Rina’s Night Out by Shak

I closed my eyes as I spun on the floor of this new club in Atlanta, Ga. This club plays a lot of Afro-Cuban, North African and Latin music which I love! I have been going here every Saturday night since I’ve been in Atlanta for the last month. A funky, Afro-Cuban salsa beat was playing and I moved my hips as I danced on the floor. My partner tried to keep up, but he knew he couldn’t hang. I ignored the embarrassed look on his face, because I knew soon I would be out there alone dancing anyway.

Most men quit on me after the first two hours! You see, I am a dancer who can dance all night, I mean 4, 6, 8 hours straight of essentially non-stop dancing on any given night on any dance floor! Dancing for me is my high, my release, my addiction! It’s the one thing I never tire of, I can dance forever! Just to feel my Dread Locks spin as I twirl on the floor! To put my slender 5’7″ frame through new moves and innovative steps while I try and have an out of body experience while dancing! This is my Heaven, my joy!

You see most people, especially us women, are afraid to really express ourselves in this world. But when you can reach deep in the music of your soul, you can move like you want and love as you please and not give a damn what anybody thinks! That’s what happens when I dance! I become unafraid and powerful! My pretty Jamaican features glisten with moisture as I fuse salsa and North African belly dancing on the floor while my partner is lost trying to keep up.

I am wearing a belly dance style outfit with a green lace top and full lace skirt. The lace top is almost bikini like exposing my shoulders and belly. A gold belly chain hangs down past my skirt. I am bare foot with a gold anklet as heels would hinder my movement.

I glance at my date and finally I ask ol’ boy if he wants to rest, a look of relief comes over him as he nods yes! We go to our table and sit as I look out on the dance floor while sipping a cranberry juice, knowing I’ll be back out there in the next 5 minutes! As we sit, my date leans over and tries to talk to me, politely I respond, but my mind is on getting back to the dance floor. The club has 2 dance floors, 1 on the bottom for the crowd, and an elevated stage for the real serious dancers! Normally, I prefer being up top but I figure that will come later when my date gets worn out!

I glance up at the top stage and scan. To my left I notice a woman twirling around this guy and flirting with him! I watch her closely and realize this woman is an exceptional dancer as she freelances across the floor, dancing circles around her partner. Fascinated, I watch her every move and can feel myself getting excited.

“I’ll be right back” I tell my partner as I move to the bar to get a better look.

She is gorgeous, dressed casually, yet tastefully, in a lavender skirt with matching floral tank top. Like me, she is barefooted, her flawless skin glistening! Though not quite as dark as mine her skin is a caramel brown color that look sweet enough to lick! My mouth watered as I watched her lovely face. Her lips as thick as mine set under wide deliciously flaring nostrils that gave her a look of intensity along with her high cheek bones and flashing cat like eyes! Her long dark braids frame a high forehead that adds a bewitching quality to her brown eyes. Long eyelashes wink seductively as she stares at her obviously infatuated partner.

I began mentally comparing her moves to mine and realized she is every bit my equal or better! Furthermore, we were mirror images in body type, both long limbed and slender with tight firm asses. My breasts were slightly larger at 36c to what appeared to be her 34b, but everything else is essentially the same. I feel my strong Jamaican features blush as I watch her ass shake as she bends in front of her partner to press her ass into his groin. She then teasingly moves away as he tries to grab her ass.

She spins and stares into his eyes and shimmies up to him, her face inches from his. As he reaches for her waist she pushes him away smiling! She then thrusts her pelvis at him in a grinding motion as she slowly licks her full top lip. Quickly she spins behind him, pinches his ass, and is gone before he can respond!

Three men began encouraging him to not let her embarrass him. Inspired, he tries to match her, unfortunately ol’ boy is just out of his league. The harder he tries to dance with her the worse she toys with him. I could tell she was giggling under her breath as her eyes twinkled with delight.

“She dances like you”, my date whispered in my ear as he walked up behind me. I just smiled, looking at him, “let’s go up” I say as I grab his hand and go to the top floor. He tries to protest, but I hear nothing as I pull him to a spot opposite her.

I close my eyes and begin shimmying in front of my date. I add a little salsa as I bunch my flowered skirt up on the sides and let out a yelp! “Ye Ye Ye Yaaahhh!!!”

