Parent Teacher Confluence Discussion About Race

About a year ago, I posted a story called Parent-Teacher Confluence on the Free Catfights Forum. I suggest you read it before the post below.

With that warning given, it has always been a controversial story. As in it, the villain Katie wins. She is a racist in the tale, and the cause of the battle is racism.

Recently, a flurry of conversation started back up on the tale, and I gave a response to it that I’d like to share here.

So the comment makes sense, I will provide the comments leading up to it.

Maizenblue: Really great job. Thank you for posting.

HankMcCoy02: Excellent effort. I really enjoyed that  

Tigressel: Very nice one

Mr. Bear: Awesome work. Loved the outcome! Thanks for sharing!!

lifeofriley: loved Katie winning she’s bad hope she kicks more ass

Now Here is Where the Fireworks Start

[REDACTED]: Wow the racist wins and you guys celebrate…..tells me all I need to know about the lot of you.

EJB: It’s not REAL. What kind of person only reads stories where the good guys win?

goliadmike: ”Wow the racist wins and you guys celebrate…..tells me all I need to know about the lot of you“ Seriously? Take that preachy virtue signaling woke social justice warrior bullshit to twitter!

catfightlover40: It is a bit more complicated than that. This story, like all stories of Rivals’ that features characters of Indian origin,  is being co-written by an Indian guy, who desired this outcome. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it, I only write bigoted intentions in historical and dystopian context myself, I’m only saying, that the intent here wasn’t racist.

The one thing to know about Rivals is that the content represents the characters’ agency of self-determination.

Maizenblue: I am going to tell you a secret. This is not a real fight. This story never really happened. Thought the story was well written. That’s it. If you don’t like it that is your opinion. Please do not push your agenda to others on a sex board. That is what Twitter is for.

JT Edson: It was an incredibly well written story. I normally am not interested in stories involving racist oh, but this was just so perfect for the story and how everything fit together. I love how Primal yet feminine this cat fight went. And I do mean cat fight! There was so much back and forth action. Just when I thought someone had finally got the victory, it up ended itself and the other person looks like they were going to win. The story was great as well. I love the build-up and the explanation as to why they were fighting. I am normally most turned on by cat fights where women are fighting over a guy oh, but this was just so well done but I couldn’t help myself. I think it would be neat if you wrote a sequel to this we’re both women are after the same man. Great job.

And Here is My Response:

Rivals Rapture: I’m almost afraid of weighing in on this little back and forth, since it’s such a controversial topic.

I certainly appreciate those who are standing up for me, though I don’t feel personally attacked by [REDACTED].

I totally get the unease that comes with racially motivated fights. I had that same unease writing it. Ask Sprite, my co-pilot on the story. They had to guide me in terms of what slurs should be used, and how one is even racist against an Indian. It’s just not something I am familiar with — even at a distance.

That being said, I’d like to just go through a couple things that might help explain how this story ended up the way it is.

My original intent, was to give Katie a DEEEEEP southern accent, with word choices for the character’s dialogue that made it abundantly clear whose side I, as the writer, was on. Now Sprite, probably for the better, talked me out of that. And though he did, I still think, if you read the tale, you will know by my tone that I am not a believer in anything Katie is saying.

And though I am not, I think it’s important to realize that … we’re weird. All of us. We’re fetishizing things, a LOT of things, that make no sense if you dissect it logically. We’re turned on to the point of orgasm by fantasies that aren’t woke, even if they are meticulously written to be as progressive as possible. Why? Because we’re celebrating and romanticizing women fighting with one another. Whether that be physically, sexually, or any other way.

Does that mean that all of us are anti-woman, anti-feminist, oppressors? No…. In fact, as much as we are fetishizing women hurting or competing with each other, in our minds, whether were conscious of it or not — the women are the strong ones. The main actors. The movers whose action matters. We idolize the women in these stories and in the videos we watch. They’re more like goddesses than victims. More friends and family than characters who peril we simply enjoy.

That dichotomy isn’t matched in the racial angle of Katie and Riya’s tale, as there is nothing to idolize in the teacher’s racism. But I feel like there is a disconnect between our own personal values and ethics, and the grime we can stand and sometimes even covet in our pornography and erotica.

There are plenty of fans of incest on these boards, who would never have sex with their family members.

Tons of catfight fans who haven’t cheated on their wife and then forced her to fight a mistress to keep them from leaving a marriage.

Women who who write and writhe here and on Trillian, who would never even contemplate fighting someone else in real life.

Here, in these stories, we are free from consequence and disaster — pain and persecution.

So at least to me, you can have a story about racism, without worrying how backward and idiotic the comments made within it are. Not because those words don’t have weight to them, but because here, the weight is cause. It is strife.

The strife some people need to get off, or are willing to accept as they do so for other reasons.

With all of that said, right or wrong. I will not let Sprite take the blame for Katie winning. I chose that ending without prompting and against my original intention.


Because of exactly this reaction.

Because I knew, if Riya won, the story would pass into the back of people’s minds and be forgotten. It’s what everyone who read the story likely expected to happen. The good girl to win, the bad girl to lose, and everything to come together in a neat, happy little package. No need for a follow-up. No need to think past Riya facesitting her rival into oblivion.

But with Katie winning, the story gnaws at you. It haunts you. A little like Who is This? ( though the story seems far less meaningful in comparison to that tale. It sticks with you, because you wanted Riya to win. To defeat her child’s tormentor and punish her for her misdeeds.

Instead Riya lost.

Do you hate that? Maybe. Do I hate it? Yes. I wanted Riya to win too.

But fiction is toothless and boring if it is always what you expect it to be. A waste of my time to write and your time to read, if I always give you the ending you want.

At least that’s my take. And at least this time, it was my story to tell.

Also yes, a sequel is coming! Stay tuned to!

I don’t have anything to add to this conversation apart from summing it all up here for you. Oh, and to let you all know the long-promised sequel to PTC is still in my mind! <3

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