Suffer the Indignity

Two of Sinclair Co.’s highest level executives had, through water cooler talk and anonymous memos, come to discover that they had both been sleeping with the same female intern.

Neither of the proud and successful women were willing to lose their newest fuck toy, or suffer the indignity of appearing to be lesser than their board room rival, and so they decided to settle the matter. Not with claws, as cats trying to tear each other apart, but instead intimately. Passionately. Testing their womanhoods and sexual prowess against one another.

Each seeking to yet again answer two age old questions: youth vs. experience and blonde vs brunette. And so they did. And so they do. Each trying to force the other to cum, before they. Each using their every asset to best their rival in bed. And as their screams of ecstasy fill the 65th floor of the Grand Hotel, each begins to ask themselves: am I truly the better woman? Or is she?

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