End The Comparisons

Our society teaches women and girls to compare themselves to each other — compete with each other, from the very moment they mature onward.

Why then must they resist the urge to end such comparisons?

Why must they let the questions linger, and tension go unresolved?

Why can’t they meet in private to press tit to tit, and lip to lip, answering for themselves who is the better woman?

The secret is that they can. They will. They do….


3 thoughts on “End The Comparisons

  1. DrewPowell says:

    That’s an easy one to answer, because us guys attracted to internal female competitions have a penchant to imagine how it would go down, and the real actions of women might turn out different, so it’s easier to hide behind conservatism and claim it’s unladylike to duke it out, leaving the only avenue to have it out the way we want it.

  2. Giannis says:

    There is one more hot action for these comparisons : pussy to pussy ! OK, according to my personal taste at the very least…

    1. Giannis says:

      Anyway, the photo was VERY hot !! You do a terrific job, choosing and posting these photos !


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