I spin and shake my ass and tits as I allow the spirit of the dance to consume me. Even though my eyes are closed I can feel my date getting embarrassed. We both know I’m not dancing for him, I’m dancing for her!!! As I feel the music, a smile comes on my face. I then see her in my mind, dancing with me, our bodies naked, synchronized, in perfect harmony, moving and spinning and blending until we explode together in orgasmic bliss! My breathing increases as I easily spin behind my date, coming out from behind him I spin again, then open my eyes and see her also coming out of a spin opening her eyes!

We are now facing each other and staring into each others eyes! We lock eyes as seductive smiles play across our faces. We both know!!!

Right then, she challenges me to salsa. I match her move for move, our stare never breaking! As she moves back, I move in, as I move back, she moves in! Over and over we move in and out until she grabs my hand and we begin twirling together, spinning in and out!

A few people stop and watch as the DJ catches our duel. Our dates have long since stepped aside as she and I become oblivious to everyone but each other! The DJ slips a funky Latin tune in and she increases the pace, I just smile as I give her, “is that the best you can do?” look! She nods then breaks into flamingo and mocks me with a “can you match this?” look!

“Ooooohhhh, this girl can flamingo” I breathe to myself! I easily flow into a flamingo beat with her, our bare feet tapping quickly as she smiles and grabs my arm again! I take it another level and push her into 3 successive spins! She then returns the favor to me as we push each other over and over all the time smiling and never breaking eye contact! The crowd is going wild and the DJ is pumping one hot beat after another!

By now my pussy is humming, as my lust for dance and sex merge together. I am now pushing her to the end of this one hot Latin number as she is now in her final spins, but instead of letting her go as I have been, I grabbed her by the waist and pull her to me, she spins in just as the song abruptly stops! Our bodies smack together as our faces touch! We stand nose to nose, our wide nostrils flaring together. Our hot breath heavy as we breathe together. Our eyes aflame as we gaze excitedly.

A crowd has gathered and cheers as the DJ throws a hot North African drum tune on. I go right into a Belly Dance number and she smiles and gives me a “not bad but watch this look!” She then goes into her own Belly Dance number that makes me shout aloud as I match her roll for roll and shake for shake! I’m loving this as we stare seductively into each others eyes while we dance! I can feel my pussy getting very moist as we belly dance together!

We shake and Shimmy until the DJ puts on a slow Middle Eastern dance of seduction! We then move closer together as we began undulating our bodies in a Middle Eastern serpent dance! Our eyes are smoky as we close the distance between us! I lose sight of everyone at this time but her, my skin burns to feel hers against mine! I move closer until our bare bellies touch as they undulate together! I began to arch by back so our pelvises can meet! She mirrors me as we both arch backwards! We press our knees and thighs fully together as we continue to arch, still undulating our snake dance!

I’ve always specialized in arching my back until I touch the ground behind with my hands. I decided to test her to see if she can match me! Our pelvises separated slightly as we both slowly dropped to the floor! I can feel her move with me in perfect sync as we brace against each other! Our strong legs press together as our hands touch the floor. I can hear the crowd shout as we hold our position and undulate together! We must have been a sensuous sight at that moment, the two of us bent over backwards in two perfect arches touching the floor, our legs braced together. McDonalds eat your heart out!!!

Slowly, we begin to raise, our young well trained muscles pushing us forward until we again are face to face! Our eyes met and widened as they glittered excitedly! We new this was special! As if we had rehearsed it a hundred times, she began to arch backwards again, only this time I followed her by leaning over her. My pelvis pressed into hers as we moved as one! Our bellies slid sensuously together as she touched the floor while I leaned over her! She then began to raise as I rose with her. We then repeated the act on my side as I arched backwards and she leaned over me, bellies winding together, pelvises grinding! I then began to raise and we repeated the process to her side, then back again to me! Both men and women were shouting, “GO AHEAD, GO AHEAD, GO AHEAD…!”

We finally raised up taking a step back and breathing hard. We continued winding our serpent dance, our nostrils flared, eyes moist with excitement as we stared at each other with mounting lust! We began winding back together in what reminded me how the Jamaican women used to dance! Our serpent dance crossed a threshold as we undulated together in pure raw sensuality!

