Marceau’s Bar and Grill

For months Marceau’s Bar and Grill had been a breeding ground for tension, hostility, and hate. A single new attractive male server and each of the waitresses’ certainty that he should be theirs had started a war, one that was growing hotter every day, and more unstable every shift. Jewell, the owner of the establishment, frustrated beyond measure, demanded that the girls find a way to solve their differences and come to a solution to whatever their issue was.

A command that led to the creation of a “Hot Servers’“ group text chat. Many ideas were discussed, including poker, paper-rock-scissors, and even a four-way catfight. But not wanting to reveal their competition to the world, with worn bruises and makeup-defying scratches, the girls finally decided on a somewhat more novel and sensual way of deciding who got the new guy – his assent being something they took for granted.

Such is the battle that plays out now, in the pool room of one of the waitresses’ father’s mansion. They each pass opponents and dildos back and forth, even getting so nasty and personal, as to set themselves to comparing the taste of their own vaginal juices versus those of their opponent’s.

At this point, the women have been locked pussy to pussy, separated only by the part of the dildo they cannot drive into their rival, for 3 hours, each of them knowing, that they have only just begun their epic struggle. But they are in no hurry, no rush, for each of the servers each asked for 2 days off for the contest, a request the owner granted, on the condition that she be allowed to watch.

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