

While she wouldn’t have been called a prude by anybody, the range of sex items for sale flabbergasted her. She spent long minutes examining many of the wares, even going so far as to ask the counter girl how exactly some of that stuff was used. The counter girl was probably just 21, but she was very helpful. Jenny left without buying anything, but surely her mind had entered a new phase of thinking. She drove down to the beach and just sat in one of the lounge chairs and watched kids playing and the boats zipping by. Farther out there were at least a dozen sailboats with their colorful sails rounding the point of a nearby peninsula. Overall it was just the kind of peaceful place for Jenny to relax and think about her vacation. She thought long about what had already happened between her and her friends, but mostly she was thinking about what was yet to transpire.

Rose wandered through the museum looking at the artifacts and displays. It was a very quiet place and she was able to absorb herself in thought as she moved from exhibit to exhibit. Like Jenny, she too had been contemplating the events of this ‘golf-week’ up north. “Ha!” she thought, “some golf vacation this has turned out to be!” Her mind too was focusing more and more on the choices she and Jenny would have to make to stage their next two rounds of competition.

Sue found at least a dozen outfits she wanted at the fashionable shop downtown, but only purchased 4 of them. She was real proud of the restraint she showed in purchasing. She wasn’t known for frugality. She found a nice little corner pub near the mall to have a quiet lunch. She ate lightly, knowing she shouldn’t be too full for the afternoon events.

Lynn spent only a short time at the art gallery, not buying anything. She then took a cab over to the theater and went in to watch an old movie. Even though she was in the theater, she spent more time thinking about the more exciting events of the last three days. Knowing that she was in third place, but only two wins behind Jenny, gave her plenty of confidence. Whatever Jenny and Rose could devise, she knew she would be ready. She actually became more determined than ever to win at all costs. She admitted to herself that she was never a very good loser and this was no time to start. She desperately wanted to prove herself superior to her friends. After all, she was younger than the other women and she didn’t want to suffer any more losses.

The women began arriving back at the hotel at 2:00 and by 2:30 all were there. Each told little stories about their morning and their lunch. Lynn launched the motivation for the afternoon by speaking up as soon as the pleasantries had been concluded. She wanted to convey her own intentions of winning by using body language and posturing before the fun started. “Well girls, play time is over now. We’ve got two rounds to go, six matches for each one of us. I don’t really care what little games Jenny and Rose come up with, I intend to have fun and to win. Sue why don’t you pull the card to see if Jenny or Rose gets to choose the next contest.”

Sue, herself anxious to get started, reached over and pulled the card upon which was written Jenny’s name. She said her name and showed the others the card. “Curses!” Jenny thought, hiding her thought behind her smile. She had really wanted to go last. In her conniving way she was hoping to save what she thought was her strongest feminine quality for use in the final round. So now she was forced into hoping that Rose would somehow accommodate her by choosing a sex contest that was to her advantage in the last round. So Jenny chose a path fraught with risk for her, she thought, since it was a more limited engagement, one in which bending or breaking the rules wouldn’t be quite so easy. She took a deep breath and told the girls what the next contest would be. “Today we will focus on the real feminine center. We will fight with our pussies only. Well, almost only! The goal is the same as before, make the other girl orgasm against her will. Since this is supposed to be for sexual excitement we may use other parts of our bodies in holding on, rubbing, kissing, etc. There is a time limit of 15 minutes on what you might call foreplay, which can include removal of clothing, after which it must be pussy against pussy. Do whatever you want to try to excite the other girl, but do not touch her pussy with anything other than your own pussy. One hour rest between bouts involving the same woman.”

Lynn, wanting to make sure she understood Jenny’s ‘game’ asked “Does that mean that if you get to cunt-to-cunt contact before the 15 minutes are up that you can stop and go back to ‘foreplay’?”

Jenny hadn’t really thought about that possibility but responded with a simple “yes, I guess so. Oh, and the girls not competing are responsible for keeping time, ok?”

Rose interjected, “Well girls I may have the last choice for a contest, but I sure am glad Jenny wants to pussy fight with me. I can’t wait to pussy fight all of you. I expect to be three for three after this event. Thank you Jenny!” The others were a little surprised at Rose’s gusto, but passed it off as meaningless. Each woman had already come to ‘know’ the other’s bodies quite well and each was sure she knew enough about the others that they could out-sex them into orgasm. And so it was determined. Round five would be pussy fighting. Next up was a roll of the die to determine the order of matches. Sue reached for and rolled the die out onto the table. Up came six. Sue announced the order of the matches based on that roll: 1) Jenny v Sue, 2) Sue v Lynn, 3) Jenny v Rose, 4) Lynn v Jenny, 5) Sue v Rose, 6) Rose v Lynn. Sue then made it obvious she fully intended to win by saying, “Well Jenny, you against me bitch. My pussy will overpower your puny thing. I’ll have you jerking clear to heaven, probably even before the 15 minutes are up. Get ready girl, cause now its womanhood against womanhood and nobody is better down there than me!”

Jenny stood up, facing the determined Sue, a scowl on her own face, “All talk, all talk, and there is no way you can back that up. When you see my pussy you’ll be so dazzled and excited that you might just cum from the beauty of it.” With that Jenny lingeringly began to unbutton her blouse. Sue, poker faced and watching Jenny intently, began to remove her own clothes. Jenny finished her blouse and pulled her arms through the sleeves and then stepped toward Sue and tossed her blouse around the back of Sue’s neck, grabbing both sleeves, and then pulled Sue toward her with a gentle tug of her blouse. Knowing the sexual psychology Jenny was using, Sue went along and while still Jenny’s blouse was still wrapped around her neck, she wrapped her own around Jenny’s neck and pulled her head forward as well. Lynn informed everyone that she was starting the clock.

Both women said, “good.” Low whispered seductive talk sprang from their lips as each began the verbal battle. Each tried to say the most passion inducing words. After only a minute or so of that they tossed blouses aside, stepped back from each other and took off their pants, tossing them aside too. Seconds ticked by and bras came off next. “Here, Sue, come feel my boobs. I know you’ve been aching to get your hands on them. I sure want to grab your tits too.” She stepped within reach of Sue and four hands reached for breasts. Sue’s hands found Jenny’s breasts and quickly began gentle fondling. She had one hand on each breast and lifted them as if weighing them in her hands, “My what nice big boobs you have Jenny, soft, supple, heavy, firm, and look at those nipples. I see them growing and I haven’t even touched them yet. You must be getting pretty horny, huh?”

Jenny was so involved with her own manipulation of Sue’s boobs that she didn’t even answer. She just gave Sue’s equally large tits a thorough and deep stimulation. She kneaded them like bread dough, not hard, but just enough to make sure every nerve cell was addressed. Then she began her nipple caresses. First just little rubs across the nipple with a finger and then squeezing between thumb and finger she rolled Sue’s nipples back and forth, clockwise and counter-clockwise. The direct stimulation had Sue’s nipples sticking out in dramatic erection.

Jenny’s own nipples were now receiving similar stimulation from Sue’s deft fingers. Two pairs of nipples were now pulled and twisted and began to feel the pleasure that was intended. Sue took the lead in shifting away from the breast and nipple play to lean close to Jenny, whisper in her ear, “Your nipples are so hot I almost burned my fingers.” She wrapped her arms around Jenny and nuzzled her face in Jenny’s neck near her shoulder. She pulled her closer and began a little dance, just swaying to some music in her head. Jenny reciprocated and they continued this slow lissome dance around the room, caressing each other gently as they danced.

Hot breath found their necks. Their naked breasts were in sweet intimate contact as their nipples matched up nicely and were squeezed together by the soft compression of their bodies. Lynn, being ever the diligent timekeeper, told them that ten minutes were gone, five minutes to go. They kept up the erotic dance, ever so close. Sue, anxious to avenge her three previous losses to Jenny, began her first tentative pussy bumps. Lining up her panty-covered mound with Jenny’s as they danced, she began slow soft bumps up against Jenny’s hard mound. The thick fur inside Sue’s panties cushioned the blows, sending the opening salvo of erotic sparks from their pussies into their brains. Sue was not worried about that. She knew that lust would develop within her loins and she accepted it.

Lazily reaching down with her hands, Jenny began to slowly remove Sue’s panties. Their bodies separated enough for Jenny to successfully remove the last bit of fabric that covered Sue’s body. She didn’t touch but she leaned real close to Sue’s thickly furred pussy and let out a little moan of “Ooooohhh, how pretty.” As she blew little bursts of wind onto Sue, ruffling her pubic hair and sending a slight shiver through Sue as she felt the soft breath close to her labia lips. Jenny stood back and in a way that cleared the way for Sue to take the next step. Knowing the time was near for ending the foreplay, she quickly approached Jenny, wrapped her arms around her in one big hug and gave her a kiss directly on the lips. Jenny opened her mouth to let Sue explore her tongue with her own.

Without the antagonistic shoving of their kiss fight they played with each other’s tongues inside their mouths for a full minute. Then slowly Sue pushed Jenny’s panties down and threw then away. She found herself staring at a freshly shaved pussy. “What the hell?” exclaimed Sue? She turned Jenny around for Lynn and Rose to see and they saw for the first time Jenny’s sweet pussy in its glory without any hair whatsoever. That thick brown curly mass had been partially destroyed by Lynn yesterday and Jenny had decided to enhance the looks of her pussy by shaving all the hair. Gone! It looked just like a little girls pussy. And then for a further surprise Jenny said “Get ready to go honey Sue, I’m going to lay down here right now and we are going to fuck each other’s pussy.” With that she sat down on the floor and spread her legs wide for all three to see. In unison the other three women gasped.

“What the hell is that?” yelled Sue. “No fair!” chimed in Lynn. “You’ve gone too far now bitch!” cried Rose. All this because they were looking at the biggest prettiest clit ring they had ever seen. “Gee girls,” Jenny intoned in her mock sweet voice, “I thought you would like my pretty jewelry. We are always trying to make ourselves sexy and this is just my way. Besides, what’s the problem anyway?”

“I’ll tell you what the problem is you cunt,” said Sue, “That big gold ring makes you a cheater. This pussy-to-pussy contest that you invented is totally unfair when you have that big thing dangling between your legs. It’s almost like you have a man’s equipment down there.”

“So what?” retorted Jenny, “The woman that I met this morning, who has one almost just like mine, told me that it is the best thing to ever happen to her because it makes her more sensitive and gives her more pleasure than she ever had without it. So I’m the one really at the disadvantage here, not you girls. What do you want me to do, pull it out?”

“I don’t believe you,” said Rose, “but I guess it’s really up to Sue. What do you think Sue?”

“You know what Jenny? I’ll call your bluff. I think you expected us to throw up a big stink and demand we change the game or something. I know you. You are always trying to play with people’s minds and I see right through it this time. You proposed a pussy fight, and that is what you are going to get. My pussy is better than your pussy any day or any night, clit ring or none. You’ll regret you ever stooped so low. You stay right there bitch with your legs wide open and we’ll see whose cunt is queen!” With that firm acknowledgement that the pussy fight would go on, Lynn and Rose could only acquiesce and watch and hope for the best. In this case both of them were rooting for Sue, since she had the fewest wins of all four women and Jenny had the most. A win by Jenny would surely make a final victory for either of them more remotely likely. “Fuck her good, Sue,” shouted Lynn. “Don’t let her get away with it,” encouraged Rose. Jenny just listened and smiled. The others learned never to read anything into her smiles though and they just ignored her casual smile.

Sue plopped down on the floor opposite Jenny and began to slide across towards her. Jenny slid equally until their pussies were about a foot apart. What had been a building level of sexual excitement just moments before had now been transformed into a completely different atmosphere, augmented by the claims of cheating and the anger it had generated in three of the women. Only Jenny’s true feelings hadn’t been made perfectly clear, but one thing hadn’t changed and they all knew it. She would do her best to whip Sue’s pussy with her own.

Staring directly into each other’s eyes they slid closer together. Their earlier foreplay had been effective in getting some vaginal lubricants to flow in both women. The last five minutes had slowed it down, but there was still enough moisture left on the lips of each pussy that there was a nice little slurping sound when they finally touched and started to rub. That first contact came amid loud gasps of pleasure from both women. The intensity of feeling was incredible as pussy met pussy. Then all hell broke loose. Sue pulled her hips back away from Jenny and thrust firmly up against Jenny’s pussy with a loud smack! Jenny grunted at the impact. She just glared at Sue. Sue pulled back again and wham! She hit her again with her pussy. Jenny was totally caught off guard by Sue’s violent whacks. She held her ground, give her credit for that, but she grimaced in the instant before impact when Sue pulled back and smacked Jenny’s pussy for the third time.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” cried Jenny.

“Pussy fighting! Can’t you take it girl?” spat Sue right back at Jenny, as she prepared for her fourth assault?

Wham! She hit her straight and hard for the fourth time and Jenny began to wonder what in hell Sue was trying to do. She knew that the pain she felt, while not debilitating or ruinous, not yet anyway, must be causing Sue a lot of pain as well. Fortunately for both women the force of the blows was lower on their pussies than their clit area, thereby avoiding the impact of the new clit ring Jenny was sporting. But still Jenny wondered what Sue could possibly be thinking. Sue for her part was definitely thinking. Maybe she wasn’t thinking as clearly as she should have in the anger she was feeling for Jenny (again!). But her motive was simple. Show dominance over Jenny. Even if it meant suffering through some pain, she felt that making Jenny wonder what was going on and causing her to second guess herself was worth a lot in the psychological battle that was being waged alongside the physical one. Sue, deep inside, was gleeful at Jenny’s response. “Strike one,” she thought. She knew Jenny was thinking she was crazy, but so what. When Jenny saw Sue preparing for her fifth pussy attack she had recovered enough to think that she shouldn’t let Sue have this much momentum, no matter what, so she reared herself back a few inches and shot her hips forward to meet Sue’s pussy head on. Smack! The loudest sound yet. This time both women grimaced and grunted at impact.

But they immediately got into a rhythm. Pulling back about ten or twelve inches each and then forcefully jerking their bodies forward to impact. Six times, seven times, eight times, nine times, smacking, grunting, and suffering through the pain. On it went. Sue was actually relishing the violence. Yes, it was very painful, but she knew that Jenny was suffering too and she wanted to show as much feminine dominance as she could and she was waiting for some slight sign from Jenny that it was working. But Jenny was a very determined fighter as well, and in spite of the pain she kept up the banging just as vigorously as Sue until on about three or four minutes into the battle she chose a change in tactics. “Hurray!” thought Sue silently when Jenny followed up their loud pussy smack with a chase. Instead of backing up to ram into Sue from a distance she scooted her ass forward literally chasing Sue’s pussy for a foot across the rug. “Pussy can’t take a beating from a real woman’s pussy can it?” shouted Sue in a triumphant tone.

She let Jenny have her way for a few moments, allowing herself to catch a breather. Jenny had now sat a little more upright, holding herself up with her arms so she could angle that clit ring she was wearing more directly at Sue’s pussy. Jenny wiggled forward and down to let her clit and the attached ring to slide inside Sue’s juicy lips. Of course Sue’s large clit was now poking up defiantly from the upper regions of her pussy. Jenny would watch as she maneuvered that clit ring to slide into the upper folds of Sue’s pussy, almost disappearing, and then she would rise up and watch it practically grab Sue’s large fleshy clit and pull it up and away, before slipping off and back to its normal position. Jenny was enjoying this very much. First, it felt really good to her. As that ring was rubbing itself deeply into Sue and gliding across those wet pussy lips, every little vibration shot right back through that ring into Jenny’s clit. “Delicious,” she thought. But Sue had now begun to respond with passion. Instead of that awful banging she was starting to wiggle and slide as Jenny was in the groove of her fucking motion. In fact if you hadn’t been close enough to see what was actually going on you might have thought Jenny had a dick as her hip movements were a perfect copy of masculine fucking motions.

Sue was enjoying this too: for half the same reasons Jenny was. Yup, it sure felt good, but even more importantly, she knew also that Jenny was using up a lot of energy right now, while she was just laying there enjoying herself. But she had a plan, and she was sure Jenny wouldn’t be ready for it. It was only a matter of timing. The next few minutes saw Sue sit up on her elbows to get a little more leverage and Jenny also dropped back down as far as her elbows and now the two women seemed to really be getting into the trib action. Vaginal secretions were seeping out all over by now. The pain was mostly subsided from the earlier impacts, and they were really into a grinding dance. Left, right, up, down, wet labia rubbed wet labia. Both women let occasional gasps of pleasure escape their mouths. Sue eventually raised up on her arms and then to a sitting position and putting her hands down to her own pussy lips, pulled them wide, very wide, apart and said to Jenny, “My pussy is going to swallow your pussy, want to watch?” As Jenny slowly rose to a sitting position she looked at that gaping pussy across from her own. She could see those lips parted awfully wide by Sue’s fingers and she could see deep into the inner folds and crevices of Sue’s juicy pussy. Sue sat waiting for Jenny to act. Never one to shy from any kind of dare or competition, Jenny just smiled sweetly and whispered, “We’ll see whose pussy swallows whose!”

With that comment, Jenny licked her fingers one at a time as she stared lustily at Sue, and then she pulled her own pussy lips motor home wide apart. Only her gynecologist had ever seen this much! Sue, with a gaping hole of her own, lined up with Jenny and slid forward as Jenny did the same. Squishy wet holes meshed together. There was so much pussy flesh rubbing and sliding against other pussy flesh that the slopping sound seemed deafeningly loud in the quiet room. Sue exclaimed, “See I told you my pussy would swallow your pussy. You should have known better than to match up your puny girl pussy with mine.” In fact it did appear that Sue’s pussy lips were spread a little farther and could actually engulf Jenny’s outer lips just inside her own. Jenny fumed back at her, “Bitch, your pussy has nothing on mine. I can tell you love the way my pussy feels. I know you’re feeling like one lucky bitch.”

The talk quit and the two women continued to sit with hands holding their cunt lips wide apart and they flowed into a real rocking motion where the most intimate parts of their bodies were intermixing with each other. The flowing juices were now at peak level as was the intoxicating aroma in the room. Lynn and Rose were even affected by it from several feet away. Grunts and groans began to escape from their lips and the pace of squishy pussy mixing quickened. Sue now played what she hoped would be her last card in this intense game. Sitting fully up she reached under Jenny’s legs and lifted them up off the floor as she herself rose to a standing position above Jenny. In only an instant she threw her right leg over Jenny’s left and while holding Jenny’s legs wide apart she squatted back down to regain the lost contact between their pussies. Sue had been gambling that Jenny would have enough energy to hump and fuck with her but not enough to wrestle for a dominant position.

She was right. At first Jenny was surprised by the move and not prepared to make any sort of counter, and when Sue just repositioned her pussy directly down onto Jenny’s she thought “why not?” She let Sue control the motions from her superior position. While their hands weren’t pulling lips apart anymore, their pussies, of their own accord now, were very wide open and the delicious slippery friction was driving them closer and closer to orgasm. Jenny wiggled back at Sue’s every move, desperately seeking mind control over her pussy. She did not want to orgasm first.

She knew she was in the home stretch and Sue was so vigorously grinding and humping and groaning that she thought her chances were excellent. Two or three more minutes went by and the pace quickened twice in that period. Now it appeared to Jenny that Sue was having a hard time stabilizing herself upright, but with the lovely friction continuing she didn’t even care. Then as Jenny was reaching the edge (Sue too, it must be known) Sue adjusted her body enough so that her thick wet pubic hair was now in the prime position to grind down into Jenny’s pussy. And grind she did. Harder and harder she ground, pushing her mound deeply into Jenny’s pussy and the surprise and newness of the texture and the closeness of the orgasm all blended into Jenny’s unwanted explosion. Boom! It was like a sonic boom going off inside her as Sue continued to hump her thick furry pussy mound down, down into Jenny’s cunt. Jenny screamed and screamed, “You bitch, you bitch, oh God, you bitch! I’m coming, coming, coming!!!”

In her practically upside down position she shuddered and shook, clearly marking her orgasm as first. But of course Sue wasn’t done. Without missing a beat she shifted her pussy right back and with her clit aiming the way she took full advantage or that artificial appendage on Jenny’s clit and humped it back and forth over and over again, groaning all the while. Jenny, having come down from her orgasm began to feel overly sensitive in her pussy and began to beg Sue to stop. “Not a chance you little cunt, not until I get mine!” shouted Sue. Fortunately for Jenny it wasn’t too long in coming. Sue’s accurate humping on Jenny’s clit and clit ring launched her own orgasm just a couple of minutes after Jenny’s subsided. Whimpering to herself in ecstasy Sue was immensely pleased. Not only had she just had a powerful orgasm at Jenny’s expense, but also she had finally beaten Jenny in one of their matches. The monkey was off her back. Her legs were weak, but she stood up proud and gleaming, the mixture of female juices running down her legs and sweat dripping off her face and tits she walked a couple of circles around Jenny, preening all the way. “I told you before we started that my pussy would overpower your puny thing and that is exactly what it did. Face it Jenny I just have a better pussy than you, clit ring or not!”

With that the first pussy fight was over. Whew!

Chapter 28
Round 4-2 Sue vs Lynn

The next hour went by slowly for Jenny, Lynn, and Rose, but for Sue it seemed to just fly by. She had just whipped Jenny and now had to try to back up that win with another over Lynn. She wished that she had more time to recover physically from the effort it took to out-fuck Jenny. The one good thing was that her libido was really satisfied from the bout with Jenny. Lynn couldn’t wait to tackle Sue and had paid close attention to the intricacies of her battle with Jenny. It was apparent that Sue had lots of control over her arousal and Lynn knew that a win would not come easily. Sue had replayed in her mind the sweet victory over Jenny for at least the first half hour of rest time. It was very sweet for her and she just basked in her own feeling of glory. Finally she began to think more about her upcoming pussy fight with Lynn and began to think how sweet it would be to out-fuck a woman five years her junior. Lynn was a very haughty woman, and even at 29 years old and among women older than herself, she carried herself as if she were the queen. “Yes,” Sue thought, “making Lynn cum screaming would be real satisfying!”

The women, with the occasional waiting time between matches, were typically quiet. Not wanting to intrude too much on the thoughts of the upcoming battlers, the two who would be watching rarely spoke, while the two combatants usually saved their tongue warfare for just prior to coming to grips with each other. Occasionally there was talking but it usually was just about placement of the furniture or getting a drink and not too often directly about the sex wars in progress.

This break was no exception but the silence that pervaded the room had an impact on all of them. It seemed to raise the electrical energy in the room. The tension was omni-present and even though most talk was in pleasantries, it wouldn’t cut through the building excitement. The women wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were all relishing the totally erotic competitive atmosphere. It was as if a pea-soup fog had settled into the room, but instead of moisture it was sexual tension between all four women. Friends and enemies all rolled into one. Sex partners and warriors were indistinguishable. It was heady stuff and Lynn and Sue prepared to go at it. Sue had freshened up in the bathroom and came back out still naked and proud and walked with a little bounce in her step that clearly showed she was in a happy and confident mood. She was just beaming with that special glow, almost like a young bride on her wedding day.

Rose announced the last two minutes of rest and Lynn, now returning from the bathroom, had decided to strip before entering the room. She walked in and began an energetic pacing around the perimeter of the room. It was like one of her power walks that she so regularly took around her neighborhood back home. Sue was already walking when Lynn came in and now they looked like two tigresses circling their prey, and the prey was the other. Lynn, by walking quite fast around the perimeter, was forcing Sue to move closer to the middle of the room to avoid being overtaken by Lynn. She wanted to maintain a 180 degrees difference between them, but since Lynn was walking so fast she kept moving towards the center of the room. This now gave the appearance of Lynn walking circles around Sue. It must have been part of her plan to try to throw Sue with her athleticism even before the ‘festivities’ began. Sue certainly noticed the ploy but she didn’t do anything to prevent Lynn’s actions. She just gritted her teeth in determination and anxiously awaited Rose’s voice announcing the time to start.

“Get ready to go down sweety,” intoned Lynn as she slowed her pace. “Nice job against Jenny, but I think your learning curve for pussy fighting just got a whole lot steeper. Your pretty pussy will be a whimpering quivering juicy mess when my pussy takes control.”

“Not a chance. Even Jenny, with her cheating ring, couldn’t handle the power in my cunt. I’ll eat your little blonde pussy alive with my bushy black haired cunt. Get ready to line up right beside Jenny the loser!”

“Time to go!” shouted Rose.

With that the two fiery women moved confidently closer together. Sue used both her hands under each boob and lifted them higher and jiggled them from side to side in an enticing way. Her hips swayed rhythmically with her walk. Her nipples grew quickly to the big protruding knobs she was so proud of. Her lush bush, which played such an important part in forcing Jenny to climax, stood in dramatic contrast to her smooth lustrous skin. Lynn’s fresh skin glowed with health. Her nipples were also growing proudly to meet the challenge of Sue’s hard nipples. She provocatively wiggled her hips, drawing attention to her pretty blonde pubes. Licking her lips in erotic anticipation she drew up close to Sue, body fully ready. Lynn’s arms went out slowly, but Sue reacted defensively and grabbed Lynn’s hands on either side of her body. Fingers interlocked and they began a test of strength, each trying to bend back the hands of the other. Both gritted their teeth and pushed with all their might. Tendons in their arms showed through their skin. Bodies angled towards each other as they leaned forward for leverage their faces came nose to nose. Their eyes were only centimeters apart staring intently straight through their opponent. Breasts came together and pushed firm nipples into nearly as firm breast flesh.

Lynn, seeking to intimidate the larger Sue, grimaced and said, “Is that all you got?” With their faces now touching forehead to forehead, Sue retaliated not with words but with a quick bite on the nose. She raised her head enough to put her teeth on Lynn’s nose and clamp down. “Ow!” cried Lynn, but for fear of ripping her skin she didn’t pull away. She just drew on a deeper energy reserve and muscled Sue’s hands backwards a little bit, but there was an immediate response on her nose. Sue’s teeth came down harder, threatening to cut. Instantly Lynn recognized Sue’s strategy. More pressure with her hands would be returned with a harder bite and so she backed off and got the results she wanted. Sue loosened her bite and when Lynn shook her hands free Sue let go of Lynn’s nose. She left behind four very definite marks but fortunately no blood. Lynn’s face radiated anger at Sue and Sue’s re-radiated it right back.

Immediately their arms shot around the other’s body, and embracing tightly, they began kissing. Lynn bit Sue on the lower lip only to have Sue return the favor on her upper lip. Lynn didn’t bite too hard but hard enough to hurt Sue and vice versa. Lynn let go and began to tongue the underside of Sue’s upper lip. Sue brought her tongue into battle and began a vigorous jousting match. Both women sought as much domination as possible early in their fight but wanted to make sure the juices were flowing within their enemy as well. Sliding her tongue deeply into Lynn’s mouth she practically made Lynn gag. Lynn in retaliation reached up with her right hand and grabbed Sue’s thick hair and jerked. Sue’s head snapped back several inches and she opened her mouth with an “Oooww!” when Lynn leaned over her and spit directly into Sue’s open mouth. She spit again but missed, hitting Sue in the eye and on the nose before Sue could react and grab Lynn’s hair and yank sideways, pulling Lynn off balance and tipping her to the floor. Rose shouted 10 minutes to go with foreplay! This was foreplay?

Maybe there was some sexuality involved, but five minutes into their ‘warm-up’ this was looking more like a catfight than lovemaking. Sue landed on top of Lynn and immediately spread her legs wide apart for leverage to keep Lynn underneath, but Lynn squirmed very quickly to her right, and with her hand still in Sue’s hair, pulled Sue over to the floor and executed another 90-degree roll and landed on top of Sue. Sue’s legs were still wide apart and she immediately locked her ankles behind Lynn’s back and began squeezing. Her powerful leg scissors immediately forced a loud grunt from Lynn, who began yanking on Sue’s hair back and forth while Sue retaliated using both of her hands to grab large clumps of Lynn’s long blonde hair and jerk her head violently back and forth. Both women were breathing very heavily now. Sue yelled at Lynn, “You bitch, don’t ever spit at me again!”

