The Choice Was His, and the Night: Hers

After years of marriage, Tom’s wife Sharon had finally convinced him to reveal his deepest fantasy, her wrestling another, younger woman. The telling of such a secret cost her a promise, that no matter what his fetish may have been, she would help him live it.

Armed with such an agreement, the excited and impatient husband scoured message boards and forums – chat rooms and social media pages, searching with a quickened pace for an opponent for his fit blonde wife. As he searched, she trained, watching every video in her husband’s collection, learning moves and methods, not wanting to be bested by another woman in front of her husband.

Finally, the night came, and Rebecka arrived. She was everything Tom had pictured in his fantasies, and no less excited than he for her chance to take on his wife in a night of casual and sexy bikini wrestling. However, despite her engagement in the activity, and his wife’s training, all came to an end very quickly.

The brunette, meaning only to hold onto the squirming, and over-excited blonde in a sleeper hold, with an assisting leg scissor around the abdomen. The move was simple, sensual, and only halfheartedly applied, and yet, it combined with Sharon’s own nervousness, awkward attempts at escape, and unwillingness to so quickly ask for mercy, resulted in Tom’s wife passing out cold in her opponent’s arms.

Rebecka immediately released the hold and helped lean Sharon back against the bottom of the couch. The young woman was embarrassed and regretful, but at the same time delighted, not just at her own dominance, but also at the way Tom looked at her, and not his wife, even though the latter was struggling for breath, and with every passing second losing consciousness.

Despite the brevity of the match, Rebecka gathered her things and left quickly, making sure to leave her number with Tom, giving no reason, instead of leaving the invention of one up to him. Rematch? Affair? The choice was his, and the night: hers.

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