New Year’s eve fight, Sexfight for Gina

Getting a random phone # off my cellphone. Normally I wouldn’t even answer it. But something told me to pick it up. Sure enough it was the start of my greatest day and worst day.

Jasmine: hello

Lauren: hello, is this jasmine?

Jasmine: yes it is. Who is this?

Lauren: my name is Lauren. You don’t know me. We have a mutual friend. Better yet, we have same girlfriend

Jasmine: what?

Lauren: before you get defensive, I have no desire to getting a fistfight with you. I know of you and what you do. I’m not it the position to damage my body either. Don’t expect you to walk always either.

Jasmine: got that right.

Lauren: (after a long pause) well here it is…. With Gina present, I want to challenge you to a sexfight. I want her to see who really is the better women.

Jasmine: (being no stranger to a sexfight) is that right! If I know Gina, you’re no ugly whore. So yes I do accept your offer

Lauren: good! New year eve is couple days away. I rented a condo at the beach to over look the firework show. Let say we do our own firework show.

Jasmine: perfect.

Couple of days past, the big night is here. I decided to go all out. Sequin halter backless metallic gold mini dress with match 6’ heels. Yeah, I’m knocking this bitch down without even touch her. Arriving at the condo, seeing a message at door, “ key under the mat, champagne inside help yourself.” I’m impress this place is nice. Window walls over looking the sandy beach. Walking over to living room I see a chair and night stand with champagne bottle in a ice bucket. Pour myself drink. Sat on the chair, begin to notice center table push to the side. The chair itself had silk scarf tied to the arm rest. I see this is where it will happen.

Hearing them drive up, I decided to greet them as they walk in. OHH!! THE LOOK ON GINA FACE! Classic. You know the look of panic as she look at me then back to Lauren then back to me. “Oh! Relax Gina, you’re not in trouble” Lauren reassure her “she right, you’re not in trouble” Looking over as I walk over to her. Just as beautiful as the first day I meet her. Black mini dress, hug her petite body but all so curvy in the right spot. Wrapping my arms around her left arm. Lauren clinging on to her right. We both escort Gina to her chair. Sit baby! We both requested. On each side of the chair we both kneeled slowly raising her arms. Gina panic look begin so show again as we tied her wrist to the chair with the silk scarf

Jasmine: babe

Lauren: relax

Jasmine: you’re

Lauren: not the one

Jasmine: in trouble

Determine to finish sentence, Gina head bounce to side to side. In unison we both say “ the one in trouble is her” slowly directing attention to each other for the first time. Each given each other a cold stare. It finally click for Gina what was about to transpire. “Jas!…. Lauren! Please don’t do this!” Gina begins to pled. Our eyes lock together as we slowly rises from our knees.

Lauren: I refuse to share you

Jasmine: not to worry Lauren after tonight you will never touch gina ever again!

Slowly moving to the center of the living room. We began to circle each other. I could hear Gina struggling to escape. Lauren and I closed her out. All attention was on each other. Realizing, this the first time I actually set eyes on her.

Jasmine: figures!

Lauren: what!

Jasmine: Asian like me.

Lauren: I’m part Philippine

Jasmine: you mean Chinese wetbag!

Lauren: FUCK YOU! Thinking you’re all hot in that mini dress. Tonight I’m going to destroy that body.

Jasmine: HA! I don’t think… I am hot! Unlike you!

As I glare at the firm athletic Asian figure in front of me. Wearing a 2 piece silver silk skirt crop top with matching heels.

Lauren: fuck you bitch! I’m hotter then your skank ass.

Crossing her arms over her chest, and slowly pulls up her top over her head, tossing it the corner. Exposing her 34D breast.

Jasmine: Psshh what? I’m supposed to be impressed!

Reach over my dress, slowly peeling it off. Allowing it to complete drop to the floor. Showing of my own 34D breast and now completely naked body with heels. Not to be out done. Lauren reaches back of her skirt, unzipping let it drop. Both us of us took a moment to just look over our bodies. Both us of eerie discuss on how similar we were. The struggling on the side of us seems to stop. Shock and awe look on gina face, as she realize both her lovers were bent on destroy the other sexually. Her head switching to me then lauren then back to me. Like she couldn’t decided which naked heel Asian she like best.

Circling each other, closing the gap between us as we get closer. My left, her right shoulders inches from each other. As we circling waiting for a weakness. Stopping turning to face each other. Our breast slide up against each other trying to bully the others as we turn to face each other. Snarling, leaning try to push each other back with our breast. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, our tits mushroom out, wrapping our arms around each other grabbing two fistful of each other hair. Exchange a quick sharp tugs. whisper curses to each other.

Jasmine: ready to get out fuck, cunt?

Lauren: you’re the one get out fuck bitch!