“Who’s calling who a bitch? You’re the one that practically gagged me with your tongue…Bitch!” They continued like this for a while, Lynn on top but within the confines of a strong leg scissors from Sue underneath, yanking each other’s hair but on the downward slope of their intense anger and fighting action. As their hair pulling subsided and Sue’s scissors let up a little bit, Lynn found she had a perfect angle to begin some pussy rubbing, so in one quick move she let go of Sue’s hair and scooped her head up in her arms and returned to kissing her on the lips and at the same time forced her hips lower between Sue’s legs and began to rock her blonde bush up into Sue’s black bush. Sue for now reciprocated with some passion in her kiss. Less biting more tongue dueling, picking up that battle where it had left off a few moments before.

Knowing Sue’s strong legs were still locked behind her back caused Lynn to be wary of the next few moments. She knew she had the edge on Sue in the pussy fight because Sue’s legs were spread apart to maintain the semblance of a scissors, while her own were tight together allowing her to fuck Sue’s pussy in a more open position than her own. Sue’s big clit she assumed would be protruding from between her lips already and receiving some stimulation as Lynn dragged her soft blond curls across Sue’s pussy over and over again. She was right of course, Sue had a very large clit protruding far from its sheath when aroused, and even in the anger of the last few minutes it had begun to grow and grow. Sue showed contentment to lie in this position, maintaining her legs around Lynn and dueling with her tongue. She began playing the passive role, much like she had done during portions of her pussy fight with Jenny earlier. She began moaning softly between her still ragged breaths. She sucked Lynn’s tongue into her mouth as far as it would go and swirled her own tongue around it repeatedly. “Five more minutes,” announced Rose.

It seemed like much longer but only 10 minutes had elapsed in the ‘foreplay round’ and already they were going pussy to pussy and the time had seemed much longer, especially to Lynn and Sue. Sue knew she didn’t want to stay in this position for long and she tried to roll over to her right by pulling on Lynn’s head with her arms which were wrapped tightly still around her head, as Lynn’s were wrapped around hers. The maneuver did not work, as Lynn was low to the ground. Sue tried again and again to roll but Lynn just kept her there. Each attempted roll threw their pussies together with Sue’s large clit being sandpapered by Lynn’s lovely lower pubic hair. Physiology being what it is, her loins began to feel the heat of sexual stimulation. Lynn was feeling it to of course, but not to the same degree.

When Sue failed on the third roll-off attempt she maintained a strong grip on Lynn’s head but re-applied the leg scissors around Lynn’s waist. Squeezing as hard as she could in hopes of forcing Lynn into a response that would let her escape the inequitable pussy tormenting. Lynn grunted in pain but did not make any false moves. Lynn was in very good shape and her stomach and back muscles were capable of withstanding much punishment. Punishment is what Sue was trying to dish out too. Through all of this they kept up their kissing. When Lynn had grunted it was directly into Sue’s mouth, giving her the immense satisfaction of feeling Lynn’s response so intimately to her powerful leg squeeze. Lynn broke off the kiss and with Sue’s arms still wrapped tightly around her head whispered into Sue’s ear, “Are you ready to pussy fight now?” “You bet I am,” whispered Sue.

Sue unclenched her arms and legs from around Lynn and Lynn lifted up off Sue and stood up taking a breather. Sue slowly stood, feeling pretty pleased about what had transpired so far. She felt she had dished out a lot of punishment to Lynn. Lynn also was very confident and happy about her domination of Sue’s pussy with her own. They now stood up, breathing heavily and perspiration glistening on their skin. “Pussy time!” yelled Rose, which was her signal that the 15-minute time had elapsed. With that the two women gingerly moved to the carpeted floor on their backs and inched together in right leg over left scissor position. Unlike Sue’s hard charging banging that she used to begin her pussy fight with Jenny, this first touch pussy kiss was tender, in sharp contrast to the violence of the warm-up period. The razor-sharp touch that often accompanies such contact was absent with this pair. The previous intimacies and fighting had already taken them over the edge of unexpected sensation.

So they began to slowly slide their wet pussies together. Sue’s dark-haired slit slid deliciously over Lynn’s shaved lips. Each woman was leaning up on her arms and when Sue asked Jenny to give her one of the large pillows laying on the side of the room to rest her back on, Lynn asked the same. Adjusting their position to the pillows allowed them to use more of their energy in their lower bodies. After getting situated comfortably they began a sideways rocking motion, Lynn’s protruding pussy lips slid across Sue’s and as each lip met a lip of the other they stretched them gently in opposing directions. In each direction one lip would push its opposing lip closed and then immediately pull the other lip open. This gentle rocking and pulling of lips saturated Sue’s fuzzy labia hair with moisture from both women. The tactile feeling of Sue’s hairs bristling against her bare labia was enough to cause Lynn to feel the second layer of arousal emanating from her cunt. Sue found herself relishing the feel of Lynn’s very slippery labia as they continued their rocking contact. “Feels pretty good, doesn’t it bitch? Feel how my pussy makes yours all slippery and hot,” purred Sue. Lynn couldn’t let the comment go by untouched and she replied, “I’ll show you what a nice hot pussy can do. Your fuzzy cunt is already aching for more of my pretty hole. You’ll never be able to keep up with me!”

With that last comment Lynn began a more vigorous rubbing action, continuing the back and forth rocking motion, she would pull back a little and throw a bump into the mix. Sue matched Lynn’s action and threw in her own twist, a grinding action at the end of each sideways slide. The heightened lust combined with the rocking actions had opened up the pussies of both girls. Lynn’s clit was now poking distinctively out from the top of her slit and Sue’s clitoris had grown to its full proportion and was now nearly in contact with Lynn’s. Sue raised her butt off the floor a little to smear more of her juices on and around Lynn’s clit and she let her hips dance a little wiggle with Lynn’s clit poking into her very slobbery wet hole. Lynn allowed this for only a few seconds when she too raised her hips to retaliate in like fashion.

For the first time she felt Sue’s clit slide inside her hole. She was surprised how much like a small cock Sue’s clit felt. She rocked against it and even tried to squeeze her labia closed over Sue’s big clit. Rocking gently in this position both women began to moan. Shivers of pleasure rippled outward from Sue’s clit and when those shivers continued she managed to move her clit upwards to find Lynn’s clitoris. Lynn played hide and seek with her clit and kept wiggling to avoid the attacking clit from Sue. Sue didn’t like the teasing and more vigorously than ever began to seek Lynn’s clit. Their clits bounced around each other’s pussies, Sue’s seeking Lynn’s while Lynn tried to avoid her clit being caught by Sue’s double-size clit. Occasionally they met and the feeling was electric as clit touched clit, but Lynn kept up the hiding and Sue kept up the seeking. Frustration set in for Sue, and it was sexual frustration just as much as combative frustration. She WANTED Lynn’s clit to mate with her own. Five minutes went by, ten minutes went by, and the lust built to new levels in both women, but Sue’s frustration began to show.

Lynn began to think about bringing Sue to orgasm and she thought she might have to sacrifice her own clit to do it. She weighed other options but she remembered how Sue had managed to beat Jenny and figured that her win there was more because of the dominant position she had managed than because her pleasure stick of a clit was less sensitive to stimulation than Jenny’s. Lynn felt that as long as Sue was at least as far along as she was that in a head-to-head clit duel she would whip Sue. And so it was that after twelve minutes of clitty hide and seek she let the seeking clit find her own. Now the humping and pushing began in earnest.

Sue, finally achieving what she wanted, began immediately to wage clitty war on Lynn’s smaller but very firm clit. Lynn pushed back with intensity. Lining up their clits directly at each other they began to push. Lynn tried to push Sue’s big clit right back towards her pubic bone while Sue was definitely returning the favor. They wiggled clit against clit with the slippery knobs flexing against the pressure and springing back upright the moment pressure was relieved. The intensity and volume of the moaning women grew and grew. The perspiration on their bodies was now a thick coat of liquid and the heat of the mutual fucking was sending the orgasmic elevator towards the top floor.

Lynn managed to screech out of her mouth a few words, “My pussy is pounding your pussy, my clit is whipping your clit all over the place, you’re no match for me. Can’t you fuck any harder than that?”

“You bet I can!” spewed Sue, and she instantly began grinding harder and harder into Lynn. Sue’s clit tried to push Lynn’s clit this way and that way and the slippery juices were sending chills and shudders through her groin. Lynn too, was grinding back in like fashion. Like two cats in heat they were now each racing toward their own orgasm and desperately trying to avoid it at the same time. Faster and faster they went. Raunchy pussy odor intoxicated their nostrils and still they kept grinding and grinding. Sue could feel her impending orgasm but was powerless to slow down her pussy grinding and she began to grunt unintelligible noises of primal nature that gave away her heat.

Louder and louder she began to scream and as though she was shot with a slingshot into a cauldron of pleasure. Her orgasmic shouts made Jenny and Rose think that the neighbors might be imagining some sort of foul play (maybe with good reason). On and on for two-plus minutes Sue shuddered and shook with orgasm. As her own grinding slowed down, Lynn actually speeded up her grinding humping action, making sure to keep as much clit to clit contact as possible. Sue’s sensitivity to over-stimulation set in and she begged Lynn to stop, but Lynn was now like a wild woman herself and she humped Sue’s pussy with a maniacal glee. When her orgasm hit, it hit with a force equal to Sue’s, like slamming her into a brick wall and she kept up her humping right up to the very end. They lay there with their wet sticky pussies practically glued together, Sue almost sobbing and breathing heavily, but Lynn was smiling broadly and breathing heavily too.

Chapter 29

Rose v Jenny

“Good fight ladies,” said Jenny, “as soon as you get out of the way Rosie and I can get it on.”

“Hold your horses Jenny, we’ll get out of your way when we are good and ready,” said Lynn, and with that she wiggled her spent pussy against Sue’s defeated pussy for fifteen or so seconds, just to prove a couple of points. First, to Jenny she was proving that she was in control when she was done, and second, to Sue that hers was the victorious pussy. Sue managed a feeble wiggle back with her own pussy and then she extricated her legs from their scissor position and she got up saying, “Just lucky, that’s all you were Lynn. If we ever have a rematch it’ll be different, I promise!” She went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, leaving the other three in the living room.

Jenny congratulated Lynn on her win but de-emphasized its importance saying that when they met up she would learn what pussy defeat feels like. Lynn mocked Jenny’s arrogant attitude by telling her that she had better focus on the next fight against Rose before she worried about her. Rose chimed in, “go ahead Jenny, overlook me and you’ll find out real quick what it’s like to be pussy whipped twice in a row. I don’t give a damn about that clit ring you are wearing either. I’ll make Sue’s pussy domination over you look like child’s play.”

“Domination my ass, Sue was lucky, very lucky. I almost had her!” Jenny made sure Rose knew she was still confident and full of determination. Rose acted like she didn’t hear Jenny and just got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink. Surprisingly she poured a glass of wine and drank it right down and then poured one more, taking it back into the living room and offering it to Jenny. Jenny wondered about this but she took the glass and thanked Rose and drank it quickly also. Both women knew that wine had a couple of different effects; first it loosened inhibitions, but second it also dulled the sensory organs a bit.

Sue returned from her quick shower and took her ringside seat looking quite refreshed, considering the match had ended such a short time before. Lynn took a quick dash to shower as well and told Jenny and Rose to wait for her because she would be quick. Neither liked the idea of waiting but they did and when Lynn returned Rose got to her feet and quickly took all her clothes off. She made no attempt to disrobe seductively, just in a matter-of-fact manner as though nothing at all was on her mind. Nothing could have been further from the truth however. Her mind was racing with thoughts of lust and power and domination. She was only one win behind Jenny and a win now would put them into a tie in the battle for “best-sexiest-female” within their little foursome. Anxious to get going she asked Sue if she was ready to time the foreplay. When Sue affirmed, Rose turned to look directly at Jenny as if to say, “what are you waiting for, here I am.” Jenny sensing the anxiousness in Rose’s demeanor took her time and ever so nonchalantly got up from her seated position and ambled slowly over to Rose and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Rose reached out and gently put her hands on Jenny’s breasts and stroked her round orbs ever so gently. Jenny leaned in and kissed Rose on the other cheek and whispered in her ear, “Like my titties do you? Well they’re all yours sweet thing. Do what you want with them. Can’t you see how my nipples are hard and waiting for your touch. Please touch my nipples. I can hardly wait.” Jenny was laying on the seductive voice very thickly and transparently.

Rose swooned (an acting job) and pretended to let her knees buckle and grabbed Jenny’s shoulders to catch herself. “Oh, Jenny! Yes! I want you. See how hard my nipples are? They are expecting your caress. I nearly fainted from your touch. I can hardly control myself.” Even if neither woman believed the other, at least the acting performances had the effect of diffusing the tension a little from the high tension left behind by Sue and Lynn’s heated match. Jenny did reach out and begin to knead Rose’s very large breasts and shortly was focusing her ministrations on her long nipples. She watched as Rose pulled and twisted her own nipples, making them feel really good. Rose knew just how much to pull on them without hurting and to create the most exquisite tingly excitement in her nipples. Jenny tried hard to match Rose’s perfect manipulation, and from the look on Rose’s face, Jenny believed she was succeeding. They spent at least seven or eight minutes just looking back and forth from the nipple at their breasts and into each other’s eyes. Slow and gentle seemed to be the order of the day. Fake lust was beginning to be replaced by the real thing.

Rose lifted her eyes to look at Jenny and licked her lips invitingly. Jenny took the bait and they leaned in, fingers still playing with nipples, and kissed on the mouth. The kiss was soft and closed mouth at first but after a couple of little lip nibbles by each woman on the other they invitingly opened their mouths and there were no surprises when a pair of tongues slid out of one mouth and into the other. Jenny’s tongue focused on the inside of Rose’s lips, trying to run a complete circle around the inside of Rose’s mouth, but was interrupted by Rose’s tongue as a barrier. She tried to push it out of the way, but Rose would have nothing to do with that. She wasn’t about to let her tongue be forced out of the way and so a tongue-wrestle began just inside Rose’s mouth.

Jenny intent on pushing one way, and Rose just as firmly intent on going the other. Muscles tensed in their faces and necks as their tongues pushed without letup against each other. Within 30 seconds of this the tension had begun to extend into their arms and hands. The once gentle, loving manipulations of each other’s nipples were getting harder to control. Who would lose control of their fingers first had now become an added contest to that of the tongues. Rose fought mightily with herself to maintain a caressing touch on Jenny’s nipple as she fought a desperate, almost violent battle with Jenny’s tongue. The same battle was testing Jenny’s limits of self-control as well. When she lowered her tongue to try to go under and then around Rose’s tongue Rose countered with a swift response and the pushing began anew. Jenny tried sneaking around again and Rose again countered forcefully. Back and forth the tongue game went, each woman trying to force the other in whatever direction it didn’t want to go. Several moments of this tongue fight led to infinitesimal and not planned tightening of the grips on the nipples. “Five minutes to go,” shouted Sue.

That was just the excuse they needed to change tactics. Lips parted and hands left the nipple pulling and arms wrapped around the other woman in tandem. Pulling each other close their breasts now plied each other with those fully extended nipples. Hips were pulled close and the thick auburn bush of Rose’s mound met Jenny’s newly shaved mound for the first time. Rose lowered her head and began to kiss Jenny lightly on the neck. Jenny began to run her hands slowly and gently through Rose’s hair and both women found themselves swaying their bodies together to some unheard rhythm. Rose cupped her hands firmly around each of Jenny’s lovely ass-cheeks and pulled her closer. She began to grind her mound against Jenny in a slow circular motion. With her hands still firmly on Jenny’s ass she lifted Jenny off the floor and with a slow squeeze and turn laid her down on the floor. Jenny’s legs came apart and wrapped around Rose at the hip and Rose now found herself, too easily she thought, in the good old dominant missionary position. Having expected Jenny to put up at least some sort of protesting action she took a moment before taking advantage of the situation and when she finally began her grinding her thick bush down into Jenny’s bare pussy mound Sue yelled “That’s it, 15 minutes are up. Lets see some pussy to pussy action now girls!”

That was Jenny’s cue. She immediately locked her legs around Rose’s waist and with her left arm wrapped around Rose’s shoulder rolled her to her right, intending to gain the top position. Rose, being partially seduced by Jenny’s relative inaction up to that point wasn’t ready and found herself under Jenny. Jenny grabbed both of Rose’s wrists and by leaning forward enough to put lots of her weight on them managed to hold Rose down by the wrists. Jenny slid her hips back into alignment with Rose’s and began to grind downward with her pussy against Rose’s bush. With her legs still wide and wrapped around Rose’s waist, Jenny appeared to be bent up like a pretzel but the alignment of their bodies was very good for what she had in mind.

That new clit jewelry was now protruding powerfully from between her lips and with the angle of their bodies, each time Jenny swiveled her hips or ground them downward against Rose, that ring found its way down into the top of Rose’s sexy pussy. Rose was keeping her legs together to avoid a more frontal attack from Jenny’s clit and ring but the ring found its way down through her pussy hair to reach her clit anyway. The effect was instantaneous for Rose. Her clit found the touch of that ring to be extremely erotic and stimulating. Of course the pressure and vibrations of the ring found their way back directly into Jenny’s clit also. She was ready for her own arousal and practically put herself into a trance-like state to try to control it. She wiggled and ground downward on Rose’s clit and pussy while maintaining the arm hold on her at the same time. Rose tried wiggling out and even bucking her hips upward to remove Jenny but those tactics didn’t work. Rose was angry about her predicament and began to buck harder and harder, bouncing Jenny up and down like a Brahma bull. Jenny showed considerable skill as a bull-rider and with every bounce her clitty ring targeted Rose’s pussy. Then Rose lifted her head and butted her forehead right into Jenny’s forehead, stunning Jenny and forcing Rose to act quickly. She threw the groggy Jenny off and quickly grabbed a pillow and lifted Jenny’s ass up onto the tall pillow. Then straddling her raised pussy she lowered her pussy down onto Jenny’s and began to hump away. She ground her hips down, down, down, putting lots of pressure on Jenny’s pussy with her own. Rose watched as Jenny slowly recovered from the head butt, rage clearly evident in her face.

“No you don’t bitch!” she shouted. “You don’t head butt me and get away with it.” She grabbed Rose’s right leg and lifted it high into the air causing Rose to fall backwards with a thud onto the carpet, knocking the wind out of her. Jenny, still recovering from the head butt couldn’t act as fast as she would have liked but she did manage to get out on top of Rose. This time she grabbed under each of Rose’s knees and lifted them high to her shoulders, and even as Rose struggled to catch her breath, mounted Rose again. This time instead of grabbing her arms she grabbed her hair to hold it down with her weight on the floor so Rose couldn’t repeat the head butt. This did leave Rose’s arms free, but for at least a minute she was passive as Jenny, now in control began humping her pussy. From this position, Jenny had the most freedom of choice in how to use her pussy against Rose’s thickly furred womanhood. By leaning far forward she could actually open up her pussy wide and expose her clit and its ring to use as a fuck-tool in Rose’s vagina. The wet hole was easy prey for Jenny right now and she took advantage by hump-rocking her clit into and out of Rose’s hole. In and out she went at a fast tempo.

Rose still hadn’t recovered from the loss of wind and the pained look on her face showed the desperation of a cornered cat. Which is exactly what she was. “You fucking cunt! You’ll pay for that!” finally emerged from Rose’s lips as her breath returned. She was in a tough predicament and she knew it. Jenny yelled directly in her face, “How you gonna make me pay? Huh, How? You’re in no position to be making threats against me, bitch!” And with that Jenny began to hump harder and with less control. Her pounding pussy now slammed into Rose’s cunt a hundred times in a minute. Her clit and the ring were banging into every part of Rose’s ever-more juicy pussy. Pain grew as the onslaught continued in Rose’s clit and she grew more desperate than ever. She wanted no part in the pain and she wanted no part in losing the race to orgasm. She reached up and put her fingers deeply into Jenny’s hair and began violently jerking left and right. Jenny screamed in pain as many roots of her pretty hair were yanked out of her scalp. She continued her humping but began her own hair pulling of the woman underneath her. Her hands had already been on Rose’s hair and now, like two she-cats they were screeching at each other as Jenny continued her erotic humping and while Rose tried to throw Jenny from the top. Arms were flailing as they jerked harder and harder on the hair of the other woman. Jenny couldn’t maintain her hold on Rose and when Rose threw her weight to the right Jenny went toppling over with Rose following, striving for the top position again, but Jenny continued to roll seeking the same advantage. Rose could play that game too and she too forced another 180 degrees roll. Jenny’s fingers once again found Rose’s hair and the screaming catfight continued as they rolled back and forth across the floor, first in one direction and then the other.

This was now obviously very serious business for both women. Neither seemed willing as the fight progressed to let it be a ‘fair fight’ with just lining up pussies and going at it until one or the other had an orgasm. No sir, this was turning out to be a battle for domination where one woman would lose her fighting power and be forced to surrender to the erotic attacks of the other. This was one product of the vagueness in the “rules” they had established. It was understood that they would attack pussy with pussy, but since there was no mention of other restrictions that might apply, the battles kept getting more and more ‘outside the boundaries’ of what Lynn had intended. Jenny and Rose continued their screaming and cursing at each other with faces directly in each other. Through all this they did manage to keep their hips lined up and there remained frequent pussy-to-pussy contact. While not now as erotic as earlier, there was still the hint of sex in the air and the arousal that each felt had not dissipated away. When for a moment their rolling over and over stopped, Rose wrapped her left arm around Jenny’s head and neck and pulled it in close for a solid headlock. Jenny maintained her grip on Rose’s hair and was pulling for all she was worth when Rose rolled her over and was able to arrive in a kneeling position beside Jenny with Jenny’s head under control of her arm strength. Four large breasts, glistening shiny with sweat were now hanging directly downward from the pull of gravity. Their swaying massiveness in the reckless fight was a sight to behold.

Lynn and Sue, both excited by the hot action of the fighting women, were doing all they could not to masturbate from their ringside seats. Both found it convenient to cross and uncross their legs often, providing much relieving stimulation to their own pussies. The main event was still intensely being waged on the carpet in front of them. Jenny screamed at Rose, “Let me go! Let me go! I mean it! Let me go!” But that just inspired Rose to put on even more pressure, even though the pain in her head and scalp was intense since Jenny had not once let up on her vicious hair-pulling. As Rose squeezed her headlock Jenny let go of Rose’s hair with her left hand. Rose was glad the pain went away and for a brief moment she thought that Jenny might be about to give up. That hope was immediately dashed when Jenny’s left hand came roaring around in a big whirlwind swing with a hard slap to the front of Rose’s face, stinging her in surprise and pain. Now paying attention to Jenny’s arm, she moved her head forcing Jenny’s next slap to miss, as did the next. Rose knew that Jenny still wielded a lot of power and she had best be careful. She knew she didn’t want to receive any more slaps like the first one. Eventually Rose noticed that Jenny’s swings were slowing down and had less accuracy. Also her hair pulling was losing its power. Even through the mutual screaming that renewed, Rose began to feel the tide turning in her favor. It was a long way to go but she liked the tiring she felt in Jenny.

Jenny, meanwhile, was pissed! She had no intention of losing her second pussy fight and her fatigue angered her. Not as much as the anger felt towards Rose, but anger nonetheless. Knowing that she was far from erotically close to orgasm, she decided to save her strength and she quit fighting. The only sound now was from the heavy ragged breathing of both women. Rose sensed the fight leave Jenny and she let go of her headlock and moved slowly, because of her own fatigue, into a dominant position once again over Jenny. This time she took a little more time to situate a couple of pillows in such a way that she could rest her back at the same time as she moved her pussy. Jenny just lay on the floor, with her wide-open pussy spread out on the pillow awaiting Rose’s attack. Taking several deep breaths to re-oxygenate her lungs, Rose slid into her favorite position. She was on top of Jenny and about to take a ride. She had straddled her left leg to the right side of Jenny’s body and her right leg under Jenny’s left leg, which she grabbed and pulled up straight to hold onto with her arms. With Jenny opened up like this, she could only stare in horror as she watched Rose lower her pussy onto hers. Rose began with slow gentle rubs: pussy across pussy.

This reawakened the libido of each woman and the production of vaginal juices went back into gear. Rose used her labia to rub Jenny’s labia back and forth, the slipperiness apparent in both the feeling and the noise of suction and slurping as they slid across each other. As Rose would pull away she could watch and see how the two pair of labia lips would actually stick together and stretch out towards the other woman as they parted. It was as if they were desperately aching, in glue-like fashion, to stay together. In mere moments the lustful aching was very real. As unfocused on eroticism as they had been moments before, and as unlikely that they thought it would be to get turned on in a hurry, they both were wrong. The adrenalin rush from fighting actually made it easier to get turned on, even when the partner was the ‘enemy.’ Jenny, in particular, was very surprised to feel the powerful stirrings in her clit and pussy almost as soon as Rose made contact.

She was not ready! Her fatigue was still too great to mount a counter attack and therefore she had no choice but to hope that Rose would lose control herself. She hated the feeling of depending on the opponent to lose, instead of controlling her own destiny, but her energy was spent. In only three or four minutes of this pussyfight (one-sided for now) both women felt the rising heat of their own animal lust. Jenny tried hard to wish it away to no avail. Rose could see the grimaces in Jenny’s face and felt powerful in her thrusting position. “Time to use my clit,” she thought.

Her rigid flap of skin beneath her outer lips was ready. Rose used her hands to open her labia wide and she made her clit take the plunge straight for Jenny’s clit. Being in her position she could actually see Jenny’s gaping hole and her clit with its big ring. This allowed her to poke Jenny’s clit in exactly the way she wanted. First she poked just above that ring and wiggled. Next she poked just under the ring and wiggled. Already Jenny was beginning to climb rapidly toward orgasm. Rose knew her erotic temperature was rising too, but she could pull away or slow down if things got going too fast. She repeated her little clit pokes, above the ring, below the ring. Wiggle, wiggle. Jenny began to moan and groan louder and louder. Hating herself as she said it she yelled at Rose, “Fuck me! Fuck my clit! Fuck my pussy! Fuck! Fuck! Come on, fuck me harder!” Those were the cries of a woman about to be defeated. Rose knew it. Jenny knew it.

And so Rose, without hesitation, did exactly as Jenny wanted. She pushed her firm clit down into Jenny’s pussy, and with large forceful motion began grinding and pushing Jenny’s clit, ring and all, all over the place. Ten seconds was all it took. Jenny exploded inside. Her body shook. Screams of joy rang out in the room. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Oooooooohhh God. Ooooooooh yes. That was good!” Now Jenny’s pussy was fair game as a toy for Rose. She kept up the grinding and pushing, even as Jenny tried feebly to pull away, and succeeded in bringing herself to her own pulsing orgasm just half a minute after Jenny’s had subsided. When Rose’s orgasm had fallen away, she stood up, dropping Jenny’s leg and staring down at her told her in a firm voice “Don’t ever take me for granted again cunt!” She put emphasis on that last word to drive home the point. Turning and walking away from Jenny she glanced at the other two who were sitting there mesmerized and with big smiles on their faces.

Jenny rolled over, knowing she had been soundly defeated. She thought to herself that if it hadn’t been for all the catfighting action her pussy could have defeated Rose’s pussy. Trouble with that logic was that there HAD been catfighting action and SHE was the one who had lost. Never one to have a problem with her ego, she made all kinds of excuses in her mind, and within minutes she had practically turned it into a win. Actually however, Rose had now caught up with Jenny in total wins, six to six. Lynn was right behind with five, and Sue had four. The only thing was that now Jenny had another giant problem looming. Her name was Lynn. She would have an hour to rest, but after the fatigue of the last match, and with Lynn having twice as long a rest, she knew it would be difficult.

Rose and Jenny took turns in the shower. The evening had set in and they all took the break time to feed themselves a bit from the pantry and refrigerator. Little talking was again the norm, but the air was thick with tension. Every woman in the room knew that the intensity level, the violence, and the hatred (new way for these women to think of each other) was reaching new heights. Each had by now seen that not one of them backed down when cornered, but came out fighting. It was clear that this was competition at its most basic. It was you against me and we’ll see who is really better. What began as “better at kissing” had progressed to “better at tits” to “better at pussy” to just plain “BETTER.” The rules might change. The target might change. But one thing remained the same. These battles were turning into a test of wills. The inner persona of each woman was being challenged, and none wanted to come up short. This incredible vitality and spirit was in itself an aphrodisiac unlike any other. Maybe their feminine physiology hadn’t changed, but, to a woman, they all knew that they had never had sex so intense and powerful before. Halfway through round four found them halfway through the first week of their “golf vacation.” None had called their husbands as per prior arrangement, just so they could have their fun together, as Jenny’s husband Harry had said before she left. If he only knew!

