He Started Making Comments

A Phone Call From a Rival Series: 1

Amber: “Hey, Jeff said you wanted to talk. What’s up?”

Dawn: “Yeah, well, no. Kind of. Listen, I am sure you noticed that I didn’t come in today.”
Amber: “Yeah, I saw that. Are you sick or something?”

“Dawn: “You could say that. I’ve just been..thinking about something so much, that I kinda feel sick to my stomach about it. You ever have that happen to you?”

Amber: “Sure, plenty of times. Like when Jeff asks for me to make a presentation in front of management. Did he ask you to do one? Need any help?”

Dawn: “Well, yes and no.”

Amber: “Hit me girl, what do you need me to do. Chicken soup? Need me to help you catch up on some paperwork, or what?”

Dawn: “Ok, I am just going to explain first, and then ask, ok? I need you to promise you won’t judge me though.”

Amber: “Uh, sure.. You’re sure being weird about this though. It’s making me nervous.”

Dawn: “Promise.”

Amber: “I promise. What is it? Spill the beans, I’ve got work to do.”

Dawn: “I’ll just say it then. Jeff is kind of a perve, you know that. And last week he and I were in the office alone, and he started making some comments about me and you. About how hot we were. About how similar our bodies looked. And how he’d like to see us..uh..go at it, is the way he put it. He kept asking me if we ever had, or if I had ever thought about it.”

Amber: “Whoa, whoa…. That’s pretty creepy. But I have caught him staring at both of us, A LOT. What did you say? Did you lie and say we had, just to make him squirm?”

Dawn: “No, I just laughed, and tried to get my work done. Anyway, nothing else really happened, but since then, I haven’t been able to get what he said out of my mind. We do look so much alike! Like, it’s crazy. We wear the same bra size, and that’s even crazier because our boobs are such an uncommon size!”

Amber: “So, how can I help? I don’t get it. Do you want me to make a complaint to HR with you?”

Dawn: * Sigh * “No! This is going to sound so fucking weird, I know, but..I just keep picturing us and our bodies: together. Seeing if we really are the same.. and which one of us is sexier?

I can’t get the images out of my mind. I have literally been sitting here trying all of last night, and today. Even at work, since he said it, I’ve been sick to my stomach, wanting to ask you. That’s why I didn’t come in, I couldn’t see you again without having asked. We wouldn’t have to tell anyone. It could be our little secret. I know I’m the one who sounds like a giant perve now, but..I..want it. I NEED it. What..uh..do you think? Remember you promised.”

Amber: “…………”

Dawn: “Did I totally just freak you out? I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have asked, I just..couldn’t hold it in anymore.”

Amber: “When do you want me to come over?”

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