So Very Delicate

She is your enemy and with her, you are at war. And though it is violence and malice — hatred and struggle that engulfs you both. What you and she do, as you wrestle one another, is so very delicate.

So very fragile.

A study of each other’s every sound of effort and moan of pain. A watching for every movement and a reacting to every adjustment, no matter how minute.

It is a heightened sense of things and each other that takes you. An attunement to your rival’s every shift and a fear of her every touch.

As at any moment, your control may end, and hers, along with your suffering, begin.

So study her, react to her, and for as long as you can, keep her.

Bested and breathless.

Trapped and terrified that your advantage over her will never end.

Italian Female Wrestling

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