Chapter 30
Jenny v Lynn

By now Jenny was having second thoughts about her clit ring. When she discreetly went to that adult novelty shop and talked to the girl working there one of the points of discussion was body piercing. The girl told Jenny that she had a clit ring and that she loved it. Her partners loved it too, both men and women, admitting she was bisexual. Jenny became instantly intrigued by the idea, figuring she could use it to her advantage in the sex competition she was so engrossed in. She had found out where the girl had hers done and went quickly to the nearby shop and asked to have a clit ring. She was told it wouldn’t hurt much, except right at first. That had been true enough, but after losing pussy fights with both Sue and Rose she doubted the value. If she could, she would have removed the ring right then, but she thought it would probably be safer to ask the expert to do it later.

Only thing was, she had an imminent pussy fight with Lynn, whom she knew would be just as determined to beat her as Sue and Rose had. Now Jenny wasn’t a woman to often have doubts about her prowess, but in this case the doubts were about trying to use trickery for an advantage instead of meeting these women “head-on.” She also felt that Sue and Rose probably fought her harder BECAUSE of the ring than if she hadn’t snuck away to surprise them. In any case, her doubts were about her tactics, not about her inherent sexuality and power. By passing off her two losses in a row to foolish tactics she was ready to go into battle with Lynn a fully confident woman. She was still fatigued, however, and that she knew would certainly work against her. She hoped that her slightly larger size would compensate and allow her control over Lynn. Rose had showered first and Jenny actually took time to bathe in the tub instead of showering, hoping that the soothing hot bath would relieve the aches and pains in her muscles. She knew she would need every reserve of power she could draw on in facing the determined Lynn.

As Lynn, Sue, and Rose finished a quick meal; Jenny came out of the bath looking much refreshed. Lynn took a last big gulp of ice water and walked to the center of the living room. With the furniture pushed back out of the way they had an area about 17 feet by 20 feet of clear space. The bigger furniture had been pushed up against the outside wall, fronting the window with the view. With the upper floor location within the hotel they felt safe leaving a bit of a crack in the drapes to let in some natural sunlight. So far they hadn’t had anyone complain about the noise from the occasional orgasmic and catfighting yells. Evidently the walls and floors were well soundproofed. The sun was lowering itself out over the bay and its rays were shining in between the cracks on the drapes as Jenny followed Lynn into the “fight room.” Sue and Rose had preceded them and rearranged the furniture just a bit to keep the sun from shining directly on them. They wanted some natural light in the room and so they left that crack in the drapes. “Timer ready,” chimed Rose, “time has started.”

For a few seconds both women just stood a few feet apart eyeing each other. So far neither had taunted the other. Each was focused on the inner-self. As Jenny took her first step toward Lynn, Lynn spoke “What’ll it be girl? You think your pussy can whip mine in an orgasm duel? I don’t. Or do you think you have to whip the shit out of me so you can have your way with me? Me. I don’t care. I can’t decide whether I’d rather kick your fat ass first or just pussy fuck you to death right away.”

Jenny stopped in her tracks when Lynn taunted her now. “No way it makes any difference. Your pussy is mine anyway. If you want to live in some fantasyland, that’s your business. But here in this room, my pussy will Queen yours no matter what route I choose to get there. So suit yourself, because that is what I’m going to do: suit myself at your expense!”

While no other of the fights had started with a discussion of tactics before this one, nothing had been cleared up this time either. Neither woman knew the mindset of the other as they cautiously approached. Would Lynn’s straight-up pussy victory over Sue cause her to want to try the same tactics here? Would Jenny’s fatigue cause her to avoid the high-energy demands of a fighting duel? They approached closer. The sun shone in on Jenny’s freshened skin. It glowed and created beautiful curvy shadows on the far wall as she stepped into the direct sunlight. Her profile in shadow was awesome.

Legs looked exceedingly long, tummy flat, breasts high and far forward. Her nipples were not protruding but even without that touch, her breasts were a succulent sight to behold. Her graceful arms moved gingerly in preparation for intimate uses. Lynn watched Jenny’s slow approach still debating her next move. Deliberately she brought her hands up to her own breasts and tweaked her nipples quickly and with firmness. Her quick pulls caused them to instantly stand at attention, awaiting Jenny’s approach. Finishing her nipple pull, she put her hands under each of her tits and slowly moved them side-to-side in a teasing way. As she spoke she continued her tit-swaying, “Here Jenny, come to Mama.” Her taunt grated on Jenny. It was if she was telling Jenny that she (Lynn) was the mother and that Jenny was the child coming to suckle. Jenny stopped her approach a second time.

A challenge like that cannot go unaccepted she thought, and so Jenny took the last step toward Lynn. She lowered her head as if to actually put her mouth on Lynn’s sexy left nipple. Lingering there just an inch away for several seconds, blowing softly over the engorged nipple, Jenny lifted her head without making contact with Lynn’s breast. Instead, she used both hands to grab her own right breast, and without ever taking her eyes off Lynn’s eyes, she pulled her breast far upward. Keeping her gaze firmly on Lynn she lowered her head far enough to take her own nipple into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around made it grow instantly to hardness. Jenny continued to suck her own tit for half a minute. Lowering her boob from her mouth she looked firmly at Lynn and spoke, “No dear. These are the tits of a mother, a woman, a real woman. I don’t think yours are worthy, just like the rest of you!”

“You are one blind bitch, you know that? I’ve got the prettiest face, the prettiest hair, the firmest tits, the longest nipples, a prettier bush (this, a biting remark since her pubic hair ripping of Jenny earlier was what had caused her to shave it bald), sexier legs, a sexier ass, and for sure, a finer pussy that doesn’t need any cheap jewelry to spice it up.”

“Like I said before, you are dreaming in some childish fantasy. You think that just because you are blonde that you have some sort of built-in sexiness? I’ve got news for you sister. Blondes don’t have anything over brunettes or baldies. In fact I’m going to prove it to you right fucking now.” Jenny spoke in an angry menacing tone. Thoughts came out about Lynn that pre-dated this vacation. Pent-up frustrations that would have been smilingly ignored before were now boiling over. “I hate to interrupt your lovely conversation, but you only have ten minutes left girls,” Rose broke in embarrassingly, not really wishing to spoil the vengeful mood. Her own temperature was rising as she could recognize the same faults in Lynn and Jenny that they were now venting on each other. Ditto for Sue. They were sexily enjoying the foreplay, even if it was just verbal jousting. Certainly they could tell that neither woman lacked for bravado in anticipation of their “showdown of loins.”

Lynn waited a moment before acting. Rose’s interruption had calmed the last words of Jenny enough to allow Lynn to think more deliberately. Stepping back just a foot or so, and keeping a sharp eye on Jenny, Lynn was sure that what she did next would set Jenny off completely, cause her to lose her cool and attack. She said as she turned around to face the opposite direction, making sure to stand so the sunlight came through directly on her backside, “Jenny, keep your eyes on this for a real treat.” With that she elegantly bent down at the waist, spreading her legs apart about 18 inches and grabbed her ankles. Her lithe motion was reminiscent of her days as a cheerleader. The difference was that now her puckered ass hole was pointing directly at Jenny and shining brightly in the setting sun. “You can kiss my gorgeous ass!” She spoke in the sour-sweet voice she just knew would probably result in Jenny attacking her. To her surprise however, Jenny made a very measured response.

With just as much grace and agility as Lynn had shown, Jenny turned to face the opposite direction wall also. She backed up close to Lynn and spread her legs an equal 18 inches apart. She bent over to grab her own ankles. There they were, their asses spread just inches apart, balanced tenuously on their feet, with hands grabbing ankles. “I’ll be happy to kick your ass…..with MY gorgeous ass,” Challenged Jenny. She put her hands forward onto the carpet for balance and then backed her spread ass cheeks up to Lynn. Lynn, anticipating the next awkward move, put her own hands onto the floor. Jenny lurched backwards, slamming her ass directly into Lynn’s firm butt. The alignment was perfect.

The hard bones just under the skin of their pretty butts were not protected by much soft tissue at that angle, and the impact was jarring. Lynn had stiffened to meet the challenge, but could not help but lurch forward on impact. With her hands in front of her she was able to catch herself before hitting the floor. Righting herself quickly she launched her own ass-attack on Jenny. Wham! She was met by Jenny’s equally powerful ass-thrust. This time both women rebounded towards the floor, catching themselves with their hands. The awkwardness and energy use necessary for such a stiff legged battle was immediately apparent. Both women lowered their bodies by bending their knees. This gave them both more control, and balance, and power. Sue and Rose, sitting on the couches couldn’t believe their eyes. “How cool. They are fighting with their asses!” they thought. Rose had let the clock slip past the five-minute warning without remembering to tell them.

When she noticed the time there was only two minutes left in the warm-up period before pussy fighting should commence. She announced her apology and the time. Neither Jenny nor Lynn acted as though they heard. They just continued. Jenny slammed her butt into Lynn’s again. This time the alignment wasn’t as perfect and the hard protrusions of their hip bones lined up with each other’s ass hole. Exquisite! This time, with the added balance, neither woman lurched and they maintained contact. Lynn could feel Jenny’s hipbone pushing directly on her little brown hole and she wiggled in response. Jenny began wiggling too as she felt Lynn’s hip pushing firmly against her own anus. They wiggled and ground their asses together for several minutes, interrupted only by Rose announcing the end of the fifteen minutes. While they weren’t exactly pussy fighting yet, it was pretty damn close. There weren’t any referees to tell them to stop anyway.

The spectators were just that. It was never intended that the two non-combatants would act as referees. The two fighters would have to duel this out on their own. Both women had always been fond of anal stimulation (remember the beach) and this unusual activity was actually spurring them onward in the lust department. Lynn would try to capture one of Jenny’s ass cheeks between her own and then squeeze her cheeks together, tensing her muscles enough to actually cause Jenny’s right cheek to be stretched out towards her when they parted. Jenny caught on to what Lynn was doing and retaliated in the same way. Wow! What a sight. Each woman squeezing one of her opponents ass cheeks between her own, stretching them outward a tiny amount from the squeezing power in their butts. Through all this, the friction against their ass holes was deliciously invigorating to their libidos. Lynn was enjoying this unexpected and sexy battle. No winner was obvious. Both were enjoying the new sport while it was making a grand spectacle for Sue and Rose.

One problem surfaced in the legs and arms of both women. This was tiring. Looking back at Lynn to make eye contact, Jenny lowered her knees to the floor. Lynn followed suit. Now with much more support from their thighbones, they didn’t have to use as much muscle power just to stay in position. Lowering her upper body to the floor, Lynn rested her arms on her elbows. This presented a new and different angle for contact. Jenny saw the advantage of that and she too matched the position. Grinding backwards now, the women found that their pussies actually came into direct contact. Exquisite all over again. Jenny yelled at the two spectators, “get us a couple of pillows.” Sue quickly tossed each a large pillow that they used under their arms and so they could actually rest their heads on.

The sight now presented was very much a “doggy style” meeting of their bodies. Contorted as they were, their pussies were now in delicious contact. Jenny and Lynn simultaneously began the gyrations of lust. They couldn’t see what was happening. Their fight was fought totally by feel. Lynn slid her shiny lips across Jenny’s shiny lips. Neither of these two women had any pussy hair around their labia, so the 100% skin contact was excruciatingly pleasant. Jenny extended her right leg far out so she could open up farther to better aim her clit into Lynn’s inviting hole. Lynn, for balance and to also free up access to her clit did the same. Now with each body tilted they were totally open for each other. Lynn began a seek and destroy mission. Jenny’s mindset was identical. They were out to find the other clit, pummel it, rub it, pummel it, and finally make it to submit to her own desire.

Bumping and grinding continued minute after minute. The awkward position didn’t allow perfect clit-to-clit contact at all times, but the seeking was half the fun. Jenny used her clit and the big ring to really pummel Lynn’s pussy, but if it was hurting Lynn she sure didn’t show it. In fact her vigor at slamming directly into Jenny’s clit and ring made Jenny wonder if Lynn maybe “liked” pain. No matter. They just kept humping each other from behind. Ten minutes went by. Fifteen minutes went by. All the time the only sound was the slapping of ass flesh and the squishing of wet labia and the moans and whimpers of pleasure from Lynn and Jenny. Lynn had a favorite move she discovered. Whenever she could find Jenny’s vagina opening with her clit and wiggle firmly against it, she noticed Jenny get just a little more verbal with her moans and groans.

Never focusing on that technique completely she made sure to come back and fuck Jenny’s hole with her clit often. Jenny was trying to achieve much the same tactic with her clit/ring but her aching muscles wouldn’t let her keep up with the quicker movements Lynn could manage with her pussy. Twenty minutes had elapsed and this was turning into a real fuck-marathon. Jenny’s tired legs and back were begging her to quit. She wouldn’t dream of that of course. But she could tell that Lynn was just as much of a horny bitch as she was and she decided to risk a full clit-to-clit attack. Finding her clit was easy (she had a lot of practice by now) and away she went, grinding forcefully into Lynn’s excited clit. They pushed against each other in a test of wills. It was almost as if their clits were in control and demanding the surrender of the other’s attacking clit. Wham, slip, slide, push, turn, grind, and hump. Again and again they met. Moans grew louder. Squeals began to be heard. And then it was over. Jenny soared into orgasm to be followed almost instantly by Lynn. Jenny had screamed first, never shouting any words as she had with Rose, but nonetheless Lynn, Sue, and Rose heard it. They saw the convulsions. Lynn felt them. It was clear to all (except Jenny) that she had lost. Lynn’s loud explosive orgasm was so powerful and so close behind Jenny’s that they definitely shared orgasmic moments, feelings, and juices for some time. Lynn screamed, wordless, like Jenny and shook with uncontrollable fever at the intense orgasm.

They slumped to the floor. Now laying there with their heads on those pillows, the sun shining in across their joined-at-the-loins butts, they made a beautiful sight. Sue and Rose just looked at each other, smiling, but without comment. It took four or five minutes before either girl moved. Both were breathing irregularly and in need of much oxygen to replenish the burned out supply. Surprisingly the first move came from Jenny. It was not a move to extricate her. She wiggled her ass, which was still in intimate contact with Lynn’s ass and pussy. She stopped for a few seconds. Then she wiggled again! “What is this?” thought Lynn, “Is she still horny or is this a challenge?” Not wanting to assume the former, Lynn wiggled back. Jenny wiggled back. Lynn wiggled right back. Sue and Rose gave each other another startled look, but prudently said nothing.

Jenny wiggled her sticky cunt firmly against Lynn’s equally sticky slimy cunt. In an instant these two pussies that had just worn each other out were acting as if they wanted a second go of it right now. Wiggle from Jenny. Wiggle from Lynn. No mistaking the intentions now. “Whatever you can do, I can do better” was what those two pussies were saying so intimately to each other. Jenny may have lost the original pussy fight (she would argue the point later), but she had no intention of giving up. Wiggles came in cycles. First Jenny would wiggle and then Lynn would duplicate or try to exceed whatever wiggling stroke or intensity she had felt from Jenny’s pussy.

Quickly, without conscious thought, these two women found a surging rebirth of lust. Neither had ever been multi-orgasmic before but each could tell by the powerful aching in their pussies that another orgasm was not only possible but also likely. Able to rest on the floor, but with pussies perfectly and intimately aligned they danced to their own competitive beat. Much like jazz trumpeters dueling solos in a dark nightclub, these two women sang out with their pussies the power of womanhood within them. Jenny found Lynn’s clit with her clit/ring and ground deeply into it for fifteen straight seconds. Lynn instantly returned the favor, lasting for 20 seconds. But Jenny didn’t wait for Lynn to finish this time. She attacked as fervently and as directly at Lynn’s clit as she had done on any previous occasion. Now both women were grinding forcefully against the other’s pride and joy. The intensity was as much as if this had been a catfight. Every nerve and muscle in Lynn’s and Jenny’s bodies was focused on one thing: Victory. In much less time than the first orgasms had taken they were overtaken again with the awesome power in their loins. Smash! Like a freight train hitting a mountain head on they were in overdrive when the orgasms hit. Their screams came out, louder than any yet heard. Was it a dead heat? No. Lynn’s scream had actually left her lips about one second earlier than Jenny’s. Photo finish. Dead heat. It didn’t really matter. Both women had just proved something to the other. Jenny had proved that it isn’t really over until SHE said it was over. Lynn had proved that she would accept any challenge. And that ended their match in this round of the round robin sex-fight event.

Exciting wasn’t the word for what Rose and Sue had just witnessed. They looked at each other dumbstruck. Each had actually been rooting for Lynn to win, because she was behind Jenny going into the match. The main thought in each of their brains however, was the intensity and stamina and will power shown by both women. Even with their unyielding intentions of victory for themselves, they couldn’t help but respect the will within their opponents.

Jenny and Lynn slowly pulled apart to the congratulations of the other two. “Nice win, Lynn,” spoken by Sue were the only words for a few minutes as the girls lay on the floor for a few minutes. The next event would begin as soon as Lynn and Jenny could gather up enough energy to be ‘spectators,’ for this time it would be Rose and Sue aiming to hook up their loins in battle. Four pussy fights down, two to go. “Lets get ready for them.” Said Jenny. She and Lynn went into the bathroom together (?) to freshen up. They came out in five minutes; still looking tired, but cleaned up and with hair brushed, still looking as sexy as ever in their naked glory.

Chapter 31

Rose v Sue

Four deliciously naked women were in the room. Jenny and Lynn, their sexy competition over for the moment, took a seat. Rose and Sue strode to the center of the room. Their womanly charms proudly displayed, giving the impression of Goddesses preparing to wage war. Sue’s thick black hair contrasted nicely with Rose’s auburn locks. The wonderful firm breasts advanced in glorious beauty from their chests. Chiseled faces shown beauty even in sternness or anger. Hips rounded in exquisite proportion to shapely legs and waists. Thick curly fuzz adorned their lower abdomen, promising delight to those fortunate enough to venture there and beyond!

Venturing there was just what Sue had in mind as she gazed lustily at Rose’s bush. Remembering the erotic ass battle between Jenny and Lynn with fondness, she was aching for the challenge presented by Rose’s pussy and ass. “You’ll never get what you don’t ask for,” thought Sue, and so she came right out and asked, “You think your ass is ready for a challenge? Mine is.”

Rose piped right up, “You better believe it. My ass is anxious for the chance to knock your ass clear into next week. Let’s get at it.” Now, contrary to most of the warm-up periods, there seemed to be more agreement than disagreement. Evidently the intoxicating brew stirred up by Jenny and Lynn had left the other two so horny as to dispense with the confrontational aspect of foreplay and they appeared ready to accept the challenge head-on. Jenny let them know that there were 14 minutes left. Their prancing and talk had used up about a minute.

Sue looked about the room for a quick moment, and noted the two big easy chairs. She spoke to Lynn, “Why don’t you and Jenny let us have the two big chairs. I have an idea. I’d like to be able to move my ass as much as possible without having to worry about keeping my balance. I think Rose probably does too. If we pull those two chairs over here and face them towards each other at the right distance apart, we’ll be able to rest our arms and upper bodies on the chairs. That way we can focus more easily on our asses. Does that make sense to you?” she asked. Rose said. “Sure. The better for me to grind your flat ass into hamburger.” Lynn let her know that it was all right with her and Jenny as long as they situated the chairs so they could watch.

Rose and Sue quickly moved the chairs into position and then approached each other between the chairs. They came together for a kiss, a long slow wet kiss. Arms wrapped around their upper bodies. Each had a hand behind the head of the other. Breasts slid deliciously into each other. Was this a new chapter in competition? Both women, whether for real or an act, were totally tuned in to the erotic language their bodies were sharing. The tongue wars were replaced by complete acceptance of the other woman’s kissing technique. Maybe by transmitting the feeling of total acquiescence to the other woman’s body, they could elicit a faster and more forceful arousal from their sex-opponent. Sue shot her tongue deeply into Rose’s mouth. Instead of trying to forcefully remove the invading tongue with her own she chose to close her lips on the long snake-like tongue and try sucking it even deeper into her mouth. They worked their tongue sucking into a beautiful rhythm. Rose would suck Sue’s tongue deeply into the back of her mouth, lips tight around the tongue. She sucked so hard it felt to Sue like it would pull her tongue right off at its roots. Then Rose would let up on the suction and Sue would slide it back out, Rose keeping her lips clamped tightly around it. She would slide it out just so the tip of her tongue pressed up against Rose’s puckered lips. Then she would press the tip of her tongue firmly up against Rose’s closed lips. That was the signal for Rose to loosen the tightness and allow Sue’s invading tongue to penetrate between her wet juicy lips, followed by another deep sucking, during which Rose would make sure to press her tongue upward against Sue’s fucking tongue. They were both fully aware of the likeness their tongue dance had with real male-female fucking. Sue was lustfully motivated to keep fucking Rose’s mouth with her tongue. It made her feel all warm inside. The delicious texture and taste of Rose’s mouth was adding to her already advancing state of arousal. They kept up this Sue-fucks-Rose’s-mouth-with-her-tongue-rhythm for at least five minutes. Rose was succumbing to the same highly charged kiss-fuck as much as Sue. Rose pulled away and said to Sue, “My turn.” Sue just nodded her head. In an instant they found the same rhythm in reverse. Rose would push the tip of her tongue up against Sue’s closed lips, then as Sue loosened the tightness just enough, Rose’s tongue would slither inside, to be met by Sue’s powerful sucking, bringing the tip of Rose’s tongue nearly back to her tonsils. Out it would slide, in it would slide. If anything, Sue was even sucking harder than Rose did, trying to out-lust her. From each woman’s perception, though, this let-me-show-my-lust routine had its downside. They each recognized the incredibly fast feelings of arousal coursing through their bodies. “Five minutes,” Jenny finally informed them.

All during the pseudo-fucking with their tongues and mouths, their tits were continually mashing up against each other. While not the focus of their immediate attention, the added sensations helped to spur the women to greater motivation in their sex-drive. When Jenny called out the five minutes remaining, neither woman wanted to stop the intense kissing, but they did quickly make an alteration in the tongue-fucking style. They began to alternate tongue-fucks. Sue would probe Rose’s full lips. Rose would tease for an instant by refusing access, and then slightly release the pressure of her lips to allow Sue’s tongue to penetrate, which she would follow with that same intense sucking. Sucking deeply into her mouth, sharing saliva, never swallowing, just allowing the buildup of spit to increase, this making for a practically underwater experience for Sue’s tongue. Finally releasing her powerful suction, she would let Sue’s tongue erotically withdraw back into her own mouth. Then it was Rose’s turn. She swirled her tongue quickly around the perimeter of Sue’s lips teasingly. Then taking direct aim at the space between her red lips, she would poke her tongue at the closed opening. After a moment of forceful pressure she would feel Sue’s lips lose their tension and her tongue would begin its own penetration, to be met by Sue’s own vacuum action. She would feel her tongue be drawn far back into the wet reaches of Sue’s mouth, past her teeth, over her tongue to touch the very back of the roof of her mouth. Incredible! Back and forth this slobbery foreplay went. Spit and drool was leaking out all over, running down their chins and dripping off onto the tops of their compressed tits.

Rose almost felt like if she continued like this her libido might even slam an orgasm at her without so much as a single touch to her pussy, and the time was drawing near that she knew she would have to accept that her pussy would meet up with Sue’s pussy and her big clit. It was frightening to think how close she already was to total arousal. She knew that Sue must be very aroused as well. She could only hope it equaled or surpassed her own. “Time!” yelled Jenny.

Like Pavlov’s dogs they reacted instantly to Jenny’s bark. They pulled their lips apart, stared into each other’s eyes with as much lust as they could muster (it was all real anyway). Rose caressed Sue’s arms as she stepped back and pointed to the chairs. Sue didn’t speak, but just nodded. The very last rays of the sun were now shining on the back of the chair by Rose. Rose went between the chairs and waited for Sue to do the same. In an instant they were back to back between the chairs. Legs spread apart and they dropped their upper bodies down to the cushions of the chairs. “Ready,” challenged Rose. “Absofuckinglutely!” Sue was ready and anxious.

Wham! They slammed their asses together in perfect violent harmony. They bounced away from each other and the retaliatory ass slamming began. Since they weren’t bent over as much as Jenny and Lynn had been at the very beginning of their ass fight, the angle of their fleshy butts was such that they had more flesh padding between their hip bones and therefore they could keep up this battering without as much pain. They slapped their asses together by leaning forward on the chair and then pushing back with a lurch. Even with the fleshy cushions of each hip absorbing the blows, the force was enough to compress their ass cheeks enough that their ass holes actually came into direct, if brief, contact. The kinkiness of the contact between their puckered anal openings was not lost on Rose or Sue. Relishing the forbidden nature of what they were doing they began to manipulate their hips at a skewed angle to allow for even more direct and continuous touching. “Hey Lynn, be a dear will you? Go get a bottle of baby oil from the bathroom. Pour it on our asses,” Rose was really getting into the erotic friction and hoped the lubrication would make it even better. “That ok with you, Sue?” Sue responded, “absolutely.”

Lynn hurried and arrived quickly with the bottle, pouring it over the conjoined asses, still rubbing vigorously against each other. Both women pulled apart for just a moment, long enough to use their hands to rub the oil all around the area. The slippery lubricant allowed them to slide their ass-holes easily back and forth against each other. Sue would line her brown hole directly up with Rose’s and grind backwards with much force. After being initially pushed back by Sue’s forceful push, Rose retaliated with an equal push and grind. With the angle they had to use in aligning themselves their pussies were each rubbing up against the interior of one of the other woman’s ass cheeks.

Even with the anal focus of their fighting, their pussies were definitely involved in sloppy fighting friction. Sue grunted as she pushed her hole firmly against Rose’s puckered orifice. Rose gritted her teeth and pushed back. Leg and hip muscles strained as each woman tried to push her ass right straight through her opponents ass. Sue pulled apart and slammed her ass directly back against Rose’s ass, producing a sloppy slapping sound as the oiled skin came into contact. By her second slam, she was met with equal force from Rose’s attacking ass. The noise was even louder. Their ass-slapping went on for several minutes, with breaks from the violent slapping to rub and grind together in slippery ecstasy. Both women’s arousal came from the dual impacts and grinding of asses and pussy-on-cheek. As the accuracy diminished from a bit of fatigue, their pussies would occasionally meet in heat. With only a small subtle shift of body position and alignment they could match pussy to pussy quite nicely from this position too. After about six or seven minutes of kinky ass-hole war, they just sort of migrated to pussy against pussy. With all the juices from their own secretions combined with the baby oil, they really had a slippery mess down there.

The skewed angle of their groins allowed them to rub vulvas across each other, producing wonderful sensations. What the position didn’t do very well was allow their clits to bump up against each other in direct contact. With Sue figuring out the difficulty she lifted her right leg up and threw it over the arm of the chair in front of her and pulled the chair back a little closer to Rose. This added twist brought her clit into a more open and available position. Seeing that, Rose followed suit in rotational symmetric fashion. Now with their legs opened even wider by force of their legs way up on the arm of their chairs, they resumed the cunt war. Sue began to take advantage of her larger clit and slide it up and down the length of Rose’s open lips, spreading her labia out farther from the size of her clit. Rose was attempting to accomplish the same thing, occasionally succeeding, but since her clit wasn’t as big as Sue’s, the effect wasn’t equal. Both women were moaning more and more.

Sue anticipated a few more minutes before she might have to release her inhibitions totally and succumb to an orgasm. Rose kept trying to fuck Sue with her clit in the sideways-slide across Sue’s pussy, but it always seemed that Sue was out-maneuvering her and she began to feel frustration. When Sue slid her clit up the entire length of Rose’s opening and allowed it to come to a stop right on top of Rose’s very wet knob, Rose knew she was in trouble. Sue wasted no time in attacking Rose’s clitoris by pushing at it from the side with her own. She would push on it firmly, bending it over and causing it to lay to one side, then sliding across it she would pull her inch-long clit back across the other way, flipping it over and bending down flat in the opposite direction.