Moaning in pain I step back, but manage to hold her from pushing me back any further. Was able to return the favor. Giving her a hard tug. She let out a loud gasp falling back a couple of steps. But again our body hault. Quivering, our body strain to shove the other back. Mutual moaning and grunt being exchange. Nipples like spears, piercing into each of our breast begin to take it toll on both of us. Frustration and rage takes effect. Pulling each other hair to side to side. Desperately trying to end our stalemate. Stumbling in our heels, our bodies briefly break apart. Only to be met with equally thrusting pair of breast. Shrieking in unison as our breast smash together. My ankles buckle when we crash together. I stumble down bring her down with me. She drives into me. Grunting as her body crushes me. Slamming by back on the wood floor. Stun my grip on her loosen. She pulls up, looking down at me, her thigh slips between my legs.

Lauren: not so talkive now, bitch!

Groaning trying to regain my bearings. Suddenly I feel her hand press down on my left breast. Moaning in pain as her nails dug in. Gradually her thigh grind up my pussy. Moaning with pleasure and pain. Her breast and hair softly bounce, with each thrust into me. Biting my lower lip. Lauren continues to mock me.

Lauren: oh! Looks who’s enjoying herself.

Jasmine: fuck you… ughhh

Her thigh continues to grind me. I reach up grabbing two fist full of her hair. Ripping her head to the side. She lets out a loud scream as he falls to her side. Our legs thrash out momentary as we try to mount the other. Only to find ourselves intertwine together. Our legs squeezed tight, pulling each other in. our body meld into one. Wrapping arm around each other, nails digging into our back, squeezing our tits together. Cheek to cheek moaning and gasping into each other ear, trying to squeezing each other as hard as we can then releasing to catch our breath. Rolling on top of her, pushing my hips into her. She mumbles bitch and pushes her hips into me. She rolls back on top syncing our hips together. Turning to face each other. Nose to nose. Glaring into each other eyes

Lauren: I will out fuck you bitch

Jasmine: give it to me. I’l have you screaming like the whore you are!

Grabbing her hair pushing her lips into mine. Lips lock together. Our leg release our tight grip on each other. muffle grunts into each other mouths as we thrusting our hip, forcing our pussy together. Gasping as we break our lip lock.

Jasmine: ugh! Your all wet.. ugh!

Lauren: ugh! So are you. Ug

Spiting on each other before our mouths hungrily gorge each other once again. Holding each other hair tight. Keep us close. Muffle grunts turn into moans of pleasure. Sweat forming on our bodies. Muffle moans from both us filled the living room. Suddenly I felt Lauren pulling back. Breaking our long kiss. I could see the panic on her face. Quivering and hyperventilating, rolling her over to her back. Pushing myself up, arching my back driving my pussy hard into her. Raising her leg over my shoulder, as I pound my pussy hard against hers. Feeling her lose control, covering her face with her forearms, desperately trying to hold back her eruption. Watching this just gave me more fuel. Pounding her harder our breast jolted with each thrust.

Jasmine: ugh ugh cum fucking whore ugh ugh

Lauren: oh gwad noo nooo arrhh!

Her body shudders desperately trying to hold.

Jasmine: ugh ugh! Cum whore! You can hold it forever.

Pounding and grind my pussy against hers was exuberating. Watching her writher and buck was sending shock waves to my pussy.

Jasmine: ugh! Fuck! Fuck

Lauren: arrhhh fuck fuck!

We both refusing to give in. both know she was closes. Both continue to pound and grind our pussy together. Both our bodies glimmering with sweet. Lauren cried out

Lauren: arrhhhh!! fucken dirty cunt!

Just like that her cum juices filled my pussy. Biting my lower lip with each thrust sends her into uncontrollable convulsion. Droping my body on top of her. Shoving my tits into hers. She weakly try to push of shoulders in discuss. I grab her chin pulling her head to the side. Licking the side of her cheek. And whisper

Jasmine: stay right here, I’l be right back.

Like a wild animal that killed her prey, I whip my hair up. Hungrily looking at gina. Slowly crawling towards her on my hands and knees. Licking her foot, slowly moving up her calf. Opening up her legs, forcing her tight skirt to run up. Brushing my lips on her inner thigh. Gina moans and slightly bucks towards me when my tongue touches her wet thong. Gina looks down on me. Begging me to make her cum as I savagely devourer her. Suddenly I lose gina gaze. And her a familiar voice.

