Deviant Art CrossPost: The Temptation to Render

The image above has first attempt (on the right) at making the models for my future story The Submission and then my second attempt (on the left). 

So the first one, I actually rendered and was going to go with. But as I was editing the image of the pair in photoshop. I just started to think that the model on the right didn’t look … hmmm … right. She isn’t hideous, or anything, but she just doesn’t look real to me — even if she is cute, and probably of equal quality to some of the models I have used before. 

That feeling led me to go back in, and start working to improve her. Using different skins, from different purchased figures, to see if any made her look more genuine. And while I was doing that, I was also attempting to keep her having a hint of deviousness. 

In that process. I started turning the models further inward, to give them a little more sexiness, as neither is really thicc enough to sell their sexiness with booties alone. When I did that, the black model started looking more and more plane, even though she, in the original image looked great. Because of that, I used my figure-mixing tool to alter her face and came up with some, who at least to me, looks a little more cute. Which is what I was looking for in the character. 

Overall, I am much happier with the pair I ended up coming up with, even though it took HOURS more to get them just right. 

It really is something where I have to stop myself from going with models that look passable, but aren’t what I want. Especially because the images us in the story edits are what I use to motivate myself to write my stories. So the girls looking tempting and exciting are really key. 

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