To Rose this wasn’t a losing proposition, but a “better than a man can do” excitation of her very sensitive clit. She actually began helping Sue by grinding compatibly with Sue’s thrusts. Both women’s muscles were now beginning to burn a little from the awkward positioning, but it didn’t slow them down a bit. Those clits kept up their pushing and shoving in the slippery confines of their pussies. But finally Rose’s leg (the one allowing her to stand on the floor) just gave way. Down she went in a heap. She immediately got up and pulled her chair closer to Sue’s chair. Sue had extricated herself from the awkward position. They rearranged themselves and each sat in their chair but pulled their legs up high, allowing full access to each other’s gash.

Wiggling forward they mated their pussies again in this new, seated position. After only a couple of vigorous grinds though, Sue took matters into her own hands. She leaped forward, pulling Rose’s legs far back by her head she mounted Rose. Putting her feet on either side of Rose’s hips, and with Rose’s legs under the control of her arms she began fucking Rose’s pussy at will. She had total freedom to move in any direction and she took advantage. She humped wildly at Rose’s pussy, using her clit to fuck into, through and over the top of Rose’s sopping wet cunt. She was fully enjoying the dominant position for two reasons.

First it was the dominant position and second it felt wonderful. She just hoped that the acquiescence and moaning from Rose were indicators that she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Sue threw her whole body into it. Her tits swing wildly as she humped with a very rapid pace across Rose’s slimy slew. Ninety seconds into her frenzied fucking she heard “Hell yes! Ooooooh, hell yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me fast, fuck me faster, fuck me hard. Oh you bitch, fuck me good. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” Rose cried out in orgiastic pleasure. She shook with joy as Sue continued her frenzied fucking, angry with herself for allowing Sue to have such easy access to the top position. But she couldn’t help herself. She had lost and she knew it. Sue, as was totally expected, actually turned her rapid piston-like fucking into an even more frenzied and fast paced action. Her hips were a blur as she slid them rapidly across Rose’s now spent pussy. In about two more minutes she shot herself right into her own orgasm. She was thinking how wonderful Rose’s ass and pussy were and how great it was to be able to fuck her to her hearts content. “Glorious!” she thought. So it ended. Sue had bested Rose in their pussy fight.

Chapter 32
Lynn v Rose

The women took an hour break as before to prepare for the last battle of this round. In an hour they came back together for the last pussy-fight of the day. The sun had gone down and the drapes had been closed. The last pussy fight would be between Lynn and Rose. This was the only match up that so far had been dominated by one woman. Rose was three for three against Lynn in their other battles and Lynn was thinking revenge. Another factor weighing on their minds was the fact that at this moment Lynn, Rose, and Jenny were all tied with six wins, with Sue right behind at five. Who ever won this last pussy fight would be the leader going into the last round. Rose was still angry with herself for allowing Sue such an easy victory. She knew she had let her burning lust get in the way of her real goal of victory. She was determined not to let that happen again. Lynn figured that Rose wouldn’t be an easy mark. She knew her pride would be on the line after losing to Sue. Tactics and strategy were always in the pre-fight thoughts of each woman, even if they got tossed out the window once the battles began. Definitely this time these two women were deep in thought about what it might take to win a sexfight/pussyfight against the other. Time was drawing near and the two lovely naked women were approaching each other in the center of the room.

Sue announced that time had begun. Rose approached Lynn with ill intent. Trying to smile as sweetly and sexy as she could she reached out and put her hands on Lynn’s tits. In an instant she was squeezing Lynn’s beautiful boobs with painful force. Lynn, caught by surprise, at first tried to pull Rose’s hands off of her breasts. She groaned in pain as Rose quickly went for the kill. Within moments of the shock of Rose’s tit attack wearing off, Lynn’s anger propelled her to retaliate in kind. Her hands grabbed Rose’s tits, one in each hand, and she gave a forceful yank towards her. Rose’s tits stretched many inches and she let out a loud yelp of pain. “You like this?” taunted Lynn, “you started this so you must like it!”

Rose said, “Yeah. I like it, just like you are going to like it.”

Lynn responded, “You bet bitch. I love it when you squeeze my tits. Ouch!” She exclaimed as Rose gave her a vicious twist. The women pulled and twisted and yanked, and the force of all this tit pulling had them staggering around the room in response to each other’s forces. Neither would let go and before long both women were screaming and crying in anger and pain. Breast flesh bulged out from between gripping fingers. Lumpy protrusions began to glow red from the pressure. Sue announced that five minutes had elapsed. With that announcement Rose shifted her attack from the full breasts to nipples. She pinched Lynn’s nipples and twisted them into pretzel-like bends. Lynn didn’t take long to return the favor and the nipple fighting progressed with the same intensity as the breast fighting. Both women were endowed with long nipples, but the length of all four lovely nipples stretched to awful proportions under the intense pulling. Lynn had Rose’s nipples stretched to practically three inches long. Amazingly they didn’t rip off. Lynn’s nipples as well were stretched to ungodly lengths. The crying, sobbing, and screaming accompanied their intense nipple war. Neither wanted to be the first to give up and admit the pain was too much, even though their faces told the story. They were really in a lot of pain. When Sue warned five minutes left they finally had an excuse to pull their hands from each other’s sore and aching breasts.

The two women stood close, panting heavily, searching for air. Knowing that in only five minutes they would have to go pussy to pussy they tried to change gears and become enticing to their opponent. It didn’t work very well. They snaked arms around each other in a mutual bear hug. Tits that had been sorely abused moments before now were being crushed between competing chests. They wrestled around the room standing up, arms wrapped around the other, competing to try to throw the other woman to the floor. Rose successfully tossed Lynn to one side and, with arms still squeezing her caused Lynn to land on her back. The breath was partially knocked out of Lynn and Rose took this opportunity to use her thigh to slide up between Lynn’s legs and begin rubbing Lynn’s crotch. As Lynn recovered, Rose got in a few more smooth moves with her thigh, rubbing sensuously across Lynn’s pussy. Lynn was recovering and Rose tried to lift one of Lynn’s legs up so she could squat her own pussy directly down upon Lynn’s blonde bushy cunt when, all of a sudden, Lynn was able to throw Rose off. Just at that moment Sue shouted, “Time!” to indicate that preliminaries were over and that the real pussy-duel should begin. But neither woman would acquiesce and allow for a mutual positioning of their bodies. Lynn badly wished to best Rose and she figured that her best tactic would be to achieve a superior position and through controlling Rose’s body outlast her to orgasm. Rose was thinking exactly the same thing so even with the 15-minute warm-up period ended they did not “join up.”

As Rose toppled from above Lynn she reached down and grabbed a handful of Lynn’s pretty long blonde hair. She yanked hard as she hit the floor and forced Lynn’s head to follow or risk having her hair torn out by the roots. Lynn was quick with her leg and threw it over the top of Rose and was able to straddle her, even though Rose now gained two handfuls of her hair. Pulling violently she made Lynn scream and curse at her, threatening her with all sorts of things, not the least of which was “I’m really going to fuck you over for that!” While Rose was focusing on pulling hair, Lynn reached back with her right arm and pulled Rose’s left leg up high and even with the pain from her scalp she slid back and began to slide her blonde bush over Rose’s auburn bush.

When Rose wouldn’t let go of her hair after all this time, Lynn was getting angry and she slapped Rose hard across her cheek. When Rose saw another slap on the way she let go of Lynn’s hair with one hand and grabbed her wrist to deflect and stop the blow. Lynn retaliated with her left hand. Rose obviously didn’t like getting slapped for she grabbed Lynn’s left wrist as well. Now the women were face to face with Lynn on top and Rose was holding her wrists. Their lower bodies were writhing against each other for control, but Lynn seemed to have the advantage there. The slapping attempts had caused her to let go of Rose’s leg and Rose now threw it over Lynn’s right side trying to achieve a scissors, but Lynn had straddled Rose’s right leg and the best Rose could do was to link her ankles together, locking Lynn’s right leg in place. Lynn returned the favor, locking her own ankles together and they were now in a wriggling stalemate. The benefit to Lynn was that she as on top. Sensing her advantage she continued to try to find Rose’s pussy with her own. It wasn’t easy with the violent wiggling attempts to escape from underneath her, but she did manage to occasionally mate her lush blonde pussy hairs with Rose’s equally lush reddish pussy fuzz.

As their fatigue increased, slowing their struggling bodies, Lynn saw an opening and she took it. She lowered her face and found Rose’s mouth with her own. At first Rose did not allow Lynn to gain access inside her lips, but she quickly decided that since she was losing the battle for dominant position she needed to do something to distract Lynn. Maybe the lust in her was great enough for Rose to bring Lynn along the orgiastic climb faster than she herself. After all she was feeling more anger than lust right now.

So Rose did two things. She let go of Lynn’s wrists and put them around Lynn’s head to pull it close and she opened up her mouth for a French kiss. As they swapped spit and tongues around inside one mouth or the other, their pussies began to find each other more frequently and Lynn could swivel her hips causing Rose to begin feeling gentle surges of arousal. Recognizing the danger to her chances she quickly surprised Lynn and threw her off and sat up on the carpet. As Lynn rolled over and looked back at Rose she was pleased to see that she hadn’t attacked her from behind. Lynn was nevertheless angry that she had been taken by surprise. Breathing heavily from all the exertion she pulled up to a sitting position as well. Rose spoke, “The warm-up period ended long ago, bitch, if you’re not afraid to put your pussy up against mine then you’ll get over here right now and we can sit here on the floor and go woman to woman. My pussy will mop yours up like it was a spot on the floor.”

“Look who is calling who a bitch. You are the one that began the tit-fight. You are the only bitch I see around here. I’ll tell you something else too. There ain’t no way you have a better pussy than me. I’ll have my pussy running circles around yours and you’ll be coming in gobs before you know what hit you. So get ready bitch, my pussy is coming to clean up!”

With that she slid over to Rose and aimed her pussy directly against Rose’s. Instantly they started banging their pussies together in rapid thrusts. Legs arrayed in classic scissoring position they slammed their pussies together for several impacts and then they would grind HARD against each other. Then they would part, slam into each other and follow again with more grinding. Several minutes of this pattern went by before the women began to slow down their banging. The pain from the powerful impacts eventually forced them, in tandem, to maintain their pussies in intimate contact and switch to grinding and pushing actions only. Rose used her hairy labia lips to slide up and down Lynn’s bare labia, hoping that irritation from her hairs would discourage Lynn from direct counter attack. Contrary to her wishes, though Lynn relished the intimate contact, hair and all. She ground back with a vengeance and gyrated her hips to slide her sticky hole all over every nook and cranny of Rose’s pussy. Even with the absence of lusty warm-ups they found their pussies liberally coated with feminine juices. The slippery friction was allowing all parts of their organs to slide scrumptiously across their opponents. Their clits became soaked in juices as they took turns delving into the moist tunnels below. When the clits would collide there would be audible sighs and ooohs and aaaahs from their lips. Their breathing was ragged before, from all the fighting, and now it was just as ragged from sexual responsiveness.

Lynn began to use her clit like a little knife, darting in and out, as though she was poking holes with it. Both women were feeling their arousal soar. Lynn kept up her clit darting action and this frustrated Rose. She wanted to meet head-on and settle the matter. She kept charging her clit forward to try to find Lynn’s clit, only to feel that she had quickly moved it a few centimeters away. When Lynn would find Rose’s clit she would grind vigorously for just a few seconds, withdraw, and dart her clit to another location in Rose’s sopping wet pussy. While not possessing the length in the clitoris as Sue had, she nevertheless used it in a fucking motion within Rose’s cunt. Rose was able to get in many good swipes with her clit between Lynn’s lovely shaved lips as well. The two women were really going at it, hard charging clit attacks, followed by gentle grinding of lip against lip. Lynn’s advantage from the beginning was becoming less obvious as minutes ticked by. Lynn noticed her own moans and groans were as frequent and as loud as Rose’s. “Time to get verbal,” Lynn thought.

Lynn: “Watch my pussy dominate your fuzzy hole. You’ve got nothing down there!”

Rose: “Watch your mouth cunt. My pussy is ready to force yours into paroxysms of delight. The queen pussy is mine.”

Lynn: “You wish. Just feel my clit as it fucks your sloppy hole.”

Rose: “Your baby hole is the one that’s been getting fucked by the best clit here. Your baby hole likes it judging by the wetness. But you will never be as wet as me, the real woman.”

Lynn: “We’ll see about that. My wetness will have you coming in buckets. Put your clit up against mine for a clitty duel. I dare you to match clits with me!”

As had happened before in these matches. It seemed that challenges laid down were almost always accepted. Rose slid her cunt up against Lynn’s aligning her clit with Lynn’s and said, “She’s right here bitch. If you think your clit will last against mine you have another think coming. Put your little baby girl right here,” she pointed at her clit at the union with Lynn’s, “and get ready to learn the lesson you so badly need.”

Lynn pushed with her clit directly and forcefully at Rose’s aroused clit. The two clits were nearly identical in size, if not shape. Rose’s clit seemed to center a little higher above the confluence of her inner labia, while Lynn’s was beautifully formed right at the upper ridge of the merged labia. Erect and tall they pushed against each other. Rose used her firm clit to try to push Lynn’s clit downward, as if to sink it deep into the folds from which it was formed. She pushed and pushed as Lynn pushed back in an upward direction, trying to force Rose’s clit up and into the furry thatch that adorned her mound. Neither woman was actually successful, but the intense pushing was a very erotic war. Both women could feel their clits being stretched in the direction of the force. The slippery texture prevented them from pushing too hard or they would just slide right across each other. From time to time they did just that and they would line up again and renew their pushing match. After a few minutes of stalemate here, Lynn began to roughly push her clit sideways back and forth in powerful thrusts across the very spine of Rose’s clit. The two clits would meet, flex, slide across each other, and spring back when Lynn’s motion carried her clit to the other side. This motion was what began sending them zooming to the “top of the elevator.” The wonderful feelings were now competing equally with their competitive feelings. Lust had caught up with the desire for control.

Both women began vigorous humping, sliding, and grinding of their clits in direct contact. Lynn, aghast that she would let the words escape, caught herself saying, “Fuck!” Rose followed Lynn’s exclamation with one of her own, “Fuck, fuck.” Both women recognized the imminence of their orgasms and began to match thrusts and grinds between clits with verbal battle. They used only one word. “Fuck!” Sometimes they would say it once, sometimes more, but with each little grind or push they would stare at their opponent and say the word. It was as if by saying fuck they could speed up the orgasm of the other. Those tactics might very well have worked because after just a couple of minutes of this one of them lost it. Screaming loudly above the volume of the other voices, Rose yelled “Fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me again, fuck me some more, fuck meeeee!” In only twelve or thirteen seconds, before Rose’s shouting had even stopped, Lynn shot over the edge as well. Her orgasm began in her clit and spread like a raging wildfire through her loins, up into every cell of her body, convulsing her muscles as it spread. The two women kept up their grinding until the last spasms of orgasm had slipped away. Lynn had beaten Rose. “Wow! That was incredible,” Lynn exclaimed. “I whipped your pussy good, just like I said I would. What do you have to say now, old woman!” spat Lynn.

“You’re just a lucky bitch. You’ll never be the woman I am. So quit your gloating and let me get up from here so I don’t have to touch you anymore.” With that the women separated and went to clean up in turns. The hour was late on that Wednesday evening. Now they made plans to rest, eat and start again in the morning with the final round (?) of the round robin sex fight tournament. After four rounds down and one to go the standings were now as follows: 1) Lynn = 7 wins, 2) Rose and Jenny tied with 6 wins, 4) Sue not far behind with 5 wins. This competition had turned out to be very competitive. None of the women had ever done any of this sexfighting before and so it was all new to them. In just a few short days, though, the competition had become almost second nature to them.

They talked about the contests. When not preparing for the next fight they could sort of remove themselves from the heat of the battle and discuss the events almost like sportscasters. A this point in the proceedings Rose, Jenny, and Sue were reminded of the feelings that precipitated all of this sexy warring. Lynn and her behavior at the golf course had really set the stage for all of this, and now that she was ahead they were a little miffed about it. Each knew that tomorrow would bring the final round in their planned tournament. Each had suffered some pretty severe pain and muscle torture, and as intently as they wanted to settle the score, it was decided that they would take Thursday off, go their own way, return for a rendezvous in the late afternoon and go out for dinner again in the evening. They would go to bed early and then, with a day of rest behind them they would resume their battle on Friday.

Rose was the only contestant left who had not yet chosen a method of sexy battle. “What would it be?” the others wondered. The events up to now had been very hotly contested, even if the rules hadn’t always been followed. No one complained about the twisted use of the rules. It was as if they respected each other because of the intense desire to win that showed through in the heat of their battles. What would tomorrow and Friday bring? They all wondered, but they also knew that it would be incredible fun. They could hardly wait.

Chapter 33
A Day Off

Lynn, Rose, and Sue slept in Friday morning but Jenny was up bright and early. She fixed herself a quick breakfast and headed into town. By 9:00 AM she had visited the piercing salon and had her clit ring removed. She blamed her poor performance in Thursday’s pussy fights on the silly ring. She was angry with herself for trying to use the novelty of the ring to ‘psych’ out her opponents and she wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. She just ‘knew’ that the ring caused her friends/opponents to fight even harder and with more anger and determination than ever. She fumed at herself for not taking that into consideration, feeling it cost her all three matches. She was still in the running for the championship, just one win behind Lynn. The tech at the salon told her that it wouldn’t hurt to go right ahead and have sex within a few hours. “Great!” She felt her confidence returning as soon as she had that silly paraphernalia removed. She could hardly wait to get back into action against her friends and rivals. She wanted to win the tournament badly. After leaving the piercing salon Jenny found a professional masseuse in the yellow pages and went to have a complete body massage. She felt wonderful after the Swedish masseuse tended her sore muscles.

After ridding herself of the ring and the muscle tension, Jenny went back to the adult novelty store and perused the interesting things on the racks. She talked some more to the woman and the man that worked there. This time when she left she wasn’t empty handed. The others had no idea Jenny had visited and made any purchases. Whatever Jenny had up her sleeve would be a surprise to the rest.

The morning came slowly for the other three. Sue slowly crawled out of bed by about 11am and immediately went into the Jacuzzi for a long slow bath. Like Jenny she had awakened with very stiff and sore muscles and sought to alleviate the pain with a long hot relaxing bath. “Care if I join you?” Lynn had awakened shortly after Sue and ventured into the bathroom for the same reason Sue had. Sue nodded affirmatively and Lynn slipped into the Jacuzzi across from Sue. The relaxing jets of hot water pounded into their bodies, relieving the muscle soreness, and rejuvenating their inner spirits. Having soaked for over an hour they finally emerged with a nice glowing feeling.

They dressed casually and headed into the kitchen to find Rose already there eating a simple breakfast. They talked about the heated battles that had transpired between them and wondered about Jenny. Rose told the other two that she wasn’t in bed and must have left. After leisurely breakfasts Rose used the Jacuzzi as had Lynn and Sue, while they each called for a cab and took the short ride into town for the afternoon. Rose, being left alone in the suite, enjoyed the luxurious hot bath. The jets of hot water soothed her muscles and skin. Besides that they reinvigorated her libido. Recognizing and submitting to the stirring in her loins, she positioned herself to receive jet blasts of water in her private places. First she aimed her right breast at one of the upper jets and let the stream of water blast directly at her nipple. In moments her nipple was raised to full mast, sticking straight out proudly in the warm bubbly water. For several minutes she alternated her breasts to feel the stimulating power of the water on both hot nipples. Using her fingers, she gently began to massage her nipples. As the hot jets continued to fire away she used her thumb and forefinger to pull and gently twist the long thick nipples. Her inner heat was beginning to match the heat of the tub.

Feeling the increased heart rate and knowing the arousal so intimately she slid her body over to find one of the lower jets. Discovering the jet was at an awkward height for sitting down she actually lifted one leg out of the tub and sort of hung over the edge of the tub to allow the streaming water to shoot directly at her pussy. The extra effort was worth it. With her pussy now receiving direct stimulation from the spewing jet she continued massaging her nipples. Her thoughts were running to the fiery confrontations she had in the past few days: her delicious ass-fight with Sue, her oral sex victory over Lynn, and her very satisfying titfight win over Jenny. These memories flooded her brain with powerful hormonal surges as the water continued its onslaught of her pussy. She began moaning and groaning and was actually humping the side of the tub when Jenny stepped into the bathroom.

Jenny had slipped in quietly and hearing only the sound of the air conditioner, dropped off her packages in her bedroom dresser and then went to the bathroom to discover Rose actively masturbating herself in the tub. “Don’t mind me, go right ahead,” Jenny spoke up. Regardless of her words, Rose was caught by surprise and quit her humping to sit back down, looking sheepish. Jenny chimed in again, “Does that feel as good as I think it does? If it does, maybe I should climb in and join you?”

Rose shyly answered Jenny by saying in her shy smile, “Yes, it feels pretty damn good. I guess there is room for another.” Jenny having relished her discovery of Rose and the obvious discomfort it had caused her to be caught, began taking off her clothes in that same seductive way she had used before in front of the three of them. Rose couldn’t take her eyes off Jenny, and even with the heated fights and sex-battles they had gone through she rediscovered the arousal that had been interrupted moments earlier. Jenny finished tossing aside the last of her clothing and slipped slowly down into the swirling hot water, but only after reaching over to the counter and grabbing a toothbrush.

Rose saw the glint in Jenny’s eyes as she slipped down into the water. Within moments Jenny had slid over to sit right beside Rose. “What is the best way to start?” Jenny inquired. Beginning to feel both at ease and excited, Rose told Jenny about the lovely feeling the hot jets gave to her nipples. Instantly Jenny arranged her body to feel the incredible power and stimulation of the jets on her nipples. Back and forth from left to right, she felt the excitement building in her loins as Rose had earlier. Rose just watched what Jenny was doing for the moment. Jenny’s face was getting flushed from the heat of the water and the heat in her blood. Turning around to face Rose, Jenny reached out with the toothbrush towards Rose’s large breasts. With gentle, gentle touch she used the bristles to stroke across Rose’s left nipple. Rose shivered at the first unusual touch.

Jenny brushed all around Rose’s large areola, taking care not to put too much pressure into her strokes. With her breasts pointing out across the water and her nipples just above the water line, Rose watched as Jenny continued her erotic probing. Rose closed her eyes to focus on the strange but wonderful feeling as hundreds of little bristles slid across her breast. Shifting to a strictly nipple focus and leaving the areola behind, Jenny brushed from the base of the nipple out to the tip, nearly an inch away. Rose had never imagined the wonderful feelings generated by the simple little toothbrush. When Jenny shifted to repeat the nipple massage on Rose’s right tit, another shiver shot through Rose, radiating outward from the point of contact. Jenny looked into Rose’s eyes and saw a craving, lust-filled woman staring deeply back into her own eyes.

Lowering her head to Rose’s left tit she found the long nipple easily and began to tongue the nipple in short staccato flicks. Continuing to use the toothbrush on Rose’s right nipple, Jenny increased her nipple play with her tongue. In just seconds she could tell the double-pronged nipple play was having an effect as Rose let out a loud groan, followed by several shorter softer moans. Within five minutes of the first nipple touch, Rose was grinding her hips against the seat. That was the cue Jenny needed to shift the little red toothbrush southward. Dragging her hand downward across Rose’s belly to her thickly furred mound, Jenny kept up her nipple sucking on Rose’s left tit. Using the bristles of the brush she brushed the hairs away from Rose’s pussy. Underwater her hand found Rose’s distended lips and effortlessly guided the handle of the toothbrush into the folds of her vagina. With the heel of her left hand pushing firmly down against Rose’s bushy mound she used her fingers to expertly guide that brush in and out and all around Rose’s cunt. Rose’s wiggling grew and grew.

Jenny recognized the horny, horny woman under her control as plunging towards orgasm. When the wiggling ratcheted up another notch, Jenny reversed the brush and found Rose’s clit. With gentle (well, not always so gentle) flicks she used the brush to sweep upwards from the underside of her clit, pulling it gently and then letting it fall back into place. Rose’s womanly folds responded in an instant, sending a shower of sparks through her wet body. Like the sparks from an arc-welder leaping from the metal, her entire nervous system sparked, causing muscles to spasm and lose control. She pushed Jenny’s head away from her tit and her hand away from her pussy. While relishing the afterglow of her orgasm, she felt too sensitive to accept any more stimulation and Jenny stopped, grinning at Rose’s predicament.

“Give me that thing!” demanded Rose, as soon as her breath came back, and as soon as she could talk with control. With only a smile in response, Janet handed Rose the little red toothbrush. In a flash Jenny felt the brush in the same way that Rose had felt it moments earlier. While Jenny had waited to use the brush on Rose’s left tit for a while before using her mouth, Rose wasted no time in starting her two-tit attack. Reaching across Jenny’s body with the brush she trained it on Jenny’s left nipple and used the brush to run circles around the taut nipple. Delightful feelings surged through Jenny and when in another moment she felt Rose’s hot tongue gliding across her right nipple she immediately felt the juices in her cunt begin to flow. Laying her head back on the edge she slid lower so that her nipple was right at water level. This made for an interesting dilemma for Rose. Rose’s solution was to put that right nipple in her mouth and suck it completely inside and continue sucking just like a little baby. Her nose was above the water, so she had no trouble breathing, but she didn’t feel like drinking the tub water so she kept her mouth locked around Jenny’s right nipple as she deftly used the toothbrush to make light strokes around the tip of the left tit. Swapping ends of the brush she began pushing the nipple to one side and then the other and then would slide the shaft of the brush across the nipple from side to side and then up and down. Jenny was surprised that even the smooth handle of the brush generated wonderfully pleasant feelings in her nipple.

With the timetable well established from her own arousal and orgasm a few minutes before, Rose responded to Jenny’s increased arousal as if cued in to her inner clock. As Jenny’s hips began to shake, that red toothbrush made its second trip south. Following the curve of her torso, Rose dragged the toothbrush southward to Jenny’s bare pussy. When Rose’s finger delved briefly into the soft folds of Jenny’s cunt she discovered that the clit ring of yesterday was gone. With a mild case of shock, she asked Jenny about it. Jenny told her that the ring had been a one-day experiment and she had it removed already this morning. Rose shrugged her shoulders at Jenny and then immediately resumed her pussy exploration with the brush. Like had been performed on her, she used the handle to slide deeply into Jenny’s pussy. With her fingers grasping the brush end she inserted the brush even beyond its length into her wet slippery cunt. With her fingers at the outer lips and the brush imbedded far into Jenny’s womanhood she began wiggling the brush around and around and back and forth, putting pressure on Jenny’s vagina walls. Being careful not to shove it deeper and harder she found a rhythm to match the gyrations of Jenny’s hips. Around and around they went, Jenny’s hips and that little red toothbrush, circling each other, seeking that delicious friction between hard plastic and soft vagina walls. She relished her ingenuity in using the simple everyday device for sexy pleasure. Allowing Rose to violate her pussy this way was an incredible turn-on.

Rose resumed her nipple sucking and now with the brush causing wicked gyrations of Jenny’s hips on the seat of the tub she pulled the brush slowly out of the depths and pressed its length along the fully erect clit Jenny’s lovely pussy carried. Without the ring present she felt comfortable applying considerable pressure as she slid the length of the brush sideways across the clit. It would be depressed and then spring back up each time the brush moved far enough to the side. “Yes! Fuck my clit with that thing.” Jenny was aching for more. Rose turned the brush and pushed the bristles down firmly against Jenny’s clit.

“Wow! That feels good,” Jenny exclaimed. As Rose began using the toothbrush in the same type of motion that one would use to brush their teeth, Jenny’s breathing became erratic. She stuttered unintelligible grunts of delight. The little brush swept back and forth across the very tip of Jenny’s clit, sending indescribable feelings to her brain. Rose never let go of Jenny’s nipple this whole time, caressing it with her tongue and sucking it deeply into her mouth. In a flash Jenny rocked. Her orgasm rolled through her like the pulsing waves of the Jacuzzi. Rose removed the brush for fear of hurting her and used her finger for the final flourish of orgasm. Rose finally pulled her mouth away from Jenny’s tit and grinned at Jenny as she watched the final paroxysms of the orgasm subside. Jenny took nearly three minutes to resume normal breathing. She looked at Rose and leaned over to give her a big quick kiss on the lips. Both women smiled at each other in their newfound carnal way.