Lauren: Get off her! We are not done

Screaming out she as grabs my hair whipping my head out between gina’s legs. Being pull up, turning to meet Lauren. I grab her hair shoving my body into hers. Stumbling and cursing, we fell onto the sofa. Rolling on sofa, fight for top position till finally shoving each other off onto the floor. continue to roll on the floor a bit. Squeezing each other tight. We slowed down. Our eyes lock, she was on top. i pull her into me we kissed. Snarling at me as she pull away. Spiting on each other before our mouths trying to devourer the others. She started moaning in my mouth. Rolling over, switching position, I pull up. Grabbing her thigh opening her legs. Pushing my pussy with hers. Eyes lock on each other, our hands filled with each other breasts. Pushing our hips into each other in unison. As are pace quickens our claws dig deeper into each other breast. Hiding my pleasure as both our hearts begin to race. Grinding our pussy together faster and faster. unable to contain our pleasure from each other. Gasping and moaning, as her grip on my breast tighten. Gasping as her nails rip into my tits. BITCH! Raking my nails off her breast. Marking her breast with nails. She yelp in pain. “You like that bitch!

she was covering her face.. she came hard. i crawl off her while she was trembling. walk over to gina got on my knees pushing her dress up. started eating her out. she was moaning loud. next thing i hear was ” get off of her” being yank by my hair pulling me up our bodies collide once again

lock together again, hands on each other hair.. not really pulling but we guided each other to the bed once again. insteed of a catball we got into scissors position thrusting our hips slapping our pussy together hard. grunting and moaning coming from both of us. pulling each other hair with one hand the other holding ourselves up

this time i started to lose it…i fell back she took advantage grinding me hard she push up, till i came. next thing i heard gina moaning got up caught her eating her out. did the same pull her away from her by her hair

she gasp as i snap head back by her hair. leaning down ” no you don’t bitch!” she end up grabbing my hair as she gets up from her knees. pressing our breast against each other against. our lips meet again. passionate kissing, she pulls back to mock me “like the taste of gina pussy” it will be the last you have it” responding back “fuck you bitch this is far from over” pushing our faces together again. kissing each other. together stepping towards the bed again

crawling on the bed, not breaking our kiss and hands still lock our hair. kneeing in face to face sliding my hand down she moans when i cup her wet pussy in my hand.. “sensitive are we”.. she quickly response “fuck you” she does the same to me. i sputter as she touches me ” seems your the same”

“fuck you” our mouth smother each other as we play with our clits. wasn’t long we both find it difficult to breath. pushing gasping for air we break our kiss pressing our cheeks together face gina. gina struggling. we both shove our finger inside each other. watching gina must of push both of us to the edge quickly. our hearts racing. suddenly she pull out of me. grabbing my wrist, trying to stop me.. lening into her. push her back

crawling on top of her thrusting my fingers into her. pushing down my free hand on her neck. force her to look at gina. unable to control her moaning. with each hand wrap around my wrist, she was desperately fighting it. “come for her” i mock her. her back was arching, hands cling onto the bed sheets. her orgasm explodes. i smile as i see her body trembles as i rough pound my fingers into her. sliding my cum soak fingers up her body. wiping my fingers all over her lips. ” taste your defeated pussy cunt” as she laid their hyperventilating. crawling out of bed. my feet buckle a bit as i make my way towards gina i pull down gina dress exposing her breast. i suck on her nipples before i sit on her thigh sliding my hand between her brushing my nipples on her lips my fingers push in and out of her. Immediately she started suck on my breast moaning muffle by my breast. gina hips beg for more. quickly thrusting into my hand. my pussy grinding on her thigh. yes baby yes make me cum!

With no warning my head was rip back legs wobbly crumble on the ground. She knee down next to. She dip down continue to suck on my breast that Gina started. She slap her hand on my pussy. Oh gwad! The only words that I mustard. Her finger were working me good try to to escape her, I end up with her tit in my face. Immediately sucking her nipple. Stuffing my hand between her legs. I’m desperately try to hold out. She fall to her side. Laying on the floor beside Gina feet, both of us moaning like crazy, biting our nipples pulling our hair with our free hand. Our other hand hand fucking each other. We both start losing control. I want to back away but I thought I had her and press on. We end up cumin at the same time. Both of us release each other laying on the floor, trying to regain our composure. Gina “you girl done?” An non-confident “no” came out of each of us. Not entirely ready to continue. Neither one of us able to get up. But manage to push each other in the 69 position

Side by side we push our head between our legs. Licking each each slowly at first. Open our legs allowing each other in. Sucking and lick our tongue invaded each other. Wasn’t long we both were struggle from not cuming. Our hip thrusting into our mouths. Our hands pushing our ass cheek into us. Feeling the end was near, I Squeeze her head she quickly does the same to me,rolling us I get on top trying mount her. But she had her grip on my head tight. Twisting her body rolling us back she got to position I didn’t have her head any more. She push up sitting on my face. Smothering me, my weaken body couldn’t get out. She grab hold of my tits her claws dug in deep. My screams muffled with her pussy. She started grinding her pussy in my face. Till finally she had a massive orgasm. My hands drop, couldn’t fight back.. last I heard before I passed out was Gina tell her to untie her.

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