My One Night

It is my one night on this darker, less affluent side of Europe.

My one night to indulge in my deepest fantasy. Not by sponsoring a video or photo set, but instead truly and unforgettably.

I have told each of them what I want, the girls I have hired for the night. Their “manager” having already been paid enough to leave them be when I’m done with them. The prices I decide to pay being theirs and theirs alone.

And though I have gone through tone and fantasy — fetish and motivation with them. Again and again. Still they stare at me confused and without understanding. They still smiling and joking with one another as they run their hands up and down each other’s bodies — assuming such light touches and soft playfulness will excite me.

That is until I say it. Plainly and without a syllable more.

“$10,000.00 American dollars for whoever makes the other cum first.”

Only then can I see it as they look to each other. Their once flirty eyes shifting to intense and motivated studies. They without words making it clear that whatever they were before I made my offer, they have become competitors, rivals, and enemies until the reward of it has been earned.

“Double that for both of you, if the winner humiliates the loser until I say she’s had enough.”

At the words they do not even look back to me. They instead shifting and preparing to ravage one another, though they still in unison and overlapped voices respond. “Yes, Miss Rapture.”

1 thought on “My One Night

  1. DrewPowell says:

    Very hot story 😉 Just one thing, one thing, for which you’ll hate me for, while true that thanks to sanctions the Ukrainian currency is stronger than the Russian rubel, people from the region when engaged in something that is seen as immoral, their asking price is in hard currency, dollars, pounds, maybe euros.


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