Rose spoke up, “You sure can have a lot of fun with a toothbrush, with a little imagination. Thanks!”

“Yeah. You’re right. I don’t think I’ll ever forget to take mine when I go on trips.”

“You know, just because we gave each other a little loving here doesn’t mean that I don’t fully intend to beat your ass tomorrow when we hook up for the tournament,” Rose reminded Jenny.

Jenny quickly confirmed by saying, “I know that. Don’t expect me to be anything less than fully committed to winning this tournament for myself. I won’t have Sue, Lynn, or you standing in my way. Fair?”

“You got it. That’s fair for me, because I feel the same way.”

For the next half-hour the two just relaxed in the hot tub and enjoyed the relaxation. The women left the tub and got dressed casually in preparation for going out for dinner. This time they planned to go to a more casual restaurant than Monday. They had heard that Dill’s had excellent food and was quite reasonably priced. When Sue and Lynn returned by early evening they made final preparations and headed out together. Leaving in Jenny’s car they arrived at Dill’s downtown and had a wonderful meal. They agreed with the hotel clerk who suggested the place that it was great food. During dinner Sue kept noticing that a young man bussing tables kept stealing little glances at the women. Of itself, this wouldn’t have been much cause for concern.

These women were all used to men (and boys) glancing at them (staring at them might be a better word), but something about this boy seemed odd. After he cleared the third table in their area of the restaurant, Sue mentioned him to the others. Only Rose could see him without turning her head and she took a good look at him. In an instant she felt her face flush crimson. She gasped and forgetting their discretion Lynn and Jenny jerked their heads around to take a look for themselves. As the boy glanced up towards their table again it was his turn to blush crimson. He saw all four beauties staring at him. He immediately dropped his eyes and resumed work without another glance. Rose was the only one who recognized him and when he left with the dirty dishes she told the others that she would recognize that boy anywhere, even with his clothes on! “Oh! Shit!” exclaimed Sue, “He’s the boy from the beach!”

“Yes! I wonder what he thinks of us?” remarked Jenny.

Lynn wondered aloud, “What do you think his name is? You know, we never had a proper introduction, thanks to Jenny’s novel way of luring him over to us.”

“We’ll have to ask him when he comes back to bus the next table,” said Sue.

“Yeah, if he dares to keep working,” chimed in Jenny with a giggle.

They all ordered dessert and halfway through, sure enough, the boy returned to clear a nearby table. Sue called him over to their table. With eyes cast downward, he shyly approached them. “What is your name? You seem to be doing an excellent job with these tables.” He didn’t answer at first, but when Sue insisted he finally said just one word, “Bobby.” Sue continued the conversation, if you could call it that, “You look very nice Bobby. You also look familiar to me. Have we ever met before?” If it was even possible, his face turned an even more brilliant crimson red and he just shook his head. “Well, Bobby, I think you are a very handsome young man and you sure do an excellent job here. I think I’d like to give you a tip. Maybe you’ll be able to give me a ‘tip’ some time?” She reached for her purse and pulled out a $100 bill and leaned over to hand it to Bobby. Not to be outdone, each of the other three women followed Sue’s lead and produced $100 bills of their own. Bobby was staring at more money than he usually made in three weeks bussing tables. The waitresses and waiters did share tips with him occasionally, but never anything like this. He looked at each of them and finally spoke more than one word. “Thank you, I really appreciate it.” He went back to clearing the other table as the women went back to their rich desserts. When they finally left they giggled all the way about their encounter with Bobby.

Arriving back at the hotel at a still reasonable 9:00 they went to bed refreshed and recharged for the next day. Saturday would be the finale for their little tournament. Each felt fully ready and prepared for the rigors of the upcoming battles, whatever they would be. Four sexy women went to sleep dreaming of victory.

Chapter 34
Day 7 – Day of Reckoning

Saturday dawned like most of the days in July in northern Michigan: Warm, humid, sunny, with gentle breezes. It would have been a great day for the beach, golf course, or many other outdoor activities that the area afforded. But today would be an ‘inside’ day. Jenny, Lynn, Sue, and Rose had dedicated this day to the determination of just who among them was the ‘best’: the best sexual athlete and competitor. They hadn’t really coined a name or phrase that might be applied to the eventual winner, but there was definitely a tacit understanding among them as to what victory would mean: glorious supremacy for one of them and bitter disappointment (maybe hostility and anger) for the others.

“Oooooh, my day of fulfillment!” Jenny mused in her half-awake stupor. Her dreams had been filled with glorious images and sounds and feelings of sexual conquests. Men from her days gone by fleetingly occupied her dreams. Her husband’s wonderful hands, face, and body conjured up inside her pretty head, warmed her insides. But the most prevalent images and feelings were the ones that involved her hotel mates. Sue, Rose, and Lynn were all bending to her wishes and whims. She didn’t recall all of her dreaming notions, but as she awakened she did have a single vivid memory: three gorgeous women desperately seeking her favors. It was an image of slave-girls exquisitely bowing to every whim and wish she could conjure. A redhead, a blonde, and a dark raven-haired woman each sought to be the ‘best’ at servicing her pleasure needs. Her stupor slowly eroded away and Jenny was left with a very pleasant memory. Or…..was it a premonition?

Rose had dreams of conquering heroes. She dreamt of Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and other women of power. Upon her arousal from sleep she felt like the energy and power of those women had magically migrated into her own body and spirit. Her face was flushed red with the warm glow of powerful contentment. She watched as Jenny climbed out of her bed and grinned at her across the room. The girls didn’t act nervous or catty that Saturday morning. It was as if the tension had melted away and the inevitable acceptance of their fates was out of their control. Each had the feeling that she and she alone would be able to bend the will and bodies of the others to her own. Smug acknowledgement of their own prowess actually forced thoughts of defeat and weakness out of the room. With it the nervous tension had left as well.

Could this continue? Would the inevitable clash of bodies and spirits destroy them or would it bond them even more deeply into the dark realm of their warring desires? Only time would tell.

Sue arrived in wakefulness refreshed and ready to go. She hadn’t been a math whiz and she hadn’t figured out yet that the best she could hope for is a tie. Even with the best possible outcome of all six matches, there was no way that she could end up with more than 8 wins, and at least one of the other three was bound to end up with at least eight (unless…, unless there were ties!). That thought never crossed her mind. She was happy to be here and aching to get her shot at the other women in any sexy way she could. “Mmmmm. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into those sexy heifers!”

Lynn slept like a rock and was slow to awaken. Her dreams, if there had been any were stuck deep in the recesses of her brain, and she couldn’t remember any of them. When she finally rolled over and looked at the clock to see 9:17, she had the realization that her vacation was all set to become the best ever. In fact it had already been the best ever, with the sexual success she had imposed on the other women. She had 7 wins out of 12 contests so far, and that was the best of the batch. She reveled in her prowess, and smiled inwardly as she recalled her best moments so far. She felt that her youth and sexy body and athletic stamina would become even more evident today. She stretched her arms above her head; taut muscles generating a healthy blood flow. Rubbing her eyes she sat up. “Well, are you ready?” Lynn asked as she stood up and stretched some more.

“Never been more ready. How about you?” Sue answered directly.

“Oh, I can’t wait! I wonder what Rose’s idea will be? Do you have any clue?”

“Naaa. I just know that whatever it is, that old bitch will get what is coming to her when she tangles with me.”

“Well let’s get ready.” With that Sue and Lynn headed out to the kitchen and bathroom and began their morning chores: eating, grooming, cleaning up a bit. In moments Rose and Jenny joined them.

Soon the morning chores had been completed and the women gathered in the living room. Their dress was sparse nighties or shorts and upon entering the room a silent gong must have gone off, for they all removed every stitch of clothing remaining. Six eyes moved towards Rose. She felt their gaze but she didn’t act for several long moments. Waiting for the perfect opportunity she wanted the other three to feel some anxiety over what her chosen battle would be. After a couple of minutes of tense silence, Rose finally looked at each of them individually and then slowly walked over to the entry closet near their hotel door.

Sue, Jenny, and Lynn looked perplexed as Rose opened the door and reached in to pull out one of her golf clubs that had been stored inside. It appeared to be her 5-wood. Sauntering sexily back near the other women, she toyed with her golf club. She lifted the long slender grip at the end of the shaft and kissed the end. Next she twirled the club around a couple of times and brought the Lady Lynx 5-wood to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and licked the shiny persimmon wood. Around and around she licked until she had covered it all with her saliva. She knew the others were captivated by her antics, wondering exactly what her proposal might be. Surely by now they would have concluded that golf clubs were likely to be involved. Finishing her wood licking, she turned to Jenny and pointed her club at Jenny’s right breast and then very gently used the very end of the grip to flick Jenny’s nipple aside. She followed that up with sexy flicks on every nipple in the room besides her own.

Lynn had begun to smile almost immediately and she actually shivered a bit when Rose looked at her and teased her nipple with the golf club. Jenny and Sue each looked a little shocked and puzzled by Rose, but neither spoke. They waited for Rose who finally, after the little teasing show, suggested her sex contest.

“We came here to golf and have fun together for these two weeks. Obviously we’ve had a lot more fun from other endeavors than on the golf course. I think that we should pull the two together for our last contest. We all know I’m the best golfer among us.” The others had to grit their teeth to avoid bitter words. Rose continued, “I really know how to use my clubs and I intend to prove that I can use them the best to bring each of you to orgasm as well as hit that little white ball. This contest will be devoted to pure sexual racing. No fighting will be allowed, only aggressive offensive sex play. We each can choose one of our clubs; I think woods only, for our ‘weapon’ of choice. Then we may use that club, along with our fingers and mouths to torment each other’s bodies into the indoor equivalent of a hole-in-one. Whoever orgasms first under the ministrations of the other will be the loser. Other than that I can’t think of any more rules that we need. You just have to use the club to bring the other girl to her orgasm.”

Rose smiled sweetly as the others digested what she was proposing. Sue piped up first. “Well,” she drawled, “that sounds exciting and fun. My only reservation is cleanliness. Shouldn’t we wash those clubs first?”

“Yeah. I think we should wash them. But I think those rubber or synthetic grips might be a little uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use some sort of lubricant, like Vaseline in conjunction with the clubs?” Lynn was intrigued by the idea, but her suggestion about the cleanliness and lubricant was echoed by Jenny and Sue. So Rose agreed quickly to the suggestion and she altered her challenge to accommodate their reservations. After all, they would probably all be more comfortable with clean ‘utensils’ and wet, slick surfaces.

Jenny eagerly chimed in with, “Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Let’s get those clubs and get ’em cleaned up!”

The closet doors were thrown open and each woman found her own set of clubs and spent a moment contemplating her choice of ‘weapon’ (club). Rose kept her 5-wood, Sue chose a 3-wood, Jenny selected her specialty 7-wood, and Lynn went for the gusto and grabbed her Big Bertha driver!

The kitchen was busy for the next few minutes as each woman cleaned the clubs with the same sort of attention to detail as doing dinner dishes. Before long every club was gleaming clean, having been washed with dish soap and dried with towels. Sue went to the cupboard and found a big bottle of vegetable oil and brought it with her to the living room. Rose dashed to the bedroom and came out with two big blankets from her bed and she tossed them on the floor and spread them out. Jenny came back from the bathroom with two big jars of Vaseline.

With the arrangements made and the rules clearly understood, the women re-gathered for the draw of the order for their contests. Considering the intensity that the earlier matches had been fought with, each girl expected these to be no different. Yes, the rules forbade fighting, but certainly each woman would try to use every tactic that she could conjure up to keep her own horny lust-flooded libido in check. The kinkiness of using the golf clubs, awkward as they were was certainly one that brought vivid imaginings to their erotic brain centers. Notions of being impaled by long objects, fat objects, and skewered by powerful men raced through more than one frontal lobe.

The jar with the pairings was brought out and Rose took it over to Lynn, asking her to draw the pair that would begin the golf-war (pun intended). Lynn reached inside and pulled out the slip of paper. She handed it to Sue who read it and showed them all the names of Lynn and Jenny. The first moment of truth was now at hand and rivals Jenny and Lynn would consummate Rose’s challenge.

Sue and Rose took their clubs to the couch and sat down as Lynn and Jenny put on their game-faces. Stern faces glared at each other and then Lynn bean a slow bouncing motion with her club. Tapping it on the floor to an unheard beat, she nervously anticipated Jenny’s approach. Jenny was gliding slowly across the blanket. Jenny lifted her own club just enough to drop it on top of Lynn’s 5-wood, stopping the tapping. Then with a slow glide she slid her 7-wood shaft up the shaft of Lynn’s club, as if treating the club as an erotic extension of her body. When she brought the club head up high enough, she slowly touched Lynn’s leg with the club and let it gently trace a path down the outside of her right leg. About halfway through this, Jenny felt Lynn’s club rest on her foot and begin a journey up her leg, coldly marking time on her knee before continuing its climb to her crotch. “Lynn sure isn’t wasting any time,” Jenny thought.

The contradiction of using golf clubs for erotic purposes, and trusting each other enough not to use them as weapons, had charged their nervous systems to the limit. Every nerve cell in their bodies was alive with anticipation and concern with what the other might do. So far only gentle caresses with the clubs, but what would be next? It was dangerous and sexy all at once.

Lynn deftly maneuvered the head of her Big Bertha driver across the smooth shaved skin adorning Jenny’s pubic mound. Jenny was alive with anticipation of that big driver could do in the hands of a skillful user. She certainly had respect for the skill Lynn would use in trying to force an unwanted orgasm from her own body. Jenny spread her legs apart, allowing a bit of access to her labia lips, which Lynn noticed and immediately redirected her probing towards those smooth pink lips between Jenny’s legs. Jenny focused her club towards Lynn’s breasts, gently and teasingly gliding across Lynn’s gleaming skin, toying with her long nipples. Occasionally Jenny would push firmly against Lynn’s firmness, gauging their hardness, and watching that tension push the 7-wood back out on the rebound when she took the pressure off. Clearly Lynn was blessed with firm hard tits and she was enjoying the attention they were receiving from Jenny’s club.

The foreplay (?) progressed a bit as the two women moved closer together. They brought the club heads up to face height and offered the head to the other woman. Lynn began kissing Jenny’s 7-wood and Jenny kissed Lynn’s Big Bertha. The shafts of the clubs trailed downward between their bodies, crossing over with the grip ends nestling into their crotches. Lucky clubs; they were getting a royal tonguing at one end and found the other end snug into the cleft between their legs.

Inching closer to Lynn, Jenny crossed over from one club head to the other so that she was now sharing it with Lynn. As their tongues continued to trace around the club they found each other and their moist tongues glided across each other as they continued to assault the 7-wood. A few tongue-sharing kisses later Lynn stepped back and suggested they lie down on the blanket. Jenny eagerly dropped to the floor and while Lynn joined her she doused her club at both ends with the vegetable oil. Lynn duplicated the oiling and then the two lined up opposite each other in opposing directions. Leaning up on one elbow and trailing one leg behind on the floor but opening up their crotch by lifting the other leg at an angle.

Lynn pulled her now glistening club towards Jenny’s furless pussy. Big Bertha glided easily over Jenny’s smooth skin spurring tiny pleasure sparks everywhere it went. Lynn manipulated the toe of the club to Jenny’s plump lips and carefully parted them a bit, exposing the soft inner surfaces, which were shiny with her juices. The slippery vegetable oil mixed with Jenny’s natural production of fluid, providing effortless gliding across her cunt lips.

Jenny meanwhile created her own pussy probing effort with the grip end of her 7-wood shaft. The surface was all oiled up and it slid across Lynn’s skin effortlessly. Jenny guided it around Lynn’s entire groin area, probing her navel, her fuzzy blond curls, her inner thighs, and of course her tender pussy. Without using her fingers at all she poked and prodded Lynn’s labia until they were distended in opposite directions, exposing her inner lips in all their pink glory. Lynn’s clit stood proudly, extending upward, just waiting to be explored. But Jenny ignored Lynn’s clitoris. She slowly, slowly probed the entrance to Lynn’s cunt with the end of her shaft. She twirled the end around in small circles, putting pressure on each part of Lynn’s hole.

The sloppy sounds of pussy gushing suction wafted through the room. Both women’s pussies were popping and making noises from the juicy friction caused by the moving clubs.

Jenny broke the spoken silence by pronouncing, “Lynn, I think your cunt wants to be fucked. You’re so fucking juicy, I just know you are ready!”

As Jenny plunged her grip further into Lynn, Lynn tried to speak, but gasps interrupted her words, “You, ooohhh, you think I’m, aaaaaaahhhhhh, wet. You should see, uuuuunnggggh, your own cunt, bitch.” She recovered a bit from the plunging shaft inside her pussy and continued on, “Your slit is so wet and ready. Your clit is twitching. It can’t wait. I can smell your anxious pussy. You’re just putty in my hands, bitch.”

“You think so! Ha!” With that Jenny began rotating her shaft in pivoted circles. She kept the tip deeply embedded several inches inside Lynn’s horny twat and she changed the tempo regularly from slow to fast to jackhammer fast. The sounds of squishy pussy absorbing the delicious fucking were continuous now. Lynn’s cunt throbbed with the lovely fulfilling shaft as it sped up for delicious friction and then slowed down to tease. Back and forth went the timing and rotation. Jenny varied the depth from time to time but mostly she kept the shaft about nine inches deep in Lynn’s sopping cunt. Lynn began to moan with the hot, pleasurable sensations rippling inside her pussy.

Lynn was finding it hard to concentrate but she was still actively challenging Jenny’s pussy with the toe of her Big Bertha. Focusing on Jenny’s clit she held the driver’s head in her hand like a big vibrator and ground it down against Jenny’s erect clit, pushing it around and around. Jenny’s clit rippled from side to side under the firm pressure of Big Bertha. Jenny tried hard to concentrate on her own task, but the possibilities represented by Lynn’s Big Bertha. “Would she try to jam that monster inside me?” she wondered. “Would it even fit?” She knew this was a race and yet she ached for Lynn to try to plunge that giant head in her cunt. It sure would be ‘filling.’

Back and forth went the two women with their motions and their groaning, moaning, sloshing noises. Lynn recognized the ache between her legs and her arousal climbing higher and higher, but she could tell Jenny was levitating too. Jenny bucked her hips against Big Bertha, but Lynn was not sure that it would be a good idea to force the monster head into Jenny’s pussy. So Lynn continued to focus on Jenny’s clit and Jenny responded with more moans and more wiggles.

Sue and Rose watched all this and anxiously wondered if either girl would end up ‘taking the head’ inside. Lynn felt her temperature rising with Jenny’s accurate probing of her depths. Lynn was past anger, but she still wanted badly to win this venture and she began using the club head in ever more rapid gyrations all around Jenny’s soaked pussy and clit. She focused as before on her clit and she knew the end game was in progress as Jenny’s moaning and groaning became louder and louder. Her problem was that she was moaning and groaning in beautiful harmony with Jenny. She felt every nuance of Jenny’s penetrating shaft and it was delicious. It was only a matter of time now to see who would be forced to cum first. Jenny was writhing in pleasure and Jenny moaned and wiggled her ass in time to Jenny’s rotating shaft.

Jenny could feel the imminent orgasm as could Lynn. Lynn humped Jenny’s shaft with vigor and then Jenny’s fingers joined the play and she used them to rub Lynn’s clit vigorously in very rapid motions. With her pussy pleasured by the golf club and her clit accepting Jenny’s rubbing she burst through first to her orgasm. Screaming and bucking like a wild bronco she hit the peak of her orgasm and in doing so she dropped the club she had been pleasuring Jenny with. Her hands went to her pussy and she begged Jenny to stop. “Enough. Oh God, that’s enough.” Jenny, knowing she had won didn’t try to punish Lynn with any further activity. Since Lynn had just quit focusing on Jenny, Jenny took matters into her own hand, so to speak, and frigged her clit intensely until she too had her own orgasm. Her hips rocked to the ancient rhythm of orgasmic pleasure. Rolling away from each other the two stood up and eyed each other, Jenny with a huge satisfied smile on her face, and Lynn scowling at her loss. Lynn had thought that she could easily beat Jenny, after all she had won 3 of 4 previous encounters. But Jenny had turned the tables on her with this win and now Jenny finally had two wins over Lynn.

Jenny smirked and taunted Lynn, “So I was just putty huh? Well I guess you’re not a very good judge of putty.”

“You just got lucky this time. I’ve got plenty of victories left in me.” Lynn ventured those thoughts aloud more for the benefit of Sue and Rose than Jenny. She knew that Jenny was now tied with her at 7 wins apiece, with Rose just one behind and Sue two behind. They had 3 matches remaining in which to possibly win more points. Lynn was anxious to let them know that she was still the one to beat, however.

Chapter 35
Sue vs Rose With Clubs

“Lets get it on, slut.” Rose got things going with her first challenge.

“Bring what you got, cunt.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll bring more than enough to have you screaming.”

The four women traded places as the jibes flew between Sue and Rose. Back and forth went those challenges and many more besides. With the outright challenges and the associated tension between them, these two wasted no time on golf club foreplay. They assumed the position that Lynn and Jenny had just assumed and they tackled each other’s pussies with their greased up clubs the moment they hit the floor.

Both girls had witnessed the victor in the last match use the grip of her club for more effect than the Big Bertha club head had produced, so these two each went with the grip end of their club to jab, poke, rub, and slide all around their respective fuck-holes. They didn’t tease, cajole, taunt, or delay. Realizing this was nothing more than a race they both challenged each other to hold back just by the vigor with which they went after each other’s pussy.

Lubed shafts plunged inside wet holes and rotated around and around (having seen the success of Jenny’s tactic against Lynn). Rose used her grip like a dildo and alternated plunging in and out strokes with wiggles in every direction. Whenever she pulled it out of Sue’s cunt she would produce a loud popping sound from the vacuum created and she could hear the same result from Sue pulling her grip out of her pussy. Pop, pop, pop. It almost sounded like popcorn popping. The noises might not have been very erotic, but both girls were forced towards orgasm by the effectiveness of the mutual masturbation.

Sue felt her pulse rate rising and she quickened her efforts with Rose. She felt good about her efforts, because she could tell Rose was headed in the right direction as well. Sue used her fingers to ply Rose’s labia apart as she fucked her juicy cunt with that golf club. She used her fingers on her clit also, rubbing it, flicking it, teasing it, and playing with it in every way she could imagine.

Shock! Sue felt Rose’s mouth plop down on her clit just as a moment of diminished club-fucking had subsided. At that same instant Rose wickedly fucked her cunt in rapid bursts of in and out plunging action. Sue was feeling like she might lose as Rose’s aggressive combination took its toll on Sue. Sue reacted like a trooper though and brought her own mouth to Rose’s pussy and now the two were heavily woven together by their mouths, fingers, and golf clubs.

Moans, groans, and writhing hips. Tongues danced across clits and inside cunts. The clubs plunged in and out and wiggles all around and the two heaved and recklessly bore full steam ahead. Lynn and Jenny watched the closeness of the race and were surprised to see Rose go off first. It had seemed like she had the advantage, but somehow Sue had held off her impending orgasm and had beaten Rose at her own game. Rose’s hips bucked wildly as her orgasm surged over her. She felt the hot glow radiate out from her pussy to every extremity. The spasms were intense, she felt her legs jerk and her body lurched so much that Sue could barely keep Rose impaled for the duration. Rose stopped fingering and club-fucking Sue’s pussy until her orgasm subsided, but she went ahead and resumed her attack on Sue’s cunt so that just two or three minutes later Sue had her own lurching orgasm.

It felt so damn good to have that golf club probing her depths as Rose sucked her clit into her mouth and rolled her tongue in circles around and around and around. Pushing that tongue forcefully against her clit made it so damn exciting. Her orgasm flooded through her and even though Rose had lost the race she had a look of satisfaction on her face with the way she had forced Sue to come so hard.

Sue glowed with the aftermath of her own orgasm and the fact that she had beaten Rose. “Thanks babe. That was good. Pretty damn intense.” Sue thanked Rose for the orgasm but went on to say, “I whipped your ass anyway. I thought for a moment you might have me but I wasn’t about to lose another match. Lynn and Jenny better take notice. They will be in for the same fate as Rose: second place.”

Sue had caught up with Rose in points and they were in turn only 1 point behind Lynn and Jenny. This was certainly turning out to be a set of contests between very evenly matched women. Now Rose would have to come right back and take on Lynn in the next match. This would pit the two losers of the last two matches against each other. One of them was bound to win and gain a victory. Who would it be?

Chapter 36
Rose vs Lynn With Clubs

They waited an hour, as per former agreement, before they readied themselves for the next match. The outcome of the last two matches had served to narrow the gap among the four women in total victories. Now only a single point separated all of them. Lynn and Rose, coming off losses were well aware of the clock ticking. Whoever lost this next match would have lost two in a row and might find it hard to capture the magic and win the final match. Both knew what was riding on this fight. If Lynn won she would have earned 8 wins and if Rose won she would tie Jenny and Lynn with 7. The impact of this outcome was known to all of them.

Rose contemplated the differing style she had watched Lynn and Jenny engage in during their first match, as opposed to the style she had fought with Sue. Even though both matches were quite competitive, Rose felt that her straight ahead attacking style was superior to the teasing, slow to engage, mode that Lynn had used with Jenny. She readied herself for another quickie. She knew if she started right in on Lynn that Lynn would reciprocate, much like Sue in her last match. Rose and Lynn both knew that bravado and false taunting would get them nowhere. Each just steeled herself for the upcoming race, determination etched in their faces.

They headed to the blanket in the center of the room and with a quick kiss on the lips for initiation the two intent ladies went directly to work on each other as soon as they lay down on the blanket. Rose was surprised but Lynn took control of the club head end and used it to toy with Rose’s crotch. She slid it over her auburn curly pubic hair and around her inner thighs and finally settled it over her pussy lips.

Rose had cooperated fully, opening up her legs wide to provide easy access. Lynn allowed the same efficient access to her pussy for Rose’s exploration. Lynn prodded her Big Bertha across Rose’s lips and even pushed its oiled surface in wormlike fashion between her outer lips. Rose’s lips splayed wide apart, hinting at the possibilities of further exploration. As Lynn contemplated her tactics, she postponed her probing with the big club and swapped ends for the shaft and grip. She had plenty of vegetable oil nearby that she used to douse the sticky grip, making it very slippery. Leaning low to put her face just a few inches away from Rose’s already pungent pussy, Lynn loaded up a large mouthful of saliva and spit into the midst of Rose’s red-haired forest of pubes.

“You bitch!” Rose yelled. Within moments she had jetted a stream of spit into Lynn’s pussy fur in retaliation.

Lynn used the butt end of her club to push that spit all around Rose’s bush and when she had it spread out as much as she could she let loose another volley, followed by another and another. As much saliva as she could produce she was smearing all over Rose’s forested cunt. Lynn heard and felt Rose retaliate in kind. Their kinky exchange had both infuriated Rose and heightened her resolve to make Lynn pay for all her transgressions. Rose hadn’t forgotten any of them and she wanted badly for Lynn to suffer under her own hand.

Lynn felt Rose plunge her shaft inside her pussy now for the first time. It glided in effortlessly and the combination of oil, personal lubricant, and saliva made for a very slippery slew. Up to now Lynn had been so focused on her goal that she really did not notice any libido escalation, but with the penetration and the luxurious wiggling that followed she couldn’t help but realize that Rose was having success. Lynn spit some more and she too wiggled her driver’s grip past Rose’s plump, pink, and very wet lips. Stopping only two or three inches deep she twirled the shaft in ever-increasingly wider circles of pressure to all sides of Rose’s woman-cunt. She lowered her mouth and suckled Rose’s distended lips into her mouth and tongued them all the while the club/dildo was stretching and pushing Rose’s vagina wider and wider. Rose responded enough for Lynn to know that the violation was reaching Rose’s pleasure centers.

Rose’s hips rocked in slow pulsing tempo. Lynn heard tiny sighs of pleasure escape Rose’s lips and she knew that she was not losing the race up to that point.

