So Close

You hold her so very close to you now.

Near enough for you to feel her breath hitch when you tighten around her. To hear her choke back a cracking dam of sobs which threaten to take your proud rival and turn her into a victim – into prey. To catch every slight whimper which escapes not her sealed and quivering lips.

But what escapes your senses, is the battle which rages within her mind. The desire to submit and bring an end to the pain, warring with her hate for you, and desire to be victor. And though you cannot hear it, you know. And though you cannot make the decision for her, you can aid.

By taking from her every last hope and avenue of escape.

By squeezing harshly when she resists in even the slightest.

By remaining silent and resolute in your grasp, fueling only her despair, and not her hatred – for the scale is in the process of tipping.

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