We pressed our cunts together as we matched up body to body! Oblivious to everyone we pressed cunt to cunt, belly to belly, breasts to breasts! Breasts, bellies and cunts wound sensuously together as brought our hands together. Stretching our fingers out we raised our arms overhead! We moved closer! Our covered breasts mashed as our nipples met. Faces just inches apart, our eyes blazed together as we touched forehead to forehead! Our raised arms and hands moving up and around in synch with our undulating bodies, our serpent dance bringing a trance like spell on the club as everyone gawks, their mouths hanging open! Our lips gently touched as our breath merged, bellies sliding sensuously together! Her nose flattened against mine as our eyes came so close together they seemed to merge into one!

We are both breathing heavily, as our movements slow, the serpent dance taking us to deeper levels of trance! Suddenly, the song ends and we both realize where we are! Blinking, we slowly move apart as the DJ threw a talking drum number on! The drum beats quickly as we try to become alert! To break the spell I began to shimmy again, slowly at first. She began shimmying with me as we looked into each others eyes! What I saw I doubt I will ever see anything to match it again! The look of pure lust and hunger was beyond anything I have ever seen! I knew I had to do something or else I was going to fuck her right there on the dance floor! So I began to squat as I shimmied!

Pulling my dress up I began to shake my breasts and my ass sensuously as my shimmy got stronger! She began to match me as she also squatted and shimmied. I turned my back to her as I bent over and shimmied. I expected her to come behind me and shimmy with me placing her crotch in my ass. Instead, I felt her ass bump into mine! I realized she had turned her back also, bent over, then backed into me! Our asses felt wonderful together as we shook and shimmied! I decided to take it a step further and pushed harder into her, she matched me push for push as our asses mashed together!

We began jiggling our asses together wildly as the crowd screamed! We squatted lower and began duck walking in a circle as our shimmying asses rubbed and mashed through our skirts! Together we began raising up until we straightened and stood back to back. We continued shimmying as we smiled and glanced at each other over our shoulders! Moving apart we turned and faced each other, continuing our shimmy! We then began moving towards each other until our shimmying breasts touched!

The DJ increased the volume as we pressed the front of our bodies together! Eyes locked we began squatting again, then we raised our skirts slightly in the front until our knees touched! She then stepped in and pushed deeper until our bare thighs touched! We spread our legs outward as we continued to shimmy together! Then she did something that I will never forget.

Discreetly sliding her hand in front, she began bunching both of our skirts up. She pressed forward until our inner thighs touched! She then squatted again and bunched some more, by now I knew what she wanted to do and believe me I wanted it as badly as she did! My pussy became a heat seeking missile as it aimed for hers! I squatted with her and pushed forward. Our panty covered pussies bumped together! Our eyes widened as we danced in erotic shock! We began winding our hips as our pussies ground deliciously together! I bit my lip to keep from screaming when I felt her hard clit grind into mine!

“Ohh shit” I hissed and whispered into her face, “Shake it girl, let’s shake our clits together!”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, let’s fuck right here on this dance floor!”, she whispered back”

Our dresses hid our clit duel, but everyone out there knew what was going on. As our clits shook together, I could tell we would soon lose it!

“Oh shit, oh shit,” I softly moaned, “I can’t take much more of this!”

“Neither can I!” she groaned.

Our wet panties stuck together as we ground clit to clit! The drum beats pushed us, the stunned crowd paralyzed, as we shook and ground our clits together!

“Oh God!” I whimpered, as I grabbed her shoulders, feeling an orgasm moving through my body! Then suddenly the music stopped and I collapsed on my knees, my head falling on her shoulders as I quietly groaned my release! I realized she was gripping me too as she also came! The crowd screamed as we moaned softly holding onto each other as our bodies trembled, our quiet sighs trying not to tell the world that we both just came!

Slowly, we began to wind down. We glanced up and looked at the crowd embarrassed. We then looked at each other smiling sheepishly.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” she panted quietly.

“I know!” I sighed smiling, “but, I have to admit girl, I loved it!”

“So did I, babe! Come on, let’s get up and go sit in the back and talk!”

She then stood up shakily and helped me up. The crowd cheered as we walked slowly to the back of the club. Two guys approached us to dance and we just glared at them.

“Will you leave us the fuck alone?” she said. “Can’t you see what we just did together?”

We both shook our heads and headed to the back of the club so we could become officially acquainted!

The End

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