Rose meanwhile had been paying equally close attention to Lynn’s vibrations and she was sure she detected shivers of delight with many of the gyrations she sent into the depths of Lynn’s pussy with her own 5-wood grip. The intoxicating aroma produced by Lynn made Rose sure that Lynn was ‘all charged up’ with hormonal production. But she was just as aware that her own juices were flowing and providing plenty of nose heaven for Lynn as well.

Rose ached so much for victory she willed herself to think about everything else in the room. She contemplated the pattern of the carving on the furniture. She wondered who picked the colors for the walls. She discovered the tiny specks of color in the carpet. But she couldn’t make it last. No matter how hard she tried she was forced by Lynn’s expert masturbatory technique to feel her lust continue to grow. Her involuntary hip gyrations and moans gave it away. She knew Lynn could gauge just how far she had come along. With all the intimate exchanges these women had been having over the past week, it was very hard to keep secret their relative lust levels. Rose realized that it was important to always keep progressing towards her enemy’s orgasm, and to do whatever she could to focus her opponent’s attention away from those things that might bring her to orgasm. While she was thinking these thoughts she felt Lynn’s fingers and lips joining the club head all over her pussy. It was as if Lynn was hoping to over stimulate her to the point that she couldn’t help but have a flooding orgasm.

Rose kept up her variable penetration of Lynn’s blonde pussy with her club but she sought to distract Lynn from the powerful success she was having. Rose knew she would blow her top if Lynn kept that up much longer.

As in many endeavors the risk/reward ratio underlies much of what we choose to do. Rose realized this just now and in order to hold off what she knew would be a powerful orgasm in a few minutes, she decided to try a ploy that she hoped would be subtle enough for Lynn not to see right through it. She knew that Lynn’s expert clit sucking would inevitably be her doom, unless she could get Lynn to focus her attention in a slightly different way. She knew that Lynn had chosen that BIG BERTHA driver for a reason. It could have been the psychological impact of having her opponents worry about having that monster shoved inside them, or it could have been that she actually planned to use it! Whatever, she had noted Lynn’s use of the driver to probe just millimeters insider her lips several minutes earlier, and maybe, just maybe Lynn might redirect her efforts along those same lines again.

“Ooooooohhh!” Rose let out a gasping sound.

“Uuunnnnnnnnnh!” another grunt escaped her lips.

Rose’s legs shot out wider, wider, until they would have done a high school cheerleader proud.

She rocked her hips forward and back, keeping Lynn’s shaft embedded inside her cunt, but her rocking was of such a random erratic pattern that Lynn had a hard time keeping her mouth attached.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!” When Rose let out her third seemingly uncontrollable utterance, Lynn took the bait.

Rose firmly kept up her plunging action and she even spit on Lynn’s pussy a couple more times as Lynn swapped ends of her club.

Lynn ‘just knew’ that what she had seen from Rose with the deep throat action she gave Bobby at the beach and the wild lusty contortions she was witnessing that Rose would be carried over the edge if she could force Big Bertha inside Rose’s cunt. It sure was slippery enough! She had watched the opening of her cunt spasm and contract with all her tongue and finger work, but it certainly appeared that the hole she was looking at could accept a monstrous cock or even “Big Bertha.”

Lynn was taking her own risk of course. She knew her own orgasm couldn’t be more than a few minutes away, but she had a gut feeling that Rose would just rocket right away when she felt Big Bertha stuffed inside her. So Lynn gave Rose’s pussy one last gob of spittle and a good lick from her tongue and then Big Bertha began to wedge up against Rose’s petals. They splayed apart with no difficulty. Using the toe of her driver she wedged and wiggled it down and in so that nearly one-third of the driver was embedded in Rose’s expanding cunt.

Rose gasped at the stretch to her vagina as Lynn wiggled and rotated it some more for half a minute before pressuring it down again. Deeper, deeper it went. Rose could feel her muscles being stretched out to the limit (?) and it was an exquisite, even though painful, condition she was in. Lynn was being very gentle, of course, not wanting to really hurt Rose, lest it destroy her lust. When Bertha was in just over half-way it was as though a giant vacuum cleaner had just been turned on inside Rose’s cunt. “Schluuup.” The sound it made as Big Bertha was sucked inside Rose completely sent shivers down Lynn’s spine. “God,” she thought, “Rose really did want that thing inside her.”

Rose was now in treacherous waters. She had risked much and she herself had not known just what her bodies reaction would be to having that big thing plunged inside and fucking her hole. The reality was that it had hurt a bit, but Rose was a full grown woman and once it got past the entrance and was sucked inside, she realized it was a consummately wonderful feeling of joy to have her pussy stretched to the limit and to accept such an object. But, the best part was that it was more an emotional level of fulfillment and not as deliciously lusty as the previous tactics Lynn had been using. Rose wasn’t about ready to say “mission accomplished,” because Lynn had yet to orgasm, but Rose felt like she had leaped over the last big hurdle and she was in the home stretch (pun intended). Rose had paused just long enough during the giant penetration for her reaction to seem natural. But when she felt Lynn start rocking the shaft of the club, and she responded to the Bertha-fucking she was getting, she resumed her attack on Lynn’s pussy with her own club.

Rose spit again at the confluence of pussy and shaft, adding even more lubricant to the already gooey, slippery, slimy area. Juices had covered much of Lynn’s groin, thighs, and the blanket underneath. Rose began to wiggle her shaft inside Lynn in alternating fast and then slow vibrations. Her tongue found Lynn’s clit and pressured it this way and that. She didn’t suck it into her mouth but her tongue was like a possessed demon, never stopping, always moving, always pleasing Lynn’s lucky clitoris. Rose found herself humping back at Lynn’s club as Lynn carefully wiggled and moved it all around, giving Rose a continuous sensation of immense fulfillment. Both were getting close, really close.

As Lynn realized how far along she had come from Rose’s tonguing of her clit, she decided to bring her own tongue into action. With Bertha still embedded far inside Rose’s cunt and only the stainless steel shaft protruding out, Lynn tongued Rose’s nub and she felt the shiver of excitement in Rose’s response. She continued to fuck Rose gently with Bertha and she knew that the added tonguing action was bound to shoot her off at any moment. “Shit! It had better be quick,” she thought. Her own orgasm was now just a cunt hair away from washing over her. She felt Rose’s body reacting to her own loving and it just had to happen. It just had to happen. It just had to happen to Rose first.

But it didn’t. Lynn was the one that succumbed to the inevitable. Her orgasm splashed through her and covered her body in shivers of delight. It rolled throughout her body and rolled back into her groin. She cried in disbelief at the outcome. She was ‘sure’ that she would have forced Rose to be bouncing off the ceilings with an orgasm. But it didn’t happen. “God damn you. You bitch!” Lynn was mad as hell at losing. She knew it was obvious to them all that she had lost, but it didn’t set very well with her. She didn’t even try to finish off Rose, who was obviously just moments away form her own orgasm. Instead she recklessly pulled her Big Bertha from Rose’s cunt in one big pull. She did twist it so that it came out in its narrowest orientation, but the quick withdrawal made Rose scream. Even though the lubrication was superb, it still hurt like hell to have that monster golf club yanked out of her pussy like that. She clutched at her pussy and rolled into a ball, crying in pain.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” It was Sue who challenged Lynn. They all knew that the stakes were high and that some unexpected things were bound to happen, but Sue was aghast that Lynn would act like that in her bitterness from losing.

“Fuck you!” Lynn retorted.

“Girls, please. I’ll be ok.” It was Rose. “She’s just a sore loser that’s all. If she wants to act like that let her. The only important thing is that I whipped her pussy good. Lord knows I can take it. Anything she’s got, I can take it!” Rose’s pride at having been impaled and fucked by Big Bertha was exponentially greater because she had been able to bring Lynn to orgasm even while she was being plundered so magnificently. “Don’t give her a hard time. I’ll be ok. Really.”

Jenny looked at Sue who had looked for a moment as though she might have attacked Lynn for her perceived transgression. Rose’s words had quieted the mood a bit. Lynn was still mad about losing, but she did now realize that she was still tied for the lead. It was a three-way tie. Lynn-7, Jenny-7, Rose-7, and Sue with 6. Only three more matches remained. Lynn would have one more match coming up, against Sue, but that would have to wait for Sue to take on Jenny. The final match would be Rose and Jenny. Lynn knew that Jenny and Sue, with two matches each yet to go, could end her chances. It bothered her immensely to think that SHE wasn’t the one who had the most sexual prowess. She resolved to win her next match against Sue, no matter what happened in the other two matches.

Jenny and Sue were up next. With Rose’s recuperation well under way, and at her suggestion that they take a break, they got some drinks and snacks and just relaxed for a few minutes before heading back to the living room.

Chapter 37
Sue vs Jenny With Clubs

The two foxy ladies, one with black hair, the other with brown, took each other’s measure for what seemed like the hundredth time. Their body shapes and sizes were nearly identical. Both were very pretty. Sue wore her dark pubic patch proudly and Jenny was becoming quite used to and proud of her shaved pussy (she re-groomed in the shower earlier).

Jenny mulled over the situation she faced. Sue was coming off an exciting win over Rose and she had proved very accommodating to Rose, but nonetheless was successful in holding off Rose’s determined lusty attack and make Rose come first. Jenny was confident in her own sex-skill, but remained wary of Sue’s determined demeanor. Sue was just one win behind the other girls, and if she were to beat Jenny, she could tie things all up with only two matches remaining. As Jenny dissected the situation she finally determined that the best tactic would still be a straightforward love-making approach. Use her fingers, tongue, and the club to pleasure Sue’s pussy and use her own determination and stamina to hold off what she knew would be a very aggressive fuck from Sue.

Sue stared at Jenny, watching the wheels turn inside her head. Sue wondered what Jenny was thinking and she too, spent a few seconds pondering. Sue had come to respect Jenny’s sexy body and her frequent bending of the rules to her advantage: it was only an outgrowth of her competitiveness. While respecting Jenny as a sexy foe, she was still confident in her own ability, especially after bringing Rose off in their straightforward club-fuck-race. She had been amazed by Lynn and Rose, especially Rose taking the giant golf club completely inside her cunt. That must have been something for Rose she thought. But as exciting as that had been to watch, it hadn’t resulted in a victory for Lynn. “Maybe it was because that club was just too big and it somehow slowed Rose’s progression. Possibly a smaller club, say….. a 5-wood, would be just right?” She knew Jenny was carrying a slightly smaller 7-wood, and she caught herself wondering what it would feel like to be impaled by that smoothie.”

Both women took a moment to oil up their shafts and then Sue put her club head between her tits and squeezed, causing the club to actually squirt up a bit towards her face. Holding it in place and licking her lips she approached Jenny. Jenny mimicked Sue and they closed in on each other with their clubs held in place by compressed boobs. Once their breasts met they let their arms snake around their waists and with a tilt of their heads began lusty, passionate kissing. The clubs hung between them supported still by their lovely compressed tits.

Jenny opened her mouth and accepted Sue’s tongue inside for a delicious twirling, swirling, liquid duel. It wasn’t a duel for dominance, but a duel of passion. Each knew that this contest could only be won by creating as much possible fervor for release in the other girl. Both knew that kissing worked and so they played inside each other’s mouths for several minutes, their bodies held close, tits mashed together, arms caressing backs and buttocks, golf clubs hanging between them and tinkling together occasionally.

As if by mutual consent their hips moved together capturing a pair of dangling steel shafts between their mounds. The cool steel rubbed against Sue’s dark thatch of hair and slid deliciously across Jenny’s baby-bareness. For the most part they had shared deep kisses with their eyes closed, but as they each felt the golf club’s shaft nestle into the tight confines between their pussy mounds, their eyes opened and they shared a moment of mutual recognition. It was time to move to phase two.

Pulling apart just long enough to arrange themselves on the floor on opposing directions, tools nearby, legs splayed apart for easy access, the spectators eyes were glued to the action. Rose and Lynn, having just completed their own version of club warfare were unabashedly fingering themselves lightly, provoking just the right amount of stimulus to maintain a highly aroused state without crashing through the barrier.

Sue rubbed Jenny’s pussy, noted the lubricated lips and jabbed first one, then two fingers inside Jenny’s pungent hole. Wiggling around to feel the appetizing wetness saturating Jenny’s slew, Sue brought her fingers out and carefully toyed with Jenny’s clit, pinching it gently, pulling it left and right, then rubbing it gently with her still soaking fingers. Re-lubricating her fingers with another dive inside Jenny’s feminine pinkness, she once again manipulated Jenny’s clit with deft control. At first it seemed easy to ignore what was happening to her own pussy, but within moments of beginning her own persuasive pussy play, Jenny’s reciprocating digital exam was generating horny pleasure throughout Sue’s lower body.

Jenny had also started using her fingers to explore Sue’s now familiar pussy. She originated by twirling Sue’s black bushy hair around her fingers, and feeling the luxurious, soft texture. She laid her hand down flat, palm down, and rubbed all around and through Sue’s thickly forested mound. Jenny knew that Sue was proud of her bush and it was hoped that ‘honoring’ her bush this way would seem like flattery to Sue, making her even more willing to accept Jenny’s further play. Jenny relished the slick probing fingers gliding in and out of her pussy, even wiggling her hips slowly in acceptance, but knowing that her own prying fingers were sending jolts of electric pleasure coursing through Sue’s body. She plied Sue’s lips apart; finding her juice soaked entrance and vibrating her fingers scissors-style just an inch inside. Back and forth went her fingers, alternating friction from one side to the other, and collecting Sue’s aromatic lubrication in gooey strings on her fingers. She leaned over and let a long string of drool from her mouth run down to the confluence of fingers and pussy lips. Like mixing batter for pancakes, Jenny twirled and twisted her fingers, stirring up a pot of liquid just aching for consumption. She had glanced at Sue, noting that she saw the drool dropping down to her pussy. She saw it mix with her fuzz and get stirred up inside the ever-more inviting entrance to her cunt.

Eye contact was something that hadn’t been a part of every match, except occasionally, before this one. But this time it seemed that both wanted visual confirmation that what they were doing was working, and so they often found themselves in a bit of a stare-down confrontation, even as their sexplorations continued. Jenny was the first to get a solid grip on her golf club. Some golf pros say the grip is everything. Well, for Jenny her intended use of the grip was vastly different than the one her golf pro taught her.

Having mixed her spittle with Sue’s secretions she knew Sue’s cunt was ready. Bending just close enough to give a quick nibble-kiss to Sue’s clit, Jenny inserted just the first inch of the 7/8 inch diameter grip inside Sue’s accepting orifice. The vegetable oil, mixing with the other previously stirred juices, made for exciting slippery friction and the expected suction noises as Sue wiggled her ass in time to Jenny’s slow back and forth wiggling of the grip filled the room.

Sue honed her senses to their sharpest ever, knowing that only her fullest attention to the matter at hand would ever give her a chance at winning. She felt the delicious joy of the forbidden as Jenny continued exploring her pussy with the handle of that 7-wood. She knew that already her heightened arousal foretold an orgasm in the not-too-distant future. But even through all that, she maintained her own focus. Without saying a word, and by making eye contact once again with her sex-foe, she sent the message as clearly as a lens on a fine telescope: she told Jenny, “just keep it up bitch, you may be hot, but I’m even hotter and it will be you that is screaming for mercy, begging for me, aching for me!”

Jenny’s eyes sent back their own message, “It’s me that is better. It’s me that is hotter. It’s me that is sexier. It’s me that will send you screaming for mercy!” Women understand these things. No words were needed. Their eyes said it all. And certainly each was doing everything in her power to ensure that it would happen her way. Arrogance met arrogance when their gazes met and held. Even as both women were succumbing to the effective exploitation of their sex organs, their eyes maintained a haughty arrogance that was transmitted back and forth between them.

Strike one! Jenny gasped audibly when she absorbed the shaft of Sue’s 5-wood several inches inside her pussy. Sue had aimed carefully, parted Jenny’s labia and plunged it deeply inside Jenny’s gaping hole. Jenny felt it hit clear home. Her cervix was being tickled by the butt-end of Sue’s synthetic grip. Sue had been very careful to not jam it inside too hard, avoiding any outright pain. Jenny definitely was a bit shocked, in a wickedly horny way, by the depth of the club that had disappeared inside her body. She could see that all that was sticking out of her own pussy was the metal shaft. “God!” she thought, “I’ve got the entire grip inside me!”

Sue wasted no time in trying to press what she perceived as her advantage. The gasp from Jenny was a big clue to Sue that one more hurdle had been crossed on the way to Jenny’s finish line. Using the club grip just like a man’s penis, Sue began a wickedly erotic fuck. In and out, slow and fast, rhythmically and then randomly, she plunged her club in and out of Jenny’s cunt, which was responding with lurches and humping back against that stiffest of dildos. Even when it bumped into her cervix, deep inside, she humped right back against the super long dildo. “Oh God,” she thought, “that feels so damn good.” Their eyes met once again, as Jenny looked at Sue, as if to say, “I can take that and anything else you’ve got. I’m going to take it all like a woman and keep coming back for more, and you’ll never get the better of me.”

Sue, her gaze just as powerful: her eyes blaring out their message, “I heard that gasp. I heard your feeble attempt to hold back your arousal. I can tell you are standing at the top of a black diamond ski hill (for which the area they were staying was famous, come winter) with freshly waxed skis, and you haven’t learned to snowplow yet. There’s no way you can come back from the brink now, bitch!” Jenny’s brown eyes and Sue’s black eyes bore into each other with the most earthy of challenges: “Give me everything you’ve got and I’ll still be better than you!”

Jenny, feeling the sexy fucking motion that Sue forced on her, had followed with her own deep insertion. She however, hadn’t plunged it in like a fast ball, but more like a babies head snuggling down into a soft bed, she wiggled and poked, further and further, an inch or less at a time. She would stop and twist, wiggle, and turn the shaft around at every incremental stop. Sue just kept absorbing more and more and more, until she too had nothing but steel protruding from her sloppy lips. She knew from the small gyrations and little moans that Sue had crossed a threshold of her own. Strike one against Sue. Now the two found themselves performing identical rituals. Both were fucking each other with their dildo of the moment. Sue jammed into Jenny’s cunt and felt her own cunt being royally screwed by Jenny. Back and forth went the momentum. Occasionally one or the other would slow the pace, twist and turn the grip for effect. Jenny liked to pull it clear out and tease for a few seconds before plunging it back inside. Sometimes she would grunt (in feigned exertion) as if she was trying to jam the entire club inside Sue. In fact, the first time Jenny did that, it startled Sue a bit, as she cringed from the expectation of having that club impale her entire body. But, alas, it was only a ploy. Jenny was very careful with the actual depth and pressure she applied, wanting not fear, but arousal, from her fuck-enemy. But just that single moment of scary action, caused Sue to react counter to Jenny’s wishes.

Sue, her senses, cleared a bit by Jenny’s miscalculated attempt at lust, decided it was time to raise the ante herself. She lowered her mouth to the plunging shaft and began licking the shaft right at the entrance to Jenny’s pussy. She sensed Jenny’s lips, their tasty nectar, lubricating everything in sight, the now hot steel as it glided up to her opening and then slid back away. She licked the grip as it pulled out of Jenny. When she pulled it all the way out she made eye contact again with her partner-foe, and twirled the shaft 90 degrees and plunged it deeply into her mouth. She had never even thought of such a thing before the other day at the beach, but now, in her aroused and haughty state, she imagined she could do anything she wanted.

The slippery shaft entered between her lips, which closed around it to feel every nuance of texture the device had to offer, and then when it had penetrated about 4 inches inside, she felt her throat being nudged by the end of the grip. Making sure Jenny was paying attention, she angled her head for the shaft to line up with her throat and she swallowed just as she pushed the shaft with gentle pressure downward. Her throat opened and the shaft glided down three or four inches more. She was starting to feel a bit of a gag reflex, but her motivation to send a powerful message to Jenny was even more powerful. With another push she took the shaft clear in past the synthetic grip so that only a bit of steel was protruding between her lips. Then just before her gag reflex would have taken over, she pulled it out, glaring at the awestruck face a few feet away.

Jenny was definitely surprised and confused by Sue. “She must have taken more than a foot of that thing inside her mouth!” She caught Sue’s glare and was nonplussed momentarily. She knew her gaze must have given away her shock. Strike two against Jenny.

More than 40 minutes had elapsed since their encounter began, and as sexy and penetrating as their interchanges had been, they were both managing to prevent their arousal from lurching over that last barrier from which there would be no coming back.

Sue smiled in brief acknowledgement of the momentary look of disbelief she saw in Jenny’s face. When Jenny recovered, quite quickly, Sue noted the return of the glare of haughty bitchiness that she had come to associate with Jenny. Sue returned the gaze with her own version of feminine power and cunning. She knew she had dealt a blow to Jenny’s confidence, but yet it hadn’t really caused her to clear any of the remaining hurdles of arousal that would be necessary before she could be the winner. Her own pussy had been plundered continuously, all except for the brief moment of oral grip-fellatio she had forced Jenny to watch, and now she returned her attention to Jenny’s musky cunt. Both women were filling the room with their mucous originated scent particles.

The power of pheromones carried to all nostrils, and they did their jobs when the signals, buried deep inside their subconscious brains, penetrated to the basest level of existence. The lust, the attraction, the hot bodies seeking each other, all that derived from and was escalated by the power of those pheromones wafted in the air from pussy to nostril.

The attraction was mutual of course. Sue wanted Jenny and Jenny wanted Sue. But both women were VERY motivated to avoid the inevitable. So, inside each woman, there existed an even more personal battle than the one being fought on the outside. It was the battle between the mind and the body. Each was surely tempting and teasing and pleasuring the body of the other with every guile and manner of sexy pleasure. But whose brain could withstand the onslaught the longest before those natural instincts, remnants of ages past, surged beyond what could be held back, and plunge into the rapture of orgasm.

Sue looked down to see Jenny’s response. Sue’s cunt consumed several inches of Jenny’s club grip. Jenny bent low and sent a big wad of saliva shooting across the distance between them to land on Sue’s tits. Two, three, four times she spit in succession, dousing both of Sue’s tits with loads of spit. Jenny’s left hand followed where her spit had just landed. Up to now, none of these golf club battles had involved anything other than the briefest moments of titty play. Jenny had obviously decided that that should change. Her hand expertly glided across the newly wet landscape of Sue’s heaving breasts. She rubbed the saliva all around, smearing it on both tits, before focusing on her nipples. She played with one and then the other, stroking, tweaking, pinching, rolling, pulling, and rubbing them over and over again. She did all this while her right hand kept up the jabbing, twisting, pushing, and wiggling motion with her grip-dildo.

All this had taken barely a minute since Sue had given the golf club a pseudo blow job (and a real deep throat). But the action had certainly stood out as a watershed event of their duel. Sue had demonstrated her power, but had yet to thwart the attack of Jenny’s cleverly guided missile. Now with Jenny sending shock waves of pleasure from Sue’s tits outward to the rest of her body, joining the already zaps of pleasure arising in her pussy, Sue was faced with a new challenge.

Sue gasped as Jenny now brought her mouth back into the fray. Diving down on Sue’s big clit, Jenny now had a three-pronged attack that should have brought Sue shuddering to climax any second. In normal circumstances it probably would have, but Sue was still in the glow of her powerful display from moments before and she survived by the utmost power of concentration and avoided the plunge. Nonetheless, she felt the heat growing deep inside.

Now it was her turn to retaliate. Opening her mouth wide she pulled Jenny’s cunt lips widely apart and met those wide open southern lips with her own wide open northern lips. Jenny’s inner tissues, slippery with their juices, and the folds glistening their readiness, were now being sucked like an industrial vacuum into Sue’s oral cavity. Sue sucked and sucked, desperately seeking to mesh those two worlds together. She could feel Jenny’s clit on her lower lip and her tongue dove deep, deep, and deeper inside Jenny’s hungry cunt. She rubbed her lip over Jenny’s clit even as her tongue practically screwed itself into the inner-most sanctum of Jenny’s cunt. Sue’s nose nestled into the small patch of pinkish-brown skin between Jenny’s ass hole and her pussy.

The sensation of the hairless labia and the juicy sperm receptacle beneath her was heady stuff for Sue. Even as she felt Jenny lurch and grind her cunt against her mouth, Sue felt one of her own barriers being crossed. She had gone down like that to get a rise out of Jenny, but the ravishing lust she had expected to bring out in Jenny had come bouncing right back to her. Now she couldn’t help it. She wanted to taste and feel as much of Jenny as she possibly could. She took a deep breath or two, let it all out, and then sucked again. It was amazing how much of Jenny’s loose lips, clit, and inner tissues she could feel against her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Their juices were mingling and Jenny was gasping for breath at her end. But she too had not given up. She continued her gentle probing, her clitty tonguing, and her nipple tweaking display. Her body started rocking. Her hips lurched forward against Sue’s giant sucking mouth. Her own mouth covered and sucked deeply Sue’s bigger-than-an-inch appendage of a clitoris. Her tongue worked miracles of pleasure all around it and the two were now spiraling closer and closer.

Sue had forgotten all about her golf club for the moment, so consumed was she by the taste and delight of trying to devour Jenny’s pussy. But Jenny was still using the shaft of her club to work the inside of Sue’s pussy and it was now that Jenny decided to play her last card. Quickly she pulled the club out and swung it around like a baton 180 degrees until the smallish head of the 7-wood appeared at the opening of Sue’s hole. Never letting up on her oral and digital attack on Sue’s organs, Jenny nestled the toe end of that club up against the opening and then with surprising ease (it wasn’t Big Bertha!) it was gobbled up by Sue’s fuck hole. Sue didn’t gasp. Her head was buried so deeply between Jenny’s legs that there was nowhere for sound to escape. She just prayed that Jenny’s bucking hips and rocking body would cross that last threshold. She licked for all she was worth. She sucked for all she was worth. She used both hands around Jenny’s ass to pry apart her lips to their farthest and dive her tongue deeply inside Jenny and then bring it back to twirl around her clit.

Distractedly now the two women heard a scream, shortly followed by another. Rose and Lynn, unbeknownst to Jenny and Sue had become so aroused that their masturbation had taken on a new urgency. Rose frigged herself faster and faster and when Lynn caught her eye it was as if they took on a new and different challenge between each other, even as they watched the delightful battle being waged on the floor. Lynn glanced at Rose’s pussy and then back to her face. She gave her own pussy a wank while she gave Rose a wink. Off they went, racing. This time they both wanted to come first.

Sue and Jenny heard the back-to-back screams and each shot a quick glance at the couch to see the final throes of orgiastic bliss. They didn’t know which one had screamed first and they didn’t care. They went immediately back to their own business. Sue’s mouth plastered over Jenny’s pussy, tasting every morsel her tongue could reach. Her golf club had been out of use for the past few minutes, not because Sue was intentionally trying to cheat the game, but simply because she was so overwhelmingly focused on Jenny’s pussy and the delightful fucking at the other end.

As soon as Jenny noted the succulent ease with which Sue took the golf club into her vagina, Jenny began a slow rocking fuck. She used short strokes, maybe a couple of inches, and with a gentle rotating thrust would shove the club head a little deeper inside Sue and then rock it back towards her lips. Sue lurched and fucked back. Her hips edged closer and closer to losing all semblance of voluntary motion.

Jenny began pushing her cunt forcefully against Sue’s most eager mouth. Jenny ached for her own release and she knew she was just about to have it when Sue lost control of her hips completely. They bumped and banged against Jenny, as Jenny had resumed the clit-sucking action to top off the club-fucking she was giving Sue. Sue’s mouth came away from Jenny’s cunt and she let out a long low groan of angry release. It sounded as if somebody was dying. She wasn’t dying of course; she was in heavenly bliss from her release. The entrapment she had felt of trying to hold back her orgasm was gone. She just let it flow and flow and flow. She groaned again and again as Jenny maintained her fuck-rocking action. Jenny had to try and follow Sue’s lurching hips with her mouth, sometimes succeeding, and sometimes not. Jenny, realizing her victory could not just relax. She was so intensely horny that she was not about to lose out on her own orgasm.

After Sue let out her third and fourth groans of sexual ecstasy, Jenny thrust her open gash upwards towards Sue’s groaning mouth, demanding with her movement, Sue’s finishing touch. Sue, this time, was so overwhelmingly horny herself that she joyously re-attached her mouth to Jenny’s cunt and resumed her lapping, tonguing, sucking, penetrating molestation of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny kept up her club-fuck of Sue’s hole even as Sue slowed down. Jenny pushed her hips hard against Sue’s eager mouth and in three or four minutes Jenny finally had her desired release. Her orgasm sprayed over her like a penetrating mist or cloud. It entered her pores, the soles of her feet, her elbows, and everything else. Her entire body convulsed and stiffened at the peak of her orgasm’s power. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her wailing cry revealed the intensity of her orgasm, made all the more by the win that put Jenny in the lead. The others watched and listened as Jenny’s orgasm slowly faded away, like the sun burning off a morning fog.

The two spent women just rolled aside, lying on their backs side by side. Jenny’s golf club lay flat with its head still firmly implanted inside Sue. The shaft lay on the floor sticking straight out from between her legs like some weird antennae. It was several minutes before the two women recovered their normal breathing enough to even lift their heads off the blanket. Jenny reached to her pussy and felt her own smooth skin. She did it as an affirmation that all was well down there. She was still getting used to her shaved lips, and she let her finger stray momentarily inside, where she picked up the gooey liquid residue of Sue’s delicious pussy loving. Lifting her index finger to her mouth she sucked it clean and swallowed the heavenly nectar.

Sue, having seen Jenny out of the corner of her eye, sat up and very gently pulled Jenny’s club out of her vagina. Pop. The small wood slid out without any discomfort and Sue handed it over to Jenny. “Here, I believe this is yours.” Sue massaged her skin lightly and stood up, staring down at the still reclining Jenny. “You know, Jenny, I still don’t like losing, but I will say that that was the ‘best’ loss I’ve ever had. It was incredible.”

“Well thank you dear, I think I deserved that last orgasm. After all the pleasure I gave you, I sure did enjoy the last one!”

“So, what was up with you two?” Sue pointed her question at Lynn and Rose, who just smiled.

“Well girls, we now have a new leader. 8 wins! Hallelujah!” Jenny stood and pulled Sue close, giving her a big wet kiss on the mouth. Their passion from the last hour lingered and each took a moment to bask in the loving glow of a shared kiss. Without overtones of antagonism, they held each other close for nearly a minute, their kiss melting away the combative spirit. They finally pulled apart, capturing the other’s gaze with her eyes, and passing a bond of lusty contentment between them.

“Enough! Enough girls. I hope you two aren’t forgetting that you each have another match. Hmm. Lets see,” said Lynn as she looked at the handwritten order of their matches, “Sue and I have the next match with Rose and Jenny to follow. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Isn’t that what they say?”

Since Sue was up next and she had just finished her match with Jenny, it was time for a break. Saturday afternoon outside their rooms was bright blue sky, soft winds, and temps in the mid 80s. But inside, with the air conditioning on, it seemed even hotter than outside. The air practically crackled with the erotic charges flashing across the space between these women. This break in the action was typical, a few munchies, something to drink, and just lounging around. In a less tumultuous atmosphere some of them might have taken a nap, but not a one among them even gave it a thought that afternoon. Small talk was tried, but with little lingering conversation. All four women had something important to think about.

Sue, having just fallen to Jenny, had become the first to be mathematically eliminated from a chance at being the overall winner. She had 6 points, and Jenny had 8, with no way for her to catch Jenny with only a match each remaining. Sue acknowledged that fact, but only for a moment, because she knew she would be facing off with Lynn next. Recollecting her past encounters with Lynn, she fondly remembered the incident at the 19th hole last Sunday at the veranda of the clubhouse. She had surprised and discomforted Lynn with her bold kiss. Warm spinal tingling sensations reminded her of the special power she had felt, having caused Lynn such distress, however momentarily. But as she let her mind wander through the rest of the week, she realized that since that first encounter, Lynn had beaten her at every event. Three victories in a row for Lynn! “Damn! That haughty bitch won’t beat me again!” Sue recognized her fuming desire to beat Lynn as strength. This was going to be VERY personal. She hadn’t yet seen Lynn hold off the burning arousal of desire with near the fortitude that she had used to forestall Jenny. True, Jenny had held off even longer, but Sue was rightfully proud of the lengths she had forced Jenny to go to for her win. She doubted that Lynn could maintain that kind of persistence and pace. Sue’s thoughts melted into a single, almost sublime, spiritual commonality. “I’m better than Lynn. I’m better than Lynn. I’m better than Lynn.” Her face took on a pastel hue of contentment and bliss, even as the time grew closer for the match to begin.

Lynn, ever the confident combatant, viewed her upcoming sexfight with Sue in a very different light. Her confidence was brimming because of the triple victories she had over Sue, since the 19th hole. “Sue must be exhausted,” she thought, “after that draining episode with Jenny. How could she have the stamina and mental toughness to beat ME of all people?” Lynn’s awareness of the overall standings was keen. She was one match behind Jenny, and currently tied with Rose, at 7 points. Rose would be up against Jenny and Lynn knew there was nothing she could do but root for Rose, which coupled with a victory for herself would result in a tie for the championship. All she had to do was beat Sue and she would be tied with Jenny, after that, the rest would be up to Rose and Jenny. One difference between the two sexfighters was the difference in personalizing the conflict. Lynn was hoping to catch up with Jenny, but she had to do it by wrestling with Sue. She couldn’t keep her mind off the scoreboard. Sue, of course was past that. She had thoughts only of Lynn and the defeat she would serve her.

Rose did mull over the standings for a moment, but her thoughts kept coming back to the erotic tension she felt every time a new match began. She could almost feel the knot in her stomach that accompanied the lusty foreplay and verbal confrontations of earlier battles. She tasted the sweet skin of her opponents, and relished the remnants of hot orgasms that were buried like a treasure deep in her brain. She could almost pull them back up into reality. She actually shivered with the emotional joy that accompanied the replay in her mind of her 7 victories. The joy of those orgasms and the power of her dominance were exquisite. Rose didn’t have to consciously ‘psych’ herself up for her match. She would be on a natural high.

Jenny, having now gathered up two wins in this round, after having been shutout in the last round of pussy-to-pussy battles, had regained her confidence, especially after the marathon with Sue. Her meditations were a sort of amalgam of the other three ladies thought combined. She viewed her upcoming conflict with Rose very personally. So far they each had two wins over the other, and this would be the personal tie-breaker between them. She also knew if she won, she would be the overall champion in a contest that she hadn’t dreamed existed before last Sunday. Rose had been the one to propose keeping score and Jenny would like nothing better than to claim bragging rights of “Sex Queen” within their foursome as a result. Jenny’s cunning mind and clever manipulation of events didn’t place her apart from the physical though. Her erotic mood had grown like a mushroom cloud over a Nevada test site, and she now found erotic joy from everyday context. She found herself fantasizing (planning?) about her delicious hook-up with Rose and the golf club adventure. “God that is going to be fun!” she reflected to herself. Her meditation slowed to a crawl and she was thinking of almost nothing at all when Rose announced that it was now time.

Chapter 38
Sue vs Lynn With Clubs

“It’s time.” Rose spoke softly, but it seemed like shouting to Lynn, Sue, and Jenny, who were nearly in a trance. It took a second time for Rose’s announcement to sink in before any of the others stirred. Lynn and Sue moved slowly, but inside they were ready.

The Vaseline jar, opened on the floor, was nearly empty. Its contents were being smeared over both golf clubs, each girl appearing to massage her precious club. Lynn purred like a kitty as she stroked her driver, watching Sue sensuously apply the Vaseline to her own 5-wood. She didn’t really notice the fierce look of determination on Sue’s face. Lynn watched but didn’t ‘see’ Sue at all. She was thinking about Jenny’s 1-point lead and her goal of pulling even with her. Sue was absolutely gorgeous, the resolve within, transmitted to her face a calm but stern beauty. Her dark hair and eyes framed her chiseled features magnificently.

“Let’s get this started with a kiss,” Sue then lowered her voice to an almost inaudible whisper, “bitch!”

By now of course the women were used to trash talk from each other and it didn’t faze Lynn to hear, barely, Sue’s last word. But what it didn’t do either was give her the warning she should have taken seriously about Sue’s resolve. Lynn stepped to within arms length of Sue and waited. It didn’t take long and Sue stepped right up to Lynn. Their breasts met, compressed together a bit, and held their ground. Sue took a deep breath and leaned in close as Lynn matched her move symmetrically. Their mouths met and Sue tasted the healthy feminine lips, the shiny white teeth, and the pink dancing tongue. Sue drove her tongue inside Lynn’s mouth and etched a path around her pearly teeth. She examined every square millimeter of Lynn’s gums, every square millimeter of her teeth, every square millimeter of the roof of her mouth, and every square millimeter (several times over) of her tongue. It seemed at first to be a routine kiss, but the delicacy and obvious lusty exploration into every reachable corner of her mouth made Lynn’s breathing become just a little more ragged and erratic.

Lynn slithered her tongue inside Sue’s mouth too, of course, and she lavished considerable attention on her counterpart’s tongue. Their tongues spent nearly four minutes devoted to continuous liquid dancing. Each still held her golf club in one hand while using the other to wrap gently around the waist of her partner. With the tongue kiss lingering too long to suit Lynn, she backed away and brought her club head up to her lips for a quick kiss, before cupping it in her hand and holding the club in a fashion similar to a computer mouse, pressed it into Sue’s crotch. “Feel that girl? I know you want it.” She rubbed it firmly over Sue’s bushy black hair, and then pushed it lower to grind against Sue’s plump pussy lips. Sue just stared at Lynn, measuring her demeanor and planning her next move. “Yeah, I feel it. I feel your club. I sure do want it, but not as much as you want it. You’re the one that wants it more. You’re the one that wants me more.” With that Sue brought her own club up to her hand and with a move similar to Lynn’s began palming it across Lynn’s crotch. She pressed it into Lynn’s blonde pubes. Moving it in small circles, ever-widening, she compressed Lynn’s flesh just enough to assure her of the power behind the club, but only enough to elicit the first erotic sensations. Sue could feel Lynn’s club rubbing across her pussy, but it was more than a minute before she lowered her club head to Lynn’s vulva.

The two were still standing, about a foot apart. The clubs glided effortlessly and deliciously over the tender skin of each woman’s labia. The natural energy of lusty libidos had its switch turned on. The old phrase is a well-chosen moniker. Both women were now ‘turned on.’ There seemed to be some awkwardness to their movements though. The long shafts of their clubs, dependent on the particular way they held their clubs, made for less than graceful exploration. Each shaft protruded nearly upward, angling between them and bumping each other and basically getting in the way.

In a surprise move, Sue grabbed Lynn’s club out of her hand and tossed it aside. Lynn, stunned a bit, just stood there as Sue thrust her hips forward, her fuzzy mound bumping the heel of her club, and forcing the toe of the club a bit deeper between Lynn’s legs. Sue drew her hand up higher on the club, holding it just enough to keep it from falling, and reached around Lynn’s waist and grabbed her ass. Pulling Lynn forward, and thrusting her own hips out, she felt the mass of the club pressing into her crotch as it met Lynn’s crotch equally.

Looking into Lynn’s eyes, Sue said, “Lets get on the floor with this.”

“Suits me just fine.”

The two spent a few seconds arranging themselves on the blanket. They brought their crotches together by throwing one leg over the leg of the other. In a sitting position their crotches were now cuddling up to each other and their torsos and faces were within reach of each other. Sue brought the club into the narrow confines of the region between their pussies. She nestled her bushy crotch up against the club as Lynn did the same with her blonde bush.

Lynn cooed as she felt the bump and pressure that traveled through the club from Sue’s wiggling hips. While not the shape of a double dildo, the club head was in position to transfer pubic gyrations between the two. Their pussies were locked to the well-greased device and were wiggling and squirming against each other, trying diligently to direct their thrusts and parries to best advantage against the other. They bumped and humped against each other for a few minutes, eventually both became frustrated with the lack of stimulation they seemed to be able to generate. The friction of club against pussy felt pretty nice, but there was very little penetration possible this way, and their sexy vulvas were kept apart by the thickness of the club head. Lynn was the first to become discontented with the progress and so she slid apart for just a moment and swapped the club 180 degrees, so that now the grip was between their pussies. Sue allowed Lynn to pull the switch uncontested.

Back together they came. This time the much narrower end of the club allowed their labia to distend out to the side and envelope the grip enough to touch on opposing sides. This was better, but within a couple of minutes this seemed too tame as well. The club would tickle their clits, but it wasn’t enough. Their labia could snake around the grip and touch, but it wasn’t enough. Sue leaned forward to kiss Lynn again, even as she ground her pussy against Lynn and the club for the last time.

Lynn responded to Sue’s kiss by grabbing the golf club and discarding it off to the side. Oh, no! She was breaking the rules! Mock anguish!

What a relief thought Sue. Now I can get after her without that crap in my way! Jenny and Rose, on the sidelines, didn’t say anything. They just left it up to the two girls to decide for themselves. Sue urged her body forward a bit on the floor, pressing her pussy firmly up against Lynn’s orifice. Sue lifted her right leg and bent the knee to wrap it around Lynn’s back. With her heel she could pull Lynn forward even more, which is what she did. Their kiss continued, picking up where the earlier kiss had left off. Tongues swirled around inside their mouths. Lynn’s leg reached around Sue and pulled Sue closer to her. Sue used her left hand to grab her own right ankle around Lynn’s back. She pulled her ankle towards her, pinning Lynn and her pussy deliciously up against her own cunt. Lynn felt the squeeze, and being symmetrically positioned she managed to do the same thing. Giving a quick yank on her own ankle she plastered her pussy up against Sue’s dark thatched pussy. Sue grunted at the impact, but it only made her pull even harder herself.

Body versus body: Dueling tongues, breasts, nipples, pussies, and legs they devoured each other with every millimeter of skin that could find another millimeter of skin of the foe. The raggedness of their breathing was more and more evident. Sue was ready to up the ante. She let go of her ankle and leaned just a bit to her left and reached the recently discarded golf club. She pulled the club behind Lynn and worked the grip into her ass crack. She wormed the blunt end of the club around and around Lynn’s puckered hole.

Lynn, in her arousal, felt the probing of her asshole. Wondering if Sue could jam it up into her or if it was just teasing. She found herself wanting to be probed by the shaft. Sue noted the shift in Lynn’s breathing, the gasp that came out of her mouth, and the anxious wiggling that accompanied the near intrusion. Lynn leaned back for a moment, readying herself to raise the ante, swirled a large mouthful of saliva around, and then let it fly at Sue’s face. The spit landed squarely in the center of Sue’s face, dead between her eyes. “You bitch!” Sue didn’t let that go unanswered and she returned the favor with a big splat across Lynn’s right eyebrow. Back and forth they each spat three more times, covering their pretty faces in drizzly, bubbly, saliva. A few more trash talking barbs passed between them before Sue thrust her upper body against Lynn, knocking her over on her back.

As they tumbled to the floor Sue gained superior position and immediately began humping Lynn’s pussy with her own. She gritted her teeth in determination to force Lynn closer and closer to an orgasm. Lynn fumed at the superior fucking position Sue had found and she fought to throw her off. But the combination of fatigued muscles and her own horniness prevented her from accomplishing anything more than bouncing Sue around a bit. She felt Sue’s slippery pussy grinding downward against her own, missionary style. She watched and felt her own spit dripping down off of Sue’s face onto her own. She didn’t like her predicament one bit and she was determined to turn the tables on Sue. But of course Sue had other ideas.

Sue thrust her hips wildly against Lynn, banging her fuzzy mound against Lynn over and over again. Lynn began to moan from the delicious and furious pounding her pussy was receiving. She tried repeatedly to throw Sue off but each time all that was accomplished was a more furious pounding from Sue’s determined pussy. Sue dropped her spit-covered face lower to Lynn and went after her mouth with her own open mouth. Lynn could hardly resist and she returned the favor eagerly. Lynn knew her arousal was surging and it was imperative that she do something to slow down the momentum that Sue had built, but what?

She remembered the golf club. Sue’s 5-wood was lying close to them and Lynn grabbed it and she aimed to use it on Sue’s butt, much like what Sue had done with her a few minutes earlier. It wasn’t easy with Sue continuing her kiss and hump action on top of Lynn. Somehow Lynn managed to reach around behind Sue far enough to get the club’s shaft/grip aimed roughly at Sue’s gyrating asshole. Sue didn’t stop her fucking but she didn’t try to thwart Lynn’s probing either. She felt the tip of the same grip that had moment before been probing Lynn’s behind. Sue felt both kinky and in control for the moment and she didn’t think a little ass-play would hurt a thing.

Lynn got her index finger a knuckle deep inside Sue’s butt. She felt her sphincter loosen a bit as she pushed it deeper. Then with her finger about 1″ inside she felt the anal contraction pinching her finger. “She’s ready now,” thought Lynn. With some difficulty she replaced her finger with the club. It took some doing to control it well enough to work past the tight entrance, but Sue seemed obliging by slowing her pushes somewhat to allow for Lynn to accomplish what she wanted. As motivated and intensely determined as Sue was, she had felt an ache for her ass to be plundered and it felt really good to have Lynn work the club into her tight ass. “Mmmmm,” Sue murmured into Lynn’s mouth as she felt the slippery grip work past her opening and give her stretchy hole a nice full feeling.

Jenny and Rose watched from the nearby couch as the two hot, desperate women ravished each other, jostled for position, and took all the other could dish out. Sue looked pretty strange actually, her bouncing butt looked quite peculiar with a golf club, embedded a few inches inside her ass, rapidly gyrating and bouncing around in crude response to her humping motions that still did not let up.

Sue felt her ass take the club. She felt it wickedly probe her hole, and she felt it push against her bowel wall as the weight of the club head prevented the shaft from following her body motions directly. Lynn had made sure it was deep enough to stay inside and she removed her hand from the club and she grabbed Sue by the hair and pulled her head and face down towards her own mouth as their kissing continued. Lynn’s pussy had been pummeled for nearly 15 or 20 minutes now by Sue’s bushy mound and pussy and it was beginning to take its toll. Lynn was trying hard to maintain her aggression and pulling Sue’s hair was another way to try to maintain some small level of control. Predominate now though for Lynn, was the fact that her pussy was burning with desire. Her clit had been jostled and rubbed for so long, her pussy lips so deliciously enflamed, that the battle for control was being lost. With her hands still firmly gripping Sue’s hair she pulled her head up and away from the exhaustive kiss and began to scream her submissive demands. “Fuck me more! Fuck me harder, bitch!” She yanked on Sue’s hair, first to one side and then the other, but Sue just kept pounding and rubbing her pussy and clit down, down, as deeply as she could into Lynn’s wide open crotch.

Quickly, Sue reached around behind and pulled that damn golf club from her ass so that she would have more freedom to pound away at Lynn. Wham! Wham! Wham! She smashed her pussy again and again down into Lynn. Lynn began to moan and groan. Sue spat in her face from above another time and all Lynn did was scream, “More! More! Give me more!” Sue felt her own pussy begin to vibrate with the rousing electricity of her impending orgasm. Sue had been in control for so long, and her confidence that she would have Lynn orgasm first so powerful, that it was a bit of a surprise to feel her own orgasm approaching. She knew that Lynn had to be very close, and so as not to risk letting Lynn’s arousal fall backwards in any way, Sue forged full speed ahead, risking her own loss of control. Grinding and rubbing her soaking pussy down and into Lynn, she felt her clit match up with Lynn’s clit and putting every last ounce of her sexual energy into her motions she pushed and wiggled her hips to force as much lovely friction as possible across Lynn’s erect clit.

Screams of joy rent the air. Orgiastic control was lost and the two women bashed and banged their wet pussies together in pure writhing ecstasy. Sue felt wonderful, now that Lynn had flashed past her barrier first. The cries and screams were Lynn’s and she let her pent up rage, anger, and lust, all come bursting out. “Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh God! Youuuu Biiiiiiiiiiiitch! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Make me cum. Make me cum hard! Pound your pussy into me. Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Sue of course was in no mood not to oblige Lynn’s orgiastic demands.

As Lynn shuddered and screamed her way through a powerful orgasm, Sue let herself go. She used her clit to grind again and again into Lynn’s clit, dipping occasionally a bit lower to push it in between the soft wet folds of her labia, relishing the freedom to be totally sexual and totally in control all at the same time. Her orgasm followed Lynn’s by about 30 or 40 seconds and it was absolutely heavenly. She lowered her spit-covered face to Lynn again and kissed her lips ravenously as she powered her pussy against Lynn’s still gyrating gash. Sue didn’t yell or scream, but her hearty moans and whimpering made it clear to Jenny and Rose that her orgasm was indeed at hand. Their thrashing bodies eventually slowed. Their whimpering and moaning diminished to a feeble shadow of moments before. Sue remained atop Lynn and Lynn returned Sue’s kiss, now tenderly, unlike before. Their perspiration-soaked bodies became notably active only from their heavy breathing. Several minutes went by before the kiss ended and they pulled their bodies slowly apart. When Sue finally rolled off the top onto her back beside Lynn the others could see the huge warm smile spread across her face.

Vindication! Sue had finally gained her second win over Lynn and moved up to 7 points on the match total, matching Lynn. It was her first victory over Lynn since the very first event, the kiss over at the golf course that caught Lynn by surprise. Sue was blissful with her win, even knowing that she would not be the overall champion. She had tied Lynn in points and matched Rose as well. Jenny was one point ahead of all the other three with only a single match left: Rose vs Jenny.

Lynn ached over the loss, since it ended her chance of equaling Jenny’s point total. But she certainly did have to admit (to herself anyway) that the intense orgasm Sue had squirmed out of her was wonderful. She didn’t say much. Just one word came out, “congratulations.”

The two finally sat up to hear the kudos from Jenny and Rose. Both of the final combatants gave hearty congratulations to Lynn and Sue: probably a bit more for Sue, since she had emerged victorious. The sexual energy of the room remained as they took their break. Sue and Lynn needed showers and Rose and Jenny obligingly allowed them to clean up before they took center stage.

Chapter 39
Last Match: Rose vs Jenny With Clubs

The contests with these women had all been hard fought, sexy, and in some cases dramatic. The high opinion that each had of herself, in all things, especially in sexiness and sexual prowess had turned out to be well warranted. As much as each thought that she was superior, it hadn’t really been a surprise that the tally had turned out to be so even. Jenny’s slight lead over the others wasn’t what any of the others would have wanted, but with only one point separating them all with one match to go, it spoke volumes about the parity they shared. Lynn = 7 points Sue = 7 points Rose = 7 points to face Jenny = 8 points.

Rose had a chance to tie Jenny with a win. Jenny could convincingly claim the championship with a final victory. Sue and Lynn might end up in a three-way tie for second or be relegated to a two-way tie for 3rd. Either way it would be only a small sliver of sexual performance that separated these hot 30-ish women.

A few bites to eat and some liquid refreshment preceded the last encounter. It was early evening by now and the ladies all needed some replenishment. The gathering in the living room began with similar preparations as before. Clubs were greased or oiled. Hair was combed and prepped. Makeup was touched up. Talk was minimal again. Lynn and Sue seemed calmer than before, but Rose and Jenny were wound up really tight. The notion that their overall group competition was basically an even match hadn’t really settled in their heads. They were very much motivated by their own desire to be the champ! Jenny was aware that a victory would insure a championship. Rose knew that a win would only bring her into a tie with Jenny, but she had already planned to demand a tie-breaker match when she won. She knew that Jenny’s sense of competition and fairness would practically demand that she accept. Rose didn’t let that thought get in her way of focusing on the immediate future. She wanted to dominate Jenny right from the start. She wanted to never let Jenny have an ounce of control. She was psyching herself up for the demands that a totally aggressive strategy would place on her. She wondered just what the best method of golf club stimulation would work the best on Jenny. She remembered that Sue and Lynn had reached their explosive finale without the golf clubs having been directly stimulating since much earlier in the match. The rules were broken then, obviously, maybe she should plan a bit of a departure from the rules herself. “Should I?” she wondered.

Before Rose had finished her deliberation, Jenny was approaching her, invading her space. Rose had to actually step back a bit, but Jenny kept coming, golf club in hand. Jenny was obviously ready to go and Rose was taken by surprise. When Jenny had taken a couple more steps forward and Rose backed up an equal distance, Rose had no further back to go. She was up against one of the big chairs. But Jenny came right up to Rose and gave her a shove. Rose was forced down into the chair. She immediately tried to get up but Jenny leaned down over her to prevent her from getting up. Rose’s counter move was to bring her club between them and she used both hands held horizontally across Jenny’s tits and pushed back, much like a cross-check in hockey (where it would be a penalty). “Get off bitch!” Rose was angry at Jenny ‘jumping the gun,’ and also with the degree of aggression she had used.

With Rose’s club across her chest, cutting deeply into their massiveness, Jenny shot back “What’s the matter, girl, not ready for ME?” She leaned back up a bit to relieve the pressure from the club in her tits, but she didn’t step back either. She brought up her own club towards Rose’s tits as Rose crowed, “I’m ready for you. I’ve always been ready for you. I can take anything you can dish out and return it multiplied. I’ll have you squirming like a worm on a hook and there won’t be anything you can do about it either!”

Jenny responded with just one word, “Dreamer.”

Jenny’s greased 7-wood engaged Rose’s big tits: first the left and then the right. Jenny held the club gently and rubbed it across Rose’s nipples, back and forth, around and around. She was still above Rose and leaning down a bit. Rose used her shaft to flick across Jenny’s nipples, which were distinctly hard and protruding, as were Rose’s. She flicked up and then down, catching both nipples simultaneously with the greased steel shaft, and with just the right amount of upward or downward pressure she could bend her nipples back until they snapped back out as the shaft worked its way past. Rose moved her hands very quickly forcing Jenny’s nipples to bend and spring back over and over again: probably 20 or 30 times in a minute. The rapid stimulation and pressure reddened her tits a bit, but her nipples seemed even harder than before. Jenny ignored the tit attack she received to focus her own tit attack. She rubbed and rubbed Rose’s nipples with her club head until they too were erect, firm, and standing tall.

The physiology of sexual excitement was present, but neither was bothered by it, they just let it slip into their subconscious and each concentrated intently on the arousal of the other woman. Rose, hindered by her position underneath Jenny, who was still leaning over her from above, let her club slide off to her left and she grabbed Jenny’s hair and pulled her down close, face to face. With a good grip on Jenny’s hair and her face just three or four inches away, Rose licked her lips in an attempt to entice Jenny to kiss her. It worked. Jenny lowered her face agreeably and their lips met. Jenny had moved her golf club aside and let her body slip lower, touching parts of Rose’s body with her own. Her kiss from above was soft and tender. She used her lips to pinch Rose’s lips and pull them towards her as Rose used her lips in similar fashion. Neither was fooled by the mock tenderness.

Rose ached to just lash out at Jenny, to rearrange their position, to force her to submit to her own powerful sex. Her predicament though didn’t offer much. She managed to slide her left leg between the thighs that were pressing down towards her. She wedged her knee further up Jenny’s crotch until she could feel the soft smooth pussy, with just a touch of moisture rubbing off on her knee. Wham! Up went her knee, jamming itself hard against Jenny’s pussy. Jenny rocked forward from the impact, crushing her face against Rose. The kiss turned intense. Jenny reacted quickly to force Rose’s mouth open, diving her tongue inside and attacking Rose’s tongue with her own. The slippery eels danced and jousted together as Rose set up a rhythm of pussy attacks with her knee. Over and over again she bounced her knee against Jenny. Surprisingly Jenny didn’t try to stop the knee to crotch action, but instead opened her legs just a bit, availing herself of Rose’s assault.

It took a few minutes, but the repetitive action from Rose’s knee, pressing and rubbing against Jenny’s pussy began to invade the control Jenny was trying to maintain. She needed to remove her pussy from the attack and so she ended the kiss and stood up for a moment. It was just enough for Rose to take advantage. Rose leaped up and wrapped her arms around Jenny and began to quickly hump her hips at Jenny’s pussy. Jenny humped back for a moment but then she pried Rose’s arms from around her and stepped away, towards the chair, where she found the golf club and picked it up. Rose, sensing a break in the action went to pick up her club.

Rose said to Jenny, “Lets get on the floor and find out what we are made of.”

“Fine. I know what I am made of: hot sex! What are you made of?”

“Quit talking bitch, get down on the floor and I’ll show you.” She glared at Jenny as they dropped down to the carpeted floor. Jenny smiled at Rose as she nestled up to Rose in a prone position. From appearances it seemed they were about to open their sex up to the other and just see who could do the better job. Rose lay on her left side head to the south and Jenny was on her left side with her head to the north. Each girl lifted her upper leg, bent at the knee, allowing a superb view and delicious access to her own moistened cunt.

For just a moment of delicious tension, the two just stared at each other’s pussy. Rose bent low and let her eyes follow the delicate contours of Jenny’s now well-shaved pussy lips. She could tell that Jenny was close to her own pussy, but she didn’t feel anything just yet. Close enough to absorb Jenny’s feminine aroma, she inhaled deeply, loudly, murmuring an “MMMmmmmmmmm,” when she finished her long slow breath sucking. She made sure that it was all loud enough for the others to hear, especially Jenny. Wanting to milk a little more erotic motivation from the moment she sucked in another deep breath of air from the damp humid region between Jenny’s legs. “It is delicious,” she thought to herself as she murmured again for effect. She heard Jenny match her action with a deep inhale of her own, to be followed by an even louder “mmmmmmmYeah.”

Jenny was inhaling and making her erotic intentions known with her noises, her little wiggles that she imparted, almost inviting Rose to ‘get with it.’ Even though she had seen Rose’s pussy up close and personal before, she now gave it a close up visual exam. She noted again the wispy strands of fuzz that hugged her puffy labia. The fine strands of pubic hair were thinly placed around her lips were in gorgeous harmony with the rose-pink lips that adorned her crotch. Jenny withheld her touch, savoring the sight and smell of Rose’s center of femininity. A few fine hairs grew low beneath her pussy, slightly encircling her puckered anal hole.

As her eyes swiveled upward they focused on the upper region of Rose’s pussy. Her clitoris poked invitingly out from the soft folds, a few stray hairs lingering in front. Higher yet, the shimmering dark red hairs thickened considerably. Fanning out to the sides, following the contours of the fold between thigh and groin, her pubic mound prominent with its thick furry covering. Many of her lush hairs grew to several inches in length. The temptation was finally too much for Jenny. Her right hand glided into the thicket of Rose’s mound. Her fingers rolled the hair around and around, pulling gently, parting the hair from side to side, and pushing through to the floor of the thicket. She traced a path of hair-play all over Rose’s entire mass of auburn hair. No hair went untended by Jenny’s exploring digits. She noted how much thicker Rose’s pubes were in the very center of her mound. It was impossible to delve deeply to her skin in the very center without using both hands to pull the hairs enough apart to expose a route. The thickness of her hair dwindled slowly out to either side towards the edges, eventually tapering to the soft white skin of the 37 year old beauty.

Jenny noted the small wiggles that accompanied her pubic exploration. Rose’s hips didn’t move much more than a millimeter, but it was enough to assure Jenny that her teasing exploration was definitely enjoyed by Rose. Now that she had spent several minutes with an aromatic, visual, and fingering exploration of Rose’s bush, she was ready to advance the game. She was already beginning to feel something tempting and teasing her own pussy. She felt Rose’s finger (she didn’t know which one) pull her left labia lip off to the side for a few centimeters. She felt Rose let go and while her labia, under tension, pulled slowly back towards its home. Just then Rose’s finger pulled the right lip off to the side in the opposite direction. Back and forth went Rose’s fingers, Jenny could feel the lips parting and springing back. But with each little pull, the shallow depths of her pussy became more and more open. She knew Rose would eventually begin to explore a bit more deeply or forcefully, but she was intent on not advancing any faster than Rose.

As much as she felt a burning desire to win and to force a massive orgasm from her friend and foe, she knew Rose had the same intent for her. Controlling her opponent by doing ‘less,’ she was challenging Rose, with her own slow action, to do the same. Finding a single long pubic hair growing from the edge of Rose’s labia, Jenny pinched it between her fingers and pulled it slowly away and to the side. Careful not to jerk or pull too swiftly, she continued to pull, watching the follicle pull the labia aside. She ‘ooohed’ at the sight of her pretty pink puffiness being stretched. “Mmmmmmm, nice pussy.”

In response to her own small talk, Rose answered, “You have a very pretty pussy, Jenny, I can tell it really wants me to fuck it. It’s just aching isn’t it?”

“Yeah, bitch. It’s aching all right. It’s aching to prove that you can’t control it!”

“We’ll see. We’ll see.”

With that comment Rose let a long drool of spittle fall to Jenny’s lovely slit. Dripping a second line to her pussy, she reached for her club. Using the very end of her grip she stirred the spit. Pushing it here and there she adorned Jenny’s entire pussy with wet spit, mixing it with the sticky secretions dribbling out of her hole. The slippery, gooey mixture allowed the club to slide effortlessly all around. She pushed it up and down Jenny’s slit. Her labia parted easily, just enough for the very end of the club’s grip to slide up and down the length of her slit, just inside her lips. The lubrication was superb, coming from both vegetable oil, spit, and natural juices combined. Soft squishy sounds could be heard as she wiggled the device around the entrance to Jenny’s creamy hole. Using fingers of her left hand to pull her lips apart, she could see the drenched soft folds of her vagina. Using the utmost care she guided her club between her own fingers and between Jenny’s labia to penetrate a small portion of the available depth: just an inch or two. With wickedly slow gyrations she began to twirl the golf-club-dildo in circular and elliptical orbits. The pressure against Jenny’s vagina walls would shift from anterior to left to posterior to right and continue around and around. Rose, with her eyes wide open to absorb the intimate advance she was perpetrating, let out a little sigh. It was a sigh of contented arousal, caused by the lovely probing with which she was totally immersed.

Jenny was still examining Rose’s pussy closely, very closely. Finally satisfied that she had discovered all she needed to know about Rose’s womanly thatch, she began to refocus her attention on the wonderfully splayed lips just below her chin. Rose’s adornment, so different than Jenny’s, since Jenny had shaved, was certainly a lovely source of desire for Jenny. But those lovely labia and the hidden depths inside were now drawing Jenny’s attention.

Jenny’s fingers got busy. She probed, pulled, rubbed, pinched (gently), kneaded, and explored Rose’s cunt. Her enjoyment of the current situation was sincere. Yet she fully expected to win her match. She could feel the lovely gyrations in her own pussy as Rose’s club circulated around the outer regions. Jenny let out a sigh of her own and from this point on she and Rose both were quite verbal: lots of sighs, moans, and exclamations. Her excitement was real and Rose’s tempting pussy made her drool, literally. Now it was her turn to let a long stream of drizzle spill down onto Rose’s pussy. Jenny parted the upper lips and she aimed expertly for her stream of spit to fall directly onto Rose’s clitoris. “Mmmmmmmm!” Finally she brought her own club to bear on the crotch of her rival. Jenny however chose to use the working end of her club. The shiny 7-wood nestled comfortably into Jenny’s hand. Positioning it carefully on Rose’s clit, she rubbed Rose’s clit with slow circular motions. Rose’s clit excitedly responded to the pressure. In moments her hips were gyrating slowly to the rhythm generated from Jenny’s manipulations.

Jenny continued to enjoy the feeling of her pussy being gently filled and distorted by Rose’s club. Her hips began to rotate in response to the delicious feeling in her pussy. Her focus began to shift back and forth from the wonderful feelings in her own crotch to the need to lift Rose’s excitement level higher. Rose was now caught between the same two competing moods. On the one hand she just wanted to relax and let Jenny perform her sexual miracles, and on the other, she demanded herself to get Jenny off first.

While Rose was gathering momentum with her club-head vibrations inside Jenny, she felt Jenny’s 7-wood move lower. She recognized the toe of the club parting her lips, where moments before Jenny’s fingers had paved the way. As she noticed the toe dive deeper between her cunt’s puffy pink lips, a happy gasp escaped her mouth. Another gasp followed a moment later. Her pussy was being spread apart slowly and surely by the shiny metal wood. Within 45 seconds she had been impaled by the now invisible club. It had disappeared completely into the depths of her vagina, only the shiny stainless steel shaft protruding from the entrance. “That feels Goooood,” Rose blurted. “Yeah baby, do me with that thing.” The lovely full feeling inside her twat made her ooohh and aaaaaahhh. She was excited, again, by the kinky action. It had ratcheted her arousal up another step on the stairway and she was determined to bring Jenny along. She decided that Jenny should get ‘filled up’ too.

Before she swapped ends of her club though she began to use her mouth. She charged her tongue into Jenny’s slimy crevice, joining the club head already there. Probing her orifice for a few moments, she followed up by aiming at Jenny’s clit. Her tongue twirled expertly the little nub of erectile tissue as she pulled the club from Jenny’s hole and brought the other end to bear on Jenny’s desirable hole. Using care so as not to hurt her, she gradually pushed and guided her 5-wood into Jenny’s slippery cunt. Jenny was obviously very ready for the intrusion as it entered with relative ease. Now it was Rose’s turn to hear Jenny moan and groan from the exquisite feeling of mass inside her. Rose’s last action brought Jenny that step higher so that both were now feeling the perfect flush of sexual fulfillment and desire. Neither was quite ready to slip over the edge, but both women knew that it would be very unlikely to retreat from the powerful desire welling up inside.

Jenny felt sort of like a Charles Lindbergh, who, when crossing the Atlantic, passed the midway point and noted in his journal that his home was now Europe instead of America. Jenny knew she couldn’t go back. She knew she had to plunge forward and reach the orgasm her body was demanding of her. She knew all this and yet she knew she hated the thought of succumbing so fully to the power of desire that Rose had kindled in her breast. Her ooohhs and aaaahhhhs mixed with similar sounds from Rose’s mouth and the two each felt the heated passion emanating from the body of the other. Jenny and Rose simultaneously began to move their hips in sporadic, jerking thrusts of fucking. Each wanted to feel the power of that golf club push deep inside and then pull back.

Jenny felt one of Rose’s fingers probe lower until it found her puckered asshole. She felt the tip part the opening and dive inside. The slippery oil, pussy juice, Vaseline mixture made it an easy target to penetrate. That gave her an idea. She loved the feeling of having both her holes plugged and she loved Rose’s exquisite timing. She also knew that Rose was having a hard time holding back, since her hips were bucking and grinding against the club and Jenny’s mouth with a firm vigor.

Jenny risked much by making her thought known. Her suggestion required a bit of help from the other two women on the sidelines and she wasn’t totally sure that Rose was amenable. Her gut feeling was that Rose would agree to the idea. “Here goes,” Jenny thought. “I want a golf club up my ass. I want this one to stay right where it is, but I want one up my ass too. Rose, what do you say we get a little kinky and line up facing away from each other on the floor on our hands and knees, and with a little help from our Sue and Lynn we can stick the grips of each club into our asses and keep the heads buried inside our pussies? That way we can fuck each other with both ends at the same time. I bet I can make you come first!”

“Ooooooohhhhh God!” Rose exclaimed more from the delicious texture of the club wiggling inside her pussy than from the suggestion, but she heard everything Jenny had said and her instant reaction was to accept. She never doubted her own fuckability. She never doubted her sense of mastery over Jenny’s body. She felt extremely confident that in any body to body match up she would be the superior. The fact that the idea was a bit odd or bizarre just made it all the more exciting as far as she was concerned. She looked over at the other two women, who were sitting on the couch with a look of surprise etched across their faces. “Well girls, what are you waiting for? We could use a little help over here!”

“Sure, why not?” Lynn grinned as she got up. Sue was not far behind and the two of them approached Rose and Jenny who were now parting a bit and, with the odd appearance generated from a golf club trailing behind each, protruding from their pussies, the two arrange themselves about 3 feet apart in a hands-and-knees position. Rose faced north and Jenny faced south. Rose shivered as she felt the club in her pussy wiggle and vibrate as she crawled across the floor. “Mmmmmmmmmm. This is going to be good. I hope you know what you are getting yourself into,” she taunted Jenny.

“Don’t you worry. I know exactly what I’m getting into. I also know exactly what is getting into me! Girls,” referring to Sue and Lynn, “Why don’t you give us each a heavy shot of that Vaseline. We don’t want any ‘chafing’ now do we?”

Sue giggled a bit at the site below her. She bent to guide the shaft-grip end of Rose’s club towards Rose’s waiting ass. Lynn was doing the same with Jenny’s club and Jenny’s anxious ass. “Lean forward a bit would you?” Sue requested of both ‘ladies.’ As they leaned forward Sue oriented the grip perfectly up against Rose’s anal hole while Lynn guided the other club the same way towards Jenny. Each little wiggle of a club from either of the two tenders had caused a lovely sensation inside the two women’s pussies. Rose’s 5-wood filled Jenny’s pussy, spanned the gap between the two women’s asses, crossing over to form a very small angled ‘X’ and then daggered its way inside Rose’s butt. As Sue and Lynn made sure the two clubs were in perfectly symmetrical alignment Lynn said, “OK. You’re all lined up. Just inch back slowly and you’ll be all set.”

Jenny wasted no time. With a quick backwards jab of her ass she both impaled herself and Rose all at once. Rose pushed back just a second later and now the two were many inches deep inside each other’s dual openings. Both let loose a cascade of grunts and shrieks from the erotic fulfillment of their coupling. As they each had shoved their asses back towards each other the amount of visible golf club diminished. Sue and Lynn stepped back to admire their handiwork and to assess the status of the unusual battle about to take place. While the small pause in the action had momentarily caused their heated actions to subside, it only took a few moments for the two of them to get right back into ‘drive.’

Rose actually seemed the more aggressive with her ass. She rotated it. She pushed back in sharp jabbing motions. She accepted the fullness invading her holes with gusto. She loved the feel of the club gliding into and out of her ass hole as her pussy was rewarded with its own brand of delicious pleasure. The slippery holes couldn’t really grip on the clubs with any sort of command, so this turned into a total fucking frenzy. Jenny felt the club jab inside her twat, all the way up to her cervix. She hoped that the effect at the other end was at least as delicious as what she was feeling inside her holes.

A golf club is over 30 inches long, but with two pussies gobbling up as much as 9 inches at a time and an asshole nearly as much, the amount of visible shaft shining between them varied from as little as one foot to as much as two feet as the two women thrust and parried their ‘swords’ at each other. Jenny looked back over her left shoulder to watch, as best she could the penetration of the clubs into Rose’s body. When Rose looked back over her right shoulder, their eyes met and hotly they held each other’s gaze.

Little shrieks gave way to louder shrieks of pleasure. Small little grunts became loud boisterous grunts that were very unladylike. But neither cared. Each aimed to fuck her foe more and better than she could be fucked. The two clubs never fell out. Neither woman retreated from the fray. Sometimes the women would piston towards and away from each other symmetrically and at other times their bodies would just rock back and forth in tandem. Sometimes one would wiggle and rock her ass from side to side, which would usually be followed up with a payback from the other. Even though there was no clit work going on, the two women were feeding the flames of desire with their actions. They never took their eyes off each other and the mutual desire and competitiveness took them each a step upward. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Their motions became more out of control. The sounds they made became more like animals than human. The faces were faces of desire and determination. They glared at each other throughout the next several minutes.

“Fuck me!” “Fuck MEEEE!” Back and forth went the lusty commands. Each begging the other to do it more or do it better or do it harder. At this point they were both anxiously approaching the precipice. Knees began to have a harder time keeping up the rhythm. Arms barely could hold up their torsos. But onward they went. Fucking and fucking and fucking. Asses and pussies went at each other through the phallic fill-ins of their golf clubs. “Harder, come on bitch, harder!” Jenny humped back at Rose convinced that she was going to win.

She felt the clubs wiggling and vibrating and filling her holes. She felt the arousal close in towards her orgasm, but she somehow knew that her orgasm wasn’t imminent and she wondered if Rose might not be quite there either. As exciting and erotic and nasty as their connection was, neither was ready to lose control and have an orgasm in that arrangement. While Jenny was thinking about the implications, knowing that even though she didn’t feel likely to have an orgasm this way she suspected Rose might be the same. Her suspicions were confirmed when a moment later Rose suggested haughtily, “Lets fuck without these damn sticks in our asses: woman to woman, and pussy to pussy. We’ll settle this once and for all.”

“Hey Rose girl, I can’t wait to fuck your pussy into submission.” With that comment she pulled away from the connection. The clubs pulled out of their butts and then with a little help from their hands they extricated the clubs from their pussies.

In seconds they had turned around to face each other and the approach was without delay. Their muscles were a bit sore from the length of time they had been jousting, but the motivation overshadowed whatever fatigue they were experiencing. “I’m gonna fuck you good!” “We’ll see who fucks who.” The two exchanged a few ‘pleasantries’ as they neared each other. Sinking to the floor together they opened their legs wide and arranged a meeting of crotches from a seated position. Right legs were high and left legs were low and the two sexy torsos moved closer together. Arms held on to each other for support and they began immediately to get it on. Rose’s thickly furred pussy hammered Jenny’s slick and shiny pussy only to be hammered back with a vengeance.

Rose was glad to be able to link up with Jenny face-to-face and body-to-body. The kinky excitement of their odd golf club coupling had been a big thrill, but somehow there hadn’t been enough intimacy for the pinnacle to be reached. She realized Jenny had come to the same conclusion when she so readily consented to the switch. Now it was down to the real thing: woman on woman and pussy to pussy. Rose leaned forward, diminishing the degree of sexy contact between her groin and Jenny’s pussy, but she was intent on forcing Jenny back to engage in a dom/sub fuck session. Rose intended to be the dominant fucker. She knew Jenny wouldn’t just allow that to happen without a contest and she was proved right as Jenny pressed back. Rose had managed the first advance and Jenny wasn’t overcoming the few inches she had been forced back, but she maintained a static position where her back was bent just slightly backwards while Rose was able to lean forward just a tad. Their tits had squeezed together between the compressing torsos.

Arms wrapped around each other’s backs for leverage and support and to squeeze. The squeezes weren’t the type to steal the breath from either woman, but enough to cause some compression and generate the awful contradictory message. Fight or fuck, which was it to be? Their lovely pussies maintained contact throughout most of this. Some bouncing and shoving and huffing and puffing caused them to slip apart momentarily more than once, but they invariably found their way back into intimate contact. Rose felt Jenny’s slippery juices and her puffy protruding labia. She recognized Jenny’s clit when it thrust its angry message at her own enraged and engorged clitoris. The clits dueled between their legs, testing each other with their slippery friction. She knew her labia were splayed far apart and that Jenny’s cunt was wide open also. After all, the golf clubs had done a great job of opening up their inner passageways. This round of competition was less verbal than the last, but the occasional groan and grunt and shriek was still evident.

Sue and Lynn continued to sit transfixed by the ongoing battle between their friends. They watched intently as Jenny eventually began to push Rose back a bit. Slowly, ever so slowly she managed to return to a vertical position with her upper body. She humped and ground her pussy against Rose’s delicious auburn crowned mound, delighting in the wonderful texture of her gushing puffy lips, surrounded by the forest of pubic hair. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” “That feels goooooooooood.” “God I just want to fuck her into oblivion.” “I know she is going to come. I just know she is.” Jenny’s thoughts raced and her loins continued their work, pushing and twisting for as much wicked contact as she could muster. Her humping pussy made contact with Rose’s retaliating pussy, but the most delicious and desirable contact was elusive. Maintaining their upper bodies in contact was a barrier to the best angle of attack and Jenny was bent on lining up her soft vulva tissues with her counterparts for the delicious joy she knew she would both be able to give and receive. Somehow she couldn’t allow herself to just lay back for the scissoring position she desired. The problem got solved, but not in the way Jenny had hoped for.

Rose had not been happy when Jenny forced their torsos back into an upright balance. She ached for dominance, even as she ached for the same sizzling pussy contact as Jenny. She noted the pillow lying on the floor beside them and dared to make a quick move in hopes of unsettling Jenny. Her hand lashed out and grabbed the pillow and swung it at Jenny’s head. Obviously there wasn’t any hurt or pain involved, but the surprise forced Jenny to react by leaning slightly away as the pillow raced towards her head. In that instant Rose grabbed Jenny’s ass with her left hand and as she lurched her own ass just an inch or two backwards, pulling Jenny with her. In the very next instant, as Jenny’s torso leaned back, Rose pushed forward and with Jenny off balance, was able to force her back to the floor. Since the struggle had taken its toll on Jenny’s energy she did not immediately fight back, but took the opportunity to let her muscles rest for a bit. Pillow still in hand, Rose lifted Jenny’s ass off the floor and slid the pillow underneath. This raised Jenny’s butt about 9 or 10 inches off the floor. Perfect!

Rose had Jenny just where she wanted her. It only took a slight adjustment of her body position, spreading her legs farther apart for balance on the floor, she was able to force her pussy down directly into mutual slippery contact with Jenny’s waiting pussy. Jenny let her legs drift wide in a big ‘V,’ opening her hole invitingly. She felt with immediate sexual gratification Rose’s hairy pussy descend on and into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” “That feels gooooooooooooood.” “God I want to fuck her into oblivion.” “I know she is going to come.” Rose’s thoughts raced through her head in echo of what had flashed through Jenny moments before. Now though, it was she who was in position to accomplish her mission. Rose thrust her hips down, grinding hard against the liquid heaven that was Jenny’s twat. Twisting and rotating she felt Jenny twist and grind up against her own bushy heaven. Rose’s breasts jiggled in the glow of the setting sun that had been shining in through the west windows. Drops of sweat trickled down her body, dripping off or spraying about whenever she shook vigorously. The sight was intoxicating for both Sue and Lynn. They watched as Rose’s big boobs bounced and shook to the timing of her vibrations. Awesome! Even with the air conditioning on the room felt humid and close. Their noses absorbed the lush damp odor of sweaty females in heat, almost tasting the fermented intensity emanating from locked loins. The sun glowing off such a stunning pair of females with the contrast of shadows lengthening only served to heighten the erotic atmosphere of what had been powerfully sexy to begin with.

Both Rose and Jenny were immersed in a sea of lust. While their brains hadn’t forgotten the competitive nature of their union, the hormonal surge was taking more and more control. Each movement, each sound, each pore of their skin, each cell in their body was dedicated to pleasure; pleasure for self and pleasure for the other. And now it seemed that pleasure for self was winning out over pleasure for the other. Rose’s hips became a dervish of motion, twisting, grinding, pushing, aiming for the most intimate contact. She felt Jenny buck her ass up towards her own. She felt Jenny’s clit invade her cunt and push her lips around and around.

The lower clit and the upper clit banged their enemy clit without conscious intent. The clits were taking control. Rose felt Jenny’s clit wiggle and thrust upward in defiance of her own downward force. It was glorious. Recognizing her own escalating arousal, she focused her actions directly at Jenny’s clit. She ground her own juicy bud into Jenny with the most vigor she could muster. Her legs were wide apart, planted firmly on the floor, one on either side of Jenny. Jenny’s legs were acceptingly spread very wide. Jenny could use her shoulders and arms for leverage to accommodate Rose’s forceful advances with forceful upward advances of her own. The combination of the two women grinding and sliding their pussies against each other had them panting in desperation.

Jenny knew her orgasm was approaching. She could see Rose’s facial expression of ecstatic joy and it gave away the closeness of Rose’s impending orgasm. Even though she was in a gravity forced submissive position, her grinding motions and determination were anything but subservient. She wiggled and thrust her clit at Rose without letup. The sizzling friction of their two sensitive organs had both women panting, grunting, groaning, and making all sorts of less than ladylike noises.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” Jenny kept repeating herself over and over and over.

Soon Rose joined in the verbal cacophony. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Oh God! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. NNNNNNoooooooooooo…… Fuck, Fuck. OOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss.”

Jenny couldn’t stop herself any more. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Mmmmmmmmm! Yesssssssssssssssss. Nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo. Unh, Unh, Unh.”

The approach to orgasmic explosion was obvious. Each knew what was about to happen, the only question was timing. Lynn and Sue were watching and listening intently. Two banshee screams split the air in the room. Two women were flooded by a Tsunami of an orgasm. Jenny and Rose screamed their delirious screams for nearly a minute before they died down. Jenny had exploded into her orgasm, in the next instant (milliseconds later) Rose lost all control and shuddered along with her screams, sharing a double tsunami event with Jenny. The two fucking women gradually slowed their motion, allowing for the pent-up energy of their union to dissipate. After another minute or so of pussy humping fun, slowing to a snail’s pace, Rose finally fell off Jenny onto the floor. Her breathing was ragged and heavy, as was Jenny’s. The two women lay there spent for a few seconds, eyes closed in dreamy pleasure. The heavenly union they just shared had been so powerful that even the thoughts of winner and loser had been displaced in their minds. Only the supreme satiation of their sexual appetites remained.

For Lynn and Sue, however, they did think about the results. Who had won? Lynn looked at Sue and could see the slight consternation on her face. “What are you thinking?” she asked.

“Well, that was sure fun to watch. But I’m not sure who came first. Could you tell?”

They were whispering softly. “It was god-awful close. I think Jenny might have let loose just a fraction before Rose, but I can’t be sure. I think it was a tie.”

Sue dared to speak up. “Well ladies, that was pretty damn good, that episode with the clubs stuffing your holes was pretty impressive. It looked like a tie. Awesome match girls!”

\Lynn confirmed her opinion. “I never expected that but it was a tie. It looks like Jenny eked out an overall victory. She managed to keep her 1 point lead.”

“Damn! I thought for sure I had her. Are you sure she didn’t come first?” Rose half-heartedly questioned their determination of the winner.

Jenny finally ventured her opinion. “Hell, all I know is that that was one helluva fuck. Yummmmmy! I always knew I was the best though. This just proves it. What was the final score anyway?” She questioned out loud even though they all knew perfectly well what the score was, including herself.

“Counting ties as half a point Sue and I each had 7 points, Rose ended up with 7 1/2, and Jenny had the most with 8 1/2. If Jenny wants to claim the win, that will be all right with me. But just remember girl, you didn’t win by very much and the next time it could be completely different.” Lynn was acting more gracious than usual, considering her usual haughty demeanor. But the score did tally up slightly in Jenny’s favor.

Rose, as fiercely determined as she had been to win, felt deflated by the outcome, and her consternation at only managing a tie with Jenny prompted her to pick up on Lynn’s last thought. “Next time. Next time could be very different. You were right Lynn. Next time it’ll be me that gets crowned champion.” She was already asserting and assuming that there would be another round of competition.

Sue grinned a little smile before adding, “Well, ladies, as it turns out our ‘vacation’ is only half over. I’m sure we could find something spicy to while away the days up here. I wonder if we can even find time to get out on the golf course again?”

“Before we make any plans for our private times, why don’t we spend the next day with more usual fare? A little time off from our girly wars could be fun, and at the same time, make a return engagement all the more fun. What do you say we head out for a nightcap. After all it is not that late yet for a Saturday night. There must be some pretty nice bars in town. What do you say?” Lynn’s ideas made sense, even for the tired battlers from the last match. The clock said 9:55 P.M. and they could be cleaned up and ready to go in less than an hour if they didn’t go for a glamorous look.

Sue expanded on that a bit. “I’m famished. I don’t want to get all dressed up. Lets just take quick showers and dress in something casual and go to that bar we went to last year. You know, the one down on Bayshore Drive that had good food and a dance floor. I think it was called Sammy’s.”

Jenny, still naked and sweaty finally stood up. She flipped her hair back and agreed. “Rose, congratulations, you put up a helluva a battle there. I don’t know about you but it sure worked up an appetite inside me. What do you say we go over to Sammy’s?”

“Fine. I’m hungry as a horse. A change of pace would be good. Let’s go.”

And so it was that the four hot women quickly readied themselves for the late evening outing. The fireworks of the last week were over. Jenny had come out on top, but the more important outcome of the week was that the sexual fires that burned within them had taken a very different turn than any might have imagined a week ago tonight as they finished packing back home. No way could they have predicted that the week would have been anything other than a fine golf, tennis, lakeshore, and dining vacation. With so many preconceptions evaporated by the events they shared, it now was apparent that the future held a much wider array of activities than they might have even dreamed of before. Already, with still a week to go, they were all thinking that this was the best vacation they had ever had. To a woman, they didn’t want it to end. What would the future bring? Only time will tell.

The End

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